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    #ask#answered#snail anon #like maybe I just needed a break from writing for svt for a while but I did think more about actually writing something for my rv blog #only set back is that I haven’t been doing anything past listening to their songs and following their igs #people can call me a lazy fan but I can’t really read subs when I’m already supposed to be reading something else for class ya know?
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    anyone willing to drop a couple bucks to my paypal so i can get a ffxiv sub just to give blizzard the middle finger

    #partially a joke ffxiv subs are actually mega expensive for my country's economy so that's literally the only reason i don't play it #otherwise i would have been deep in there for years now #anyway that aside. #every fucking time with actiblizz but this has to be the most sickening one. #and i haven't played any of their games in a good bit but like it still saddens me #as i was a great fan of all of their franchises at one point or another. #and I KNOW a lot of super nice people still work there and are trying to deal with this whole thing and they're super strong #but like. #it doesn't take the bad taste out of my mouth so i might just give up on their products at least for the foreseeable future. #not like wow has had any appeal to me since like... three years ago. so yeah.
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    “I love band rehearsal,

    Because it’s the best!

    Because it is fun,

    I love band rehearsal,

    And I get depressed as soon as it’s done,

    But not depressed as in like “kill yourself” depressed,

    No! I’m not into self harm, dude! I swear! here, check my arm!

    See, I just use the word to emphasize a point, show the passion that I’ve got, I am passionate a lot,

    I have mad gigantic feelings, red and frantic feelings, about most everything,

    Like gun control, like spring,

    Like if I’m living up to all I’m meant to be,

    I also have a touch of ADD,

    ...where was I?...oh! right!”

    #oh look I finished something/actually started something #I've been very distracted with genshin for the last few days and I completely blame inazuma #I haven't even gotten very far in the story quests I've just been exploring #anyway a rachael and a jericho who is taking advantage of her #rachael adores jericho so looks up to him and how he does whatever he wants #she just feels like a spare to her parents because theo is heir to the candy kingdom while sera is heir to the snakes #but rachael? she has no idea what she gets she's just a princess in title because her parents happen to be royal #she doesn't really have any responsibilities compared to her older siblings she feels neglected #and like her parents only had her in case something happened to either her brother or sister #so she rebels she sneaks out at night follows jericho around like a puppy and pours her heart into music #in truth bubblegum and yura are trying to not pile things on her she is their youngest child #and they feel like they forced theo and sera to grow up too fast they're trying really hard to just let rachael be a kid #that's a violin case mainly because I didn't know where I was going with this and it was small #jericho knows rachael has affection for him and uses that to get her to do things for him he's not a good person #adventure time#fan characters#fan children#rachael#finnceline baby#jericho
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    Who’s gonna know?

    Come check out my free OF page. Updates daily come have some fun with me 💋


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    Only For A Moment: August

    Summary: A series of shorter one shots from Chris and Whitney’s life together throughout the pandemic. Some happy times, some harder times, some fluff and some things a little more sexy - they work through it all as they try to get settled in their new and blossoming relationship.

    Chris Evans x OFC

    Part of the Once Bitten/More Hearts series

    Only For A Moment: July

    Note: I’ve had a super busy day, but I wanted to get this posted so I edited it really quickly. Please forgive me if there’s any little mistakes!

    Thank you to everyone who has liked, reblogged and commented! Hearing your thoughts really makes my day!


    August 2020

    I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who actually enjoys moving - especially if that move involves a three year old who feels the need to be very involved in the packing, but is also incredibly easily distracted. And even more so when that child's father is almost just as distractible and, despite his insistence that he'd stay focused, does more to hinder the whole operation than help.

    That was the situation that I found myself in at the end of the first summer of the pandemic because we were moving in with Chris.

    While I was hesitant at first, it made the most sense and neither Grayson nor I were particularly eager to return to our tiny little apartment. I still felt that it was pretty early in our relationship for us to be living together, but we'd survived so far and moving back seemed like it would do more harm than good. Grayson had settled in nicely at Chris' house and another big change - like making him go back to having two homes - seemed like it would be very disruptive.

    But moving came with it's own challenges.

    After our conversation a few months earlier, Chris had told all of his most trusted friends about our change in relationship status. That came in handy as a few of his buddies - who had trucks - had volunteered to help us move things the last weekend of August, but packing had me feeling overwhelmed. I'd managed to give most of the furniture away - between our friends and Chris' family - but we still had way too much stuff.

