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    Dr Martha Jones is having a day like any other (at least for her post-UNIT career) when she is asked to deal with the woman in Bed 5. She isn’t aware of it yet, but today will change her life in ways as radical that day she met ‘Mr John Smith’ at the Royal Hope Hospital over a decade ago.

    She walks to the end of the bed and squirts some antiseptic gel into her hands, then gives a glance at the patient before reaching for the patient’s notes. She stops, her movement arrested, to say, “Kate?” in a tone that’s half disbelief, half hope.

    The dishevelled blonde opens her eyes and stares curiously at Martha. “Raymond,” she says, her voice husky with pain. “DI Jill Raymond. I’m guessing that you’ve met my cousin, Kate Stewart, though, if you thought I’m her.”

    “Um, yes,” Martha says, her brain whirring. She is glad of her darker skin, which hides her flush of embarrassment from a casual glance. She is still enormously embarrassed by the intensity of the crush she’d had on her former boss; Kate Stewart’s the Chief Scientific Officer of UNIT, for whom Martha had worked following her decision to stop travelling with the Doctor.

    Oh look! The Bitch Muse threw some words at my head for the ‘origin’ story for the Jill Raymond x Martha Jones ficlet I wrote yesterday. *sighs*

    (Graphic by @purpleyin​ at AO3 Comment of the Day)

    #Six Sentence Sunday #Jill Raymond x Martha Jones #DI Jill Raymond #Doctor Martha Jones #Crossover Pairing#Fanfic
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  • Chapter two of Relife has been published!

    Chapter summary: [nope]

    Fic summary: When Tom Riddle dies, he ends up in 11-year-old Harry Potter’s body, and he decides to make Harry better than he was the first time around.

    Find it on AO3 here!

    And FFN here!

    #i apologise for the wait #i wrote it and had it in my drafts for months because i kinda hated the whole fic #but i've now realised it isn't that bad #so here you go :3 #relife#tom riddle#harry potter#fanfiction #harry potter fanfiction #wrong body fic #reincarnation#hp fanfic#tomarry #even tho it isn't lol #bodyswap#bellatrix lestrange#lucius malfoy#hagrid#azkaban#fanfic #harry potter fanfic #dementors#crack#poor hagrid#hehe#draco malfoy#hermione granger#ron weasley#voldemort#death eaters
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  • life is strange/multifandom crossover fic

    hey you! yes you! do you like life is strange, spiderman, dear evan hansen, time travel, time loops, summer camps among other things? then boy do i have the fic for you!

    so far there’s only a teaser but i’m working on doing a long fic for it! find it on ao3 at


    #life is strange #life is strange 2 #pricefield#victoria chase#spiderman#miles morales #dear evan hansen #evan hansen#fanfic#ao3 fanfic
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  • Im working on a fanfic, it’s told from Natsuki’s perspective btw !! Here’s the prologue and chapter 1 !! My ao3 is Teeth_xX :D




    surrounding me.

    where am I?

    where is everyone..

    These were all of the thoughts consuming my mind as my life flashed before my eyes, and my world collapsed into nothingness. not dark, but not light. neither there nor here. just… nothing. thoughts race through my head as fast as lightning as i try and remember why and how i got here. The last thing i remember is… flashing white lights; and glitching.. pain… blood. “What happened?! C’mon dummy you have to figure this out!!!!” I said before see my life flash before my eyes, and realized what had happened, and the events leading up to this.. confusing event.


    I look around and pinch myself, to be sure i wasn’t dreaming. Honestly I wish I were, but alas, nothing. “Then this is really happening, huh?” i said aloud. Suddenly I heard footsteps, coming from what seemed to be a mile away. It was so empty I could hear every small noise. hell, i could probably hear a pin drop!

    I see the tall purple-haired girl running towards me, and start to sprint. “NATSUKI?!” she shouted. “YURI?! IS THAT YOU? CMERE, DUMMY!!” I replied. I thought she was.. Dead? I remember shrieking at the sight of her dead body on the literature club floor. During the short time before I was deleted, I missed her with my whole being. We crash into each other as we meet. “W-where are we?” yuri said, her face full of shock and fear. “How should i know?!” i replied, i mean i know just about as much about this as her; absolutely nothing!!

