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    20.01.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    after Multiverse of Madness, the MCU might now be called MCM.  Marvel Cinematic Multiverse which intertwines the Sony-verse and others

    #theres rumour about the fantastic four men #so hmmmmm #theres DCEU and theres MCM #im down for it #thoughts#self
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    20.01.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    The Thing #6 Variant Cover | Mahmud Asrar

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    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    This upcoming She-Hulk cover by Jen Bartel is absolutely amazing!

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  • dailydoom
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Marvel Graphic Novel (1987) #27 “Emperor Doom”

    Written by: David Michelinie, Mark Gruenwald, and Jim Shooter

    Art by: Bob Hall and Keith Williams

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    Johnny Storm and Sue Storm (Fantastic 4) - Credit if using

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    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Just before Bentley-23 could give a testimonial speech during the court hearing in the custody battle, someone comes into the room. The stranger who came into the court room claimed that he is the original Bentley Wittman while Wizard the supervillain who is fighting over the custody of Bentley-23, is his clone. This claim shocked everyone else in the courtroom. The judge calls the bailiff over to scan the man with an identity scanner but before he could do that, Wizard snatches it away indignantly and scoffs that he would do it himself. As the scans were done, it turned out that the stranger’s claims about being the original Bentley Wittman were true. The stranger is the original Bentley Wittman while The Wizard is actually Bentley-2, his oldest clone. The clone revelation causes Wizard to throw a tantrum that he leaves the court, screaming in a hissy fit. The custody battle is over and Bentley-23 can stay with Dragon Man as his guardian, but with the original Bentley Wittman at his side for supervision. 

    When all things were over; Bentley-23 and Dragon Man bid their farewell to the Fantastic Four and She-Hulk. Though Bentley-23 is going to start a new life as the new Wizard, Dragon Man is hesitant about his new plan when he is working with the original Bentley Wittman

    - Fantastic Four v6 #39, 2022

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    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #confession #fantastic four 2015
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    20.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

                    You’ll find  MR. FANTASTIC  more than a match for you every time.

    #promo. #marvel rp. #reed richards. #mr fantastic. #fantastic four. #004. blog work ahead? i sure hope it does ⇾ ooc.
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  • dashumankapital
    20.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Victor, there must be no secrets between us. It is my duty to tell you... I've entangled myself with one of your greatest enemies. I have been intimate... with Johnny Storm.

    Fantastic Four #33 (2021)
    #fantastic four (2018) #this is one of the greatest plot points #ily dan slott #also i feel like victor would be incensed by having johnny called one of his greatest enemies #he's probably like #that boy is one of my greatest enemy's brother in law at best #victor von doom #doctor doom#dr doom#lady victorious#victorious#zora vukovic#reed richards#mr fantastic#mister fantastic#ben grimm#the thing#susan storm#sue storm#sue richards#invisible woman #himbo johnny storm #manwhore johnny storm #johnny storm#human torch#marvel 616#fantastic four#marvel comics#mine
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  • bonniebirddoesgifs
    20.01.2022 - 19 hours ago


    Johnny Storm (Fantastic 4) - Credit if using

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  • secondratefates
    20.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Fantastic Four by Alex Ross

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  • thebibliomancer
    19.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Essential Avengers: Avengers #263: “WHAT LURKS BELOW?”

    January, 1986

    “What lurks within the COCOON?”

    -looks at the top right of the cover- I could NOT speculate.

    But I’ll say that if I didn’t already know FROM CURSED FUTURE KNOWLEDGE, the issue does a good job of obfuscating.

    Last time on Avengers: due to Vision trying to take over the world, the Avengers have lost their special governmental privileges and the FAA have set a deadline for the team to get their Quinjets out of New York City, New York within a month. Oceanographer and part time pirate enthusiast Walter “Stingray” Newell offers to rent them space on his cool islandboat. So that’s settled.

    Namor McKenzie, once and future king of Atlantis, was on the islandboat being depressed about Atlantis asking him to kindly gtfo. So Captain America offers to recommend him to fill Starfox’s open spot on the Avengers roster. So that’s going to be funny!

    And Enclave scientists Morlak, Shinski, and Zota reunite after that botched Moon thing and plan some new mad science that will make them “masters of this unworthy world!”

