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  • What’s the most important, the most iconic quote of FB (FBWTFT or FBCOG) according to you?

    I first thought about the “closer than brothers” quote but I’m clearly biased
    So what about Leta’s “I love you”, or Newt’s “salamanders’ eyes” ? Or maybe Jacob’s “you’re crazy” or Grindelwald’s “I hate Paris” ? idk

    Is there any quote which has the same status or potential as “always” ?
    (btw srly why “always” and why not “nice one, James!” which is definitely one of the most heartbreaking quote I’ve ever heard)

    (sorry for the mistakes!)

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  • I disagree with cancel culture. If people believe something that is not true but are willing to listen, engage in debate, change their opinion and move forward in a positive light - they should not be cancelled.

    However, if someone sits there spouting mistruths that are harmful and dangerous, refuses to engage in a meaningful debate, and have had multiple opportunities to change their mind or opinion and have refused to do so - they should be cancelled.

    TL;DR: fucking cancel JK Rowling

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  • You know, they could have hired pretty much anyone to play teenage Grindelwald and Dumbledore in The Crimes of Grindelwald and I don’t think anyone would have batted an eye. And yet, they hired Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor who had played teenage Grindelwald in the brief scene of him stealing the elder wand and Toby Regbo, the actor who was only used for a picture of teenage Dumbldore in The Deathly Hallows Part 1. I seriously doubt anyone would have noticed the change of actors and yet, they wanted to be consist. Regardless of your feelings of TCoG over all, you have to admit that is amazing.

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  • image

    Queenie and Vinda behind the scene from Lights, Camera, Magic

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  • An excerpt from HP Lexicon

    In Hindu and Buddhist tradition, Nagas have an affinity for water, carry the Elixir of Life, and symbolize both fertility and immortality. In Malaysian tradition, the natural enemy of the Naga is a phoenix.

    So Nagini’s name tells us she isn’t just a big snake. Rowling has tied all the traditional Naga associations to Nagini. Voldemort is a Slytherin by blood and house (water element). He used Nagini’s venom to keep himself alive during Goblet of Fire (Elixir of Life). Babymort’s description as being like a human child with a hairless, reddish-black, scaly body and flat snake-like face along with the use of the verb “milked” to collect Nagini’s venom suggest Nagini was used to get Vapormort into a rudimentary physical form (fertility); this last association is deliberate since there is a strong “mother” pattern in Goblet of Fire. So Voldemort’s use of Nagini to thwart death by making her into a Horcrux would complete the traditional Naga associations (immortality).

    The Healers at St. Mungo’s had a hard time closing Arthur’s wounds because Nagini’s venom was so extraordinary, suggesting an unusual snake. If Nagini is a magical creature with special powers who was the means to Voldemort’s mini-rebirthing as appears, he would have reason to find her a significant vessel for his soul fragment. And she may even be a very long-lived magical snake, just as Slytherin’s basilisk was.

    Nagas are also known to guard treasure (Voldemort’s soul).

    From all of this, I think it’s safe to deduce that it was Nagini’s curse that made Voldemort use her venom for his rebirth. She wasn’t a normal snake, and if she carried the ‘elixir of life’ in her venom then it could be why he was able to use it for his rebirth. I confess that I have often wondered why would a snake’s venom help him regenerate a body for himself. It is very likely that he met Nagini after the events of Philosopher’s Stone because he had to choose the harder route and go to Hogwarts with the intention of stealing the Philosopher’s Stone. If he could use just any snake, then he would have done it before but it had to be a Maledictus. It’s also possible that the curse makes the Maledictus immortal (but able to be killed) which could be why Voldemort thought she would make a good Horcrux.

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  • image

    We loved seeing these behind the scenes images of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” from Claudia Kim’s Instagram! 


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  • Who Is It That You Love? (n.s. x reader)

    requested: nope

    summary: Newt was your best friend. You loved him. It was bound to hurt, right? I suck at summaries

    pairing: Newt Scamander x female!reader

    warnings: kinda fluff, idk. confused writer.

    A/N: how is everybody? taglists are now open!


