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  • moonagedaydrm
    25.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    My beloved chapter 17 is out into the world🤍

    Summer Wine

    For the 26 years he had been alive, Remus had never left Britain. Not one vacation, not even a visit to a distant French relative. But that changed when he took off to a small Greek island with James, Marlene and Dorcas for the summer.

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  • kittycatkrissa
    25.06.2021 - 41 minutes ago


    I did not expect there to be so many of you following me thank you all so much 😭 I really do appreciate every one of you.

    I know I promise this everytime we hit a milestone but I really do have some good fics planned, hopefully I can get to writing them x.x

    My requests are open! Please read my rules before requesting 💜

    If you've read this far, feel free to send me an ask! I would love to do one of those thirst ask games! Send me a character I write for and a Kink! I would love to share thirsts and drabbles with you all.

    Do Not Send Me a NSFW Ask If You Are Under 18.

    If you're a minor and still want to participate, send an ask with a character and an au/fanfiction trope instead!

    Thank you to @ohmycolie for being my lovely beta, without whom I would not have a damn thing on this hellsite.

    Thank you to @nightfallrevel and @krystalwithakay for putting up with my bullshit, I love you guys ❤

    (Also, I was serious about that Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi fic)

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  • kyuani
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hello, all! 👋🏾 You can call me Kyu. I'm a mega fangirl returning to the world of fanfiction as both a reader & writer under a different name. I have many Sonic fanfics that I'd like to finish, and hope to write some Miraculous Ladybug and BTS ones in the future as well. 🤗

    Stories so far:

    • Spill It! - Another story about one of the beloved hedgehogs enjoying the thrill of the chase. Except this time, it takes place in the Boom!Universe...And the blue hero is the one doing the chasing. This story takes place after the "Closed Door Policy" episode of Sonic Boom.| 5 chapters. Status: Complete| Can read it on FF or ao3.

    • (Un)known Emotion - "It's easier to say you're mad than to admit you're hurt." - Unknown. Two-Shot. CAUTION: Loads of angst in this story, so beware!| Status: 1/2 chapters | Can read it on FF or ao3.

    Thank you to those of you who have given these two stories much love years after they've been written. The amount of encouragement and motivation your words have given me is crazy. I grew out of fanfiction for a while - both reading and writing. But lately, I've become passionate about both again, and it feels so amazing. To new readers, I hope you enjoy my stories a lot for the 1st time. And to "old" readers, may you enjoy the escape of the new adventures ahead! 😜

    #kyu ani #boom!sonamy #sonic boom #writers on tumblr #black writers on tumblr #sonamy#sonamy boom#sonic fanfics#sonamy fanfiction#sonamy fanfics
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  • cconte-78
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hi guys a new chapter of #MewGulfMyMrCEO is out now on my Wattpad account. Please take a look, and read it. We are heading to the end.

    Title : βÃ𝕔𝐊 𝐭𝕆 山ØŘк

    #MewGulf #fanfiction #fanfic #mewgulfAU

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  • natandwandaseries
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just learned people talk about my series? Like some heard about it through TikTok?! The fact that my series exists outside of AO3 and this Tumblr has completely blown my mind

    You are all amazing and I appreciate you!

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  • chaeryybomb
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #fjkfhksdd long story short respect fanfic writers!! #asks#anon#answered
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  • geek-girl7
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Love Is A Dagger

    Pairing: Sylvie x fem!reader

    Summary: Sylvie reminisces about her time with you as her bodyguard and lover.

    Word Count: 1.2k


    A/N: Here is my fic for week 4 of @flightlessangelwings Pride Celebration 2k21 and @autumnleaves1991-blog writer Wednesday. (A/N continued under cut for spoiler reasons)


    A/N Continued: My bi heart could not resist writing for Sylvie. The second she came on screen I was like yes absolutely yes. And then during the talk on the train with Loki I instantly thought of this fic idea. Its my first angst but I really loved writing it and making my own backstory for why Sylvie hates the TVA. I also head canon that Sylvie is in her 20s (idk what that is in Asgardian years lol) when the TVA went after her. That probably won't be canon lol but whatever I make the rules here.

    “So on the subject of love, is there a lucky beau waiting for you at the end of this crusade?” Loki said.

    “Yeah there is actually. Managed to maintain quite a serious long-distance relationship with a postman, whilst running across time from one apocalypse to another.” Sylvie said sarcastically.

    “And with charm like that, who could resist you,” Loki said.

    “Well people are quite willing in the face of certain doom.”

