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  • zayce4
    11.04.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Can somebody make a meme about that:

    Mc: *doesn't have a father or parent shows anger for 1 second*

    Fandom: he shall be ABUSIVE

    Also them: makes fanfics about:





    I mean... It's nOt liKe I reAd thoSe fanfiCs myseLf hEh- SHHHH

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    11.04.2021 - 16 minutes ago
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  • larrygoldmine
    11.04.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER REC : here you can find several fics where one is best friends with the other's sibling

    ❥ bloodline by banana_louis

    tags : alcohol, smut, drugs, spanking, edging

    SUMMARY : Louis doesn't know how to feel when his best friend, Liam, finds out about a brother that he never knew, who was placed for adoption before he was born and is bursting into his life at twenty-four years old.

    Louis is very wary of the man who might replace him. He has always thought of Liam as his own brother.

    What if Liam doesn't need him anymore? What if there's no room for Louis? After all, blood runs thicker than water.

    Louis doesn't like Liam's new brother and he doesn't even know him. That's irrelevant, though.

    He doesn't like him. He doesn't trust him. He doesn't want him hanging around. He doesn't want anything to do with him.

    That is, until he meets him. (177k)

    ❥ best friend's brother by dirtylarrystylinson

    tags : minor harassment, smut

    SUMMARY : Harry Styles, 17, has been best friends with Liam Tomlinson for a couple of years. When he meets Louis Tomlinson, Liam's hot older brother, sexual tension ensues, too powerful to be ignored.

    But will Liam discover the sexual connection between his best friend and brother? And will it ever be resolved? (85k)

    ❥ want you more than a by thecellardoor

    tags : smut

    SUMMARY : Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level. (78k)

    ❥ teenage dreams in a teenage circus by orphan_account

    tags : smut

    SUMMARY : The three of them have always been a unit, seamlessly pulling pranks to get revenge and keep life interesting. The last few months of sixth form bring about a lot of changes, however. Gemma refuses to let anything stop her from getting into her top-pick uni, Perrie second-guesses what makes her special, and Louis breaks the most common of friend codes: he falls for his best mate's little brother. A coming-of-age tale rife with sneaking around, late-night vandalism, first times, successes, and jealousy. (51k)

    ❥ sand in my shoes, head over feet by awriterwrites

    tags : smut, age difference

    SUMMARY : The last thing Louis wants to do is babysit a bunch of kids this summer. Especially not for three weeks at his family's summer home. No, he'd rather stay home and wallow in self-pity. He definitely doesn't want to sleep under the same roof as his sister's friend, who happens to be a spectacle of a boy: wide eyed, curly haired, long legged and virtual sex on legs. (45k)

    ❥ with the sun rising by tomlinsontoes

    tags : smut

    SUMMARY : Louis had been living in NYC for two years now while studying at NYU, and was probably the least social 21-year-old ever. Somehow he got roped into his sister's brilliant idea of getting her college best friend to help him branch out and meet people. Only there was one problem — Harry Styles is like the hottest thing on two legs and Louis' not ready to see a much older version of the boy who filled his fantasies as a teenager. (33k)

    ❥ when the stars come out by briamaria

    tags : smut, very light dom/sub

    SUMMARY : Louis pretends to be Gemma's boyfriend for her horrid cousin's wedding but fate is a nasty jerk and throws Harry in his way. (30k)

    ❥ it’s been awhile (since i’ve felt butterflies) by sweetenough

    tags : smut, dom/sub undertones

    SUMMARY : In which Louis works in an ice cream parlor and Harry is Gemma's cute little brother who starts working there, as well. (21k)

    ❥ let me give you my life by midnightskies

    tags : smut

    SUMMARY : Gemma has one rule for Louis while he stays with her family at Christmas; not to hook up with her little brother, so of course that's the one thing Louis does. (14k)

    ❥ 'cause you’re all i want now by supernope

    SUMMARY : Gemma leans into Louis’ side. “He literally never stops talking about Israel, he’s such a kvetch. H, I doubt Louis wants to hear about how -”

    “It’s alright,” Louis cuts in, resting a hand on Gemma’s wrist. He likes Harry, likes his enthusiasm and yearning for something that holds such a vital place in Louis’ heart. “I understand. Hey.” He kicks out so he can nudge Harry’s shin with his socked toes. “Come with me next time, Curly. I’ll make sure you get an authentic tour.”

