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    26.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    IMPERIAL TOPAZ RED MOONSTONE + TITANITE • • • • • This is my entry for @momotaro980 @momotaro980 contest I have to say that the color palette was a headache, honestly it cost me work but the result impressed me; I loved doing it. I hope and be able to win that beautiful Moonstone fusion • • • Fusion facts: Titanite's kindness and Moonstone's enmity lead to an overly bipolar and unstable fusion; since when he is happy he is very overprotective with his friends, but if someone make his angry he is capable of murder. His weapon is the fusion of Titanite's hammer and Moonstone's Shuriken Flower, a Pinwheel; which blows strong winds and each part of her can be used as a knife: apart from that he also has the power of Yellow Diamond, only more weaker • Tags, ignore

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  • bravagio
    26.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    It happen sometimes people asked me about my batim employees human appearance. I've no one unfortunately, but I've got the toon version of my Henry right from the short tombstone picnic, which is the most near to the human one. Plus Henry from the first loop and 414th loop.

    #bravagio#batim #bendy and the ink machine #artist on tumblr #fan art#batim henry#batim bendy#batim oc #Yeh I put zero care to make the fake screenshot to look credible #when there's nothing from canon you've to make some fake screenshot and cry. #batim au #ante lucem tenebris au #tw body horror
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  • gladdyator18
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Okay, background on this guy. I was talking with one of my IRL friends about adding an anti-hero to my story, someone who is neither good or bad. And then, he happened.

    Meet Diego Cortez, a Brazilian born on June 13, 2000. Standing at 183 cm (6′0 ft.) at the age of 19. He was born and raised in Brazil, but later moved to New York because of his father’s job. Diego is very introverted and likes to keep to himself. He doesn’t like conflict and will try to avoid trouble as much as possible. He has a hard time trusting others, so if and when you earn his trust, he’s a really chill and friendly young man.

    Diego was 15 when he discovered his Stand. It is known as Horoscope Prophecy. Its stats change varying its form. The reason I say that is because its ability is called Zodiac Summoning. The user can summon zodiac signs, allowing them to use the signs in a battle against their foes as their guardians/allies. The user’s sign (i.e. Gemini) is the most powerful out of the rest. Has to be in contact with an item related to the zodiac sign (i.e., touching water calls upon one of the water signs; touching an animal horn calls upon Taurus, Aries, or Capricorn). The way that he can call upon his Stand is the tattoo on his left hand. Once he touches an object related to the respected zodiac sign, the symbol appears on his hand and he is able to call upon his selected zodiac. He always goes with Gemini since that’s his zodiac sign. That zodiac sign has a range of 46m (150 ft.).

    Diego comes from a rich and religious background. Both his parents were pastors of their own church in Brazil, which was world-renowned, his three sisters were part of the church’s choir, and he was the church’s drummer. They soon moved to New York when Diego’s father was offered a job in New York. At his new school, he was viewed as an outcast, and it didn’t bother him in the slightest. That’s when he met Ishani. Surprisingly, they became fast friends, but Diego still distanced himself from others. Ishani wants to introduce him to her other friends, but she doesn’t want to force Diego to do something he doesn’t want to do, she she values his privacy and space, whereas Diego begins to value their friendship.

    I am honestly in love with how he turned out! I’m trying to add a lot more diversity in this fanfiction, so when I have an idea for another JJBA OC, I’ll let you guys know so you can give me some suggestions on what their ethnicity should be!

    More art coming on its way, so stay tuned!

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  • art-of-knightlychika
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Lay down forever and ever inside my arms Shine now forever and ever, I'll stay with you

    ~"Magic" by Thomas Bergersen

    Started out as practicing drawing kisses and turned into a whole drawing. This time giving Talyn and Ulysses some much-needed attention

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  • turtlemurmurs
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    And here’s Wisp but in my main style!

    Oh to be a gender non-conforming sleep demon <3

    #do I mostly make sonas to gender envy them? yes. what of it? xD #side note I love being happy with how my art looks #it's really nice #art#my art#my sonas#my ocs#oc: wisp#fan characters#don't starve#traditional art#prismapencils#2021#turtlemurmurs
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  • foolishkali
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Akari belongs to @uchihashisuii and my namless Naruto OC 😅

    Both are silently judging people from afar

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  • kessielrg
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [Kingdom Hearts] Messenger Chirithy

    Summary: In which two Chirithy play messenger pigeon for their respective Keyblade wielders. Why? Because Gummiphones are supposed to be turned off during lessons, obviously. [VentusxOC][nonbinary Chirithy][post-Lost Lights]

    Rating: K

    Word Count: 1,517 words

    If you liked this story, please reblog!


