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  • me actually writing a fanfic? its more likely than you think! 

    Pairing: Jem Carstairs/Will Herondale (Heronstairs)

    Rating: Mature

    Warning: TW // Suicide, Death

    Summary: “What is one more sin, compared to all that he’s done?”


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  • Title: Billet Doux, Chapter 2
    WC: 1100

    A/N: An insert for Sucker Punch (2 x 13) 

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  • He told me if I left him he would kill me so, I never left. I should’ve, but I guess you can never really turn back from what you started. And I didnt, and I didnt because I was too madly in love. And blinded by it to see the truth.

    Tiffany Valentine 💋🔪

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  • I started working on a second Dragon Raja fan fiction. I wanted to write something a little unpredictable with quite a few plot twists. Also, since I’m a Chime simp, my new MC will end up with someone you won’t expect hehehe. It’s getting longer than expected, I might have a whole novel by the time I’m done lol. Maybe I can turn it into one later. I’ll also try to add in some “false spicy scenes”. I want to trick the readers who have dirty minds UwU

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    Me consoling myself that this is last of planting season and come next week I will be able to write about Dettlaff’s voluptuous butt whenever I NEED TO

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  • Second Chances: Part 7

    First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

    Word Count: 426

    Fandom: Sanders Sides

    Characters: Virgil

    Pairings: eventual anxceitmus (maybe?? that was the original plan but I’m mostly making it up as I go so we’ll see)

    Warnings: angst, minor character death (mentioned)

    A/n: Yeah, so… it’s been a while since I updated. Sorry. I have no excuses. I’ve been going through some personal stuff lately I guess? But I’m fine. 😄 I hope you all like this chapter! Sorry it’s so short. As usual, let me know if I need to add something to the warnings, or if you want to be added to/removed from the taglist. Tysm to everyone who reads my work. ❤️ Ily all

    Virgil had a hard time sleeping after the incident at the bookstore. He’d lie in bed, his thoughts consumed by how he’d ruined the best chance he had at finding someone who could understand him. And when Virgil actually did sleep, his dreams were haunted by angry shadows of people who screamed about how disgusting and worthless he was. Every time, he woke up sobbing, covered in a cold sweat. After a few days, Virgil did the only thing he could think of: he went back to the cemetery.

    The air outside seemed to bite at Virgil’s exposed skin.

    At least the weather is cooperating with my feelings today, Virgil thought to himself.

    The sky was gray and overcast, like it couldn’t decide whether or not it wanted to rain. Virgil liked it better this way. When it was sunny out, it was easy for him to see his reflection on the gravestones.

    There was someone in the park, and someone else jogging nearby, but other than that, Virgil was alone in the cemetery. Except, of course, for the big old oak tree that never went anywhere.

    “Hi,” Virgil said to the gravestone. “It’s been awhile.”

    Virgil coughed awkwardly.

    “Sorry about that. I meant to come by, really, I did, but… I just got a little busy.”

    Virgil could almost hear his soulmate’s voice in his ears. Really? You’ve been busy? For TWO YEARS? Or maybe that was just Virgil’s voice. After all, his soulmate never would have said that to him.

    “I met someone. Someone like me. I thought… I thought that I might finally not be so alone anymore. But I blew it. They hate me now. And there’s nothing I can do about it.”

    Virgil’s eyes drifted down to his feet.

    “Maybe it’s not worth trying anymore. I’ve been doing my best for a long, long time. But it’s never good enough. I still screw up, and I still get lost, and I still don’t know how to fix it.”

    Virgil sighed.

    “Yeah, yeah, I know what you’d say. ‘Your best is always good enough. Sometimes things get hard, but that’s no reason to quit. You just have to have hope, get help if you need it, and hold on tight to what you love.

    “‘And I love you. Always and forever.’”

    His soulmate had said that so many times, Virgil could almost feel the words echoing in his head. This time, Virgil was certain that it wasn’t in his own voice.

    “But what if I don’t have anything left that I love?”

