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    [PROFILE. O2. 10 shades of black]

    10 shades of black (there’s only 5 of them but we don’t need to remember that)
    senior in high school. a maverick debater from a young age and tells people that there’s ‘more to him than debating’, but flaunts his debating awards and successes at every chance he gets. best friends with jay (like very close friends) and shares everything with him...but has a matching pfp with sunghoon. traitor much.
    senior and is the only one doing textiles in his group. is definitely mentally stressed but says otherwise. literally put the milk the in bathroom cupboard and no one in his group is over that, and it’ll forever haunt him. jake’s his bestie and the only time they aren’t joined at the hip is when they’re doing their separate roles in society
    senior and doesn’t know what he’s doing. teases and makes fun of jake every. single. day. doesn’t matter if he’s literally just breathing. did beg- force- jake to match pfps with him (yeah, it wasn’t willingly) and jay still doesn’t know this. has a ‘banter-fights’ with jay a lot (but we all know that there’s true feelings behind this /j?)
    the only junior in the group and still gets made fun mercilessly (it’s sad, really). does taekwondo and is one hell of a prodigy. his embarrassing past traumatises him way too much and doesn’t allow anyone but his friends to tease him about it. people? love? his? cheeks? why? he doesn’t know.
    oldest senior and literally acts like a child. but when he needs to be mature, he is. so i guess we stan convenient maturity. co-captain of the dance team (with side character baek-seong) and his reflexes are godly. if you’re not aware of his existence, you’re considered a lowlife and a rock inhabitant.

    taglist;; @hakuyeo @mykalon​ still open!!

    a/n;; sorry for the one day late post. your enby was shitting tears, screaming, scraping paint off walls, so they weren’t able to post on wednesday. but i mean, two consecutive days with posting,,, win win ig? anyways, enjoy people!!

    << pr. O2 >>
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    behind closed doors ➔ jeon jungkook

    church goer!jeon jungkook x p.k.!reader romance + smut warnings: jungkook is a good boy + a bunch of god talk and church stuff + masturbation + use of sex toys + jungkook is big time hjorny + not for the faint hearted !! ig wc: 3.2k

    ➔ jungkook had his whole life planned out. he had been the model child for all of his life. now, there was a new pastor in town, and never did jungkook expect for the biggest temptation to come in a dress and all smiles.

    a/n; yeah, this is so self indulgent it might hurt a little. i started writing it so long ago, back when even moononthejoon was a thing, its an ao3 original, but now that im back, im posting it here :D time to exploit being raised catholic, and going to catholic and then christian school hehe - feedback is always appreciated!

    #1 THE SMILE

    series masterlist

    Jungkook liked to believe he was a good guy. He was kind, the model kid―the kind of guy you wanted to have as a child or have your kid marry. His family was nothing short from a picture perfect family. Chaeyoung, his younger sister, was a couple of years younger than him. Both his parents had an exemplary relationship, and even if he and Chaeyoung didn’t agree with some things, they had a pretty decent sibling relationship.

    Just like pretty much every other family in his neighbourhood, they went to church every Sunday. Jungkook couldn’t remember the last time he’d missed church, or the last time he’d missed youth group for that matter. It was a tightly knit community; everything so warm and welcoming. But now, there was a new pastor in town.

    Their old one had decided to step down as his health was not allowing him to go forward, so they had to hire a new one. Jungkook’s mother had encouraged his father to go for the job, but he’d said that was not what he was meant to do; not what God had intended him to do. Which is why now everyone was waiting to say hello to the new pastor and his family.

    It had been an early morning, with Jungkook’s mother waking everyone extremely early so they would dress up and look decent for the new pastor. Jungkook didn’t know why it was such a big deal, but he decided to humour her. Chaeyoung had received the most heat, as she had refused to wear a dress. Truth be told, it was harder for her than for Jungkook. He just had to put on his slacks and his long-sleeved dress shirt and his tie.

