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    26 _ The Substance of Longing


     The door in the big room was never locked. He tried the latch on a few occasions, ran up and down the corridor so many times, he lost count. Its not search, not patrol to check for dangers. He won’t go too far, too fearful of becoming disconnected or lost from the room where he seeks shelter. On a rare day (or night) he tried to follow the tall thin man, but the Thin Man can skip and go ahead. The Thin Man doesn’t wait.

     Foods are left in the big room, and a few edible things get moved to the windowsill. He shouldn’t leave until those are gone. It’s dangerous to go far. When the Thin Man was gone, he was out there somewhere waiting. When he was better and could run, the Thin Man would chase once more. He would keep the big door shut and wait. He didn’t want to leave. Not yet. Would get caught same as before, no flee. Not ready.

     Time was nonexistent, he couldn’t get a firm grasp on what hour it was or how long he waited. He slept. He ate. In the long winding time between doing something he wouldn’t… couldn’t recall how long he was in this hazy stupor. The hours blurred, the sky was always in twilight or dawn, but never truly day. Night as well a mystery. Clouds bundled and pressed against the sky, forming a dense canopy that erased everything but the city below.

     If the sky was in a genuine vengeful state, a storm abused the roads and building walls. Lightening crackled against the howling air, rain drilled against the fractured window, threatening to tear out the last plane of glass which shielded the room from the world outside.

     Mono didn’t like the fearsome storms, so hid in the corridor away from the onslaught of weather. The room with the desk and chair was usually shut, but he could huddle in the corner bundled tightly in his coat. Corners were not safe, they were the place you go to get caught; in long terrible dead ends. Though, it was easy to prop his body up and keep straight, in case he needed to bolt up. He stayed there, far from the ruthless storm, braced on two sides and dry for now. Soon, he would not remember what it was to be dry. He would go back to the streets, the narrow passages, the deep forgotten crevices; be damp but never fully dry. It would be okay, though. Next time would be different.

     When the Thin Man was gone, Mono checked the rooms. It was important. Check all the rooms, search for dangers that might sneak in. It’s hard to focus on this task, he is not always very in touch with his surroundings. The hours bled away, but he is wary of eat too much because the foods won’t last. He is very hurt and wanted to be more aware of when (if) the Thin Man returned. If instead danger surprised him, the best way out would be the one window he could reach in the dresser room. He was not ready for flee.

     If the room with the desk and chair is shut, then the Thin Man is not leave. He comes back, or wasn’t really gone. It confused Mono. He didn’t know which it would be anymore. The man in the hat was to leave, but didn’t. The Thin Man waited for something and quiet watched.

     Much of the unraveling spool of time is spent seated in the corridor watching the door. If he could, he would jump through the panel. Like the Thin Man did. Surprise him. Remind him, Mono is wait. But the last time, it thrashed him so bad. He was hurt. Not ready for such things. When he awoke after, however long it had been, the Thin Man was gone.

     That didn’t upset him. He was disappointed, and didn’t do much of anything but drowsed on the chair, too laggard and exhausted to do anything but rest. Not until the gnawing pain in his gut insisted, he do something more, such as go to the dresser room and get foods. Something was better than nothing.

     Was it hours or could it be days? The way light in the window flittered and changed, he was never certain. The thought occurred to him, as it often did before, that it was time for escape. Depart this drab room and the sad place, take his chances with flee and hide.

     But if left, the Thin Man would catch. Or not. Mono didn’t know anymore. The Thin Man is lie, and doesn’t do things to help. When the Thin Man does something, it is usually to see what will happen. Like follow and ask questions. The Thin Man didn’t need anybody, but always knew where Mono was. So played a game, but the Thin Man cheated, and toyed with him. The man in the hat wouldn’t… hurt him, he was a careful adult. All the same, he would make sure Mono felt other things. Like lost, and empty, and baffled. Mono wouldn’t stand for it, but if the man in the hat leaves forever and ever, Mono will have nothing else. So, he will play the game, since the Thin Man is the only one that will seek Mono. Everyone else is gone.

     The Thin Man didn’t tolerate him, but gave foods to keep Mono, so he will get better. He wondered if it was fun to chase, to catch. If doesn’t flee, does the Thin Man keep? Mono isn’t certain, he is afraid the man in the hat won’t be happy if not do flee. Then disappears. The man in the hat was… bored but curious, so did things to get new answers. The Thin Man wants something, but doesn’t know how to get.

     Mono wanted something, too. He wasn’t sure what. He’d forgotten.

     It would be nice to stay and skip the flee… but he is very hurt and very-very tired. The man in the hat seemed very annoyed and bored. Irritated. Mono is certain he has done something wrong that the man in the hat didn’t want, but the Thin Man didn’t really speek to Mono much, aside from ask question. Always ask questions. Hard questions. Some things, Mono didn’t understand. The speek Mono so carefully crafted wallowed in his recollections, littered with dust and rot. Some words he knew more readily than others, but it was easier to think and not try his voice. He kept ‘Hey’, or, ‘Oi.’ Important speek. He could never lose that speek.

     At some unknown point, the Thin Man did come back.

     A vibrant and familiar weave of static tinged the air, spurring Mono to race recklessly for the big room with the main door. He waited in the gloom and furniture, for whatever might blunder through. He couldn’t be sure. The Thin Man was leave because Mono was not really hurt. A Viewer could hurtle in, outraged that its television drank too deeply of floodwater; any other manner of horrid thing might tear into the room searching for something to snatch. If he was cautious and clever, he could get away without it realizing he was there at all. The window would challenge him, he was not ready for flee.

     But the handle clicked and the Thin Man entered, with a deep bow as he was sentenced to. Mono peered out from beneath the decrepit furniture, as the Thin Man left some foods with the growing collection on the long end table. In a crackling surge he was gone, headed down the corridor. To the desk room.

     The Thin Man always knew where Mono was, but preferred to ignore him. Sometimes he felt better when hid and was not addressed, but not always

     While the desk room is shut, Mono sat in the dresser room and drank up the view from the window. He would gnaw on the bandage at his arm and map out all the places he should go, the unyielding roads, the windows of distant buildings. Maybe he’ll dunk some foods into the water and eat, or he’ll creep down into a corner of the room and prop himself up to watch the doorway. He thinks in some way, the Thin Man is more annoyed than usual with him.

     The Thin Man retuned, but Mono doesn’t understand. Why came back if Mono isn’t really hurt? Is because Mono was supposed to flee, but didn’t? That is might why the Thin Man is annoyed. The man in the hat doesn’t make a lot of sense, but Mono is not ready for flee. What does the Thin Man do if bored? Mono doesn’t know, or care. It didn’t matter since he couldn’t go anywhere. He struggled to grasp the coursing static permeating the air, but that is hard if he is not in the corridor near the desk room.

     The leave makes sense to Mono, but not the coming back. Sort of, the rooms and dresser place reminded him of the familiar place. He stays because there is foods, and he rests when his feet can’t carry him. He’s careful not to eats too much, in case the one time the Thin Man doesn’t do return, he needed more time to rest. When the desk room is open, always check the other rooms and kitchen, and big room. It is important to know the rooms are unbothered. He couldn’t stop and rest otherwise.

     It becomes harder and harder still for Mono to recognize when the Thin Man is gone. The man in the hat doesn’t always stay in the desk room, but he doesn’t tolerate Mono either and disappeared. Mono doesn’t know where, not the desk room. It becomes confusing, and he had a think if this was a new game. Mono would try and prop himself beside the door to the desk room and wait him out, but time escaped him in the unyielding wait. More often nodded off, for however long he can’t decide. The light in the corridor warped into new textures, the air felt stale and tasted off.

     And the desk room is open, for him to see. To understand. There are no more questions for Mono, barely a glance his way when (if) he caught the Thin Man upon return. Foods are left in the big room, or on occasion at the windowsill. Mono is very lost in the place he stays.

     In some indistinguishable length of the day, while Mono sat contemplating a corner, the Thin Man came into the dresser room. He didn’t realize he returned, but perhaps Mono was caught amid wake and sleep. Maybe he was dreaming all this, but he didn’t think so. The hissing particles in the room felt real, bearing down as they did when the man in the hat crept.

     When the figure came too near, Mono tugged the side of his coat closer around his shoulders and tightened up a little in his protective coil. Always leave, going to disappear; Mono wanted leave too, but hurt. Not fair.

      The Thin Man set something on the floor beside him. Mono glared at it, then shifted an eye to the man in the hat. He sniffled.

     It was a toy animal, fitted onto a wheel with a flat base. When the toy was pushed across the floor, its legs spun around. He touched it once, then gawked at it for a few minutes. The Thin Man was gone, and he left a toy. The toy was fun and interesting, but now Mono had to go check the big room and the other rooms all over. The Thin Man locked the desk room, so he stopped there for the time and waited.

     He gnawed on the bandage on his arm. It could come off, but he didn’t want to remove it.

