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  • My favorite Assassin’s Creed Characters. 

    1. Haytham Kenway

    2. Ezio Auditore

    3. Adéwalé

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  • My favorite characters of Sofia the First:

    Cedric, Sofia, Hugo and Amber

    #sofia the fandom #cedric the sorcerer #princess sofia#prince hugo#Princess amber#favorite characters #hugs and cuddles
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  • Mammon is forever my boi.

    He is sexy and adorable at the same damn time.

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  • I was tagged by @hellfre​ to list my top 10 favorite female and male characters!! (aaa thank you!!)

    In no specific order:

    • Erik Lehnsherr (X-Men)
    • Charles Xavier (X-Men)
    • Klaus Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)
    • Chidi Anagonye (The Good Place)
    • Ben Wyatt (Parks and Rec)
    • Kenny (The War at Home)
    • Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts)
    • Hikaru Sulu (Star Trek)
    • Bucky Barnes  (MCU)
    • Poe Dameron (Star Wars)


    • Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
    • Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter)
    • Ororo Munroe (X-Men)
    • Emma Frost (X-Men)
    • Toph (Avatar the Last Airbender)
    • Princess Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman)
    • Ripley (Alien)
    • Joyce Byers (Stranger Things)
    • Miss Honey (Matilda) 
    • Matilda (Matilda)

    Tagging: @vinndetta @mollemie @fandoms-trashcan @langernameohnebedeutung @lying-doggo

    #!!! this was quite difficult #favorite characters
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  • i took the idea from @wespers, but credit to @thetaikawaititi, the original creator!

    let’s see who has the same favorite characters as me!


    tagging some people so this doesnt disappear into the void; you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! (and I’m sorry sanders sides isn’t on here, I completely forgot its existence until after I was done!)

    @sleepy-sphinx @hxlfblood-of-hermes @minirocks @demseaanemone @asadsongwithnothingtosay @heeyitslei @crepuscular-shoelace @yourelost-itsokay @cauchemares (and @/wespers, but i tagged you already!)

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  • Tagged by @fundieofatime

    Rule: Name ten different characters from ten different fictional worlds that you love.

    1. Doctor Who: Donna Noble
    2. Harry Potter: Neville Longbottom
    3. Game of Thrones: Olenna Tyrell
    4. The Office: Stanley Hudson
    5. Animal Crossing: Tom Nook
    6. The Hunger Games: Haymitch Abernathy
    7. Marvel Cinematic Universe: Natasha Romanov/Black Widow
    8. DC Comics: Aquaman
    9. Super Mario Bros.: Bowser
    10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo





    (If you’re not tagged and want to play along, go for it)

    #off topic#favorite characters #yes i am aware my tastes are generally basic as fuck don’t @ me
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  • #i fucking love oberyn #oberyn martell#favorite characters #thanks for the ask love #pedro pascal
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  • Tagged again by my awesome sis @stardustly !

    Rules: name 10 favorite characters from 10 different things.

    • Gamora - mcu
    • Isabelle - animal crossing
    • Carl “Corrrrral” Grimes - twd
    • Craig & Eric - drake & josh
    • Marika “Ringer” Kimura - the fifth wave trilogy
    • Robin Buckley - stranger things
    • Chidi Anagonye - the good place
    • Esther Povitsky - alone together
    • Ludwig Von Koopa - mario games
    • Elena Alvarez - odaat

    (sorry for such randomness, my mind went blank as I tried to do this 😂😭)

    Tagging anyone who sees this and wants to do it!

    #tag games#personal#favorite characters #sorry to michonne and thor #some serious decisions had to be made for this 1 per thing
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  • So I did one of those 9 favorite characters collages. Let’s try to spot a pattern.
They’re all animated. 8/9 are in 2D. 6/9 are owned by Disney. 4/9 are male, 5/9 female (transphobes can fuck off). 3/5 of the female characters are tomboys, one is a trans woman and Lilo… Lilo’s on another level, man. 
One of the reasons I don’t like to label myself a furry is because, well… Look at these. 4/9 are animals (and very cartoony ones at that), one is an alien dinosaur, one is a supernatural being, one is a Who, one is a… small, troll person(?) and one is a human. I think the only thing you can really take away from this is “I like cartoons and cartoons vary in character design”.
What else? Uhh… A third are wearing hats. I like hats.

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  • “It is also not entirely true—I do not want to know things. I want to understand things. I want to answer every question ever posed me. I want to leave no room for anyone to doubt me. Every time I blink or breathe or twitch or stretch, every time I feel pain or awake or alive, I want to know why. I want to understand everything I can about myself in a world that often makes no sense, even if the only things to be known for certain are on a chemical level. I want there to be right answers, and to know them, and myself because I know them.”

    - The Lady’s Guide To Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzi Lee

    i am officially in love with felicity montague

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  • Tagged by: @anti-solidcoffee

    Rules: pick your top 10 favorite characters from media (books, films, animation, etc) Sorry if I missed anything, I can’t figure out how to copy-paste on tumblr mobile.

