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  • I know I just started to write fanfiction, but I already have to take a break… a long one. 

    I’m in the running for Valedictorian and I have to write a speech that I would present at graduation and I only have a MONTH to write it. So yeah, lowkey freaking out..

    #fanfiction#nalu #fairy tail fanfiction #online school
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  • A month of you isn’t enough (I want to spend eternity by your side)
    by PawsitivelyMiraculous

    Adrienette april 2020

    Adrien was so confused. First, Kagami kissed him. The all of the sudden he started thinking about Marinette. How pretty she was, how good she looked with her hair down, but mostly how even though she had seemed mad at him she welcome him with open arms to her home. She and her family gave him the warmth the he didn’t get at home. The problem is that he didn’t realize it until it was too late.
    He had fallen for Marinette

    Words: 1186, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23437735

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  • Of course I want my ships to live happily ever after with kids, a dog and a house. I want nothing but endgame happiness for them.

    But before that I want Person A on the ground bleeding out like 7 seconds from death while Person B is next to them sobbing brokenly.

    I want Person A to wake up groggy in the hospital. To look over and see Person B has fallen asleep holding their hand. I want Person A to squeeze Person B’s hand and I want Person B to look absolutely wrecked and start crying again when they see that Person A is finally awake.

    Because that shit right there is the good shit!

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  • Let Me Take Care of You

    Perrie needed a break. 

    God, she loved Jade so much, but being stuck inside a tiny apartment with her while they both tried to work from home was pushing her towards the edge. Jade was a fancy fashion designer, while Perrie just did accounting for a big, dumb corporation. Jade was always prattling away on the phone with someone truly important, drawing up designs, sewing fancy clothes, while Perrie typed the same items over and over. And did math. Why did she go to school for accounting again? And maybe the problem had more to do with Perrie than with Jade but Perrie knew she’d been taking it out on her girlfriend, unintentionally giving her the silent treatment and snapping at her when she did speak. 

    At five o’clock, Perrie felt arms around her neck and she melted back into them, momentarily forgetting her frustrations. 

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  • 46. Part 2


    Poking my fork at my food, I don’t know why but I feel deflated. A thought came into my mind, and it’s because of Robyn, she refuses to get a nanny because she doesn’t trust me. I mean clearly it is that, why else won’t she. If none this happened she would be up for it, I know it. And then if I bring it up she is going to be annoyed, I just can’t win but I need to speak on it to her but then how to bring it up, that is what I am thinking right now, I do feel very deflated about the feeling of Robyn not trusting me. I get why, but I have changed I feel I have changed. I blew out air sitting back in the chair “is this what you looked like when you didn’t want to do something? You look so sad” looking up from my plate and at Jay “you think?” placing my fork down “you have barely ate, why?” Robyn said, nodding my head “you’re right I didn’t want it, it was bland” pulling a face “my mom made that” Robyn raised an eyebrow “Terry the food was delicious thank you” Robyn laughed shaking her head “such an asshole” looking over at Jay “so, what is happening between you and Ally, come on. I want to hear it, me and the CEO in the high chair want to hear it” Jay laughed shaking his head “she said this, she goes do not tell Maurice shit, he is a office gossip” I laughed out, Ally ain’t shit “I am no such thing, I just like to know what is happening with my co-workers so come on. Tell me?” Jay smirked; this is a good thing “tell me?” Jay groaned out “my nigga, you can’t say shit?” shaking my head “no I won’t, promise” I kind of lied “he is a liar, tell me. I won’t tell anybody” Robyn got herself involved “this is office talk Robyn, can you keep in your corner” waving her off “so we spoke on things, she was just saying that if the fact her having a close connection to you was a bad thing, would that fuck things up. I said Ally, that is your past. Let’s meet up, she said so you want me to trust his judgement. I goes no, I want you to trust your own, see. I got the talk, she said fine. We can meet up tomorrow, see how it goes. She said I am a sexy, and she kind of likes me” I cheered “aye, see look at me. Not only am I a billionaire, I also fix people together. Wow, such talents but on a real, y’all will be good together, my dating agency is open for anyone” I paused looking over at Terry “ Terry?” she laughed “stop it” she chuckled “or Robyn, maybe someone you can trust” Robyn squinted her eyes at me “I knew there was an issue with you” I shrugged.

