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  • futoshiota
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    若い料理人には是非観てほしい… ジェロームの漢気と敬意を見たのが、今日収録終わったら新井さんに"予約出来る?"と再訪を打診したこと。楽しみだね。 All young chefs should better watch this out!! The legend straightly talks about the point, fact, element of the life for being chef. The food creation is your message but must know “the real” behind of the plate. Cheers!! Merci Jerome!!! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CXI6nhtFMZV/?utm_medium=copy_link #theblinddonkey #omefarm #farmchat #farmlife #chef (the Blind Donkey) https://www.instagram.com/p/CXJLwI7Pn4R/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • queenoftheroost
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hehehe yeah it's been a while since I posted so here's some Ruthie content. I got a couple videos I took, but I'm not sure if they have good content. I was trying to get pics of them playing but... I was a bit too slow. Lol

    Also got some Gatsby and indy content. I think it's adorable when they cuddle together. I also gsve Gatsby a bath last month. He's definitely ruin3d his nice clean coat since then with his... special goat cologne lol

    Anyways, I'll scrub through the vids latter. See if there's anything worth posting. :)

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  • stupidty-with-a-blog
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    My sister has been here for ten minutes and has already spoken at length about wheat variants and now she’s talking about her horse. I’m in hell

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  • magicalsharkanchor
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #agriculture farming farm farmer farmlife tractor johndeere agro nature fendt agricultura agriculturelife farmers agri newholland landwirtsch
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  • minty-mayhem
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    A year ago my honey picked up a paint brush for the first time to begin learning about the beauty of painting.

    A year later he is working on his first commission piece for painting and he still doesn’t believe in himself or feel positive about his work.
    After hours of painting tonight, he stood up and stared at his canvas.

    He sighed, “looks like shit.”

    Sorry- WHAT? Lo0kS LiKe ShÏT?! A year ago he couldn’t even properly apply paint to a canvas without it being so transparent and runny and now he’s blending pretty colours and creating such a lovely piece.
    I just wish he could see how proud I am of how far he’s come and how excited I am for how far he’ll go.

    PS Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

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  • highlandcattleofsaarela
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Latest snow cow photos added to our print shop!

    Direct links to these two:



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  • optimisticflowerpartyflap
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #lovecats instacat catphoto catloversclub kittylove cat catagram catlife catslover catlover #chickens chickensofinstagram chicken backyardchickens hens farmlife poultry eggs petchickens hensofinstagram farm homestead crazychickenlady
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  • bigashfarm
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ok, NOW it's officially the holidays 😄😄😊😉 #xmasvacation #boulder #boulderco #bouldercounty #lafayatte #lafayetteco #lafayattecolorado #louisville #louisvilleco #louisvillecolorado #longmont #longmontco #longmontcolorado #bigashfarm #bigashfarmcolorado #farm #farmlife #erie #erieco #eriecolorado #broomfield #broomfieldco #broomfieldcolorado https://www.instagram.com/p/CXDCo1bLt8f/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • omefarm
    03.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    おはようございます。 Ome Farm 太田です。 先週のファーマーズマーケット終わりから、農業旅に出ていましたが、帰京し、再び本日はマーケットです。皆様の来訪をお待ちしています! @farmersmarketjp お陰様で立て続けに反応良いインスタライブ。第1回・Revive Kitchen井口シェフ、2回目・鳥越élabチーム(電波悪かったのはご容赦ください)に引き続き、第3回は神田にある @theblinddonkey.jp のジェローム氏と 私の出身地である西池袋 fra.. のシェフ・新井氏 @kiarai.fra にお願いしていますが。 何故そうなったのか、遠征先から《2.5回》を敢行するはずが、大変バタバタしてしまい、予定日を目前に迎えてしまいましたので、簡単に説明を… ジェローム氏との出会いは、2016年まで遡ります。 "カリフォルニア料理発祥の地"として著名なお店”Chez Panisse” @chezpanisse で長らく勤められた同氏が来日してお店を開く準備をしている時、私はスタッフと共にカリフォルニアの農場やレストラン、ワイナリーを訪れていました。 ”Chez Panisse”へ配達をされている方を捕まえて郊外の農場へと伺い、自分達の営農方法や方向性が間違っていない事、足らない事、訊きたい事、色々勉強した学びの旅の最後に同店の支配人から"いま日本にいるジェロームに連絡してみてくれないか? いい農場が無いと困っていたよ…"と彼らの本と連絡先を渡された事が始まりです。 その後、自分達が農業を通して運営していた店舗のオープニングで出逢ったのが、当時参宮橋 @life.son のシェフをしていた新井さん。 彼とそこから仕入れ⇄納品や援農⇆イベント等を通して交流を深めていったのですが、そんな彼が現在の店舗を探していた時には"西池袋か、神田か"で出店先を迷ったくらいだそう。 新井さんはジェローム氏と僕たちの食事会を料理で繋いでくれた人ですが、彼が尊敬するジェローム氏と話す機会を設けれなかった、ということで、心残りがありました。 今回はニューヨークは"Blue Hill"のダン・バーバーシェフが提唱する"The Kitchen Farming Project"にも参加し、New York Timesにも取材された彼がジェローム氏に訊きたい事を一緒に探ってみたいと思います。 自称で"Chez Panisse帰り"を強調する方はちょこちょこお見受けしますが、現地で実践されている本当に大切な意志や芯の部分は、簡単に実行できるものではありません。 国籍と世代を越えて受け継がれるオーガニックの系譜を一緒に紡ぐ作業、是非お付き合いください。 どうぞ宜しくお願いいたします。 Ome Farm 太田 太 《Farm Chat by @omefarm 》 2021年12月6日(月) 19時から 1時間半程度を予定 @omefarm にて #OmeFarm #Tokyo #OrganicFarm #communitysupportedagricuture #FarmLife #agriculture #seeds #soil #compost #omefarmkitchen #organicfood #organicvegetables #beekeeping #organicflowers #organicherbs #honey #Rawhoney #rooftopbeekeeping #循環型農業 #無農薬無化学肥料 #無農薬栽培 #植物性発酵堆肥 #養蜂 #非加熱ハチミツ #生はちみつ #OmeFarmChat #theblinddonkey #fra #chezpanisse #thekitchenfarmingproject (the Blind Donkey) https://www.instagram.com/p/CXCYU4QKFDk/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • empatheticallyred
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    the a-frame.

    Leaves and branches snap under my boots as we wander,

    our hands are covered with old work gloves and the hats on our

    heads had seen far more better days. Noses pink and smiles

    crossing our lips as a couple of our cats joined us, bounding

    left and right through the brush.

    The sound of a small stream trickles into my ears quietly and

    I hide my excitement, knowing we’ll be able to walk through the

    water soon.

    Liz asks where the tree was that we had climbed up

    the other day, Katie and I shrug as we try and remember.

    "Did you really think we could find it again?"

    I quip, Liz gives me an annoyed look and we’re quiet


    Once our boots had trekked through the little creek,

    we finally made it back through the field where our

    house waited, smoke billowing from the chimney as we

    all sighed in relief. Mom had a fire going. We parted

    ways at the barn, I stopped to pet the other cats, one

    by one, Liz headed directly to the house and Katie paused

    along side me, paying close attention to Snuggles, her cat.

    Finally we crunched through the gravel and peeled

    our dirty clothes off outside, shivering, before jumping

    through the door and up the stairs. Liz had already

    started showering so now it was a battle between

    Katie and I.

    "Girls, dinner!"

    I pulled on the fleece pajamas pants followed

    by a soccer jersey. I raced after my sisters

    only to smell...

    Chicken again. Chicken, rice and some kind of

    vegetable, probably burnt broccoli because mom

    always forgot about it on the stove.

    She looked better today, still tired and thin but that’s

    all I remembered her ever looking like at that age.

    I started to go for my food,

    "Bless us o’ lord,"

    I immediately stopped and held my hands in my lap.

    We prayed.

    And then I waited.

    We helped with dishes and gathered around the

    old TV to see what station would come in. Dad

    moved around the antenna as we directed and once

    we found the sweet spot, we watched Cops.

    Eventually my sisters and I crawled upstairs,

    Katie went to her room on the right and Liz and I

    went to our shared room on the left.

    It was quiet, all I could hear was the sound of Liz's

    breathing slow into a steady rhythm.

    My eyes drifted shut as my muscles finally relaxed,

    it felt like I was sinking into the mattress...

    Tomorrow? We'd do it all over again.

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