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  • misabloom
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    just thought of one cute writing prompt while listening to BTS - make it right....

    "— This is wrong...
    — Then I can make it right."

    during a difficult time or situation that'd be *chef's kiss*

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  • aliypop
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Burn For Me (Royal Au Part 2)

    Wordcount:  3,116

    Warning : Mentions of abuse 

    A/N: Part 2 of the royal regency era au, Once again thanks to the Bridgerton Musical and the sheer fact of Pinning Addie belongs to @herosneednotapply

    "Damn it..." Yonah growled, a cut on the sleeve of her shirt, "This is fine cotton, Francis..."  she slashed at him cutting his trousers and knicking his leg. "Wouldn't have gotten cut if you were fast-" blocking her blade "Er..." she was good, radiant, an exceptional learner, and she was on top of him pants legs on both sides of his waist, her blade under his chin,  she began to pant, worked up from their match. Noticing his gaze was at her corset, "My eyes are up here..." she winked, "Why's there a piece of bread in your..." Yonah blushed at his discovery, "That is  neither here nor there..." she chuckled, her eyes looking down as he flipped her over, "Distractions... your weakness..." he mentioned, her eyes looking directly up at him, "You're my-" "Yonah, where are earth are you!" Richard sighed, walking out towards the courtyard. "Father's looking for ya..." he looked between the two, "I'll uh tell him your busy..." "We were simply sparing..."Yonah took Frank's hand, "Nothing more..." "Is that what they call it now?" Richard smirked, "Oh hush..." she sheathed her sword, sitting in his office was Bruce Thomas Wayne, King, Father, and lawmaker. "You're bleeding..." he mentioned at her shirt, "Sorry I was training, father." she blushed, "I would have looked more decent, but-" "No need..." he chuckled, " Mind if we talk in the gardens old time sake..." "Of course, father."

    Roses, roses had always been Yonahs favorite flower. They bloomed ever so beautifully but had estranged meanings. "I believe he'll be a perfect fit for you..." Bruce smiled. The sun setting amongst the horizon. "So does everyone else..." she sighed, "When you married mother..."  she sat on the stone bench, "Did you love her..."  she looked at her father's blue eyes, "With all my heart... second thoughts already..." he asked as she nodded, "I thought, maybe I could decide..." she mumbled, "Someone crafted for me..." she laughed, "But he is..." "Who picked him..." "You're mother..."  he glanced at her daughter, "We noticed what happened this morning..." he sighed, "To think Addie raised you better." he shook his head, "Not every prince is charming father..." she held her side, "That bastard..." she chuckled at the small drips of blood on her hand.  

    "Must you leave so soon..." Ezra swooned, her hands gracing the princes, "Sadly, but I'll see you for the ball,won't I?" " he winked, "If I allow it..." she grinned, "Well..." he asked, her hand in his, "Do ya..." he leaned in stealing another kiss from her as he already had stolen so many."Perhaps tomorrow..." she nearly breathed her last breath, "So soon..." he laughed, a symphony of butterflies fluttering amongst her stomach, "I don't want to spend a moment apart from you." she sighed, "But if I must-" "Tomorrow it is..."  he kissed her forehead, leaving out of her bedroom as Alfred only rolled his eyes. Her room was like a brothel, strangers walking out, and he always walking in. "Want to explain why I found your tiara..." Ezra's eyes were wide. "I must have lost it in-" "The throne room..." he shook his head, "One day you'll mature." he kissed her forehead, just like he had always done since she was little, "The day I wear a gown..." "Ah yes..." he chuckled, "The day I die..." he laughed.

    "The day I die is when I'll marry that blubbering idiot!" Yonah growled, sitting in her bathtub, Handmaids washing her down as Addie listened, half to the princess and half to her thoughts, " Guess that'll be next week..." she shrugged, getting dirt out of her hear, "What in the ever-loving hell were you doing..." Yonah had only blushed, " Pinned down by Francis..." she muttered, "I'll stab him one day!" her tone was angry, but her eyes said otherwise. "Of course... the man you were eyeing down longingly today?" she mentioned as the maids laughed, "Look at him... his annoyingly handsome face, and his beautiful laugh, the way his-" "What are  you going to do about it?" Alfred asked, handing Yonah her robe. "I don't know, kiss him..." she sighed, "So you do like him." Addie grinned, "That's a tally for me." she winked at Alfred. "No, I don't like him..." "What..." "I'm in love with him... his curly hair, the way he smiles at me whenever we talk..." she sighed, putting on her nightgown, leaning up against her rose wallpapered wall, "But I don't think he loves me..."

