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  • Them:“ what did you do during the weekend?”

    Me*sweating cus I only read fan fiction all weekend long *:“ I read.”

    Them:“ What did u read?”

    Me*sweating even more*:“ BoOkS”

    Them:“Yeah, but what kind of books?”

    Me*already sweating through my jumper*:“U don’t know them.”

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  • External image

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    source https://www.etsy.com/listing/398256029/minnie-mouse-princess-shirt-personalized?ref=rss
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  • Supernatural has come to baba yaga they’ve officially ran out of monsters

    #textpost#shitpost#fandom#supernatural#baba yaga#supernatural s15 #why am i still watching #its literally 15 seasons of no character development #down development even #nothing happens there. there is no plot. it is just 15 seasons of monster hunting. nothing deeper than that
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    Maedhros x Oc

    Chapter Five

    Summary:  We all born with white blood which symbolizes our pure soul. As we grow up, our blood can change to red and become darker if we begun doing cruel things. The darker the blood, the cruel you are. Mine’s occur to be pure white but will continue to be after i meet my soulmate?

    Warnings: Kinda smut

    Words: 1,821


    “And where in hell have you been, young lady??” Dad asked with a furious tone as I stopped the wagon. He grabbed Dante’s reins and glare at me. “Your mother and I have been worried! What happens?!” He asked while he pats Dante’s neck.

    I sign and climb down from the wagon seat, trying to come up with an excuse since I don’t want father to know about my little thing with Maedhros.

    “I was hungry after I closed the bank so I went to eat something at the tavern nearby,” I say with a sweet smile. “That’s all.”    Well, I wasn’t technically lying

    He looked at me with a suspicious face, his eyes studying me carefully. “Mhmm…You better not be lying to me, Young lady.” He starts unstrap Dante from the wagon and leading him into the stables. “You better go inside and see your mother. She is worried to death.”

    I nod and walk inside. As I open the door, my mother pulls me into a bear hug. Her voice was full of concern and anger at the same time. “Young lady! Where have you been?? I’ve been worried sick!”

    I sign and told her what I’ve told father. She wasn’t very happy but let me go back to my room and rest.

    I close the bedroom door behind me carefully and a grin appears on my face as a giggle fell from my lips.

    My fingers touch my lips, the early events coming to my mind. Remembering how good his kiss felt, how perfect his soft lips felt against mine. My heart was beating like hummingbird wings and my blood rushed to my cheeks.

    Patting my cheeks and taking a deep breath, I walk to my window and open it. Letting the cold air from the night in. I look up to the moon, marveling at her delicate beauty. My mind is still filled with Maedhro’s thoughts.

    “My life is turning into a fairy tale romance… Who would know…” I say with a grin.


    Maedhros walked back to his rented room with a big smile on his face. Feeling emotions that he hadn’t felt in decades. Happy, at peace, and excited. But all that vanished when he opens his bedroom door.

    Staying there in the middle of the room was a cloaked figure. Maedhros quickly took his sword from his belt and pointed to the stranger.

    “Who are you?” he growled.

    The stranger chuckles and turns around slowly, his dark cloak floating gracefully around him. “Is that the way you treat an old friend, Mae?” Maedhros’s eyes widen as he sees Elrond’s face, his grey eyes calm but Maedhros could see a little anger in them.

    “E-Elrond? How-” Elrond cut him off with a wave of his hand.

    “How did I found you? Well, that was quite easy if I may say,” he says as he starts looking around the small room. “I just had to follow the angry crowd of humans. They don’t like you very much…except one.” That made Maedhros growled which made Elrond chuckle.

    “Who would it bet that the might Noldor Prince would fall in love with a mere mortal. I think your ada must be throwing a tantrum in Mandos Halls with this news,” he says as he stopped in front of Maedhros.

    “What do you want, Elrond?” Maedhros growled in annoyance, not liking how Elrond talked about his ada.

    Elrond sighs, gazing seriously at Maedhros. “I’ve come here to propose something… Come with me to Rivendell. I will grant you a safe home and a place in my court.”

    Maedhros glare at the half-elf in front of him and put his blade back on his belt, walking towards the small table and fill a cup with cheap wine.