    Harry’s answering smile is radiant, and Louis thinks their mums might be way off base in trying to set him and Gemma up, but he wouldn’t mind getting to know Harry a bit better. (13k)

    ❥ shoot me from my left by givemesumaurgravy

    tags : smut, age difference

    SUMMARY : Sixteen year old Harry takes one of his sister’s twenty-one year old friends to the bathroom of his parent’s cabin to get him to fuck him so he can record the whole thing. (9k)

    ❥ baby, you and i are undeniable by yoobanana

    SUMMARY : Louis is Gemma’s bestfriend and Harry’s the little brother with a crush, but he may not be the only one.

    Louis’ a menace and Harry can’t help but love every minute that Louis tries to embarrass him for his own good.

    So the only thing to do is to do is to it right back. (8k)

    ❥ harder to hide than i thought by dangerbears

    SUMMARY : Ridiculous self-indulgent high school au. louis's best friend's little brother suddenly got very attractive. (6k)

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  • jdteahour
    11.04.2021 - 53 minutes ago
    #jdteahour#ask jdteahour #the jasmine dragon teahour #atla#zutara#podcast #avatar the last airbender #zuko#katara#zutara podcast#fandom
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  • sorrybutblog
    11.04.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Fandom Past

    I haven’t written fic since 2007. Before DH came out, I wrote Ron/Hermione that is probably still floating around on fan fiction.net. I was in middle school. A friend and I would spend our 5th period science class swapping spiral notebooks to edit each other’s drafts, written in pencil. She wrote Lily/James. It’s a miracle our teacher never caught us, confiscated the notebooks, etc, but I learned later that she was going through a tough break-up, and there were 36 kids in the class, five of whom were 13 year olds named Ben, so I guess there were bigger things on her mind. My memory is that we watched a lot of movies.

    After DH came out, I wrote a few chapters of a Rose/Scorpius story, and then lost interest. My friend who I wrote with drifted away as well. We had very different parents and permissions as high schoolers hah. 

    In college, I read an article on Jez (RIP blogging) about Michael Phelps rpf, and that was the first time I learned of ao3. Without knowing anything about the sport, I devoured hockey rpf, and when I ran out of things to read, I found Sterek instead. I’ve still never watched an episode of Teen Wolf. 

    And then, Patrick Kane did some fucked up shit, fic about a show I’d never watch lost its appeal and I didn’t think about ao3 for another 4 years. 

    And then, I randomly watched the first season of Outlander on Netflix. I guess I’m a sucker for the suggested content. Netflix pushed Outlander hard in fall 2019, and my bf and I watched season 1. I loved it. I got the book from the library. The first book was so fun. The sequels less so. I missed Claire and Jamie. So I went to ao3, looking for something to read.

    It didn’t take long to finish all of the Claire/Jamie. I sorted all of ao3 by kudos and found Drarry. 

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  • capaldisfloofyhair
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Alright are you ready to smile?

    You made it!

    Don't worry, I think it'll take a while until your face returns to normal. Keep on smiling 😉
    #best smile#peter capaldi#doctor who#12th doctor #bbc doctor who #bbc#whovian #doctor who cast #dw#actor#smile#fandom#fanpage#love #im in love #my face hurts now
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  • imetyouonljpodcast
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I Met You On LJ → Episode #031: Going to the Matrix with It’s All Fandom

    Pain and lust are much easier to process through men. It’s why A/B/O exists. We don’t want to do things to other women that would be embarrassing or shameful to us.
    #fandom#fanfiction #alpha beta omega #alpha/beta/omega verse#omegaverse#whump #31. going to the matrix
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  • scrabbleknight
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I genuinely do not like that little girl.

