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    Okay, this was my first attempt at something different and it did not turn out the way it was supposed to.

    Thank you @aduialel for the prompt, I know this is no quite what you ask... But, It has an open ending and I do intend to make it through a second part.

    This will feature Young Thranduil


    Glorfindel and a non traditional reader/OC.

    Again, this is my first time and, English is no my mother tongue so do forgive me any mistake.

    The prompt was:

    46. "Shut up, I'm a delight!"

    Now, enjoy.


    The Great Hall had been decorated with gold and silver, the lamps hanging above their heads had been brought to the dwarves from Moria and the wine had been shared by the elves from Eregion. The whole room had been filled with allies, family and friends, and Elrond could say this was one of the most lovely festivities he had shared in a very long time.

    The sweet music from the harps and violins reached his ears. And his lips curled up when his eyes caught sight of his wife and his best friend fooling around on the dance floor. Celebrian was laughing, her eyes had closed as her hand stretched out to allow Thranduil a quick twirl and then a sweep to the side.

    Elrond arched a single eyebrow, he cleared his throat while shooting amused stares to both elves who turned their attention to him.

    “Would it be possible to recover my wife, Thranduil? Or, would I have to fight you for her?” Elrond could not hold his smile as Thranduil straightened up wrapping an arm around Celebrian’s shoulders.

    “You will have to fight me, Elrond. Your wife is a delight, and she is light on her feet, unlike you.”

    “Oh, be nice, Lastithen.”  (little leaf) Celebrian chuckled when all Thranduil did was wince at the old nickname.

    “I am nice, your husband is too easy.” Thranduil smirked at this, not letting go of Celebrian who was hiding her smile.

    Elrond rolled his eyes knowing Thranduil was being difficult just because he enjoyed being difficult.

    “You will have to give her back, eventually.”

    “You two will stop talking about me as if I'm not here.”Celebrian said with a hint of warning in her voice, her expression did not change but both Elrond and Thranduil nodded obediently.

    “Now, while I always enjoy your antics, Lasthiten, I think I need to teach my husband how to enjoy himself.”

    “I resent that, I know how to enjoy myself.” Elrond replied, sending withered glances to Celebrian and Thranduil whe. He both of them snorted at this.

    “I do!”

    “Of course, my love, come  show me how you enjoy yourself.”

    Thranduil stepped aside watching with growing amusement as Celebrian really tried to teach some dancing moves to Elrond. The black-haired elf was looking confused but completely smitten by Celebrian so, whatever she did or propose he was soon obeying without a hint of a doubt. A pang of jealousy tried to overcome Thranduil, he longed to have something like this. A love to share laughter and foolish moments, someone to share his dreams and fears.

    The music soon was too much, the light became too bright and Thranduil had a need to leave the Great Hall. He turned around walking towards the closest balcony, fresh air could scare away his darkening thoughts and go back to enjoy the friendship of his friends and the love of his family. Nothing else mattered.

    The terrace faced the great sea stretching out beyond the lands Thranduil had ever known and loved. The light of the moon reflected on his waters, while the sound of the waves breaking in the hills ignited a nostalgia Thranduil did not think himself capable of feeling. He approached the railing without noticing he was not alone, in the far corner was a single figure.

    An elf maiden.

    She was leaning against the railing with her light hair falling on her back and her face turned towards the sea. Her face was a mask of pure concentration, with her dark eyes gleaming contently without a care in the world.

    For a brief moment, Thranduil hesitated. He was looking for fresh air but at the same time he was looking for solitude and did not want to interrupt someone else in their contemplation of nothingness.

    Still, he wanted his fresh air and his solitude and this elf maiden had not taken notice of him so he stepped forward and stood right at the other side of the terrace observing the dark waters of the sea.

    “For a human you really are quite sneaky, what are you doing here?” Glorfindel barged in the terrace offering a brilliant smile to the woman.