    Originally posted by lonnieontherun

    It was Theseus who found you crying one night. Your boss immediately got worried, thinking the work he gave you was too much and started apologising to you. A chuckle left your lips in between the sniffles at this.

    “I am not crying because of you.” You softly told him.

    His confusion grew on your revelation. “Then what is it?”

    Keep reading

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  • (I do apologize for the mistakes! I did my best and have been help by websites and things like that, but I’m afraid I’m still not a native speaker. I hope it’s not that bad though. Sorry again!) (when I started writing this I thought “it’s going to be short, I’m gonna explain things quickly”, and well, nope)

    Isn’t it curious that a lot of character in Harry Potter meet his true love at school, marry to them, and love them until the very end?

    Just a quick list: Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, Lily and James, Molly and Arthur, Frank and Alice, Albus S. and Scorpius, Neville and Hannah Abbot, James’ parents, Remus’ parents, the Malfoys, the Crouchs… It’s definitely a lot of people who are in love for ever (and I’m sure I’m forgotten some couples, like Newt and Tina or Luna and Rolf, even if they didn’t meet at school?).

    Plus, there are other characters which had a “true love”, and despite the fact they are not (anymore) together, they still love this same person - and they never have been able to move on. Minerva McGo fell for a muggle who died, Severus Snape was obsessed with Lily until his very end - literally -, Albus Dumbledore met Gellert Grindelwald at 17 (or 18) and loved him during decades despite everything his charismatic murderous ex-boyfriend accomplished (and Albus was probably Gellert’s true love), etc.

    But in real life, most of the people don’t marry to their school crush and most importantly, don’t love them deeply and unconditionally during decades (or I think so at least). So, why isn’t it working the same in the wizarding world?

    Well, it could be because JKR didn’t want to include divorce and wanted to present an (quite unrealistic) model of relationships (and Harry Potter was intially a book for kids, so ok); but couldn’t we find a real reason?

    So here are several theories, to fix this… inconsistency?
    Again, it’s theories, so there are probably questionable points and things like that. Feel free to say what you think of it!

    1. Magic “soulmates”

    This one is my favourite, and it’s probably - to my opinion! - the most believable, the most convincing, at least the one with the most potential. (it’s not perfect at all though)

    Muggles and wizards/witches aren’t the same human beings. It’s a fact: there are diseases which affects only magic people (the Dragon pox?), magic people live way longer than muggles (Bathilda was older than Dumbledore, who was born in 1881 and died in 1997; Gellert, Elphias and Muriel were still alive in 1998…). The magic seems to have an impact on the body, on the constitution (*).

    The assumption is: what if the magic through the body of every wizard or witch was able to… “recognize” or “match” with the perfect person? Because of something muggles don’t have, magic people are able to truly bind themselves with a… soulmate, something like that?

    It can be plausible, I have several arguments.

    • Firstly, magic people are able to feel the surrounding magic - like forces, something immaterial but which has a strong influence. Albus is able to feel the marks of Riddle’s spells in the cave (and I’m strongly convinced that his magic and Gellert’s were… connected, that they were capable to feel and recognize each other magic, because both of them were bloody brilliant, but it’s not the subject). We can perhaps also talk about how Newt was able to detect the prints of magical creatures and Tina after they left the streets, in FBCOG. It shows that magic is everywhere, and it has a strong influence on the physical world.
    • Secondly, we have proofs that magic is far more complex than spells and things like that: Unbreakable Vows or Fidelius Charms imply magic contracts that we don’t understand, students can study things like Arithmancy or Divination, which are subtle arts… But the greatest example of it is certainly Lily’s protection. Magic is complex.
    • Thirdly, we can suppose that every witch or wizard has a very personal magic - a reflection, a part of their personality, of their soul (which exist in Harry Potter). Maybe souls are entirely a magic thing, after all (it’s quite sad for muggles though): I mean that each soul is perhaps the magic energy of a witch or a wizard, the source of their power (but it’s not entirely the subject here). So each magic, each soul, is able to “scan” other’s soul - other’s magic - and find a perfect match: after all, magic is soul, and consequently, it’s the most intimate part of someone’s personality. And then, people fall in love (because magic and personality match).

