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  • I’m gonna publish that tgs wizard of oz crossover au. And none of you can stop me! *maniacal laughter*

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  • A girl in my English Composition class gave a speech about fanfiction tonight and I cOULD NOT contain my excitement tO THE POINT THAT THE INSTRUCTOR ASKED ME IF I READ/WROTE FANFICTION and I had to admit in front of the entire class that yes, I read and write fanfiction.

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  • a road trip playlist for the heavens
    by derseroyalty

    Hitoshi’s game plan to drive home after a grueling semester is going to be exhausting and aggravating.

    When a certain blond jackass decides to hop in, he decrees that it’s going to get much worse.

    (or: the road trip fic where Shinsou and Kaminari realize how well they click together, and slowly start to fall in love.)

    Words: 4381, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Series: Part 3 of Big Bang Pieces

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27829741

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  • @foundfamilybingo Enemies/Rivals to Family, ft Garcia Flynn and Jessica Logan.

    Warning for canonical bereavement + anxiety.

    Also on AO3

    The trouble began when some government official decided this whole time travel thing needed more oversight then it was getting. Instead of, say, putting together a research team or telling more men with assault rifles to stand around, or even sending a couple people to co-parent with Christopher, they sent some kind of inspector, on two hours notice. Or at least, that’s how Flynn understands it, for all he knows, Christopher woke up one day and decided to abandon the two deplorables and a baby in the mountains on the other side of the country from home.

    To accommodate Jessica, he walks slowly, keeping a healthy distance. And he stays behind, watching. No matter what either of them have done, he cannot leave her here alone with a three mouth old. Not until they’ve thoroughly annoyed each other, at least.

    His coat pockets are weighted down with granola bars. She has a diaper bag slung over her shoulder. At first, he thought this would be fun. Fresh air and he doesn’t even have to worry about getting shot or saving history? it seemed like a lucky break. But all he can do is stare at that baby.

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  • I need some Severus Snape ‘crack treated seriously’ FanFiction recommendations pleaseee!

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  • Bishop Losa x Reader

    Request by @jmvalhalla1998​: Hi there! I guess this would be a request but is it possible to do a Bishop x Reader where her ex comes to town with them nothing talking to each other at all he doesn’t know she is with Bish so he tries to win her back causing Bish to get protective/territorial? You can make them engaged or have the reader pregnant if it makes it more interesting.

    Warnings: language

    Word Count: 2.1k

    A/N: This was oodles of fun to write. Who doesn’t love to see Bishop getting a little worked up and protective??

    Bish Taglist: @masterlistforimagines@sincerelyasomebody@sadeyesgf@thesandbeneathmytoes@tomhardydallasstarsgirl@multiyfandomgirl40@sillygoose6969@queenbeered@louisianalady@gemini0410


    Originally posted by mitchmarnii

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  • Hi. It’s me. I’m not dead. Still very much alive. Just starting to be kinda sorta really pregnant, and time just slips away from me these days.

    Here’s a ridiculously fluffy, but equally rough (it’s been awhile) kiss for you. I hope you enjoy, and I also hope to be updating my chapter fics sooner rather than later! <3 

    Kiss below the cut!

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  • Random Pandora’s Box Update

    Alright, I’ve actually updated the fanfic with a new chapter. So, yay!!!

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  • do I have 3 unfinished fics to work on? yes. did I just have another idea for a new fic that I’m probably going to write, ignoring my wips? also yes

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  • Pairings: Jay Halstead x Reader; Kelly Severide x Reader (Platonic)

    Warnings: Mentions of injury, Mentions of blood

    Summary: Mini Episode rewrite of Chicago Fire S03x19 where reader was in Med when the blast went off.

    A/N: First Chicago/Jay fic so I hope it’s okay~ Just something that popped in my head while I was rewatching so I just penned it down. Wrote it mainly from reader’s POV so only picked off parts where I felt would fit!


    (Y/N POV)

    I sipped my coffee at the table, dressed in Jay’s hoodie, which was my personal favourite, watching him pour his coffee.

    “I can feel you staring.” He chuckled, as another lady stuck her head into the kitchen.

    “Hey… Hi. Morning…” Jay glanced at her awkwardly.

    “Melanie.” She responded, stepping into the kitchen.

