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  • relationship between kara danvers and lena luthor

    characters: kara danvers, lena luthor, alex danvers, nia nal

    words: 3528

    I hope you enjoy it.😊😊

    It’s been 3 months since Lena left national city whatever happen between them was unexpected, things got weird because Kara felt something, something good that she does not want to admit and Lena went to so called trip and she haven’t come back yet. Every day, since the kiss Kara stop by to the L corps asking for Lena but she got no response. She was so desperate to talk to her that she could do anything just to talk for a few minutes, the things that happened which left her waking up at night with the nightmare that she is losing Lena or she is dying in her own hands. she had so many things to explain to Lena so much that it might took her eternity to explain. Alex was understanding what was going on but she had no idea that things were so complicated between these two-best friend

    approximately 3 months after the death of Lex Luthor.

    Kara entered to the reception of the L corp going to ask about Lena Luthor as soon as the receptionist saw Kara she smiled and said, “ah! Miss Danvers, I have been waiting for you… miss Luther is in her office I informed her about your frequent visits she is waiting for you in her office and she will be glad to see you. You can meet her.”

    thanking the receptionist, she ran towards the elevator it felt like she will explode right then and there in the elevator her hands were cold and she felt a little dizzy although she was the strongest women in the earth right now but she felt week like Lena was always superior to her, her heart was racing at an phenomenal pace, she need to calm herself down before the conversation, she doesn’t want to fuck things up with the women she likes, as soon as she entered the corridor, she can hear her heart racing thought her own ear and her body felt hotter than usual she never expected that she will feel this.

    “things changed a lot in past three months”, a familiar voice from behind came towards Kara,

    Kara’s heart beat jumped fasted than she expected. Kara was still embraced about the things that happen she didn’t saw her directly she was a little shy but also afraid talking to her; Lena was merely a human but she had the power to kneel the kryptonion beneath her Kara had that feeling since they met 4 years ago. Her cheeks were cherry red that she can feel the warm blood, she had to talk she need to explain her everything every feeling she had in her heart so she did, at least she tried,

    taking all her might she said in shot and her eyes were closed with embracement, “Lena you are my best friend I am sorry I hid my identity from you and all the stuff that I did. I know things are pretty complicated between us but trust me our feeling is not mutual and I know that….” interrupting Kara,

    Lena asked “how do you know it’s not mutual and how do you know what I am feeling?” Kara wanted to say something else but she was nervous, nervous enough to eat a building sized potsticker within few minutes.

    Kara turned back and opened her eyes to reply her like any mature person will do, as she had so much things to say but just with one glance she forgot everything and she just stood by like a statue watching the raven head it seem like blond was watching her for the first time, the maroon suite with a deep neck waste cloth deep enough that her cleavage can be seen and the Blaser with light maroon lipstick for complementing the suite her pale skin made it look even more beautiful, her collarbone had a beautiful locket that made very thing even better with her hair tied back with a ponytail she was gazing her with the heart eyes and smile.

    Interrupting the glances Lena asked with confused face, “so I asked you a question? Do you want to reply or not?” it seems like Kara lost her breath.

    She just said, “Lena you look ravishing and breathtaking.”

    “Thanks for the appreciation Kara but I was not asking about my looks, so…?” It seemed like Lena knew what she was doing but honestly, she had no idea what had happened to Kara, the blond was acting weird around the raven headed.

    Thinking about Lena, Kara felt something again although she liked the feeling but she was suppressing so that she and Lena both can be friends again she doesn’t want to break the bond they developed not even for love. She felt like they are at a time and position in their relationship that everything is stable and clear with no secrets but again the blond had her own secret that she was hiding from her best friend little did she know that Lena had her own secret that she shoved inside the little boxes and then deep down to little boxes. It was true that there was a mutual feeling but no one had the guts to confront it no even Lena.

    The blond just said, “you will not understand” and she left the office without turning back Lena saw her going with confused eyes. Lena sat in her couch, several thoughts were moving inside her head like a train, what just happened her heart told her that Kara have feeling but her mind made it clear that if it was true she might not left her like a broken piece that day and telling her that she is a Luthor and NOBODY LIKES LUTHORS. For the first time in her life she can’t control her emotions, her feeling was booming out with all mixed emotions.

    That day Kara was spooked about the things happening to her. That night Kara was feeling down because something was going on, she was confused while she was thinking about all the stuff happening, she heard a doorbell, with her x ray vision she saw Alex and she felt relief she opens the door and hugged.

    Alex sat in the couch and asked, “so you were expecting someone else don’t you.” A wave of panic jolts in her spine.

    “no…no..no I was just thinking about the movie I want to watch.” and she smiled awkwardly and she then started talking about some random things to ignore taking about Lena in any manner.

    Few days went by she had no contact with Lena, she was busy with her own work as she was doing her job both as Supergirl and the reporter. She was getting appreciation as she was becoming one of the best CatCo reporter she almost forgot about the kiss that happened as well as the awkward talking and then she saw Lena in CatCo as soon as she saw Lena things flooded back to her in no time she felt awkward and thought to ignore her.

    Lena directly come to her and smiled, “sorry Kara I was not in contact because the project that I am working on and because of the project I was thinking of becoming the partner of CatCo and with Andréa what do you think?”