    Which actually brings us to the start of this issue.

    The three mad scientists are trying to take off in a charter plane from JFK International Airport to go to their new secret base.

    They’re stymied by delays. Airport delays.

    Also, being wanted for space crime and breaking out of jail.

    So when they see some police vans on the tarmac, they panic and try to take off immediately.


    I’ve watched too many youtube videos about disasters recently. This is bad.

    Minus the mad science and police, this is how several of them started.

    Despite the frenzied protestations of the control tower, Zota nearly runs into a 747. He manages to turn away but snaps a wing on the runway and sends the plane into Jamaica Bay.

    Hmm. Why is a place in New York called Jamaica? There’s apparently a Jamaica in New York with a completely different etymology than the Jamaica in the Caribbean.

    It’s fun to learn things.

    For example, Agent Freeman is now learning that sometimes when a mad scientist escape plane goes down in a bay, what you get is a massive, dramatic pillar of light.

    Very superhero movie of this comic book from 1986.

    Meanwhile, over at Avengers Mansion, Captain America’s promise to nominate Namor for the open spot on the roster has turned into Namor getting the job off-panel.

    Wish I had gotten to read the conversation between Cap and Wasp about it but its like her offering the Beyonder a spot on the team. Some people are so annoying that it’s better to have them with you than against you.

    Anyway, now Wasp is passing the news along to their government liaison Sikorski.

    He is very much less than thrilled.

    Captain America: “I know that Namor hasn’t always been on the best of terms with the surface world, Mr. Sikorski... but here’s our chance to change that. ... There shouldn’t be any problems with immigration... Namor’s father was an American citizen. And he did defend these shores during World War II.”

    God. I never considered that Namor has dual citizenship.

    That’s wild.

    It’s even more wild that in decades of being grouchy, he’s apparently never renounced his citizenship.

    Wildest of all is that being a concern.

    They had a space alien on the team a little bit ago. Mantis was from Vietnam and she hung around the Mansion for a long time.

    I guess in those cases, the discussions took place off-panel.

    Wasp swoops in and points out that this is a courtesy call.

    While the government is holding the Avengers’ security clearance in limbo, the team doesn’t actually have to tell the government jack about their roster.

    (Guys, now is a great time to get Spider-Man on the team without worrying about security clearance and then grandfather him in once the issue is cleared up. Peter could really use those thousand bucks.)

    Mr. Sikorski, despite starting as the dude who hates superhero stuff despite being in a superhero universe, has evolved into the dude that’s actually trying to be helpful to the Avengers.

    He’s trying for weeks to get the Avengers’ priority clearance restored and moves like this? Aren’t helping his case!

    Captain America goes ‘nah its fine. I vouch for him’ and Wasp goes ‘see Cap vouches for him THAT’S ALL SETTLED.’

    Black Knight is in the room listening to this conversation while playing with his incredibly cursed sword. Which is funny because what he’s thinking is admiration for how adept Wasp is and wonders if she would date him.

    Black Knight: From firm to reassuring in less than a minute... Janet Van Dyne, you are a wonder! I wonder if there’s room on your calendar for dinner with an admiring Black Knight?

    Hmm and I wonder if this goes anywhere.

    Black Knight’s most famous relationship in the comics is with Sersi the Eternal. Although he was also in a love triangle with Crystal the Inhuman because Crystal plays the field.

    And Wasp recently had that vacation fling with that guy. Paladin? Something.

    I don’t know if Wasp/Black Knight is a relationship that would go anywhere because its a little too much like Hank “GiAnt-Man Goliath Yellowjacket” Pym. A scientist who does the superhero thing and eventually gets consumed by his darker emotions and mental illness.

    Then again, Wasp will start dating Hank himself again for a while. So she’s not afraid of going to the same well multiple times.

    Anyway, on with the post.

    While Janet is telling the government that Namor McKenzie is going to be on the team and that’s that, Captain Marvel and Hercules are helping Namor settle in.

    He’s not overall impressed by Avengers Mansion, calling the decor common, probably because he’s used to living in palaces and underwater.

    But he picks a door and likes what he sees.

    The one problem with the room is that Hercules already lives in it.

    Namor: “Of course, you wouldn’t mind switching rooms!”
    Hercules: “Yes, I would mind.”