    #ironically this is not an unpopular opinion #karli has a very divisive following #also why are people hating on john and using lemar for it #dude was his bucky #unlike bucky lemar died while john was emotionally unstable and already at his breaking point #dont use a character's death just to prove a point on why another character sucks #that's just wrong #i love steve but damn john really facing far more pressure than cap did #tfatws#us agent#mcu#fandom#karli morgenthau #the falcon and the winter soldier #meme
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  • enchantedpersephone
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    There's a taste in my mouth that I try to explain

    It's sweet like sugar with a drop of pain

    And a hint of the kiss that kept me sane

    You're my purple candy high

    And I'm really craving you

    I'm really craving you

    #fred weasley#hermione granger#hp universe #i ship these two so hard #fremione#weasley family #fred and george #purple candy high #new friends#fandom#fredmione #i ship it #hp
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  • fandom-imagination-ss
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Imagine: your father Tony hearing that Steve is debuting on returning back too the past for Peggy even those he’s engaged too you.. and it’s a week before the wedding.

    “Your going too wait a week before my sweet baby girls wedding too break heart!” Tony snapped going towards his co-worker he’s friend. Steve Rogers. He’s held back as Steve takes it. He lets Tony Rant. There was nothing he could say too make this better. He was Leaving his love for another and No. amount of apologies will make this better. He was breaking his friends trust, a trust he honoured and protected when he first Asked Tony too have permission too ask you out. The trust too protect and love you forever. which he will. Just not in this time. Tony was furious Right now you were at the dress shop with your Step mom Piper, Nat, and Wanda trying on your dressing the final fitting before the wedding.

    Steve hasn’t told you yet, he thought telling Tony first was a good idea. Bucky and Sam were in the corner Stunned hearing Steve’s plan. Bucky couldn’t believe Steve was giving you up. The first girl too ever make him Smile so widely that it made Steves cheeks hurt. the Same girl who listened too oldies music and was a Doll. She was the perfect women. And Bucky always stated how Lucky Steve was too have you. A shy, brilliant Strong, brave girl who didn’t take crap from nobody and took the time too Show both him and Steve the new world. Teaching them about the future. You are the bridge too the past and the future. Your love for vintage things , movies, books, music. Was what connected you too Steve and your loyalty too your family and your friends made Steve think he could finally have everything he ever wanted. But the trip back too the past. When he saw a glimpse of Peggy in her office.. and Steve was back too Peggy.

    Tony was cursing loudly as Bucky walked over and Pouched his best friend, eh’s brother Straight in the face.which made the entire room quite. Steve let Buck hit him over and over until Sam and Hulk aka Bruce dragged Bucky of him as he cursed out that he never deserved y/n in the first place and that he will regret doing this too her. Before being pulled away too cool off.

    Steve telling you about this decision later that evening went as well as you would expect a heart break too go. Steve left and you were in your wedding dress pissed ass drunk. One realizing he was serious. When everyone found you. Tony was beyond furious while Wanda was stunned. You looked up at Bucky and your heart Sank lower.

    this betrayal was painful but Not as painful as Steve abandoning Bucky too be alone. he’s brother? Hes’ best friend since he was a boy. Leaving Bucky alone? You shot up hugging Bucky tightly crying saying you were so sorry that he didn’t deserve this . Bucky held onto you tightly as he cried into your shoulder.

    the next day still drunk now full of anger at Steve betrayal you got too the time mechine and were inches from going back in time till Bucky stopped you as you screamed that someone had too give Steve a piece if their mind. He slipped. Away while everyone was focused on your heartbreak. But you were more furious about the heart Steve also left behind.