    We start to discuss the possibilities of how this happened, and more importantly, how we would find sayori and monika-




    M̆ͬ̓̈ͧ͒ͥ̅̍̏̉ͪ͏̸̩̪͍͚̕ ͦ͐͂͂͏̸͝͏̲̝̭̼̟̪̰̲͔͈ǫ̸ͫͤ̊̏̌͋̽̔ͬ̃ͮ͏̳̭͙͖̹̤͍̦̳̤̳̫̟̬̯̩ ̋͒̃̔̐͒͊ͫ̾͒̃̋͑̓ͫ̚҉͏̢̤̫̗̘̹̪͔͔̝͙͔̭͉̙n̵̼̫͈̫̭̩̗̺̳͍͖͕̩̟̜̥͂ͣ̌ͬ̊ͧͅ ̯͙͙̻̲͕̝̖͙̬̳̳̯̋ͭͧ́̃̕ͅi̶̷̡̩̩͎̜̰̖̙̲̪̮͆̂ͣ̒͌̉̽̚ ̷̨̞̼̦̻̺̺̞͈̙͎̤̲̞̻̗͉͙ͣ̐̒̏̂͒̑̈́̏̀̃ͨ̔̋ḵ͈͉̠̮̺̩̯͉͓̺̥̦͇͇͖ͩͤ̓ͨ̌̎̀̀͆͊͋̈̇̈́ͬͭ͠ ̨ͨ̊͆̍̈͏̧̻͇̪̝̻͖̰̗̮̳̝̣͖̘̤͝ͅa̷̙̹͈͎̥̬̰͖͙̦̦̽̾͗ͤ͒͜

    My ears start to ring and the world starts to shake at even the thought of her. Her. M- i shouldn’t risk it and think of *her* name again, i don’t want that to happen again. I look over in Yuri’s direction to see her shaking in fear, as I look behind me to see it.

    “It”, being a glitch in the wall, if I could even call it that. More like a barrier, but that wasn’t the point. Before we could investigate, I heard another set of footsteps from far away. I see a bright, springy, coral-haired girl sprinting towards us. I recognize her, as our old friend Sayori. I hadn’t seen her in what felt like forever! Back when she.. Hung herself, *she* glitched every single piece of evidence she had even existed.

    “NATSUKI AND YURI!! I FINALLY FOUND YOU GUYS!!” she says, practically pushing us over. We explain the situation, and start investigating the glitch.

    #doki doki natsuki #doki doki yuri #doki doki sayori #doki doki monika #doki doki literature club #ddlc#fanfic#ddlcfanfic
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  • This was worse. This was so much worse.

    Maybe it was the echoing boom from a crack of thunder, or maybe it was the cold sweat, either way, Leo woke up with a tight throat and irritated skin. He inhaled sharply with a whine, forcing himself into a seated position as he tapped around blindly for his phone. He felt the cool case under his finger pads and dragged it across the sheets before weakly flipping it over. Leo flinched when the bright screen blinded him, but he blinked out the pain and stared until the numbers on the screen came into view. He groaned. 2:57 am. Leo flipped the phone back over and flung it across the sheets, he didn’t care when he heard it hit the floor. That’s what the case is for. He plopped back onto his shell and took a deep breath. Then he took another. And another. The rain was back in full force this evening. It was a lot louder than it had been the previous night, and although it helped calm his brain down, it did nothing for his body. Pinpricks erupted on his skin, it was too hot and too cold all at the same time. He turned over, but nothing felt right as he tossed and turned on his mattress. He threw the blanket off of himself and he heard it float to the floor. The naked air felt better against his skin and shell, but it wasn’t enough.

    After what happened in the game room, Leo spent the rest of the afternoon skateboarding. Mikey and Raph had attached themselves to their father asking about old recipes and making plans, and while he had seen Donnie walk into his lab, he didn’t see him after that. Leo spent the first hour just practicing on the vert-ramp, but once he got tired of that he took to traveling the sewers. The rain had subsided for mid-day, but the damage to the city’s water system had already been done. Leo had nowhere in particular that he wanted to go, so he had skated all the way to Queen’s checking out the flood rooms. The rainfall, along with the city’s usual expected water usage, had caused a major amount of flooding, some routes had been completely blocked off by rivers of sewage. The flood rooms were almost filled to capacity, but seemed to be holding fine. Leo had expected for there to be a worse smell, but thanks to the rainfall the smell wasn’t as bad as usual. 

    Leo was grateful for the alone time, besides giving him the assurance that his home wasn’t about to be twenty feet under raw sewage, it gave him an opportunity to think. The little voice in his head was giving him less and less reasons to believe that exhaustion was the only reason that Donnie was acting… off. Sure, he was up late, but 120 points. 120 points? He never, ever, dropped below 75% of the score possibility. Leo remembered Donnie remarking about his average score, ‘my room for error will never exceed past 25% in order for me to achieve a consistent rate of success,’ whatever that meant. Leo was able to paraphrase that into, ‘I know that my score won’t be perfect, but I’m not a noob to dance.’ Then there was the water bottle, none of the boys were exactly fans of backwash, but Donnie was especially that last person that Leo would expect to just want some of your water. As Leo rolled through the city’s massive pipes, he couldn’t stop going over the whole scene. Donnie’s eager mannerism to dance wan’t off character, but the way his eyes flickered to the water bottle before they even started dancing. Then there was the super low score and the lack of exhaustion after playing DDR’s most difficult song, it’s like he wasn’t even trying in the first place. Then there was that last moment, not just asking for the water, but the way he looked when Leo wouldn’t take it back. The stare was blank, it was hollow, like no-one was home. Leo had returned home right before dinner, where he, Mikey, Raph, and Dad ate the rest of the Chinese leftovers. Donnie had made his appearance just as they had finished, but Leo didn’t stick around.

