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  • nifflermia
    27.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Rowling:Dumbledore loves Grindelwald

    Somebody:hehe Dumbledore loves Grinder lol


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  • drunkenelevator
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Has anyone drew Achilles Tolliver?

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  • magicalhideoutengineer
    27.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    “You can feel the money on the bigger films: the trailers are fancy and there are lots of sets and people employed. But, ultimately, if I have a romantic scene with Eddie [Redmayne] in Fantastic Beasts, it feels exactly the same. I need everything to disappear around me and I just have to figure out how to connect with this other person.”

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  • regulusarchieblack
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Friendly Reminder that there are only 10 years of difference between these two settings.

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  • firinniee
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Inktober 26. Magical Creatures

    #although I tried #Harry Potter#fantastic beasts #fantastic beats and where to find them #matagot#matagots#inktober#inktober 2021 #harry potter inktober #firinnie#firinniee#my art#hp
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  • undemalvm
    26.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    omg does this mean grindelwald and dumbledore met before the 1945 duel? wasn’t expecting that but- okay?

    repost: mauraleamy

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  • coiseachd-nighean-marbh
    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    I know we all hate J.K but are we gonna still watch Fantastic Beasts 3?

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  • grumpy-aino
    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    calling all eddie redmayne fans out there:

    fantastic beasts and where to find them read by eddie redmayne [on youtube]

    #yes thats an embeded link #eddie redmayne#ftbawtft #crimes of grindelwald #the secrets of dumbledore #fantastic beasts#newt scamander#audiobook#harry potter
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  • trivialzeros
    26.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see the cute dynamics between these two in FB3 🤩

    #newtina #fantastic beast and where to find them #NEWT SCAMANDAR#tina goldstein
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  • alsoknownasjenn
    26.10.2021 - 23 hours ago


    In celebration of ace week, have a list of my personal aspec headcanons that absolutely no one asked for:

    Charlie Weasley (Harry Potter) = Aromantic Asexual

    Merida (Brave) = Aromantic Asexual

    Milo (Atlantis) = Heteromantic Demisexual

    Holly Munro (Lockwood & Co) = Grey Asexual Homoromantic

    Leo Valdez (Heroes of Olympus) = Asexual Biromantic

    Bakugou Katsuki (BNHA) = Demisexual Panromantic

    Thalia Grace (Percy Jackson) = Asexual Homoromantic

    Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes) = Asexual Aromantic OR Homoromantic (depends on version)

    Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) = Asexual Heteromantic

    Oliver Wood (Harry Potter) = Grey Asexual Omniromantic

    Haymitch Abernathy (The Hunger Games) = Demisexual Panromantic

    Agatha Wellbelove (Carry On) = Asexual Homoromantic

    Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts) = Asexual Panromantic

    Peter Parker (Marvel) = Demisexual Biromantic

    Thor (Marvel) = Heterosexual Aromantic

    Damian Wayne (DC) = Demisexual Biromantic

    Tim Drake (DC) = Asexual Biromantic

    Moana (Moana) = Aromantic Asexual

    Elsa (Frozen) = Asexual Homoromantic

    Kozume Kenma (Haikyuu) = Asexual Demiromantic/Homoromantic

    Entrapta (Shera) = Asexual Greyromantic

    Jessica Rabbit (WFRR) = Asexual Biromantic

    Levi Ackerman (AOT) = Asexual Greyromantic

    Edmund Pervensie (Narnia) = Asexual Panromantic

    Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) = Grey Asexual Biromantic

    Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) = Aromantic Asexual

    Regulus Black (Harry Potter) = Asexual Panromantic

    Zuko (ATLA) = Asexual Biromantic

    Castiel (Supernatural) = Asexual Homoromantic

    Loki (Marvel) = Demisexual (no romantic labels, but loves regardless of gender)

    Hiro Hamada (Big Hero Six) = Asexual Heteromantic

    Hiccup (HTTYD) = Demisexual Biromantic

    Kageyama Tobio (Haikyuu) = Asexual Homoromantic

    Iida Tenya (BNHA) = Asexual Biromantic

    Max (Camp Camp) = Demisexual Biromantic

    These are just my personal headcanons, if you have different ideas or different characters, feel free to share!!!

