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  • REQUEST by b________s: 

    Do you know about the hanahaki disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. It ends when the beloved returns their feelings (romantic love only; strong friendship is not enough), or when the victim dies. How about mc having this condition because she thought that it was a one sided love from her to eisuke. Can you make this angsty please because I love to see a desperate eisuke

    • I am really sorry for the late story..!!
    • Yes, I have heard of it and the story idea, sounds so Eisuke!! No lie- I actually enjoyed writing this one a little too much. I haven’t been this excited for a fanfic for a while so, Yippy!! Plus, I got to build off the MC a little more to be brave and dramatic more.
    • MAIN: Eisuke = Doctor | MC = Middle Class Family Wealth 
    • TIMELINE: Edo Era in Japan - 1800′s

    CONTAINS SMUT** Please read with Caution.


    Another day has come.

    I hear the birds chirping as I open my eyes.

    “I’m still alive,” with a low voice.

    Turning my head towards the window to see birds outside flying. I finally sit up on my bed and see that Spring is almost here. The buds on the sakura’s are finally blooming and it makes me wonder if I will last that long.

    I suffer from special disease called, “Hanahaki,” which has been said to curse victims in this town randomly and I happen to be a long term victim of this curse. It started when I noticed my feelings for a particular man in the town which I didn’t even know I had feelings for. I thought that I have been in love before but apparently, I have not like this.

    **Knock knock**

    “Yes,” I sit up straight.

    “______,” mother calls, “Doctor Eisuke is here to check up on you this morning.”

    ALREADY?! It’s barely noon?! I start to feel the heat rise in my body and look at my hands to see sakura petals on my skin. Another attack? Already..?! I start to feel my chest tightening and before I can reply, the door slams open.

    “_____!!!” Eisuke calls out to me.

    “Ei-,” before I can finish his name, he pushes me down and frantically looks for the medicine. 


    I look over to see my mother’s panicked face. I smile trying to ease her but I feel like I’m just making her feel worse with my attack happening.

    “Here,” Eisuke leans over and gives me the pill to eat.

    I try my hardest to take it but I can feel my throat swelling and I cough it right out of my mouth.

    Hearing my mother weep, I try to sit up but before I could, Eisuke leans in and kisses me. I can feel his tongue opening my mouth and as I did, a gush of liquid came rushing in that tasted bitter. I gulped it down as his tongue wandered inside my mouth playing with my tongue. As I slowly reciprocate the feeling of his tongue inside my mouth, I can feel the medicine working and my attack is slowly going away.

    Eisuke pulls away slowly from out mouth to mouth contact, the tip of our tongues pull away, and I can feel the heat in my cheeks rising.

    “Feel better,” as his hand reaches to touch my cheeks.

    Nodding in confirmation, I lean my head into his hand, closing my eyes wishing this moment never ends. This is the man I long for. This feeling inside me keeps growing as we spend more time together even if it is just these simple and normal check ups. I start to doze off from this feeling and fell asleep.

    Hours Later, I finally wake again.

    I didn’t even get to spend time with Eisuke today.

    I make my way down the hall and hear my mother and father laughing. I rush over wondering if we had company or relatives visiting. As soon as I turn the corning, I see Eisuke sitting across from my parents at the table.

    “Eisuke,” I exclaimed surprise and happy.

    “_____,” gesturing me over to her side.

    As I walk over, my father starts to speak.

    “_____, after talking to Doctor Ichinomiya about your condition and how it is worsening, we thought it might be best if you went to stay with him for the time being.”

    I cannot help but be shocked at what my father proposed.

    “To be honest,” Eisuke says as I turn my head his way, “I am the one who offered them the idea since your attacks are happening more frequently nowadays.”

    “_____,” my mother grabs my hand, “What do you say?”

    I look down and start to think.

    It’s not like I want to die and to think that Eisuke is willing to go this far to try to save my life. We all know it is only a matter of time before I subcome to this disease knowing that my love will never be returned as the man before probably doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards me. To make my parents not worry, I agree to these terms and start to pack few of my things to take with me.

    It’s been 2 weeks living at the Ichinomiya House and my attacks have reduced to happening only once every 2-3 days. From what Eisuke said, the only known way to cure this disease is if I get the one I desire romantically to return my feelings for me. Of course, he asked me who it was and I couldn’t tell him that it was him. We have been arguing about this personal matter since the day I came because I started to feel more of an experiment now than a patient for him.

    But as the days passed these past couple of weeks, I came to understand a little more about Eisuke. Wither every small bicker, we tend to learn more about each other and I cannot help but fall for him more a little everyday. I was okay with him not returning my feelings since I got to spend these past 2 weeks in bliss. Even the smallest interaction made me happy.

    It was the afternoon of week 3 and I finished cleaning the dishes.

    “_____,” Eisuke calls me from his office, “Coffee.”

    I rush over to the kitchen and make him his coffee. This is the only task I get from him throughout the day. Apparently, I make very good coffee? I never made this ‘coffee’ until I came to this house. I wonder if it is ‘good’ coffee as he claims?

    As I finish, I slowly grab the cup and walk carefully to his office.

    Knocking on his door, he gestures me to come in.

    “Here you are Eisuke,” Happily.

    “You need to be more efficient next time,” taking the cup out of my hand, “Still too slowly at making coffee.”

    “Well,” pouting, “I am still new at this ‘coffee’ making so you will have to make due with whatever time I bring you coffee.”

    As I turn away, Eisuke grabs me by the waist pulling me in. Unbalanced, I fall back and land on his lap.

    I feel the heat in my face rise as I sit on Eisuke’s Lap.


    I dare not to look at him.

    “Daily check up.”

    Turning my head, I finally make eye contact with Eisuke, and I feel nothing but embarrassed. I was way over my head thinking something else.

    “Hey Mr. Doctor~!”

    I try to get up and leave but Eisuke has me held down with one arm. How strong can this man be with one arm?

    “Get out Baba,” Eisuke scolds.

    “Come on,” as he walks in from the terrace, “I was just coming by to check on the little princess you hold captive in your castle.”

    “You cannot be mad at anyone but yourself for this Eisuke,” Soryou proclaims as he makes his was inside as well.

    “Good Afternoon everyone,” I say shyly as I am held against my will on Eisuke’s Lap.

    “Aww,” Ota says sarcastically, “Showing affection so early in the day are we Eisuke?”

    “Can you please stop,” Officer Mamoru says, “It’s weird.”

    Eisuke gets up with me in his arm carrying me as he walks away.

    “Dare to follow me and you’ll know the consequences,” he announces.

    As he walks carrying me, I start to tell Eisuke to put me down.

    “Your request has been denied.”

    As we make it to Eisuke’s Bedroom, He closes the door behind him and puts me down on the bed.

    “Wha-,” before I could finish.

    “Check up,” as he takes out an extra pair of stethoscope from his night stand.

    “Oh,” looking down at the floor, “Right.”

    As I start to undo my obi a bit, I can feel Eisuke’s eyes staring at me. I’ve never been more embarrassed and shy doing a check yet until today. Knowing that we are in his bedroom just makes the blood rush to my head. As I start to dwell on this feeling, my breathing becomes irregular and my chest starts to tighten.

    “An attack,” as Eisuke grabs a hold of me.

    “I’m… sorry,” I try to hold myself up.

    Eisuke lays me down on the bed and I start to grab my chest as I feel the pain swelling up. Something’s different about this attack. I can feel it. It feels deeper like someone stabbed me in the lungs as I gasp for air.

    I see Eisuke above me as he leans in and kisses me. This is only the second time we’ve done this since the day I left home. I can feel the liquid flowing in as his tongue dives into my mouth. I shyly pull back but it doesn’t stop Eisuke from forcing himself gently down on me.

    As our tongue start to slowly dance and feel each other, I start to feel a little bit of weight off my chest but it still hurts. No sooner does Eisuker pull away from my lips to see that the sakura markings are still on my skin.

