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  • crassussativum
    20.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Day 19: Trick

    “...so stupid. Sometimes I find myself wishin’ you’d hold me down and-”

    Crassus’ mandibles jerked in tightly. “I’m not like that.”

    “I know. I’m glad, yeah? I just wish I was gettin’ over this shit as fast as I wanna.”

    “There’s no trick to getting over this.”

    In the dark, Mavic sighed. Crassus felt his chest rise high and fall flat against his arm.

    “I know there’s not.” He murmured. “I know. I wish there was. I’m so... tired of strugglin’ with this. It. Whatever.”

    Crassus rubbed their fingers together in return, gently, carefully. “I know.”

    “It’s not even bein’ naked with someone, y’know?” His voice was quiet. “Naked I can do. Touch, I can do. Took me forever to kiss you, but I can do that now no problem.”

    He smiled wanly. “You’ve already accomplished so much.”

    “Thanks...” Mavic said at length. “It don’t feel like much.”

    “I don’t think it ever does.”

    Mavic rubbed his chin against Crassus’ shoulder. The silence between them stretched for long minutes before he spoke again. “I don’t get why it’s so hard when it’s somethin’ I wanna do. I want to and then we’re half way there, y’know,? And I can’t. It’s like a switch flips in my head and I can’t.”

    He rubbed their fingers together again. “What’s your therapist say?”

    Mavic snorted. “To be patient with myself.”

    “She’s not wrong.”

    “No shit.” He sighed heavily again. “Crass, I don’t have a third of your patience. I dunno how you put up with me. With the stop and start, stop and start over and over. I must frustrate the fuck outta you. I frustrate the fuck outta me.”

    He chuckled quietly. “You don’t. For the record.”

    “How? Really, how?”

    Crassus slid his fingers between Mavic’s and rubbed circles along his palm. “I don’t know. You just don’t. I mean, I do get frustrated with you, yes, but not about the big things. You need time to process all that happened. That’s understandable and it will take as long as it takes and I understand that. I’m here for as long as it takes and as long as you want me here.” He squeezed Mavic’s hand. “I don’t understand, however, why you think it’s perfectly acceptable to put the toilet paper on the back of the toilet and not the holder. That’s frustrating. I know you were raised in a barn but come on.”

    Mavic laughed and squeezed his hand back. “Asshole.”

    He chuckled and rubbed his eyes with his opposite hand. “I love you, too.”

    “Spirits know why,” He murmured and kissed his shoulder. 

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  • musical-apple
    20.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Just had an idea. I will start a sort of mini event. Let's say in cue of the nearing of spook month. This will be a sort of Celebration event for y'all. You are wonderful and patient people, and you deserve to be celebrated.

    Don't worry, I will answer the ask you already sent. School is started and I have an important year to focus on, but you will be all in my memory wherever I go, don't worry.

    Quick reminder: on this blog, everyone, and I do mean it is welcome. Whether you are neurodivergent, part of the LGBTQA+ community, a religious person, or whatever you feel comfortable being, you are part of our family. I love you and you are worth it. You are the bravest person I know and you will have a successful life. Remember this.
    This goes for asking, I have no bound when it comes to choices of what to write, I do it for you, so that you can feel good when read something you dreamed or thought of. I am honoured to have this opportunity and it's all thanks to you.


    I care

    Just breath

    I love you

    You're safe here

    Do you need a hug

    You're not alone in this

    What would help right now?

    I wish I could take your pain away

    We can stay here until you feel better

    It's alright... I've got you.

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  • sleepyvirgilprompts
    20.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    "...Are you okay, Virgil?"

    Virgil stood up, stumbling slightly. "I'm gonna... go..."

    "Hold on," said Roman, grabbing his arm. "When was the last time you had a full night of sleep?" Virgil froze as soon as Roman touched him. Then he turned his head and stared at Roman's hand. Did... did being touched normally feel like this? He couldn't remember. Noticing that something was definitely up, Roman asked, "Sorry, should I not have touched you?" and drew back his hand.

    This time, Virgil grabbed Roman, moving before his exhausted, over-stressed brain could think about it. "Don't let go!"

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  • homefreeptx
    20.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Imagine Your OTP #309

    Person A and B spending the day with B's family, going out for lunch and participating in some fun family-friendly activities together. A has never had a good relationship with their parents, but the more they get to know B's, the more they feel at home again.

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  • hitmanprompts
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    47 is on the terrace overlooking the beach in Sapienza. He is concealing his vial of lethal poison with his beach towel. The target seems to spend their night at the beach.

    Trope: Belated Love Epiphany

    Include these random words: silverballer | gate | son

    Include this line of dialogue: "The money has been wired to your account." Hitman Prompt Generator

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  • doctenwho
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Hangovers, Love and Space Vodka (PE Pt. 2)

    Hello! Requests are definitely open, even if I’m awfully slow! I feel bad at how slow these are coming out especially since there’s so many in waiting, but writing just hasn’t been on the table recently. Apologies for that!

    But I’ve found the time and the motivation, so I decided to get this done! Thank you for your patience! This is such a cute idea, and it always makes me happy that people like the first parts enough to request a continuation. I had a lot of fun writing it, so I hope you readers like it too! 

    So, please enjoy the continuation of Purest Expression (also, you should probably read that one if you haven’t already, this fic heavily references it!) Also, I just thought the name was funny and I was in desperate need for one, so feel free to suggest others if you’ve got one!

    Warnings: Talk of alcohol, but no drinking!

    Word Count: 4,050

    Summary: Check out the prompt above! :)

    (Gif doesn’t belong to me, credit to the talented creator!)

    You didn’t really remember a lot when you woke up. All you really knew was you'd drank far too much of that delicious cocktail, and that your brain was pounding in your head. This was quite possibly one of the worst hangovers you’d had, but honestly, you’d do it all over again to have another one of those space cocktails.

