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  • stormerforweekes
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    happy six sentence sunday ! i barely ever post for this but it came up on my dash so hey why not

    this is from the next chapter of 🚌 (one more slide) and it still needs a lotttt of editing so some of this might change but it's one of my favorite chapters so far :)

    “Hey,” Dan said. “You alright?” Kyle stared at his friend’s reflection, as if Dan would just come right out and say it. He imagined turning around, saying no, not really. You’ll never guess where I’ve been and Dan would look at him and smile and just know and tell him no, you’re not crazy, I saw it too—

    “I’m surviving,” Kyle said after a moment, tearing his eyes away from mirror-Dan and turning them on the real one. What else could he say?

    #yes i wrote this right after survivin came out why do u ask #bas fic writers vs constant lyric easter eggs in fics...i love this for us tbh it could be cringe but it's not i think it's fun #ngl my favorite few chapters are these ones where both of them know about the portal but don't think the other one knows that They know- #idk it's just fun #leaves room for a ton of miscommunication/comic relief/t e n s i o n #hope u guys like it as much as i do #also if there Are new fic friends here (i see u in my kudos emails Hi) i don't bite i promise hello there r plenty of us here and we r nice #magic tour bus adventures #my writing#my fic #six sentence sunday #also !!! if u wanna do this pls feel free to steal the banner it's from ao3commentoftheday :)
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  • 5ambreakdown
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    #I THINK I JUST WROTE MY FAVORITE SENTENCE EVER??? #i’m so excited to share this fic with y’all #idk when it’ll be done but it’s been marinating in the ol’ head for a while now #i’m having so much fun writing it
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  • connisk
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I really love this sentence for some reason;


    The original fic:


    #fanfiction#favorite sentences #i really likes the its not right to assume gender #just funny for some reason #percy jackson#fanfic #nico di angelo #voldemort#moldy voldy#favorite sentence#yes nico #don't be stupid
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  • meadow-ward
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #hands #okay nonny? HANDS #🤤 #all my favorites are here #Tim Bradford#Dash Gardiner#Frank Castle#Grant Ward#Matt Murdock #suz answers asks #I just like when men #end of sentence #I didn’t put Pitbull in this list but I could have #I stopped myself I feel like I’m already enough of a joke #yes I know Eric Winter is on this list twice #I don’t apologize for having great taste
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  • gogogy
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #asks#fav#renchanters#camdotcom #'i know im in a cup (fondly) but—' is my favorite starter sentence now shdgfdgshdgfgshdgf #YOUVE BROKEN me my defenses are down #i will... post it *hand on forehead dramatically*
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  • shellibisshe
    12.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    —wip day

    tagged by @honeysides thank u lovely owo

    tagging @gorotakemura @jamesbvchanans @jackiesarch @ma-sulevin @minilev @dep-yo-tee @euryalex @fadedjacket @necro-hamster @strafethesesinners @heroofpenamstan and anyone else!

    a follow up to this fic from 80 years ago

    “Fine,” Arthur started, slinging the rifle over his shoulder again. He patted his coat pocket, looking for the pack of cartridges. He heard them clink together, sighing as he couldn’t delay anymore, “go get those bottles.”
    “Really?” Bea’s face lit up again, almost shocked.
    “Yes, ‘fore I change my mind,” Arthur started back to the fence he was at before as Bea ran to the shed again.
    She caught up with her father quickly, Marian following close behind, “what was mom talkin’ about?”
    “‘Bout what?”
    “She said you picked up a gun when you were my age.”
    “That?” Arthur paused for a second, glancing back at Marian who just shrugged, “don’t worry ‘bout that.”
    “Bird, we’ll talk about it later.”
    #UH OH IS THIS GONNA TURN INTO A FIC ABOUT BEA LEARNING ABOUT HER PARENTS ? MAYBE #also how many times can I have Arthur call her bird/birdie in one sentence #Marian starting shit and then not backing him up is my favorite #tag game#my writing#arthur morgan#bea morgan #marian ramos de león #long post
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  • sealer-of-wenkamui
    11.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I actually have a (Japanese) bloodborne yuri anthology, and the first story is Yurie/Ebrietas, I love it... I even translated it for fun... which was a bit difficult because uh, they sure captured the way everyone speaks in bloodborne well... It’s from Yurie’s point of view and takes place a little before the game

    The idea behind it was that Yurie wanted to ascend so that she could better understand Ebrietas... they were good at portraying Ebrietas as something beyond human, like the scene where Yurie takes one of her tentacles to her head and has visions of the cosmos and ends up bleeding from her eyes

    #Fauxsefka is also there at one point and Yurie criticizes her the whole time #i also like the sentence that sounds like a romantic description of ebrietas but uses essentially the word eyeball #what a good fic #the anthology has art and writing but that's my favorite story from it
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  • patrickbatemanbutagirl
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    When I was a freshly turned 15 year old in late 2017 I made a Death Note x American Psycho au and the cast was Light:Patrick, Misa:Evelyn, Takada:Courtney, Mikami:Luis, Matsuda:Paul Owen/Allen, L:Kimball, Yuki:Jean and I even made fan art of this shit on my school diary because I was a genius