    Kara replied, “hmm..hmm good idea” she showed that she has no interest in that conversation again she said, “Sorry Lena I am little busy here talk to you later.” then she smiled

    “Yea yea sure no problem.” Lena replied but she saw something unusual she saw that Kara is not making eye contact with her she felt weird but she didn’t react.

    As usual Kara was awkward about it and she had to tell someone she thought of Alex but it would be so difficult, how will she say something which is so huge as she was so confuse about the stuff happening because Kara knew she had feeling for Lena and one day she had to confront it to her at the same time how will Kara say that she has feeling for her best friend. how will Alex react? she felt confuse. Nia interrupted her through her own thoughts, Nia saw how confuse she was with something.

    she asked, “everything okay?”

    “Yea yea yes everything is fine don’t worry it’s just that am not feeling well and I want to go home”. Kara replied.

    Nia knew that Kara is Supergirl and there is no chance that she is sick, may be there is something she doesn’t want to tell anyone. Nia doesn’t want to invade her privacy and she simply she said, “I think you should go home take some rest I’ll inform to Andréa”.

    “Thanks, you are the best.” replying to Nia she left.

    Surprisingly all the things were normal in the surrounding no robbery, no theft, no aliens, no Cadmus nothing. Kara was relaxed. it was Saturday night and every one was in their own life doing their own things, she felt sense of relief. Little did she know in more than just few hours her life will change, as usual she came home sat in her couch and watched some old iconic film while she was watching TV she heard a doorbell, she was tired she opened it without thinking twice she saw Lena smiling. Her heart jumped fairly high her eyes wide open and clear sense of fear.

    The raven headed had a bottle of whisky in her hand in a slurpee voice Lena said “hey Kara! What sup how are… are you? Clearly, she was drunk. Kara was surprised to see her like this because she saw her like almost 2 years ago when she was hurt when the incident happened with the children with the lead poisoning but this time what was the reason, she was drunk and vulnerable. The blond had so many questions in her mind but,

    she heard the slurpy voice again, I want yo…to come inside, I am you guest” and the first thing that the blond did was she took Lena inside she knew something is going on in Lena’s life but is she supposed to ask her about it? can she do that? all the things happened leads to fairly awkward things in both their lives , confusion was real. Kara felt that Lena is her best friend first then anything else and she had to understand that. She took drunk Lena inside her apartment and tucked her in the bed like a small baby. Lena was so drunk that she was murmuring something that nobody can understand. Kara was surprised to see her… never saw her like this, venerable and naïve. Lena did a very cute hand gesture and asked Kara to come close to her so the blond did and she said, “It is good that I probably will don’t remember what I am doing right now” and she then laughed not a simple laugh a sneaky drunk laugh again she said, “it is good that I won’t remember anything that I am going to say and do right now.”  

    She was tucked inside the bed she threw the blanket from her side and she sat and in a very cute manner she asked Kara to sit with her, “you know…. You the person are everything to me right now…. now you are the only person I can trust with my life” she waited then she smiled and then she took both her hand and gently pinched blond’s cheeks.

    It was difficult for the Kara to understand but she at least knew that Lena liked her.

    The raven headed saw her eye to eye and said “Kara Danvers or should I say Supergirl” she giggled “I love you and nobody is going to stop me to kiss you right now…… why because I am drunk and I don’t have the guts to do it sober” and she kissed.

    Kara had so much questions but then and there her mind was empty there was nothing to ask for and nothing to say.  The kiss was soft and gentle the lips made a great impression.  Kara felt the same spark as she felt three months ago at the night of Lex death something unusual, something real, same thing she felt for mon-al a tingling feeling in her gut.

    Lena kissed Kara and she smiled and said “told you” and laughed sneakily and down in the bed she fell asleep. Kara had no choice but to sleep in the couch and so she proceeds to do that but the thing was she felt different. she could feel the taste of whiskey in her mouth and the smell of Lena’s perfume. She touched her lips with the light of hope in her eyes, her cheeks were red and she was blushing like a 16-year-old teenager she glanced at Lena, smiled and silently said, “at least now I know it’s not one sided.”

    Next day Lena woke up early and saw herself in Kara’s bed she panicked, only one thought was going inside her head what did I do, did I do something embracing oh! Shit what did I do, I am sure I didn’t do something thing inappropriate or did I.  She saw Kara sleeping she doesn’t want to complicate things and she definitely don’t want to wake Kara up she took a pen and a piece of paper and she wrote and left the note on the table. Before leaving the house, she admired every bit of Kara’s face, her neck, her perfect pink lips and beautiful innocent eyes, her fingers, silky blond hair. She had the urge to touch her, kiss her, feel her body against her, taste her skin, she wanted to cuddle and touch and do everything she ever imagined in her wildest fantasies. but wait why am I so much attracted to this woman why I want to touch her and why can’t I burry my feeling for this beautiful kryptonion that is sleeping in front of me like a baby. My feelings are not in my control she said to herself she also remined herself that when they first kiss in her office Kara was not interested and this thing will not happen, she came to her senses she knew she had to go before the blond wake up. Before leaving she smiled at this beautiful baby and she thought that it’s the last time she will admire this lady.

