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    23.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    Just Nova (my mc\oc) being assertive with Sariel.

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    23.01.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    Tomatoes 🍅✨

    (Thank you @cherlosity for the bonus 😌)

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  • masterofthez
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I’m currently writing a fic called A Con to Remember where a bunch of characters from Monster Prom go the an anime convention. 

    What if I make my next fic “A Con to Remember” which is the story of the Rouges preforming a daring heist against the Justice League. 

    And then after that I write “A Con to Remember” which is just Jamie Lannister is making a list of pros and cons of getting back together with his sister, and the end of the TV series was just a prolonged point on the cons.

    And then after that I write “A Khan to Remember” which is the Mirror Universe version of Wrath of Khan except Khan is trying to start a genuine federation in this world. 

    Dare I make my whole fandom career into me seeing how many fics I can make into the title “A Con to Remember”?

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  • rays-of-fire-and-ice
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #hitsuhina#momo hinamori#toshiro hitsugaya#bleach#renji abarai #I actually wanted to make this comical #like Hinamori finds out there were not one but TWO reigai clones of her #and she's like 'how come I got two?!' #and Matsumoto goes 'well apparently my captain got cloned twice as well' #it didn't quite come together though #happy to post it though if you want or weren't a fan of what I wrote for the prompt! #probably in a reblog #ask meme#asks#whipplefilter
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  • stanytork
    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Golden Avenger

    precious. invaluable. irreplaceable.

    #artist on tumblr #illustration#fanart#fan art #marvel iron man #marvel fanart#marvel comics#marvel studios#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #iron man marvel #marvel art#marvel#the avengers#avengers edit#avengers#avengers art #iron man edit #iron man #iron man art #tony stark edit #tony stark #tony stark art
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  • chicinlicin
    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    i forgot to post when rune was temporary cat

    ...min height elezen to min height miqo’te is uhhhh interesting fff

    #drawing#ffxiv#miqo'te#rune#oc#fan oc#comic #technically the others are there too #narawyn#armantel#knaji #oh also temp elf nara is there too lol #fantasia shenanigans were had
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  • izzywhisker
    23.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    wow non con much

    Also on Deviantart: Dilemma by sporky123

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  • raine-lennix
    23.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Miraculous Halloween Special Episode By Raine A. Lennix (IT'S A FANFIC!)

    Chapter:2/2 Part:05 - Continue

    Nadia:... The fight between these kids under akuma effect and our superhero team has stopped with an unbelievable seen, the Paris has a brand new superhero! We're going a little closer to be able to record the rest of their fight.

    * Also at that moment *

    Ladybug:How did you do that?

    LadyBird:Oh, yeah. I told him I was his grand daughter from the future. And since I had the Ladybug miraculous, it was easy to convince him that all he needed to do to win, was to do as I said. He's just like every other villian, am I right? They can never resist their bloodlines. It's their weak point.

    Everybody else:* Tries to process *

    Shadowmoth:* Just frowns in a really angry way *

    LadyBird:And what it means for you, my dearie, that I fooled you. I made you crate a Senti-Monster that it will capture yourself.

    Shadowmoth:Really? Because I think I can just * Snaps his finger * -Wait, wha?

    LadyBird:No miraculous powers works in there, remember? Means you can't destroy it.

    Everybody else:* Still trying to process *

    Shadowmoth:* Keeps on frowning *

    Ladybug & Chatnoir at the same time:* Completes the progress ** Looks at each other ** Makes a warm smile ** Turns back at LadyBird *

    Ladybug:Sooo... We won now. We can just-


    Everybody else:* Gets confused *

    LadyBird:This war between you won't last forever. There will be a winner but I can’t tell you who. And I can’t be included either. Like I said, there will be an end. But not tonight, not today. * Turns around * Vissager, take the force field with you. Take him back to his lair. Make sure he doesn't gets out. I'll come back later.

    Shadowmoth:Wait, what?!?! You can't-

    LadyBird:Oh, and, mute him please.

    Vissager:* Mutes him ** Takes him away *

    LadyBird:Don't worry, I'll make sure that he doesn't accomplishes what he planned before I came here and changed it.

    Chatnoir:Changed what?

    LadyBird:He was going to call for even more spirits with the power of the butterfly miraculous before I changed his mind.

    Paris Superhero Team all together at the same time:* Gets shocked + terrified *

    Chatnoir:He was just gonna take the miraculouses out of our statues. Since they doesn't gets damaged except cataclysm.

    Ladybug:He was just going to...

    LadyBird:Oh, he wasn't gonna make you die. He thought that you would have do something like what you did back at the hotel. He was probably also gonna make a Senti-Monster that it could get through your shields and threat you to brake it so you would hand over your miraculouses... Or something like that.

    Ladybug & Chatnoir at the same time:Oh...

    LadyBird:Yeah. You two used to tell me that he was a very bad person. Evil maybe. But he wasn't a monster, or a killer. There are way worse persons than him out there. Someday, you'll have to fight some of them.

    * After a moment of awkward silence *

    LadyBird:But that's not tonights subject. And now... For the last part of my plan... * Takes a few steps forward * Pumpkin Master!

    Pumkin Master:* Gets confused about all the things that just happened * Huh?

    The pumkin monster army:* Waits for a command *

    LadyBird:You're no longer under Shadowmoth's control anymore. Let us help you. Hand over your akuma object so we can free you.

    Pumpkin Master:And who said I'm just gonna give up all this power I have? I wan't more power! My pumpkin monsters!

    * The army turns to him ** Waits for a command *

    Pumpkin Master: Upgrade yourselves, and get those miraculouses! Especially the ones that belongs to Ladybug & Chatnoir! I bet there's a reason that old man wanted them, they must be way more powerful than they look.

    Paris Superhero Team + LadyBird all together at the same time:* Shocked *

    LadyBird:Okey... Before you ask... NO... That was not a part of my plan.

    * Pumpkin monsters takes their positions again ** Something that nobody expected happens ** Pumpkin monsters shots each other *

    Start from here

    Next part's date:God knows when

    #Miraculous#Raine Lennix #Miraculous Halloween Special Episode By Raine Lennix #Miraculous Halloween Special Episode #Miraculous Halloween #Miraculous Season 4 #Miraculous Fan-Fics#Miraculous Comics
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    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
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  • klaudia96art
    23.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    The comic Nazoxclara short 2022

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  • gio-scrabbles
    23.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    I don’t think Balan is comfortable taking his hat off. 🎩

    I was originally going to just show off how my au Balan would look like without his hat, but I thought it would be neat to create a sort of prequel comic which shows how he feels being asked to do so. I felt it would be necessary to give him some character building before I do something like that!

