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    30.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    so I am writing this mha fanfic and usually me and my brother take turns with the laptop. so was using the laptop for like a week when my brother took it again and it was with him for 5 weeks.

    so the fanfic lmao... all my inspirations and ideas for it just went down the drain, never to be seen again. i thought that i'd try writing a little bit for it today since I'm currently on S3 on the "The Test" episode (I'm following each episode as closely as I could) but there's just nothing. i don't want to try writing trial and error today. i have a very general idea where my OC finishes the test either she's first in class or comes second to Todoroki but i'm really thinking hard about her opponents, what will she do, how she'll react, will it be a challenge for her, do I make it seem like she's a hidden genius who one-strikes her opponents?


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  • xxunderlandxx
    30.07.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Blood & Winter Roses | ASOIAF

    Ned Stark will always be haunted by his promise.

    Author: xxunderlandxx

    Rating: K+

    Pairings: n/a

    Status: Completed

    Word Count: 638

    Notes: I know the whole "Promise me, Ned" theme is done to death, but here is a little dream-sequence excerpt from an old fanfic I have no intention of finishing... or publishing. But I figured this would do nicely as a stand-alone piece.

    Ned awoke to candlelight and song, down within the damp crypts of Winterfell. So close to home, his heart was hammering in his chest, it felt so comforting... as if he could feel a tender hand upon his cheek.

    “Ned?” a soft voice called, and the hand gently turned his head upward, and he could smell the scent of blood and winter roses. “Ned?” the voice called again, grey eyes staring down at him. He never thought he would see those eyes again. “Ned.” She smiled and Ned wanted to weep for the fool he had been.

    “Lyanna.” He breathed and she pulled him close. After all this time, they were finally together again. Just as they were meant to be. “I’ve missed you, little sister.”

    “I’ve missed you too.” She agreed but slowly pulled away from their embrace and everything seemed to grow cold and sad. “Oh, Ned.”

    “Lyanna?” A gust of winter wind blew through the tunnel, the candles flickering desperately in it’s wake. “Is something wrong?” He asked, looking back at his sister, her hand still playing with his hair… She use to do that as a young girl, when they had both been far too innocent for this world.

    “Why did you break your promise?” She asked so sweetly, Ned could only blink at her in surprise. “Why did you fail me, Ned?” Ned’s breathing became shallow, he was so cold.

    “I—I don’t understand?” He tried to explain, tried to take her hand in his, to reassure her… but her skin was slippery, it cracked and broke and flaked away and he looked back up at her beautiful face as it began to wilt like the damned rose.

    “You promised me, Ned.” Her voice rasped and before his very eyes she once again began to disappear. “You promised me. And you failed me.” Ned desperately tried to grasp at her, to make her stay, but she slipped through his fingers and the wind was howling and the candles had all but burned out and there was sweat upon his brow. “You failed me.”

    And the lingering scent of blood and winter roses… Ned felt as though he may be sick.

    “No.” He denied. “No!” He screamed to all the dead, he could feel their hard looks upon him; kneeling in a pool of blood. It wasn’t his blood. “No!”

    “You failed.” They replied. His lord father’s stone face glared down upon him in disappointment. “You failed as a son.” They called.

    Brandon’s stone face glared down upon him in disappointment. “You failed as a Lord.” They called.

    Lyanna. “You failed as a brother.”

    Catelyn. “You failed as a husband.”

    Robb. “You failed as a father.”

    Robert. “You!” His anger was distinct and Ned scampered away in surprise. “I trusted you!” His war hammer was raised to strike him down. “Traitor!”




    “Ned!” Ned couldn’t see, it was all so dark and cold and smelt of blood and winter roses. “Ned!” He was gasping for air, clawing at the walls until his fingers bled, he couldn’t breath. “Ned!” There was the sound of battle just beyond; a clash of swords and the anguish screams of the dying.

    “Traitor.” Ned stopped at the sound of the singular voice and everything stilled. He knew that voice. And slowly he turned his head back to the mouth of the crypts in dread, and there He stood; a crown of winter roses upon his dark curls, the thorns prickling at his flesh and blood dripping from his neck. Eyes burning with disappointment and Ned’s heart broke.

    “Jon.” He whispered. His promise. But Jon turned away and descended the stairs to join the dead. And Ned was left all alone. Snow and ice and wind and rain, and the whole of the North glared down upon him.

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  • ao3feed-izuku-midoriya
    30.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Nedzu's Investigation

    Nedzu's Investigation by Mark King

    Iida's rescue and Stain's defeat by a group of vigilantes provides the missing link in Nedzu's months-long investigation and leads him to question one Izuku Midoriya, first-year student at a suspicious academy.

    Words: 2168, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Nedzu

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Nedzu

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Quirkless Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Izuku Does Not Have One for All Quirk, Midoriya Izuku Does Not Go to U.A. High School, Not Beta Read, Vigilante Midoriya Izuku, Conspiracy

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32913574

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  • quirklessd
    30.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    CH. 39 - CLASS 2-A | TODODEKU

    Words: 2329, Chapters: 39/?, Language: English

    Series: Chapter 39 of CLASS 2-A | TODODEKU

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Explicit Content

    Categories: M/M

    NON AU

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Todoroki Shouto, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Bakugou Katsuki, Kaminari Denki, Kirishima Eijirou, Iida Tenya, Uraraka Ochako, Class 1-A, Original Characters

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku, Kaminari Denki & Shinso Hitoshi, Kirishima Eijirou & Class 1-A & Midoriya Izuku, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & HIzashi Yamada | Present Mic

    Additional Tags: #bnhasecondyears #bnha #mha #nonau #nonaubnha #nonaumha #Todoroki likes Midoriya for a year and kept it to himself #but Bakugo liked him since childhood

    Read Here: wattpad.com/story/252854435-class-2-a-tododeku



    "Hawks? What the fuck are you doing here?" Aizawa asked as he saw the nymber two hero walking from the back alley of the building, which he thought was very random. Hawks turned around surprised, taking time before answering Aizawa

    "W-well, I'm chasing a villain on the backstreet. The job's done in case you're offering help." He replied nervously. "...w-what's the matter, Eraserhead?" He added after noticing his suspecting expressions.

    "You see Dabi or a pink haired woman somewhere?" Aizawa asked, surprising Hawks further the moment he heard Dabi's name.

    "D-dabi? N-no. Where w-would've they been?" he replied, caressing the back of his neck.

    "I last saw them through that street you're coming from. Are you sure?" Aizawa asked, thinking how impossible it is for Hawks to not see the villain.

    "Uh, no." he replied, making Aizawa more suspicious and only nodded. He continued to look for the villain, thinking about what happened to Kirishima. He walked away with a dissatisfied expressions.

    He swore someone will be punished tonight and it's a painful one.

    "Ugh, this is the worst. What is that smell?" The dumpster beside the hero started to wiggle, Dabi appearing from underneath while whining.

    He looked on Hawks eyes with gleam that stirred the winged hero's heart.

    "...Thanks babe, I owe you one." He added, coming out of the dumpster and hugging the hero. The smell of garbage came with him but he doesn't want to offend his boyfriend.

    ...Yep, they got back together for the hundredth time.

    "Y-yeah, anything for you. I know that you're a villain but why is he chasing you like he's about to torture someon? He looked so mad." He asked, looking worried.

    "I just kidnapped and attacked his students. Look, I'm just doing my job ok." He replied casually.

    Hawks sighed.

    "Babe, why are you doing these?" he asked, wishing they had a normal relationship like others.

    "Are you doubting my profession right now?" he asked, looking annoyed.

    "N-No! I'm just a-asking. It's just-- it's so complicated Touya. It's so hard for us to be together." He replied in the calmest way but the villain took it personally.

    "THAT'S WHY OUR RELATIONSHIP'S NOT WORKING, KEIGO!" he snapped, making Hawks stepped back a little.

    "B-babe, I'm sorry ok. My point is, you can quit being a villain and we can live together! I-It makes everything much ea-" he said optimistically but interrupted by a sarcastic scoff.

    "Oh wow, you're so selfless aren't you?" Touya said sarcastically. "You ask me to quit when you never considered quitting hero jobs? What difference does it make? You're the best boyfriend, damn." He added laughing sarcastically.

    Hawks become silent as if he felt being caged. He always feared of offending him but he really don't want to lose him again.

    He really loves Touya.

    "T-Touya wait." He ran after Touya, who is walking away and hugged him from the back. "I love you, please don't walk away." He whispered. It was a bit of silence between the two after that.

    Touya sniffled, and ears successfully slid down his cheeks without evaporating but he never let his boyfriend notice.

    His cries looked genuine, as if he's so confused and lost.

    "...Let's fix this." The winged hero added, burying his head deeper into his nape. Touya removed Hawks hands from his waist and turned around looking directly into Hawks eyes.

    Touya suddenly had a guilt inside him after looking how devastated Keigo looked.

    "Keigo, can we just let this go?" he answered, almost like a knife is sliding down his throat. Hawks looked into his boyfriend's eyes in disbelief.

    "Touya, didn't you just say tha--"

    "I DID! IT'S JUST-- WE DON'T REALLY WORK AND I'M TIRED!" Dabi snapped, hurting Hawks with every words that escapes his mouth.

    "...I'm sorry, but we're done Hawks. You can return doing hero works now, you can even arrest me right now." He whispered, looking down before turning around and continued walking away. Hawks didn't stopped him this time until he screamed something.

    "I'LL QUIT BEING A PRO HERO!" he exclaimed, grabbing his attention and stopped walking. Dabi turned around looking into his eyes that's now full of tears.

