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  • A long anticipated wedding with some special guests to add to the special night for the happy couple.



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  • SU: Replacement

    Just a silly little Steven Universe Fanfiction I wrote that I thought I’d share for fun. I haven’t written fanfics for a while so bear with me. (also the formatting fucked up when I tried to paste it for some reason smh)

    SU: Replacement

    Spinel begins to see a pattern with her new family.

    She was wearing her attire. It made her skin crawl and shuffle her feet uncomfortably. She wanted nothing more than to take them off and wonder around in her own attire. But she didn’t. She wanted the other diamonds to love her, even if it meant being constricted in her former friend’s old attire.

    She was too scared to go to Steven about this since she’d been warned of his recent outbursts, turning him pink and enraged at any point of anger against his mother. She wouldn’t be able to handle that now.

    She grit her teeth and sighed; ignoring the lingering dread from wearing Pink’s outfit.

    “Oh hello there starling!” White Diamond smiled down at the pigtailed gem fondly, picking her up in her gigantic hands. “Heya… did ya need somethin’?” Spinel asked with an innocent smile. “Only you, dear!” She replied taking her over to see the other diamonds. Spinel still felt insignificant in the shadows of the looming loving giants she calls family. Who wouldn’t? Most of their reign was fueled by revenge, power hunger and emotional trauma. There’s no doubt why they would still strike fear into the small gem. Even pink could be scary. She used to throw tantrums and at one point damaged the old Pearl Spinel had become good friends with over a few months. Hearing the story made her livid at Pink almost as bad as the first time she was betrayed. Snapping from her thoughts she stared at Blue and Yellow who looked at her expectantly. “Yes my diamonds?” She asked with a smile.

    “Spinel! If it isn’t too much trouble… can you do the thing?” Yellow asked with a growing smirk.

    Spinel piped up and cleared her throat. “Whatcha call it after Yellow has finished in the extraction chamber?” Hearing this, Blue piped up giddy. “Oooh Ooh don’t tell me!” Yellow curiously waited and white stood with a smile. Spinel flipped herself around to do a headstand. “Yellow DRY-mond” she cracked the joke and instantly the room filled with hysterical laughter from all three diamonds. Yellow laughed so hard she nearly fell on her back.

    “OHohoh- Ohh my goodness! Aha-haha! That’s perfect! AahaOHOHOH! I get it! Haha” Yellow wheezed.

    Blue chuckled at her reaction as well as the joke and White laughed quietly in the background.

    “Oh I’ve not laughed this hard since Pink told us those silly Diamond based puns!” Yellow commented, still wheezing.

    “Yes! I do agree, Pink was always perfect with humor!” White added

    “She was always so silly!” Blue mentioned.

    Spinel’s gem felt like it had broken in two. It was all crashing down faster than she could tell. Their laughter was now just background ambience in a ear piercing state of mind.

    “Spinel!” Yellow chimed finally getting over her laughing fit.

    Spinel looked up, snapping away from her thoughts. “Huh?”

    “Please tell us another!” Yellow asked with an amused grin.

    “Yes do go on, Pi- I mean Spinel.” White replied.

    Another crack in her gem. She started feeling a pulsating sensation of rage build up into her. Angry tears threatened to come out, but she held them back.

    “I-Uhh O-okay! Okay! Ehem!… Knock knock!”

    “Who’s there?”

    The diamonds had learnt about knock knock jokes from Earth culture making it’s way to Homeworld.

    “A broken sword!” Spinel started. “A broken sword who?” Blue asked as Yellow was already trying to hold back a chuckle. “Nothin’ it’s pointless” Spinel said with a goofy pose. The room went silent and then laughter echoed around once again. This time yellow didn’t have the strength to hold herself up as the giant fell to the floor with a loud “THUD” This made Blue and white burst into hysterical laughter. Yellow continued to wheeze, even Spinel started chuckling. It was contagious despite the low effort of puns being told. It was easy to amuse galactic tyrants who hadn’t heard humor for thousands of years.

    Things began to look better. Spinel started genuinely enjoying herself.

    “She’s definitely Pink’s gem”

    “Oh absolutely! Just amusing!”

    “Pink was Exaclty this way too!”

    Then it finally hit the poor gem. She was nothing but a replacement for the one they lost. They didn’t think of her as anything but a clown. A jester. An amusement for their own selfish desires and even worse; A replacement for the one who had hurt her the most. The raging feeling she’d held back finally came out. “STOP IT!” Spinel yelled in frustration. The diamonds stopped and turned to her with worried faces. “Spinel?! What’s gotten into you?” Yellow asked now frowning from the rudeness of the sudden outburst. “All you three ever talk about is HER! It’s always been about her and it’ll always BE about her!”