    #what if scenario #au#cartoonart#digital art#sketchy art#illustration#fan comic#balan wonderworld#balan wonderland#balan fanart#gio arts #I should probably give this au a name #maybe I’ll reveal it later #in the meantime; enjoy both maestros interacting!
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  • baticorngirl
    23.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Title: "And They All Lived Happily Ever After" (Dedicated [email protected] so she'll cry while reading, details in 1st A/N)

    Rating: Teen and Up Audiences Fandom: Batman/DC Warning(s): Graphic Depictions of Violence Relationship(s): Ra's al Ghul & Talia al Ghul, Talia al Ghul & Melisande, (Heavily Mentioned) Ra's al Ghul/Sora, Characters: Ra's al Ghul, Talia al Ghul, Melisande (Talia's mother),

    Summary: When she was small, Talia al Ghul's favorite bedtime story used to be her father's own origin story. It had excitement, twists, revenge, and a moral that Ra's urged her to follow constantly, but that was not the reason she liked it. She liked it because of the beginning. The part where her father was kind, anti-murder, anti-death, and pro-humanity. Perhaps it was a guilty pleasure of hers, to imagine that time. Her father would be very upset to think of her enjoying these thoughts, she knew. Perhaps rightfully. Perhaps she needed to learn better with maturity, or needed to stop being so naive. Or perhaps, those thoughts were the most beautiful thing she had.

    Chapter 2 of 6


    After that night, Talia asked for that story again. Then again. And again.

    Ra's agreed to it all, hoping it was simply for the excitement, or the moral of the story. As months of this story getting frequently requested went on, he quite quickly forgot about her original words. He forgot about the favoring of the beginning, about the disgust at his revenge, and the disappointment regarding her understanding of the lesson. Talia never mentioned those things again, either, as it quickly settled into an average bedtime story. One she had already known and familiarized with the plot of, listening quietly until she fell asleep.

    Talia had that same wonderful dream as the very first time over and over again, holding on to it each time with a sense of blind hope. Hope that it would come again the next night, and hope that she could live it out, even if just in her imagination. But every time, she awoke to the same old world surrounding her. Her father had been right about one thing– you can't change the world by simply thinking of it as something it wasn't.

    But, regardless, she kept the hope.

    Even as over a year went by. Even as her father got tired and stopped telling her bedtime stories every night, but simply once every several days. Even as she became 5 years old, and then 5 and a half; making her way just that inch closer to six. Even as things changed, not for the better, but for the worst. Even as more death erupted, and more… and more.

    One of those deaths was her father's. As his body became frailer and older, he died so much more. The Lazarus Pit only did so much for his body as he pushed at its limits. But, of course, he had simply used it more, instead of looking for a new option. He still had time left; enough time to find something better. Perhaps in the next decade, or perhaps only in the next century. He could make it through.

    That's why, even though Ra's had just gotten sliced right across the center of his torso several times, all the way until his heart paused in its beating, Talia wasn't too worried. She watched as the assassins clumped together, holding on to parts of a thick metal stretcher. They marched on, closer and closer to the Lazarus Pit room. Another assassin, walking along the sides of the carriers, swiftly swung open the doors for the rest.

    Talia quietly followed behind them, lurking several feet behind. But as they got to entering, she paused outside the door, peeking in silently. One assassin glanced over to her, but regardless, the assassins were much too preoccupied to do more than look. One assassin simply closed the door behind the group, removing her peak hole. Yet even then, through a small window placed next to the door, Talia watched the procedures with wide eyes.

    "Alright, let's lower him in," A particularly confident assassin instructed. He crossed his arms, tapping his foot as they did the work. On his chest was a small golden design– one that showed true devotion to the Demon's Head, along with pure competence. It was a quite impressive League of Assassins ranking mark, of which he proved to everyone he belonged to with a confident smirk on his face.

    A few of the assassins, most of which were still helping carry their master's corpse, gave him a frustrated look. They had already been going to the correct area for several seconds before the in-charge assassin had even bothered to speak, and although they were much too loyal to slow down in any way, it could not stop them from exchanging a dirty glance or two.

    Talia smushed her nose against the glass, attempting to get a better look at Ra's' state. It was bloody, that was for certain– as a few blood-splatters laid even right next to her at the entrance. But, as it turned out, several assassins were perfectly blocking her view from the body. She bounced on to her toes to get a better perspective. Her nose, now creating smudge-lines on the glass, made her look like a pig from the inside view. A few more confused glances passed her way.

    "Is he ready yet?" The same assassin questioned, getting even more rapid with his persistent toe-tapping. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, the other assassins had just barely set everything into place. They took one more second to double-check the security, though, and he rolled his eyes.

    "...Yes," One part of the group finally called back. Slowly, one at a time, each assassin took a few steps back. They gradually picked up speed, eventually making their way over to the assassin of higher ranking. He stood next to a large, complex set of tubes and mechanics, which every single one of them kept their eyes on anticipatingly.

    As the slowest one finally arrived, the higher-ranked assassin leaned down to the tubes, grabbing some liquids. He grabbed another container, carefully sorting between them in a focused manner. His eyes were almost paralyzed, looking straight at the bright liquids and nothing else. This lasted for a full couple minutes, with not one of the assassins daring to move an inch to distract a person of so much higher ranking than them.

    "There we go," Finally, the assassin poured the mixture into the system.

    The entire pit erupted with life. Bubbles already swarmed the waters, but now, the bubbles grew bigger. Each one inflated like a balloon, creeping upwards until they inevitably popped, only to be replaced by another sheet of large, growing bubbles. This process happened again and again, each bubble growing slightly bigger than its predecessor. As the bubbles formed, sounds of gushing and even abrupt roaring boomed from the insides. The main part of the liquid became even greener. It went almost neon, shimmering against the pit's walls like magic. But, even then, the waters around Ra's' body sparkled even more than the rest, as well as swishing around him even faster.