    After a moment, Maedhros looks back to Elrond. “No.” he says simply. “I finally found peace and happiness in the town and… I have Rose here.” He took a deep sip on his wine and filled his cup again. “Also, I don’t want to spend my days being glared at by snobby elves.” He says with a chuckle, knowing that any elf wouldn’t want a Noldor Prince in their city. Especially, a Noldor Prince that has been in two kinslays.

    “You have your head at price, Maedhros,” Elrond finally says with a deep voice. “You aren’t safe here and… and you are putting Rose in danger too.”

    Maedhros looks back to Elrond, his stormy eyes full of anger and concern. “How do you know that?! Who wants my head?”

    Elrond sat on the small and old bed, and rub his hand on his face. “Some human band… They know what you and your family did to their ancestors and want revenge,” he says. “Their group may be small but it’s growing day after day, gathering more people that are bloodthirsty for the Noldor.”

    Maedhros throws his cup to the wall and growls in anger. He was tired of conflicts and war. Tired of running. Tired of killing. Tired of being hated by everyone. All he wants now is to have small land, build a house for him, and for…Rose. To grow a family with her and wake up every morning with her sweet smile.

    Elrond stood up and put his hand on Maedhro’s shoulder. “I leave by dawn… You can join me if you want.” with that, Elrond left the room.

    Maedhros looks to the massive moon shining brightly in the dark sky. He knew what he must do but it hurt him so much.

    Sighing, he put his cloak on and storm outside, climbing to the back of his horse and leave the town at full speed. If he needs to leave the town…to leave his dear Rose. Then he will do one last thing.


    Humming softly at a lullaby that mother used to sing to me when I was a child, I comb gently my wild dark hair, trying to tame it but failing completely.

    “Come on, hair! Stay straight for just a godamn minute.” I groan.

    Suddenly, I hear something hit on my window. I stood up and walk quietly towards the window, scared to see what’s there.

    I peek out carefully and sigh in relief when I saw Maedhros standing there. I smile gently and shook my head. “What are you doing here? It’s late.” I whisper.

    He gave me a small grin and wave his hand at me. “Can I come in?” he asked.

    I nod eagerly, watching him climb gracefully the vines on my window. My breath got caught as he stood there on my window sill, his stormy eyes looking at me filled with love and passion. I took a step forward and cup his cheeks in my small hands, pulling him into a deep kiss.  

    He moans against my lips and wraps his arms around my waits as he comes inside the room. I was wearing only my thin nightgown and I knew he could feel my erect nipples against his chest. I’ve never felt this much desire before. I just want to rip his clothes off and have his soft skin press against mine all night.

    He pulls back and pushes a dark lock behind my ear. “I’ve missed you so much.” He whispers.

    A giggle fell from my lips as I kiss his chin. “We were together some hours ago, you silly.”

    He chuckles as he sits on my bed, pulling me to his lap. “I know but it wasn’t long enough,” he says as he rests his forehead against mine. “I love you.” He whispers.

    I notice that something was wrong but I push it away, knowing fully well that Maedhros was a hard one to crack.

    Smiling softly, I kiss his lips. “I love you too….with all my heart,” I whisper back. I began playing with the straps of his shirt, slowly undoing them. His eyes never leaving mine. I feel his large hand rubbing up and down my waist, moving lower to the back of my thigh.

    I took his shirt off and help him take my nightgown off, seeing how his pupils dilated when he saw my naked body. He cups gently my right breast, his thumb stroking small circles on my nipple.

    A lewd moan escapes from my lips, making me blush deeply. I lean down, nuzzling my face into his neck.

    “Hey… it’s okay. You can make all the noises you want but I recommend that you don’t make any since your parents are right next door.” He whispers with a chuckle, making me giggle.

    I could feel his own arousal between my legs, feeling a massive tent on his pants. Moving my hand down, I undo his pants and gasp softly as his member slips out. I never saw a penis before, so I was marveling down at the massive member between my legs.

    I wrap my small hand around his shaft and gave it a gentle stroke. Maedhros moans and throws his head back. “Rose…” He groans softly.