    It was on that Saturday morning that I found myself sitting in the middle of Grayson's old bedroom almost in tears. I'd packed up his mountain of toys the night before only to find Chris and Grayson unpacking several boxes the next morning while I was trying to finish up in the living room. Apparently, Grayson had wanted a certain toy that I'd already packed and instead of telling him to wait because he had several other things to play with that weren't boxed up, Chris helped him look for it.

    He was trying to be helpful, thinking that repacking a few things would be easier to deal with than a meltdown from Grayson, but it had been a long, tiring week as I tried to get everything organized and their actions almost pushed me to my breaking point. I scolded them both and banished them to the little playground just outside the building while I set to work cleaning up their mess.

    Almost twenty minutes later, I heard a knock on the front door as it creaked open. I poked my head out of the room I was in - ready to send the boys straight back outside - only to see Chris' oldest and closest friend, Tara. She was masked up for safety and knowing how sweet and helpful she was, she was a refreshing sight. I'd met her several times, mostly when Grayson was a baby and I lived with Chris, and she'd been a calming and encouraging presence back then so I was definitely relieved to see her during another time of high stress.

    "Hey," I smiled. "What are you doing here?"

    "I brought supplies," she informed me, holding up a tray of iced coffees. "Chris called and said that he thought you could use some help."

    "You're a lifesaver," I groaned with pleasure as she put down the tray and handed me one of the drinks. "I need this, thank you so much."

    "You're welcome," she returned my smile. "How's the packing going?"

    "Not bad now that the boys are outside," I laughed. "It's pretty much all done, I think. You never realize how much junk you have until you have to pack it all up."

    "Oh my god, I know. We moved last year and it felt like the piles of things we had to take was never ending."

    "It's crazy," I agreed. "Especially with all Gray's stuff. I thought we did a good job of not spoiling him, but he has an insane amount of toys."

    "I can imagine," she cringed. "But I have no plans all day so just tell me what you need help with and I'm all yours."

    I thought for a moment as I sipped the coffee she'd brought me until I had an idea.

    "Actually..." I started, feeling a bit sheepish. "Would you be willing to take Grayson for a bit? I know it's a big ask, especially while he's so excited, so feel free to say no."

    "Are you kidding? I'd love to take him!"

    I let out a breath of relief as I felt my body relax.

    "Thank you so much. I really need Chris to help me carry these boxes and he's been so preoccupied with Grayson that he's been no use at all," I explained. "It's a big change and he's worried about him being freaked out by it all, which I totally get, but I need him to focus a bit too."

    Tara laughed and shook her head.

    "I get it, don't worry. I know what he can be like," she assured me. "I'll go down and get Gray now and send Chris up here."

    "Thank you. You're the best, Tara."

    She waved off my gratitude and insisted it was no problem before leaving me to turn my attention back to what I'd been doing before she arrived.


    Once Grayson was in the safe care of Tara, Chris was much more useful. We were packing things with impressive speed and when it was almost time for his friends to show up with their trucks, we started moving things down to the lobby of the building to make the loading process quicker.

    I was a tad nervous about the whole situation as I hadn't spent much time with most of Chris' friends and I didn't really know what they thought of me. I hoped they'd be understanding of our situation and give me a chance, but if he really had been pining away for me all these years - thinking that I didn't want to be with him - I worried that they'd think I was selfish and heartless.

    Those worries, combined with my stress about getting everything organized, had me still feeling rather on edge. It didn't help that the creepy maintenance man that I'd warned Chris about was watching us like a hawk. I could feel his eyes on me every time I stepped foot in the lobby and the sensation made my skin crawl. I just wanted to get it all done and over with as fast as possible so we could get away from him, but Chris had clearly noticed him too and I could feel his annoyance rising as well.

    He held it together until our last trip down when our spectator really crossed a line. I was bending over to place some boxes on the ground when I could have sworn I heard a groan of pleasure from behind me. I snapped back up to standing and looked over my shoulder to see the man with a smirk on his face and his eyes fixed on me. It made my stomach churn, but Chris was immediately by my side, his arm sliding around my waist. Before I could even question what he was doing, he pulled down his mask and then my own, cupped my jaw with his hand and pulled me in for a kiss.

    It was a rather passionate embrace and I was surprised as he usually wasn't one for public displays of affection. Then it hit me why he was doing it and I felt a flash of annoyance run through me as he pulled away. There was a smirk on his face as he rested his forehead against mine, but all I could muster was a frown.

    "Do you think he got the hint?"

    I scoffed at his question.

    "I think he got enough pictures to pay his bills for the next few months," I huffed, keeping my voice low so we wouldn't be overheard. "Are you done marking your territory now?"