    #aspec headcanons#ace week#asexuality#aromantic#harry potter#brave#atlantis #lockwood and co #heroes of olympus #percy jackson#sherlock holmes #the hunger games #carry on#fantastic beasts#marvel#dc#moana#frozen#haikyuu#shera #who framed rodger rabbit #attack on titan #my hero academia #narnia#criminal minds #avatar the last airbender #supernatural #big hero six #how to train your dragon #camp camp
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  • alexstroughts
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    FB3 again

    Ok but i so much want a scene between Albus and Gellert and everyone else just being : 👁👄👁

    #grindeldore#gelbus#ggad#adgg #albus x gellert #gellert x albus #fb3 #fantastic beasts 3 #the secrets of dumbledore #Albus Dumbledore#gellert grindelwald
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  • newt-and-salamander
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The institute I am studying and working at is handing out an award, the Marburger Kamerapreis (https://www.marburger-kamerapreis.de/), to an extraordinary camera operator every year. This time, the award will go to Philippe Rousselot, the cameraman of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

    At the end of this week, I will be attending several screenings, including FBaWtFT (of course! Can't wait to see it on the big screen again!) and some interviews with Mr Rousselot afterwards. I don't know if they will allow any questions from the audience and how many people will be there, so no idea if I migth have the chance to get a question in - but I will definitely try if it is allowed!

    But as so often when you know you might have a once-in-a-lifetime chance, my mind goes blank. So please, if there is anything you'd always wanted to ask Mr Rousselot, feel free to reply/send me a message/an anonymous request/...! I can't promise anything as it is the first time I have the chance to attend this event, but I'm really excited and if there is anything interesting to report afterwards (which I hope!), I will definitely tell you all!

    #send me your questions! #philippe rousselot#cameraman#interview #I'm way too excited #fantastic beasts and where to find them #fbawtft
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  • slasherbaby
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    #credence barebone #the sims 4 #sims#ts4#ts4 screenshots #fantastic beasts and where to find them #fbawtft#babysims
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  • futurewriterwannebe
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Harry potterAU With Gay Newt Married to Dumbledore.


    Exemple no cursed Hand btw but Dumbledore still plans to Die but doesnt tell newt caus he knews what it would Do to him

    The Astronomie scene with Newt and Dumbledore ständig side by side and Newt jumping infront off the Killing Curse to protect Albus, but it is still trows both newts Dead body and Albus of the tower and Snape is shoked but who cares what he thinks now

    Dumbledore holds Newt duribg the fall

    Whispering No no no no no no Not my light!

    He doesntslow the fall

    I bewith you soon Baby...Im so sorry Newt....

    With more time i could write it better with czte codenames etc

    #harry potter #albus dumbledore #fantastic beast newt #newt scamander#newt dumbledor
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  • slasherbaby
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝕾𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖉 𝕾𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖒 𝖇𝖔𝖞

    #i rewatched fantastic beasts the other day 🏴‍☠️ #and i love him w/my entire heart #credence barebone#ts4 #the sims 4 #fantastic beasts and where to find them #fbawtft#sims #maxis match sims #babysims
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  • ollivamberswands
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #harry potter#wizarding world #wizarding world of harry potter #luna lovegood#newt scamander#fantastic beasts #fantastic beasts and where to find them #fantastic beasts and the secrets of dumbledore #fantastic beasts and the crimes of grindelwald #hogwarts #hogwarts house pride #hogwarts is my home #ravenclaw#slytherin#hufflepuff#gryffindor#thestrals#ollivander#diagon alley#hogsmeade#wands#wandlore#youtube#youtuber
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  • harrypotterconfessions
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I hope that the Fantastic Beasts movies bring up the fact that Grindelwald had killed Viktor Krum’s grandfather.

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  • newt-and-salamander
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    As I thought a lot about Theseus recently, I figured I will just go on and make a list of reasons why I think he is (not!) going to die. Maybe I’m a tiny bit biased by my wishful thinking here but... here we go!

    Reasons Theseus might die in one of the next films:

    He was introduced to us in FBAWTFT as “Theseus Scamander? The war hero?”. This might already indicate his role during the whole series, being a hero – probably this includes dying as one. [I think this is something @thenewt-case said to me.]

    He is close to Newt – his death might motivate Newt to take higher risks and give him another strong personal reason to fight if he feels like his family and friends are threatened.

