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  • watergator
    16.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    if marvel won’t give me a winter soldier vs isaiah bradley fight flashback i shall write it myself 😎

    #is this something people would even wanna read ? who knows #im just curious as to what their interaction was #i wanna see more isaiah in the mcu PLS #it would be so fuckin cool to see him in action #a character who truly deserved better <3 #bucky barnes#isaiah bradley#tfatws#fatws#marvel#fic stuff
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  • moonlit-imagines
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Pent Up

    Helmut Zemo x reader

    warnings: death, slight self inflicted injury to reader, anxiety attack, blood mention, alcohol

    a/n: i FINALLY got around to writing this HELLO and sorry it took FOREVER dhshhshsh its 3am as i am starting this lets see where it goes

    prompt: anonymous: “Hello, Zemo anon here ! Resending request, hopefully this has more plot details Could I get a one shot please ? Details/Plot stuff/ : This takes place during TFATWS ( the falcon and the winter soldier ). Reader lost some of their family members after some bad guys went after them, Zemo, Sam, and Bucky for revenge. Reader is obviously shaken but they don't have time to grieve properly because they could be in danger. Since reader didn't/doesn't have time to properly grieve for what they lost, they just shove their emotions aside. After the threat is averted, Reader has so much bottled up emotions that they have an anxiety attack/breakdown. They head outside for a walk to try and clear their head but end up punching a wall impulsively. Their hand isn't broken but just swollen and bruised a little. They head back inside ( to zemo's safe house ). Zemo is the only person awake and he immediately can sense that something is wrong. Reader tries to tell them they are fine but he isn't convinced. He, out of pure concern, follows them to their room. He notices they are favoring one of their hand and he goes and gets an ice pack. He comforts them afterwards. Okay, if that's too much, then I'm so sorry omg. My brain can be very weird sometimes. ~ 🖤”

    You sat in silence on the jet after hearing the news. “Troubling” was the way you outwardly described it, only because you knew how much was at stake right now. For now, you would only stare down at your feet and wait for the next horrible thing to happen. After a while, Sam had rested his hand on your knee to let you know he was there, but you desperately needed to be kept on track. You couldn’t bare think about it because if you let yourself begin, you’d picture the whole scene, every painstaking moment up until the end. What they saw, what they felt, how you failed them.

    You had only been gone from home for a few days, but that was enough for your enemies to know your family was unprotected, completely exposed. Your enemies wanted revenge and they’d gotten it at the worst time. Although, any time would be considered the worst when you lose everything.

    You kept trudging along despite the burning pain in your chest from all the emotions you wouldn’t show. Sam, Bucky, Zemo, they could surely imagine your pain. They’d lived through loss, but right now you weren’t interested in any comfort. “Y/N? You wanna talk about it?” Bucky asked you, bringing you back to Earth.

    “I don’t need you sharing your therapy tactics, Buck.” You snapped at him and he glanced over at Sam, who just shook his head in an effort to get him to cease. But Zemo wanted to take things into his own hands. This was a pleasant trip for him, he couldn’t let you bring it down.

    “You know, y/n,” Zemo turned around and looked at you, who was fighting back tears that would not escape in front of him, “the Avengers murdered my entire family. I know that it hurts, I know you are angry, but you must think clearly and make wise decisions in these next few days, weeks, months, even years.” He explained with some alluding to his own experiences.

    “Yeah, I’ll make sure not to frame a war hero for terrorism and murder in order to further my revenge agenda.” You calmly but fiercely replied to the Sokovian and Bucky stifled a laugh, making Sam swat him.

    “Alright, enough from you, Zemo. No more talking about murder.” Sam prematurely ended the conversation and just went back to the normal bickering between the three of them to keep the heat off of you. He knew you needed space more than anything. Sam had lost people during his service in the Air Force. It really does sting, and this job doesn’t leave much time for grieving, but this wasn’t the military, you’d get your space and your respect for the time being.

    You were quiet for the most part, just letting that blanket of stillness take you over and let you believe that everything would be fine for now. Bucky and Sam kept a good eye on you, making sure that you didn’t lose yourself during this mission.

    When you landed in Latvia, you found some solace in the unfamiliarity and calmness of the streets, making private walks your temporary thing and starting immediately. During the walks along the intricately laid stones, you reflected on your mistakes, regretting taking up this mission and feeling guilty for the pain you caused your family.

    You made your first round of exploration and went back to Zemo’s safehouse, and upon re-entering you saw Sam and Bucky waiting for you in their usual comforting way.