    He sighed into his hands, the pressure against his eyes had helped, but not as much as he had hoped. Leo slowly dragged himself out of bed, growling in irritation when he nearly tripped over his fallen blanket.

    He knew he might be a little peeved, but he chose Dad’s barley tea this time around. After flicking on the burner and pulling the kettle forward, he zoned out while the water boiled. Leo grasped the teabag loosely as he stared at the blue flames. They waved gently in the dark kitchen, illuminating not only the kettle, but it also created a ghost of the stove. With a sigh, Leo folded his arms and closed his eyes. Warmth radiated from the stove and he just stopped thinking. The blackness and the warmth was enough for him to psychologically melt, so he let it happen. He didn’t feel sleepy anymore, he felt tired. Last night was a joke in comparison to this. His weight pulled his skeleton down to the floor and every breath that Leo took was a full body effort that made him even more exhausted with every intake. He wanted to crawl on top of the table, or maybe slip himself into the oven and rest but he knew that that wouldn’t be any better than his own bed.

    The whistling of the kettle brought him back. After switching the heat to low he realized that he didn’t have a mug. Chewing toasted barley kernels and drinking boiling water straight from ‘Old Skully’ didn’t sound fun, so Leo left the bag on the counter to quietly rifle through the cabinets. It was Donnie’s turn to do the dishes tonight, so of course there weren’t any clean mugs left. With a grumble, Leo quietly picked a random mug from the dishwasher and turned the sink on to its lowest setting, scrubbing quietly at the inside and rim. ‘At least that hasn’t changed,’ Leo involuntarily laughed at the thought. He was right, Donnie never did the dishes when asked unless it was some new attempt at tech. He cut the laugh short though, he didn’t want to think about Donnie right now.

    After a quick rinse he walked the dripping mug back to the stove and dropped the bag in. He poured the (thankfully) still boiling water into the cup and walked to the kitchen table.

    Leo sat down with a sigh. The steam from his mug glided over his face and he stared at the small blue flames on the stove. If it wasn’t for the aching exhaustion, Leo might have mistaken this moment for a dream. He stared a bit longer until the chill of the evening brought him back to center. Leo picked his tea up and brought it to his face. The tea was a bit more bitter than he would’ve liked, but the toasted, nutty flavor more than made up for it. Instead of his usual sipping, he swallowed gently, he didn’t want to disturb the moment with noise.

    There were gaps that lasted minutes between each swallow. He would drink, stare at the stove, and repeat. Leo didn’t want to think about anything right now, his brain was bouncing between a heavy fog and the start of a headache. When he ran out of tea he would walk back to the stove and do a refill, he used the same bag again the first time, but the tea wasn't’ as god when he reused the bag so he began changing it every time after that.. Yeah. Dad was going to be irritated.

    As good as the tea was, and as great as the warmth in his stomach felt, it didn’t relax him. He still felt sore, he still felt tired, and he still felt irritated. He lost track of how much tea he drank. When his hand felt the empty bottom of the mugicha box, he felt a pang of regret that was quickly stifled by his need for more tea. He had to refill the kettle, but after a quick boil he started back on the sleepytime. 

    A distant snap pulled him out of his tea frenzy. He froze. When the snap was followed by a clatter he sat his mug down. He flicked off the stove before sneaking into the common room. Leo hesitated when he saw Donnie’s lab illuminated, but when another noise sounded, he knew that it came from deeper in their home.

    He stuck to the shadows as he entered the garage. The turtle tank’s lights were on and he could see the bottom hatch ajar, a shadow danced as something was moving on the inside. He didn’t have his sword. With a quick scan he could see an open toolbox by the back tire of the tank. He snuck over quietly, hesitating when another clang (although quieter than the first) struck the floor from the inside, when he heard nothing else Leo took the largest wrench.

    He slid beneath the tank and jumped through the hatch, recovering into a standing position and falling into a fight stance. 

    Despite his vision being blurred from exhaustion, it wasn’t hard to tell who it was. “Mikey?”

    Mikey flinched and turned with the most guilty look on his face. In one hand he grasped a glue stick, and in the other he held the handle of the soft-serve ice cream machine. “Don’t tell Donnie.”

    Leo broke out of his fight stance with only a slight stumble and rubbed his temples with a sigh. After a heavy pause, “Mikey, I thought you were a burglar or something…” Leo threw the wrench down with a heavy clang. “What are you doing at-” he looked over his shoulder at the clock in the dashboard and groaned, “4:30 in the morning?”

