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    To Clamp a Fairy's Wings

    To Clamp A Fairy’s Wings by LifeOfMystery

    Fairies are beautiful creatures, awed and admired by all, the very picture of the true magic of nature.

    Is it any surprise someone would want to capture one?

    Not to Izuku, not any more.

    Words: 1074, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Sensei | All For One

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Sensei | All For One

    Additional Tags: Fairy Midoriya Izuku, Sensei | All For One Being an Asshole, Angst, Kidnapped Midoriya Izuku, Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Fae & Fairies, Vault Time, Well, more like jar time

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34656454

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    Runaway: They Have An Encounter

    Pairing: Tiefling!Bucky x Elf!Reader

    Summary: Bucky takes a lot of jobs to make a living and this one was no different. Except for the fact that it’s for an elf prince and elves tend to avoid him in general. He accepts and with Sam and Steve they start their journey to find the elf prince’s runaway bride.

    Word Count: 3015

    Masterlist | Series Masterlist

    All of you stayed at the inn back in Tavin after you agreed to go with them. You had convinced them all to stay in town for a night to rest and prepare for the journey ahead of you. Sam was all for staying the minute you brought up having a hot meal. And Steve thought it was smart to stay and possibly get more supplies before continuing to the kingdom. It was harder to convince Bucky, he was convinced you just wanted to trick them so you could run off while they were all asleep, but Steve convinced him that it would be a good idea to stay and that you wouldn’t be able to run off with how light of a sleeper he was.

    You and Sam really hit it off at the tavern, where the four of you ate dinner and had a few drinks. The two of you danced and sang, to which Bucky just groaned about Sam being twice as annoying now before storming off to the inn. Steve apologized for him and you just waved it off before pulling him up to join you and Sam.

    Your new outfit reminds you a lot of when you traveled with a group of pirates a few years back. Especially the flowy white shirt and black corset and the high black boots help to remind you of many of your outfits on the ship. As you study your clothes you can hear Steve and Bucky who have been standing outside your room as you change. Their voices are muffled so you move closer to the door in order to make out what they’re saying.

    “I just think this whole situation feels sticky.”

    “Bucky, what do you mean?”

    “Don’t you think finding her was a little too easy? Or how about getting her to lead us to the kingdom when she was just trying to go off on her own?” It’s silent for a minute while Steve takes in his friends' concerns. “I just don’t trust any of this Steve.” At that you open the door to distract them from what Bucky has said, you’ll have to be careful with how you go about this since he’s already onto you.

    “Hey boys, did I miss anything?”

    “Nothing at all princess.” Bucky storms off without sparing you a glance.

    “Sorry about him Y/n.” You had given him and Sam the whole spiel last night about how if you have to go the whole journey with them all calling you princess you’d lose your mind. “He’s not very trusting and can be difficult to deal with at first, but he’s not a bad guy.”

    “Yeah, he’s a real sweetheart.” You mumble under your breath, crossing your arms in front of you.

    “Damn princess you clean up nice!” Sam whistles as he walks up to the two of you.

    “Thanks Sammy. Brunnhilde knows me well, this is almost exactly what I wore as a pirate.” You do a little twirl as you follow Steve out of the inn. The town is alive with merchants calling out and musicians playing even though it’s still morning. How lively the town is is one of the reasons you love it so much, there’s never a dull moment unlike when you’re back home and mainly stuck in the throne room to help your father with business.

    The three of you approach Bucky who’s standing in front of a weapon merchant's cart. A set of beautifully crafted crystal daggers catches your eye immediately and much to Bucky’s dismay you buy them and a sword belt with dagger holders. The merchant hands them to you before Bucky can even protest and when he does get ready to, Steve stops him. You wrap it around your waist as you lead the way out of town.

    “Now, let’s go on an adventure, yeah?”


    The four of you walk the rest of the day, you mainly joke around with Sam the whole time and Steve tells you stories of other adventures they’ve been on. Bucky stays behind you three, watching your every move. Each time you’ve backtracked to try to start a conversation with him, he just grunts and won’t actually talk to you.

    “We should find somewhere to set up camp.” Bucky says as the sun starts to set.

    “That’s probably a good idea. I can scout ahead if you want, see if I can find an area off of the trail.”

    “No, you’re not leaving my sight Princess. Steve’s more than capable to do it.” At his words Steve nods at him and rolls his eyes before jogging ahead of all of you. It’s not long before Steve motions that there’s a spot right off of where he is. Once you’re all caught up with him you help Sam with one of the tents while Steve and Bucky work on the other.

    “So does he always have a stick up his ass?” You speak in a hushed voice to Sam as he hammers it into the ground.

    “Who, Bucky? Nah, he’s normally a lot easier to be around. I think he’s just wary of you trying to run, and your fiance sure didn’t help things. He got him all riled up, I think he’s taking that out on you.”

    “He’s not my fiance.” Your voice is stern and serious as you quickly correct Sam. 

    “You might want to tell him that then. Alright we should be done.” Sam stands up and walks around to the front to talk to Bucky and Steve. “So how’s this working. I volunteer to share a tent with Y/n.”

    “She’s sharing a tent with me. You’re with Steve.”

    “What if I don’t want to share a tent with you?” You step forward and Bucky matches your pace so you’re standing face to face.

    “That’s not up to you Princess. You’re with me so I can make sure you don’t run off in the middle of the night. It’s not like I want to share one with you either.” You cross your arms as the two of you stare at each other for a while. “I’m gonna go get wood for a fire, Steve watch her.” He doesn’t look away from you as he speaks. 

    “Do you want some help with that?”

    “No.” And with that he leaves off into the forest.

    When Bucky comes back it’s to you dancing around and singing while Sam plays music. He hangs back in the trees and watches as you pull Steve up to dance with you. He can’t deny that your voice is melodic and he’s almost in awe when you toss your head back in laughter. For a split second jealousy fills him as Steve spins you around but it disappears as he makes his presence known.

    “Anyone wanna help with the fire instead of dancing about?” He starts setting the wood up before reaching behind him for his flint and steel.

    “Yeah sure.” You kneel next to him before lighting a small fire in your palm before moving it to the wood and closing your hand to put it out. “Can we go back to having fun now?” When you turn your head to look at him your noses almost touch and he rolls his eyes at your words.

    “Whatever, I’m going hunting.” He leaves and you groan while falling back and looking up at Steve.

    “Why is he so against my help or having fun with us?”

    “Bucky’s had a rough life, once he starts to trust you and open up just a little bit he’ll be better. You’ll see.”

    “Okay.” You stay silent for a while, starting to feel bad for your whole plan to take them the long way to the kingdom and then ditching them at the entrance when you have your crown back. You can’t help but think about if things were different and you all just happened to meet while you were adventuring instead of getting away from the prince, that you still would’ve become fast friends with Sam but you a hundred percent would’ve started flirting with Bucky, especially if you all met in a tavern.


    When Bucky gets back this time, the moon is in the sky and no one is at the campfire. Steve’s asleep in his tent and Bucky finds Sam asleep against a tree. You’re nowhere in sight and Bucky’s quick to drop his game by the still burning fire before running to look in the tent. When you aren’t in there either he starts to panic and rushes to wake Sam up.

    “Sam wake the fuck up man!”

    “What? Bucky? What’s wrong?” The sleep in Sam's voice starts to disappear as he sees the panic on his friend's face.