     In times like this when he only had scrambled thoughts, he wondered what She might think of him. Left too because he couldn’t keep up. Fell behind, struggled when it mattered. It wasn’t his fault, he was hurt. Didn’t take care of himself, like she insisted. Should’ve done better. Stupid. He thought was do right, the good. He didn’t understand. Maybe she was afraid, when the Thin Man followed. She knew the man in the hat always found him, and didn’t want a thing to do with him. That was possible.

     The door of the desk room opened, and the Thin Man swept out. He didn’t regard Mono with much but a glance, as Mono scooted aside. Mono wanted to follow. He would follow this time. The man in the hat didn’t move quickly, but he shifted and leapt. It was hard for Mono to do that. He could do that. But he was hurt.

     He rubbed some of the blurriness from his eyes as he lagged. When the Thin Man reached the main door, he flashed and evaporated. So effortless.

     For Mono, he had to snag the small stool from off the side of the other big furniture – he used it to each the long end table – he dragged it to the door. The latch was never locked; it taunted him. He was to escape. Leave. When ready, flee.

     By the time he gets the knob hauled down and tumbled into the hallway, the Thin Man is nearly to the end of the shadowy depths. The corridor was a dilapidated muggy disaster, in worse condition than the place the Thin Man left him, but it was unchanged from the dozens of other times he hiked through it.

     Mono sprinted to his limit, but it was apparent before he began he wouldn’t reach the Thin Man before he flittered out of sight completely.

     “Hey.” The call was so chalky and hoarse, he didn’t think the man in the hat heard. Not at this distance. But the dark cutout slowed in his steps and wound back, head tilted.

     Mono wheezed on the air, already spent. Some days he could trek back and forth a few times, though he never ventured further than this corridor. He was afraid of getting lost, becoming stranded from the familiar place. Being forgotten.

     Without meaning to, he dragged to a halt. He wondered if the Thin Man would come back or respond. Something. He was hurt. He didn’t mean to let himself get this bad. For a little added emphasis, he stood a bit straighter, and bided time until he could throw some more vigor into his sprint. He could still catch up. He could keep up. He would.

     But without a word, the Thin Man returned to his prior path and resumed walking.

     Long after the gloomy shape evaporated into the murk, Mono stood chewing at the bandage, face blistering. He returned to the big room, a little stumble in his step. It takes the last of his energy to heave the big door shut and for the latch to click, but he managed. Once that was concluded, he huddled beneath the stool trying to draw on something that was clearly not there. He had to check the other rooms. The door was open, something might have gotten in. He had to make certain. Nothing was left in him to do such an ambition, but he made it to the dresser room. He must have.

     He awoke in the bottom drawer, swaddled in clothing. He knows he didn’t touch the odd animal toy since the Thin Man left it, but it is in the drawer with him. The Thin Man so liked his games.

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    Elriel Month | Day 11: Drunk and in Love

    "WORD COUNT: 2255



    He cradled her face in his hand, his thumb stroking her cheek softly as he said, “I see you, Elain, you’re impossible to overlook."

    Azriel walked through the house, his eyes scanning, frantically searching for a head full of brown curls and listening for her lilting laugh. He’d made it to the back of the large house before he finally spotted her out by the fire pit, she was with Graysen and Amarantha and nothing good ever came from attracting THEIR attention. When he got the text telling him that Elain was here alone, he knew he would find them here too. Inviting her to a party when neither of her sisters were in town was not a coincidence and he was getting her out of here as quickly as he could, before they could make her a part of the vicious games they enjoyed so much.

    He was heading straight for her when Ianthe stepped in his way. “Azriel, what a surprise. I didn’t know you were invited.”

    “I wasn’t, I’m just here to take Elain home.” He said, stepping around her, Elain no longer where he’d seen her last. “Shit.”

    Ianthe’s hand slithered over his back and up to his shoulder. “She seems a little inexperienced for you, if you ask me.”

    “I didn’t.” Az said, shrugging her hand off and making his way through the crowd again, his jaw clenching when he saw Graysen smiling and leading Elain farther from the house. “Elain!” he called out as he made his way over.

    Elain stopped and looked around before spotting him, smiling and waving as she swayed on her feet, Graysen’s arm helping keep her steady. “Az, you’re here!” she said, smiling.

    “Uninvited…” Graysen noted with a glare.

    Azriel returned the look. “I’m just here to take Elain home. C’mon, El.” He held his hand out to her, only to have Ianthe take it, holding his arm and smiling up at him.

    “We were just about to start a game, you can stay too, if you want to play.” She said, smiling and following the rest of the small group. Az followed Elain, taking the seat next to her. “Elain, we should go.”

    Elain looked up at him, eyes sparkling. “Go? But I haven’t been here very long.” Long enough to have too much to drink, he thought.

    Azriel sighed and leaned in. “El, these people are not nice people. If they ever pretend to be, its because they want something from you.”

    Elain leaned on him a bit, smiling up at him. “But I don’t have anything…” “You smell really good by the way.” She whispered, her chin resting on his arm as she looked up at him dreamily.

    Ianthe chuckled. “Uh oh, Graysen…looks like someone is losing their touch.” Graysen responded with an obscene gesture.

    “Elain, please let me take you home.” Azriel said quietly.

    “So much whispering over there. Lets get started…” Ianthe said. “I’ll go first.” She grabbed a bottle and bent down, giving it a spin.

    “Christ, what is this, Jr. High?” Lucien scoffed.

    “You’re really an ass when Vassa isn’t around y’know that?” Ianthe growled as the bottle stopped. “Taaam.” She said with a grin. “Pucker up.”

    Tamlin smirked and pulled her onto his lap, kissing her as everyone else looked away, repulsed.

    “Elain, why don’t you go next.” Ianthe motioned and Elain stood, swaying slightly before taking her turn and spinning the bottle, Ianthe chuckling as it landed on Azriel. “Tsk, too bad Gray…”

    Azriel cleared his throat. “Its fine, El, you don’t have to do anything.”

    “I want to…” she whispered, the sweetest smile on her face. Azriel’s chest tightened as he put his hands on her arms, stopping her. “El…” he said as quietly as possible, but Ianthe saw her chance and she pounced. “How embarrassing….”

    “I would die.” Amarantha added, eyes brightening with amusement as her lips curled into a smile.

    Elain blushed profusely, her eyes glossy. She did NOT want the other kids to see her like this, so she stood abruptly and left the circle.

    “Elain! Damn it...” Azriel got up and ran off to find where she had gone to.

    Ianthe snickered, eyes twinkling with delight. “Awkward…”

    “She’s obviously drunk, not everyone is as fucked up as you, Ianthe.” Lucien said, getting up to leave. “You’ll deserve whatever you get when Nesta finds out.”

    Ianthe scoffed. “She doesn’t scare me.”

    “That’s because you’re too stupid to know better.” Lucien said, the corner of his mouth curling up in a smirk. “I for one, can’t wait to see how this turns out for you.”

    The group dispersed, everyone going their separate ways and heading back to the party, everyone but Azriel and Elain.

    When he finally found her, his heart ached when he realized that she was crying. “Hey.” He said, quietly.

    “Hey.” She answered, not looking at him. “Y’know if you don’t want to kiss me, its fine, Azriel, I just REALLY don’t wanna discuss my humiliation right now, okay?” she said, wiping her face with her sleeve.

    He sighed, before asking. “Why would you come here alone, Elain? You know how they treated Feyre-“

    “I am NOT Feyre.” She said with a frustrated sigh. “Maybe it just felt nice being treated like “Elain” for once, and not Feyre’s sister. To EVERYONE, I’m just Feyre’s sister, I just wanted someone to see ME.” She looked up at him, eyes full of unshed tears. “No one ever sees me...not really.”

    Azriel said softly. “Elain...that IS how they see you. If they hurt you, they know it’ll hurt Feyre. They are NOT nice people.” He cradled her face in his hand, his thumb stroking her cheek softly as he said, “I see you, Elain, you’re impossible to overlook. Please, let me get you out of here, let me take you home.”

    Elain’s mood lightened but Azriel tensed as Graysen made his way over. “Elain? I’ve been looking everywhere for you, are you alright?” he asked, offering her another beer.

    “We were just leaving.” Azriel said, wanting to punch that smug look off of his face.

    Elain nodded. “I’m not feeling very well.” She said, which wasn’t a complete lie.

    Graysen nodded and stepped closer, not deterred by Azriel as he reached up to tuck a curl behind Elain’s ear. “Alright, feel better, flower.”

    Elain turned away, completely soured on this place and these people, she just wanted to go home. She looked to Azriel who put his arm around her and headed out with her.

    She had to stifle a small giggle that bubbled up as they walked. They had never been this close before. Elain snuggled into his side. “You smell so good, Az...”

    He blushed and cleared his throat. “You too, honey- I mean, you smell like honey...and jasmine.

    “Thanks, honey.” She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. “Az?”

    Hmm? He asked, still holding her up with one arm as they finally made their way out of the house.

    “How did you know I was here?” She asked, looking up at him.

    “I overheard some talk.” He shrugged.