    Kara saw herself on the couch when she woke up she was disappointed but there was no specific reason, the fact that she thought that last night whatever happened was just a fragment of her imagination from her mind which was not real or that she slept with the lights on, she brushed her teeth took shower and came to see what’s in the kitchen on the way to kitchen she found a note that said Lena in capital letters for the moment Kara eyes were filled with joy that whatever happened last night was real she knew that it was just a kiss but it meant everything to her she was excited that Lena left her a note but afraid that whatever happened between them, Lena might think as a fault that happened in a flow after all she was drunk . She took the note and started reading.

    Lena wrote “ I am so sorry for barging into your house, and in the middle of the night- I am sure that I might have given you some trouble, for that again I am sorry and one more thing when I woke up I was hungry and I saw donuts in your fridge hope you don’t mind I took one of them” and then a big smiley face in the side of the note.

    Lena didn’t mention the kiss but still she was satisfied with that note. Her eyes were filled with joy the whole time she was smiling then she giggled and at the same time Alex entered to the room suspiciously as the door was open but seeing Kara giggling, she was astonished

    “Kara are you giggling?” asked Alex in a surprised way.

    “no…no I am not” Kara replied nervously.

    Alex felt annoyed by the answer “what’s gotten into you Kara why are you acting weird, what is going on tell me, are you okay?” Alex asked.

    Kara knew that she had to tell someone but instead of telling her about Lena she said “I am sorry Alex I am getting late I have to go to the office I am so sorry”.

    “It’s Sunday, Kara!” Alex replied then again she said “Kara tell me what is going on? Something happened between you and Lena isn’t it?” she suspected.

    How did she know is that? Is it so visible in my face? I have to tell her; I have to tell her. Should I tell her? thinking about it she turned around, her eyes were closed.

    She lashed “okay you got me, Lena kissed me.”

    Alex was shocked her eyes were wide open she said “what! Lena did what now.”

    “she kissed me” Kara repeated and again she said “that not the weird part, the weird part is that I liked It” she felt fairly shy.

    “what!! water I need water it’s a lot to take in”,  Alex replied it was shocking for her but she claimed herself and she said in a light voice “It’s okay that you liked it, it’s okay that you like girls not a big deal, so does that mean now you are into girls now or something like that”

    “Technically I am an alien and in krypton there is no gender rule and people can be together with any one they love so…. interrupting Kara, Alex asked again “so does that mean you are into every one, are you pansexual?”

    “yea if we are talking about earth yea my sexuality will be pansexual… that is something I knew but the fact of liking Lena is something I am experiencing now and one more thing I never been with a girl so there is that”.

    “So, it doesn’t bother you that you are pansexual?” Alex asked.  

    Kara replied in just one word “no, it doesn’t.”

    “So that’s good then, so what are you going to do about that fact the you both kissed.” Alex asked.

    “that is why I told you Alex I am asking for suggestion what should I do, I don’t know what should I do? I am feaking out, I am not feaking because kissed a girl, it’s the fact that the girl I kissed was Lena”.

    Alex was confused for a moment then she asked “so actually I don’t know what happened between you two so I need to know then maybe I can help you.”

    “Okay so here it goes… it was late I was I my couch watching tv I heard a knock and as soon as I opened it I saw Lena she was drunk I took her inside and tucked her in the bed so that she can feel comfortable something that any best friend will do and then she said that she is happy that whatever she is going to do now she will probably won’t remember and she said that I am the only person she can trust with her life, she don’t have the guts to tell me sober that she loves me and we kissed” Kara explained it in just one go.

    Listening to Kara Alex was surprised she burst out in laugh.

    “What why are you laughing.” Kara asked embraced.

    “I am laughing because I was not expecting this from Lena, I didn’t think that she was so romantic I have seen her friendly side even her cold bitch face side but I never expected this from her” Kara’s cheek was flushed.

    “you know I had a feeling that Lena likes you and you do to” Alex laughed and continues “I have seen you peeking into her cleavage and sometime looking at her ass”

    “No, I was not I was checking her heart rate and that was one time” Kara was completely red.

    “Sure, whatever you want to tell yourself and for your kind information I have seen you multiple time watching her cleavage” Alex said in a teasing voice. She again cracked out in laugh.  

    “Whatever, can you tell me what should I do.” Kara asked

    “So, let me tell you she Definitely likes you and she will not make the first move that’s for sure whatever happen you have to make the first move, by the way, do you?” Alex asked.

    “Do you what? Alex, I don’t know what are you talking about?” Kara was confused asking that question.

    “I mean do you love her?” Alex asked again.

    Kara smiled her eyes were shy and her cheek flushed, she broke the eye contact and looked down towards the ring she was playing with as soon as she uttered, she heard something “Alex something happened we have to go,”

    “on the way Supergirl.” and they flew away.

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  • Title: Hanno

    “Can you think of any reason for the change?”
    — Kate Beckett, Poof! You’re Dead (3 x 12)

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  • Do you ever read a fic and just sit back and take a few minutes because wow that was so good like you just have to process how amazing it was

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    Originally posted by wandawwilson

    Summary: You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s going to cost you.

