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  • fandomtransmandom
    18.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Ongoing Fic: Missing In Action Ch. 2 (Explicit)

    Fandom: Bill Hader, Barry

    Relationship: Barry Berkman/Original Transfemme Character

    Summary: After their startling reunion at Residuals, Jennifer is surprised when Barry gets in touch to ask her out. The two go to dinner, discussing their history in the service and planting the seeds for their future.

    Missing In Action-DRHPaints on AO3-Link to collected works in bio!

    #bill hader #thirsty for haderade #fan fiction#minors dni#ao3 fanfic #not my gif #if it's yours lmk and i'll give credit #new fanfic #fan fic author #new chapter#transfemme oc#barry block#barry berkman#hbo barry#barry hbo #minors not allowed #trans author
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  • euphoriyoongi
    18.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    ♡ Drugs || p.j.m ♡ mini-series

    ♡Bonus: Social Profiles

    Thank you so much for reading, and hopefully you’ll read the next mini series after this. I will be publishing its 3 parts once they all are completed, so thank you for your patience!


    ♡ Eunji—y/n of Drugs (p.j.m)

    ♡ Miran— y/n of Too Far Gone (k.t.h)

    Drugs m.list

    (I had to come up with names for the sake of the series so it’s easier to follow. Doesn’t affect story)

    Next story: Too Far Gone || actor! Taehyung x actor! Reader

    Both of you are top Stars acting in the newest hit drama. He plays the second lead—with whom you have much more chemistry with instead of the first lead. Was it because you slept with each other?

    Tag list: @vonvi-blog

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  • romantichopelessly
    18.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    every single day I get closer to just. writing a novel.

    #and like I know my writing is nothing special #but I’ve been reading a lot more lately and like?? authors are just ordinary people who decided to write down a story #and technically speaking I could do that #I mean really I’ve been making up stories since forever #I told stories I made up to my little brother all the time as a kid #and yeah it isn’t the same and writing is hard work but there’s no qualifications you need. you can’t just. do it #and yeah maybe I have nothing unique to say but imagine if I could actually make something that made someone feel something #maybe this is just bc I miss writing fanfic #i talk sometimes
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  • wiccanspiderwebs
    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    ⚠️ This story is based on the videogame the last of us. It will contain strong language as well as explicit things. ⚠️

    ➡️ Pronouns used; He/him

    ➡️ Tom h&Male!reader.

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀D E S C R I P T I O N.

    Called the community; the savior of the human race, with one leader coming to save the world from destruction and pain.

    But you said, "How can you save the world from itself?"





    🚫 coming soon............


    Maps | Maroon V.

    Dangerously | Charlie puth.

    Dont blame me | Taylor Swift.

    Dog days are over | Florence.

    Rolling in the deep | Adele.

    Set fire to the rain | Adele

    Diamonds | Rihanna.

    Black out days | Phantogram.

    Black sea | Natasha Blume.

    #male reader #male!reader #tom holland imagine #tom holland #tom holland one shot #fanfic #tom holland male reader #tom holland masterlist #tom holland fic #peter parker #tom holland smut #tom holland malereader #tom holland male!reader #tom holland and y/n #tom holland angst
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  • wiccanspiderwebs
    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    PROLOGUE (The last of us).


    You were immune, probably the only one.

    You knew better than anyone that living in the apocalyptic from the very first day, wasn't meant to be easy. Difficult and sad not being able to remember how everything was before the outbreak of a virus that killed people and only revived the wildest part of them. You discovered your immunity to the virus in the worst way, when both found themselves in a complicated situation that only cornered at not having any time to think about something together when Josh, your partner, had already thought on something.

    ━ That will give us a moment, but they won't stop. ━He spoke stopping the door with a metal tube frightened by the savage screams from the other side.

    You were on your back with the sleeve raised and eyes on the scratch from which the blood dripped, the noise around your ears became sharp knowing that in a matter of time you would be one of those people you were afraid of becoming one day. You rolled up the sleeve and turned to Josh.