    “I- I wanted some ice cream,” he hesitantly stated with a stutter before breaking into a full ramble. “I woke up a few minutes ago and after talking all day and eating dinner I forgot to have dessert so I woke up and I just really wanted something sweet and I know that donnie just added marshmallow and creamsicle flavor so I thought I’d just come in here real quick and grab some but then the handle wouldn’t go down and I thought “ok I guess i’ll pull a little harder” and then it just SNAPPED in my hands! I got the glue, and it’s my favorite glue stick because it’s worked on everything so far, even dad’s favorite mug,  but now the handle won’t stick and I-” As much as Leo loved Mikey, he had to start tuning his voice out or Leo was going to have to start running. Leo stepped over to the machine and looked over to where the metal had snapped.

    He cut Mikey off with a snicker. “You forgot to remove the lock before you pulled the lever, dum-dum.” He took the glue stick from Mikey’s hand and capped it, Leo knew that a measly kiddie glue stick wasn’t going to do anything. 

    “Don’t tell Donnie.” Mikey dropped back down to a whisper, “please don’t tell Donnie you know how he gets about his tech!” Leo took the lever out of Mikey’s hand and lined it up with the break, if they lined it up just right and added a bit of silver paint, they might be able to hide the break from Donnie for a while. “Stop laughing Leo!”

    Leo tightened his lips trying to stifle his giggles, “why did you keep pulling on it?”

    Mikey hugged himself subconsciously and rocked on his heels, “I thought it would work!”

    “So you thought pulling harder on a thing that doesn’t want to go down would work?”

    “It works for Raph!” Mikey’s voice rose again in a shout.

    Leo folded his arms with a scoff, “Raph pulling harder is the reason we don’t have a microwave anymore.”

    Mikey put his face in his hands and groaned, “Donnie’s going to be so mad!” He began pacing in a tight circle.

    “Mikey,” Leo reached for his younger brothers shoulder and pulled him into a loose side-hug, “chillax bro, a little glue, a little time, and a silver sharpie will fix this thing right up.”

    “The glue didn’t work,” Mikey whined, dragging his hands down his face and pulling at his eyelids.

    “Better glue, Micheal,” He waved the glue stick in front of Mikey before chucking it behind them both. Leo hugged him a little tighter and smiled a little wider, “not your grade school craft glue.”

    Mikey whined nervously and looked between Leo and the broken lever that he held in his hands, “you really think we can hide it from Donnie?”

    Leo covered his mouth for a quick yawn. “Of course, Mikey,” he said softly, “now let’s find some glue.”

    With a few minutes and a quick trip into Raph’s craft box, they had collected a small array of different sticky materials. Mikey set them messily on the counter next to the soft-serve machine.

    They tried the white craft glue first, but that just dripped down the sides and wouldn’t hold when they let go. The fabric glue was a little more discreet, as it was completely clear, but even after holding it for twenty minutes, the handle fell to the floor with a bang. Next was the glue gun. 

    Despite Donnie’s absolute genius he had neglected to put any normal outlets on the turtle tank, so Leo had to skulk back into the dim garage,and quietly dig for a power cord. Leo crawled back through the bottom hatch carrying a daisy chain of six power cords that he had to assemble together. Mikey got the glue-gun ready. 

    “Let’s see if this one will work,” Leo smiled, trying to stay positive as he handed Mikey the cord.
    “One of these has gotta work,” Mikey plugged the gun in and tapped his foot impatiently as it heated on the counter, “Donnie was so proud of this.”

    Leo chuckled as he leaned against the counter, “don’t worry,” he yawned as he spoke teasingly, “worse case scenario, I’ll just grab the duct tape and blame it on Raph.”

    Mikey pouted but said nothing as he sat down with a thump. It was quiet again.

    “Speaking of Donnie…” should he even be talking to Mikey about this? 

    Mikey groaned at the name. He leaned his head against the wall of the turtle tank, “the ice cream maker was his sixth favorite part of the tank, he’s gonna kill me~” he moaned.

    “Every part of the tank is Donnie’s favorite part.” Leo chuckled, but the gravity of his question kept it from being sincere. “Have you noticed anything…” Leo rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously, hesitating to finish his question, “off about him lately?”

    “Off how?” Mikey scoffed.

    “It’s not serious, it’s just… earlier today we played DDR… and he lost.”

    Mikey giggled. “He usually loses Leo, we’ve got too much razzmatazz for ‘em.”

    “Well of course he lost to me considering that i’m an amazing dancer,” Leo grinned, but he couldn’t keep it as he continued, “but his score was only 120.”

    “That’s pretty low, for Donnie”

    “I know!”

    Mikey hummed with a smile. “Why are you worried about it? Number 3.”

    Leo ignored the tease. “Well, it’s not just that,” he remembered the water bottle, “he drank after me.”


    “Yeah, and at breakfast did you see him drink his coffee?”

    “Uh,” Mikey scoffed and leaned his face on his hand as he looked up at Leo, “he has coffee like, every minute of the day?”

    “He put milk in it!” Leo rubbed his eyes trying to wipe out some of the drowsiness that was clouding his vision.


    “This is Donnie! He doesn’t put milk in his coffee!” Leo’s voice rose unintentionally.

    “He drinks pumpkin spice Latte’s sometimes.”

