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  • kiwibattlecats
    06.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Pebblekit - Pebblepaw   ♂ Gorseclan Kit / Apprentice “Long-haired grey ticked tabby tom and orange eyes.” Gentle || Introspective || Sensitive || Cheerful Mother: Creampelt Father: Flintstripe (deceased) Sister: Honeykit/paw Mentor: Horsefoot Appears in Dappledshade’s Vision

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  • kiwibattlecats
    06.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Honeykit - Honeypaw  ♀ Gorseclan Kit / Apprentice “Pale ginger ticked tabby and white she-cat with green eyes.”  Naughty || Bold || Trusting || Bubbly Mother: Creampelt Father: Flintstripe (deceased) Brother: Pebblekit/paw Mentor: Sorrelwind Appears in Dappledshade’s Vision

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  • kiwibattlecats
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Wekadash  ♀ Gorseclan Warrior/Queen “Brown classic tabby and white she-cat with orange eyes.” Easily Distracted || Hot-headed || Stubborn || Caring Mother: Stoatberry (deceased) Father: Splashfur (Flaxclan; deceased) Sister: Deerleg Brother: Flintstripe (deceased) Mate: Boulderstar (deceased) Kits: Riverpaw (deceased), Boarkit Mentor: Bitternwing (deceased) Appears in Dappledshade’s Vision

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  • kiwibattlecats
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Deerleg  ♀ Gorseclan Warrior/Queen “Light brown spotted tabby she-cat with amber eyes.” Sassy || Practical || Defensive || Athletic  Mother: Stoatberry (deceased) Father: Splashfur (Flaxclan; deceased) Sister: Wekadash Brother: Flintstripe (deceased) Mate: Sheercrag Kits: Howlpaw (deceased) Mentor: Ramcharge (deceased) Appears in Dappledshade’s Vision

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  • kiwibattlecats
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Rimuleaf  ⚧  ♂ Gorseclan Warrior “Red classic tabby and white tom with green eyes.” Relaxed || Playful || Understanding || Impulsive 

    Mother: Autumndapple (deceased) Father: Creek Sister: Kowhaifall

    Mentor: Icestar Apprentice: Sedgepaw/tuft Appears in Dappledshade’s Vison and Rowanfall’s Doubt 

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  • pizzasdumbcats
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Name: Cloud gust

    Position: kit

    Mother: Soft purr

    Father: Weasel Snout

    Age: 4 moons

    Gender: male

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  • sigmasstroopwafel
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Dáfni, god of life and light and his brother Skótos, god of death and shadows used to be mortals, born to rule over their clan. During their life they brought peace and fortune to their home. After fighting an evil curse and the power of a malicious god, dying for their clans, the other gods saw the long lost ones in these mortals, and helped them regain their powers.

    Dáfni is said to protect all living beings, be it a warrior, a mouse, or a tree. He is the light of day, the sun.

    Skótos makes sure brave warriors get into the afterlife they deserved, but also banishes the evil spirited into Kólasi, making sure they never get to interfere with the living again. He keeps an eye out for those in pain, those who suffer. He is the one who keeps the shadows that lure in the night in check.

    As different as they are, they cannot be separated in life or in death. They are one, as much as the river that nourishes the plants and trees, or the sky that watches carefully over everything that lives underneath.

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  • pizzasdumbcats
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Name: Pidgeon Pelt

    Position: Kit

    Sister: Doves Feather

    Mother: Little Bush

    Father: Angry Tail

    Age: 3 moons

    Gender: male

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  • kiwibattlecats
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Blackbird  ♀ Gorseclan Warrior “Sleek black she-cat with orange eyes.”

    Laid-back || Cheeky || Watchful || Level-headed

    Mother: Silentwhisper (deceased) Father: Geckofoot (Fernclan) Brother: Horsefoot Half-brother: Thickclaw (Fernclan)

    Mentor: Weedfur

    Appears in Dappledshade’s Vision

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  • mallowstep
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    more cats need to die (i calculated how many)

    what’s my ideal death rate for each series?

    well, we should be killing 1.3 leaders (12 lifes) in each clan with a pov character per series. that means two to three new leaders. we see bluestar and firestar in series one, and that feels right. none of this mistystar, firestar, onestar nonsense.

    leaders should have, on average, 3 deputies. they don’t all have to die, but at least one of them should.

    elders can die as they please, but they shouldn’t make up more than 25% of the clan or the ratios just get really, really weird.

    now, if the average litter size is four kits (which i know sounds low, but that’s just because pov litters tend to be smaller, and this is about ratios anyway): one or two die as kits, one dies as an apprentice, and one or two make it to warrior.