    “Are you still having an attack?”

    “I don’t know,” as I look at my hands, “What’s happening to me?”

    “Maybe,” as he slowly leans in towards me.

    I have no idea what is going on but before I could speak, Eisuke’s hands start to caress the sides of my body, completely taking apart my obi while placing his head in-between my neck. I start to arch my back when I feel Eisuke’s lips kissing my neck gently at the same time as his hands make contact with my skin on my chest. I can feel the bottom of my stomach throbbing he slowly starts to caress my breast with his large hands. I can’t take this anymore so I try to wiggle my way out and Eisuke starts to chuckle lifting his head out of my neck.

    “Where are you going?” Smirking down on me.

    Frantically panting, I answer panically, “I don’t know,” as my eyes start to water, “But this is too much for me..!”

    As I start to close my eyes, I hear Eisuke say, “Not enough you mean?”

    No sooner, does his lips meet mines. Our kiss deepens as our tongues dancing violently with each other like we have never done this before. His hands slowly cups my breast, gently massaging, making me yelp.

    “Ah,” moaning inside our breathe from all the kissing, “…Eisu-,” cutting me off with a forcefully kiss covering my mouth.

    My legs start to twist as the throbbing gets deeper.

    Pulling away from the kiss, I yelp, “No more” trying to push him away, “Please..!”

    I feel Eisuke’s stop, pulling away from every inch of my body.

    “You marks are gone,” he says walking towards the doors and out.

    I lay their wondering what was happening to me before making my way out the bedroom joining the guys out on the terrace. 

    The next days, I wake up to find Eisuke missing. He left me note on the dining table stating that he went to go find the special herb for my disease with the guys in the mountain and won’t be back until the late evening. With that said, I decided to do some cleaning in the house.

    It’s been 4 days since he left and I only had on attack since his trip. It wasn’t crazy and very mild. My medicine is almost out so I pray for their soft return soon since I do not know when my next attack will be.

    I hear ruckus outside the terrace and I see the guys coming.

    “Welcome back,” I exclaimed.

    Overjoyed, Baba says, “I’m back my wife,” while running towards me.

    Before I jumped back, someone from behind says, “Don’t touch what’s mines.”

    Baba immediately stops in his tracks and I see Eisuke standing behind him with a frown. Baba tells Eisuke that it was just a joke and that he should lighten up. I start to laugh as this goes on. Slowly, everyone starts to go home for the night as I finish cleaning and I hear Eisuke call for me.

    “_____. Come to my office.”

    I stop in my tracks and start heading to his office.

    “Yes Eisuke,” peeking in questioning him.

    “We didn’t find anymore of the herb to make more of your medicine with to suppress the effects of the hanahaki. Whatever we have is the last of it,” he says in a low grunge voice.

    I don’t dwell too much as I knew that it was a long shot to begin with. I march over to EIsuke, answering with a smile, “Thank you for trying to find more and for everything.”

    Eisuke looks at me confused and angry, “Why are you not mad?”

    “There is nothing to be mad about,” I calmly try to say.

    While Eisuke gets frustrated, I grab his hand and tell him, “I knew it was wishful thinking that this medicine was going to last me a lifetime,” trying to hold back my tears, “But I’m glad that I got to meet you and the guys before I go.”


    Grabbing my hand in return, Eisuke stands up and starts dragging me to his bedroom. Once we enter, he tosses me on the bed. Confused, I try to sit up but I was too slow as Eisuke is on top of me in bed.

    “Eisuke…?” I can see the irritation in his facial expression.

    His eyes are narrow and his mouth is not frowning but his glare is so intimidating that I just lay there, motionless.

    “You,” sighing, “Really think I don’t know who you like?”

    I look at him confused as I never really told him since all we did was bicker.

    “Just say you love me….”as he glares at me.

    My cheeks start to burn as I look dumbfounded. HE KNOWS?! How?! With all my might, I deny it in all possible ways I can by words and action. As I slowly begin to lash out, Eisuke pins one on my arms down by the wrist.

    With this sudden action, I stare at him as he leans.

    “Just tell me,” he says with a lower husky voice.

    Closing my eyes tightly, I shut my mouth as I fear the rejection but then I feel the aching in my chest and then suddenly, I start heaving.

    Another attack? Already?! I just had one yesterday and it wasn’t even this strong..!

    I grab my chest with my free hand and Eisuke takes no chance. Gettin off, He rushes to grab the medicine and starts to open the bottle. Looking at my hands, the sakura markings are there but darker. They are not the bright pink but a dark dusty pink. The pain starts to build up as it gets harder to gasp for air.

    “_____!!!” Eisuke starts to panic.

    Staring back at him with whatever conscious I have left, his facial starts to become blurry and then I felt his warmth on my lips.

    With little strength I have left, all I feel is Eisuke’s tongue pushing all the liquid inside my mouth. Pulling away, I start to feel light headed but the pain in my chest is still there. Is this the end?

    I can breathe but I can also tell my Eisuke’s expression that the markings still haven’t gone away.

    “….it’s….okay….” As I try saying with any strength I have left. I can tell he isn’t satisfied with my response so I ask him, “…could I…ask…for….one last… memory…if I…can?”

    Grabbing my hand, he just stares at me.

    “…please…make me…yo-,” before finishing, I feel Eisuke’s lips on mines give me nothing more than a long kiss with all his warmth.

    Slowly, our lips separate and I stare long at Eisuke.

    Reaching for my cheek with his hand, I lean towards is hand and place my face into his palm as he caresses my cheek.

    “Shut up,” mumbling under his breath as I enjoy the moment.

    Sitting me up, Eisuke starts to slowly loosen my obi to my kimono from the back. His cool hands brush against my hot shoulders while pulling down my kimono off which makes me moan unconsciously under my breath.

    “Look up at me _____.” His voice is lower than usual.

    I lift my head up and our eyes meet. Lowering his head down, I start to close my eyes and I feel our lips touch gently repetitively before Eisuke begins eating me whole. As this goes on, my kimono starts to fall off my shoulder. Just the thought of being completely naked in front of Eisuke get the heat rising inside of me. I start to feel the throbbing in-between my legs.

    His hands slowly explores my backside up and down making me shiver and moan.

    “Ahh,” I cry without holding back.

    “I like that sound,” he proclaims as I catch my breath in-between our kisses.

    Slowly, I lean back, falling as Eisuke leans on top of me.

    “….EIsuke…” Catching my breath.

    Climbing on top of me, he steals my breath more kissing me deeply and I wrap my arms around Eisuke’s neck. Pulling away from out deep kiss, Eisuke sits up and stares at my body. Embarrassed, I use my hands and arms to cover my body.

    “What are you embarrassed about?” As he starts to take off his top.

    “…um, I…” Flustered, “…I know…my body isn’t…”

    Eisuke’s hand reaches down grabbing my hand pulling it to his face, kissing the palm, “It’s beautiful,” he says as we both make eye contact.

    The heat starts to rise in me and my eyes start to water.

    Releasing my hand, “This is not going to be the last time I see your beautiful body.”

    I stare up with my blurry eyes, respond, “I don’t even know if I’ll make it after today so maybe it will be.”

    Feeling Eisuke’s hands touching my bare body, I freeze from the embarrassment and shyness. Suddenly, my waist up in the air, I screech from my voice.

    “Don’t worry,” He says as I feel his breath near my honey pot, “This isn’t going to be the last time.”

    As I shyly protest for him to stop, suddenly, I feel his tongue gently gliding along my honey pot, rounding my clit, and making it’s way inside. I can’t hold my voice back anymore as he continues to make me cry in pleasure from his tongue teasing me.

    “Eisuke…!! Ahhh,” I try to push his head away from me bottom, “Nmmh… I can’t….!! Ahhhh~!!”

