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    11.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    2pac - Who Do U Believe In? (1999)

    Definitely my favorite Pac song...got me through a lot of tough times.

    Samples "Manifest Destiny" by Jamiroquai

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    11.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Pacey + Joey + Firsts 

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  • kazzmcsass
    10.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to draw Django well smh. Also it does NOT make sense that skeletons have hair but it DOES make them easier to draw.

    Illustrations for the new chapter of Rivera de los Muertos ! The boys fight a thing and also the Rivera ancestors are there.

    #El Tigre #El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera #manny rivera #django of the dead #Justice Jaguar#Simon Rivera#faves#Illustration
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  • randomfandomimagine
    10.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Here With You (Barry Allen x Reader)

    Character: Barry Allen

    Fandom: Justice League (Snyder) / DC

    Tags: Hurt / comfort, cuddling, fluff

    Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff

    Word Count: 2,2k words

    Summary: Y/N is having a bad day, but still doesn’t want to reach out. When Barry still appears at Y/N’s place, worried, they will realize it’s not so bad to need cheering up.

    A/N: Apparently I’m not done fangirling about this cutie, so here’s another Barry Allen ficlet for you! Hope you like it! Remember to please reblog it and leave feedback if you like it, it would mean the world to me! 🙏💕

    Barry Allen x Gender Neutral Reader

    You were so tired and so on edge that everything bothered you. Even the background noise of the city outside your window seemed to hurt your sensitive ears and fuzzy mind.

    Sneaking a quick glance to your phone, you considered making a call. You knew Barry would be there with you in a second, and that he would magically solve everything. Still, something kept you from calling him. You could deal with that day on your own.

    If only you had the energies, you would get up and do something. There you were, feebly lying down on your bed and staring at the ceiling. No music, no TV, no phone, no nothing. All you wanted to do was lie there and dwell on your misery.

    It had been a bad day. First your alarm didn’t work and you were late, then you ran out of hot water and couldn’t shower. And not only was your work day awful, but you also had tiny little things that only worsened your mood. You spilled your coffee, you had to stay late, you dropped your suitcase with all your paperwork that scattered on the ground, and on top of all people kept bumping into you as you walked home. It was a multitude of small things that became all too big.

    A demanding knock on your door startled you in your loud silence. What now? Cautious as to who it could be, you apathetically sat up and waited. They knocked again.

    “Y/N?” Came Barry’s familiar voice. “Are you in there?” 

    A part of you wanted to ignore him, to pretend like you weren’t home so he would leave. You didn’t have the strength to face even him, everything overwhelmed you. But he sounded worried, and he was your best friend after all.

    Tired and resigned, you stood up and dragged your feet as you walked to the front door. Barry kept on restlessly knocking.

    “C’mon, Y/N, open the-” When you swung the door open, he showed you a smile. “There you are!”

    “Hi, Barry…” You mumbled, letting the door open and idly moving to the  couch. You plopped down there, assuming he would follow in tow.

    “Are you okay? You haven’t answered my calls”

    “My phone’s on silent”

    “O-kay…” Barry slowly sat by you, intently staring. “What’s wrong?” 

    You sighed, hating that you were so transparent. Or that he knew you so damn well. Or both.

    “I had a really bad day” You pouted, feeling like crying just at the thought of it. Why was it bothering you that much? Nothing catastrophic had happened.

    “Wanna talk about it?” He kindly offered, but you shook your head.

    “No…” You had to tightly press your lips together when a sudden urge to cry overwhelmed you. A sob was already reaching your throat.

    “Oh, gosh, please don’t cry” Barry stared at you with wide eyes, fidgeting on his seat. “I-I mean, cry if you need to, but uh… it’s okay”

    His hand fell on your shoulder, then gently lowering to your arm so he could comfortingly rub it up and down. You nodded your head, trying to tell yourself that he was right. It was okay, nothing you couldn’t handle.

    “It’s okay, Y/N” He whispered. “You want a hug?”

    A single rogue tear rolled down your cheek, but you grit your teeth. You refused to cry, especially not in front of Barry. His heartbroken look as he stared at you was enough to make you want to hold it in. Frustrated, you only wiped your face with your hand.  

    “I’m…” You sighed, trying to control yourself. “I’m okay”

    Not believing you, he kept staring. In an attempt to reassure him, you forced out a smile. Barry still didn’t seem convinced, but he knew you better than to try to insist.

    “Great!” Barry said in the end, kindly patting your arm. “But you know what we gotta do now, right?” 


    “Emergency movie night!”

    “Barry…” You began to say, but he was already on his way. 

    Now that he knew you were upset, nothing would stop him from doing everything in his power to cheer you up. Barry wouldn’t rest until he saw you smile. 

    “Here you go” Your best friend sped through again, suddenly appearing next to you and dropping a bunch of DVDs on the table before disappearing again.

    “Stop that!” You jumped to your feet and scolded him, barely managing to follow him with your gaze. “Don’t tire yourself, it’s not worth it!”