    Ven let out a long, annoyed sigh. The teen took a glance up at his friends, Terra and Aqua, as Aqua used Terra to move things around the training room. You would think that by now, Ven wouldn’t have to do the reading and writing portion of Keyblade training anymore. He was just as experienced as his friends. (Maybe even more if Chirithy would admit to it.) This kind of stuff was made for newer wielders like Kairi and Lea. If Ven kept reading about the ingredients to synthesis a Dream Eater, he was going to start crying tears of boredom.

    “Chin up, Ven!” Chirithy happily declared, hopping into view to distract its wielder. “You still have about three pages to go, then you’ll have a fast quiz after.”

    That only made Ven groan. Terra and Aqua didn’t even bother to turn around. Rude.

    “Kairi’s not doing reading work today.” Ven whined. “And who knows what Lea’s doing today. Not training. Not when Roxas and Xion are starting school in Twilight Town.”

    Ven let out another groan as he rubbed his face with his hands. He looked at his Chirithy with an increasing hopelessness.

    “Do you think Aqua has Sabrina doing reading and writing stuff too? Maybe I could ask her.”

    Chirithy crossed their arms, casting a skeptical look at its wielder. “Good idea- spare for one thing. No Gummiphones while training.”

    “This isn’t training.” Ven spat. “This is reading. It’s worse.”

    “Still training!” Chirithy replied in a sing-song voice. But still, it could tell how bored Ven was. Chirithy sighed. “You know,” it started to suggest, “If you write a letter to her, then Aqua might think that you’re taking notes instead.”

    Ven looked at his Chirithy. His eyes grew wide at the prospect. Then, in the least conspicuous way possible, Ventus started to shuffle through his books for a blank piece of paper. Chirithy looked on with mild curiosity as Ven wrote a single sentence.

    ‘Is Aqua making you study Dream Eaters too?’

    Biting his lip, Ven carefully folded the paper into three times before handing it to Chirithy.

    “Here.” he said with a grin. Chirithy just looked at him.

    “That’s it? Just a sentence?”

    Ventus recoiled a bit. “Why?” the teen asked in genuine confusion. “What else could I say?”

    “It’s still a letter, Ven. I say you gotta give it a little more meat. Otherwise, you might as well try to snag your Gummiphone from Terra and just text her.”

    Ven glanced over at Terra, flinched, then looked back at Chirithy. “Alright,” he agreed. “We’ll write Sabrina a real letter. It would still be a break from all this reading.”

    “There ya go!” Chirithy agreed with a grin. Ven gave the Dream Eater a firm nod before scratching out his old sentence, then writing something much longer. He just hoped Sabrina would like it.

    . . .

    Sabrina paced around her room as she read over the danger of Nightmares. On her bed, two bunny children were acting out a rather heated fight. One of the bunnies ended up the victor, while the loser pretended to be dramatically dying. If you felt like listening close enough, you would have sworn that the winner of the battle mentioned something about having ice cream with someone. Even a few Guardians felt like playing along- hanging around the ‘dying’ bunny kid like crystals rising into the air. But Sabrina wasn’t paying attention; her focus was too razor-sharp to even register the theatrics on her bed at the moment.

    She wasn’t even paying that much attention when Chirithy appeared at the foot of her bed.

    “I have a letter for you!” Chirithy declared.

    Sabrina stopped her pacing with a blink. She looked at Chirithy, then raised a skeptic eyebrow.

    “From who?” she asked.

    “Ven. Apparently.”


    “His Chirithy said that he didn’t want to study.”

    “Yeah, sounds about right.” Sabrina snorted as she took the letter from the Dream Eater. The smirk she had as she read through the letter slowly started to become a look of horror.

    “Oh no.”


    “Remind me to tell Aqua to teach Ventus how to write a proper letter.” Sabrina said as she sat on the bed, allowing both Chirithy and the bunny children to read over the letter as well. “This is… wow. Okay, then.”

    Sabrina let out a snort as Chirithy looked at the letter.

    “I think it’s sweet.” Chirithy hummed as it glanced up at Sabrina.