    From the window, Talia was in awe. She'd only witnessed it once before –quite a while ago, and from further away– as most of the time, she was kept away from such a dangerous site. Perhaps they'd gotten lazy, perhaps they figured behind the wall was safe, or perhaps they didn't notice her much. She was too excited to care, jumping upwards on the absolute ends of her toes to see more.

    The bubbles began to calm down, and the glowing did, too. The giant noises quickly faded, and the water level abruptly fell to the amount it was before they had even started. Talia stopped jumping, as if calming down in unison with the Lazarus Pit.

    But as it calmed down, something pierced through the green water's. It shot upwards, clawing at the surface. Then it rose, revealing more of itself. A hand. A clawing, gripping, swimming hand, which eventually connected down to a shoulder, and a head. Ra's, now very much alive, pulled himself up from the waters. He grabbed the sides, jumping out with the ease of having done it a millions times over. Bubbly, bright green streams of liquid trailed down his back, slowly dropping to the floor.

    Talia's eyes lit up. Not only were they wide open, but they were dilated with joy. She jumped up again, suddenly able to spot her father from down there. Although his body was clearly a mess of fluids, not one plop of blood came from his previous wounds. He was alright, and as she processed that, Talia's bright teeth –with one spot missing due to a lost baby tooth– revealed in a big smile.

    "Father!" She called as loud as her voice would yell, "You're okay!" One more jump pushed at her energetic legs. But, despite her excitement, she stayed behind the window, not even glancing at the door. She knew better than to approach him right after it. That was the assassins', who were given special training on restraints (or, if worse came to worst, more disposable than her) job.

    She waited for it to be alright, though, with very little impatience. Bouncing, up and down, and up and down.

    The Assassins ran over to Ra's, restraining him by locking his arms back. They did it gently, yet securely and firm with their force. He pushed back, as expected, but when that happened, more assassins simply joined to combine their strengths. A crooked smile plagued Ra's' mouth, and his pupils focused with a maniac's rage as he pushed even harder, breaking right through their restraints.

    All the assassins pulled away just quick enough to avoid injury, but only a moment after, chased right back into action. This time, even more joined in. Together, they swiftly shoved him up against a wall, using the strength of the wall in their restraints this time, as well. Each one pinned down a different part, shifting their weight towards the wall so it held strong. Still looking crazy in his eyes, Ra's continued to struggle, with his grin sticking.

    Fortunately, after a moment, he seemingly gave up.

    The assassins held their positions for a minute or two, but eventually let him go. He took a step away from the wall slowly. The floor clacked against his foot, and he took one more step. Almost rhythmically, he calmly clacked his foot down another time. He was smiling, still, but his eyes did not portray the same crazed rage. Or, at least, they were hidden behind loosely-closed eyelids, flapping open for only a millisecond at a time.

    The assassins each took a few breaths, but they kept their eyes directly on him. He would speak, surely, in a moment. He would prove his calmness in an explicit manner if it was true. So, they patiently waited.

    Talia's eyes managed to dilate even further. Her excitement only grew as she watched the whole scene. Each person was hardly more than a blobbing stick figure from her perspective, but she watched it all so attentively. So attentive was she to the Lazarus Pit's flow, and so attentive was she to the original madness. So attentive was she also to the sudden calmness. Unlike the assassins, Talia was not patient. Upon seeing this good sign, any of it she'd had before was long gone. Instead of jumping in her place, she was jumping towards the door.

    Her arm slapped against the door as she thrusted it open, rushing in. All the assassins turned to her, mouths dropping open with startle. She didn't even notice them, though, as she pranced over the floor until she slid to stop right in front of Ra's. Ra's was just as surprised as the assassins, suddenly opening his eyes wide. With the eyelids no longer hiding anything, behind her, the assassins' eyes widened at Ra's in return.

    "Father!" Talia called again. She didn't look back, nor up to Ra's. Her head went straight into Ra's' chest, pressing her cheek against it. Simultaneously, her arms swung around him in a loving embrace. Her cheeks got warm not with embarrassment, but with a burst of delight.

    Her hug squeezed tight around his waist, and Ra's stared down at the abrupt affection. For a moment, he stood, completely frozen in shock. His arms stuck up in the air, not wrapped around Talia, but also not quite at his sides. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Ra's gradually moved his arms closer to Talia, but he still didn't squeeze her back. He bent his elbows so that his hands were just above her head, but still not touching her. Talia joyfully waited for some kind of head-pat.

    But suddenly, his eyes narrowed down on her as hard as they could, and his smile seemed to twist right into a raging teeth-grit.


    Ra's Al Ghul's eyes still had a maniac look, and his mind still raced inside of him, caking over any resemblance of a semi-rational thought. The calmness was a fluke, it became clear to Talia. The Lazarus Madness, dangerous in any individual's brain, hadn't hardly faded at all since his resurrection. Same went for the loads of initial strength the Lazarus Pit helpfully gifted an individual.

    Therefore, when he took one of those muscle-loaded arms and twirled it into a fist before suddenly striking a violent punch down onto her nuzzling head, it hurt. Bad.

    Aaah! An ear-piercing shriek, echoing out of Talia's mouth, filled the once-silent room. The hit shoved Talia downward, letting not only her head be injured, but also her back and legs. Another scream fumbled out as she plunged to the ground. Her ears were ringing loudly, pressing against the back of her skull. Her skull felt like it was almost shaking inside, burning with agony. The top of her head, specifically, stung horrifically. Her hands instinctively went up to grab it and protect the harmed area.

    Talia's eyes had been shut this whole time, doing it immediately after shock when the punch was thrown. Slowly, she let them drift open. Tears had been welling inside, gently wetting her lower eyelashes. These tears flowed over her vision, blurring it for a moment as she frantically tried to survey the situation.

    Her father stood over her, subtly smirking. His fists were still clenched tightly, and they laid only a few feet above her body. They were reaching out from his body, as if preparing to swing and hit someone. As if they had just hit someone.

    Talia's mouth fell open, staring up at him. Her lips trembled, attempting to both swallow down the globs of saliva resting on her tongue and say something to him. Her eyes didn't dare blink, letting the tears blind her over and over again as they welled up inside. But they stayed there, as she stared, making her eyes unnaturally glossy.