    ━  I'll distract them so you can escape through that emergency window. ━ You said quickly, suppressing helplessness.

    ━  You deserve to live, did you hear me? ━Josh approached taking your cheeks forcing you to see him. ━ You know about the horrible things I did to get out of that group, we are not going to leave here together and you know that ...

    ━ You don't understand, I'm already dead...

    When you were determined to tell him about the bite and that you wanted to give your life giving him a chance, the door began to be hit harder until the metal that was stopping it knocked down, both panicked but Josh pushed you to the ground and took out his gun firing to the ceiling calling the attention of the infected.

    ━ (M/R), GO!

    Josh pushed another of the doors leading back to the shattered building attracting the attention of the infected sacrificing himself to be the distraction losing him immediately out of your sight when he walk through the doors, one of the infected staggered towards you pushing both towards the window breaking the glass causing their bodies collided with the emergency stairs that were somehow out of their normal position until they finally fell in the damp floor with you on top of your hand dislocating the wrist bone.

    The raindrops in the hair, the few shots and screams that were still heard inside the building before only hearing the noise of the rain and the brook of water that was in the middle of the street which had a fairly fast speed. The infected with whom you had fallen, grabbed your ankle starting to pull towards the hungry mouth in search of biting fresh skin.

    You kicked the face repeatedly until you could free yourself from the grip, but the force of the kicks only caused the infected to slip on the wet street falling into the brook of water, bringing you too, sinking into the water. You released your injured hand trying to surface and look for a trace of air, noticing how the body of the infected stamp against a big rock. Your arms gripped the surface of the stream tightly, coughing up all the ingested water in the brook. The sight began to blur, only hearing footsteps and voices.

    ━ What the hell Thomas?!? ━ said a female voice.

    ━ His body is within the north zone and it magically came out of the water, I thought it was an infected, you know the rules, shoot and eliminate any threat within the guard perimeter. ━ a male voice answered this time.

    ━ H-He-elp... ━ You whispered faintly giving your last breath before passing out.

    #male reader #male!reader #tom holland imagine #tom holland #tom holland one shot #fanfic #tom holland male reader #tom holland masterlist #tom holland fic #peter parker #tom holland and y/n #tom holland and reader #tom holland malereader #tom holland male!reader
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  • lilkermit14
    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Kinktober day 17

    Breast worship || Pegging || Choking

    Jack Daniels x f!reader


    Whiskey’s exterior made him appear as a traditional macho man––one that likes to always be in control during sex to keep his masculinity. In reality whiskey was an adventurous man willing to try everything once so long as the partner was willing. Even if those things require submission, like right now, as you scratch your nails up and down his back, “everything good Jack?”

    He shudders, groaning a little and clenching around the strap on, “Yes, good.”

    Jack had taken everything so well so far, first expressing an interest to see what it would feel like to have that certain spot inside him stimulated. You had been careful that first night, taking him into your mouth and adjusting him to having his hole touched before allowing your finger to enter. He said it felt weird at first as you stroked his walls until you found something that felt like a walnut and he groaned at the feeling. His groans only increased as you continued to finger at it, eventually coming the hardest he’s ever orgasmed ever. Jack decided he enjoyed having himself fingered.

    You upgraded from one finger to two and then finally three. Sometimes he wouldn’t even have to touch his cock to make him come, something that made you feel powerful. From there both of you decided the next best option might be using toys on him. You didn’t go straight to pegging, deciding to first buy an anal hook like device when browsing the sex store. It was good––great even and got Jack used to feeling something un-human like in there.

    But you now knew it was time to upgrade. You both had spent a lot of time in the sex store picking out which harness was the best and which size wasn’t intimidating.

    In the end you settled with a soft fabric harness and a good sized dildo that fit into its place. Not at all the same size as his but you don’t think he’d be able to handle something of his size—You could barely most of the time.