    "Pretty sure she doesn't even like me, Bill..." he sighed, head against the wall. Billy rolled his eyes, looking at his friend, "What makes you say that..." he laughed, "The way she looked at you..." he grinned, "In front of her fiance, might I add..." he smirked, "She was?" he thought about it, playing it cool, "Don't play coy..." he grumbled, "Besides I heard you were on top of her." he nudged him, "Only sparing with her, keeping her safe." "Keeping her safe, my ass." he laughed, "Clearly, you're both very interested in each other." he chuckled, "You care for her, don't you..." "Only because it's my duty to." he nodded. "Only because it's my duty to?" Yonah questioned, "To betray my feelings and shove them so far down into-" she heard footsteps, "Excuse me for a moment..." "Where are you going?" "To see the stars, they're bright tonight..." she rummaged through her draws, trying to find her key. "Sneaking off to the wardrobe, are we." Alfred grinned. Yonah laughed, "I'd never..." she opened the door behind her library. Hidden behind it were old servant stairs that led to the balcony. Picking up the skirt of her nightgown, running in the brisk winter wind, stepping foot on the palace balcony as her eyes glanced upon "Francis..." she sighed happily, "Am I glad to see you..." her heartbeat racing ever so fast that it probably kept Matthew up. "Heard footsteps..." he ushered his hand out for her hers to hold, "As did I..." she responded as Frank laughed,  drunk off the sensation it gave her. "Why are you up..." he asked, "Why are you up..." she got closer to him, "I asked you first." "I couldn't sleep..." she sighed, "Something on your mind?" he asked. He had always loved Yonah's natural beauty, her brown skin the way it would glow under the moon, the way it radiated much like her smile. "More like someone..." she smiled, "Talk about it?" "I have this friend..." she sat next to him, "Mhmm..." "They're engaged to be married," she sighed, "She doesn't know if she'll ever be happy in that marriage because it isn't what they want... it isn't who she wants... " Yonah looked away from, "Do you know what she wants..."  Frank asked, dark pools of chocolate eyes gazing up at him, just as they did before. Arms around his neck, rose-scented skin amongst aftershave, his hand cupping her cheek. "This..." she pulled away, "I'm telling father..." looking up to see Damian on the top of the palace, of course, the family's little spy. She rolled her eyes, "Shouldn't someone be in bed..." she mumbled under her breath. "Shouldn't someone be committed to her fiance..." he added, the realization hit, and she realized he was right: This couldn't be, what life could a royal guard give her, what security, what throne.   "I should go..." "Yonah..." he sighed, "The church is where I'll go..." running to the stables and later on her horse,

    "She's perfect..." Theodore smiled, "Blithesome and beautiful," he looked over at his brother, "Harmonious when she laughs..." he swooned, "And yet she's not who you're marrying, dear brother..." Thaddeus laughed, "Instead, you'll marry a sophisticated woman, heir to her mother's throne and breedable to bare a line of royals." he shrugged, "Not to mention she's attractive." he smirked, "Good fortune..." all were true. But Theodore loved another. That much was true, but if he must put on a show, by all means, Gotham was the audience, and Yonah was his stage. Theodore would do anything to take a throne. After all, he had quite the line of siblings before he could take his rightful place. "You don't have to love her..."   "Make her believe you love her." he shrugged, "What's the harm in that." Thaddeus was right. There was no harm if no one got hurt. "She is easily distracted..."

    "Forgive me, father Matthew, for I have-" "You kissed him, didn't you..." Matt chuckled. Yonah sunk into the back of the confessional, "I did..." she looked off into the distance. "Is this not what you desired to do?" he asked as Yonah fiddled with her fingers, "I don't know anymore..." she sighed, "News will get around. They'll paint me as a harlot." her eyes closed, "I'll shame my family..." she laughed, "All because of love!" her arms up in defeat. "How about we talk face to face..." he suggested. He knew she was stressed. He could sense it from the way she began to sweat from her overthinking mind. "Well... I kissed Addie today..."  Yonah gasped, "How'd it feel..." she asked, sitting next to him "Perfect." he grinned like a schoolboy, "And you..." "Perfect..." she blushed, "Hands touching skin an-" "Yonah, this is the home of the lord, not a brothel." he shook his head, laughing at the young woman, "Forgive me for being passionate, but you're no saint either..." she whispered, "Might I mention Dutchess Elektra..." she nudged him, "No you may not... I was what some called  a knight then..." he chuckled,  "Of course you were..." she grinned, "You know... The good Lord created us to love, don't waste it." she smiled, "What are you getting at, Matt asked as Yonah chuckled, "God made Addie to help find you... who you truly are." she grinned, "Don't deprive yourself of her." she then gestured towards the cross, "He wouldn't want you to deprive yourself either." Matt commented as Yonah laughed, soft and breathy, "I should head back... I'm meeting his family." he could hear the sadness in her voice as if her own words wanted to weep out.