    Seeing him this vulnerable and full of pleasure, made my own arousal runs down my thighs. I lower my hips on his member and gently start taking him inside.

    “Wait! Rose…wait…OhEru!” He moans as his stormy eyes watch his member disappearing inside me.

    I bite my lip as I feel a sharp pain, noticing some blood on his shaft. I look to his eyes, my eyes wide and filled with fear. Quickly, Maedhros cups my face and kisses me deeply.

    “Shh…It’s okay. It’s normal… just take your time.” He whispers. “Breath, Rose. Breath.”

    I nod and took a deep breath, helping my body relax. After a moment, I couldn’t feel the pain anymore, instead, I feel pleasure burning my body. I began rocking my hips, taking more of him inside.

    “Ahh…M-Maedhros… So good…” I moan as my movements become faster and harder, his thrust meeting mine.

    He kisses my jaw and my ear, biting gently my earlobe while whispering ’I love you’ over and over.

    That night, we made love for hours. I exploring his body and him exploring mine. After all that action, I fell asleep in his warm embrace, humming in pleasure as his warmth lulled me to sleep.

    “I love you…never forget that Rose”


    Climbing gently to the back of his horse, Maedhros looks back at Rose’s window. He knew that he should have to wake her up and try to explain to her what he must do but he was a coward and didn’t want to see her tears while she asks why.

    “This is for the better,” he whispers to himself.

    Sighing, he goes back to the town where he will meet Elrond and go back to Rivendell with him.

    I love you, Rose He thought.

    Hey Guys!! Here’s finally a new chapter of Pure Blood and oh boy, what Maedhros is doing?! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think!

    Also, if you like my stories, you can donate on my Ko-fi and support my writing there!



    #maedhros x reader #maedhros#maedhros imagine #maedhros x oc #maedhros fanfic#OC#AU soulmate#The Silmarillion#Silmarillion fanfiction #silmarillion x reader #silmarillion imagine#lotr fanfic#hobbit fanfiction #lord of the rings #the hobbit#fanfiction#fantasy#fandom#fanfic#middle earth #middle earth imagines #middle earth x reader #tolkien#JRR Tolkien #buy me a coffee #Ko-Fi #support me on ko-fi #writer
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  • Fan art memes be like

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  • To whoever’s willing to read this:

    I am on a quest to find and/or create fans of Gingerclown; a horror comedy movie about monsters living in an abandoned amusement park.

    Everyone seems to shit on horror comedies, and horror in general. Horror movies aren’t nessasary going to scare you. They’re just going to have scary themes. Even if they they don’t scare you, chances are they will if it were in real life.

    Also, my hyperfixations desided to claim Gingerclown and it sucks that I have no one to talk about it to because no one’s heard of it.

    Anyway, if you see this post, reblog it. Don’t just like, REBLOG. Also, if you never heard of the movie before, I suggest watching it so that you may become part of the non-existant fandom. Type “Xmovie8.10s.live gingerclown” into Google and you’ll be able to watch it for free.

    Thank you for reading. I hope this non-existant fandom rises from the ashes soon.

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  • Finally got around to do more Superfam stuff!

    Here’s Peter’s first Fall/Halloween as a Peter Pumpkin 🎃

    (Yes I am aware there’s been an increase in Peter Pumpkins but more cake and whatnot 🙌)

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  • !!!!! Kathy is queer!!!!!!!!!! Oh BLESS

    #op#fandom#podcasts #Among the Stars and Bones #liveblogging
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  • I was tagged by @theleavesoflorien to do these two memes! Thank you for tagging me, love!🥰💕🌷

    Answer the questions and tag 9 people you want to get to know better or catch up with

    Three Ships: Hinata/Kageyama (Haikyuu!!), Tidus/Yuna (Final Fantasy X), Kaidan/Shepard (Mass Effect)

    Last Song: Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

    Currently craving: A cup of black tea!