    “Where’s the princess? Why’d you fall asleep watching her?” At this he rolls his eyes and yawns.

    “Relax man, she’s up in the trees.” He stands up and stretches. “You should really start trusting her a bit. She's pretty cool. Anyway tag you’re it, I’m going to bed.” Sam slaps Bucky's thigh as he walks past him towards his and Steve’s tent.

    Bucky climbs up the tree in a rush fully convinced that you had just used Sam’s trusting nature to escape. He sighs in relief when he sees you just sitting on a branch. He starts to climb up again but pauses two branches up from where he was when he gets a chance to really get a look at you. Your hands are resting on either side of you on the thick branch, your legs are swinging and you’re looking up at the sky. The moonlight is shining down on you illuminating your features.

    “Woah.” Bucky can’t stop the word from escaping his mouth at how beautiful you look.He shakes his head before continuing to climb and plopping down next to you.

    “She’s beautiful isn’t she?” You speak without looking at him as you feel him sit next to you.

    “Who?” For a second Bucky thinks that you saw him watching you but he brushes that off pretty quickly.

    “The moon. I could just sit and watch her for hours.”

    “Oh, I guess so.” It’s quiet between the two of you for a minute before Bucky speaks again. “Do you refer to it like it’s a person often?” This makes you giggle.

    “Well, yeah. I am a moon elf after all, silly.” You look at him and see his confused face and go on to explain it to him. “We worship the moon, she’s not just the moon, she’s a goddess who looks out for us all. She stands for peace and love above everything else really, but also creativity and hope.” You send him a closed eye smile when you finish speaking. The moon illuminates your face and Bucky fights the urge to tuck some hair behind your ear.

    “What about the sun? Do you worship that too?”

    “In a way you could say we do, I suppose. He’s definitely a part of it but as a culture moon elves just worship the moon more than anything else while the sun elves worship the Sun. He stands more for firmness and power and strength along with growth. Of course there are those in each culture that will choose to worship other gods or goddesses more than the main one, much like how everyone else worships certain deity’s or none at all.”

    “It all sounds a bit ridiculous.” Bucky sits in silence taking in all of your words before his tough guy front is put back on. You just shrug and look down at your feet and Bucky wants to beat himself up for ruining whatever moment the two of you were having.

    “It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. Everyone is free to have their own beliefs.” You smile at him before beaming back up at the moon again. “I think I’m gonna go see if I can get some rest. It was nice to actually have a conversation with you for once Bucky, I’ll see you in the morning.”

    Bucky watches as you jump from one branch to another until you’re at the bottom. You wave up to him before continuing back to camp. He sighs before looking up at the moon himself. Maybe Sam was right and he should start to trust you just a little bit and he should probably stop treating you like you’re one of the wanted criminals they’ve hunted down in the past. You haven’t given him a reason to not trust you and he’s been a bit of a dick admittingly. After a while he yawns and jumps down from the branch before heading to the tent to sleep.

    You wake up in the morning to a rustling outside but quickly get distracted from it when you feel something tighten around your ankle. When you glance down at it you find Bucky’s tail wrapped securely around it and you can’t help but to feel safe while you lay back down with a smile on your face. It was really nice talking to him last night even if it was just you saying anything, you can’t help but feel like something changed between the two of you like he won’t just ignore you now. When there’s a louder noise outside Bucky shoots up into a sitting position and sniffs the air. You start to get anxious when he lets out a low growl.

    “What, is it not Sam or Steve?” You lean up onto your hands as you watch him finish pulling on his shirt.

    “No, stay here and hidden.”

    “No, I can help.” He just sends you a look telling you to listen to him before grabbing one of his swords and leaving the tent.

    As Bucky exits he finds Steve and Sam doing the same, Steve with his own sword ready and Sam stretching his arms above his head. Steve sends him a look Bucky knows as ‘what’s going on’ and he shrugs to answer his friend. 

    “Well well well, would you look at this boys, it’s handlehead and his friends shin licker and spoon ear.” The orc from the bar comes out of the woods with two of his friends. Bucky snarls and grips his sword tighter. “Where’s the princess at?”

    “We haven’t found her yet.” Steve says, catching onto the fact that she isn’t out of the tent yet. Sam stays quiet as he inches closer to the tent to grab his knife from his bag he left outside.

    “Oh, really? Then who’s the other scent that’s here, smells posh.” You grimace as you the words waft into the tent. Smells posh, what the fuck does that mean?

    “It’s none of your business. Now why don’t you leave before I embarrass you in front of your friends again?” Bucky takes a step closer to him as he speaks.

    “It is my business, I want that reward for returning her and maybe some time alone with the maiden herself.” The anger that rises in Bucky at the orc's words and the thought of him even laying a hand on you causes him to lose control for a second and land a punch to his nose. “You son of a bitch!” One of his hands flies to his nose while the other hits Bucky right back before grabbing his own sword and going at it with Bucky. Steve starts fighting one of his friends while Sam climbs up the other one, who was getting ready to help attack Bucky, and starts to choke him out.

    You peek out of the tent when you hear the fighting start. At seeing everyone in action you let out a huff of annoyance at the command to stay in the tent. Who was Bucky to tell you what to do huh? If you want to go out there and fight then you can go out there and fight. You grab Bucky’s other sword that he left in the tent before leaving it without bothering to put the corset back on or tuck the shirt into your pants. You watch as Bucky gets knocked to the ground and rush over in time for your sword and the one the orc’s holding to clang together as you block it from hitting the tiefling on the ground next to you.

    “I told you to stay in the tent.”

    “What, and let you have all the fun?” You wink down at him and kick the orc away.

    “Ah Princess, so nice of you to join us. We’re here to escort you to your fiance's kingdom.” The orc gestures from himself to his friends that are still fighting with Steve and Sam. “Now you can come with us willingly or by force, your choice.” The way that he says the words as a threat and the words themselves fill you with rage. Why has everyone been wanting you to do things you don’t want to do lately.

    “How about I don’t come with you at all.” With a wave of your hand his friends fly through the air, hitting trees behind them while their weapons land at your feet. The orcs sword flies out of his hand landing a few feet away. You walk up to him until the length of the sword in your hand that’s pointed at his chest is the only distance between the two of you. “Now you can leave or I can put this sword through your heart, your choice.” You use his words from before and send a sickly sweet smile his way.

    “C’mon, Brock man, let’s get out of here.” One of his buddies grabs his arm and starts to pull him away.

    “Whatever, you guys are going the wrong way anyway.” The orc, Brock, mutters under his breath as he shakes his friend off of him and walks away. You offer a hand to help Bucky up after he’s gone. When he’s up again his grip on your arm tightens and he pulls you into him.

    “What did he mean we’re going the wrong way?”