    “Hey! How’re you feeling?” Sam asked you for the tenth time, knowing you wouldn’t answer honestly. He just needed you to know there were people there for you.

    “We got you some food.” Bucky handed you a plate of random snacks he’d pulled from the cupboards and walked it over to the table along with a glass of water. “Just sit and eat for a minute. It’ll be good for you.” You sighed and obliged him, sitting down near Zemo and getting crumbs all over his couch.

    “You’re—” Zemo nearly commented on said fact, but Sam butt in quickly.

    “Ah, ah,” Sam cut him off with a raised finger, “stop talking. Right now.” Zemo rolled his eyes and you continued your snacking for a few minutes, casually asking questions every once in a while.

    “Guys, any mission updates yet?” You perked up to ask them and they simply said “no.” They were telling the truth so far, but even if there were, they were a bit hesitant about you joining up. Now, after some things went worse, like the new Captain America finding you four and causing a giant scene in Latvia, you became even more distressed.

    You watched a man get executed in front of a crowd. It only reminded you of how your family was hurt and your friends knew it. Sam and Bucky pulled you near as you stared at the scene in shock, clenching onto one of their arms as your pain finally hit you. You had to go and it had to be now. “I’m gonna go take a walk.” You bluntly told them and they both stared at you like you were crazy.

    “Right now? Y/N, I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” Sam tried to protest it but you just walked straight away from the bloody scene and they let you. You could handle yourself, for sure, but they still worried for you and your safety. And they had good cause since you ended up having a massive anxiety attack that you simply insisted on walking off. They tried to contact you several times, but you just turned your comms and tracker off and told them you’d be back when you were ready.

    You walked dozens of circles around the area until you had felt stable enough to come back, but on the way, you went from anxious to angry, resisting the urge to scream into the night and instead balling up your fist and launching it into a brick wall. Your judgment was quite clouded and throwing your hand into the wall was anything but a good idea, but for a split second it just felt good. The ache afterwards did not, though, as your knuckles bled slightly and your hand began to pulse in a light swell. You stuffed your one hand into your pocket and marched back to the safehouse in a new mood, not much better than before, but at least you were feeling.

    You expected them to all be asleep by now, especially considering the day you all had. But Zemo was still awake, sitting beside a small lamp with a glass of whiskey as he watched you enter the building.

    “Huh, I thought we had locked that.” He looked into his glass and rocked the ice in it back and forth. “Would you like a drink?” Zemo offered like a true host.

    “No.” You growled and tried to find a room to stay in for the night. He noticed the fresh bloodstain that came through your pocket and deduced what may have happened.

    “Are you sure? It may help you feel better.” He suggested and you stopped in your tracks, slowly turning to him.

    “I. Am. Fine.” You sternly tried to convince yourself and Zemo sighed, setting his glass on a coaster and standing up, cautiously heading toward you as if you were some feral cat he was trying to catch. You took a deep breath and angrily stared at him as he drew closer. Zemo then gently took your hand from your pocket and inspected the irritation.

    “You are not a great liar. I’m surprised you used to be a spy.” Zemo poked fun at you and held your hand up in front of your face as you turned your gaze away. “This is not a good idea. This is self harm. I am sorry it has gotten to this point.” He genuinely offered that apology to you and headed towards the refrigerator to grab an ice pack originally meant for his children. That explained why it was shaped like a princess crown. “This should help the swelling. You know, I understand that there are not always bad guys to punch, but the walls of this nice town are not a great substitute.”

    “You’re idea of coping is literally bombing UN meetings, don’t comment on my coping mechanisms.” You snatched the icepack and set it on your beating hand.

    “I know. I wasn’t saying it was right.” He agreed with you and took a seat back on the couch, right where he left an indentation. “As I mentioned before, I know what it’s like to lose family like that. Suddenly, violently…without a proper goodbye. I’m sure they knew it wasn’t your fault.”

    “It was my fault, I was supposed to keep them safe.” You told him as he poured you an optional glass.

    “These were adults, as well, right? Ones capacity of defending themselves and their home?” Zemo tried to reason with you, although it was a bit rough. “I figure a smart person like you had a handful of backup plans, as well, just in case you were ever to leave the home in times of trouble like now.” He pointed out and you looked away from him, assuring him that he was on the right track. “Please, sit.” He tapped the couch seat and waited for you to join him willingly.

    “Just because there were backups doesn’t mean I can’t feel responsible. Guilty.” You told him as you took the seat he suggested and grabbed the drink.

    “I never said you couldn’t.” He replied.