    I really do appreciate this theory, because I fairly like complex and mysterious magic systems and things like that in HP (that’s why Albus’ and Gellert’s interactions and relation can be utterly interesting btw). Plus, it actually explains why someone is truly in love with the same person for ages.

    But, what about wizards or witches which fell in love with muggles - Remus’ dad, Queenie Goldstein? If their partner isn’t a person with a magical soul and stuff, how can they be truly in love and all?

    Yes, indeed, it exists; however, we can… fix that.

    • On one hand, maybe soul and magic are separated, souls have their own energy, and wizard’s or witch’s magic acts to tie the two souls despite the absence of magic through muggle’s bodies. Plus, muggles are affected by magic (we can cast spells on them, but most importantly they also feel subtle magic things, like Dudley with the Dementors (even if we can argue here that the chill we feel when there is a Dementor is something physical and not magic)).
    • On the order hand, in the muggle world, there is people which are truly in love without magic: so perhaps it is not a question of magic here, they are just… in love. (I hope I’m clear?)

    2. Conservative society and appearances

    Nevertheless, is it possible that those perfect couples… aren’t absolutely truly in love with each other? So, why didn’t just they broke up?

    Perhaps the witchcraft society (can we name it like that?) is actually quite conservative, and not quite open-minded about divorces. Several things we learn in the books support this idea.

    • First of all, most of the married couples we know promised themselves to each other rather young (Lily and James, Molly and Arthur, Bill and Fleur, Alice and Frank…). I don’t know if it’s because I’m French and I live during the 21st century, but I don’t know a lot of people who choose to marrying before 25 (in fact, no one). What if serious relationships in the wizarding world were truly accepted only after a marriage? Almost every person with children is married (the exceptions are Dean’s mother (but she’s a muggle), Bellatrix (but it’s in HPCC and honestly, how could this happen), and… I think that’s all?). Marriage is maybe a big deal, an unforgettable state in a wizard’s of witch’s life who wants to be recognized as a person in a relationship with legitimate kids.

    (to be honest here, they could marry early just because of the war, the fear and all, like Molly said it in HBP (if I remember right); but people of Harry’s gen also married, and Molly complained because Bill is marrying (according her) to the wrong woman, too young, as the overprotective mother she is. We can keep that on min though. Anyway, back to the point.)

    • Next, it appears that pure-blood families and traditions are still influential during HP books - racism and how it is not punished (like it’s ok to casually say “mudblood”? we never see people in general protest against it?), the representation of pure-blood in the Ministry, the capital owned by some of them (**), ect. And we all know how the purity of the blood is important in those families. What if marriage was initially organized and crucial in the upper classes (pure-blood families) to keep their blood pure, and because they rule the society, they imposed this social convention decades - maybe even centuries - ago? That’s why marriage could be that important. (***)
    • Finally, maybe there is so many couples which seem in love… just because they act like that, they integrated they must love the people they were binded with, despite the passing years? And divorce is not an option?

    (Also, what if marriages contracts were actually a way to… “create” and assure the love between the two persons? It’s much sadder than the soulmates’ theory, because we can think that the love between two people is artificial, even if it exists originally. I do not like this idea)

    This theory (marriage-creating-love excluded) doesn’t exclude the first one though, so why not?

    3. Destiny and things like that

    We know there are prophecies, destiny and things like that in HP - we know it for sure, with Trelawney’s predictions (even with Grindelwald now). What if there is actually a destiny for everyone, a personal path for everyone, which everyone follow, and which allows to meet a perfect person to be together with?

    I don’t have elements to prove this point, and actually, I’m not quite convinced - but it’s possible. However, are really all the characters dominate by a destiny they have to fulfil? Like yeah, Harry is concerned by a prophecy, but 1) it could have been Neville, 2) there is not so many prophecies we know and it’s almost every time about Harry or Voldy.

