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    Originally posted by jupiter2

    pairings: bucky barnes x reader

    summary: you’re pregnant with bucky’s first child. you regret not telling him because when he leaves on a mission bucky fails to come home to you and your unborn baby.

    author’s note: hi guys! here’s another one! not sure how long it will be. this chapter is kinda short but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless! feedback is always welcome! 

    warnings: a little bit of angst


    10 years. That’s a decade and also the amount of time you and Bucky have known each other. It has also been 10 years since the battle against Thanos was fought. You lost Natasha, your best friend, and Steve, your boyfriend back then. You were heartbroken. You’d lock yourself in your room for weeks in a row. You had no one to talk to. Tony was a father figure to you but he decided to retire after the whole thing went down. He wanted to be with Pepper and Morgan which is understandable. You were thinking about retiring yourself. Leaving this mess behind. You were inconsolable, beyond saving you thought to yourself. Until Bucky came along.

    There’s a knock on the door “Doll? Can I come in?” Shit. Shit. Shit. “Uhm, yeah, just a minute!” You yelled, flushing the toilet. You were holding a positive pregnancy test in your hand. Fuck. “Y/n are you okay?” Bucky started to get a little bit worried “I’m fine, I’m fine.” You quickly threw away the test in a trash can nearby before opening the door. “See? Was just getting ready. I’m okay, love.” You smiled nervously, hoping he wouldn’t notice. “Mhm, okay. Well, I just wanted to say goodbye. Sam and I are off to Berlin. There’s still some stuff we need to take care of over there.”   You pouted, giving him your best set of puppy dog eyes. “You really have to go? Can’t Sam take care of those things?” He chuckled, picking you up bridal style as he made his way to your shared bed. “Now what kind of a man would I be if I’d let a 10-year old travel all by himself?” Bucky gently puts you down on the bed, crawling over you. You sighed, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’ll miss you. I hate it when you have to leave.” Bucky pressed a kiss onto your temple, before showering your entire face with tiny kisses. “I know, baby girl. I’ll be back before you know it. I promise.” He pressed one last kiss onto your lips. “I love you, y/n.” And then he was gone..

    One week passed and Bucky failed to show up. Bruce and the others thought nothing of it. There have been numerous times when the team thought they’d only been gone for a week but were gone for months. So you brushed it off. Until you were 4 months along and started showing. You’d wear the baggiest of clothes just so no one would notice. Except for Bruce. You decided to keep the baby although you were scared for Bucky’s reaction. Bruce had become one of your closest friends. Thank God, for Bruce. He knew a thing or two about pregnancies and even helped deliver a few when he was still in hiding. He decided to also help you during your pregnancy. Your first ultrasound session was scheduled for today and you were nervous. “It’s a girl, y/n.” Bruce said. And that’s when you couldn’t hold back any longer. You had been strong for so long. You cried happy and sad tears altogether. A girl. You’ve always wanted a girl. “Uhm, wait. Hold on, y/n.” Bruce took a closer look. His eyes growing wider. “What is it, Bruce?” You asked. “Twins.” He blurted out. “You’re having twins.” Holy shit. “It’s a girl.. and a boy.” Bruce turned his head to face you, smiling. “Congratulations.” He placed a hand on top of your shoulder, squeezing it. “Thank you, Bruce.” You smiled, but deep down inside you were dying. You had no idea how you were going to raise twins without the love of your life by your side..

    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky barnes x your name #fanfiction
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  • …well it’s actually Thursday but anyways!

    Tagged by @finefeatheredgamer thank youuuu!! I’ll tag @topwizzynum​ and @ptite-shit​ aka the usual suspects. Don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

    This is a (long-ish) snippet from my newest WIP, from the first chapter, actually.


    That night, after tucking his brothers in, frustrated that John wouldn’t let go of Joseph, Jacob snuck downstairs and took their father’s gun. He wasn’t sure how to use it, but he’d seen people shooting each other on television before their father threw it out of the window one night. In all of his limitless wisdom, Jacob decided that it couldn’t be that difficult. Just aim, pull the trigger, and that’s it, right?