    “And you came for me?” She looked up at him, and it nearly broke him. Her face, looking at him as if he’d just slain some dragon to rescue her. He didn’t hate it. He blushed, opening the door to his car and helping her in, reaching across to buckle her seatbelt. He couldn’t help sneaking a glance at her sweet face and found her big brown eyes trained on him. She smiled sweetly and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you.”

    He blushed and straightened, the back of his head hitting the roof of the car. “Its fine, I’m ok.” He said, wincing and making sure she was all in before closing the door. “Idiot...” he grumbled to himself as he rounded the back of the car and got in, looking over at her.

    Elain was smiling over at him dreamily. He couldn’t help but return his own smile, chuckling softly as he headed to her house.

    “You know...” she said, thoughtfully. “I’ve always thought you were very handsome.”

    Azriel cleared his throat. “Thank you...”

    “Mhm...”. She nodded, drawing hearts in the frost on his window. “I’m sorry I tried to kiss you…”

    He shook his head. “Don’t apologize, El, I just didn’t want you doing anything for THEIR entertainment.

    She perked up, smiling. “Is that the only reason?”

    He blushed. “You should eat something when you get home.”

    “Want a sandwich?” she looked up at him, and he knew he should say no, that he should leave her at the door, but he wanted to make sure she got in and settled safely. “Sure, El, thanks.”

    She nodded and sat patiently as he parked, struggling with her seatbelt until he reached over to release it and helped her out. “Watch your head…” he warned, gently guiding her out and keeping her steady.

    “My legs are asleep…” she laughed, almost falling over.

    Azriel shook his head, chuckling and holding her up. “Elain, if I drop you on your face, Nesta will kill me. Up.” He said, kneeling down, letting her hop on his back, her arms around his neck. “Hold tight, don’t let go.” He said, not completely trusting her, keeping one hand on hers just in case.

    Elain clung to him, closing her eyes and smiling. GOD he smelled good.

    “Keys?” He asked, taking the key that she dangled between her fingers and letting them both in, carrying her into the kitchen and backing up to sit her on the counter top.

    “Thank you, noble steed.” She smiled, grabbing the loaf of bread.

    Azriel considered, before asking, “Peanut butter?”

    She pointed to the pantry, and proceeded to hum as she made a sandwich, holding it up for Azriel. “You first.” He nodded and she took a bite. “Mmm.” She smiled, cheeks puffed as she chewed, watching him get a glass of milk and lean against the counter next to her.

    “Your legs working again?” he asked with a smirk and she nodded, clicking her heels together, taking another bite of the sandwich before holding it up to him again, her heart skipping as he took a bite this time.

    “I really like you, Az.” She said, quietly, the rejection from earlier still stinging, but better to rip the whole bandaid off now.

    “I really like you too, El.” He said, sliding the glass of milk over to her.“

    “You’re awfully far away…” she said, holding the sandwich back up to lure him closer.

    Elain’s heart fluttered as a smile bloomed on his handsome face and he stepped closer to take another bite. “Thank you for coming to get me, Az…”

    He nodded. “Anytime, El…” he hesitated before adding. “I’d do anything for you, Elain.”

    “Would you kiss me now?” she asked, watching him.

    He took the sandwich and held it up to her. “Big bite first.”

    She took a bite and looked up at him, waiting for his answer.

    “No.” He said, softly. “Not right now.”

    “Mm.” Her eyes narrowed, cheeks puffed and he smiled as he brought his hand up to cradle her cheek. “It isn’t because I don’t want you, Elain. It’s because I DO.” He said, as he took her hand in his. “I DO, El, I want this, I want YOU…it just can’t be like THIS.”

    “Like what?” she asked, looking up at him, those glossy doe eyes might be the death of him.

    “Like…you saying everything I ever wanted to hear, and then not remembering it in the morning.” He said softly “I couldn’t take it, El.” he said, her face in his hands. “It would break me.” He confessed, his voice tight.

    “I LOVE you, Az. I wouldn’t take it back, I wouldn’t.” she shook her head, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I have since...since forever.” She looked up at him and his heart ached with how badly he wanted this, but he couldn’t, not right now.

    He looked down at her, the conflict clear on his face. “Elain, If you wake up tomorrow, and you still feel like this, then you know how to reach me.” He said, kissing her softly on the cheek, resting his forehead on hers before forcing himself to step back. “G’nite, Elain…I love you too.” He said before walking out, locking the door behind him and hoping that she would remember.

    The next morning, Azriel was make breakfast with his brothers when there was a quiet knock at the door.

    “Az? You have a visitor.” Rhysand said, smirking as he led Elain into the kitchen. Azriel froze as he watched her, snapping out of it when Cassian nudged him. “Get out, before you burn the bacon.”

    Azriel blushed and walked over to Elain, leading her back into the livingroom. “Do you wanna sit-

    Elain went on her tiptoes, pressing a kiss to his lips. Azriel could feel her smile against his lips as he wrapped his arms around her, lifting her off of the floor.

    “Mmm!” she laughed, her arms sliding around his neck as he leaned in to kiss her again, deeper this time, his other hand cradling the back of her head.

    “I love you Az, I really do…” she said, beaming up at him.

    “I love you too, El, so much.” He smiled.

    “Now he can stop sulking.” Rhys mumbled, setting the table.

    “Thought he was gonna start crying all over the bacon.” Cassian added.

    Az closed his eyes and shook his head, smiling. “Its not too late for you to back out.”

    Elain laughed and kissed him again, no way she was letting him go now.

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    golden boy

    summary | what it’s like dating college steve rogers

    pairing | college! steve rogers x short!reader

    warnings | 18+, MINORS DNI, college shenanigans, drinking, shy!reader, size kink, steve cums on reader, fluff, first time, poorly written smut

    author’s notes | i miss steve and felt like i needed to make an au about him too, so here goes.

    Requests are Open

    College was something you had dreamed about for as long as you could remember.

    Seriously, you moved to New York with big dreams and you were so wide-eyed.

    Steve Roger was one of the older students and very active on campus. He really had grown into himself after being a very sickly child so he’s super involved in so much stuff.

    The first time you meet it’s on your tour of the school, you were eighteen and you had visited campus that summer before you moved into your dorm.

    Everybody loves him. All the girls in the group tour is giggling over him, but he keeps his eyes on you because you just look so pretty in that sweater that has the college mascot on it.

    He doesn’t act on it, instead he just offers to buy your lunch just to you smile and hopes to see you again.

    You move into a co-ed dorm and he just so happens to be the resident assistant (RA) so you see him when you move in when he introduces himself to everyone in your hall.

    Your dorm mate is Wanda Maximoff who is majoring in occult studies and she is so excited to be living with a girl instead her twin brother (who also goes to the school)

    You cross pathways with Steve again on your first day of classes. He’s in one of your general education classes, it’s a science class with a lab.

    You end up being partners and you have a lot of fun, you always look forward to Wednesdays when your lab is so class always runs an extra hour

    But the science is so worth looking at Steve Rogers for two hours.

    He is smitten with you but he is too polite to act on it and tries to be just friends

    But then the party happened

    Wanda and Pietro drag you to the party. You wear a sundress that Steve thinks might kill him.

    Oh man, you walk into the crowded party with Pietro’s arm around you and Steve feels his chest restrict, he feel like he did when he was kid and his asthma flared up

    Steve downs another shot just as Pietro breaks off to get you a beer, but Steve gets to you first with a white claw in your hand

    You visibly brighten when he started talking to you and you spend the entire party with him.

    You end up outside on the porch to cool off, the crowd heating up the house to an uncomfortable temperature so Steve leads you outside

    You don’t know what comes over you but you can’t help to press a feather light kiss on his lips.

    You pull away but he quickly grabs the back of your neck to pull you into a firmer, more needy kiss.

    He’s not all that tipsy and you are just a little buzzed so you just stay in his lap on one of the couch for the rest of the night. Talking and kissing.

    “You’re so pretty,” Steve whispered,”Been wanting to kiss you for weeks.” His thumbs ran over your redden lips and he can’t help but feel giddy.

    “What took you so long?”

    “Didn’t want to ruin things”

    Your first date was to this really cute restaurant near campus and Steve spent the entire time

    Steve is clingy, I have no doubt about this. He wants to be with you all the time. He likes walking you to classes and having lunch with you.

    He never stays in your dorm, you always go to his dorm because he’s an RA and he doesn’t have a roommate, though his best friend practically lives there.

    Steve towers over everybody but there is something about towering over you that makes him all tingly. He adores that the way he has to lift you sometimes just to kiss you or how you stand on your tippy toes to reach his lips.

    He likes when you lay on top of him, all of your weight on him. You just curl up against him and look so precious. He loves how small you are compared to him.

    Steve runs his hands over your body, mumbling sweet nothings as you take a nap in his dorm.

    He’s the type of guy who wait to have sex until you say I love you, which doesn’t take long because you fell for him so quickly.

