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  • Unus and Anti: [chanting] UNUS. ANTI. UNUS! ANTI! UNUS!!! ANTI!!!

    Jackie: [calling Silver Shepherd] Help! Ethan gave Anti a PARTNER!!!

    ((Sorry, I just headcanon that these two trouble makers would probably get along well xD In fact, I think you could say this is a complimentary post to my old YouTuber Funnies: Irish Accent! xD))

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  • Chase: [sees Annus and Heist, the 1 year old Iplier Twins] O, they’re so cute!!!

    Dadi: [in charge of the twin babies when Dark is out] When they want to be…

    Chase: [confused/confident in his parenting skills, especially when it’s twins] They can’t be that bad!

    [Chase goes to coddle the Iplier Twins]

    Dadi: [covers his eyes while wincing] I warned you…

    Anti: [smirks knowingly and amusedly, counting down via glitches by his eyes]




    Chase: YOW!!! THEY BIT ME!!!

    ((Now that UA is dead, the personalities of Unus and Annus have more or less solidified for me. What’s that mean? [evil grin] I’m gonna start incorporating/writing about them! MUAHAHAHA!))

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  • Hey, I know I haven’t posted in a while. Not much going on due to COVID and I’m not used to sharing thoughts on a whim without being emotional. So, what’s going on with me?

    I’m working on school assignments. Other than homework, I have a midterm coming up in which I develop a 15 minute mock podcast. I’ll share the episode when it’s done.

    I’m still writing. What’s in the works?

    I’m revising Jurassic Legacy: Site B; my Jurassic Park fan-script. I really want to have an enjoyable and readable fan-fiction to express my passions for JP/JW. Once that’s done, it’ll be shared on Simply Scripts, AO3, and FanFiction.net.

    On other projects, I’m starting to revise/finish a surreal psychological horror which deals with themes of rape, guilt, and abortion. In case you’re wondering, it’s not some pro-life propaganda. It’s complicated and works with sensitive issues, so I want to handle this project with delicacy. I will be sharing on Script Revolution when done.

    After that, I’m revising Ethereal Vanity: We Are Legion to reduce page length. It’s way too long at 130-something pages. I can’t allow that and have already cut a lot. Still need to trim here and there. This one will also be on Script Revolution.

    Once those are finished, I’ll be revising my other completed projects before sharing them. Lots and lots of revision happening.

    I will not be updating my fanfiction pieces on AO3 and FanFiction.net for some time, as I have a lot of other work on my plate.

    Aside from screenplays, I’m working on poetry and fiction short stories. I have a poetry book in the works, still need a publisher. I also want to submit to journals.

    So, as you can see, a lot is going on in terms of writing, but the progress is so slow that I don’t have much to update my blog with.

    I appreciate the patience.

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  • image

    Here’s part 10 of my small ongoing sea adventure featuring Stanley and Stanford Pines. 

    Part 1

    Part 9

    Hope you like!

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  • Years ago, I began a fan project to write a feature length screenplay based on the Jurassic Park franchise. A fan-script.

    Taking place on Isla Sorna in 1993, it was titled Jurassic Legacy: Site B and was “completed” over a year ago.

    Although I say completed, it’s not finished. At 140 pages, it was too long for the industry standard. Now, I knew when I went into this project that it would never be produced, but I wanted, and still want, it to be as professional as I could get it. That meant formatting, content, canon, and length needed to be right as if this were an optioned entry into the Jurassic Park film franchise.

    Recently, I took a break from a commissioned project to visit some of my older writing. In doing that, I revisited Jurassic Legacy: Site B. My goal: bring it down to around 120 pages. And, damn, is it a challenge.

    The bulk of the story I kept intact, but I’m making big changes to the third act which affect the overall narrative. So far, it’s at 133 pages and I’m ¾ through the script. I hope that an altered climax will help reduce the page count and make the story more cohesive.

    Once finished, I plan to make the script public on AO3, FanFiction.net, and Simply Scripts.

    My question to you is: would you like to read it?

    The older draft is still online somewhere, but it’s the new draft I want to focus on.

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  • image

    So here’s part 9 of this Sea Adventure Starring Stanley and Stanford Pines. Plus my OC Arthuria. 

    Here’s Part 1

    Hope you like

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  • Here’s part 5 of this small going Sea Grunkle adventure/encounter with an estrange anomalie. 

    Here’s PART 1

    Here’s PART 6

    Hope you like!

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  • Big hero 6 the series oc

    As my oldest brother tadishi hamanda went to college . I aka Morgan new that well school wasn’t for me .cuz I don’t know that much science but art will do .