    Your anger lead too Bucky making sure you were alright. And eventually over time that anger was gone and you were healed from Steve’s betrayal and you were fighting your urges for Bucky. Who originally fought against his own emotion and attraction for you . Since you were Steve’s girl but then Sam reminded him that you weren’t. You weren’t Steves girl- he’s girl was Peggy you were Single. And Bucky soon put a stop too that.

    a year later

    No one was more shocked about the outcome then Bucky. Finding Peace finally after all this time, finding a reason too better himself too be a better man. Too put his past behind him too be with you. It still surprised him a few morning when he wakes up too see you stretched out beside him snoring or your arms holding him tightly as you spoon him. He never thought he would enjoy being the little Spoon but he loved it with you. Majority of the time it’s him being the big spoon but sometimes it’s you holding him tightly.

    this morning was No different. He woke up from the start of a nightmare too feel your cold hand on his bare chest. He opened his eyes fast feeling your hand too see your Engagement Ring it was Small and Simple. He hated it was so small when he went Ring shopping but you cried at how perfect it was. Your nails stretched his chest as he relaxed pulling the blankets up too re cover you as he held your hand as you muttered. “Bucky.”

    he looked over seeing you were still smile as you smiled into your pillow. At First he thought this would never work out, Not with you No matter how badly he wanted this. He was worried about your past with Steve. He was the better man all the way around. But the first night when he slept over he heard you talking in your sleep and it was all about him and he was convinced he was safe from a heartbreak.

    in the morning you got. Up looking over seeing Bucky was awake as you spoke, “morning sleepy head.” He chuckled as he spoke, “your the one who slept in.” Chuckling shaking your head, “no- see that would mean I am late. And I canceled everything this morning.”


    ‘Piper wants too start wedding dress shopping.”

    “you have a dress.”

    looking at Bucky you laughed softly , “Yea- that’s my dress too Steve- i can’t re use it.”

    “you never used it- he never saw it right.”

    You nodded your head as you sat up sliding up onto his lap as he smiled looking at you. “Babe- I’m not using that dress- it’s a completely different Venue- plus I’m donating that dress.it’s in the donation box. Out in the living room.” He breathed deeply leaning his head against the headboard.

    your wedding too Steve was going too be a big event. Your Wedding too Bucky was going too be just the avengers. A pot luck sort of wedding. You had billions of dollars but you just wanted close family and friends. You and Bucky decided too move out of the city too a farm house. Too have. Air and breath and too start your future. Your Dad loved the idea. Since he, Piper and your sister Morgan were at a lake house now. You were going too live close. (Not too close) but the reception was at your new house and your honeymoon was going too the mountains a normal. Originary life.

    “you sure?”

    you smiled brightly hearing him asking as you wrapped your arms around Buckys neck reaching over. Kissing him.

    “Babe. I love you. I want the small wedding and just our close friends. And i want too have you with me forever. I don’t want the big wedding I just want you. I would go down too the city hall and marry you today if you would let me.” He chuckled softly stealing another kiss. The kisses were gettting heated until the door rang. It broke you both up as you both cursed as Bucky suggested too ignore it but you spoke, “it could be Piper- she could be early. You get Piper i’ll find my pants..”

    He groaned softly but you got off him searching the floor finding your PJ pants. Bucky walked out heading too the front door as he got too the front door he opened it saying hey piper too be stunned too see Steve.

    who was also stunned seeing Bucky shirtless at 7 am. At your apartment. Steve stared at Bucky as he tensed up, “what you doing here?”

    Steve was young he barely aged as Bucky spoke, ‘I- Y/N.. It’s Not Piper...”

    he called out stunned as Steve stepped into the appartment as you called out, “Do i still need too find my pants?”

    they both caught sight of your PJ pants were on the floor leading towards your bedroom as Buck spoke, “Get dressed...”

    Steve looked around spotting the donation box and seeing that all the memorabilia between him and y/n were gone. Replaced or simply empty spots. ‘What is going on here?”

    Steve asked as Bucky spoke, ‘what you doing back? What about Peggy?”

    Steve’s mouth shut at the mention of Peggy as You walked out wearing jeans shorts and one of bucky’s shirt as you rubbed your neck. “God, I’m exhusted i need coffee..- Steve.”

    Spotting Steve you stopped in your tracks As he looked at you stunned wearing Bucky’s shirt as he spoke, ‘what is this?”

    “what is this? Aren’r you suppose too be in the past? With Peggy?”

    Steve didn’t answer as he spoke, “your sleeping with my best friend.”