    You took an extra long time prepping him today, edging him by slipping your fingers out before he had the chance to come and then putting them back in to tease him again and again. He was eventually begging for you to finally fuck him with the strap on showing just how much he wanted this––to truly be fucked by you.

    You had positioned him on his hands and knees saying it would be easier for him to take the strap that way. Making sure he was comfortable with pillows propping him up and towels below him, causing him to huff about the fact he usually does this for you. You playfully swat his ass at that, making him yelp and give you a dirty look that makes you giggle. But the tone shifts from goofy to serious when you begin to line yourself up with him, slowly entering him causing him to groan.

    Now here you are fully seated in him, waiting for him to give you a signal and tell you to move, scratching up and down his back to soothe him and get him to untense. Jack seems to calm down after a while, his breathing evening out and muscles untensing becoming use to being penetrated like this, “Are you okay?”

    “Yes,” He mumbled against your sheets, moving his head to look back at you, “please move.”

    You take it slow, thrusting your hips back until just the tip is in before entering him again fully, causing a moan to erupt from his throat., “good?”


    You try to set a slow pace at first, but Jack demands to be fucked hard with the sound of skin slapping against each other coupled with his moans. He is abashed like this, hands scratching against the cotton sheets and mouth a gape, unable to stop the deep groans that come every time you strike against his g-spot. His skin is blushed red, especially around his neck and face and you know that if you could properly see his face you would be able to see his eyes a little teary eyed from pleasure.

    You're a little rickety with the motions, not used to thrusting into something to create pleasure. But based on his reactions you know that he is enjoying it. Especially by the way his muscles start tensing up and his groans and moans become high pitched whines, leaning into the idea that he is about to come. You smile, encouraging him, “are you going to come Jack?”

    He nods into the sheets and you chuckle, “come on baby use your words.”

    “Yes,” He whines out hands splaying out on the bed to brace himself trying to focus on getting himself to that height. Giving him some sort of mercy asking him, “do you want me to give you some help? Or do you want to come just like this?”


    “Please what?”

    “Please help me,” the moment he says it you oblige reaching below him to grab at his lube covered dick and begin to slowly jerk his cock, matching the strokes with your own thrusts. The noise Jack makes is deep and painful and his blunt nails dig into the sheets as he comes, spraying his seed onto one of the towels you put in place earlier. He keeps going for a while––a long load due to your direct attack on his prostate that makes it seem neverending for him. But it does end and it leaves him boneless forcing him to fall forward, probably resting in some of his own seeds.

    You release his dick as soon as the last drop comes out and he shakes from overstimulation, rubbing up and down his sides to cool him down. You're careful when you move to exit him, not wanting to cause more strain to the hole that you abused. You give his back a kiss before entering aftercare mode, taking off the harness and dildo, and then going to get a wet flag. You take good care to to flip him over and clean him up, wiping the lube from between his legs and wiping the cum off of his stomach and dick shushing him when he groans from overstimulation.

    After everything is taken care of, dirty towels and toys deposited where they should be, you place a cup of water on the bedside table and join Jack in the bed. You pull him into your arms, head pressed into your boobs and you scratch his scalp trying to lull him to sleep when he mutters into your skin, “pegging definitely stays.”


    I got a cards against humanity card today that said getting pegged, so get pegged whiskey.