    “And that’s exactly what’s wrong with it,” she decided as she got up. She set the letter down on her desk before going through the desk’s drawers. From one drawer she pulled out a rather fancy inkwell, and from another she pulled out a just as fancy ink pen. Sabrina sat down at her desk in preparation to write her return letter.

    Chirithy hopped into the air to leave the bed, only to appear on top of Sabrina’s desk. The bunny children stayed on the bed, laying on their stomachs as they observed their big sis like they were watching TV instead. Sabrina got into a rather firm posture as her guided the pen across the paper. There was an art is calligraphy- one that she took with extreme pride in.


    Who on earth taught you how to write a letter? That thing has to be the most disastrous piece of parchment I have yet to lay eyes on. Paragraphs are a thing- use them.’

    “Ow. Harsh.” Chirithy noted.

    “Oh, but dear Chirithy, I’ve got far more up my sleeve.” Sabrina replied with cunning grin.

    “Now I’m scared.”

    Both wielder and Chirithy looked at each other, then shared an equal grin before Sabrina continued to write.

    . . .

    A few hours later, Chirithy patiently waited at Yen Sid’s tower. The Dream Eater kicked its legs as it sat at the foot of the steps. Chirithy hummed a rather jaunty tune to itself, even moving its head from side to side with every half beat. Where had they heard that song? It wasn’t anything Ventus knew.

    “Hey Chirithy!”

    Chirithy looked up and smiled. Sabrina’s Chirithy was bounding up to Ven’s Chirithy with a new letter in its hand. Like all of Sabrina’s other letters, it was neatly placed inside an envelope with a personal seal embossed on the top left corner. (The first two letters she sent were actually sealed with wax. But in finding that she and Ventus would be sending far more letters to each other, she quickly did away with it for an envelope that could be used over and over again.) If Chirithy tried to breath in deep enough, it could get a whiff of lavender. At this point, it wasn’t sure if it was coming from the letter or the other Chirithy.

    “Just in time, Chirithy!” Ven’s Chirithy greeted. It got up from the steps to meet Sabrina’s Chirithy halfway. The duo gave each other a respectful nod before the Chirithy exchanged the letter.

    “Is this the last letter of tonight?” Ven’s Chirithy asked.

    “Oh, I don’t know.” Sabrina’s Chirithy replied. It seemed a bit perplexed at the idea. “She’s taking this quite seriously. It’s almost something I’ve never seen out of her before.”

    “Ven’s totally lost track of time too.” Chirithy nodded. “Lemme tell ya something, Chirithy. I did not expect her to scent her letters with perfume. It almost blew the whole operation up right then and there.”

    “Trust me, you should have seen my surprise when she pulled out an actual inkwell.”

    Chirithy jumped back in shock. “She uses real ink?!”

    The other Chirithy just folded its arms and gave the first a rather hard stare. “When was the last time you saw a generic pen use purple ink that changes to green when you look at it a certain way?”

    “Point taken.” Chirithy thoughtfully nodded. It thought about something for a moment, then gave a small chortle. “She’s so extra.”

    “Yeah.” the second Chirithy agreed. It even stood a bit taller with pride. “But it’s only because she likes him.”

    Ven’s Chirithy laughed. Not long after, the other Chirithy joined in as well. At this point, Sabrina’s silent admiration for Ventus was well known to both Chirithy. There were precious few things wielders could hide from their special Dream Eaters to begin with. Budding feelings for another wielder were definitely at the top of the list.

    As their enjoyment faded somewhat, Sabrina’s Chirithy placed a hand by its head in thought. “I hope they don’t do this all night.” it mused. “This is kinda exhausting.”

    “It is.” Chirithy sighed. It let out a thoughtful hum before asking, “Is she having fun?”

    “Of course!” the other Chirithy happily nodded. “I haven’t seen her so interested in anything since Aqua’s first training lesson.”

    “That’s good. Well, got to go. She’s really keeping Ven is suspense.”

    “No doubt. See you again in about 10 minutes, Chirithy.”

    “See ya, Chirithy.”

    And with that, both Chirithy returned to their respective wielders. They didn’t know it yet- but it was going to be a long night as well.

