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  • Being around someone who makes you feel like the hottest, sexiest, most worthy thing is beautiful.

    Jealousy, denial, uncertainty, vulnerability, insecurities..

    Lips, hips, curve of the back.

    Shoulders, chest, nape of the neck.

    Jawline, throat, Adam’s Apple against my palm

    Forehead to forehead, eyes locked

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  • A quick Ten and Rose (hurt/comfort)✨sketch✨

    #the things i cook up at night #mmmm#feels#tenth doctor#rose tyler #ten x rose #it could also be tentoo and rose #up to youuu #sketch#my art#doctor who
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  • Healing is not linear that’s for sure…

    2 steps forward and 1 step backward…

    Stages of grief don’t follow a graph…

    Emotions come and pass…

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  • I finally know how it is to feel complete

    - YOU COMPLETE ME 😩😍❤️

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  • I have such a weird … Nostalgic longing for the crazy ass days of when I first moved to California

    I was such a mess, and life was waaayy too wild and unstable, but i made some of the best memories

    And even tho I was not okay…in a lot of ways….I oddly miss it

    #glory days #somewhat toxic days #and a lot not #but damn #life was so wild and free #carefree #i think its still like that now #but #for some reason #its so much easier to appreciate it more once it's gone #life is fuckin weird like that #what we've got #manatee commune#music#feels#nostalgic#nostalgia#california#thoughts #10.29.2020
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  • I let go for a little

    cause I wanted to see if you’d come to me

    after chasing you all this time.

    I ignored the fact

    that you didn’t.


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  • image

    Spacetober 2020

    Day 21: quinn and nightfall

    Promts by @nesblue.art


    “Sacrifices ”

    Hope you like 💖

    Pd :as always i ll keep posting my late shiptember drawings these days (for real all are done just have to finish these ones first )

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  • i’m just gonna leave this dude alone cause i don’t want my heart to breakkk uhhh

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  • “Berrylands Rd.” - Yiruma

    Ya’ll need to brew a cup of tea, light a candle, & then listen to this piece while taking sips and not doing anything else. 💓

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  • You ever had someone on your mind and the perfect song comes on for the mood? Yeah me too like right now.. to bad she is miles away. Well keep those feelings for when Gods time is ready.. 🙌🏻 #az_gun_guy #thgunguyranchaz #time #patience #feels #build #with #queen (at GG Ranch the Gun Guy Ranch)

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  • what the fuck am i doing?

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  • TikTok FEELS 14X14” …#faeeaf #art #process #artist #colors #love #feels #acrylicpaint #canvasart #clock #liquitex #angeluspaint #bennythebutcher #igers #wallart #wallartdecor

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  • I sometimes think about how there are parts of my personality that are only known to myself and this blue hellhole of a website…My Les Mis phase for example, that I still cry when watching that movie, that I even read the brick….Or how much Hannibal means to me, or how long and how hard I have been crushing on my coworker….Nobody knows….But if you know, dear follower, you have been here for a long time and I appreciate you in a vague yet incredibly heartfelt way. Somebody who has been around for my whole tumblr career has essentially vitnessed me grow up and form my personality and is still seeing parts of that, which is…kinda weird. So yeah, hello dear friends. I don’t know you, yet I love you.

    #feels #i just crave human connection at the moment okay?
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  • Caged Hearts

    22. Changing Tides

    ((Hawks x Miku((OC))


    Originally posted by t-h-e-v-a-p-o-r-c-a-v-e

    Tokoyami turned his head to the side to avoid colliding beak first into the warehouse wall.

    He reached out blindly to cushion the blow and, kicked off. The teleporter’s boot collided with the teen intern’s back.

    “Ah!” Tokoyami cried out as sharp pain throbbed through his back.

    In a cloud of black mist the chuckling assailant disappeared again.

    God dammit!

    Tokoyami grunted, falling to the floor. He felt the sting of tears in his eyes. All around him the sidekicks were still knocked out cold.

    He had to think. What would Hawks do in this situation? Clearly the teleporting attacker had the upper hand. He was familiar with the terrain, and he could be wherever the teen was in an instant.

    He had to even The playing field. Make it his own.

    “Dark shadow!”

    The shadow bird emerged from his body ready for attack on his command.

    “Total eclipse.”

    The shadowy entity cloaked Tokoyami completely in darkness before spreading through out the entire building.

    Now, it was his domain.


    The picnic table was laden with a decadent combination of home cooked Mexican and Japanese dishes along with punch and spiked lemonade.

    Keigo picked sullenly at his food as his friends passed plates and joked around.

    “Babe?” Miku whispered, giving him a nudge. “You good?” Her eyes were soft with concern.

    Her relaxed smile grated on his nerves. Had she always been this oblivious? Or was it something he had ignored in his love struck haze?

    Keigo opened his mouth to reply only to be disrupted by clinking.

    Konan stood from her spot at the head of the table, glass and fork in hand. The wind whipped her dark hair and caftan. She looked just as relaxed as Miku, which further irritated him.

    “Ok everyone, announcement!” Konan exclaimed—eyes shining as she looked around the table. “I just wanna say that I am honestly so grateful to have you all in my life. You’re amazing individuals, all of you—“

    “Fuck yeah!” An already tipsy Mirko exclaimed.

    Once everyone’s chuckles had died down, Konan continued.

    “You guys are more or less my adopted family, and as such, apart of the Senbasa clan.”

    “Oooh!” Lady squealed, tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulders. “That sounds so official.”

    “Not yet.” The Latina beauty winked at her.

    She produced a small silver gift bag from beneath the table.

    “Oooh! Prezzies!” Miku trilled, bouncing a bit with a clap of her hands.

