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  • If the fact that I just wrote Tolkien fanfiction for the first time in well over a year doesn’t motivate you, then I’ve got NOTHING for you for Motivation Monday.

    Sneak Peek: 

    Sputtering against the freezing storm tearing at her face, the queen stumbled on. She spoke no word, made no cry. Even in her desperation, she bound herself to the vow of silence for any who ascended the mountain. Ar-Pharazôn may have abandoned the path of righteousness, but she would not. She did not look back.

    The island groaned again, the land splitting. She could feel the earth moving, shuddering in the storm. Tar-Míriel wept, silently begging Lady Uinen to calm the wrath of the sea. But in her heart, she knew it was useless. Eru’s justice came for the Númenóreans.

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  • Title: Beyond All The Sighs

    Name: DeeHellcat

    Card Number (tsfb): 020

    Square Filled: ‘love confessions’ for Pepperony Bingo; adopted prompt ‘polyamory’ to replace prompt ‘shellhead’ in TSFB

    Ship/Main Pairing: Tony/Pepper/Rhodey

    Rating: teen

    Major Tags: polyamory, mutual pining, SO MUCH pining for such a short fic.

    Summary: Three people pining. Two are too noble to interfere with what they think the other ones could have.

    One’s just clueless (that’s the genius). Somebody please use your words!

    Word Count: 1501

    Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25691905

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  • “Wakatoshi-kun, what do you think of the word ‘monster’?”

    The two friends are lying side by side in Ushijima’s tiny bottom bunk bed. Despite being crammed like sardines, neither of them minds it, basking in each other’s warmth and touch.

    “Monster?” Ushijima turns to look at Tendou. 

    Throughout the three years of their friendship, he heard whispers from people calling a certain middle blocker a ‘monster.’ Ushijima has just assumed they were referring to Tendou’s volleyball abilities, which sometimes appear almost supernatural to an outsider. He knows that his friend’s blocking skills are due to how he is able to spot tells in a split-second, tracking his opponents carefully throughout the whole match, and pick the choice that has the highest chance of success for their team. Tendou’s skills come from hard work and passion, not because he is some unworldly creature.

    Ushijima knows what others think of his friend’s appearance- eyes too large for his face, a weird upturn to his mouth, the red hair that seems too bright to be natural, his lanky body that is able to contort into uncomfortable shapes.

    Ushijima thinks that Tendou’s eyes are expressive, his smile charming, the red hair reminds him of autumn leaves, and enjoys the press of the lean form against his own.

    “I think it’s a compliment, Satori. To describe something so special that they have no other better way of explaining it.”

    The afternoon sun is shining on them, soft warm light illuminating red and olive hair. Tendou’s hair is loose from the usual style, messy and soft and splayed across the pillow. As Ushijima reaches out to run a hand through it, he idly thinks that it looks like a fiery halo.

    Tendou smiles, the ever-present winkles on the corner of his eyes creasing even further. “In that case, you’re a monster, Toshi.”

    “I’m glad you see me like that. You’re a monster too, Satori.”

    “Oh Wakatoshi-kun, so sweet- We can be each other’s monster, my monster boy!”

    “Of course.”

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  • #Zen x reader #zen x mc #mm zen#mysme zen#mystic messenger #mystic messenger fanfic #fanfic#hyun ryu #hyun ryu x reader #eventual smut#slow burn#fake dating #have I spammed this enough?
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  • Although the descriptions of the seven different plots are interesting, what Booker’s real intention with his work is to identify and explore the commonalities they all share.

    He describes these similarities as constituting a single universal plot, but to my understanding, what he’s actually describing is rather a common structure that all of the basic plots are built upon.

    This structure consists of two parts:

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  • was going through my computer and found an unfinished wangxian fic and i swear i have never cried more while reading because of the fact that it was unfinished

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  • I’m putting Sky High on hold for now. I don’t have any ideas for it right now and would rather just write on other stuff! I still take requests, but I’m also starting a new series I think I’ll like more. I’m sorry to those of you who’s looking forward to more Sky High. I might come back to it later this year. Thanks you guys!

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    Music Inspiration Monday: RKCB

    I let my playlist shuffle onto radio this weekend and this song showed up somewhere in the mix. I. Can’t. Stop. Listening. To. It.

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  • did u ever cry while writing a fanfic be honest

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  • you guys are sending me so many good ideas for fics through requests when I already have like 5 wips that need my attention


    Originally posted by natforprez

    like they’re so good and I can’t delete them or ignore them. I’m just gonna have to try really hard to buckle down and focus on the fic that I’m actually supposed to be writing 


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  • Ikemen Vampire

    Characters: Arthur Conan Doyle x female character, Theodorus van Gogh

    Genre: Fluff with a hint of angst


    Arthur looked down at his manuscript and the large paragraphs of crossed-out text. The words just would not flow today. Writer’s block hung over him like a storm cloud and the pages on his desk tormented him.

    “I need a break” he groaned, slumping down in his chair.

    A bark from the direction of the writer’s bed seemed to acknowledge this.

    “You think so too, Vic?” Turning to look at his furry companion who was staring at him, tail wagging.

    “I can see someone is eager for attention.” Arthur chuckled as he held out his hand towards Vic, who bounded over to nuzzle against it.

    Two knocks sounded against the door before it opened and in walked an amused art dealer.

    “Still alive in here, you old hermit?” Asked Theo.

    “Just barely” Arthur replied with a tired smile.

    “I’m taking King for a walk; do you and Vic want to come? Who knows, some fresh air might get your two brain cells to actually work.”

    “Ah yes, going on a walk is just the kind of break I need” Arthur yawned as he pulled off his glasses.

    “Meet you by the front door in about 10 minutes” With that Theo left the room as swiftly as he entered.

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  • @makeusfreefromthisfandom is the best fic writing blog ever, and you can’t tell me otherwise

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  • by Anonymous

    And again, Sigma knew nothing, nothing at all.

    Words: 428, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/30tbNgZ
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  • Bucky: Steve, watch this - I’ve convinced Parker that I’m actually a robot

    Peter: Hey mr. Bucky bot sir, can you hold this bag for me, gotta untie my shoes.

    Bucky: *lets it be hung on his arm*

    Peter: thanks mr. Buc-


    Peter: *panics* Mr. Stark! I broke Bucky bot!!

    Steve: *wheeze*

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  • The third plot described in the Seven Basic Plots (Booker, 2004) is The Quest, where a plucky band of friends go on a perilous journey to attain some distant but precious goal that is worth all the risks that they’ll face along the way. For examples of this plot, think of The Lord of the Rings, Watership Down or Raiders of the Lost Ark among many more.

    Unsurprisingly, we find that this plot too follows a five part structure:

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    Originally posted by kakuriyo


    The reader is an English teacher at Karasuno, who lived in the United States for much of her life. Never did she think she would meet her soulmate; at the age of twenty-four, she had yet to find them. Yet, one day, after a day of teaching, her friend Takeda asked her if she would come to the boy’s volleyball club meeting. She did. To her surprise, she remembered how much she loved volleyball and actually found her soulmate in that very gym.

    This is written in third person.  The reader is also female.  If something is in italics, assume that it’s in “English” instead of Japanese. If that makes sense.  This is a soulmate AU.  Handprint one.  Like, where you’re first touched by your soulmate, there is a print there.

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