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    03.12.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Podcasting tip: fart BEFORE you go into the closet.

    And don't eat beans on recording days.

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    Ship inspiration: feisty, naive hero x villain who is actually a spy for the good guys

    #ship inspo#ship prompts#ship dynamics #hero x villain community #hero x supervillain #villain x hero #hero x hero #superhero prompt #superhero x villain #superhero x supervillain #fanfiction prompt#story prompt#writing prompt#fantasy prompts#fic prompt#plot inspo#plot starter#plot prompt#ship idea
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    Winter Willy Wonka's sister x reader and The Bucket's Big Helper x reader - Chapter Four: Winnie Wonka still isn't found. (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/986825372-winter-willy-wonka%27s-sister-x-reader-and-the?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=Kl26096339&wp_originator=IUMFm9NJo7NU%2FNxvVkHR3Z6%2BefHqUbE6HqqzfABTD0%2FuqWe38wusVwjrQWgO9d39SZWq5rrjtex6%2BPPwHUdgX0Fjra%2BUiySWKgQ5I7rWjmbd3V%2B0qYnoaIWQU3aF%2BHlQ No one knew Willy had two sisters named Winter (4 years old) and Winnie Wonka (3years old) so they got lost in the city of NEW YORK 🗽 and Winter and Winnie had necklaces on their necks with the word 'W' on them and they thought that had everything so this is were I come in and yes I'm five years old but the Tv had just blasted out of nowhere and said that five golden tickets were hidden so Willy was devastated as he grew up and it wasn't easy so that's where our story begins. There will be warnings 🚫 and Winter and Winnie Wonka you girls will start your point of views in chapter1 and all the through special chapters so continue reading Nerds.Okay,I lied to you guys and I'm sorry about that.

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    // might be a unpopular creepypasta opinion now a days, but THERE IS actually a huge comfort in Sallys story for me, and other stories like it, ,

    #tbd #lotta ppl seem to not like child deals with traumatic upsetting event stories and i getcha i understand some days i cannot read em #but i dont hate em bc i'll go back to them and be like 'wow thats a power play- a weird power fantasy- u go thru so much and in the end u #become something unstoppable-you get revenge in a messy horrible way etc... #i wish i could do that- but i cant bc that isn't my reality #I cannot get revenge against people who had so much more power over me-as much as I really want to some days.. #all I can do is try to better myself and hope i don't hurt others like others hurt me. the future is scary- #and not in a ''where will I be in 5 years'' more in a ''HOW will I be in 5 years'' kinda way #you never really know how you will change as a person-what events will happen that may shift how you think and act. #anyways sorry for going tmi n shit- just had to get it out there. a unpopular opinininion stuff.
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    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Blazing Blue: Son of a Turk

    Prologue and Chapter One: Second Chance

    Dark themes, mentions of abuse, gun violence, drugs, death


    The Story begins with Reno’s parents. His father Spike was one of the top ranking Turks. Veld had sent Reno’s father to work undercover to try and get close to a spy working with a terrorist cell that was giving ShinRa trouble by stealing weapons and selling them to Wutai. The goal was to take them out from the inside by pretending to switch sides and betray ShinRa. The Problem was that both Reno’s father and the spy, Reno’s mother Miara, did the ONE THING you’re never never supposed to do.

    Forget the mission and grow attached.

    By the time Reno was born they were in love and in trouble. Miara wanted out. Wanted to go turncoat for real and join the Turks to save Reno but the Arms Dealers would never tolerate it.