    Hercules is willing to punch a guy to make him feel better but dangit, he’s not relocating. He’s got the room how he likes it. With a lion statue.

    Monica decides to nope out the window rather than spend the rest of her life as the buffer between these two.

    Smart. They’ll need to learn to work together.

    But judging by the previous issue, they may cause significant damage to the Mansion while they’re at it.

    Monica Marvel flies out into the city and perches on top of a high building so she can get some quality thinking done.

    She’s not so sure about Namor on the team. She doesn’t fully trust him despite Captain America vouching for him and over in New Orleans where superheroes don’t get as much media coverage (so weird to think of superheroes being a local concern to New York), none of the stories she heard about Namor were good.

    Plus, even given that he was raised as royalty, he’s kind of being a high-and-mighty dick and not going out of his way to fit in.

    It takes two to teamwork, Namor McKenzie.

    And since Monica is out in the city, looking thoughtfully over the skyline, she sees that pillar of light from the splash page and flies over to investigate.

    90% of heroing is hearing something on the news or happening to be in the area when something happens.

    Spider-Man doesn’t need to go looking for trouble a lot of the time, supervillain shit just happens in his vicinity so much.

    By the time Monica arrives, workers have already pulled the Enclave’s crashed plane out of the bay. And rescued the three Enclave dinguses that were in it, all of whom are in bad shape but expected to live.

    Agent Derek Freeman, FBI, tells Monica the situation.

    Funnish fact: Derek here is the brother of Duane Freeman, the dude who will be the Avengers’ government liaison during the Busiek run.

    Doesn’t really matter here and now but its funnish to draw that line as a fan of the Busiek run.

    Anyway, Agent Derek tells Monica that the big concern is that they don’t know what cargo was on the plane but it spilled into the bay during the crash and as a result, energy geysers have been erupting every few minutes.

    He sent a couple divers to investigate just before the geyser Monica saw and just as he expresses concern for them, they get bodily hurled out of the bay.

    Diver Nelson reveals that they found the source of the energy discharges but when they poked it, it told them to GTFO and threw them away.

    Captain Monica Marvel decides This Looks Like a Job For Superheroes and light forms into the bay.

    In the water, Captain Marvel finds the busted up crate from the Enclave’s plane and a shattered glass tank inside.

    But the energy is coming from a... gross-looking... uh, something.

    Captain Marvel thinks that it looks like some kind of cocoon and HMMM I do know some giant cocoons.

    Since the energy seems to be waning, Capt. Marvel decides to take a peek inside by turning into x-rays.

    But just like the divers, she finds herself repelled and told to GTFO.

    The voice in her head tells her to leave the ‘cocoon’ alone and being repelled forced Monica into her physical form.

    I.e., she is now drowning.

    She desperately swims to the surface so that doesn’t happen.

    Because that would be a really bad way to write out Monica Marvel.

    Meanwhile, a digression.

    The Melter, of Iron Man nemesising and Mastering of Evil, is watching a surveillance camera pointed at Avengers Mansion.

    Melter’s minion goon Keegan asks why the Melter is spying on the Avengers and the Melter wearily explains his Evil Plan one more time.

    The Melter: “By keeping watch like this -- I’ll be able to tell when the whole team has assembled in the Mansion. When I’m certain that they’re all there, I’ll use my improved melting ray to destroy them all -- mansion and all! After I’ve destroyed the Avengers, no one will ever laugh at the Melter again!”

    Then he opens a storage locker to retrieve his ray projector (the thing what melts) and finds his minion goon Keegan? Dead?

    The “Keegan” he was talking to was actually the Scourge of the Underworld!

    And he shoots the Melter.

    Uh, cool?

    Feels not really relevant to the book and I’m not a fan of killing off a bunch of villains that aren’t being used.

    Who gives a shit about Scourge? He’s like the Punisher without anything that people actually like from the Punisher.

    Between the two, I’d rather see the Melter try to melt the Mansion.

    Anyway, by the time Captain Monica gets back on dry land, the other Avengers have arrived.

    The police on scene aren’t thrilled to see Namor with the Avengers but what strikes me is how funny it is that Namor joins the team and then they immediately have an underwater mission.

    Its a very ‘this looks like a job of Aquaman’ sort of thing.

