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  • honestscribe
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Teldryn Sero, the only Dunmer to ever set foot in Sovngarde.

    (A glitch caused by a follower mod. Made the last battle may more meaningful having my followers with me!)

    #teldryn sero#tes#elder scrolls #elder scrolls v #the elder scrolls #skyrim#dunmer#dark elf #video game glitches #video games #video game screenshots #favorite characters#favorite character #video game characters #elf#sovngarde
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  • doc-four-fan
    23.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    The Deadly Assassin screenshots part nine

    #doctor who#tom baker#fourth doctor#4th doctor #retro doctor who #doctor 4 #classic doctor who #dr who #of course he’s eating the leaves #favorite who story #doctor who screenshots #season 14 #the deadly assassin
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  • sevarix-writes
    23.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    just chillin in space

    #m!byleth #sometimes i just play this game to get fun screenshots of my favorite characters
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  • ghostickle
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Niki saying nice things in her stream notifications is the only thing holding my life together

    #kinda a joke but it genuinely makes my day better #and I do take screenshots of my favorite ones #niki nihachu
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  • dededaio
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    you love to see it :)

    #klu's ramblings #thanks my friend for screenshoting this #genuinely kinda proud of this? he's my favorite character ever after all lmao
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  • nessacousland
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Masterlist of Library Books in Kinloch Hold - Witch Hunt DLC

    (I made this list for my own reference, because the Witch Hunt DLC has consumed my life and I couldn’t find a list like this with a quick search. If it exists already, I apologize, but I want to keep this for my own purposes.) 

    Beginner’s Herbalism

    All about Weeds

    This book is an encyclopedia of common garden weeds.

    Poultices for Fun and Profit

    A short book with recipes for basic healing poultices.

    Cooking with Herbs

    The recipe for “Herbed Chicken and Biscuits” appears to be missing from this book.

    This is Your Brain on Elfroot

    A battered pamphlet that informs parents on the dangerous and addictive properties of elfroot. Ironically, there’s a fistful of dried elfroot stuffed in the front cover.

    Dangerous Beasts

    Lurking Horrors of the Deep

    This book contains entries on the giant squid, and the bony whale-shark of the Anderfels, now extinct.

    Lothering Heights

    This book appears to be on the wrong shelf.

    The Dragons of Nevarra

    A book detailing the different groups of dragons once found in Nevarra.

    Deepstalkers and Nugs

    A book about various subterranean creatures.

    Expert Herbalism

    Restorative Draughts: The Creation and Distillation Thereof

    Detailed recipes for complicated potions.

    Ines Arancia’s Botanical Compendium

    An enormous encyclopedia of herbs and plants, both common and rare.

    Gardening through the Blight

    Methods for rejuvenating blighted ground. This book has been thoroughly discredited.

    The Joy of Seeds

    This book illustrates how to grow several rare plants from seeds.

    The Fade

    Faith, Justice, and the Spiritual Way

    A book on the benevolent spirits of the Fade.

    The Black City

    This book is a collection of essays written on the Black City.

    Guarding Your Mind: How to Prevent Possession

    This book contains exercises for strengthening mental barriers.

    Martha’s Adventures in the Fade

    This seems to be a book for young mage children. It contains colorful pictures depicting demons as cute, smiling monsters.


    Secrets of the Frostbacks

    A book containing paintings of the Frostback Mountains.

    Devoured from Beneath

    Written from a fatalistic viewpoint, this book theorizes that the crumbling Deep Roads below Ferelden will eventually cause the land to fall apart.

    Circle Tower of Kirkwall

    This book describes the Circle Tower of Kirkwall. Housed in a former Tevinter slaver fortress, its halls are a foreboding place even centuries after the city’s liberation.

    Geographical Oddities of Ferelden

    A study of the stranger landscapes of Ferelden and their causes.


    Fortikum Kadab

    The translated text of an ancient Tevinter treatise.

    Koslun: Philosopher or Tyrant?

    An exceptionally biased history of the qunari philosopher, Koslun.

    Translating Elven Languages

    Based on a collection of research, this work explores the translating of various elven dialects.

      Of Hammers and Witches: A History

    This ancient Orlesian text dates from the Chantry’s early days. Time and dust has weathered most of the ink, but from what you can make out, it covers a war on the heretics of the old Imperium. Faded depictions of men in robes tremble before figures bearing an ominous symbol of a black eye in a sunburst.