    "Morning, your highness," "Morning, your highness..." "Morning, your highness." "Morning, My Lady," her smile bright, perfectly loose curls framing her face. "Morning, Francis." he straightened out her teal bonnet and overcoat. "Thank you, but I have a royal dresser for such things..." her heart racing at every touch, "Didn't do a good job in dressing you." he laughed, watching her brush a strand of hair behind her ear. "Do they truly ever." she walked off, deep into the halls, "Morning Richard..." she tilted her head, "Morning Yonah." tipping his crown, "Francis." he smirked, "Keeping my sister safe." Frank nodded, a man of few words. "Morning, Ezra..." Ezra looked like a deer in headlights, stolen pastries in her mouth, three behind her back Yonah taking one for herself. "What, I'm hungry..." she offered him a piece, "Blueberries." "Your favorite." she smiled, "You remembered?" he laughed, "I remember everything about everyone," she smirked, "Addie, for example, keeps a chest full of our past lover momentums as payments when they'd sneak into our chambers." Frank rolled his eyes. He had remembered the countless efforts of affection. "And what about him..." he pointed to Foggy, "His favorite color is blue... he has a brother, four nieces, and Saturdays he brings them to palace gardens." she chuckled. Her morning hadn't been too hectic, just the right enough tension to not bring up last night, let alone the activities of her upcoming morning. "Morning, Yonah." "Morning, David!" David Lieberman, the stagecoach who knew absolutely everything, "Frank!" he nearly beamed as the guard glared at him. If you asked him, he talked too much and for too long. "Meeting the parents' oi?" he asked, helping her up on the steps of the red and gold carriage. "Appears so." she sighed. "Oh, for heavens sakes, where is she..." Yazela asked. All the rest of the royals and the court had arrived, all except "Yonah, my beloved..." "Theodore..." her golden gloved hand in his, looking back at Frank as he only nodded for her to go. What was he doing, he had thought to himself, letting the one good thing happen to him vanish, but she looked happy, and that's all that mattered, right.

    "Dame Karen Page." she stuck her hand out golden curls sitting high in a bun. Dressed in pink, "Yonah." she smiled half-heartedly, not because of her, but because of the pressure surrounding her. "Be still my beating heart indeed..." Elizabeth Vanderpomp blushed, sitting as Ezra recited poetry, trouser on as she began fanning the young princess. Sitting next to her was Dinah Madani, known to have only ever loved man, "You are an erratic woman..." she chuckled, fanning herself. "Capricus and fickle even." Ezra gasped, "And you are harmoniously annoying..." "William..." "Your Majesty..." he rolled his eyes, "Sorry to cut story time short, but mind if my sparrow and I talk... alone..." he asked as both women walked away to gossip amongst themselves, "How did you know I'd be here..." Ezra asked, sitting under the tree. "Small world, big kingdom." he kissed her hand, "So you're a Jane Austen." he chuckled, "Oh no, I'm more of an original." she smiled, "Is that so..." he pressed his forehead against hers, "That it is." she whispered, "Everyone's watching..." "Let them." "Let them..." Yonah gasped, feeling worried already, everyone's eyes on her and every move she made. "Your Majesty..." she curtsied, "Mmm..." was the only thing his father could muster out. It was horrid and frightening and, she suddenly wanted to disappear, "What are your aspirations in life... A family no no money security. " "Father, you're overwhelming her!" Theodore said, rubbing circles amongst her hand. "No, he's right. I aspire to be happy, to be well cared for seen as an equal to my lover." she smiled. Both men paused as they both irrupted in laughter. Had she said something wrong? was this not what was supposed to happen, "Dear, what's next you'll say women deserve the right in politics ..." "I don't see why a woman shouldn't. We are just as important as you lot..." she smirked, "And our opinions matter more." her eyes stern like her mother, spirit as stubborn as her father. "We've a lady lawyer ..." Theodore mumbled as he joked, " Thoroughly taught by my father..." she smiled, as the laughter continued, she had felt humiliated, "I see your father hasn't taught you your place... and nor to watch your tongue." "I beg your pardon... but I will not blur to a spinless brainless lot to only marry fuck and bring your family a status I don't wish to give-"  Yonah held her cheek, the stinging sensation a surprise to her. Removing her glove, she drew back her hand, smacking her betrothed.

    Addie sighed, sitting amongst the grass, keeping her eyes on the royal princes and princesses as Alfred had settled for a tea break with the other servants and butlers. "What are you reading..." Matt asked, sitting next to her, "Pride and Prejudice." she helped him down, "Reminds me much of our princess." Matt commented as Addie snorted, "You've read it?" she asked, "Talk of the church." he added, "I must say Elizabeth is Yonah... but he is no Darcy." he gestured to the sounds of screaming as he flinched, "I bet you twenty shillings she calls the wedding off..." she glanced over her reading glasses. "50 she calls it off and marries Frank..."  he winked, holding her hand, "I didn't know that priest bet..." she nudged him, her head on his shoulder, "Well... I've been thinking of stepping down." he turned to face her, "Did Yonah lead you to it..." "No, but God did." he kissed her hand, "And how did he do that..." "He led me to you." causing her to blush, squeezing her hand, "Are you confessing your love, Mr. Murdock..." she asked, "If it means I choose you every time, yes." he held her hands, her eyes falling on his, features soft as she leaned in to kiss him, "You've ruined me, Adelaide Conner..." "I know."