    #kingdom hearts #kingdom hearts fanfiction #kh fanfiction#ventus #kingdom hearts oc #kh oc#kh ventus#kh ven#fanfiction#fanfic#fan fiction#fan fic #kh fan fic #kh chirithy#chirithy #writers on tumblr
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  • naimahtaylor
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Happy Birthday to Dordus Rising a friend from the social Media in ART STREET Website Aka Medibang and i hope he gonna love his Fanart present

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  • tekkitz
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #spec speaks#dreamsmp#spoopyvirgil #why are all ur ocs/fan characters baby i love them
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  • middleearthpixie
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Someone to Watch Over Me ~ Chapter Twenty-Five

    Khuzdal Translations -

    Mesmel - jewel of jewels

    Sigin’adad - grandfather

    bashert - soul mate

    Summary: Thorin begins his recuperation and after formally proposing to Seren, introduces her to one of the most serious of dwarvish customs.

    Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield/Seren (female OC, formerly of Dale)

    Characters: Thorin, Seren, Kenia

    Rating: T

    Warnings: Pure fluff

    Word Count: 3,612


    Over the next several days, as Thorin began his recuperation, he found little could try his patience the way his torturer—er, Healer—Kenia tried it. She was a taskmaster and he learned that shredded muscles burned like fire and stomach muscles were needed for the tiniest bit of movement.

    Day after day, she had him walking, stretching, lifting (light at first, of course) until sweat poured from him to soak into his tunic, his leggings, until his wounds screamed at him in protest, as his muscles shrieked at him for the same reason. But, with each day, the motions became easier and the pain eased and he changed his mind about running Kenia through the first chance he had.

    Three weeks after the Battle of the Five Armies, he sank onto the wide ledge out on the Healing Room terrace and leaned against one of the marble columns. The others arrived several days earlier, and now, as they’d done the last time the Company was in Erebor, the fountains had been made into amusements for them, and he smiled at the shouts of laughter rising from the corner of the courtyard.

    “How soon before I might join them?” He looked over at Kenia, who came out to join him on the terrace.

    “It shouldn’t be much longer. You are making great progress. Amara is happy.”

    “Is she about? There is something I wished to ask her. Well, two somethings, actually.”

    “She is in with Elrond at the moment, but perhaps I might answer your questions?”

    He sighed softly, letting the towel he’d used to mop his face drape over his thigh. “I’m moving better this last week.”

    “You are.” She sank onto the ledge to face him. “I know Amara is pleased and we no longer think you so incredibly stubborn that you do not know when to rest.”

    “I’m impatient. I wish to return to Erebor and my life, but I apologize for anything I might have said in my impatience.”

    “Worry not about it. Now, what did you wish to ask me?”

    A shout of laughter caught his attention and he turned to see Seren had joined the dwarves at the fountain. The sunlight splashing across the courtyard made her hair shimmer like spun gold and when Kili picked her up and tossed her over the side of the fountain, his entire body tensed. But then she laughed again as she surfaced and chopped at the water to send a wave crashing over Kili in return, so he relaxed and smiled. There were few sounds as silvery and beautiful as her laughter. It made him smile every time he heard it and this was no exception.

    He leaned his head back against the column. “I wish to propose to Seren this evening. I spoke to Elrond earlier, and he was amenable to allowing me to have the terrace to ourselves so I could do so,”

    “Ah, so that’s what the servants were grumbling about. They have to set up two separate dining areas this evening.”

    He nodded. “Which I do appreciate, in addition to every other concession that has been made for me and the other dwarves while we’re here. I know they—” he gestured to the fountains below—“can be a trying lot at times.”

    “They are—high spirited…”

    Another shriek rose and this time, it was Ori being flung into the fountain. Thorin chuckled, then turned back to Kenia. “What I wished to know was, I know Seren is going to say yes. Am I in any danger if she and I…” he hesitated, “if she and I were to…”

    “No. There should be no danger at all. If it hurts, stop.”

    He chuckled again. “You know, there is a point that, once crossed, renders stopping impossible.”

    “Very well,” she also laughed, “take it slow. If it starts to hurt, change positions, slow down, and if there is any other complication, have Seren fetch one of us immediately. But, I don’t see why there should be a problem.”

    “Good.” He met her blue-eyed gaze. “I’ve missed her.”

    “If you wish, I will tell Amara that you will be spending this night in Seren’s chambers.”

    “I would like that, thank you.”

    “Of course. Now,” she patted his knee, “shall we get back to work?”


    A shadow fell over Seren as she sat on a white marble bench near the fountain, waiting for her clothes to dry while the dwarves continued splashing about. Thorin slowly sank beside her, draping an arm about her shoulders. “Did you drown any of them?”

    “No,” she leaned against him, “they meant no harm. Did you see?”