    Bucky Taglist: @puddinsqueen @koressecretidentity @stevieintheimpala @unmagically @peachytea01 @the-chocoholic-writer @perksofbeingatrex @99-cats @rachmmb @quokkatrash @vanillamaa @strawb3rrydr3ss @that-sarcastic-writer @spideyycents @mackycat11 @crystalsoul2 @rosiemotion @dissectiontime @lmf @jacelynenursalim @aiyanalevina @mooncaffeine @fanofallthefics @jewelsrocks99 @lharrietg @yoongisdumplingcheeks @clubcesspool @sailormajinmoon @girl-obsessed-with-things @corvusmorte @sophielovesbarnes @collywobbl​ @majo240820​ @alina02​ @toothhurtyam​ @gaya-is-weird-af​

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    #odzaya malaguld #final fantasy xiv #ffxiv#au ra#raen #i am back on my lotus pink bullshit #and am once again mesmerized by the morning sky #proof being that this was originally supposed to be set at night #then i left gpose and BAM! #enchantment cast
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    Apocalypse/Fantasy AU

    Main Characters:

    Gabrielle Antoinette - 21 years old (Specie: Shape shifter demon)

    Louis Julyrose - 21 years old (Specie: Kamaitachi)

    Joan - 23 years old (Specie: Huodou)

    Mayla of Cleves - 15 years old (Specie: Siren)

    Pietro Emanuel Bourbon - 22 years old (Specie: Automaton)

    Luka Salvattori Wilken - 23 years old (Specie: Shadow person)

    Michael dos Santos Oliveira - 20 years old (Specie: Ceffyl Dŵr)

    Logan Silver Gadotti - 27 years old (Specie: Phoenix)


    Gabrielle Antoinette (Profession: Dancer/Waitress)

    Louis Julyrose (Profession: Healer/Tutor)

    Joan (Profession: Thief)

    Mayla of Cleves (Profession: Florist)

    Pietro Emanuel Bourbon (Profession: Cartographer/Inventor)

    Luka Salvattori Wilken (Profession: Hitman/Bar owner)

    Michael dos Santos Oliveira (Profession: Pirate/Sailor)

    Logan Silver Gadotti (Profession: Tailor)


    Gabrielle Antoinette: Shapeshift (any creture/person/animal) and acquires twice the power in the form she assumed. In her normal shape, has two black horns and wings.

    Louis Julyrose: In his normal form, he transforms into a monster made of wind that destroys everything in its path. It has long and sharp blades in the hands.

    Joan: In their normal form, they are a black dog of the size of a horse that spew flames out of their mouths with bright red eyes.

    Mayla of Cleves: Can breath under the water and hypnotize with her voice and her singing. In her normal form she has a humanoid appearance, but her skin is bluish and her eyes are completely black. It has a tail and gills, plus sharper teeth.

    Pietro Emanuel Bourbon: It can use any weapon and cannot be infected by the virus. It can also control anything if a chip is implanted in it.

    Luka Salvattori Wilken: He manages to possess people and become invisible, he can also make seriously ill whoever he possessed. In his normal form, he is a dark smoke with a humanoid silhouette.

    Michael dos Santos Oliveira: Can walk on water and breathe under it. In his normal form, he is a brown and white hore, able to fly as well. He can evaporate into mist and turn into water.

    Logan Silver Gadotti: He can fly and control fire, he cannot be burned. In his normal form he is a flaming bird and cannot be killed, he reborn from the flames each time he dies.


    Hearts (Carrier: Missing)

    Diamonds (Carrier: Unknow)

    Clubs (Carrier: Dead)

    Spades (Carries: Outlaw)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    This story takes place 5 years after the end of the world. A lethal virus is spreading among the creatures and a war has broken out between the four kingdoms.

    The government created a cure, but it is selling it at sky-high prices, which has forced some people to go after a treasure told in various legends to be able to pay for the cure.

    Gabrielle was the former princess of the kingdom of spades, who lived in hiding in a village near the castle. When the war broke out, she fled the kingdom with the intention of finding the treasure so she could pay for the cure for her mother.

    Louis is a healer who lives in the kingdom of spades, in the same village as Gabrielle. He is her childhood friend (and current boyfriend). He and Gabrielle were in the realm of hearts when Gabrielle was kidnapped by Joan and Louis got into a fight with Luka, then both were taken to Michael's ship.

    Joan is a thief who lived on the outskirts of the diamond kingdom. She ran away from her home when the war broke out, going after the treasure to be able to pay for the cure for her sister.

    Mayla lived on the sea near the kingdom of hearts, where she had a flower shop with her family. When the war broke out, her family was killed and she fled to the ocean, until she found Michael who offered her shelter and a home on his ship.

    Pietro is an automaton created by the former inventor of the kingdom of clubs, used to replace its creator at work and to create maps. It was later found and fixed by Joan to help them during their search for the treasure.

    Luka was the successful bar owner in the kingdom of spades and an hitman at night. He met Joan on one of his visits to the port to get a shipment of wine and the two ended up becoming friends, teaming up to find the treasure.

    Michael was born in the realm of clubs, but left the realm to live a traveling life, owning his own ship. When the war broke out, he agreed to offer his ship to Joan and Luka in exchange for a share of the treasure so he could buy a cure.

    Logan was a tailor from the diamond kingdom who had his shop destroyed in a fire. He was selling clothes to Luka when he decided to join them on the treasure hunt so he could rebuild his store with the money.

    #apocalypse au#fantasy au#creatures#magic#:D #I loved this #it's my best au
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    FantasyTober Day 22 - Lucinda, or Lucy for short

    The daughter of Hercules and Lillie, who ended up being raised by O.J on Sodor during the 90s

    #this is tugs #bigg city port #TUGS Lucinda#OC: Lucinda#my art #fantasy!au #fantasytober
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    Chapter Five... The Pumpkin, The Scarecrow and the Imperial Messenger

    Has no one ever told you not to rifle through old attics? Has no one ever told you that if you find old vintage rings that seem to have a mind of their own, the one thing you should definitely not do is to wear them? Well maybe they have, but it’s October 31st and you’re in desperate need of good accessories. And as such the next thing you know, there is a man named Yoongi in your bedroom and he insists that you’ve just married the King of the Otherworld.

    ▶ t/w: smidge of violence, sort of murder (?)

    ▶ word count: 3.8k

    ▶ Interested in this story?

    ▶ Interested in reading something else?

    Your every step echoes and bounces from the stone floors to the oppressive monoliths supporting the ostentatious ceiling. Even in the dark of the night wherever your eye lands there is gold, jewellery, rich satin and silk adorning every nook and cranny of the cold room.


    You advance further, eyeing warily through the clouds of smoke curling around the air like a sprawling wave of fog. Incense. With a scent so pronounced, it makes you gag and feel sick in the pit of your stomach. Behind it all you already know who is sitting there, who is waiting for you - the lazy tiger anticipating the unsuspecting and stupid deer to bounce right into its mouth.

    Amidst the smoke and glimmering gold he sits like the Devil, proudly sprawled on his throne made of bone. You can’t see his face, the vapour prohibits you from doing so, but you can feel the haughty, sharp smirk, mocking your flimsy defences.

    “Where are you going to go?” he says, somehow in your mind, as though he’s selfishly burrowed a hole inside your very being, claiming it as his new home.

    “Where can you hide from me? That ring is mine, that hand is mine, you are mine.”

    He laughs. Unsettling, unhappy laugh. Even in victory, he seems so miserable. You don’t feel fear though, just disappointment.

    As if he was a dear friend, making all the wrong choices.

    A hand presses around your mouth, stifling your scream, lips brushing the curve of your ear.

    “Don’t scream,” Yoongi whispers sternly as you rouse from the shallow surface of the dream, the ill-sounding laughter still rattling in your brain.

    It’s morning, day? You can’t tell but the room is lighter and Yoongi is pushing you away from the bed, one arm tightly wrapped around your waist, the other firmly closed around your mouth. You furrow your brows in bewilderment. The fear comes when Yoongi nudges you to the open window. If you focus enough, through the upset howls and screams that more and more occupy your hearing, you can make out a distinctly solid horde of footsteps. Yoongi’s eyes narrow dangerously at the closed door, it’s propped with all the furniture available in the room. You stiffen in his grip. Someone was after you. The King most likely.