    Chris looked taken aback by my harsh tone and I sighed as I slipped out of his grasp and headed to the door. I wanted to see if his friends had arrived yet and get away from the creep, but Chris followed and wasn't prepared to let our conversation drop.

    "What, so I'm not allowed to kiss you in public in case someone sees?" He asked once we got outside, his own annoyance coming through. "I thought you didn't care if people found out about us?"

    I stopped walking and spun around to face him.

    "I don't care," I snapped. "But I'd rather not give some pervert the chance to profit off of us just to save your wounded pride."

    Even with his mask pulled back up, I could see Chris' jaw clench with frustration.

    "He was being disrespectful. I was standing right there and he moans while staring at your ass? C'mon, he's a fuckin' asshole."

    Another flare of anger washed over me as I fought to keep myself calm enough to explain to him why what he'd just said was almost as frustrating as the actions of the man who'd been ogling me.

    "He was being disrespectful," I agreed, my voice steady despite my rising temper. "But to me, not to you! It doesn't matter if I have a boyfriend or not, he shouldn't behave like that towards any woman! I don't deserve to be respected because of you, I deserve to be respected because I'm a human being who has a right to feel safe in their own apartment building."

    Chris' shoulders dropped as he took in my words and visibly calmed down, but I was still feeling wound up.

    "Shit, Winnie, you're right," he relented. "I don't want anyone to treat you like that ever, not just because you're my girlfriend. It just pissed me off that he had the balls to do that even in front of me."

    "So kissing me like that to send him a message was the best solution you could think of? Like, 'don't touch this one, she's mine'. It made me feel gross. I don't need you claiming me in public to scare off creeps, thanks."

    "I didn't mean it like that," Chris insisted, looking slightly wounded by my scolding. "I'm sorry, I was being an idiot."

    "Okay," I shrugged, somewhat blowing off his apology. "We should go to the parking lot. Your friends might be here."

    "Are we good, Win?" He asked, clearly not as eager to let the subject drop. "I want to make this right if you're upset..."

    "I'm fine," I sighed, knowing that was only half true. It was only half his fault though, the stress of the day overall was more to blame and, at that point, I just wanted it to be over so I could have a nice big glass of wine. "Let's just go see where your friends are."

    He didn't argue as I walked off and when we turned the corner into the parking lot, his friends were all there lined up in the visitor's spots. I forced a smile despite the fact that it was hidden by my mask and waved as we walked over.

    "Hey!" I greeted them. "Thanks so much for doing this. We really appreciate it."

    "Ah, no worries!" Jon assured me. "But, are you really sure you want to move in with this guy?"

    "Yeah, we were just talking," Zach continued. "And it feels a bit Stockholm syndrome-y. He confines you to a house and suddenly you fall in love? Seems a bit suspicious."

    "Wow, guys, glad you're on my side," Chris laughed. "I wouldn't have asked you to help out if I knew you'd try and change her mind!"

    "We just want to make sure we're not committing any crimes here," Luke insisted. "I don't want to be an accomplice to anything and we're all scratching our heads about what she could see in you."

    Chris shook his head at their teasing and I tried to push our earlier discussion from my mind as I giggled and slid my hand into his. I felt him tense up in surprise at the gesture, but he relaxed as I squeezed it and leaned against his arm.

    "There's no Stockholm syndrome here," I assured them. "It just took a pandemic and the constant threat of impending doom for me to come to my senses. I'm just lucky Chris was silly enough to wait for me."

    Chris chuckled and leaned over to place a kiss on the top of my head as his friends rolled their eyes.

    We quickly went over the game plan for the day once the initial greeting was over and as soon as his friends turned to head towards the building, I dropped my hand from Chris'. I knew I was being petty and sulky and from the sigh that fell from Chris' lips, he did too, but I couldn't help it - I needed some space to work through my cranky mood on my own. Luckily, Chris seemed to figure that out pretty fast and left me to my brooding as we followed his friends and got to work.


    It didn't take us as long as I expected to load all the boxes into the trucks, but that was probably the benefit to having a team of strong men helping you move. Once it was all unloaded into the spare bedroom at Chris' place where I had been sleeping at the start of the pandemic, Chris broke out a few beers for his friends and fired up the grill while we waited for Tara and Gray to arrive. It was a beautiful, warm evening and perfect for an impromptu barbecue to thank all Chris' friends and it was a great opportunity for me to bond a bit more with some of the most important people in Chris' life.