    As I keep protesting, He goes deeper inside me with his tongue while teasing my clit with his finger. As I feel the tension rise inside me, I beg him even more to stop.

    “Cum for me,” he mumbles as he continues to satisfy me below.

    Before long, I submit to the feeling and cum in front of Eisuke’s Face.

    Embarrassed and out of breath, I cover my face.

    “Are you not going to tell me?’

    I uncover my eyes and see that Eisuke is staring back at me. I guess he must be talking about me liking him. I shake my head in response. 

    Riling Eisuke up, he gets frustrated with by spouting, “If you won’t tell me, then I’ll have your body tell me instead.”

    I feel Eisuke’s shaft rubbing me below as it starts to hit my clit as well and I start to arch my back as I can feel my body craving his cock inside me. 

    “Tell me,” he groans, “that you love me.”

    I start to get frustrated as I begin to cave in slowly. I want to tell him but I’m afraid of getting rejected so I bite my tongue and turn my head away.

    “Fine,” as he adjusts himself at my entrance, “I’ll force it out of you.”

    I feel him spreading me inside and lunges himself deep within me. Gasping for air, I feel the heat of his cock spreading inside of me. It feels so good, it makes me give in to all the pleasure.

    “Not yet,” as he thrust me once.

    “AHH~!!” I yelp loudly.

    “_____,” he says while reaching to my face with his hand.


    He leans forward being on top of me while connected. He stares at me while my eyes start to water a bit.

    “Just, please… Just tell me…”

    I smile back and he just bites his lips and starts thrusting inside me. With each thrust, my mind slowly begins to go blank from all the pleasure. Then, his thrust started getting rougher slowly like he was trying to tell me something. Slowly lifting my waist up, I feel him going deeper inside me and I couldn’t contain my moans anymore.

    “Wa-WAIT…! Ahh~, Eisuke!!!”


    “Pl-Please..! I’m, I’m begging you…! Ahhhh~!! Mnhhm….!!”

    As I feel myself loosing to this feeling, I just bask in it the pleasure.

    “I’m cumming…!”

    Thrusting inside me aggressively, a big wave of satisfying pleasure comes over me.

    “…I…Love you…Eisuke…” I say before I faint.

    If this was my last moment, I don’t mind it being with Eisuke, the man I love.

    I hear birds chirping.

    Opening my eyes, “It’s..morning..?”

    I feel someone next to me and turn to see Eisuke, Laying there, sleeping. A rush of memories start to flood in my brain as I start to remember what happened last night. I confessed my love to Eisuke.

    But if I didn’t die, How am I alive?

    Then I start to remember what Eisuke said about the cure… Does he love me?

    Slowly, as I try to get off the bed, Eisuke grabs me by the waist pulling me back in bed.


    “Be quite. I’m still tired.” says pulling me in to cuddle.

    “Um, Eisuke…”

    Giving me the silent treatment.

    “Um,” I try asking nicely, “Do you… Do you love me..?”

    I lay there waiting to hear a reply but I get nothing. Then suddenly, he pulls me under him while he is on top. Staring down at me, I stare back.

    “You’re alive are you not?”

    Wait- is this a trick question? I want to hear him say it… I did last night.

    “Do you Eisuke? Do you love me?” I start to doubt it now.

    “Ugh…” He starts to sigh. “Really?”

    Reaching my hands to hold his face, “Eisuke,” as we stare at each others eyes, “I love you. I love you so much I can di-..!”

    Eisuke kisses me to shut me up. I can feel his tongue dancing with mines, ravaging my mouth of any words that may come out. I start gasping for air and push his face off of mines.


    “_____,” as I stop pushing his face off of mines, “I love you. Don’t go dying without my permission now okay.”

    Stunned at his answer, I barely fight back anymore as we lock lips again giving into the wave of pleasure to this love.


    Thank you for reading.

    Slowly getting the hang of this FANFIC but if you have any suggestions or tips about these stories, comment please.

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  • Life is Strange 2 (Sean Diaz x Reader)

    Chapter 3: Bear Station

    Chapter 1 / Chapter 2


    Originally posted by miyku

    The sun was setting and the logs were burning as Sean, Daniel and I were sitting around the campfire, eating the snacks Sean and I had in our backpacks. Sean had cookies and sodas while I had some hotdogs and a few chips. We had the hotdogs on sticks to cook them over the fire.

    “Wish we had more…” Daniel said after we finished eating. “I know…Me too…” Sean said as I go and dig into my backpack. “I wish we had a cheeseburger and a milkshake like yesterday…” Daniel said to Sean. “Dude…That shake was so good…Can’t believe we found a diner on the way out here…” Sean said in agreement. "I want another one…“ said Daniel. "I know…We’ll get you one…Promise.” Sean said as I pull out three of the Choc-O-Crisp. “I know it’s not a shake, but I hope you guys are okay with this as dessert.” I said as I start to hand them the candy.

    “Yes! Awesome possum!” Daniel exclaims as he takes one of the candy bars. “You’re welcome.” I said, laughing, then I hand the other to Sean. “You want one?” I asked him. “You sure? I hate to eat up all of your food.” Sean said and I shrug. “I still got a few left. Hopefully, we’ll come upon some sort of gas station and I’ll buy some more. Plus, I don’t mind sharing.” I said and Sean smiles as he takes the candy bar. “Thanks.” He said. “You’re welcome.” I said and we began to eat our dessert.

    We sat there in silence as we look out towards the beach, the water glistening in the moonlight and the owls were hooting in the quiet, still night sky. “You okay, buddy?” Sean asked Daniel. “Yeah…Feels good to sit down…” Daniel replied then he looks up at his brother. "Sean? Are you mad at me for what happened with Brett? I don’t remember everything…“ He asked Sean. "It’s not your fault… Shit happens…Brett deserved it.” Sean replied. 

    “Who’s Brett?” I asked. “Our asshole neighbor. He got mad at Daniel for accidentally pouring fake blood on him.” Sean replied. “Oh!” I said as Daniel asked. “Why can’t I remember? That’s weird…”

    “Uh… Don’t worry, dude. You were running around all day… You tired out. It happens.” Sean said and Daniel looks up at him then nods. Then suddenly, Daniel points up in the sky. “Look! A full moon! Ooowoooooo!” He howls and Sean and I chuckle. “Uh…It’s not quite full yet, wolfboy…” I said to him.

    “Do you guys think there are werewolves for real?” Daniel asked us. “Dude, we are the wolves…” Sean said then he leans back and howls. “Oowoooo…See?” He said and Daniel laughs. “Oowooooo…” he howls then he looks over at me. “C'mon, (y/n)! Join us!” He said and I giggle. “Alright, alright.” I said then I lean back and I raise my head to the moon.

    “OOOOWWWOOOOOOOOOOO…OWOO OOWWOOOOOOOO.” The three of us howled then we started to laugh. “Although, I have to say my howls sounded like a dying wolf.” I said. “Aw, C'mon it wasn’t that bad.” Sean said to me and I chuckled. “You don’t have to sugarcoat it, Sean. It was bad.” I said. 

    “I’m bored… Sean…Can I play Mustard Party on your phone? Please?” Daniel asked him. “No reception so go for it…” Sean said as he hands his cellphone to Daniel. “Yeah! Thanks!" Daniel said and he begins to play. "Oh, I am so gonna beat your score…Oof! Aw, come on…” he said as Sean and I shuffle closer to take a look. “Almost…Almost…” Daniel said, frantically, until the battery dead tone plays, Sean smirks at this. "What? Nooo! I was so gonna beat your score!“ Daniel exclaims. "You wish.” Sean mutters as he takes his phone back. “Stupid phone…” Daniel grumbles.

    “You look tired…Ready to crash?” I asked Daniel. “I’ve been ready all day…My feet hurt…” he replied as he and Sean move to their blanket and I go over to mine, which was on the other side of the fire-pit.