    (Taglist: @sociallyanxious-1 @someone-idk-is-here @the-melody-of-eliza @froggols @deadeyedustin @sympathetic-deceit-trash @surleytemple @entitydark @sadgayisme )

    #sanders sides#fan fic #sanders sides fanfiction #virgil sanders#ts virgil #sanders sides au #soulmate au #sanders sides soulmate au #my writing#my post
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  • #I know I know #it's not Star Wars #Sue me #Wild wild west tv #wild wild west #Artemus Gordon#James West#jim west#fan fic#fanfic#ao3 #I'M RIDING THE WAVE #OF ABSURD SEXY SCI FI WESTERN SPY THRILLER
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  • I haven’t mentioned it on tumblr before but if any of you are interested, I’ve been writing an angel!beetlejuice au on Wattpad and ao3.



    If you check it out I hope you enjoy!

    #guardian angel!beetlejuice #angel au #angel!beetlejuice #beetlejuice #beetlejuice the musical #fan fiction#fan fic #beetlejuice fan fic #beetlebabes dni
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  • Alright guys part 4 of my fan fic is going up tonight!!!

    Part 4:

    A week or two maybe 3 has past since everything went down. Who knows certainly not you with this double life you’ve been living.

    Between work, cleaning up after your mom, meeting with Rafe at figure 8, and meeting with JJ at the wreck or somewhere at the cut, you’re fucking beat. But it’ll all be worth it when you and JJ pull this off and you’re free. Free of Rafe and his money. Free of the schemes to ruin JJ and the pogues because Rafe is jealous for some reason, and free of that secret you’ve been keeping. It’s been killing you keeping it from JJ and the crew.

    Not like they’re even talking to you but at least JJ is still your friend. For now. Can you even call it friends though? Your mind is once again wondering when Rafe shows up. He pops out into your vision as you were spacing out looking at the beach. Startled you glare at him.

    “What the fuck do you want?” He holds his hands over his heart pretending to be hurt. “Is that anyway to talk to your boyfriend?” You roll your eyes getting out of the hammock. “Look Rafe we had a good thing back in the day but you fucked that up by making me a middle man for drugs and getting me arrested and blaming me for the whole thing. Not to mention you left me drunk and high at a party when I was assaulted and acted like it was my whole fault and your father paid for it all to go away so fuck you, you’re not my boyfriend.”

    He looks down at his feet. “Adult responsibility says you were old enough to make your own decisions I didn’t force you to do drugs or drink you did that yourself.” A tear slips out. An angry tear and your blood boils. “YOU WERE MY BOYFRIEND AND YOU LEFT ME ALONE HIGH, DRUNK, AND CONFUSED! THEN TREATED ME LIKE I WAS SCUM. So yes you’re right I was an adult but you were the one who said I’d be okay with you there.”

    Tears were streaming. He looked at you. You could see pain. See the weakness. The guilt. That was the first time you saw the guilt. “I said I was sorry to you for not being there what more do you want from me?” Running a hand through your hair you let it out. You cried. Hard. You looked up at him. He was sad. You could see him fight himself to not comfort you.

    “I. Needed. You. And you left me! You told your dad what happened and he blamed me for your problems. He told you to not talk to me not to be near me and you listened. I needed you and you vanished and continued your life. How am I supposed to live with that? Rafe please just leave me alone.” He steps forward hand out to say something and you scream. “RAFE LEAVE PLEASE. Do what you do best and leave.” You fall to your knees. He steps forward and leans down to you. “I am sorry. I was fucking dumb. I let my dad do the talking I didn’t stand up for you. I’m sorry.” You wipe your nose. “Okay just leave please. I can’t do this anymore.” He goes to touch you when you hear a voice. “She said leave.” Kiara and Pope are standing in the back yard. Rafe stands up. “Fine but I’ll call you later.” You cough out. “Or don’t.” He walks off a sadness looming over him. Kiara and pope come over to you and help you up. They lead you inside. It’s time for beer and truth.