    “You implied it.” You shot back.

    “I certainly did not mean to.” Zemo frowned. “I felt guilty when my family passed, even if it wasn’t directly my fault. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It hurts to think that, but I had no power after leaving the house.” He explained his grieving process to you a bit, making him feel more human to you. “Grief is not going to be a linear path, and no one can tell you how to grieve, but people will be there for you. Barnes and Wilson, they are here for you. They have shown that.”

    “And you?” You looked him in the eye once more.

    “In a way, I suppose. It seems I’m your only option in this hour.” Zemo smiled and refilled both of your glasses. “I’d like to add that just because no one can tell you how to grieve does not mean you cannot do something wrong. I am not proud of my actions in Lagos. Barnes was trying to hide and live a normal life away from what he was forced into. Although I do hate you heroes and would very much love if you all died, I took innocent lives that day and I broke up a family. My grief only caused more pain.”

    “Glad you see it that way.” You clinked your glasses together and downed the next supply. “I’ll…I’ll get through it. Without killing any innocent people, thank you very much.”

    taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @johnmurphyisqueer // @teenwaywardasgardian // @pappydaddy // @captainshazamerica // @freya-xo // @ravenmoore14 // @canarypoint // @zoeyserpentluck // @randomawesomeperson102 // @brutal-out-here // @wonderful-writer // @of-a-chaotic-mind // @groovygirlie // @procrastinatingsapphictrash // @lxncelot // @swanimagines // @randomfandomimagine // @petersgroupie // @dindjarinsspouse // @werewolf-himbo // @lost-fantasy // @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom // @summersimmerus // @cipheress-to-k-pop // @augustvandyne // @buckyeojin // @the-did-i-ask // @glxwingrxse // @scarthefangirl //
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    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Celebrating my grand return to Tumblr with Joaquín Torres headcanons. Feel free to send them in. I'll be posting some old gems I didn't get to the first time around!

    #joaquin torres headcanons #joaquin torres#joaquín torres #joaquín torres headcanons #torres headcanons#lieutenant torres#torres fatws#fatws#tfatws headcanons#fatws headcanons #lt. torres headcanons
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    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    sambucky draft from the archives might just see the light of day??????? (they get stuck on the boat! and have a nice talk. that's the entire thing.)

    #sambucky#tfatws#fatws #sam x bucky #i'm also working on my venom concepts alright #this was good i have no idea why i abandoned it
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    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    QOTD ❤️✨

    #sebastian stan#bucky barnes#james barnes #james buchanan bucky barnes #tfatws#sebastian#fatws bucky #bucky james barnes #james buchanan barnes #stan#deep qoute#qotd #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky x female reader #bucky
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    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    WELL WELL WELL 😏✋🏻❤️

    #sebastian stan#bucky barnes#james barnes #james buchanan bucky barnes #tfatws#sebastian#fatws bucky #bucky james barnes #james buchanan barnes #stan #steve x bucky #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky x you
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  • spicynudlesoup
    15.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Can't get you out of my head

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
    Summary: Bucky finally arrives home after a tough mission.
    Warnings: Angst, mention of injuries, gaslighting, description of panic attack
    WC: 1.1k
    A/N: Hello there! I've finally finished my spooky October fic after months of trying to write this! This is also my entry to @lokithealligator's 2k spooky challenge, for which I used the prompts 44 “It’s just your imagination.” and 49 “It’s just a scrape…” And I also wanna give a huuge thank you to @lookiamtrying for giving this a read before ! post it
    I do not give permission to copy, post, rewrite or translate this fic or a part of it anywhere. By clicking “Keep Reading” you’re telling me you’re above the age of 18. All mistakes are my own.

    It was already dark outside when Bucky arrived at his place after a particularly tough mission, and now he was finally able to let his body –and mind– be able to relax with her by his side.

    He threw his bags in the middle of the barely lit living room without a care in the world and let himself fall on the sofa with a painful groan.

    Unwilling to move, he took over more than half of the big grey couch. He was not only exhausted, but also injured. At least he had got all bandaged up earlier and the high amount of painkillers he was in was doing wonders. If Bucky was the embodiment of rough, the woman sitting next to him was the embodiment of cozy. She was sitting in the small free space in the corner of the couch, with her knees against her chest, a warm cup of tea in hand while a big fluffy blanket covered her frame. She was the warmth and softness Bucky so desperately needed after the brutal couple of days he had. He was finally home.