    Jacob picked a spot in the living room where he could see the front door, and there he sat, hiding behind the couch, his eyes fixed on the door. The lock didn’t work, so he’d have a very limited time to react when the door was opened. He’d have to take the shot immediately. Not once did Jacob even think if he’d be able to actually kill someone. Sure, it was all fun and games on television and comic books, but reality was much too different. Although, Jacob had seen someone being shot, and it hadn’t been as scary as he’d thought. Pop. And a life was lost, the very essence of someone’s existence splattered against the asphalt, only to be flushed away by a heavy rainfall a week later.

    “Jacob?” the tiniest voice asked behind him.

    He fliched. “Joseph, go back upstairs.”


    “No buts! Go. Now.”

    “I don’t want the police to take you away.” Joseph clung to Jacob’s arm, tugging him. “They did that to Sarah’s brother.”

    “They did not.”

    “Did too! I seen it with my own eyes.”

    “You saw it, Joseph. Not seen. Saw,” Jacob sighed, struggling to get to his feet with Joseph clinging to him. What the heck was he thinking? He was supposed to watch over his brothers, not fuck everything up. But of course, his brothers were the reason he was willing to kill their father, just to make sure that no one would ever hurt them again.

    “We could go away. When you’re bigger,” Joseph said with a hopeful din only a battered child could muster.

    “Yeah. Let me take this back. Then you have to sleep. It’s a school day tomorrow.” Jacob glanced at the clock. It was nearly two in the morning. “Well, today.”


    angst? what angst lol. anyway i’ll get back to writing.

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  • You hated cooking. You are mumbling while chopping the vegetables. But you felt a pair of hands sliding to yours and whispered to your ears, “Be careful on chopping those vegetables. I don’t want those hands of yours getting slice. I’m still getting figuring out your ring size too.” Kuroo said.

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  • It took everything in me to stay put and not chase after Johann.

    Nono smirked. “I guess its just us two heartbreakers remaining. Eh, Carli?”

    “Uh… I don’t take responsibility for this.” I glared.

    “Good. Neither do I.” She looked up and smiled as Sakura returned with a fresh pot of tea. “Welcome back.”

    “Where is Mr. Chu?” Sakura looked around in confusion.

    “Mr. Chu needed to take a walk.” She tilted her head. “Here join us!” She patted the pillow.

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  • Whenever I get a new favorite/follow I have this urge to look at the other fics they read and mentally compare them to mine. Does anyone else do this?

    submitted by /u/MaxArgentum
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    from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans https://ift.tt/327PZZ8
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  • Soulmate AU Series

    Decided to try my hand at some soulmate au for One Piece! I did these by writing a random list of 20 character and 20 soulmate prompts before using my DnD dice to random select characters and prompts. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So we will see how this goes! Requests are open for these!

    Marco the Phoenix X Fem S\O


    Originally posted by r0r0noa

    Marco was 16 the first time he saw color. He was on the ship going over inventory with Pops when he saw a single red apple in a crate. The clipboard fell out of his hands and he cradled that apple to his chest. His soulmate had touched this one lone apple. Just this one. Pops insisted on heading back to the island immediately to try and find them. But after a whole week… They didn’t find another thing his soulmate had touched.

    He was 23 when they landed on a different island and he saw the green leaves of a palm tree and it’s wooden trunk. There was no other sign. At 33 he found a green door to a tavern. Inside there was a long bench and glass on the shelf that were colored. They had been here. He had more clues. But what odd clues they were.

    It was the day that they stormed Marineford to rescue Ace that he finally saw the entire world in color. There were screams from the heavens as a ship and dozens of pirates fell towards the ice at high speed. One voice louder than the rest, calling out to Ace. Marko realized he could see the yellow of Strawhat Luffy’s shirt. He could even see splashes of color on Crocodile, Buggy the Color, Jinbei, and Ivankov. Just as they were about to hit the ice there was a bright flash of silver lightning and large black wings.

