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  • Does anyone else feel gaslighted about their romantic experience because of their weight? I don’t really have a problem attracting romantic attention (good or bad) but I feel like I always have to defend my experience because, as a fat woman, some people can’t believe I would receive ANY attention at all. Or they believe that anyone who does give you attention has a fetish. It’s frustrating and leaves me questioning my own judgement which has put me in bad situations. Like, I’ll feel uncomfortable by someone’s attention but I still have this voice in the back of my head that says “don’t be so vain. He’s probably just being nice. Why would he be attracted to you?” So instead of setting a boundary, I just ignore it because I’ve been conditioned to disbelieve my own gut.

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  • any post talking about body positivity: it’s really important that people know they’re more than their looks, whether they are fat or have a big nose or anything like that! it’s okay to have bigger features you too are beau-


    like okay…… anyways back to the complete opposite point that was being made

    #fatphobia #obviously thats fine also did you read the post? not for you!!!! #fat discourse #<- blacklist? #hevs takes#body image
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  • i genuinely can’t believe the kind of privilege thin people have, and like… i say this because i went from being overweight enough that it actively impacted me societally to being really slim.

    ive lost roughly 35-40 lbs since 2018, from about 175 to 135-140. about 15 of that was that i joined color guard my senior year and marching band WILL get you in shape, regardless of weight, it’ll get your leg muscles hard as fuck, and the rest is due to starting adderall a couple months ago, which is less healthy in the long run because it’s an appetite suppressant but like. the benefits outweigh the downsides.

    but literally it is so much easier to find clothing that looks good on me and feels good. it’s so much easier to find things in my size at all. it’s so much easier to eat because nobody’s giving me Looks.

    bless my parents i love them but i got SO MUCH “vegetables first!!! don’t eat so much bread!!!! jesus Christ kid are you gonna eat all that????” when i was in high school, and now when i eat with them they’re trying to make sure im getting enough proteins and fats so that i don’t lose muscle mass in this whole ordeal

    and it’s so. strange.

    and like - I’m not saying that it’s healthy for people to not exercise. I’m saying that the right amount and kind of exercise is different for everyone and sometimes people can be fit as hell and still fat and that’s okay because i promise you, that fat person who works out the amount that keeps their blood pressure at a good place and makes them feel good and eats stuff that makes them feel good is 300% healthier than the skinny person who doesn’t care about what they eat and doesn’t move their body and just HAPPENS to have the genes that keep them skinny.

    not to mention that “health” SHOULDN’T BE A MORAL JUDGEMENT IN THE FIRST PLACE, just something to strive for, for your own happiness and comfort. bc ‘health’ isn’t the same for everyone and that’s ok, it doesn’t make you A BAD PERSON for being 'unhealthy’ by one person’s standards

    i have a lot of feelings on this topic. just because I’ve lost weight doesn’t mean I don’t remember being “fat” and being treated and spoken to horribly for it

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  • Even though I know there are so many more important steps that need to be taken in terms of proper representation (normalizing LGBTQ+ characters, disabled characters, POC characters, etc.)…

    I wish I could see a character who looked like me on screen. I wish she could have actual characteristics other than being bombastically confident and used for comedy. I wish she could fall in love with someone without it just be ‘ticking the boxes’ in terms of pairing people off. I wish I could see a pudgy girl with a character arc other than her getting skinny. I wish I could see a pudgy girl who’s sensitive about her weight, but it’s NOT her whole character. This continues with some examples below:

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  • If anyone has an article that discusses the correlation between weight and medical misdiagnosis, please send it to me. I’d really like to do some research on it.

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  • I know this is a Hot take on Tumblr but can we stop trying to make obesity okay? I mean obesity is not a good thing and even though some people can’t help that they were born with those genetics, it’s not healthy! I’m fat too and I don’t mean that we should shame fat people or anything like that but we shouldn’t act like it’s a good thing either…

    #Had to add the fact that I'm also fat because people will call it discrimination otherwise lmfao #fat discourse#I guess
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  • *breathes in*

    Fat people aren’t oppressed. Yes, there are people that treat people like shit just for their weight, and those people are bitches. But being fat isn’t the same as being lgbt or a poc.

    Also, if your healthy body weight is above average, I support you and you’re valid. But as important as it is to ignore bitches who judge you, it is also important to stay at your healthy body weight, no matter how skinny or fat it is. Only go on diets if you know it is safe for you, and never do it just to look good. Your health is more important than your looks always. Just remember- putting on too much weight could lead to obesity, and putting on too little also has its fair share of bad things. Find the balance that is right for you and put whatever weight is healthy for you over whichever one looks pretty!