    “It’s April!” Leo guffawed as he brought his hands up to accentuate his point. Donnie didn’t like that they knew about his love affair with fall flavors, but that was the only time he changed his preference. Leo continued to carp, “Donnie’s taken his caffeine black since we were 10, and what. He just starts putting milk in it overnight?”

    Mikey speaks softly but firmly, putting his hands up in a defensive position to try and calm Leo down, “calm down Leo, is it really such a big deal that he has a little dairy to go with his beans?”

    Leo stopped and snapped his head at Mikey, who flinched at the sudden attention, “so you haven’t noticed anything?”

    “I mean…” Mikey hesitated with wide eyes, “Leon… are you ok?”

    “I’m fine, just…” Leo repeated quieter, “you haven’t noticed anything?”

    There was a pause between them, Mikey sat contemplatively as Leo sighed in frustration, he shouldn’t have said anything.

    “I’m sorry Mikey,” Leo stood up straight and took a few uneasy paces before coming back to the counter. He rubbed his face with his hands, the lack of sleep was making him crazy. “I think i’m just tired.”

    “It’s okay…” Mikey chuckled. His brows furrowed before he slowly turned his head to look towards Leo. “Donnie just…” He dropped his voice to a nervous mumble, “I mean, there was this one thing but it’s not like the thing he did was anything serious.” 

    Leo’s eyes widened and he looked to see the nervous expression on Mikey’s face, “what?” 

    Mikey nervously rubbed at the back of his neck.

    “Was it the coffee?” Leo asks.

    “No, it wasn’t the coffee,” Mikey laughed awkwardly, folding into himself a little more. “It was yesterday.”

    “But you were with Dad and Raph all day, right?” Leo contemplated, he had been in the sewers by himself for the majority of that day, what did he miss?

    “No, that was today.” Mikey stated, looking confused.

    “So you mean the day after yesterday,”

    “Whatever, just…” He looked uncomfortable as he started to pick at the flooring.

    “What is it?”

    “I don’t…” Mikey tapped his fingers against the floor of the turtle tank, avoiding eye contact briefly as he tried to consider his answer. “It really was just this one thing?” He chuckled quietly. “It’s so dumb too, but I haven’t stopped thinking about it.”

    “What do you mean?” Leo went down to the floor and scooted close to Mikey.

    Mikey hesitated to answer, “he turned off Shelldon.” 


    “Raph had broken the game cube, so I went to ask Donnie to fix it before dinner. I went in his lab but he wasn’t there, and that’s when I saw Shelly lying in his charging station. I tried talking to him, but he was off. No lights, no eye movement, just… off”

    “Like… charging?” Leo asked.

    “No.” Mikey answered quickly, still avoiding eye contact as he spoke. “Like off. Off, off.”

    “Shelldon can’t turn off,” Donnie had installed multiple processors into Shelldon in order for him to be able to be alert at all times, a ‘security measure’ as he had put it, “He’s got a sleep mode-”

    Mikey looked at Leo suddenly, and there was a bead of panic depicted on his face, “he was open and his battery was sitting on the table.”

    Leo’s throat tightened. Donnie would never do that. “Woah… that’s…”

    “When Donnie came in I asked him about it,” Mikey rubbed the back of his neck again and his voice got even quieter as he continued, “he said he just needed to change the battery in order to… something about his coolant?” His explaining tone of voice didn’t really convey that he believed that. “I didn’t really get it, but he said he’d fix the game cube so I left,” Mikey looked away from Leo and stood. He picked up the glue gun.

    Leo was stunned. He turned off Shelldon. Shelldon! Shelldon was the one family member that Donnie could tolerate for more than ten minutes and he just… gutted him on the table? He didn’t remember seeing Shelldon the previous night when he had bothered Donatello, but then again, the lab was pretty messy, he could have missed him among the broken car and vending machine.

    “It was just that one thing though,” Mikey cut into his thoughts. Leo stood as Mikey began squeezing the clear sealant on the handles break. Leo picked up the handle that laid on the counter and pushed it against the fracture. “We shouldn’t be talking about him like this.”

    “Wha-” Leo was shocked, “you can’t just give me that information and not make me worried about it Mikey,” Leo wiggled the handle until it fit cleanly against the jagged piece, “he turned off Shelldon? His most recent pride and joy turtle robot son?”

    “He made Shelldon,” Mikey put the glue gun down and sighed, “he knows more about him than us and updates him like… every week.”

    “I think somethings up with him,” Leo whispered, Leo’s fist clenched tighter against the metal handle and his fist paled.

    Mikey unplugged the glue gun and his tone turned into a mix of concern and reason, “Shelldon needs a coolant change three times a day,” he set the gun down to let it cool , with a sigh he continued, “is it really so unbelievable to you that Donnie would want to fix that?”

    “Something is wrong Mikey,” Leo’s whisper rose and he took a step closer to Mikey. 

    Mikey looked nervous as Leo approached. “Stop it Leo,” he warned.