    A massive black bird floated in the air above the now landed ship and it’s strange crew gathered by Ace’s brother. He kept his eyes on the bird as the Marines began to panic over Strawhat’s allies. Escapees from Impel Down…

    “Hey! Is that…”


    “That’s not who I meant! Who’s that huge faced guy?!”

    “Its Ivankov from the Revolutionary Army!

    "And Jinbei!”

    But one sentence had Marco’s full attention.

    “It’s The Thunderbird, L/N Y/N!”

    “Thunderbird…” Marco whispered under his breath as he gazed up at the majestic creature so like him. But instead of flames they were surrounded by lightning.

    The battle was now in full swing. Marco had little to no time to investigate the other Mythical Zoan user while his family was under attack. But every so often his eyes would flicker over to them. They stayed in their bird form the entire battle so far and they hadn’t once locked eyes, so he couldn’t be sure… But somewhere deep inside he suspected that this was his soulmate. Lightning filled the sky and thunder roared as Y/N fended off attack after attack.

    However… The battle had been lost. Ace and Gramps were gone. And the Thunderbird was severely injured as it carried Jinbei and Luffy to a strange yellow submarine. Marco watched with grief stricken eyes as the bird turned towards him. It’s shimmering silver eyes locked with his and suddenly the entire world burst into color. The bird’s eyes widened at finally seeing him and their feathers vanished.

    A beautiful woman now stood on the deck of the submarine. Her brown hair swaying in the wind, silver eyes locked on him, pale skin covered in silver and black tattoos curling around them like lightning. She was covered in serious injuries and was able to give him a small smile before she collapsed into a white bear’s arms. That was the first and last time, for several months anyway, that Marco laid eyes on Y/N.

    Over a year had gone by now. Marco having settled into Whitebeard’s hometown. He was sitting on a rock overlooking the sea when he heard the familiar sound of wings. But they weren’t his own this time. The former First Division Commander stood quickly and spun in his heels ready to defend himself, but instead of an enemy… There was a large black bird with silver eyes. Marco chuckled as she tilted her head to the side before shifting into human form. Seeing her up close was different than from a distance during battle…

    She was more stunning then he had even imagined.

    “So… You’re the Phoenix.” She spoke and Marco felt his heart melt at the teasing tone in her voice.

    “And you’re the Thunderbird.”

    “Quite a combination wouldn’t you say?”

    “I have to agree.”

    “Well then, looks like we have a lot to talk about. How does lunch sound? Your treat?” She smirked at him and Marco laughed, feeling the first real joy since he had lost so much.

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  • This is my first real fanfiction that I’ve posted here. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any kind of fanfiction but I hope you enjoy! 

    Mysme Week 2020 Day One ( @mysmeweek2020 )


    V/Jihyun Kim x MC 

    Word Count: 1.6K

    Summary: It’s been exactly 730 days of yearning for the man named Kim Jihyun

    It’s been 730 days since you last saw Kim Jihyun. Two years to the date. It’s been 730 sunrises and sunsets,  and 730 days of desperately missing him. 

    It was surprising at first, you had only known V for eleven days before he left. In less than two weeks you met and fell in love with him. And just as quickly as he appeared in your life he disappeared from it. For a good reason of course, but that didn’t ease the ache in your chest his absence caused. Soon after he left your life returned to some semblance of normal, and the events of the nearly two weeks you spent with V settled in your mind, though never too far away.

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    #mysme week 2020 #mystic messenger#mysme#fanfiction#jihyun kim#v #mystic messenger v #mystic messenger jihyun kim #v nervous to post this but I'm gonna do it.
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  • Feat. (pairing): choi.s, choi.s x reader

    Genre: fluff

    Rating: pg

    Warnings: none

    Words: 777

    Note: “I love your smile.” -prompt #39 taken from this list / Happy birthday San!!



