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    mad or sad?

    i want to try

    sad or mad?

    i want to fight


    i got that


    it was a trap


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    The amount we have been conditioned to believe that our survival and wellbeing is tied to productivity, making money, and doing in general, means that simply being still can easily trigger our deepest, most intense fears.

    Whether you’re trying to learn how to meditate, or just hanging out on your couch more, if you’re having a hard time being quiet or still, it can help a lot to write about it. Any time you feel anxious at all, write down how you are feeling, then without thinking about it, just start listing the reasons why you might feel that way. If you can find the false beliefs causing your unease, you can then do something about them, and your access to deep relaxation improves automatically. This may take a period of time, as you are layered with beliefs like an onion, so don’t worry if your progress feels slow.

    Know that you can be okay without the societal structures that are currently falling. We are all coming together now. We are all here for each other in an unprecedented way.

    Have compassion for yourself and others as we transition into more stillness. Without any support or guidance it isn’t always easy.

    Try to feel more, breathe more, and relax your body. Try not to distract or numb yourself too much. Talk with someone if you can, even if it’s just your cat.

    I will also be finishing the current zen readings on Instagram that are waiting, and will open for more soon. They are all getting saved on on my IG profile, so you can look for guidance there too! If you think I should do readings on here as well, please let me know so I can see if there’s enough interest.

    Thank you for being here. And thank you for sharing this info with others. 💜

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  • Ram Dass Shares the Antidote to Fear

    #ram dass#fear#love#awareness#meditation #baba ram dass #be here now
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  • Wie gerne ich dir ehrlich sagen würde was ich für dich fühle. Ich hab aber riesen Angst vor deiner Reaktion.

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  • We are a few days away when we will have the first million Covid19 cases. This global pandemic has unveiled some unknown and hidden aspects of the true nature of human beings.


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  • Satu hal yang aku takuti ketika hendak tidur adalah tidak bisa bangun kembali.

    - Sastrasa

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  • i have
    without realizing it
    been hanging in anxious suspension
    dangling on my rope
    above my fears and loneliness
    it is what creates this numbness
    this constant tapping anxiety
    what if we cut our rope
    and really felt it?
    what if we went there
    to the worst case scenario:
    the being alone on holidays
    the terrifying ache of that
    the loneliness that
    swallows me whole
    the being alone
    outside of relationship
    outside of family
    outside of anything false
    you need to feel this
    there is gold to be found
    in enduring the “difficult but right”
    and feeling it all

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  • Insecurities and Fear

    Piece of mind

    My life turned upside down.

    Problems hit me at one time.

    I wonder why they wouldn’t wait.

    I reached my limit, and couldn’t endure it.

    I’d become so fragile that a single touch could break me.

    Even so, I continued to breathe.

    That hurts right?

    But still, I am not ready to die.

    Before I realized it, the days went by quickly, and became shorter.

    They seemed to pass in a blink of an eye.

    And I got scared.

    I am scared. I didn’t want to face reality.

    Although I stopped, the world kept spinning. They continued to move forward.

    Even though I knew I had to move forward, there were parts of me that just couldn’t.

    Eventually, I would probably be the one left behind.

    I wish that the immature me would grow up faster.

    I’m pathetic.

    I get scared and lonely whenever I think that I might stay like this forever.

    The things I abandoned, feels like they hurt me too.

    I got to work them out on my own.

    Whenever I continue doing that, it claws my heart and pierces it, my uneasiness resurfaced.

    I frustrate with myself for not being able to do anything.

    The deadline is near.

    I can’t change the past. 

    I feel hopeless. 

    It’s like I’m fighting a losing battle.

    Sometimes I hate myself. For how long I will continue being so shameful.

    But God, please let me go through this.

    I got nothing to get my back.

    I know I am weak, and broken.

    I hurt people too.

    Made them get mad at me, made them worry, I feel sorry.

    I am sorry.

    I am a coward who couldn’t win against emotion.

    When doing it for my own sake is not enough, then I will do it for them.

    Please God, give me strength.

    Please God, let me pass through this, let me finish this, I beg You Lord.

    I was just standing in this world feeling that I was all alone.

    I wonder why I never even thought about walking out on my own.

    It’s strange, isn’t it?

    After summer ends, autumn will come, then winter will the next, and finally spring will arrive.

    When that time comes, where will I be?