    Last Movie: Enola Holmes

    Currently Reading: just finished a larry fic 💕

    Talk about some of the good things that have happened to you in 2020 so far

    Being honest, this has been a very hard but important exercise to do, for me. Since things have felt very hopeless and negative lately, it’s been nice to find positive things and be grateful for them🥰

    • I got a full-time teaching contract!🎉 (it’s only one year long, but still!)
    • Work-wise, I had some big challenges coming my way, like teaching preschool during all hours of my work shift (which is something I don’t like, since I’m a Primary teacher). I can say that so far I’m managing and, from an emotional POV, I’m taking it incredibly calmly (almost no breakdowns so far!), and my students are lovely🌺 (most of them anyway!)
    • I’m lucky enough to have very good and wonderful close friends (and family!) that mean the world to me💕.
    • The fandom and 1D boys continued to bring me joy (even if not much has been happening lately, unfortunately). We got Walls and the wonderful Walls promo season, and lots of great content!🥰🌺
    • I re-connected with some of my favourite videogames!

    I’m tagging @spookyprincessparrk @louislovesot5 @whatagreatproblemtohave @foreverfanficaddict @herefortommo @cisharry @sunflowrhaz @fishandfrog @cloudslou and @ijustkeepondancing if they haven’t done it yet!

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  • The Shadow

    At the beginning, you were like a sun.

    Bright and beautiful.


    Your light was seen from far away.

    And, of course, there were those, who did not understand that.

    They thought,

    You are just sum of the parts.

    Then we can find the part that makes you special,

    Thought they,

    Take it and use it ourselves.

    Isn’t it wonderful?

    So they captured you

    With smart words and clever deeds.

    They chained you.

    They changed you.

    They stripped you out of your flesh and broke your bones.

    They made you shout from pain and weep silently, when your voice broke.

    But they did not find this part of you.

    And they could not make you whole again.

    Like a child, who broke the toy.

    Fine, said they,

    Then we make you ours.

    And they did it.

    They gave you a cloak of darkness and a mask

    To hide what they did with you.

    They made you their first knight,

    Faithful servant,

    Favourite toy of the Master.

    And it seems like your light was lost forever…

    But inside,

    Somewhere deep,

    There is still a piece of you.

    A shadow.

    Will it be enough to bring your light back?

    #poetry#my poem#fandom#fandom poetry #to all the knights of the dark from different fandoms #i love them #villain
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  • “I must have been a figure skater in a past life because I have no other excuse for being so obsessed with the sport.”

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  • So I wanted to do an experiment and see who this anon hater (who hilariously think THEY are the fandom and proved their stupidity by never changing their stance or be open to discussion while the majority of other Tumblr users who were sure it wqs harrassment finally changed their mind ; all except THEM then, now I wonder if all that anon does is stupidly harrass if they could have been the one sending hate to Matthew Erman too to start discord) was, I was sure I would have a new message overnight and I did


    Not only they totally are shooting themselves in the leg by STILL mistaking critique (speaking once and civilly open to discussion like we did in that reblog) and harrassment like they do (keeping sending anon hate, insults and never changing their stances and closed to discussion) which proves their small brain even more, I had their brain would be even tinier and that if they had a Tumblr I would block them and see the name of the blog pop up in my block list. I was so excited for that experiment !

    Sadly… they have no blog :( no mascarade was fallen. Sad, I was ready for surprises :(

    But what comforts me in a way is that it means they claim they are the fandom while they don’t even have a blog lmao an anon fan and an anon hater thinking they own everything. Welp, I am a bit sad to have hit the block button then since it was fun but now it’s irreversible. But oh well. Guess since they are too cowardly to show who they are it’s a farewell then

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  • Inspired by tiktok. Jason threatened Batcow for the last time and Damien and Tim’s forming an alliance (prolly short term ngl) to terrorize Jason. Dick’s just confused (when is he not tho).

    #KitArt#art#digital art#fandom#fanart#batman#batfam#dick grayson#damien wayne#tim drake#robin#nightwing#red robin#funny#jason todd#crowbar #crowbar starring as family PTSD #gotta love the family PTSD #something to bond over other than justice and secrets ig #got damien and tim do not get along tho
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  • Real Beatles fan this and real Beatles fan that, you can’t call yourself a real Beatles fan if you didn’t buy the wii garage band of theirs when you were 10 and you didn’t know any of the songs so you played like 4 of them on the drums so hard you broke not one but two drumsticks. That’s when you can call yourself a real fan.

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