    “I did.” His fingers skimmed along her hair, then down her arm. “Tonight, would you dine with me out on the terrace?”

    “Thorin, I dine with you every night and I have since we’ve been here.”

    “I know. But tonight… I’ve something I want to give you and I’d rather not have an audience.”

    She looked up at him, noticing with yet another pang of disappointment that the dragonfly she’d given him was nowhere to be found. She tried not to feel that disappointment, as it seemed very childish, but at the same time, she tried to impart upon him how important it was to her as a little girl. She’d been devastated when she’d lost it, and nearly overwhelmed by tears when she unearthed it while looking through the jars of preserves and jellies her mother stored on the cellar shelves. She didn’t understand why her mother wouldn’t tell her it was found, unless it was to punish Seren for disobeying. She didn’t know. She never would know. So many questions that would never have answers.

    Her hand slid to her lower belly. Perhaps it was only her imagination, but she thought it seemed rounder now.


    His soft tone jolted her from her reverie and she nodded. “Of course I will.”

    “Good.” He leaned to press a kiss into the top of her head. “Where were you?”

    “I was just thinking about how many questions I have where my mother is concerned. So many things I can never know now, that I never even knew I didn’t know, if that makes sense.”

    “It does.” His brow furrowed. “I think.”

    “Like, why did she lie to me about my father? All she had to do was tell me he was an Erebor dwarf, if nothing else. She didn’t even have to name him, I suppose. Or, why tell me I couldn’t have children? It’s not the best way to find out you can by learning you’re pregnant. I mean, what if you hadn’t been the first man?” She shook her head as he arched one brow. “Oh, don’t look at me that way. I know I wasn’t the first woman you ever slept with.”

    “That, my love, is different.”

    She rolled her eyes. “It is not. Men have all convinced themselves and women that it is, but the notion of my being of less value because I’ve slept with you is silly. It’s silly and antiquated and completely stupid. My worth was never defined by my virginity, nor should it be—for any woman. Are you all so insecure in your own ability that you feel you would come up lacking and that’s why you try to use our virgin’s status as leverage.”

    “Seren, I am not even touching that. I know better.”

    “Well, tell me, would you love me less or not at all if I’d been with someone before you?”

    His hand on her arm went still as the silence stretched. Her stomach did a slow roll. Perhaps she should have quit while she was ahead.

    But then, he shook his head. “Of course not, Seren. Yes, it might pass through my mind, wondering how I measured up against another, but that would be all.”

    “Which would be silly, because I don’t think anyone could measure up to you.”

    His arm tightened about her shoulders and she heard the smile in his voice. “A weight off my mind, love.”

    She sighed softly as she shifted slightly to ease her arm about his waist. “Of course, I do wonder, since I know I wasn’t the first for you.”

    “Mesmel, you have no need to worry. I have forgotten there ever were any other women before you.”

    She knew better, of course, but there was no sense in getting into an argument over it. He’d honed his skills on someone and probably more than one someone, now that she thought about it. And while she reaped the benefits, she still found herself wondering if he did ever find her lacking compared to them.

    He caught her beneath the chin and lifted her face to his. “You need never think I am comparing you or finding you lacking, Seren. For I am not and I don’t.”

    “How can you not, though?”

    “Because there is no need.” His thumb brushed along her jaw lightly. “So, you needn’t worry about it.”


    “I mean it, Seren. Do not obsess over it. The women in my past are just that, in my past. You are my present and my future, so stop worrying.” He brushed her lips with his, then said, “And now, there is something I need take care of for this evening. So, I will see you later.”

    He kissed her again, then rose and as he strolled off, he yelled over to the others, “Try not to break anything! And Nori, try not to steal anything this time.”

    “They were only keepsakes!”

    Seren pressed a hand to her mouth to keep from laughing as she sank against the back of the bench. What was her dwarf up to? He’d already proposed, so it certainly couldn’t be that, so what was it?

    She tried not to let it consume her as she sat and watched the dwarves shooting out of the tubes into the fountain, and the longer she sat there, the easier it became. She hadn’t lied when she described the dwarves as a large, rather weird family, for they were. They were her family now and for that, she would be forever grateful.

    “Is everything all right?” Bofur sank into the spot vacated by Thorin. “I saw you and Thorin here and you both looked so very serious.”

