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    A/N: I was supposed to be working on something completely different, but I was watching a video on YouTube when this just came to me. It’s based on the song Whipping Post that Jensen likes to sing at SNS. The female character might be you, the reader, or it might be someone else. It’s written in 3rd person POV, so it can be whatever you want. Header by me. I apologize for nothing.

    Characters: Dean Winchester. Unnamed female character.

    Pairing: Dean x Unnamed female character

    Genre: Hurt/Comfort. Smut-adjacent.

    Rating: 18+

    Warnings: Sub Dean, Femdom, BDSM, bondage, suspension, impact play, teasing, c*ck teasing, orgasm denial, chastity, c*ck cage. No coitus in this fic.

    Word Count: 1666

    Summary: Dean needs to give up control for a while. Pain purifies.

    Created for: my own amusement

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  • Hey! @gayspacesprinkles!!

    Congrats on surviving another lap around the sun!

    In honor of this event, I will give you the heebie jeebies. I have nothing else to give. And by “the heebie jeebies,” I mean porn. Have some porn.

    Remember THIS PICTURE?! Uhhhh idk what happened.

    Congrats again on getting old!


    WinterIron, E, 1.3k, lace panties 😉 

    Bucky walks out of the elevator, glancing through the glass walls in search of his boyfriend. He finds Tony bent over a table, soldering iron in hand and grease-stained pants sliding down off his hips to expose black lace underwear. Bucky walks directly into the wall. The only upside is that Tony doesn’t notice and Bucky can get his embarrassed flush under control before he pushes his way through the door.

    “You know your ass is hanging out, right?” Bucky says in leu of a greeting, because he seriously can’t focus on anything but the hints of skin peaking out between the lace detailing.

    “Ah, damnit,” Tony says absently, voice muffled by the pliers between his teeth, one hand shifting down to tug uselessly at his pants. It doesn’t help at all, the second he lets go the jeans are sliding back down, exposing pale skin and dark lace.

    Bucky is helpless to do anything but drift closer, reaching out until his fingers slide over the smooth fabric, curling around the line of Tony’s hips. There’s a loud clatter as Tony presumably drops something, but Bucky is way too preoccupied to care, stepping closer until he’s pressed right up against Tony. His own pants are already painfully tight, cock swelling quickly against his zipper and nudging against the swell of Tony’s ass.

    “I’m in the middle of something here,” Tony huffs out, but Bucky can hear the amusement in his voice, he can feel the way Tony is pressing back against him ever so slightly.

    “And I’m trying t’ get in the middle of somethin’,” Bucky huffs back, grinning when Tony completely fails to smother a soft laugh. He breaks off into a gasp as Bucky drags one hand up his spine beneath his shirt, applying pressure between his shoulder blades until Tony has to brace himself with two palms flat on his worktable. He gasps again when Bucky rolls his hips forward, grinding against him. The thin lace does very little as a barrier and Bucky’s cock lines up perfectly between the round globe of Tony’s ass, pressing between them ever so slightly even through his own jeans.

    “Bucky,” Tony groans out, dropping to his elbows and arching his back, shoving himself back to meet every press of Bucky’s hips against him. “Fuck- If you’re going to come in here and distract me the least you could do is get the fuck on with it.”

    “Shh, baby doll,” Bucky hushes him, because how is he supposed to not take his time with a view like this? Tony’s ass fits perfectly in his hands, and Bucky could happily spend all day just pulling and kneading at the thick muscle, digging his thumbs in hard where Tony’s thighs meet the swell of his ass, until Tony’s forehead thumps down against the table and he lets out a breathless sound.

    Eventually Tony goes nearly limp beneath him, gives up on anything but laying sprawled out on his worktable and arching back to meet every roll of Bucky’s hips. “Please,” Tony slurs out, eyes half closed, thin undershirt shoved up to expose the slope of his spine, the pull of muscle every time he shifts. “Please, honey- god, fuck- please, please-”

    Bucky lets out a low groan of his own, reluctantly letting go of Tony with one hand so he can fumble at the button of his own pants. He can’t help a sigh of relief as he finally frees his cock, aching and flushed an angry red, already leaking over his fingers. He groans again as he presses forward, dragging his cock teasingly over the cleft of Tony’s ass before shoving closer, thrusting between his cheeks so deep that the textured fabric of the lace has to be dragging over his hole.

    Tony wails, head jerking up as his fingers scrabble at the smooth surface of the table, rocking up onto his toes as Bucky starts up a relentless rhythm. Tony’s loud moans echo around the workshop, punched out every time Bucky thrusts against him, and Tony practically shakes under the assault of sudden overstimulation. Bucky is pretty sure he’s seconds away from shaking himself, Tony is so warm against him, and when he presses forward the thin lace catches at the head of his cock, drags down the shaft.