    “Well, I told you I was not good at great gatherings and I want to see the sea at night.” She said, offering a half smile. “How did you find me?”

    “Magic, my dear, let's go there is someone I want you to meet.”

    She laughed and her whole face brightened up and soon Thranduil realized he had been standing to the side watching the whole scene flabbergasted and unable to move. He had mistaken himself, the woman was not an elf but a mortal. A woman!

    And of course he should have noticed!

    Yet, there was something different…

    Thranduil soon furrowed his brows rather annoyed. Did Glorfindel and that woman ignore him? They did not even look his way!

    They really dare to ignore him!

    The audacity!

    Thranduil barged inside the Great Hall, his eyes glancing around from one group to the other. Narrowing his eyes when he caught sight of his father then Gil Galad, a group of elves he did not know pretty well.

    “Thranduil, is everything alright ?” Elrond stopped him with a single hand, the blond-haired elf turned to his friend tilting his head as if confused by the question.

    “I am. Why do you ask?”

    “You look agitated,” this time it was Celebrian who furrowed her brows trying to locate with her eyes the responsible for bringing such humour to her friend. “Did something happen?”

    Thranduil knitted his brows together, he glanced around then back at Celebrian and Elrond.

    “Can you believe that moments ago Glorfindel came in without even looking at me?” Thranduil said indignantly, his eyes gleaming strangely. “ And he was not alone. Of course. And he and his companion had the nerve to ignore me when I was right in front of their noses?”

    Elrond and Celebrian both glanced at one another then turned to Thranduil who now was looking like a petulant child. He was still looking with his eyes at the two offending individuals until, finally he found them. Celebrian followed those blue eyes and realized who he was speaking of, her face lit up in understanding just as she realized Thranduil was looking really aggravated by this.

    “Well, my friend you can be quite difficult sometimes, and…”

    “Excuse me?” Thranduil directed his attention to Elrond who smiled sheepishly at him.

    “Thranduil, right now you are acting all offended because Glorfindel and his human friend didn't greet you.” Elrond tried to sound reasonable but he had already said the wrong thing and Celebrian was highly amused and distracted to help him a little.

    “Thranduil, please don't go around being difficult… ” Elrond tried to explain but pressed his lips together when Thranduil glared at him.  

    “I am not difficult, Elrond. I'm a delight! Now, shut up and come with me to make our proper introductions to this human friend.”

    With that said Thranduil grabbed Elrond by his arm and dragged him around the room directly towards his goal ready to show Glorfindel of Gondolin and this stranger he was in fact a delight. And should not be ignored.

    Elrond was completely and utterly confused and, while Celebrian was equally confused she was quite amused as well.following both of them to see how this would end.

    After all…

    … This ought to be interesting.

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    Not You Again- Chapter Six (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

    Years after escaping from Hydra experimentation, y/n goes on a Tinder date with none other than the Winter Soldier himself. With her powers now reveled to the Avengers, y/n is going to have to spend a lot more time with the one man she truly hates.

    Masterlist, Chapter Five, Chapter Seven

    CW: Angst, steamy post-shower Bucky, more angst, PTSD, shitty lyricism but its ok bc its totally supposed to be shitty

    Chapter Summary: Y/n and Bucky are still trapped together in his apartment. Some undealt with trauma causes a rift between the two.

    AO3, if that’s your style.

    Chapter Six- 

    You had been living in Bucky’s apartment for two days now. Sam insisted that it’d be safe for you to go home soon, but that’s what he had said for the last two days. Bucky wouldn’t let you in the gym, scared that you’d rip your stitches, and you were getting bored.

    Bucky was under no such restrictions, and you were envious as he had been in the gym for two hours now. You sat pouting on the couch. You probably looked ridiculous, Bucky’s clothes comically oversized on you. You read quietly, trying to calm the ever-present feeling of anxiety since your attack.