    He's crying from the pain of giving up his dreams as a hero for the guy that he really loves.

    "...P-Please, don't leave me." He added quietly.

    "You don't have to do--"

    "NO! I WANTED TO QUIT!" he interrupted loudly. "It's selfish but I will choose you than myself anytime. That's how much I love you, Touya." He added with desperation in his voice.

    Touya became numb and speechless until his legs started to move towards the winged hero and hugged him tightly.

    "I'm sorry Keigo, I really am." He whispered.

    "It's fine, ok? It's fine." Hawks assured breaking their hug and planting a kiss into the villain's lips. It was not enough so they kissed again but for longer time.

    "I love you, Touya." He said, looking directly into his eyes.

    "I love you too." Dabi replied. They both smiled towards each other but he noticed a figure from apart.

    It's Shigaraki.



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  • ao3feed-bakusquad
    30.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Kacchan's Boyfriend

    Kacchan's Boyfriend by Alyssa 85

    Midoriya watches Bakugou and Kirishima as their relationship grows


    Midoriya is a low-key stalker in love with Bakugou who is in love with Kirishima

    Words: 3877, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Midoriya Izuku

    Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou

    Additional Tags: Unrequited, One-Sided Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku, POV Midoriya Izuku, Canon Compliant, But also, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Future Fic, present, Growing Up, Fluff, Angst, Observations, Soft Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32915542

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  • shipmistress9
    30.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Chapter 2 of my fic When Three Wrongs Make One Right is up. Enjoy! 😊

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    #steve rogers#marvel#mcu#chris evans #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x you #steve rogers x y/n #steve rogers smut #steve rogers angst #chris evans x reader #chris evans smut #steve rogers fluff #steve rogers one shot #steve rogers drabble #steve rogers headcanon #steve rogers fanfiction
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    30.07.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Week 2 - Still wondering what this is

    This week...
    Fanfic read: So I Leave It Up To You by Auburn. An epic tale of mutants, war, future Genosha, scorpions and frogs, starring Gambit. I think about this fic a lot. It was written in 2004/2005 and is an amazing piece of world building. Strikingly, it predicts events currently going on in the X-Books now, only about 20 years prior to the Krakoa-era. I just found out the author passed away last year, and I never commented on her work.
    Fanfic in progress: managed two write two paragraphs...
    Made: my husband do the cooking
    Listened: Flashback Thursday's Anniversary of The Strokes playlist
    Watched: Miracle Workers, season 2
    Found in the Archives:

    A man well-fed on home-made bread, will be proud of his wife and love her. (She whitened the bread with arsenic, pretty sure)

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  • diavolodigitale
    30.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to Andromeda Galaxy - pt.3 Havarl

    Oof, the chapters are getting longer as it always happens with me. This one, I think, is significantly better than the previous ones if we don’t consider the lame beginning ahahah

    Genres: comedy, romance (vaguely), friendship maybe, some philosophy? I really don’t know what to call that.

    Pairing: m!Ryder/Evfra

    Characters: Ryder, Evfra, Vetra, Jaal

    Rating: PG

    Size: around 9 pages

           The weather on Havarl was as foggy and gloomy as always. High humidity made it hot and stuffy, so at times Ryder found it hard to breathe, wearing his full set of armor and carrying around all the weapons. The squelching of wet leaves and grass could be heard behind him as his companions made their way forward.

           “I heard that Evrfa is now on Havarl as well,” mentioned Jaal, stepping over a peculiar looking mushroom.

           “I thought he never leaves his sanctuary. Hard to imagine him doing something else besides work,” commented Vetra and proceeded adjusted her rifle so that it didn’t impede her movements.

           Ryder coughed a few times. They were already a few steps away from the research facilities.

           “The Resistance operates on many planets. We need to control the Roekaar activity here, so regular investigations on Havarl are no exceptions,” said Jaal.

           Vetra sighed.

           “Isn’t it crazy how the Resistance grew?” she began somewhat excitedly. “I’ve heard rumors that it used to be just a bunch of small groups of angara fighting off kett. And now you have a complex and highly flexible organization controlling most of the galaxy!”

           “Indeed,” agreed Jaal. “What Evfra did to bring them all together is unimaginable. Even if his approach and methods aren’t unanimously accepted between the angara, his achievements are irrefutable.” Jaal stopped and took a long look at the cloudy dark sky.

           “You seem so fascinated by him and his work,” noted Ryder, giving Jaal a light pat on the back.

           “I respect him, yes. The decisions he has to make every day are a tough burden to carry on your own,”—Jaal took a deep breath, lowered his head and continued—“although, considering he thinks of me as his best soldier, he could have bestowed upon me an unrestricted freedom of choice in any situations.”

           “And a better rank?” asked Ryder, giving the angara a friendly understanding smile.

           “Undoubtedly,” agreed Jaal and nodded.

    Vetra checked the time on her omni-tool and looked around to make sure they arrived at the right place.

           “Okay, I’ve got to leave you now. See you here exactly in three hours,” she said. “And no being late. Especially it applies to you, Ryder. Nobody will let us back on the ship without the Pathfinder,” she added strictly.

           “And here I started to think that you really worry about me,” replied Ryder in a sad voice.

           “My mothers always worry about you if that makes you feel better,” said Jaal in a sincere attempt to comfort him.

           “Yes, Jaal, this is exactly what I needed to hear.”

           Jaal headed to one of the local ships stationed on the landing area. He intended to visit his family since the vault on Havarl had just been activated, and the crew of the Tempest had some time to consider their subsequent steps in raising the viability of the planet. Besides, it was a good opportunity to just hang around and have some alone time since always being under pressure and not having enough time for themselves could lead to unwanted aftermath in terms of physical and psychological health, and nobody wanted that, especially being hundreds of years far from home.

    Vetra disappeared in the dense forests, heading in the unknown direction with the unknown purpose. She refused to let the Pathfinder know about her business on the planet, but he reckoned it had something to do with illegal shipments. Nothing special, your usual smuggler stuff.

    And Ryder… Well, he simply made up a reason to come. He had some data waiting to be transferred to the angaran scientist here on Havarl, but it surely wouldn’t take him three hours to do that. Usually, he tried to spend every free minute doing something productive and important, but after rescuing the whole planet it would be fair to give his team and himself a little rest. Unofficially, of course.  

           He decided to spend some time talking to the local researchers. The angaran history and culture was so foreign, yet seemed so captivating to him. Of course, humans already went through the phase of first contact with other races, but nobody had seemed so distant till this moment. Nothing here reminded him of familiar worlds, and it was simply riveting.

    Most of the scientists were happy to share what they knew and even more happy to listen to the information he could provide them with. Despite that, some still preferred to stay away from strangers like the Pathfinder. Their distrust could easily be explained by the strong influence of the Roekaar on this planet. Being here, Ryder was content simply with the fact that nobody tried to shoot him on sight only because of him being an alien.

           Having left the safety of the research station behind, he strolled into dense jungles that covered major part of the planet. He didn’t have any particular purpose in mind apart from exploring a bit while he still had the time.

    Due to the abundance of wildlife, it was practically impossible to take a good look around without being in constant fear for your life, so Ryder tried to approach his expedition with caution.

           “Pathfinder, I detect motion in the bushes in front of you. There appear to be two lifeforms engaged in a fight. Be vigilant,” warned him the voice in his head.

           Trusting SAM unconditionally, Ryder turned on tactical vision on his helmet and indeed saw two figures, one of which looked like an angara, and the other one reminded some kind of an animal, most likely a Challyrion, judging by the silhouette. Recalling reports about unnatural mutations which animals on Havarl had undergone, Ryder took out his shotgun, ready both for fight and flight.

    With a sharp motion of his hand, he removed the leaves blocking his field of vision only to see Evfra holding a giant beast by its neck. Startled by Pathfinder’s sudden appearance, he got distracted from the animal, which indeed turned out to be a Challyrion, and it managed to break free and go invisible.  

           “Sorry?” mumbled Ryder, still standing with his shotgun drawn out.

           “Hide your weapon”—Evfra shook off bits of non-existent dust from his clothes—“or you might hurt yourself.”

           Ryder removed his weapon back to the holster and took off his helmet, panting. He rubbed his forehead, trying to wipe away the sweat, but instead leaving a dark line from his dirty glove.

           “What are you d—”

           Evfra interrupted Ryder and made a gesture with his hand for the Pathfinder to follow him. “It is best if we don’t stand here. It may have fled now, but it will soon come back with all its pack.”

           “Seems like we meet awfully often lately,” commented Ryder, following Evfra.

           “Yes, unfortunately,” grunted Evfra.  

           “Really, what were the odds that I’d stumble upon you here when you are on another mission.”

           Ryder tried to keep up with Evfra’s pace, even though it was quite challenging for him. The heat made it hard to breathe and the fact that he didn’t know the surroundings didn’t help either. The Resistance leader, it seemed, knew every tree and every winding of the path, while Ryder stumbled and bumped into everything.

           “Actually, it is my day off,” stated Evfra indifferently.

           “Visiting your family?”

           “I have no family to visit,” without hesitation said the angara with voice still clear and unshaken.

           “Oh… I didn’t… I mean, Jaal came here to see his family, so I just assumed…” Ryder apologetically lowered his head. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He cleared his throat.

           “You didn’t kidnap them, so you have nothing to be sorry for.”

           “Did kett do it?” asked Ryder carefully.

           “There was nobody else to do it. Angara are in no habit of harming their own kind.”

           “Is that why you decided to join the Resistance?” asked Ryder. Actually, this particular question was something that had interested him for a long time.