    Miara was never supposed to have a child, only seduce Reno’s father into switching sides. And Spike was never supposed to start a family. Both Turks and the Terrorists believed their spies to have switched sides due to Reno’s birth. The terrorist cell sent assassins after the family, and Veld was sent by ShinRa to kill Spike. Both of Reno’s parents knew their only chance was to buy time and RUN once they knew both the Turks and the Arms dealers were after them. Miara took an infant Reno and fled to the slums to hide while Reno’s Father made himself scarce. His plan was to draw the Turks to him and see if Veld could be convinced to recruit his wife into the Turks, ultimately saving both her and Reno/ He was determined to convince the Turks that he hadn’t betrayed ShinRa,  just convinced his wife to turn on the arms dealers. Unfortunately the Assassins working for the Arm’s Dealers got to Reno’s father first and killed him. The Turks found his body and it wasn’t until further inspection of the mans corpse that they found an invisible tattoo done in UV ink. It simply said, ‘tooth’ Within one of his fillings Spike had hidden a chip with a video explaining everything. A Turk named Barker who had trained Reno’s Father was convinced his former pupil spoke truth. Now it was a race against the clock to find Spike’s son and Miara. The Turks were desperate to save the son of one of their own but despite their best efforts, ShinRa Senior pulled them off the trail as other missions took precedence. The years wore on and the Turks kept an ear to the ground. Reno’s mother went missing when Reno was about 10, and the local Cartels picked him up when he finally left the house to go look for her after 3 days of waiting for her to come home. Reno was conned into being a drug mule for the next 5 years running a drug called Undine’s Kiss. It was during confrontations between the Turks and the gangs in the slums that around 15 years old Reno came back on the Turks Radar again. Reno’s panache for using junctioned Dash and Bolt materia to streak around the battlefield much like a comet had been the tipoff that he was Spike’s son as his father was known for being lightening incarnate and damn near impossible to corner or trap, Much like Reno. That and his Father’s shock of red hair and teal eyes.

    Three months of vigorous tracking  by the Turks made the Cartel Reno ran with think he was making deals with the Turks. They put a hit out on his head for selling them out, even though truthfully he’d just been giving the Turks the slip nonstop.  In the middle of a gunfight between Reno and ten other people was where Tseng found Reno when he jumped to the redheads aid without hesitation. Once the dust had settled, Barker convinced Reno to enroll in ShinRa Military Academy with a full scholarship on the path to follow his father’s footsteps and become the fastest Turk!

    Chapter One: Second Chance

    Reno tried to ignore the two Senior Turks who watched him from atop the hill as he jogged laps around the track at the Academy. They had told him so many things that had turned his world upside down and the weight of it all was suffocating. The sun was already starting to set, and the air beginning to chill with the crisp promise of a wet Midgar winter’s evening. The air feels sharper in the lungs topside. It’s not heavy with the same husk of filth as the slums that he’s used to.

    Words ran through Reno’s mind as he kept pace, breath even and the tamp tamp tamp of shoes on asphalt a steady tempo drumming in his ears. 

    “You’re not just a kid from the slums. You were meant to be with us.”

    “Your father was a Turk. He died working undercover trying to get you and you mother out of the Slums. “

    “She was a spy for arms dealers and wanted out when you were born.”

    “ He was a good Agent and a better man.” “You look so much like him.” “You can have a real future.” “You might not ever be able to leave the job except in a body bag, but at least you’ll have a better life than in the slums. You can live, breathe and make a difference.”

    It was so much to take in after everything. . .They had shown him proof too. Photos of his parents from afar with a tiny little redhead. He slowed to a walk, panting as his mind raced over everything in no particular order. Reno shoved the thoughts away and skipped back into a jog. Don’t think about it. It’ll go away eventually....step step step, feel the rhythm, just keep going around the track.

    Higher up on the hill, the Senior Field Agents argue the teenager’s fate.

    Veld grumbled as he watched the teenager pace a steady jog around the track long after the days classes should have ended and he returned to the dorms. “I’m not sure we can make him a Turk Barker...I know we owe it to his father after what he sacrificed but we have multiple parents threatening lawsuit.” “Veld, Do you remember what you said to me the first day we met?” Barker asked the paler bearded man beside him. He watched Reno begin to slow to a lazy walk, resting his legs on the stretch as he passed the two of them. Head hung and looking defeated, for a lack of a better word. He wasn’t in the best shape.. The kid had a badly split lip, a black eye and defensive bruises along his sides and forearms.

    Veld looks Barker, A stocky built man with a Salt and Pepper beard and coppered skin who had been Valentine’s partner. “I said a lot of things Barker...”