    “Everything is fine,” she said, turning her head toward him. None of the others knew about the baby yet, but she thought that, being it was his grandchild, perhaps she should tell him. “I have a bit of news, but please don’t tell anyone else yet. Thorin and I want to tell everyone together.”

    “Tell them what?”

    She smiled at him. “I’m going to have a baby.”

    His eyes widened and his jaw went slack. “I’m to be… sigin’adad?”


    “A grandfather. You do have some catching up to do, don’t you?”

    “Thorin has promised to teach me your language, so hopefully it won’t take me long. But, yes,” she nodded, “you will be…. that.”

    “And I cannot breathe a word?”

    “I wish you wouldn’t, no.”

    “Is he to marry you, then?”

    She stared at him. “Are you… are you getting fatherly with me?”

    He didn’t smile. “Is he?”

    This was such a far cry from, the Bofur she’d come to know, that she stared at him for a long moment, then, with a sigh, nodded. “He is. You needn’t worry. Although, I don’t think he’d be much afraid of you.”

    “I just think it’s time he faced what was before him the entire time. The lad loves you.”

    “I know he does.” She smiled. “And I love him and we’re having a baby.”

    “Then I’m happy for you, Seren.” He shifted to draw her in for a hug. “And I’m happy for him, too. It’s about time ye both saw what the rest of us did. Once we learned ye were a girl, that is.”


    The sun was just sinking into the horizon as Seren approached the terrace where, the last time they were in Rivendell, she watched Thorin actually dance and a dwarvish food fight broke out.

    But this time, there was but a single table, in the middle of the terrace and upon in stood an elaborate golden candelabra holding a dozen candles. The setting sun bathed everything in a pinkish gold light, and the equally golden candlelight bathed the table in its pure light. It was set for two, with golden plates, intricately patterned silverware, and goblets that looked to be of the thinnest crystal in existence.

    A gentle breeze wafted from the east as soft as a lover’s kiss, rusting through the branches, and the grass, and wrapped about her like gentle arms. She wondered if Amara knew what Thorin had planned, for she had one of the elf-maids bring her a dress of shimmering ivory silk, edged in gold, with long, open sleeves and a long, flowing skirt. She’d never worn any, never even owned anything as lovely as this gown. Unfortunately, Seren had no clue as to how style her hair, so she chose to simply comb it out and leave it loose to spill about her face and tumble halfway down her back.

    Thorin had his back to her, gazing out over the courtyard behind the palace, and when he turned, she froze at the look on his face. “What? Is something the matter?”

    “Not at all.” He shook his head, a slow smile lifting his lips. “It’s simply… you look… stunning.”

    Her cheeks grew warm. “Thank you.”

    “Thanking me? For speaking the truth?” He crossed over to her and took her hands in his. “I’ve never seen you look so beautiful, Seren.”

    She offered up a smile. He looked stunning as well. Gone were the layers of fur and fabric he wore when traveling, and in their place, clean black trousers and a dark gray shirt with buttons halfway down its front, the top three left open. “You also clean up nicely, dwarf.”

    “It isn’t often I do, I’m afraid. At least, not lately.”

    “Well, perhaps that will change when we return to Erebor.”

    “It will. I plan on being home for a long time, now that I will finally have one.”

    She glanced at the table over her shoulder, and then back at him. “What are you about, Thorin Oakenshield?”

    “I told you, I had something I wished to give you.” As he spoke, he guided her back toward the terrace’s edge, back to the white marble railing and when he turned back to her, his eyes were more serious than she had ever seen. Her heart sped up, her belly churned, and she didn’t know why.

    “Seren, I love you. And I know you’ve said I’ve no need to ask you to forgive me, but part of me still feels I have so much to make up to you for.”

    “You really don’t, though,” she whispered. “You’re here, and that’s all I wanted.”

    “I do. And if it takes me the rest of my days, I will do just that. And I want to spend the rest of my days with you by my side. I want this baby to have many brothers and sisters and I want us together to watch them grow up and have children of their own.

    “I’m not entirely certain I understand the customs of Man, but I know this is one of them.” He reached into his trouser pocket and withdrew a small box covered in moss green velvet. The lid creaked as he opened it, and her eyes widened at the delicate ring nestled in a bed of moss green velvet. It was an oval-shaped emerald surrounded by sparkling clean diamond set in gold.

    He lifted it out and sank to one knee, saying, “Will you marry me, Seren Gilwynn?”

    As he asked, he slid the ring onto her finger and she smiled as it fit perfectly. “Of course I will, Thorin.”