    Mage Training

    Kindling the Flame

    This outlines instructions on how to control fire spells.

    Autonomous Prodigy, Volume 3: Hexes

    An in-depth guide on the creation of hexes, curses, and other charms. A scribbled note on the inside cover references a book on technique in the self-improvement section.

    Strained Wrists and Stiff Necks

    This is a detailed explanation of common mage injuries.

    Lightning Storms In Your Room!

    The subtitle reads, “A fun activity book for young apprentices.”

    Mage Weaponry

    Staff Construction for Apprentices

    A simple how-to guide to constructing (and decorating) your first staff! Leaning against the book is a curious looking tablet.

    The Sword and the Staff

    For the more athletic mage, a manual on how to wield staff and sword simultaneously.

    Tevinter Wands of the Glory Age

    A book about the wands occasionally used by the Tevinter Imperium several hundred years ago. Scratched in the corner of the page are some words from an irritated student. “What kind of self-respecting mage uses a wand, anyway?”

    Use Your Fist

    A mage can be caught without his staff, but never without his fists.

    Mysterious Artifacts

    Talismans of Ancient Tevinter

    This book details the construction and usage of folk talismans from ancient Tevinter.

    Chasind Charms

    This book is mainly a dry treatise on Chasind superstitions.

    A Catalog of Elven Relics

    This book is written in an ancient dialect you cannot read.

    Scale and Bone: Crafting the High Dragon

    This book contains complex recipes for crafting items from parts of a dragon’s carcass.

    Mythical Creatures

    Under the Bridge

    A book about trolls and fairies.

    The Elven Varterral

    Legends of the varterral creatures, supposedly created by the elven gods. Leafing though the book, you notice a section on the only recorded encounter. It appears that from a company of Tevinter soldiers, only the cunning archers and magisters escaped with their lives.

    Does this Book have Griffons in It?

    Stories of the now-extinct griffon.

    The Truth Behind the Stories

    An explanation of creatures from superstition and legend, and why they appear in our world.

    Potent Medicines

    Magical Balms and Ointments

    A collection of recipes for balms and ointments.

    The Complete Compendium of Poisons and Antidotes.

    A detailed list of poisons and antidotes.

    Franny’s Poultice Recipes

    A small book containing recipes for homemade poultices.

    How to Heal a Mabari

    Advice on how to treat a wounded mabari, covering everything from basic injuries to suspected possession by desire demons.


    Seeing Beyond Sight: Advanced Scrying for Mages

    A book for those studying scrying.

    Bathing Practices of the Orlesian Monarchy

    This should probably be in the Foreign Cultures section.

    Dreamwalking: Rituals for Understanding the Fade

    A series of meditative rituals for mages who want to learn more about the Fade.

    The Holy Office of the Seekers

    This heavy book is firmly locked with a Chantry seal. Scorch marks suggest that someone tried opening this book to no avail. The illusive Seekers guard their secrets well.

    School of Entropy

    Creation versus Entropy

    A paper comparing the strengths of the two schools of magic.

    Waking Nightmares and True Torment

    A manual teaching advanced entropy spells.

    Understanding Entropy

    A guide to the school of Entropy, for apprentice mages.

    Controlled Destruction

    The book has been hollowed out. Inside is a note and a sinister ruby figurine. “This will reveal a shrouded chest in the apprentice dorms; inside is the final payment. I hope you choke on it.”

    School of Spirit

    Virulent Walking Bomb: The New Edition

    This short book details creative uses of the Walking Bomb spell.

    Spirit, the Supreme School of Magic

    This book has been vandalized and is no longer readable. Scribbled on the cover are the words: “Entropy Rules!”

    Spirit Healers through the Ages

    A book on the history of spirit healers. Folded near the back of the back is a very old sheet of notes scrawled by a young apprentice. In the margins are various sketches of templars being eaten by a fierce tiger named Ser-Pounce-a-lot.

    Quieting the Mind

    Relaxation exercises for spirit mages.


    The Willpower Workout

    A self-directed program for overcoming low levels of spiritual energy. You notice a chapter near the back, which calls upon some kind of mental workout device. As your eyes glance over the last paragraph, you hear a distant gust of wind.