    “Jay. Will’s brother.” He responded, handing her the coffee cup.

    “It’s nice to meet you.” She responded with a smile, as I watched the exchange with amusement. She seemed to just realise my presence and gave a polite nod before shuffling out of the kitchen to meet Will in the living room.

    I raised my eyebrows at Jay who laughed and poured another cup of coffee for himself.

    “When do you have to be at work?” Jay asked his brother, a cheeky smile lingering on his face, as Will entered the kitchen.

    Will looked at his watch, “About five minutes ago?”

    Jay exchanged a look with me. “It’s your first day.” He commented to his brother, taking a sip of his coffee.

    “Uh, first and last, as it turns out.” Will replied, not looking up from the refrigerator.

    Jay froze. “You’re… joking?”

    Will shook his head. “No.”

    I checked my phone, vaguely registering the conversation Jay was having with his brother about him returning to New York. 

    “Just give it a couple of weeks.” Jay paused before adding, “At least.”

    Will turned to face Jay and shrugged. “I got to go.” Will turned to leave, adding, “Bye Y/N.”

    I waved, gulping down the last of my coffee as Jay turned back to me with a sigh. I smiled and he took the empty mug from my hands, running it under water in the sink.

    As I made to get up, my head gave a dull throb. Again. This stupid migraine hadn’t let up for at least a week. I closed my eyes and frowned, waiting for it to pass, pausing in my movement to get up from the table.

    “Y/N?” I could feel Jay hovering over me now.

    I cracked my eyes open, looking up at him. “I’m fine. It’s just that stupid migraine.”

    Jay’s expression softened. “Maybe you should get that looked at.” He suggested, gently stroking my hair.

    I nodded, “Yeah, maybe I’ll go to Med later.”

    “I gotta go. Text me, okay?” Jay said, planting a kiss on the top of my head.

    I smiled. “Be safe!” I called after him as he turned to give me a wink.

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  • Entry 62: Goron City

    We left after watching the sunrise.

    Yunobo was wierded out by how my skin became so wrinkly after being in the water for so long.

    While hiking I asked him if he ever wanted to travel since he’s never left Death Mountain. He said that he would like to but was afraid if something were to happen and he couldn’t get help, and that with Hyrule being such a big place he’d have no idea where to start. I told him about the places I had been. He said it was incredible how I could describe them so vividly.

    I asked him what he knew about Daruk. He didn’t know much more than me, mostly just the basics like he was a Champion and such.

    Soon we came across a drawn-up bridge. The Bridge of Eldin. The boss has it raised up so no one can get too close to where the Divine Beast Rudania resides. Yunobo had this big grin when he explained how we could use a near by cannon to get it down by having him use Daruk’s Protection as ammunition. Just as before, I used the Sheikah bombs to set off the cannon, and we got the bridge down in no time.

    As we made our way across the bridge Yunobo said that it’ll get dangerous so I’d better stay alert and on guard, if we get too close then Rudania will attack us.

    My heart got caught in my throat as Rudania stopped moving, and many small flying Guardians like the ones by Akkala Tower came charging from the beast and surrounded a large area around it, including the only path there was leading to the cannon. Yunobo told me that if those things spotted us, the mountain will erupt and Rudania will thrash about. He told me that as a seasoned traveler and warrior he’d trust my judgement when it came to dealing with them. But with how surprising loud lava can be we came up with the idea of using a signal system, specifically whistling.

    I know this is probably weird, but he just keeps reminding me more, and more of Friend… He even mentioned that whistling would be like calling a horse.

    We hid under rocks, or even climbed around them. Most often I’d destroy them by using the metal power of the Sheikah Slate and bash any metal I could find into the flying Guardians and blow them up. If I could get to a higher advantage point I’d blow them up with bombs or push boulders on top of them. The techniques Yunobo showed me for Goron wrestling were quite handy in that instance.

    When we reached a cannon, I shot Yunobo, sending him flying into Rudania, causing it to make that ear-splitting roar and scurry a little up the mountain. The higher we got the more Guardians there were and less and less places there were to hide, till there were none at all. After shooting Rudania with several different cannons it eventually made its way into the heart of the mountain. I immediately raced after it, with Yunobo asking where I thought I was going.