    “I’m sure they are.”

    “It was only ever to just keep me going. How bout you? You’re a prince. Must have been would be princesses or perhaps another prince,” asked Sylvie

    “A bit of both. I suspect, the same as you.” Loki said, smirking. “But nothing ever…”

    “Real,” Sylvie said. “I had something real once. But those times are long past.”

    Becoming an Asgardian Royal Guard was your greatest wish ever since you were a child, but your new position as bodyguard to Princess Sylvie was beyond what you ever expected. After Sylvie’s 21st birthday, her previous bodyguard retired and you were honored to be given the position. You’d met the princess a few times, mostly in the training yard, and you’d been smitten ever since. Despite your feelings you kept your bodyguard duties strictly professional.

    You escorted her around Asgard and even trained with her when she desired. “Come on y/n! As my bodyguard, I shouldn’t be able to beat you,” Sylvie yelled at you after she knocked you over.

    “Apologies my Lady,” you said, “seems you can easily read my attacks. I will make sure to train harder to fix my weaknesses.”

    Sylvie rolled her eyes. “Oh calm down. I was only kidding with you. Obviously I’m better than you, I have magic.” She winked, raising her hand where her sword suddenly appeared. You chuckled, grabbing your sword and moving into a defensive position.

    As Sylvie’s bodyguard, you slept in a small room right next door in case she needed you at a moments notice. One night, after checking the room for threats and assuring guards were posted outside, you were fading off to sleep when a scream pierced the air. You sprung out of bed, wrestling your sword from its sheath. Thrusting open the door that connected your rooms, you found the princess standing on the chair as a rat ran across the floor.

    You sprang into action. You sprinted toward her breakfast table and grabbed the fruit bowl that lay atop it. You quickly dumped out the fruit and beelined for the last location of the rat. Sylvie pointed toward the dresser. “It went u-under there,” she stammered.

    You nodded and walked over toward the dresser, keeping an eye out for the rat as you went. You set the sword on the dresser. Then, slowly, you leaned your shoulder into the dresser and pushed the dresser aside. Sylvie let out a loud squeak as you revealed the rat. Before Sylvie could freak out further, you placed the fruit bowl on top of the rat.

    You whistled and the guards from outside entered. “Rat,” you said while gesturing to the upturned bowl. The guards nodded and swiftly removed the rat from the princess’ chambers.

    “All is well my Lad—,” Sylvie rammed into you, throwing her arms around your waist hugging you tightly. You could feel her rapid heartbeat from the night’s events.

    “What would I do without you,” Sylvie whispered into your chest. You gently patted her back.

    “I’m sure you would be fine without me,” you said.

    “No. I wouldn’t.” The seriousness of her tone made you believe her. She looked up and her eyes shone with emotions you never thought you would see.

    After the moment in the royal chambers, your relationship changed. Small, light touches were exchanged. Teasing remarks were traded. Long, yearning eye contact was made. Soon, you found yourself whispering sweet nothings into the princesses ear in a dark corner of the palace. You tried to stay professional but Sylvie tore down all your walls.

    You leaned with your back against the balcony outside the royal bedchamber. Sylvie had her arms on either side of you and was leaning heavily into your body. She stole a quick kiss from your lips and smiled at her accomplishment. “Who would have thought, the princess and her bodyguard becoming a couple? So scandalous,” she said, smirking. She leaned in to place another kiss on your lips but startled away from you when the door was thrown open.

    “My lady,” the guard said, “we need you to get to the bifrost immediately. The palace has been breached and they are quickly making their way here.” You jumped into action, grabbing Sylvie’s hand and placing the other on your sword, prepared to draw at any moment. Sylvie grabbed her cloak as you followed the guard out of her chambers and toward the bifrost.

    “Who are they?” You demanded.

    “We aren’t sure. They call themselves the TVA. They demand Princess Sylvie answer to her crimes against the Sacred Timeline.”

    You exchanged a quizzical look with Syvlie. You were unsettled. It was unusual that neither of you knew what was happening. Finally, you arrived at the bifrost. Heimdall was already in position to transport Sylvie to an unknown location. “We will hold them off as best we can. Stay safe,” the guard said before charging back towards the palace.

    “Your majesty,” Heimdall bowed to Sylvie. “Midgaard is your destination.”

    Sylvie nodded and you both prepared teleportation. You gave Heimdall a quick nod signaling you were ready and thank you. You arrived in a run down stone house surrounded by forest and overrun with various plants. You stood under the arches of the abandoned building, clutching Sylvie in you arms.