    White, blue and yellow looked at eachother with furrowed brows and then back at her.

    “What are you talking about dear?” Blue asked soflty. “PINK DIAMOND!” She screamed. Now the room was deathly silent as the somewhat accusing glares of White and Yellow loomed over her. “You ALWAYS talk about her!” “

    What?” White chimed in confused. “That’s not true. We talk about you too Pi- I mean Spinel.” Her face fell as she realized her audible mistake. Spinel was silent as she starred up, teary eyed.

    “Spinel-“ Blue was cut off by the sounds of crying and Spinel running from the room in tears.

    “Wait!” Spinel! Starling?”

    Spinel ignored the voices and ran to her room. She frowned enraged staring at the pink decor around the room. Nothing had changed it seemed; nothing had been different. It all felt like she was nothing but a replacement for Pink Diamond. There was a pink mirror, a pink bed from when Steven was last there, pink drawers and many other pink colored human-like materials. Stretching her arms out, she wrapped herself up and curled into a ball on the bed. Tears flood the floor below her as the pebbles came out to their rubberhose friend and wanted to check to see if she was okay. “What’s going on?” One said. “I dunno but spinel looks like she’s been hurt.” Another replied. “Hey Spinel?” One of the pebbles in a small bow popped up to try and catch a glimpse of her face. “G-go away…” she uttered, hiding away. “Please Spinel, we’re here to help ya!” The first pebble said with a smile. Spinel growled. “I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!” She yelled, scaring the pebbles away. She soon recovered from her outburst and only noticed she scared off her little friends. “W-wait no! I’m sorry! I…” The pebbles were no were to be seen now. Spinel in regret flopped down from her ball position and into a flat pose, her limbs like noodles, head faced down in a puddle of tears. “Why do I drive everyone I love away?…” she sat up looking at herself and at her gloved hands. The pebbles began to slowly emerge in sympathy until the door opened up forcing them to hide in fear again. Spinel flinched and turned around startled, tears still flowing freely down her cheeks.

    “Spinel?…” Blue Diamond entered the room. Panicking, Spinel slid under the bed. Hiding away.

    “Spinel… sweety. Please come out! We love you!”

    Blue tried in desperation but to no avail.

    Spinel stayed hidden under the bed, waiting for blue to give up on her. Blue stayed in the room waiting for Spinel to calm down. “I’m so sorry…”

    spinel’s eyes widened. She wasn’t expecting to hear that.

    “Huh?…” She sniffled sliding out from the bed again.

    “Yellow and White want to appoligize too.” Blue said delicately petting Spinel’s hair. “Please… come out…” she begged. Spinel started to feel guilty that she had made them so worried. Hesitantly, she jumped onto Blues hand.

    Yellow sat looking guilty into space. White strut around the room anxiously. “Spinel?!” They said simultaneously, seeing her in Blue’s hand.

    “Spinel! Oh stars I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to call you Pink!” White panicked.

    “I’m sorry too… I was selfish and idiotic for treating you like you weren’t your own gem.” Yellow appoligized sincerly.

    Spinel felt bad for making them so upset… but at the same time she felt better knowing that they truly did care for her and wanted to change. “I’m sorry for yellin’ like that…” Spinel appoligized rubbing her arm self-consciously.

    “No! Don’t be sorry! You’ve done nothing wrong! You were just angry and- and we didn’t listen!” White said facepalming at herself. “We’re sorry Spinel.” White said calming down. The room was silent once again with Spinel looking away shyly.

    “Isn’t that mildly uncomfortable?” Yellow grimaced pointing to the outfit Spinel wore.

    “Come to think of it, that really doesn’t suit you all that well.” White added

    “Yes, it’s quite old fashioned.” Blue said with a wink as they all smiled compassionately.

    Spinel smiled taking the hint. She swiftly tore off Pink’s attire and bounced around as herself again.

    “That’s much better!”

    “Yes a much better look on you, Starling”

    “I agree!”

    Spinel jumped up into their arms as they each embraced in a nice warm hug. They missed Pink, but they had something new and something wonderful and she was her own gem.

    She was never going to be a replacement again!

