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  • brynfang
    13.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    if you write a story where monsters embody different types of fear I’m automatically interested

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  • cloudwatcherkiro
    20.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
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  • brynfang
    19.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    past me was a coward for not coming up with security procedures for several Fears in my first SCP Foundation knockoff, coming up with creative ways of containing things is half the fun

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  • blindrapture
    14.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    (”A Decade,” a post for the blog What is the Fear Mythos?)

    Today is February 14th, 2021. Today is the birthday of our mythos's primary founder, CuteWithoutThe. On Cute's sixteenth birthday, they began organizing the Fear Mythos, getting into contact with the other two founders, alliterator and LizardBite, and planning some of the first stories. Because of this, it is tradition to consider the anniversary of the Fear Mythos to "begin" on February 14th.

    Two weeks later, on the last day of the month, Cute posted a thread on TVTropes officially laying out the plans and inviting participation. While by this point we still were not even called "the Fear Mythos," it is tradition to consider the anniversary of our mythos to "end" on February 28th.

    Again, today is February 14th, 2021. Cute's sixteenth birthday was ten years ago.

    The Fear Mythos is turning ten years old.

    Now, in practice, this might not mean much out of the ordinary. Members of the community generally collaborate for the "Fearniversary" in writing an anniversary tournament blog, and this year that is definitely a thing, this is a nice celebration. Getting to an anniversary at all is a cause worth celebrating.

    But ten years, wow. There probably is a lot that can be said, in a sentimental sense. Our mythos has seen a lot of blogs over these ten years. We've seen some vlogs too. And we've even seen some games and musical outputs. There have been physical books, podcasts, communities on various websites; there have been busy years, quiet years, and years in between. People have come and gone, the popular monsters to be used in our stories have changed back and forth, and.. well, ten years have passed and yet this mythos does not die.

    I have to acknowledge that not one of our three founders has been active in the mythos for some time. I, DJay, am the "oldest" member still sticking around, and even then I'm not that active, not even in my own stories. For some, this is an appeal of our community: It's quiet, a place to read stories and throw ideas around. I did oversee an overhaul several years ago with the express purpose of "futureproofing" our central concepts, the hope being that, no matter how quiet our community became, the ideas would stick around. For better or for worse, the quiet is something for which we were prepared.

    I bring this up because something about a "tenth anniversary" feels like the sort of Big Deal that may bring about a change in activity. It's probably the significance inherent in a double-digit number. That's a very human thing. (Like, seriously, very human. The number 10 is only significant to us because we operate under base-10 assumptions, and those are predicated on the number of fingers we have. But I don't need to tell you any of this, not on the surface of what this post is about.) A group that has persisted for a decade has relative age, and age is associated with experience, experience with knowledge, knowledge with a social fertility that "could go Big with just the right input." All of which is to say: Ten is a very different age for a single human than it is for a group of fiction writers.

    We have been quiet. Next, we might try something else. That's a scary idea in and of itself, isn't it? A good creepy story: The Day The Mythos Went Big.

    I'm playing around, here. The Fearniversary is a communal event, like a damn two-week festival; this is the most appropriate time to dress ourselves up in masks and pretend to be what we haven't yet been, to turn our thoughts to the stars and dream big, to hit upon emotional changes which take us resolutely into the new year renewed and ready for what it may bring.

    The Fear Mythos, you see, is yours. Our monsters, the Fears, are legally considered "Creative Commons Attribution," meaning you can do whatever you want with them so long as there's even an implicit acknowledgement of the greater mythos's existence. This is worth spelling out, even to veterans, because it's a strength that's easy to overlook. We can't always guarantee you an immediate active audience, but we can promise you this: Place. You and your creations have a place here, here where not even a decade has erased us, here where the future can still grow, here at the online intersection between fiction and reality. You are free to take our creations as a model to build your world, experiment, see what becomes.

    I know. I'm wordy, and if I have any points I'm trying to make they don't consistently come across. Yet still, this mythos has given me place as well. When I've had nobody else, this mythos has been there for me for ten years. Without it, I wouldn't have published two books, written three rock albums, made dozens of surprisingly close online friends, and been exposed to media that has in tangible ways changed my life. I'm maybe a little too close to this mythos to make a proper grand statement in overview, which would be more appropriate for this celebratory post, but I can speak emotive, I can light a signal to confirm to the world that we're still going. To a degree, I can speak both to and for our community in saying: We have known activity, and we have known rest, and somehow out of the ambiguous murk in between the two we have found our Voice persists.