    Konan began pulling out individually wrapped boxes, and passing them around the table until each person had their own specially marked gift.

    “These talismans are sacred to the Senbasa family. If you’re ever in life threatening danger, they will activate to protect you.” She explained as each guest tore into their box.

    “Oh wow,” Miku marveled, “this is beautiful.” She held the delicate silver anklet to the sun, admiring the glittering charm in the light.

    Keigo’s own talisman was a small, silver feather shaped earring.

    He scoffed, a wry smile quirking his lips, and dropped the earring back in its box.

    “What’s wrong, Kei?” Miku nudged him, playfully. “Silver not your style?“

    “No,” he shot back, “bullshit’s not my style.”

    Miku’s expression morphed from relax playfulness to taken aback.

    “What‘s that supposed to mean?”

    Keigo’s brows knit in frustration.

    Fuck, Miku,” He snapped, raking a hand through his hair. “You’re not this damn daft.”

    Miku reeled back from him looking genuinely confused and hurt.

    “Kei,” she muttered quietly as she leaned into him, “what are you talking about?”

    “I’d like to know too,” Konan piped up loudly from her spot at the head of the table. Her hands were planted on her hips. “Did you just call her dumb?” She demanded.

    “Babe,” Miku touched his knee, gently. “Maybe we should talk in private?” Her face was flooded with concern.

    “Why? Everybody else knew about you fucking around behind my back. Why hide this?” He shot back bitterly at her. “In fact,” he spoke up louder, “how ‘bout everybody join in on the conversation? Hm?”

    He looked around the table at everyone’s stunned faces.

    “Kei…” Miku began, moving to touch his thigh again.

    Keigo snatched away from her.

    “Yo, Takami,” Rumi snapped, “calm down.”

    Keigo’s head swiveled towards her. “Calm down? I’m sorry, if Yuu was screwing your friend behind your back? Would you be calm?” He asked her. He then turned on her girlfriend. “What about you, Lady? Would you be cool with that?”

    “Keigo-“ Konan began, only to be cut off by Keigo.

    “And you, Ko,” he shot her a withering look, “you definitely don’t have room to talk to me about family. Not after you looked in my face several times, knowing how I felt about her while sleeping with her.”

    “Keigo, I—“

    “And you,” Keigo stood, pushing away Miku’s touch, as he glared down at her. “You have the least room to talk.”

    On that note, Keigo stalked away from the stunned group of friends and headed towards the beach.


    Tokoyami finally managed to wrestle the teleporting quirk user to the ground.

    He kneeled on the young man’s back, keeping both his arms pinned. The assailant struggled against Tokoyami’s grip, but it seemed the teen had worn him down to exhaustion.

    “Alright, asshole, who are you and what are you doing here?”

    Tokoyami rasped out as dark shadow retreated back to him. Dim light poured into the room as the darkness subsided.

    “Wouldn’t you like to know?” The attacker choked back, struggling to break free of Tokoyami’s grasp.

    The fledgling hero was about to interrogate the man further, when a third voice caught his attention.

    “Bout time one of you won,” the raspy voice rang through the warehouse. “That was getting boring.”

    Tokoyami’s chest constricted the minute he laid eyes on the man staring down at him and his captive from the second story, hands tucked into the pockets of his black jeans.


    The man shot back a sly, almost amused smirk. “Hey kiddo,” Dabi replied, before delivering a strike of blue flames for the teen’s face.

    With no choice, Tokoyami jumped out of the way of the flames.

    “How disappointing.” Dabi hummed.

    He and his sidekick had teleported well out of Tokoyami’s way.

    “I was hoping for a little reunion with your sensei.” He taunted. “Ah, well, maybe next time.”

    “Dabi! What are you—shit!”

    The next funnel of flames skimmed the feathers on top of his head before he could fully dodge them. The stench of singed feathers filled his nose.

    “Tell your teacher, I’ll see him later, yeah?”

    On that note, he and the teleportation user disappeared, but not before he set fire to the warehouse.

    Keigo wasn’t sure how much space he had put between himself and Konan’s beach house, but it had long disappeared over the horizon.

    With only the waves and wind as his company, Keigo felt solemn. Rueful.

    The last person he had ever allowed to see him—to know him—the way he had allowed Miku to know him. Well…that had ended badly too. So he didn’t know what he had expected with her.

    Coming here was a mistake. Letting himself be known—again—was a mistake.

    Just then the vibration of his work phone in his board shorts yanked him out of his thoughts. He hurried to answer it.

    “Hello…wait what?…what?!” Keigo snatched his phone away to check the time. “Yeah, I’m-I’m here,” he replied, as his wings flexed ready for take off. “I’ll be there in fifteen.”


    “I don’t know where they went.” Tokoyami shook his head. “I had to get everyone out of there before the place came down. I just wish I could have gotten more information out of them. Something.”

    “Hey, don’t be too hard on yourself.” Keigo clapped the teen on his back. “You did what you had to do, and you kept everyone safe.” He ruffled Tokoyami’s feathers. “I’m proud of you.”

    A small smile settled on Tokoyami’s face for a moment before it fell again.

    “But Dabi is…Hawks, you were right. He’s up to something, and he’s wreckless.”

    “Yeah, I know.” Keigo sighed. “We’re gonna get to the bottom of it, kiddo, don’t worry.”

    Tokoyami nodded.

    #feels#arguments#relationship drama#bnha imagines #my hero academia #hawks x oc #bnha#bnha headcanons #mirko my hero academia #mt. lady #bnha scenarios#mha headcanons #my hero fanfic #bnha smut#hawks smut
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