    Before I could leap in after Rudania, Yubono grabbed me and asked what in the world I was thinking. When I said I planned on boarding the Divine Beast he said that even I would get killed, it was too dangerous. When I said it was the only way to stop its rampage for good, he asked me why risk my life for that when we could just keep using him to drive it off. He said that he couldn’t let me throw away my life. I started to explain what should happen to Hyrule if Rudania wasn’t stopped for good, but he interrupted me, stating he knew all that, but… “Aren’t you scared? Link, if you die in there nobody will know! Nobody can help you! Please, don’t do this! This isn’t being brave or a hero, this, I don’t know, it’s something else!” But he also admitted that this was probably my big chance to gain control of it. His hands which were gripped on my shoulders quaked as he spoke. Before I could answer the ground shook beneath us. Before I knew it the footing under me had collapsed. Yubono immediately jumped in after me, clutching me close, and Daruk’s protection surrounded both of us as we plummeted.

    Yunobo panicked, realizing we were on the Divine Beast. The moment we entered the door behind us shut, and we were trapped in complete darkness. We held hands to not get separated. I used the fire rod I got long ago as a torch in the dark. I soon started hearing a voice which told me it was good to see me again, and he knew that I would come back, he pointed me towards where the guidance stone was, where I could get a map.

    That black/purple gunk was everywhere and we took extra care to not touch the stuff. We even had to do battle in the dark, small guardians would shoot at us without warning. Thankfully Yunobo was quick on his feet when it comes to using Daruk’s protection.

    When we found a terminal, we were able to gain control, and open the top so we could actually see. We even had to have Rudania crawl around, and flip to different sides to reach new terminals. Every time we reached one, I heard bombastic encouragement echo about in my mind.

    Very soon all that was left was the control module on Rudania’s back, outside, unlike the large room in Vah Ruta. Even with the Goron armor on, in the heart of the mountain this heat was sweltering, my vision blurred.

    Before placing the Sheikah Slate on the control panel I warned Yunobo that we were possibly about to get into a fight. He swiftly nodded. Then asked if I was alright. I was drenched in sweat, and my face red. I said that we had to finish this quick, then placed the slate on the panel.

    After I did so, black and purple mist exploded from the device and morphed into a thing that should only be conjured in a nightmare. It wielded a giant ax and fire. The voice told me this is what killed Daruk.

    I found difficulty in moving, and I could hardly see. Yunobo used himself as a shield for my sake. We managed to get some good damage on it before it flew high above us, setting it’s ax on fire, and surrounding it’s self in a ball of flame. It prepared an attack, somehow drawing lava and rocks to it, like a tornado. Yunobo threw himself at it, with Daruk’s protection active. When he made impact, it collapsed onto the ground. I threw my all into causing as much damage as I could. I even used Mipha’s Trident, and bombs. I used anything.

    It screamed this awful screech before splitting apart and dissipating into nothing. Once it was over I placed the slate back on the panel. I heard a voice behind me, saying I did great work. I turned to see Daruk, his arms wide open for a hug. He said that he couldn’t thank me enough, he was finally freed. He then apologized for falling, but at least Radunia was back under our control. And now our plan to defeat Calamity Gannon can go into effect again. He said that he’d now take Radunia down the mountain to get a better place to shoot the Calamity. Then he said

    He said that he was proud to call me Brother.

    Next thing I knew I was being carried in Yunobo’s hands. A sigh of relief escaped him as he saw me awaken. He said the moment I placed the slate on the panel again I collapsed. Then Radunia began to move on its own. It perched itself at the edge of the mountain’s top, and a red laser shot from it, pointing it directly at the blackened castle. Once it was perched Yunobo got off and immediately ran for town to get me to a doctor.

    Though he was a bit hesitant I told him I’d be fine as long as we rested in the hot springs for a while. When he saw how much better I looked only after a minute in the spring he stopped asking if I was sure I didn’t need a doctor. We didn’t stay for too long though.

    When we got to town we were revered as heroes. Everyone insisted on calling me ‘brother’. Though I’m not a Goron, they say I have the heart and bravery of one of them, so I’m their brother.