    #jack daniels x fem!reader #jack daniels x female reader #jack daniels x reader #jack daniels #jack daniels x f!reader #pedro pascal#fanfic#pedro nation #pedro pascal x reader #fanfiction#pedro balmaceda #pedro pascal fic #pedro pascal x female reader #pedro pascal character x reader #pedro pascal characters #pedro pascal x fem!reader #pedro pascal x f!reader #tppkinktober2021#kinktober 2021#kinktober
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  • umaichu
    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago


    plot. you face the consequences of the demon brothers’ sins

    pairing. asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor x gn!reader

    genre. angst

    warnings. toxic relationships, suggestive content

    word count. 0.2k


    there’s no one asmodeus truly loves more than himself. even when you came into his life, the shining star that made him temporarily forget his vanity, it was—well, temporary. there was no reason to drag out the false pleasantries once he got what he wanted; for you to worship him and his body. you weren’t asmo’s precious mc anymore—you were his toy.


    his hunger surpassed the need for food. there was no one else who depended on you more than beel, the poor demon who needed your presence to curb his enormous appetite. but that was all a rouse to keep you by his side, to hold your wrists in a death grip if you tried to leave. “you can’t, mc,” he’d plead with an edge of mockery. “i need you, remember?”


    as beel’s twin brother, whatever he has, belphie must have too—including you. he was an expert at maintaining his sleepy facade around the rest of his brothers, but behind closed doors, you bore witness to his true nature. you spent day and night listening to his long-winded cries, ultimately leading him to unleash his demon form if you didn’t comply. “you know what i can do,” he sneered. “and i won’t think twice.

    requests are currently open. likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated :)

    #toxic relationship tw #abuse tw #tw toxic relationship #tw abuse#tw: abuse #tw: toxic relationship #obey me #obey me x reader #obey me x mc #obey me fanfic #obey me asmodeus #obey me beel #obey me belphie #obey me belphegor #obey me beelzebub #beel x reader #mammon x reader #asmodeus x reader #om asmodeus#om beelzebub#om belphegor #belphie x reader #beelzebub x reader #beel x #belphie x mc #asmo x mc
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  • dazzling-lightzzz
    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Kinktober Day 11

    Day 11: orgasm denial with Sub!Seonghwa

    a/n: i am so sorry i fell behind, I went home and ended up doing my moms hair as well as my own (I currently have blonde in my head.) I hope you enjoy!


    Tags: @mingissoggywaffles @beomnoi @yungisstar1117 @damissub @justforyookihyun @wooyoungsbae @blessednhighlyfavoured @do-you-actually-care @vip-hs @winterciella @hwaegyo @soft-teddybear @hwaxworld


    “P-please mommy! Please let me cum. Please I promise i’ll be good!!”

    You simply smirked as you continued to bounce slowly on Seonghwa’s cock, way slower than what you were doing earlier. You were taking in all the pitiful whines that Seonghwa was letting out, he was begging and pleading for you to move faster. You had his hands pinned down on either side of his head, watching as he helplessly trying to thrust up to get some type of faster pace. 

    Smirking, you stop completely and sit up, letting go of Seonghwa’s arms watching as his hands flew to your hips to grip them. “W-wait! Why did you stopp~” He whined, his face was a bright pink but the makeup he had applied just for you was messed up, lips smudged and eyeshadow was smudged as well. You leaned down to his face and gripped his face slightly with a small teasing smile on your features.”Because..I don’t think my naughty little boy deserves to~” You say which makes Seonghwa struggle to conjure up his words. “No mommy, I'm sorry!-” “Shh~ are you sure? The way you looked so cute on stage~ then you come home to me and show me absolutely no love and affection.” You teased tracing your hand down his face and down his chest.

    Seonghwa bit his lip as he tried to put on an adorable face, hoping you’d take mercy on him. “B-but mommy, I’m here now! Plz just let me cum, I’ll make it up to you.” He begged and you couldn’t help but giggle at his begging. You smirked as your hand went up to the pretty pink collar that was around your boyfriends neck. “Aww.. since my baby asked politely i’m going to.” You say as you raise your hips and slam yourself down on your boyfriends cock earning a loud moan from him as he looked up at you with a shocked expression.