    “Turks are built, not born.” Barker insisted. The two of them argued, Barker in favor or Reno, Veld not so much. “Barker there’s nothing to build on. He’s an addict-” “Because of being forced into being a drug mule. We can get him help.” “He gets into fights every other day-” “No, he finishes them. He never started any of those.” “He ran his mouth off and instigated them, that’s the same thing! Barker there’s TEN kids in the hospital.” “Exactly. It was ten senior students against one featherweight freshman, and looks who’s on the track. You’d be blind not to see Spike’s kid has potential!” Veld sighed and tiredly rubbed his eyes. He hated it when Barker got a thorn in his cap like this. Barker was a man built like a tank. Gruff in nature and up in his years, age showing in his salt and pepper beard and while he respected the man’s opinion he was of a mind that Barker might be a bit too invested as Reno’s father had been the first cadet Barker had taken on. The news of the mans Death had hit Barker especially hard. “What he has is a drug habit years in the making, a foul mouth and an even worse temper that’s going to land us in a lawsuit.” “Take it out of my paycheck. Let me work with him. I’ve got a good feeling about him.”  Veld’s lips pressed into a Thin line, he’s still convinced kicking the cadet out of Academy is the best option. It’s actually Reno that convinces him otherwise... Back on the track a Squad of Second Class SOLDIER had arrived for drills. After Academy hours the field was used by the Military personal stationed in the city to keep in shape between missions. Reno jogged up to the lot, all bravado despite looking beat to hell. “yo, you boys wanna race?” The SOLDIERs had lined up just in front of where Veld and Barker are standing, stretching and getting ready. For the most part Reno is ignored.  A couple of them laugh. The idea of some scrawny little wisp of a beat up cadet out of his league wanting to play at keeping up was a bit much. One of them knocks Reno clean over with a shoulder check. “Off the track kid, its past curfew for cadets.”

    Reno was pissed. As he sat in the icy mud, he watched the SOLDIERS take off on the cue of a bell and round the corner. The larger of the two Turks with the copper skin approached him and offered him a hand up. “C’mon kid, its not worth it let’m bark-HEY! KID!!”

    Nobody gets to treat him like trash. Not anymore. Reno pulled himself out of the muck and shot off like a comet after the SOLDIERS who were halfway around the track as his mind flooded with anger and memories. He wasn’t trash. He wasn’t going to let these people push him into the mud and he’d wipe the fucking grin right off their face.

    He remembers being pinned, sobbing, begging and snarling for all he was worth as little bags of Undine’s Kiss were force fed down his choking throat between struggling gasps for air and body shaking sobs of fear. He had no idea who these people were.  They told him to go to the other side of the slums to drop off the drugs. Instead he tried to run topside. They found him on the train and the beating had burst one of the bags within him. The drugs running through his system were worse than the actual beating but he never tried to go to the train again. The next 5 years were more of the same.

    He lets the anger and rage seethe as he catches up, breathes it into his lungs and relishes in it. “Outta my fucking way!” Reno snarls. A SOLDIER turns to look behind him just as a teenager that’s more comet than kid blazed right through the middle of the squad of confused SOLDIER. “Holy shit.” “When did he-” “Fucking hell he’s fast!” “GO GET”M KID!” “FASTER!!!!!” “RACE RACE RACE!” “LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO!”

    Backed into a corner and guns firing at him, at least ten, maybe more. Shit. People who’d been ‘friends’ this morning had him pinned down behind a piece of slag. Too many for him to get away. It was going to end here wasn’t it? The Turks had been tailing him so much the Cartel thought he’d turned. He hadn’t. His heart is up in his throat, choked on fear and suddenly there’s a Wutian kid in a Turk uniform not much older than he handing him a gun and materia and telling him “Pick a target and we might make it.”

    Reno hauls ass down the track to catch up with the SOLDIER that had outright shoved him into the mud, a handful of SOLDIER on his ass and working to keep up.  Even when they get close, Reno’s just a meter ahead and slowly pulling away from the pack. His mind races with his heart as he pushes himself to a full sprint, pulse thrumming like a live wire in his veins leaving him feel electrified as he draws closer and closer.