    "Are you alright..." Yonah sobbed from behind the door of their purest of white palace. Ezra and Jason, both outside the door, "Of course I am..." her voice shook as Ezra gave Jason a slight tilt of her head, "I'm on it..." he whispered, "Well, you wouldn't believe what happened to me!" she grinned, "I'm courting." she shrieked, "Jessica must be a lucky woman..." she said through sniffles. Ezra only laughed, "His name is William Russo, but Billy for short, and he's a..." "Prince with little to no regard, of his reputation." Yonah chuckled softly. "I'm happy for you..." she cried once more, tears stained her gown, "I truly am." her heart in a mournful sorrow. "I had to bribe Damian to find him, but he's on his way. " Jason said, a bit out of breath, "Bribe him with..." "Something about making sure they don't kiss again..." "Again?" Oh, great, Yonah was double doomed. She'd as well hide as a nun and never see the light of day again. "It was a quick peck... nothing but perfect..." Yonah blurted out, "And Theodore..." "Eager and unneeded wet and gross..." she chuckled. Ezra looked up as she casually nodded at Frank, "She's all yours, Frankie..."  she saluted him as he gave her a simple nod, "Are you okay..." backs pressed against the door, "I have a bruising cheek..." she laughed, "I think it's turning purple? No pink? maybe red still." "I should take a look at it." "Tis but a flesh a wound. You should see the one I left him." she smiled. He knew she was. It was in her voice, just like the countless times they had spared "Attagirl." he grinned, as she blushed, "Learned from the best..." "Carlo, no no, Oliver, no... Roman?" he teased, "You are quite the gentleman today..." she opened the door as she slammed it shut, causing him to bang his head against it. "I should at least see the battle wound." the door opened, causing him to look at him, "Don't laugh... I've been ostracized enough today." she groaned, staring as he stood to examine it. He was gentle, tilting her face ever so softly. There wasn't anything there. Thank God for that, just irritation. Her eyes wandered to his lips, then back at his eyes. "Do friends kiss..." Pulling him by his waistcoat. "I don't believe so..." his hand on her thigh. "Yonah!" Addie nearly screamed, the two straightening themselves up. "There you are, we're uhm leaving..." "Is your neck okay?" "come along..."

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  • dawnsiren
    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    A concept happened in my brain last night.

    “Fire Lord” Ursa AU.

    She kills Azulon as in canon, but the twist is: she also kills/otherwise eliminates or incapacitates Ozai. Then, because Iroh is off on a no-contact spirit journey after the death of his son, and the next heir (Zuko) is literally 10 years old, everyone kind of panics until Ursa steps in.

    Like several empresses throughout Chinese history (Cixi, Wu Zetian, etc) Ursa declares herself regent for her son and proceeds to rule the Fire Nation.

    THINK OF WHAT WOULD CHANGE. She doesn’t end the war, because canon!Ursa is as much of an imperialist as the rest of her family. However, Zuko’s war meeting never happens. He doesn’t get his scar. Azula doesn’t have the same pressures on her, so she’s overall happier and better off.

    And then, when canon hits, well… I can see that going a couple different directions.

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  • cameliawrites
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    kanej wip 👀

    “If you want it. If you would have me.”

    The rasp of Kaz’s voice speaking these words—a voice more accustomed to threats of violence than promises of fidelity—is so plainly vulnerable that her heart suffers a familiar ache.

    He is unguarded before her, the magician’s illusion giving way to ordinary reality: he is no more than a man seeking the affections of the woman he loves. To her, though, after all their shared history, their fears, false words, and trauma, this moment is more than magic.

    She practices the sacred words, then, fully aware of the weight of her meaning: “I do. I will.”

    What she isn’t aware of is how her voice arrives in his ears, layered with the memory of a younger Inej speaking: I can help you.

    A rare, gentle smile lifts up the side of his mouth. He knows he can trust this latest promise—after all, trusting her first was the best decision he ever made.

    #it's absurdly saccharine i know-- #i can't help the way that p&p (2005) has forever wrecked my heart and infected my romantic mind #anYWAYS no idea when this piece will come to full fruition bc full-time law school but let me know if there's any interest at all! #kanej#kanej wip#kanej fic#kanej fanfiction#kaz brekker#inej ghafa #six of crows fanfiction #six of crows fanfic #six of crows fic #six of crows headcanons #camelia writes#soc#soc headcanon
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  • brain-dump-for-fic-ideas
    27.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    About that Witcher fanfic idea...

    (This would be like a middle of fic chapter maybe... idk...)

    [we have established before that MC feels like Jaskier is like family now after weeks of travelling together. By family, they mean that their relationship is close to something they have with their brother although it his slightly different. They never really had a dad, and Jaskier is still a bit young but that might be the closest they’ll ever be to having a parent]

    MC turned around the corner, their eyes half closed. Why was sleeping so hard suddenly? Sure the temple was quieter than the forest, and Astra wasn’t aloud inside, but it couldn’t be that simple. Hell! They were supposed to be one of the best warriors, surely silence wasn’t going to win over them.

    Lazily, they walked down the corridor, trying to remember which one was their room when they bumped into an eager Jaskier who was just getting out of his own room.

    -Sorry, they mumbled, I didn’t see you there.

    -And by the looks of it, you aren’t going to see anyone else. You’re half asleep already! Is everything alright?