    Those of you who are only now finding us, you've got so much to see. Those of you who are sticking around, you're in for a treat.

    Another thing I'm doing here is clumsily segueing into another subject: seven years ago, on our third Fearniversary, LizardBite privately proposed setting up a semi-"official" ARG in celebration. (You know the kind: Codes hidden across the web that, when solved, lead down rabbit holes to even more codes, accompanied by some sort of story.) alliterator and I took up the suggestion and spent some time planning behind the scenes. I sought out the consultation of CuteWithoutThe, as well as mythos veterans The Visitor, Omega, and Squeek, in order to work out a setting of lore and game mechanics which would be both ethically appropriate and compelling. This proved fruitful, and when we launched the ARG our players uncovered novellas, audio logs, myths, and art (contributed by the likes of The Visitor, Logic, Wiratomkinder, and alliterator). The subforum on which their efforts were contained still exists, though you may need an account to see it. The ARG went on hiatus two years later, and it has been dormant ever since.

    Those who currently frequent the discord community may know that I have been digging the old plans back up, that I intend on bringing the ARG back. It was my intent to bring it back in time for this Fearniversary. I, uh, may still be able to do so in time for the 28th of February, but I am not going to push it, as the content I have under works demands rigorous iteration and testing. I bring this up in this post because it is, by its nature, relevant to celebrations of our mythos, and this news is relevant to this Fearniversary in particular.

    So. To conclude.

    Happy Fearniversary 2021! We're celebrating a decade of the Fear Mythos!


    As soon as it is ready, you will know: Nine is God is coming back. New players will be welcome.

    #the fear mythos #LOOK IT'S MY VOICE SPEAKING BOLDLY AGAIN #because see last time I used the blog in question i wrote a big manifesto for the fear mythos #and i went and made a video version of that manifesto where i got in front of a professional camera and read it like a speech #and so now that i'm here making a post for the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY i figured i'd make a multimedia version too #and elected to go with my voice because i finally have a working headset #but uh. i've kinda been quiet for many years now so i struggled to speak right? #i defaulted to kinda speaking like dr. breen #and there's a little blooper at the end too #ANYWAY THERE YOU GO #djay's voice. I Can't Believe I'm Technically British.
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  • blindrapture
    30.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Another of the first monsters ever conceived for the Fear Mythos back in 2011 was the Blind Man. This idea was alliterator’s, an old man with no eyes who nevertheless knows how to take your memories away from you and put them in his book. alliterator gave this monster to the public domain, and for whatever reason this has been one of the most popular Fears to write with, sort of an icon. I certainly write a lot with it.

    The art above is also by alliterator and was made for Nine is God. Some bonus Blind Man art:

    This, courtesy of Rappu, is how the Blind Man is portrayed in OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING-- a strange man who has had a long long life and sometimes appears young, sometimes appears old. He has thirteen names, one of which is Tiresias. In this picture he is young Thoth.

    ..for some reason I can’t upload any more art to this post. Moving on, then!

    As I mentioned in my post for the Convocation jam, a fella by the name Bound By The Moon once made a bunch of leitmotifs for our Fears long ago, and I’ve recently been trying to do things with them. The Blind Man’s leitmotif took a lot of work to get written down, working by ear; it’s a tricky rhythm. But it’s also one of my favourites, I love the melody. And in this jam I got to add some nice harmonies to it!!!

    Anyway. Please enjoy this little jam.

    #my music#midi music #the fear mythos #other instances of the blind man in my stories: #topography genera has the cremator. freaking love that character. #nine is god has odin. some good myths written for him. #sunsetters have the weird narrator of burning books. #the fear mythos turns 10 next month. that's pretty significant.
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  • brynfang
    24.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    you like The Magnus Archives? why not try the Fear Mythos? we got

    - uncanny-looking malevolent being that masquerades as human

    - birds that can generate lightning and carry you into the sky

    - hive mind of bugs that inhabit people’s bodies

    - smoke monster that drives people to berserker rages by its very presence

    - judgmental eye

    - shadow people

    - disembodied force that manifests by warping reality around it

    - puppet who controls YOUR strings

    - ice being that targets lonely people

    - the afterlife itself (but a monster)

