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  • i made a Mistake.

    so theres this post:

    “pen pal au? no, pen enemies au. sokka writes an angery letter to zuko and sends hawky the hawk to deliver it, expecting to never see the bird again. zuko gets his letter back in the palace and then writes back, and they start a cycle of letters, trying constantly to one-up the other’s insults. katara and aang are highly concerned. toph helps sokka workshop the most vicious comebacks. zuko is losing his fucking mind… he is on the verge of joining up with these people ffs”

    and i saw it on an instagram post. someone in the comments said “THIS EXISTS ITS CALLED EPISTLES” and i was like “fuck yeah!! this sounds great!” so i went to ao3 and found it p quickly & started reading

    i started at around midday and finished at 8pm.,,,, i read ALL 154,674 words of it in those eight hours. this includes two snack breaks and also dinner i think? i have vague memories of sitting in increasingly odd positions in my armchair and YEARNING

    because GOD DAMN


    but there is a problem.


    [image ID: the chapters marker on ao3, reads ‘chapters: 25 out of ? end ID]


    [image ID: the last updated marker, indicating that the last update was on the 23rd of november, 2019. end ID]

    (it’s 20 october 2020 rn)

    ohmygodohmygodohmygod. was my initial reaction. bc i’d had a VAGUE awareness of this throughout the whole thing but i hadnt expected to become so emotionally unravelled by the end of it that i was a yearning mess of Feels.

    (it ended, obviously, on basically a cliffhanger and i cant even reasonably expect it to update soon..,,,,,,,,,,,,,)

    i went through the next few days babbling about the fic to my friends at school, who ever so indulgently listened to me going off on seemingly nonsensical tangents about the LETTERS and then the FESTIVAL and oh my GOD–

    the Feels have mostly worn off by now, but occasionally i reread my favorite chapter (fire days!! except not the end. no. ouch) just to re-Feel the Feels because this fic touches me emotionally in a way nothing else can, including actual events in my real life!

    anyway if anyone has any fic recs i would greatly appreciate them bc im slowly disintegrating bc like………. ouch…..,……..

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  • ToN spoilers!


    I wrote more. I even made a third chapter, which will be posted in a bit. You can find both this chapter and the first one on my AO3

    This might be Crazy - Chapter 2: Capri Sun



    ‘I heard you actually talked with Dionysus.’

    ‘So he told you.’

    Will shrugged. I kept walking towards the dining pavilion. ‘I asked him, and he said yes. It’s not like he told anyone else.’

    ‘And he shouldn’t!’ I would have actually thrown hands if he had told the whole camp, even though that was more dangerous for me than for him. 

    ‘Sh. I am just glad you are getting help.’

    ‘Well, help.’

    ‘Nico, therapy will take some time.’

    I looked at the ground. ‘He’s the God of madness, Will. Time is not the biggest concern.’ Will sighed and put his arm around my shoulder.

     ‘It’ll be alright.’ Sure, sure.

    I sat down at my own table instead of going to Apollo’s table with Will. I needed some time to process this. A sandwich appeared on my plate. I turned around and walked to the flames to sacrifice some of it to the gods (some to my father. Some to Hestia). When I came back to my table, I noticed that there was a juice box standing next to my utensils. Demeters’ Divine Orange Juice. I looked at the head table. After a few seconds, Dionysus made eye contact with me. He gave me a small nod. It was apparently time again.

    After breakfast, I stayed at my table. Will gave me a reassuring smile while he walked away. I sighed deeply. 

    Dionysus waited until every single person had left the dining pavilion before he came over to me. ‘Nico di Angelo.’


    ‘Do you remember what we talked about last time?’

    ‘We talked about that there are voices in my head.’ 

    He nodded. ‘Is there anything you want say about our last talk?’

    ‘I have no idea why I told you anything at all.’ I stabbed my straw into the juice box. 


    I looked up at him. ‘Understandable?’ 

    ‘I actually think so. Why would you tell me anything at all?’

    I thought about that for a moment. It did not sound like a rethorical question. 

    ‘…In order to get… help.’ ‘Better’ was the word I had thought of, but it did not feel like that was possible. So I said help. ‘Or because Will said so. Or both.’ Yeah. ‘Probably both.’ 