    Look over look under here’s your nose . Said my auntie terry . She gleamed with delight as next program will be aftercare . Hmm nice auntie . A toodler name adien woken up from his name once again time .

    There you go sweetheart I told him , don’t let anyone don’t you because you are forgiven . Feeding a toodler Manuel hand book .

    As adien follow his code 123 of shapes and numbers . Today will be a great day for a spouse like yourself.

    As we packed our bags his mom Ashley gave me 5 dollar tip. At your serve me lady .

    Hiro and his cousin who mostly plays on her phone . Toni balanoly a quiz off the old block blocked her self online .

    Opps there a mishaps I took her phone and let her place with mines.

    End of act 1

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  • An Samantha The Warrior Human script Ep 28 S2 page 28 The beach

    INT. Ice cream shop- DAY

    Music: calm

    Samantha Busts the door.

    Little girl: Aah!

    Samantha: Hey little girl I give you a chance to fix my guardian or I will kick your pants! Lalalalalalalallalalalallalaa! Lallalalalaalla!

    Little girl: Stop! I have Candy!

    Samantha: lalalalalalalalla (2x)

    It turned out music reapts over and over. So Samantha kick her pants song.

    Samantha: kick kick kick take that and this! Until finally Little girl take the m’m purple color to Samantha

    Little girl: There are you happy now!?

    Samantha jumps on a new york Liberty woman staue.

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  • Writing a fan script of a new avengers film concept

    As always there’s too many characters in my scripts

    Better add more to make the story run better!

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  • Sorry yeah bored at work and decided how about a Grafitti/Street Art AU scripted that no one asked for…  

    I will post the actual PDF in the future, I’m just debating whether to write it episodic or as a feature. 


    Keep reading

    #miraculous ladybug fanfic #fan script#miraculous ladybug#platonic adrienette#graffiti au #street art au #ml fanfic #ml fan script #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste #no major pairings
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  • Jackie: [trying to track down Anti and his fellow Evils]

    Jackie’s Phone: [notification]

    Jackie: ??? [checks phone; finds it’s a popup] … Huh? I t’ought I had a blocker?

    Jackie’s Phone: [notification; notification; notif-; notification; no-]

    Jackie: ‽‽‽ hWa’ is t’is‽‽‽

    Jackie’s Phone: [notification: ad of Anti flipping the bird] ER̶R̵OR̸E̵R҉ROR͠E͟RR—

    Jackie: [gapes; understands; rages] AAAAAAAAAAANTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anti: [on a nearby rooftop; holding his own phone; glitching and cackling madly]

    ((As a complete aside: Happy Chinese New Year, All! Best of Luck to All of You!!! ♦♦♦))

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  • Fanboy Prewrites “Clark: A Superman Story”

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  • I have ZERO self control, so please welcome 2019′s fan script of the year: A Court of Thorns and Roses. I got bored, so now I’m adapting this. Can’t wait to share!

    #acotar#fan script #a court of thorns and roses #acotar fan script
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  • What Do You Have to Lose? (Scratchwork/Not Final) @AnIneffableMusical

    Here’s a terrible demo of yours truly singing the melody of What Do You Have to Lose?, a song Crowley sings to Aziraphale to get on board with stopping the Apocalypse from happening. Y’know, nearish this scene:


    Originally posted by merlinss

    Playing to Aziraphale’s hedonistic interests, he lists all the things that will disappear if the Antichrist comes to power. (Aren’t they adorable?) Also included are my terrible attempts at voices and accents. 

    This will likely be the hardest song I’ll need to translate to music notes (so far). The program I’m using isn’t all that accurate with voice input, especially with this song’s tempo. If anyone is interested in helping me transcribe this, you’d have my blessings forever and maybe some Starbucks. I know there’s likely some time signature shifts that I won’t exactly know how to capture in sheet music but I’ll figure it out eventually!

    #putting words to song #good omens #good omens musical #iris writes a musical #fan script#fan musical#singing#demo#scribbles#scratchwork#crowley#aziraphale #an ineffable musical #ineffable husbands
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  • Lucio: So the King is the strongest… HA, gonna destroy everyone with…!

    Renata: Sir, no, King just can move one space at a time.

    Lucio: Ridiculous! Nevermind… what does that horse do? 

    Renata: It jumps…

    Lucio: Ha! Jumps and murder the other pieces! I love it!

    Renata: No, it jumps across the pieces, not over them. And it moves with an L movement.

    Lucio: …So, no stepping on enemies?

    Renata: No, sir…

    Lucio: Back in my days we could use horses to step on a fallen foe…

    Renata: But we can’t… Wait, you mean real people?…Nevermind, so this piece…

    Lucio: Ha! This looks like a bigger pawn, so it goes straight, right? 

