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  • jiniretsuncle
    06.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    If you want to vote for stray kids on mwave but don't know where to start or have no accounts you can join this discord server! The accounts will be provided. You only need to vote. We only have 2 days left let's go 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • lovely-english-rose
    06.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    idk who I was talking to in my dream last night but we were talking about how great Lorenz would look in certain dresses pre and post ts and now I'm just here burdened with this knowledge

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  • seoulbeatscom
    06.12.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    The title track “Christmas EveL” subverts expectations and paints the members as substitutes santas haphazardly bringing presents and spreading joy. Armed with a weird warping van (driven by daddy Bangchan and mommy Lee Know) the MV gets progressively meme-y, weird, and chaotic as the song progresses.

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  • universallywriting
    06.12.2021 - 23 minutes ago
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  • felixcarlucci
    06.12.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    You said you’d kill me if you ever had the chance, so come on. 

    #twdwb spoilers#twdwbedit#twdwb #twd world beyond #felix carlucci#frank newton#world beyond#mine* #SEXY OF HIM... would've been hot if it had cut off here but i am in fact so grateful for the fight scene too #wonder how nico feels knowing they have two of the hottest fight scenes in the whole twdu #q
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  • 3raaaachachacha
    06.12.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #stray kids#skz #stray kids lee felix #skz lee felix #stray kids felix
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  • 3raaaachachacha
    06.12.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    8:02 pm

    ~ Requested ~ Hii, I see you're taking requests, so here's mine. ♥️☺️ Could you do a imagine with Lee Felix, where he takes her ice skating, but Felix doesn't know how to skate, so S/n has to help which makes it all hilarious.

    Lee Felix / 486 words / fluff

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    It was a beautiful night to be outside, regardless of the cold, small snowflakes gently fell as it felt like a winter wonderland you had stumbled upon. Your boyfriend walked the two of you over to the bench as you began to place your ice skates on, ready to finally be back on the ice. 

    You were an avid skater when you were younger since your parents wanted you to become a professional athlete. You decided against it once high school came around and you found your love for designing, which is how you ended up being a graphic designer in Seoul.

    Felix, on the other hand, had never been near a pair of ice skates, but honestly, how hard could it be? He didn’t know you used to skate either since you both were still new into your relationship. He stood up not having any issues with his skates as he gestured to hold your hand to help you up as the two of you walked over to the outdoor rink.

    “Now, be careful getting onto the ice babe. It’s pretty slippery and I don’t want you hurting yourself,” Felix warned as you chuckled to yourself before flashing him a confident smile.

    You pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, “I don’t think I should have any issues, thanks Lix,” You snickered before gliding onto the smooth ice.

    Felix felt himself begin to internally sweat as he watched you effortlessly glide across the large rink. He grabbed onto the side rail before stepping onto the ice. It wasn’t the hardest thing as he began to skate around without his hands attached to something, only to get his feet tripped up and fall onto his butt.

    You skated over to him before helping him up and pressing a kiss to his defeated face, “Don’t look so glum baby. I used to figure skate, that's the only reason I’m good at this,” You giggled, seeing his face light up as it all finally clicked.

    “That’s why you’re so majestic, skating around here and stealing my heart all over again,” Felix complimented, making your cheeks turn pink as you tried your best to hide your happiness.

    “Quit being so cute or else we’ll have to leave our date to go do something else,” You blushed harder, making Felix bit his lip.

    “First, you’ve got to teach me how to skate. I need to be rewarded for learning how to do this, plus I want to brag about it to the boys,” He chuckled, pressing a warm kiss to your cheek.

    You smiled up at him as you took a hold of his hands and slowly began to skate in front of him, “If you weren’t so cute, I would protest against it.”

    Felix laughed at your adorable nose scrunch, still being careful as he slowly was getting the hang out how to skate, with your help, of course.

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🦋

    #stray kids#skz#lee felix #stray kids lee felix #skz lee felix #stray kids lee felix #stray kids felix #skz Felix #stray kids blurbs #stray kids boyfriend #stray kids best friend #stray kids timestamps #stray kids imagines #stray kids oneshot #stray kids reactions #stray kids drabbles #stray kids angst #stray kids scenarios #stray kids smut #stray kids suggestive #stray kids fics #stray kids fluff #stray kids masterlist #stray kids maknae line #stray kids hyung line #bang chan#Lee Minho#seo changbin#hwang hyunjin#han jisung
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  • chickoochote
    06.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    can we keep him????

    #Stray Kids#staysart#lee felix#felix #everybidy is drawing Christmas evel and winter falls stuff but I'm still not over thunderous yet #those outfits were just too cool uwadfdvHf #I forgot his choker #sorry!!
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  • wantbytaemin
    06.12.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    and if i listened to christmas evel on repeat during the entire walk home from the lab that is between me and 2022’s Spotify wrapped

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  • islandalaska
    06.12.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Parce qu'il est l'heure de s'enivré disait Baudelaire, il a pas dit que des conneries ce gars là, il est l'heure de s'enivrer

    #felix radu baudelaire
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  • j5daigada
    06.12.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    fennec boy oc idea

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  • miraclestitch
    06.12.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    I love that the madrigal family actually like. looks like each other. which is such a weird thing to say but its like. them looking like each other in very subtle ways vs how anna and elsa were the same model I believe its like. its nice.