    You rolled onto your back, lifting your hands to cover your eyes in an attempt to block out what little light managed to stream into the room. Your stomach churned at the movement, but it settled out easily enough after you didn’t move a muscle for a few minutes following your roll.  

    You relaxed back into the bed when your stomach settled down, and finally uncovered your eyes, staring up at the ceiling with a bleary gaze.  

    As you laid there, you tried to piece together the evening. The bits and pieces between arriving and having enough to drink that you could no longer walk a straight line.  

    You knew you’d gone out on the town with the Doctor—he'd been excited to show you things. He'd raved enthusiastically about the planet, and you’d listened along as your own excitement grew too. Then, you remember finally stepping out of the TARDIS and being completely astounded by this new planet, with all its colours, music and general liveliness.  

    The cute little bar wedged between two buildings; you remember that too. And of course, you remember the cocktail—you'd had two, or three, or... had it been four? You couldn’t really pinpoint it. The Doctor had said it was weaker than earth vodka, and maybe it was, but the after effects were definitely more intense to a human that human vodka was. That said you’d still be down for another drink or two before you left.  

    It was well worth the pain of a hangover to taste that drink again. Just the thought of it made your tastebuds tingle.  

    You let out a light laugh before rolling back over onto you side, but this time following it up with pulling yourself to a sitting position. The nausea was still there, but hardly noticeable; just a subtle warning to keep your movements slow and steady lest you start gagging.  

    Your head was still pounding, but you knew that wasn’t going to go away without pain killers, so you stumbled to your feet to go find the Doctor. He’d have something that could help, and at this point, you didn’t care what planet it came from, so long as it killed the raging headache and... well, didn’t kill you.  

    You found the Doctor in the kitchen of all places.  

    He was perched at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee in front of him, as well as a book. He startled when you stepped into the room, breathing a light, “oh, (Y/N),” as a greeting.

    You continued into the room, wobbling on your feet for just a second, “good morning,” you greeted in return, forcing a smile onto your lips despite the headache, “you don’t happen to have any pain killers do you?”

    The Doctor frowned, “are you unwell?”

    “Just a bit of a hangover,” you promised with a wave of your hand, “a little worse than an earth alcohol hangover, but it’s manageable. I’ll be fine, my head just really hurts.”

    “Right, of course,” the Doctor nodded, pushing himself up and moving towards the cupboards. He rifled around the cabinets, reading labels of things and putting them back before he finally found what he was looking for, “these aren’t of your earth, but they are basically the same thing as your planet’s Advils. I’m sorry I don’t have anything that’ll help from your earth, I should really invest in some if I’m going to keep soliciting companions from earth.”

    “Soliciting?” You snorted a laugh, which made you wince lightly, “really?”

    “Well, I do tempt you humans away with the offer of the entirety of the universe, now, don’t I?” You smiled at the Doctor’s cheeky grin as he joined you at your side, setting the pill bottle in front of you to do with as you pleased, whether that was to ignore it, or take a couple, before he carried on to the counter. “No different really, I offer the universe in exchange for companionship, and I’m proud to say very few have ever declined. Now, would you like a tea, or coffee?”

    “Jokes on the ones who declined, they’re really missing out,” you huffed out as you picked up the pill bottle, surveying over the list of ingredients. None looked too out of the world, but honestly, you’d do anything at this point to ease the thrum of your headache, so you uncapped the bottle, “surprise me.”

    The Doctor turned back to flash you a grin from where he’d busied himself at the counter, “will do, my Dear.”

    You shook a few pills into your hand from the bottle, eyeing them as if they were about to change colours or something similarly alien-like, but when none of that happened, you frowned, “how many do I take?”

    “Well...” the Doctor turned thoughtfully to lean against the counter, “I’d say to start off with one and see if it does anything for you. There will be small differences from planet to planet, and we wouldn’t want you to overdose. After a half an hour you can try taking another pill if one doesn’t help.”

    “Sounds good,” you popped a single pill into your mouth before you could hesitate. As if the Doctor was magic, he slid a mug of you go-to morning beverage towards you, and you washed the pill down with a sip of the perfectly prepared drink.  

    You savored the taste of your drink, sighing into the warmth. When you’d had a couple sips, you put the cap back on the pill bottle and slid the bottle to the center of the table. You watched the Doctor move around the small kitchen as he made himself another coffee before joining you at the table.  

    The two of you settled into a silence, thankfully. You hunched over the table, your elbows on the surface and your cheeks cupped in your palms, as the Doctor continued reading, but he looked like he was lost in his thoughts instead of actually reading.  

    “How long have you been up?” you asked slowly, squeezing your eyes shut before blinking them open again to see the Doctor’s gaze on you. “You’re kinda spacing out.”

    “I’ve just... some things on my mind,” the Doctor admits with a tiny curl upwards of his lips. It didn’t really answer the question, but at the same time it did. You didn’t think the Doctor had even gone to sleep. “Has the headache eased at all?”

    Your mouth formed an ‘o’ shape noticing suddenly that the headache was in fact almost gone. You hadn’t even realized, “yeah,” you informed with a laugh, “almost gone. I didn’t even notice—space things are so much better than earth things; the drugs and alcohol.”

    “That would be a very worrying observation if I didn’t know exactly what you were talking about,” the Doctor snorted a laugh. You laughed along too, even if the statement was completely true—it had only been about ten minutes and the space Advil was already working wonders, where as the earth stuff could take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes to actually kick in.  

    “So,” you drawled after another string of comfortable silence between the two of you, “what’s been on you mind then?”

    The Doctor eyed you up and down briefly before sighing, running his fingers through his hair and making his already untamed locks stand up at odder angles, “I was just thinking about yesterday.”

