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  • y’all… i mentioned to my grandma earlier today that i wrote fanfics and she said she wanted to read some. so i literally just send my grandma links to 7 of my fics (because you never say no to your grandma) and i’m like having a heart attack right now. i’m probably going to die 

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  • Title: One Way Home

    Summary:  When Ciel accidentally strands himself in the past with no way to get back to his own time, he has no other option but to make a deal with a vampire for his survival. But Sebastian is interested in more than just Ciel’s blood.

    Relationship: Sebastian Michaelis/Ciel Phantomhive

    Rating: E

    Archive Warnings: Underage, Graphic Depictions of Violence

    Read it here!

    #sebaciel #sorry there's no nice graphics to accompany this but #the first 6 chapters are up now #this is a blood-drinking porn fic #just so you know what you're clicking on #kuroshitsuji#ciel phantomhive#sebastian michaelis#fanfics#my fanfics
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  • Reader pronouns: unspecified

    “Hey. S’alright.” He paused and waited to see if you’d come out of the thick brush he knew you must be hiding in. “They’re gone. C’mon out.”

    His voice was deep and a little gruff, but there was something in it that felt genuine to you. You moved toward the sound of his voice and peered out through the branches.

    He saw the hesitancy on your face. He snapped his knife back into the sheath at his hip and swung his crossbow over his back, holding his hands up, palms out in a sign of goodwill. “S’alright. I ain’t gonna hurt ya. C’mon out.” 

    You tried to swallow the rising panic in your throat as you looked at the crimson stain spreading on your shirt. You glanced back at the man standing still and steady, and that’s when you saw the bodies of the men on the ground behind him. You gave him one last glance and stepped all the way out of the brush, somewhat hunched as you press your hand over the knife wound in your side. “You killed them,” you said softly. 

    He nodded. 

    You studied his expression. His eyes were light blue and narrowed as he looked at you. There was nothing in them that made you recoil, not like what you’d seen in the eyes of the men you had been hiding from. To the contrary, they were kind and concerned. “Who are you?” you asked. “What–why are you out here?”

    “M’Daryl. I was trackin’ them. And then I spotted your trail and realized they were tryin’ to track you,” he said simply. “You’re hurt,” he added, glancing at your hand clutched over your side. “I’ve got a place. It’s safe. Got supplies.”

    You stared at him and then glanced back down at your side, lifting your palm and feeling lightheaded at the sight of how drenched your shirt was with red. You looked back up and nodded. For some reason, you knew you could trust him…

    Prompt: “They’re gone.”

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  • Guys don’t write fics about real people-

    Like, seriously. Do not ship actual living human beings.

    #kinda concerned for this fandom #ao3 #julie and the phantoms #fanfics#jatp
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  • my fics and drabbles / destiel

    (now on AO3)


    Apparently, most of you don’t know I’m writing stuff, too, looks like tumblr dot com is being a bitch about it and not showing my posts. Figured I’ll do a list and tag some of you who seem to enjoy what I do with words.

    So, if you liked me writing and wish I’d write more (I do, promise!), this list is for you:

    • dean says it all back and rescues cas from the empty (15x19 coda)  x
    • dean drew that portrait for castiel’s entry in bestiary
    • new year’s x
    • the core of dean winchester or purgatory brings out the truth x
    • sam knows x 
    • angsty destiel break up sketch I accidentally wrote inspired by my own tags x
    • cas and dean questioning their lives x
    • headcanon: dean prays to cas about random stuff x 
    • my not so sober ideas for the ending they (we) deserved x

    (tag list under the cut)

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  • I’ve read yesterday a Supernatural fic (a good one, but that isn’t even all that important), where the writer asked us to give them our own interpretations of their work, so of course I wrote one, and seriously 1) WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF ASKING PEOPLE TO INTERPRET MY FICS, THIS IS GENIUS, and 2) this was one of the most fun I’ve had interacting with someone on AO3 in the five years I’ve been there. The other one being that one time I teamed up with a random other author to compliment on a post-can Thor: Ragnarök fic.

    So anyway, this was fun, 100% would recommend.

    #personal#fanfics #adventures in fandom #AO3 #mutual admiration society when it's actually working
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  • image

    I started writing a Young! Hicsqueak oneshot and things got out of control.

    (I normally write 6/7 pages for a oneshot lmao)

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  • DNI interact if you are underage to any of my NSFW fics. 