    Renata: Sir, that’s a bishop. It…

    Lucio: Don’t tell me! This little guy goes to a fallen piece and then prays and the piece comes to life again! Am I right?

    Renata: …Now I see why Valerius got tired of this. 

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  • So after seeing the teaser for the new trailer, it inspired me to think about how the movie will ultimately lead to thus resulting in this fan created script by me:

    Occurs towards the end when Hiccup and Toothless are forced to separate

    *Back in the Hidden World now filled with the chaotic rush of new dragons from Berk along with those freed from Grimmel’s grasps.  

    Hiccup dismounts Toothless as the Light Fury stands by his side.  

    She darts off gesturing to Toothless to follow, but Toothless remains grounded peering back at Hiccup who looks sorrowful at them both

    Toothless lets out a low pitched grumbling hum as Hiccup scuffs not saying a word as he turns to walk to his tail taking notice of the damaged auto fin

    In a rush of frustrated urgency among the incoming rush of the remaining dragons, he unbuckles the tail for repairs, but he pauses….

    Gasping at the sight of a bumb where the injured fin was.  A bump that has always been there since he downed him back in the woods.  However now it appears to have grown, doubling in size practically

    Is his fin growing back, he thought to himself.  

    Astrid: Is everything okay?

    Hiccup: *sigh* I know what I have to do….

    Astrid: “yeah finish getting all the dragons settled into their new home”

    Astrid: “They will be safe he…”

    Hiccup: “No they won’t….not yet….”

    Astrid: What are you talking about?

    Astrid: Grimmel’s gone, Berk’ less crowded, we can go back and continue our lives, you should be happy, you saved all of the dragons and Berk!!!

    Hiccup: Astrid…….

    Hiccup: Dragons will never be safe as long as they are with us.

    Astrid: Well Stormfly and Toothless can come and go as they please.  They know where this place is now. if they ever need to hide for whatever reason….

    Hiccup begins to bow his head pressing his face against Toothless’s side as he is unable to hold his tears back

    Astrid: Hiccup?

    Hiccup: *voice trembling, we have to seal this place……with all the dragons….inside

    Astrid: What? What are you talking about…

    Hiccup: *raises voice, Don’t you get it!!

    Hiccup:  Grimmel might be gone, but there will be others Astrid, others that will always want to harm..use them…for whatever reason.  

    Astrid: Than we keep fighting them, they have proven no match for us so far

    Hiccup: As chief, I can’t keep putting Berk at risk like that anymore, my father said to stop the fighting….bring peace,….he didn’t realize at the time, that the peace needed to be for the dragons……

    Astrid: What about everything we’ve done,?…our dragons,….the past 6 years….so much has happened….

    Hiccup: Nothing has been wasted, we’ve spent all that time training, learning about, and rescuing every dragon we could, they deserve to be safe even if that means…..*swallows* that means…that they have to remain hidden from all of us from now on

    Astrid: What about Toothless?  He can’t fly on his own, and that auto tail isn’t going to last forever….

    Hiccup: Toothless will be fine, besides with all of these dragons, they are going to need a strong leader to keep their own unified.  They will only listen to him after all.  

    Astrid reaches for Hiccup’s hand as they stand at the edge looking over the scene beholding the glowing from the giant crystal at its center

    Astrid: *sigh…you’re right, they will be safe here…..what are you going to do?

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  • Hey, y’all this is my first public screenplay. I had to fix formatting to fit this platform. So that’s why this is so long. This is heavily inspired by bat family art work I’ve seen. I’ll be posting more under #Bat Fam Shorts. I hope you enjoy!

    INT. Batcave Conference area - day

    BATMAN (38), wearing his uniform, is at the head of a long table holding a clip board. Seated around the table are his kids in full uniform. Starting with Batman’s right is BLACK BAT (13). The rest of the right side are SPOILER (15), RED ROBIN (15), SUPERBOY C.K. (Conner Kent) (15), ORACLE (21), and RED HOOD (18).

    On Batman’s immediate left is NIGHTWING (22). The rest of the left side are RAVEN (17), SUPERBOY J.K. (Jon Kent) (10), ROBIN (12), an empty chair, and THE SIGNAL (16). ALFRED PENNYWORTH (74) stands behind Batman and to the side. Batman flips a page on his clip board.

    BATMAN: Alright, before we start this meeting. I’m gonna take roll call. Nightwing?

    Nightwing waves his hand. He has a big smile.

    NIGHTWING: Present!

    BATMAN: Oracle?