    “I think we earned some serious rest.” I said to them. “Yeah, I could sleep forever.” Sean replied as he and Daniel lay down on their blanket. “Not on this ground. Ugh…” Daniel grumbles. “Better than freezing out there, right?” I asked. “Way better…Now we have a real fire…” Daniel replied and I chuckle.

    “And a secure base! You did awesome today, Daniel.” Sean said to him. “Really?” Daniel asked. “Hell yeah!” Sean exclaims. “You’re like a…real wilderness expert!” I said and Daniel smiles. “Hmmm…that’s cool…My eyes won’t…stay open, guys…” Daniel said and his eyes close and he passes out. Sean and I chuckle at this. “Sleep tight, bro…” Sean whispers then he looks over at me. “Goodnight, (y/n).” He said. “Goodnight, Sean.” I said and I finally close my eyes and fall asleep.

    “Daaad…Dad…Where are we?” I hear Daniel groan and cry. My eyes open as I go sit up and see Daniel tossing and turning just as Sean wakes up. “Daniel?” I asked as Sean turns over to his brother. “Hey bro, wake up!” He said as he wakes Daniel up with a shake.

    “Sean? Sean? What happened…Where’s Dad?” Daniel asked, tearfully, after he sits up. “It’s okay! You just had a bad dream. That’s all…” Sean assures him as I go over to them, squat down and places a hand on Daniel’s shoulder. “Sean? (Y/n)? Where…Where are we?” Daniel asked. “Right here…in the park. Remember our amazing fire?” I said to him, with concern, as Sean places another log on the fire and gives it a puff.

    “Mmmm, yeah….Are we okay?” Daniel asked us. “We’re fine… I’m right here and so is (y/n)…Don’t worry.” Sean assured him. “Okay, I won’t…as long as you two are here…” Daniel said and I smiled at him. I ruffle his hair and said. “Go…back to sleep…You need your rest…”

    “But I might have another scary dream…” Daniel said, slightly fearfully. “You won’t. We’re here. Just…Just close your eyes…” Sean said. “Thanks, guys…I’m glad you guys are here…” Daniel said as he starts to lay down. “Goodnight Daniel…” Sean and I said as I stand up, walk over to my blanket and lay down on it and fall back asleep.

    “Look, it’s easier now. We’re going downhill. You just gotta keep walking.” I said to Daniel as we walk down the road. It was the next morning and we were a few miles away from the park. “Oh yeah, that’s better. Hey! Maybe we’ll find a milkshake shop!” Daniel said. “Ah yes…The forest secret milkshake factory…Keep dreaming, dude. Let’s walk a little more.” Sean said to him. “There’ll be a rest stop or something where we can buy food. I’m sure of it.”

    “Yeah…You said things were getting better yesterday…and the day before…” Daniel said to his older brother and I give a concern look over at Sean. “I’m sorry, dude. I’m trying my best.” Sean said and Daniel looks down as we come up to a curved road. “Oh! Remember that time? Harry Thompson wanted to beat me up?” Daniel asked Sean before he continues. "Me and Noah traded some games with Harry…But he didn’t like his. So he said he was gonna get us after school…“ Daniel tells us.

    "What did you do?” I asked him. “We waited in the gym until he went home…” he replied. “That’s it? You shoulda told me!” Sean said to him. “I tried…But you said to get out of your room…” Daniel replied and Sean gives him a sad look. “I’m sorry, enano. I shoulda listened.” Sean whispered, in a sad tone. “You did stand up for me…with Brett. For a change.” Daniel said. “Yeah…Well. He had it coming.” Sean said and I smile over at Sean. “Aww, such a good big brother.” I said as I nudged his shoulder with my shoulder and he smiles at me.

    “I can’t wait to tell our secret adventure to Noah! I hope Dad never sends us on a vacation without him again.” Daniel said and I frowned at this when, eventually, a gas station sign comes into view. “Hey! There’s something ahead!” Daniel said, happily. “Yup! Must be the gas station we saw on that sign.” I said. “Awesome! I’m sooo hungry right now.” Daniel groans.

    “I hear you…We’re gonna get food…water…Plus a map. So we can find the best route.” Sean said. “All right…” Daniel said, defeated. “Hey, come on! I know last night was tough, but…tonight will be better. I swear.” Sean said to him. “Yeah…I hope.” Daniel said as he walks over to gas station.

    Sean looks over at me and asked. “Sooo….do you still want to come with us? Or do you….?" 

    "I have nowhere else to go and if you have some idea where to go, I would like to go. That is…if you guys still want me around.” I said. “Of course we do! Daniel wouldn’t know what to do without his Choc-O-Crisp partner in crime.” He replied and I chuckled. “And you?” I asked him. “Honestly, it’s nice to talk to someone who is around my age, after talking to a nine year old for the past few days.” Sean replied and I smiled. “Well, I guess I’m stuck with you guys, til the end of time.” I said as I wrap my left arm around his shoulder and he chuckles. I pat his shoulder then we head over to the station.

    After using the bathroom to clean up, Sean opens the door to the store and Daniel and I follow as an entry bell rings. “Hello there.” This old lady behind the desk greets, which was surrounded by wooden statues of bears. “Hey” Sean and I greet back while Daniel sees the Choc-O-Crisps displayed near the entrance. “Woah, (y/n)! They have Choc-O-Crisp!” He said, excitedly. “Cool!” I said as I walk over to the display and look at it. I looked at the price and saw that it was basically two dollars a bar.

     Ugh….kinda pricey….but I still got about thirty bucks left. So…it’s worth it! I thought as I grab a few bars and look around the shop, Sean following close as he also looks around and grabs some water.

    “Oh my God, this is the coolest thing ever! Hey! C'mere… Check it out! Look!” I hear Daniel exclaim. Sean and I look over to see him pointing at a claw machine, with an advertisement saying it had a Power Bear toy. “Dude! Calm down. What is it?” Sean asked as we walked over to him. “Power Bear Claw! Uh…Can we play? I bet it’s easy to get a prize!” Daniel said, happily. “Yeah, no. See all those prizes still inside? Nobody wins. Except the machine…” I said and he looks down in sadness. “Oh…” he mutters.

    “But hey. We’re the wolf brothers. Let’s teach this machine a lesson…right?” Sean said and Daniel looks up at him and smiles. “Yes! Soooo…Who goes first?” He asked. Sean digs into his pocket and pulls out a dollar bill and hands it to Daniel. “Go get ‘em, little brother…” he said. “Oooo, I am gonna beat this boss! Let’s go, Power Bear Claw!” Daniel said as he puts the dollar in, starting the machine up.

    “Wait till you get a good opening…” I said as he moves the claw, pushes the button to lower it but it misses the plastic ball. “Not fair! It sucks.” Daniel said, annoyed. “Don’t grab so fast…” Sean instructs him. “This is hard…Can one of you try?” He asked as he looks up at us. “Yeah, okay. Let’s see what I can do…” Sean said as goes over to the machine and Daniel goes to stand next to me. “Yay!” He exclaims as Sean puts a dollar in.

    “Let me get in the zone…Here we go…” Sean mutters and he pushes the button and almost had it but the claw missed. “Almost!” Daniel said. “Here, let me try.” I said as I go over to the machine. I put a dollar in and start to move the crane over. “Okay…I think I got it….” I muttered as I concentrated on the machine. I moved the claw then pushed the button and it looked like it grabbed the plastic ball but it slipped out of the claw before it could pull it up. “Damn it.” I muttered. “You were just inches away from victory.” Sean said to me.

    “Can I play? Please please please?” Daniel begs. “Sure…But don’t beg! Get that prize!” Sean said to him as he hands a dollar to him. “Just watch me!” He said as he inserts the dollar. “Almost… Almost… Almost…” he said and by some freaking miracle, he was able to grab the plastic ball. “Yes! You’re mine, Power Bear!” He exclaims as the claw brings the prize over. “Bet you’re the first one to get a prize outta here…” Sean said as the claw drops the prize and Daniel digs in and pulls out the ball.