    Fifth in a part of eight responses to the “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archives.

    Rating/Warnings: T for sexual references, portrayal of pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, discussion of psychotherapy, physical violence against a pregnant woman (accidentally, by a villain), child abduction, and some foul language

    Chapter 7: Picking Names

    Finding out you had not one baby but two growing inside you went a long way in explaining why you felt as horrible as you did in the following months. Your extreme morning sickness faded in time, only to be replaced by symptoms you considered—despite all insistence previously—to be much worse. The sharp leg cramps weren’t too bad…at first. By month eight, they were agonizing. All you wanted to do nearly all the time was sleep, but the pain always woke you up. Even that might have been tolerable, however, if you weren’t gaining weight on top of everything else. At least if you had had morning sickness, you wouldn’t have been so hungry all the damn time.

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  • Illicit Affairs | part one

    Joe Mazzello x reader

    summary- Y/N, a failing actress in New York City, is offered an internship as Joe Mazzello’s assistant on the set of a movie. Her seemingly small crush on her boss could get her into trouble, but what does she have to lose?

    warnings- cussing

    word count- 3.7

    a/n- i’m sorry i promised this like 2 months ago and i’m just now posting it, but i’m so excited for you guys to read this!! please let me know what you think and if you’d like to be added to the tag list!

    based on illicit affairs by taylor swift


    You were finally starting to understand what people meant when they said “New York Minute”. It might seem like a silly phrase people use to describe when time is going fast, but now you’re sure that time is going faster than usual as you ran down the busy New York streets. You quickly wove through people as rain pounded on your hair and your brand new outfit, but you had no time to worry about your now drenched blouse. You were on the verge of tears as you ran down the steps to the subway, checking the time to see that you had 19 minutes.

    You fished through your purse to retrieve your metrocard, shivering from the surprisingly freezing august rain. You swiped the card and the machine let out a loud beep at you. The card was declined. With only 18 minutes until your audition, tears finally began to well in your eyes.

    “Please no. Please not now.” You groaned out loud, swiping the card again only to get the same result. “Please please please just work.” You whined.

    “Havin’ some trouble there?” A man standing behind you observed.

    You laughed sarcastically and tried the card again. “Yeah, seems like it. I think the universe just hates me today.”

    “Maybe try swiping it the other way?” He wondered.

    You tried. Nothing.

    You groaned and put your face in your hands. “This isn’t happening.”

    “Hey, sweetheart, calm down.” He reached forward and swiped his own card twice. “See? All good.”

    The small gate opened and he gestured for you to walk through. Your eyes softened and you sighed lightly. “Thank you.” He nodded as you walked through. “You didn’t need to do that.” You said as he walked through to join you on the other side. You crossed your arms as your hair dripped onto your shoulders, causing you to shiver again.

    “I think I did, you were holding up the line.” He joked with a smile on his face. “I’m Joe.”

    You let out a small laugh as you turned towards him. “Y/N.” You stated.

    “Well, Y/N, your fucking soaked.” He laughed.

    You nodded and looked down at your clothes. “I’m gonna have to go into an audition looking like this.”

    He looked your body up and down and then met your eyes again. You watched as he began to take his jacket off of his shoulders.

    “You don’t have to do that, seriously.” You stated.

    He pulled the jacket fully off of himself and held it out to you. “Well I’m going to. Here.”

    You gave him a small smile and took it from his hands. Slowly putting the jacket on, you looked at him. “It’s weird meeting a nice New Yorker.”

    “Rare, I know.” He laughed.

    You pulled the jacket over your shoulders and wrapped it tightly around your waist.

    “Better?” He asked.

    “Mhm.” You hummed. “I’m like, never gonna see you again, are you sure you wanna give this to me?”

    “Yes, I’m sure.”

    Your train was announced over the loudspeaker and you screwed your eyes shut.

    “Shit, I’m sorry I have to go!” You said, backing up quickly.

    “Good luck!” He shouted back, watching you disappear into the distance, a small part of him wishing he was 10 years younger so he could ask you for your number without seeming like a creep.

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  • A/N: Smut. So much Joe and Y/N smut. 18+ only. 


    Originally posted by joemazzhello

    “I can feel you staring at me” I said before peering over my menu, to stare back into his caramel colored eyes. 

    A smirk tugged at the corner of his lips before he licked them slowly. 

    “Sorry, you look so beautiful, I can’t help it” he said lowly, before turning his attention to the menu for a moment. It didn’t last long, he was soon staring at me again. 

    Joe had been gone for months filming on location, and had planned this night out for us since he missed our anniversary. Even though he sent me a lovely bouquet and my favorite macaroons, he hated that we couldn’t be together on such a special day. He’d barely set his luggage down when we rushed out the door to make our reservation. 

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    Check out my Thorin fan fiction on AO3! 