    Captain Marvel describes what she saw underwater as looking like “an old mattress covered with barnacles” and Captain America draws a pretty good likeness.

    Because he’s familiar.

    The Enclave have created cocoons before in order to engineer the Perfect Man Adam Warlock and also the Perfect Woman Her.

    Adam Warlock and Her turned against the Enclave but maybe this time things won’t go hilariously wrong for the Enclave.

    Also, I still love when Captain America shows off his art skills.

    Wasp starts pondering how to handle the situation but Namor decides This Looks Like A Job For Aquaman and dives into the bay without waiting for Wasp to finish her ponder. And also ignoring when she tells him to slow his roll.

    Black Knight immediately suggests bringing Namor up on insubordination charges when they get back to the Mansion but Captain America smooths things over by suggesting that Namor is just too used to doing whatever he likes but he’ll come around.

    Then Namor gets launched out of the bay and says an Atlantean swear.

    Learned a new swear today.

    Wasp: “Why, Mr. Sub-Mariner -- don’t tell me you were thrown out of the water by that itty-bitty cocoon!”
    Namor: “I...”
    Wasp: “Look, I’ll say this once... you can be part of the team, or you can leave!”
    Captain America: “Nice of you to rejoin us, Namor!”
    Namor: “Save your sarcasm, Cap. I know when I have been humbled.”

    Actually, I get more the sense that Cap is being entirely sincere. But Namor deserves sarcasm.

    Also, this interaction is just great. Wasp shrinks and flies right up to Namor’s face with a stern pointing finger and tells him to shape his shit up.

    Gooooood stuffffff.

    So now that the ‘jump in head first and make a mess of things’ portion of the plot is done, Wasp gets to finish her ponder.

    Captain Marvel suggests that the Enclave scientists might be conscious now and that she could fly over and try to interrogate them, find out WHAT science nonsense they accidentally dumped in the bay.

    Wasp agrees and sends Monica to go do the thing she just said. Meanwhile, the rest of the Avengers will scout the object except... carefully.

    Huh, apparently Black Knight’s Atomic Steed works underwater.

    I like the comic taking a moment to sweat the details with how they can communicate underwater. I think in modern comics, it would be left to the audience to just assume that everyone has comm gear.

    I only wish that the communication check panel was more clear on whether Hercules and Cap are holding onto the Atomic Steed and Wasp is holding onto Namor.

    Would make sense to travel as fast as possible.

    The Avengers approach the weird cocoon and despite not poking it, it still lashes out at them. Probably because its trying to sleep and keeps getting visitors?

    Energy blasts out of the cocoon and holds the Avengers in place, sans Black Knight since he scooted away on his Scooty Puff Jr atomic steed.

    And it’s weird energy too.

    Black Knight finds that his sword can’t cut it or deflect it. And his extremely cursed sword can deflect all kinds of energy. We’ve seen it do some pretty cool stuff.

    God of Strength Hercules finds himself stymied by the energy despite how very strong we’ve seen him be.

    Meanwhile, miles away, Captain Marvel has arrived at the hospital that the Enclave were taken to.

    Only Shinski is conscious so Monica questions him. She says that the Enclave’s creation is loose at the bottom of Jamaica Bay and the courts might go easier on him if he helps clean up what’s totally his mess.

    Except, Monica describes the creation as a cocoon and... the Enclave’s creation isn’t cocoon based this time!

    Shinski: “Young lady... there was no cocoon in any crate. My associates and I were nearly killed by previous cocoon creatures... We knew better than to try such a thing again. There was one crate... it held my new discovery in a special glass tank. Even if the crate and tank were shattered... There’d be no threat. In those waters, the new compounds would be rendered inert... Harmless...”

    And then Shinski passes out, just after he finishes telling Monica that his mad science experiment was water soluble.

    I have to say, if I didn’t already know what’s going on here, FROM CURSED FUTURE KNOWLEDGE, this cocoon thing would have been an excellent red herring. There’s even an editor’s note with issues cited to support the supposed Adam Warlock/Her sort of thing.

    But now that the issue is over and everything with the Enclave in this issue and last have been but a clever obfuscation, what’s really going on with that very angry thing on the bottom of Jamaica Bay?