    You tell him you love him after he holds you when you get a bad midterm grade because you just struggled so much. He didn’t return it then but he assured you that he adored you, but he needed more time.

    He tells you he loves you when you come home with him the first time to visit his mother’s grave, which he has never brought a girl to.

    Steve admits that he’s loved you for a while but it was hard for him to say it because he doesn’t have much family in his life. He wanted to be sure.

    His friends absolutely adore you. Bucky and Sam want you on all their double dates, which makes Steve roll his eyes.

    The first time you have sex, it’s your first time and he is big. You tell him that you don’t think it will fit and he can’t help the blush on his cheeks, kissing you and telling you that he’d get you ready.

    “It’s okay, sugar, I’m gonna make you feel so good,” He nibbled on your ear, making you whine before he undressed you.

    “Good God, you’re so fucking stunning, you know that?” He smirk, watching how you preen at his praise,”And all for me, hm?”

    “All for you,”You whisper without even thinking and Steve just groans, your words going straight to his cock. He drags you to straddle him, letting you get familiar with his body.

    He makes you cum three times before he even thinks about burying his cock inside you. He eats you out and fingers you into bliss.

    By the time he’s hovering over you, licking and biting marks into your skin, you looked wrecked. Your hair is a mess, lips swollen from his lips bruising yours.

    He holds you ever so close and slowly presses into your tight heat. He sees stars, you are so tight and small under him.

    He stretches you out almost painfully. Your hands grip his biceps tightly as he every so slowly buries his cock in your dripping cunt.

    “You’re doing so good, baby,” He praises, kissing up and down your neck before melding his lips against yours to distract you from the pain.

    When he’s buried to the hilt, he groans feeling your walls squeeze him snug and he knows he won’t last long.

    To be fair, you are so sensitive that you don’t think you’ll last either.

    He doesn’t move until you start rutting your hips against his.

    Steve moans as he looks down at you in bliss,”Fuck, you look so pretty with my cock inside you,” Your head falls back with a whimper,”You’re taking my cock so good, fuck, baby, look at how you stretch for me. It’s like you were made for me”

    You are more than flustered and try to cover your face, but he stops you. He sucks and bites marks on your neck as he rolls his hips into you. It makes you throw your head back in pleasure and gives him more access to stake his claim on you.

    “Feel that?” Steve thrusts into you, hitting all the right spots,”You like that don’t you?” He slowly drags his cock back and plunges back into that spot,”I like having you under me, baby, so small and mine.”

    He cums on your tummy, loving how you look with cum painting your soft skin. He runs his fingers through it and makes you suck it off his fingers, which you do eagerly.

    After you have sex, you are closer than ever.

    Steve gets jealous when you hang out with other guys, but it comes from an old place of insecurity. You always assure him that he is the one for you.

    Your best friends are Wanda, Pietro, Loki, and Thor. You met Loki at a bar with Wanda, he got in a bar fight when someone tried to feel Wanda up.

    Thor is your gym buddy, he likes to play racquetball with you.

    But Steve’s main source of jealously is Pietro because you got very close to him and his sister.

    You also get jealous though, because his friends are so pretty. Natalia is a goddess and Carol is probably the most badass woman you’ve ever met, but then you feel embarrassed when you find out Carol is dating one of Thor’s friends.

    Natalia started dating a guy from the archery team and made you and Steve go with her to watch him. Your jealously seemingly disappeared after seeing her so smitten, and it helped at Steve spent the entire time with his hands sneaking up your thigh.

    Steve knows you’re the one, he has no doubts after your first semester together and when you went home for the winter, you asked him to come with you.

    This leads to be even more clingy and by the time summer rolls around, he’s got an apartment in the city near your school and he wants you to move in.

    Of course, you do.

    He has never been happier than he is with you and he never lets you forget it. All the struggles he went through in childhood with his health, he thinks this is the universe’s way of making it up to him, by giving him you.

    Steve doesn’t tell you that, not anytime soon at least. No, you don’t find that out until after you graduate and he’s on one knee asking you to his forever.

    #steve rogers imagine #Steve Rogers #steve rogers fanfiction #Steve Rogers smut #steve rogers headcanon #Steve Rogers blurb #chris evans smut #Steve Rogers x reader #Steve Rogers x you
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  • miishae
    14.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Cruelty of the Beast - Part 13

    ( previous. )

    Characters: c!Tommy, c!Ranboo, c!Quackity, c!Techno Word count: 1716 words Content: violence, blood, injury, unconsciousness, passing out, techno threatens quackity


    Tommy gets as far as digging up five blocks of grass before an arrow whizzes past his ear. Startled, he ducks to the ground, before looking around to try and spot his attacker. He can’t see anyone, but that doesn’t mean he’s alone.

    Not alone, technically, he’s with Ranboo right now. Their job is to plant TNT around the perimeter of the SMP, but they hadn’t gotten that far. They’d dropped maybe ten explosives into the ground before trouble arrived.

    “Hello?” Tommy calls out. He’s not feeling scared. Tommy feels angry. This is something he wants to do as quickly as possibly without accidentally lighting anything. A quick glance is shot in Ranboo’s direction. The enderman is also flattened against the ground, but he’s wearing a more passive expression on his face, as if a single arrow hadn’t been enough of a threat to him.

    “Put the grass down, Tommy.  You too, Ranboo. Neither of you want to do this.”

    Tommy had expected to hear Tubbo, but he flinches when he hears Quackity’s voice instead. He presses his hands against the ground before pushing himself upright, still trying to spot Quackity. It’s the middle of the night, everyone should be asleep, and yet, here they are.

    “Put the crossbow down,” Ranboo says gently. “You don’t know what you’re doing.” Ranboo’s following Tommy’s lead, Tommy can hear the movement next to him as they both slowly get back to their feet. “Put the crossbow down and leave, and none of us will have to get hurt.”

    “Ranboo, Tommy?” Quackity sounds like he’s fighting off a laugh. “I expected shit like this from Dream or even Wilbur, you know? But you two? We had such high hopes for you. It’s not too late to come back though. Tommy I know you don’t want this, you don’t have to work for them. Whatever they’re holding over your head, we can fix it.”

    Conflict stirs his gut. It’d be so nice to come back to the SMP and live simply. Quackity’s always been a great friend, and he really would offer safety. Tommy does trust him, and he knows Quackity would offer him a protection from everything. On the other hand...

    “You can’t fix it anymore,” Tommy throws back. “I don’t want it to be fixed.” He slams his shovel into the ground again, flinging away dirt. He drops the TNT into the hole. “I know where I belong.”

    Tommy can hear Quackity loading another arrow into his crossbow. It’s too dark to actually see the man, but Tommy is glad for the sounds; he’s ready for another shot. Slamming his shovel into the ground, Tommy tries to use that as a sort of barrier between himself and Quackity as he fumbles through his backpack, trying to pull out a weapon of his own. He had hoped that they wouldn’t encounter anyone, but clearly Tubbo had already spread the word.

    “Quackity, you don’t know what you’re up against,” Ranboo warns. His voice is a calm contrast to Tommy’s shaky desperation and Quackity’s anger. “Put the crossbow down and walk away, and none of us will get hurt. Just-”

    “Just let you plant TNT?” Quackity barks out a laugh. “What’s gotten into you both? What did Dream tell you to make you turn against us?” Tommy can hear the rising desperation in Quackity’s voice, and it’s only serving to anger Tommy even more.

    Even now, people still treat him like an idiot that can’t make up his mind. People still think he’s an idiot child that doesn’t know anything. Everything comes rushing back to him about his previous treatment. He’s not a toy. He’s not ignorant or dumb, and Tommy is so tired of people trying to throw reason and lies disguised as care at him. Everyone always thinks they know best, as if they don’t trust him.

    He loves Quackity, but he doesn’t miss him.

    Pulling out a sword, Tommy swings it hard, cutting his shovel in half. Even Ranboo seems to jump at that. Ignoring him, Tommy storms over to Quackity and grabs at  him. Startled, Quackity stumbles back, dropping his crossbow. His eyes are filled with some sort of anger, Tommy can’t tell, but Tommy’s clenching his teeth together.

    “I am so tired of people telling me what to do,” Tommy snarls. “What did Tubbo tell you?”

    “He just said that everyone was holding you hostage, and that something big was coming. Tommy, I didn’t expect you and Ranboo to be here-”

    “I’m not!” He shoves Quackity back. “I’m with them because I want to be! I’m doing this because I want to! I’m not being manipulated, I’m not being held against my will, I’m so fucking sick of people making decisions for me. I’m not helpless!”

    “I never said you were.” Quackity’s fingers wrap around Tommy’s wrist in an attempt to pry him off. “Everyone here believes in you. You can still come back, we can offer you a safe place. You don’t have to follow Wilbur and Dream everywhere. You’re better than this.”

    “Am I?” It’s Tommy’s turn to laugh bitterly. He takes the hint and backs off, clutching his sword tightly in his fists. “I’m not better or worse than anyone. I used to be everyone’s villain or hero, and I’m tired of being something I’m not.”