    “When I say jump, jump!” he hisses in your ear, urgently letting you go. You shudder at the cold wind that blows through the pale yellow in the sky. There is a kick to the door and the stack of mats and the folding screen tremble underneath its force.

    After three brutal slams, the door comes down and you can hear Yoongi’s yell. You jump, not really following what was happening until you hit the flat of the porch overhang which prevents you from fumbling into the ground right away but makes it no less painful. You roll awkwardly off it and crash against the dirt road. Yoongi joins you a second later, haphazardly pulling you up and away. He clutches your palm with crushing strength, running so fast the world becomes merely colours bleeding out. Through it all, you look back. In the window of the hotel, there is a man standing there. Tall and ominous he stays there like a painted shadow before simply evaporating into thin air.

    “I-I can’t - I can’t anymore,” you fall to your knees, panting helplessly. Somewhere near, Yoongi tries to urge you to move before he too collapses clutching at his chest.

    You’ve come to a clearing in the forest where pale lights swarm lazily around you. Once they get close enough you can distinguish soft airy giggles from their high-pitched whizzing.

    “We need - need to get- get out,” Yoongi wheezes, steadying himself against a singular rock. In the middle of it, there’s a gap and in the back of your mind, you wonder whether this could be the same stone Arthur was meant to pull out the famed sword. You wouldn’t at all be surprised at that.

    “They sent Dryads after us, the - the forest is not safe.”

    With screaming, pulsating limbs you both stumble out of the giggling shrubbery and out in front of a ripe-smelling orchard valley, with a homely small sign, embedded in the ground.

    “Welcome to Brary!”

    Below it there was an added scribble, in large red letters, exclaiming:


    “Why the fuck do I need to be married? What is with this place and marriage?” you grumble, squeezing the side of your stomach, blood pooling in your mouth.

    Yoongi doesn’t provide an answer, nonetheless, when you enter Brary he lingers much closer, as your thigh occasionally brushes his own. You walk in confused silence, craning your neck left and right.

    The Otherworld didn’t seem to have a singular architectural style. King’s Town before had been an opulent breeding ground for delicate wooden twirlings, narrowly squeezed buildings, bustling with colours of an avid nightlife. Brary was less than a town, a village mostly. Large ploughing fields separating sparse houses lined together with that same cobbled road. You begin to think it was the same as for the heroes of childhood stories - the same path leading you simultaneously away and back to home. The sky is light and clear, despite it you can’t see a single ray of sun… you couldn’t see the stars either. Could it be that they didn’t exist here? Wasn't it impossible? Wasn’t it not impossible? It was after all a whole other reality.

    Birds part around from the scattered scarecrows with gawking, brusque caws. You fear they want to claw your eyes out, so you momentarily press yourself against Yoongi before you understand what you’re doing and take a step away. He gives you a questioning side glance but doesn’t press upon it.

    “What exactly are you planning?”

    “Could you make some sense this morning?” he swats at you with his hand, not even remotely malicious.

    “You said “They sent Dryads after us”. By “They” you meant the Imperial Forces right?”

    “So Your Majesty has a working brain, my congratulations,” once again the snarkiness seems almost played. An act he’s clinging to for his dear life. You don’t understand why but it doesn’t deter you. He wasn’t threatening per se. He could be. You had no doubt that if he’d pin you down with the full force of his wrath, you would shrink to the size of a mushroom, but currently, there was nothing scary of the fae that was shivering in the faint cold, shyly avoiding your gaze and mumbling meaningless insults through a pair of pouted lips.

    “If the King is sending his forces to collect me, which you are a part of, why are we running away from your...colleagues?”

    Yoongi halts, spinning around, face contorted in an exasperated grimace.

    “Do you want to be taken to him?!”

    “Of course, I don’t! But why do you not want me to?”

    Yoongi lets his tongue briefly go over his drying lips, pushing hands deep into his jacket. He looks over the fields, momentarily stopping at the scarecrow in the distance.

    “He doesn’t deserve you,” he spits bitterly, “he doesn’t deserve anything.”

    “But you’re still taking me to him?”

    He visibly recoils and his face hardens, back straightening. Evidently, the wrong thing was said. He leans in, nose nearly brushing against yours and you go cross-eyed from trying to return his piercing glare.

    “In case you haven’t noticed, Your Majesty, I’m a horrible person.”

    You don’t think he’s horrible. Despite the circumstances, he’s been far kinder than you expected but before you can open your mouth he’s already stalking off, grumbling something incomprehensible underneath his nose.

    “I swear I’m going to just toss you inside the wheelbarrow and roll you to the palace,” Yoongi barks, tugging viciously against the ropes binding his hands and feet as he is carelessly tossed aside on the ground.

    “Well you had plenty of time to do that, stop bitching to me about it!” you hiss back not faring any better.

    Long story short, Brary → town of the pumpkin people → pumpkin people did not like the King → they saw the Imperial ring → you and Yoongi were about to be burned at the stake. As it sometimes happens.

    Undeniably terrifying, the pumpkin townsfolk have gathered in the main small town field circling around you with carved out eyes and mouths only leading to the empty, but vaguely sentient darkness behind them. They hoist you upwards, dragging you by the hair to the pole with the firewood steadily piled underneath it.

    As the unknown pumpkin people struggle to toss you on the makeshift platform, haphazardly you grasp around the log. When the slimy opportunity rises its head you take it without much question and pummel it against the circular orange vegetable. Pulp spills everywhere and somewhere in your heart you question whether it’s equated to blood, if so then you just bashed someone’s head in. The townsfolk retreat in shock before with deeply upsetting low anguished sounds they coo around their fallen neighbour. After a moment of horror, all eyes are on you. You with your stupid wooden log.

    “Run, ________, run!” Yoongi screams like you’ve never heard a person scream, and when you feel the first scratches of the sharp vines twisting around your shoulders, you break into a mindless dash.

    You sink deep into the cornfield, its stalks growing way, way over your head, terror beating with every fluttering heartbeat as they chase you down with a unified, bellowing “oooooooh, ooooooh”. You run what feels like an eternity, with the murderous creatures just a step away from you, their pitchforks raised high in the air, torches lit and casting dark shadows in front of you. But finally, miraculously, they relent at the sight of the first scarecrow, pinned to its post, and then there is only the silence. A sickled moon hangs in the sky, providing scarce light for your eyes and tinting the long stalks dark blue.

    You turn around, on guard for any sudden attack but as minutes stretch into one, then to ten then to twenty, you slump. The thought of Yoongi doesn’t let you relax. You left him. You just left him. Just like that. It fills you with deep, burning shame. You should have fought for them, you should have stayed, you should have led them somewhere and then gone back for him. Should have. Should have. Didn’t.

    What you should have is but a speculation, the reality was that you were far away from Brary and when you would get back, it would most likely be too late. What could you do? The ring sits as tight as ever on your finger, in the arguable dark casting its own golden spectre, like a firefly. There still was a whole imperial patrol after you, all you probably had to do was to wander upon some main road, find your way to the nearest civilization and wait idly by, to be collected and brought at the base of the King's throne.

    But you don’t want to go to the King. You want Yoongi to be safe.