    “hey just- lets take. A breather.” Bucky stated as you stepped closer too the two super soilders, “yea, I am , I’m also living with him and marrying him.”

    Bucky sighed hearing you say that, Steve looked at Bucky as he spoke, “what is this? I thought we were friends.”

    Bucky turned too Steve as he spoke, “we didn’t plan for this too happen- we -we we got closer after you left.. it just happened.” You stepped over too Bucky staring at your former love shaking your head,

    “we don’t have too explain ourselves! We fell madly in love! You abandoned Us! What aren’t we allowed too be happy?”

    Steve looked at you for that as you snapped, ‘you expect me too sit here in a corner and be comatose for the rest of my life since the great Steve Rogers left me for Peggy Carter a women who moved on! In our time line! Who is probably a nice women. But how dare you coming into our Home and expect me too be miscible because you dumped me! I moved on! You moved on from me! What’s the big deal?’

    “You moved on too my best friend!” Steve snapped as you stepped over as Bucky grabbed you as you snapped, “your abandoning me near the wedding was Awful but what you did too Bucky! I tried too go back in time too beat the Snot outta you!”

    Steve was stunned as you snapped, “i was close! Two seconds more i would of zapped into the past and beat you up for abandoning Bucky!”

    everyone was quite as you spat out, “what you doing here?”

    “I made a huge mistake.. I- I shouldn’t of left you.. i- i was chasing a ghost.. and I’m sorry.’

    You eased up in Buckys arm stunned hearing that as you held Buckys. Arm as you stared at the two.

    “Steve..” he looked up at you hopeful as you spoke, “I love Bucky- your love was easy. I treasure it. But I cant live without Bucky.. I can’t leave him. I need him.. he needs me.. you- you never needed me..”

    “maybe we should go for a walk and talk this out?” Bucky suggested as Steve looked at you two. His best friend and his best girl as he shook his head, “No- excuse me”

    #fandom imagine#imagine#fandom#marvel imagine#bucky barns #Bucky barns imagine #bucky barnes #Bucky Barnes imagine #winter soilder imagine #winter soilder#tony stark #tony stark imagine #steve rodgers imagine #steve rodgers #steve rodgers x you
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  • animemangasoul
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fanfic writers: This is my favorite character!

    Also fanfic writers: That means I have to make them suffer.

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  • eri-223
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I'm inordinately suspicious of anyone who uses their real name on AO3. What do you want? What are your goals? What are you not hiding? Where were you when Neopets was a thing and did you use your real name there too?

    #fandom #looking at you scott l/ynch
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  • sothischickshe
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Nbc good girls #TV #These are great 😂 #I know I may have a skewed high school perspective cos I went to an all girls secondary school #But phoebe's I hate popular girls bit is wearing VERY thin for me 🙄 #I still think we might be heading towards her getting fired but ⏰ #Shipping#Fandom #Honestly brio who... Beth/catlady is where it's AT #And I am obsessed with both hipster hatted barman and tiny windows obsessed neighbour who thinks rio is boring #Maybe they're friends????
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  • six-is-sad
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    So since six is probably the lady, I decided to make my own version of how I think she would look as the lady! I’d imagine it’s a little different every time with the time loop.

    Although, I may just be like everyone else and have yet another AU that’s a basic bitch AU. So a generic regular lady x thin man. Because honestly, I like this version of monix much more than I thought I did. I still like regular monix though. I think a lot of people who ship it do.

    OH ALSO, I tried imitating the style of the comic for this, because I genuinely like it a lot fjdjdjd

    Petition for lady x thin man to be called m’lady as a ship name. Blink once to sign

    #fandom#little nightmares#ln six#ln2 fanart#ln2 six #six little nightmares #six little nightmares 2 #six ln#six ln2#fanart#the lady #little nightmares lady
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  • firebreathonary
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Anniversaries of the Day

    Flyku (n) [flaɪ ku]

    taken from the Japanese poem form haiku. Platz calls it flyku because he only uses it when posting while flying

    Name, added: 11/04/2016 by Daniel Platzman [ Tw | IG ] & Claudia [ Tw | IG ]

    Happy 5th anniversary!