    “Oooo, let’s see…let’s see…” he said, excitedly, as he opens the ball to reveal a Power Bear toy. “Soooo cool! Look guys! I beat the machine!” He said as he jumps on the balls of his feet and showed us the toy. “Told you nobody beats a Diaz!” Sean said to him. “Yeah, way to go, munchkin.” I said as we walk back over to the grocery section of the store.

    “Congratulations on getting one of these toys…It’s been a while since anyone won.” The lady behind the counter said to Daniel. Sean and I continue to look around for some grocery as I hear Daniel talking to someone. “Hi…What are you looking at?” Daniel asked. “Oh, hey there. Well, I’m actually doing research. It’s, uhhh…Not for you.” A man replied to him.

    I look up from the shelf and see Daniel talking to a man, with curly brown hair and a beard and glasses, sitting in front of a laptop. “Why? Like dirty stuff? Uck.” Daniel asked. "It’s uhhh…It’s adult stuff.“ The man replied. "I’m nine years old. I know these kind of things.” Daniel said to him, making the man laugh. “Haha! I’m sure you do! What’s your name?” He asked Daniel.

    “Daniel!” He introduced.

    “Hi Daniel, I’m Brody!” The man said as Sean and I walk over to Daniel. “Hey hi, uh…Sorry about my brother…” Sean said as he places his hands on Daniel’s shoulder. “Don’t be. He’s awesome!” Brody said as I could see a picture of a naked person on Brody’s laptop screen. Brody seemed to have noticed my stare as he turned around in his chair and said. “I know what you’re thinking. What the hell is this creep looking at?”

    “Uh, no, I don’t mean…I mean…” I stammered and he chuckles. "It’s not as weird as it seems, though. These people, they only wanna live a normal life. Just…naked. I mean, if they’re not harming anyone, who’s to say they’re wrong?“ He asked us.

    "Nobody.” Sean and I replied at the same time. “Yeah, I agree. Yes! Why should we all be the same? Who says so?” He said and I smiled. “Heh, nevermind. I’m getting carried away. Name’s Brody. I’m kind of an online traveling journalist…” he greets as he holds his hand out to us. “(Y/n).” I greet as I shake his hand then he goes to shake Sean’s hand. “Sean. What’s an…online traveling journalist?” Sean asked, curiously.

    “Just a fancy name for someone who drives around in a car…writing about people and….stuff. There’s a few websites that pay me for these papers, since I know how to write.” Brody said. “Nice to meet you guys. You traveling with your brother?”

    “Yeah…We’re on the road. Going south.” Sean said. “And I’m just a friend that’s tagging along.” I said and Brody smiles. “Good for you two. The best way to learn is on the road…The earlier the better.” He said and we smile at him. “Well, I’d love to talk and avoid work all day but…I’m already up against a deadline. Safe travels, dudes!” He said. “Thanks, man…See ya around.” Sean said as we walk away from Brody and continued with our shopping.

    “Hey, check out the puppy!” Daniel calls out and we walk over to see a basket with a little white and brown puppy inside. “Awww.” I said as I kneel down and pet its head. “Yeah. It’s a dog.” Sean said to Daniel as he also pets the dog. "It’s a puppy! Super cute!“ Daniel exclaims. "Yeah. Super cute.” Sean chuckles as I said. “Adorable." 

    "Is this yours?” Daniel asked the lady behind the desk. “Somebody left her down the road. If I saw who did that, it’d be the last time…” the woman replied. “Awww…He must be sad! What’s his name?” Daniel asked. “Her. Whoever takes her… gets to name her.” The woman replied. “Oh, right…Oh! Can…we have the puppy?” Daniel asked as he looks up at us, his eyes glimmering.

    “Please?” He begs and Sean and I look at each other as I stand back up. “I don’t know…” Sean said, shrugging. “Yeah, It’s a pretty huge responsibility.” I said to Daniel. “Yeah! It would be so cool! Come on…” Daniel begs us. “Oh, honey…We have to have an adult take care of her…” the woman said to him, gently. “I know…I just thought we could…” Daniel said in defeat. “I’d love to…but she’s right. We can’t take care of a dog right now.” Sean said to Daniel as he pats Daniel on the back of his head then we head over to the counter and pay for our groceries.

    I look over and noticed there was a stand for a map. “Go on! It’s actually free.” The woman said to me, noticing my stare. I look up at her and said. “Really?” She nods and I smile as I take a map. “Cool…Thanks!” I said. “It’s a real nice map. You’ll find lots of great hiking trails around here…” she said and I nod at her as we start to head out of the store.

    “Hey look…empty table!” Daniel said to us as he points at the picnic table. “Let’s grab it! And check out this map.” I said as we go over to the table. “It’s our table now!” Daniel said as he sits on one side of the table and Sean and I sit on the other side. “Yep! Let’s see…What have we got here…” Sean said as he pulls out some water and mac&cheese while I pulled out three hotdogs, some chips and some Choc-O-Crisp. “This is a ton of food! I thought we were broke!” Daniel exclaims. “Not today, Daniel.” I said with a smile. “Yeah….So let’s grub out. This is our treat.” Sean said and I hand over the candy to him, while I hear a truck pull in. I look over my shoulder and see an old man driving the truck but I noticed that he was staring, intently, at us.

    “Really? You got me a Choc-O-Crisp?!” He asked as I look back over to him. "Course I did! I couldn’t leave out my fellow Choc-O-Crisp addict.“ I said and the three of us began to chow down on our dinner.

    Some time passes, and I see Brody leaving the store. "Where you guys off to now?” He asked us. “Uuuh…South. I guess.” Sean replied as he shrugs. “Right on. Pro tip, don’t feed the bears! See ya later…” Brody said as he gets into his station wagon. We wave at him then I take out the map.

    “Whoa, that’s a big map…” Daniel said, astonished. “Yeah…Hope I can read it…” I said as lay the map out on the table. “Me too.” Sean said as Daniel moves to sit next to Sean. “Is this supposed to be Washington? I don’t recognize anything…” he said. “Yeah. Me neither…But we have to be somewhere in there.” Sean said then Daniel points at a spot on the map.

    “Hey, I know! We’re here! There’s a gas station, see?” He said. “Nah, no way. We were near Mount Rainier yesterday. But it’s miles away now.” I said to him. “Let us show you where we are, okay?” Sean said to Daniel. “Yeah, okay…” Daniel said as Sean and I look over the map then Sean points it out.

    “All right…This is it!” He said. “Are you sure?” Daniel asked him. “Yes, it is. It’s next to the river we camped by yesterday, here we are!” Sean said, slightly annoyed. “Okay, so…Can we go there tonight?” Daniel asked as he points to another park that was miles and miles away from us. “Are you kidding? It’s way too far!” I said. “Yeah, you want to walk a whole week again?” Sean asked him. “Awww…But it looks cool!” Daniel whined. “Hold on, (y/n) and I will find where we can go.” Sean said as he and I look over the map.

    “Hey kids. Looks like you’re out camping.” A man’s voice said and we jump then turn around to see that the old man from the truck had crept up on us. “Oh…yeah! Just going over trails and…stuff.” I said to the man, calmly. “Seems dangerous to be out here all alone…But maybe you’re the ones who need to be watched.” The man said and we look up at him in confusion.

    “Huh? What do you mean? We’re just…” Sean started to say. “Sure hoped you paid for all that. We don’t tolerate shoplifters.” The man warned us. "I don’t like what you’re insinuating, sir! But we paid for this and the map was free.“ I said to him, firmly, as I glare at him. "Well let’s go inside and you and your boyfriend can show us what you bought.” The man said and my fists clenched at this.