    As soon as his eyes landed on you, he hoped that he’d taken more time to style his hair in the morning. He remembered that Jimin told him that his hair looked better slicked back, and now he was rocking the standard coconut hairstyle. He’d cleared his throat as his family walked up to your family. Chaeyoung picked up how her older brother seemed to hide behind her.

    You were standing next to your father, holding your brother so he wouldn’t run off. Your mother was greeting people, hugging them and giving them a kiss on the cheek. Your father had been very excited to be starting his new job, so you’d given more thought to your look today. You’d been glad to do it because there were quite a few good-looking guys here.

    ‘Sam, stay still.’ You said through gritted teeth as you gripped his arm.

    ‘But I wanna go play!’ He whined.

    ‘Give it five more minutes, I’ll be over soon.’

    ‘But you said that ten minutes ago! I wanna go.’

    ‘Y/N, Sam, meet the Jeons.’ You turned to give yet another family your signature smile. Your heart wanted to jump out of your chest when you saw the man standing in front of you.

    Please, give me strength.  You gripped your brother’s arm tighter, and as expected, he whined again as he tried to shrug you off. He had to be a figment of your imagination. No one could look that good on a Sunday morning in church clothes.

    ‘Very nice to meet you.’ Mrs Jeon greeted you. ‘You know, I think you and Jungkook might be the same age.’

    Jungkook. You liked that name. ‘Our Y/N has just started university.’ Mrs Jeon tilted her head as she looked at you.

    ‘Yes, I am in my first year for Theology.’

    ‘Theology! How great. Following your father’s steps?’ You laughed politely at her joke. ‘Our Jungkookie has been studying Computer Science and Theology for a year now.’

    ‘I just couldn’t choose.’  Oh, his voice .

    ‘Mom! Can I go?’ Sam interrupted and your mom nodded along, already annoyed with him. He immediately dashed off to go and try to socialise with kids his age.

    Chaeyoung then stood in front of you. ‘So, theology?’

    She then started asking you all sorts of questions. You had started university just a few weeks ago so you couldn’t answer a lot of her questions. Chaeyoung was starting to work on her profile for university applications, and those questions you could actually answer. She pulled you to take a seat next to her and you complied with her before the service started.

    Jungkook was sitting next to his sister as he’d walked behind you. Your mother and his mother were already making plans for dinner some time this week as you had moved in just a couple of houses down the street. His mother wanted to have a good relationship with your family now that your father was the pastor.

    As your father made his way to the middle of the stage, Jungkook nudged his sister.

    ‘Chae, stop talking her ear off and let her go to her family. We’re about to start.’

    Chaeyoung pouted. ‘You should give me your phone number or your Instagram so we can keep contact.’ You nodded, slightly chuckling as you took her phone.

    You, then, stood up and before you left, you gave Jungkook a sweet smile. He watched you go, running his eyes up and down your body. The way your dress moved as your hips swayed was almost hypnotic. He felt a pair of hands on his shoulders, startling him and snapping him out of his lewd thoughts. Wow, it felt as if he was going through puberty all over again.

    Jimin was standing behind him, leaning in so his parents wouldn’t hear. ‘Isn’t she cute?’


    He chuckled. ‘I forget your virgin ears cannot take that.’

    ‘Being a virgin is not bad.’

    ‘I never said that. Just… you can acknowledge when someone makes your blood pressure go haywire.’ Jimin didn’t need to be face to face with Jungkook to know he was rolling his eyes.

    Jungkook was not going to lie, he had no expectations when it came to your father. He was still hung up on his previous pastor and even missed him, but your father had done a really good job and Jungkook was even very engaged with what he was saying. Jungkook had just lost focus for one second and turned his head to see the people sitting at the front, where he found you already staring at him. Another smile creeped up your lips, holding eye contact for a second before you turned your eyes back to your father. Jungkook swallowed thick―he was not going to make it out alive.