    She was wearing that Handley shirt she "borrowed" from him when they started dating, and those yoga pants that always made Bucky lose his mind. Bucky loved to see her in that outfit, it was one of his favorites. It reminded him of more peaceful times.

    As soon as Bucky laid down, she placed her mug on the coffee table and crawled to him, peppering kisses on his bruised face, careful of the fragile state his lover was in. Slowly, he caressed her soft cheek, a pure gesture of love as he brought her face closer to his. Their lips met with a tender kiss, carrying all the love, worry and relief they felt and didn't voiced before.

    Some minutes later, and after some questioning looks, he started to tell her about the mission, how the extraction was going smoothly until they were ambushed, getting completely outnumbered, barely making it out. He'd got the worst out of the team.

    “You should be more careful Bucky, I want you here in one piece, you know?” she said in a soft voice, but he could tell how concerned she was.

    “It’s just a scrape babe, you worry too much about me”

    “No it's not, you have two broken ribs at least and more stitches than I can count. You’re my husband, of course I'm gonna worry, what are you expecting?”

    “I don't know, actually” he chuckles. God he missed her so much. Every day he spent without her had him in agony. She was the only one that kept his nightmares away, the only one that managed to get him to trust himself and others again. For years she was by his side. She stuck with him through thick and thin, she was his rock. He couldn't believe how lucky he was.

    “I hate it when you leave, you should stay here more, be with me” she said with puppy eyes.

    “Babe, you know I can’t do that” it broke his heart not to be able to be at home so much. But Steve and Sam needed him in the avengers, and he owed the world some good after all the damage he'd done during his time as the winter soldier.

    With a serious look on her face, she left his embrace to face him again.

    "There's nothing wrong in wanting you all to myself" she whispered, he could feel her breath, her lips just an inch away from his. She slowly leaned next to him, soft lips barely touching his earlobe. "There's nothing outside for us, we only have each other"

    "But I have friends, I've got a purpose, I'm finally having a life" Bucky turned his head around to face her again, looking for an answer as to why she would say that.

    "Your life is with me, not with them. They don't see you like I do, no one does" she spited, clearly in annoyance with his statement.

    "y/n, stop it" Bucky certainly wasn't in the mood nor the state to have this type of discussion that night.

    "You're nothing without me, I'm just stating the truth" she continued, ignoring him. Bucky just stared at her in awe, trying to understand what she wanted from all of this. Did she just want him to retire and have a quiet life somewhere else? Was she just wording her wishes wrong? Or did she know something he didn't?

    "Baby I know you still have that darkness deep inside you, everyone else is just too ignorant to notice. It's just a matter of time before it comes out again" she cooed despite, her words shooting a sharp pain through Bucky's chest, bile raising up his throat.

    “It’s… it's just your imagination.” Bucky barely managed to get the words past his lips, tears stinging the back of his eyes. Just the thought of everyone turning against him again made his skin crawl. He's been fighting his past for years now, pushing the darkness that the Winter Soldier left in him as far away as possible. But deep down he knew that everyone around him would notice that he couldn’t escape who he was.

    It was bound to happen.

    She climbed on top of him, caging him, she was everywhere. And just like that Bucky started to spiral, he started thinking about how naive he was for thinking that despite all he moved on and that everyone around him was finally accepting him. He was getting too confident. But the way she spoke made him doubt everything again.

    "Is it really?" She tilted her head, “gosh, you look so broken when you cry.” she mocked as she cupped his fragile face with both of her hands. "We need to leave this place" the words left her lips but all Bucky could think of was the lump forming in his throat. Suddenly the room was too small, too hot and he couldn't manage to get fresh air into his lungs. He was full of pure panic.

    Muffled laughs reached his ear; he moved his head to face the door and soon enough, Sam and Steve entered the room.

    “Hey, Buck, are you up for some bee- woah what's going on?” Steve inquired. Worry settled across his face. Bucky still looked uneasy, his breathing was still …. He felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest.

    “Nothing man, leave me alone” he retorted. As he looked away, he found the rest of the room empty from her trace. There wasn't a blanket on that sofa, and there wasn't an almost empty cup of tea on the coffee table.

    “Were you talking to yourself again?”

