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  • Story time?

    It’s been years and now I am actually ready to write again, and STICK WITH IT! Only difference is, it will be on Wattpad.

    Check out ‘Tainted!’ New chapter coming sooner than you (and I) think.


    #idek if people will see this 😭 #i haven’t posted in forever #urban ff#urban fanfic#fanfics#ff#wattpad
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  • aight i said i was gonna wait to get back to write the next chapter of my fic but it’s one of my favorite chapters and so i kinda want to see if it’s possible for me to get another chapter written and edited out tonight. Probably not but if I could I might actually be impressed with myself. 

    #aftg#fanfiction#fanfics #the guide to finding yourself again #more Hot Garbage Man and sad Andrew but with a fiery twist! #Neil Josten#Andrew Minyard
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  • autism mood: wearing ear plugs to edit a fic so you can concentrate cause everyone around you is making too much fucking noise 

    #this is easily the best decision i have ever made in my life #these ear plugs are one of the best things i've ever bought #the librarian fic #actuallyautistic#actually autistic#asd#fanfics
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  • When you read a super angsty fic and just when the things are starting to get messy, you don’t see a happy ending tag, yup that’s me abd holy cow

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    • Genre: Slice of Life, Friendship, Fluff, Mystery
    • Word Count: 4,501
    • Pairing: Reader x Iwaizumi
    • World: Haikyuu
    • Prompt(s): A makes a potion but trips, spilling it all over B. / “I’m not cold in the least.” / Nerd-Jock AU

    Author’s Note: This was written for the weekly-prompt (08/06/20) over on @hqbookclub​ ‘s discord server – you should check it out if you haven’t


    You looked at the white tabletop, eyes scanning each ingredient and mentally ticking them off the list as you went. When you were sure that you had everything you needed, you took out your phone and pulled up the video you needed, propping it up against an empty glass bottle before pressing play.

    The video was an episode of Axis Powers Hetalia where England was crafting a potion in his basement. He claimed that this potion would make anyone who drank it fall in love with the first person they saw. The thought that you could make Iwaizumi fall for you with just the sip of a potion you created had you giddy with excitement and you didn’t even consider the possibility that it could backfire, potentially going horribly wrong.

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  • y’all ever go down a rabbit hole of good fics

    #chats#my posts #i read this really good fic on ao3 and was like woah!!! this is awesome!!! #and then i checked out their profile to see if they had more fics for that fandom #sadly they did not but they DID have large amount of bookmarks #so i thought hmmm they seem like theyd have good taste in fics!! #so i checked out their bookmarks #and it was only after 5 hours of doing this and exhausting every lead for more fics that i was done #i have no regrets tho #10/10 would do again #ao3#bookmarks#fanfiction#fanfics
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  • okay but why is it that whenever I read a fic that can have a 500 word smut scene in explicit detail with a straight face but when I read a fluffy three paragraph ficlet I’m falling off my chair

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    📑 Table of Contents | ◂Backward

    Word Count: 2,638

    ⊱ ────── {⋅. 🔥 .⋅} ────── ⊰

    “If I could just control my mind,
    I wouldn’t need to run and hide.
    If I could show you all inside, then you would know what hell is like.”
    Nevertel, “Down”〉

    ⊱ ────── {⋅. 🔥 .⋅} ────── ⊰

    “I really have gotten weaker. Back in my heyday, five hits woulda been enough to knock that guy out.” Toshi stood tall, his fist held against his chest. “But today, it took more than three-hundred mighty blows.” He paused, turning toward the remaining two villains. “You’ve been bested, villains. Surrender! We all want to get this over with quickly.”

    Toshi, you’re running out of time, aren’t you? No, you’re already out of time. It’s faint, hidden by the dust, but I can see the smoke rising from his body. He’s pushing himself to the absolute limit.

    “He… cheated…”

    “What’s wrong?” Toshi taunted. “Not attacking me? Didn’t you say you were gonna clear this level earlier? Well, come and get me! If you dare.”