    Bucky slowly gentles his movements, until he’s barely rocking forward and then back, and Tony drops his head back to the table with a sound that’s nearly a sob. “Damnit, would you just- ah, fuck-” Tony’s words break off into garbled moans as Bucky grabs two big handfuls of his ass and squeezes.

    “I’m appreciatin’ the view,” Bucky tells him, a little too breathless to really hit the smug tone he’s aiming for. Tony lets out an annoyed sigh but presses himself up into Bucky’s grip, shaking as Bucky’s thumbs slide up the curve of his ass to dip under the line of his underwear.

    “Could- fuck, could you do it faster, please,” Tony gasps out around panting lungfuls of air, “I’m fucking- god, fuck-” he trails off in a moan as Bucky’s thumbs slide inward, dipping into his crack, pulling him open so Bucky’s cock can more easily press and slide over his hole. “Baby you are killing me,” Tony finally manages to groan, clawing at the table again.

    Bucky fully intends to take pity on him, he really does, but first he can’t resist pressing his metal thumb a little deeper, higher, hitching the lace up as he goes. When he presses the smooth tip of his thumb to Tony’s hole, still a little swollen and loose from this morning, the reaction he gets is nothing short of breathtaking. Tony wails again, spine arching sharply as he shoves himself back, and Bucky’s finger slides into him easy as anything.

    The air rushes out of Bucky’s lungs in a low moan as Tony clenches tightly around his finger, squirming helplessly and making the most gorgeous, broken whimpering noises. “Fuck, damn you look so good like this, so fuckin ’ gorgeous,” Bucky sighs once he can get his breath back, his voice low and reverent.

    “Please,” Tony begs again, still pressing back against him, trying to take him in deeper, “please, please baby, I-” Sweat is starting to soak through the fabric of his shirt, gray cotton clinging to his skin, highlighting every muscle as he shifts and writhes and Bucky can hear his blood rushing hot through his veins.

    “I got you sweet thing,” Bucky promises as he thrusts forward again, tugging at Tony’s rim, grinding his thumb in harder, “gonna make you feel so good.” Tony is practically sobbing in relief as Bucky finally, slowly slides his flesh hand around Tony’s hip, tracing the pattern of the lace as he goes. The front of Tony’s underwear is pulled tight over his cock, the fabric completely soaked through, and it punches another low moan out of Bucky’s chest. Tony’s cock twitches against his palm, another spurt of precome slicking the way as Bucky starts sliding his hand up and down the length of Tony’s cock.

    “Please,” Tony groans again, eyes falling closed as a shudder works its way through his entire body. He whines pitifully when Bucky refuses to speed up but doesn’t offer any further complaints, just writhes beneath him, caught between Bucky’s palm over his cock and Bucky’s thumb tugging at his rim, his entire body jolting every time Bucky grinds against him. The entire time he whimpers out Bucky’s name, and when he comes it’s with a soft whine that nearly breaks into a sob at the end, and then he collapses down against the table and goes completely limp.

    It doesn’t take long for Bucky to come after that, just a couple more thrusts and he’s spilling across Tony’s lower back and the curve of his ass, smearing it into the lace as he continues rolling his hips through the aftershocks.“Holy fuck,” Bucky sighs, gently pulling out his thumb and grinning as Tony whines again at the loss.

    Tony has to clear his throat a couple times before he can speak, and his voice still comes out rough as he says “you just completed ruined my underwear, didn’t you?”

    “Get pants that fit,” Bucky says, completely unapologetic, and leans down to press a kiss to the back of Tony’s neck.

    #yayyyy i love birthdays guys #let me throw love at you #winteriron#buckytony#starkbucks#fanfic#tonybucky#fan fic#gayspacesprinkles
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  • Hey guys.

    So I’m a fuck up. Would anyone be interested in donating a few dollars my way for some art or for some fic one shots. My student loan payment just doubled, and I made a small perchase I didn’t realize I could not afford. I’m working on canceling the order, but I’m scared and want a backup plan just in case. I have never been this broke. I spent all the savings I had while I was still in school just to cover what loans and financial aid didn’t, and until I can get on the income based plan next month, this is the best I can do.

    Things I can make:

    One shot Good Omens fic

    Could possibly do scene teasers for upcoming future long fics

    Any other one shots if you have something in mind I guess. Let’s try and have fun with this, because I’m freaking out and would like to not.

    I can draw things, if you have something in mind hmu i can add art samples to this post later.

    I can paint, right now what I have available is watercolor.

    I hate to put this out there, but I dug myself into a hole.

    Here’s to hoping this turn into a positive, cause I would love to make stuff for people anyway.