    As much as I would have liked to stay longer, I knew I couldn’t keep Friend here any longer. She deserves fresh food, but there was one thing I had to do before leaving. I was going to speak to Boss but then, not far in the distance I heard that marvelous voice and accordion. Kass was glad to see me. Now that Rudania had calmed he thought he should come here so he could write Daruk’s song. He told me of tales the Boss told him of Daruk’s strength and bravery. Kass chose to write his song showing a different side of that bold Goron. The song was of a time where he was brave fighting off monsters, but then an unexpected side and fear of his was shown. He was much more than the strong legend; he was a person with his own struggles.

    I listened to his songs till morning. At that time, I finally met with Boss and asked what he knew of Daruk. I already knew of all the legends he told me, so he then gave me Daruk’s diary. It was found recently. He was surprised to find Daruk even kept one.

    On the first page Daruk decided to call the diary a training journal instead. He often wrote about delicious food he had. He wrote about the build up to Calamity Gannon, and when the Divine Beasts were unburied. He wrote about how we first met. He saw me being attacked and was going to save me, but I saved myself. He said that he ‘couldn’t help but admire his Goron-like strength.’ As he was distracted by me, I saved him from being attacked which really impressed him. He also admired my appetite, I’d eat just about anything, I’d even tried his favorite rocks, I was apparently speechless. We even Goron wrestled often. He said he really liked me, ‘he’s the type of guy you can trust to have your back and also have a nice hearty meal with. Yeah! That settles it! From now on, Link is an official brother.’ My vision blurred after reading that. He often wrote about how proud he was of me. Even saying he wasn’t surprised at all that I was appointed as the princess’ guard. He thanked me for helping him learn how to control Radunia. In one of the last entries he wrote that I had told him I had opened up to the princess about my troubles, and how she said that we are the same.

    I reread entry 50… I was raised to be an amazing knight, but they couldn’t make me not a person. I was troubled by this even back then, almost. That word, almost. I said it was almost true. My need to protect people that Sidon pointed out to me. Something a part of me that I hadn’t noticed till then, did I know it a hundred years ago?

    First Page , Previous Page

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  • I’m so tired right now, I just don’t have the energy to explain to the person I was talking to why their comment made me so angry. So I’m gonna vent here, I guess. I was saying that I don’t want to have to tag everything under the sun in my fanfics because it might be a trigger to someone who might read it. Ignoring the fact that triggers seem to be used to the extreme nowadays, I was told that some people didn’t want to see their comfort characters be portrayed as the bad guys in fic. Fair enough, I suppose. Here’s where I get angry:

    The person I spoke to said I have an obligation as a writer to make sure that my readers don’t get triggered. That I have to tag everything that could be a trigger, even a main character who’s usually a protagonist being an antagonist, even if I tag for the other “standard” triggers along the way that may apply. (In this case: abuse, manipulation, possibly some non-consensual kissing, but nothing risque that requires an archive warning.)

    I thought that where we were talking, Curate Your Own Content was king. I thought you were supposed to hit the back button if you saw something you didn’t like. So many things don’t have trigger warnings: books, movies, most popular media. They have content warnings for some things, but not for every time a character grabs a bite of food from a food truck on their trip to the city. But no, apparently that only applies when you’ve tagged everything from food to frogs and covered your ass so thoroughly that solid asphalt couldn’t make a dent.

    I’m just…so angry. I shouldn’t have to tag all that if I don’t want to. No one dies in my story. No one gets assaulted. There’s no graphic depictions of violence or underage. So why the heck am I being told I have to warn for everything else?

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  • Just wanted to share this thought, maybe encourage others to do the same.

    I feel like in 2020, I’ve seen more posts here about FFN’s various failings, errors, possible hacking than ever before. I wouldn’t have found out about these any other way, as I almost never touch FFN anymore. It was my go-to place from 2005 to 2017 or so…then in 2017 I started using AO3, yes, rather resentfully because I wanted to hang on to my precious dinosaur FFN…and now AO3 is what I use 95% of the time and I barely touch FFN. I sure changed my tune.

    Anyway, the many hiccups FFN has had this year makes me worried for my stories on there. Literally 15+ years of my life’s work on this website that is metaphorically on hospice or palliative care only lol. Most of those stories ONLY exist there; I do not have the original Word docs I wrote them on saved anywhere. I’m getting really nervous about FFN just up and dying one day and my dozens of fics from days gone by, cringy or not, being wiped out. So I think I should start backing things up.