    Natalya was an Elven warrior who had been taken to Mirkwood to live under the rule of King Thranduil following her father’s death in battle. The Elf never knew much about her mother as she died shortly after giving birth. Even though the Elves have always been kind, Natalya never felt at home. The Elf’s heart yearned to leave the peaceful Woodland Realm and travel west to explore Middle Earth. Finally she had the opportunity to escape when Thorin and his company traveled through Mirkwood on their way to Erebor. Even though relationships between Dwarves and Elves had been forbidden, Natalya watched over Thorin until she found a way for them to escape. She was surprised when Thorin requested that she accompany them on their perilous journey to reclaim his homeland. Natalya accepted and before long realized that her life was changed forever as she discovered something secretive about her past she was never told.

    Read it here! 

    I also have an alternate way that Thorin and Natalya meet which I have posted here

    #thorin oakenshield#thorin#the hobbit#richard armitage#middle earth #thorin oakenshield fan fiction #thorin oakenshield fanfic #thorin fan fiction #thorin fan fic #thorin fanfic #thorin x reader #thorin oakenshield x reader #thorin x oc #thorin x original character #thorin oakenshield x oc #thorin oakenshield x original character #thorin oakenshield fan fic #writing#writer#fan fic#fan fiction#tolkien
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  • I promised more the nwanyi spirit and the woman who bent blood excerpts and here it is!

    Suki, Toph, and Katara are a team of bounty hunters known as The Runaways in this AU and they were “recruited” by the mysterious White Lotus and offered work with them. Iroh makes them an offer they can’t refuse… 

    (NSFW: sweary words)

    Suki’s smirk remained, plastered into place, but she tilted her head towards her friends and pitched her voice low. ‘The old man’s job offer. Thoughts?’

    ‘Oh, we’re taking the veiled threats as a serious offer, are we?’ Katara drawled around a mouthful of food. The spoon rubbed against her bandages which in turn were rubbing against her wound but despite the discomfort, the hot meal was doing wonders for her spirits.

    ‘I take all and every opportunity seriously, you know that.’

    ‘You really believe the White Lotus, a group whose members we’ve personally hunted down and delivered to the authorities more than once, is interesting in partnering up?

    Suki studied her carefully from behind the mask she wore. ‘I take it you don’t.’

    ‘Hm, you think?’

    Toph poked at her dinner, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth. ‘They’re alright,’ she muttered. ‘Silvertongue and Jun and the others we met on the road. They’re cool.’

    ‘Alright, are they?’ Katara asked stiffly. ‘The people who essentially forced us to come meet their boss because he had a humble offer for us?’ She lowered her voice when Suki widened her eyes in warning. Katara leaned in closer. ‘They’re firebenders, Toph. Zuko definitely is, his uncle and cousin might be too. We don’t know how many more there could be. I don’t trust them.’

    ‘Well none of us trusts them,’ Toph said as though Katara had pointed out that two badgermoles plus two badgermoles equals a whole lot of trouble. ‘No one trusts anyone in this business, we all know that.’

    ‘You trust Jun,’ Katara accused in a hushed tone.

    Toph frowned, her lip popping free of her teeth. ‘I want to fuck Jun, I don’t trust her, Madame Fussy Britches. Big difference.’

    Suki cleared her throat, moving her stir fry from one side of her bowl to the other. ‘I want to take him up on it. Iroh. I think we should take it.’

    ‘Are you insan—’

    Toph elbowed Katara so hard in her ribs that she nearly spat her rice halfway across the table. ‘You sure are light on your feet, fire boy,’ Toph acknowledged, turning to face Zuko. The man stood behind them, his eyes narrowed and calculating. ‘Sneaky little firebender, aren’t you?’

    ‘Only because you can’t see, Toph,’ Suki said, grinning up at Zuko. ‘He’s actually quite tall. Impressive ninja skills for a man of your… size.’

    Zuko went from irate to a blushing mess in little under ten seconds. ‘I’m not— That’s not even—’ he spluttered, dropping his bowl onto the table beside Katara. ‘The waterbender left her herbs at the serving table!’

    Katara arched a brow, still rubbing her side. Suki always knew how to exploit a person’s weakness to her advantage; Katara would have high fived her success if the firebender hadn’t been spluttering so close to them.

    Instead, she glanced at Zuko. ‘How thoughtful,’ she simpered. Then, after a meaningful look from Suki, begrudgingly added, ‘Thank you.’

    The firebender, his cheeks red as flames, slammed down a bubbling cup of tea with the now familiar scent of comfrey, centella, Hei Bai’s wort, and marigold. ‘Don’t mention it.’

    Katara lifted the cup and swilled the liquid around. ‘You’ve definitely overcooked the herbs.’

    But the firebender bent over his food and ate without any sign of having heard her.

    Toph was snickering into her own bowl— something about touchy firebenders— but Suki took pity on him. ‘So, Zuko,’ she began, nibbling at a piece of broccoli. ‘How did the White Lotus end up running a boarding house?’

    The firebender chewed awhile, glaring straight ahead even as he answered. ‘The White Lotus is more than you think it is. We provide shelter to those who need it. This boarding house is for wives who need a safe place from dishonourable husbands, refugees who need somewhere to stay while the state allocates them a permanent home, students who can’t afford to live at the university.’ Zuko jabbed his finger across the table, gesturing to the far side of the room. ‘See that old guy in the shabby robes? He’s a cabbage merchant whose never sold enough cabbages to afford a place to live. Used to live under his cabbage cart before someone smashed it. So now he lives here.’