    “Yesterday,” you parroted under your breath. You’d been thinking about yesterday too. How could you not be? There were still gaps in time where you don’t really remember what happened. “What happened yesterday?”

    “You don’t remember?” The Doctor blinked.

    “No, I do,” you leaned back in your chair with a sigh, “well, most of it, I think. But some of it... I don’t know? It’s kind of a blur. I guess the cocktails started hitting me towards the end of the evening, I barely remember coming back.”

    “You were a bit out of it,” the Doctor admits sheepishly, “glad I cut you off at three drinks then.”

    “I could’ve handled more,” you scoffed, smiling widely in a teasing way.  

    The Doctor rolled his eyes, leaning forwards, closer to you as his voice dropped, “I do believe three is probably your limit, Love.”

    You let out a bout of bright laughter and the Doctor smiled softly. You loved how easy it was to banter with the man—how the two of you were so comfortable with the other that you could tease back and forth like this.  

    As if to prove his point, your head gave a warning thrum of pain that drew a shallow breath from you, “yeah,” you shook the pain off, “you’re probably right about three being my space-cocktail limit.”

    The Doctor shook his head fondly at you as he settled back in his chair, “so, anything you’d like to know about yesterday? I did promise I’d tell you anything you’d like to know?”

    You thought back to what you remembered about yesterday: the walk from the TARDIS to the bar, the ideal seating at the bar, those amazing rainbow cocktails that tasted like dreams. Drinking and chatting and laughing with the Doctor—splitting a plate of chips that were unbelievably delicious... and then... well, the space English the TARDIS didn’t bother translating for you.  

    “What was the bartender saying to you?”

    The Doctor drew in a breath as his cheeks dusted the faintest pink, “nothing important, I assure.”

    “C’mon,” you pouted, cradling your half drank, significantly cooled drink between your hands as you leaned towards the Doctor this time, “you said you promised to tell me about yesterday, right?”

    The man chewed at his lip, subdued, but clearly trying to figure out the best course of action, “alright, well, we... I suppose we were acting a tad bit... involved? And... some assumptions were made about us by the barkeep.”

    “Involved how?” you raised a questioning eyebrow. “And... what kind of assumptions?”

    “Involved involved,” the Doctor cleared his throat, eyeing your level of understanding before rubbing his forehead and adding, “uhm, romantically involved. Those were, well, the main assumptions made as well.”

    You gaped for a second before a thought came back to you suddenly, “he kept calling us lovers.”

    “Yes,” the Doctor managed a light, fond smile, “I did try to explain it to him: us, our companionship—but, well, he... he didn’t believe me.”

    “He didn’t believe you?” You repeated back, surprised.  

    “No,” the Doctor laughed, rubbing the back of his neck, “he made some pretty solid points in favor of us being romantically involved too, actually.”

    “Oh yeah?” you teased, “and what points might those be?”

    “Well, we were sitting fairly close--”

    “As friends do,” the excuse came easily. The Doctor raised an eyebrow, but continued on like you hadn’t spoken.

    “--I was hovering close to you, I suppose... A bit at least--”

    “You were worried about me,” you interjected with a fond eyeroll at how wrong the bartender had been. Lovers? Come on, no way. You guys were... you were friends. Obviously. Though the thought of the Doctor hovering over you, making sure you were okay warmed your heart.  

    “--we leaned into each other’s sides, uhm, multiple times throughout the evening--”

    You struggled for an excuse for that one, you did tend to lean into his space, not that the Doctor ever seemed to mind. And he liked to press into your personal space as well—neither of you really cared about proximity, so you managed a one shouldered shrug, “it was just loud in the bar, hard to hear each other.”

    “--and, well, he pointed out I was staring at you occasionally; odd for him to have noticed, when I didn’t even realize I was doing it.”

    You couldn’t come up with an excuse for that one, eyebrows furrowing in confusion that made your breath catch in the weirdest way. He’d been staring at you? Why did that make you feel so happy?

    “And then the fact that you returned the stare when I wasn’t looking. Honestly, that barkeep spent more time watching us than he did working last night, I’m sure.” The Doctor let out a playful scoff, genuinely amused that the bartender had put more time into them than his job.  

    You however, were suddenly caught up in the information.  

    He’d been staring at you when you weren’t looking—fondly, you were sure, if it had caught the bartender’s attention and led him to believe the two of you were in a relationship. Then there was the fact that you were staring at him in return? You’d been caught by someone staring at the Doctor? You knew you did it sometimes, how could you not? He was a good-looking, kind, compassionate man who liked your company. Just being with him made your heart speed up.

    “That doesn’t mean we’re a couple,” you forced yourself to say, even if... well, you were questioning it just slightly. You knew, of course, that the two of you weren’t a couple but... “That bartender was just bored and looking too far into us, I’m sure he was doing it to everyone...”

    “Of course not, surely we’d know if we were, right?” the Doctor agreed with a light grin. The grin only lingered for a second before it faltered and he chewed at his bottom lip. You were about to question it, but he spoke again before you could, “but, well, I suppose there is the song he had to go off of as well.”

    “The song?” You questioned before it all flooded back—well, most of it, at least, “we were on a stage. We... we sang together. Was that a karaoke bar or something?”

    “We were,” the Doctor ducked his head in a nod, “we... did. And it, well, it was kind of like your earth karaoke bar. Do you remember anything about it?”

    You tried to remember, you know the Doctor explained it last night after he’d gotten the information from the barkeeper, but you still don’t really know. And you’re sure there were bits and pieces that he didn’t tell you last night as well. So, you shook your head.