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  • chapter 7 of my after TLoU2 fanfic is here

    A very slow burn that will eventually lead to something between Abby and Ellie

    And the second part will have Abby/Ellie/Dina because why not?

    I almost finished writing this, it is very long but I hope someone else out there enjoys it too. I am not posting it all at once because I am writing it all alone and I am checking and hoping I can detect mistakes before posting since English is not my mother tongue

    By the way, while finishing this another idea for an AU of Abby/Ellie/Dina with a bit more of comedy came to mind and guess what, I am totally writing it too

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  • If I ever seduce a rich older woman who puts me in her will and makes me rich, I swear ill take a year off from everything and write AMoL, CoAI, My Cousin Blondey, and 7 Virtues of Hohenheim 

    But until then…..
    Imma just keep looking at this blank page hoping they write themselves. 

    #a motive of love #chronicles of alex isaac #fanfics#writing#eugh
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    Trope: Being Watched

    Words: 2066

    Fandom: Dark Souls
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Relationships: Lord’s Blade Ciaran & Dragon Slayer Ornstein
    Characters: Lord’s Blade Ciaran, Dragon Slayer Ornstein
    Additional Tags: being watched, or more like the after effects of being watched every day by your friend, Trust Issues, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, mentions of Lord Gwyn’s Firstborn


    After a month of being watched by the Lord’s Blade, Ornstein can’t bear to have his loyalty put in doubt anymore.

    AO3 link

    Written for @badthingshappenbingo

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  • Turning my unused and abandoned LWA fanfics into ones for The Owl House will either be the smartest or dumbest idea I’ve had in a while. 🤔

    #IM A GENIUS #OH NO#lwa #little witch academia #the owl house #toh#random rambles#fanfics#fan fiction
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    📑 Table of Contents | ◂Previous

    -ˋˏ ༻❅༺ ˎˊ-

    The group had arrived back at the cabin without any more problems.

    After explaining the situation, Shishido placed the still unconscious boy in his room so Yuushi could look him over. He believed that Gakuto would be fine – just have a major headache when he woke up – but Atobe arranged for a doctor to arrive in the morning, just to be on the safe side. Everyone had settled down after that, going into their respective rooms and going to sleep; it was almost three in the morning, after all.

    You, however, lay in your bed, eyes cast towards the ceiling with a scowl on your face; you were unable to fall asleep. Instead, you pushed yourself out of bed, walking quietly down the hall towards the sliding glass doors.

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  • Masterlist

    Here is a list of my (very few and not so great) fanfics! I’ve got a couple prompts in my askbox, and I will be working on them as soon as I get free time. I’m open to requests, and let me know if you’d like to be tagged. enjoy!

    Throne of Glass



    This Love

    You’re It

    The Folk of the Air



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  • story summary:  When their space pod unexpectedly loses power, Dan and Phil - two crew members from the International Space Station - suddenly find themselves revolving far above the strange atmosphere of an alien planet, and must now find a way to survive as they wait for help to arrive.

    story word count: 4057

    rating: teen & up audiences

    warnings: profanity

    song of the chapter: cherry bomb - the runaways

    notes: yes yes i’m late i’m using the same excuse as last time i’m sorry !! look but i am gay and i can’t count days so if you’re mad.. homophobia.

    link to ao3 (would highly recommend reading on ao3 due to formatting changes on tumblr!)

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    Chapter 3 is out!

    With the end of the prologue all the pieces are in place and the real story is about to kick off!

    Link in the reblog.

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  • Me parece increible que alguien este en contra de ao3. Como se nota que sois MUY jovenes, o muy mayores, o simplemente jamas os habeis enterado de lo que hace OTW(Organization for Transformative Works, quien lleva Ao3) por tu libertad creativa.