           “That is why I decided to lead it,” answered Evfra, without giving it a second thought.

           “Seems like we have something in common.”

           Evfra hemmed. He could not see a single thing they had in common.

           “Don’t be so skeptical,” said Ryder, noticing his reaction. “I lost my mom 600 years ago and my dad… Let’s just say, he was supposed to be the Pathfinder, not me.”

           “Jaal mentioned you have a sister.” Evfra began walking more slowly, trying to adjust to Ryder’s speed.

           “Yeah,” simply replied Ryder.

           “And where is she know?” continued Evfra, sensing something must be wrong with this topic.

    “Lying in the cryo pod on the Nexus, waiting until I find at least one place appropriate for a new beginning of a human race.” Ryder stopped in front of a massive tree with long crooked branches. He took off his glove to feel its gnarled desiccated texture. “You know, being in a coma, she now talks even less than you. Really doesn’t provide much moral support, huh?”

           Evfra watched the Pathfinder stand before the tree, illuminated by the bluish light emitted by plants endemic to this planet. The facial expression the Pathfinder had reminded him of that one James showed on Kadara when hearing his careless remark about other human Pathfinders.

    Unlike humans, angara not only expressed their emotions freely, but were also able to sense true feelings of others, even in spite of poor manifestation. Evfra mostly expressed anger, impatience and persistence, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know the other ones.

    Misery, despair, grief. He had seen it all long before.

    Not being a master of leading fruitful conversations, he tried to change the topic as best as he could.

    “Was it beautiful on Earth?” he asked, seemingly genuinely interested.

    Ryder made an effort to pull himself together, put on the glove, and turned his reddened face to Evfra.

    “It was. No matter where you went, all places were different. It took years to discover all things that inhabited it and to understand their purpose. I cannot really do justice describing life on Earth, because it is impossible to turn into words.”

    “It is hard to believe such a place existed.”

    “I hope it still does,” said Ryder, and a faint smile appeared on his face. “Being here, sometimes I like to imagine returning to Earth and seeing how everything has changed.”

    “You have already been to some “golden worlds”, as you call them, in our cluster. Did you like any of them?”

    “Well, most of them don’t look the way we expected…”—Ryder rubbed his nose clumsily and gave Evfra another barely noticeable smile—“but even if we imagine that they are habitable… I don’t know. I just don’t think I’ll ever see the place that’s able to make me feel the same way Earth did.”

    “Really?”—some kind of playful air appeared around Evfra; Ryder had never seen him like that before—“Follow me then.”

    James didn’t understand the sudden change, but decided to give in to this strange challenge. He followed Evfra closely, carefully stepping over weird plants and avoiding curious insects hitting him right into his face after approaching way too close. This time the tempo of their walk wasn’t as fast, so it was easier for him to follow.

    They didn’t say a word, but this silence was not at all burdening. Ryder listened to how the wilderness sounded, observed how the Havarl jungles lived and transformed in real time. They didn’t look like anything he had ever seen before yet felt so intimate and not at all threatening, even though they should have.

           Ryder was thinking about how he could prolong this moment and never come back to the Tempest, when they approached an enormous dark wall. It was part of the remnant construction, the likes of which were scattered all around the planet. The cracks in it were glowing with blue and turquoise light, adding to the gleam created by fluorescent plants and fungi.

           “Ready for a quick climb?” asked Evfra the dumbfounded Pathfinder.

           “Only if there’s a safe way down,” said Ryder, although intending to climb up there anyway. It wasn’t every day that he got the opportunity to experience something Evfra willingly wanted to share.

           Evfra started ascending first, showing where it was better to put a foot or a hand. Ryder watched attentively and repeated every step.

    The remnant constructs were as solid and firm as they could be, so there was almost no chance something would collapse under him. Getting used to the overall rhythm of their movements, he began finding his own way up, climbing differently from Evfra.

    Repetitive actions made him dive deep into his thoughts about the remnants and the role they played in the survival of this planet. He couldn’t grasp even the smallest impact they really had on the history and development of life here, and it scared him. Facing such a strong and incomprehensible force made him doubt his most significant success as well as the future of his endeavors.  

           Engulfed into his reflections, Ryder didn’t notice one piece of the construct that was about to fall out and grabbed it. His hand slipped, weighed down by the piece now detached from the wall.

    As soon as Evfra heard rustling and swarming under him, he looked down only to see Ryder pathetically hanging on one hand.

           “There is no rest beside you,” he sighed and lowered himself to grab Ryder by his loose arm and pull him up.

           “Thanks,” mumbled the Pathfinder ablush. It really bugged him that whatever he did in front of Evfra led to him embarrassing himself.

           “We are not far, hold on for a little longer.” Evfra’s voice almost sounded comforting and Ryder though that it was unusual for him to be like that.

           After a few more minutes of climbing, they finally reached the top of the construct. Evfra made it up first and offered the Pathfinder his hand once again. Ryder did not attempt to refuse.

           “If you wanted to show me the view from above, we could have just used the Mithrava Ascent,” stated Ryder, overcoming the last obstacle while tightly gripping Evfra’s hand. Having to experience such a treacherous way up, he now wanted to complain a bit to feel better.

           “It is not quite the same. The fog at Mithrava makes it hard to see the real picture. Here the horizon is clear and… there is not a single soul.”

           Red and inhaling jerkily, Ryder got down on his knees to give some rest to his tired limbs and to catch his breath.

           “Take a look,” said Evfra, taking a seat beside Ryder.

           James gazed up slowly and got lost in the open skies. He saw hundreds of stars gleaming through semi-transparent clouds and a huge red Gas Giant taking up a great part of the horizon. It seemed like beyond those starts and clouds he could see other clusters, other galaxies yet unnamed and undiscovered. Beneath the skies lied a sea of trees, living and breathing, the leaves of which whispered in the wind. Dark and bottomless, it reflected the lights of the stars in the glistening surface of plants. From the height he was on, they reminded James of fireflies.

           A strong blow of wind cooled his heated face and made a mess of his short hair. He inhaled calmly, taking his time to fill the lungs with fresh night air, and exhaled. Now there was no place in his mind for the Tempest, for colonies, outposts, and diplomatic fuss. No place for exiles, kett, and all the people they have lost.

           “Here you can pray to your gods. Even if they stayed in your homeworld, they will still hearken,” uttered Evfra under his breath.

           James looked at the other remnant constructs and monoliths towering in the distance. He did not know whom to pray. Everything here was created by someone, but he was alien to this place. For him, there were no gods and no masters, only a vague purpose ahead, unshaped and remote. Far from home, he did not know what destiny awaited his people, but even though he would constantly carry the responsibility for his whole species, now it did not seem that arduous. Now it became an opportunity to outline his own future, intertwined with his people and many others who depended on him.

           “Is it close to how good you’ve felt on Earth?” asked Evfra, his voice still low and quiet.

           “Not even remotely,” said Ryder, smiling to himself. “It is much, much better.”

           He didn’t know for how long they continued to sit there. Frankly speaking, he did not care. He felt like being there at that moment was much more decisive than fighting off hordes of enemies or planning the next offensive.

           When they finally got down, the dreary overgrown forests of Havarl met them with the same apathetic attitude. Nothing altered down here, all the changes remained at the top of the construct and in Ryder’s mind.

           The leader of the Resistance and the Pathfinder exchanged a few words on their way back to the research station, but overall didn’t talk much. Ryder seemed more composed and reserved than ever.

           Being about fifty meters away from the place Ryder was supposed to meet his teammates at, Evfra looked at him one last time and said, “We are quite similar after all, Ryder,” before going his own way.

           “I already told you, my name is—”

           “I remember, no need to repeat,” he threw negligently over his shoulder without turning around.

           The Pathfinder quickly reached the point of destination and was greeted by peacefully snoring Jaal, who leaned on a nearby wall, and nervous Vetra frantically walking back and forth.

           “What. The hell. Is wrong with you?!” she yelled, approaching him and furiously waving her hand. “Three hours! We had to meet in three hours! Not six! That’s twice as much, Ryder, twice!”

           Jaal suddenly woke up because of Vetra’s wailing and rubbed his eyes.

           “Oh, Ryder, finally. Vetra already wanted to go look for you, but I assured her that if you’re lost in the Havarl jungle, there’s nothing she can do about it.”

           Being in high spirits, Ryder laughed off all the questions and inquiries and headed in the direction of the Tempest.

           “Come on, guys, let’s get going,” he appealed to his crewmembers. “The next time we’re in Vortex, drinks are on me.”

           “You are just unbearable, do you know that?” asked Vetra. She was still annoyed no matter what he said in his defense.

           “Yeah, I’ve heard that a few times.”

    “Ask Peebee to go with you when you plan on disappearing for a few hours, she definitely won’t worry about you being eaten by a giant Eiroch or kidnapped by the Roekaar. I am sick and tired, so don’t you even come crawling…”

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    hello and happy very, very late summer! it’s been a while since i’ve done a celebration/event on my blog and while i was planning to start this last month... life happens, you know. and so i want to get some writing in before the summer comes to a close! this is an event where you can prompt me with a song + a pairing and i’ll write you a ficlet! 💖 thank you so much to the angel Sabrina / @poirot for creating this gorgeous banner for me, ilysm!!!


    must be following this dummy

    reblog this post

    send me an ask with a song title or lyric (1-2 lines) and a pairing (can also be a friendship if you’d like) from my fandoms, and i’ll write you a short fanfiction based on that!

    all ficlets will be under a 1000 words max, since this is also an exercise for me to structure my writing and write shorter fics

    i’ll reply to your ask once i’ve posted your ficlet

    since i’ll draw inspiration from the song you don’t need to clarify if you want fluff or angst, canon or au (unless you want to), but please let me know of any triggers and topics you’d like me to avoid (and don’t hesitate to dm me with this if you’re more comfortable)!

    i’m very new to writing nsfw, just for clarification: please don’t ask for nsfw/a song with obvious nsfw themes if you’re under 18

    the event will run from today and you can enter until the 30th of september

    lastly, feel free to blacklist the tag ‘ssfics’ if you don’t want to see this ❤️ let me know if you have any questions and i’m looking forward to writing for you all !!