    He rose then, sliding an arm about her waist to pull her closer. She thought he was going to kiss her, but instead, he nuzzled her and whispered, “There is one more thing I wished to ask you.”

    “What is it?”

    He pulled back, and lifted the velvet from the ring box. Beneath it, sat the small dragonfly charm she’d given him. He carefully plucked it from the box and let it come to rest in his palm, where it looked comical small nestled in his enormous hand. “I know you only recently discovered you are part dwarf, so I know you probably do not know our courtship custom. If you were full dwarf, I would have given you something to braid into your hair to signify the seriousness of our relationship. And you would have done the same for me. So, would you do me the honor of braiding this into my hair?”

    She looked first at the charm, then up at him. “What?”

    “Dwarves place a high store in our hair, our beards, and no one touches them. Ever. Unless that person is one a dwarf knows he or she can trust above all others. Especially a bashert.” He smiled, taking her hand to turn it palm up, and carefully spilled the charm into her palm. “And I would be honored to have you braid this into my hair, where it will remain for the rest of my days as a symbol of my trust in you and my faithfulness.”

    Her eyes stung with unexpected tears at the softly serious tone of his voice. “I—I thought you didn’t like it, that you didn’t understand why I’d given it to you.”

    “No, love,” he shook his head, “I absolutely understood and I need you to understand how serious this moment is for me. Because this is as serious, perhaps even more serious, than the vow I will take when we are married.”

    She pressed her lips together for a moment to try to stop them from quivering. When then, when she thought she could trust them, she whispered, “Where would you like me to braid it?”

    “Wherever you wish.”

    “Here?” She swept her fingers lightly along a thick wave of dark hair just before his right ear.

    “There is fine, if you’re certain that’s where you wish it. Remember, I will not remove it.”

    She nodded. “Here, then.”

    He drew a small strip of leather from the box and held it while she carefully sectioned, then went to work braiding the charm into his hair. He remained perfectly still, while her hands actually trembled. He might not realize it, but she absolutely did understand the significance of the moment, and as she plaited, he said, “Do you remember the conversation we had earlier, by the fountain, about your fear that I compare you to other women?”

    She paused in her braiding. “Of course. It was only a few hours ago. Why?”

    “I bring it up because you were so concerned that I would do just that, that I'd been with all of these women who were far more memorable or whatever you thought. Your concern was that I was your first, but you were not mine.”

    “You needn’t remind me, you know.”

    “I’m not trying to and it will make sense in but a moment. Now, I cannot undo the past, or anyone who might have been in it, but you need to know the serious of this moment right now. For it is a serious moment.”

    She carefully separated the thick hank of his hair she held into three sections and went to work braiding the charm into it. “How so?”

    “Yes. No woman has ever braided anything into my hair. Just you." He turned slightly and she had to tighten her hand about the braid to keep it from slipping from her grip. His eyes softened as he added, "This is far more momentous, you should know.”

    “I find that rather difficult to believe.” She eased the charm into the plait.

    “Why? I just told you, this is something sacred to us. You can sleep with someone and not trust them, not even like them all that much, but this? This does not happen with someone you neither trust nor like.” He faced forward again. “Given the choice between giving you my virginity or giving you this moment, I would give you this one over again.”

    “You would?” She took the small strip of leather from him to wind into the braid and used it to tie off the end.

    “I would.” He caught her by the wrist to draw her around, into his arms. “While I do remember the first time, it was memorable only for the fact it was the first time. I was clumsy. Not particularly adept. Not particularly generous, either. It was over in a matter of seconds as well. And she wasn't the love of my life. I didn't even think so at the time. She was the means to an end and nothing more.”

    As he spoke, he grazed her hands with his thumbs, his eyes never leaving hers. “But you, Seren, are everything to me. And you never need worry that my mind is elsewhere when I am with you, for it never is. And you never need worry that I find you lacking in any way, for I never will. You are my today, my tomorrow, my forever.”

    She didn’t know what to say, and so slid her arms about his neck and tugged him to meet her kiss. As their lips touched, she whispered, “I do love you, Thorin. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.”

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    Stanley sticker

    This is a Stanley drawing I did some time ago. This was for a sticker for myself.

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    all the Rapini redesign idea stuff I drew

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    One of my favorite facts about Bender is that he's mexican, so we can dance to cumbias together

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    what?? an actual oc post?? on my tumblr?? more likely than u think

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