    “Since you wanna, i’m going to make sure you cum so much that you won’t even remember your own name~”

    #ateez smut #ateez smut fanfic #ateez smut imagines #ateez smut fanfiction #ateez Seonghwa smut #park seonghwa smut #seonghwa smut #seonghwa x reader smut #park seonghwa x reader smut #ateez smut fanfics #ateez smut fanfictions #ateez drabbles #ateez smut drabbles #kinktober 2021
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  • itookyoudownstairs
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    me? reading all your fics and leaving long af comments? more likely than you think!

    #fanning over fanfic #tooks.txt
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  • ao3feed-undertale
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Playing in Puddles

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3jeg1Sn

    by kingofanything

    Sans discovers something new about himself and the rain starts coming down in buckets.

    Words: 2610, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Undertale (Video Game)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: W. D. Gaster, Sans (Undertale)

    Relationships: W. D. Gaster/Sans

    Additional Tags: Size Kink, Size Difference, Squirting, Ecto-Genitalia (Undertale), Good W. D. Gaster, Pre-Accident W. D. Gaster, Overstimulation, W. D. Gaster Is Not Related to Papyrus and Sans, Fluff and Smut, sans has intimacy issues but just a lil bit

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3jeg1Sn

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  • ao3feed-undertale
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Blood Goes Great With Carrots

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3lQECOV

    by YanBloodSansy

    Words: 660, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Undertale (Video Game)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Characters: Sans (Undertale), Papyrus (Undertale)

    Additional Tags: Farmtale Sans (Undertale), Alternate Universe - Farmtale (Undertale), Farmtale Papyrus (Undertale)

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3lQECOV

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  • ao3feed-undertale
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Multiverse Theory

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3n226Qn

    by SoSaidTheDragon

    Soulmates weren't a thing, at least Mercy didn't think so.

    Sans, and all of his alternates who now called his reality home, begged to differ.

    Occasionally angsty, but mostly a feel good reverse harem fic.

    Words: 11232, Chapters: 4/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Undertale (Video Game)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M, Gen

    Characters: Stretch (Swaptale Papyrus), Red (Underfell Sans), Mutt (Swapfell Papyrus)

    Relationships: Sans (Undertale)/Reader

    Additional Tags: other characters to be added later, mild depictions of violence, Depictions of Racism and Xenophobia (towards monsters), Reverse Harem, kind of a soulmate au but not really, Polyamory, tag says reader but it's an OC

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3n226Qn

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  • littlemori24
    18.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Gon x Black!Reader x Killua

    The gang had just finished up a mission. It wasn’t too challenging but it was more long and tedious, it was a fair workout. Plus, it was a rare occurrence that everyone was together. Leorio and Kurapika had helped you three.

    They were all heading back to the nearest town but decided to stop for the night. Currently everyone was settling down to slumber in the middle of the woods. They all unpacked and turned in for the night. Amora was already sleeping after everyone found their spot.

    Gon, Killua and Amora layed closet to one another. Kurapika and Leorio sat close to each other. Gon and Killua lie next to each other with Amora next to Gon. Gon started to doze off but Killua showed no signs of drowsiness as the two chatted before bed.

    “Everyone is so strong! We’re a pretty amazin’ squad.”

    “Mmm, well I dont know about Leorio. We seem to always have to watch his ass to make sure he doesn’t bite it every time we go on a mission with him.”

    Gon laughed a nervous laugh.

    “he’s... uh strong in his ow- oh?”

    Killua tilted his head at him when noticed Gon’s jerk in his sleeping bag. He didn’t particularly smell anything different.

    “What is it, Gon?”

    “Oh uh...”

    Gon shifted and turned in his bag and blanket to look over at Amora. She was cocooned with her bag and multiple soft looking blankets.

    “I just felt Mori shaking.”

    He stated plainly.

    Killuas brow raised.

    “Shaking? What, is she having a bad dream? She’s obviously warm.”

    Gon made a sound of affirmation looking down at her frightened face. Her face was partially obscured by her many blankets but the stress within her was stitched all over face. Black fluffy ears were plastered on the sides of her face by

    “Mm, I think its a nightmare. She doesn’t look too good...”