    Dionysus nodded. I brought the juice carton to my lips and took a sip. It tasted like regular orange juice. Nothing divine about it. Demeters’ Divine Dragon Fruit Juice had been better. ‘I would say that it is a good thing that you did.’

    That seemed like the time to run. If the god of revelry says it’s a good thing, it might not be a good thing. For a moment, I thought about saying that out loud. I elected not to. ‘Hm.’

    ‘Do you have any idea yet about why the voices make you feel trapped?’

    I looked him dead in the eye. He knew exactly why. He had been right there in New Rome, with the twin giants. At this point, I decided that it didn’t matter anyway. ‘You know why.’

    ‘Perhaps I do. Perhaps I thought it might be easier for you to say it yourself than it is to have someone spell it out to you.’

    ‘You could have assumed it.’

    ‘What kind of therapist just assumes things?’

    ‘What kind of…’ therapist is the god of alcohol. I swallowed the sentence just in time. I looked away. The dining pavilion was so… empty. 

    ‘You must be thinking I am not much of a therapist, so why would I care?’ Oh, so this guy could read minds, like some campers guessed.  ‘You are not the first demigod I ever… tried to help, Nico.’ I looked at him again. If he said so. ‘Right.’

    ‘I am going to ask it again.’

    I waited for it.

    ‘Do you have any idea what makes you feel trapped about the voices in your head?’

    ‘You worded it differently before.’


    ‘No. But also, the Giants. The jar. While I was in there… I could hear the voices of the Aloadae.’ It came out before I even knew it. Saying it made me feel sad and angry, to put it in very simple terms. I am sure it made me feel a whole lot of things that I have no idea how to name. 

    Dionysus did not immediately reply. Like he wanted it to dawn on me first. 

    ‘It makes you feel distressed.’ Gods, we have got a big brain take over here. 

    ‘…Yes.’ Obviously. Coeus can hand in his title, there is a new god of farsight and being obvious in town.

    ‘Are the voices from then similar to the voices you hear right now?’

    ‘I don’t know.’ Could be. Could be not. 

    ‘They certainly do make you feel a connection between them.’ Indeed. ‘Do you think the voices from now make the trauma from then fresher?’

    A tear rolled down my cheek. I just stared at the table. This god-man-person-whatever had actually managed to make me cry. What he said sounded plausible. ‘No.’ He stayed silent. 

    ‘Maybe.’ I felt like I had regained some control over myself. 

    ‘Is it too much?’

    ‘Are you thinking about stopping again? We just started!’ 

    ‘You manage to say a lot in just a few sentences. That is actually pretty impressive, Nico.’ I took a small sip of orange juice. The orange on the carton had a smiley face. It was actually pretty terrifying. ‘Still. Also, can this be anything else? I might get nightmares from the smiley face.’ The juicebox transformed into a pouch of Capri-sun. ‘Oh, that’s Wills’ favorite. Perfect.’ I pricked my straw through the pouch again. ‘And…’ I tried to keep myself composed. ‘I do think the current… situation… makes the memories worse. Makes the memories make me feel worse.’ 

    Dionysus looked at the table for some time, as if even he wondered whether he should ask the next question. He took a deep breath. ‘You went through more than… just the situation with the jar.’ I looked into his eyes - it made me feel weird. He looked so concerned. Worried. ‘You have had more… troubles.’

    I know what he meant. Tartarus. There were voices there, too. And I should not forget about King Minos, who was constantly whispering things in my ear for half a year. And I did not even think about… Right - now it was indeed becoming a little too much for one session. ‘Maybe… you are right. As in, it is more than just the jar, but also in the part where you said that it might become too much right now.’ I nodded a few times. A little bit of capri-sun leaked onto my hand - I was putting so much presure on it that I was pushing the juice… or soft drink… or whatever, out (seriously, what is capri-sun?). 

    ‘Than we are stopping for now.’

    ‘Short. Again.’

    ‘But you shared a lot. Did you learn anything concretely?’

    ‘There is even more under the surface?’


    ‘And don’t squeeze too hard in your Capri-sun pouch?’

