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  • So my roommate and I are moving out of our townhouse and I’m moving into a smaller apartment by myself, which means no more Harry Potter bathroom :( adding to it has been my labor of love for the last two years!

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  • On this day in 1926, Grindelwald is captured and unmasked by Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein (with a little help from the Swooping Evil).

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    Day 5 Newtina Fandom Week: “A Book that Bind Us”

    A conceptual illustration about all way Newt give his book to Tina.

    The red ribbon concept got inspired by one of the scene of Makoto Shinkai’s Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name)

    And also, happy belated Newtina’s Day! (December 6th)

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    Barnes and Noble now sell full sized Nifflers! I couldn’t resist.

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    Tina Goldstein cosplay

    #tina goldstein cosplay #tina goldstein #fantastic beasts cosplay #fantastic beasts #fantastic beasts and where to find them #cosplay#forwen cosplay#fantasticfans
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  • On the seventh day of Christmas, the Newt Case brought to me…a Jarvey! 😁 They cuss a lot, so we’d advise not bringing this beast to Christmas dinner with the family…

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  • “Madame? Tout va bien, Madame?”

    #hpedit#magicfolk #queenie x vinda #queenie goldstein#vinda rosier#fbawtftedit#fbcogedit#fbawtfedit#fantastic beasts #crimes of grindelwald #edits#fantasticbeastsdaily#witchsweekly#dailywizardwheezes #i don't really like this coloring but i don't think anyone else has ever giffed this scene before #dedicated to the five people in this fandom #you guys are the best
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    Originally posted by newtiniffler

    Chapter 7 - Snowman contest

    As soon as everyone was ready to go, you all hurried out into the street. It became a girls vs boys situation on the account there were only 5 of you and you all spent about 15 minutes arguing who was with who.

    You stood with Queenie and Tina a tiny distance away from the boys.

    “Three.” Queenie began.

    “Two.” Tina added.

    “One.” You finished.

    “GO!” Jacob and Newt shouted, gathering up snow. You and the girls did the same. There were a lot of smiles and laughter filing the air as everyone worked on the body. Tina patted down the snow as you and Queenie gathered more.

    Newt looked up to see how far along you were. He found himself smiling at you covered in snow. He had the urge to go over and hug you, but didn’t. He had a snowman to build.

    Jacob was rolling snow for the head. Queenie was soon doing the same and they had a tiny competition between them. You could see them looking over at one another every so often. They were so cute together.

    You had ran off a little to find some stones and sticks. Newt had done the same, searching not far from where you were. You gathered what little sticks you could find and reached out to drab some stones. Newt’s hand reached out and touched yours. You looked up to meet his eyes.

    “My stones.” You muttered childishly. Newt looked down at the pile.

    “There’s plenty to go around.” He smiled at you and gathered what he needed. Yet, when he had his things he didn’t instantly leave. He waited.

    You picked up your stones and stood up. The pair of you walked back to your designated teams.

    Both snowmen now had heads. You gave the sticks to Tina and Queenie took some stones, placing them as buttons on the body. You got to work on the face. Two for the eyes, one for the nose. With your thumb you drew a smile onto the face. You stepped back to look.

    “It’s needs something.” You muttered. You glanced down and smiled. You removed your scarf and wrapped it around the head, tying it nicely.

    Queenie chuckled and removed her pick hat. She gently placed it on the snowman.

    The three of you stepped back and laughed.

    Newt looked over hearing you all. He felt his cheeks warm up as he looked at you laughing. He then turned his attention to your finished snowman. He felt himself grin.

    Jacob and himself stepped away. Newt had put his own scarf around the snowman, but they didn’t have a hat for theirs.

    Tina smiled and walked over. removing her hat along the way. You went to stand with the boys, Queenie right behind you. You all watched Tina put her hat on their snowman. You all stepped back and began to laugh.


    “Who won?”

    “We all won!”

    “Can I have my scarf back?”

    “Go get it.”

    “Don’t forget your scarf, Newt.”

    “I’m cold.”

    Everyone began to talk as they fetched their items and turned back to the apartment. When you reached the door you could hear voices behind you. Everyone turned to see children gathering around the snowmen. You grinned and watched as they all started to make their own.