    “Right,” the man nodded, settling his elbows on the tabletop as he held his chin up, “well, the concept of the song ritual we were roped into performing is that you sing whatever song best corresponds to what you think about your peer. I’m not exactly sure how it works to be honest, the expression through song is just strong.”

    “So, whatever I felt about you would be... conveyed through a song?”

    “Yes.” The Doctor gives a light nod.

    “And whatever you felt about me would... would also be?”

    “Indeed,” his head tilts as he surveys you, trying to piece together where you were going with this string of questions.  

    “But... we sang a duet, didn’t we?” You furrowed your eyebrows, running a finger along the rim of your mug. You faintly remembered chiming in with the Doctor’s song, instantly knowing the new lines to his song despite not knowing his lines, or the actual song. “Does that happen? What... what does it mean?”

    “Well,” the Doctor cleared his throat, looking nervous. “It does happen, it’s just, well, it’s rare? I suppose. The barkeeper, just before we left, told me that the last time he saw a duet happen during the expression through song ceremony was when he was a child.”

    “Wow, okay,” you bit the inside of your cheek. You had a feeling you knew what it meant, and the thought made your cheeks heat up, but you asked anyways, “what does a duet mean?”

    “Well, generally speaking...” the Doctor shot you a small, crooked smile, “it means that we feel exactly the same way about each other. Exactly the same to the point that our expression would be through the same song, at the same time.”

    “Wow,” you couldn’t help but repeat, “that’s... wow. So it really is unusual then? Why did it happen to us? Was it a fluke?”

    “No, don’t think so,” the Doctor shakes his head, a blush rising to his cheeks as his fingers tap against the table, “something like that would be hard to fake, so I doubt it was a fluke. We chose the song—deep in our subconscious when thinking of the other... I mean... I didn’t know the lyrics beforehand, did you?”

    “No,” you breathed out, fingers fiddling with your empty mug, “I don’t even think I remember the lyrics now. They were just... in my head when they needed to be. I didn’t even know your lines of the song. It’s weird that we were the people that got the duet—random visitors.”

    “It was the same for me,” the Doctor sends you a small smile, “I think few people view their... companion the same way their companion views them. It seems highly unlikely that any two people can feel the exact same way...”

    You’re not sure why, but there’s something different about the way the Doctor says companion this time around. Maybe he holds a different fondness than you’re used to, or perhaps some other reason, but there’s an unfamiliar warmth in the word.  

    “But we did,” you whisper, looking up momentarily and catching the Doctor’s eyes before dropping your gaze back to your cup.

    “But we did,” the Doctor repeats, just slightly louder than you. Like he too can’t wrap his brain around it. There’s a pause before the Doctor’s clearing his throat, forcing a crooked smile onto his lips. “Well, I promised you we head to the shops for some alcohol and other treats, didn’t I?”

    The Doctor stands, moving swiftly towards the door without looking back.

    “I meant it, you know?” You speak before you even realize you’re speaking. You don’t see the Doctor stop, since you’re facing the other direction, but you hear his steps come to a halt, feet planting in spot.  

    He doesn’t say anything for a second, which prompts you on, “I do need you.”

    He still doesn’t say anything, or move, so you stand and gather both your mug and his own, walking in the opposite direction from him towards the sink. You set the mugs in but don’t touch the faucet, instead mumbling a soft, “I want you.”

    You’re not even sure if he’d still there anymore, or if he’d taken you moving as his cue to escape. You don’t turn to look, afraid to not find him there, so instead you whisper what little of your lyrics from yesterday that you remember, “come on back to me.”

    Another moment of silence drags in before you hear the Doctor moving. His steps are quick, and you think he’s leaving out the door when suddenly hands are on your waist and he’s swiftly turning you around and gently pushing you against the edge of the counter beside the sink.  

    You manage to muffle your surprise as his lips press against yours, soft but urgently all the same.  

    You melt into his lips, eyes slipping shut as his hands leave your waist, one wrapping around your middle, as the other rises to cup at your jaw. It spurs you on too, your arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him just slightest bit close, to which he blindly follows your lead.  

    You don’t pull away until the need to breath outweighs how good it feels to be kissing him.

    You both gasp for breath, but neither of you pull away, lips still touching the faintest bit, “I didn’t think you even remembered the lyrics... how... intimate the duet was...” It’s the first thing the Doctor’s said since trying to flee the room.

    You slowly open your eyes, catching his eyes waiting to make contact and a smile pulls at your lips. You pull away a bit, pushing your forehead against his, “I didn’t really remember the lyrics until just now, but I never forgot the feeling of singing them to you, and hearing you singing them back to me.”

    The arm around your waist tightens around you, “I didn’t know you felt the same way,” the Doctor whispers. “I didn’t want to... make you uncomfortable, or chase you away. And then you woke up this morning, and didn’t remember anything with the hangover, so I... was going to let it go.”

    You’re sure you make a noise of protest, maybe even disappointment, but you only assume because the Doctor lets out a chuckle before stealing another kiss that you’re more than happy to give.  

    When he goes to pull back, you snake your hand up to hold him in place, mumbling softly against his lips the last of your lyrics, a message he’d sure to understand, “I love you sundown.”

    The Doctor freezes against you pulling back just enough to look into your eyes before a smile creeps onto his face. You smile at his smile, watching him fondly as his head tilts in that adorable way, affection bright in his eyes, “and I, you, my Love.”

    You melt at the words leaning into him and pressing your head against his chest, fitted perfectly under his chin like a puzzle piece. Your arms wrap around him, and his move to hold you against himself just as you had done to him seconds earlier.  

    You stay like that for a while—you're not sure how long. You feel protected tucked against the Doctor, and it’s a feeling you’re never going to forget.  

    “How’s your head?” he asks softly above you, the voice after so long of nothing by his steady heart beats startles you. The Doctor presses an apologetic kiss to the top of your head.