    ‘Exactly.’ I couldn’t help it - even though my head was filled with doom and gloom, I laughed. A second Capri-sun pouch appeared next to me. ‘For that boyfriend of yours.’

    ‘Thanks. I expect a carton of strawberry milk next time.’

    He rolled his eyes while he disappeared, leaving me behind with a whole lot to think about, but also with not one, but two pouches filled with Capri-sun. 

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  • “Do you even have a single shred of self-preservation?“

    Claire paused as Lucifer stopped her. She was about to make the trip back to the house on her own again. It was more like out of instinct. At least when she knows where to go.

    The guy asking me about self-preservation has also threatened and tried to kill me once. The irony is real this evening.

    Her eyes narrowed. “Bold of you to assume I fear things that could kill me. Doesn’t matter what realm it is.”

    Lucifer sighed as he was expecting it somehow or was that a sense of worry.

    “Do you want to die? If you keep your head low and not ditch your escort I would have much more time for far more important matters.”

    She sighed. “Ok, first of all, fuck you for comparing this to work!” Honestly, she could tell now this was pride talk at this point. Though it pissed her off the fact he even went there.

    He was about to retort when she interrupted again.

    “Second, I view my life as well as the people in it. Your brothers have seen to that. I don’t try and hurt those important to me.”

    They had become something I want to protect. Even you to an extent you dipshit.

    He looked stern but at the same time there was something else, confusion. “Then why in the three realms are you ditching your escort?”

    She gives a slight chuckle. Now that is the real story.

    “Mammon has extra work, Beel has practice, Belphie is asleep, Asmo is with a mob so I don’t like getting involved with that shit, Satan has a book club, Levi already ran off, and you are too busy lecturing me at the moment.”

    Lucifer paused. Like he didn’t expect that. It took him a moment to regain his composure. “Of course they’re all busy then I guess…”

    She holds her finger up to shush him.

    “Nope, you also have a meeting with Diavolo. That’s why I was headed back with the purgatory hall gang. It spares them the horror of Solomon cooking.“

    He sighed. "You could have said that sooner.”

    I was curious about what your dad lecture was gonna be this time.

    “Why in any realm would I deny you your chance to lecture someone?” The sarcasm was thick as she gathered her things. She still promised to cook for Simon and Luke later.

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  • i think of fic plots in my head, and then when i open a new page to write it out my brain goes ‘no haha this is a concept only available in your head’ and thats really lame of me

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  • Aşk'ı yaşamak istiyorsan önce acı çekmeyi göze alacaksın..

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  • I have 3(!) blank days, maybe more, right now… I’m starting to hit the dregs of my writing bucket after writing 75k words this month. That number *terrifies* me. I have some ideas, but nothing I’m in love with and really inspired and super excited to write.

    High wordcount is great, but for so many unconnected stories, it means I’m starting to fight to get things that make me happy, and I would love some ideas for things to fill out those last few days. Overwatch and Mortal Kombat and Ghosts of Tsushima are easiest for me, but I can toss Fire Emblem in there (I keep waffling on an Edelgard/F!Byleth piece). But if you have ideas, get ‘em to me before the 26th! :D 

    I’m going to be writing at least two non-sex-kink pieces (kink does not always sex encounters!), so please, let me know! 

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    Fanfic is this generation’s bouquet romance novels

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  • Callout for Ao3 user inaccessibleCynic for writing this tag 

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  • Me: I’m going to finish writing this chapter today

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  • hey fanfic writers or just writers in general! so like idk i’m looking for advice and little push because i wanna start writing some fanfic and some stories (and possibly make friends in the fanfic & writing community) but i dont know where to start and im like a little bit scared so if you guys can share some advice or how you started writing fanfic that would be really appreciated! 

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  • (As before, you can find a link to the AO3 version of this and the rest of my Kinktober 2020 prompts on the ‘Masterlist’ section of the blog.)

    I’ve been wanting to do something involving Dojima for a while now but had never had quite the right oomph or idea for it until these prompts.

    Kinktober Day 20: Shower S*x (Ryotaro Dojima | Persona 4)

    All around you the air was hot, wet, and heavy for more reasons than one. The stream of water from the showerhead beat a steady rhythm into the cool tiles, the warm water licking at your toes as it swirled away down to the drain.