    “Today was fun.”

    Newt looked down to you.

    “Yeah. We should do that again before the snow melts.”

    You nodded and followed everyone inside.


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    Originally posted by only-johnny-depp

    Chapter 7 - Music

    Within it’s many walls, the big house you were living in stored musical instruments. Teaching Credence how to play the piano had become a pass time for you both after he was done practising his magic.

    Today, as the young wizard played those ivory and ebony keys, you had taken to pluck at another instrument.

    Gellert had decided to join your music session today and brought you a small present. Having not had any use out of it for quite some time, he thought that maybe you would enjoy getting use out of it instead of letting it waste away. A violin.

    Where Credence was already playing a piece of music, you were just dabbling with your instrument. Grindelwald offering you guidance on tuning it and playing it. He stood rather close to your as he helped you position yourself and pull the bow over the strings.

    He helped you practise for an hour before you started to actually play music.

    “How does it sound?” You asked after playing your first made up piece.

    “It no longer sounds like a cat screaming for help, if that’s what you mean.” He chuckled.

    “Ha ha ha, seriously, did it sound OK?” You wanted a serious answer.

    Gellert grinned, “it sounded wonderful, dear.”

    You smiled softly at him and started from the beginning. Credence had found a rhythm to join in with your made up piece of music. Grindelwald sat and listened as music flowed through out the room. He found himself swaying at one point.

    The dark wizard cared very little for festivities and celebrations, but right now he was looking forward to up coming holiday. In the past there was only one person he may have cared enough for to spend such a time with, but now, there was someone else. Someone who was becoming rather dear to him quite quickly.

    He watched you play. Confidence now flowing from you as you looked to Credence who played along with you.

    He was going to use this lead up to Christmas to get closer to you, spend some time with you, get to know you better.

    When the music ended he you took a small bow as you Credence laughed from where sat. Gellert clapped as he smiled at you.

    You placed the violin down and stretched your arms.

    “I think that’s enough music for one day. Good job, Credence!” You gave his shoulder a little pat and made your way to where Grindelwald was sitting. As usual his gaze found yours. “Did you enjoy the show?”

    “I did. A talented little thing, aren’t you?” He teased.

    You turned your gaze away from him. “If you say so. Guess, I just had a good teacher.”

    He chuckled. The sound made your heart flutter.

    “I will demand another concert soon.”

    “Just say when.” You smiled.

    Grindelwald rose up from his seat and left the room.

    “You realise he’s the most wanted wizard in the world, don’t you?” Credence spoke up, he looked at you.

    “Yes, of course. Has been for years. You realise that too, don’t you? After all, you joined his side too.” You replied, not realising what he was getting at.

    “That’s not what I meant. I’m here because he’ll help me.”


    “Why did you side with him? Because he’s going to help you too… or something else?”

    You didn’t say anything. You didn’t have too. Your silence was answer enough for Credence. He stood from the piano and headed out of them room.

    “I don’t know any more.” You whispered to no one.


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    Well why am I not surprised.

    #WB#Harry Potter#Fantastic Beasts #Fantastic Beasts amd Where to Find Them #Kevin Tsujihara
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  • #NewtinaFandomWeek Day 5

    I wrote this a while ago but it fits perfectly with the theme so who cares

    Newt sat on his bed, looking wistfully at the contents of his case; the smaller nonmagical bit of his case, that is. He took the picture of Tina from his pocket and, after smoothing it out, pinned it to the back of the case again. At the very top of all his clothes and such sat a brown paper package, with Tina scrawled across it. He’d brought it just in case, but he hadn’t been able to find the right time to give it to her. He took it  out and turned it in his hands, stroking the black letters on the smooth paper.


    He looked up and saw her standing there, in the doorway, her hands in her pockets in a timid approach. “I just wanted–” she took a step forward and stopped, looking at the package. “What’s that?”

    Newt smiled in the sort of way he did that was half to himself and handed the package to Tina. “Open it.”

    She sat next to him and pulled back the paper to find a glistening copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


    “Open it,” Newt said again, so she lifted the cover to find an inscription on the first page.

          For Tina,

                Without whom I never could

                have finished this book.

