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  • I can’t believe I have to be anime on main, but y’all are making me do it : Do not, and I repeat, follow me (and I will unfollow you if I didn’t realize it sooner) if you ship bakudeku or any other pairing like that.

    Relationships between a bully and his victim, past or present, isn’t cute or whatever the fuck you think. It’s abusive and unhealthy, and you keep that away from me and other people. Also, some of you are grown-ass adults and should think twice about the type of content you reblog and interact with, these two characters are 16 years old for fuck’s sake.

    #public message#anime#animanga#manga #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #anti bakudeku#abuse tw#bullying#shipping#fandom#mha#bnha#anti bkdk #unfollow me if you ship them
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  • POV: youre a white person and you can say with complete conviction that gay asians who use the term uke to describe himself have internalized homophobia

    you tell him that despite being a total stranger online.

    your url is bottomdanmeicharacter. you see no irony in this.

    #im just #never gonna get over this #it was enraging at first #but now? #now it's fucking hilarious #antis#fandom
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  • image

    Prett sure fandom made up this word.

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  • First Line Tag Meme

    Rules: Share the first line of a WIP, and the tag as many people as there are words in it.

    Tagged by: @elloryia thanks, Ell ❤

    Heir to Hogwarts, unpublished WIP:

    When Harry James Potter entered Hogwarts one month after his sixteenth birthday, everything changed.

    Because I write long ass sentences all the time, I’m going to be a rebel and not tag anyone 😂

    If you want to do it, consider yourself tagged and @ me 😊

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    Alucard flirting with you.

    Alucard: “I must be in a museum, because you truly are a work of art”

    You: *blushes hard*

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  • Man this fandom is so toxic OMG. Like, calm down okay?

    Artwork by MonoriRogue

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  • Who’s y/n and why they fuckin all these random-ass characters?

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  • #su#steven universe #steven universe futures #suf#fandom
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  • I think my favourite fan theory to come out of Black Friday is that Linda, Gerald, and Gary are in a consensual polyamorous relationship

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  • Do you think that Frank and Alice Longbottom could be healed, with the appropriate psychiatric help?

    Need answers so I can plan my fanfiction… 😏

    #fan theory#fandom#fanfic#neville longbottom #help me write my story #send me anything #send help #i need answers
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  • Sorry for the inactivity!

    This may be a long, partly personal rant, so if you’re only interested in facts: there is a summary at the end of the post.😊

    I stopped writing at the end of last year due to the pressure university put on me and some more personal issues. My country is currently on lockdown and has been for more than 2 weeks now. I wanted to finish my bachelor’s this summer, and now at least one mandatory lab is postponed until after the crisis, which means I’ll maybe need one semester or even one year longer to get my degree. I may procrastinate often, but I’m also very determined to in the end get my things done in time, so that hit me very hard. My mood was quite terrible for the past 15 days. Additionally, I’m living with my mum who is part of the risk group, so I’m following the rules very strictly (don’t get this wrong, I’m super glad I’m at home with her).

    On the other hand, I got more time now, and I really want to start writing again. It has helped me in the past to express my emotions through my (rather short) pieces of work, and I hope that this international crisis and all the problems I personally have to cope with are reason enough for my creativity to wake up from it’s extended sleep.

    I want to thank everyone who is still interacting with my blog and coping with my shit. Special thanks to the incredible @itssilverinia and the legend @baranskini (who doesn’t even know me but idc) who both came back from their hiatus and thus inspired me to at least consider reading and writing fandom-related things again. Last but not least gigantic thanks to the lovely @heartslockhart for their never ending support. I would’ve never started writing fanfics without you! 🖤

    To summarise: I’m sorry for being inactive. I’ll try start writing again soon, and I hope the next step will be posting some fanfics (or complete some, lol) or other works of mune. Also, I’ll answer all the asks in my ask box slowly, please be patient with me. My ask box and my DMs are of course always open for you guys. I appreciate everyone of you who interacts with me and/or my work, doesn’t matter in which way! 🖤

    #never ending thanks to the people who know me irl #this is super embarrassing lol #you have to cope with my shit in the real world without the possibility to escape and that's hard #fandom #The Good Wife #The Good Fight #Diane Lockhart #and all the others
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  • Never Again

    Request by @littleticklishlee

    Word Count: 494

    Prompt: You call your dad tiny. Definitely not one of your best ideas.


    Originally posted by avkwafina

    “Hey dad!” You plopped down the stairs to see your dad - aka Ant-Man - working on his suit helmet. He seemed extremely invested in his helmet and didn’t respond to your greeting, so you proceeded with a “Watcha doooin?”