    “Of course it’s worth it!” Barry appeared next to you again, bearing a playfully serious expression as he handed you something. “It’s my mission as your best friend to cheer you up” 

    You rolled your eyes a little, fondly watching him as he went off again. Looking down to your arms, you saw that what he had given you were many bags of snacks. You absently put them on the table.

    “Besides” Barry nudged you, standing next to you so suddenly that you wobbled a little. He was ready to hold you up.  “I can always raid your fridge after” 

    You were suddenly fighting a smile. He had only been there for maybe a few minutes and he was already making things better. How could you not adore him?

    “Okay” He returned, followed by the sweet smell of popcorn. “Now we have everything” 

    In such a flamboyant way that you almost laughed, Barry tugged at your hand until you were sitting on the couch again. Then he put a blanket over your legs and placed the bowl of popcorn between the two of you as he joined you in the seat.

    “But don’t hog the blanket” He made a funny face as he also covered his own legs with it so you were sharing it.

    You heaved a sigh, resigned to letting him look after you. It wasn’t so bad after all, even if you weren’t as used to his blatant cares as he would like to. 

    He pulled the first smile out of you when he picked up the remote and turned the movie on. Just with the music and the starting credits, you recognized it was your favorite movie. He knew you well.

    “Oh, and the best part” Barry seriously peered at you, opening his arms. “Cuddles!”

    You chuckled in spite of yourself, and his sudden grin in return was so bright that it could have light up the room by itself. Barry wiggled his arms still, suggestively raising his eyebrows too.

    “Fine” You snuggled closer to him, getting comfortable against his chest. “You win, Allen” 

    Barry smiled still, clearly satisfied with the result. He laid back, grabbed such a big handful of popcorn that many of them fell right out of his hand, and shoved the rest into his mouth. You shook your head at him, fondly watching. It was incredible how easily he made everything better.

    “This movie’s really good!” He suddenly exclaimed, pointing at the screen. His voice was muffled by the enormous amount of popcorn still in his mouth.

    “You’re a lost cause” You giggled, wondering if he realized how happy he made you.

    Even as he chewed on the popcorn, he was smiling. Once he finally swallowed, he glanced at you and dedicated you an innocent grin.

    “But you love me”

    “How can’t I?”

    “You’re smiling…”

    “And whose fault is that?”

    He didn’t say anything, only looked ahead to the screen. However, his satisfied smirk was telling enough. It warmed your heart to see he was so happy over seeing you smile. 

    The silence suddenly felt comfortable as you both returned your glances to the movie. In reality, you weren’t even that interested in it. You knew the movie by heart, and taking in consideration that Barry was with you, you preferred to focus your attention on him.

    Resting over him, feeling his arms fondly squeeze you, the stress started to melt away. The exhilarating feeling of coziness enveloped you, and you dearly treasured it. You absently reached out to grab one of the snacks that you had put on the table. Coincidentally, Barry was reaching out for the very same on. When your hands grazed, you both chuckled and looked at each other, stuttering apologies.

    “S-Sorry, Y/N, go ahead”

    “No, it’s fine… you can have it” 

    You both paused for a moment, forgetting about the movie and the snacks and everything. The world itself seemed insignificant compared to the sudden beauty in his loving eyes, in his gentle expression. You gawked at him, wondering if he had been always this adorable. None of you said anything at first, only lingering in that position and staring at each other still.

    Barry didn’t look away from you either as he picked up the wrapper and softly put it on your hand. His fingers lingered, gently brushing against yours. They were soft and warm.

    “You… you don’t want it, Barry?”

    “No, I know you like them…”

    “Thank you”

    “No problem, Y/N”

    He gave you butterflies. The tender way in which he spoke, in which he looked at you, in which he said your name, how determined he had been to improve your day. Just… him. Barry Allen. You realized it was now hard to breathe, but in a surprisingly wonderful way.

    “Uh… is that better?” He piped up in the end. “Are you comfortable?” 

    “Y-Yeah” You blushed when you realized your head was leaning on his shoulder still as you looked up at him. “Thanks…. thanks for everything” 

    Barry nodded and smiled, staring at you. He didn’t say anything about your head on his shoulder. You didn’t move, afraid that if he noticed he might say something. The last thing you wanted to do was move from that position.

    His fingers brushed against yours some more, moving to be slowly placed in the spaces between yours. It was a nonchalant movement at first, mindless and familiar. Then it changed. Hesitant, asking a silent question. You brushed your fingertips against his in return.

    Just then, something appeared in his eyes as they widened, a realization just like yours. This certainly wasn’t like your usual movie nights. You could nearly hear the missing beat of his heart before it continued racing.

    Barry opened his mouth, ready to say something. The only thing he managed was awkward stutters. You smiled, knowing you would accomplish just as little if you tried to speak.

    “I, um… oh!” He finally said, picking up the remote. “This is your favorite part” 

    Your friend increased the volume of the movie. It came to your attention that it was quite advanced now, and it made you feel silly. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t change a thing. Everything was absolutely perfect.

    As you two pretended to watch the movie, you started getting sleepy. The sudden exhaustion that washed over you was shadowed by immense comfort.