    “He’s been acting so weird, with the coffee, dancing, backwash, staring at me!” Leo’s voice was rising. “Are you seriously telling me that he turned off Shelldon and you’re not even a little concerned?” Leo grasped at Mikey’s arm loosely. 

    Mikey looked at the hand and then back to Leo, squinting as he studied Leo carefully. After a pause, “Leo, why were you up this late anyway?”

    Leo was taken aback by the question. He scoffed and shook his head as he stuttered his response. “We’re not talking about me, here, we’re talking about Donnie.”

    “Yeah, but…” Mikey was starting to see the heavy bags under his eyes, “how long have you been awake?”

    “Mikey, please, are you concerned or not?”

    Mikey’s voice was soft and patient, but it couldn’t blanket the anxiety that was underneath “Is it the Insomnia?”

    “Mikey, I am actually getting scared,” there was a shake in Leo’s voice. “He’s been acting like a stranger.”

    “How much have you slept?” Mikey continued, “you’re not acting like yourself-”

    Leo rose into a frantic shout, “he’s not acting like Donnie!” Mikey stumbled at the rise in his voice, shaken by the sudden hostility he stared at Leo with quivering eyes. 


    “What are you guys doing?” They both jumped at the sudden voice. Leo looked towards the floor hatch where Donnie was. He was only halfway through, leaning his head in one hand as he watched inquisitively.

    “Uh,” Leo started, “we were just-” The handle fell to the floor with a bang. Mikey and Leo looked at the handle and then each other. If they could sweat, Mikey would be sweating bullets. He was painfully nervous, and so was Leo. How much did Donnie hear?

    Leo swallowed the knot in his throat, “hey Donnie,” Donnie’s eyes flickered to Leo and took mark of him from top to bottom. Leo swallowed again. “Whatcha doin-”

    “I broke the ice cream maker!” The answer burst out of Mikey and he was suddenly ranting again. “I woke up and after talking all day and eating dinner I forgot to have dessert so I woke up and I just really wanted something sweet and I know that you had just added marshmallow and creamsicle flavor so I thought I’d just come in here real quick and grab some but then the handle wouldn’t go down and I thought “ok I guess i’ll pull a little harder” and then it just SNAPPED in my hands! I got my glue stick, and it was my favorite glue stick because it’s worked on everything so far, even dad’s favorite mug,  but then it wouldn’t stick so I-” Leo tuned Mikey out and studied Donnie from the corner of his eye.

    Donnie gazed nonchalantly at the handle before he considered the two of them. His eyes shifted between Mikey and Leo, and for a moment he just sat in the floor hatch, listening to Mikey quietly. He looked at Leo again, and as Donnie’s eyes narrowed a weight resettled in Leo’s stomach, almost dragging him down to the floor. Donnie smiled, and Leo shivered. Donnie stood up from the floor hatch and placed himself between Leo and Mikey, shell to Leo.

    “-and then we tried the hot glue and it was working for a second and then BAM, it fell to the floor and I am so so, So! Sorry Donnie I know how important it was to you and I shouldn’t have even-” Mikey stopped when Donnie pulled him in for a hug.

    “It’s okay Micheal,” he spoke softly as he embraced Mikey carefully. “Accidents happen.” 

    “Re- really?” Mikey spoke hesitantly, carefully bringing his arms up to hold Donnie back, as carefully as someone would approach an animal that might run away. Donnie never initiated hugs. “You’re not mad?”

    “Of course not!” Donnie laughed, “it’s just an ice cream maker, no biggie!”

    “But still, I shouldn’t have-”

    “You know what,” Donnie cut him off. “Why don’t we both have some ice cream together?”

    Leo found his voice.“What?”

    Donnie looked over his shoulder at Leo with a wide grin before looking back to Mikey “I just finished making a brand new ice cream maker in my lab!”

    “Like… right now?” Leo was confused.

    “No you dum-dum,” Donnie laughed heartily, “earlier today, right after dinner.”

    “You mean yesterday?” Mikey chirped.

    “Whatever,” Donnie expressively waved his hand, “do you want some ice cream or not?”

    Mickey laughed hesitantly at the offer, squeezing Donnie tightly before letting go with a nervous laugh. “I mean-”

    Purple continued, “We could have mango flavor, sprinkles and chocolate, coffee and cream, or even that new one you wanted to try, creamsicle and marshmallow!” He threw an arm over Mikey’s shoulders. “For breakfast!”

    “Sure…” In disbelief, Mikey slowly returned to his ecstatic senses, quickly perking up with excitement as Donnie began to lead him towards the door of the tank. “Sure! Yeah, yeah!”

    “Great!” Donnie smiled eagerly and Mikey started talking about possible ice cream combinations that he was going to try. Mikey was smiling so happily and Donnie listened fondly as he rambled on a more positive note. He held him closely, hugging him tightly by the shoulder as they approached the passenger seat door. Leo stood still, uncertain with what to do or what to say. Donnie looked back, and his grin widened.