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  • Does anyone else get so immersed in a fanfic that you almost completely dissociate from your actual real life?? Like today I got up and was genuinely confused for a couple minutes that I wasn’t in fact Kylo Ren’s personal medic in the First Order and in reality I had an 11:30 political leadership lecture at uni. My disappointment cannot be overstated.

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  • #b99's jake is just a happier and luckier chase who uses his common sense more #chase devineaux #cs chase devineaux #cs 2019#cs #carmen sandeigo 2019 #carmen sandiego #where in the world is carmen sandiego #devineaux#inspector devineaux#netflix#disfordevineaux#agent devineaux#agent argent#julia argent#Fanfiction#ao3
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  • Rick “We can’t start a war now that everything is fine.”

    Michonne “It’s the only option to get rid of them.”

    Rick said nothing he just got up from the chair and walked out of the room.

    Michonne “Rick, wait!”

    Michonne went after Rick.

    Michonne “I know it’s not a good idea to start a new war now, but we have to if there is no other option.”

    Rick “There are always options.”

    Michonne “Like what?”

    Rick “We could make a deal with them.”

    Michonne “What kind of contract?”

    Rick “We’ll stay out of their area.”

    Michonne “You know half of us will be against that idea.”

    Rick said nothing.

    Michonne “We almost lost Judy and Carol.”

    Rick still said nothing.

    Michonne “Do you even listen to what I say to you?”

    Rick didn’t answer, he just started walking away.

    Michonne “Hey, you can’t just walk away.”

    But Rick had already disappeared.

    Michonne “Shit.”

    Eugene “Are you okay?”

    Michonne turned to look at Eugene.

    Michonne “Yeah, at least I think so.”

    Eugene “Rick walked away, I noticed.”

    Michonne “He didn’t want to listen to me.”

    Eugene “So Rick doesn’t want to start a war against the Dead Inside community, does he?”

    Michonne “No.”

    Eugene “I don’t blame him.”

    Michonne “Because of that damn community, we almost lost Carol and Judy.”

    Eugene “War is not the only answer always.”

    In the meantime, on the other hand.

    Dante “Well, what did Rick say?”

    Artemis “He’s thinking about it.”

    Lucy “But he was against war, wasn’t he?”

    Artemis “Yeah, he was.”

    Gemma “I told you Rick would say no.”

    Bella “If Rick is against the war, then who the hell will help us?”

    Artemis “How the hell would I know that!”

    Bryan “Maybe the Lions community would help us?”

    Victoria “Lions community? I’ve never heard of them.”

    James “Neither do I.”

    Annabella “How the hell do you know them?”

    Bryan “My sister is the leader of its community.”

    Barbara “Well, where the hell do we find them?”

    Bryan “Their camp is in the south.”

    Artemis “Well, we’re going south.”

    Danta “Now?”

    Artemis “Yes now. Go pack your backpacks and get your weapons.”

    Everyone went to pack their backpacks and get some weapons.

    Barbara “Are there any men in that community?”

    Bryan “No, it’s mostly full of women.”

    Barbara “Interesting. I’ve never heard of a community that is just full of women.”

    Bryan “Well, now you are.”

    Artemis “Let’s go. We want to get there before it’s dark.”

    Then they went for a walk towards the south.

    Victoria “Are they nice?”

    Bryan “Usually they are.”

    Annabella “Do you think they agree to help us?”

    Bryan “I’m quite sure.”

    They approached the trails and Lucy noticed the sign.

    Lucy “Hey, there’s a sign!”

    Jason “We’re probably close.”

    Dante “Absolutely.”

    Bella “I’m going to read what it says on that sign.”

    Artemis “Okay.”

    Bella walked over to the sign.

    Bella “We are the Lions, we are the chosen. We are going to shine out the dark. We are the movement, this generation. You better know who we are.”

    Bella walked back to the others.

    Liam “Well, what did it say?”

    Bella “We are the Lions, we are the chosen. We are going to shine out the dark. We are the movement, this generation. You better know who we are.”

    Victoria “So we’re close, right?”

    Bryan “Yeah, let’s move on.”

    They walked forward.

    Barbara “I hope they don’t kill us.”

    Bryan “Hardly they will kill. My sister is their leader.”

    Finally, they had arrived at the gate and the other side there were the Lions Community Camp.

    Lucy “Should we knock?”

    Dante “Probably.”

    Bryan “I’ll do it.”

    Then Bryan knocked on the gate.

    Bryan “Is there anybody there? Let us inside!”

    On the other side of the gate.

    Betty “Did you hear that?”

    Mia “Yeah, I heard.”