    Ra's had punched her. Her father had hit her. Her father had hurt her.

    The tears began to spill out of her eyes, building up to a point where she couldn't resist any more. They dripped down her cheeks, feeling hot as they reddened her face. Even more than that, her body was shaking– shivering uncontrollable without a tint of cold. She took her hands off her head and wrapped them around herself like a blanket. Her chest lifted up, ready to take a deep breath, but all that would escape her mouth was a quiet, weak, sob.

    Before she could recover any further, her father reached down and hit her again. This time, he aimed for the stomach, right below where Talia was wrapping her arms around. Her mouth only opened further. Instinctively, Talia's back threw over, hunching in pain. At the same time, her arms moved to grab her stomach. The hit had started a coughing fit from her mouth. Drool came spraying out, but fortunately, no blood– once, when Talia had been kidnapped, that had happened, which she was grateful was not the current case.

    Still, the sobs cascaded out like a whimpering parade.

    Behind Ra's, the assassins swiftly took into action. They reformed their barricade against him, ramming him back against that same wall. Everyone pushed as hard as possible, holding every muscle down they could manage. Ra's struggled again, but was held down too well.

    Talia's eyes followed Ra's' body, watching carefully. A piercing stare stayed on him, tilting up with pure fear, almost as if her eyes were vibrating inside her head. The streams of tears running down Talia's cheek gradually increased by the second as she processed more and more of the situation.

    Ra's returned the eye contact in an almost identically piercing way. His eyes were so focused down on her with uncontrolled rage that it pressed thick, wrinkly, lines against the sides of his nose. His expression had transformed into a snarl, matching his eyes perfectly. They both stared like this for several seconds of silence.

    As this went on, Talia's shock began to fade. She stumbled back a bit, still incredibly shaky, but kept eye contact even as she did so. It was all so slow, yet so consuming, keeping her locked in her position for far longer than practical. Ra's' expression continued to threaten her.

    He scanned her from up and down, taking in the 5-year-old's appearance thoroughly. Sitting on the ground, no defenses in sight. It made him smirk with a burst of confidence. She suddenly shuddered as she made one more scooch back. Talia was terrified to the bone. Her head hung low with fear, showing the top of it of which Ra's had so recently punched. Fresh blood spilled from her scalp, matting into her hair messily. As she moved, several splats of blood spilled on the floor from her stomach, too, which had gotten a crack in its skin from the force of the second punch.

    Suddenly, at the end of their staring, Ra's' expression quickly changed. His eyes softened, as did his tense mouth. It all dropped, with his eyebrows raising with sudden shock. He gasped, a slight sense of fear even sparking into his wide eyes.

    But Talia didn't see it. In that moment, she had thrusted herself from the ground, and she had forced herself to run.

    She jogged out of the room, only to quickly change to a full sprint as she moved to the spiraling hallways. She didn't dare look back. Her legs, still shaky from lasting shock, tripped over one another several times, but she didn't dare slow down. Even as her small feet felt weak under her, as did her entire body, she ran and she ran and she ran. Her breath was huffing out at this point, exhausting taking over.

    Eventually, Talia reached her room, where she finally caught a chance to breathe. She let her feet slide a few feet until she eventually got right up to her bed, which she immediately collapsed right on to. It bounced under her. Talia threw her face into her pillow, burying it deep inside the fabric. She pulled her knees up to her chin, rolling into a protective ball. From Talia's aching lungs, muffled sobs escaped. The gushing tears dotted her pillowcase with wet droplets. Meanwhile, her mattress got dotted as well, but with bright red plops of blood. Upon noticing this, her tears only increased

    It took around 10 minutes for anyone to check on her. When the door to her room slowly creaked open, Talia glanced up, startled. She held her breath for a second, paralyzed as she considered who it might be. She watched closely as the door finished opening, but was pleasantly surprised– behind it was not her father, but her mother, walking in with a sympathetic look on her face.

    "Sweetheart," Melisande began as she made her way over to Talia's bed. She plopped herself down next to Talia, reaching over to comfort her. Melisande's hand gently touched Talia's tear-striped cheek. "I heard what happened, with you and…You know… and I wanted to check in. Are you alright?"

    The words hung in the air. Talia looked back at her mother, neglecting to answer. She felt her stomach, still throbbing with pain. She took note of her head, too, with its pounding headache and ringing in her ears. Even her legs and back, after falling so hard, ached terribly. Talia glanced to the ground. Pangs of desperation and betrayal felt as if they were choking up her throat.

    She shook her head. Melisande immediately pulled her into a hug.

    "Oh, Sweetheart," She repeated. Her eyes shut tightly, seeming almost weak in her movements. Her arms squeezed Talia's back tightly, laying Talia's head on her shoulder. They held the hug for a good few moments before Melisande loosened her arms and gently pulled out. She put her hand under Talia's chin, holding it to force her daughter to look her in the eyes. "You know it wasn't purposeful, right?"

    "Yes," Talia softly mumbled, but almost inaudibly. She gazed to the right, now consciously avoiding her mother's eyes.

    "Good," Melisande replied, much louder than Talia in volume. She pulled her hand away from Talia's chin, only to place it on the back of Talia's head. Her hand pressed against Talia's hair, massaging her injured scalp. Melisande combed her hand through, subconsciously pushing flicking some blood drops out in the process.

    After only a second, Talia gently tugged away, flopping back down onto her pillow. She pulled the blanket over herself tightly, curling into a fetus position. Her eyes looked straight at the wall, not moving an inch, not even to give her mother a polite glance. She wrapped her arms around herself securely. Melisande's eyebrows rose.

    "Do you want some more time alone?" She suggested, peeking her head over Talia's snuggled body to face her daughter. Her head tilted with concern. "You seem a bit like you might benefit from that." Melisande's mouth curled into a deep frown.

    Talia hesitated for half a second, but ended up pushing her head up in a small, weak nod. Melisande sighed a deep, long breath as her expression became even softer.

    She pushed herself up from the bed, starting to plod over to the door. Her eyes continued to lay on Talia all the way out, but as she slowly began to push the door closed behind her, she finally had to take her eyes off. Talia's tear-soaked face blubbered sorrowfully for the next 30 minutes, all of which –for better or worse– like Melisande had promised, Talia was left all alone.

    Until, eventually, Ra's decided to check in on her himself.