    Plus, it can be seen as… an absence of freedom, and without freedom, how can someone choose how to build himself, how to act ethically, etc? (I know some philosophers said destiny doesn’t exclude freedom and all) My point is that a world entirely conduct by a destiny/future already written (so which also determine true love’s people) is a bit out of HP system and narrative: Harry has to do choices to follow the path of the good, it’s crucial through the books and a lot of characters are determined by their ethic choices (Albus, Draco or Severus in particular?) (I’m trying my best to be understandable)

    (all in all, I’m not fan of this theory)

    4. There isn’t any “true love”, we only have this impression because of Harry’s pov: arguments and counter-arguments

    Here are counter-arguments to the idea of “true love” in Harry Potter. Indeed, our analysis can be biased by Harry’s pov and by the people he chose to be friend with.

    Many of true-love-couples are Harry’s friends (or persons he likes). We can think that he likes people with the same opinion on love and relationships; consequently, his friends and the surrounding adults marry because they all like this way of life.

    What I want to say here, is that there is probably many persons who haven’t found their truelove, but we don’t met them, or we ignore them: what about Moody, what about Sirius, what about Peter, what about Kingsley, what about all the teenagers who aren’t with the love of their life before 20? We know countless characters, most of them didn’t seem to be together with their soulmate or something like that.

    Plus, perhaps we think everybody can find their true love because we just see perfects couples and not messed up couples - because of Harry’s pov. (I swear I’m actually trying to be as clear as possible)


    • single persons can be aro/ace persons;
    • singles can choose to not be in a relationship, even if they found their perfect match: Moody, Sirius and all have a quite particular story and suffered from losses, war, injuries - what if Moody lost the person he loved during the war? what if Sirius didn’t want to hurt the person he loved by his eventual death, when he was James’ and Lily’s Secret-Keeper?;
    • several persons could have chosen to ignore their feelings, for a reason or another (bad timing (during the war), society’s judgement (lgb+ relationships?));
    • actually, there are probably a lot of people who are in a relationship, but we don’t know it (who knows, for example, if Stan has a gf/bf?). Again, Harry’s pov isn’t an omniscient pov; and forgettable characters’ private life is generally not quite important through Harry’s epic adventures;
    • we still can’t deny there is way more married and happy couples (so people who are together with the same person a very long time) in the wizarding world than in the muggle world. Even if there are exceptions and if we know single persons, we still have the same problem: people are able to find their true love very young and stays with the same person the rest of their lives, pleased - even entirely blooming.

    We can yet argue that nobody talk about a “soulmate bond” and something like that through HP stories. If there was actually a true-magic-allowed-love, witches and wizards should know it, right?

    However, a magic link as complex, subtle, imperceptible, cryptic, primitive, puzzling as true-love-magic-bond could be can’t be analysed and understood by any enchanter of sorceress. It’s like… quantum mechanics or things like that, we need brilliant people who work on it during their whole life and who are helped by complicate and modern instruments, impenetrable knowledge, etc. And we know that:

    • there is less magic people than muggles (seriously, I once tried to estimate how many wizards and witches lived in Great Britain and… so little), so there is consequently fewer people who have the abilities and the will to research things like “true-love-magic-link”;
    • a lot of muggles discoveries had been done during the 20th century, despite the war… however, wizards had to deal with muggle’s wars, wizardkind’s wars (hi Grindelwald and Voldemort), while maintaining the International Statue of Wizardinc Secrecy, and it’s a lot. So perhaps nobody really had time to think about it.

    Plus, it is possible that other countries in other continents had proved it, but European countries and US don’t care; also, perhaps it has been proved in the past - like 4000 years before our age - but then it has been forgotten.

    Nonetheless, there is a serious counter-argument to the true-love-thanks-magic theory: love potions doesn’t exist. Amortentia creates a strong obsession but never creates love. Slughorn (and Dumbledore, if I remember well) explained love can’t be created with magic. Consequently, Slughorn seems to say that love between two persons in the wizarding world is created by… feelings, like in the muggle world. Plus, an important message of the books (and now in the movies with FB) is that muggles and wizardkind are equal, have to be considered as… identical, almost?