                Thanks for the adventures.



    Tina read it twice and then turned to Newt. “I don’t understand; when did you write this?”

    “As soon as it was published,” Newt said. “Actually, that was from the first batch they printed that they had to discard because of an error on page 84.”

    Tina quickly turned to page 84, and sure enough, about a third of the way down the page, there were two commas in the place of one. She touched the commas with her thumb, then looked up at Newt again. “But you knew you couldn’t leave the country, didn’t you?”

    “Yes,” Newt said with a little laugh. “They made that quite clear as soon as I got back. I thought about sending it to you.”

    “Why didn’t you?”

    Newt took a breath and looked at the book instead of Tina. “I’d said I’d give it to you in person, and it felt–well, I suppose that was a sort of promise, not just to you–that is,” He stopped and made his eyes travel up to Tina’s eager face.

    “If I kept it, I had a reason to see you again,” he said finally, and Tina slowly smiled. “I never bought a copy,” she said. Newt posed a question with his eyebrows and she continued, “I borrowed Queenie’s copy. I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I’d…walk past it every day, in the shop windows, but I waited.” She drew a trembling breath. “I waited…for you. I wouldn’t touch a copy, until…until I saw that magazine, and then, I thought, I’d just read it, as a sort of–goodbye, I suppose. I meant to buy it, then. I went into a shop, I took a copy off the shelf, and took it to the clerk, but I couldn’t…I couldn’t buy it. I put it back and went home, and read Queenie’s copy. I opened it with some bitterness at first, and then I tried to read it with indifference, like it was just  some guide, and that was all.” She pursed her lips and shook her head. “But I couldn’t. I couldn’t read about the niffler without laughing, or about the murtlap without rolling my eyes at you, or about the bowtruckle without thinking of Pickett, or the occamy without thinking of that brilliant moment when we caught it in the teapot–” She laughed a little. “It was like there were two of you–the you I knew, deep down, was really you; and the one in that magazine, the one that filled my head with hypotheticals and what-ifs and if-thens. Of course I didn’t know about your travel ban, or anything…” She sighed and offered a wistful smile. Newt returned it and said, “I thought about writing you, telling you that.”

    “Why didn’t you?”

    There was a moment, the two of them gazing into each other’s thoughts and lives over the past year, a suspension in the air of all the confusion and bitterness they had held towards each other, and then they both laughed, and it was gone.

    “You could’ve written me, as well,” Newt said, and Tina beamed at him and then at the book in her hands. “Are we alright, then?” She asked, standing. Newt smiled and nodded as he stood and shoved his hands in his pockets, then pulled them out again and held his arms slightly open with a funny smile. Tina accepted the embrace, resting her chin on his shoulder thoughtfully.

    “I missed you, Tina,” Newt breathed.

    “I missed you, too,” she said.

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  • Newt once tried to celebrate December 6th as the day he and his wife met but Tina quickly overtook it as an annual celebration of the anniversary of “the time I arrested Newt”: ever since, she has written it on every calendar in the house, and Newt is slightly afraid to go out with her in public on the 6th because she will tell absolutely anyone about how many years it’s been since she arrested him.

    (One year she tried to send cards to all their relatives, but all of their owls are fiercely loyal to Newt, and she had no idea how muggle mail worked and got all of the cards back with requests for full addresses and stamps.)

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  • I couldn’t sleep

    (Newtina Fandom Week Day 5. I’m modifying the theme a bit and taking the quote as the prompt: “I couldn’t sleep because you left.” — More of my reflections on the idea of Tina and Jacob staying temporarily with Newt in London, even if only for a short time.)

    Walking the lines dictated by propriety had become a thing they’d been doing, and they increasingly disliked doing.

    Newt frequently found himself staring at Tina’s hands as she waved her wand in the course of performing the chores necessary for existence. Slender fingers removed her coat and hung it on the hook. She tossed food to his creatures in her efforts to explore his life. Those same hands folded delicately over her arms at the table and wrapped around a cup of tea.

    Tina’s hands were the primary occupants of his thoughts as they sat together on the sofa before bed. She was curled up in a flannel blanket, with her hands resting in her lap.