    - demon dog that hunts people to the ends of the earth

    - fire ghost that manipulates people into destroying their own lives

    - techno monster that assimilates both metal and flesh

    - force that warps people’s bodies into abominations

    - postmodernism

    and other fun things :)

    #bugs cw #body horror cw #fire cw#burning cw#predation cw #(implied at least) #the magnus archives #the fear mythos #my stuff
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  • dreamscreep
    02.12.2020 - 6 monts ago

    time to make some gay princess tutu gifs

    #i was trying to find a different clip (the one where kraehe almost kills raven!mytho) but i found mykir content instead #i literally don’t have to search for mykir content they are just always acting with homoerotic subtext #*holds your face in my hand and leans in close* are you trembling? #<-thing fakir has done to mytho #the context makes it like only slightly less gay bc mytho just gained the ability to feel fear #and also fakir is still extremely toxic at that point in the series #and also the line was preceded by fakir calling mytho useless #but i do not care about that i will take what mykir content i am given #mine#princess tutu#mykir
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  • walriding
    22.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Because my brain has just been all about this stuff lately: I don’t think the Walrider is actually a god. Or even anything god-like, for that matter. Maybe it was worshipped or seen as one once -- I love the concept of such beings being defined by the level of belief that people have in them, and their power being scaled to their ‘reputation’ -- but it isn’t divine or infernal or anything like that. But its existence and its capabilities might be perceived by some as being godly, and it won’t correct or deny that perception. If anything, that reverence only fuels it.

    #i think the walrider is a sort of literal embodiment of nightmares and fear #it is a Concept more than it is a Thing #that only really manifested when people needed an explanation for things like sleep paralysis and general night terrors and such #and it sort of evolved from there #it is not One Being it's a sort of conglomerate of all the idea people have had about nightmares ig? #so it spans across cultures and mythos basically #and maybe some people have thought of it as a god! so it can be a god! #or it can be a demon or a cryptid or anything really #it all depends on what you Think #it is everything and nothing #murkoff inadvertently restored it to god status because so many patients viewed it As God #none of this makes sense they are simply my thoughts
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  • blindrapture
    20.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    One of the first monsters to be written in the Fear Mythos back in 2011 was the Convocation. It’s a classic horror idea: The birds are watching you, and they might just be the wrong kind of bird. You swear that flock wasn’t there before the lightning struck, but that can’t be right, can it? A flock of birds can’t just come out of the lightning?

    Also back in the day, a fella by the name Bound By The Moon made us a little leitmotif that could represent these birds. It was a lovely little melody, with string sound and arpeggios and some other elements which I forgot to incorporate in this what you hear above. Because, yeah, I decided to take the leitmotif today and make a little jam out of it.

    Art is from OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING; Logic made the picture.

    #my music#midi music #the fear mythos
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  • titleknown
    04.08.2020 - 10 monts ago

    You know, as someone who has not watched The Magnus Archives, it always strikes me as weird that there isn’t more fan crossover with the Fear Mythos, given how form what I can tell TMA’s eldritch horrors and the Fears of the Fear Mythos share the same basic concept.

    ...Well, except for the fact the Fear Mythos did it first by about a year. Which, I mean, from what I know it’s almost certainly coincidence due to sharing similar influences, but I do find it faintly bemusing how that happened.

    #the fear mythos #the magnus archives #eldritch abomination#horror#coincidences#silly
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  • dreamscreep
    02.08.2020 - 10 monts ago
    #aha #the scene where mytho feels fear :) #when i watched this show as a kid this scene made me go 👁👄👁 bc it’s rlly gay #the most important mykir moment... #mine#princess tutu#mykir
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  • kaedni
    20.07.2020 - 10 monts ago

    diana can’t be friends w people who can’t call her by her name and insist on calling her wonder woman