    But if we suppose that attraction and true love between two people is based on magic/soul matching, a simple potion - and even a strong spell - has of course any effect on love and things like that: feelings and magic are far more subtle, personal, a spell or a potion can’t influence someone’s soul (or just Dark magic), etc.

    I know yet that JKR wanted probably to say that love is more elevated than magic, she wanted to sublime humans’ emotions and things like that - or it’s what I understood when I read the books. So yes, the fact that love can’t be created by magic is a serious counter-argument. It doesn’t throw away the theory in my opinion, but it questions it though.


    I can’t think about something which can actually answers to our initial question except what we already said. I want to believe that magic binds people together and helps them find the perfect match, because if I don’t believe it, relationships in Harry Potter make not much sense to me. (even if there are definitely debatable points) (and again it’s just my pov/opinion)

    So there were the theories, etc!

    Honestly, an inconstancy like that is not a that big deal, but I still do want to fix it. It’s in my mind since ages srly I can’t bear it anymore I need to talk about it. I’m glad it’s done.

    Thanks for reading, and have a good day / evening / night / whatever!

    * : magic seems to have an impact on the body, on the constitution: in fact, we know it for sure: Riddle’s appearance changed radically after he created Horcruxes. This point can also lead us to think that soul and magic are the same thing, or are at least strongly connected.

    **: … the representation of pure-blood in the Ministry, the money who owns some of them: if you’re interest, I developed a bit more this idea in the post:  Why are the Weasleys poor? (eng&fr) (theories about pure-blood families, inheritance, etc)  

    ***:  That’s why marriage could be that important.: plus, for several reasons (that I want to expose but not in this post bc it’s already quite long), I do believe lgb+ relationships (or transidentity, or everyone which is not cishet basically) are not accepted, and same-gender marriage is certainly not allowed in the wizarding world during Harry’s years at Hogwarts. If we think now about the pressure on teens and young adults about marriage if they want to have kids, to be accepted as “a person in a serious relationship” or be seen as accomplished adults, we can understand why many lgbtqi+ people never came out. It could explain why we don’t see outed lgbtqi+ people or couples at Hogwarts, in the Order, or everywhere else. (yep, i’m trying to “explain” in the canon a lack of representation, even if we all know why there isn’t lgbtqi+ ppl - JKR just wrote it that way. (i do not support what she said or she did recently btw)) (futhermore it could support the theory of the several uses/significations of the blood pact between Albus and Gellert, an alternative to an engagement ring they couldn’t have but would have? idk)

    (again, sorry for the mistakes, thanks for reading!)

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  •  Fantastic Beasts


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    “i’ll protect you”

    Stay with me.

    Let me help you.

    Safehaven  Part 1 Part 2

    Yule Ball  Part 1 Part 2 (still writing)

    Choose Your Side  Part 1 Part 2


    “Nothing here for me






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    Bouquet of flowers





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    Pairings: Newt Scamander x reader

    You knew it wasn’t right, you knew Grindelwald was bad; yet his promises… his promises were too tempting to resist.

    The blue flames seemed to lure you in even more, you had completely blocked out the sounds of yelling and fighting coming from your friends. Your eyes met Grindelwald’s, and he sent a devious smirk your way.

    He never broke eye contact as he sauntered over to you, walking through the flames completely unscathed. His face twisted into an expression of concern as he reached you, “What’s the matter dear?”

    He sounded so sincere, like he actually cared for you. “I don’t know what to do,” you whispered, your voice wavering as you tried your best not to cry.

    “Y/N?” You heard another voice. Newt. “Y/N no! Don’t listen t-”

    Grindelwald flicked his wand in the direction of Newt, forcing him backwards as more flames erupted in front of him. “We’re having a conversation, Mr. Scamander.” Grindelwald growled.

    “What troubles you?” Grindelwald asked, his sincere and calm voice returning.

    “My friends,” you said, glancing back at Newt, Tina, Theseus, and Jacob. “I love them, but …” Your voice trailed off. “But what, my dear?”