    “You Don’t belong here Scrapyard junkie!!!” Reno remembers his neck in a chokehold earlier that evening and an arm twisted behind his back painfully hard. Sharp pain blooms in his face twice as he takes two hits, taking his sight on the left side and splitting his lip. Something snaps in his mind and instead of weathering the beating like he usually does, he donkey kicks the guy behind him in the balls. The redhead snarls as he reached behind himself with his free arm to grab the cadet by the blazer, hauling the kid over his shoulder to  throw him and knock over two more. That’s three. Three move to close him in, one boy getting a grip on his hair and Reno decks him in the face hard enough that he felt the crunch of bone under his hand. Four. Another boy plows him over as his two friends grab for Reno’s legs. They both get a kick to the face, and Reno struggles back to his feet. Broken arm on the third. Five six and seven. The last three give Reno The most trouble and when Reno see’s the opening he takes it with relish. Two roundhouse kicks drop the taller two, and a drop kick lands the last. Reno jumps on the biggest of the bunch, the one who had been the loudest and WAILS on him until his knuckles smear with blood and an adult who’d heard the fight from down the hall has to physically tear him away kicking and snarling. “FUCKING GO FOR ME AGAIN AND I’LL KILL YOU ASSHOLE!” Reno snarled in the  Professor’s hold. “STAND DOWN CADET! THATS AN ORDER!!” Veld gapes as the kid- RENO, is actively outrunning Mako enhanced, battle hardened Second Class SOLDIERs like it’s second nature. “I’ll be damned....” Barker stares as he watches Reno blaze past the man who’d pushed him into the mud like he’s nothing and head right for the platoon leader ahead of everyone. His eyes water and his heart bleeds for Spike who’d looked about the same at Reno’s age. Reno handles anger the same way Spike did. He uses it to push himself harder, to do better, to focus. He’s so much like Spike it sometimes hurts to look at the kid.

    The smell of sulfur and Ozone is thick in the air as he runs for his life. A belly full of drugs and its the one day he gets a pack of wild guard hounds on his ass. FUCK. His heart races in his throat, neck muscles tight as he tried to gasp for more air. He darted around a broken sign at the last minute and heard a yelp behind him even as other snarls followed. He can feel hot panting breath on his neck as he dives into a pile of scrap metal with drooling jowls and snapping teeth right on his heels. The beast tears off his shoe and he ditches the other one to run faster. He climbers through  scattered scrap of rusted metal hastily to reach another alley, and the hounds have to take another detour to catch up with him. It’s only when he bolts past the Cartel checkpoint and hears gunfire behind him and yelping that he knows he’s made it to live another day by the skin of his teeth. Fucking dogs ate his goddamn shoes. He hates dogs so fucking much.

    Reno keeps pace with the platoon leader as they round the last corner of the track and he’s beaming, he can’t stop smiling. He’s left the lot of them in his dust and the Platoon leader smirks. “See you at the finish line kid!!” The man breaks into a full sprint and Reno matches him. “See ya there!!” he quips back, just before pulling ahead, one, two, three meters of distance between them and he can hear the man laughing through his swearing as he’s loosing to a KID.

    The little shack of a house is quiet. Mom had gone out to get dinner and not come back. That was yesterday and it was already dark. Reno searched the cupboard's again for anything to eat. He finds a little bit of rice left and boils it for dinner. The next day she’s still gone, so he leaves to find her. The Cartel finds him before he ever finds her.

    Veld watches as Reno tears past the finish line having outraced the whole squad despite having a late start. Fifteen motherfucking years old. This shouldn’t be possible. Not without mako of some kind. Veld suspects maybe the Undine’s kiss the kid was hooked on was laced with the stuff. As a general rule no one younger than seventeen was administered the treatments. Even still, suspicions aside the kid was unbelievably fast.  When the Squad leader finally catches up, panting and grinning like a mad fool, “Son, I haven’t seen someone run like that since I was enrolled here. You ever think of applying for SOLDIER? You’d be wasted as an MP. I’d even be willing to hold a place on my squad for you.” “He’s already got a scholarship with us.” Veld calls from higher up on the hill and Barker beams. The Squad Leader looked from Veld to Reno, and did his best to win the kid over. He’d be a fool not to snatch the kid up for his squad, or at least bloody well try. “I’d be willing to pay your schooling out of pocket if you chose SOLDIER instead of the Turks.” Reno pauses and considers his options, but the first thing to come to mind is a vivid memory from just a few days ago...