    #fan fic#jj maybank#obx#one shot #outer banks netflix #obx rafe #check it out #outer banks
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    Originally posted by wtfobiwan

    Summary:  One part malevolent water god, two parts angry boyfriend, mixed with enough chlorinated water to fill a pool. Shaken, not stirred. Add one bored raccoon as garnish. Wah-lah! One thoroughly ruined vacation.

    Rating: M (for sexual references and coarse humor.)

    Notes: A nice summer-themed fic trade, this time with the prompt of “I just want 2 things: a peach bellini slush and for you to get the hell out of my face.“ I rewrote this one so much. I had eight different ideas for the story and it’s pretty obvious.  In the end, it’s not very good as a shipping fic, but I really like the character voices of the canon characters. 

    Recipe for Disaster

    Peter Quill was not one to balk about having sex with his girlfriend. The two of you had done it in zero gravity, underground while the planet’s crust above was being blown to smithereens, even in the Milano while being shot at. Yes, you and Peter certainly had an interesting and varied sex life. You normally didn’t complain—until now, that was. After all the tantrums, all the exploding ships, all the guts (so many guts), sometimes a girl needed some time off. Sometimes a girl needed to be pampered. Sometimes what a girl needed most on her vacation from destroying monsters with her bare hands and having sex in life or death situations was…a vacation.

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    #fan fic#straw writes#avengers#marvel#mcu #guardians of the galaxy #star-lord#peter quill#reader-insert #second person pov #one shot #avengers x reader #marvel x reader #mcu x reader #gotg #guardians of the galaxy x reader #gotg x reader #peter quill x reader #star-lord x reader #reader x avengers #reader x marvel #reader x mcu #reader x peter quill #reader x star-lord
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    Summary: Not all black widows kill their mates. Some can be quite romantic.

    Response to the “A Perfect Love…” Challenge set by Raicho Kurubi on Lunaescence Archives.

    Rating: T (for some sexual references)

    Covers just after Avengers (2012) to just before Avengers: Infinity War.

    Chapter 5: Understand her feelings.

    Date night didn’t come often enough, or it came too frequently. Natasha could feel either way at any time, or both at once. It was difficult to overcome years of standoffishness for the sake of one person, but she liked you enough to try. Thankfully, you seemed to understand, and planned dates that wouldn’t sap too much of Natasha’s strength.

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  • You know that feeling in your chest when you’re reading something that has SO much emotion in it.. like you’re living through the character and their current emotion? That ball of love or pain or excitement or even fear? I find myself chasing that feeling. I love getting SO involved into a story that I FEEL those moments with the characters. I’m blown away when someone can write a story that can feel so REAL. Just awesome. Anyways.. I just feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t get involved into reading and get to experience that. Real life has so few mind blowing moments, not that I’m complaining- I put in my hard moments to get my happiness- but getting to experience more of those moments of extreme emotion through stories that take your mind away with them… just so awesome.

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  • Just finished rereading what I have written so far of Heir of Slytherin and am now starting on writing chapter 11, so watch out for an update soon!

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  • Pairing: Owen Grady x Reader

    Words: 1.5k

    Summary: Y/N Grant is the niece of the infamous Dr. Alan Grant. She is given an opportunity of a lifetime to work for Jurassic World to train dinosaurs. But what happens when she meets the Navy man who loves dinosaurs just as much as she?

    A/N: Still debating whether or not to write for other characters. Maybe if my fics get more hyped up I will. I don’t know. Anyways, thank you all for reading this so far and for your support! Taglist at the end! DISCLAIMER: I do not own the franchise or the characters.


    Chapter V – The Control Room

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    #owen grady x reader #owen grady #owen grady / reader #owen x reader #owen / reader #x reader#/ reader#reader insert#jurassic world #jurassic world fic #jurassic world fanfic #jurassic world ff #jurassic world fan fiction #fanfiction#fanfic#fan fic#fan fiction#x you#/ you #owen grady x you #owen grady / you #owen x you #owen / you
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  • Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley begins.