    You always felt on edge, especially when Bucky wasn’t in the room. You hated being alone all the sudden. With a flick of your wrist, you conjured Foma to keep you company. The little fox ran around the room, enjoying his semi-physical form. He hopped up on the couch, rubbing his face against the book you were reading.

    Laughing, you settled him into your lap, hoping he’d snuggle up. He obliged, curling up while his tail flicked casually. Petting him softly, you remembered quieter times in Hydra, ones where you just had Foma to keep you sane. A memory came floating back of a song you used to sing to him, one you had made up one lonely night. Sometimes, Foma would even turn into a songbird and sing it back to you.

    Rubbing behind his ears, you began to sing softly to the shadow in your lap.

    “Sleep now, sweet little friend,

    Safe from the Soldier.

    Soon we will reach an end,

    With no cage, no holder.”

    You saw his bright eyes begin to droop and you continued.

    “We have to make it through,

    To a day when we are free,

    For I can trust in you,

    And you can trust in me,” you finished the juvenile song quietly, letting the animal settle himself into sleep.

    “I’m sorry you’re stuck here,” Bucky said, making you jump slightly. His hair was wet, a towel wrapped around his waist. You flinched a little at the sight of his bare chest, a mosaic of muscles and an all-too-present reminder of how dangerous he was.

    “It’s okay. It’s not that bad. Plus, I can go back home ‘soon,’” you said, mocking Sam’s commanding tone of voice.

    Bucky shook his head. “No, I mean I’m sorry you’re stuck here with me.”

    You looked at him quizzically. He certainly wasn’t your favorite person in the world, but you trusted him now. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you. Your reservations were saved for the Soldat living beneath the kind smiles and blue eyed stares.

    “I wish I could even remember what I- what he did to you. I know I still scare you sometimes. I hate that,” he said, with a sincere gaze that refused to stray from your face. You wished he’d look away. You wouldn’t be able to bear being stuck in an apartment with him after some sort of dramatic heart to heart.

    “Could you… go put on some clothes please?” you asked, both to change the subject and to stop yourself from letting your gaze wander. Why did you want to look at him? It was definitely just self-preservation, your eyes roaming slightly in an attempt to find a weakness, or to detect an attack. Nothing more than that, right?

    “Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry,” Bucky mumbled, heading toward the spare room where he kept his clothes.

    As soon as he was out of sight, you leaned your head back, staring at the ceiling. What were you supposed to say to him? Fill him in on the gaps in his memory? Share the grizzly details of the torture? Tell him how he was not only a physical tormentor, but one Hydra threatened you with constantly to keep you in line?

    You stared at the sleeping form in your lap, and let Foma dissipate. You didn’t want to remind Bucky of any of your Hydra ties at the moment. Hopefully he’d drop the subject if you avoided it for long enough.

    Bucky returned to the living room, now fully dressed in a red henley and jeans, but didn’t sit next to you. He was hesitant to approach you, it seemed. “I know it’s not much of a comfort for me to just say it, but I am not him anymore. I’m back in control. And I don’t ever want to hurt you, y/n. I only forced my way into your life because I want to protect you. It’s the least I can do after… whatever Hydra did to us,” he said, his voice quiet but clear.

    “You don’t owe me anything, Bucky. I’m not your responsibility. I can take care of myself. I’m strong,” you said, and because you’re an idiot who can’t leave well enough alone, you continued. “You showed me I could survive Hell. I didn’t need anyone but Foma then. I don’t need anyone now.”

    Your words hung heavy in the air. It was hard to forgive Bucky entirely. You knew he was different from the Winter Soldier, a victim just like yourself. But they still shared a face, a body, a mind. Whenever you thought you had become comfortable around him, moments such as these continued to show your continued resentment.

    “I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry,” you said quickly. Bucky didn’t say anything. He just took a deep breath, and nodded. 

    Good god, why couldn’t you just keep your mouth shut. Why did you have to be so messed up, so broken. Bucky didn’t deserve to deal with your shit. He was an innocent man who was turned into a weapon, a weapon that never had the luxury of escape as you had.