    (I pondered somehow “backing up” the reviews, too, in the form of screenshots or something but ohhh my godddd what an endeavor that would be)

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  • You’re telling me if I want to see my longfic idea realised… I actually have to write it???

    See bottom of post for discussion questions.

    I’ve been writing since 2015 and have written nothing but oneshots. Most of these oneshots are between 5k and 8k words. These numbers are impressive to no one except for myself, but I’m still a little proud because I write at approximately the speed at which glaciers move.

    Every year since 2015, I have made it my New Year’s Resolution to write a novel-length fic. I have yet to succeed, my longest work clocking in at somewhere around 30k words. There are various reasons: I didn’t plan enough, I simply didn’t have enough plot, I lost interest, or got bored/tired. Writing something novel length took so much out of me. I lacked the stamina and discipline for it. It literally felt like trying to run a marathon when I haven’t even managed a five kilometre run.

    This year, I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time–and won! Kind of. I wrote two different stories, neither of which I finished. But anyway, NaNoWriMo gave birth to a longfic that I’m currently working on now. I’m 40k words in, and I expect it will take another 20k-30k words to wrap it up.

    I’m finding the process really freaking hard and exhausting.

    I haven’t outlined anything, although I have a vague idea of where I want to fic to go. I don’t write in order; I jump around and write the scenes I’m most excited about first. This makes it impossible to publish as I go, and I’m struggling with the lack of reader interaction. I don’t think I would want to publish as I go, anyway. I know I would struggle to stick to an update schedule. In addition, I’m writing for a rather inactive fandom and a niche topic, so I feel like literally no one will care about my story. I’m worried that if I post as I go, the lack of comments would cause me to lose my motivation.

    Writing a oneshot is a completely different experience from writing something novel-length. There are so many things to keep track of, and so many places where things can go wrong. I haven’t dared to go back and read anything I’ve written; I’m afraid that if I do, I’ll lose all of my confidence and trash the entire thing.

    Getting to the end isn’t even really the end. I still have to edit. I hate editing my oneshots. I imagine that editting a longfic will be exponentially harder.

    It’s one hell of a challenge and there’s been a lot of emotional ups and downs, but I feel like I’m learning so much by working on a longer piece. This is my first time writing something with more than three characters! Isn’t that kind of funny? I didn’t realise it would be so hard…

    Longfic writers: Does it get easier to write longfics the more you do it? Do you build up a stamina for writing, or something? One of my favourite parts of fanfiction is sharing; if you wait until you have finished writing the entire fic before posting, how do you cope with the lack of feedback during the process?

    Anyone else writing a longfic for the first time? How’s that going for you?

    Please share any thoughts, tips, or your own progress with the fics you’re working on. I’d really like to hear about the kind of things you struggle with. There’s nothing quite like communal suffering, right?

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  • i’ve never read a fanfiction that’s actually convinced me that the author knows what being drunk is like

    #all i do is talk about fanfiction now and i’m okay with that #fanfiction#ao3#fanfic#wattpad#recklesssoph #archive of our own
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  • suspected
    by protosnake

    The question was simple really. All he had to do was answer either yes or no.

    Yet, Midoriya can’t even will himself to answer. The word was caught in his throat, choking him. It doesn’t help that the space they’re in, an isolated, gray painted room with a metal table with four chairs, make Midoriya even more suffocated.

    Midoriya,” His teacher, Aizawa, says his name again. The tone is far colder than usual, making Midoriya want to shrivel up in his own skin. “Are you the traitor?”

    Words: 1512, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27829753

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  • Next chapter of my fic Of Missing Brothers and Vengeance is up and you can read it here. Hope y’all enjoy!

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  • I Just Need to Hold You

    Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

    Summary: Y/N and Reid are dating. He comes home after a difficult case and Y/N knows something is wrong.

    Word Count: 1k

    Warnings: Brief mention of how unsub chooses the victims, but nothing else mentioned.

    You were laying in bed, not able to sleep. Your long-term boyfriend, Spencer, was in New York, working a case. You had only talked to Spencer once during this case. He had told you that it was not looking good.

    You hadn’t talked to him since. The team thought they would be gone for four or five days. It had now been two weeks and you had heard no word from Spencer or anyone else on the team.