    Como doy por hecho que no sabeis nada de la historia de los Fanfictions, os haré un resumen muy breve:

    En los años 90, con la llegada del internet, y con el, las redes sociales, muchas escritoras de fanfics empezaron a compartir su trabajo en la red. Todo iba bien, era un fenomeno muy de nicho que con suerte era popular en foros.

    Hasta que Anne Rice atacó.

    Anne Rice, la escritora de las Crónicas Vampíricas, empezó a denunciar a través de una multitud de abogados a absolutamente todas las fickers que se atrevieran a publicar contenido de sus obras. usaba el pretexto de que “se adueñaban de su obra y la targiversaban de forma conveniente”, y “manchaban” la imagen de su trabajo en general.

    A partir de aquello, las fickers POR LEY debian poner un disclaimer al inicio de cada capitulo de sus fics donde decia que la obra en la que se basaban para hacer ese escrito no le pertenecia, y que no pretendia lucrar de ello. Si leeis fics antiguos lo vereis. De hecho, hay fickers veteranas, supervivientes de aquella guerra(?) que siguen poniendolo.

    Pues una organizacion salió para contraatacar. OTW se formó para defender los derechos creativos del individuo.
    A partir de ese momento, de años de lucha contra snobs que pretendian tener el control de todo el contenido inspirado en sus obras, ganaron. O al menos lo suficiente como para poder tenr un respiro. Derecho de poder publicar contenido de una obra mientras no se saque ventajas económicas ni intenten adueñarse de la obra.

    Pero no es una batalla 100% ganada, porque cierto sector adinerado de creadores de contenido AMARIAN poder censurar todo contenido de ciertas obras y poder poner multas a quien ose crear algo de un contenido con derechos de autor.

    Asi que cada año se pelean con cientos, miles de abogados y denunciantes para que tu tengas tu derecho de escribir de lo que se te cante el orto.

    De hecho, al ver como las grandes webs de fanfiction se fueron a la puta cuando empezaron a poner pegas a la “libertad creativa”, ellos mismos crearon una web para poder archivar contenido escrito de fans sin animo de lucro, que no solo almacena MILLONES de fanfics, sino que ademas adopta y acoge miles de fanfics que, tal vez por la muerte de los soportes donde fueron publicados, fueron abandonados al olvido. Esa web es Ao3 (Archive of our own = El archivo de los nuestros)

    Y hasta dia de hoy defienden el absoluto derecho de una persona de poder publicar lo que se le pinche antoje sin temor a represalias.

    Y no piden nada a cambio. No se lucran absolutamente de nada. No ponen anuncios, no ponen ningun filtro economico, ni un filtro de busqueda que tienda a favorecer X contenido. Solo se alimentan de donaciones, que piden una, dos veces al año.

    Si tu quieres derrumbar eso, si tu lo que quieres es ver caer a algo tan jodidamente bueno, que lucha por tus derechos creativos sin pedirte nada a cambio, entonces no te los mereces. Sinceramente. Porque te importa mas que “publiquen contenido dE UnA sHiP T O X I C A 😭” A entender la existencia de esa web.

    Y compartiré esto cada pinche vez que vea una anti quejarse de Ao3.

    Autora: Akora Kinn

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    “Hm?” Shoto looks up as he chews the food in his mouth.

    “Are you happy here?” Izuku-san said, with a serious look on his face.

    Shoto swallows the food in his mouth and smiles with a nod, “Yes,”

    Izuku-san sighs as he leans a hand on his chin and mutters words Shoto can hear, “That’s good,”

    “Why?” Shoto asks as he eats another spoonful of omurice on his plate.

    “Nothing, I’m just….glad I met you,” Izuku-san says, smiling like he does, leaving Shoto a bit confused at first from the sudden shift of the topic but eventually eats the rest of his omurice anyway.

    Chapter 4 is out guys!

    We’re in Shou’s POV now.

    Happy reading guys!

    #tododeku #kimi wa waratte #Kww#midoriya izuku#todoroki shouto #my hero academia #Fanfics
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