    #bucky barnes x you #bucky x you #fatws bucky#bucky barnes #bucky x reader #bucky imagine#bucky fanfic #james bucky barnes #bucky barnes x female reader #the winter solider #bucky
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  • fury-brand
    15.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I've seen one (1) clip of falcon and the winter soldier in the context of a totally unrelated video and it was a clip of Bucky's therapist chewing him out for not maintaining relationships, asking if he's called anyone but her this week, and tossing his phone at him and I cannot stop thinking about it to the point that I'm posting about MCU on main

    Like first of all this dude went from brainwashed assassin into fugitive into being put on ice WHAT relationships does he have to maintain exactly

    And two, most grievously

    CALLING people? To stay in touch with them??? In 2021????? I'm scandalized

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  • rachaelswrites
    15.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    New Captain: Part 5

    Steve Rogers x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader, Bucky Barnes x Teen!reader

    Previous Part

    Bucky found a way for all three of you to get to Germany and to the prison where Zemo was being held. On the way, he had told you what his plan was. You and Sam were both a bit hesitant about it but you knew it was necessary. Zemo was the only person who could help you find the remaining of the serum and he most likely had contacts that could be helpful. 

    “Okay I’m going to go alone,” Bucky said once the guard had shown you were to go. 

    “Let me go also,” you argued, “He knows who I am.”

    “Exactly,” Bucky said, “He hates supersoldiers and if I show up with the kid of the one he hates the most, do you really think he’d want to help Y/n?”


    “Y/n,” Sam said softly, “He’s right. He’ll probably use Steve against you and trust me, that won’t end up good for anyone. It’s better if you and I stay out here.”

    “So you’re going to let Bucky go and talk to the man who framed him for murder alone? Great plan Sam,” you said sarcastically. 

    “I’m not a fan of it either but it’s the best way,” Sam explained, “Just be quick,” Sam said to Bucky, “We’ll manage.”

    Bucky nodded before he opened up the door that led to Zemo’s cell and disappeared down the hallway. 

    “He’ll be fine, right?” you asked, glancing over at Sam. 

    “Yeah. Bucky can handle his own,” Sam responded. He needed to clear the air between you two. He could tell there was still tension on your part and he didn’t want it to affect the plan, “Y/n?”

    “Hmm?” you asked.

    “I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for giving up the shield but I was being honest when I said I didn’t know it would go to someone else,” he said. 

    “Sam,” you started, “You didn’t just give it away, you kept it a secret from me. That’s why I’m pissed. You could’ve had the decency to just tell me.”

    “Yeah? Well you were too pissed off at anything and everything for me to even get a word in,” he said, “Even if I tried to talk to you, you’d just leave.”

    “Oh I’m sorry,” you said mockingly, “I’m sorry that my dad abandoned me for some woman he hasn’t seen in decades and then came back and died right in front me. I’m sorry that I can’t just magically be okay with everything and move on.”

    “Y/n we were all trying to help you but you wouldn't let us.”

    “The only person who could ever help me is my dad. And guess what Sam? He’s dead so just drop it.”

    “There’s so much more in the world than your dad Y/n,” Sam said, “I know it’s harsh to hear but you have to let whatever grudge you’re holding on to go.”

    “Really?” you scoffed, “For the longest time, my dad was the only thing I had. I had no one else and you expect me to act like he wasn’t my world? You’re crazy Sam.”

    “Y/n let me-”

    “No,” you said, cutting him off, “Just drop it. I don’t want to talk anymore,” you stepped away from him and sat down on the floor, up against the wall. You waited for Sam to try and talk to you again but he stayed silent. You wanted to forgive him. You wanted him to know you weren’t really angry at him, just the world and he was the easiest target. The truth is, Sam was being the most helpful and the most considerate. He gave you space and never pushed. Anything you wanted or needed, he went out of his way to get it for you. He was trying and the least you could do was try back. 

    “Sam?” you asked quietly. 


    “I’m sorry I’m being difficult,” you said softly. You sniffed, holding in your tears. It was the first time you were finally opening up. 

    “You’re not being difficult Y/n. You’re grieving and it’s my fault for not helping you more,” he said, moving over to sit next to you. 

    You shook your head, “You’ve done more than enough Sam. You’re being so nice to me and trying everything to help me but I’ve been a bitch.”

    “And understandably so Y/n,” Sam said, turning to face you, “You just lost your dad. I’d be worried if you weren’t acting like this.”

    You looked up to face him, “Still. I’ve been way out of line and you don’t deserve that. I’m sorry,” you let your tears finally fall down your face. You used the sleeve of your sweatshirt to wipe them off your face, “I’m sorry Sam.”

    “It’s okay,” he said. He slowly wrapped an arm around your shoulders, testing the waters. When you wrapped your arms around him, he knew it was okay to pull you into a hug, “Look, anything you’ve said or done can be forgiven and forgotten. I won’t hold it against you but I really need you to talk to me or talk to Bucky,” he said, “Or if you need time to calm down or you just need space, take it. No questions asked.”