    yay! 25% survival rate.

    however, keep in mind that these ratios cut across litters. so really, it’s more like, out of every four litters: one or two wiped out from illness as kits, about half of all apprentices die, and the rest become warriors.

    why so many apprentice deaths? uh, fuck, i dunno, maybe because apprentices die a lot! and that’s why we have too many warriors in thunderclan

    holy shit y'all, sweetpaw died from eating a bad mouse these cats will die at a drop of a hat in the first series.

    now, what about warriors? well, okay, if, let’s say one litter is born every season, then we have an average of one to two new warriors per season. now, this actually solves warrior over population problems pretty effectively.

    warriors actually are fairly hardy. that said, only about, oh, let’s say somewhere between 10% and 33% of warriors make it to becoming elders. that feels right.

    that means, on average, a new elder retires every 2 to 7 seasons, or, very roughly, one per year.

    not bad.

    alright, so where does that put our populations at? uh, okay, i’m actually pretty bad at this kind of math, and i’m doing all back of the envelop calculations, but if we pretend the nursery provides litters all on its own, (just to remove a factor for my ease), we have:

     K   A   W  1 LB 4 0 0 1 NL 8 0 0 1 GL 8 2 0 1 LF 8 4 0 2 LB 8 4 1 2 NL 8 4 3 2 GL 8 4 4 2 LF 8 4 6

    and so on. if that looks weird to you, try to view my blog on a browser. i know it’s a pain, but tumblr doesn’t support useful functionality like tables any other way.

    now, how long do warriors stay warriors? i think a good estimation will be 10 years, although i definitely think that’s on the low end. at ten years, we have a total of 60 warriors, if none die. if we want 10-30% of them to become warriors, that means 40-54 of them are going to die.

    over the course of ten years, that’s about 4 per year. okay, great, we lose a warrior every season. fixing the chart, we now have:

     K   A   W  1 LB 4 0 0 1 NL 8 0 0 1 GL 8 2 0 1 LF 8 4 0 2 LB 8 4 1 2 NL 8 4 2 2 GL 8 4 2 2 LF 8 4 3

    which, well, seems about right. net gain a warrior every other season.

    okay, play that out for ten years, and we get to year 10 with 20 warriors. not bad! any remaining deaths/vanishing warriors are accounted for in the following:

    some of them are becoming medicine cats

    some of them are becoming deputies and leaders

    some wiggle room for tragedies, clan shenanigins, and betrayals

    and lastly, as for medicine cats, we aren’t going to necessarily lose that many. their deaths are not on any time table. it happens when it’s relevant to the plot that it happens.

    you know, i might have to explore this some more.

    #mhrw #matthew may be doing some fanclan or pseudo fan clan stuff #the calculations were fun #i want to make a spreadsheet and fix modern thunderclan #you know#q#mine#txt#25th#April#2021 #April 25th 2021 #wbcd#29th #April 29th 2021
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  • wc-rippleclan
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    thought it'd be fun to design the leaders directly before the current leaders :) heres some info about them below the cut

    Asterstar - Rippleclan - Female - leader from 61-110 moons ago - Approx. 110 moons at death

    - Asterstar was a close friend of Snakestar, the two of them were often found hanging out together even before she appointed him her deputy. She had no other deputies during her long reign. - She was nervous and hesitant and often needed Snakestar to make the big decisions for her. She was well-loved within the clan for being a soft, caring figure for the youngest of kittens to the oldest of elders.

    - Despite her best wishes, Asterstar lead her clan into many battles against Thornclan, as she had major disagreements with the clan often. Towards the end of her last life she was distant, as watching many of her clanmates die around her really began to wear on the older leader. Mintstar - Gorseclan - Male - leader from 65-10 moons ago - Approx. 90 moons at death

    -Mintstar had an odd reputation among the other clans due to his zoned-out stares that often frightened cats. Mintstar, however, paid this no mind. -Mintstar was friendly and kind towards cats of his clan and other clans alike, though his kindness was often taken advantage of. He had to fight in battles he was uninterested in a lot, due to tensions between the three clans rising.

    - Appointing Shrewstar as his deputy was a no-brainer to Mintstar, who only wanted to avoid conflict from others. Shrewstar was stoic and calm and served as an amazing deputy to him. Wolfstar- Thornclan - Male - leader from 20-15 moons ago - Approx. 30 moons at death

    -Wolfstar was assigned as deputy to reinstall vigor into the clan, a move that Venomstar had no clue would lead to a horrible down-turn for their clan, leading to many cats leaving. While Wolfstar was an amazing leader and did what he thought was best for the clan, he also brought them into countless battles during these five moons. -He chose Deadpaw as his deputy because of Deadpaw's skills and a different attitude to his own. Though he knew another young deputy was maybe not the best move, Wolfstar had no reason to believe he'd die so young. -Though his insistence on battling kept the clan strong, and meant that no territory was lost, it wouldn't be what inevitably killed him. When a horrible sickness ran through the clan, Wolfstar lost three lives to it and died in a way that left the clan afraid of what was next.