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  • FF.net 

    Boredom, truly the most dangerous thing of all.

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  • your friend daisuke crashes into the devildom, and you struggle to explain your relationship to the seven brothers… and others

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  • Günaydın hayırlı sabahlar olsun inşallah

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  • p0rn w/ feelings is so funny it’s like I’ve tricked you into reading this fic by offering you smut but as soon as you get there I pull out a chair, sit backwards on it, and say “hey, pal. you wanna talk about abandonment issues?” and then you have no choice but to listen

    #fanfiction#fanfic#tropes#fandom #after school special but make it fanfic author
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  • TwstOBer 20. Wand - Floyd x reader

    This one was extremely hard to think of since normally wands wouldn’t be an interesting thing to write about. But then I realized what if someone were to steal a wand from someone else instead. After all, what could possibly go wrong if you steal from a certain Octavinelle dorm head?

    Warning: Blackmail, non-con relationship/enslavement


    You were still mad that your friends had gotten tricked into contracts with that Octavinelle dorm head, forced to work there now since they couldn’t do what he asked of them. The nerve of that spineless, brown-nosing, manipulative little devil! If only you could get back at him, but with that Vice dorm head and his crazy brother, it’s impossible to fight physically and he’s too smart. Think, what else could you do to mess with him as payback? Then you thought about the one thing he and everyone at school has that allows them to use their magic, the magic pens that serve as their wands.

    You chuckled to yourself, thinking that if you can just steal Azul Ashengrotto’s magic pen, it would be the ultimate revenge since he can’t use magic without it. But the difficult part would be finding an opportunity to steal it when it won’t be on Azul and without being spotted. Thinking about it, you remember that during Flying class no one has their magic wand on them at all. Yes, you can totally snatch it then!

    So you waited until the next day and during your class when you knew Azul was in his Flying class, you asked for permission to go to the restroom. As soon as you left, you ran for the changing rooms and made sure no one was around before sneaking inside. Then you quickly found it along with his uniform, grabbing the wand and hiding it inside your jacket pocket before running out. You made it back to class without having been seen, with no one the wiser. Oh you couldn’t wait to see just how mad Azul will be!

    Sure enough when class was over, you could HEAR Azul yelling from all the way in the changing rooms. You had to keep it cool and resist the urge to laugh your butt off as Azul came out of there, demanding to know who stole his wand. It was even funnier, seeing Jade trying to hold back Azul too. So you walked away in all the chaos, planning to finish off this revenge tonight when no one should be awake to see, not realizing that a certain other eel saw you.

    Much later once it got to be after dark and past curfew when everyone would be sleeping, you snuck out and went down to the courtyard. You quietly walked over to the well, looking down in it as you pulled out Azul’s pen and then dropped it down in there. Laughing silently to yourself, you were satisfied at having gotten your revenge on that dorm leader for what he did to your friends.

    The next day, there were no classes so you chose to relax and soak in what you had accomplished. So you hung out outside by the statues until you noticed a looming shadow and turned around to see that it was Floyd, having a big grin.

    “Say, Shrimpy? Did you steal Azul’s wand?”

    “What? No, why would I possibly want to steal his wand? That would be stupid.”

    You shook your head, lying and denying it even though you knew it was the truth. How could he possibly suspect you?

    “But aren’t you friends with those idiots now working in the Lounge? Also, we found out that you were in the bathroom while Azul and Jade were in class. But you weren’t in the bathroom, were you Shrimpy?”

    You were shocked, wondering how they could have possibly known that you had gone to the bathroom during class. So you panicked and just started running away from him, but that was a mistake. He quickly caught up to you, wrapping his arms around you as he started to squeeze.

    “So you did it, didn’t you? Where is it?”

    His voice was deeper and creepy, making you gulp and shiver all over. But you squirmed and struggled, refusing to answer as he held you so tight. Then you coughed when he started squeezing you tighter and tighter, kicking your legs and finding it hard to breathe.

    “Floyd, stop it.”

    That’s when you heard the voice of Jade Leech as he came approaching, Floyd looking at his brother and only slightly loosening his grip.