    Reno sat at the table in the mess hall, it was late at night and the place was empty. Empty like he’d felt before Barker had placed the file down in front of him and explained everything. “Veld didn’t think you were ready to see these. But your father was like a son to me and I owe him for not finding you sooner, for that I’m genuinely sorry Reno. But you need to understand the kind of people your parents were. They did EVERYTHING they could to get you to us, to save you. The Arms Dealers got to them before Spike could find us, and we only knew what happened because your Father had hidden a data chip in his fillings.” Reno looked over the files, graphic crime scene photographs of the both of them with a bullet through their heads and a mess of blood. Assassinated. This wasn’t the gang violence he’d known for five years. And slowly his thoughts shifted....he’d been angry at his mother for a long time, thinking she had abandoned him. But she hadn’t. she’d been killed on the way home. The Grocery bag was in her hands, the food splayed across the floor in her own blood right where she’d dropped them. Where the Turks had found her. It was jarring. Breath stealing and numbing to learn he hadn’t been discarded. But loved, And loved so greatly that his parents both risked the loss of life to try and save him. They had outright loved him more than living and it was a new kind of weight settling in the bottom of his heart... “I wasn’t their trash...”  He took hold of the photos and a bitter sorrow settled in his throat as the tears threatened to fall. The youth bowed his head and he felt a large hand on his shoulder “Reno?” The teen chokes out, “Could I...Could I have a minute alone? This is a lot to take in.” Barker nods and stands from the chair, the scrape of metal on floor harsh in the empty hall. “I’ll be just around the corner... Take your time.” He leaves Reno alone, and once Reno’s sure Barker is gone he bends double, shoulders shaking as his forehead presses to the table and grieves in quiet broken little gasps.

    Through the twist of emotions, relief, sorrow, grief, gratitude, confusion and anger over a chance at a family stolen away from him entirely, he whispered through choked and strangled sounds in the effort to be silent.

    “Thank you....Thank you so much. I won’t forget....Please forgive me, I was angry. I didn’t know....Thank you, thank you...thank you.”

    The memory fades and Pulling himself from his thoughts again, Reno looked to the Squad leader, shoulders squared. “I really appreciate that offer Sir, Honestly I do, it means a lot. But my Dad was a Turk. I never got to meet him until Agent Barker told me about him. I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t given up everything.” 

    “I want to be like him. I want to be the best and make a difference. I’m going to be a Turk, my mind is made up.” Reno moves to pick up his school jacket, casually tossing it over his shoulder as he called out with a casual wave over his shoulder. “Same time next week! Rematch!!” Reno made his way to the top of the hill and didn’t quite hear what the man had said to him, or what Barker and Veld had said. His mind was wandering again to when he’d taken the file to the roof and said goodbye. There’s a small tin pail, with the file on his parents within. He’d asked Barker for a copy for himself, and Barker had willing given him a copy. All 650 pages. Reno spent weeks reading over every word and learning what kind of Agent his father was. 

    Dependable, loyal, kind, funny, honest, fast, efficient and brave. The file was set ablaze in the tin and allowed to Burn while Reno stood quiet Vigil and watched the words and photos slowly blaze into ash and flutter into the crisp Midgar night sky, embers glittering in a background of city lights and stars.  He’d met a blonde boy who had quietly joined him. Pale hair and pale skin, and eyes such a stark Blue Reno never forgot them.  “What are you doing?”  “Saying goodbye to my parents. The file was all that was left.” “Do you want me to go?”  “I don’t mind if you stay.”

    He takes the pail in his hands once it’s burned away to embers and thrust it forward to fling the contents into the open air. The embers flicker and blaze to life around him in the dark, carried skyward towards the stars in the updraft of the city in a billowing flurry of orange and yellow. Reno doesn’t know it but that moment is when Rufus ShinRa becomes enamored with the boy with red hair. Rufus thinks the boy is beautiful and wonders if that’s normal. The feeling startled him as he watched embers flicker around the both of them for the briefest of beautiful moments before the wind carried away the gleam of embers flicking in sad teal eyes.

    Neither know how close their lives will be intertwined.

    #fanfiction #Final Fantasy 7 #there was a lot of story setup i had to do #there's not going to be QUITE so many flashbacks in future chapters #Blazing Blue: Son of A Turk
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    the universe is shaped like a woman and shes tossing and turning in her sleep

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    Been doing realism in art class so have Tori getting that treatment.

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    Remember this? It's all connected. Have you read our new Asra tale? #tbt

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    Bombing Run

    “We have to do something, Bruzek. Winter’s coming. The men are cold, and the sun offers less light every day. The civilians aren’t much better. Alreg ambushes are relentless. High command has to do something.”

    —Ernand, militia captain, meeting with Brigadier Bruzek.