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    You, and me, and him - Pt 2 - Henry and August

    August Walker + OFC + Henry Walker

    Unnamed OFC might serve as reader insert.

    Summary: August comes back from a long mission, but not everything is alright.

    Word Count: 4.2k

    Warnings: throuple, PTSD triggered, brief episode of violence, a LOT of angst, sort of "happy" ending because this is still self indulgent.

    Part 1 here.

    A/N: I wasn't planning to make a second part of this, but the same day I posted part 1, I went to sleep and THIS came to my mind. Those of you who have watched Grey's Anatomy might be aware of where the inspo came from.

    Tags: @kebabgirl67 @themanfromu @endofalldays01 @greensleeves888 @starstruckkittyangel @luclittlepond @agniavateira @thelastsock @littlefreya

    You, and me, and him. Pt 2.

    As a special agent of the CIA, August sometimes has to spend long periods of time away from home. It’s never easy, but when his job takes him away for more than two weeks, it’s tough for him, for me, and even a bit for Henry, though he’ll never admit it. But he always comes back, alive, intact. Sometimes he needs a bit of time to recover, but he’s home. And he always says there’s nothing better for getting back to being himself than spending the night between my arms. So, obviously, I indulge him.

    I find myself one night more in the middle of the Walker brothers. Since he asked me to, I’m gladly holding August, freshly arrived from a month long mission, to guard his slumber and chase away his nightmares, as I’ve done so many times before.

    Though it seems like tonight I’m not being very successful at it, judging by the way August is shaking in my arms and mumbling stuff in dreams. He’s agitated, frowning sharply, and all of his muscles are in tension. Even during his worst nightmare, I haven’t seen him like this before. And it worries me.

    “August” I whisper, so I don’t wake Henry, still placidly asleep behind me and completely oblivious to the situation. “My love, you’re dreaming” he seems to not react to my voice, still shaky, almost convulsing. “August, come back to me.”

    As I run my fingers through his hair, with my concerns only increasing at this point, August suddenly stops and opens his eyes, making a wave of relief run through my body. Finally, it worked.

    It… worked?

    I can see his eyes but his gaze is not with me. Awake, but not awake. August starts to move in some sort of trance, slowly starting to get up.

    “August?” I whisper, trying to see if I can shake him out of whatever that is. “August, love, wake up, please.”

    I take his wrist, and that’s my mistake. He makes a sudden movement and the next thing I know is that I’m pressed against the mattress, facing up, looking at him, and his hands on my neck pressing tighter and tighter. I can’t breathe. It hurts, I feel the lack of air, my lungs burning in need as tears suddenly start to fight to come out. I try to scream but not a sound comes out. I scratch his arms as I try to push him away, but he’s too strong and heavy for me to battle him. I can only look at him in helplessness, at that nightmare in blue of his eyes that are looking without looking, silently begging for him to wake up, because he needs to wake up before it’s too late.

    My chest is hurting as August is slowly killing me.

    With the last bits of strength that I have, I stretch my right arm towards Henry, trying to shake him out of his slumber with clumsy and weak pats on his body. I can’t even turn my head, as the only thing I can do is to stare at those absent eyes as I’m certain I’m going to die. And the only thing that comes to my mind is how this is going to break August when he finally wakes up.

    And then, air.

    August’s hands release my neck as he’s being violently pushed away by Henry, now wide awake and kneeling on the mattress in a defensive position. I cough as my lungs receive the oxygen I so desperately needed, and he pulls from me in a protective embrace as I take both hands to my neck, now sore and hurt, as I fight to breathe again. There’s an iron taste in the back of my mouth, in fact. When he has me in his arms, Henry cups my face delicately with one of his big hands, checking if I’m ok, his eyes driven by concern and alarm. I cry, or I think I do, since my cheeks are all wet, but I have no memory of having started crying. All I can think about is in breathing again.


    He’s giving his brother the deadliest stare. I’ve never seen Henry so angry before. Nor August so scared. Half kneeling on the floor after having fallen from bed thanks to Henry, August’s expression is confused, afraid, and hurt. He’s awake now, truly awake, and realization comes to him stronger when our eyes finally meet. My heart twists in pain as that happens. Even if I know this time those are the eyes of the man I love, I can’t help being as scared of him as I am right now. I can still see him over me, ready to take my life with his bare hands. And judging his expression, so does he.

    “Get out of here” Henry growls, threatening, still protectively cradling me in his embrace. I can’t stop staring at August from my refuge in Henry’s arms.

    “Li-Lily…” he mutters horrified, his eyes only on me and ignoring his brother, and calling me by the name he gave me himself because I reminded him of the prettiest of the flowers. A name that means so much to me, but now sounds like a stranger is saying it.

    I realize I’m shaking, and I can’t hold the tears that are running down my cheeks.

    Henry mutters sweet love words to me, placing his forehead on mine as he cleans the rivers that keep coming from my eyes in a reassuring gesture that gives me some comfort, and then gently leaves my side. But as soon as his feet are on the floor and starts to walk towards his brother, he goes back to that aggressive self that forces August to get out of the bedroom, though he’s not resisting either, still in shock, carrying guilt over his shoulders for what just occurred.

    The door closes behind them, and I sob, for once not sure about what to do, as I hear how Henry yells at his brother in another room. Adrenaline and fear still run through my veins like the worst intravenous drug existing. Breathing hurts like hundreds of needles in my lungs, and it also feels good at the same time. My throat is in immense pain, my heartbeat is still accelerated, and I feel dizzy, with nausea.

    I see again that horror in August’s eyes when he realized what he had done. Those blue depths that would never hurt me on purpose, not in a thousand years, that were so hurt for what he had done. My August, that tough, silent man, who is now so broken. As I think about him, about how he might be feeling, my fear starts vanishing.

    My legs are shaky when I get out of bed. I open the door and find my way to the living room, catching a bit of the conversation between the two brothers.

    “Is she ok?” one of them asks in a low, gloomy voice, probably August.

    “She better be, for your own sake” the other responds, being that angry it only can be Henry. “I want you out of this house. Now.”

    “No” I say. Sort of. I don’t hear my own voice, and that iron taste at the back of my mouth comes again. I step into the living room, determined, though still made a shaky mess. “No” I repeat with a weak thread of voice that manages to come out.

    Henry’s expression, painted with an anger I have never seen in him, softens when he sees me. August, sitting on the couch, can’t even look at me, his gaze fixed on the floor between his feet. I look at both, fighting the tears that are coming again. I don’t want any of them to feel worse about what happened. There’s no need for that.

    “Hey” Henry walks towards me, cupping my face between his big, warm hands and placing a sweet kiss on my forehead. But he doesn’t stop there. His arms wrap me in his protective embrace, a tight hug that tells me he’s more concerned than he’s showing right now. I hug him back, rubbing my palm up and down his spine.

    “Don’t make him leave” I ask him, still with that weak voice that hurts Henry only from having to hear it like that.


    “Please” I cut him, separating just a bit, not breaking his embrace, to look up at him. He’s worried, and I understand that, but the man sitting on the couch, so ashamed of his actions he can’t even look in my direction right now, whose head sinks now between his shoulders in guilt and sorrow, that man is still my August. And I can’t abandon him.

    Henry sighs in defeat.

    “Ok. But he can’t sleep with us for now” he responds, turning his head to watch how his brother finally raises his own.

    “No. I’ll leave. You’ll be better if you don’t see me for a while” he says.

    His voice sounds so broken it makes my heart hurt.

    “I need to talk to him” I say, looking Henry in the eye with a plea written on my gaze. “Can you give us a moment, please?”

    Henry looks at me as if I just said I wanted to set the apartment on fire. I’m aware that the last thing he wants right now is to leave me alone with his brother, but that’s not a decision for him to make, and he knows that. Still with concern and doubt, he sighs in defeat and then nods. My golden lion, my protector. I love him with heart and soul, and I truly hope he knows that. But now is his brother who needs me.

    “I’ll be right there” he whispers only for me when he kisses the side of my head, referring to our bedroom. Henry delays the moment of leaving, but he finally gathers the strength to do so and walks away.

    And August and I are left alone.

    I would lie if I said I’m not a bit anxious, but I know I have nothing to fear. Not now that he’s awake. I sit next to him on the couch, as close as I usually do, which makes him shift slightly in uneasiness. He still doesn’t look at me, so I take one of his big hands, usually firm and confident, but now a shaky mess of nerves. My book of secrets, of mysteries and riddles yet to be solved. I’d gladly tell him how much I still love him, for hours, or days, all the times he needed to hear it. Nothing has changed in my heart, and I need to make sure he understands. Or he will leave and never come back.

    “This was not your fault, August.”

    My voice is still weak, but I know he has heard me, as he suddenly turns his head and I can finally see his eyes. And it hurts. It hurts. Because August, a man who has been trained to keep his emotions under control even in life or death situations, is, for the first time since I know him, so wounded he’s at the edge of crying.

    “It were my hands, lily” he grunts, fighting the wave of emotions that is trying to take control of him this time.