    “You are safe my love,” you gently stroked Sylvie’s chin, cupping her cheek. Sylvie nuzzled into you hand, leaving a gentle kiss on your palm. Before you could fully wrap your arms around her, a twig snapped. Then, a voice sounded.

    “Sylvie of Asgard, you are arrested on charges against the Sacred Timeline.” You twirled, sword already in hand. People decked in black and orange armor stood before you, weapons drawn. The one in the center clenched a small piece of technology. Suddenly, you charged at what you suspected were the TVA agents. You knocked the tech out of the agent’s hand and rammed your pommel into their head. You spun and slashed into the next person, Whirling and slashing as fast as you could.

    Behind you, Sylvie had grabbed the tech off the ground. She was frantically pressing buttons, trying to figure out what it was. A portal appeared out of thin air behind her. Sylvie yelled your name as you took out the last TVA member. You cleaned your sword off as you sauntered over to Sylvie. “It’s a portal to Alfheim,” Sylvie said, gesturing to the portal behind her. She grabbed your hand and pulled your toward the portal. Right before Sylvie stepped over the threshold, more TVA agents arrived and in stronger numbers.

    You spun Sylvie and pulled her into a tight hug, pressing your lips into her temple. “Someone will remember us, I say, even in another time,” you whispered in Sylvie’s ear before pushing her back into the portal.

    “The last thing I saw before the portal closed was her charging at the TVA, sword raised. I haven’t seen her since.”

    Loki hummed.

    “There’s mischief then.” she said.

    “No love is… uhh something I might have to have another drink to think about,” Loki said.

    #loki spoilers#loki spoiler #sylvie x reader #Sylvie laufeydottir x reader #loki fanfiction #fem!reader #angst#sylvie fanfiction #sylvie laufeydottir fanfiction #marvel fanfiction#marvel fanfic#writer wednesday #jeys pride celebration 2k21 #sylvie x fem!reader
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  • caged-lynx
    25.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fic writing problems

    Normal People, "Yeah, let's plan the story out and figure out what's going to happen gradually and write it from the beginning."

    Me, "Okay, so I have the Epilogue written. Let's figure out how to get there."

    #ao3 todobaku#ao3 writer#ao3#fanfic #bnha shoto todoroki #bnha katsuki #boku no hero academia #my heo academia #fanfic writing#writing problems
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  • reiikiki
    25.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    that moment when you want to read a fic about your otp but you’ve read all of them already

    #help #I just wanna read about my boys but there’s nothing that I haven’t already read #I’d write my own but #I’ve got writer’s block #fanfics#fanfiction#otp#shipping#my post
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  • choicesficwriterscreations
    25.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Throwback Fics #53


    The Long Lost Love series - @alwayswritingstories

    Chapter 4 | Adrian Raines, Gaius Augustine, Kamilah Sayed

    Desire and Decorum

    The Letter | Annabelle Parsons x F!OC, Hamid x MC - @lorirwritesfanfic

    The Sweetest Melody | Ernest Sinclaire x MC - @missameliep

    Open Heart

    All That Matters | Ethan Ramsey x F!MC - @mm2305

    Red Carpet Diaries

    A Father’s Day Gift… Or Three! | Thomas Hunt, F!OC (Alex), F!OC (Felicity), M!OC - @theartoflovingthomashunt

    The Royal Romance

    The Best Days | Liam Rys x MC, Liam Rys x Madeleine - @ritachacha

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  • jerzwriter
    25.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    50 Shades of Ethan - A crossover spoof

    Book: Open Heart/ The Nanny Affair / The Royal Romance

    Pairing: Ethan x F!MC – but mostly a girls night

    Summary: Former college roommates Gaby Dalton (TNA), Queen Riley (TRR) and Casey MacTavish (OH) each bring a friend to see the new release of 50 Shades of Grey. It is an enlightening experience, especially for Casey.

    Category: Fluff; fun; one-shot; pure silliness.

    Warnings: Mentions of adult situations; maybe language

    Word Count: 1625

    A/N: Big thank you to @txemrn who inspired me and a bigger thank you to David Gandy who inspired us. This is what is born of silly chats at 1:00 AM. I hope you enjoy it!

    A/N2: I am participating in this week’s @wackydrabbles! The prompt can be found below in bold.


    ***Ring *** Ring ***

    Casey sluggishly picked her head off her pillow and looked at her alarm clock. 5:02 AM.

    She sighed. Maybe it will stop.