    Update: I was just informed by a friend of mine that I can in fact call the bank to stop the payment. Which I will be doing. But if you’re still interested about any form of a commission let me know, cause I still don’t get paid until next week and I rather be safe than sorry in case anything else happens. Still only pay what you can.

    #student loans #will art for donations #will write for donations #pay what you can only #signal boost#plz#money #i hate this #i have a goal of $40 total #just to put me in the clear #im getting paid next week #i work retail #and im working on setting up a patreon anyway #would have to set this up through paypal somehow #i dont know what im doing #art#fic#fan fic#writing#author
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    Wrote a little something about Iggy wowing a crowd…

    The crowd was into the show, but he was still restless…you could see it in his eyes, the wild blue yonder of a man with nothing to lose and a mind bursting with ideas. This young man, shaman, a madman, was hell-bent on infamy. His taut, shirtless body practically vibrated with an acute need to take the fans higher, or deeper into the garage-y grooves, or past the edge of sanity. It really didn’t matter to him, what they felt, as long as they felt something. Love, lust, hate… Something strong, something that he could unleash in them with glee, something that leapt from body to sweaty body in the cramped venue like a virus of heightened sensation.

    He wanted to get under their skin. He wanted them to get at his skin and the array of muscles just beneath the surface, his hair, his ass, clad only in a skimpy pair of briefs that announced he had been to Soho. He took a leap and gave himself to them. He always gave everything he had, always more than any other artist would dare to dream of giving.

    Not knowing what else to do when the singer became a human missile launched in their direction, the people complied. They held him aloft and passed him around a bit with a mixture of cradling and groping, before enabling him to make his way back to the stage, drunk off of their incredulous worship and the cocktail of illicit goodies trying to make nice in his system.

    His appreciation went out to them in the form of a savage, bloodcurdling scream. They roared back. Their energy had mingled with his, and everyone present was attuned to the primal vibes that ricocheted off their bodies and the walls, then back to him and his band.

    He had incited an orgy of violent emotion, which was exactly what he had set out to do. He was satisfied. It was better than quenching a jones or dipping in the well of a willing groupie or two. He had seized a slice of immortality with a hell of a show that no one could deny or forget.

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  • Crazy idea in the morning

    If John Williams becoming a servant. I imagine he will be qualify as Caster or Foreigner (why foreigner ? Why not)

    He’s Noble Phantasms is

    That’s No Moon - The space station that capable destroys a Planet with a single blast. The Death Star.

    We have a T-Rex - A great prehostric beast comes to life, with merely steps it can tremble and horrify with it’s soon to be victims or the lucky ones that escape it. The T Rex.

    His attacks can be the tons of reference to his work like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and Jaws.

    Feel free to add more to this crazy and stupid idea :3

    #fate #fate grand order #idea#modern servants#fan fic#fan fiction#fanservant#john williams #as a servant #i know a crazy idea
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  • Tony has never been one for Christmas. Growing up, Christmas was nothing more than a social statement of the Stark wealth. The mansion decked floorboard to rafter in expensive decor, butlers walking around with flutes of eggnog and trays of reindeer-shaped, silver-encrusted cookies. They never exchanged presents. They never used it as an excuse to be a family. 

    Christmas meant endless Galas and uncomfortable suits and smiling graciously while you were gifted your fifth Rolex of the night from a man hoping you’d accept his business proposal in January. 

    Christmas at MIT meant getting shitfaced and passing out far too soon, kissing anyone and everyone under the mistletoe and wearing skimpy Santa-themed outfits designed to get his ass slapped once or twice. Here and there it meant sex on itchy piles of tinsel and the sudden emotional freight train of Rhodey giving him his first real present, awfully wrapped and signed from your best friend

    Christmas as Tony Stark, CEO, meant decking out floors 1 - 90 of the Tower, anywhere his employees could be found. It meant multiple trees and secret santa and a hefty Christmas bonus, a perfected smokescreen for the fact that floors 91 - 100 were as bare and festive as they were at any other point of the year, which was to say, not at all. 

    It meant wearing a Christmas tie and festive cufflinks whenever he was seen by his staff or in public, but drinking whiskey alone, temple pressed against the window, watching the christmas street-lights twinkling an entire world below him. As Iron Man, its much the same. Except he makes the odd carbonised christmas tree or air-drops presents onto the streets. 

    And then, like he had done with everything else in Tony’s life, Peter hits Christmas like a hurricane. Somewhere around October the kid begins to pry as subtly as he can for present ideas, joining Tony in the workshop under the guise of repairing his shooters and leaving the moment his directed questions reveal that Tony prefers blue over green, shooters abandoned and untouched on the workbench. 

    Its Pepper that snitches, as he ought to have suspected. Peter explodes into the workshop on November 1st, wild eyed and horrified. Its enough to have Tony leaping to his feet, gauntlets sliding down his wrists like water. “What’s wrong? Who hurt you? Where’s the danger?” 

