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  • These stories are listed by character, series, and then by chronological order. 

    The Mandalorian / Din Djarin x Female Reader

    Baar Bal Runi Series: (Body Swap AU) You work aboard the Razor Crest with the Mandalorian, helping him to find the The Child’s planet. You find a forgotten planet in the Unknown Regions and find yourself suddenly inside the Mandalorian’s body, and him in yours.  

    Prospect / Ezra x Female Reader 

    Fairy Dust Universe: 

    Drabble (Fairy Dust Universe): The first time you trust your new prospecting partner.

    Fairy Dust: While collecting rare gems on an unpopular prospecting planet you and your prospecting partner are both infected with a sex pollen.

    The Great Wall / Pero Tovar x Female Reader 

    Honeysuckle Universe: 

    Morning: You wake after the first night Tovar spends in your cottage, and talk to the man who is practically a stranger after two nights of passion. 

    Art Drabble: Tovar returns after a long time away on a job and he asks to stay. 

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  • Aight quick question but…

    Is Fanfiction.net still active or is it just an archive? To be real with yous, I haven’t been on it since 2012.

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  • So I’ve never ‘used a beta’, I just tend to read through my work a couple times before I publish. Granted my work has never gone above 30k words.

    But recently, I found that I can use Text-to-Speech and just listen to my draft while I’m doing other stuff. It’s actually helped pick out a couple errors, misspelling etc. And I get to hear Oliver (my Apple voice of choice lol). I wonder if you guys have tried this out? Any downfalls I should know of? Or if you guys have any other interesting ways you proofread before sending your precious work out.

    Of course, a proofreader is the golden standard but y'know ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes.

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  • Me: I’m just going to read one more fic before sleep

    The fic:

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  • image

    10. Without Notice

    The smell of roasted meat wafted to Kagome’s nostrils and she woke with a start. She groaned as blinding light temporarily disoriented her. Yawning, she slowly rose from her sleeping bag and stretched her arms, sighing in satisfaction as several strained joints and muscles popped.

    She was grateful for being allowed to sleep in after the stressful battle yesterday. After all, Inuyasha was satisfied because they found another jewel shard. That should make him cheerful for the next few days.

    She blinked the drowsiness away and scanned the camp. Inuyasha was turning three skinned rabbits in a spit while Miroku and Sango arranged the makeshift seats around the crackling fire. Shippo was playing with Kirara nearby.

    Noting the absence of their new companions, Kagome frowned. “Where are Sesshomaru-sama and Rin-chan? And even Jaken-sama?”

    “They left before dawn,” Inuyasha answered without looking at her.

    Oh. Kagome fell silent. She mentally counted the days since the feudal lord joined their group. Five days. True to his word, as always.

    The clearing felt empty without Rin’s animated chatter. Or Jaken’s constant complaining. Or Sesshomaru’s quiet presence.

    “Keh!” Inuyasha snorted. “Leave it to the smug bastard. I never expected him to stay longer anyway.”

    Kagome looked away. But I did.

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  • We are walking a long time, when a storm breaks out. We run to shelter under the halls left empty by the booksellers.

    – This light is so beautiful. Do you hear that chaotic crash coming from the sky? This terrible crash that repeats itself? I always had the impression that it could make time fly apart, I say.

    – Yes tonight everything could end, end…

    – Or start again! I said in a flash of enthusiasm.

    He starts laughing. His laughter is disturbing and mundane.

    – I knew you would say that, you are an undeniable optimist!

    – Yes, but the sun is shining, do you know it, do you really know it?

    – Yes, I know it, but I do not want to see it, it is exactly like the sea; it disturbs me, to look at me straight in the eyes. Joy disturbs me.

    – But look! These two people would never have spoken to each other, and they share an umbrella! If the walls between men fall one day, it will be by weather’s strength! I could never share that with my father…

    – He only saw the memory of bombings?

    – Yes. He saw the end of the world. Chaos at the door. He felt ashes and not rain. He heard crashes. For him they meant collapsed world, dead by tens of thousands, blood, tears and cries.

    – And if we go to dinner, I know a place nearby where we can shelter more comfortably.