    This time, when the door opened, it was much slower. Ra's hardly gave any force at all as he pushed, letting it take several seconds to open wide enough to step in. In those several seconds, it made a loud, long groan. Ra's stared at the door, wary and reluctant on the matter. He swallowed harshly, feeling the slightest bit anxious himself after the incident.

    From inside, Talia held her breath again. She kept her eyes on the door, while still gripping the blanket over herself as tight as she could. Her eyebrows furrowed, confused as to why her mother would've come back so quickly. The door continued to creak, beginning to reveal the person outside. A dark cloak, signature to Ra's, started to blow into her view.

    Upon sight, Talia grabbed the blanket even harder, throwing not just her body, but her head, too, directly under it. She curled into a ball again, but this time sitting upwards. Her head hid between her knees, listening without daring to look.

    The only thing she heard was Ra's slow, small steps inside. Talia huddled herself up even tighter.

    Ra's slowly opened his mouth, "Are you in need of medical attention?" The words came out dull– almost apathetic. He gazed at Talia, but his expression was soft. His eyebrows were raised and tilted towards the outsides of his eyes, as his mouth rested in a gentle frown. He took one more step towards Talia.

    It took a moment for Talia to respond. She didn't move an inch the whole time, as if expecting him to ignore her existence if she covered herself well enough and didn't draw any attention. Her eyes were shut as tight as they would go, attempting to ignore his existence in the same way. Ra's simply stood there, as uncomfortable silence filled the lifeless room. He let his arms rest behind his back.

    "You punched me," Suddenly, Talia raised her head just enough to speak. Her voice, as it had been ever since the punch, was almost inaudible with shakiness. She dropped her head back down immediately after speaking.

    Ra's looked downward, "...And for that I am truly sorry," He inspected his feet and shoes, then the floor, narrowing his eyes. His head tilted slightly as he took a loud deep breath, cutting into the quiet atmosphere. His voice rose a bit with every sentence. "But I cannot control what I do under the Lazarus Pit's influence. You know that."

    "Twice. You punched me twice," Hardly listening, Talia mumbled the words to herself faintly.

    "Yes," Ra's began to nodd. He looked back up, straightening his back. "That's why I was wondering whether you needed medical attention." A single eyebrow rose, forming a subtle yet expressive gesture. He took another step towards Talia, inching in a slow trod.

    Talia still didn't listen. At this point, she actively shifted in position, covering her ears with her hands instead of her legs. Her eyes continued to stay shut as far as she could push them. Silent tears dropped slowly for her eyes, dripping downwards on to her knees, only then to run down her pants. They left large wet splotches in the process, beginning to make more and more progress in covering the entire tops of her knees. Her breathing was quiet, though. Painfully quiet.

    "May I take a look at your injuries?" Ra's suddenly took several steps forward until he was almost right in front of her bed. His frown grew, leaving his lips tensed against each other. "I– I don't remember how hard I hit you, of course, but in that last moment when I started to drift out of the trance, it didn't exactly look insignificant. We wouldn't want them to get any worse due to a lack of treatment. You've already waited longer than ideal." He crossed his arms.

    Leaving one hand still tightly crossed over his chest, Ra's reached over to Talia. He touched the blanket, quickly beginning to nudge it off her. Talia screamed.

    "Get away from me!" She snapped. Talia instantly pulled herself to the opposite side of the bed, grabbing the blanket to pull it with her. In the same instant, she flapped the part Ra's was pulling up back down, nearly slapping his hand as she did so. Ra's jumped half a foot back in surprise. He threw his hands into the air defensively.

    "Fine," Ra's' mouth had opened wide in startle. He blinked rapidly, still in another second of shock. One more small stumble pushed at his feet, leaving him at least 6 feet away from Talia. He clicked his tongue against the top of his mouth, shaking off the surprise. Slowly and gradually, his hands left the air, returning to his sides calmly.

    Talia sobbed. She pushed her nose even further into her knees, desperately attempting to fully muffle the sound all-together. As quiet as she tried to keep them, though, the wistful hiccups surged out of her lungs uncontrollably. Ra's, even from several feet away, could hear the pitiful sounds perfectly well. His mouth began to close into a soft frown. Uncertain in his actions, he spun on his feet, turning to a wall instead of her with a distraught look covering his face.

    This went on for nearly 5 minutes before another word was spoken. Every few moments, Ra's would glance back at Talia subtly, but he stayed quiet despite his confusion. At the end of these minutes, Talia's sobs had finally become quieter, as her will to cry lessened. Instead, her mind seeped into a state of mere lack of emotion.

    Suddenly, Talia broke the silence, "The Lazarus Pit madness only does so much." Somehow, it managed to be even less audible than her previous statements.

    "Pardon?" Ra's turned back towards her, leaning his ear forward. He casually crept closer to her bed, now sitting only around 5 feet away from her. With the same distraught look still plaguing his face, his eyebrows furrowed. Talia didn't even move as she spoke again.

    "You've mentioned that the Lazarus Pit madness doesn't completely change you. It just brings out the absolute worst. Gives you 'the guts'." Talia stated monotonously. Her eyes were shut, but this time, not quite as tight; they were just loosely resting over her eyes. "I knew you had a lot of violence inside of you, but I– I just didn't think–" Her voice gradually increased in volume until the monotone was gone, and small stutters could be heard from her shaky voice.

    "I don't think you understood me quite right, Talia. It depends on the situation, and well… overall, it's not nearly that simple." Ra's countered, pushing his shoulders upwards in a slight shrug. His eyebrows rose, while in the opposite movement, his eyes squinted. "But perhaps there is some truth to that. I suppose that's why you're not dead right now. Not even unconscious." He shrugged again.

    "But– but that still means–"

    "You got out lucky. Incredibly lucky," Ra's quickly interrupted her. He crossed his arms tightly. "As apologetic as I am about the whole situation, if you wish to stay safe, you need to simply stay away from me when the madness has taken over. What did you expect to happen? I've taught you to be wary."

    "I tried to!" Talia cried. Although the blanket still covered her, she lifted her head completely up for a moment. The change in position let tears run on to her blanket, leaving droplets that could be seen from both inside and out. "You tricked me! You acted calm, and I thought you had to be normal to do that, but it was all a trick. You tricked me."