    “You were asleep” I respond.

    “It still was me” he insists, almost hissing in pain. A pain I feel too. “How do I know that it won’t happen again? How do you know that?”

    “I don’t. We don’t” I answer, not moving my eyes from his, feeling how tears start to gather again. “But I do know we’re not leaving you behind, August” I gently place my other hand on his cheek and he closes his eyes, giving into the touch as he finally allows a couple of tears to come out. I brush that stream of liquid diamonds away with a gentle stroke of my thumb. “We will help you, my love, no matter the cost.”

    And I don’t wait anymore to pull him into my embrace, holding his big body between my arms as I run my fingers through his hair. It doesn’t take long for him to hug me back, sobbing with his face hidden in my neck, muttering “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” time after time. He allows himself to be vulnerable as he had never been before. It breaks my heart seeing him like this, broken in so many pieces. My silent knight in the shadows, carrying an entire world over his shoulders, a world that is loudly asking to get burned. A world that made him explode the wrong way. Whatever he had to do during that mission had triggered something. If his bosses could just give him just a break from time to time. But no. They always find a new job for the hammer to do. What happened tonight, it’s not his fault, it’s theirs.

    “I love you” I mutter, almost at the edge of crying again. “Don’t ever dare to think otherwise, you hear me?”

    August hugs me tighter as a response, making me wrap him in my arms, shielding him from fears and nightmares. We remain like that for some minutes, until I feel August’s breathing going back to a slow, steady rhythm. It’s him who finally pulls away, just enough to look me in the eye. His gaze is now a bit red from crying, but those blues shine as bright as always. His knuckles caress my cheek, and his fingertips go all the way down through my neck, where the mark of what happened short before still remains.

    “You should go with him” he says, referring to Henry. His voice sounds hoarse, but also calmer than before. “He must be worried.”

    Now, that is new.

    August usually doesn’t encourage me to go with Henry, always wanting to keep me for himself, as selfish as he uses to be.

    “I’m not scared of you” I respond, realizing what the real issue is.

    “But I am” he replies with sad eyes. “After this, I can’t trust myself. Go with Henry. He will make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.”

    I only start to move because it’s him who’s asking, but even after what happened, I don’t want to leave him alone tonight. I caress his cheek one last time and I lean closer to gently kiss his lips. A sweet kiss in which I put all my feelings for him, all those fantastic memories that I want to keep building together.

    “Please don’t leave us” I ask him, being that my worst fear. That he still wants to leave.

    A sad smile blooms in August’s lips.

    “Don’t worry, my dearest” he responds, running his fingers through my hair. “Whenever I see those eyes of yours… I couldn’t leave you, even if I tried” then, when he sees I’m still not convinced, he adds, “I promise you.”

    And that way, I know he really means it. August has never broken a promise before, and that’s enough for me to finally get out of the couch. He still holds one of my hands between his, pulling it to his lips to leave there one last kiss before wishing each other good night. And I go back to our bedroom, where Henry is waiting.

    He’s sitting on the edge of the mattress when I come in, and immediately gets on his feet when he sees me. I walk towards him and, out of nowhere, I burst into tears. Now that I don’t have to pretend to be strong, now that I can drop my facade, lower my defenses and be vulnerable, I let everything come out. Henry’s arms instantly wrap around me, and I feel his scent all over me, his warmth, his comfort. I cry all my fear and my adrenaline and my anguish out, and he lulls me, rocking me in his arms and brushing away my tears as I cry until I get empty.

    “It’s ok, sweetheart, it’s ok” he mutters against the side of my head as I keep sobbing. “It scared me too.”

    He always knows how I’m feeling, sometimes even better than myself. It’s not that I’m scared of August now, but the whole situation was… crazy. I can’t help but think how it must have been for Henry, being shaken off from his slumber only to see his brother nearly kill his girlfriend, strangling her with his bare hands while he wasn’t in control of his own body, his own consciousness. And I certainly don’t want to think about what would have happened if I couldn’t have woken Henry up.

    When I eventually manage to calm down to just a few sobs, Henry lifts my chin and I meet his eyes, those warm blue pools of devotion that now study me with detail, especially down my neck, where August’s marks are.

    “We should get you to see a doc” he says, to which I shake my head no. “Babe…”

    “Let’s just try to sleep, ok?” I respond, though my voice barely comes out because it’s weak, and because of my crying.

    Henry sighs, but doesn’t oppose that, and he ends up nodding. He’s as tired as I am, it’s late in the night, and with the adrenaline levels now decreasing, we feel even more exhausted. So I crawl on the bed until I reach my spot, right in the middle of the mattress, and now, also the scenario of the worst moment of my life. I freeze, kneeled there, until Henry’s arms gently engulf me once more, with him placing warm kisses on my shoulders and the back of my head, until he eventually makes me turn around.

    “We can switch places if you want to” he suggests, aware of what’s going on.

    “Please” I answer. I can’t face those memories again right now. I can’t look at the empty spot of the bed and knowing… And knowing it will be a long road until I can feel the same safety in that bed again. With the two of them.

    Henry carefully moves and I lie on his side of the bed. It smells of him everywhere, and it’s just… a piece of heaven itself. He then lies next to me and runs his fingers through my hair, brushing some strands out of my face. There’s a world of expressions going on right now in him. I see him relieved, but also scared and sad. I’d give everything to erase those sorrowful emotions from him.

    Then, I see a tear come out, and I hurry to brush it away.

    “Hey” I whisper, gently stroking his cheek in the process. “No, love, don’t you cry as well.”

    “I almost lost you today” he mutters, his voice lower than usual, taken by his emotions. “If that’s not reason enough to cry, then I don’t want to know what would be.”

    I’m so used to have him as my support that I often forget he also needs someone who gives him the same. So I let him silently cry all that he needs, because if there’s something I can do for him, it’s being his support as well. Round pearls of sadness run down his cheeks as I try to clean some of them, or kiss some other ones. His arms pull me closer to him, trapping me once more in his welcoming embrace, and we just lie there, staring at each other’s eyes, knowing that none of us will get much slumber tonight.

    Morning comes sooner than we expected, and though we have nothing to do on Sundays, staying late in bed feels weird today, even when we didn’t have much sleep, so we end up getting up and having a nice, warm shower together. Hot water and Henry’s hands help me to forget of any concern I might have for some wonderful and glorious minutes, and when we finally come out and I see my reflection on the mirror, not even the purple marks of August’s fingers around my neck cloud that nice inner peace I managed to gather.

    I dress with some of Henry’s clothes today, some black sport shorts with a grey t-shirt I claimed for myself a long time ago, and while Henry finishes shaving, I go to check on August. But when I arrive in the living room, the couch is empty, the blanket is perfectly folded at the end of it, and there’s no trace from the other brother.

    I feel the weight of a stone sinking on my stomach. He can’t have left. He promised me. My heart starts beating faster and louder in anxiety and concern.

    Until I hear some noises coming from the kitchen. And I get the scent of coffee.

    I rapidly move there and I stop my steps at the door frame, contemplating the scenario before me. Still in his white t-shirt and boxers that he uses for sleep, August is finishing cooking the most good looking pile of pancakes I’ve ever seen. There’s also some bagels filled with cream cheese and bacon, and also a couple of bowls filled with berries and yoghurt. A true feast that August hasn’t cooked for us… Well, in a long time.

    He’s so focused on getting all the pancakes out of the pan I feel bad stepping inside, but my stomach betrays me and growls so loud probably Henry has also heard it from the bathroom. August turns and our eyes meet. There’s still sadness, shame and guilt in his gaze, but he doesn’t run away from mine this time.

    “Good morning” he welcomes me with a hesitant smile. I notice how his eyes go straight to my neck, where I have the bruises, and the smile fades and his eyes darken a bit.

    “Good morning” I respond, stepping inside finally. I have recovered some of my voice, but not all of it. I walk until I’m next to the counter, where the bowl with berries is. “Everything smells nice.”

    August leaves the plate with the pancakes aside and places himself behind me. His warmth and his proximity make me shiver in expectation. A reaction he always provokes in me.

    “Not as nice as you” I hear his voice muttering close to my ear. “If I’m still allowed to say that.”

    Afraid to touch, only with his soft voice he’s able to make me melt like the butter placed on top of the pancakes right now.

    “Why wouldn’t you be?” I respond, lowering my voice as well. “You’re still my boyfriend.”

    His fingertips caress my arm all the way down until they reach my wrist, a soft and delicate caress that makes me get goosebumps all over my body. He takes my hand so gently as if he was afraid to break it, and with his other hand makes me turn my head towards him with care. No lamb felt as comfortable in the embrace of the wolf as I am right now in August’s. I get lost once more in his eyes, those eyes full of repentance.

    “Will you forgive me?” he asks in a low voice, only for me to hear. “Someday?”

    He puts a strand of my hair behind my ear with the tenderness of the one who picks a small flower.

    “I already have” I mutter my answer, aware of how close our lips are starting to be.

    The kiss that follows is sweeter than anything I’ve ever tasted. We linger there, even when our lips separate, with his forehead over mine, his nose caressing mine. It has been horrible being a full month separated from him, but it’s an absolute torture what his nightmares have done to us once we’ve been able to get back together. But whenever I get lost in that sea of mysteries of his eyes, that gaze of love and devotion he saves only for me, I know that I’ll do whatever it’s in my hand to help him, no matter how long it takes.

    As long as he knows I’m here for him.