    #fat discourse #kinda??? #wouldnfat positivity be a more appropriate tag? really this post is a mix of both #*wouldn’t
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  • Send me asks about my opinions on specific discourses

    I got hella opinions and guess what I am??? An oversharing asshole

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  • suddenly realizes that most of the characters in homestuck where theres a “popular” headcanon are mostly girls and its almost always used to sexualize them (like giving them the Perfect Soft™ Body Shape with huge titties)

    examples: aradia, karkat, feferi, rose, jane

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    • What she says: I'm fine
    • What she means: People say Wall-E was fatphobic, and yeah, i totally get that criticism but representation for fat people in general is such crap and in that movie we not only got to see fat bodies that were viewed as the norm, we got to see fat heroism and even FAT ROMANCE. In a kid's movie about cartoon robots saving us from ourselves. How messed up is it that a dire warning about how fat we're all going to be in the future is one of the few movies where I can see fat people being heroic and falling in love?
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  • getting in on fat discourse

    as a fat person

    defending skinny people because they have issues too and shouldn’t be overshadowed because they matter too

    lov this hell website

    #personal#fat discourse #what the fuck is wrong with you people #gimmie dat anon hate
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  • I’m just really tired of skinny people deriding my posts on Facebook???
    I know I should be more open to conversation and stuff but it’s so tiring. I literally said “skinny people just want us to stop existing”
    And I got what was basically the “not all skinny people!! uwu ” comment
    Like okay… if you have nothing else to add then shoo~
    Idk man I’m tired of existing as a fat person but not being fat is so hard??? I’m just trying my best to be healthy, I but for me trying to lose weight on purpose isn’t very healthy because I take it too far :(

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  •  Hey! So here’s the thing. WeLoveFine is now the only distributor of Homestuck merchandise, but they weren’t always. Before WLF, WhatPumpkin made the Homestuck merch, including T-shirts and hoodies. WP made apparel in my size, which is 4XL. Unfortunately, when WLF took over for them, they discontinued my size, meaning that where I once could be involved in this part of my fandom, I no longer can. I recognize that the size I am is not typical of most people and that there is a lower demand for products that fit someone like me. But I can’t find a reason why one company can produce merchandise in my size and another can’t, especially when WhatPumkpin brought in significantly less money than WLF (considering WLF services many fandoms). 

    I’ve emailed WLF with my concerns numerous times, and over several months. Each time they said they hoped to add larger sizes eventually. However, the last email I received from them in November 2016 said that they no longer had the hope to add these larger sizes UNLESS they received more demand for the product.

    If you care at all (and please, I realize this is a minor issue that pales in comparison to other things that matter), I’d really appreciate it if you sent an email to Support@WeLoveFine.com asking them to fix their mistake and to add larger sizes. I just really want to buy a T-Shirt guys, and I know fat people in our fandom want the same.

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  • We’ve had unwanted branding imposed on us. Been re-cast as disease. Are talked over, barracked and shamed into silence as a matter of course.

    Fat acceptance doesn’t exclude others, it’s merely a conversation that starts with fat people. If it excludes anyone, it’s because they attempt to bring extend their erasing discourse to one predicated on our existence. 

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  • here we examine this poor woman in her natural habitat, licking spaghetti sauce off the plate

    #not me editing turniphead AGAIN!! #anyways...an apology is in order for my absence and the previous discourse #yes azure is a theoretical potterhead (or pufferhead as thats what the poster is from) #the fat irony of it all #sims 2#ts2#mine #nh: tomaro's lake #azure maybury#maybury
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  • i’m tired of people saying “it’s okay to be fat! as long as you’re healthy that’s all that matters :)” like you know what? fuck that. it’s okay to be fat, full stop. for many people, being fat and being unhealthy is intertwined, and that’s okay. health is not some moral virtue. unhealthy people, including unhealthy fat people, deserve respect too.

    #fatphobia#discourse #< i guess? #idk we're unhealthy and fat and we're tired of this okay? #alter:bug
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  • Hey






    And we hope that you have a great day

    #positive mental attitude #positive memes#positiveattitude#positivity#fat positive#lgbtqplus#lgbtqia#lgbtpride#lgbt discourse#lgbtq#lgbtq positivity#lgbt memes #bisexuality is valid #ace people are valid #and thats valid #validity #which is valid #trans rights#ur valid #trans people are valid
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  • #i just like #i hate that kind of texture in food #it's so weirdly creamy #and just#blegh #reminds me of like #congealed fat#EW #grossed myself out #abort abort#anon#ask#lari speaks#avocado discourse
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