    Normally, if a case was taking longer than expected, Garcia or JJ would have called to let you know. But you had heard absolutely nothing.

    You always had trouble sleeping when Spencer wasn’t home, and this had been the longest he’d been away. When Spencer was around, he made you feel safe and protected and you could fall asleep instantly. But now, you found yourself rolling around sleeplessly most nights.

    You heard the front door unlock and slowly heard it open. You glanced over at the clock and it said the time was two in the morning. You heard the floorboards slowly creaking.

    It was most likely Spencer, trying not to wake you. Then, he walked into your guys’ room. His bag slid right off his shoulder and fell onto the floor. It was pitch black, but you could tell Spencer was exhausted.

    “Spence…are you okay?” You asked him, concerned. You propped yourself up on your arm, hoping to get a better look at him. Maybe then you could read his facial expression.

    Without saying a word, Spencer kicked his shoes off and crawled into the bed with you. “You’re worrying me, are you okay?” You asked him again, wanting to make sure he wasn’t hurt.

    “Really bad case” he said, quietly. That was all you needed to hear, you knew exactly what was happening. Spencer had come home from a few bad cases before, but this was the worst he’d ever been.

    “Oh, Spencer. I am so sorry, you can’t blame yourself for whatever happened. You know that, right?” You told him, trying to reassure him. “No, I know. Sometimes you can’t save everyone. I just need to hold you” he whispered.

    He wrapped his arm around your back and pulled you in close to him. You laid your head on his chest, and he held you tightly. You knew that whenever he did this, it usually meant the team had lost somebody. If there was ever a person they couldn’t save, you figured the thought of losing you worried Spencer.

    Spencer turned his head towards you and planted a kiss on your temple. “Love you so much” he said, his voice barely above a whisper. “I love you too Spencer” you reassured him.

    You heard your phone buzz on your nightstand, but you had a boyfriend that needed all of your love and attention right now. You both laid like that for a while, every now and then Spencer would give you a kiss or tell you how much he loved you.

    “Do you…want to talk about it?” You asked Spencer, treading lightly.

    “Our unsub was choosing the girlfriends of men he didn’t like as his victims. There was a girl named Katie, and we couldn’t save her. I had to tell her boyfriend that she didn’t make it, I could see all the hope drain out of his eyes. I wanted to be able to say something that would make it all better, but I couldn’t. And I tried to put myself in his shoes and I can’t even fathom the idea of losing you” Spencer explained, hugging you tighter.

    “Oh come here, I am so sorry that happened” you said, sincerely. You put your arms around his neck and pulled him towards you. He put his arms around your waist and then buried his face in the crook of your neck.

    You ran your fingers through his hair, knowing that it often was able to calm him down. You could feel his body start to shake, just a little at first and then gradually he starting shaking more.

    You realized that he was silently crying. “Shh it’s okay, I promise you” you said, holding him tight.

    It broke your heart to watch the effect certain cases had on him. There were the good times when Spencer would come home and be all smiles because the case had ended perfectly. But there was also the times when Spencer would come home and not talk for a few days because a case had ended so badly.

    You were always there for him though. He knew he could always rely on you, no matter what he was going through.

    Spencer pulled away after a few minutes. “Oh, I’m sorry” he said, wiping a few tears away. “You never have to apologize, you know that right? You have one of the hardest jobs in the world and you handle it with such grace. And you stop really bad people and you make sure they can’t hurt anyone anymore. That’s a really good thing, Spencer. Even if you didn’t save everyone, there’s still one less bad guy on the streets” you told him, honestly.

    “Thank you, I really needed that” Spencer said, quietly. “Of course, anytime” you told him, giving him a soft smile even though he couldn’t see it in the dark.

    Then, Spencer cuddled into your side and you could tell he was trying to fall asleep. You stroked his hair a few times and then reached over to grab your phone that had buzzed a few minutes ago.

    You saw a text from JJ, it said:

    Hey Y/N, we just got home from the case. It didn’t end well. Everyone’s taking it really hard, but Spence is taking it the worst. Let him know it’s not his fault, if you can

    You smiled to yourself, you knew that Spencer would always be supported by you and all of his friends. It was a great feeling to know even if it didn’t come from you, Spencer would always have someone watching out for him when he needed it.

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