    Henry arrives short moments after, making August separate a bit from me. But after taking a look at the magnificent breakfast August prepared, Henry places one of his big palms over his shoulder and stares at him with a look full of understanding, of fraternal love and comprehension. He can’t help it, he’s just like that. Caring and supportive with the ones he loves. Even with August.

    “We’re here for you, you know that, right?” he says.

    August closes his eyes and nods, with a small smile of relief on the corner of his lips.

    “Let’s eat before the pancakes get cold” it’s all he says back.

    We bring everything to the coffee table of the living room and we sit on the floor around it, until I can’t help myself anymore and I go sit right next to August, who happily places an arm around my waist. It doesn’t take long for Henry to sit at my other side, and the three of us, inseparable as always, finally enjoy our morning.

    #henry cavill#august walker #henry cavill x ofc #henry cavill fanfic #henry cavill fic #henry cavill fanfiction #august walker x ofc #august walker fanfic #august walker fanfiction #august walker fic #throuple #august walker x ofc x henry cavill #august walker x reader #henry cavill x reader #you and me and him
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    LOOOOOOOOL so glad I could finish “In Command” this week for “War Mantle” to completely wreck the canon I was sticking to.

    I knew it was a possibility, which is why I wanted to finish this week, but I laughed so hard.

    #it happens #the bad batch spoilers #the bad batch #in command#fanfiction
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  • justanotherteentitansblog
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    Bbrae Week 21 Day 6 Fantasy

    The sky had turned twilight orange and blue and the air was cool and crisp. The brave knight known only as Mavis the Formidable had just taken off her armor after a long battle with the dreaded 3 headed tiger, Cereberus. The knight needed rest for tomorrow was another day of full of many battles to be fought and only she was strong enough to keep her kingdom safe- 

    “Mavis!” the girl’s emerald-skinned older sister had popped her head into her room, “Mom says she wants you to…. What are you doing?” 

    The purple-haired 4 year old was balanced precariously on the top of her headboard facing the window. A blue towel was tied around her shoulders and her fists were confidently placed at her hips. 

    Mavis narrowed her eyes at her older sister, “I’m playing knights,Phoenix. Duh!” she said, sticking her tongue out at her. 

    The 10 year old nodded her head at her sister’s antics “Right...anyway mom wanted me to come get you to see--” 

    Mavis jumped off the bed and ran towards her sister, arms waving in excitement as she interrupted her, “Wait, wait, you can be the wizard who helps me fight Cereberus the 3 headed Tiger! Come on, put this on,'' She shouted running to grab one of her mother’s old cloaks she let her use to play pretend. 

    “OK, A, I’m telling mom you’re fighting the cat again.” 

    “NNNOOOo!” Mavis whined. 

    “And B, why would I be the wizard when you’re the one with psychic powers?” 

    “BeCAUSE, Phoenix! I have the magical sword!” Mavis spit, pulling a stick she found from the backyard behind her back. In a flash, Phoenix’s hand whipped out towards the stick and snatched it from her younger sister. “Now ya don’t,”  she teased, morphing into a puppy and running down the stairs with the stick in her mouth. 

    Mavis screeched and launched herself down the stairs after her sister. “Giveitbackgiveitbackgiveitback!” 

    When Phoenix reached the bottom of the stairs, a tall green man snatched up the green puppy from the ground mid-run and ripped the stick from her mouth. The guilty changeling morphed back into a 10 year old in her father's arms and gave him a look that would melt anyone else’s heart on contact. Garfield rolled his eyes at his daughter. 

    “You can’t get me with the puppy dog eyes, Phoenix. I invented them.” 

    At that moment, Mavis had arrived at the bottom of the stairs where her father stood holding her older sister by the waist in one arm and the stick in his left hand. The impatient girl started jumping up and down at the stick just slightly out of her reach. 

    “Dad! Dad! My Sword!” 

    Gar looked at this hand and then at his child and a slow smile crept over his face. 

    “Ah Mavis the Formidable, I believe this belongs to you,” he said, handing her the stick. 

    “Thank you, kind sir,” turning to stick her tongue out at Phoenix. 

    Just then, the girls’ mother came up from the stairs to the basement with a sour look on her face as she approached her children. 

    “Mavis, would you like to explain why I just had to untie the cat from the radiator in the basement?” 

    She turned to Phoenix, “Or would you like to explain why I asked you to see if your sister wanted to go to the tower with you and Dad, and I instead hear her screaming at the top of her lungs? Should I even mention the fact that I specifically told you no morphing in the house, and you, no sticks longer than your arm in the house.” She scolded both of her children with equal intensity. 

    Gar looked at his wife, “You told her no sticks?” 

    “Only her arm’s length-long, after what happened this morning.” Raven said, pulling her hair up to show her husband the welt on the back of her neck. Mavis had been practicing wielding her “Sword” while Raven was trying to fold laundry that morning. 

    “Well that’s an easy fix” he said, pulling the stick back out of Mavis’s hand and snapping it in half, making it an arms length. 

    “MY SWORD!” the girl wailed. 

    Gar stared at Mavis in the eyes and warned, “You could have no sword at all. Now the both of you need to apologize to your mother!” 

    Both girls sighed, and rolled their eyes, “Sorry Mom,” they said in unison. 

    Raven sighed and recollected herself. Other than poor Cerberus getting tortured, most of what they were doing was not a big deal, but Raven would have to have ANOTHER talk with Mavis about including live animals into her pretend games. 

    Raven looked at her girls. Phoenix who was green and lanky like her father but otherwise had her mother’s face. She had thick green hair that was always pulled into a ponytail with a heavy bang that covered the matching chakra she shared with her mother. While Mavis had her pale skin and wild purple hair that stuck out all over the place complete with her father’s smile and ears. They were going to be the absolute death of her. 

    Raven pinched the bridge of her nose and looked at her younger daughter. “Phoenix is going to the tower to train with Dad. Do you want to come with them or stay at home?”  

    Mavis wrinkled her nose in thought, “Will Mar’i be at the tower?” 

    “ I don’t know, I can find out and if not we can see about going to Aunt Kori’s if you don’t want to go to the tower.”

    “OK! I just want to play with Mar’i” 

    Raven went to make the phone call, while Gar rushed Phoenix upstairs to get dressed for training exercises. Mavis the Formidable, however, had decided it was time to visit the Witches' Den. It was time to make potions. 

    Mavis the Formidable had visited the Witches’ Den many a time to create potions to take on her amazing quests, but everytime she had gotten found herself caught and placed onto the chair of eternity. The witch in charge of the den had warned Mavis that the items in this room were not to be trifled with, but Mavis knew she was a strong warrior and wise enough to correctly use any potion within these ancient walls all on her own. Mavis reached up to grab a glass bottle with pink sand and--

    “If you touch that, you can forget about going to see Aunt Kori and Mar’i.” 

    Mavis wilted as her mother approached her. She never let her play in the meditation room and everything in there looked so cool! 

    “But MOM, I need to make potions or I can’t fight the dragons!” 

    Raven sighed but then smirked at her daughter's active imagination. 

    “Oh well why didn’t you just say so, Mavis the Formidable.” 

    Raven grabbed an empty orb shaped bottle and poured a clear liquid from another bottle inside, the pink sand Mavis had originally reached for, three small black stones and a powder that made it shimmer when it was shaken.

    “There, one dragon slaying potion. Don’t drop it”  she said with a wink. 

    “Thank you, kind witch” she said, giving her mom a hug. 

    Raven narrowed her eyes at her daughter, “You’re pushing it.” 

    Mavis quickly corrected herself, “Thank you, Mommy.” 

    “Mmhhmm, you wanna go to Aunt Kori’s then?” 

    “Can we teleport there?” Mavis begged. 

    “Mavis, the last time we teleported anywhere you wouldn’t stop crying for half an hour and wouldn’t sleep in your own bed for a week.” 

    Mavis crossed her arms and began pouting “Well you wouldn’t turn on the light inside the portal” 

    “Mavis, for the last time, there is no light inside mommy’s magic, it’s all--I’m not having this argument again. If you want to go, get your shoes on, we’re driving there.” 

    Mavis pouted for a moment and then looked up at her mother through her eyelashes. 

    “Can I wear my rain boots?” 

    “If you dress yourself, you are welcome to wear whatever you want.” 

    “OK!” Mavis shouted, bolting up the stairs, dragon potion in hand. 

    Upon arriving at Kori’s, Mavis impatiently unbuckled herself from the carseat and began whining as her mother was taking too long to help her out of the seat. 

    “Hold on, Mavis, let me get my bearings,” she said as she helped the girl out of the car. 

    Kori was standing by the front door waving them in when Mavis went racing past her into the house, “HiAuntKoribyeAuntKori!” she shouted behind her. 

    Kori chuckled at the sight while Raven rolled her eyes in exasperation. 

    “Awesome manners, kid. You’d think nobody taught you them.” She deadpanned in the direction her child ran. 

    Kori shook her head in bemusement, “How do you keep up with that one?” 

    Raven scoffed, “You think I keep up with her?” 

    Mavis tore through the house looking for her friend, finally she spotted Mar’i through the sliding glass door to the backyard, swinging on a rope swing. Mavis attempted to move the door but it was locked. She pushed and pulled and scrambled up hanging on the handle, but it wouldn’t budge. Slowly, Raven came walking behind her child and quietly unlocked the door while Mavis was still hanging onto the handle. At the first sign of her new found freedom, Mavis threw open the glass door and raced across the patio to her friend. 

    Upon seeing Mavis, Mar’i jumped off the swing and ran to meet her. They two girls embraced each other tightly until Mar’i tackled them both to the ground, causing both girls to start giggling. 