    So you turn and walk back, gathering every single scrap of courage you’d ever had. And if Yoongi was dead…. The least you could do was to give him a proper burial, let him rest and then wallow in misery for all your remaining days. Seemed like a solid plan.

    “IIIII wwooouullddddnn’ttt doooo thaaaaattt ifff IIIIIIII wweeeeerreeeeee yoouuu,” a voice utters, incredibly slow but also loud, raining down a mountain of hay upon your bent head. You slowly turn around and come face to face with a straw-filled chest, squeezed tightly in a blue dress. Or rather remnants of it. On their head sits a large ouroboros of a hat, underneath which upon you gazed a face made of hay and buttons. You scream and fall back. The large figure sways their body slowly and sadly, their dress flitting in the light breeze.

    “Aaaallllwwaaaayyyyysss ssccreeeaaminnnggg. Ssaaaaammyyyy iiisss nnnoootttt eevvveeenn dddoooiingg aannyytttttthhhiiinnngg wwrooooonnggg bbuuuttt ttthhheeeeyyy aalllllwwwaaayyyysss sssccccreeeeamm,” they begin to tut miserably as you blink, bewildered, upon the towering scarecrow.

    “I’m - I’m sorry for offending you, it’s just that…” you pause, forcing yourself to stop trembling and to sound more firm and less like an impaled mouse. You scramble to your feet, clearing your throat.

    “My friend was taken by the pumpkin people and I’d like to save him. Could you perhaps help me with it?”

    "Sssssaaaaaammmmmyyyy dddddooooeeessssnnn'tttt llliiikkkeeee ttttoooo fffffiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhttttttt bbuuuuttt ffffffoorrr aa fffrrriiiieeennddd Sssaaaaamyyyyyy wwwiiiiillllllll."

    You feel slightly bad for being considered as a friend this quickly or for roping the innocent bystander in your reckless quest, but Yoongi's life was on the line so the guilt could come later. Samy, as you've gathered, leans down, back turning and tentatively you climb onto their back, enjoying the most baffling piggyback in your life. In spite of talking like a video played at the slowest speed, Samy walks actually quite fast - one stride equals to twenty of yours and it isn't long before you're back again in Brary, ears ripped and heart clamping at the sounds of the battle. Horses are neighing and blades are clashing, all together creating a horrendous cacophony.

    "Samy could you put me down, I need to see!" you whisper heatedly, stomach squirming nauseously at the thought of ever seeing Yoongi's peculiar eyes distant, without a sign of life in them.

    "Ssssssuuuuuuurrreeeee ttttthhhhiiiiinnnnnngggg fffffrrrrrriiiieeeeennnnddddd," Samy booms back and with some restraint you don't hide your face in your palms. Samy was kindly helping you, you shouldn't whine.

    You jump down from the scarecrow's back and crouching keek through the corn stalks. Samy does the same and wouldn't you be so worried about Yoongi, you'd find the gesture oddly endearing.

    The previous town field is gripped in throes of a small but fierce battle. The Pumpkin people are throwing themselves against the entourage of horses and tall figures robed in armour. On the side of their shoulders sits a sigil which after a moment you realize is familiar. You'd seen it once but you remembered it well as it was the same seal engraved upon the ring box. These were the Imperial troops. They don't seem to be killing each other, trading vicious blows, yes, but there are no corpses littered across the ploughing field. Save for the one you killed. Amidst it all you finally find Yoongi. He's sitting on a black horse side by side with his compatriots. Dirtied and dishevelled but visibly intact. He was wielding a long, decorated sword, with eyes so fierce even at a distance you wince.

    “Lllooottts ooooffff aaaaannngggrrryyyyyyy pppeeeeooooooppplllleee,” Samy reckoned and you give a pitiful moan at the sheer volume with which they spoke. One more sentence and you’d be out of cover. Or perhaps sooner.

    At the faraway, nevertheless noticeable sound, Yoongi stilled, pulling in the reins of his horse, to stop it from prancing angrily at the swiping townsfolk. You see him squinting menacingly at the bustling cornfield, briefly turning bemused when he peeks the large hat upon a poorly hidden scarecrow before finally, he grows lax, relief washing over him like the ocean as you poke your head through. The hateful glare all but melted and his eyes softened to the same Yoongi you were acquainted with. Both of your healthy survival did provide another problem, namely, you were swarmed with Imperial dryads, all without a doubt under strict orders to drag you as soon as possible to the palace. Yoongi anxiously glanced around, slowly inching his horse backwards and out of the line of fire until at long last he disappears into the thorned shrubs.

    “Let’s get out of here,” you whisper softly to Samy and though the facial characteristics were scarce, just two buttons and a painted line for a smile, they as well seemed relieved.

    You and Samy bound quickly away and across the cursed Brary’s border. When you find Yoongi in the orchard he is a rapidly pacing blur, his horse in tow. You don’t even properly get to see him before arms are wrapped around your waist, cold nose pressing against your neck.

    Your expression goes slack, facing against the blue of the night. You dare not to question, only to momentarily enjoy, heart hammering as your chest presses into his.

    “Vvveeerryyy ccccuuuuuttteeee.”

    Samy has crossed their arms underneath the makeshift stray chin. If they could, they would smile. Truly and not in the permanent etch. As you remotely wonder whether it’s something they’re born with or self-made, Yoongi shoves you away. Harshly.

    Despite still reeling from having him alive, you can’t stop the hard scowl settling upon your face.

    “I’m glad to see you too,” you grumble and something akin to guilt flashes by his eyes but it’s gone too quick for any comfort.

    “It’s better we don’t -”

    His thought remains unfinished when he suddenly spits venomously against the nearby apple tree.

    “Piss off, Taehyung.”

    Before you, a man detaches from the tree. His stature was tall and slender, and alongside his neck there ran black lines in the form of sprawling tree roots. The man from the hotel, you presumed.

    This Taehyung pays no attention to Yoongi’s bristling stance, instead, he bows politely first to Samy, then to you, proceeding to grasp your palms in a gentle handshake, all while pressing a chaste kiss atop your knuckles. You feel yourself flush from the way he was gazing up at you through long and heavy lashes.

    “Your Majesty,” says he, voice deep and sultry, “it’s my absolute pleasure.”

    “The King will have your head for that,” in the background Yoongi sharply protests but Taehyung pays no attention.

    “Oh, will he now,” he purrs, freeing your hand but not even remotely attempting to put some distance. “I’m sure he would be more than happy to deliver Our Majesty to the safety of the palace, no? She nearly burned at the stake.”

    “She didn't and she's not your Majesty,” Yoongi argues and you stiffen at the way they speak about you. A movable object no less. A hefty package delayed upon shipping.

    “Who are you?”

    All of Taehyung’s attention snaps at you at once and you raise your head in defiance. The corners of his lips curl up in a dark smirk. There's noiseless rushing in your head that can't decide whether it wants you to veritably bask in the centre of his attention or the opposite - to hide away so far and so good, he could never lay his eyes on you again.

    “Lord Kim Taehyung, General of the King’s private scouting forces and your humble servant, Your Majesty. I was sent on this small retrieval mission for our intrepid guide seemed to have lost his way,” he briefly glanced at Yoongi, voice gaining a certain lilt.

    “They’re very worried at the palace you know,” he adds, forehead creasing in a moment of seriousness. “Advisor Jin is probably busting a vein as we speak.”

    “Is the King anxious over... me?” you ask, mouth dry.