    “Better,” you decide, nuzzling closer to him, “why?”

    “Well, I did promise we’d check out the shops, if you’re feeling up to it.”

    “I almost forgot about that,” you laugh, finally pulling away. The Doctor unwraps his hand begrudgingly, frowning as he does so. You let out a laugh, slipping your hand into his. “I wanna see the shops before we leave this evening. We’ve gotta get some of that vodka.”

    “I see more hangovers in your near future,” the Doctor snorts as he leads you along by the hand.  

    “Oh, and, we should definitely pick up a gift for the bartender from last night,” you add, ignoring the Doctor’s teasing jab at your weak human alcohol tolerance.

    “Why’s that?”

    “Well, without his instance that we sing, and his instance that we were a couple, none of this,” you gesture down to your interlocked hands as the two of you step out of the TARDIS and onto the busy, colourful streets, “would’ve happened.”

    The Doctor’s quiet for a second as the two of you fall into step. “There’s nothing in the universe that can ever thank him enough for what he’s done,” the man softly admits, giving your hand an adoring squeeze that drives his words home.  

    Your cheeks heat up as you tuck yourself in his side. He moves easily to accommodate you, releasing your hand to wrap his arm over your shoulders instead. You move your hand to squeeze around his waist, grinning as you respond cheekily, “I don’t know, Doctor, the space vodka is pretty good...”  

    The man sputters at your response, glancing at you with a raised eyebrow, “I was being all cute and you’re comparing the gift of our newfound relationship to vodka?” the man questions, genuinely dumbfounded.  

    You give a one shouldered shrug at his side, giggling at his reaction. It wasn’t long until the man was letting out a fond sigh, thumb stroking against your collarbone, “what am I going to do with you?”  

    The tease in his words has you smiling. There really is nothing in the universe that seems equivalent to the gift the bartender bestowed to you, but... yeah, a bottle of space vodka was a nice start.  


    Hello again! Hopefully you liked this continuation. Not sure if it kept to the prompt exactly, I got a bit carried away writing it, but nonetheless, I hope it was good! Feel free to prompt again if it wasn’t what you were looking for, as always!

    I’ll try to keep up with the prompts but idk how well I’ll be able to manage between life and the other works in other fandoms. Anyways, hope you have a great morning/day/night!

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    🍂 CMBYN Autumn Challenge | Autumn Drinks 🍂

    Hi! 🍂

    Here is the prompt for today : Autumn Drinks.

    As for all prompts for this challenge, the word minimum is 250 and there is no maximum.

    For more info and guidelines for the challenge, see this post.

    Here is the Challenge Collection on AO3 to which you can add your work.

    The next prompt will be up on the 25th of September. For the full list of prompts and the schedule, see this post.

    Have fun! 🍂

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    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #ducktales#star snippets#louie duck#dewey duck#ducktales fanfic#ducktales fanfiction #i know this came out of left field asjdkkasj sorry about that #i wrote this in july during one of mine and cookies angst sessions JKASDJKDAS #i hope this isn't super confusing #also thank you for the prompt!!!! :D #it was one of my favorites ajkdsaj you guys know how much i love dewey and louie bonding #it was just that by the time i got to it i had run out of energy to write it #but this is already written so here it is #i'm thinking about posting these snippets on ao3 but idk if i should do it separately or as a chaptered work #yall i just really wanted to write a mystical magical forest spirit when i wrote this #anyway enjoy :]
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    #yandere#yandere love #yandere x reader #yandere x you #yandere imagines#yandere scenarios#yandere oneshots#yandere prompts #yandere obey me #yandere obey me imagines #obey me imagines #obey me: one master to rule them all #obey me #asmodeus x reader #asmo x reader #yandere asmodeus#yandere asmo#yandere fantasy#yandere fanfiction
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  • thominho-incorrectquotes
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    So it turned out way longer than I planned, but whatever... Hope you like it @fandomfiish​


    This was bad. This was really bad.

    Nothing seemed to work. Nothing made sense. This whole essay was a complete disaster. Why did Thomas took Japanese Cinema if he couldn’t care less about movies in general? He was more of a literature guy anyway.

    And now he had to do this stupid essay on this stupid movie he couldn’t even remember the name, or any details about it really. He just remembered David Bowie was in it.

    The worst? He had to submit his work in few hours. He was going to fail. He was going to get kicked out of the track team. Kicked out of college.

    Tears started pooling at his eyes. His life was a complete disaster.

    In desperation, Thomas did something he would never thought he would do in his life. Call his friend for help. His only friend.

    He only knew Minho for few weeks now, first being introduced to him in their Japanese Cinema class and then as the track team captain, but the Korean young man was the only friend in Thomas’ life. After being outed as gay in High School, the boy had lost most of his friends back then and he cut ties with everyone else once he entered college. He had wanted to keep a low profile, worried to get betrayed once again.

    But then a ball of sunshine named Minho Park had sat next to him in class and never left him alone since then. The fact the guy was extremely handsome, on top of being the kindest soul he ever encountered, had only added to Thomas’ building crush on him.

    But anyway, the living wet-dream who happened to be his friend was Thomas’ only option. Because on top of being the best runner of the team, the guy was also smart as Einstein himself and was a total nerd when movies were involved.  

    And so, despite his growing anxiety, he called him.

    “Hey, Thomas, what’s up?” the young man said after picking up.

    “Minho? I-I n-need…”

    He couldn’t finish his sentence. Breath was coming short as his thoughts were fighting for dominance in his head. He wasn’t sure anymore if calling Minho was truly a good idea anymore since he was sure to embarrass himself in front of the only person that seemed to enjoy his company. Minho didn’t have to know how anxious Thomas really was.