    You blanched at the unexpected sound, quickly hiding your phone in the pocket of your hoodie and grabbing the nearest book, pretending to read as San looked up from the notepad he had been doodling on.

    Standing on his knees, he shuffled towards the end of the sofa, where you sat, hands on his hips with a glint in his eye.

    “Did you just take a picture of me?”

    The front of your outerwear seemed to weigh down, the object now a heavy burden ready to expose you any time. You shook your head, eyes widening slightly as you lifted the book, pointing to it as you replied.

    “I didn’t! See, I was reading this!”

    Moving closer till he was right in front of you, he reached over to take the book in your hands and flipped it around, all while wearing a cheeky smile that told you he caught you, your cheeks reddening as the words on the page suddenly became readable now that they weren’t upside down.

    “Tell me, were you hiding the fact that you could read things that were the wrong way around?” He asked, a pout on full display as he rested his arms on your leg.

    Putting the book away, you crossed your arms around your stomach protectively, batting your eyelashes innocently when he sent you a quizzical look. Realisation dawned on him, and he made a lunge for it, hands pulling at yours as you clung onto your hoodie for dear life.

    The two of you struggled for a few moments but he soon overpowered you, the phone in his possession and a triumphant smirk on his lips.

    He unlocked it—you had entrusted him with the code a long time ago, but you would never have expected him to use it in this sort of situations. Ah well, you only had yourself to blame.

    The first thing he saw was the picture you had taken. It was of him, gaze on the paper as he bit his bottom lip, the shot perfectly capturing him in full concentration.

    You had tucked yourself into a ball with the hood pulled on, fiddling with your fingers while waiting for his reaction, the apples of your cheeks burning and you buried your head into your chest, not willing to meet his eyes.

    It remained silent, him not speaking a word and you feeling the discomfort build up in you. The silence stretched until you couldn’t bear it and peeked up from your spot, a loud gasp escaping as you tried to snatch the device from him. He jerked back, his fast reflexes making you grit your teeth as you pounced, knocking him over with a satisfying ‘oomph!’.

    The phone slipped from his grasp, your eyes meeting for a split second before you struggled for it, him lying on his back and you with one leg still slung over as you wriggled towards it, fingers just managing to brush it first and taking it right in front of him.

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  • I’ve been feeling lonely lately, and I would love to have more people to chat with! I’m 21 and would prefer if you were near my age, or older. I mainly chat over Discord and Tumblr, though I have Steam too. 🤸🏻‍♀️🤍 

    I included some fandoms that I’m in/pairings that I ship in the tags, and I spend most of my time writing fanfic on Ao3 (and reading lots of fics too!). I’d love to chat with more of you, and make some friends too. My inbox is open! 💞

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  • #kurohime#obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me lucifer #obey me mammon #obey me leviathan #obey me satan #obey me asmodeus #obey me beelzebub #obey me belphegor #headcanons#fanfiction
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  • I want to, again, take a moment of your time to discuss commenting on fanfiction. I KNOW. As if I haven’t done this a thousand times.

    So, this morning I woke up to a comment on one of my 100k+ stories. The comment was long, it was thoughtful, and it was kind. Sandwiched into the middle of it was a piece of criticism that a) was not asked for b) was not correct but c) was a very good attempt at being kind that fell short.

    Now, if you’ve been here a while, you know how I feel about people offering unsolicited criticism on fanfiction. Don’t do it, not ever. Criticism doesn’t mean “asking for tags to be added” and it doesn’t mean “addressing content which actively spreads misinformation about culture” or things like that. Criticism means things like typos, continuity, structure, plot, characterization, etc.

    This comment, had I requested criticism, would have been a really, really excellent thing for me to receive. As it was, the majority of it was very nice to read, and I am the sort of person that can shrug off crit. HOWEVER, given the number of people I know that are new, young, sensitive, or very tired, I decided to politely address the issue in a response. I didn’t know how this other person would react, but I wanted to at least say SOMEthing in the hopes that they wouldn’t do it to another person down the road who would perhaps be less tolerant or less able to shrug it off.