    “God I don’t deserve any of this,” you said, pulling out of Sam’s grasp, “You trying to help me, Bucky being so protective. I feel so guilty now.”

    “Don’t feel guilty Y/n. You have had so much happen to you and that’s what you don’t deserve,” Sam said, “You don’t deserve any of the bad cards you’d been dealt.”

    “Thanks,” you said, hugging Sam again, “And I also want to add that I’m not too mad about the shield. I understand why you don’t want it. I just wish you told me before I found out from the news.”

    “I know and I’m sorry for that. I wanted to tell you and ask you before but I didn’t know how you’d react. I think it was a lose-lose situation.”

    You nodded. Before you could say another word, loud sirens echoed throughout the hallway and the door to where the cells were flung open. Bucky walked quickly through the frame, “Let’s go,” he said. 

    “What’s happening?” you asked alarmed. 

    “Fight in the prison,” he said, putting his hand on your shoulder and leading you out of the building, Sam close behind, “Let’s hurry before they lock us in here.”


    “We’re not breaking Zemo out of jail!” Sam exclaimed, “Absolutely not.”

    “He’s our only lead Sam. We need his help,” Bucky argued. 

    “He’s dangerous and if anyone finds out we broke him out, it’s over,” he said, signaling to the three of you, “No way of getting out of that.”

    Bucky looked over at you and saw the classic Rogers thinking face, “Y/n?” Bucky asked, “What are you thinking?”

    “No,” Sam said, “Don’t put this decision on her.”

    “It’s her plan,” Bucky said back. 

    “No, it's your plan.”

    “She wanted to take the shield back. It’s her plan.”

    “You want to break an international felon out of jail. It’s your plan.”

    “Guys!” you yelled, putting an end to their bickering. They both shut up quickly and let you talk, “Let’s hear Bucky’s plan. If it’s plausible, we’ll do it,” you said. 

    “You’re talking about breaking Zemo, the man who framed him,” Sam motioned to Bucky, “For the murder of a king and a bombing, and something being plausible, in the same sentence Y/n? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds?”

    “Let’s just hear him out,” you suggested. 

    “Thank you Y/n,” Bucky said, glad you were defending him.

    “Hang on,” you said, turning to him, “I said if it was plausible, we’d do it. It’s still a fifty -fifty okay?”

    “Better than what he said,” Bucky said, moving his head in Sam’s direction. His little joke there made you crack a smile, the first one any of them had seen in months. Bucky nudged your shoulder lightly, “There’s that smile I missed,” he said softly. 

    “Oh shut up,” you said, replacing your smile with a frown and smacking him in the arm, “Just tell us your plan.”

    “Why ask him when I’m right here,” you heard a man say from somewhere else in the room. 

    You spun around and was face to face with Zemo, “Bucky what the hell?” you asked, spinning back around to face him, “A little heads up would have been nice.”

    “I didn’t think you would say yes,” he said, “You know the saying, ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

    “If I may-”

    “No,” Sam snapped at Zemo, “Really?” he turned to face Bucky, still keeping Zemo in his field of vision, “What did you do?”

    “We need him, Sam. And clearly the plan was successful and Y/n said if the plan worked, she’d be okay with it. I’d say it worked,” Bucky argued, “When the accords were signed, you backed up Steve and all of us. Just do it once more.”

    “Can I ju-”

    “No,” Sam snapped at Zemo again. He then looked to you but he couldn’t read your expression well. It was a mix of curiosity and timidness, like a small child seeing a new bug for the first time. Sam didn’t agree with what he was about to say but he knew it was what you wanted, “Fine,” he said. He glanced over at Zemo and pointed at him, “But you don’t make a move without our permission? Got it?”

    Zemo nodded, “Fair enough.”

    “Because I’m not going to let the kid get in trouble for whatever bullshit you plan on causing,” Sam said. 

    “Of course,” Zemo said. He finally turned his attention to you, “It’s nice to see you again Y/n.”

    “Wish I could say the same,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest. 

    “I’ve been wondering how Captain America’s daughter has been since I saw her last and since,” he cocked his head to the side, “Since his sad and early departure.”

    “You keep his name out of your mouth,” you hissed, “Otherwise I’ll-”

    “Y/n,” Sam warned, “Remember what we talked about earlier?”

    You huffed, taking a step back from Zemo and taking in a deep breath to calm yourself.

    “We better get going then,” Zemo said, “I’ll lead the way.”