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  • astronomers-rp
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    The clan territories are located not far from a human city, close to a lake. Etherclan is situated closest to the city, where they can find many unique resources. Terrclan settles further away, within dense woods near the mountains.

    While uncovering a handful of locations to hunt and relax, there are other places yet untouched by the young clans.

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  • skyclan-funny-name-squad
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    You know technically any fanclan could be made dubiously canon compliant if you just make it so the founder was one of the many many kidnapped riverclan cats that just got transported cross country or whatever

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  • wc-rippleclan
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    these two. they are not destined to remain friends but for now hewwo

    #wc #warrior cat ocs #warrior cat oc #wc oc#oc#warrior cats#fanclan#wc fanclan #warrior cats fanclan #rippleclan#breezepaw#moon
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  • kiwibattlecats
    23.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Sheercrag  ♂ Gorseclan Warrior (Elite Guard) “White tom with grey on the right side of his face and blue eyes.” Stoic || Strong || Soft-spoken || Obedient 

    Mother: Lightstep (deceased) Father: Hailstorm Brothers: Icestar and Waspsting Sister: Creampelt Mate: Deerleg Mentor: Tidecurl (deceased) Apprentice: Riverpaw (deceased) Appears in Dappledshade’s Vision

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  • kiwibattlecats
    23.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kauribark  ♂ Gorseclan Warrior  “Dark brown mackerel tabby tom with amber eyes.” Proud || Anxious || Loyal || Easily Swayed Mother: Dawnstreak (Deceased) Father: Ramcharge (Deceased) Sibling: Cuckoofeather  Mate: Wattleflower Kits: Rowanpaw/fall and Gustkit (deceased) Mentor: Lightstep (Deceased) Appears in Dappledshade’s Vision

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  • j0lyne-cuj0h
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    girl help i’m getting back into warriors for the 3rd time

    anyways i redesigned my two oldest ocs <3

    #my art#oc#original character#oc rosepelt#oc mossstripe#warrior cats#wc #why the fuck did i make mossstripe have 3 s's #why #also he never had stripes despite having 'stripe' in his name so uh #but i made comics based on my fanclan and my tons of ocs when i was in 4th grade #they were so unintentionally funny and had lots of inconsistencies but man i wish i made more of them #anyways about the designs #i made rosepelt fluffy bc she deserves it #i made an effort to remove the funnee anime hair but i just had to give her a bit of her hair stripe back #it was iconic so she is an exception to the anime hair #also i made mossstripe have a reverse thing to my cat where his eyes are mostly green and are more yellow towards the center #oh yeah i also gave rosepelt a flower bc why not #also i apologize for any broken cat anatomy i havent been working on draw cats consistently <3
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  • iwishihadthumbs
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I am thinking about moving to updating every other week, just since I've been so overwhelmed with work for the past few months. Just to give a fair warning.

    But! Here's a page that I like, we get another glimpse at cats in the clan and we get to see me trying to learn about lighting

    #fanclan #warrior cat oc #warrior cats#cat oc #warrior cat fan clan #comic #warrior cat comic #Poppypaw #Curly the rogue #Scorchlight#Cheetahclaw#exposition#Forge
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  • lionblazelover
    13.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I need to make a design for King but I'm not sure how to go about his design lol

    #(king is the leader of my fanclan called FallClan he rejected a name change and bc hes leader no one could say anything) #aj rambles #warriors trio au
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  • phogay
    12.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    the oyster and the flying fish

    they r nb and in love,,, more oc info under da cut

     sootpaw/smudge (ramble) (right)

    - rouge taken in by sleetclan as an apprentice, but spends their time split between living in-clan and roaming

    - very curiosity-driven, a little bit of a thrill-seeker

    - insecure about their place in sleetclan, not great at opening up

    - good at telling stories! very popular with kits and younger apprentices because of this dsjkdsfj

    cowpaw/spots (left)

    - medicine cat apprentice! they’re being trained by thunderbarge

    - amicable, a good listener

    - won’t let things lie and not much of a pushover, prone to prying

    - learnt how to prepare travelling herbs thanks to ramble, they’ve become very skilled at it because of how much they fuss over them

    #my art #warrior cats oc #fanclan #inspo for the bg is from kevin ayer's shooting at the moon!
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