    Gon frowned, brushing his fingers lightly across her cheek, her ear shivered. Killua smirked a cats smile and said.

    “Hohh, are you worried about her.”

    He looked at the back of Gon’s head propping up his own head with the palm of his hand.

    Gon turned to face him with a smile. His hand was still on Amora.


    Killua made a face, rolling his eyes.

    “You’re no fun to mess with.”

    Gon’s response was just a laugh. He turned back to face Amora. She was shaking just a bit less. She smelled like vanilla.

    “Am i?”

    Despite Gon’s words, he was undeterred and tried again. His smirk reappearing.

    “Why dont you hold her hand then.”

    Oh! That’s a good idea! She stopped shaking a bit when his hand touched her cheek. Killua was smart even if he wanted to embarrass him. Maybe Killua did want him to help her.

    “That’s a good idea Killua!”

    Gon turned to face him again. He knew he’d have to convince Killua to go along with him so he faced him directly.

    “But we should both hold her hands.”

    As expected, Killua jolted in surprise and opposition.

    “Ah! Huh? Why do- Why do i have to to?? That doesn’t make any sense. You’re right next to her and wont that be uncomfortable for her to hold both our hands all night??”

    Killua made another face at him. This didn’t make much sense, wasnt one of them enough? Besides, Gon was a lot better with this kind of stuff. Killua didn’t know much of anything about pleasant skin contact.

    Gon pouted at Killua and said.

    “Of course it makes sense! She needs both of us!”

    Killuas brow twitched at his nonsense, not looking too convinced. He sighed thinking of a way to wiggle his way out of this. He shouldn’t have said that!A breeze carrying the sent of wood passed by and rustled their hair. He was just looking at them with those stupid pleading eyes. Killua ran his hands through his tight dense cloud of curls before rubbing the back of his head.

    “and how do you know that?”

    Gon looked happy to answer.

    “I heard her say it in her sleep! Both our names!”

    That gave Killua stop.

    “You- You heard... “

    Hold on, does Gon often hear Amora when she sleeps? Because she definitely wasn’t sleep talking tonight. We’ve been near each other the whole time.

    “Wait you…you’re not as innocent as you look are you?”

    Gon suppressed his own snide smile with the twitch of the corner of his lip. Gon didnt let Killua get to him and pressed Killua further.

    “Killua look focus! While we’re arguing, Mori is suffering by herself!”

    Before he could say anything else, Gon squirmed to sit up and crawled over Amora to the opposite side of her. Killua was going to press Gon further but Killua got a better look at her without Gon in the middle of his view.

    He realized what Gon was talking about. Amora was trembling with her eyebrows drawn together, her body tense. She buried herself in her covers as if like protection from whatever horrors she saw in her mind’s eye. He let out a small,


    “You see? She needs both of us!”

    Gon was ready to set his example. He snuggled up and got comfortable with Amora and slid his hand down her arm to find her hand. (He wanted this to be smooth to not spook her, but finding her hand under all the blankets. It was only a little easier than finding a needle in a hay stack.) When he took her hand he understood why she usually slept with more blankets than the rest of the group.

    Her tension eased but... she still looked quite stressed.

    Killua sighed looking at the two. Amora trying to get a good nights rest but in distress plagued my nightmares. Gon giving him such puppy dog eyes he may as well have been wagging an invisible tail but he knew Gon was just worried about her.

    Well, Killua supposed this was bound to happen hanging out with these two. They were both so…freely affectionate. Before he met these two he usually didnt care much about leaving his comfort zone. In fact, he didnt even know he had one until the Hunter exam.

    He guessed he’d stalled long enough. He supposed he should just...? Killua scotted closer to her and awkwardly positioned himself to search for her hand under their blankets. He’d found her hand tucked into her body and eased it away from her warmth. Gon tried to keep in his giggling as Amora seemed to pout. Killua couldn’t blame her as as soon as her torso wasn’t warming her hand it began to cool. He decidedly used his own hand to warm hers.