    Sitting across from Jay “you good though? You are happy with what I did right?” Jay nodded his head “she did say, I thought to not say it in front of your family. She said if I am doing this then I want to be truthful to you because you work closely to Maurice. We did fuck, I had feelings for him, I don’t know what you want to do with that. I said it’s in the past right? But she said I don’t want you to ever assume I am that caught up with him, but I am laying my cards on the table” she actually said it “we did, I mean she is not wrong. She did have feelings for me, and I didn’t think she did, but she even cried but she is a good girl. I was a bastard” Jay chuckled “it’s cool, we all have a past. But that doesn’t bother me, it’s what you say. You say she is a good girl and that is a good enough thing for me” I can see Robyn walking over to me, she is about to tell me to walk my ass to the bedroom “I am putting Reign to sleep so am I, if you want to come to the bedroom?” I knew it “yeah sure, I am coming” Jay smiled awkwardly “you in trouble, trouble?” I laughed “I don’t know yet, I will be back” getting up from the couch. I am just going to tell Robyn straight; I am going to tell her what I feel but I know how she feels about what I think.

    Walking into the bedroom “aww my baby, look at you. See, not just me that likes you in your diaper and see all them rolls” Reign gave me the gummy smile “who’s a fat little momma, you are, and you are mine!” I pointed at myself “yes you are Mi Amor, you are mine” Reign is really babbling to me and using her hands like I can understood “I know, you will lose them rolls. Soon” leaning down and stroking her cheek before moving away, where is that woman gone “da!” Reign screamed at the top of her lung, looking behind me “excuse me?” and she giggled, this girl wants me to stand here and talk to her “Robyn, where are you? Reign is going to start to crawl soon, she can hurt herself” is she crazy “mommy is being silly Reign” I am confused “I was getting Reign a new onesie, relax. Don’t worry she will be ok” furrowing my eyebrows “but we have to be careful Robyn, she is sensitive” Robyn walked by me “you think I am a bad mother” oh I guess Robyn is being sensitive now “not exactly, I mean what do I know. I just get worried, I don’t know. What else you want me to do? Not care?” Robyn got down onto her knees “nobody is saying that, I want to know your issue with me? Clearly there is, you didn’t eat either so what is up?” Robyn said, I mean we are being petty now, we need to be adults about this “well I didn’t eat because I was upset to feel the way I do, also I Wasn’t’ hungry anyways. Plus, at times you can be irrational” I just said it, and Robyn is about to blow a load on me about it “right, irrational? Ok, go on then, carry on” she said carry on in such a angry tone, she does not like that I said irrational.

    I best start this off then “what I mean is that you don’t trust me Robyn, you don’t and I know you don’t because you will not agree on a nanny for Reign” Robyn groaned out “see what I mean, you think I will fuck the nanny while you’re at work, you really think that and I know you do, you think so little of me and that does hurt me because I am so in love with you. If I wanted a fucking nanny I can get one and fuck, I can fuck anyone else. I think it’s pretty sad you don’t trust me; I know it’s me. Or you would have done this by now. You just don’t hear yourself, how can I take Reign with me to work, if she works off and someone takes her then what? I am busy too, I have a job to go too, it may be slightly easier than yours, but I have to make decisions too, I just don’t think I want my daughter there, if she hurts herself too. I said yes to make you happy but sometimes I can’t do it can I? Because clearly you’re just sat there all annoyed with me because I am saying this, I just think you need think over on what you feel about this nanny shit, she is not her mother, somebody needs to take care of her” Reign is just staring at me with her big hazel eyes, she makes me smile “what a way to make her feel special” this is what I mean about Robyn, she is just irrational “says the woman that wants to deport her out of her bed, sure!. This is what I mean about you, irrational. You don’t help me get this fucking maid either. With or without you I will get a maid in this house, and Reign will go to daycare, got it?” looking down at Robyn not really” Robyn said “thanks, very adult like” walking off, I can’t be bothered to hear her shit “clearly your mother knows what you’re like, spoilt brat. And you call me spoilt” closing the door behind me.