    ‘For free?’ Toph asked.

    Zuko shrugged. ‘Sometimes.’

    ‘How can your uncle possibly afford to house people for free?’ Katara demanded, before a wry smile claimed her face. ‘Oh, that’s right. His hands aren’t as clean as all that. He’s like us. Trades lives for money.’

    ‘My uncle does not trade lives for money,’ the firebender snarled with such ferocity that a prickle of trepidation ghosted its way down Katara’s spine. ‘You don’t know anything about us, waterbender.’

    #zutara#fan fic#zuko#katara#toph#suki#iroh#lu ten #the nwanyi spirit and the woman who bent blood #dark!verse au
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  • Summary: I have no excuses for this. There is no point for this to exist. And yet, here we both are; a super self indulgent slice of life/stuck in quarantine fic written over the course of 8 hours. Featuring, but not limited to, a shameless VentusxOC ship, Vanitas being a simp, bashing fellow classmates, and the awkwardness of having a headstrong on-again-off-again girlfriend. Oneshot. Modern AU.

    Rating: K+

    Word Count: 2,660

    If you enjoyed this story, please reblog!


    If Ventus had his way, he’d probably sleep for the rest of the day. Everything had been in lockdown since March. Now in June that initial joy of having time to spare had worn thin. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t try to sleep for the entirety of May. He’d also be lying if he said that he hadn’t been skipping meals here and there as well. Not that anyone could really stop him; Aqua was considered an essential employee and still worked a 40 hour workweek. Terra’s job had mandated him to be there every other week. Then there was just Ven himself and his twin Vanitas, who had no job and certainly had no interest to do so at this time.

    As Ven contemplated at least doing laundry for the day, his phone started to ring. He recognized the number and immediately answered it.

    “Hello?” he said, hoping that he didn’t sound as tired as he felt.

    “Hey Ven.” the voice of his on-again-off-again girlfriend Sabrina greeted. While it wasn’t the most melodious of voices (if anything, she could get shrill quickly), it was still a comfort to hear her voice on the other end.

    “Is something wrong?” Ven then asked.

    “No.” came the little hum. “I just wanted to hear your voice.”

    Even though he figured she wasn’t quite telling him the truth, it didn’t stop the humble blush from appearing on his face.

    Keep reading

    #kingdom hearts #kingdom hearts fanfiction #ventus#kh ventus #kingdom hearts oc #kh oc#kh fanfiction#fanfic#fanfiction #kh fan fic #fan fic#fan fiction#terra#kh terra#vanitas#kh vanitas#ventusxoc#venxoc#canonxoc #slice of life #please listen to cycles by tove lo after reading #it's their Mood(TM)
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  • Note: I decided to start a mini-series, inspired by my experiences with a former relationship that truly shaped who I am today. I honor myself for learning the biggest lesson of my life and TRULY dodging a bullet. Thank you to everyone who reads this, please feel free to leave a feedback cause I really need it.


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    #calum hood fic #calum hood imagine #calum imagine#calum fic#calum smut#calum hood#imagine#imagines #calum hood imagines #fan fic#ashton 5sos#5sos imagine#5sos imegines #5sos fan fic #5sos #5 seconds of summer #ashton irwin #ashton irwin imagine #ashton imagine #ashton fan fic #luke hemmings #luke hemmings imagine #luke hemmings imagines #ashton irwin imagines #luke imagine #luke fan fic #michael clifford #michael clifford imagine #michael 5sos #michael clifford imagines
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  • So I’ve sorta been writing my first Harlivy fic if anyone is interested in that.

    Feel free to let me know what you think. The chapters are short which means I can constantly update it.


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    Originally posted by wandawwilson

    Summary: You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s going to cost you.

    Fifth in a part of eight responses to the “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archives.

    Rating/Warnings: T for sexual references, portrayal of pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, discussion of psychotherapy, physical violence against a pregnant woman (accidentally, by a villain), child abduction, and some foul language

    Chapter 6: Surprise!

    A party thrown at Avengers Tower always truly turned into a party. Tony Stark couldn’t host a casual get together if he tried. Even gatherings that included only current members of the team (that otherwise weren’t off on other assignments) had a bad habit of spilling over into barely-contained chaos. You gender reveal party was no exception to this rule.

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    #fan fic#straw writes #where gods do fear to tread #bucky barnes#bucky#winter soldier #james buchanan barnes #white wolf#avengers#marvel#mcu #bucky x reader #reader x bucky #bucky barnes x reader #reader x bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes x reader #reader x james buchanan barnes #white wolf x reader #reader x white wolf #winter soldier x reader #reader x winter soldier #avengers x reader #reader x avengers #mcu x reader #reader x mcu #marvel x reader #reader x marvel #pregnancy fic#challenge fic#reader insert
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    I finally uploaded my Thor fan fiction to AO3!