    Bella “Who the hell could it be?”

    Isabella “Let’s ask them.”

    Charlotte shouted to them, “Who the hell are you?”

    Bryan “It’s us Whisperers!”

    Elena “What the hell are the Whisperers doing here?”

    Charlotte shouted again to them, “What are you doing here?”

    Bryan “I want to come talk to my sister!”

    Stella “Was that Bryan?”

    Kaylee “Yeah, it was.”

    Deliah “When Has He Become A Whisperer?”

    Mia “I don’t know. Should we let them in here?”

    That’s when Bryanna Bryan’s sister came to the gate.

    Bryanna “Open the gate for them.”

    Betty “Okay, boss.”

    Betty opened the gate.

    Dante “Fuck finally.”

    Bryan “Hey, sister.”

    Bryanna “Hey, brother. What are you doing here?”

    Artemis “We need your help.”

    Bryanna “Come in first.”

    They went inside the camp, then Belle closed the gate.

    Bryanna “No one will come here rarely, so I’m quite surprised.”

    Gemma “We have a good reason to come here.”

    Isabella “And what is it?”

    Annabella “The Dead Inside community wants to go to war with us and Survivors don’t want to help us.”

    Kaylee “You mean the community run by Rick Grimes?”

    Victoria “That’s them.”

    Deliah “I thought they no longer existed.”

    James “They’re pretty much still there.”

    Elena “The Dead Inside community is a pain in our ass too.”

    to be continued…..

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  • image


    Name: Ellaria Jade Trevelyan

    Nickname(s): Cricket

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Place of birth: Ostwick, Free Marches

    Spoken languages: Common tongue

    Sexual orientation: I holds the belief that you fall in love with a soul above all else. I don’t really know what that makes me.

    All Occupations: As a mage, I was prohibited from seeking employment other than the responsibilities that were given to me at the Circle. Given my lack of control, I was only assigned non-magical tasks such as custodial work, kitchen duty, and–my favorite–tending to the library. After my…’release’ from the Circle, I found myself in a leadership role with the Inquisition. It was a major adjustment.


    Eye colour: Green

    Hair colour: Sandy brown

    Height: 5′8″

    Scars: Several deep scars across my back from the fifteen lashes I received my first week in the Gallows.

    Burns: One on the inside of my forearm. It’s not a happy memory, but it’s a reminder of my own strength and what I can overcome.

    Overweight: No.

    Underweight: Not anymore.


    Colour: Green

    Music genre: I really enjoy anything played on a hurdygurdy. I love to dance, something I never got to experience before coming to the Inquisition. And there’s nothing like dancing to the music of the hurdygurdy.

    Food: I love Ferelden soda bread. There’s nothing like a chunk of the delicious cinnamon raisin bread with hot tea in the morning to warm up your bones and get you ready for a day of travel through the chilly Frostbacks.

    Drink: Lavender tea with a touch of honey.

    Book: The Tale of the Champion. I know I should probably like something with a little more…substance (sorry Varric!) like one of my books for my lectures, but I was on the edge of my seat after Hawke stormed away from Fenris when he said that horrible thing about magic spoiling everything it touches. Their romance is something so special. I might die if I ever met them in person. 


    Passed University: Uh, half? I mean, I was eventually Harrowed, so I guess that’s as close as a mage gets to formal education.

    Had sex: Yes.

    Had sex in public: *visibly uncomfortable, looks at the burn on her arm* Yeah, I guess. It wasn’t my preference.

    Gotten pregnant (themself or a partner): No. Thank the Maker.

    Kissed a boy: Yes.

    Kissed a girl: No.

    Gotten tattoos: No.

    Gotten piercings: Yes *laughs to self* My friend Lily insisted. She stole a needle from Maker knows where and pierced my ears herself. 

    Had a broken heart: I’d venture that every person born a mage has had their heart broken in some way or other.

    Been in love: Yes.

    Stayed up for more than 24 hours: Yes. I ran away from Ostwick four times. Each time required careful observation of current guard rotation and traveling as fast and as long as possible. 


    A virgin: No.

    A cuddler: Not really.

    A kisser: Yes, although on my on terms.

    Scared easily: I certainly startle easily. After all, that’s why Varric calls me Cricket. Everytime he enters the room I jump. But I don’t think I’m truly scared easily.

    Jealous easily: *blushes* Yes.

    Trustworthy: I will keep your secret, but I will also tell it like it is. I’d prefer if our secrets didn’t require me to lie, unless it’s to a Templar. In which case, they brought it on themselves.