    “What are you then?” With the distance between them, Quackity’s bending down slowly to grab at his crossbow. Tensing, Tommy watches him, but with Ranboo behind him, he doesn’t feel as scared. “What are you, Tommy, since you want to take charge of your own destiny?”

    “I’m Tommyinnit, bitch,” Tommy growls. “I’m in charge of me.” Jumping back, he runs back to where he’d been digging for TNT. “Ranboo, get rid of him!”

    “Hey!” Quackity lets out a yelp. Tommy can’t see anything but a blur of white and black rushing past him. There are sounds of a scuffle, the sound of the crossbow firing, and-

    Oh, that’s an arrow in his hip.


    Quackity at least sounds like he regrets the accidental discharge. Was it accidental? The noise was loud enough to stop the scuffle, but not enough to stop Tommy from moaning in pain. He slumps over, still trying to plant TNT. Each movement causes fresh pain to spread through his entire body, white hot and freezing cold at the same time. Dirt sticks to his fingers and gets under his fingernails, but Tommy still moves, thick tears rushing down his cheeks as he tries to ignore the pain. One more explosive is planted into the ground.

    He wants so badly to continue the task he was trusted with, to not let Wilbur or even Dream down, but he can barely move. Laying down, Tommy pulls out his communicator and shoots a message to Wilbur. On top of the pain is coming the nausea.

    “Get rid of him,” Tommy whispers. “Please.”

    “Who did you message, Tommy?” Quackity asks sharply. “Who are you messaging? Who are the people you two are working with?”

    Tommy laughs weakly, clutching at the arrow. Not to yank it out, but some half-assed attempt to hold it still. “It doesn’t matter, Quackity. In the end, sides don’t matter, neither do labels or any of this. But I suggest you run before they show up.”

    “Who is they?”

    “Get rid of him Ranboo,” Tommy whispers. “We still have a job to complete.” His communicator is buzzing, so Tommy lifts it. It’s not Wilbur responding, but Techno, saying he’s on his way to help. Wilbur must’ve messaged Techno. Tommy can understand that, he knows Wilbur and Dream had important matters they couldn’t pull away from. Something about the end.

    “Who’s coming?” Quackity demands. “Tell me or I shoot him again!” It’s an empty threat, that much is obvious. Quackity isn’t even bothering to load another arrow. If Tommy were to look up, he’d see remorse in Quackity’s eyes, but he doesn’t want to look up. Even now, it’s hard to breath without triggering more pain.

    “You should go,” Ranboo warns. “If they show up, they’re going to hurt you, and I don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

    “Who is they?” Quackity screeches. “Stop being cryptic! Are you talking about Dream, or Wilbur, or both?”

    “Try again.” A new voice booms from somewhere behind Quackity. Eyes rolling back, Tommy slumps back all the way, trying to focus on his breathing. It’s Techno, he must’ve been closer than Tommy had thought.

    “You have Techno on your side?” Quackity’s voice is shrill, and Tommy can hear another scuffle. “No, put that pickaxe down!”

    “Ranboo, I have gauze bandages in my pack. Wrap those around Tommy for now, we’re going to have to remove the arrow back home. Tommy, don’t move. And Quackity? You’re outnumbered, so unless you don’t want this through your teeth again, leave.”

    “You’re all crazy,” Quackity snaps. “Dream poisoned all of you.”

    “Remember when I said I’m me?” Tommy asks. “You’re also the one who shot me.” The words coming out of his mouth are thick, and he can feel his eyes rolling back again. If Quackity is responding to him, Tommy can’t hear it.

    He’s blacking out now. Whatever else is going on, Tommy can barely hear it. He’s floating somewhere high above the ground, swaying ever so gently. There are voices coming from above, followed by long bouts of silence, and then he’s floating in the middle of the ocean, where everything is muffled, then there’s complete silence.


    “Mmm?” He’d been sleeping, he thinks. It’s rather irritating to be woken from a peaceful nap, but a coldness settles over him. Reaching down, he tries to find his blanket, only for his fingers to scrape against dirt. Oh, right, they’re close to the SMP.

    “Oh, good, you are with us.” Ranboo sounds relieved. “I’m going to pick you up and take you back home. Try not to move too much, alright?”

    “What about the TNT?”

    “We’re going to try again soon. You’re bleeding through the bandages and we need to get you back.”


    “Let’s go, Tommy.”

    Ranboo lifts him up off the ground, and the sharp pain has Tommy yelping. He doesn’t remember Ranboo putting the bandage on him, but it doesn’t matter, he supposes. He can see Techno in his peripheral vision, taking the broken shovel and digging into the dirt.

    They’re gone before Tommy can say anything more. He has the distant sensation they’re flying high above the ground, and dimly, he wonders if the end of the world is already happening without them.

    #dream smp #dream smp fanfiction #dark!fanfiction #cruelty the beast #cruelty of the beast ch. 13 #violence#injuries#blood#unconsciousness#passing out#quackity#tommyinnit#ranboo#technoblade#long post#miishae writes
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  • amongthedrowned
    14.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Die Like One is over 7,000 words, which means it's already about 3,000 words more than Home is Where the Heart isn't! I estimate that it'll be about 10,000 words by the time it's done. I'm excited for y'all to see it—I'm really loving the interactions I'm writing between Schlatt and Techno.

    #dream smp fanfiction
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  • jay-says-stuff-ig
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    i cant find any good mlm ethan winters rep 😭😩

    #i personally hc him as bi but like #man i would kill for some of that good art n fanfiction yknow #its getting to be a struggle out here #resident evil #resident evil village #ethan winters#re8 #resident evil 8
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    hello! this is my updated masterlist which will be linked in my bio! I’ll continue to update it as I post new fanfics c:


    Olympic Medalist- Maggie babysits Scout.
    This Whole Parenting Thing- Amelia comforts Link when he questions his parenting.
    The Cut That Always Bleeds (part 1) (part 2)- Link gets injured while cooking dinner.


    First-Day Nerves- Leo is nervous for his first day of school.
    Karaoke Night- Amelia takes care of a very drunk Owen.
    Nightmare- Amelia has a nightmare and Owen comforts her.
    Swings- Amelia passes out and Owen takes her to the hospital.


    Girl Talk (part 1) (part 2)- Alex finds Jo locked in the bathroom and calls Meredith for help.
    To the Moon and Back- Jo visits Alex who is in a coma.


    Father’s Day- Alex attends Zola’s Father’s Day school event.
    One Day at a Time- Amelia goes to Meredith and Maggie after she relapses.
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  • smallhoursandlittlewonders
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    #Levi Ackerman #Levi x reader #attack on titan #AoT#aot fanfiction #archive of our own #ao3#hange zoe#slow burn#hurt/comfort#angst #enemies to lovers #smut#eventual smut
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    beyond reach

    Missing scene:

    After the abrupt end of events in The Invisible Library, Vale is left behind.

    Singh looked around at the destruction surrounding them, the ripped up flooring, the upturned furniture, the bodies… He had seen his fair share of catastrophes and scenes of crime in his time of service. The horrific state of this former office could still somehow be explained by- well, some sort of explosion, perhaps? And while it was not a big surprise to find the latest head of the Iron Brotherhood dead amongst this mess, it would be extremely difficult to explain why her remains were completely lacking of intestines, bones, blood or flesh.

    The carcasses of silverfish that littered the floor were just as odd an occurrence as the previously reported stuffed animals that had sprung to life at the Museum just about an hour ago. Not even to mention the sightings of what witnesses described as a dragon circling in the sky above the British Library.

    And he was actually not at all surprised that his friend Vale stood in the middle of the debris, dusty, ruffled and bloody, with an uncharacteristic distant look on his usually sharp face. The Vale he knew was in his element when faced with a scene of crime – the more inexplicable, the better. This detective did not seem to feel inspired to search the room, crawl around on his knees to fish for shrapnel in the dust or snap at careless officers who might wander across possible tracks. When faced with strange events, he had rarely seem him so clearly lacking sprite and almost… defeated? Maybe that.

    He touched his friend’s elbow, and thereby snapped him out of his staring blankly ahead.

    “Mr. Vale. You told me, the problem was resolved? That the, ehm… perpetrator behind these occurrences has been defeated?”

    Vale straightened his shoulders, regaining some of his usually grand air.

    “Indeed, that’s what I said. And yes, the criminal has been fought off, sadly he disappeared before an arrest could be attempted. My understanding is that he will have left our... domain for good. As apart from this unfortunate explosion you can’t hold any charges against him, an overall success, one might say.”

    Singh frowned. None of this made sense, neither the destruction to the room, the lack of a body of the criminal nor the absolute absence of their strange… visitors. And Vale’s whole demeanour and tone did not match his words. Whatever had happened here, there must be more to it than his friend could convey right now, apparently, in front of the other officers and panicked library director.

    “Very well, I thank you for promptly alerting me about this event. I have to ask you to meet me later, to give a full report of the event you witnessed. You may leave for now.”