    It was hard to understand what Jaskier’s intentions were. It was hard to understand anyone’s intentions to be fair. MC was trained to doubt and to not trust anyone. Usually it was easy, but during the last few weeks, they grew to appreciate Jaskier and he did sound actually worried right now. But that didn’t mean they could go soft. They straightened up and looked Jaskier dead in the eyes with what they hoped was enough confidence.

    -I’m fine, just tired, they said dryly.

    -You do look like you need some sleep, he answered smiling gently.

    -What’s that supposed to mean?

    -Nothing, don’t worry.

    That meant to actually worry about it.

    -I just haven’t been sleeping well, okay? Im going to be fine.

    -You miss the dampness and the sounds of the forest…

    Or maybe it’s just the events of the last weeks that have been creeping on me, they thought.

    -… or is it that murderous beast of yours you miss?

    -Yeah, that one, I miss Astra, they said looking down.

    Suddenly, he grabbed the back of their head while opening the door to his bedroom with the other. Gently he pushed them to get inside.

    -Look kid, I don’t know what’s going on, but something is up with you. I can’t replicate the sounds of the forrest and I sure won’t turn into a wild for you but maybe…

    He grabbed his lute from the corner of the room.

    -maybe music will be enough.

    MC looked at them with a questioning look. They were confused but didn’t want to let it show. What was the bard trying to do?

    -And you don’t get it, right… said Jaskier a bit disappointed. Look… something is troubling you, I know that for sure. You’re a child…

    -I’m not… they started.

    -You’re a child who can’t sleep but won’t tell anyone why and I just want to help. Music! Music helps a lot of people fall asleep okay? Please, just let me help you this once.

    -You… you want… they stopped, thinking. Thanks, they continued shyly.


    -Thanks… for caring I guess…


    -So you want me to sleep in your bed?

    -Well if you put it like that…

    They had become a master at making Jaskier embarrassed and knew that, even if he was embarrassed right now, he wouldn’t mind later. They eagerly made their way to the bed, sitting down remove their shoes.

    -It’s not like I was going to sleep in the bed with you, I swear. The chair is just fine, he said scratching the back of head still embarrassed.

    They turned to face him before sliding under the covers,

    -Jaskier, we left Geralt in the cold by sleeping on Astra together, I think it’s okay if you sleep in the bed. I was just joking, I’m sorry.

    They smiled at him then blinked hard, trying to chase the sleep away.

    -Yeah just try to fall asleep for now, he said pulling the chair and started to play.

    It didn’t take long for MC to fall asleep, they were exhausted. And it didn’t take long for the nightmares to start. After a short while, they woke up panicked. Jaskier had moved from the chair to the foot of the bed. One leg propped up, he was just finishing a ballad MC couldn’t recognise.

    -Hey, he said resting is hand on their ankle, are you okay?

    They couldn’t look at him. They just slowly sat up, folding their legs close to their chest.

    -Yeah, I’m okay.

    None of them would talk. None of them could find the right words. MC never had to talk about that stuff, being scare; they were never scared. Jaskier often talked too much about that stuff, caring about others; he was always hurt.

    -Why did you keep playing… if I was asleep? finally said MC.

    -Umm, I wasn’t done I guess.

    -Oh, right.

    MC looked up dreading the look on Jaskier’s face. They didn’t want pity, they didn’t want to appear weak, because they weren’t. They were just alone. They were just deeply afraid of staying alone forever.

    But Jaskier had a warm smile on his face and they smiled back, lowering their gaze again. He put down the lute and got up.

    -Mind if I sit by you?

    -That’s fine, they answers, shifting a bit to the left of the bed and making room for the bard.

    -You know, I might not be as scary as your stupid dog…

    -Hey!!! (?????)

    -… but! He said wrapping on arm around MC shoulders, if you just don’t want to be alone, I can stay.

    They let their head drop on Jaskier’s chest and lowered their legs.

    -I’ll stay here, okay. Just try to sleep.

    -If we don’t find a cure for my brother…

    -Don’t worry, did you see our team. Geralt and Yennefer will figure it out.

    -I mean…

    -And I promise you won’t have to be alone. No one should be alone.

    -Thank you, they said closing their eyes and falling asleep for the second time.

    -Thank you, he whispered, resting his chin on top of their head.

    The rest of the night went quietly. Early in the morning MC woke up and tried getting out without disturbing Jaskier. It failed but he was nice about it.

    #be nice I wrote this between doing different homework #also i forgot how to do dialogue #I haven't written anything in like two years okay #the witcher#jaskier #the witcher netflix #fanfic idea#fanfic wip
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  • aself-consciouswriter
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    No one is stopping me!

    What if I combine Dark Deception and Undertale AUs?

    What am are we going to get out of this? I have no idea. But I’m doing it anyway!

    #undertale fanfiction #dark deception fanfic #random idea
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  • royaltywhxre
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    had an idea for a glee fanfic that i wasn't gonna write, but i might actually get around to it with all this spare time 😌

    #i have a whole list of nostalgic movies i wanna base fanfic off of #and i had this great idea for a glee fic based on mean girls 😳 #ksjsjqkql idk if it'll actually be good or not but i can't wait to write it #delete later
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  • btsgreyvibes
    27.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Let me just take a moment to tell everyone how much I fucking love all the magic AUs in the BTS fandom.