    Chapter 2: “You scared the shit out of me.” 

    ‘Shit, that was close’ Buck thought as he stood up from his yellow SUV. It was pure luck he managed to break just in time to avoid the huge pile up that had formed in front of him because some douche driving a ferrari had decided to switch the lane at place when there was no room. There goes my day off at the beach, Buck thought, wondering how long it would take from him to get back to the apartment.

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  • Wang Yibo is a professional motorcycle racer. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen fics where Lan Wangji is a motorcyclist yet.

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  • image

    As Angela walked up to the metal door, its presence punctuated by a garish glowing neon arrow, her heart felt like it would blow out of her chest. Goodneighbor. She clutched her thick three ring binder before her, hoping it would give her the strength she needed. Angela hadn’t traveled here alone from Amherst, but she entered the town on her own.

    The door was heavy. Angela struggled with it until a ghoul carrying a tommy gun and wearing a threadbare suit topped with a rust colored fedora helped her open it the rest of the way.

    “Welcome to Goodneighbor.” He sounded tired.

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  • sooo i wrote my first Brendon Urie fic on @cerebralthundering if, ya know, you wanna check it out :) <3

    #brendon urie#brendon #panic at the disco #panic! at the disco #brendon urie smut #brendon urie fluff #brendon urie fanfic #brendon urie fan fic #fan fiction#fan fic#fanfic#writer #fan fic writing #fan fic writer
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  • Hi everyone!

    First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our small little kink challenge! You can find the original post here. 

    You have NO IDEA how hard it was to pick a winner holy- Believe us, we’re not just saying that. We decided to split our assessment into two categories: 

    1) Overall writing style,
    2) How horny did it make us. 

    We won’t dive much deeper into it, cause honestly it was a very close call omg, the points were eerily close! But we’re super excited to announce that the winning fic is… 

    And the Land is Dark by @ohwereusingourmadeupnames!!!!!!

    Congrats!!!! Your work was insanely good and we’re very curious what prompt you will give us to write you as your prize! Please come collect it ^^

    Obviously, we want to share all the amazing entries with you so I’ve put them down here in alphabetical order! Check them all out, they’re so worth it!

    And the Land is Dark by @ohwereusingourmadeupnames
    Prompt: Outdoor Sex
    AO3 | Tumblr 

    Tony and Peter alternate picking vacation destinations for the summer & it’s Peter’s turn. When he brought up camping, Tony had his reservations. It turns out that fresh air and Peter Parker are the perfect combination.”

    OR: Tony and Peter going camping and have glorious sex outside, under the stars.


    Don’t go to work, Daddy by @jeranasblog
    Prompt: Suit Kink
    AO3 | Tumblr

    Peter tries to convince his Daddy not to go to work.


    Kitten by @somechick842
    Prompt: Kitten Play

    Peter has an idea about how he and Tony can spend his quiet time. Tony wants to know how someone so naked can still look so sweet.


    Pebbled Pleasure by @starkerbrain3000
    Prompt: Nipple Play
    AO3 | Tumblr

    Peter felt everything so strongly after he was bitten. He spent the days after the field trip to Oscorp in agony from what his body was experiencing.

    Eventually he got used to it (well, not really but he managed it)

    And then his shirt brushed his nipples the first time that he changed his clothes. The feeling of the cotton setting his whole body on fire.

    Well, fuck. That was new.


    Lien and I obviously didn’t participate in the contest aspect, but we did write our own one-shots that are a continuation of our original Jar Of Dirt fanfiction! 

    Filled by @twokinkybeans​ (Lien)
    Prompt: Breeding Kink
    AO3 | Tumblr

    Shocked by @twokinkybeans​ (Kim)
    Prompt: Electric Play
    AO3 | Tumblr

    Again, thank y’all so much for participating, we had so much fun organizing this! You guys are the absolute best!!!!

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