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  • Hi there! Is anyone interested in buying volume 1-3 of the Fate/Zero manga??? I found them lying in my room for some time now and I barely touch them anymore (they’re almost brand new!)

    I’ll make a post later on but pls lmk if you’re interested in buying!

    reblogs appreciated!!

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  • image

    Two character in progress…one is everyone know so well and the other is an avenger class servant that is related to one of my previous fanservant.

    Again these are still in progress.

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  • (obligatory i don’t draw often and there are a million fan ninusns lol)

    i guess fanservants are a big thing now so here’s my ninsun design. her name means wild cow so she has cow ears. also she has a white strand of hair on either side of her forehead that look like horns

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  • Okay you know what fuck it here’s a bunch of HC’s about how Diarmuid’s Fae-blood shows itself 

    • Refuses handshakes when giving/recieving someones name
    • Legit has no clue how human children are supposed to function. “How tall can a 6 yr old be? 20 inches??”
    • An absolute bastard when playing pranks
    • His eyes reflect light in a very wolf way and this has more than once given the Guda Twins a fright when they go into the kitchen at 2am
    • Has to clean if he sees something is messy
    • Loves stalking humans in the forest because it’s like “hunting prey”
    • Very high alcoholic tolerance
    • Sometimes he forgets that “spiriting people away” isn’t a socially acceptable way to solve problems
    • Neither is eating people
    • Prone to bouts of restlessness if stuck indoors for too long
    • Hair is always naturally curly, and even an iron couldn’t straighten that out
    • You know when your friend says something completely out of the blue that makes you go “what the fuck???” yeah he does that a lot
    • Gets real bad headaches if he passes through a door with an iron horseshoe on the frame
    • Can’t use magic himself but man does he have a lot in his blood anyway
    • If there’s something Super Shiny nearby there’s a 50/50 chance he’ll get distracted by it
    • Be careful when making deals/promises with him because he can and WILL find the loopholes
    • Naturally very curious which is, honestly, his biggest weakness
    • Impulse control is a roulette wheel
    • If you have golden hair he has a natural attraction to you (in folklore blonde/golden hair was the most desirable to the fae, and they were more likely to kidnap you because of it)
    • Keeps to his word and expects you to do the same and if you try to fuck around with said promise he’ll give you a very bad time 
    • Really loves sweets
    • Compelled to return favours because he hates owing anything to someone
    • “I owe you one!” congrats he’s now going to use you as a shield during the next paintball match in Chaldea
    #fate series #diarmuid ua duibhne #each fae is different obvs #so i just went with the stuff that appears The Most overrall
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  • #fateedit#fategraphics#fate series #fate grand order #absolute demonic front babylonia #zettai majuu sensen babylonia #ishtar#*mine#*mygifs#*fate
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  • Also a massive shout out to Mariam for also letting me drag you into Fate hell and for being a wonderful Enkidu!!!

    Photos by @sakaponphotos!!!

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  • okki is so pretty……..

    #fate series#fgo#osakabehime#my art #I LOVE HER....... #pls shes just a humble lesbian
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  • #gen answers#fate series#anonymous #bruh i cannot w this fandom sometimes
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  • Do you think Hans and Shakespeare ever have arguments over what makes good literature/story telling

    #fate series #hans christian andersen #william shakespeare
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  • Bi character: *breathes*


    #gen no#fate series #fate grand order #fate stay night #fate zero#or biphobia#homophobia #how it really be smh
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  • We were born under the same comet.

    Salem is,,,rly good,,,

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  • The fun thing about being such a hardcore Diarmuid stan AND knowing a bunch of shit about the fae-folk is that I can literally just go ham on my HC’s about how his fae-side shows itself in small, subtle ways, like not shaking someones hand when he introduces himself because then he’s basically giving that person his True Name, and now he no longer has his own autonomy because they’d own him

    Similarly, he refuses hand shakes during first meetings, because if he gets given your name, then he now has some form of control/sway over you and he’s really not about that life usually (it only works on humans, not Servants, probably)

    #fate series #diarmuid ua duibhne
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  • #Fate series#AAAAAA INCREDIBLE #diarmuid ua duibhne #fate grand order
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  • If Gae Buidhe can cause wounds that can’t be healed, would Diarmuid be able to blind another Servant permanently during a Grail War? Would it only partially affect their sight? Do the wounds have to be shallow, so the Servant is considered to be in “full health” for it to work? 

    In a full-blown, no holds barred fight, could Diarmuid effectively chip away at a Servant’s defenses, eventually rendering their limbs useless for wielding weapons?

    #fate series #diarmuid ua duibhne #i have so many questions and ideas about his fighting style #and what he could really do if given the chance
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  • Merlin: I’ve connected the two dots

    Romani: You didn’t connect shit

    Merlin: I’ve connected them

    #fate series#merlin#romani archaman #this is their whole dynamic change my mind
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  • image

    This is how it went down in my mind

    P. S Abby and Lavinia are precious and should not be separated

    #Fgo #fate grand order #fate series#Salem#abigail williams #abigail williams fgo #lavinia whateley
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