    Grayson knew them all better than I did, but we had some concerns that the lack of socialization would make him nervous around the now somewhat unfamiliar faces. But he put those worries to bed almost as soon as he arrived as he was the life of the party. He was thrilled to see the three men who were sitting in the lawn chairs dotted around our yard - in an effort to keep everyone somewhat distant from each other - and the cheer they let out as soon as they saw him made me think they were just as excited. They seemed to really adore him and he thrived on the attention. It warmed my heart to see the genuine care they all had for Grayson - it was wonderful to know he had so many people in his corner - and I was relieved when that care was extended to me.

    Any doubts that I'd had about them accepting me were quickly pushed from my mind as they seemed to be just as eager to get to know me as I was to get to know them. They were all lovely, kind people and I wondered why I ever expected anything else from the people in Chris' inner circle.

    They left as soon as Grayson's bedtime rolled around - partially because we were all tired from our long day of moving boxes and partially because we all knew there was no way that Gray was going to agree to go to bed while the party was still going. Once they were gone, he demanded Chris tuck him in so I tidied up in the kitchen while he handled bedtime.

    As soon as I'd finished putting the last few dishes in the dishwasher, I felt his arms around my waist.

    "Hey," he whispered in my ear, his chin resting on my shoulder. "Thanks for cleaning up."

    "You don't need to thank me," I smiled, turning in his arms so we were face to face. "It's my house to keep clean too now, even if that's still weird to think about."

    "Weird in a good way?"

    "Definitely," I nodded. "It's felt like home here for a while now. It would have been awful to go back to that little apartment."

    "It would have been weird for me too," Chris agreed. "I can't imagine being in this big house without you guys anymore."

    "You'd have to move all your friends in," I teased, using it as a segue. "Who, by the way, are all very nice."

    "Yeah?" Chris grinned. "You think so?"

    "I do. I was a bit nervous about it," I admitted. "In case they resented me for how our relationship unfolded, but they're great."

    "They never resented you at all," Chris chuckled. "Pretty much everyone who knows about our first night together was on your side about that and they've been pushing me to make a move ever since."

    "Well, that's good to know."

    Chris nodded and continued.

    "They all really like you. Jon gave me clear instructions to not fuck it up."

    I laughed at that, but felt a wave of relief.

    "I appreciate their support."

    "Well, you definitely have it."

    Chris leaned down to press his lips against mine and I melted into his body, feeling the exhaustion from the stress of the day start to hit me. We stayed like that, just holding each other for a few minutes until Chris broke the silence around us.

    "Can we talk about earlier?"

    My stomach churned with embarrassment at the memory, but I nodded.

    "Of course, we can. I'll start by saying that I'm sorry."

    Chris leaned back slightly, just enough to look down at me with his confusion written all over his face.

    "You're sorry? Why are you sorry?" He asked. "I brought it up so that I could apologize to you."

    "You don't need to," I assured him. "I get why you did what you did. I just don't deal with stress very well and the whole day was overwhelming me. I shouldn't have taken it out on you."

    "You don't deal with stress very well? I never would have known!" His words were laced with sarcasm as he smiled down at me and I laughed, gently smacking his chest in protest. "But seriously, I deserved a good scolding. You were absolutely right with what you said, I shouldn't have handled the situation like that."

    "I appreciate that you can see where I was coming from," I sighed. "But there is no perfect way to handle a situation like that, really. It's best just to ignore it, but then it feels like you're letting the gross guy win."

    "Well, if we're ever in a situation like that again, I'll follow your lead," he insisted. "But I can't say that I'll just ignore it. I might just punch the guy out for being a creep."

    I laughed again before shaking my head.

    "And then whoever is watching will have a different kind of picture to sell to the trashy magazines."

    Chris cringed at that comment.

    "I'm sorry. Do you really think he took pictures?"

    "I don't know," I shrugged. "But if he recognized you then I'd be surprised if he didn't."

    Chris nodded, clearly getting lost in thought for a moment before he spoke again.

    "And you really don't care if proof gets out that we're together?"

    "I don't," I insisted. "I don't like the idea of some pervert making money off of us, but I don't care if people know we're together. It might be good for people to get used to the idea now, when we're hiding at home all the time anyway. By the time we can go outside again, no one will care enough to take pictures of us."

    "That might be wishful thinking," Chris smiled. "But I'll do my best to keep you out of the spotlight."

    I matched his smile and stretched up to place a kiss on his lips.

    "I'm sure it'll be fine."