    After the sermons, people would stay to talk to one another, as if they didn’t see each other in the week. Jungkook usually hated this as it would mean Jimin talking all the time while Jungkook just sat there waiting for his family; he would never dare to leave without them. His mother and father were in a very deep conversation with your father, probably about how  great  his sermon had been.

    Jimin was already sitting down next to Jungkook as he told him what he’d been up to in the week. His parents had allowed him to move out for university, and Jimin had gone wild―not that his parents knew about it. As you walked out of the church, Jimin put his eyes on you, halting his story. Jungkook knew that look, and he hated it.  Fresh meat .

    ‘Don’t.’ The younger one warned. Jimin turned to see him offended. ‘Don’t even try. She’s the pastor’s daughter.’

    ‘Please, I just want to be friendly.’

    ‘Friendly is not in your vocabulary.’

    You neared them as you were in conversation with Chaeyoung. ‘Quick, what’s her name?’

    ‘Why do you wanna know?’

    ‘I said quick!’


    Swiftly, Jimin stood up in front of you and Chaeyoung. Both Jeons knew every card in the Park Jimin deck, so neither of them were amused. You, on the other hand, spared him a confused glance. You knew he was the son of the Parks, but you hadn’t really talked to him. He was very handsome too, but he was a different type of handsome to Jungkook, his features seemed a lot finer.

    ‘Is there anything I can help you with?’ You asked in your customer service voice.

    ‘Just wanted to properly introduce myself and welcome you.’ You nodded, taking his hand. ‘I see Chaeyoung is already keeping you busy.’

    ‘Don’t mind Jimin, he’s just… well, you know.’ She raised one of her eyebrows. It seemed as if you two had already a secret language that left both of the boys confused. You seemed to understand perfectly. ‘Anyways, Jungkook, they’re coming over tomorrow for dinner!’

    ‘Oh? That’s fun.’

    Your eyes travelled up Jungkook’s figure, and you wondered if he did sports. He had to at least work out; his shirt was barely keeping it together around his biceps.  Fun . That was going to be one way to put it. It was harmless for you to develop a crush on Jungkook, it was only natural for it to happen. You didn’t even have to act on it. Nor where you expected to. He’d probably pass out if you did if any of your interactions had been pointers.

    As he got home, Jungkook undid his tie and decided to take out one of the books he’d been assigned for class. He already had an assignment due in a few days, and he hadn’t started just yet. Still, his mind couldn’t get off you. The way your dress fitted you had to be illegal. Jungkook had mentally slapped himself when he’d found his eyes staying on your boobs longer than needed―not that it was needed at all.

    He thought a cold shower should do it, but he knew it wasn’t going to. He knew that masturbation was a big no, but there were some things that one needed to do every once in a while. He was a man after all. So, he pulled out his computer from his bag and laid on his bed, scrolling through a myriad of videos of every kind possible.

    Maybe that wasn’t what he needed. It felt wrong to watch these people have sex, so he looked for something different. He scrolled through a couple of videos before he saw one of the things to the side.  Livestreams  with a blinking red dot next to them. He thought that watching one never hurt nobody, so he clicked on a random one.

    The girl on the screen was only showing the bottom half of her face as she sat on her bed wearing an oversized t-shirt. From what he could see, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples already prominent under the fabric. Jungkook never thought it was so hot to see that. Her lips were slightly apart as she set everything up for the livestream; it was only starting.

    There was a shift in the screen as the camera revealed her whole face. Jungkook’s mouth hung open. It couldn’t be. It just simply couldn’t. He knew his mind was playing him a trick, that couldn’t be you on his screen.

    Jungkook knew that he needed to close the browser and forget it happened after he’d prayed for you. Still, his cock stirred inside his pants. He pulled his trousers, trying to fix himself. His cursor hovered over the x to close his browser window, but he heard your voice. His eyes fixed on your face, that was adored by the same polite smile he’d seen earlier in the day.