    The following day and a half was awkward. You had relegated yourself to the corners of rooms, trying to take up as little space as possible. You sat on the floor near the window when Bucky moved toward the couch. Or when he entered the room at all. You kept to your self-imposed timeouts, not speaking unless directly spoken to. When Sam came and said that with an increased security system, you were safe to return to your apartment, it was a relief. You left quickly, briefly thanking Bucky and promising to wash and return the clothes you had borrowed. Sam walked you back to your apartment.

    “What happened between you and Robocop?” he asked almost immediately after Bucky’s apartment door shut.

    “What? Nothing,” you lied.

    “You’re a terrible liar. Like absolutely horrendous. What did he do?”

    “He didn’t do anything. I’m the one that made everything weird,” you sighed. “I guess I forget how much the Winter Soldier took from me, how little I’ve actually dealt with it.”

    Sam nodded. “You know I still volunteer at the V.A. sometimes. You should come.”

    You looked at Sam in utter confusion. “I’m not a veteran?”

    “No, but I think you’d relate to their experiences. You don’t have to say anything. You should just come and listen.” Sam’s voice lacked its usual humor. It unsettled you.

    “Maybe. I just hate that Bucky brings out the past in me, and I bring it out in him. I want to trust him- hell, I want to be friends with him. I could use some real friends for once. I just…” Sam let you pause, taking a breath to collect your thoughts. “There are times when I look at him, and I’m back in a cell. Times when I feel like I should run. Even worse than that though, is when he looks at me, and I just know he’s trying to figure out what he did. He’s wondering if he left that scar or how many times his metal arm had been around my throat.”

    Sam opened his mouth like he was about to speak, but you cut him off with a final thought.

    “Sometimes, I feel like I only stay around to cause him- Bucky Barnes, not the Soldat- to hurt like I did. And if that’s the case, I’m no better than him or any of the other monsters at Hydra.”

    Sam took a long pause then. “Y/n, you should be talking to him about all of this. Invite him over for dinner or something. Neither of you can be comfortable with each other if you leave this much unsaid.”

    You were nearing your apartment now, and you hated the gut feeling that Sam was right. You thanked him for walking you home and hiked up the stairs to your door. You walked inside, and immediately let Foma take a physical form, smirking as he darted toward the cat tree, catching up on a week’s worth of scratching post abuse. 

    Looking in the mirror, you took a deep breath, taking in the rolled up sweatpants and baggy shirt you still occupied. Reluctantly, you grabbed your phone, and drafted a text.

    Hey. We should talk. Dinner at my place on Friday? Please?

    Your heart beat out of your chest as you hit send, lamenting that you had only given yourself four days to prepare for what was sure to be the second worst date ever.

    Taglist (let me know if you’d like to be added/removed): @vicmc624, @goodcleanfunsis, @pixieyosi, @osterfieldshollandgirl, @freyagallileaevans, @misfortunatem00n, @buckys2thicc, @nickkie1129, @shinypufferfish, @paryl

    Hahaha I hope you guys enjoy me working through my trauma this chapter. As always, comments are my favorite! :)

    Also, blame the fanservice shirtless Bucky on the “Bucky Barnes Fic Writers” GC

    #tfatws#avengers fanfiction#the avengers #no beta read #slow build#tropes #angst and fluff #angst fanfic#x reader#fanfic#reader insert #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes angst #angst #enemies to lovers #enemies to friends to lovers #slow burn #bucky reader insert #bucky x you #bucky x reader #bucky x y/n #youshouldreadthis#sam wilson#bucky barnes#bucky fanfic#mcu#avengers#mcu fanfiction
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    Snippet from Curse Of The Seer

    On The Day of Bill and Fleur’s wedding - 


    On her way past the twins, Celeste sent a shy smile to George. His breath rushed out of his body, leaving his head spinning.