    BUT what happened was actually really beautiful?? The person responded with kindness and a message about trying to do better next time. I feel like I just encountered a unicorn. It feel rare (even if it might not be) to find someone who can be told “hey, this thing you did, it’s wrong but here’s some info” and get back “sorry about that, I’ll try to do better.” it’s been hours and I’m still a;fkg;skrjhr happy about it.

    Here’s a link to the thread, if you’re interested in seeing the exact wording. Also feel free to copy my response there to anyone that gives you crit you didn’t ask for, if you want to respond but don’t know how.

    So, for anyone that’s ever asked me WHY I continue to harp about not leaving unsolicited critical comments on fanfiction, because you think it won’t change anything…. it does. It may not stop assholes intent on being assholes, but it’s not meant to. It’s meant to help change the behavior of people who are good people, the ones who actually, genuinely want to help others, like this person.

    #commenting#fanfiction#my writing #people say nice things
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  • Out and About In Town
    by momokolove

    Without the cool breeze of the open lake on which Izuku and Hitoshi had rented a cabin for a few days, the sun which beats down on the local tourist town is almost unbearable:

    Izuku sports some shorts which are about as short as they get, they both find themselves some frozen treats, and Hitoshi can’t resist the galaxy cat socks.

    Words: 1127, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 2 of A Day of Summer

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25165741

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  • All She Really Needs

    Characters: Michael Middleton x Charity Middleton (Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance)

    Rating - Teen+, mention of death and cancer and trauma

    Note - This has no prompt or anything tbh, this was just something I started writing, and obviously it turned into a story.

    Tag list - @drakewalkerfantasy @ao719 @princess-geek @polishchoicesfan @binny1985 @desireepow-1986 @adriansbiss @i-bloody-love-drake-walker @hatescapsicum @itscassandral @gardeningourmet @heauxplesslydevoted @thequeenofcronuts @kaavyaethanramsey @choicesolivia @regencylady1810 @dailydoseofchoices @storyofmychoices @choicesficwriterscreations


    Summary - Just a little fic explaining Charity I guess. SUPER SAD, PLEASE GET TISSUES AND DO NOT READ IF THE MENTION OF DEATH AND CANCER IS TOO MUCH ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

    Word Count - 1154


    There was a girl, Charity and there were girls like Ingrid, there were girls like Emma Harrison. Girls like Ingrid were all about being the best in the social circle of Mar Vista prep school, they aspired to be queen b and did not allow anyone to stand in their way. Girls like Charity Middleton were quiet, docile but passionate. They focused on their studies and their families and were a teacher dream. Even though Charity and Ingrid had remarkably similar grades and were expected to be in running for Valedictorian at the end of their senior year, they were as opposite as they come.

    Girls like Ingrid were all about being seen with the quarterback of the school football team. They had to high the most expensive shoes and the most expensive bags, and the frilliest, most on trend designer dress and had to be able to hold their own in a bitching fight. They had to be important, in other words. Girls like Ingrid would parade around the school, bullying the nerdy kids or ignoring the new kid, they had a reputation to keep. Deep down, girls like Ingrid may have had an extremely hard upbringing and were that way because of the unfortunate upbringing they had.

    Then there was the other category of girls, Emma Harrison type girls. To be honest, there not too much difference between the Ingrid and Emma type, only the fact that the Emma type of girls lived on drama. To the point it was unhealthy, they would cause drama for other students and then when they were confronted by teachers, they threatened to call their parents to come and speak to the teachers. The Emma type girl was someone whose father was ridiculously rich, had his own business, occasionally a luxurious holiday home in a location such as Barbados or Dubai. These types of girls were spoilt brats, they always wanted, and they never even tried to give back to the people who they took from.