    Your voice was soothing, saying hi to your viewers and already thanking people for the tips they were giving you. Everything inside of Jungkook was yelling to close the browser and go take shower, go read some non-fiction, pray for you―but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to. God, it felt wrong, definitely, but no one knew what was going on inside his room.

    The sound of your chuckle brought him out of his thoughts. ‘Thank you, everyone, for your very generous tips, but if you have liked what you see so far, you’ll love what’s coming later.’

    You were sin. Jungkook was convinced. You didn’t change much from how he’d perceived you before; you still had that same calm energy around you.

    After a few more minutes of chatting as you waited for more people to join, once the number stabilised you decided to start. You were sitting on your bed, your camera in front of you, showing how you were sitting on your thighs. Jungkook thought you looked so fucking cute yet so sinful. You tilted your head as you kept reading the comments.

    ‘You know, if you keep rushing me, I’ll just do things slowly.’ You teased and Jungkook felt the heat come up his neck into his face.

    You leaned back against the pillows behind you. Jungkook focused on the pillows a little bit too much, seeing how they dipped under your body. He watched your hands pull on your shirt, covering your centre from the camera. One of your hands travelled up on top of the shirt and groped one of your boobs.

    Jungkook licked his bottom lip, wondering how your breasts would feel in his hands. There was an urge growing inside of him to bury his face between your tits. He’d never wanted to do something like that before. The soft moan coming out of your mouth made Jungkook’s cock twitch. Your hand kneaded your breasts as you grinded against the other hand.  Fuck , he wanted that shirt gone.

    ‘Just take it off.’ Jungkook begged at the screen. He knew you couldn’t hear him, but he was used to talking and not getting any feedback.

    As if you heard him, you spread your legs showing that you weren’t wearing any underwear. He almost choked on his own saliva, coughing as he fixed the laptop on his lap. You taunted your audience as you started playing with your slit, biting your bottom lip to keep the small whimpers from being too loud.

    Jungkook wondered if your parents were home. What would the pastor think of his perfect little daughter showing all of herself on the internet? He seemed so proud of you earlier in the day. Jungkook didn’t even want to remember who your father was because it just made him feel guiltier about watching you pleasure yourself. They couldn’t have been home, you probably knew their schedule perfectly, finding a window of time for you to do this.

    With your moans becoming more frequent, Jungkook’s cock was rigid inside his underwear. He reached inside them, pulling his dick out.  It’s wrong . He shouldn’t have been doing this, but there he was, stroking his cock to the sweet sound of your moans and whimpers as you finally pushed your fingers inside of you.

    You pulled at your shirt when you started moving your fingers inside of you. Jungkook still wanted that shirt gone. He wanted to see your tits in full display on his screen, see how they moved when your breathing was ragged. He wanted to touch you, more than anything. He knew that it was  wrong , he couldn’t because of various reasons, but the urge to slip his fingers inside of you and see if you were as warm as he thought you were.

    Jungkook could see your arousal dripping into your sheets. He never liked swearing, trying to stay as far away from it as he could, but  fuck , he wanted to see it for himself. He wanted to have you in front of him, fucking yourself on your fingers. You stopped abruptly, finally taking off your shirt and letting everyone see your bare figure.

    A smile spread on your lips as you brought your arms together, squishing your breasts, and then you proceeded to shimmy, making them jiggle. Jungkook suddenly felt light headed, his cock twitching in his hands. You licked your lips as you read the comments and thanked the people who were continuously giving your tips.

    ‘Do you guys think it’s time for a toy?’

    He was positive you were going to kill him. One, he had assumed that you were a virgin, that you obeyed the scripture. It could just be something else, right? It could definitely be one of those vibrator things that girls liked.  Two,  a toy ―he was going to die right there and then and people were going to find him with his dick out as he saw you.

    ‘Don’t do this to me.’ He begged again, as if you could hear him.