    George’s mouth went dry as his eyes trailed over her. Taking in the way the soft lighting inside the Burrow highlighted the brown in her hair, his eyes followed her as she ran her fingers through the side of her hair, pushing it away from her face. Their eyes met and it felt like someone had just punched him in the stomach.

    She was beautiful. 

    A beautifully damaged woman who needed someone to help guide her back to who she was meant to be. As the pieces fell into place, George realised that she had always been beautiful. When they’d been at Hogwarts together, he would catch himself watching her in Potions, the way her tongue would press to her top lip and a slight crease between her eyebrows as she concentrated. The way she would tilt her head back as she laughed. The little smile she had on her face when she saw one of his pranks executed perfectly. George knew he needed her in his life. 


    Continue reading on AO3 - https://archiveofourown.org/works/30327261

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    Cairo Day - Army Days

    Ok... here it is... my first Desi POV piece.

    In honour of Day 2 of Cairo Day: Army Days


    Run To The Hills on AO3

    “Where you at Nguyen?” Jack’s voice came over the radio. “I lost visual. Over.”

    Her view was a too bright midday sky, a crumbling wall, and some crates.

    Desi reached up and clicked the button to answer. At least she could move her arm. “Been hit Dalton,” she replied. “Continue with the mission. Over and out.”

    “No can do,” Jack replied. “You ain’t my CO. I don’t report to you. Over.”

    #macgyver #cairo day 2021 #desi nguyen#jack dalton#angus macgyver#fanfic#fanfiction#macdalton #is endgame but doesn't actually happen in the fic #it's implied that they will eventually get together
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    Oops! Time to clear my search history

    #pennywise#it #it chapter two #pennywise x reader #fanfic#art#harley quinn#search history #pennywise the dancing clown #pennywisemoans#pennywisefarts#reddie #bill skarsgård pennywise #bill hader#mod pirus
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    WOWZA that ereani fic I posted yesterday is blowing up faster than anticipated. that's awesome! might have to start a small series of fics/vignettes, or just make ALL THESE THINGS THAT I'VE DONE a multichapter affair and flesh out the deets.

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    angry aang fics are just so personal to me

    #aang #let him be angry #my poor son #avatar aang #when he snaps #as he should #fanfiction#atla fanfic#atla #avatar the last airbender #avatar#fanfic
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    a fanfic where hades is a famous drug dealer. nico tries to escape from this life, but one day he got shoot by mistake

    hades kidnap a doctor to take care of nico

    well... you know who's the doctor

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    Same (Genes, Blood, Heart)

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/32ctjWB

    by Anonymous

    Three Frycest One-shots set in universes with Mutants.

    Words: 1108, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

    Fandoms: Assassin's Creed - All Media Types

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Evie Frye, Jacob Frye

    Relationships: Evie Frye/Jacob Frye

    Additional Tags: Mutants, Alternate Universe - Mutants, Vaguely associated with X-Men, Smut, Frycest, Twincest

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/32ctjWB

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    #legend of korra #lin beifong x reader #lin beifong#chief beifong#tlok fanfic#fanfic #lin beifong fanfic #tlok lin#lok#beifongs
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    something i could never dream of ~ din djarin;the mandalorian

    word count: 1069

    request?: no

    description: after taking the oath of the mandalorian, din had abandoned all hope of ever having his own family, until he found the child and a lost traveller

    pairing: din djarin x female!reader

    warnings: swearing, mentions of infertility

    masterlist (one, two)

    (Y/N) barley looked up from what she was reading as Din stumbled into the Razor Crest after his latest mission. Grogu looked up from the food she had prepared for him and his ears perked up upon seeing his surrogate father.

    “You alright?” (Y/N) asked him, flipping to the next page.

    “Yes,” Din responded, still trying to catch his breath. “A lot of foot work.”

    “Nothing new.” (Y/N) put her book aside in time to grab the child as he began racing for Din. “Hold on, little one. Let Mando catch his breath.”