    “I’m workin’ bug.” He said in a please-go-away-I’m-busy tone. You, on the other hand, were bored out of your mind, and what better way is there to occupy yourself than bothering your dad?

    You giggled at his nickname for you. “Shouldn’t I be calling you bug?”

    “Why would you call me bug?” As he was face-deep in his helmet.

    “Well… because… you know…” He didn’t know. And this situation made for the perfect way to get on your dad’s nerves. “…you’re a teeny tiny little ant.” You said as you squeezed the tips of you index and thumb finger together, emphasizing just how teeny tiny your dad was when he shrank to his superhero form.

    He finally picked his head up from his work and looked straight at you. “Who’re you calling tiny?”

    “You!” You said with a great smile. Clearly your dad wasn’t amused considering the daring look on his face. “You’re a cute, tiny, little, itty bitty bug!” You said with a poke to your dad’s side between every adjective.

    “So that’s how you wanna play? Ok.” Setting down the tools in his hand, he rose up from his chair and immediately went to grab you. You surprisingly dodged his first grab, but unfortunately weren’t fast enough for the second one.

    As he had you in his arms you tried with all of your might to escape him, but you were only ten years old for God’s sake! There was no getting out of this one.

    “Haha! Watcha gonna do now? Huh?” He said as he poked and prodded at your sides, eliciting light giggles from you.

    You honestly had no idea what was coming. If you had, you probably would’ve been a bit more diligent in the escaping part of this whole mess. And without warning, your dad set you onto the couch and started wriggling his fingers all over your stomach, making you squeal with laughter.

    “Dahahahad! Stahahahahap!!” You tried pushing at his hands in an effort to escape the tickley feelings but there was no use.

    “Stop what? I’m sorry y/n but I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Yehehes yohohou doHOHOHO!” He began scribbling his fingers under your arms, prompting you to clamp your arms down and trapping his hands in the process.

    “Do I? Oh yeah you’re right! I do! Lemme just make sure of oooone more thing.” And with that he nuzzled your shirt up with his head and blew a giant raspberry on your tummy.

    “HAHAHAHHA!” You shrieked with laughter, and thankfully the dreaded torture had ceased.

    “You gonna call me tiny again?” As he pointed his finger at you.

    “No! Never again!” You said quickly. He smiled at your response.

    “That’s what I thought.”

    #tickle#tickling#ticklish#tickling community #ticklish!reader #ler!antman #ler!scott #scott lang#antman #lee!reader #reader fill in #reader fic#lee#lee mood#ler#ler mood #mcu tickle fic #tickle fic#fanfic#fandom
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  • Ok, so just hear me out.

    Remember how in ACOWAR, Eris came to the Court Of Nightmares and they had this meeting thing? Keir almost asked for permission before leaving mentioning a certain Lord Thanatos and his daughter.

    So, now in Greek mythology, Thanatos is Death personified. He’s exclusive to peaceful deaths. He’s the son of Nyx (Night) and Erebos (Darkness). Now do you see where I’m going?

    There’s only one mention of Thanatos in the entire series, and his having ‘trouble’ with his daughter. But because of this interesting connection, I found it odd that this was the only way he was mentioned. Thanatos is also loosely connected to the three Fates. One of whom is named Clotho.

    I don’t know if I’m going somewhere with this, but I’d love to know your thoughts.

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  • image

    The Sherlock Roleplay Amino is an online community for multifandom Sherlock fans, artists, bloggers, and roleplayers. Learn more about it at this link: https://aminoapps.com/c/sherlock-role-play-9170614

    It’s basically a mini Sherlock kingdom of fanart fanfiction and news. And it could be yours. Spread the word!

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  • #the good doctor #season 3 #and I'm not even mentioning half of my ship ? #fandom#fandom problems
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  • Who else has big problems on their computer (not smartphone) with the new Tumblr design or its effects?
    My browser crashed four times although the Google Chrome Cache was nowhere near its maximum. This means for me, I can’t scroll through all the posts of the last night in my dashboard anymore, I just can’t reach the point where I turned off my computer the night before. And that in turn means that I can’t see and reblog a lot of new posts, especially those that have had less attention. Does Tumblr expect me to check my +850 followed blogs, one by one now? Really? Then what about single reblogs of posts I can’t know about yet, by fans with less popularity? Will these posts get lost in the masses from now on?

    #fandom#tumblr #new design and features #problems
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