    Oracle is ferociously typing away at her laptop. She doesn’t look up.

    ORACLE: Here.

    BATMAN: Dammit, Barbara. No coding at the table.

    ORACLE: I’m not coding.

    Oracle turns her laptop to show the family.

    ORACLE: I found dog memes.

    Nightwing, Spoiler, and The Signal coo with delight and cheer. Damian nods and politely claps.

    BATMAN: Settle down.

    The table is still a flurry with chatter.

    BATMAN: I said quiet!

    At that, everyone silences.

    BATMAN: No technology at the table. And that goes for you too, Red Robin.

    Red Robin looks up from his machine he’s building.

    RED ROBIN: But, Bruce, technology is what I’m here for!

    BATMAN: Yes, for patrols, not at the table. No technology or weapons at these meetings.

    He glares at Red Hood and Robin who put their swords and guns away. Superboy C.K. leans over to Red Robin.

    SUPERBOY C.K.: I guess Batman really does have no chill.

    BATMAN: Conner, what the hell are you doing here? You’re Superman’s kid.

    SUPERBOY C.K.: So’s Jon.

    He points to Superboy J.K.

    BATMAN: I promised Lois, I would babysit him while she’s at work. Nevertheless, this meeting pertains to my kids, only.

    SUPERBOY C.K.: Then, what’s Raven doing here?

    He points at Raven who is reading a book.

    BATMAN: She dresses in dark clothing and is named after a bird. She is practically one of my own.

    RAVEN: My mind and soul are constantly at odds with the sinful temptation of my father’s tainted siren’s call.

    BATMAN: Yeah, good for you, dear. Let me see… Black Bat?

    Black Bat signs to him.

    BATMAN: Louder.

    She rolls her eyes and signs with bigger gestures.

    BATMAN: Thank you!

    He looks to Spoiler.

    BATMAN: And you are?

    SPOILER: Spoiler.

    Batman looks to her confused.

    SPOILER: You know? I was originally your Robin…Batgirl.

    BATMAN: Oh. What was your name? Sarah?

    Spoiler shakes her head.

    BATMAN: No? Sally? … No. Susan!… No. No. It’s  Scarlet!

    SPOILER: It’s actually Steph-

    BATMAN: Wait. I got this. It’s Samantha.

    Spoiler sighs in frustration.

    SPOILER: Sure. Whatever.

    Batman looks back to his list.

    BATMAN: Signal?

    THE SIGNAL: Here.

    BATMAN: Robin?

    ROBIN: Here, Father.

    RED HOOD: You’re gonna want to keep the meeting short, Bruce. Or it’s gonna cut into his nap time.

    ROBIN: Did you really need to stoop that low?

    RED HOOD: Only to get to your eye level.

    Some of the bat kids snicker at this. Robin fumes.

    ROBIN: You’re the burst appendix of this family, Todd!

    Red Hood mockingly pats Robin on the head.

    RED HOOD: Aw! Is that your first big word, little guy?

    Robin fumes and pulls out his sword. He points it at Red Hood. Superboy J.K. holds him back.

    ROBIN: How about I rearrange your organs, imbecile?

    RED ROBIN: Guys, maybe now’s not the-

    RED HOOD and ROBIN: No one asked you, Drake!

    Oracle turns her laptop with a youtube video towards the boys.

    ORACLE: Why fight, when you can see these two puppies wrestle?

    Nightwing excitedly points to Alfred. He jumps up and down in his seat.

    NIGHTWING: And Alfred’s making us cookies later, right?

    ALFRED PENNYWORTH: I’m sorry, Master Dick. But I believe that the behavior of your brothers indicate that the bat kids do not deserve cookies.

    Nightwing’s lip quivers. Tears roll down his face. He flops his upper body onto the table and cries.

    NIGHTWING: No cookies? What is life worth, anymore?

    Without looking up from her book, Raven pats Nightwing on the head.

    RAVEN: There there. Who’s the big bird?

    Nightwing sniffles then calms down a little.

    NIGHTWING: I’m the big bird.

    RAVEN: Yes, you are.

    The Signal does a sharp intake.

    THE SIGNAL: If you’re the big bird, then Sesame Street’s really gone downhill.

    The other bat kids but Raven and Nightwing laugh at this. Batman bangs his fist on the table.

    BATMAN: Can’t we have a semblance of order at just one of these meetings?

    The FLASH (35) superspeeds into the scene. He looks at Batman paniced.

    FLASH: Batman, what’s the emergency?

    BATMAN: Flash, how good of you to finally show up. You’re late for our meeting.

    FLASH: What meeting?

    NIGHTWING: The meeting with the bat kids.

