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  • Fated by Benedict Jacka


    ”Alex Verus is part of a world hidden in plain sight, running a magic shop in London. And while Alex’s own powers aren’t as showy as some mages, he does have the advantage of foreseeing the possible future–allowing him to pull off operations that have a million-to-one-chance of success.

    But when Alex is approached by multiple factions to crack open a relic from a long-ago mage war, he knows that whatever’s inside must be beyond powerful. And thanks to his abilities, Alex can predict that by taking the job, his odds of survival are about to go from slim to none…”

    Book One of the Alex Verus Series

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  • Some time ago, we were sent so far from home,
    and I could not see a romance while yet I was to roam.
    With resignation, I told the Fates - my search it was suspended;
    they smirked, for ‘twas the long game they intended.

    When we met, a friendship so seamlessly began,
    and I could not help but break my own chosen ban.
    With hope, I told the Fates - long-dead embers they were fanned;
    they laughed, for they knew another then held your hand.

    While I was away yet again, I met another ghost,
    and I could not stand once more so bitterly dosed.
    With rage, I told the Fates - my patience it had quit;
    they grinned, for they judged I was not yet unfit.

    A year passed, and they smiled warm and true,
    for then they sent the owl and bade me visit you.

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  • Fated.

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  • The tragic romance of Analise “Ana” Cousland and Ser Roderick “Rory” Gilmore.

    Read about it here in my story, Fated.

    #dragon age #dragon age origins #dragon age ocs #Fated#warden cousland#ana cousland #cousland x gilmore
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  • My OC, Ana Cousland’s, family tree. :) 

    Some parts like Alistair’s family and Morrigan’s were cut off. May update later and/or post the other families in my series.

    #dragon age #dragon age origins #dragon age ocs #oc family tree #Fated#Foregone#ana cousland#warden cousland#alistair theirin #alistair x warden #cousland x gilmore #Queen Cousland
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    Last read:Fated’ by Benedict Jacka

    What I wanted: honestly I didn’t even read the full blurp at the bookstore. I saw the keywords London, magic and for ’fans of Ben Aaronovitch’ and took it with me. The very simple and plain cover stood out in the crowd of glossy, shiny and crowded covers as well.

    What I got: hm not exactly something like Peter Grant… they both might happen in London and focus on magic, but from the style of the magic and the general character structure they differ quite a bit. It was fun to read though, a diviner main character is something you don’t get everyday. There were some issues with the writing for me (but the translation could be responsible for that), yet that didn’t bugged me much and I will read the next part soon.

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  • Micro Review tag

    This round’s prompt: currently reading!

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    • Answer as elaborately as you want
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    Title and author: Fated’ by Benedict Jacka

    Total pages: 412

    Page you’re on: 65

    Thoughts so far: the beginning was a bit slow, but some elements of the magic system sound interesting. Which makes me think (hope?) that the story could have potential, if the protagonist gets more likable at least… we will see how it continues.

    Try your best to guess how it will end: it’s the first part of a series, so I guess our main magician has good chances to survive lol. Maybe he will have to fight against that shady villain they rumored about, the council will try to sabotage or trick him and I hope that we will see Luna again (and that she will survive as well).

    Tell us how you really feel—with a gif!


    Originally posted by myth-fangirl

    I got tagged by @bibliophilecats, thanks :D

    I tag everyone, because I want to know what you’re reading right now. Feel free to tag me so I can see your posts :)

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  • rionsanura


    it’s an atmospheric horror movie about witches. If you liked The VVitch, this one is also very worth tracking down 

    #I would also arguably compare it to hereditary #in that the shit that goes down is like #fated #which makes snese if you saw hereditary but I don't think you did iirc
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  • I kinda of Love Alex Verus

    Reading Fated by Benedict Jacka. I first heard of it watching Youtube videos of Jim Butcher’s Q&A panels. At first I didnt really think of it as something Id want to read, mainly cause I was new to reading Fantasy/Urban Fantasy stuff. Before I got into Butcher I was all about the YA lit, like Twlight, Fault In Our Stars, ect. Then i got into Harry Dresden.

    Lately, I’ve been in a reading rut so I went and picked up a Patrica Briggs, Mercy Thompson novel. I read it and got super into it. Who wouldnt, a bad ass female shapeshifter. Its great. Its been a about a week and the 2nd book I picked up wasnt holding my attention, so I I went back for Mercy Thompson book 2.

    Fated popped up on the shelf in front of me,and I remebered Jim Butcher’s recomendation. I read the back and it sounded good. But the first line sold me.

    I read that and I had to buy the book. I came home and started reading it right away. I havent stopped. I got distracted from writing today because I was reading Fated. Alex Verus is a mysterious and interesting character and I cant get enough. Then there is Luna who is so interesting too. Each new face that pops up is so fully realized, I want to dive into this world head first and im only on page 78!

    “It was a slow day, so I was reading a book at my desk and seeing into the future.”


    Okay, enough rambling. Im gonna go back to reading. Shhhh!


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  • You are crashing calamity

    You are the sweet kiss of fire against my skin

    You are pleasure and pain

    You are every sparkling star on high

    As deep as the ocean

    Our love as wide as the sky

    You are violins

    And knives

    You are beautiful tragedy

    And Darling we are fated

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  • After Alex picks up the fateweaver: 

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  • Ariel looked at the order in front of her with a heavy huff. She really hated this job. Like really really really hated it. But she needed it. No job meant no money, no money meant no rent, no place to live. So she came in, did the basics and left.  In fact she’d barley made it in that day, having grabbed yesterdays dress and her roommates name tag. She looked at the number again on the paper before taking the meal to the corresponding placard. “Here we go. Let me know if you need….” Her words trailed as she caught a glimpse of a name on the wrist before her. Her name. Shit. “anything.” She quickly glanced down to make sure her thick bracelet was on to cover the name that will probably match this human before her. She looked back at them with a forced smile before going to turn, ignoring the empty glass on the table.


    #Fated#charliew1x1 #if you hate this I can redo it
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    ✨sometimes universe works in the most amusing way ✨

    Last year as when I really wanted to have a black cat. I always told myself and friends that in the future I’ll definitely own one. I’m not allowed to have one at home because my family isn’t fond of pets sigh. I couldn’t stop imagine owning one and just chilling around with it in my own apartment. But guess what? Last year was when my bf crossed paths with a black kitten and ended up adopting it shortly after. Although I can’t own a black cat, now I’m always able to play with one whenever I’m at my bf’s place ✨💖 The black cat seems to be really fond of me too 🥰

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