    Back under the sea, Hercules struggles forward despite the energy, gaining ground inch by stubborn inch. Shaming Namor who cannot move forward at all.

    Even as Captain America realizes that the force bolt fades if you back away from the cocoon and Wasp orders a retreat, Hercules lurches forward.

    His efforts are reflected in the cocoon as it is forced back and sheds layers of silt.

    This makes Captain America realize, shortly before Captain Marvel shows up to confirm, that this cocoon can’t be from the plane. That’s way too much crap on it compared to the wreckage on the plane.

    This new revelation doesn’t change anything for Hercules, who still moves forward. Because trying to hold him away was a challenge to the god.

    But as Hercules nears the thing, a voice begs “No... no, please! Get back... stay away!”

    It had told the Avengers to gtfo earlier but now it sounds afraid.

    Hercules crows that the whatever is weakening but Wasp snaps at him to back off because the whatever is afraid.

    This distracts Hercules enough that he loses his footing and the whatever is finally able to blast him back.

    Wasp brings up the startling theory that maybe this underwater whatever is just acting in self-defense.

    So she approaches the thing alone to convince it she means no harm.

    And since she heard its voice in her head, she decides to communicate by thinking at it REALLY HARD.

    I’m so glad that Wasp is the chairwoman again. She’s a delight.

    The thing says... broadcasts? “H-help... help... me...” and finally sheds the last layer of crap on it, an old mattress, revealing a sleek capsule of some kind.

    Wasp promises the capsule that the Avengers will do all they can.

    Which in this sense means taking it out of the bay and to Avengers Mansion.

    Later, at said mansion, after New Science Guy Black Knight has examined it, he concludes that the capsule is some kind of stasis field but like nothing he’s familiar with.

    And there’s been no more of that psychic voice since the bay.

    Cap(tain America) has reached out to contacts in the intelligence community and he’s following up on a lead with NASA about a space shuttle that crashed into Jamaica Bay a few years ago.


    NASA reports that they don’t know anything about the capsule and JFK airport requests the Avengers return to help coordinate mop-up operations with Agent Freeman.

    And after the Avengers leave the capsule unattended, it becomes translucent, revealing what’s inside.


    I saw this coming with CURSED FUTURE KNOWLEDGE but I wish I could put myself in the mindset of someone reading this back in 1986 when Jean had been dead for years and it probably looked like she was never coming back.

    This would have blown my mind, hypothetically.

    Anyway, the story continues in Fantastic Four #286 and doesn’t continue in Avengers #264.

    I’m not really in the business of covering Fantastic Four issues but tie-ins are a different story.

    The Fantastic Four arrive back on Earth much more leisurely than the Avengers, and at a later time. Reed has to have been on Earth earlier than he arrives here for Secret Wars II stuff but lets call that orbital wobble.

    The FF try to land at JFK but get denied because of the stuff going on with the Enclave plane and energy bursts from the Jean Grey capsule.

    The FF land at La Guardia and make their way to the Avengers Mansion, where they’ve been staying since the Baxter Building was launched into space.

    Captain America tells Reed about the capsule the Avengers found and how it kept blasting people that touched it, so Reed immediately tries to touch it and gets blasted.

    In fairness, Cap had just said that the capsule seemed placid now.

    The Invisible Woman is able to do what nobody else has been able to so far and find out what exactly is in the thing by making the capsule invisible and revealing that it contains one human woman (although they have no idea who she is).

    By doing some eight straight hours of research, Reed concludes that the woman in the capsule is in some kind of suspended animation.

    Not bad Reed except Black Knight already figured out the capsule created some kind of stasis field and it didn’t take him eight fucking hours to do it.

    IN FAIRNESS he also locks onto some brainwaves and deduces that only her deepest unconscious mind is active and is the thing reacting to people poking the capsule.

    There’s a big outburst of energy which causes everyone in the mansion to float around like gravity doesn’t work which Reed deduces is the woman’s powers conflicting with the energy of the pod.

    So he turns off the pod and produces one (1) Jean Grey.

    The last thing she remembers is fighting some Sentinels in space so she gets aggro with the Avengers and Fantastic Four. I mean, Stephen Lang built robot X-Men, so why not robot Avengers and Fantastic Four?

    Today, Sue Storm’s invisible force fields block telekinesis so she’s able to stop Jean Grey.