    “No…Thanks…We…have to go…” Sean said as he grabs my arm and the three of us begin to stand up. We start to leave but the old man pushes at Sean’s chest with an index finger, pointing. “Nope. You’re going inside…Don’t make this worse for yourself, kids. Or I will…” the man threatened while Daniel takes a step back but Sean and I were trapped between the table and the old douchebag.

    “Excuse us, sir. We were just hiking!” I said, firmly. “Then let’s find out if you’re telling the truth. Come on.” He said. “But…We have to get going…” Sean replied as Daniel cowers back. “Sean…(y/n)…” he said, shakily. “It’s okay…Look, my Dad is waiting for us…” Sean said to the man. “Okay. You can call him from our phone. Now let’s go.” The man said as he grabs Sean’s arm.

    “Don’t touch me…” Sean shouts as he tries to pull out of the man’s grip while I said. “Leave him alone!”

    “Don’t do it, kids!” The man said as Daniel and I try to pull the man off of Sean. “Let go!” The old man shouts then he whacks Daniel in the face with his arm. “Ow!” Daniel exclaims as he falls back. “Don’t touch my brother!” Sean said as the old man punches me in the face with his free hand. “(Y/n)!” Sean exclaims as I fall to the ground and the old man gut punches Sean, knocking him to the floor. Before I black out, I see Daniel running away from the old man.

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  • Finished a follow up for a one shot I had been working on for six months. Now I’m feeling joyfully lazy and can’t be bothered to look at my other chapter for my main story.

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    from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans https://ift.tt/2M7COPt
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  • Chapter 1 (pilot)

    CC welcome, just be gentle please. It’s my first time…lol 

    Warning: mentions of death, pain and blood

    Word count: 1,500

    Tags: @catmom1978 @below-average-fangirl​ (If you don’t want to be tagged just say so. I feel weird doing that. lol social anxiety even on Tumblr!) 

    Authors Notes: I have a love, hate relationship with the film Priest. It has such and amazing cast, beautiful animations, props that are stuff of cult classic legend and the potential for a deep dark world build. You have Cain and Able fighting over religion. You have a dark female deity and a controlling male centered religion. It was made clear this wasn’t a virus, post apocalyptic world. It’s also made clear the Priests are special too but it’s not known why. Things had always been this way and vampires were another species. Yet they did NOTHING with it! It makes me visibly angry to think about. I’m not the only one who thinks so, Good Bad Flicks on YouTube feels the same and we both want a sequel. However that isn’t going to happen and if it did I doubt they would bring back Black Hat. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and present you with Used to the Darkness, my own fic that picks up immediately after the Priest film. I want to delve into the story of Vascar, who was he before he started letting everyone tell him what to do. What would happen if the only Priest-vampire hybrid decided to live for himself. This is eventually going to get smuuuuuuuty, no lie. Fun fact, I ran this through I Write Like… and it gave me Steven King and Anne Rice so I feel pretty good about that. 


    The last thing Vascar had seen was fire roaring around him as shrapnel ripped through his flesh. The vampir virus may have enhanced his natural healing ability but he felt pain just like anyone else. White hot blades of twisted metal and splinters of scorched wood shredded his flesh. It had only taken a few minutes before his body had mercifully shut down, blacking out from the pain. His mind went blank as he fell into darkness but not quite death. So he laid there, the long day baking down on his mangled skin. Vultures had ignored the prone figure, seeming to sense he was neither alive nor dead. Night fell washing the hills with tones of pink and orange before the deep blue blanket of night rolled over them. It wasn’t till the moon had risen that Vascar opened his eyes. The movement was painful, breaking the dried blood that caked his eyelids. 

    Keep reading

    #karl urban #karl urban x reader #vascar #vascar x reader #black hat #black hat x reader #priest 2011#vampup#fan fiction #karl urban fan fic #vampire#vampire fiction #vampup x reader
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  • does anyone have any cute college au destiel fics?

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  • On AO3

    Crowley drummed his fingers on the arm of his sofa and glared.

    ‘You think you’reso clever , don’t you?’ he hissed. ‘You call that a threat ?’

    The only reply he received was silence.

    ‘I won’t hesitate. I can assure you. I am quite capable of taking you out if necessary. Ask your friends. Ask them what happened to their friends. I am the Demon Crowley. Don’t underestimate me. Are you listening? Do you hear me?’

    In the absolute silence, you could hear a needle drop…

    Crowley snarled and leapt for his phone, dialling furiously.


    ‘Aziraphale? It’s me.’

    Oh, hello Crowley, my dear. To what do I owe the–’

    ‘I need help,’ the demon cut in.

    Oh? With what?

    Crowley shot a menacing look towards the perpetrator brazenly standing over the scene of the crime in the corner of his living room.

    ‘My Christmas tree keeps shedding its pine needles.’

    ‘…Excuse me?

    ‘My Christmas tree!’ the demon yipped irritably. ‘I thought I’d, you know, I haven’t ever had one before and– It’s dropping bloody needles everywhere. I’ve tried threatening it, I’ve tried pleading with it, I tried spraying it with hairspray, I even gave it some beer , but the damned thing is still turning my living room floor into a damned pincushion. One went in my foot just now. It broke the skin, angel…’

    No sound came from the telephone’s speaker, other than a faintly muffled noise which sounded irritatingly like stifled laughter.


    The angel cleared his throat. ‘Ah. I, uh, I see your predicament, my dear.’

    ‘Well?’ Crowley snapped.

    Well what?

    ‘You’ve had Christmas trees before, haven’t you? What do you do to keep them in line?’

    ‘Nothing. I’ve never really had a problem with shedding, not before January, anyway. And then it’s usually a good reminder that I really ought to take the thing down .’

    ‘You’ve never had this problem?’

    ‘Well, not personally…’

    Crowley made a strangled sound.

    But I’ve heard that it is a very common problem. Lots of people experience this, every now and again, even experienced horticulturalists. Nothing to be ashamed of, my dear.’

    You’ve never had a problem with– ngk.’

    ‘Well, yes, but–’

    ‘Is it me? Am I somehow lacking? Am I not intimidating enough? Am I not… scary ?’

    Aziraphale tutted sympathetically. ‘My dear boy, of course you are. You are extremely scary. Absolutely intimidating, when you want to be.’

    ‘Don’t patronise me, Aziraphale.’ Crowley put his hand over his eyes. ‘I’ve lost my touch. I’m too out of practice. Ever since that blasted Banana Plant died on me I’ve… I’ve lost my mojo, Aziraphale…’ He glanced at the plants dotted all around his flat and lowered his voice. ‘And they know, angel. I know they do…’


    The plants! My plants! The Christmas tree! They are conspiring , angel…’

    Crowley, I really think that you are over-reacting–

    ‘I’m not. You don’t know plants like I do, angel. You don’t know how they think …’

    ’m not entirely certain that plants have the capacity to–

    ‘That’s it!’


    ‘I’ve figured it out! I know what I have to do, now. Thanks for your help, Aziraphale. Ciao!’


    Crowley hung up the phone.

    And Crowley stood up, wearing a serpentine grin.

    And Crowley was suddenly holding a saw .


    Crowley showed up at the Bookshop the next day, bearing gifts. Aziraphale accepted them with a cheery grin. 

    Do you want me to wait until Christmas?’ the impatient angel asked, ‘or can I open them now?

    Crowley shrugged. ‘Go ahead.’

     ‘Oh!’ Aziraphale chirped happily as he opened the parcel. ‘A set of pinewood coasters, how lovely! And potpourri? Is that pine scented, too?’

    ‘Mmhm,’ Crowley nodded. ‘Made them myself…

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  • #thank you for asking these! #writing#fan fiction#my asks
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  • On AO3

    ‘No. No, I don’t like it,’ Crowley said, casting a critical eye over the exterior of the bookshop.

    ‘What do you mean you don’t like it? That’s rather rude of you, Crowley.’