    Especially the ones where Jungkook is human and just confused as hell.

    And I enjoy how the characters change story to story, some of them staying the same in terms of creature or magic but others completely different. It's so fun to see what people think of..

    Yoongi who smiles with too many teeth and vertical slits in his eyes that seem to glow. Scales that spill over his body around pulse points here and there, they seem to settle on one color before the light catches them and they completely change again. Stretching out longer than he should be able to and a low body temp that makes him prone to napping in warm spots.

    Hoseok with hair that smolders lowly at the tips like it will catch fire any moment but it never seems to work it's way up the strands, shimmering feathers woven in with gold beads. A light blush to his cheek all the time like he's been in the sun and a burning temper on the occasions he gets worked up.

    Jimin with a smile that's a touch too wicked at times and sharp nails painted black. His shadow inked on the wall behind him in flickering tails and pointed ears that don't match his movements at all. He has a presence that lures everyone in before they know it and he watches with clever eyes.

    Taehyung brimming with too much energy, the urge to run on four legs stronger the more he has to ignore it. He growls low in his chest when he's unhappy and lips curl up into a snarl when he's angry. Ears and eyes catching more than they should and his scent carefully brushed against those he considers pack.

    Namjoon ageless and brilliant. Stunning white teeth and a way of watching people that makes them feel small. He doesn't have a mark on his skin and the scent of iron follows him some days. Too fast when he moves and a grace to him thats reminiscent of a large cat hunting prey.

    Seokjin who knows more than he should and walks with the confidence of someone who knows they're the bigger threat. His ability to blend into the shadows like he's not there at all, and how he always seems to know what's going on. The smell of warm stone and smoke following him around and eyes that look endless in their darkness.

    Jungkook painfully human and so young. Big eyes that make him look more like prey than the blood running through his veins ever could. Shy and sweet and easy to win over with affection and attention.

    I just live for that shift from strangers to "yes hello this is our human please politely fuck off."

    It's just an appreciation post y'all. Thanks for keeping my imagination active and my soul happy.

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  • big-tiddy-bi
    27.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    So y’all know the anti harem undertale fics, I had an idea for one.

    So MC moves in blah blah the girlfriend is evil blah blah the guys are mean blah bal you know the story, but that’s not where it starts, the MC wakes up in their bed before they move, one of the skeletons killed them for some reason and they were sent back in time with all their memories. MC finds a different place to stay temporarily. They go to college and talk to mutt they bond over remembering the feeling of dying. They come up with a plan to destroy Girlfriend. Mutt invites mc to live with them. When girlfriend says that they knew mc when they were kids the boys who remember the resets star to realize that girlfriend is saying different things and realize that she is lying. MC records girlfriends interactions with them and shares them to prove what they say about girlfriend. Mc and the killer work out their relationship.

    Scenes that I think would be cool

    -before moving back in mutt invites MC to a Halloween party, MC dresses up in like how they died. (A bone attack to through the chest) MC dresses in a nice outfit and uses special affects makeup to add the wound. MC pretends not to know what the boys are talking about when they ask about it. MC just says that they wanted to try this type of makeup (gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss)

    -when MC talks to the boys who remember about remembering what happened they say something like “I know you felt it before, the cold consuming you, the satisfaction of your attacker, the feeling of becoming nothing, and then the horrific joy of waking up” or something cool like that

    - mutt checks MC’s soul, in the BM (before murder) times it was manly green with some blue, now it’s a bright yellow with red and purple cracks ( trama can change a souls traits)

    MC basically doesn’t take anyones shit anymore they are still kind but will do anything to get revenge on girlfriend for manipulating the boys into killing them. MC knows and understands how manipulation works and understands that the boys were trying to protect the one they love they still hold a grudge but still wants to get them away from girlfriend

    I have been daydreaming about this and how angsty this would be

    This has not been proof read this is just a steam of consciousness.

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  • quick-otp-prompts
    27.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #if i don’t understand a question usually I ignore it 🥲 #i get nervous #question prompts#writers block #yes i ask all myself these questions #cus i get way too into detail while still managing to be bone dead boring #i cant tell if they were having trouble writing a scene or wanting a situational prompt #quick otp prompts #fanfic prompt#fanfic inspiration#fanfic inspo#fanfic things#op talks#otp imagines#otp inspiration#otp things#otp ideas#otp prompt #imagine your otp #writing exercise #also question prompts work great for fighting writers block #moght be dumb cus i got writers block halfway through 🧍🏻‍♀️ #how do people format anything on tumblr #I HATE FORMATTING #tag your otp
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  • bowser14456
    27.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I have another fic idea: Adrien invites Nino, Alya and Marinette over for something idk and Marinette sees Sock Plagg somehow. And y'know a reveal obviously happens.