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  • Hey guys im sorry if i dont post fics alot i just have so many to finish and i get distracted very easily plus i still have schoolwork to do so im trying my best to finish any i might have thank you :)

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  • Hellsing incident chapter 1.5


    #Hellsing incident #JDatE / SCP Foundation crossover AU #Fan fiction#comic shitpost #at least one person knows what's up #chapter 1.5
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  • So someone at work was crying because her Tom Felton RPF was flagged (supposedly his agent or someone close to him found it) and now she’s banned from any event he’ll be at for the unforeseen future. Now I read some of her story and… wow, not only did she make herself sound like a pedo (it took place around the third or fourth Harry Potter movie) she also turned his parents (not Draco Malfoy’s parents, Tom’s real parents) into abusive pos that she saves him from… with the power of her vagina.

    Honestly I’m only almost 24 but I still remember when we kept that shit in our diaries and only showed our most trusted friends, wtf happened? Yeah, I have a steamy Tom Hiddleston fanfic buried in my laptop but never in a million years will I publish it (unless I change names and other obvious identifiers first, then I guess I could publish it as an original romance novel).

    But seriously, if you are going to write about a real living person being a rapist or a murderer or whatever, don’t be surprised if you get in trouble… or you know at least don’t link it to your real name a d shit.

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  • Cuz, like, it’s increasingly difficult to find new quality smut that doesn’t specifically exclude me by being “age gap” stories, so if anyone knows of any age neutral stories with Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, or other characters played by Chris or Sebastian, please feel free to throw recs or links my way. And thank you in advance from Shady Pines 🙏🏼

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  • AHH after some delays, chapter 4 of my quarantine AU is here! Please let me know what you think!

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  • By the time that I finally finish writing this Waffle House fic the cultural moment will be well and truly over. Honestly, it already is but I can’t let it go.

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  • I have come to the conclusion that I am physically incapable of writing a fight scene. 

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  • The most frustrating part of getting into Metalocalypse is that now I want to write fan fiction for it but when I started brainstorming I remembered that every one of the main characters has a specific and very distinct accents and/or pattern of speech.

    And I know if I try to write literally anything for this series it’s going to drive my crazy trying to get everything right.

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  • Check out chapter one to my new fanfic


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  • Wei Ying slowly opened his eyes. They widened at the sight of several small floating orbs of water passing by his face before merging back into the water on the other side of Lan Wangji. He blinked at Lan Wangji for several moments then sat upright.

    “You can control water?” he exclaimed, the force of his movement almost breaking Lan Wangji’s concentration keeping them steady on the water. He wobbled astride Lan Wangji’s tail and had to grab at his sides to steady himself.

    “Mn,” Lan Wangji said, drinking in the pure joy and awe in Wei Ying’s expression.

    He was always so easily delighted by the things Lan Wangji could do with his jiaoren spiritual energy.

    “Lan Zhan, that’s…”

    Lan Wangji reached for the energies flowing through the water again, closing his eyes to concentrate better. He had managed much more than little balls of water when he had been practising alone, but Wei Ying was such a distraction he wasn’t sure he could manage more if he could see Wei Ying looking at him with such wonder.

    - A Charming Distraction

    This has been a collab looong in the making. @fleetofshippyships and I decided that she would write a drabble, and I would draw for it as a joint kind of thing, and it was such a fun thing to do!  It’s all based on a joke about someone mentioning a whale in her main merfolk series…so there might be more random whales making random appearances in the future.

    This whole story verse she’s conjuring up with her Merman Lan Wangji AU has my whole heart, and I will never tire drawing for it, no matter if it is as a collaboration, or if it’s just me reading her fics and screaming “I WANNA DRAW THIS” after every single damn scene. XD

    Thank you so much for wanting to collab with me on this, love! :D

    #Sweet is drawing again #Wangxian#The Untamed#MDZS #Merman Lan Wangji #fleetofshippyships#Fan Art#Fan Fiction
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  • Have this idea for a Buddie fic. Trying to wrap my head around it before I write it though. Ugh. Plotting your work sucks but I want this to be awesome so. :p

    #Writing#Fan fiction#Fan fic#Buddie#Plotting #Why is this so hard #I used to be good at this #9#9-1-1
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  • New Story! White Noise

    Am I talking to the void? I miss you guys!

    This is a very personal story for me, as I describe in the author notes. While I never like to put myself in the place of characters and thus so have not here, it is derived from more personal emotions and experiences than I ever have crafted a story from before.

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  • Me “I should focus on writing my novel”

    Also me *adds 20 new fics to my reading list*

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