    After the misunderstanding clears up, Jean recaps the Stephen Lang robot X-Men fight as the last thing she remembers. And that something bad happened right after that she can’t remember.

    Jean wants to go see Xavier but the Avengers and Fantastic Four tell her that the X-Men have been hanging around a lot with Magneto so now Jean feels like she’s living in a topsy turvey upside down world and is going mad.

    She asks to be taken to her parents’ house and Sue insists that they help her with this so Jean doesn’t have a nervous breakdown, despite Reed not really wanting to.

    This is barely an Avengers story at this point. Or a Fantastic Four story for that matter. But Hercules is still in it so I’ll get through it.

    Anyway, Hercules shoves in the door to the house Grey because Jean took slightly too long to find the key in the fake rock and Hercules is a man of action.

    Jean’s parents aren’t home but they do find a handy holempathic matrix crystal that contains all the missing pieces of the story.

    Here we go: the Big Phoenix Retcon.

    When Jean got a massive dose of cosmic radiation on their way back from the robot fight, it wasn’t her that popped out of Jamaica Bay as the Phoenix.

    It was some cosmic force called the Phoenix Force.

    It came to Jean on the bridge of the ship because she unconsciously called out for aid.

    To save Jean and to save the X-Men, with Jean’s agreement, the Phoenix took her form and even created a spiffy new costume for her.

    Then the Phoenix!Jean lived through all the things that readers saw Jean do between the shuttle crash and Dark Phoenix. Except it wasn’t Jean Grey at all! Ha ha what a crazy mix-up anyway I guess Jean never wiped out a planet of broccoli people!

    Because, yeah, this retcon was meant to erase her culpability for that so Jim Shooter would let her be an active character again.

    The real Jean Grey was in the capsule recuperating this whole time.

    And since Phoenix was never Jean, Jean’s big sacrifice of letting herself die to save the universe never happened.

    Which really pissed off Chris Claremont who was already annoyed that Jean was being brought back.

    Jim Shooter let Claremont rewrite some of the exposition so some semblance of Jean’s sacrifice could be maintained, which severely pissed off John Byrne because Claremont was messing with his plot. So Byrne refused to have his name on the story.

    Anyway, out of nowhere, Cap declares that the Phoenix was pure evil but was defeated by Jean Grey.

    Jean is unsurprisingly confused by this because she was in a capsule this whole time so Reed picks up Cap’s random point that it wasn’t Jean’s humanity that corrupted this random space force and led it to go Dark Phoenix but that the Phoenix rebelling against her humanity tainted it.

    Or something.

    Like a lot of retcons, this doesn’t really hold up if you squint too hard at it.

    Anyway, Jean’s sacrifice is still maintained because “there’s no force that can suppress the splendor of the human spirit. And it was that spirit, even in duplicate form, that was enough to defeat the evil power of the Phoenix.”

    That very evil Phoenix that came out of nowhere and saved Jean and the X-Men from cosmic radiation and a plummet out of orbit.

    So dastardly.

    Anyway again, that’s what lurks below. That’s what was in the capsule causing the disturbance in Jamaica Bay. And that’s how Jean Grey became a viable character again.

    I was gonna joke ‘now somebody do that for Scarlet Witch’ but a finger on a monkey’s paw just curled. And I must curse the heavens.

    I feel like the Avengers got the far better deal on this crossover than the Fantastic Four. The Avengers issue is actually an Avengers story. It leaves off with a cliffhanger to be resolved in Fantastic Four but it tells its own story.

    The Fantastic Four issue is just half the Fantastic Four and a few Avengers playing guest star and audience as a retcon happens to Jean Grey so she can be in the upcoming X-Factor book.

    But the one who got the really bad deal was Namor.

    This is his Avengers member debut issue.

    Usually a new member gets to show off a little. Get a little plot tailored to them.

    Namor just got blown out of the water and then overshadowed by Hercules. IN AN ISSUE ALL ABOUT UNDERWATER STUFF!

    He’s THE underwater stuff guy!

    Geez, poor guy.

    Follow @essential-avengers​ for more insight like ‘Namor looked like an idiot in this issue.’ Like and reblog because I did one and a half issues for this post.

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    Spideytorch is good fucking food

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