    @ehggowo​ @evans-dejong​ @kaitieskidmore1​ @halzore​ @shakespear-picaso-lovechild​ @hallecarey1​ @unusualchaoszoe​​ @yeetyeetchickenmeat​ @play-morezeppelin​ @depressed-barnes​ @fangirllife98​

    #x daughter!reader #x teen!reader #steve rogers x teen!reader #steve rogers #steve rogers x daughter!reader #steve rogers daughter #steve rogers fanfiction #bucky barnes x teen!reader #bucky barnes x teen #bucky barnes fanfiction #sam wilson x teen!reader #sam wilson#bucky barnes#fatws sam#fatws bucky#new captain
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  • volyya
    15.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    body guard au when ? ??

    #☆   ──   *   01.   OOC. #thank you fatws for the goods #fatws gave so many tropes thank u for serving
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  • logicheartsoul
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    Outtake with Anthony Mackie in Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021)
    #tfatwsedit#anthony mackie#justsamwilson#tfatws#sam wilson#fatws#caatws#gif#my gifs #i finished this the other day but i remembered to upload it so have this lmao
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  • funnyincorrectmcu
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bucky: Sam! Where have you been? Sam: Were you worried about me? Bucky: ...no. I was making sure we weren’t being followed. Sam: You came back to look for me. Bucky: … Bucky: Alright it’s true. I came back ‘cause you’re the only friend I have and I couldn’t bear to lose you. Sam: Really? Bucky: No! Don’t be stupid!

    #sam wilson#bucky barnes#falcon#winter soldier#captain america#white wolf #sam and bucky #bucky and sam #fatws#caatws#source: merlin#lol#i mean #i was re-watching this episode #saw this quote #and immediately thought of them #'cause ACCURATE lol #i love them so much #mcu #mcu incorrect quotes
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  • sokoviantea
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    thinking about how much Bucky likes to wrap his hand around Zemo's neck, and how much the baron likes the weight of the metal, and how Bucky barely has to squeeze to cut the airflow and make Zemo dizzy and oh so happy. Bucky never misses how the baron's pants tighten with the lack of air and his hands never get too far from his body so Zemo can find some release at the hands of the most deadly assassin in the world

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  • incorrectmarvelquote
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bucky: [speaking into his arm that is recording] Day 14 in the Soul Stone, so far no notable incidents, people are finding various ways to amuse themselves. Right now the tree creature is singing “I am Groot” to the tune of Despacito, the greatest song of all time according to Spider-Boy. I can not detect any animosity between-

    Peter: But why a falcon... why not- let’s say- and ostrich?

    Bucky: Correction, Wilson is about to murder a minor. I have to go.

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  • onmyojisrambles
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    For the SamBucky Halloween Bingo 2021 - bobbing for apples prompt; AO3 link

    Bobbing for Love; 731 words; G; fluff

    Sam couldn’t believe this was his life now, surrounded by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…

    Bobbing for apples.

    He felt his head knocked against someone as he finally bit on an apple and came up. As he took deep breaths, Jane came over to him with a towel, congratulating on being the first one.

    “Don’t let go of that apple now!” Jane exclaimed as Thor suddenly slapped his back.

    “Son of Wil! Congratulations!” The God was looking at him with exuberation, “Out of this group, you’ll be the first one to marry!”

    Thor proceeded to hug Sam and lift him off the ground for a second, “Make sure to call for me so I can officiate it!” And just as quick he came, he was gone, screaming for more ale.

    Sam stared at the apple, and looked up when he heard Jane laugh, “Some old superstitions from pagan Midgard.”

    “Right.” Was all he said as he walked away, still feeling a bit awkward about Jane.

    He sat on a stack of hale, rolling the apple between his hands as he looked at the festivities. Smiling to himself, he saw Bucky playing and winning a game of darts.

    “Penny for your thoughts?”

    Looking to this left side he saw Wanda encased in the shadows of the light post.

    Bringing up the apple, he answered her, “Just thinking of some silly thing Thor told me about bobbing for apples.”

    Wanda snorted, “The marriage one?”

    “Yeah, how did you know?” Sam asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes at her.

    “I may have come across it in my studies.” She snickered and suddenly grabbed his arm, “Come! I know of a better one, don’t let go of your apple!”

    “What--, Wanda!” Sam stumbled as he let the redhead drag him to a series of spooky displays of house rooms.

    “What are you doing?” He asked her as she zeroed in on a Victorian bedroom; there was an ornate mirror off to the side and, quite frankly, it was a creepy one.