    ‘What, you’d rather I’d lie?’

    ‘Well– No, obviously not. But– Well what’s wrong with them? I thought the lights were rather fetching. Festive.

    ‘It’s not the lights themselves, it’s the colour… Look, how about this?’ Crowley waved a hand and the Christmas lights garlanding the front of Aziraphale’s bookshop flickered from silver to gold.

    ‘See, now that’s much better,’ the demon proclaimed.

    ‘Gold? Really, my dear?’

    ‘What’s wrong with gold? Gold’s good. Warmer, for one thing. And more Christmassy. Isn’t gold one of the gifts the kings or wizards or star-hunters or whatever they were gave to the baby Jesus in the Nativity story? Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh? Which, come to mention it, is frankly ridiculous. Who gives those to a baby? The gold, yeah, all right, I can sort of see that, investment for the future, pay for his university tuition or something, but Frankincense and Myrrh? Who the hell gives a baby Frankincense and Myrrh?’

    ‘I believe they are symbolic. Kingship, mortality, and godhood, or something like that…’ Aziraphale murmured distractedly, still frowning at the newly gilded lights. ‘You know, I really think I prefer the silver, Crowley. Suits the colour scheme of the shop more, don’t you think?’

    Aziraphale nodded his head at the lights and they changed back to silver.

    Crowley made an irritated noise with his tongue and shook his head. ‘No, angel, that’s– Silver’s too cold. Too, too, too– Silver’s like the stars, right? Distant, and, I mean, yeah, I love the stars as much as the next person, but they aren’t exactly welcoming, are they? And anyway, the shop definitely has a gold-leaning aesthetic, not silver.’

    He transformed the lights back to gold.

    ‘Crowely, it’s my shop.’

    Silver lights.

    ‘Well, but– Well I have to look at it, don’t I? You barely go outside, I’m the one who has to see it every time I come over.’

    Gold lights.

    ‘You leave the shop even less than I do, recently, Crowley. And anyway, I can see them through the window from my desk.’

    Silver lights.

    ‘Look, who is the fashionable one out of the two of us? Hm? Who knows aesthetics? I took an interior design course, angel.’

    Gold lights.

    ‘Why are you being so insistent?’

    Silver lights. Gold lights. Silver lights.

    ‘Why are you being so stubborn?’

    Gold lights. Silver lights. Gold–

    The lights sparked dramatically and made an interesting fizzing sound in protest of being so disabused by the arguing occult and/or ethereal entities.

    Aziraphale and Crowley stopped their bickering, and stared up at the shop.

    ‘Oh. Oh, well that actually looks pretty good,’ Crowley said.

    ‘Hmm,’ the angel replied. ‘Silver and gold, alternating. Yes, that really is rather pleasant, isn’t it?’

    ‘Really pretty.’

    ‘See, my dear boy,’ Aziraphale said smugly, as though this had been his idea rather than a mistake of over-miracling, ‘teamwork always pays off.’

    ‘I’m not sure that was teamwork, angel…’

    ‘Well, in any case, that’s that sorted. Silver and gold lights it is. Now. Cup of cocoa?’

    ‘Wouldn’t say no,’ Crowley grinned.

    ‘And afterwards you can help me decide which to place on the roof: the illuminated Father Christmas model or the neon Nativity Scene.’

    Freezing on the spot for just a second before narrowing his eyes, the demon replied, ‘…You’re kidding?’

    Aziraphale grinned mischievously, holding the door for his demon. ‘Of course, dear boy.’

    ‘Oh, thank G– someone.’ Crowley laughed, relieved. ‘I can’t believe you actually had me there, for a second.’

    ‘Oh, ye of little faith,’ Aziraphale chastised. ‘Surely you know me better than that by now, my dear?’

    ‘Well, it did make me wonder, I have to say.’

    Aziraphale headed towards the kitchenette in the backroom whilst Crowley flopped down on the sofa.

    ‘Because obviously I’ll be going with the Nativity scene,’ the angel added over his shoulder with a wicked smirk.

    ‘No, wait, what?! Angel…!’

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  • Every Rose Has It’s Thorn Colson Baker X Reader PT 3

    Word Count: 1,095

    Warning: Smut

    There was an incessant noise clawing its way into my sleep; pulling me out of my slumber wholeheartedly against my will. My eyes flickered open and I came face to face with the cause for my early morning. Wide eyed and purring, his face nuzzling against my hand.

    “Boo?” I frowned, my tired eyes suddenly focusing on the black American Shorthair playfully pawing at me. My eyes adjusted to the room around me, white walls, small, south-facing window, a few house plants that had seen better days. I was home.

    I leapt from the bed, noticing immediately the tenderness between my legs and the taught strain of my muscles. Boo let out an argumentative meow in response to my movements as I bounded through to the living room – empty, as I had expected. Colson wasn’t here, but he had most certainly put me here. I grabbed a handful of clothes from the dryer to dress into them, catching glimpses of the bruises from the evening before. “Fuck” I grumbled to myself. 

    I ran the hottest bath I could stand and allowed myself to fully submerge into the scalding water. If I could just get the remnants of last night off my skin, perhaps I could think more clearly. I opened my eyes, staring up at the ceiling from the bottom of the bathtub; my vision obscured by the fluttering water. It was then that I noticed the glimmer in my peripheral vision and the appearance of another hand as it toyed with the surface of the bathwater. I burst up from beneath the surface with a shocked gasp; a hand immediately pushed against my mouth to halt the scream that was already threatening to spill from my lungs.

    My moist eyes settled on Colson, his finger pressed to his lips, signaling me to stay quiet. Slowly he removed the palm of his hand from my mouth and bent down so that he was almost on eye level with me.

    “You didn’t think I would disappear into the night, did you little bird?” He tutted, dark eyes roaming down over my naked form. My arms instinctively moved to cover my breasts as I moved to sit up against the bathtub – legs pulled taught to my chest.

    “What are you doing here?” I hissed, my voice coming out far angrier than I had expected.

    “Did you think you were free of me?” He questioned in faux curiosity. “I’m trying to keep my distance from you your still dangerous.” The darkness slipped by us in silence. “Your impossibly fast and strong, your skin is pale white and ice cold, your eyes change color, you never eat or drink anything nor go out in the sunlight.” “How old are you Colson?” He paused momentarily “29” “How long have you been 29?” I asked. “A while” he responded calmly. “I know what you are!” By now my breathing had quickened. 

    “Say it!” Colson stated in almost a command. “Out loud!” “Say it!" 

    "Vampire” I barley managed out. “Are you afraid?” Colson asked me. Surprised by my own response I stated “No”. 

    “Again did you think you were free of me?” He questioned. 

    “Considering I woke up in my own bed this morning, yes, excuse me if I thought you’d had your fill,” His mouth turned into a sharp grin.

    “Bitter, my sweet?” He asked, “Were you expecting to wake next to me? Your bare back pressed taught against my chest?”

    “Stop twisting my words! I don’t know how last night happened but it can’t happen again,” My words sounded so final yet the tone that carried them wasn’t exactly convincing. 

    “We shall see about that, shall we?” Colson smirked, his arms reaching out to grab me around the waist and pull me roughly out of the bathtub. I let out a shocked squeal as he harshly dropped me, naked and dripping onto the bathroom counter; the edge of the marble tops pressing into my thighs. He moved to tower over me, his hand snaking its way around the back of my neck as he slammed his mouth to mine, his tongue battling with mine. That intoxicating taste was enough to melt me against him – my hands reached to grasp his blonde hair as I pulled him closer to me. My legs wrapped around his waist, the leather and metal of his clothing digging into my skin and causing an otherworldly friction between my thighs.