    Raven and Kori walked out to the patio to halfway supervise the girls but mostly to catch up and chat. 

    Before the girls could get up and start playing, Raven called out a warning, “If you get hurt doing something stupid or something you’re not supposed to do, I’m not using any healing powers on either of you.” 

    Mavis rolled her eyes at her mother while Mar’i simply nodded in agreement. “OK!” 

    Mavis turned to Mar’i excitement coloring her face, “Mar’i guess what I have?” she asked, holding the bottle her mother gave her behind her back. 

    “What? What is it?” 

    Mavis proudly showed off the potion her mother made, “It’s dragon slaying poison, do you wanna fight the dragon with me?” 

    Mar’i looked into the bottle's contents and swirled it around. “Are you sure, this is dragon poison? It looks like water and pink sand.” 

    “Of course it’s dragon poison! My mom made it and my mom makes all kinds of stuff like this!” 

    Mar’i shrugged her shoulders, “OK, can I be the princess this time?” 

    “Sure!” Mavis shrugged back and went to find a new sword stick. 

    After finding a stick much longer than her arm, getting scolded by her mother, and then finding a much smaller stick, the heroes set off on their adventure. 

    The two adventurers had set off on a most gruesome task. A great dragon had taken over the nearby village and stolen all their resources. The village's only hope was now Mavis the Formidable and Princess Mar’i. Mavis only armed with her sword and her dragon slaying potion, and Mar’i with her flight and starbo--

    “Hey wait a minute, why do you get to use your powers?! Mom, why does Mar’i get to use her powers?” She shouted running towards her mother. 

    “Mar’i’s powers work differently than yours do, she can use hers without hurting anyone, which is something you can’t quite do yet.” 

    Mavis stomped her foot and tears formed in her eyes,”That’s not fair, I want these off.” She shoved the silver cuffs that contained her power in Raven’s face.

    Raven put a calm hand to her daughter’s hands and lowered them away from her face, “Your sister had to wear them until she was 6, and even then she only had them off for a few hours at a time. I’m sorry Mavis, but they’re there to keep you and everyone else safe.” This was a very rehearsed and familiar conversation Raven had practiced from years of dealing with the subject with Phoenix, who beforehand would turn into any animal she thought of with no control over it at all. 

    It was very clear to everyone that Mavis was about to have a meltdown before Mar’i interrupted, “That’s ok! I just won’t use my powers!” 

    Mavis sniffed, “Really?” 

    “Yeah of course! I might fly on accident though, cause when I’m really happy, I fly.” 

    Mavis rubbed her eyes, “That’s OK, you can fly us to the dragon!” Mavis was already picking the game back up where they had left off. 

    “Oooh Yeah!” Mar’i agreed, floating a few feet in the air and reaching for Mavis’s hands. 

    Raven stiffened, and Kori gave a warning, “No higher than the bottom of the tree branches, Mar’i and don’t drop her.” Mar’i nodded in agreement and Raven relaxed a little, since Mavis could definitely survive that fall if Mar’i did drop her. 

    As the two young warriors flew off on their great quest, they came to a great mountain, complete with a rickety bridge that led to a separate deeply sloping mountain. Mavis the Formidable, was first to climb the great mountain with ease as she held within her tiny body the strength of a thousand suns, but as Mar’i attempted to climb the mountain she had lost her footing and the warrior princess began to slip. “Mavis!” She yelled to the knight in front of her. Mavis had reached the top of the mountain and turned to her companion. “Mar’i!” the brave warrior shouted from several miles above her. 

    “I’m slipping, I can’t hold on!” 

    “Don’t worry, I’ll save you!” Mavis yelled from the top of the mountain throwing the princess a long rope to help her climb to the top. 

    Mavis’s blue towel that was previously wrapped around her shoulders smacked Mar’i in the face and she fell backwards off the playset. Mar’i lay flat on the ground looking up at Mavis with rage in her eyes, “Ow! Mavis!” 

    Mavis started waving her arms around excitedly, “I'm so sorry, are you ok?” 

    Just then Kori and Raven ran over to see if Mar’i was ok. After a quick but thorough inspection, it was deemed that Mar’i was ok, just irritated. Raven shot Mavis an irritated look, “Mavis what possessed you throw the towel on Mar’i’s face?” 

    “No, mom, listen, I didn’t throw it at her, she was slipping off the mountain and I was trying to save her!” 

    Raven smacked a hand to her face, she was getting really sick of the knights game. “Ok new rule, you’re not climbing anything together!” 

    Mavis and Mar’i sighed knowing this part of their game was now over. The two mothers walked away leaving the girls to play together once again. 

    Mavis approached Mar’i but the other girl pouted and crossed her arms at her friend. 

    Mavis pleaded at her raven haired friend, “I really didn’t mean to, I promise!” 

    “Hmpf!” Mar’i huffed and turned away from the mini empath, “I don’t want to play with you anymore!” 

    Mavis’s eyes started to well up with tears at the rejection of her best friend until suddenly inspiration struck her.

    “WAIT!” she shouted, taking the towel off her shoulders, “You can have my cape if you’ll be my best friend again.” 

    Mar’i straightened up in shock, “Really?” 

    “Uh-huh! Will you still be my friend?” Mavis implored her friend. 

    “Of course!” Mar’i said, standing up and putting the towel over her own shoulders. 

    Mavis breathed a sigh of relief as she stood with her friend and continued their game. 

    Beneath the mountain where the heroes had fallen they discovered a vast cave ripe for exploring. The cave was cold and dark, they had made an attempt at a fire to warm themselves up, but the cold winds within the cave kept blowing it out like a birthday candle. Mavis could make out ancient runes inscribed in the cave’s walls that quickly lead the two to the innermost part of the cave. 

    It wasn’t too long until the adventurers heard heavy breathing in the darkness that didn’t belong to either of the pair. As their eyes adjusted to the darkness, the girls screeched in terror. 

    Looking at them were several jackalopes, with their teeth bared and ready to attack the young girls. Mar’i attempted to run to the safety of the queen but Mavis the Formidable, knew exactly what to… 

    Kori looked up from the conversation she was having with Raven when she heard Mavis scream what could only be described as a warrior cry. “Raven...I don’t mean to alarm you but, your daughter is running and screaming manically with 3 baby bunnies in her arms.” 

    Raven took a deep shaky breath and closed her eyes, trying to find a state of calm. After several attempts to find a meditative state, a nearby bird's nest exploded as Raven finally lost her patience, “MAVIS ANGELA LOGAN! DROP THE BUNNIES!” 

    Mavis, the formidable once again found herself caught within the grasp of the evil witch and her chair of eternity. Days stretched into years and years stretched into decades as the adventurer found herself bound to the evil throne. 

    No amount of pleading and bargaining with the cruel witch would change her mind as the warrior was only met with hushes and dark glares that she learned in witch language meant “shut up”. Just when Mavis thought she would be left to perish cold and alone in the chair of eternity a glorious sound parted the clouds and rang through the heavens. 

    Beep, Beep, Beep. The timer on Raven’s phone went off signaling to Mavis that her timeout was over. Mavis eagerly lept from the chair but Raven stopped her before she could run back into the backyard. “Uh-uh, you’re not getting away that easily!” 

    Mavis wilted and shuffled back over to her mother to get a talking to. Just as Raven was about to start scolding Mavis, the sliding glass door opened and out stepped Phoenix, Garfield and Dick. 

    Garfield knew his youngest daughter like the back of his hand and knew what the look on her face meant. “Oh no, what did you do this time?” he asked Mavis casually. 

    Raven narrowed her eyes at Mavis while speaking to her husband, “Your daughter is trying to catch wild animals to play with them again.” 

    “How come she’s always my daughter when she’s in trouble?” The changeling asked. 

    “Because Phoenix is my daughter when she’s in trouble, this was our agreement, I get the mean one and you get the feral one.” 

    “Right, I forgot about that. You want me to handle this one?” 

    “I would love nothing more.” 

    With that, Raven turned to her older daughter to get the details of how her training went, while Garfield crouched down to his youngest daughter. 

    “Are you out here driving your mother crazy?” 

    Mavis cracked a small smile. 

    “It’s not funny, Mavis,” he warned. 

    “Well I was just trying to play with Mari and we were playing knights and we wanted to go on a quest to find the dragon but mom won’t let me use my powers or a sword or chase jackalopes and then I accidently hurt Mar’i with a towel but I was just trying to save her from falling off a mountain and-” 

    Gar threw up his hand to silence his child’s rambling. “What’s this about a dragon?” 

    Raven side eyed her husband and smirked knowing where he was going with this by the tone of his voice. 

    Mavis continued on, “There’s a dragon, and it’s attacking the whole village and-” 

    Gar cut her off again and began inching towards Raven. “I see, Mavis, does the dragon look anything like this?” he questioned as he threw his wife over his shoulder, morphed into a pterodactyl and flew several feet in the air with Raven on his back. 

    Raven no longer found her husband's antics amusing as she desperately clung to his neck to avoid a sudden drop. “GARFIELD MARK LOGAN YOU BETTER NOT DROP ME I SWEAR TO GOD!” 

    Mavis the Formidable was finally face to face with her enemy the dragon and he had captured the witch. Normally this would’ve been something to celebrate, but the witch was sometimes nice. She was the best at reading bedtime stories and always had really good snacks, so Mavis couldn’t let her get eaten by the dragon yet. 

    Mavis wielded her arm-sized sword and began to swing at the dreaded dragon. The dragon flew close to the ground but continued to dodge Mavis’s attacks with ease. All seemed hopeless until Mavis remembered the dragon slaying potion the witch had made for her. Mavis pulled the bottle out of her back pocket, popped the cork, tilted her head back and chugged the potion. 