    ‘What if I just touch them? What if I just move my hand and touch hers?’ He wondered, ‘Would she want that? How would she respond?’

    They had held hands many times while apparating and during escape. But never with the intention of intimacy, never yet just for the sake of holding hands.

    Or is she saving her hands for Achilles Tolliver?’ That possibility loomed over Newt.

    The September night held a chill, and Newt’s school scarf was slung around his neck. Tina’s gaze followed his muscles from the scarf up to his ears.

    ‘How would it feel to touch him there?’ she wondered, ‘To take the grey and yellow stripped wool in my hands and pull him close. To feel the pulse on the side of his throat with my lips.’

    “What are you thinking about?” she asked him, resisting the pull.

    Could he answer honestly? ‘Your hands. Holding your hands. Tracing every line of your palms and committing them to my memory.’

    No. Too scary. Way too scary.

    “I was thinking. I was wondering if you’ve heard from Achilles Tolliver?” He asked with a glance at her face then back to her hands.

    He noticed surprise. She was surprised by his question.

    “Achilles Tolliver? What.. Should I have?”

    “Well, Queenie mentioned you’d been seeing him. So… I was just wondering.”

    Tina smiled, sensing Newt’s affection in the inquiry. She folded her legs beneath her in an effort to move a little closer to him.

    “No. We just got coffee a few times after work. Frankly, I barely know the guy.” Tina was close enough to hear Newt sigh in relief. “He has large teeth,” she added for effect.

    “And what were you thinking, Tina. That is, when I was thinking about Mr. Tolliver.”

    “I was thinking about your scarf. We didn’t wear them at Ilvermorny. Just robes, blue and cranberry.”

    “I like blue,” he glanced at her pajamas under the blanket, “…and cranberry.” He looked fleetingly at her lips. “Good colors.”

    Tina did what she’d been wanting to do before, well not quite everything. She reached out and held both ends of his scarf. “You wore this the day you left New York.”

    She didn’t let go. She was right there before him, close enough for him to feel her breathing.

    “I recall I did. And you asked me about Leta.”

    Tina tenderly let go of his scarf. She felt an ache between them. A grief. She looked away from it.

    “I meant what I said that day that about not knowing Leta anymore. She and Theseus often invited me to dinner, but I never accepted. Neither of them felt like home. I mean not like the way it was when we were kids.”

    “We’re alive because of her sacrifice. Newt, I’m sorry she’s gone. She was a good person.”

    “She was a very good person. Unfortunately, she was never able to believe it, I think.”

    “Sometimes it can be hard to see ourselves for who we are.”

    “Even for you? I mean, being remarkable and beautiful.”

    ‘Did I just say that?’ Newt questioned himself, his heart beating fast.

    ‘Did he just say that?’ she startled.

    “You think I’m beautiful?” She felt herself yearning toward him as if she was wearing the scarf and he was pulling.

    “Yes. You are… Very beautiful.”

    Tina reached out and held his scarf again. Leaning in closer now.. “You know, I couldn’t sleep that night you left.”

    “Which night?”

    “The night after we said goodbye at the dock. I kept picturing you in my mind. And feeling you…” She touched his chest over his heart. “…Here.”

    The energy between them in that moment was more powerful than any grief or fear.

    Newt did what he’d been wanting to do. He covered her hand with his and pressed it to his chest. Tina encouraged him by scooting even closer.

    He took her other hand from his scarf and cradled it in his palm, stroking the backs of her fingers with his and caressing every line with his thumb.

    His touch was delicious. Tina took a deep breath and held in the feeling.

    “I’ve been wondering.” he murmured.

    She tried to ask ‘What?’ but no sound came.

    He continued, “I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to do this.”

    “And how does it feel?” she whispered.

    “Like a new best moment of my life.”

    “Oh, Newt… I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to do something too.”

    She was almost there already. She pressed her lips to the side of his throat and sucked softly along his skin, then pulled away just a little.

    Newt wanted to ask her how it felt, but his brain couldn’t form words. He was lit up and bold and couldn’t stop himself from following her lead. He let his body ask by kissing the length of her neck and along her jaw toward her lips. Pausing there, hovering close enough to kiss, without kissing.

    Tina moaned softly, “What in the name of Deliverance Dane is happening to me?”