    //The world was on fire; no one could save me but you

    Strange what desire will make foolish people do

    I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you//

    Colson’s mouth abandoned mine and I let out a frustrated groan but I watched as he moved lower, his mouth attacking my nipples before he trailed a path of biting kisses down my stomach. His hands, cold and eager were digging into my thighs – there would be more bruises tomorrow. Roughly, he spread my legs and before I had a chance to comprehend what he was doing – his mouth was ravishing me. He ran a long, slow lick up through my folds; flicking his tongue against my clit and sending me soaring towards ecstasy. With the slightest twitch of his hand, my mouth was covered with a soft, silky material – silencing my cries. That same hand moved to my core before he plunged two fingers deep inside me. He curled and worked his fingers painfully slow as he lapped at me; sucking and biting until eventually I had no choice but to bite down on the gag placed in my mouth as my orgasm fell over me; pulsing and reverberating until every part of my body was writhing against his mouth.

    “Let me see you,” He said, his voice low and torturous with intent. Finally, I lifted my lids and found him just inches from my face. “Why?” I asked, the intensity of my orgasm had left me feeling drained and emotional – confusion was beginning to feel like my only truth.

    “There’s something about you, something I’d quite like to explore,” Colson moved back from me, straightening his clothing and folding a strand of wayward blonde hair behind him, “Best finish that bath of yours,” He winked before disappearing completely. Leaving nothing in his wake but confusion.

    //No, I don’t wanna fall in love

    No, I don’t wanna fall in love

    With you

    With you//

    //What a wicked game to play, to make me feel this way

    What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you//


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  • I like to post each chapter as I finish, the probem with that is always when I finish the story I will want to go back and edit and if readers are already invested they might miss changes due to editing.

    On the other hand I want to get the chapters out there for the readers.

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    from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans https://ift.tt/34lEKKa
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  • Chris Evans x Reader

    A/N: No actual plot; nothing but pure Christmas fluff. Hope you enjoy!


    Originally posted by leave-me-colourless

    You looked at the boxes scattered all over on your living den floor with slight irritation. They were filled with various Christmas decorations and knick-knacks. You weren’t so sure you could get them all out. You hated last minute stuff and you hoped that you could finish this all in time.

    “I cannot believe you agreed to this,” you huffed at Chris.

    “Well, I didn’t technically agree, she just sort of told me,” he said in his defense.

    You rolled your eyes and went back to sorting through yet another box of decorations. Chris had told you that his mom had told him that you were hosting the Christmas party at your house this year. Not asked, told. And he had just told you only yesterday, claiming he had forgotten. Now here you were, trying to get everything together in time for the party and gift exchange that would happen later on that evening.You wanted to be frustrated with him, but he had given you those puppy dog eyes and you couldn’t stay mad. 

    Keep reading

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  • Read Chapter 5 of The March of Time here.

    Also featuring a NEW and updated cover made by the lovely and amazing @lindirs-gaze! My oldest friend in the Tolkien fandom, a great supporter, and always willing to listen to my ramblings. Check her out on here, AO3, or fanfiction.net! Her stories are awesome!

    “Now there was nothing ahead of them but empty green hills and far-reaching plains, the whole world stretching before them, beckoning them out of the known and into the Wild.

    Their adventure had begun.”

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  • image

    July 8, 2015

    Wednesday comes too quick for Oliver’s liking. He has no clue if he’s prepared to face Elio again. Everything he feels for that man is founded on the events that happened over just six weeks, nearly thirty years ago. He has no idea if present-Elio is anything like past-Elio. He has no idea how much he has changed over the years. Heck, he doesn’t even know why he reached out to his former lover. He doesn’t understand why his liking for men runs so deep and how it manages to shake him to his very core every single second he lets his guard down. It’s like a shadow that follows him everywhere he goes. As long as he doesn’t think about it, he doesn’t even notice that it’s a part of him. But when he looks at it directly, it nearly consumes him.

    He tightens his grip on the steering wheel when he drives into Salisbury. According to his GPS, it’ll take less than five minutes until he arrives. He’s so close. It terrifies him more than he anticipated. From here he could still turn his car around, drive home, tell Micol it was a mistake and that he’ll never look at this side of him again. For thirty years he’s managed to do so, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

    But it’s not what he wants.

    He feels like he’s on the brink of a huge change. Feels like this is the only chance he’ll ever get to explore himself and the feelings he kept hidden for so long. That, and yesterday when Micol showed him the rules she’d made for all of this, she told him she’d personally bring him back to Salisbury if he managed to not go through with it. The rules grounded him in a way. Micol had taken a few hours to put the list together and word it in a way she felt comfortable with. When she finished writing it down, she’d given it to him. “Some of the rules might be a bit presumptuous, but I’d rather have them in place from the very beginning onward.” They talked about the first four rules. When Oliver told her how bad he still felt about it, she’d been persistent in adding the fifth rule. He went over the written-down rules so often he has them memorized by now.

    1. Be honest about your feelings and talk about them to both me and Elio. Of course, details of intimacy are not required to share (unless all parties agree, or when there are medical issues).
    2. STD test to be done before you have sex with Elio (kissing is okay), then twice a year after that. If the STD test is up to date, sex without a condom is okay.
    3. I’m your primary partner, Elio will be considered your boyfriend.
    4. You don’t need to ask me for permission to see him, and there’s no limit to when you can see him, but no sleeping over more than twice a week (unless a situation calls for it, then we can discuss).
    5. Don’t feel guilty, honey. I’m happy for you.

    According to her, the fifth rule is one of the most important ones. Her reasoning behind it that if he couldn’t enjoy himself to the full extent, there was no way it’d be a good time for any of them. He figured she might be right about it. He believed her when she said she truly was okay with it.

    He takes the next turn and finds himself in a little street. The houses aren’t too big, but the gardens spacious and well-maintained. He’s nearly there now, a few more homes to drive past. He wonders if Elio is freaking out about this as well. Maybe this whole thing doesn’t mean as much to him. Well, only one way to figure that out. He looks at the house that appears at his left. That must be the one. He parks his car and feels overwhelmed by the sound of nothing as the engine stops making noise.

    He doesn’t know where he got the courage to get out of the car, lock it and make his way to the front door. He rings the bell and ignores the churning of his stomach. The first thing he notices is the barking of a dog. It’s a high-pitched bark, so not a very big dog then. He hears some muffled noise inside – a voice trying to hush the dog. “Bean, quiet!” Then, footsteps nearing the door. The dog hadn’t stopped barking, obviously. The door unlocked. This was it.

    Read More:
    Next Chapter (Yet to be posted)

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  • Listen for me.  Call me to your dreams…and I will meet you.   Our dreams are free and ours again…Only we will linger there, my loving Cullen.

    READ CHAPTER 38 “Never Let Go” ON AO3!

    Chapters: 38/?
    Rating: Explicit (Note new rating!)
    Relationships: Cullen Rutherford and OC Evelyn “Evie” Trevelyan

    Cullen left his homeland of Ferelden a broken and damaged young man. Only his internal rage and hatred of mages drove him to wake each day and continue serving in the Templar Order. Once on board that destined cargo ship, he knew a new life awaited him as a templar officer in Kirkwall’s restrictive Gallows. A rogue hurricane shipwrecks him on Morcant Estate, an isle retreat off Ostwick’s coast owned by the respected House Trevelyan. Unable to continue on his journey, Cullen finds company in the family’s beautiful and talented daughter, Evie. An indescribable pull draws the templar towards this noble lady who deserves anyone but his attention. Her presence brings a much needed peace to his warring soul.

    Alas, things are not what they seem. The longer the knight remains an honored guest, the more House Trevelyan’s dark secrets surface, especially regarding the intoxicating Evie. Fate shows itself in mysterious ways, especially when lyrium branded on one’s skin.

    A Soulmate AU!

    Theme Song: “Burning In The Skies” by Linkin Park & “Deeper” by Valerie Broussard feat. Lindsey Stirling
    Cullen & Evie’s Theme: “Twin Flames” by In This Moment

    *Explicit content begins in Chapter 34*


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