    “Hey, Thomas, you okay shank?” The track captain asked after having no respond from Thomas.

    “I-I… I c-can’t breathe…”

    Thomas was met with silence after that statement. It had been the first thing that came to his mind.

    “Are you having a panic attack?”

    Once again, no answer from Thomas.

    “I’ll be there in five.”

    Indeed, five minutes later, a barely out of breath angel – thanks to his amazing lungs – was opening Thomas’ dorm door. Minho went immediately to his friend side who was crying and fighting for air on his bed.

    “Hey Thomas, it’s me” the boy said softly, moving slowly on the bed in order to take the smaller boy in his arms. “Breathe for me okay? It’s okay, everything’s fine. Yeah, like that, do like me… Look at me Thomas, I’m here, nothing’s gonna happen to you…”

    After few minutes, the brunet was now calm, his panic attack behind him. But the embarrassment was still there.

    “I’m sorry…”

    “Don’t be” Minho said, now sitting next to the other boy. “It’s normal…”

    “But… it’s late and…”

    “Hey, even if it's in the middle of the night, I'll be there. So don't hesitate. Just call me. Okay? I’m here for you.”

    Thomas was surprised by the emotions in Minho’s voice and even more by his words. Never a friend had cared that much for him.

    “But why?”

    A slight blush appeared on the Korean’s face.

    “Because huh… you’re my friend and… I really care about my friends.”

    Given the fact Minho had avoided eye contact during that whole sentence, Thomas knew he wasn’t telling the whole truth.

    “Tell me Minho…”

    The boy blushed even harder.

    “Okay, the fact that I like you may also be the reason why…”

    Okay, what?! Did Thomas really hear that right? It wasn’t some fantasy indulged hearing illusion?

    “Y-you like me?”

    “Huh, duh” Minho said, matter-of-factly, “why do you think I do all this flirting with you?”

    “Wait what?!”

    “Oh shuck, you’re so oblivious” he laughed. “Yes Thomas, I like you. You’re cute and apparently, that’s totally my type, and on top of that you’re so fun to be around. I like you.”

    Words had never hit Thomas so hard, in a good way. He never tough he would one day hear words like that from somebody else.

    “I like you too.”

    “Good” Minho said before diving in and capturing the brunet’s lips with his own. It was a soft kiss, full of affection and care. The kind that was just perfect after a panic attack.

    When they parted, Thomas could help feeling so much love for the young man in front of him.

    “So… care to tell me what made you panic?” Minho asked softly.

    The brunet sighed at the reminder and put in heads on his friend’s shoulder, seeking comfort. “It’s that essay in Japanese Cinema…”

    Minho chuckled. “Yeah, I can help you with that.” He kissed Thomas once again, taking the boy in his arms. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”


    For anyone curious, the movie I’m talking about in this is called Furyo (or Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence in english), and I had to write an essay on this when I had Japanese Cinema. It’s a very good movie and yeah, David Bowie is in it haha.

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    MLB Prompt Salt :: Lila/Bustier/Class/Damocles Salt & Adrienette, Alya Redemption for Season 4

    I have another prompt if anyone is willing to do this. If you do this please notify me through discord as courtofstars#4086 thank you! This prompt takes places on Season 4! If you haven't watch it, you might want to do it.

    Writing Prompt ---

    Lila is bragging about being Rena Rouge and being apprentice of Audrey Bourgeois which actually target Alya Cesaire and Chloe Bourgeois instead of Marinette which she decided to do anyways and never cared about people's dreams but herself. This will also made Alya annoyed since she already knows that Marinette is Ladybug. As Alya understands where Marinette's pain came from through all their classmates believing Lila. But the one doesn't believe HER were Nino, Chloe, Kagami, Luka, Alya, Juleka, Adrien, and Marinette.

    Juleka introduced to her dad Jagged Stone to the Class and Lila Rossi telling her father about Lila's lies she will also recieved a lawsuit for defamation. Which really angered Jagged Stone and Penny Rolling included. While Juleka look happy that she didn't believe in Lila when she mentioned 'Jagged Stone' after her brother Luka told her.

    Bustier is still always the enabler letting Lila do whatever she pleases until Marinette's parents and Adrien's father decided to do something about it get that woman fired for that action. While Gabriel Agreste decided to be a good father and sued Lila Rossi for sexual harassment and threaten towards his son which he highly disapproved but also fired her and have a restrainer order ready.

    Damocles same thing but he doesn't fact check the school secruity cameras. Leading the parents of the victims to the Akuma Class send a complaint at the School Board for a Investigation and shut down too.

    While at the end Adrien, Chloe, and Marinette switch classes and stayed in Mrs. Mendeleiev's class instead.

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    Can I request a Papa!Niki Lauda x Little!Reader where Niki is having a bad day and accidentally yells at reader and they start crying then it’s just really FLUFFY at the end and if you want maybe even Smutty?


    Reader starts out little then goes is in adult space for sexy times

    You knew he was going to be grumpy since he didn’t come in the lead, but you were hoping you’d be able to cheer him up. You tucked your stuffed brown mouse under your arm and ran at the door to greet him.

    “Papa, Papa,” you smiled happily as you tried to run into his arms. Clearly he wasn’t in the mood as he kept you at arm’s length.

    “Not now maus,” Niki said simply and you frowned.

    “I juss wanna give you a hug, Papa,” you pouted.

    “I’m not in the mood, maus, please go back to what you were doing,” he said simply, an edge to his voice as he waved you off.

    Tears welled up in your eyes as you squeezed Norbert close to your chest. He was obviously in a bad mood, but that wasn’t your fault.

    “Papa, don’t be so mean,” you sniffled.