    This time, you went against his wishes, taking out a deep purple dildo, confirming all of his suspicions. Jungkook blinked repeatedly, thinking that his brain was playing games with him and you weren’t holding that up. He didn’t even have time to wonder who’d had the privilege of having sex with you before. You backed up on the bed, but you turned around, giving your back to your camera. He stayed still, watching every one of your movements carefully.

    You set the dildo under you and lined it up with your entrance. You hissed when you felt the cold temperature against your heat, but still, you started to lower down on your toy. Jungkook thought he was going to pass out, he really did. You stayed still a few seconds, but then you grabbed one of the pillows in front of you for leverage as you spread your legs a little wider and started bouncing on the dildo.

    Jungkook started pumping his dick at the same rhythm you were going. He pictured you on top of him, imagining that it was  his  cock the one that was making you moan like that.

    You changed position, now on your back against your pillows as you pumped the dildo in and out of your pussy. The sound of your arousal was loud on Jungkook’s ears. He saw how you glistened the toy with your juices, and Jungkook wondered if he would ever get a chance so he  could be the reason for that.

    One of your fingers as between your teeth as you bit it to hold back your moans. Jungkook would have never allowed you to do that. If he was the cause of your pleasure, he would want to hear every little sound that could come out of you. You whined under your own pace, but you never slowed down, keeping the same pace.

    As your orgasm came closer and closer, you left the dildo inside of you as your fingers focused on your clit. Swears spilled out of your mouth as you finally reached the tipping point and came down off it with a loud moan that resonated through Jungkook. He saw the dildo jerk as your head aftershocks of pleasure. Jungkook felt his cock twitch in his hands as he finally reached his own orgasm. 

    You reached for the t-shirt you had been wearing at the beginning of the livestream and put it on. You scooted over, reading the comments that were still flowing in. Jungkook’s chest rose and fell with his breathing and he saw your lips part as you concentrated on the comments.

    ‘Thank you for joining, all. I’ll see you soon!’

    As you waved goodbye with your signature smile already on your lips, Jungkook knew he was fucked.

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    Star Gaze chp. 13 out y’all!!!


    Anime, nerdy stuff, and sus Sans.

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    I wrote something new!

    It is sad, but it does have a happy end, sorta. Well, I consider it a happy end, anyway.

    I'm also quite proud of it.

    Anyway, check it out! Enjoy and I hope you'll like it.

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    "Pushing Past the Comfort Zone"

    Excerpt and [link] to my g rated, Deacon/f!sole fanfic:

    "Her conscience overtook her and she struggled emotionally over the prospect of offering to take over first watch. She wasn't expecting to get much sleep anyways, and she knew Deacon needed the rest as much as she did — probably a lot more, actually. But the weight of exhaustion that had been gathering on her shoulders was far too heavy for her to bear now, and she couldn't help but unburden herself. Through the weariness of it all, she could only think of how much more comfortable she would be with him laying beside her."

    #Fallout#Fallout 4#Fallout fanfiction #Fallout 4 fanfiction #Fallout fanfic #Fallout 4 fanfic #Deacon#Fallout Deacon #Deacon Fallout 4 #Fallout 4 Deacon #fo4 Deacon#Deacon fo4#Deacon fanfic #Deacon x sole Survivor #Deacon x Female Sole Survivor #Deacon x f!sole #Deacon/Sole Survivor #Deacon/Female Sole Survivor #Newt#newt fics#newt fanfic#writing#my writing#mine
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    taste the snow (on my lips)

    Chapter 3

    Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff

    A/N: cold hand gang where you at <3

    taste the snow (on my lips) masterlist

    ↩️Back to series masterlist


    "Hi babe,"Loki mumbled, drawing her close and resting his chin on her shoulder. She craned her neck to kiss the tip of his nose, and spooned out a little broth from the pot, holding it out for him.