    Then there is Charity Middleton, a sweet, quiet girl. She was the daughter of a hero cop, Detective Michael Middleton and recently deceased paediatric surgeon, Clara Middleton (maiden name – Schutz). Charity was unique in school, se never had gotten into trouble with any teachers, she had the perfect attendance record pretty much, unless she was severely ill, then her mother and father would insist she was off school. She was the type of girl who would rather (when her mother was alive) go to the hospital to help at the gift shop or the charity shop they had there. She wanted to help people and she was smart, but she never used her smartness as a weapon. She was docile as they come, only speaking up in class if it were to do with their work. She had 5 friends, but for her that is all she would ever need. She stayed clear of drama, and she only focused on things that would directly impact her, she never caused drama. When all the Ingrid’s and Emma’s were out at a alcohol fuelled party, with sex and god knows how many types of drugs, she’d either be at home under a blanket watching some medical or crime drama or some boxset she and her dad would have seen a thousand times, but somehow each time they saw it, it was better than the last. When hr dad was on night shift, her best friend Riya and her would browse through Netflix for a scary movie to watch, it was perfect, it was just the way she wanted to be.

    The sad thing about Charity Middleton was she lost her mother at 13, in a completely unpredictable turn of events. Clara was at work one day when she collapsed, and her husband and daughter’s life was changed. Clara was diagnosed with cancer, and very quickly told it was far too advanced to be able to do anything, she was given a year to live. Michael’s world crashed down around him, and their sweet, beautiful daughter was just as affected by it. In the months leading up to her death, Clara had to give up work and day by day got weaker. She became a different person, she as emotional and broken and weak, but try to put on a brave face for her 12-year-old daughter. But as Charity’s 13th birthday hit, Clara was given weeks to live, she became worse and she was slowly slipping the way. She insisted they celebrated Charity’s birthday as they planned and travelled to London, against the orders of her medical team. A week went by in London and the family had the most magical time, it was 2 days after their return, Clara was put into a hospice, and was told she had at least a week to live, it came to 10pm that night, when Clara gave up her fight, and passed away in her husbands arm, with her daughter in her arms.

    As sad as losing her mother was, it did not change the girl Charity was, not really. It made her stronger and it made her appreciate her father even more. All they had was each other and they were determined to never ever take each other for granted. They made a promise to themselves, each other and to Clara to never let anything stand in their way of being father and daughter, from being a team. Charity grieved and still grieves to this day as her mum was everything to her, and still cannot even try to comprehend why what happened to her mother happened. What did Clara do to deserve all that pain?

    No matter how much she hurts and no matter how much she wants to shut the world out, she does not, she continues her life the way Clara wanted her to and she goes out of her way everyday to be there for her dad as he is there for her. As much trauma as they face on the way, from grief to anything else, the thing is Charity knows how loved and cherished she is, and Michael knows how loved he is by his daughter.

    The one thing her mother taught her was to never stop being who she was, to be herself and all will be well. Her mother taught hr to accept who she is and to never change who she was, for anyone. Her father loved her for who she was, and to her, her dads love was all that mattered. She just needed her dad, her first love. So as much as she wanted to have more friends, she knew she never had to change who she was, because the most important man in her life at age 15 (her father) loved her the way she was and would never stop loving and believing in her. And that is all she needed.

    #choices stories you play #pixelberry#choices#fanfiction#choices fanfiction#choices fanfic#rod choices#rod dad#rod mc #choices ride or die a bad boy romance #choices ride or die #ride or die mr wheeler #ride or die main character #charity middleton#michael middleton #dad and daughter #rod dad and daughter
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  • Camellia Blossoms
    by indirectkissesiniceland

    Living in the city is burning Izuku out, so when the chance comes along to move to the country and restore a farm, he jumps at it. The farm is even more run-down than advertised, though, and he doesn’t know much about crops or livestock or town festivals or living in places without streetlights. What he does know is that a small-town community is like a family, and that goodness grows where it’s planted.

    Shouto is pretty sure the city boy who moved to town without knowing a thing about farming is a walking disaster. He’s not entirely wrong.

    Words: 2564, Chapters: 1/7, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25166302

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