    Leo grabbed Mikey’s hand instinctively, addressing Donnie before they could go any farther, “wait!”

    Donnie hummed.

    Leo’s voice was choked as he tried to find a reason for stopping them. “Isn’t it a little early for ice cream?”

    “No.” Mikey and Donnie said in unison, and Donnie laughed before Mikey could, the mischief in Donnie’s eyes twinkled, “want to join us?” 

    Leo did not. The rock in his stomach had grown into his legs and he didn’t want to leave, he didn’t want Mikey to go either. Something was wrong while at the same time nothing was wrong. He shouldn’t be worried, nothing bad has happened, so why was he so full of dread. “We’ve still gotta fix the machine in here, right, Mikey?”

    “Don’t worry about it,” Donnie scoffed, “I’ll fix it later.” He flicked open the door and Mikey was pulled out of Leo’s hands. Mikey looked back with a smile, but it broke when he saw Leo’s face. ‘Don’t let him go,’ the small voice whispered. Too late.

    Leo watched from the window as they walked towards the door of the garage. Mikey was back to rambling and Donnie held him closely as they exited. Leo yawned so hard it made him dizzy, he stumbled back to the counter and growled as he rubbed his face. What was wrong? What was wrong with Donnie? What was wrong with him? He stayed there for another few minutes, closing his eyes and breathing as he tried to get a grip on himself.

    He turned off every light in the turtle tank and closed the floor hatch before locking up the garage for the night. As he walked back into the common room he could see that the lights were still on in the Lab. Mikey’s loud voice was ecstatic as he talked about ice cream and the plans that he and Raph had made with Dad.

    Leo dragged open the curtain to his room and closed it behind him just as he heard Raph shouting for them to be quiet. He picked his blanket up off of the floor and flopped onto the bed, curling into a tight ball under the thick sheet trying to drown the noise of Donnie and Mikey’s stifled giggles.

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  • read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2Nce9wq

    by Anonymous

    Richard’s pregnant. He doesn’t know who the father is, nor what he’s going to do.

    (Set during season 5)

    Words: 9587, Chapters: 5/12, Language: English

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2Nce9wq
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  • In The Name Of Love [3/3]

    ❝I’ll never leave you❞


    Gender: female || Warnings: inappropriate language, violence, serious injury, murder (mention)




    Feeling a very weak pulse in you, Levi didn’t even think about it. In the blink of an eye, he had hoped on his horse with you in his arms, riding to the mansion, the rest of the squad followed him. Arriving at the mansion, Levi stopped in front of the hall.

    Keep reading

    #anime#anime fandom#fanfic#levi ackerman #attack on titan #aot imagines#aot #attack on titan x y/n #aot x y/n #attack on titan x reader #aot x reader #snk levi #shingeki no kyojin #levi ackerman x reader #drama #tw inappropriate language #tw violence#tw murder #tw serious injury
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  • read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2Nce9wq

    by Anonymous

    Richard’s pregnant. He doesn’t know who the father is, nor what he’s going to do.

    (Set during season 5)

    Words: 9587, Chapters: 5/12, Language: English

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2Nce9wq
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  • Helo yes anyone wants to listen to my kknr ideas for ‘sunflower’ and the super angsty one? Also the one where Kakashi has a kid ans it’s a slow burn? If yes, please. PLEaaAse dm. Or if you’re shy just ask and I will ramble

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  • Inside out

    (Paring: Clary Fairchild × Jace Herondale)

    The lyrics of the song inside out by Zedd gives me Clace vibes. So… Here is a headcanon + fanfic.

    Words: 920

    Warings: a little swearing, maybe some typos, and one little suggestve joke.

    Master list (TSC)

    We stayed up all night

    Talking to each other, whispers under covers

    You told me your life

    Wasn’t always easy, I said I know the feeling

    I told you all about the scar on my shoulder

    The first time Clary asked Jace about the angel shaped scar on his shoulder, Jace had no idea how he got it, it was a symbol of Herondales but he had no idea of his heritage.

    Now he was finding answers slowly but he knew who he was, a descendant of William Owen Herondale one of the greatest shadow hunter of all time.

    The stories were Will Herondale got the Angel’s mark when the Angel blessed him and his descendants but those were just stories, the real reason for the mark was some thing else (we know what that is 😏)

    Clary was an amazing listener, she never judged him or got upset when he didn’t want to continue the story as it came with many horrible flash backs. They both stayed up at night, talked about nothing and everything, shared their fears.

    And you told me you’re terrified of gettin’ older

    We stayed up all night

    The first night of a million more cause

    “You know, I worry how we are going to end.” Clary had once said, they both had been through a lot so these thoughts poked at the back of the mind even when there was serenity. “Don’t worry bout it right now, but if we go down we’ll go down together.” Jace would say and they would hold each other till exhaustion would take over them leading to sleep.