    Raven’s eyes went wide as she watched her child attempt to chug what was essentially salt water and fall to her hands and knees, gagging. Raven stifled a chuckle until she burst out into a fit of giggles. 

    “You’re not supposed to drink it you dork, you’re supposed to throw it at the dragon!” she said through fits of laughter. 

    Gar quickly morphed back into his human form also laughing and let Raven get down off of his back. 

    “Are you going to be ok?” he asked, trying to stifle his own laughter. 

    “That was so yucky” she managed to cough out and dramatically pretended to die. 

    By this point, she had everyone in the backyard laughing including herself. Gar went over to pick the child up, when suddenly her eyes shot open and she shoved the stick between his arm and chest. Gar immediately went along with the game. “AAHHHHH YOU KILLED ME” He screamed, falling to the ground next to Mavis. 

    Raven walked over to the two impressed, “That was pretty clever Mavis the Formidable. You wanna go get some water to wash out that potion taste?” 

    “And a snack?” 

    “Sure Mavis, and a snack” 

    THE END. 

    #bbraeweek21 #Phoenix and Mavis #None of you understand this fic is my baby #I love this story so much its probably my favorite one ive ever written #y'all wanted more bbrabies #bbrae#bbrae fanfiction
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    right now im trying to post all of my drafts before moving onto anymore works but i can gladly say that the series has been completed and written down i just need to type it up+spell check it.

    it has been a while since i've written anything because i went through a huge wave of depression and have relapsed on a few bad habits, but now that i'm mentally better than i was before i've began writing again.

    Also for those who feel as though me writing about mr.freezy is controversal it was never my intention to write about the character. In fact that's the plot twist/spoiler to the series. But we'll have to wait and see what happens next won't we? Xoxo

    #submission #easy money fanfiction #update #im sorry my readers
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    Castle Ficlet: Beyond 1/1


     This is truly one of the most indulgent moments of her life. There's no other way to put it when she's able to sit at a breakfast table with a cup of fresh – truly fresh, not the coffee shop down the street version of fresh – coffee in her hands, watching dozens of elephants frolicking through a watering hole with her bare feet on the railing that's above them.

     "So, is this everything you were hoping for?"

     Her lips lift. "This is… beyond that. God, Castle," she breathes, shaking her head. She can barely tear her eyes away to offer him another look of gratitude. God, he's made all of this happen and she has no idea how. How had he even known what to look for? Who to call? How to set this up?

     His chin dips and she can see a pleased smile touch his lips. He's not gloating, at least for right now. "I'm glad, Kate."

     "Get your food, Rick," she murmurs, sipping her coffee. "You're going to need your strength later."

     He licks his lips, reaching for one of the muffins on the plate in front of him. "Understood. Loud and clear."

      This time, she's able to meet his eyes when she grins. "Good."

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    My Best Friend

    This is just a small thing I had an idea for. It came out much shorter than what I had originally thought up at work but I hope you all still enjoy :)

    "What if...if I don't want to be friends anymore?"

    Ted sat anxiously on his bed, half watching a show on the TV while waiting for his best friend to get home. Letting out a sigh he glanced over at Bill's bed for the fourth time in the last hour. Maybe this night wasn't the best night either. He had been putting it off for, well, a while but maybe-

    Before he could fully make up his mind the front door of their apartment swung open, Bill stepping inside and setting down multiple grocery bags. "Evening, Ted!"

    Ted smiled softly, clicking off the TV, before getting up to help put away the groceries. They put them away in almost complete silence, Bill making the occasional joke which Ted lightly laughed at. It wasn't until Ted was putting the last item away in the fridge that Bill spoke up, a thick layer of concern clear behind his words.

    "Ted, my friend, are you ok? You're not acting like your normal goofy self."

    Ted looked up as he closed the fridge door, his bogus smile slipping away. "Of course dude. I just-" He let out a sigh, running a hand through his hair. "Can we talk?"

    It was clear that Bill's concern was growing, however he only smiled brighter. "Of course dude."

    He followed after his friend to the beds, sitting across from him on his own bed. Ted looked visibly anxious, maybe even stressed, before sighing and finally speaking.

    "Bill what if...if I don't want to be friends anymore?"

    Bill's smile faltered, his heart feeling as if it had shattered in his chest. Weren't they best friends? Ted and him had been friends for, well, forever...why would he suddenly want to stop being friends? "Well, I...I guess-" He couldn't find the words, unwanted tears forming just behind his eyes as he tried to force a smile.

    Upon seeing his friend's reaction Ted's panic seemed to grow and he quickly continued. "I mean, what if I wanted to be something other than friends dude? Something more than friends?"

    The blonde's frown only grew, his brows furrowing. "What, like arch nemeses?"

    Ted smiled at his friend's joke however, upon realizing he was serious, the smile slipped away from his face. "No. Bill, you are the most excellent friend anyone could ask for. We're best friends dude and nothing will ever change that but…" He let out another sigh before continuing. "What if I wanted to be partners? Instead of friends?"

    The somber expression instantly slipped away from Bill's face, instead being replaced by a wide shit eating grin, articulated by his raised eyebrow. "Ted, my most excellent friend, why didn't you just start with that?"

    "I-" He let out a relieved laugh, smiling lightly. "I suppose I didn't know the utmost perfect words for it."

    Grin growing, the blonde moved so that he was sitting next to Ted on his bed. "I think being partners would be most radical."

    Leaning forward he gently connected their lips, Ted smiling into the kiss.


    #bill and ted #ted x bill #bill s preston esquire #ted theodore logan #short fic#fanfiction#oneshot #sorry i suck at tags #:)))#mine
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    Story - Sacrifice

    Hey guys!

    I wrote this beginning of a story this morning, letting my imagination guide me. I don't know where it's going to lead. Should I continue? This time it's a love story between Ivar ( he is scary in this one)  and Reader.

    I hope you like it and if you want to be tagged don’t hesitate to tell me.

    Pairing: Ivar x Reader

    Warning: Viking raid, mention of attack , betrayal, toxic” friend”.

    Chapter 1 : Betrayal

    Could it be that women could be much crueller than men? (Y/N) was now convinced of this and had no taste for anything. She, who was a princess from a great dynasty, was now tied to the ship of the most dangerous man of her time: Ivar the Boneless. Silently, she wept and was deeply affected by what had just happened, while feeling Ivar stare at her coldly and impassively... Now that she was in his hands, she knew that he would show her no mercy.

     Nereth, the one she thought was her friend since childhood, had just betrayed her by allying herself with Ivar. This moment will remain forever marked in her mind. During the whole journey, she saw again this scene that sealed her fate forever: "The first attempts to negotiate with the unpredictable Viking king had just ended. It did not go as planned, Ivar did not accept any peace offer and stared at her with a look of hostility. (Y/N) was quickly unsettled and did not dare to speak for the hour, he frightened her. Shortly after this meeting, which turned into a nightmare for the young woman, Nereth added another layer by telling her that she had just been made to look weak in front of Ivar... (Y/N) took it very badly, what right did Nereth have to humiliate her in this way? 

    After a violent argument between the two "friends" (Y/N) did not see Nereth again that evening, as if she had vanished. She fell asleep early in the evening only to be woken up three hours later by frightened screams. 

    Her home town was being invaded in the middle of the night by the Northmen. It all happened very quickly, she had barely gotten up when the door to her room opened suddenly: she broke down as she saw Nereth quietly enter her room followed by Ivar who was covered in blood.

     "She is yours Ivar, I hope you will keep your promise". Said Nereth

     (Y/N) looked at Nereth in fear, where was her friend who protected her every time she ran away in the evening to escape the worldly festivities? Where was Nereth, the one who was the source of her unstoppable laughter at banquets? Had she been playing her all along?

     "...Nereth what the..."

     "Shut up (Y/N)! At least I saved you from a tragic end, you should be grateful!" Nereth exploded with hatred.

     She didn't... (Y/N) restrained herself from insulting her copiously nevertheless, she had to keep a cold head as her parents had always told her. Now it was certain, this woman had never been her friend. She had been playing her from the beginning.

     She trembled with fear as she saw Ivar approaching, grabbing her face to force her to look at him. She was convinced that this man was the epitome of cruelty itself.

     "Do as he says and all will be well." Nereth dared to say with provocation.

     "Can we go now, or shall I leave you to fuss? Ivar interrupted coldly.

     "Go ahead."

     Ivar tied (Y/N)'s wrists and motioned for the guards to take her out of the castle. Just before leaving (Y/N) found the strength to warn Nereth.

    "You always have to pay for your actions, Nereth." She said for the first time angrily before she was pushed off by the guards.

    Nereth looked at her, seeming unimpressed by this warning, and drew a dark look from Ivar.

    "What?" she asked.

    "Beware, do not sink into ambition Nereth, you could lose yourself. This is the first and last time I agree to be allied with you." Said Ivar with a threatening tone before leaving.

    After returning to the camp, Ivar asked that (Y/N) be brought to his tent. He quickly felt that it was destroyed by what had just happened.

    “Sit down." Ivar said in a surprisingly soft voice.

    She looked at him for a few minutes, still apprehensive, imagining the worst. Then the instinct of survival pushed her to sit down. Ivar watched her for a few minutes, still cold, before giving her a drink."

    (Y/N) came back to reality when she felt a hand touching her wrist... It was Ivar, he covered her with a blanket without having a single glance for her and then joined Hvitserk who seemed curious to know how far this unusual meeting would lead his brother and (Y/N) ...

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