    “Why? Shrimpy did it but won’t say anything.”

    “Bring them back to the Monstro Lounge. We can get out a confession there with Azul so he may decide what to do about this.”


    Floyd whined but reluctantly listened before he then threw you over his shoulder, holding onto you tightly still. You kicked and screamed the whole time you were carried, watching as you, Floyd, and Jade made your way to the Monstro Lounge. Once inside, there was a very angry Azul glaring at you as Floyd brought you over, setting you down on the floor.

    “I didn’t do anything!”

    You yelled, getting up and attempted to get away but Floyd grabbed your arms from behind, holding you still as he grinned.

    “You’re so feisty Shrimpy~”

    Then Azul looked to Jade as he nodded before the other Leech twin moved over to in front of you and looked at your eyes.

    “Shock The Heart”

    Suddenly you felt this strange feeling come over you, like electricity shocking you and wondered what the hell was that about.

    “Now, you stole Azul’s magic wand didn’t you? Why and where is it now?”

    “Y-Yeah, I stole it. It was only because he forced my friends into a contract and are working for him now. So I stole his wand and threw it down the well in the courtyard to get revenge.”

    Your eyes went wide, completely stunned that you just told everything so easily like that. What did Jade do to you?! Then you heard Azul chuckle, now smirking as he walks over and grabs your chin.

    “You thought that you could steal from me, Azul Ashengrotto. You’re even stupider than your so-called friends. It wasn’t my fault that they didn’t read the fine print and couldn’t fulfill their end of the contract. Now, what should I do with you? Just making you work for me until you graduate wouldn’t be nearly a fitting enough punishment for this.”

    Oh god, what is he going to do with you? You were shivering, afraid of what kind of punishment he would give.

    “Can I have Shrimpy then? They’re so small and I wanna have fun with them!”

    What?! This only made Azul and Jade chuckle evilly as they both got the same idea from hearing what Floyd said. So Azul then summoned up a golden contract, basically stating that you would retrieve his wand and become Floyd’s personal pet along with being the property of Octavinelle as well. You refused to sign such a ridiculous contract until Azul threatened to tell the headmaster about what you did and get you expelled.

    In the end, you had no choice as you reluctantly signed the contract and Azul rolled it up. Moments afterward, a silver metal collar appeared around your neck with a long chain attached to it and the other end of it in Floyd’s hand.

    “Yay! I have my own pet!”

    From that point on, you really did become Floyd’s pet as he dragged you around everywhere. He loved to squeeze you tight constantly, especially at night while sleeping and also chasing you around is so much fun too. Floyd would even take you into the pool with him, giving you a water breathing potion so he could squeeze you with his tail underwater and watch you squirm. When you weren’t with him like in the Monstro Lounge, Azul Ashengrotto along with Jade made sure to make your life a living hell.

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  • I’m In Her Twitch Chat

    Summary: gamer!au spencer x fem!reader - they’ve only ever talked online, but she’s fallen for him. hard. little does she know, spencer’s struggling with the same situation!

    Warnings: swearing, description of kissing, mentions of hitting desks, angst if you look for it but mainly fluffy fluff!

    Word count: 5.9k (it’s a big one guys gals and nonbinary pals)

    a/n: shoutout to the like 3 people i had beta this! love y’all mwah kisses. i also tried a fun little design to show where there was a timeskip or a switch in pov! hopefully it’s not too confusing <3 i also have a cool little section where it shows a few of the artists i listened to while writing :DD

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

    “Fuck!” Spencer swore loudly, hitting his desk and standing up, breath heavy. Though he was annoyed, a smile played on his lips. He sat back down in his chair, stretching slightly. He could hear your laugh through his headphones and he couldn’t help but join in, a chuckle bubbling in his chest.

    Keep reading

    #spencer reid #spencer reid fluff #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid fanfic #spencer reid fanfiction #bau#cm#criminal minds #spencer reid x y/n #spencer reid x yn #spencer reid x you #criminal minds x reader #criminal minds x y/n #bau x reader #bau x y/n #spencer reid angst #fluff#angst#fanfic#fanfiction #criminal minds fanfic #criminal minds fanfiction #roo's fics #cute spencer reid #writing#story
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