    "Mmm, that's so good,"he licked his lips, giving her a loud, wet smack on her cheek.

    "Ew, what the fuck, Loki?"

    He snorted, and then slipped his hands under her shirt. She shrieked, squirming out of his grasp.

    "Your hands are cold! Argh!"

    "But you're so hot, sweetheart, will you not warm me up?"he winked suggestively.

    "Oh, damn you."


    Tags: @gaitwae @lokiperfection @charistory @twhiddlestonsstuff @ohdearhiddles @lucywrites02 @latent-thoughts @whatafuckingdumbass @kellatron55 @lowkeytesss @sheris532 @paradoxiii @shiningloki @cruel-kitten @biiskuitx @plastic-heart @toozmanykids @xlehukax @poetic-fiasco @handmaiden-of-mischief @darkacademicfrom2021 @after-the-raven @piccolaromana @caffiend-queen @a-midwinter-night-dream-86 @high-functioning-lokipath @moumouton4 @sigridlaufeyson @idunnomayn @emilythezeldafan @alsieswitchbook @lemonadygirl

    #loki#imnotrevealingmyname#loki (marvel)#loki fanfic#fanfic#fanfiction #imnotrevealingmyname writes sometimes #loki fluff #little things series #loki x reader #loki x reader fic #loki x reader fluff #loki x fem reader #fluff #tooth rotting fluff #so much fluff #fluffy fic#fluffy#December #advent calendar fics #advent calendar#nice#soft#loki fic #loki fic rec
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    Amok Time IS ridiculous and it is extremely funny but the episode wouldn’t be so enduring if it wasn’t also narratively well constructed. The whole thing with pon farr and the arranged marriage isn’t just a random horny thing, it’s specific to Spock’s character. What does Spock fear the most? Losing control over his emotions and/or actions, public scrutiny, intimacy, losing Jim…so all those things are forced on him.

    If you swapped it and we found out that Jim has some arranged marriage it wouldn’t be compelling.

    #fanfic authors of course understand this #and also this is how like 90% of tos episodes #are constructed #it like ‘what would fuck Jim up’ #lets have that happen to him
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  • thatdorkyficbabey
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    Punk Code (Headcanon)

    Characters: CG!Steve x Regressor!Bucky

    Summary: Babey Bucky's first word is Punk.

    Warnings: Going non-verbal and communications in other ways (I guess it's kind of implied that it's partly due to trauma because it's from him first regressing but it's major reading between the lines). Pet names: daddy/dada. Pacis. Mentions of sci-fi fantasy books (LoTR, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Boneshaker) and reading/being read to above smol age level. Mentions of "the team" but no one in particular. Brief mention of Babey Bucky watching Steve avenging on the news. Metaphorical fainting. Baby Bucky's maybe got a bit of an echolalia type thing going on, I think??? If you want anything else tagging, let me know!!

    A/N: How this jumped into my head I have no idea but here it is anyway 😂

    When Bucky first starts regressing he is very small and completely non-verbal. It takes a while for him and his Daddy to work out a communication system.

    Eventually, they end up with a mash up of baby sign language, "squeeze once for yes and twice for no", drawing pictures, even morse code by booping it on their own or each others noses (everybody who sees them do it loses it over how cute it is 🥰🥰🥰).

    After a long time they figure it's just always going to be that way and that's fine by them.

    Then one day, completely out of the blue, Babey Bucky takes out his paci, points to Steve and says: "Punk".

    His first word wasn't Daddy. Not Dada. Not even the regressor staple: "wannit!".

    It was Punk.

    Steve isn't sure why he's surprised by this or if he is even that surprised at all, either way, he can't help but have a good, happy laugh about it. And the more Steve laughs the more Bucky says it until its a game.

    After a while the team start asking Bucky "where's your Punk?" instead of "where's your Daddy?" especially when Steve's in earshot.

    But there's more...