    After renouncing her title as a Valkyrie, Aeryn decides to return to life as a normal Asgardian. That all changes however when she meets the God of Thunder himself… 


    #thor odinson#thor #thor x original female character #thor x original character #thor x reader #thor odinson x original female character #thor odinson x original character #thor odinson x reader #marvel#the avengers#avengers#fan fic#fan fiction #thor fan fic #thor fan fiction #thor fanfic#thor fanfiction #thor odinson fan fiction #thor odinson fanfic #marvel fan fiction #marvel fan fic #marvel fanfiction#marvel fanfic#writing#writer#author#chris hemsworth
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  • As promised Chapter 3 of The Best Man. The boys go rowing in this chapter for the first time but in separate boats for now. 😂  Naturally Aaron is a strong rower and Robert struggles with his competitive instinct 😂😂 After they go back to their shared hotel room 😉

    Link for Ao3 here. The standard of writing isn’t glowing lmao. but I’ve had a go at editing below. 


    Chapter 3

    The water on the Thames was its usual murky olive green. Trees overhung the river and moorhens floated around under the weeping willows.

    A large group arrived on the river bank and Laura quickly partnered up pairs for boats. 

    Melissa looked particularly beautiful in short shorts and a halter neck T shirt with her long dark hair shining in the sun. Many of the men hovered around her, tongues hanging out, which made Laura feel nervous. She placed a conspiratorial hand on Robert’s arm.

    ‘Please, partner with Melissa will you? She’s your family, well she’s going to be your family, isn’t she?’

    Robert nodded and stepped forward

    ‘Mel, come on.’ He reached out a hand to help her step into a boat.

    Melissa smiled.

    ‘Where’s Chrissie?’ She asked, having sat in the front with Robert behind her.

    ‘She had to go shopping with Rebecca.’

    Melissa picked up the oars, though it was obvious she had little idea what she was doing, so Robert leaned forward to show her. He placed his hands over hers and showed her how to use her wrists to stroke forwards and backwards into the water to propel the boat forward. Looking across at the bank he saw Aaron watching him, also dressed in shorts and a sleeveless T –shirt climbing into a boat with Laura. 

    Aaron had the same impact on him this morning as he had the afternoon before. Robert found he needed to shift back against his bench, and gently adjust himself, hoping the attraction wasn’t too obvious.

    ‘Hey!’ he shouted across. ‘I am not sure about how fair this competition is going to be, Laura, if you pick the fittest partner!’

    ‘I know!’ She laughed ‘He is rather lovely, isn’t he?’

    Robert screwed up his face. ‘Didn’t mean that sort of fit,’ he scoffed, and watched Aaron’s face.

    ‘Yeah mate!’ Aaron called across, ’Keep telling yourself that!’

    Robert put on his sunglasses and grinned.

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    #robron#fan fic #revisiting the old because of kayaking #chapter 3/11
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    Originally posted by oneloverastaman





    You awoke with a pain in your head. You groaned and looked to your right. You were laying in the large bed at the home your sister had lended to you. Upon laying your eyes on the Uchiha clan crest painted on the wall above you the memories flooded back. After Tobirama had give you the news about Madara you must have passed out. You lifted your hand to your face and felt the crispiness of dried tears on your cheeks. They were soon replaced with new ones, running down and wetting the pillow under your head. He really was gone.

    Keep reading

    #madara uchiha#uchiha madara #madara uchiha x reader #uchiha madara x reader #madara uchiha x y/n #uchiha madara x y/n #madara#uchiha#naruto fanfiction#naruto fanfic#fan fiction#fan fic #madara uchiha fanfiction
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    So many tags today! Thank you @llamapyjamas@scone-lover@fight-surrender@waywardlesbian@sharing-a-room-with-an-open-fire@amywaterwings​ and @xivz​! 

    I’ve made some progress on the Exodus AU, including some scenes that involve characters outside of Snowbaz and Penny. Baz POV (Daf-ne is my Egyptian-ish rendering of Daphne):

    I become all the more concerned that evening when Daf-ne notices that I’m not wearing the amulet.

    “Baz my son” (she calls me that, although I am not, which shows her very sweet and loving nature) “where is your eye of Horus?”

    I think quickly. If I say I lost it, that could work out badly for Sand. I certainly can’t say that I lent it to a slave. “Dev had a training accident, so I loaned it to him.” Dev is training to be a charioteer in the army, and it’s rigorous and dangerous training, so the story will seem reasonable enough. I’ll have to be sure to inform him of his injury in case my parents discuss it with his family.

    I tag @krisrix@thehoneyedhufflepuff@carryonsimoncarryonbaz@gampyre@hufflepunky​ and anyone else who has something they’ve been working on that they want to dangle before us hungry, thirsty fans!

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  • Tom Hiddleston 

    Fan Fiction Multi-chapter 

    FicSummary: When you meet Tom on a work trip in London and have to go your separate ways you become modern pen pals. But two years later its time to tell the truth.

    Warnings for Full Fic: Fluff, angst, mentions of sex, more fluff, and smutt. (let me know if I missed anything!)

    Chapter 2

    You got off the plane and headed off to find Tom.

    He was there waiting for you and he was more handsome in person than you had remembered.

    He smiled widely at you, opening his arms to welcome you into an embrace.

    “Hello love,” he said, wrapping his arms around you.

    You felt like you were being welcomed home.

    You rested your head on his chest and closed your eyes.

    It suddenly occurred to you that you had been standing there like that for perhaps a little too long and you awkwardly untangled yourselves.