    Staff Repair: Not Just a Task for the Tranquil

    This is an overview of restoring staves overwhelmed by their owners.

    Tome of Technique: Use it or Lose It

    This is a training manual for templars and other melee warriors. A note on the inside cover reads, “For those forever in pursuit of perfection. -- Alderic, Orlesian Order of the Templars.”

    Healing Your Robes

    A handy guide to fixing tears in magical vestments.

    Unstable Solutions

    Balms for Protection and Enchantment

    Recipes for various balms and enchantments.

    Ellie’s Exploding Elixirs

    A thin book filled with recipes for mixtures that are guaranteed to explode. A few of these could come in handy.

    The Proper Use and Storage of Dragon’s Blood

    A tattered scroll from Tevinter, detailing what one can do with dragon’s blood.

    Lyrium Bombs: Fact, or Fiction?

    An old book with instructions for creating explosive devices with lyrium.


    Raising Nugs: A How-To Guide

    This book was written by Loknar Weem, a dwarven nug farmer who tried to raise nugs on the surface.

    The Care of Dragons

    A book that explains how to breed dragons as pets. It has been banned in most Circles for blatant misinformation.

    Mabari: A History

    A detailed history of the mabari hound…

    Why is a Bronto Here?

    Speculation on why brontos always turn up in the most unexpected places.

    #dragon age #dragon age witch hunt #dao#reference list #Circle of Magi #Kinloch Hold #Witch Hunt DLC #witch hunt squad tag #I don't have the toolset so I basically just screenshotted every bloody book and then copied the texts by hand #I hope I didn't miss any #this is my favorite part of the DLC btw #just a gold mine #I love the Circle mages so much omg #the one about common mage injuries just sends me #we all know Finn knows that one by heart #also Ariane is more badass than those Tevinter soldiers in the one known encounter with varterrals #not surprised #and the fact that your dog wants you to steal the book about mabaris #i want a circle library dlc tbh
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  • doc-four-fan
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Deadly Assassin screenshots part eight

    #doctor who#tom baker#fourth doctor#4th doctor #retro doctor who #doctor 4 #classic doctor who #dr who #doctor who screenshots #favorite who story #gallifrey #the deadly assassin #season 14
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  • bsdwanscreenshots
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! Episode 12
    #bsd wan #bungou stray dogs #bsd wan screenshots #bungo stray dogs wan #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs wan #bsd anime #Bsd wan episode 12 #favorite screenshot #Bsd Wan Atsushi #Bsd Atsushi#Atsushi#nakajima atsushi#atsushi nakajima#anime#chibi
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  • snowtubbo
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    gn besties

    #my favorite screenshot ^
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  • corg-crossing
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago


    #I MISS YOU SO DAMN MUCH #he's my favorite anteater :) #I have bias he was my starter along with reneigh #also I'm dissappointed in myself I don't have that many photos of him... #maybe I do but I just don't feel like digging through 3000 screenshots #Animal Crossing #Animal Crossing New Horizons #AC#ACNH #Animal Crossing Community #Animal Crossing Fandom #Animal Crossing Villagers #Community#Fandom#Villagers#Antonio#Screenshots
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  • mangasthatyoushouldread
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Koi wa Amaagari no You ni/After The Rain (34)

    Best Scene That I Like So Much 🥲💙

    #after the rain #after the rain manga #koi wa amaagari no you ni #manga#manga screenshots#manga spoliers#favorite moments#favorite part#favorite scenes
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  • my-love-is-eternal
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Diluc - Genshin Impact

    #diluc#diluc ragnvindr#genshin impact #my new favorite character #i was lucky enough to pull both him and childe <3 #he's so pretty #and his VOICE 🥵 #oh my goodness it's so sexy #sean does a great job voicing him #i love running around with him #for various reasons 🤤 #darling diluc#screenshots
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  • philosopedia
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Growing with a big family was the hardest choice.Why?Since when you feel overwhelm and independent you feel like a souless person.Take me example as i struggle with the confusion and all of this.It was challenging and i feel like no amount of love is enough to comfort this sad feeling.So i thought to myself it doesn’t matter anymore.But i’ll still continue dreaming and doing whatever i need to do since i want this to get it all done rightly.Crazy right?I have to solve and see this myself im serious.It’s part of growing and we should learn to conquer are fear ourself since no one is gonna help you stand up but yourself.And im convince these changes maybe not half bad even if it doesn’t make sense anymore.But deep down i still love my family even if im not showcasing it(Trust me im neutral to anything and had trust issues but i learn to teach what is the way of the worlds here).🙁😢😭🖤😀😄😅✔🖤🤍👍