    You don’t decorate?!” 

    And Tony finds himself at the local craft outlet, navigating a cart that they fill four times over. Its enough that Tony has to pay the store manager to hold his items, because all the trunk of the Audi can manage is one two-foot tree and a wreath. Happy doesn’t believe him on the first call, when he requests a hauler,hanging up with a scoff. 

    November 10th brings a package on his bedside table, wrapped neatly and signed off as an early christmas present. Its the most hideous, god-awful sweater to have ever been puked into existence, but its soft and warm and inexplicably, Tony finds himself wearing it as he gets into a fight with a pack of baubles. 

    November 23rd, and he and Peter are sat amongst what could only be described as what Santa’s workshop would look like if it exploded. Tony can build a quantum navigational system but can’t thread christmas decorations, and Peter laughs so hard he manages to shade match his Santa hat. It feels almost like Christmas at MIT, but…Better. 

    On December 1st, Tony’s playlist has mysteriously gone from Smoke On The Water and Thunderstruck to Santa, Baby and Coming Home For Christmas. Four hours later, Dum-E trundles past, wrapped in tinsel with a glittered star taped to the top of his ‘head’. Peter shows up for their weekly workshop in a full reindeer onesie. 

    One December 31st, sitting in the penthouse of the Tower at the early hours of the morning, surrounded by friends who’ve grown into family, with sleeping Peter’s head on his thigh and tinsel stuck in his hair and a mug of hot cocoa steaming at his side, Christmas finally feels the way Tony always imaged it should. 

    Like coming home to your family. 

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  • When your parents decide to travel with your best friend’s family that you haven’t talked to in a while, who you have a massive secret crush on, what could go wrong, right? Right?! (best friends to lovers)

    *Word Count: 2,5k

    *Warnings: cursing, drinking, and I guess that’s it.

    *Posted: December , 2019. 



    Sleeping is amazing. Probably one of the best things on the planet. And I swear to God that this is one of the comfier beds I’ve ever laid on, and I would spend the whole day laying on it. And that’s exactly why I completely ignored Shawn alarm on the other room and nuzzled my face even more in the pillow I was hugging tightly, zoning off again.

    “Y/N?” Someone I am going to murder somewhere outside my room called and I only groaned in response.

    Silence. Also something great to add to my sleep.

    “Oh, c’mon, Y/N, get up” Shawn’s voice said a lot less muffled by the walls, sounding almost as if he was in here with me “honey?” This time I felt his hand on my shoulder, squeezing it lightly, and that’s when I opened my eyes.

    Shit, this isn’t a dream, he’s in here.

    “Hm?” I only hummed in response, closing my eyes again.

    “Get up, we have breakfast”


    “Since when you’re that hard to wake up?”

    “Since this bed is nice and I’m tired” I said with the sleepiest voice possible, and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t understand everything in that sentence.

    “Okay” he said and I was already happy that he was going to give up on me and leave me, but than the mattress behind me sunk with his weight and I felt him getting under the duvet with me.

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  • It’s happening, it’s happening! I’ve reblogged the fic link a few times today already, but for those who may have missed it, my collaboration with @forthewoolfy is up and will be updated every Thursday! The chapters with illustrations included will be posted first, and then I will post the art together later. 

    So here are the chapter one illustrations. I’m excited to see how my art changes over the course of 24 chapters! 

    Read chapter one here

    And to those of you who have read and commented already, thank you so much! The reactions have been amazing so far and you all have said such nice things, it’s honestly getting me a little emotional! :D

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  • Warnings: This is just gross. Go to church throw holy water at yourself and at me. 

    Masterlist      Slutmas Masterlist


    Originally posted by christmas-winter

    You sat on the living room couch, in nothing but Chris’s red sweatshirt and dark gray knee-high socks. The fire crackled as the wood slowly burned to ashes keeping you warm and at peace. You were heavily concentrated in your book you did not notice the way you were sucking on your candy cane. Your cheeks hollowed around the small minty girth, as you pulled it in and out of your mouth. You had not even noticed Chris watch you from the door frame, and watch the candy cane glisten. He slowly approached you and grabbed the book, pulling it out of your hands and threw it across the room. 

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  • Some Arendellians might be relieved to have some time away from the Queen, especially if they have been lost for 34 years.


    Halima sat down at the table, but then just as quickly got back up again. She couldn’t find the candlesticks.

    “Am I making you nervous?” Mattias waggled his eyebrows as he said it, and it made her laugh. Was he trying to actually be suave or was the extra-deep voice he sometimes used purely for comedic effect? She liked it either way.

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  • I will not apologise for always ending my stories with a happy ending.

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  • Are there any Harry in Japan fics out there???

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