    Flash looks at the group confused.

    FLASH: Whoa whoa! Bruce, I’m not one of your kids.

    BATMAN: Don’t be ridiculous.

    FLASH: Dude, we’re almost the same age.

    Batman glares at Barry.

    BATMAN: Bartholomew Henry Allen, do you want to be grounded?

    Flash runs and sits in the seat between Robin and Signal.

    FLASH: No, sir!

    Batman looks wide eyed at his list. He looks around paniced.

    BATMAN: We’re missing Spoiler! Where is she?

    Spoiler face palms and sighs in frustration. Batman hits a button on his utility belt. Red sirens pop out of the ceiling and scions ring.

    BATMAN: We’re missing a bat kid! Nobody panic.

    He pulls out a bat shaped megaphone from behind his cape. He speaks through it.

    BATMAN: I repeat, nobody panic! Oracle, track her communicator!

    ORACLE: Uh, Batman-

    BATMAN: Do you want your bat sibling to die?

    Oracle looks to Spoiler confused.

    ORACLE: I guess not…

    BATMAN: Then, send the goddamn signal!

    Signal gets up. Batman motions for him to sit down.

    BATMAN: Not you, the other signal.

    Oracle types on her laptop. A beeping comes from Spoiler. She pulls out a blinking communicator. Batman leaps onto the table and lifts her up to meet his eye level.

    BATMAN: Start talking! Why do you have Spoiler’s communicator, Sandra?

    Spoiler struggles in his grip.

    SPOILER: Because, I’m Spoiler.

    BATMAN: No you’re not. Stephanie is Spoiler.

    SPOILER: My name is Stephanie!

    Batman looks at her confused.

    BATMAN: You’re who?

    SPOILER: Stephanie Brown.

    Batman scrunches his brow.

    SPOILER: I’m Spoiler! Geez, you would think the world’s greatest detective would recognize his own children.

    BATMAN: Hm.

    Batman looks at the rest of the table.

    BATMAN: Can anyone confirm?

    SPOILER: Oh my God!

    Evryone gives physical or verbal affirmations except Robin who gives an evil smile.

    ROBIN: I’ve never seen that woman in my life!

    Robin gets hit with a tranq and slumps on the table after after impact. Red Hood quickly puts his Tranquilizer gun and acts like nothing happened.

    RED HOOD: Where did that come from? Who knows? Brucey, she’s the real deal. Just smell the waffles on her breath.

    The other bat kids snicker.

    RED HOOD: Or checkout her unwashed and wrinkled cape.

    SPOILER: Thank you, Ja-

    RED HOOD: She also has her mismatched boots.

    Spoiler looks down at her boots.

    SPOILER: They’re mismatched?

    RED HOOD: Red Robin also gave her a hicky on the back of her-

    SPOILER: Thank you, Jason! I think he gets it!

    Red Robin clears his throat and ferociously tinkers with a computer card. He avoids eye contact. Batman puts Spoiler down.

    BATMAN: I guess you are her. But why didn’t you say something earlier?

    Spoiler fumes. She curls her fist and moves towards Batman. Black Bat grips the back of her neck. Spoiler falls onto her snoring. Black Bat rocks her in her lap.

    ALFRED PENNYWORTH: Master, I think it is quite necessary that you move on with the meeting.

    THE SIGNAL: Yeah. Why are we here?

    Batman hops from the table and looks back on his clipboard. He pauses.

    BATMAN: Uh. I don’t remember, anymore.

    RED ROBIN: What do you mean, “you don’t remember”?

    BATMAN: I guess, I lost my train of thought. But, I think this gathering had merit. Everyone’s here and we only have two unconscious heroes this time. I call it a success. You can return to your duties.

    The bat kids groan. The Flash looks around confused.

    FLASH: That’s it? That’s what your meetings are like?

    NIGHTWING: Welcome to the Bat Family!

    Fade to: Black

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  • *violently snaps back to reality from a vision*

    Zhongli is dressed in a dark smoking jacket and black dress pants, sitting in a fancy armchair infront of a fireplace. Rain is gently tapping a nearby window and it’s picking up just a bit. He has a book in his hands, the cover an elegant black and gold. He opens his mouth to read us the first lines…

    “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.”

    #genshin impact#zhongli #BDHSKSJSBA IM SO SORRY #i was going to be serious honest #but halfway through my brain said 'bee movie script' #the first half is a lovely image though so i hope y'all enjoy that at least #..........ngl i would love fan art of th a t
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  • Hey I’m bad at social media, are there blogs/people out there that are into screenwriting?

    If so can you like this post or reblog it or whatever? That’s something people do here right lol

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