    “Don’t be so rude, maus, I simply want to be alone,” he said and you tossed Norbert right at his chest. Now, you just thought he was being unfair, he knew you were in little mode and you wanted your Papa. He wasn’t really thinking as he grabbed your arm, the disappointment and annoyance of the day under his skin, as he yanked you closer.

    “Do you think that’s funny? It’s not! Pick him up and get away from me,” he growled and the tears rolled down your face as you quickly scooped Norbert up once Niki had let go of you and ran upstairs to your little bedroom. You planted face down into the soft peach cover and bawled your eyes out. He very, very rarely got rough with you in little space, unless for some reason you were being a little terror and even then, he was in control of himself. Your head was racing and it was starting to feel all jumbled up inside there. You burrowed yourself under the covers and cried your eyes out, until you ended up falling asleep with Norbert tight in your arms.

    Niki felt like a complete ass about thirty second later, knowing he shouldn’t have taken his shit out on you, especially when you were in your little head space. He left you alone for about an hour before he crept into the little bedroom, spotting your little lump under the covers. He sat down on the edge of the bed and rested his hand on your back.

    “I’m sorry, little maus,” he said gently. It wasn’t easy, but he could admit when he was wrong and had crossed a line with you.

    You gave a soft sniffle before you wiggled your way out. “You was mean to me,” you accused, staying back for a moment. A little scowl on your face

    “I was and I shouldn’t have been,” he agreed. “You didn’t deserve it.”

    You wiped under your eyes before you moved into his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck. You loved him too much to be mad at him for long and he was genuinely sorry in his own Niki way. He held you close, whispering soft German terms of endearment into your ear. It made you melt in his arms. He doted on you for the rest of the evening, letting you have extra dessert after dinner and played with the little toy race cars on the track with you. You weren’t really allowed to attend the races when you were little because Niki was super protective of you in this space. So he would sit on the floor and play with you, demonstrating the things that had happened during the race even though you memorized every moment you watched on the television.

    “James was there, I saw him,” you smiled. James had always been really nice to you and for some reason always loved to carry you over his shoulder whenever you visited the tracks, which annoyed Niki sometimes.

    “Yes, he spun out, came in after me,” Niki grumbled and you inched closer to kiss his cheek.

    “You win the next one, Papa,” you assured him.

    While Niki was taking a shower, you found yourself transitioning out of little space and feeling much more adult again. You rifled through you drawer until you found exactly what you wanted, wiggling into the snug fitting lingerie. When Niki emerged from the shower with the towel wrapped around his waist, he took one look at you and smirked.

    “Ah no more little maus, it seems my little pussy cat is out to play,” he grinned as he pulled his towel away and walked over to you.

    The piece you were wearing as ivory colored and very sheer, giving him a perfect glimpse of your nipples and cunt. You slipped your arms around his neck and pulled him close, feeling his hard cock press against your core. You raked your nails down his back before you guided his hand down to show him just where to unsnap it.

    “Where did you get this?” he whispered as pushed the bottom of it up your hips, his fingers stroked your damp folds for a moment.

    “Brazil, just been waiting for the right time to surprise you with it,” you purred, shivering under his touch before you moved your hand down his back and over his ass, giving it a cheeky smack.

    He bucked slightly against you before he took hold of your hands before he pinned them above your head once he was inside of you.

    “Ah, that’s right, Niki, fuck me,” you whined and he sped up his hips, grunting softly into your ear.

    It didn’t take long for him to fill you up as you came hard around his cock. He laid his head on your chest, the two of you basking in the afterglow.

    “Niki?” you said softly as you raked your fingers through his damp curls.


    “If you ever act like that with me again in little space, I’m going to give maus permission to kick you right in the balls,” you murmured.

    He snorted softly. “Fair enough.”

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    Prompt: The intelligence world watched in awe as SCORPIA burned. Alex Rider had the deaths of three of their board members and two of their elite assassins at his feet. Maybe it was luck but it was luck they would prefer to have at their side. MI6 and SCORPIA mismanaged Alex Rider, perhaps it was time for others to step in.

    The more in tune had been watching Alex Rider long before when the rumors of the 14 year old son of Hunter arrived at Malagosto. The failure of Invisible Sword in his home country not long after and the subsequent death of Winston Yu were all too coincidental.

    #alex rider #alex rider fanfiction #prompts
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  • glitter-garbage
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    15. — twilight

    Shadowgast, 800+ words, gen, modern au, fae au.

    Sent by @kiwifluid (hope you like it!)

    (one word writing prompts: send me one and a pairing if you like. I might fill them some day!)


    Essek stared at the green expanse before him, eyes narrowing instinctively. The sun, lowering steadily in the sky, but still a good half hour away from the horizon, made his eyes water even as he shielded them with his hand.

    He stood silently surveying the valley, then looked back down at his phone. He had no service, not this deep into the reserve known as the Savalirwood, but his GPS still worked, and the coordinates he had marked on his map blinked steadily in the small screen.

    According to his app, he had arrived. He knew the application was right, too. All around him the woods had been wintry, but this small valley remained verdant and warm, unnaturally so.

    Essek rolled his shoulders, feeling the heaviness of his large backpack pulling down on his back. This was definitely not something he did, hiking, camping, and the like. His feet ached and his muscles were sore, but he had arrived.

    If someone had told him three months ago that he would be searching for fairies in the middle of nowhere, by himself, he would have laughed in their faces and gone back to his thesis. But then, he remembered that face, pale and freckled and terribly hurt, searching for anyone that would listen, asking for help in the translucent reflections of windows, screens, and glasses of his home.

    His heart ached, and Essek straightened himself, walking down the valley in search of the rocks he knew had to be around.

    The first time he had seen the man was during Halloween, which made sense he supposed, now that he knew such things as the Feywild existed. Essek had refused to join his friends at their party, claiming that he needed to study, when in fact he just wanted to stay at home by himself for a bit. He had grown to care for the ragtag group deeply, but still, a little peace and quiet was what he needed sometimes.