    ***Ring *** Ring ***

    Incoming: Gaby Dalton

    “Gaby, this better be good, I just got off a long shift. What are you even doing up at 5:02 AM?”

    “I’m going for my jog…”

    “(Inaudible mumbles)”


    “I said you make me sick…but I still love you. Now, what is so important that needed to call me at this hour?”

    “OK! So, they made a 50 Shades remake and it’s being released next month!!!” (Squeals)

    “That’s wonderful, Gaby, but why do I care….”

    “They cast David Gandy as the new Christian Grey.”

    Casey jumps up out of bed. “SHUT UP!”


    “SHUT UP!”


    “OMG, Gaby, this is huge - we need to celebrate!”

    “Oh, I bet it will be huge…”


    “OK, this requires a girl’s night…”


    “I’ll call Riley, maybe she can fly in.”

    “That would be awesome!”

    “Let’s each bring a friend…I’ll bring Jenny, of course.”

    Sigh. “Gaby?”

    “What’s wrong with Jenny? You like Jenny?”

    “I love Jenny! But the girl doesn’t have a modicum of self-control! She’ll probably need Depends to make sure she doesn’t slip off her seat!”

    “Hmmm. You’re not wrong, but Depends, that’s so… Iw… I know, we’ll get her some latex, it will be keeping with the theme.”

    “Can’t argue with you there. Let’s do this in Boston, I mean, Riley married a prince, you’ve got your billionaire, I assume both of you have spare private jets lying around, don’t you?”

    “Yes, Casey, poor you! Your guy is only the top diagnostician of his generation.”

    “Uhm, only until I surpass him!”

    “This is going to be great; I’m calling Riley – I’ll text you deets later!”

    Ethan rolls over and throws his arm around Casey, “Who was that, and do I want to know?”

    “Gaby and, hmm, you may be mildly interested. Do you still have that leather harness lying around?”

    The day of the premier finally arrives and the ladies are ready for the Gandyman! Gaby and Jenn were in the plush, private theater when Casey and Sienna rushed over to greet them.

    Jenn wrapped Casey a big hug. “OMG, it’s so good seeing you again!”

    Gaby got Casey’s attention and silently mouthed “LATEX” while giving a thumbs up. Casey chortled.

    “You’ve both met Sienna before.”

    Sienna nervously eyed the security team assembling by the door, “Yes, we have; but I’ve never met royalty before, I’m a bit scared do I have to…”

    Gaby cut her off, “Sienna, she’s not royalty, she’s Riley! She doesn’t bite.”

    Casey tapped Gaby on the shoulder and pointed. “Yeah, but she does.”

    Gaby looked up to find Olivia, dressed from head to toe in black studded leather, various weapons concealed in strategic spots.

    “Uhm, Case, were we supposed to cosplay for this?” Sienna asked anxiously.

    Riley laughed as she approached her friends, “No, this is just how she dresses. Hana wasn’t feeling well, so Olivia joined me instead.”

    “Oh, thank God!” Sienna yelped. “I wouldn’t even know where to shop for that!”

    Gaby crossed her arms and shot Casey a knowing smirk.

    “GABY! SHUT UP!!”

    “OMG!!! The movie starts in five minutes! Bring me some Gandy Candy!” Jenny squealed; a bit too enthusiastically.

    “Don’t worry,” Gaby whispered to Casey, “I mean, you’re not even sitting next to her, I am.”

    A waiter arrived carrying an array of shots.

    “Over here!” Sienna yelled, “I ordered these for us to start off the night!”

    “This is perfect, Sienna!” Jenny panted, “I mean, I need to steady my nerves because…. DAVID GANDY!”

    “You know Jenn, I get it. I couldn’t even be mad at Gaby for waking me at 5:00 AM when she heard the news!”

    Riley raised her glass, “Well, to David Freaking Gandy!”

    Everyone clinked their glasses, giddy with excitement. Well, everyone except Oliva who rolled her eyes and took her seat.

    The movie began…

    “Christian” appears on screen, larger than life and resplendent in a perfectly tailored grey Armani suit. The women (except Olivia) gasp. He removes his jacket and tie, then begins to unbutton his shirt….

    “Oh my, God…” Casey moaned as she grabbed the side of her seat.

    “Uh, Case?”

    “Yes, Si?”

    “Does he remind you of anyone?”

    “Yes!! A god put on this Earth for us all to worship.”

    “Uh, OK then…” Sienna said averting her eyes from the screen.

    “Sienna, why are you looking away!” Riley chided.