    Night Versions [naɪt ˈvɜːʃənz]

    Night Visions [naɪt ˈvɪʒənz] 

    Song / Album Titled Wrong, added: 11/04/2019 by PTPV [ x ] (08/08/2015 by @dragons-armors [ x ])

    Happy 2nd anniversary!


    Full Firebreathonary

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  • harrysapples
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Also, just to add to the whole "shipping isn't fun anymore", let's just say that I am a little bit older, a little bit wiser, and constantly projecting on fanon couples that are usually 1)queer coded in the text, but never stated to be queer canonically or 2)the fruit of queer baiting is... not good in the long run, tbh. To be short, I am just tired of constantly drawing/writing/reading about dudes who could be queer, or should be queer, but are never canonically gay and then you're generally treated like shit by the creators and the fandom at large by believing it so. It's frustrating in the long run, and I've been in so many similar fandoms and seeing the same patterns repeating, the same bad behaviors from both the creators and the fans, is tiring and draining and just... ruined my love for shipping in general. Nowadays I'm way more invested in platonic/familial relationships and honestly? I'm good. I don't now, but if I really want to see good representation, it's always better to support actual queer content creators, rather than constantly consuming the same trashy media over, and over again. Whenever I look at the old fandoms I used to be in before (HP, Voltron, Sherlock and so on) I just feel... Disappointed? For believing these media would provide me with the content I wanted? And so I just can't keep on engaging with the fandom in the same way as before, because I'll think "these things aren't giving me what I want, I'm not delusional and so it's kinda useless to keep on engaging with a fandom that it's going to let me down again and again and again".

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  • jainadurron
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I have something to say, and I know it won’t change anything, but I still feel the need to say it.

    I’ve been involved in fandom for about nine years. I spent the first eight in the Star Wars fandom, and only became involved in the ACOTAR fandom just maybe a month or two before ACOSF came out.

    The Star Wars fandom wen to war in 2015, the likes of which I never thought I would see in another fandom again. But ACOTAR ... dear ACOTAR fandom ... you’ve outdone yourselves.

    Here’s the thing. Elriels have said and done some terrible things.

    Eluciens have said and done some terrible things.

    Gwynriels have said and done some terrible things.

    Hardly anyone is innocent, so don’t think this is a targeted post. It’s not. The lot of us are horrendous.

    And it amazes me that a small book fandom could rival a 40+ year-old movie franchise fandom for toxicity.

    Is it absolutely insane.


    Like I said, this post likely won’t change a thing. But I beg you to consider your words and actions before you post or respond to something. We’re all here because we love ACOTAR. I guarantee you whatever vile words or action you have for something with a different view ... it isn’t worth it. Too many people have been hurt in the matter of just a month since ACOSF came out. Too many creators have been bullied.

    Please. Consider whether this is really the fandom experience you want while we wait for SJM’s next masterpiece.

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  • harrysapples
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I'm honestly wondering if I should leave Tumblr for good, or just use it to post my drawings, because to be really honest with you, I'm not into wolfstar anymore and, while I still love Harry Potter a lot, I don't feel like spending a lot of time online discussing about it like I did months ago. I don't know, being online nowadays is draining and fandom isn't fun anymore, or at least is not as fun as it used to be. I'm not into shipping as before and I always used to draw shipping fanart, so I've been kinda stuck in this art block for months... I know I could try to draw something else, but I don't have the same drive as I did before (btw I am working on a couple of requests from one of my latest posts, but it's taking me forever with this situation and real life stuff). I don't know, maybe it's the exposure coming from social media, maybe it's fandom culture as it is nowadays, but I often find myself anxious and insecure about my art and I haven't enjoyed drawing in a while :/

    #Look at me come back after months just to whine on Tumblr dot Com #Fandom#Fandom stuff
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  • sam2hell
    11.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I Have A Fandom Discord Now!

    You're an Fan Artist, Fanfic Writer or Simply Enjoy

    Fandom related stuff? Come on and join!

    (Currently looking for Mods)

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