    He had looked out of the window just as the sun was setting and nearly fell backward. Looking back at him was a man with features so symmetrical and perfect, Essek was unsure if he was attracted or frightened of him. His hair was fiery red, wild, and falling in messy curls around his face. His eyes were so blue that they looked like two stars right there, on his living room window. But his expression was one of pain, and his face sported bruises and scratches, and before Essek could scream, the man spoke to him in a broken, but calm voice.

    “I need your help. Please. Can you hear me?”

    He had learned a lot since then. After the initial shock, his new fae friend told him about magic, and his realm, where he was being kept by the cruel King of the Autumn Court. Essek had been skeptical, of course, but if the strange reflection coming to life wasn't proof enough, Caleb had brought small globes of light tumbling from the strange world across the glass to Essek's own living room.

    They were there, real and bright as day. Just a cheap trick, Caleb had said, something he could still do even if depleted.

    Essek wanted to know everything about it.

    But, in all honesty, he felt drawn not only to the magical knowledge that Caleb shared with him but by the brightness of those blue eyes. Everytime they talked, the fae looked as if Essek had lifted a burden from him, so it wasn't long before it became a daily thing, to wait until dusk came so he could spend a few moments talking to the fae and devising a plan to get him out. It wouldn’t be hard for him, according to Caleb.

    “The King is not expecting anyone from the material plane, the defenses where I am held are made for the fair folk. Follow the rules we talked about, and you will be alright.”

    The last day before Essek set off on his quest, Caleb had placed his hand on the glass, and Essek, struck by sudden emotion, placed his own on top of Caleb’s. He was sure he felt heat seeping from the glass, even though the weather was freezing, and touching the window should feel anything but warm.

    “I will get you out of there.”

    The man smiled sadly, “I understand it is a lot to ask. Ah, I will not fault you if you decide this isn't worth the trouble.”

    “I would be lying if I said that our paths crossing hasn't shaken me to the core,” said Essek, trying to ignore the rising heat on his neck, "I will be there, Caleb."

    “I will owe you if you save me. I will be... yours for the rest of your life. It is a lot to consider.”

    Essek examined his tired eyes and shook his head, “I will give you my full name. You will have me, too. That way, we stand on equal ground.”

    Caleb’s eyes had widened in surprise before he opened in a bright smile. Essek’s heart thumped in his chest.

    “Then godspeed, my friend.”


    Something caught Essek’s eyes, and he forced his mind back to the present. There, in a large patch of grass, he saw thirteen rocks arranged in a circle. He looked at his phone. Only 10 minutes to go.

    With steady hands, Essek reached for a few things inside his pack. A silver necklace, with a pendant in the form of an eye, made of iron, that he put around his neck. A glass bottle filled with milk, and a brown bag with honey bread he had bought before entering the woods. The last item was the one meant to bring him to his destination, a piece of amber he held firmly in his sweaty palm. Something to tether him to Caleb.

    Essek’s drow eyes filled with tears once more as he tried to ignore the burn of the lowering sun. He counted to ten before stepping into the circle.

    Twilight came, and Essek was gone.


    #fghsdfkj i have no idea why i made this a fae thing #anyway #hope you like it #critical role fanfiction #shadowgast#essek thelyss#caleb widogast#writing prompt#critrole
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    Angst Dialogue Prompts

    Below is a list of angsty one-shot ideas I came up with to use the next time you decide to solve all your anxiety and inner trauma through writing fanfiction or just need a new idea.

    - “You lied to me!” “No, I stated my opinion and you just so happened to agree with me.”

    - “I hate you with such a burning passion.” “I could say the same about you.”

    - “Don’t you have any compassion or empathy for anyone?” “No! And I never will!”

    - “You don’t see the things that I’ve seen and still believe in love at first sight. Danger maybe, but not love.”

    - “That meant nothing to me.” “So what do I mean to you?” “Please refer to my previous sentence.”

    “B-But I thought you loved me.” “Why the hell would I love some screwed up chick with memory loss?”

    “I swear if you don’t get here right now-”

    “Does he/she...hit you?” “He/She....”

    “Now, all you have to do is tell me where it is.” “I-I c-cant breathe...” “Tsk tsk tsk, that’s not what I asked, sweetheart.”

    (I’ll add more when I come up with more ideas!)

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    Bethyl Holidays Fest 2021 // Halloween

    It’s time to kick off the 2021 Bethyl Holidays Fest with some Halloween prompts!

    Halloween 2021

    Masquerade -- 10/29

    Monsters -- 10/30

    Haunted House -- 10/31

    As always, the dates are solely for when we plan to do the spotlight post, but they are not deadlines. Any submissions are welcome before and after the date, and will be spotlighted as well.

    Fics, fanart, manips, gifs, and any other creation you can think of are all welcome and encouraged!

    If you post here or to AO3, please include the tag #BHF2021. You can also send submissions directly to bethylficlist@gmail.com

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    Picture this; #442

    “Not all of us become talented straight away-”

    “Or the straight way.”

    #prompts#prompt#writing prompt#drawing prompt#art prompt#au#alternative universe#fanfiction prompt#writing ideas#art ideas#promptsausandshit#quote#quote prompt#dialogue#dialogue prompt#conversation#lgbt+#comedy#humour #slice of life #interupted #potential morally grey #(apologies for the irregular and minimal posting my skeleton and ghost are fighting over my body) #(i am very tired and sore)
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    Picture this; #440

    A villain, not comfortable with fighting the hero’s child sidekick, finds their own child sidekick so they can fight each other while the grownups cheer from the side-lines. The children end up outshining their mentors’ rivalry.

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