    Things I will write about;

    • I will write just about anything, if the story calls for it and the reader’s background includes more serious topics like assault, injury, torture, r*pe that sort of stuff because it is integral to the characters backstory and development then I will, but it wont be in detail, it will be just implied or briefly mentioned. 

    • But please do not request Dark/non-con fics because I will not do them. I don’t enjoy the idea of turning a loveable character into a predator. 

    • I do not have any issues writing about topics like self-harm or suicide, I have been there myself and struggle immensely with my mental and physical health and I understand that it is in no means a glorification, but in fact a way to vent your feelings out in the form of fan fiction. 

    • If you would like a reader to be gender neutral please let me know and I will try my very best. 

    • I’m not the most comfortable writing poly relationships like stucky x reader but I can always try for you.

    • If you just want a smut one shot, don’t be afraid to ask for that to, I am a degenerate and will write any smut I can get my hands on. 

    • You can request any character x reader from any fandom, as long as I’ve seen it I will do it! So please don’t just think this is a marvel blog. 

    • I can also do RPF (real people) if you want, I have no worries about that. 

    Here’s a list of shows and films I’ve seen that I can write about if you want:

    Criminal Minds
    Suicide Squad, Joker
    Star Wars 
    Guardians Of The Galaxy, pretty much all marvel movies so you can request any character you want. 
    The Walking Dead
    The Good Place 
    Always Sunny 

    I’ve seen a lot of stuff, so if there’s anything you can think of that I’ve forgot to mention, please just ask. 

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  • Words: 5,229
    Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader
    Reader pronouns: she/her
    Era: Alexandria
    Warnings: Language, typical TWD stuff
    A/N: This is Part 7 of a series! Find the previous parts on the Masterlist!
    Summary: Daryl continues to worry about Y/N and wonder about her past, but they continue to bond inside the safe walls of Alexandria.

    Your name: submit What is this?

    From that day forward, you and Daryl were almost inseparable. The growing closeness between you was obvious and spending your time together was like a subconscious habit you couldn’t break.

    When he wasn’t around you, Daryl felt like something was just missing and it seemed you always ended up together, even if it was just to do nothing.

    Not too long after your last bad run-in outside the walls, Deanna insisted on having a town get-together as a morale booster. There would be food and a bonfire and supposed comradery. You were lying on your couch when there was a knock on the front door earlier in the day. You winced from the continued soreness in your ribs as you climbed to your feet and when you rounded the corner into the hall you could see Aaron on the front stoop.

    You immediately gave him a look when you pulled open the front door.

    “Y/N,” he said with a smile. “How are you feeling?”

    You nudged your head as a way to say “come in” and Aaron stepped inside. You walked back up the hallway and stood in the kitchen, waiting for him to follow. “I know that isn’t why you came by,” you said.

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  • if you like someone’s writing, tell them! leave a comment on their post, like every post you read, reblog the fics. show appreciation to these writers, especially if it looks like they haven’t gotten a lot!!

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  • #assassination classroom #assassination classroom fanfiction #nagisa assassination classroom #Nagisa Shiota #Nagisa x reader #Nagisa Shiota x reader #Shiota Nagisa x reader #assclass#anime#x reader#fanfiction#fanfics#fanfic#headcanons#Nagisa #Nagisa x y/n #y/n
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  • Apparently there’s fanfic discourse happening on Twitter rn. Imagine getting owned like this:


    Must hurt when a Hugo Award winning author says “oof” to your elitism.

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    #fanfics #lol i have no idea what im writing #writers
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  • When ever I’m on Ao3, looking for something to read. I’m always so suprised to see how many words people have written. I mean 100,000 words, that’s A NOVEL! A FREAKING NOVEL!

    -Also my brain: I could cram that in one night.

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  • Repost with your favourite/funniest tag you’ve seen on a fanfic 

    #fanfics#fanfictions#tags #they are just so funny sometimes
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  • image

    I was bored.

    Anyway, please either start or continue reblogging work made by content creators! We put so much effort into everything we do — our writing, our moodboards, our art, our icons and lockscreens! And speaking from experience, it can be really disheartening when content creators post something and dont get any reblogs. While we love getting likes, they don’t do anything. They don’t spread the word, they don’t let us know what you liked about it, they do nothing for us; so the next time you find something on Tumblr you like, please reblog it too! You can really make someone’s day.

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  • When i get mad at fics i just,, start swearing and commenting in spanish lmao

    #Sjsjskaj #Someone answered me in spanish too #Fanfics
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