    “The steelflakes are entering the final test phases. They’ll be ready by mid-winter. I trust that’s quick enough?”

    —Zalken, research supervisor, private memo to Brigadier Bruzek.

    “I’m never forgiving ‘em, Commander! Lemme at ‘em! LEMME AT ‘EM! I’M GONNA RIP THE MEAT FROM THEIR TIBIAS AND FEED IT TO—”

    —Cyborg-Corporal Fanthox, verbal screaming at Brigadier Bruzek.

    “To conclude: militia can’t keep holding the border without assistance, nor can the enlisted with militia support. The steelflakes need more time to finish development. The enlisted are very, very eager to resume the offensive, and I worry about them terrorizing the local Imperial subjects if we keep depriving them of frontline missions. I recommend a series of bombing runs to put the Alregs on the defensive and buy more time for the steelflakes, while minimizing Ascended casualties. See Image 12.A for a possible strike pattern, prioritizing their land bases with easy access to the sea, as well as their aquatic armed encampments. To ease their eventual transition into a province, I strongly recommend leaving their population centers unbombed.”

    —Brigadier Bruzek, report submitted to General Cosal.

    “Bruzek’s reasoning is well-founded, though his inexperience with psychological warfare makes him underestimate its importance. I say we adjust his report with the additional intelligence the Navy’s provided and send it up to Wellis.”

    —General Cosal, discussion with Grand General Apian.

    “To: High Commander Wellis Cc: Solar Authority Perzhut Subject: Bombing Run Recommendation Hello Wellis, Find my intelligence report enclosed. Best, Apian.”

    —Grand General Apian, telegram to High Commander Wellis.

    “Here you are, Your Majesty! Approved by Perzhut, recommended by Apian and myself. As you requested, the final say is yours.”

    —High Commander Wellis, handing the plans to the Highest Ascendant.

    “Give ‘em hell, boys! Strike as your officers direct, leave mercy to Parc Pelbee, and don’t stop until you can smell their burning Alreg bodies from the clouds!”

    —The Highest Ascendant, speech for the Ascended Air Force.

    - - -

    “Fighters deserting. Those who remain swear death on all peoples North of the Nuwons.”

    —Scout report East.

    “There can be no forgiveness for what happened this day.”

    —Scout report North.

    “The Ice Citadel suffered heavy damage. Reparable.”

    —Scout report South.

    “They took my family. They took them all.”

    —Scout report West.

    “We see past the illusion of defeatism. The Alregs are the chosen people of the Snow Spirit, and the last of the moral. Keep the faith, fight back, and we will be free.”

    —Scout report Above.

    “We see our people buried under the snow. No avoidance. All actions without purpose. Only hope of change: cast out the unfaithful and send the women and boys to war.”

    —Scout report Below.

    - - -

    Yaldev is a sci-fantasy worldbuilding project by Ulysses Maurer, with art by Beeple. By looking at narratives, stylized loredumps, bad poetry and little details, we'll witness the story of a planet filled with magical power, the nation which tried to conquer it, this empire’s dramatic collapse and the new world which emerged in its wake. Along the way we'll meet the characters who live here, and we'll explore questions about nationalism, rationalism, the natural world and the quest to master it. For all stories in chronological order, check out the pinned posts at r/Yaldev!

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    NaNoWriMo Excerpt

    With Damron gone, Naeth carefully ripped out the first page on his legal pad. It was a mess, filled with floating words attached to each other with strings of ink. Setting it beside him on the table, he began to write.

    May—found at rendezvous sight with amnesia. On the surface, it seems similar to previous case victims, but considering her complete lack of memory and the fact that there are no missing persons who match her description, other alternatives are also being considered (perhaps a copycat crime? If so, why?)
    May's memories theorized to be stored in physical object, most likely some [dense metal] alloy. If connection to the case is true, her memories could be the key to solving it, considering how badly they must have needed her mind wiped (assumption based on extremity of mind wipe).
    Book she has is suspicious. Clearly Mithae involved in its creation, but it is unclear how. The script itself is completely foreign to every data-base we've run it through, and, if the one readable snippet is anything to go by, it is heavily coded. What secret was being so closely guarded? Is the symbol of the snowdrop on the front decoration, or does it symbolize something?
    #nanowrimo 2021 #square brackets my beloved #one day I will in fact know the special fantasy terms that go in them #the notes go on for a while #this is still pretty early on in the story #so slight spoilers maybe? #I also forget what I've already posted about #anyway #May Find Out #Naeth#Damron#Mithaedrir#Mïrmylana
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    You see things others say aren’t there. Things that move in the shadows, in the corners of your eyes. Things that you never truly see, but are constantly aware of. You’re in an alley one evening when they appear, people from the shadows, not quite human, and all of a sudden you are a part of the shadows to.