    Just when I am in a mood, my sister visits. Not like she is positive about anything “decided to come down?” Nalah said “yeah, what’s up?” walking around her “came to see you, speak on Shawn” I sighed heavily “Robyn, sorry Nalah. I don’t need this right now. Can we speak on that another day” I have my own issues “well not when your fucking friend beats women! You didn’t even say?” I groaned out turning to Nalah “I fucking told you, I said it to you. I didn’t want you to be with him! You couldn’t help yourself could you, huh!” I shouted “well I am scared Maurice” Nalah’ face softened “I like Shawn a lot” her voice broke “don’t shout at me” she sniffled, I don’t really have the time to be standing here and listen to Nalah cry “then be with him, not like you listened to me anyways. When I said stay away I fucking meant it, but do you listen? No you don’t, come crying to me for what? I told you Nalah” Nalah shook her head “I have never had any luck with men! Never, you just don’t care do you” licking my top lip staring at Nalah “I do care but I don’t know what you want me to do with it? I know my friend and I know his past and I know what he has done, I didn’t want him to date you, my sister. I didn’t want it, if you are willing to forgive him then do it but if he lays a hand on you I would beat the fuck out of him because you are my sister Nalah, I do care. You just caught me at the wrong time, that is all” she has really caught me at the wrong time “I don’t know what to do” Nalah is really crying, she does like Shawn a lot. I sighed out, seeing Robyn walk into the room with Reign, I am sure she was going to bed. Robyn looked at Nalah crying and walked off, she probably doesn’t want to get involved “do you want to be with him?” I asked, I mean if she does then she got to forgive “I do” she said in a whisper “then you got to forgive, Robyn had to forgive me, when she found out I was married. You think we would be here right now, love can win Nalah if you let it and if it’s true then you both will win in this. I have done a lot of shit and if Robyn didn’t forgive me then we would be not here right now, you got to work together” Nalah put her head down “can I get some water?” she asked “sure, your family” I paced off “it’s on the floor below” rubbing the back of my head as I made my way to the couch.

    It is so frustrating; everything is just annoying because I honestly do not understand why Robyn doesn’t think she is irrational “why is Nalah upset?” Robyn asked, getting up from the couch “I don’t care for Nalah, I want to know about us. About you, I want you to see it from my point of view” Reign held her arms out to me, I was a little taken a back she wanted me “aww my baby” taking Reign from Robyn “you not tired” she rested her head on my shoulder “I am not irrational, I just don’t like to know a random woman is near my child. I am just funny about it, I am sorry that is just me. I do trust you because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t let you sit in that office with the bitch you fucked. Trust me, I trust you. I could never let you go to work, we have moved on from that Maurice. Sorry if I made you feel that way but I promise you that I do trust and I think, I rather she goes to private day care for a few hours, it won’t be long for her. I prefer that, and with the maid we will sit down and discuss. I am off work tomorrow, ok? Can we just not argue, I don’t want that for us Maurice. I don’t want you to think I am selfish either, that is not me. I am sorry, if you felt that way but I don’t like a nanny, I am just funny about it and I can’t shake that feeling away. We can also look at some places so they can have her for a while yeah?” I can agree on that “now I look like the child, for storming off” seeing Nalah come back “not that, I just think we are still trying to get used to each other, we will get there. I know it” Reign placed her hand over my lips, blowing raspberries against her hand before moving my head to the side “you good now?” I asked my sister, I do care for my sister even though I lost me temper “mhmm I suppose, I am going anyways. Bye Robyn, I shouldn’t have come here, it was a mistake” she walked off “Nalah, come on. Don’t be like that with me? I didn’t mean too shout at you?” Nalah just continued to walk off “I am not going to get involved, and I guess Reign want you to put her to bed” Robyn walked off “excuse me?” Robyn ain’t shit, she just put this on me.

    I didn’t really want to put Reign to sleep, that was Robyn’ thing tonight because she ain’t got work tomorrow. Lightly rubbing Reign’ stomach as she drank her milk “my baby is growing so much, strong independent woman” Reign pulled out her bottle from out her mouth and held the bottle out to me “me?” I pointed at myself “no baby, you drink it. Aren’t you kind baby? How sweet, aww” she proceeded to drink her milk “today was a little shit at work but it was also funny, we had our huddle. So, we all get together and discuss what is being done today, the preparation. And Zen, he is new there too” pulling a face “he? And a name like Zen? I thought that was a female?” Robyn paused looking at me “do you not listen to my stories?” staring at Robyn not knowing how to answer, “clearly not, so Zen is a boy?” I asked “Zen is a man” raising an eyebrow “so anyways, you’re ruining my story. So when I said it was shit, it was because the huddle was rushed, we had an emergency on a young adult that came in, so me and Zen was supposed to be watching in, like Li said watch in. It’s been a while for me and him, what does he do. He didn’t even turn up to preparation room or anything, they told me to find him and you know where he was? Eating, he goes but Li said we had ten minutes, I was like that was for the preparation before going in. Anyways, I kind of helped him today, I feel like I am there again, I can do it on my own, but I don’t see how he got this job, he seems so slow. But funny, I felt bad and dropped him off at home” my eyes bulged out “that escalated, why on earth are you dropping off this man? Riddle me that” is she crazy “he is my work colleague, he is funny. I am making friends; I also got some female friends. And I like it because nobody mentions about you, I am me” I could burst her bubble and make a big deal out of it but I won’t, I will be keeping an eye on this Zen guy.