    They shared a brief look of silent understanding, Vale nodded, and strode off, debris and insects crunching underneath his soles. Singh’s gaze followed him, before focussing back to the matters at hand.

    Right. To work.

    It went without saying, that they would meet in their currently agreed upon meeting spot, where they came together in disguise whenever they had to discuss secret or private matters.

    The pub was already brimming when Singh entered, and after a stop at the bar he found his way to the corner table that Vale occupied, bend low over his beer and newspaper.

    A few moments passed until they could be sure to have fallen off anyone’s radar and blended into the general atmosphere of the room.

    “Now? What in heaven’s name went on here today?” Singh leaned slightly forward across the table. He had had a long day and his head was still swimming when he thought of the potential cover stories he had mapped out already. Being friends with London’s Great Detective had certainly always been useful and exciting, but never had they encountered such strange events before.

    Vale stayed hunched over his drink without looking up, but began to tell Singh in a low voice all that had happened. It was no use to interrupt with questions, as there was no way the detective would leave out relevant facts. His recollection was fast, brisk and entirely sober, apart from a few small waves of emotions that showed in a little twitch in the others face or a tremor to his voice. To any outsider, they might simply discuss current news or politics.

    When he had finished, Singh took his chance to inquire more in depth about some of the wilder parts- some Vale chose rather not to elaborate more on, especially in connection to that Zeppelin ride, and Singh knew better than to prod him. The whole tale was incredible enough.

    “I can’t believe that they just left? Including Madame Bradamant,” Singh shook his head, and took a pretended sip from his beer, “She did not even return those stolen books, and we shall accept that she just went beyond our reach? Frustrating as it is, I can’t deny I am relieved this extremely peculiar business seems to be done with now.”

    He did not get an answer, and looking up, he saw that Vale was brooding in a sombre manner that was heavily amplified by his faux grimy beard and make up. This was not the triumphant, exuberant, satisfied Vale he usually found after solving a case. A thought occurred to him.

    “Listen, could it be that you are in distress about your new friends leaving?” he inquired tentatively.

    Vale snorted. “Friends? Hardly. You should know me better than to think I would so easily care for casual acquaintances!”

    Singh raised an eye brow, taken aback by the harsh reaction. He could not help but feel somewhat hurt by that statement himself. Vale must have noticed his reaction, and he seemed to tame his mood a bit.

    “Good man, I did not mean to devalue our connection. You know I count you as one my most trusted allies.” He took another swig, and stared into his almost empty glass. “But tell me, how could I feel anything but antipathy towards total strangers who come into our city and bring with them a wave of illogical, supernatural occurrences and leave a trail of destruction, before simply vanishing with no sense of accountability for their actions?”

    There was a passionate undertone to his voice, that did not match the detached attitude his former words wanted to convey. Maybe there was more behind this whole affair than he had thought, Singh mused.

    “How can you even suggest that I might consider these people my friends, when all they clearly care about is their own dubious agenda? Strongrock is merely a young agent and following his orders, but did it seem to you that Miss Winters was acknowledging anything or anyone beyond the scope of her mission?”

    “Listen, I am the first to condemn any stranger who brings their personal quarrels to our city, as I have to deal with the mess afterwards. So, if you ask me, good riddance!”

    Singh pretended to take another sip of his drink. If this went on much longer, he’d have to find a way to let it vanish somehow to not attract suspicion. “But are you not a bit harsh in your judgement there? After all, they were the victims of a traitorous and highly dangerous criminal at large.”

    Singh was used to being very honest with Vale, as far as his profession allowed. Anything but would not pass the detective’s sensors anyway. He now felt he was slowly sliding towards thin ice though. On the one hand, Vale was not a person to be generally open to discuss personal matters, and usually didn’t seem to have any reason why he might want to either. On the other hand, Singh had known Vale for long enough to know his mood swings and what they often entailed. The detective functioned best under a certain amount of stress and with enough mystery to occupy his ever active mind. In those querulous times between cases, or moments of general stagnation, he was prone to self-destructive patterns and had his ways to cope. Singh knew how he tended to deal with those phases, and he did not approve.

    Just now, during these last days, he had seen his friend flourish after a longer, rather inactive time. He had already been worried that the detective might default to the morphine use again - when the ominous cat burglar case began and shortly after the two strangers turned up in his London.

    These few days since their arrival had completely changed Vale’s state of sullen apathy, just the kind of riddle his mind needed to not run empty – and now, without a moments notice, they were gone from this world and beyond their reach. Singh could understand the detective’s frustration at having to accept an end to a case that left them without conviction, while it happened in their city, matters had been taken out of their hands. And Vale would even have to report back to his mother that he had been unable to retrieve the stolen manuscript.

    A shadow of worry crossed Singh’s mind, as he wondered what this sudden turn of events might do to Vale, and although it was against his usual better judgement, he found a softer tone and decided to push further.

    “After all that you went through with Miss Winters and Mr. Strongrock, don’t you feel you deserve better than a brief farewell? I would not blame you for feeling bothered by how this whole affair ended.”

    Vale seemed to consider, then emptied his glass in one last swig.

    “I must admit to some resentment. Not towards Miss Winters or Mr Strongrock, but myself. All the evidence was there, I had to know that they would finish their matters in the way suitable to their agenda, and then leave for… that Library, without looking back.”

    With a somewhat dramatic sigh, Vale stood up from his chair and looked down at the inspector.

    “And yet, I have entertained some hope, that clouded my judgement. You see, even I am a fool sometimes.”

    “Honestly, I’d rather forget what we learned about those other worlds and that Library and all… Who knows, what else might enter London? I don’t like any of this. Not at all.”

    Singh shook his head and rose as well, and with a nod, Vale let him pass to lead the way towards the exit. The implications of potential new threats did worry him, yes, just like the strangely afflicted state of mind his friend was showing. He would keep an eye on him, and, although this was not a very suitable thought for a policeman, he hoped that a new case would come up soon, one even more enthralling, to occupy his mind and distract him from his dark temper.

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    ahaha someone tell me how you know your in love because I think I'm falling for my bff and that can't be happening_

    #please help#love#me: noooooooo #someone help I don't want this #I might have just been reading too much fanfiction #lol #maybe if I just look at fanart of Foxs fat tit's then the gayness i feel will leave #gay love
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    Fic Recs (5.14.21)

    I wanted to share my favorite series/ one shots while I work on my own, please show some love to these amazing writers!
    These are in order of how recently I read them, not in favorite order.

    Suburban Pleasure (Series, In Progress) by @kinanabinks​ (18+ Only)

    Pairing: Sex Worker!Steve Rogers x Housewife!Reader
    Summary: “hibiscus Iane is a pleasant place to live. hardly anything worth mentioning ever happens here. say, have you seen the handsome man who just moved into number 99?”
    A/N: The fourth part was recently posted and I can't get over it, it's written so well. This series has me checking my mentions everyday (bc of course i'm on the tag list), kinny has so many incredible stories, you'll definitely see her again!

    The Love Club (Series, Ongoing) by @slyyywriting​ (18+ Only)

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mob!Reader
    Summary: “Bucky gets initiated into the mob life by accident. He wants out but only the owner can revoke his club membership.”
    A/N: Finally a mob!au where the reader is a badass mobster! I love the dynamic between the reader and Bucky in this, there's one part left so you will find me reloading their blog until they upload.

    Howlin’ For You (Series, Completed) by @invisibleanonymousmonsters​

    Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Reader
    Summary: “When Y/N gets an unreal deal on her first home, she wonders why her neighbor scared away all the other buyers. Despite being cautious, she wonders why the town has given Bucky Barnes a bad name.”
    A/N: Biker Gang!Bucky is a gateway drug for Mob!Bucky and you can't change my mind, this series is super good, their dynamic is super sweet, and i love bucks backstory!

    Paging Doctor Barns by @constantwriter85​

    Pairing: Doctor!Bucky x Reader
    Summary: “Reader has just moved from a new town and has a new patient appointment with Doctor!Barnes”
    A/N: This story made me resent my doctor for not being Bucky Barnes

    In Front of the Camera (Series, Completed) by @propertyofpoeandbucky​ (18+ Only)

    Pairing: Cam Guy/ Neighbor!Bucky x Reader
    Summary: “Your friend and neighbor, Bucky, is a cam guy, but you have no idea until your friend sends you a link to one of his live streams.”
    A/N: I really enjoyed the first half of the series, but the later parts somewhat lost my interest. Don't get me wrong, the series is written incredibly well and i still recommend it, but i wasn't expecting an angsty plotline when going into it.  Lani is a great writer, expect to see her name again, I love love LOVE her AUs.