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    #【 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐒𝐄 𝕋ℍ𝔼 ℝ𝕀𝔻𝔻𝕃𝔼 𝐓𝐎 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐄𝐍𝐃 ✦ 𝕀ℕ𝕋𝔼ℝℙℝ𝔼𝕋𝔸𝕋𝕀𝕆ℕ 】 #i think g*dots story is an interesting one because it's all about choosing your own path AND seeing it through #consequences and all #for someone who's been messed with by fate like this. it can never not be important to stay in control #of whatever you could stay in control in.. #so i don't see him as someone who'd be easily swayed from a path of his choice even under extreme circumstances #but of course i do not have a 100% set path for him as far as the future is concerned so :-D #i am hoping there will be some nice things in store for him ... not too much tho... jussa lil . . as a treat <3 #THANK YOU SYNNIE #you know fantasy au is on my mind a lot but this already got long enough
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    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Review of 'Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy'

    Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy gives readers more history for the TMI universe while also allowing Simon Lewis to shine.

    Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy follow Simon Lewis as he trains to become a Shadowhunter while struggling to reconcile who he was with who he is. Filled with History Tales from the Shadowhunter AcademyCassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson & Robin WassermanMargaret K. McElderry Books These are my two cents on The Mortal Instrument reading order: read the books in order of…

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    #Cassandra Clare#Fantasy#Fiction#Maureen Johnson#paranormal#Robin Wasserman#romance #Sarah Rees Brennan #Short Stories #Short Stories Anthologies #Short Stories in Teen & Young Adult Literature #Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy #Teen & Young Adult Dark Fantasy #The Mortal Instruments #urban fantasy#Vampires#Young Adult #young adult fantasy
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  • satiswrites
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    The Redemption of Erâth: Volume One - Consolation, Chapter 1

    The Redemption of Erâth: Volume One – Consolation, Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 Brandyé Dui-Erâth Brandyé Dui-Erâth was born under a low red moon to awful circumstances. Mere moments after his birth, the house in which he was born was engulfed in flame and burned to the ground around him. The men and women of the village flocked to the scene and looked on helplessly, knowing with sadness that the family who lived there had perished. They watched for hours until…

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  • satiswrites
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Returning to Erâth

    On Sunday, I tried moving a large bookcase, and ended up severely hurting my back. I’ve been to the chiropractor three times since, but in the meantime, I find myself unable to sit, stand, or move, and have been more or less laid up in bed for the past four days. At first, I spent most of the time sleeping, trying to ignore the pain in my lower spine, but as the days wore on I found myself…

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  • riffraffsoftheroundtable
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    New photos of my oc Kleines

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  • katierosefun
    02.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    you know how there’s like...movies and tv shows and books that you just don’t really get the first time you watch or read them but then you revisit them after like...a few years and then suddenly all the messages click and you feel a certain kinda way because. . .whoo boy

    #caroline talks #i first tried to watch hotel del luna back in 2019 and didn't get past episode 1 #then started at episode 2 this year and finished it pretty quickly #it's just...themes about letting go of past hurts #letting go of past loves #moving forward and moving on so that you can heal #like. oh man. #this show! reminded me why i really love the fantasy genre in kdrama because they can go SO HARD with those themes #and it's so beautifully poetic and aggggh #i'll admit i wasn't the biggest fan of the romance BUT i thought it wasn't really as forced as it could have been #which i appreciated #some people might have called it lazy writing but i'm choosing to go for subtle pining #because that's what it felt like to me in the case of chan seong #just quietly like 'i am a bit in love with you but i am doing nothing about it bc i know how this ends' #or maybe i'm projecting but that's a different story #anyways i'm very <3333 about the whole story
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  • daily-dose-of-writing
    02.12.2021 - 15 hours ago


    The knight fought valiantly, he slew the dragon and returned a hero. The princess cried for days and days, she really loved that dragon

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