    Whether intentional or not Sir Kim Taehyung had a presence. A relaxing state that invited you to ponder further and have your musings actually answered.

    “Amongst other things,” he evades with a sly smile but you don’t let the linger on Yoongi go amiss. “We did think that by now you’d grace our modest abode with your presence. The Imperial court is in an uproar. What dress will you wear, what food will we serve, these are all important questions we've yet to receive an answer for”

    You feel a slithering fist clutch around your heart, compressing it to the point you were convinced it would come up as bile through your mouth. The King sounded to be more than comfortable about marrying a virtual stranger and you doubt he’d take too kindly at any attempt of waltzing by, giving the slip and going back home. If he had killed Yoongi’s lover, there was a chance written in bold print that you would end up the same.

    “What are you doing?” Taehyung suddenly asks but not to you. His voice and features are pleasant, relaxed, painting a scene of civil, unassuming conversation but the way he narrows his dark eyes and Yoongi’s shoulders tighten makes you realize the conflict was steadily brewing.

    “Are you going to stop me?” Yoongi dares at which Taehyung merely shrugs.

    “Would there be a point? Considering everything.”

    They both look hard at each other until finally, Taehyung gives in, lowering his gaze to the ground with a fatigued grimace.

    “Making me the fool again, brother?”

    “Tae, just trust me, please.”

    “You, I trust. The King, however-”

    “The King won’t - I’ll make sure he won’t do anything,” Yoongi vows with a clenched jaw. Both men fall silent, respective grave expressions on both ends.

    “Ttthhhiiisss cccoonnvvveeerrrssaaattiiiooonnn dddoeeesnn’ttt mmmaaakkee aannyy ssseennssee,” Samy speaks, turning their head from one side to another.

    “Yes! Thank you, Samy. It doesn’t,” you reply and Yoongi throws you an unimpressed glare. You glare right back.

    “The best I can do is a week,” Taehyung continues, absently running his tongue over his lips. You look away and the cloud over Yoongi's head expands to a proverbial thunderstorm.

    “The wedding has to be either before or at least on the final day of the Autumn Harvest.”

    Yoongi nods, turning away, teeth audibly grinding in his mouth. The information is not new to him, clearly.

    “You need to change your clothes and you can’t take Holly, everyone knows it’s your horse. Travel through vampire domains, they expressed little interest in participating in the wedding so they won’t care much about you two being out and about. Good luck...Yoongi.”

    Slowly they breach the sprawling distance and give each other a comradely albeit slightly stiff hug. When they part Taehyung throws a curious glance towards Samy. He dips his head with a smiling parting of “Your Excellency.” Samy giggles at that, as much as a Scarecrow could giggle. Taehyung bows to you once more, lowering his eyes seemingly to the ground but you had the feeling that he was looking at the ring on your finger. It hadn’t stopped shimmering ever since first captured by the Pumpkin Town.

    “Your Majesty,” he says, lowly, “may your subject soon be graced by your beautiful visage.”

    Yoongi groaned at the sight.

    “You had to fucking ruin it, Taehyung, didn’t you.”

    He chuckles airily and then looks at you with reassuring, brown eyes.

    “Do not worry, Your Majesty, you’re going to be fine.”

    Abruptly Taehyung leans right in your face, lips grazing against your temple.

    “You’re a clever girl,” he purrs, the fan of his breath making every single hair on the back of your neck stand up. You find he smells faintly of tree bark. “Figure it out before it’s too late.”

    With a throaty chuckle, he leaves your side with another flourished curtsy and you watch astounded as his horse disappears along the orchard valley.

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    Taehyung in this fic looks like he did in "ON" MV. I've spun the story around his roots tattoo to go around the fact that he is a dryad, tree nymph, and as such was created from the trees.

    Keek is actually a word

    Because of work, I'm currently struggling to write. I still want to finish this fic by October 31st but that seems unrealistic now, though I promise to update soon enough. Happy reading and genuine thanks to anyone who comments on this thing, it's pure serotonin.

    Tag list (open):

    @sugaaddiction; @ggukkieland; @loveyoongles; @xjordynary; @alpacaparkaseok; @grandqueen1533; @xxsugababexx; @mayla548; @rumpucis;

    #yoongi x reader #yoongi x y/n #yoongi x you #yoongi fic#yoongi smut#yoongi fluff#yoongi angst#bts fic #bts fantasy au #suga x reader #suga x y/n #suga x you #suga fanfic#suga angst#suga fluff #agust d x reader
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    Apocalypse - Chapter 1

    ( Apocalypse/Fantasy AU )

    "I said I could handle the situation back there!" Gabrielle grunted, shivering slightly as a boy applied cream to her wounds.

    "These bruises say something else" Louis raised an eyebrow "Admit it, you needed help Gabrielle"

    The girl sighed in defeat and fell silent, letting Louis bandage her "Ouch, that hurts!" she complained when he bandaged her arm

    "I just wanted to know how you broke this" Louis looked at her plastered arm "You look awful"

    "Thank you for your kind words" Gabrielle said sarcastically and rolled her eyes. She got up and went to the mirror, grimacing. Well, he wasn't lying, she really was bad.

    Her arm was broken and many cuts covered her face, together with a black eye. She also had a wound on her back. The blood on her dress was enough for her to know that. It looked like she got attackted by a bear or hit by a tractor She put her hair behind her ears, complaining mentally that the bruises would leave some scars.

    "Joan is going to make fun of me" she whined. Gabrielle turned to Louis and kissed him on the cheek "Thanks for taking care of me" she leaved the room with a smile


    "She could have ruined everything! Ugh, why she have to be like that?!" Joan complained

    "Well, she actually did a good job. She almost got the necklace" Luka said, liting up a cigarette "It wasn't her fault that this man had guards everywhere"

    "Luka, we warned her! She disobeyed us and went there ALONE! SHE COULD HAVE DIED! Even if I strongly hate her, she is important" Joan rolled their eyes before grabbing an old paper that was over the table "You know we need all the 4 kingdoms. Just her has the key for the treasure of the spades"

    Luka went silent and started smoking again, not daring to say anything. He knew why Joan wanted the treasure. It was the only way they could buy the "cure". Ugh, if that governmant wasn't that way. They had enough cure for at least half of the infected. But they prefered to sell it for "just" 300 coins. Bullsh*t, they were in a middle of a apocalypse, NOBODY had 300 coins, just the most wealthy family. And not all of them. . .

    All of them in that group had some reason to be there. All of them had a reason for wanting the treasure.

    How it all ended up that way? Death everywhere, they hurting themslef in useless fights, the greedy surrounding their brains? All the four kingdoms. Why? Why they where together?

    "A storm is coming" Luka's toughts were brutally interrupted by the entering of Michael "We need to stop somewhere, the ship will not withstand the storm and it needs repair"

    "Are you sure you can't fix it?" Joan asked, concerned

    "I know time is precious, but it will break and crash if we try to sail during the storm" Michael shook his head as Joan sighed

    "Ok. . . I think there is an abandoned village near" Joan muttered, looking at the map "If we're lucky, there won't be any people there"

    Luka nodded "I heard this village was burned, so be prepared for the corpses. But I think we got used to these things know"

    Michael sighed an looked at the map "Ok, I'm going back there because this ship isn't going to sail alone." He left the room after memorizing the coordinates

    Joan grabbed a glass from where they were drinking before and threw it at the wall "WHY? WHY THESE THINGS KEPT HAPPENING?" They fell to the floor, sobbing

    Luka aproached Joan and held them in a hug "It's ok Joan. You'll make it in time to save her"

    "I just want them back. . ." Joan cried "It's so difficult to pretend that I'm strong, every single day. I'm not a leader, I'm just a fake!"