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  • skruttet
    26.01.2022 - 17 hours ago
    #fanfic #I do have an old list I used to put fics and people still reblog it but it embarrasses me cause it’s so old now and I stopped adding to it #aaaages ago and my opinions have probably changed on some of the fics on it 😩 #but on the other hand there are some goldies on it #the wine-stained white paws from i hung the stars for you are glued into my memory yet I forgot to add it smh #tho tbf I was thinking including fics that don’t update much isn’t a good idea but I’ll make an exception for that one. the chapters that #ARE up are worth the read even without an ending atm
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  • puckishpal
    26.01.2022 - 18 hours ago
    #maybe it’ll give me ideas for the fic! #fanfic
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  • dreambaited
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    my inbox is open for everyone to give me their most batshit insane theories about what’s gonna happen on saturday

    #go on #give me your most fanfic worthy insane ideas #i wanna know what the people are thinking #aj rambles
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  • bluemoon042
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    I can't draw but I have an urge to share how I imagine Amber Gris so I'm gonna do my best to explain and idk if it's gonna make any sense but here we go anyway!

    First off she has long, curly, ginger hair that she usually keeps in a low bun with her bangs loose. Due to the aesthetic of Ethersea I don't think she really has normal skin instead it's sort of a faint lumincent amber.

    When she's younger she has Helga from Atlantis vibes and outfit:

    When she's older her style is basically a mix of a pirate and a cowgirl. She has a knife strapped to each thigh and wears a hat that covers her eyes like Jigen from Lupin:

    I imagine her basically being the female version of him facial feature wise, but she has a very muscular build and broad shoulders. She only shows her eyes when she's intimidating someone and it's very effective. Her eyes are also glowing amber colour (sticking to a theme here) and she has a scar over her left eye which she got in her 30's.

    She also has a prosthetic finger as she lost her left ring finger during her first fight with a blink shark. It's quite steampunk looking as it's made from copper and silver metal pieces that used to be old ship parts.

    She also smokes sometimes but it's some etherea stuff that she puts in a long cigarette holder that she lights either with her lighter (that looks like a tiny pistol), a nearby fire or by using her knives to create a spark:

    And that's my idea of Amber Gris! :)

    P.S. Her anthem is Redhead by Caylee Hammack ft. Reba McEntire!

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  • creepypastabuddyv2
    26.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Idea: Craig as ricks butler

    #fanfic idea i had #craig#portal 2 #factventure? #my art
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  • fkmtpromostuff-ask
    26.01.2022 - 20 hours ago
    #ichiwashi can be a shorthand ichikawashizu just sounds fun #i have no fleshed out fanfics just sandbox aus and ideas #washizus the one with the wacky hair in the doodle he actually just looks like that in the spinoff
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  • dean-samw67
    26.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    This is Hell

    Chapter 11: Season 2 Episode 5

    Warnings: Fire, Death, Scars

    (I know I am awful with flashbacks and this chapter didn't flow the best but I needed to show a little backstory and needed more fluff. I hope you all still enjoy.)

    Words: 1353

    Harper was sitting around with Devon at the dinner table with the group they had found. The people were welcoming and had supplies, even for Jill. It was a small group but it was all they needed. Jill was napping upstairs in the nursery, along with another couple's baby who had been staying here. Devon takes Harper’s hand in his and kisses the back of her hand before returning to eat, Harper smiling at him.

    “So do you guys have anyone else?” Nikki, one of the girls from the group, asks.

    “With us, no. But my sister, her husband and my nephew are out there. Hopefully.” Harper answers.

    “Well it’s a good thing you got here when you did.” Greg, Nikki’s husband, smiles as he pours a glass of wine.

    “How did you all come together?” Devon questions, stroking his wife's hand with his thumb.

    “We lost people, found each other just barely getting out alive. Found this building and decided to take shelter. It quickly became a home for us.” Another one of the girls explains, Grace.

    “And now we have you guys.” Nikki says.

    “We’re just happy we could be here. Be a part of this. Find a safe place for our little girl.” Harper nods.


    Harper and Devon were sitting on a couch in a make-shift living room the others had set up. It was just the two of them. Devon leans over and plants kisses to her neck. Harper giggles and pushes him back.

    “We can’t do that here.” She laughs.

    “Come on. No one is in here right now. We can make it quick.” He chuckles.

    “You’re crazy, you know that?”

    “That’s why you fell in love with me.” Harper shakes her head in amusement and leans in, kissing him. A loud explosion pulls them apart from each other. They both get up and rush to find the others.

    “What’s happening!?” Harper exclaims. There is another loud explosion. Nikki comes running out of the kitchen, the ceiling caves in and falls on her, her screams only lasting a second before going quiet. Harper lets out a loud gasp. “Jillian!” She runs toward the stairs and begins running up them, Devon right behind her. She is cut off at the top as a large burning piece of wood falls in front of her. She stares in the room through the flames, hearing cries from her baby pierce the air.

    “No! No! My baby girl!” She screams and Devon has to hold her from jumping into the fire herself and killing herself too. He drags her downstairs as the fire spreads behind them. He ran towards the door but got cut off. He looks around, holding Harper in his arms.