    #diana literally tells everyone to call her diana . #& she’s a first bamed person for sure . #* names #but like it goes deeper than that . #this is a shitpost but also a meta in disguise & someday i’ll go more into it . #just . wonder woman ‘ it’s their word not mine ‘ & yes it’s who she is . one dimension of who she is . #but it’s not a name she chose & it unilaterally describes who she is to others . #it’s an Othering title . #& just that ! it’s a title ! it’s been passed around to others . #so it’s her but it’s not Just her . it’s also symbolic kind of . like how batman is a symbol of fear & hasn’t belonged only to bruce . #except bruce WANTS to be the symbol & also created his mythos . #diana didn’t . & it’s just not reflective of how she sees herself ? i guess ? is the best way to put it . #it’s a title that puts her on a pedestal . #& while one if the only things i loved abt the n52 & her relationship to superman was how much she did not Vibe w the secret identity #thing . meaning she’s usually very open about being wonder woman . that’s not the end of who she is . it’s only the surface . #she knows that title means something different to everyone too & it comes w a lot of projections & assumptions . #it just comes with a lot of weight . & if she’s gna be your friend she needs to be able to set that down . #also it’s just like the equivalent of using ‘ms./mrs.’ or ‘mr.’ all the time it’s too polite & formal . #but yeah ww is a big part of who she is & she consistently struggles w Who she is when she’s not ww. but there’s more to her than the #title . than what basically amounts to a job title . but also a job title that involves basically being so legendary & inspiring . #it’s Tiring !! #ANYWAYS . i have a lot of feelings abt this & someday i’ll go into this when it’s not 930 am after basically no sleep . #but she both is & isn’t ww . & she ALWAYS prefers to be called diana . to have others see & engage w HER . instead of who/whatever #they think of ww as being . #bc it’s impossible to live up to too ! #anyways . #PHEW .
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  • blindrapture
    20.06.2020 - 11 monts ago

    The second album by mythical prog act Sunsetters has finally been released. The year is 2002. The universe is not quite our own. Back in the universe that is our own, by secluding myself from the world for several years and inhaling the fumes of the gods I was able to catch glimpses of this album, enough to enable me to transcribe it all into midi format. You’ll have to make do; this is the best rock album ever made, in their world and in ours. It’s gonna fuck your shit.

    Summer Sucks (written by Jordan “myself” Dooling and @rapturebones)

    Tracklist: 1: The Inferno Begins (14:47) 2: Pig Bruiser (20:44) 3: Found the Fountain of Mab (15:30) 4: Tired Anthem (34:26) 5: Clowns Who Set the Sun (8:25) Total runtime: 1:33:52

    Click these links: - THE FILES (smooth-sounding mp3 downloads, and commentary booklets) - THE YOUTUBES (fully-functional lyric video playlist, video quality is less than ideal because any higher than that would have destroyed my computer in rendering, I tried)

    This is one of those posts I’m gonna have to ask you to share. We’ve been working on this since 2014. The sheet music spans hundreds of pages. We worked pretty damn hard on this, and we’re releasing it for free.

    #music#summer sucks#sunsetters #technically fear mythos but you'd be forgiven if that never occurred to you #this is the culmination of... so many things #rock music#or thereabouts#midi music
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  • vintagerpg
    19.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    Fragments of Fear (1985) is the second Call of Cthulhu companion book. Chaosium released these for most of the games in their line and they generally consists of a little bit of everything – stats for new monsters, essays, rules supplements, scenarios and the occasional bit of weirdness like poems or jokes (in Fragments of Fear’s case, the weirdest thing is a selection of quotes of historical ritual curses compiled by Sandy Petersen).

    This one has a lot of new spells, a page of rules clarifications, a map of Innsmouth, an essay on Cthulhu, two rather straight forward scenarios and some new stats for monsters and animals. Most of this stuff, and stuff in the first companion, would fill out the page count of the core rules when they transitioned from box sets to books.

    The best part of Fragments of Fear is the fold out size comparison chart, which displays the relative sizes of most of the monsters and gods in the game. It is silly and arguable the height of early Call of Cthulhu’s (accidental?) effort to catalog and D&D-ify the unknowable mythos, but I love it anyway.

    Oh, and Tom Sullivan’s illustrations are, as usual, on point. The summoning of the dark young is one of my all time favorites. I dig the cover, too, even though I’ve never decided what the heck is going on in it. Are those ghouls? Zombies? Servants of Glaaki?