    As I predicted, the creepy maintenance man did take pictures of us and he did sell them to some trashy magazine. The internet was horrified, the hearts of fangirls all over the world were broken and I was called every cruel name under the sun. There were rumours that I trapped him with another baby and rumours that I was a gold digger - just using Chris for his money so I didn't have to work during the pandemic. The general reception to the forced confirmation of our relationship was pretty abysmal, but nothing worse than we expected and at the end of the day we didn't care.

    All the people who truly cared about us were happy for us and that was the most important thing.


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    The criteria for me adding songs to my post canon black sails traumatised men playlist is just that I have to have actually said "oh fuck you" at a specific lyric the first time I listened to it

    #A secondary criteria that has developed by accident is that it has to also be a song I only heard of due to another bs fan mentioning it #Because honestly for some reason all but one of these songs are recs #Do I have my own music taste or do I simply aggregate sad music like a dj at the world's saddest club
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    If you like a big bottom $lut, I’m yours baby ;) link below. $4.20 sale❤️‍🔥

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    Dropped my phone in the bath for this content. Once I get a tripod it’s over for you høes.

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    #this was hard especially with the bonus tracks dhhghfhdhjlf #also like happiness being second last askdfghjfs i just #have never been that big of a fan i feel like i have to defend that one XD i'm always more of a melody/just general sound #person #when it comes to music #skdjfghkfj as if that makes sense lol #but that does unfortunately mean some of her more lyrically 'complex' i guess songs are sometimes toward the bottom #like happiness this is me trying the archer #as some examples off the top of my head :P they sound more boring i guess so i don't like them as muc alsdflkghjfk #but i mean i still listen to all of them #skipping taylor songs could not be me lol #anyway no one asked slkdhgjf #asks#anonymous #just as a disclaimer for all of these i just don't skip songs 😂 so even if it's at the bottom i love it lol #also no body no crime is one of those that started at the top #bc it was the only one i actually Understood at first listen lmao so it didn't have to grow on me or anything #idk why am i still talking lol
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    My Apex OC. I made him very baby 🥺

    #apex legends #apex legends oc #apex ocs#fan art#digital art #hes a horizon fanboy #and a fuse fanboy #im sure u can tell he wanted horizon vibes for his gear #plz i just want another support character cuz we only have 1 #loba isnt a support character #i dont care what the game says shes just not #gibby is more of a support than loba
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    #man i really don't understand why people are so upset about post+ #like it's a terrible idea #and people shouldn't use it #but you can just... not use it #it's fine #just don't be a post+ creator and don't pay for content through tumblr #why are people so up in arms about it #paywalling fan content is a good way to get DMCA'd #so you... shouldn't do that #and i don't trust tumblr's security infrastructure so i doubt payments will be as secure as they should be #but the system doesn't need to not exist? #just... don't use it #i dunno #people are acting like this is a lot bigger of a deal than it is #which isn't surprising people love making a big deal out of meaningless tumblr updates #but still #it's also really funny how people point to the rayban thing as why tumblr isn't a secure website #ah yes NO OTHER WEBSITE OR INTERNET SERVICE has ever had people use fake links to phish for your passwords #that definitely doesn't happen on facebook or through e-mail #no this is a tumblr only issue that is only a problem on tumblr #just... don't click suspicious links man that's internet 101 stuff #it's not like there's some exploit in tumblr's code that makes this possible you have to actually click a link for this to happen to you #and bots exist on literally every website including pornbots #anyway i just think people are being really ridiculous about this
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    #it’s an away game tho so i’m nervous about being the only leaf fan there #<- i know i’m probably not #makayla answer asks
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    #only fans #only fans babe #only fans girl #sellingcontent#buyingcontent #only fans promo
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    I honestly feel if a musical adaptation of Lysistrata was ever made, it should be done by Anaïs Mitchell and Dave Malloy. If feel like it would be chaotic as fuck and eventually hit you in the face with a brick re social, economic, military and gender issues

    You will cry as you wave your egg shaker. There will be accordions. Plural.

    #Hadestown and The Great Comet are my all-time top favourite SHOWS #I include opera because that’s a fun elitist sector #and Lysistrata is one of my favourite classics #also I HAVE seen Chi Raq and I loved it #and I know I sound like a poser because these are the only two people I thought of and that comment I made their biggest shows being my fav #however it’s true - I’m a big ‘weird adaptation’ fan and JCSS is also another very good one #anyways #I’m not a musical blog but please let me have this one thing #Malloy and Mitchell would be a power team #who else should we involve? #lysistrata#dave malloy#anais mitchell
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    ρυт мє σи уσυя ωιѕнℓιѕт ❥

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