    White Wolfs Call Podcast by @sagechanoafterdark​ (18+ Only)

    Pairing: New Neighbor!Bucky x Reader
    Summary: “Quarantine got you down? Meet your new neighbor.”
    A/N: Oh my godddd, this is such a short and sweet one shot that made me think about it all day! I don't know what more to say about it than *chef kiss*

    Cover Stars and Stripes (Series, Ongoing) by @marvelmusing​

    Pairing: Boss!Stucky x Reader
    Summary: “Assembled is an international best selling magazine, which covers politics, fashion, lifestyle, and culture. You’ve wanted to work for them ever since you were little, their founder Peggy Carter was your idol. With a lot of hard work you get a position as Assistant Creative Director. Your first year there passes quickly. Your co-workers, Darcy and Jimmy, have tried to set you up on several dates, which were all a disaster in your mind. You’ve told them a million times. You’re busy with your work, and don’t have time for that. Although that’s soon about to change.”
    A/N: This series fell into my lap, by what only i can describe as an act of god, I found this when there was only 2 parts and was immediately invested, another series that i anxiously wait for updates!

    Teeth (Series, Completed) by @wxntersoldiers​

    Pairing: Detective!Bucky x Detective!Reader 
    Summary: “Detective James ‘Bucky’ Buchanan Barnes, 39th Precincts best and  New York’s finest - every case handed to Barnes gets solved, but what happens when multiple murders come to Midtown?”
    A/N: AHHHHHHH, please read this right now, if you're going to read anything on this list make it this one, it is so so so good and will have you invested to the very end, i'm so glad i found this one completed bc i dont think i would have been able to wait!

    Slow Like Honey (Series, Completed) by @heli0s-writes​ (18+ Only)

    Pairing: Single Dad/ Baker!Steve x Teacher!Reader
    Summary: “The gossip that buzzes around in the teacher’s lounge is that sweet, sensitive, divorcé Steve Rogers is hot-for-teacher. His daughter’s first-grade teacher, to be exact.”
    A/N: This series is soo gooddd, it has everything full, angst, smut, drama, pining, you name it. This is the first Single Dad!Steve fic i've read and fell in love because of this series and Single Dad fics in general!

    Something Borrowed (Series, Completed) by @buckys-darling​ (18+ Only)

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, brief Steve Rogers x Reader (not Stucky)
    Summary: “Modern AU - You’ve been in love with Bucky Barnes for as long as you can remember. Small problem, though: he’s engaged to your best friend. So why not sleep with him?”
    A/N: This series hurt in all the right ways, if you are looking to go through emotional anguish for eight parts, do I have the series for you! Although lots of Nat slander, which is another layer of hurt.
    #fic rec #bucky fic rec #steve fic rec #bucky#bucky barnes #bucky x reader #bucky barnes x reader #bucky imagine #bucky barnes imagine #bucky x you #bucky barnes x you #boxer!bucky #biker!bucky #doctor!bucky #cam guy!bucky #boss!bucky #detective!bucky #bucky fanfic #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky fanfiction #bucky barnes fanfic #steve rogers#captain america #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x you #steve rogers imagine #steve rogers fanfiction #captain america x reader #captain america x you #captain america imagine
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    14.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #ikevamp fanfiction#ikevamp fanfic#ikevam fanfiction#ikevam fanfic#ikevamp comte#ikevamp arthur#pseu slings #istg I went full ‘THE HILLLLLLLLLS ARE ALIIIIIIVE~’ when I saw this 😂♥️♥️♥️
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    Find out how to order your own haikyuu letter!

    #haikyuu fanfiction#haikyuu #haikyuu!! #haikyū!! #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu drabbles #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu imagine#character letters #haikyu x reader #konoha akinori #Konoha x reader
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  • ao3feed-bnha-rarepair
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    I Tell Myself I'm Not That into You

    i tell myself i'm not that into you by breakmyheartagain

    Todoroki didn't really know what they were doing. He just knew that he liked it.

    or: in which Todoroki and Kaminari make out one time and suddenly they can't keep their hands off of each other.

    Words: 1119, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Relationships: Kaminari Denki/Todoroki Shouto

    Additional Tags: Dekusquad, Bakusquad, Class 1-A Shenanigans, Shinsou Hitoshi Replaces Mineta Minoru, Shinsou Hitoshi is in Class 1-A, Insomniac Shinsou Hitoshi, Bakusquad Being Idiots, Shinsou Hitoshi is in the Dekusquad, Supportive Dekusquad, Bisexual Disaster Kaminari Denki, Gay Disaster Todoroki Shouto

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/31293611

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  • somegreysfics
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    The Cut That Always Bleeds (2)

    hello! here is part two of my angsty amelink fanfic! you can read part one here c:

    “Oh my God,” Amelia muttered under her breath. She dropped her phone on the hardwood floor and watched as the crimson red blood slowly made its way closer to her own feet.

    He just cut his hand while cooking dinner, she thought.

    He only needed a few stitches, then they would be home by midnight.

    He just cut his hand.

    “I’m here, you guys can head out!” Meredith’s muffled voice called out from behind the door, interrupting Amelia’s burning thoughts.

    She continued to stand frozen. She couldn’t feel her legs. She couldn’t feel her hands. All she could feel was numbness overtaking her body as she watched the love her life lay on the cold floor.

    “Hello?” Meredith slowly pushed the door open. Her face went blank once she saw the situation that was laid out in front of her.

    “Oh my God,” she said. She looked at Link, then Amelia, then back at Link. The room was painfully silent.

    Meredith noticed Amelia’s phone on the ground. She quickly reached into her back pocket and retrieved her own phone, then dialed the police.

    “What happened?” Meredith asked as she waited for her call to be answered. She bent down and handed Amelia her own fallen phone. 

    Amelia said nothing.

    “911, what’s the location of your emergency?” the lady on the phone asked.

    Meredith gave her the address, then answered the following questions that she had. One of which included the jarring, “Is he breathing?” to which Meredith repeated to Amelia. When Amelia remained still, Meredith went to Link’s side and checked for a pulse.

    “He has a faint pulse,” Meredith replied, sighing with relief. She watched closely as Amelia slowly slid down against the wall and brought her knees up to her chest.

    “The ambulance is on its way. Stay on the phone with me,” the dispatcher said.

    The two waited for what seemed like hours, but was really only six minutes.

    When the walls inside the house began to light up with bright blue and red, Meredith ran outside and guided the paramedics to Link.

    One of the paramedics instantly focused his attention to Amelia, who had a small trail of blood falling from her forehead. “Are you alright?” he asked.

    Amelia’s gaze remained stuck on the wall that was in front of her. The paramedic looked up at Meredith.

    “Amelia,” Meredith squatted in front of her, “What happened? Did he fall? Did you fall?”

    “He was just cooking dinner,” Amelia mumbled. Her ocean blue eyes were still locked into place.

    “Did he fall while he was cooking?” the paramedic questioned. Amelia shook her head.

    “He cut his hand,” she replied. “He cut his hand, then he passed out.”

    “Did you fall down with him?” Meredith nodded towards the cut on her head. 

    “I’m fine,” Amelia said as she stood up. She went out the front door and followed Link into the ambulance.

    At the hospital, familiar faces rushed to help Link into an operating room. Amelia sat patiently in the waiting room where Richard Webber made her stay. He assured her that Link would be okay. He assured her that they were going to do everything they can to stop the bleeding.

    As she sat there, she noticed the color of the walls. The blueish-grey was such an unwelcoming, uncomfortable color, paired with the harsh hospital lighting. She felt everything but welcomed and comforted.

    I’m going to lose him, she thought.

    I’m going to lose him and there isn’t anything I can do about it.

    He only needed a few stitches.

    His hand would have healed in a few weeks.

    He just couldn't stand the sight of his own blood.

    “Amelia?” Maggie sat down next to her. She placed her hand on Amelia’s back, trying her best to comfort her. Amelia’s startled eyes turned towards Maggie. 

    “Sorry,” Maggie said, “They’re finishing up with Link now. He’s stable.”

    Amelia furrowed her eyebrows. “He’s okay?” she asked. She hadn’t cried at all. She wasn’t able to. But when those words trailed off her tongue, she felt the tears begin to fill up her eyes.

    “He’s okay,” Maggie confirmed. Amelia closed her eyes and let out a heavy sigh of relief.

    “Hey, has anyone checked that out?” Maggie asked, looking at the dried blood on Amelia’s forehead. “It’s just Link’s,” Amelia assumed.

    “Alright,” Maggie gave a soft smile. “Do you want to see him?”

    Amelia nodded as she stood up for the first time in hours. She felt nothing but relief and gratefulness. She was going to see Link, alive and in a hospital bed, when she thought the next time she would see him would be on an autopsy table.

    Richard was standing in the room with the neurosurgeon on call. “He’s a fighter,” Richard pat Amelia on the back as he exited the room.

    Amelia slowly sat down next to Link’s bedside. “Hi, gorgeous,” she said quietly. She gently ran her fingers through his hair and watched as he breathed.

    “All of this for some mashed potatoes and steak? Seems a bit dramatic if you ask me,” Amelia laughed. “I say we order takeout next time.”

    Amelia looked up at the clock that was emitting a dull ticking sound. “Meredith is watching Scout, so don’t worry,” she assured him.

    “Please, never do that again,” she whispered. “I thought you were going to die, Link.”