    Even in his previous reluctance, when he took her hand, she finally relaxed even breathing a sigh of relief. He looked at her face as the seemingly small effect of his hand melted her stress from her body. It made him feel…okay for some reason.

    “I guess... This isn’t so bad.”

    Killua muttered, Gon giggled lightly. The two began to whisper since they were so close to her now.

    “Of course it’s not bad, it’s helping us too!”

    Killua made a hum between amusement and satisfaction.


    Killua shuffled to get more comfortable and closer to her. Now that he thought about it, he was actually starting to feel sleepy. Although at this point, he hadn’t slept in a day but usually that shouldn’t have mattered. Everything right now felt right, immeasurably so. He looked at Amora and Gon. Gon looked right back at him, seeming to get drowsy again. It felt good in a way he’d never felt before. He was certain if he never met them, he would have never gotten to experience this feeling. Killua closed his eyes since he felt the start to water. Gons arm moved to hold the both of them. Killuas free hand held Gon’s. This was surprisingly comfortable.

    As they slept in the night, Leorio and Kuripika could be heard whispering back and forth to one another about what just happened. They didn’t seem to notice them quiet down and listen during their exchange.

    The two hadn’t seen the three in a bit but apparently they didn’t have anything to worry about. They seemed to start to realize their feelings for one another. Kurapika spoke to Leorio about how he was actually afraid that there would be conflict. All three of them had trauma and adding all of these romantic feelings might have been explosive, but it seemed their friendship was strong enough to carry them through into a new relationship.

    Notes: I wholeheartedly believe Gon acts dumb so he can mess with Killua back Killua knows.😌Killua gets a lot of love from the fandom but i love them both and want to explore Gon’s inner world too.

    Also i think i want to keep everyone in their 20s with my writing, even with the sfw stuff This fandom scares me sometimes. Killua and Gon are 22 Amora is 21. Killua is Albino black Gon is Black and Mexican so my descriptions of them will fit that. Amora is black, she’s a sheep girl! She currently has sheep ears and a sheep tail

    #fanfic#fanfiction#my fanfiction #killua x gon #killua x reader #killua x gon x reader #gon x reader #gon x killua #gon x killua x reader #gon x reader x killua #hunter x hunter fic #hunter x hunter fluff #hunter x hunter fanfiction #hunter x hunter imagines
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  • another-mexico-oc
    18.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    My first Fanfic!

    Hey guys! How´s it going? Mun´s here! Sorry for my absence and for not answering the askbox. These two months have been busy and stressful. But guess what, I had the inspiration for writing my first Hetalia fanfic! It´s going to be about my Mexico OC and I´m going to publish it on AO3, and perhaps on Fanfiction.net. And... it´s going to be written in spanish, my mother language ... Yeah. But I think there will be not problem if you activate the translators on your devices, even though these don´t always work the right way.

    Anyway, I already have some planned chapters, and the prologue and first chapter are almost complete. I´ll send you the link when it´s already published, and I hope you can give it a chance. I promise you that, based on my headcanons, this is going to be a completely different story from what you have already read or seen. See you later guys! ❤️

    Hola gente! Cómo han estado? Siento mucho mi ausencia y por no haber respondido a las preguntas del askbox. Han sido dos mes ocupados y estresantes. Pero adivinen qué. He tenido la inspiración para escribir mi primer fanfic de Hetalia! Se va a tratar de mi OC de México, y lo voy a publicar en AO3, y quizá en Fanfiction.net. Y va a estar escrito en español! Ya tengo algunos capítulos planeados y el prólogo y el primer capítulo ya están casi listos. Les enviaré el enlace cuando estén publicados, y espero que le den una oportunidad. Les prometo que, basado en mis headcanons, ésta va a ser una historia completamente diferente a lo que ya han leído o visto. Nos vemos pronto! ❤️

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