    In no particular order, dated 3/30/2020

    1. Jack Frost, Rise of the Guardians

    I just relate so much to his themes of isolation and feeling lost and unseen, dark as that is. I just will always have a soft spot for Jack.


    Originally posted by wishrelease

    2. Steven Universe, Steven Universe (Future)

    After Future and the series ending, how can I not love him. This poor kid deserves the world, and if I could I’d give it to him. Rewatching the series is going to hurt, but that new understanding is everything to me.


    Originally posted by giffing-su

    3. Marinette, Miraculous Ladybug

    This girl is creative, energetic, passionate, kind, and now has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I love her growth, and I’m so excited to see how she continues. Just wish Hawkmoth wasn’t confirmed a forever problem.


    Originally posted by smellerbeee

    4. Taako, The Adventure Zone Balance

    Taako is so special to me. His growth in TAZ was so natural and as his walls slowly lowered I just rooted for him more and more. Classy AF and a dank ass wizard.


    Originally posted by drulidoodles

    5. Haru, Beastars

    I just finished Beastars recently, and maybe it’s too soon to say, but I love Haru. She is sassy, strong willed, and not ashamed of who she is. Was considering Legoshi as well, because that boy is so relatable, but Haru is the true mvp.


    Originally posted by rouge-d-portgas

    6. Penny, Stardew Valley (my WIFE)

    Stardew is my favorite game! Not many games can catch my attention for long periods of time, but I have sunk so many hours into my farm. I cant imagine playing another file because I already have everything on my main with Penny. Selfless, smart, kind Penny. Only SDV spouse for me.


    Originally posted by stardewforest

    7. Duck, Princess Tutu

    Not a story that usually comes to mind when I think of my favorites, but when it comes to amazing characters, Duck stands as one of the best. Clumsy and naive, but kind and determined to save the prince by returning his heart to him no matter what, even if that means rewriting fate and being a literal duck for the rest of her life. Queen.


    Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch

    8. Alola Vulpix, Pokemon

    Baby. She is baby. Enough said.


    Originally posted by cydonias

    9. Hana, Wolf Children

    Best. Mom. BEST MOM! Selfless and strong single mother who pushed through grief like a champ and raised two amazing kids under insane circumstances. Cheers to you Hana!


    Originally posted by sukeban-senpai

    10. Orisa, Overwatch

    My main! Closely followed by D.Va, Mercy, and Moira, I play Orisa the most, and she really helped me get a handle on the game when I first started playing. DPS is worst category, sorry not sorry.


    Originally posted by konamikid42

    So that’s my list! Reasonings and gifs not required, but hey, I was bored. Feel free to make your own list of your favorite characters at the moment, it’s fun!

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  • Soo @turtleduckdog tagged me in this ^^ And I will do ittttt cause its fun!

    name your top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms then tag 10 people

    1. Ducktales- Webby Vanderquack. Gosh I honestly didn’t believe I’d love Webby as much as I have. She’s very similar to me in some ways which is probably why I’m drawn to her. I love pink and am quite the girly girl. But I also love weird stuff like magic, I’m awkward at talking to people. I will often yell. “Churros!” when I see the churro cart. I also try to be a optimist and see the good in people like she does. What’s not to love?

    2. Animaniacs- Yakko Warner. My first cartoon crush XP Witty, able to talk his way out of any situation and quite the charmer. He’s got a great sense of humor. I do wonder if he will be the same in the new edition of the cartoon.

    3. Gravity Falls- Mabel. Was there a doubt? I love her wackiness and randomness. Her willingness to just be herself.

    4. Tangled the Series- Cassandra. Not only does she have a awesome name, but I understand her emotions about feeling overlooked, stuck on the sidelines and feeling if there was something more she was destined for.

    5. Tiny Toon Adventures- Babs Bunny. Might as well continue with the disney/warnerbrothers theme here. Like Yakko, Babs was witty and quite the trickster. She always had something to say and probably was the smarter of the duo. She certainly got Buster out of a scrape or two.

    6. Care Bears- Cheer Bear, I still remember this cartoon to this day because I loved its characters and idolized Cheer Bear as a little kid. I wanted to be like her so much so I tried to blend her character into me. It’s helped me a lot in life and will always be grateful for her.

    7. Gargoyles- Elisa Maza. She was a pretty bad ass cop and good hearted as well. She made the show for me.

    8. Real Adventures of Johnny Quest- Jesse Bannon. I loved Jesse in this version of Johnny Quest. I’m glad she was included more in this series and I loved the stories of some of these episodes. Quite a few gave me chills. Even if the computer animation if cringe worthy now as is the voice acting. Jess was so much stronger as a character and able to handle her own. She was a bit like Webby in a way that she wouldn’t back down against bad guys.

    9. The Wild Thornberries- Eliza Thornberry. Who doesn’t want to talk to animals? I certainly want to know what my cat is thinking. Eliza is independent, strong, kind and fearless quite a lot. She would get herself in quite the pickle and end up safe at the end. Still it was slightly scary watching poachers almost grab her.