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  • philosopedia
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    I wish i was young and this quirky back then.Cause growing up sucks as you see your other loved ones drift away.Truth hurts right?But this is me sharing that enjoy yourself while your still young.Since you’ll never expereince this again once you become a responsible person sooner that will help them grow too.We all need it!And remember it well.📄📑📃📜📙👍✔🤍

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  • doc-four-fan
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    The Deadly Assassin screenshots part seven

    #doctor who#tom baker#fourth doctor#4th doctor #retro doctor who #doctor 4 #classic doctor who #dr who #fuck that clown #doctor who screenshots #favorite who story #the deadly assassin #season 14
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  • aromanticromi
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    anyways here's a picture of argentina ivy because i love her and so should you

    #bare argentina appreciation #taking screenshots of bare argentina scenes is my favorite hobby #look at her <3
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  • mustardyellowsunshine
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago
    #this may be one of my favorite panels of Kagome #she’s so stinkin’ cute #Inuyasha#Kagome Higurashi#Kagome#manga screenshots #my manga edit
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  • lieutenantselnia
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    I feel like I've posted so many screenshots of Viren in the past days, even though he's a very new f/o, so I thought I should make at least one appreciation post for Doofy too :3

    He is, and hopefully will always be my number one <3

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  • lipid
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    i love when he said this. in the anime

    #my favorite part of this picture is that the screenshot they used is just after he puked bc he remembered killing his brother . #🎀
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  • keiratheraven
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Here are the full/nicknames, aesthetics, and aspirations/traits of Bentley 8 Squad sims. I know it's a little bit late to post about their aspirations and traits. Besides, I'm sorry I keep making aesthetics about them because my laptop isn't with me again 😓 but I hope you'll enjoy them.

    Lilith "Lili" Pleasant

    Aspiration: Popularity/Pleasure

    LTW: Rock Star

    Traits: Artistic, Virtuoso, Loner, Grumpy, Unlucky

    Favorite music: Rock

    Favorite food: Dim Sum

    Angela "Angie" Pleasant

    Aspirations: Popularity/Knowledge

    LTW: Super popular/Have 20 best friends

    Traits: Snob, Angler, Ambitious, Loves the outdoors, Natural cook

    Favorite music: Pop

    Favorite food: Sushi

    Dustin "Dusty" Broke

    Aspirations: Fortune/Pleasure

    LTW: Lifestyle of Rich and famous

    Traits: Rebellious, Daredevil, Kleptomaniac, Mooch, Handy

    Favorite music: Rap

    Favorite food: Cheesesteak

    Dirk (Derek) Dreamer

    Aspirations: Fortune/Knowledge

    LTW: World-Renowned Surgeon

    Traits: Genius, Ambitious, Bookworm, Friendly, Easily Impressed

    Favorite music: Hip-hop

    Favorite food: Grilled Salmon

    Johnathan "Johnny" Smith

    Aspirations: Popularity/Fortune

    LTW: Become a superstar athlete

    Traits: Athletic, Brave, Lucky, Schmoozer, Party Animal

    Favorite music: Electronica

    Favorite food: Tofu Dog

    Trip "Ripp" Grunt

    Aspirations: Romance/Popularity

    LTW: Superstar Actor

    Traits: Star Quality, Great Kisser, Unstable, Commitment Issues, Virtuoso

    Favorite music: Indie

    Favorite food: Hamburger

    Ophelia "Pia" Nigmos-Specter

    Aspirations: Family/Knowledge

    LTW: Distinguished Director

    Traits: Neurotic, Supernatural fan, Family-oriented, Artistic, Coward

    Favorite music: R&B

    Favorite food: Fried peanut butter and banana sandwich

    Robin "Puck" Summerdream

    Aspirations: Popularity/Family

    LTW: Hit Movie Composer

    Traits: Artistic, Loves the outdoors, no sense of humor, shy, good

    Favorite music: Classic

    Favorite food: Lobster thermidor

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