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  • A month of you isn’t enough (I want to spend eternity by your side)
    by PawsitivelyMiraculous

    Adrienette april 2020

    Adrien was so confused. First, Kagami kissed him. The all of the sudden he started thinking about Marinette. How pretty she was, how good she looked with her hair down, but mostly how even though she had seemed mad at him she welcome him with open arms to her home. She and her family gave him the warmth the he didn’t get at home. The problem is that he didn’t realize it until it was too late.
    He had fallen for Marinette

    Words: 1186, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23437735

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  • Word Count: 1,115 Words

    Warnings: Angst but I can’t write angst that well and this is my first time back so pls be easy with me 

    Based on the song “Moral of the Story” by Ashe (I recommend listening to is slowed down because it hits DIFFERENT)

    howdy i’m back and this is so rough and not edited or proofread but i needed to post something. i’m sorry it’s so bad and rushed, pls don’t hate me or this but if anyone somehow likes it i’ll do a part 2. enjoy, i missed writing so much :(


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    #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid #spencer reid imagine #spencer reid imagines #criminal minds #criminal minds imagines #criminal minds fanfiction #spencer reid fanfiction #god i rushed this i'm so sorry #i hate this #fanfiction
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  • [notes] I had this sitting in my files since Feb, and I guess I didn’t bother finishing it, whatever it was going to be. :/ 

    [wc] 339.

    [CH] Vanoss. Tyler. Delirious. Lui.

    [warning] Swearing. Guns. Assassins/hit men. Mention of death. Friendship.


    Evan woke up the second the door to the back of the car opened, and he had to blink his eyes at a rather annoyed Tyler who was waving his gun at him. 

    “Get the fuck up.”

    Evan groaned. “You didn’t have to drag me with you.”

    Lui stood to the side, checking his magazine before pushing it into the gun. “We didn’t ask you to come, you sneaked in the vehicle when we were leaving.”

    “Since you’re here,” Delirious said, holding a duffel bag. “You might as well help us assassinate this fucker.”

    Yes. Exactly, this is what they were doing. It almost seems cheery when all of his friends curse and laugh, and make light of things like the thump of bodies on the ground, or even the rage of blood drying on shaking hands.

    “This has nothing to do with me,” Evan said, leaning back against the seat.

    “Just leave him, he’s a waste of time.” Tyler slammed the door closed and stalked off.

    However, the door opened and Evan glanced up to see Lui looking at him, then passing him a gun with an extra magazine. “In case anyone jumps you…”

    “You mean if they find me.”

    Lui shrugged, a small smile curved upon his lips, “Depends, this might be successful, not like we ever lucked out before.”

    “First time for everything.”

    “See you later.” Then Lui closed the door and didn’t slam it like Tyler.

    Evan placed the gun and magazine down on the floor of the vehicle and closed his eyes. They were drinking the other night, and he was the only one who had kept at it until the morning. He hardly recalled getting into the vehicle, nor what they were actually doing. It looks like he really wanted to go.

    It doesn’t burn as he had thought it did when the thought comes to mind. A reminder that it was there, living inside of him, a want, a desire, and yet he does nothing to soothe it.

    There is no point.