    Wanda pushed him to stand in front of that mirror. “Now, this one is simple magic, you’re going to bite your apple while you're looking into the mirror.”

    Sam looked at her askance, and when she wasn’t forthcoming, he raised an eyebrow, “And?”

    His friend rolled her eyes, “Fine-- you will see your future spouse standing behind you, at your shoulder, for the second you bite into the apple.”

    “Shit, for real?” He asked, looking between his reflection and the apple in his hand.

    “Yup! But this only works for tonight, with that particular apple. So, go on!” Wanda stepped back away from him, motioning with her hands.

    Sam looked behind to make sure no one was there before turning back to the mirror; he took a deep breath; and brought the apple to his open mouth, taking a big bite.

    In that second, through the blurriness in his eyes, he saw Bucky standing behind him, clear as day.

    Gasping, through the chunk, he swallowed the bite painfully, Sam felt Wanda pat his back.

    “I’m okay, I’m okay.” He told her, taking a deep breath and looking towards the mirror, all he could think of… ‘I’m a pining idiot’

    He turned towards Wanda and hugged her, “Thank you, I owe you one!”

    “You’re welcome-- wait, where are you going?”

    Turning around he yelled at her, “You were right, it was a better one!”

    Sam continued to jog, looking around before he spotted Bucky, sitting at a picnic table.

    He hurried over and plopped himself beside the super soldier, nudging his shoulder, “Hey, blue eyes!”

    Bucky looked at him for a second, before a spark appeared in his eyes and he smirked, “Well, hello yourself, sweetheart.”

    Sam was glad his dark skin hid his blushing as he smiled shyly back, because the heat from Bucky’s eyes was enveloping him and giving him a grown-ass man, butterflies.

    “Has anyone ever told you that you got the sweetest brown eyes?” Bucky said, gentle vibranium fingers grasping Sam’s chin and bringing his face close to him.

    “No, but I’m down to hearing more.” Sam whispered, against Bucky’s lips, as the other man laid butterfly kisses across them.

    “Is that so, sweetheart?”

    Humming in agreement, Sam let himself be kissed firmly by Bucky, swooning on his seat as the festivities and laughter provided the perfect background noise for their start of forever.

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  • imtaashu
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    me to Sebastian 🥺❤️

    #sebastian stan#bucky barnes#james barnes #james buchanan bucky barnes #tfatws#sebastian#fatws bucky #bucky james barnes #james buchanan barnes #stan #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky fanfic
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  • amarriageoftrueminds
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #hey nonny#toAyourQ#fatws meta#meta#mcu meta#antisharon#anti carters#antipeggy#antisteggy#p*ggy meta#sh*ron meta#mcu #best to just tag it anti- all the things to be on the safe side #dat's me #men writing women badly #still doesn't mean she's an angel #she's a perfectly serviceable baddie the writers just don't realise they've written
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  • fuddlewuddle
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    In this month of Halloween I bring incubus Bucky and Zemo pretending to be a priest.


    It was going to happen eventually 😌🤣

    This ones for you @hala-macaron 😘

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  • imposterogers
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    idk ignoring the morality of steve rogers choice to go back to 1948, fatws soldier showed how emotionally gutted both bucky and sam were by it. it was such a bad choice by writers omfg bc

    like. bucky barnes was steve’s best friend since he was six. he stood not only up for steve but by him for actual decades. their friendship hashtag was ‘til the end of the line’. very literally until death do they part. and up until that point, that’s exactly the words they had lived by. bucky died in the snap and woke up still thinking it was true. but then steve left, and he was alone with no friends, no purpose, and no home, and with a very fragile mental health. he’d died for steve, and would again, and steve chose to live eighty years without him

    sam wilson, after just weeks of knowing steve, risked his life for steve and his mission. then, he gave up his job, his family, and his life in dc to become an international fugitive bc of steve (and ofc bc he thought it was the right thing to do). he became steve’s right hand man and confident. steve was a part of his family, just like sam was a part of steve’s. he died and woke up from the snap, and suddenly steve had decided his family didn’t include him anymore, left without a single conversation, and gave sam the responsibility of the shield with no guidance.

    sam and bucky struggle in fatws. they’re hurt. there’s a huge steve shaped hole in their lives, they’re not allowed to get mad or angry or really talk about it, but you can tell steve’s decision (and the way he handled it) has given them the kind of wound that may never completely heal. they lost a family member, and it wasn’t from tragedy, it was by choice

    #anti endgame steve #fatws #this is why I hope endgame steve is an imposter #long post#delete later
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