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  • sarcasticmii
    25.09.2021 - 1 minute ago

    which marauders era character would smell you in their amortentia?

    #regulus black #my favorite slytherin boy #regulus black. if regulus smelled you he would not even mention it #like ever. if you wanted to get it out of him youd have to give him veritaserum. if you did he would definitely be angry with you #but if you reciprocated those feelings he’d be super happy about it. youd be the most bad ass couple in hogwarts.
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  • hellengellen
    25.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Hear me out I have a love-hate kinda thing for Noi cause on one hand I have like 0 fucking sympathy for anyone who isn't Nikaido Kaiman or Kasukabe (and I absolutely despise anyone related to En) but on the other hand Noi could snap me in half and I would thank her and ask her to do it again and if anything bad were to ever happen to her I would commit several crimes against humanity

    #noi#dorohedoro fanart#noi dorohedoro#dorohedoro#ドロヘドロ #what wanting to kiss a villain on the lips does to a mf #I think the part that made me go 💔 was her helping in forcing Nikaido into the contract with En like honey...I know you're a villain but💔 #On the other hand she's extremely loyal and caring for her family which makes me go 🥆 oh my god she's just helping out her friends😢 #anyways yeah extremely mixed feelings abt this character cause I love-hate her and I'm obsessed with her so it's not going away soon
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  • violentshine
    25.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    This is a scene in Windclan about one warrior's dislike in what her clan is becoming due to Tigerstar.

    Sorrelrunner made her way to the leader's den, where Tigerstar was waiting for her. Ashfoot had informed her that he wanted to talk to her, she could only guess it was what she was talking to Wrenflight to.

    "You wanted to see me?" She asked as she arrived at the entrance to his den, made in a sizeable clef in the rock that also served as the place where leader's called meetings. "I did." He began, motioning for Sorrelrunner to sit down. "I heard you were having problems with the way I've been leading."

    She knew it, now how he knew what she was talking to Wrenflight to was something she wasn't sure on, but decided it was due to one of Tigerstar's close allies. "I...do." She began slowly. Any cat telling any leader that they have a problem with how things are lead since like such a taboo topic to bring up, but she knew that what Tigerstar was turning Windclan into, was not good. "You've been of great help to us, really and truly. But, this..."thing" with Riverclan...It's not right."

    Tigerstar tilted his head. "How so?"

    Sorrelrunner readjusted her sitting position, feeling uneasy and restless as she continued. "Even if it wasn't Riverclan-with how they had no problem hunting on our land after we were driven out- forming our two clans together, isn't something that should happen." A bit quieter she added. "It feels wrong."

    The brown tabby looked at her, his tail began to twitched as if he were annoyed with what she said but he forced it to lay still by his paws. "It's different from what you're used to, yes, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. Forming the clans together makes them stronger. Ridding the clans of the borders that separated them leaves less vulnerability to things such as war or simple border skirmishes. I'm glad to have helped Windclan and I will continue to do so."

    "But it's not Windclan. At least, it doesn't feel like it is."

    "That's because it won't be. Leopardstar and I have been talking about creating a brand new clans by combining our clans. By allowing our clanmates to interact as if they were already one clan, has proved that it does work."

    Sorrelrunner's eyes widened in shook, she couldn't believe what her ears were hearing. Combine the clans? That's crazy! We've always been four clans, why change that?

    "No." Sorrelrunner said slowly.

    "Excuse me?"

    "I cannot support a decision like this. It's unfathomable that you would even consider doing something like this! The clans have always had borders, sure there's battles and sometimes war but that's what being a warrior is about! It's a bad idea to try to change that, and if that's the path you are taking then I cannot be apart of it."

    Tigerstar looked angry and when he stood up and began walking towards her, Sorrelrunner thought he was going to attack her, but instead her pushed her aside and left the den.

    "All cats gather around to hear my words!" Sorrelrunner heard Tigerstar call a meeting. She slipped out of the den and looked up him, he had already climbed the top of the rock.

    As enough cats began to gather, both Windclan and Riverclan. Tigerstar started the meeting.

    "We have a traitor among our ranks!" He said to the clan, most of which were reacting with a mixture of confusion and surprise.

    Now it didn't seem as if Tigerstar tried not to show his anger as he glared down at Sorrelrunner. His tail flicking to and fro as he continued.

    "I've been doing the best for this clan. I'm sure there's a great pawful of cats who agree and think that it's even better than before. But this ungrateful cat- thinks differently." Cats were either looking up at Tigerstar or at Sorrelrunner and by now Leopardstar had strolled up to the rock and leapt up to join Tigerstar. The molly she was always with, took a seat somewhere towards the back of the group.

    "Sorrelrunner here would rather have a days of unjust battle, causing unnecessary fatalities then the clans living in peace and flourishing." Tigerstar continued.

    "That's not what I said. I said the clans shouldn't be one giant clan. There's been four and there should stay four!" He really was trying to make her seem like the bad guy here. "Don't twist my words." She hissed.

    "You of all cats should be glad of days when cats don't have to be at each other's throats for prey. Your kits would still be by your side if not for what Shadowclan did. But with my- and Leopardstar's- plan, those days will be over, there will be no battles among the clans and no clan will be chased out.