    "You ARE a leader Joan. We've come this far, haven't we? You won't give up now" Luka looked them in the eye and grinned "Come on, you still need to make fun of Gabrielle for her failure"

    Joan laughed between their tears "True" the grinned "Don't tell anyone about this, ok?"

    "I never tell" Luka spoke truly. It wasn't the first time he had seen Joan cry. And he always kept that few times in secret.

    Joan looked at the broke glass "Oh, I guess I need to clean that" they spoke before rushing out the room as Luka watched them ran away.

    #fantasy au#awwwwww #it would be a shame if someone was brutally murdered right? #also DON'T ship Luka and Joan they're just really close friends #and Luka is dating someone else #i shall explain about this au in another post
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    me holding my twitter oomfs whove read hs at gunpoint for their fav gamzee ship and saying ill shoot them in the head if they answer wrong then a moot replies and is like “before i answer have u read shadowbound au” like fucking go off girl your taste is immaculate....................not my top gamzee pairing but like literally word.

    #1 love the like urban fantasy vibe of that au and 2 Gotta love men with like. negative emotional iq
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    I'm bored so time for one fun(?) fact abt every sci fantasy au character (not counting npcs)

    Kasumi: she is genuinely very very smart obviously, but like only with super complex shit she's actually interested in. She may be able to build a device that messes with forces that by all means shouldn't even be real based on only someone's vague descriptions of them, but if you asked her to find the answer to like any highschool level math problem her brain will just shut down

    Tae: generally most aspects of all the mechanisms and body part replacement isn't too noticable if you don't know what to pay attention to, but if you're paying attention it's likely that you'll notice that any movements with her left arm and leg are noisier than with your average person, with the noises being very clicky and even metallic when she moves them in specific ways.

    Rimi: it has a shit ton of cursed objects that it made personally, but they're all like minorly inconvenient and Rimi is usually the only one who actually uses them dnrkdbdh. For example, it has a pen that never has enough ink for what you intend to write, and shoes that with shoelaces that will always untie themselves when it's most inconvenient. She thinks she's doing such a good job at making evil cursed items but she's rly not fnsbdkebf

    Saya: although she is a dark magic user, she doesn't use the large majority of it's capabilities. She mainly uses it for minor time manipulation, which is some of the most dangerous and powerful aspects of its capabilities, but she usually just uses it to like clean up messes and fix stuff

    Arisa: generally she's able to manage well enough for this too not happen too much, but there have been times when she was caught up in such large crowds of people that it made it difficult to make out her own thoughts in the mix. Think like being in a crowd of people all yelling and talking to each other to the point where you can't hear yourself when you talk, but like with your thoughts and everyone else's thoughts. Needless to say it's a deeply uncomfortable experience at best.

    Ran: they Really don't like fungi. They count enough as plants to register for their abilities, but they can't mimic their voices like with most plants and just generally they find fungi voices to be much more unsettling than most of what they hear.

    Moca: it's actually a lot more comfortable in it's wolf form than it's human form, and it's not uncommon for them to hang out in the downtown area in wolf form since the people around there mostly all at least vaguely know it's Moca and don't question it too much. Before it was more common knowledge there that it liked to do this, it'd sometimes go beg for buns in its wolf form since it was still a kid and had that cute lil puppy face in its corner.

    Himari: after deciding to stay on earth after she was first summoned, she ended up getting to live in the Hazawa household and continues to do so to this day. She and Tsugumi initially shared a room, but she has her own room now :]

    Tomoe: she's never actually realised that she doesn't need sleep like most people do, mainly thanks to her wanting to be a good example to Ako (who also doesn't need to sleep and also doesn't realise it) and thanks to the fact that they're both incapable of having their own dreams, they've sort of both unconsciously made a mental list of people to slip into the dreams of when trying to sleep.

    Tsugumi: talking is generally kind of uncomfortable for Tsugumi thanks to well. A lot of factors, but mainly thanks to big ol teef and big ol mouth thanks to the walrus and basking shark curses respectfully. In all honesty it's all ways at least a little bit of a temptation to just only make animal noises ever, but Tsugumi tries his best to actually talk even when he's rly not in the headspace to (the rest of afterglow have long since picked up on just how hard talking can be for Tsugumi and usually try not to push them to)

    Kokoro: most of Kokoro's prophecies are vision based, but unlike most prophets of either variety Kokoro is able to mostly still be able to keep up with whatever she was doing before while her visions happen. Usually most prophets enter a trance like state when receiving prophecies of any kind, but Kokoro has managed to learn to just. Not tndmrkhnf

    Kaoru: congrats on being The Only completely normal human in this entire au Kaoru, 100% worth it for the bit

    Hagumi: she's actually pretty lacking in abilities as far as vampires go, not having a beast or even a plain animal form, and although her venom can curse people it's otherwise very weak. She is generally more so effected by the animalistic instincts embedded in her curse than most non genetic vampires though thanks to having gotten it when she was very young.

    Kanon: she has thermal vision like a snake! But also her hearing gets snatched whenever she's in her beast form also thanks to snake

    Misaki: she's honestly more comfortable walking on all fours, but she doesn't like standing out like that even amongst her human friend's that know she's inhuman. That being said, she still pretty much always sleeps with her limbs fully extended curled up like a dog or something since again she just feels more comfortable like that.

    Aya: he has honestly fully forgotten how to shift his form fmfkxndh. After mastering the ability to near perfectly replicate human inner workings and shit, he basically stopped using his supernatural abilities to mess with his form entirely. He mainly realises this after he comes out and Maya jokes abt him just being able to shift to his ideal body just like that if he wanted to and Aya just being like. "Hm actually I don't think I could" gndmdmtkd

    Hina: Hina is actually somewhat aware of Sayo's abilities, but not enough so that she could rly describe what they are. She can definitely tell that Sayo is doing something to make her impossible to kill, but she's not about to ask what that is fndjdn

    Chisato: unlike Aya who has a near picture perfect memory of his life before deciding to be human, Chisato's memory of their time discovering the surface is much patchier. This is mainly thanks to the many imperfections in their earliest attempts at making a human form, since they were trying to make a brain in there but did a bad job at it early on. They do remember enough to know they originally came to the surface after seeing this rly nice looking kid at the beach and wanting to be their friend, and they definitely remember that fact well enough to be deeply embarrassed by it djcmdkdnf

    Maya: when it came to witnessing the true forms of her bandmates, Maya managed to avoid permanent damage to her body, but she still experienced all the sensations that would be felt by actually being in the same room as their true forms. Unfortunately, that means she got to experience pain beyond human comprehension upon accidentally seeing Aya's true form, and although it only lasted about 5 minutes, it was still enough to basically knock her out of commission for a good 2 days and fuck with her eyesight for another week or so. Although none of this damage was permanent, the damage that was permanently made was on her perception of pain as a whole, since all the sudden any pain she can feel is just so much smaller than that which she felt in those moments. She doesn't rly realise this at first nor does she initially recognise this as a bad thing, but it is in fact a bad thing and dear lord does this event haunt Aya

    Eve: although I tend to lump her in with the rest of the eldritch horrors, Eve doesn't actually technically count as one. She's not even fully the thing that she is, as she's like 60% or so human. That being said, poison fog genes are strong apparently.