    #it was mainly based on the book rather than the movie #I admit I mainly wanted to see Light doing the i just want to feel loved breakdown from tries to cook and eat girl #< sentences that must be very confusing for those who have only seen the film #I am now so detached from all kinds of media and I could never think of even drawing fan art like what happened #death note#american psycho #also Light and Patrick are my favorite protagonists of all time and all media just fyi
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  • fearoftheminotaur
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ATLA: Near the end of my three season war drama, that will culminate in a storyline about whether pacifist ideology can survive a war, I will have an episode where a major character contemplates committing murder. Obviously there are characters who think this is a bad idea right out the gate and try to convince her to not even put herself in the traumatic and harrowing situation of deciding someone's life, but she puts herself in that position and still does not kill.

    Fandom: Clearly this episode is about people pushing their values onto others. What a clear illustration of the problematic relationship dynamics between these characters. The murder part is just a plot device.

    #ATLA#discourse #the southern raiders #I'm sorry but the implication you will murder someone will 8 times out of 10 be met with a forcefulness and tone of judgement #that would be 100% inappropriate as a response to the decision of... idk dyeing your hair or having chocolate as your favorite ice cream #I'm not saying the episode is *about* murder per-se #just that what you read into these characters' interactions has to be aware that... murder is not a fantasy thing #Moral objection to murder was not invented by a fictional culture #These characters did not learn what murder was today #They knew about it and had already formed understandings of how they saw it and how they understood each other to see it #I guess to put it in one sentence: #I wish some people who talked about this episode understood that Katara thinks murder is wrong too. #She's a badass #she's probably killed people #she didn't give a shit about pakku's life #but the only characters who expect her to kill a man in cold blood are the ones raised in a military state that trains its nobles' children #to be killing machines
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  • sierice
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #that line is the kind that everyone just loses their mind at #absolute banger of a sentence #definitely my favorite start to any of the pjoverse books #you can't get anything better than that #rosie my beloved <33 #trials of apollo #lester papadopoulos#pjo apollo#pjo#hoo#toa #pjo hoo toa #percy jackson and the olympians #heroes of olympus #asks#mutuals ask#pjoverse#riordanverse
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  • sunnibits
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I know we all have our different strengths but honestly no part of writing is more fun and self indulgent than description like. Trying to write action and dialogue literally makes me want to hurl myself off a cliff but just describing shit?? Now that’s what really fucks hard baby hell yes I am having so much fun please allow me to write way more than is needed about what this person looks like or what food is on this table or the imagery of the current setting like like YESSSS the five senses babey!!! For the win!!

    #writing #smells and sights and colors and textures! #that’s the fucking shit! #describing food is a particular favorite #as well as describing people #I had such a hard time literally as a younger kid writing #bc I would spend an actual page and half describing someone’s appearance I didn’t get how descriptions I read in books took up 2 sentences #legitimately did not understand the concept of choosing only important details #‘if the reader doesn’t know every fucking detail about this persons physical features clothes and presence I will die on the spot’
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  • wingwaver
    05.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    as someone who was super into Marvel and DC when I was teen I genuinely do not understand why people get so upset when tf characters are different/have completely different lives in different continues

    #Lias talks #it's so puzzling #like of course G/1 and T/FA and T/FP and I/DW and I/DW/2 Opti/mus' are gonnna have some differences?? it's a different timeline #if you think the characters have to be the same way as they are in (your favorite tf media) then maybe you should just stick to that media #you're of course allowed to dislike certain characterizations but when that's all you talk about and constantly tear that continuity down #it's kind of annoying #like find what you love and focus on that instead of constantly ripping something you don't like apart #especially when you're doing it in fandom tags #this isn't aimed @ anyone btw i just get tired of seeing ppl compare one version of a character to another version #with the sole purpose of shitting on the first version in character tags #Like trust me I hate certain versions of characters too but I put slashes in names and (character) critical tags #to try to keep it from showing up in the main tags and ruining other's fun #EDIT: apparently tumblr makes it where if you even mention something in a tag sentence instead of a single tag it'll show up now #so I put the slashes in and also now if I'm throwing off on a character I'll tag it as Char/acter Critial from now on
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  • staticky
    05.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #first sentence was a little on the nose but fucking shoot me okay #everyone being vaguely afraid of marks potential for violence is my favorite writing trope #thank u and ily <3 #m&m carlson#mark jennings#bryon douglas#The Outsiders #the outsiders drabbles #twttin #that was then this is now
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  • yksat
    02.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Holy shit, I finally figured it out. I learn way more efficiently if I speed up these videos

    #i have media courses where i need to learn to use some adobe programs and stuff #my favorite technique in learning to use new programs is to jump in and google a problem if i run into one #having to watch educational videos on the subject makes me want to bang my head against the wall because it's. so. boring!!! #i know my attention span sucks but if i speed the video up i find it easier to focus since the rate of important stuff per minute goes up #i have so many problems #a few sentences i can't make out beat me involuntarily zoning off every ten seconds
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  • highwaydiamonds
    01.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    “So, I’ll be wed in the church of the holy incestuous mushroom?…. I doubt that’s valid.”