    She closed her eyes tightly as she felt a sharp pain shoot through her head. “I’ll let you get some rest,” Amelia said as she reopened her eyes.

    “I love you, Atticus Lincoln,” she kissed the top of his head then stood up. The room began to spin for a minute— so much so that she had to hold on to the chair for balance.

    “Woah,” she said quietly to herself. She grabbed her purse and jacket then left the room. Maggie and Richard were chatting just outside the door.

    “Hey,” Maggie smiled once she saw Amelia. “Hey,” Amelia replied.

    “You should go home, Amelia. Get some rest. We will keep a close eye on him,” Richard said.

    Amelia shook her head, biting her lip. “I’m gonna stay here. Meredith is watching Scout.”

    Richard sighed. “I’ll go grab a cot,” he said, knowing there was absolutely nothing that could change her mind. Amelia winced as another wave of pain shot through her head.

    “You sure you're okay?” Maggie asked, concern evident in her voice. “I’m fine. It’s just a little headache. It’s been a long day,” Amelia said. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”

    Maggie watched carefully as Amelia slowly made her way towards the bathroom. Once there, Amelia looked underneath each stall to make sure that the bathroom was empty. She looked at herself in the mirror, then grabbed a wet paper towel and dabbed off the dried up blood on her face.

    She was interrupted by a sudden lightheaded feeling. She closed her eyes for just a second, then reopened them. The dizziness was still there.

    Amelia sat down against the wall, closing her eyes once more as she tried to figure out what was happening. She realized she hadn’t eaten much that day, and her shaky hands confirmed that.

    You are fine, she thought to herself.

    She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. There was a small crack on it, but nothing more. She dialed the number and pressed call.

    “Hey,” Amelia said. Her voice was still quiet— almost a whisper.

    “Are you okay?” Addison instantly asked. Amelia rarely called, and each time she did, Addison feared it would be because she had relapsed.

    “I’m okay,” Amelia confirmed. Her voice cracked on that last word and she was certain Addison heard it.

    “What’s wrong?” Addison asked. Nothing got past her.

    “Link just had surgery. He passed out tonight and cracked his head open,” Amelia replied. She was now fully sobbing.

    “How is he now?” she asked. Addison knew not to say any of the other bullshit everyone else would say. She knew to get right to the point.

    “He’s stable,” Amelia replied.

    “How are you?” Addison asked, emphasising the ‘you’.

    “I’m okay,” Amelia repeated.

    “Amelia,” Addison said. She had known Amelia for longer than she could remember. She knew when she was lying and when she wasn’t.

    There was silence for a few seconds, then Amelia broke it with a shaky breath.

    “I’m scared,” she said, “Even though he’s okay now, I’m still scared. He was just making us dinner, Addie. He cut his hand while making us dinner, then he got so freaked out that he passed out and cracked his head open. If something as simple as making dinner can make him end up in a hospital bed, what else can?”

    Addison listened as Amelia took a few more shaky breaths.

    “He’s okay now. Say it again,” Addison said.

    “He’s okay now,” Amelia repeated.

    “He’s okay now. Don’t freak yourself out anymore than you already have, Amelia. Link is stable. He is okay. Take a deep breath,” she said.

    Amelia took a deep breath. “Thank you,” she whispered.

    “I love you. Call me once he’s home,” Addison said, knowing that Link would be fine and out of the hospital within the next couple of weeks.

    With that, Amelia put her phone back into her pocket and wiped her tears away. Addison was right. Link was okay, there was nothing else she had to worry about. He was stable.

    She slowly stood up and headed out of the bathroom. Maggie was still standing in the same spot as before, as if she was waiting to make sure Amelia was alright. Richard had also returned.

    Amelia gave a soft smile as she headed to them. Only a split second later, Amelia stopped in her tracks. The world began to spin again and this time, she had nothing to help her balance.

    Just in time, both Maggie and Richard ran towards Amelia, catching her as she collapsed into their arms.

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    I am writing a Tseng/Reno fic. Hoping it will be a one-shot but I can’t trust myself to say for certain lol. I want this fic to hurt. I hope I’m doing a decent job of it, since I generally enjoy angst. Here’s a small snippet. (essentially Reno and Tseng get sent on a mission together to go see why people have been disappearing in the Gongaga area, only to find bandits and way more than they anticipated. Tseng is injured so Reno grabs him and runs, they find themselves lost in the jungle with enemies too close. Before this mission Reno is offered a temporary position with the WRO to train some people to do Turk-like things for the organisation)

    A day passed them by and Reno returned to the bandit camp several times to keep an eye on them. They kept their own silence, Reno's eyes firmly averted as he busied himself trying to make their little hut a bit more homely. He gathered large leaves and fixed the hole in the roof, he added vines to cover their door way to allow them more privacy. He hunted, finding small rodents Tseng refused to eat unless truly desperate. It was a quiet sort of existence, time lost meaning. The hut was cool and shaded but somehow comfortable. Reno returned from collecting water in the afternoon, toting two full cannisters in his hands. He dropped them to the floor in the corner and then picked up the med kit. He stepped closer and lowered himself to his knees, eyes averted. “Time to change your bandages, yo.” Tseng nodded and straightened up, wincing. Reno shuffled closer on his knees, eyes on Tseng's chest as he picked at the bandage and started to unravel it. They were quiet, only the sounds of their breaths passing between them. Occasionally Reno's knuckles would brush Tseng's bare skin, sending a ripple of a shiver in it's wake.

    Reno's brows were drawn into a small frown, tongue pressed to his lower lip in concentration. Tseng found himself tracing Reno's features with his gaze, his sharp cheek bones, pale green eyes, the two vibrant red crescents on his cheeks. Everything about Reno was sharp, everything except his lips which were soft looking. Tseng watched as Reno's tongue dragged along his lower lip, he dug his teeth into it, frown contracting as a pale pink tinge filled his cheeks. “You're starin'.” Reno's voice cracked and he cleared his throat, glancing up and meeting Tseng's eyes briefly before looking away again.

    Tseng let his eyes drop to Reno's hands. Long fingers, almost delicate looking, plucked at the end of a fresh roll of bandages. Reno pulled it out and then pressed the end to Tseng's stomach. Tseng sucked in an unintentional breath, goosebumps erupting across his skin. Reno's fingers were cold, the leather of his gloves soft. Reno paused for a second and Tseng could feel his gaze, sharp and hard, like a blade. He tried but found it almost impossible to meet it. Reno let out a shaky breath and started to wind the bandage around Tseng's middle. He was close enough that Tseng could feel his breath against his face, he turned away, eyes on the crumbling wall of their sanctuary. Hair brushed his shoulder, and Reno paused. Tseng turned. Reno's eyes were low, he was frowning and biting on his lower lip hard enough to make it turn pink. Tseng wanted to use his thumb to smooth the wrinkles in his brow. His fingers twitched but he forced them not to move, ruthlessly squashing the urge as quickly as it came. Reno looked up, their eyes meeting again. He was close, too close and Tseng felt the air turn stale between them. Reno opened his mouth as if to speak but closed it again. Finally Reno tied off the bandage, as soon as he moved away Tseng felt the loss of his warmth keenly. He shivered a little. Reno lingered, all Tseng would have to do would be to reach out and touch him but he clenched his hands into fists and held himself still. Instead it was Reno who leaned closer again, hot breath brushing a few errant strands of hair from Tseng's face. He lifted a hand, let it hover just above Tseng's cheek. Their noses brushed and Reno closed his eyes, as if waiting for something. Tseng finally took a breath, lungs aching and he took hold of Reno's fingers in his own. He pulled them away and then released him. Reno got the message and backed off, the blood in his cheeks darkening as he took the med kit back to its corner. He paused, hands on his knees and head low. Tension formed between his shoulders and he finally spoke, “Was thinkin'...” He began hesitantly, “Maybe...if Reeve needs me I'll stay in Junon for a while.” He brushed dirt off his trousers, picking a leaf from the knee, “Maybe make it permanent, yo.” Tseng forced his expression to remain neutral as he leaned back against the wall, “Is that what you really want? After all this time as a Turk?” Reno sighed, a humourless smile tugging at his lips, “I don't. Not really but...this. Whatever it is that's goin' on between us...I can't take it anymore,” He took a deep breath, still refusing to meet Tseng's gaze. “I tried real hard to play along, to pretend that there's nothin' there but I can't do it no more.” “Reno-” “It's...fine. I'll get over it, I just...gotta have some space. Someone'll come for us soon an' then I won't bother you anymore.” Reno rose, knees clicking. He rubbed at his arm absently, “Maybe the sea air'll do me some good, Chief?” He looked back over his shoulder at Tseng, green-tinted light splashing his face. Tseng's mouth went dry. He wanted to stop him, the command was already on the tip of his tongue, he could taste the words. Reno turned away and pushed the vines out of the way as he ducked beneath them. Tseng watched him go and suddenly the hut felt much too small.

    #reno/tseng#my fanfiction #Reno Of The Turks #Tseng of the turks
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