    Harper lets out a cry of pain and he looks down at the fire that spread too close and lit on her pants. He yanks her away and rips off his flannel, putting the fire out with it. He picks her up and carries her to the nearest window. He pried it open and pushed her out of the building. He goes to climb out with her and a pillar falls on top of him. Harper let out a scream as tears streamed down her cheeks, her hand covering her mouth.

    Bullets start shooting her way and she ducks down, running into the woods, as best she could with her burnt ankle. She goes as far as her legs could carry her before she falls to the ground. She rolls in a ball and just cries. Why them? Why not her?


    Harper sat with her knees to her chest, back against a tree, near the camp on the farm. Her hand was under her pant leg and she had her boots off, caressing her scar on her ankle. She had it wrapped up for a good while. She was shocked Daryl never noticed, or never said anything if he did notice. She was forever scarred with that night, not only mentally but physically too.

    It would forever be a reminder that this was her fault. She suggested taking shelter there. She was the one who found the building. She was the one who didn’t think it was an issue to let Jill sleep upstairs. Tears form at the corner of her eyes as she feels each groove and mark in the skin of her ankle. She shakes her head as she looks down at the ground, trying to shake her thoughts.

    No matter how hard she tried she always ended up back here. Back in these thoughts. It was killing her slowly. But what was she going to do about it?

    She pulls her pant leg back down, slips her boots on and stands. She heads over to the tent Daryl had been moved to. Andrea was just leaving as Harper approached. Harper glares at her before going inside the tent.

    “What did she want?” Harper scoffs.

    “To apologize. And give me books without pictures.” He rolls his eyes as he tosses it aside. Harper sits beside where he was laying, on top of a sleeping bag. She looks over at him, eyes moving to his exposed chest and over his scars. Daryl notices where her eyes go and he pulls his shirt closed.

    “What happened?” She moves her eyes to his face.

    “Nothin’ important.” He buttons his shirt up.

    “I have a scar too. A… bad reminder.” She bites her lower lip. He glances over at her.

    “I know you’ve seen it. Just never said anything.”

    “It’s different.”

    “That may be. But both of our scars are a reminder of something bad that happened. Am I correct?” He doesn’t say anything to that. She pulls off her boot and lifts her pant leg, exposing the burn scar to him. He stares at it for a moment before looking at her face. “I don’t like people seeing, or talking about it. But sometimes, you just need someone to open up to.” She looks at him with a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. She moves her leg over closer to him.

    “You wanna touch it? It is kinda cool, I guess. In a gross way.” She laughs, joking around.

    “You’re weird.” He chuckles.

    “I’m sure you’ve done grosser things.” She shrugs. That was true. He couldn’t deny that.

    Harper gasps, quietly, not expecting him to gently run his fingers along the scar. His touch was soft, sending butterflies to Harper’s stomach. It was a weirdly intimate feeling, letting someone beside herself touch her scar like that. She just watches him as he examines the marking. He pulls his hand away and pulls himself up to sit.

    “Hey, don’t push yourself.” She leans toward him, holding her hands up. He unbuttons his shirt all the way down and pulls off the fabric from his upper body, letting it fall behind him. He turns enough so she can see his back.

    She is reluctant at first before she reaches a shaking hand to a scar in his back. She is careful as her fingers caress along the damaged skin. Daryl closes his eyes, taking in the feeling. He still never understood how she was so gentle.

    Harper moves to each scar, wondering who or what did this to him. She leans forward and presses soft kisses to the scars on his back. Her arms wrap around his waist, careful of his stitches, as she kisses her way up to his shoulder.

    All she wanted to do was show him a little love, and in this moment Daryl wanted to give into it. He wanted to let her take care of him. Harper peppers kisses across the top of his shoulders. Daryl lets out a shaky breath.

    “You are perfect, you know?” Harper whispers against her skin. He didn’t believe her. Why would he? He knew he wasn’t perfect. She only says that because she didn’t know everything about him. He just shakes his head and instead of saying anything he closes his eyes, taking in this moment while he could. Because he knew one day he wouldn’t have this anymore.

    Chapter 12~

    This is Hell Masterlist

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  • isearchedtheyooniverse
    26.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    At first I was super bummed about not having enough ideas to fill this massive plothole in the Chanyeol fic

    Now I have way too many ideas.


    #mauli.txt #like why #i didn't have any ideas for this gigantic plothole #now there's a few ideas that could go either way #i broke one of my friends after revealing the ideas to her #now i'm like #kunfused#gah #i hate this #I hate writing #i was suffering for days #DAYS#maybe weeks #good lord I wanna punch a wall #exo#exo fic#exo fanfic#exo fanart#exo ff#chanyeol fanart#chanyeol fic#chanyeol fanfic
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  • dean-samw67
    26.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    I just wanted to inform everyone I am not taking requests anymore just for now. I want to focus on my story I have going now. I may take requests eventually again at some point but I'm done with them for now. I'm sorry for anyone who had hoped for me to complete their request. I'll keep the requests I have in my inbox right now and return to them when I am ready. I hope you all understand ❤️

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