    Yukina: I've said this before but she's rly not very good at magic fkdmrkdv. She rarely stays in practice enough to be able to even remember spells she's learned in the past, and generally can only rly cast illusion magic decently ok

    Sayo: she definitely has like a long list of random habits and superstitious beliefs she's picked up thanks to her abilities, but she rarely actually admits to any of them out loud since people rarely take her seriously when she does

    Lisa: she and Yukina don't actually drift as far apart in this au! There's definitely still some leftover tensions, and they're still not as close as they once were, but they still hang out more regularly pre story than in canon.

    Ako: the fun thing abt Ako eventually getting to start learning magic is that she rly gets to freak out Rimi by just casually being able to handle spell focuses that would easily rip gore to shreds hmcndksnd. Being just absolutely filled to the brim with magic has its benefits in that regard

    Rinko: she is not immune to using her ghostly abilities to prank people. She generally doesn't like messing with people like that, but she has a very select list of people that she will 100% fuck with for fun jfndmfkdbr

    Mashiro: she's heard the story of how she got adopted so fucking many times, she could probably recite it word for word at this point dhsmgdjdh. She loves her moms, but if she has to hear them tell her the tale one more time as if they're telling her for the first time she will snap fmfvdjf

    Touko: most of Touko's prophecies are written, which is rly annoying when they're just trying to make a post but then end up typing a passage about the end of all times instead 🙄

    Nanami: despite not rly having needed to, Nanami ended up picking up a lot of demon magic as a kid just by watching those around her do their jobs and shit. What this mainly means is that while she would still fucking suck at contracting magic, she sure as hell can make some cool flaming portals

    Tsukushi: she has 100% picked up so many dog noises from her family and has no idea how much dog noises are considered normal or not, and does a bad job of not doing them regardless. She generally implements it pretty naturally in her speech though, so honestly most people don't question her too heavily based off of unintentional confidence alone fmdjrndh

    Rui: she has gotten very good at reading cat body language, and has strong opinions on those who ignore cats' boundaries, she WILL go on for hours about this shit don't even get her started

    Layer: tbh she's doing the bare fucking minimum for her job smdksbr. It's just kinda hard to avoid witnessing magic in general, so the spell caster branch of the monster hunters society tend to be very lenient on those forced to join their ranks

    Lock: generally the illusion magic used for their human disguise is near perfect, but the one glaring flaw in it us that it does not block their reflective eyes in the dark.

    Masking: he's basically the only one of the hunters of the cast who like. Has any proper combat training gmdndjrb. Even then though, he's nowhere near proficient in it, and is only barely considered qualified enough to take low danger solo jobs.

    Pareo: despite music not being a very big part of her species culture, she's still spent a good chunk of her life fixated on it, often modifying devices meant for her linguists training to act as simple instruments and stuff like that.

    Chu2: while she still lives in the same place, Chu2 often has to go over to the Kirigaya household to seek advice and supervision from actual experienced high ranking prophets since she rly has no idea what she's doing. She only actually starts doing this once she starts foreseeing actual serious shit though since generally she doesn't give a shit abt prophet stuff.

    #rat rambles#band posting #sci fantasy au #this actually took so fucking long to type out like 2 hours my brain feels likr putty #but yeah this was a fun excuse to talk abt some random shit I havent been able to fit into other rambles #maybe I should repost the list of what everyone is it just occured to me that this would be very confusing to those who dont know dbfjv #every time I post abt this au just imagine me gently holding all of your hands in mine begging for questions so I have an excuse to talk #abt this au more dmsmdjr
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  • awechefant
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    Some of my favourite battlestyle gposes.


    The Binding Coil of Bahamut → The Burn → Tomra → Holminster Switch → Forgotten Knight Inn → Coerthas Central Highlands →  The Macarenses Angle →  Anamnesis Anyder
    #ffxiv#ff14#gpose#gshade#ahniris #final fantasy xiv #final fantasy 14 #ffxiv oc#au ra#xaela #stares at how pretty she is in glams sniffles #ast lb3 will always be superior
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  • chisatowo
    22.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Thinking abt sci fantasy au worldbuilding again oopsie doopsie anyways, I can't remember if I've said this before, but just to provide context to why werebeasts and vampires follow very similar rules for this is because they both originated from the same curse, with the only consistent difference being that vampires need to drink human blood to survive while werebeasts don't. Other than that, any variation of curse traits can be found in either one, for example vampires can have beast forms and werebeasts can not have beast forms, although there is debate on weather its any more common in werebeasts at all or not. And of course both can have curses based in basically any animal, although more mid large animals such as wolves and deer and such tended to be the most used back when the curse was an actual spell people casted, so generally they tend to be more common. The main exception to this is vampire bat based ones, since the rise of some of those actually ended up in an increased amount of cursing others on the werebat side of things.

    #rat rambles#band posting #sci fantasy au #ok so I was originally gonna talk abt a different thing in this post but then the curse summary got away from me a lil #anyways the original spell of the curse has long since been lost to history #it was first made as a curse that would kill its victims slowly and painfully and be uncurable and broadly it succeeded at that #it was originally mainly used for like revenge plots or particularly spite filled assassinations and such #but eventually it was outlawed for common spell casters by most spellcasting commitees #that being said the members of said commitees didnt initially disallow themselves from using it #for a good hundred years or so it was used as a form of execution for those they deemed deserving of it #in its initial form the curse had a much higher fatality rate so it took years for enough cases of cursed ones rising from the dead to #finally get people to start being discouraged from using it as often #eventually it finally started stacking up enough that it was outlawed much more completely and most if not all records of its components #and instructions and such were either locked away or destroyed #after the end of the use of the original spell the curse was primarily spread one of two ways #either through plain ol genetics or through infecting others with their venom #not all cursed people have venom that spreads their curse though and its not usually super common for one to know if theirs does or not #idealy their venom is primarily used in self defense or just generally for getting someone or something dead #its not like many of these people were going around cursing people on purpose especially since that method pf cursing wasnt common #knowledge up until like a century or less ago in the current timeline #most cursings in this fashion are accidental and even those who are afflicted by this still arent gaurenteed to revive #this version of the curse is basically a weaker version of the original spell #same symptoms but theres a much higher survival and revival rate #ok now that I got to that part I definitely think Ive talked abt some of this shit before oops #ah well. hits post
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  • turnstiles-and-skylines
    22.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    here’s a little something i did of me and my best friends as fantasy creatures ! i’m the one in the middle !

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  • dracoangel
    22.10.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #oc: ayame okami #au ra #au ra raen #warrior of light #my oc#final fantasy #final fantasy xiv #ffxiv#screenshot
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  • dracoangel
    22.10.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #oc: ayame okami #au ra #au ra raen #warrior of light #my oc#final fantasy #final fantasy xiv #ffxiv#screenshot
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  • dracoangel
    22.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Ayame is officially ready for Halloween

    #oc: ayame okami #au ra #au ra raen #warrior of light #my oc#final fantasy #final fantasy xiv #ffxiv#screenshot
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  • vantaray
    22.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Never did use my ARR Fantasia...was just thinking...

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  • itssecretrequiem
    22.10.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #ffxiv #final fantasy 14 #final fantasy xiv #ff14#au ra #au ra raen #ffxiv famfrit#famfrit server#raen#sai naeuri
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