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  • #Team Fortress 2 #fanfiction#Sniper#Spy#sniperspy#tf2#tf2 spy#tf2 sniper #all the mercs #and even some non mercs #songfic #not actually intertwined with lyrics #just based on them loosely #modern!au #[this is a long-standing project] #[I'm glad to have let it live] #[see the light] #[I hope you enjoy!]
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  • Thinking about reworking a story I had started before but like— I lose and shift motivation/ideas so fast I don’t know if it’s worth it tbh…

    #writing #writing be like #hmmm#fanfiction #I do this too much :')
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  • #my writing#fanfiction#saint seiya #saint seiya lost canvas #saint seiya the lost canvas #cancer manigoldo#pisces albafica
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  • Thanks for tagging me, @lilaclotuses! (And I’m excited you said you want to write about fey, freaky Robin!Dick because I definitely want to read about him)

    AO3 name: solomonara

    Fandom(s): Currently writing in Batfam, but in the past I’ve written a bit for Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Gundam Wing, the Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab, and yes, even Supernatural XD

    Number of fics: 41

    1. Fic you spent the most time on: This was a hard one to figure out; since I fully write and edit every fic before I begin posting I can’t just use AO3′s dates. But based on my document creation dates it would appear My Future In Your Hands (DCMK/Gundam Wing, rated M) is the one that took me longest to write, clocking in at 11 months.

    2. Fic you spent the least time on: Definitely You Better Watch Out (Batfam, rated G). I wrote it in a matter of hours on Christmas Eve one year.

    3. Longest fic: The Breaking of Dick Grayson (Batfam, rated M): 78,503 words 

    4. Shortest fic: Uh. Huh. I forgot about that fic. It’s a 720 word Supernatural fic and it’s… it is not good. I’m not linking it here XD

    5. Most hits: How to Date the Batman, by a very wide margin. (Superbat, rated T)

    6. Most kudos: How to Date the Batman again, no surprise there.

    7. Most comment threads: Let Me Fall (Jaydick, rated M) actually beats How to Date the Batman by a healthy amount! Surprises me every time I notice <3

    8. Fav fic you wrote: This is an impossible question.

    I just love all my fanfic children! (Except that 720 word Supernatural one 😬)

    9. Fic you want to rewrite/expand on: I hate rewriting - I’d rather move on. But I’m tossing around some ideas for expanding on Old Familiar Haunts.

    10. Share a bit of your WIP or share a story idea that you’re planning:
    I’m 23k into my current WIP so I let a random number generator pick a snippet for you. Warning for swearing and, uh, canonical character death I guess cuz Jason.

    “Bats,” Jason growled. He could be intimidating enough without a mask, and anyway, his counterpart in this universe was dead. I killed you myself, Other-Dick had said. Jason remembered it very clearly. He shoved the guy a little harder when he tried to twist out of his grip. “Tell me about the bats in this city.”

    “What is your problem? I don’t know nothing, man, I’m just a guy—”

    “I’m going to lose patience soon,” Jason said. He gripped the guy’s jacket and lifted him off his feet, easily. “Tell me.”

    “Jesus, fuck, he’s just the Bat, all right? Swoops down in the night, beats you up, turns you in. And not just to the regular Blud cops, you know, he turns you in to the ones who like, mean it.”

    “What’s Batman doing in Bludhaven?” Jason demanded.

    “Who said Batman? Batman does Gotham, everyone knows that.”

    Jason gave him a shake just for his snotty tone.

    And that’s all!

    Tagging @elwon, @firefrightfic, @paperempires, and @gavotteandgigue if you haven’t been tagged already and want to play! (And of course, anyone else reading this who wants to hop in!)

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  • Time To Stop Dreaming
    by DaniMeows

    Marinette had a crush on someone? Who? Was it Luka? Adrien felt hopeful. If it was Luka and Marinette was getting over him then maybe he had a chance?

    “What did Prince Charming do that made you give up on him?” he asked.

    “He didn’t do anything but I decided to take a sign from the universe! Every time I try and confess it ends in pain or humiliation for me and obviously I’m not meant to be with him!” Marinette started.

    Words: 683, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 7 of Salted Caramel Macarons, Part 1 of adrinette april 2020

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23437144

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  • image

    Here’s some WIBAR fanart of Virgil and Patton

    Thanks for making such a great fic and being a wonderful writer ^.^

    Watch it burn and rust is one of my favorite fanfics and I’m a sucker for the “humans are space orcs/deathworlders” trope and I love tiny Patton 💕

    Thanks for being awesome and keep writing ✨😊

    [click for better resolution]

    lime: oh my gosh i love these dorks they look so excited! bffs :D the colors are really nice and vibrant too, wonderful art! thank you so much for sharing!  

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  • My new favourite tag on AO3 is “temporary character death”

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