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  • brynfang
    14.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    you never realize how much you definitely described the main antagonist of one of your stories as looking exactly like Colonel Sanders until you sit down and draw him. gotta stop doing art forever apparently

    either that or it’s actually 100% canon that the current avatar of an immortal god of guilt and judgment is the KFC mascot

    one way or another, the point is, don’t give your characters short white hair, all-white formal clothing, and pale skin unless you want them to look like Colonel Sanders

    #writing #the fear mythos #my stuff
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  • rebeldynasty
    23.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    The Mythos Trials, Another Snip: Gwen giving herself a pep talk because what else do you do when you have acrophobia and no other choice but to climb? Gwen also questioning what happens when everything is over, whether she can return to the life she had without Forneus and Phenex by her side.

    #excerpt#Ya Fantasy #The Mythos Trials #Whispers of Nowhere #trilogy#book three#gwen #fear of heights #acrophobia#life#aftermath #magical to mundane #how does someone bounce back from that? #food for thought #character introspection
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  • terapsina
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I've started watching Heirs of the Night and for those interested, so far it's a really enjoyable - late 19th century setting - vampire young adult TV series, involving building friendships, some teen romances (one of which is between two queer girls), and moments with the kids protecting each other.

    To lay down the basics. It's about the heirs of multiple vampire clans being brought together aboard The Elisabetha to teach each other their clan powers because they are under threat of extinction and to survive they will have to come together.

    And that's because in the past those clans did too good a job at slaughtering each other. So now that both the human vampire hunters are becoming too big a threat and an old enemy has woken up, they're pretty much in a bit of a 'no better alternative' scenario.

    The clans in question are the Vamalia from Germany, the Dracas from Norway, the Nosferas from Italy, the Pyras from France and the Vyrad from England. This is not a complete list of all clans, but most other ones are extinct and so either largely irrelevant or a spoiler.

    It’s got a decently interesting mythos and though there are some things that are clearly a result of the story being aimed towards the teen audience, it’s also not nearly as cringy as one might have feared.

    From a production perspective, what you might like to know is that this is a Dutch/Norwegian/German collaboration-production and though the show is mainly in English, the characters when speaking between themselves also often speak in their native languages (with subtitles).

    Now if you’re looking for some kind of cinematography masterpiece with flawless CGI and Game of Thrones levels of adult gore and violence this is not that show. But it’s also not a cheap low level production, they spent quite a bit of money on this thing and it does show (it was filmed in multiple European countries and the costumes and sets are actually pretty beautiful).

    And with 2 seasons of 13 episodes each out, I think it’s worth at least checking out to see if it’s something that might interest you.

    #heirs of the night #alisa von vamalia #lars af dracas #ivy of lycana #malcom of vyrad #tammo von vamalia #luciano di nosferas #inger af dracas #joanne de pyras #period piece#vampires#terapsina rambles #terapsina watches heirs of the night
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  • bansheequip
    13.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Banshee!Danny and ghosts paralleling real world supernatural mythos and spirits thought, inspired by @floralflowerpower ‘s banshee post.

    A siren, I assumed like Ember and based on her attributes in the show, would have a variety of tones they have specialized to get the specific influence they desire,

    and can “exchange” (notice the red music note is switched for a blue fist that later turned green, the green skull had changed places, and blue flame had seemingly disappeared) or change those specialized tones.

    And seeing the green fists as well as the more ominous death song above, I wondered about our ghost boy and his more vocal abilities, his ghostly wail.

    I thought, what would happen if a banshee, obviously specifically Danny, sang?

    Banshees being spirits mostly associated with warning and ominous signs of oncoming death, I wonder if his singing voice, as sirens songs are often emotionally influential given Ember as our example, would put people into mourning or become sorrowful, like how that “in the arms of an angel” animal cruelty commercial made people so upset they couldn’t use that song anymore, in panic and fear to hide away from the focus of song, or a sense of urgency, to act against whatever it is that may be coming. To sing of anguish, dread, and warning.

    #danny phantom #banshee!danny
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  • raincoree
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #looked at this and said lets make chem & bio into magic subjects #also yall totally dont coparent daegal after he changed her from her deer construct into puppy form #everyone in dream is just staring in: yall dating already just say it #kpop #kpop match up #kpop matchup#nct dream #nct dream headcanons #nct dream scenarios #nct dream matchup #chenle#chenle scenarios#chenle headcanons#nct 127 #nct 127 scenarios #nct 127 headcanons #wayv#wayv headcanons#wayv scenarios#asks#anon
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