    I get the impression that he is a rather popular character, so there would be a strong emotional response from the audience for sure. I'm not sure if you could call it a shock as people certainly already partly anticipate his death.

    JKR likes tearing apart families – especially siblings. (The Dumbledores, the Lestranges, the Goldsteins if you count Queenie's change of loyalties... the Potters, the Weasleys, the Prewetts, the Blacks (x2 if you count Sirius and Regulus and Andromeda, Bellatrix and Narcissa twice), the Evans, the Creevies, … I didn’t even really think this through, I’m sure there are more to add.)

    Somebody might need to sacrifice themselves for Newt at some point of the story because he’s the protagonist. [This might be a weak reason.] Theseus definitely loves his brother and might be ready to accept death for him (although he much rather would prefer not to die).

    Reasons Theseus is definitely not going to die, don’t even think of it! (I will begin with counter-arguments to some of the points mentioned above):

    Theseus is not stupid and very capable in his job. He is one of the few people that survived Grindelwald’s attack in Paris (although this was partly due to Newt apparating him away, but still he’s clearly a very powerful wizard and a brilliant fighter). Being a hero doesn’t necessarily involve dying, right?

    As @occamyeggshells pointed out in my post about Pickett, at this point after CoG Newt has already decided he will fight and doesn’t need another motivation to move against Grindelwald. Leta’s death was enough for him to make up his mind. In fact, it might have been seeing Theseus alive and miserable that led to Newt's decision to join his side. There is no "necessity" for him to lose Theseus.

    Him being a popular character might also spare him (although I’m not sure if JKR cares a lot about this). I’m not sure if popularity with the audience is any kind of argument at all to predict if a character is going to die if I'm honest.

    We have already seen families torn apart in CoG – not only the Lestranges but, maybe even more important, the Goldsteins. Although Queenie didn’t die, there is a lot of heartbreak, mistrust and disappointment between the sisters. So there's lots of potential room to explore this.

    Even if somebody might sacrifice themselves for Newt, Theseus isn’t the only option. (Bunty, I’m looking at you! ...but please don't die either, thanks.)

    Okay, now some original arguments:

    As I already mentioned before, Newt is (supposed to be) the protagonist and I feel like Theseus’ death would hit him too hard. There is no use in showing a protagonist who is grief-stricken over a long time because it's just no fun. And although Newt and Theseus might not have the warmest of relationships, it's clear that there is a lot of love between them regardless.

    If they want to show how the loss of a loved persons influences those who fight in the war, Theseus himself (alive!) is the best example. What will the loss of Leta do to him? I feel like he will get even more determined, maybe bitter. Leta was very important to Newt as well, so her death can show us how both brothers handle the loss - in quite different ways I suppose.

    Regarding Newt’s character development, in my opinion it would be much more interesting to show how Newt and Theseus finally start to get along, how what happened in Paris makes them bond and finally look out for each other. It is clear that Newt and Theseus didn’t get along perfectly in the past and they most likely won’t in the future, and it’s not too easy for Newt to connect with other people – that’s why I think that him and Theseus getting closer would be more valuable a development than just taking Theseus away.

    Theseus is a high-ranked ministry official. He has inside information and could therefore be very valuable for the plot. Also, the corruption and political change of the society could be pointed out through his eyes. These are things Newt is not so much interested in.

    I see a lot of reasons Theseus could get along with Tina and Jacob very well. It has been pointed out several times that there seem to be lots of parallels between Tina and Theseus, so I will concentrate on Jacob: They both have lost their fiancée, plus Jacob lost a brother in the war, so maybe he can understand that Theseus often behaves patronizing, out of concern for Newt. (But I’m not sure if this can be counted as an argument to let Theseus live. It rather shows how he could come in regarding the group's dynamic from my pov.)

    Through his eyes, we learn to see Newt from a different perspective: He can be rather annoying and stubborn, something that didn’t become so clear in the first film when we didn’t see his behavior towards Theseus. I feel like Theseus' perspective adds depth to Newts character (and Newt should be the protagonist!!) and I love it.

    I'm sure there is a loooot more to say about this, but that's what came to my mind this afternoon. Also, some of these points are influenced by conversations I had with several people, and I can’t remember who said what (but I think in general points were made by @thenewt-case, @occamyeggshells, @scamanderishredmayniac and @raztberry – so please feel free to complain if you feel like I should credit you or if I forgot sb.!).

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