    "Well… then I apologize for that too, but you still need to be more careful," Ra's insisted. He sprung a few steps forward, now at the edge of Talia's bed. Talia shuddered at the sound of closer footsteps, managing to push herself an inch or two even further away from him. "Just come out from the blanket, My love. I have no reason to hurt you."

    Talia didn't move an inch. Each breath got quicker, "How do I know that? You've already promised you wouldn't ever hurt me before. You promised no one else would ever hurt me, either, if you had anything to say about it. But then you punched me, and…. And…" Her voice was quiet, yet not exactly soft. From over 45 minutes of crying, it had become slightly hoarse.

    For a moment, Ra's was silent. His mouth pressed closed. With his arms still tightly crossed, he opened his eyes wide, seeming subtly surprised by the accusation. Starting to amble about, Ra's wandered over to a wall, leaning against it passively. He bit his lip, until suddenly, his expression changed. The previously wide eyes narrowed sharply, and his eyebrows tensed. A muttered scoff escaped from his mouth, rolling his eyes harshly.

    "Oh, quit your whining, will you?" He complained, starting to almost yell with his words, "It was two punches, not attempted murder, so do you really think this melodrama is a necessary response? Besides, you simply cannot stay mad at me forever. I'm your father, Talia, so you'll spend the next thirteen years with me for sure, and quite possibly the rest of your life. I'm afraid you have no choice but to forgive me. Speaking of which, even more than that, you certainly need to come out from under the covers eventually."

    These angry statements only forced more tears from Talia's eyes, and her loud sobbing returned. She tugged the covers even tighter over herself, gripping on to both sides of it with her hands protectively.

    "But….but I don't want to," She quietly peeped.

    "That doesn't matter. You must," Fortunately, Ra's' did quiet down slightly, but his expression didn't change too much. He nonchalantly wandered over to the other side of the bed, where she was laying. He uncrossed his arms, laying them by his side. For a moment, Ra's reached one of them over to her, only to lay it back by his side again. "Come on. Just get out from under there, it's not difficult."

    Talia didn't answer. Not until she felt Ra's' hands creep on to her blanket, and tug.

    "Stop–" Talia shouted, but it was too late. Ra's had already pulled the entire blanket off of her, throwing it to the side aggressively. Now that the blanket had been ripped out of her small hands, Talia hugged her knees as hard as she could. Ra's' eyes went back to being soft as he noticed her petrified body language. A large breath poured from his mouth, but not a huff this time– just a soft, tired sigh.

    "My Dear, I can see the blood. You need to get your wounds looked at." He advised. His hands had gone back to resting at his sides. "Just uncurl from that ball and get up."

    Talia uncurled from the ball, as asked, but immediately after, used her now-stretched legs to push herself away from Ra's until she was nearly sitting on her pillow. Her eyes were wide open, staring at Ra's with the same fear that she'd carried throughout their entire conversation. Her lips were closed, quivering. Ra's scoffed again, letting his temper rise back up.

    "You're putting on a real performance here, Talia… and in case you haven't noticed, acting this pathetic isn't a good look for you." Ra's tapped his toe against the floor in the same way that the assassin –way back when they were still working on the Lazarus Pit– had. "Your behavior is getting a bit ridiculous."

    "I– I'm sorry," Talia pulled her back straight up, only to let it lean forward, hanging her head sadly. She scooched closer to Ra's, ever so slightly, but then paused there. Her arms were wrapped around her shoulders. "Can– Can you get Mother? Please?"

    Ra's reluctantly nodded, swiftly walking out to go find Melisande. Now that she was alone, Talia slowly began to lift her head, looking around at her surroundings. Just her normal room, of course. But when she glanced down at the mattress, it was absolutely covered in speckles of blood, along with many more wet tears. Her clothes, unfortunately, were even worse.

    With a sigh, Talia bit her lip, forcing herself closer to the edge of the bed. Her legs now fully swung over it, dangling in the air. She pushed herself ever so slightly closer, until eventually, with another few deep breaths, she convinced herself to finally get up. Her body, it became clear, was still very much aching. Especially her injuries.

    Her head felt an illusion of pressure banging down on it, but even worse than that, an overwhelming sense of dizziness suddenly took over. Her vision, which had already been glazed by tears, became increasingly unfocused the more she stood. Her torso rocked back and forth– or at least it certainly felt like it did, as any sense of balance went out the window.

    Talia grasped at the bed, quickly pushing herself straight back onto it.

    Fortunately, her father, with her mother by his side, came back soon after. Melisande helped lead Talia over to the League of Assassin's private medical center, where a doctor got to her extremely quickly. Not only did they not have a ton of recent injuries in the league, but Talia, of course, got many privileges with being the leader's daughter.

    It turned out that her injuries were mostly only sharp cracks to the skin, along with some pulled muscles and a very mild concussion. Nothing too severe, but enough that she was advised to cut back on most physical activities and spend much more time resting. Going along with this advice immediately, Melisande led Talia –with Ra's following close behind– back to her bedroom.

    Even in just the time they were with the doctor, a servant had already replaced all her blood-speckled sheets and made the bed look good as new.

    Talia changed into her pajamas, but right after that, her parents deemed it time for bed. Talia was incredibly groggy and exhausted at this point, as the original hit of adrenaline had faded and completely burnt her out, so she didn't object in the slightest. Her tears, which had sprung out of her so long that she quite literally had none left to cry, were beginning to dry on her face. Talia quickly collapsed on her bed, with that tear-stricken face feeling soft on the fresh pillow, but before she passed out, she simply had one request.

    "Bedtime story," She whispered drowsily. Her eyes were half-shut, sleepy and fatigued. "Can I have a bedtime story?"

    "Could you elaborate?" Ra's questioned, with one eyebrow raised in curiosity. He stood on the other side of Talia's bedroom, almost directly behind Melisande, who was sitting right next to Talia. He had his arms crossed behind him neatly. Ra's took one stride closer to Talia. "Told by which one of us?" He glanced at Melisande, but then back at himself.

    Talia pushed her lips to one side of her mouth, moving it around as if she were swishing water inside. She looked downward, a sudden burst of timidness rushing over her expression. "...you," Her voice was quiet, still not looking up.