    If I am still alive, that is.

    Would I have changed?

    But please Lord, let me live.

    I know I got so much to ask.

    But I will continue to pray.

    If I had chosen a different path.

    Would I have changed?

    What will I get to see at the end of this road?

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  • Fear Itself: The Fearless #2
    November 2, 2011

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  • My knees are weak, I’m shaking, fainting while I’m throwing up..

    ~ me when realising I sadly survived the night of fighting my depression

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  • Kiedyś chciałam odebrać sobie życie

    Dziś boję się, że mogę je stracić

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  • The 2 Levels Of Fear⁣

    Thanks to @pureexperiences, our guest on Episode 009 of The Information Paradise Podcast. ⁣

    #fear #ego #spirituality #death #advice #informationparadise #podcast #awareness #selfawareness

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  • The landscape of business may have shifted. But the game is still the same. If you have a business that is even remotely online, you’re in the game, babe.

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    What’s that game you ask? Solving problems.

    Business solves problems.

    Every product, every service, everything that has ever been created was to solve a problem.

    If you as an entrepreneur are seeing this COVID-19, quarantine, stay at home pandemic as a problem, you’re not looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

    This isn’t about the disease. This is about the solutions for the people of this planet to still remain connected to beauty, growth, life, business, and to create a new normal through this time.

    The solutions for people stuck in isolation.

    The solutions for people starving for peace in a time rampant with fear.

    The solutions for people craving for connection, yet completely unable to receive it.

    The solutions for a married couple wanting to have a zesty fun marriage - but they’re quarantined at home with their four kids in 4-day old pajamas, completely exhausted from their kids using them as a playground.

    The solutions for a single introverted woman who already struggled with mental health issues, now being completely alone, by herself, feeling caged and isolated with only Facebook scrolling and Netflix to keep her company.

    The solutions for a struggling restauranteur who just foreclosed on his family restaurant of 30+ years because he mismanaged his finances and couldn’t get a loan.

    YOU, with all your glorious experiences, with all your talents, with all the knowledge of all the things that you’ve gained over the years, with all the problems that you’ve solved in your life have solutions for someone.

    YOU will be able to reach someone I cannot.

    I was telling one of my clients, who’s in her mid-fifties in a total career transformation, starting her first business, that her AGE is her asset right now.

    Not everyone will listen to a young woman in her early thirties about overcoming obstacles, stepping into your power, and becoming the leader - simply because of my age. They can’t hear because in their minds’ they’re prejudiced to that, And that’s okay.

    I told her, “That’s why YOU’RE here. They need to hear it from YOU. That’s why this world NEEDS you to bring it, right now.”

    You see, anything can be made into an excuse…

    Your age, gender, race, degrees, lack of degrees, certifications, lack of certifications, body-size, weight, body-shape, bank-account-size, business-size, family life, marital status, skin issues, health, kids, parents, life experiences, timing.

    I’m here to tell you…


    Excuses are selfish wastes of energy.

    On our Revolutionary Empire Builder coaching call yesterday, I was sharing with my members the #1 question they need to be asking themselves right now.

    Why is your business absolutely vital for the sake of humanity?

    I do NOT take this lightly.

    I believe that this world can rise from the ashes of fear into greatness by the good-hearted, mission-minded, purpose-driven leaders who choose to show up and serve with their gifts.

    And if your own a business, if you’ve ever wanted to own a business, THIS is the time to serve with your gifts for the sake of our global economy.

    The game of business hasn’t changed. The excuses have.

    Why you were or were not selling 6 months ago is exactly the same as to why you are not selling today….FEAR. Excuses. Not going All-In and being the damn thing and doing the freaking work. 

    This is your time to be bold, to be courageous.

    The vibration of the planet needs you to rise beyond fear and into courage.

    Maybe that means finally carving out the time in your day to plan out that course you’ve always wanted to teach.

    Maybe that means waking up an hour or so earlier so that you can finish that elusive book.

    Maybe that means turning the camera on, pressing play, going live and making your first offer about your coaching services.

    Or maybe that means that you need to honor that time to be fully, fucking present with your family, and share from that space, showing people a glimpse of what joy possible.

    You know there is a thing that has been clawing at you from the inside to unleash it.

    Now is the time.

    Unleash your greatness.

    This world needs you more than ever.

    Remember, your reign is now.

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