    “Um hey,” you said looking down, shuffling slightly.

    “Let’s get you to the hotel,” he said, taking your back pack and slinging it over his shoulder.

    You grabbed your bags and headed out the door to a waiting car.

    You were very aware of Tom’s proximity to you.

    He wasn’t too close but he kept one hand on you and helped you into the car.

    Maybe you were overthinking things.

    It was odd because you hadn’t seen each other in months but didn’t need to catch up as you spoke nearly every day.

    “So would you like to stay in tonight or could I persuade you to let me take you to dinner?” he asked, looking at you.

    “I suppose I could be persuaded,” you said slyly.

    “Splendid,” he said, sliding his arm over your shoulder and pulling you into him. You rested your head on his chest and smiled to yourself.

    Once you got to the room Tom sat on the bed and waited while you unpacked and changed.

    “Are you sure you have time for dinner?” you called from the bathroom, running a brush through your hair. The premiere was tomorrow night; surely he had plenty to do.

    “I’m sure,” he said pleasantly.

    “Cause you don’t need to babysit me,” you told him, opening the door and crossing your arms over your chest, leaning against the door frame, “I’ll be fine.”

    He got up and came to tower over you, leaning against the door way, his one hand above you, the other by your side, both gripping the door frame. He had you cornered.

    “Oh you will, will you?” he asked, looking down at you.

    It was obvious he was trying to intimidate you.

    But you weren’t going to let him get away with it.

    You reached up to pinch his shirt collar between your thumb and index finger.

    “Yes I will, I am a big girl you see,” you said, running your fingers down the center of his chest, right down the shirt buttons, stopping just before the waistband of his pants. He tried to hide it but you felt him shiver slightly.

    You looked up at him through your lashes.

    He was staring at you, looking somewhat unsteady.

    He moved a little closer.

    “Yes, at the mere age of twenty six,” he said, his voice even.

    “I only seem so young to you because you’re ancient,” you teased.

    “Ooh, hitting me where it hurts?” he mocked.

    “Do I really seem like a child to you?” you asked innocently, running you hand across the top of his pants. Again you felt him shiver. This time he squeezed his eyes closed. It was obvious you were testing his self-control.

    “I can certainly prove to you I’m not,” you offered, pretending like you didn’t know just what you were implying. It was daring, but you couldn’t help it. You tucked your index finger just under his waistband and slid it across.

    He shivered a third time, but this time he grabbed your wrist.

    “Don’t tempt me,” he warned, his eyes flashing.

    Before you could open your mouth to respond he straightened up.

    “Come on, we have a dinner to get to,” he said, pulling you out of the room by your wrist.

    Again he kept his distance but maintained his hold on you.

    Dinner was more like your normal conversations. The flirting was there, but not too prominent. What had happened in the room was probably the closest you had ever been to discussing that aspect of your relationship.

    As you left the restaurant, Tom guided you to the car, his hand on your lower back.

    You talked very casually in the car, his arm around your shoulders, you leaning your head on to his chest. It was very comfortable. But it occurred to you that he was playing things very safe. You weren’t sure how he really felt about you. Most of his behavior would suggest that your friendship was just that. But frequently enough he would say or do something that would deeply imply that he felt something a lot stronger.

    It was there when he told you that you were beautiful, or that he missed you. You saw it when he smiled or stared at you. You noticed it when he called multiple times a day or asked you question after question about yourself.

    You decided that you were going to get some answers on this little trip. One way or another you were going to find out the truth.

    His hand was resting just off your right shoulder. You reached up to touch it with your own right hand. Very slowly, but instantly, he laced his long pale fingers with yours.

    He pulled you ever so slightly closer to him.

    You were amazed at how such a simple thing could mean so much.

    Then he did something you were not prepared for.

    It took all your strength to keep yourself from reacting in any way.

    He turned his head to kiss the top of yours.

    You felt a shock of electricity as he gently he pressed his lips to your hair.

    You did everything you could to remain unbothered, but your heart gave you away.

    It had taken off.

    Tom simply smiled and you knew he had noticed, but he said nothing.

    He walked you to your room, one hand on your lower back, but stopped at the door way.

    He turned you around to face him, placing both his hands on your hips.

    “Thank you for allowing me to take you to dinner,” he said with a smile.

    “Thank you for taking me,” you replied, “And for this whole trip,” you reminded him with a rueful look in your eye.

    Tom had insisted on paying for every little thing from the flights to the hotel.

    You had obviously not won that battle.

    “It’s my pleasure,” he told you, “I’m just happy to have you here.”

    The tone in his voice told you that he didn’t just mean having you here to support him, but here in his arms.

    He tightened his grip, confirming that thought.

    He was suddenly so close. Too close.

    Then he took your hand in his, pulling it up to his face, and without breaking eye contact, pressed his lips to the back of your hand.

    “Goodnight love,” he said softly, and he turned on his heel and walked away.

    You heard him sigh as he slid his hands into his pockets.

    You watched him go, standing in the doorway feeling slightly confused.

    You closed the door and got ready for bed.

    Why was it that he sent you such mixed signals?

    Hopefully soon, you would get an answer.

    Author’s note: Thank you my loves for the support!

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