    "Oh, really?" Ra's' eyes narrowed ever so slightly. A hint of bitter sarcasm popped into his voice, but as he spoke, he took another long, single stride towards Talia. "I thought you hated me, or something along the lines of that. I thought you wouldn't trust stories from someone who punched you a whole two times."

    Talia pouted, but didn't directly respond to his rudeness, "You're the one that usually tells them, and you– you do it better. More of your stories are true ones, you're really really old. Even older than Mother." She continued to look down, leaving the timidness to do anything but fade.

    "Oh, well isn't that just wonderful?" Ra's rolled his eyes, continuing to have sarcasm– in fact, it only deepened into his tone. "You want something out of me, and yet still refuse to grant me full forgiveness."

    Talia's eyes, which had already made so much progress in drying, began to well up with tears again. She stared at father, not blinking, and certainly not letting those tears spill out– but she could feel them burning inside anyhow. Her exhaustion did not make it easier in the slightest. He just didn't get it, with his smug look and self-centered frustration. It made the tears only come faster, until a single one seeped out.

    "It's… It's not like that!" She cried. Now in full-fledged instincts, Talia cuddled into her blanket further and flipped to the other side so she didn't have to look anymore. A couple more tears made their way out, right before she started quickly rubbing her eyes to push them away. "Why can't you just…." Talia whispered out her words in a faint tone, letting the exhaustion take her over yet again.

    Ra's took a deep breath, "Alright then, Daughter." To Talia's delight, the smug expression was completely gone now. He still didn't exactly look sympathetic, but not angry. Certainly not angry. Just tired, as his eyes began to passively shut half way. Talia's eyes began to do the same, but with all that had happened, she didn't try to stop them from doing the action fully. "Which story were you thinking?"

    Talia still didn't open her eyes to answer, but she answered quickly, "The one about the physician… and Sora… your origi–"

    Ra's put a single finger to his mouth, shushing her, "Not in front of your mother, Talia. I can do that one, but only after Melisande, here, has exited." He eyed Melisande from his peripheral vision, only to have his gaze met back with a much less subtle, disgusted look. Melisande groaned, crossing her arms.

    "Please, Mother?" Talia whispered. Her eyes still hadn't opened, and her arms were wrapped around herself. "It's really not as bad as it sounds and… and I'll tell you if anything too bad happens while you're gone…" Despite being so quiet, her voice had obvious stutters.

    After a few more minutes of sleepy negotiations and pleas from Talia, Melisande, still deeply frowning and crossing her arms, had left. Talia needed the story. Tonight, at least. She needed that dream, and although she couldn't outright say –at least not in front of Ra's– perhaps her mother could see something in her eyes about it, while still having never even heard the story. Or perhaps her mother was simply too exhausted to argue longer, but either way, Talia had succeeded.

    The minute Melisande was out, Ra's cleared his throat loudly. He was currently sitting down next to Talia's bed, as was customary for their bedtime stories, and quickly opened his mouth to begin. The first syllable of the very first word almost stumbled out, right in that moment, before Talia stopped him. Her words were still quiet, but firm enough to startle him.

    "Can I request something special this time?" Talia asked.

    Ra's immediately looked down at her, eyes wide opened, "I suppose," He agreed, letting out a small but distinct nod. He touched Talia's headboard, leaning slightly closer while still keeping enough of a distance. His eyebrows furrowed,

    "Can you tell me more about… before Sora died this time?" Talia made the same swishing movement with her mouth again, moving around with it in an increasingly more rapid motion. She then bit her lip, uncomfortable as she heard the gravelly 'hmms' of Ra's considering her answer. "Please? I… I need to know. I need to hear it,"

    Ra's' expression changed with the request. It became sharper in the eyes; accusing glances came from the insides of his pupils. He wasn't quite angry, but certainly upset. His mouth fell from what was a basic resetting place to a creasing frown, directed straight at his still-weak daughter. He was also confused, very much so, as his eyes squinted. But, with a small shrug and a harsh sigh, he opened his mouth to respond.

    "I…. suppose I can," He agreed, giving the tiniest essence of a nod. He wrapped his fingers around his chin, tapping on it as he got lost in thought of how to begin. The more he thought, to Talia's delight, his expression and audible hesitance quickly faded. Ra's cleared his throat for the second time, looking off into the distance. "Well, Sora and I used to spend an unreasonable amount of time working to complete scientific discoveries that would benefit humanity. But, regardless of who it helped, we made a good team, and…. Frankly, it was a beautiful relationship overall."

    For the very first time since her injuries, Talia smiled. A genuine, true, brightness hit her face, lighting up her dull expression. It was still small, though, so as she continued to face the opposite way of Ra's, he couldn't tell.

    All he could hear was one single, affirming statement, "Go on,"

    "We met through her father. He was a physician himself, and I learned most of the trade from him– in return for the acceptance of his daughter's hand in marriage. It wasn't love at first sight at all, but we got along well enough, and eventually found a very special place in each other's hearts. Beyond most love at first sight couples I'd say, even. Her father died soon after, though, and we became partners in continuing his studies. Although, unfortunately, she couldn't manage to get a technical job in the field herself other than working with me, because, well… it was not something women did in that city." Ra's suddenly paused, turning around for a moment before looking back.

    "Speaking of which… have I told you about how I even came to join the city?" He continued, "Well, you see… I left my uncle due to a variety of reasons. Acquiring knowledge, but also, because my naively twisted brain was mildly repulsed by their reckless amount of murders. They engaged in many wars, and the casualties those wars caused were ones I was trying to stop using the knowledge I would acquire. Quite idiotic, I know, especially considering the city's leaders weren't exactly angels themselves, but it's still an important part of the story. When I finally became a real physician, I took my patients very seriously. Many died, though, as our medical advancements were nowhere near today, and it saddened me every time. Innocent men, women, and even children… many victims of what I called 'the devils too tiny to see,' or in other words, germs... but also some others, victims of the war in general. Although I've already told you that, I believe, with the discussion of Huwe's mother…"

    This time, Ra's paused for much longer. Talia was fading to sleep regardless, as the story was truly only on top of her natural exhaustion pushing her in and out of consciousness. She was still listening, though, at this point. Enough that Ra's could see her twitch every few seconds. He fumbled through his thoughts, finding some way to continue this part of the story just a little bit longer, as Talia had requested. His eyes suddenly opened wide with remembrance.