    I’m gonna love you, love you inside out

    I’m gonna love you, love you inside out

    Nothing you say is gonna scare me now

    Still gonna love you, love you inside out

    “I love you” Jace would mumble under his breath hoping Clary would listen like she always did. “Love you too.”

    We laughed ‘til we cried

    Made fun of each other, lost in one another

    You held me so tight

    And it felt like I was home, just the two of us alone

    As the head of the institute, Clary and Jace getting the opportunity of being alone was rare, as usual Clary being the responsible one would take care of the work but Jace would not let her do anything that did not involve him getting attention.

    “Babe let’s have some fun, we are alone at last”

    “Jace we are not a couple of hormonal teenagers plus we’ve got work to do-” then a high pitched squeal could be heard all over the place as Jace would throw Clary over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes.

    “I said break means break” he would declare while carrying her.

    “For the love of the Angel put me down!”

    “Oh really what are you gonna do? You are so short!” Jace would mock her but Before anything could be said more Jace would be judo flipped on the floor by Clary

    “I swear if you call me short one more time-” and then Clary would be pulled by Jace on the floor too, both laughing like goofy idiots.

    You said you don’t wanna end up like your parents

    I said, “Don’t you worry, I’m not gonna let us”

    We stayed up all night

    The first night of a million more 'cause

    “I never realized our parents marriage and life was really fucked up, I mean a realized it a while ago but it is a lot to take in.” Clary once shared.

    “Are you afraid something like that is gonna happen to us?” Jace asked curious about where this conversation was leading.

    Clary laughed “okay not like that, that was a really specific example, I just…” She trailed off not sure what to say.

    “You mean like maybe we rushed into things?” Jace offered A little afraid at what she was implying.

    “No, no , no Jace nothing like that, I know that you the one for me, I just mean what if there is another war or something?”

    Jace would move closer to her and cup her cheek making her look at him, “Clary you have nothing to worry about, we are going to be together no matter what, I promise. we are Shadowhunters our whole life is a risk but I know you can handle anything, we can handle anything. Now stop over thinking.”

    Hearing this would really melt Clary’s heart, she would jump forward and pull him into a kiss. “Thank you” she would say while resting her forehead on his.

    So what do you say, babe?

    'Cause I wanna know, oh

    Can I be there, babe

    Through your highs and lows? Yeah

    We all know how people over look Clary in the Clave, Jace is the hero while she is 'the one who was in the right place at the right time’ (something like this was in the dark artifices) so when some one brings this up Jace the first one to literally threaten that person.

    “You say that one more time bitch and I’m sure Clary will make a torture rune just for you!” Jace would say in front of the entire Clave with out hesitation.

    When the lights come off and the night is done

    Everybody’s left, can I be the one?

    If it’s all I do

    I’m gonna love you, love you

    “I love you” “love you so much” a string of sweet nothings while sleeping or when they are tried and cuddling.


    Tell me if you wanna add something, pls give feed back


    @clockworkprincess19 @spot-colon @pink-party-dino @dustandshadowsworld @small-animal-witch @22herondale @wreckedwonderland @wearingtheinvisibilitycloak @fmlpotato @annabethjackson0001

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  • oh, something I hadn’t considered yet! I should’ve made kyouko a mandalorian bounty hunter as well in honor of din, given that they’re both travelling with a green child (yuma)

    #master‚ you need to reevaluate your priorities! #fanfic#mine
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  • image

    Thanks for the tag @sapphosewrites​! I agree with you that these are always very neat to see what everyone’s up to!

    For this, I’m choosing to share from a WIP that’s an AU where Garak comes along to Risa, as told by Worf’s POV. I’m always bouncing between a million and one stories so I can’t say when this’ll be done but I’m determined to finish it one day. 

    They continued onto the beach, Worf eyeing the various couples wrapped in public displays of affection with distaste.

    Then he did a double take on one particular pair.

    It was Doctor Bashir, passionately kissing some beautiful young Risian woman. No doubt he too had succumbed to the planet’s atmosphere of debauchery. She twirled her fingers through his hair as Julian stroked a hand along her face.

    But something didn’t make sense. There were too many limbs.

    Worf stared, trying to understand where the extra arm was coming from but then the pair shifted and he saw it.


    On Julian’s other side and wrapped around him from behind.

    The dishonorable villain was feeling up the doctor boldly, letting his hands wander and linger. Surely, Bashir couldn’t be allowing this? The Cardassian had to be taking advantage of the doctor’s distraction to grope him.

    But that theory was quickly disproved when Bashir broke his kiss and shuffled around so that he was facing Garak, pressing the Cardassian flat on his back and laying a hand on his chest as he began kissing him instead.

    The woman seemed totally unbothered by this turn of events. She kissed along the back of Bashir’s neck and stroked along his side as her amour lavished his attentions on someone else.

    “And you were worried about Julian,” Dax commented, brows raised.

    Anyone with a WIP that wants to, feel free to share your own!

    #i realize this is a million years after the fact. i just forgot till now lol #fanfic
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