    “Uh, no reason... except he looks like… never mind.”

    On the screen, “Christian” enters his playroom, wearing nothing but skintight jeans that left little to the imagination and a broad smile…

    “OK! Clean up on aisle 1! I cannot take anymore!!!” Jenny yelled.

    Sienna peeked over at Casey, “Are you OK, you look a little…”

    “Not now, Si… I can’t breathe…”

    “Olivia, are you enjoying the movie at all?” Riley asked.

    “I find it amusing. But the equipment is amateurish, it pales in comparison to what we have in our torture chambers in Lythikos. I am texting our Tourism Minister right now, we should capitalize on this!”

    “Hey Jenn, haven’t heard from you in a few, just making sure we don’t need to do CPR or anything…”

    When there is no response Gaby, turned around and saw Jenn leaning over her chair, “Jenn?”

    She sat up holding a blue personal misting fan in her right hand. “Sorry guys, it’s hot. I brought extras, does anyone need one?”

    A chorus of “Oooh Yeah’s” ensued as each of the women (except Olivia) eagerly grabbed a misting fan.

    When the movie ended everyone (except Olivia) was flustered.

    “HOLY CRAP that was so HOT! But, Casey, he doesn’t remind you of anyone?” Sienna asked exasperatedly.

    “Si, is it an old patient or something, I’d love to help you figure this out, but I’ve got nothing!”

    “Oh, God,” Jenn said, “I hate each of you going home to a boyfriend or hubby tonight.”

    “Well, we’re going to Donahue’s first,” Casey said, “from what I understand there will be a lineup of our finest residents waiting to greet the throngs of frustrated single women leaving this movie, you may do well!”

    “OMG is the.scalpel.jockey going to be there? I follow him on Picta, he is SO HOT. Or what about this guy, I see he is a friend of yours….”

    “Apparently that fan didn’t work, did it, Jenn,” Gabby laughed.


    “Oh my God! This place is so cool!” Riley gasped, “Next time we come we have to bring our friends, I think Drake and Maxwell would love it here.”

    Olivia grimaced, “I can see that Drake would be in his element, but that’s not exactly a selling point. As to Maxwell, he would be excited at an insurance seminar, so do we want to use him as a barometer?”

    “Is she always this scary?” Sienna whispered to Riley.

    “No, she’s usually worse.”

    “So Case,” Gaby yelled, “Do we get to meet your amazing Dr. Boyfriend or whatever?”

    “Gab! He is not my boy… oh, goddam! He is! But, he is on duty tonight, so I don’t know if we will get to see him…”

    “Uh, Case…” Sienna said pointing to the door.

    “Ethan?!” Casey yelled waving him over.

    Ethan rushed over to Casey and pulled her into a passionate embrace, placing a forceful kiss on her lips. Casey stood up, a bit dazed and winded.

    Gabby, Jenn, and Riley all gasped audibly.

    “I tried telling her,” Sienna sighed.

    “Baby, these are my old roommates, this is Gabby and her friend Jenn and this is Riley and her friend Olivia…”

    “Hello,” he said extending his hand, but no one moved, they merely stared in awe. “Uhm why are you all staring at me like that?”

    Gaby jumped up and shook his hand non-stop. “Uhm, no, no reason. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Davi, uhm Ethan. We’ve heard so much about you.”

    “Babe, why are you here? I thought you were working the ER tonight?”

    Ethan squeezed the bridge of his nose, “I was, but they sent me home.”


    “Well, this movie you saw, it’s causing major issues in emergency rooms all over Boston!”

    Casey looked perplexed, “Uhm, how so?”

    “Cases of hyperventilation, heart palpitations, I have no idea how but apparently a ton of slip and falls, then there are the reenactment injuries…”

    “Oh my God,” Casey laughed, “you’re kidding me! But if they’re so busy, why did they send you home?”

    “They said I was making it worse.”

    “What? How?”

    Gaby shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes at Casey as she grabbed her phone to pull up a photo of David Gandy. Stepping on a bar stool, she held the photo directly over Ethan’s shoulder and said, “Casey, LOOK!!”

    Casey gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. “Oh my God!!!”

    Sienna took a sip of her drink “Do you see it now?”

    Casey lifted her other hand and placed it over the other, “Oh. My. GOD!!!”

    Riley tapped Sienna on the shoulder whispering, “I think she sees it now…”

    “Uhm, uh, OK guys… It’s been great seeing you… uh, let’s have breakfast before you leave tomorrow, but…uhm, Ethan and I, WE GOTTA GO!”