    — Noemi Taboada ( in Sylvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic)

    #possibly my favorite sentence in this book so far #I do enjoy this character #and yeah dang this book gets the whole oppressively gloomy and looming evil presence factor just right #and yet I’m good with it - I do not detest this like I do jerks on the moors
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  • puppys-rhythm-heaven
    01.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    yeah the wiki’s great.

    #puppy rambles#rhythm hell #thanks rhythm heaven wiki #god this page is ~beautiful~ #like. i think i've just found my second favorite sentence on the wiki #''They are known to have participated in the Battle of the Bands.'' #i don't know why but it's just funny to me #... it also doesn't have a source for this statement so #where is the evidence #where is the evidence that the dazzles are known to have participated in the battle of the bands #... there's apparently another unsourced claim similar to this on pop singer's page #''She has been known to perform at Rock 'n' Roll Hall where she participated in the Battle of the Bands.'' #WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE- #WHY DON'T WE HAVE EVIDENCE FOR THIS #IS THE EVIDENCE JUST THE FACT THAT SHE APPEARS IN THE AUDIENCE IN BATTLE OF THE BANDS BECAUSE IF SO THEN LIKE #I DON'T THINK THAT'S VERY GOOD EVIDENCE #IT'S NOT ACTUALLY EVIDENCE AT ALL #WHY IS THERE NO SOURCE FOR THIS SHIT #I HAVE QUESTIONS
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  • comeforted
    28.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    For you do not love the things I say with the same ears I use to hear myself say them. Even my ears, should I speak out loud, do not hear the words I speak in the same way as my inner ear hears the words I think. If even I, when I hear myself, get confused and am not always sure what I meant, then how much more other people are bound to misunderstand me!
    What elaborate misconceptions form other people's understanding of us!
    The joy of being understood by others cannot be had by those who want to be understood, for they are too complex to be understood; and simple people, who can be understood by others, never have the desire to be understood.

    Fernando Pessoa in The Book of Disquiet

    #every sentence i read i get chills down my spine and whole body #when i'm reading pessoa i cry like a child that's upset about their favorite plushie losing a plastic eye #; reading#fernando pessoa #the book of disquiet #literature quotes
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  • genderabolitionist
    28.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    i literally screamed when i read “considering the importance postmodernists give to language, they are incredibly sloppy in its usage. critical terms such as “binary” and “essentialism” have no fixed meaning and function simply as pejoratives” for the first time

    #its one of my favorite sentences in the essay :)
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  • glenntilbrook
    27.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #yeah i love the green album. i honestly come back to it more than any other album #anyways thank u for asking #whenever someone asks abt weezer i cant just type a single sentence #favorite song. yeah im gonna mention like 6 songs <3 #anyway#asks#weezer
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  • iamphibolous
    25.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    People who use bestie scare me

    #personal #This is not a joke and I don't mean I dislike people who do I just mean that. they scare me. that's all #I am also afraid of celebrities and children if that provides any meaningful amount of context #oh also happy 6 am! I woke up lol I am not up late X3  and I am tooooootally not procrastinating work....................................... #I'm back in the time where its like hard to sleep and focus is all or nothing. speaking of my mind just reset rhbgjbrhdgebrjgb #kinda stuck in the limbo of 'I have socializing rug burn' and 'somebody talk me' and 'there are people I should probably message' n I think #that may also be contributing to the procrastination. I should get back on a timer schedule probably. though feels weird incorporating #social interaction as some sort of obligation akin to homework. Also ohoho BIG WORDS S:3c I am fancy this mornin #I am in the writing mood hrghh this is the time where I have the right type of presence to write but it's like. NUUU WORK #I should really stop complaining. Bleh meh bleh OMG WE ARE HEADED UP TO HALLOWEEN TIMES #I'm so freaking ready for the fun pajamas and decorations and all my favorite colors being everywhere!!!!! AAAA!! #oh oh !! and I should probably plant some of the leftover seeds I have this fall since I hadn't really been able to in spring #I wanna look into native wildflowers here for seeds but at the same time.... could I just... dig one up... and take it...???? #they are everywhere idk XwX #maybe I could look into seed collecting or smth I gotta do research but I'll look into it later. ah ah everything is always later :b that #sentence has TWO ultimatum words or whatever they're called. I'm gonna try to stop usin those they're usually unreasonable #anyways again good morning and I am awake and oh god the caffeine is hitting
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