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  • Yooooooooo guys OK I am a psychic or something, I literally got my wish for seeing Kyo’s monthly birthday videos, unless this is some fluke hahah. Definitely recommend “premium course” if just for that.  

    Also the process was surprisingly very smooth and the site remembered my information just by my email address, even though I entered a different credit card first? 

    It’s therefore confirmed that your ID does not change, so you do not need to modify anything on GBS. 

    #I mean the tabi boots and all #what is wrong with my train of thoughts #kyo-online#fan site#kyo-official#membership #Dir en grey #sukekiyo
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  • OK, I’ve spent ALL DAY working on this so far, and now time for a little nap before the evening shift! Looking OK?

    I don’t have the Ragnarok galleries up yet, but the page is there for them. Maybe I’ll spend the ‘evening shift’ doing that. I hope to flip the switch on the DNS over by the end of this weekend and take it live!

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  • Hi, 

    I decided to make this tumblr to help those who want to create a fansite, those who already have one (and just need some help - like I do!) and also everyone who is looking for fandom-related resources etc. 

    I feel like there is a lack of info and support for people planning to make their way into the fansite ~business (especially if you want to work with a fansite host) while there are thousands of tutorials and help forums for almost any other topic. So that’s why I thought a tumblr to collect some tips for those in need might be a good idea. 

    I’ll try to share whatever I think might be helpful, but of course I’ll always appreciate it if someone wants to contribute something! 

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  • Does anyone ever just… see a fansite photo and just… get creeped out? At the extent some fansites will go to, to get that picture? At the moments they will disrupt? At the pictures that are so obviously unposed–that the idol isn’t even thinking about being photographed right then, but still are?

    Because I feel that way. A lot.

    #tbh this is the reason why I think I don't even have one fansite pic on this blog #kpop problem#kpop#fan site#happypledis#seventeen
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    “Take Me Down Below” -
    This song has such an amazing hook of a Chorus, and such great back and forth vocals between Simmons & Stanley, it is a shame the song has such juvenile lyrics. I would love to hear this song re-recorded with more ‘serious’ lyrics. This song has an amazing 'band’ chemistry, I have not heard since HOT IN THE SHADE. And, the addition of Eric Singer’s vocals during the last chorus only elevate the entire song. So soulful. So perfect.
    I know, there’s a whole movement out there that refuses to acknowledge anything but “The Originals”, however I love Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer as a part of the band. This is one lineup, where I wish the makeup would come off, and non-makeup albums and tours would follow.
    I’ve said it before, add back Bruce, and tour a Revenge Era lineup as a 5-piece. That would be some 80’s B-Side Glory. I would pay top dollar for a night of that magic…

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  • A trip to K-Mart and the costumes have been picked out. Now the waiting game begins.
    The Halloween season. Any town, U.S.A., circa 1978.

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  • Archie Comics have been always one of my favorite comic books. I may sound like a teenage girl when I say this, but I’m super excited RIVERDALE is returning tonight. When I first caught wind of this show, I thought it would be horrible, and would ruin a good thing (the comics). I. couldn’t have been more wrong. Cool writing, excellent casting, and an overall fun vibe.
    The cure for boring work days. Looking forward to the glory of nighttime television…

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  • Happy anniversary Kim Possible! Back in 2014 I was part of a Kim Possible fan site called, THE POSSIBLE MISSIONS. Here is Act 1 of the first episode of The Possible Missions! Mission One! In this episode, I voice DR. WATKINS, the University President! 


    #the possible missions #Kim Possible#voice acting#voice actor#fan site#mission one #frank james bailey
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  • Should I open a Twitter account for this Tumblr fan site because there’s so much gifs of Hobi that I want to upload but couldn’t coz Tumblr is such a restricting platform. :(

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  • NEW VIDEO! Let’s check out a point ‘n’ click… fan site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMxVox9s9sA

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  • Does anybody here have any HQ image logins or tricks? I’m trying to start a Mackenzie Davis fan site and I need pics for that that aren’t the size of my pinky. Getty Images is my most preferred choice, but I’ll take whatever for now

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  • —————–===============—————-============——

    I’ve been visiting some black list sites these couple of days. I’ve been warned. other fans said mostly kids commenting there and the content are mostly gossip. I’ve been warned, its only exist to shaming every people who had fans. 

    to be honest, I’m looking for sakura thread, major fan sites seems chill, so i kinda wanna know how things on these other sites too . found  the usual “bitch” “ugly”  “nasty” comment about her are there. I’m expecting that.

     but then someone out of the blue start to bad mouthing my other oshi too there, with a very old rumor that i know by fact long proven as a lie. 

    i intend to be just a silent reader. but well… i start thinking, how if none fan read it and think its true? must-protect-oshi

    I’ve been in a lot of internet fandom discussion before, survive some of the most severe, but never on these kind of sites

    so i start commenting, just short comment, adding data and fact and why its false

    guess what

    a couple hours later i found my comment gone. it was reported as a spam

    lol it was a decent polite comment, i posted it again, and now.. my whole account rejected from the site. its admin level to do that.

    i look around… every other comment are totally just cursing and bad mouthing 

    so thats why it seems like no one ever on the side of the girls, so thats why its seems like everyone in the world hate those girls and agree with the rumor. 


    you don’t have to experience that. if you found any shady fan site, with every one look like haven’t sleep for 3 days. just leave it.

    fandom is a place for having fun, why bother such trouble, just enjoy the show, spread the love 

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  • You know what I’ve always wondered when it’s an idol’s bday they get lots and lots of cake but where does it all go? Like do they eat it all or do they give each member/staff a cake?? Like where does all the cake go to???

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  • I will be opening my own Aaron livery fan site in a few weeks which will have a photo gallery stories the latest news and other stuff if you’re interested in helping me out then don’t hesitate to message me I’m looking for about 4 people right now thanks.

    #fan site#Aaron livesy #emmerdale aaron livesy #Robron
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  • Hello there, New Hoper! We are @NHCPHOfficial on Twitter, and we would like to welcome you to our official blog site dedicated to the band, New Hope Club. We want to further extend our medium and be able to post fan art, edits, gifs, and even more updates for you guys! This is our way of helping out in expanding the New Hope Club Fan Club all across the globe.

    We really hope you would enjoy your visit! Please be reminded that if you save something on this site, may it be a picture, gif, or video, please don’t forget to credit us. The NHCPHOfficial Street Team’s number one goal is to be the OFFICIAL Philippine Street Team, so we would really appreciate it if you guys help us get noticed by the boys and his management. Thank you!

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