    They reached for each other’s mouths, kissing softly, pulling back to look in each other’s eyes; then deeply with hands clutching one other.

    “I couldn’t sleep either,” he murmured, “…That night I left.”

    She could barely part with his mouth to ask, “Why didn’t we do this sooner? Why not then?”

    “I wanted to. I’ve wanted you like this all this time. I was just fairly terrified.”

    “Of me?” She kissed along his jaw, discovering the textures of his face. His chin was rough, not having shaved since morning. She thrilled with every sensation.

    “Terrified of myself, I think,” he sighed with pleasure and consternation.

    “And now?” Her lips plucked the corners of his.


    She nodded.

    “Still terrified.” He ran his fingers through her hair as he sucked her lips, first upper then lower.

    “Maybe you just need acclimatization,” she offered.

    He chuckled softly against the soft spot below her ear and whispered, “physiological adaptation of an organism to changes in climate or environment?”

    “Mmm hmmm.” She loosened her grip on him and slid off his scarf.

    “The only way to acclimatize is to remain in the new climate.” He peeled the blanket off her shoulders and let it fall. His hands took its place across her back.

    “Mmm hmmm. So… maybe we just shouldn’t sleep tonight and keep doing this instead.” She hooked her thumbs into his waistband.

    “I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight regardless.”

    “Me neither.”

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  • The full interview with Jo Horowitz, for MTV perhaps? Well as much as we’ll get on YouTube. I want to hear Eddie sing a whole new world!!!

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    I might have an addiction… this is my closet and it consists of 52 different plaid shirts (no 2 the same) and 6 denim shirts….. perhaps I’m a Winchester?!? This pic does not include the many canvas/“canvas” jackets I have, or the plaid down vest, or the carhart coat (just like Sam’s).

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  • On the sixth day of Christmas, the Newt Case brought to me…Matagot. We absolutely recommend letting your Matagot eat and drink first at every meal in the run up to Christmas, then you’ll have the merriest of Christmases 😂.

    #fantastic beasts and where to find them #fantastic beasts#matagot #fantastic beasts the crimes of grindelwald #crimes of grindelwald #advent calendar#advent#SpeakBeasty
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  • A/N: A little ficlet I whipped up for newtina’s meeting anniversary, Dec.6th.

    He looked up from his case to see her stepping into the alley. Their eyes met for a brief second, so it might be useless to flee, but still he grabbed his case and shifted around the corner shielding himself with the wall.

    Hearing the footsteps getting closer, he did a quick calculation and decided to face the situation head on. 

     'Act normal and maybe she will take it and leave me alone' 

     Decision made, he stepped out from the wall, seeing her still walk right toward him, he averted his eyes.

    When they were at a touch away, his world spun. 

     The moment they apparated into another alley, he was pushed onto the wall. 


     He flinched away from her yell, but as if he wasn’t in enough trouble, he chuckled. “Hello, love.” He earned a even harder glare from his wife at that, and somehow he couldn’t stop himself, “Fancy meeting you here.”

    Now her face was telling him he had a death wish if he kept that up, it did the trick and strained him from telling her how beautiful she was even when she was fuming. 

     "We got multiple reports of possible magical disturbance in some muggle’s market,” She hissed, “and when we got there you know what they were screaming in chaos? 

    Oh, let me tell you with quote  ‘Giant rats are stealing my money!' 

    And I thought 'I am sure it has nothing to do with my husband and his nifflers’

    Can you imagine my shock when i saw him stuffing his nifflers into his case in an alley nearby?“ 

    He could felt his smile stretched wider, and it clearly didn’t escape her either.

    "You think this is funny?"    

    "No, no, I think-” He paused, finally figured out what bring this much of joy to him in this situation. “ I find it quite similar to how we first met, Tina." 

    She frown, and then her face soften. "And today, December 6th, it’s the same date.” She whispered in awe. 

    “Yes.” He tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. “I’m happy that I met you, Tina.”

    “So am I, Newt.” She placed a soft kiss on his lips.

    “But don’t think you can get away with letting those little buggers loose, mister.”

    He sighed.

    She caught him.

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    New Competition: Fantastic Beast

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