    Babey Bucky is just as much of a nerd as Big Bucky and even for such a smol boy he has a very active little mind that needs keeping busy. So, the bedtime stories he wants to be hearing are things like The Lord of the Rings, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Boneshaker and other such stories. You know he just LOVES watching and listening to Critical Roll!

    When they stumble on newer and newer genres that Babey Bucky might like, he learns that his Daddy isn't the only Punk out there!

    He begins to learn about things called stempunk and all the many punks that there are and before long, Steve has a name for every mood and memory.

    Daddy on phone etc = Cyberpunk

    Daddy annoyed = Steampunk

    Daddy on motorbike = Dieselpunk

    Daddy sunbathing = Solarpunk

    Post-serum Daddy = Biopunk

    Pre-serum Daddy = Nanopunk

    Daddy with shield = "vi-bay-nee-um-punk" (he might have made that one up but Steelpunk just didn't cut it!).

    Pretty soon it's its own language and if ever anyone on the team asks Bucky where his Daddy is or what he's doing they'll get one of the above before Bucky takes them to him or simply points to the news on the TV where Steve is fighting aliens or bad guys.

    They're all the words that Babey Bucky ever learns and they still use sign language and squeezes and morse code but punk code turns out to be their favourite.

    And, yeah, Steve nearly faints from cuteness the one time Bucky calls him "Dada Punk".

    #i drabble cus i is babey #agere#agere fiction#agere fanfic#cglre#cglre fanfic#cglre fiction#liltot#carereg#nsre#nsreg#csre#csreg#carerxsmol#dxlb#steve rogers#bucky barnes #cg!steve rogers #caregiver!steve rogers #regressor!bucky barnes #little!bucky barnes #littlexplace#littlexone #tw daddy mention #tw daddy
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    First Snow

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3rKHn7Z

    by queenofroses12

    Set in an AU where Thor and Loki have been told of the latter's true heritage in childhood itself. The first winter - the first snowfall - after young Loki (the equivalent of a human eight year old) has been told the truth. Queen Frigga tries to help her son adjust to and accept what - and who - he is.

    Written for the prompt : First Snow

    Comments, including concrit, welcome and appreciated.

    Words: 2524, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Frigga | Freyja (Marvel)

    Relationships: Frigga | Freyja & Loki (Marvel)

    Additional Tags: Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Family, Mother-Son Relationship, Adopted Children, Snow

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3rKHn7Z

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    You've Heard It All Before

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3Iiiy8U

    by Enuya

    After his fall from Bifrost, Loki didn't end in Thanos' hands. Instead, while falling through the void, he found a hidden path to Midgard. He ended in New York, trying to lead a quiet life and deal with his demons. (Un)fortunately for him, he isn't the only one with problems... and tears between the realms tend to attract all sorts of people.

    Words: 1678, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Pepper Potts, Bruce Banner, Jarvis (Iron Man movies), Steve Rogers, Clint Barton

    Relationships: Loki/Tony Stark

    Additional Tags: Not Canon Compliant, Canon Divergence - Post-Thor (2011), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Hurt/Comfort, Everyone Needs A Hug, Everyone Has Issues, Loki Needs a Hug (Marvel), Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Tony Stark Has A Heart, Suicide Attempt, Suicidal Thoughts, Slow Burn, Angst

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3Iiiy8U

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  • ao3bradnate
    02.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Newfound Friends

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3G89S37

    by SecurityBreach

    The Cloak of Levitation is following Tony and Loki around.

    Words: 599, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Iron Man - Fandom, Thor - Fandom, Doctor Strange - Fandom, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki, Tony Stark, Cloak of Levitation - Character

    Relationships: Loki/Tony Stark

    Additional Tags: Developing Relationship, Developing Friendships, Ficlet, Crack Treated Seriously, Magical Realism, Unspecified Setting, Mentioned Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation (Marvel), Wordcount: 500-1.000, Not Canon Compliant

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3G89S37

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