    “No, no, I’m alright,” Din insisted. “Come here little one.”

    (Y/N) let Grogu down and he began to waddle towards Din. The Mandalorian picked his youngling up and held him tightly, happy to have him back in his arms. As Din moved to remove his helmet, (Y/N) averted her eyes out of instinct.

    The two had started as just travel partners. (Y/N) had joined the infamous Mandalorian to help catch his latest bounty at the time, as a way to repay him for saving her life. They started traveling together full time after that as they realized how well they worked together. They basically became an unstoppable team, feared by almost every bad guy in the galaxy.

    The intention was never to gain romantic feelings. Din was serious to his oath to the Mandalore, and (Y/N) had been a lone traveler with no desire to change that. But when you travel with just one person for so long, it’s hard not to start feeling something.

    The first time Din took his helmet off shocked (Y/N). She almost wasn’t sure how to react and tried to look away. Before she could, Din had taken her face in his hands and kissed her deeply, assuring her that he wanted her to see his face. The instinct to look away was still there, but she always had a sense of pride that Din trusted her enough to take the helmet off in front of her.

    With Grogu distracted by his pseudo dad, (Y/N) took the opportunity to finally get herself something to eat. She placed some in front of Din as well, but he politely declined. “Not hungry right now.”

    “Right, no appetite after missions,” (Y/N) commented, pretending she didn’t see Din slipping the food into his mouth when he thought she wasn’t looking. It was another routine the two had gotten used to.

    A comfortable silence fell over them as (Y/N) ate and Din just sat with her, cradling Grogu who was happily coo-ing away in his arms. Eventually, the youngling began to fall asleep and (Y/N) felt that exhaustion wash over her as well.

    While Din put Grogu to bed, (Y/N) changed into more comfortable clothing and climbed into the bed she shared with Din. It wasn’t a big bad as it was the one Din had gotten just for himself when he travelled alone, but that just meant they got to sleep closer together.

    When Din entered, he was already shedding himself of his armor. (Y/N) smiled as he slipped under the covers next to her and took her into his arms. The warmth of his body engulfed her immediately and she couldn’t help but let out a happy sigh.

    “I love to see you with him,” he told her. “You’re so good with him.”

    “Ironic because I’m one of the most feared assassins in the galaxy,” (Y/N) joked. “I love the little guy. He’s the only child I can stand.”

    The two chuckled, Din’s chest vibrating against (Y/N)’s ear as he did so. Silence fell over them as Din’s finger tips traced (Y/N)’s arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps as he did so. Her eyes were growing heavier and heavier, however Din speaking caused her to stir again.

    “I never thought of having a family before,” he said, although it sounded more like he was speaking to himself than to her. “After taking the oath, it’s not like I could really have any kids.”

    “My line of work isn’t exactly safe for children,” (Y/N) added. “Not to mention...”

    Her sentence trailed off. Din gave her a slight squeeze as he kissed her forehead. When (Y/N) was taken in and raised by other assassins, she had to give up a lot in order to be one of them. Unfortunately, one of those things included her ability to have kids.

    “Not that I’d be a good mother anyways,” she continued with a shrug. “I don’t have enough compassion for people.”

    “You have compassion for me, and for Grogu,” Din reminded her.

    “Grogu is not ‘people’. We don’t know what species he is,” she responded. “And you’re different. It feels like you’re the only one who understands what I’ve went through...what I’m going through.”

    Din held her tightly. “I feel the same way about you.”

    “I guess it does take a bounty hunter to truly understand an assassin.”

    Din chuckled and kissed her forehead. (Y/N) cuddled closer to his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. There was something about hearing it, about being so close to Din that she could sometimes feel his heart beating. It just reminded her that what was happening between them was real, that he was real.

    “I wouldn’t trade anything for this unconventional family we have,” she mumbled. “Not even the ability to have my own kid. Although, I think it’d be pretty cool to have a mixture of both of our DNA running around.”