    Sorrelrunner stood shocked at hearing what he said about her kits. They had died while holding their vigil- they had just became warriors. Leopardstar seemed shocked to hear that too, as did some of the Windclan cats.

    "Don't you dare bring them up." Sorrelrunner didn't notice her claws digging into the soil as she growled at Tigerstar.

    Tigerstar simply flicked his V-scarred ear and moved onto the next thing he wanted to say. "If Sorrelrunner is so keen on sticking with her decision to undermine me as leader. She no longer has a place in this clan. Unless you would like to take back what she said." Tigerstar looked down at Sorrelrunner as if truly thinking she would change her mind.

    "Any sensible cat would what I am saying is right, *you* on the other paw, are wrong. I stand by my words." Sorrelrunner glared back at the giant tabby.

    Tigerstar looked away, having Sorrelrunner think he would leave it at that until he called the name of Riverclan's deputy. "Stonefur. Since Mudclaw is not here, you will have the duty of killing this traitor."

    Sorrelrunner froze. Kill me? The stone-gray deputy wasn't in her line of sight so she couldn't see how we reacted by the order.

    "I'm not going to kill anyone. In fact, I have to say I agree with Sorrelrunner." The deputy spoke up and Sorrelrunner was relieved, but only for a split second.

    "Leopardstar! Has a traitor been working so closely with us this entire time? Tigerstar shouted with anger.

    "Stonefur is no traitor. He's been a loyal deputy to me for moons." Leopardstar's voice was unnervingly calm, though that could just be how the molly was. She did sound a bit offended by Tigerstar's accusation.

    "Loyal to *you* maybe, but this isn't Riverclan anymore! How will our plan work if our deputies won't listen to their leaders?"

    "Maybe because a deputy should only listen to one leader? I've been meaning to talk to Leopardstar about this but do you honestly think the clans will get along together?" Stonefur challenged Tigerstar.

    "Sorrelrunner is a capable warrior-I'm sure-would it be wise to risk Stonefur receiving a bad wound?" Leopardstar put in.

    "Any loyal warrior would risk their life for the good of their clan." Tigerstar growled.

    "Yea, 'for the good of their clan'." Stonefur repeated. "Attacking Sorrelrunner simply because she's going against your ideas is not the good of the clan. It's to make you seem right."

    Enraged now, Tigerstar stood on all fours, looking as if he was going to lunge for Stonefur.

    Leopardstar sighed. "Stonefur, do what your leader tells you to do."

    This was it, Sorrelrunner was going to die. Would it be smart to run away? What if one of her clanmates run after her and drag her back? Or even kill her themselves? It was out of the question though as her legs rooted to the ground in fear.

    "Wow." Stonefur sounded disappointed yet surprised at Leopardstar's words. "I refuse."

    Not a second passed before Tigerstar barked an another order. "Darkstripe! Kill him."

    Sorrelrunner watched as the dark tabby slid through the group causing the group of clanmates to scatter as he leapt at Stonefur and the two began fighting. To the death.

    This was the chance. Sorrelrunner's breaths came in short gasps. She could run, escape death, now that everyone was distracted. This was her opening. And she took it.

    The dull brown molly ran straight to the hills, she wouldn't have risked heading towards the marked entrance so she ran and ran. Once she got to the hilltop she risked a glance back.

    She made out Stonefur laying still besides the dark tabby tom who simply moved away from the dead deputy. She couldn't watch any longer, but knew Tigerstar noticed her absence as he ordered his warriors to find her.

    But Sorrelrunner ran, she didn't know where she was going but one thing she did know is that the Windclan she grew up in was no more.

    #medic fireheart au #sorrelrunner is sorrelpaw btw she shows up in redtail's debt and..never again #so i'm keeping her in this au & named her sorrelrunner #windclan#stonefur#tigerstar #im looking for suggestions on what scene to write or simply talk about how it happens in this au (or any others) #so feel free to send any if u have them !! #leopardstar
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  • divinemanicstate
    25.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    uhh quick question

    do u find ppl who kin characters who kill weird???

    #or just characters who are assholes #idk how to feel about this i mean i dont relate to the killing part but ppl might think that i do
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  • stardstgf
    25.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    just went to the library cafe and idk what they put in this stuff but it’s lowkey the best iced coffee i’ve ever had

    #they r spiking the coffee here i stg #how is it this good it’s like £2 iced coffee #HHDSJDJJDND i’m <3344 #feel like i’m in a. movie rn lmao walking around campus w my coffee😌😌😌 #hope everyone has a good day!! #chloe.txt
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  • trackpup
    25.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #sometimes I feel like deleting but I’m glad you and others like it :) #anonymous#answered
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  • unlikelytidalwavewa
    25.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    The thing is, when you're too nice, no one notices, not even your own family. Did they do anything to share my work lately ? Nope. I share their work all the time, boost them, listen to them, help them. But when I need help? They still ask for mine. I'm tired of being the invisible one, the "always fine so I can forget about her" one. The nice one who doesn't express her own feelings because she's afraid to hurt people with her own existence. I'm real, I'm hurt too, and I need help and I need to be listened to, and seen.