    Ethan looked at her dumbfounded. “Casey, what…”

    She grabbed his hand and gave him “the look”. “Baby… we have got to go … NOW!!!”

    “It was nice meeting you…” he yelled as Casey pulled him out to the street.

    When they reached the door she urgently turned to him and asked, “Hun, you DO still have that leather harness lying around, RIGHT?”

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  • wurdawrites
    25.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Comments on Fics

    I don’t know if you readers have any idea how good it feels to receive comments. It’s pure elation for me, who has trauma and loves receiving validation and praise.

    Those aren’t my kinks.


    #naruto fanfiction#fanfiction#ao3#fanfic#fanfic writer#sasunaru#narusasu #comments are literally everything #please praise me
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  • jedimandy
    25.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Thank you, THG FanFic writers

    This is going to be a ramble about personal stuff so feel free to skip, but I need to get it out. I have PTSD after a large portion of my family was lost in an accident. And I lost my cousin who was more like a sister. Since it happened in a way similar to what happened in Mockingjay and I see similarities between me/Katniss and my cousin/Prim, I have avoided mainly MJ-related stuff, but really the series as a whole, since the last movie came out. I hadn’t read the series in over 8 years until recently. It started with reading TBOSAS for the first time, and even that happened almost a year after the book was released because I couldn’t initially see why I was avoiding the universe. After that I rewatched the movies first. I had blocked out a lot of what happened in MJ and was on the brink of an anxiety attack at 1am at the end of the last movie. Then I slowly reread HG and CF and kept watching the movies to the point where I can get through to the end without crying. I ventured back over to the THG side of tumblr and seeing all the beautiful content on here reminded me how much I loved the series beforehand. I’m procrastinating reading the last book but all the headcanons and fics about what happens after MJ make me more confident that I can get through it. A lot of what y’all have created has allowed me to picture finding my person and having a life to make my cousin proud and knowing that life goes on even when you feel burnt up and broken. And if you have a fic about Katniss and Peeta outside of the universe, you have created some really great distractions for when I need them. So, all this to say, thank you to all you beautiful THG fanfic writers. ❤️

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  • kaufmann-6
    25.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    They ask: What makes you smile instantly?

    And I say:


    This is what makes my smile instantly.

    Leave a comment, you have no idea how it makes a difference to the author! Even if it's just a couple of emojis, (like this ❤️✨🥰😭👏) it still shows you enjoyed the work, and for us authors is makes a huge difference!

    It motivates us to write more, because we know someone out there is enjoying and likes our work.

    It takes us out of self-deprecating thouths, thoughts that say "that's horrible, no one's gonna like it, just delete it".

    It makes us incredibly happy! Happy that someone is laughting while reading our work, happy that someone is loving our work, happy that someone is yelling at us because they loved the work so much and want to punch and hug us, happy that someone is crying because it means that we wrote something that makes people emotionated!

    So leave a comment, it doesn't have to be big, it can be a single heart (❤️), but believe me, even this single heart makes a big difference!

    Tell the writers you loved their work!!

    Thanks for reading! 🥰🥰

    / /

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  • itsmeel
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    God’s sake I’ve been so busy. I’m so sorry.

    Tomorrow I’ll share the second chapter of New moon from Edward’s POV yes or yes.

    Sorry for taking so long :((

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  • prompts4merlin
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Song Prompt!

    Smash into Pieces, All Eyes on You; A kidnapped Merlin had been kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming a skilled and brutal fighter for a underground magical fighting ring. Arthur and the knights never stopped looking, hoping their friend was alive despite the time he’d been gone. One of the knights catches site of Merlin and follows him and his ‘employers’ to the ring. When Arthur learns of Merlin’s state and location he and the knights set out to rescue their Warlock.

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  • bookkeeper-babe
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Forever stuck between:

    Wanting to read more

    Wanting to write my own book

    Wanting to write fanfic

    And lastly

    Wanting to daydream about all of the above and do none of them.

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  • thisisnotourlasthunt
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I wanna see some y/n fics that y/n is either a boy or nonbinary or even genderfluid.

    Or better yet, could we just create a thing like, y/p as in "Your pronoun", y/g as in "your gender" and the nicknames are genderneutral?

    I get that that could get tedious but seriously there are some x reader inserts that are really good, but are closed in that area.

    Or is this already a thing?

    I really don't know, this idea just came to mind. If its already a thing pls let me know cause I don't wanna sound and/or be ignorant.

    Anyways, have a great day!

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