    Dominant: Almost always. Especially now that I’m out of the Circle it’s a knee jerk reaction, almost a stubborn refusal to ever submit again.

    Submissive: Only if the alternative is severe punishment or death; I will always stand up for what I believe.

    In love: Maybe? I think so? How would I know?

    Single: As far as I know? But…I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about it.


    Have they harmed themselves: No, I haven’t. I wouldn’t.

    Thought of suicide: Yes. It’s…common in the Circle.

    Attempted suicide: No.

    Wanted to kill someone: *Glares, then expression becomes crestfallen* I have.

    Ridden a horse: Yes.

    Have/had a job: I’m the Inquisitor. I guess that’s a job. 

    Have any fears: I’m terrified of being held captive again. And Templars. For the same reason.


    Sibling(s):  None. Thankfully. I wouldn’t want to subject another human being to what I went through.

    Parents: My father is Bann Reginald Trevelyan and my biological mother was some traveling “strumpet”–his words, not mine–named Faye. It’s very likely she had magic because the last Trevelyan to wield magic was my great, great, great grandfather.

    Children:  Thankfully, no.

    Pets: I’m rather fond of Cullen’s horse Virtue, but recently while camping in the Emerald Graves I woke to find a fox pup digging through my rucksack in search of food. I gave her a biscuit and she gobbled it right up in a flurry of crumbs. Once it was gone, she curled up in my lap and fell asleep. That sweet little vixen, since called Biscuit, has hardly left my side since. 

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  • TWs for ch22:  a lot of slapping™, swearing, teenage pregnancy, mentions of eating disorders, mentions of binge drinking/drugs, smoking, crying (duh), mentions of self-harm/abuse, references to casual sex.


    #dirty laundry (ph x vnc) #ph#vnc#pandora hearts #pandora hearts fanfiction #vanitas no carte #vanitas no carte fanficiton #case study of vanitas #fanfiction#my work #tw self harm #tw eating disorders #tw unplanned pregnancy
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  • Today on weird shit I googled for writing purposes:

    Downloading an entire ski lift operator manual to understand lift operations protocol all for two sentences worth of writing in a fanfic…

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  • #sailor moon fanfiction #neo-queen serenity#prince demando#king endymion #neo-queen serenity/prince demando #neo-queen serenity/king endymion #fanfiction#sailor moon#One Kiss#heavenly pearl
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  • Me when reading: I dont want plot, I want fluff and happiness

    Me when writing: I need a plot. Plot come to my brain. A story is not good without a plot

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  • Home Is Where the Spark Is (series)
    by JustJim & Useless-girl

    Home, Sweet Home

    Fandoms: Teen Wolf, Sterek

    Characters/relationships: Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale, Sheriff Noah Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Melissa McCall, Alan Deaton, Scott McCall, other TW characters, original characters

    Rating/category: R (explicit), supernatural AU, post-Teen Wolf, canon and non-canon elements, slash, M/M, Sterek, aged up characters, established friendship, Spark Stiles, Magic Stiles, Emissary Stiles, Emissary in training Stiles, detective Stiles, matured Stiles, Alpha Derek, switch Derek, switch Stiles, occasional light BDSM and Dom/sub relationship, drama, epic romance, love, hurt/comfort, angst, dark, violence, fighting, magic, blood, gore, rough sex, heat cycle, dubious consent, accidental biting, PTSD, panic attacks, insanity, fluff, smut, knotting, soulmates, Mate bond, Emissary bond, Derek has a daughter, domestic life, werewolves, demons, witches, witchcraft, druids, rituals, pack building, supernatural creatures, humor, wit, sarcasm, Derek is Derek, Stiles is Stiles, miscommunication, werewolf lore, mysteries

    Summary: A few years after defeating Gerard with the McCall pack (which had mostly scattered with time), Stiles had decided to settle in San Francisco as a successful detective. But a much needed visit to his dad back in Beacon Hills and an unexpected guest in the house changes everything in the two weeks he stays at home on their couch.


    To read the story on AO3, please, click HERE!

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  • Chapter 12- Over Before It Began

    Summary: Mikumo knows he’s ready. But his mind is less on UA and more on his favorite hero in training.


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  • hiyo friends
    I have been gloomy lately :( 
    You got any fic recs? I could use some fluffy stuff? Thanks!

    hit me with the reylo fluff, sasuhina fluff, kacchako fluff

    i need more serotonin in my life right now :(

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