    "I think you'd be interested to know I actually considered adopting a child… or taking in one. Adoption wasn't considered quite that formal," Ra's stated, "I only considered it briefly, but I was serious enough. You see, with my occupation… I'd seen so many children die due to a lack of good families. It inspired me, if only slightly. I was already getting somewhat interested in having children eventually, once I got further with my scientific career, and Sora likely wouldn't be too keen on pregnancy anyway. But I gave up on it eventually, of course, and with how ignorant I was, I'm more than glad I did, yet regardless… the thought used to creep into my head occasionally. A child to hold, to comfort… even to tell stories to at bedtime, just like we are now. Even then, I…"

    At that moment, Talia completely lost consciousness. Her stuffed-up nose even began to snore, cutting off Ra's' story. Before Sora's death even had a blink of a chance to come by, Talia was blissfully out of it.

    She imagined that child, with her old, naive father, and she imagined that child with a smile. Being held, and comforted…. Never punched. The Lazarus Pit didn't exist yet, and neither did her father's will to punch anyone at all. Just comfort. Then it quickly faded into her own body and bright 5-year-old face, still smiling like that child could've been. It felt so good, so right. Although as always, it was a concept she could've never spoken of, in that dream, it gave her joy.

    Then she imagined the bedtime stories, in almost the exact same positions as reality, except different stories. She thought of scary stories, told to her little ears, that would startle her under the covers. But, even with a bad dream, she could wake up and have comfort. Even with a bad dream, came a good reality. It made her smile even further in her sleep.

    It was all so vivid, so real. If she didn't hear Sora died, Sora hadn't.

    Talia had never even met this younger version of her father. She'd never met Sora, either. But somehow, in her dreams, she knew every single character of this story… and it had a happy ending.

    So, as in reality Ra's patted her blankets down gently and gave her a quick good night, it was truthfully the sultan's physician doing it in her mind.

    "I'm glad we got to do a story tonight, no matter how small." He whispered as quietly as his voice would go, "I hope this never changes for us. Good night, my sweet,"

    Because, of course, it had a happy ending.

    Ending Author's Note:

    You see why I was saying the first chapter was much less angsty than the rest? Haha yeah, this is what I was talking about. I hope BajaBlast05 cries, but don't worry, they'll still have plenty of other chances if not.
    Now, those of you who have read.... whatever comic it is that Grant Morrison wrote with all those flashbacks to Talia's childhood (Batman Incorporated whatever) may notice that the punch under Lazarus Pit madness thing is based off of one of those flashbacks. Which... I know is questionable since I hate Morrison's version of her, but A) it has no connection to morals, B) although I took some very mild inspiration, I haven't even read the full comic with that and it's not like I checked it to try to make them the same-- I don't even think he punched her in the same area(s), C) it's a pretty basic, easy-to-come-up-with concept anyway. Just because that one extremely brief flashback was kinda interesting and has similarities to this fic does NOT mean I support any of the rest of what Morrison did to her character.
    Also, as I mentioned in the full story's notes, this is obviously a mashup of The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul and Birth of the Demon's origin stories, and although it's mostly Birth of the Demon, this chapter definitely mentions a lot more things that The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul made canon, instead. (If you're both confused and haven't read The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul, that's probably why.)
    That being said, the whole adoption concept is clearly nowhere near canon. But hey, I don't think it's THAT far off, (especially if he was only considering it for after he'd already settled into his scientific jobs and could handle both making achievements there AND raising a child) and it's.... well, frankly, it works well as plot convenience lol. Sorry if it seems a bit OOC.
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    #asks #like I was lukewarm on him before #but the way his fans are OBSESSED with him is SO WEIRD!!! #at least zuko stans are obsessed over a main character..... #this fool is the COMIC RELIEF #I truly don't get the obsession with him #especially when they assign him all the characteristics of aang #an existing character to love and cherish and ship with zuko #anyway
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    Another scene from Mean Girls because i only could see these too when i watched it

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    “The Spar - part 1” (continuing from the last part)

    -----> Next / Prev

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    Part 2 --> https://catella-ars.tumblr.com/post/658876398973370368/the-first-encounter-with-quinn-iseul-marley

    (CW: Quinn being creepy, graphic description of biting.)

    Iseul leaves the bar a little after 2 AM and is headed to the spot where he usually meets Marley when a stranger approaches him.  He gives a polite nod in passing, but the stranger doesn’t pass by.

    “Well, hello,” the stranger purrs, blocking his path with superior height and presence.  “What are you doing out so late?  And so alone...“

    “I’m not alone,” Iseul replies reflexively, clutching his bag and trying not to sound nervous.  “I’m meeting my friend, and they should be here any minute, so--”

    The stranger laughs, cold and cruel, and Iseul starts to panic.  “Oh, poor thing.  There’s no one else here.”

    Marley, please hurry, he thinks, but before he can sidestep, the stranger grabs him.  “G-get off,” he says, but the stranger’s grip is like iron, and they hold him fast while pulling down his shirt.  “No!”  Horrible, sharp pain shoots through him when the stranger bites into his neck.

    He feels blood spill onto his clothes, the stranger’s hands bruising his arms as they seem to draw on the wound.  Are they drinking his blood?  His head swims, but he still struggles, jerking in their grasp and trying to push them off of him.  His voice and body are getting weaker, and the stranger finally pulls away, only to bite again in a different spot.

    He screams, or he thinks he does, and feels the stranger laugh against his neck.  His arms fall to his sides, and he thinks he must be dying.  Dizzy and weak and afraid and alone, attacked by a stranger in a park.  His vision starts to fade when the stranger is suddenly thrown away from him, hit by something massive and angry.

    The next thing he knows, Marley is holding him to their chest.  Both of them are covered in blood, and Marley’s tears are falling onto his face as they tell him he’s going to be okay.

    #art#comic#fanart#fanfic#writing#blood#injury#violence#fan characters #iseul the bartender #redacted quinn #pack aunt marley #read more #because it got both long and triggery? #idk it made me nervous and i don't want to freak anyone else out #fuckin'#stranger danger#vampire bites#assault #?? #vampires #quinn seems like the type not to trance people because he likes that they try to fight
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    Real men ( a comic by me on itto's voiceline in rain)

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