    “I’m not sure they love me as much as i do to them,” warm tears silently ran down your cheeks. You thought back to all the times you’d shared with your friends, always feeling as though you didn’t belong, thinking they simply tolerated you out if pity. They never seemed to notice when you felt down, maybe it was because you hid it well, or maybe it was simply because they didn’t care. You voiced your thoughts allowed to Grindelwald, and he listened.

    Your best friend Newt, at least he used to be your best friend, ever since meeting Tina he’d seemed too interested with her to hang out with you anymore.

    You were left to be the cliche girl who fell in love with her best friend.

    Your mind was playing tricks with you, and Grindelwald took advantage of that. “You feel betrayed and alone,” Grindelwald stated, and you nodded meekly.

    “Y/N that’s not true! We-” this came from Tina, but Grindelwald silenced her, sending more flames her way.

    “I know what it is like to feel lost and unloved by people who you thought were your friends. ,” Grindelwald said, “But if you come with me, I promise, all this pain and betrayal you are feeling, will be no more. In my ranks you will be surrounded by those who love and value you for who you are.”

    “Y/N NO! He’s trying to manipulate you!” Theseus yelled out, he was now beside Newt, they were both trying to fight their way over to you.

    “Queenie made the tough choice when the man she loved betrayed her too,” Grindelwald said, “I know that you are strong enough to make that same choice as hers .”

    “But Newt-”

    “Doesn’t love you, if he did, then he’ll stop fawning over Tina. ” he said, his words were harsh, yet his tone was soft and gentle. Like a father scolding their child. “There is nothing more for you to make you stay here.”

    Grindelwald began backing up, he went through the flames again, centering himself in the middle of the circle. “You can be much more without them than you ever were, you just have to trust me, my dear.”

    Grindelwald reached out his hand for you, all you had to do was go to him. Something inside you made your feet move, and you began walking towards the flames, it was almost as if Grindelwald had you under a spell.

    Suddenly, a hand grabbed your wrist, stopping you. You turned out slowly, tears still flowing, and came face to face with Newt. “Y/N,” he whispered, “Please. Stay with me”

    Grindelwald didn’t even try to stop Newt from changing your mind, he was confident in the decision you’d make.

    You took in a shaky breath, you were so conflicted you felt as thought you were going to split in half.

    “I’m sorry, I am so sorry we made you feel like we only tolerate you out of pity, I can’t even imagine how you’ve felt these past few months. But it isn’t true. Y/N we love you, more than anything, my life wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t met you my in my first year at Hogwarts, it’d actually be worse.”

    His words made your heart swell, and your stomach fill with butterflies, but your mind overpowered your heart, it told you these were lies simply said to persuade you to not join Grindelwald.

    “How do I know you’re not lying?”

    “You just have to trust me.”

    You looked back at Grindelwald, he was shaking his head, as if telling you not to trust Newt.“Y/N, look at me,” Newt said, his hand gripped yours, intertwining your fingers with his. You looked down at your hands, then up to Newt who now had tears rolling down his cheeks.

    “Please don’t leave me,” he pleaded, he sounded almost as broken as you did.You took a deep and shaky breath, “There’s nothing here for me, Newt, I’m sorry.” 

    Grindelwald watched the whole scene unfold, that evil smirk of his never left his face. Newt helplessly watched as you walked into the flames, and to Grindlewald’s side. He felt his heart break into two, and a part of him was torn away. He felt that it was his fault, that you felt lonely and made you walk away.

    “Remember that you’ve done this to yourselves, as your foolishness caused your friend to join me.” Grindlewald taunted them, but his eyes were fixed on Newt.  You were staring into nothingness, your tears was still running down your face. You knew what you have chosen, and you’re not turning back. 

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    “Now that’s living in style”

    #ezra miller#urban decay #wearing this outfit better than I ever could #fantastic beasts #i remember you had on your purse and your boots
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  • In an AU in which the events of both movies are almost the same, Theseus realizes (perhaps years after those events happen) that everything was just a very complicated plan for Albus to have Newt all to himself.

    But he finds out about Albus’s plans too late.

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    Yes, I named my Fairy Fairy Godmother :“D

    What’s the weirdest/funniest name you have given to one of your animals?

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