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  • lazyconfessionscrazyintentions
    25.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    The man who literally raised me more than my own father died a few days ago at the age of 101. And I’m so fucking grateful for everything he gave me and how much he taught me. The time we had together will never be matched.

    He was everything to me and I wish I could have been there for him more as an adult and not as just a stupid kid. I feel like I took everything for granted, I look at pictures and the memories hit me so goddamn hard, no one has influenced my life as much as he did. Looking back he shaped so much of who I am and how he taught me to deal with trauma or fear in general. He literally helped me become the person I am today and I didn’t realize it until I lost him.

    He taught me how to be strong for other people in my life but also be kind and gentle for others who need it. Or how to do something like build a fucking playhouse for other kids who’s parents didn’t do it for then. It all sounds so stupid to other people but he was just as my entire goddamn world and I wish I had been there for him more when he needed me.

    And it hurts using past tense thinking about him now. I don’t think I’ll ever accept that fact that he’s truly gone, not when I feel him with me always.

    #I’m sorry guys I know I usually keep my stuff to myself #I just need to talk to someone who will let me talk without judgment #I tried talking to my partner about it and he just made if about himself someone help #like I’m not cold I try to keep a level head like he used to...and when I break it’s fucking hard I just want someone else to be there fck #he was saying I was lying about how I was trying to grieve bc I told him everyone else expects me to be the strong one bc I’m *so cold* #i think of him now and miss him so fucking much #it physically pains me and idk how to deal with it #he was the black sheep of the family and so was I #he was like my father figure and I just hurt #he kept asking for me for the past few months and I just...I’m so broken #I can still almost smell his soap or just...feel him #personal
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  • timetotalkbeauty
    25.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Does silence upset you?

    #life#upset#silent #how does that make you feel #stillness#calm
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  • youre-so-captivating
    25.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    face to face against my own will.

    #songs that make me feel heavy and light at the same time #sept 25 2021 #music#Spotify
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  • sensiteave
    25.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    left my online class today on the verge of tears and i feel horrible b u t i looked out of the window and instantly saw not only one but two cats and some kittens playing in the sun and i'm so 🥺

    #i don't know what was it about the class... #but it made me feel very anxious #its not like anything bad happened #i just woke up in a really weird mood today... #:/#txt
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  • desverguenza
    25.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I hate having crushes. I hate feeling so soft and it genuinely scares me how giddy i get

    #stomping aroudn the room because of how happy i feel #it's very confusing 🥺
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  • k-oga
    25.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    sorry for not posting yesterday! it was graduation day and I was too preoccupied w/ shooting my final pics w/ my friends

    #I got a handwritten message from my old crush which I wasn’t expecting bc we drifted when he found out I liked him #but we became closer again after graduation day which makes me feel a bit better bc I think we’re slowly returning to being best friends #tbh he’s one of a kind :) #.txt
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  • lavendermarried
    25.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    yesterday feels like it was a week ago someone just moved into the room opposite mine...

    #its gonna take so long for me to not feel like im just staying in a youth hostel for a couple of weeks
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  • toastyyghostie
    25.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    I just wanna cry rn. Idk why, I just feel rly down and upset and like I’m ruining myself.

    #ghosty is not ok #just feeling rly down #pls no rbs
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  • probablynotsamantha
    25.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago


    god i hate being lonely so much i miss all my friends from high school and i would love to make new ones but i just cannot when all the interaction is over zoom

    also like having big sad about never having the proper college experience i want to go and live with a bunch of kids my age and that's just not happening (and how would it work if i transfer somewhere?) and even the friends i have who are a year younger are hard to see because covid... this is the worst my depression has been in a long time and everyone i could lean on is gone and also i have to schedule an appointment with my psychiatrist soon or else i'll run out of pills and also she's moving so i'll have to get a new one and im behind on where i should be with work even if nothing is overdue and there's just too much going on

    i seriously don't know if i can do this for another 2 years

    #rants #i feel guilty for making posts like this #which is stupid because people can just not read it if they don't want to #and i need to get this out there somehow #so i guess this is how i do it #i just need more help and it doesnt exist
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  • hetaliablogforblue
    25.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    I'm a simple woman. I think Arthur and Matthew are very cute. Then we have Francis and Alfred who can **** ***** ***** ***** me ****** ***** ***** Call me boys!!

    #I call them boys #they are like hundreds of years old #Or thousands if I'm talking about france #seriously #it's weird I find arthur and matthew adorable #then Francis and Alfred make me feel things that I can't say here without Tumblr banning me #Aph france#aph england#aph canada#aph france#aph america#aph#hetalia
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  • stoatwashere
    25.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    can someone like describe what they feel around theyre crush from the butterflies to the crushing feelings like all the pros and cons? ur sentences dont even have to make sense they can just be a jumble of words that describe those feelings

    last crush i had was two years ago and i lowkey miss the feeling lol

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  • reizor
    25.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #the gacha in rhis game feels deceivingly rewarding LOL #ooc.
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