    Din smiled at the thought. “I don’t know if that’d be a good idea or a bad one.”

    “It’d be a bad ass kid for sure,” (Y/N) noted. “Man, we’d raise that kid to take no shit from anyone. It’d be more feared than either of us combined.”

    She tried not to picture what she didn’t have, but (Y/N) couldn’t help but imagine what life would be like if she and Din were able to have their own kid, to live a life with that kid, maybe even with Grogu.

    Her eyes began to grow heavy again. She kept those happy thoughts on her mind, hoping to dream about it as she began to drift off.

    “Goodnight Din,” she whispered into the darkness.

    “Goodnight, (Y/N). I love you.”

    “I love you, too.”

    #din djarin #din djarin imagine #din djarin x reader #Pedro Pascal #pedro pascal imagine #pedro pascal x reader #the mandalorian #the mandalorian imagine #star wars#imagine#one shot#blurb#fanfiction#fanfic#fandom
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    When I’m sad about my life and/or overwhelmed by it all, I like reading fanfic to escape from it. I will read 50 stories about the same trope because it makes me feel better. But then I’ll change it up and give something a chance but it’ll be a real melancholy piece and I be damned, if I’m not now sad about what I was trying to use to escape real life sadness. Like do you see the problem here?

    #fanfiction#fanfic#fandoms#escapism#sadness#anxiety #just the whole of real life is not great #like I don’t like my canon here
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  • aivoroskis
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    spiderman: into the omegaverse

    #spiderman into the spiderverse #omegaverse#ao3#fanfic#shitpost
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    Pale purple bruises speckled the backs of his thighs like constellations speckled the sky. The moments like this became fewer, so when he had the chance, Sebastian savored them. He reached out and ran his slender fingers along his lover's spine and paused at the brand above his hip. Tenderly, he circled his thumb over it.

    "I'm awake you know." Ciel's voice interrupted his thoughts, and soon, Sebastian was looking into his deep blue eyes. "Must you always keep your hands on me?"

    "You should understand the position someone like yourself puts me in." Sebastian answered.

    Ciel huffed a bit with annoyance then he was sitting up, thin legs swinging over the edge of the bed. "I'm going to take a bath." Sebastian opened his mouth and he was immediately met with those blue eyes again, this time they were clouded with annoyance. "Alone, Sebastian."

    "Yes, my lord." Sebastian answered.

    Ciel stood and strode to the bathroom, not bothering with modesty. He gave one final glance back to the butler, blue eyes meeting his once again, before he firmly shut the door behind him.

    Yes, the name Ciel suited him quite well.

    Teaser for Faux Pas, the third story in the Emulous series

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  • lila-negra
    14.04.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    La velocidad de la vida me pasa un poco por encima así que no pude mantener el ritmo resubiendo estos drabbles canonverse de SnK que les había prometido hace tiempo. Pero, bueno, aquí voy.

    Les recuerdo que estos son textos viejos, del 2019, y se corresponden con una de las listas propuestas para el Fictober. Solo estoy subiéndolos en Wattpad y Ao3, donde no estaban. De todos modos, creo que la mayoría de ellos guarda aún una sorprendente actualidad.

    🌱 Expresión asignada: “No correspondido”

    🌱 Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin

    🌱 Universos: Canonverse

    🌱 Pareja: BeruEre

    🌱 Sinopsis: ¿Era realmente una desventaja esa soledad tan absoluta o era un retorcido privilegio?

    🌱 Público: ATP

    🌱 Links:

    Ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/30167598/chapters/75672557 FFNET: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13400433/2/Kinktober-Multifandom-2019 Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/1055285387-fictober-2019-snk-canonverse-varias-parejas-2

    💖 Si les gusta lo que hago, por favor compartan mis publicaciones 😊 💖 Si recomiendan mi página, me estarán ayudando mucho 🥰 💖 No olviden que también estoy en Twitter, Facebook e Instagram! 🧐

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