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  • Nightmares, for me, almost never fade from my memory after a few minutes or an hour, like how dreams do. They stay in the back of my mind, still so vivid after many passing years. I remember three that were fairly unique. It wasn’t like a large monster chasing me down a hall, or me slipping and falling off a tall building. No, not those kinds of nightmares. They felt a little more sinister. 

    The most recent nightmare I had was probably the most terrifying of the three I’ve had in my life. I remember going into an abandoned building where everything looked like it was rusted. For some reason, Shane and Ryan (from Buzzfeed Unsolved) were there with me since we were doing a ghost investigation. We sat down and took out the spirit box and started asking if there were any ghosts around. Immediately, there was a voice. It was a young female’s voice. I don’t remember what she said, but she sounded so afraid and was yelling at us, probably telling us to leave. Suddenly, everything went quiet. The female voice was gone and the spirit box just turned itself off.

    I heard scratching. I didn’t know where it was coming from, so I got up and turned around to see nothing but a dark room. When I turned around Ryan and Shane were gone. There was no trace of them left behind. My vision then slowly got darker, as if I was going to black out, and at the same time the room turned into a crimson color. There was so much going on, but what scared me was this heavy feeling of being watched. It felt like there were giant eyes staring down at me as the pressure in the room got heavier. 

    Finally, I woke up expecting soft piano music playing as always. There was no music. Instead, it was dead quiet and, just as I was about to brush it off and go back to sleep, there was the sound of scratching again. It was the same scratching noise I heard in my nightmare. At first, I thought it was one of my cats scratching my chair or trying to climb up on to my bed, but my door was locked and they were downstairs with my father. I jump out of bed and hurried to turn on the lights. I checked and there was nothing under my bed, near my chair, or my desk. The scratching quickly faded away after a few seconds, leaving me with silence again. 

    Saying I was scared that night would be an understatement. I don’t know what happened that night or what that nightmare was about. Thought, it’s probably best I never know for the sake of my sanity.

    Hope you all enjoyed this story. I’ll have a more uplifting and positive one some point soon. Maybe. 

    #winter's story#nightmare#scratching#fear #don't like it? #then don't read
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  • I’m off, let’s see when and if it will drive me back

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  • image

    one of my favorites ☠️🖤☠️

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  • a dark presence is making itself known only through likes on my livejournal posts, a site i haven’t used in ten years.

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  • the being of Violence only comes to those who are certain that it’s what they want. and god help you if it does.

    #it emerges from a sea of red dust #fear sitting on its shoulder like an old friend #supernatural assassin for hire #kant art#oc stuff#violence#fear#blood cw#guns cw
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  • Estoy nervioso, hace mucho tiempo que no salgo con alguien, que no comparto mi espacio con otra persona. ¿Estoy preparado? Si me platica algo ¿qué le voy a responder? ¿Me debo ver interesante o atrevido? ¿Debo ser yo o aparentar ser alguien más? Es que el solo hecho de pensar que no le gustare me hace entrar en un conflicto conmigo mismo… Porque ha sucedido antes y esta vez no quiero que se repita. Me gusta demasiado y no quiero arruinarlo. Después de salir ¿debería invitarla de nuevo?

    Tengo tantas dudas, y solo lo sabré el día que la vea. Pero yo sé que no seré interesante, cuando conozco a alguien por primera vez, soy muy cerrado con esa persona, no puedo evitarlo, me pongo nervioso y después solo pienso en lo que pude hacer… ahora solo pienso en lo que haré y siento que lo haré mal.

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  • “Maybe fear can’t define all the walls ‘til you enter

    And even blood couldn’t find who you are at the center.”

    — Half Alive, Maybe

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  • descent

    we are
                                                                                            with you.
    it does not do to
    forget one’s
                                                                         for we will remember;
    and you are right

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  • Y’all I did 50 pushups

    15 then 10 then 10 then 15

    True it’s smaller sets but I haven’t been able to make my brain let me do this in months

    I imagined a training montage like in movies where the character is training because they’re upset and then they are calm at the end and it worked

    It’s still hard but I know that it’s gonna be hard so I can be prepared for it

    #fear#gym#ptsd recovery #pushups are scary #ptsd things #living with ptsd
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  • The Date

    So I just got home and I want to leave my notes. My mind knows I’m safe from the stress but even now getting home my body is still in panic mode. Hands still shaking, throat closed! Like I’m still a mess. I made sure to get there about 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet because I like being first so I can order and sit and make sure I position myself and just ya know compose myself? Well he showed up 15 minutes early too so he walked in right behind me so we both stood around awkwardly while we ordered and made like almost no talk. But finally we both Got our drinks and found a table! We sat and I looked over and saw they closed at 5! So we only had thirty minutes until almost everything on our mainstreet closed. So I had no idea what we would do for a little time passed but it was fine for then. We made a lot of small talk, learned about each other, and overall it went pretty amazingly! We then left at 4:55 so as not to stay until they kicked us out. We walked for like three blocks but it was pretty freezing out. We continued to talk and walk and it just overall was really good. He was really cute, funny and made sure conversation continued if it stalled. Only bad point is our separation it got kind of really awkward and we both stood there for a second and he’s like, “okay we’ll uhh you want to depart ways here?” And I’m like “yea that works. I’m parked a block over” and so we stood there for a second and he’s like, “ummm uhhh well? Have a good life.” And then he chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck realizing kind of what he said and said, “well it was nice to see you! Talk to you in a bit.” And we both started walking away. But like guys it went pretty great! I honestly think Sam kind of fucked me up because he’s one of the first people I ever kind of dated and like it ended so poorly so I feel like I don’t trust things to work out but it went well, he’s super nice and I feel like he’s into me. So idk! Also my biggest fear was someone my parents know seeing us but it’s a risk I continuously take. I lied and told my parents I was with two of my girlfriends. Well my moms best friend saw us and so I had to be like, “yea it was the four of us! Sean Rosalia and Daisy!” So like I feel like there’s a slight chance she might suspect? Oh well 🤷‍♂️


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  • MRS SHARK : 

    “I don’t give anymore to fishes.”

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  • Oggi ero in macchina e all'improvviso sono scoppiata a piangere. Ma va bene così. Va bene essere deboli ogni tanto. Io oggi non ce l'ho fatta. Ho passato troppo tempo e reprimere emozioni e sentimenti, che oggi sono scoppiata. Per quanto tempo andrà avanti così? Va bene essere deboli, ma io sento di esserlo sempre.

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  • I have this thing that has been happening for the past year at least where an argument will have me immediately, but as soon as I try crying by myself I literally can’t. It’s just quiet numbness. I don’t cry when I want or need to anymore, it’s only where I feel the most vulnerable. Or maybe it’s just when I feel the most emotion (usually invoked by an outside source), and it would make sense since numb isn’t an emotion but the lack of.

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  • Prodigal Son s01e11: After Malcolm frees himself, he tracks down Watkins to save his family.

    (video source: FOX)


    (the way Malcolm enters in this scene-his hair, his walk, his eyes, the blood stained face and shirt…everything about him at that moment was sexy AF 👀😉😍— anyone else agrees?)

    #1x11#prodigal son#malcolm bright#tom payne#blood #blood stained shirt #weak#angry#fear#broken bone#pain#worry#relieve #locking Watkins in the box was POETIC JUSTICE #his look at the end…oh poor malcolm #this scene was chilling #whump videos#video#my videos#spoilers
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