    “So… do you, uh…” Barry uttered. “Do you wanna talk about it?” 

    “About what?” 

    “Your bad day”

    “Oh, that…” Your eyes closed, and your free hand moved to rest against his chest. The other was still grazing against his. “It isn’t such a bad day anymore”

    Maybe that was why you hadn’t called Barry before. You didn’t want to admit to yourself that you needed him. Yet there you were. Now that you were with him, needing him didn’t feel like such a bad thing. In fact, it felt right.

    Barry’s chest moved under your palm as he took a deep breath. For a moment, you feared your touch was making him uncomfortable. Just when you were about to retrieve your hand, however, his free hand pressed against yours as well in a delicate gesture. 

    You smiled and moved your hand up until it held on to his shoulder, allowing you to snuggle even closer against him. Barry chuckled, pressing your palm further into his chest.

    “I’m glad I could make your day better, Y/N” Barry paused for several seconds, but you didn’t answer. “Y/N?”

    When you still didn’t reply, he didn’t insist. Instead of it, Barry heaved a dreamy sigh. The sweet embrace of slumber was starting to take over you, and you couldn’t remember being so happy as you were in that moment. So much for a bad day.

    Threatening to end your perfect tranquil, you felt Barry try to pick you up without stirring you. His hand gingerly snuck under your legs as he tried to gather your form in his arms.

    “Mm... what are you doing?” You uttered, rubbing your cheek against his shoulder.

    “I thought you fell asleep” He whispered, causing his voice to be barely audible over the background noise of the TV. “I was taking you to bed, it’ll be more comfortable”

    You shook your head, nuzzling his chest and pressing further into him.

    “No, it’s perfect” You groggily said, holding on to him. “It’s perfect, here with you”

    “Aw” Barry let out a flustered chuckle. “Y-You’re gonna make me blush, Y/N”

    Although sleepy, you made an effort to peer up at him. You felt slightly delirious both from the exhaustion and from how stupidly happy you were at that moment, but you still didn’t care when you started giggling. Barry was blushing, and smiling so wide that his cheeks had to hurt.

    “Will you stay with me, Barry?”

    “Of course, Y/N”

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    Yeah you never stick with anything. Except this. You've been here six years. Why? I don't know. It's a good job. No, it's not. It's a terrible job. It's not that bad. Jonah, why did you stay here? Why do you think, Amy? 

    #im not crying you are #faves #i love them #a journey#superstore #jonah x amy #jonah and amy #simmosa#aww#otp#love#my heart#married#the cutest#in love#superstore edit#superstore edits #amy x jonay #amy and jonah #the chemistry though #otp: moments of beauty #otp: why did you stay here #husband and wife #parents #mom and dad #coworkers#friends#dating#kiss#hug
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    #tma #the magnus archives #tma fanfic#my life#faves
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    My neighbor just bought & brought me a bottle the Fruity Pebbles creamer because I gave her the last of my Vanilla Cannoli earlier this morning. 

    The verdict: WIN. 

    I like this instantly and immediately. 
    This is my first taste as I type, had a feeling that I was gonna either love or hate this. 
    I am amazed by not only how much this tastes exactly like Fruity Pebbles milk, but also by how nicely this blends into my hot cup of Bigelow’s “English Teatime”. Idk about that Cocoa Pebbles one, I’m not going for it. The Fruity Pebbles one needs to stay on the shelves forever, though. 

    Nicely done, International Delight brand.

    #coffee and tea #creamer#international delight#faves#sip#bigelow #english breakfast tea #tea#tea time#fruity pebbles #love thy neighbor
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    Military Position

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    The Best Theragun Devices and Massage Guns (2021): Our Faves and Tips

    The Best Theragun Devices and Massage Guns (2021): Our Faves and Tips

    Massage guns, or percussive therapy devices, help relax and sooth sore muscles, whether you’re an athlete or just hunching over a desk all day.  Theraguns (made by Therabody) tend to be the best massage guns. We’ve tested a bunch of the newest models, and several of the more affordable alternatives available. Our favorites are below, along with what we learned speaking to a physical therapist and…

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    Anna Paquin photographed by Neal Preston for Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous
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    Shingeki No Kyojin

    Dedicate your heart
    #attack on titan #faves#icons #shingeki no kyojin #snk#aot#aot icons#snk icons#aot 139
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    happy birthday erza

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    “Algún día voy a amar a Ocean Vuong” spanish translation of “Someday I’ll love Ocean Vuong”, written by Ocean Vuong and translated by Ezequiel Zaidenwerg.

    #reading it in Spanish hits different! #like harder even if the poem is originally in English #and i think the translator did a good job in translating the feelings as well #poetry#poesia#ocean vuong#poemas#* #have more so if anyone wants them just ask or dm me! #faves#translations
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    #victor stone x reader #victor stone imagine #victor stone drabble #victor stone#justice league #justice league imagine #justice league drabble #rfi writings#drabble#dc#dc imagine#dc drabble#reader insert#requested#faves#snyder cut
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