    10. Avatar- Katara. She grew so much as a character as the series progressed I was amazed at her character development. Zuko was a close second because I loved his bad to good.. and of course Iroh was a really close third. There were just so many good chracters in this series!

    I kinda wished this had a anime one like it. I have tons of anime I’d love to add to this. I don’t have much time tonight to write out my top ten favorite eps of DT but I’m working on it!

    Edit: I just realized I could have done anime in this if I wanted to. Face palm. It didn’t specify just cartoons. Oh well lol. I have way more fandoms than ten for animes and RL series. XD

    I don’t know many people and I’m sorry if I tag you and you don’t wanna do this. Feel free to ignore me! I tag @randomduckydoodles, @pick-and-shovel-laborer, @thebardscipher I think that’s all I feel comfortable tagging in this lol. Have at it if you’d like or haven’t done it already!

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  • Tagged by @hosies-world thank you for the tag!

    Name ten favorite characters from ten things, then tag ten people

    1 - Hope Mikaelson (Legacies)

    2 - Sutton Brady (The Bold Type)

    3 - Katherine Pierce (TVD)

    4 - Spencer Hastings (PLL)

    5 - Sophie (Mamma Mia)

    6 - Kara Danvers (Supergirl)

    7 - Elenor Shellstrop (The Good Place)

    8 - Anna (Frozen)

    9 - Alex Russo (Wizards Of Waverly Place. You can judge but she rules)

    10 - Maeve (Sex Education)

    I tag: @hosie4legacies @handonendgame @legaciesladies @hopemikealsen @lizziesbear @lizzie-saltzman and whoever else wanna do it. 

    #tagging game#tagged#favorite characters #there are so many more tho!! #tried to choose one from each tv show eventho there are more than one in each
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  • I was tagged by: @maywemeetagaincommandr Thank you!! I’m so sorry it took me forever to do this

    Rules: name 10 favorite characters from 10 different things and then tag 10 people

    In no particular order because there’s no way I could actually rank my many favorite characters

    1. Miss Martian- Young Justice

    2. Bucky Barnes- MCU

    3. Felicity Smoak- Arrow

    4. Iden Versio- Star Wars: Battlefront II

    5. Anne Shirley- Anne of Green Gables

    6. Tauriel- The Hobbit

    7. Bellamy Blake- The 100

    8. Amy Pond- Doctor Who

    9. Andrea- The Walking Dead Comics

    10. Elena Fisher- Uncharted

    Tagging: @immortalpramheda @a-nerd-obsessed @themarvelavenger @americas-sass @kat-o-combs

    #thank you! #these are so much fun to do #tagged#tagging game#favorite characters#about me#young justice#mcu#arrow#star wars #anne of green gables #the hobbit#the 100#doctor who #the walking dead comics #uncharted
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  • I was tagged by @clairion-call to list ten favorite characters from ten different pieces of media. In no particular order, there you go:

    1. Ronan Lynch from The Raven Cycle and the recent The Dreamer Trilogy.

    2. Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit and LOTR.

    3. Gillian Owens from Practical Magic.

    4. Chidi Anagonye from The Good Place.

    5. Jehan Prouvaire from Les Misérables.

    6. Abalyn Armitage from The Drowning Girl.

    7. Crowley from Good Omens.

    8. Nadia Vulvokov from Russian Doll.

    9. Boris Pavlikovsky from The Goldfinch.

    10. Klaus Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy.

    Tagging now @melancoliecruelle,  @vintage-mist, @mostuntubular, @jesvisfarovche@aurore-dupin, @yet-he-was-intrepid, @revolutionnaire-e, @draconyk, @petit-alouette, @the1975bi, @montparnassee, @0becki, @damnfinecupocoffee and @laughingmistress. If you want, of course.

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  • Thank you for tagging me @cartoon-lizard

    ten of your favorite characters from ten different things and tag ten people

    in no particular order:

    1. Aziraphale (Good Omens tv and book) 

    2. Hades (Disney’s Hercules)

    3. Needletail (Warrior-A Vision of Shadows) 

    4. Blue Diamond (Steven Universe and SU Future) 

    5. Scorpia (She-Ra 2018) 

    6. Woodman (Hilda)

    7. Skekgra and Urgoh (I’m not choosing they are the same person) (Dark Crystal Age of Resistance) 

    8. Panchito Pistolas (Any rendition of The Three Caballeros) 

    9. The Windwalker (How to Train Your Dragon books) 

    10. Virgil Sanders (Sander’s Sides)  

    Runners up: Crowley (I want him up there), Anathema, Urva, Brea, The entire main cast of WOY cause I can’t pick, Tallstar, Brambleberry, Ravenpaw, Goosefeather, Tallshadow, One Eye, The Muses, Helga Sinclair, Peridot, Spinel, Blue Zircon, Yellow Zircon, The Woodsman, Wirt, Jose Carioca and Donald Duck, Bill Cipher, and literally the rest of the Sander’s Sides. 

    I will tag literally anyone who sees this and wants to do it: you can say you were tagged by me! 

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