    #like mira and camilo? they look like they cld be twins!!! bruno has almas nose!!! dolores looks like a Literal fusion of felix and pepa!!! #it makes me so Happy!!! #mobile tbt
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  • hwajin
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ⁂ 𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐬 - 𝐚 𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 ⁂

    keep reading to participate!

    ఌ︎ .. 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮!!

    hi!! soooo this is a little special i decided to do for reaching 2k followers!!! honestly i can't quite believe it, that's such a big number that it,xs almost scary jfjwkfjne BUT THANK YOUUUU to everyone who keeps interacting with me, this blog and my writings!! aaaand special thank you to all the wonderful mutuals and friends on here that make writing and sticking around super fun hehe, i love all of you a LOT <3

    ఌ︎ .. 𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐛 - 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭

    ok now to the actual collab jcnwjfje SO. the closer rules and details are listed below, but basically- almost any writer who wants to participate in this project is free to do so!! i planned to do this thing kinda wintery since it is the middle of winter jfjsjfnsb, but it is perfectly fine if there's no season mentioned in your fic, meaning the fic itself doesn't have to revolve around winter and the season itself is not required to be the main thing!! i just figured a theme would be kinda nice hehe.

    ఌ︎ .. 𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬

    now to the rules, please please PLEASE read them all and carefully to avoid any miscommunication!!

    any genre is allowed, from smut to fluff to angst to horror, whatever you can imagine

    in relation to the previous rule, you have to be 18+!!! even if you were to write a sfw fic, the fact that there very likely will be smut written in this collab, having minors participating would overstep a boundary!!!!

    also in relation to the first rule, please keep nsfw works legal and safe!! kinkier and heavier stuff in general is allowed, but if you are unsure of anything you plan please let me know beforehand!!

    the minimum for words you can write is 500, please add the "read more" future if you write more than that! the maximum of words is literally the roof, if you wanna write a 25k+ word fic GO FOR IT

    i'll say it again, your fic does not have to be a winter fic per say! i'll simply list tropes that fit the season in my opinion jfjejdje but if you don't really feel the vibe or hate winter then that's totally fine!!

    the deadline to write/ post your fic i planned would be on february 28th since winter kinda ends- with february?? but the date can still be altered if needed!!

    ఌ︎ .. 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐩𝐚𝐭𝐞

    please read this very carefully as well!!

    if you want to participate, send me a dm, and ask, or reblog this post with the tag #winterfalls!

    please let me know if you want to participate until december 20th!! requests to particiapte after this date will not be accepted anymore!!

    please dm me the trope and the member you would like to write for until december 20th as well!!

    in general, you can choose and write for whatever member and whatever trope you want, i will let you know if the certain combination was chosen already, or if one member was picked too often though, so you can reconsider! (for better understanding, i won't set a limit of only 8 people participating in this collab to fit stray kids, so some members will obviously be written about more than once!)

    i will create a groupchat here on tumblr if i can figure out how to kfmsmfnns to keep the project a bit more organized, if you don't want to be added to it though please let me know!!

    ఌ︎ .. (𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐲) 𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐬

    you are free to use your own tropes/ scenarios if you like, those are only examples!

    sharing one bed

    seeing the first snow together

    building snowmen

    sharing a kiss/ fucking on new year's eve

    trapped in a snow storm (together 👀 alone 👀)

    keeping each other warm

    skiing trip/ winter vacation in general

    making snowangels

    (spicy) present buying/ unpacking

    decorating together

    baking cookies

    sex by the fire (🎶 at night 🎶) did i already make this joke once maybe

    anything fantasy!! eg. vampires and werewolfes, snowprinces/ss, jack frost type of things!!

    and obv simple classics like: (you can combine these with the previous tropes!!)

    enemies to lovers

    friends to lovers

    exes to lovers


    soulmate au

    break up

    idol au

    slice of life

    etc. etc.!!

    that's basically it!! i hope the one or other writer is ready to participate, i'd really really appreciate it!! and if you have any questions regarding participating (or anything really) don't be shy to dm me!!

    - 𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐲 <3

    #winterfallscollab #AHHHH I'M EXCITED #i hope anyone wants to participate 😃 #would be quite awkward if like- no one will- #BUT AYEEEE LESGOOOO #skz smut#skz fluff #stray kids smut #stray kids fluff #bang chan smut #bang chan fluff #lee know smut #lee know fluff #changbin smut#changbin fluff#hyunjin smut#hyunjin fluff#jisung smut#jisung fluff #lee felix smut #lee felix fluff #seungmin smut#seungmin fluff#jeongin smut#jeongin fluff
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  • ygxzz
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #skz icons#skz layouts#skz packs #skz messy layouts #skz headers #stray kids icons #stray kids layouts #stray kids packs #stray kids messy layouts #felix icons#felix layouts#felix packs #felix messy layouts #felix headers#yongbok icons#yongbok layouts#bg layouts#bg packs#kpop layouts
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  • seospicybin
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Felix x reader. (s,f)

    Author's note: Never get tired of reminding you all to vote for skz on MAMA!

    It never crossed his mind that Felix dreamed of having a significant other.

    At least until he met you, a friend of his best friend. The day when Bangchan introduced you to him, he took it that you would be just a friend of his best friend, a girl who lived two floors down from Bangchan’s place. He met you a few times, and in those times, he got to know you, that you are an art student, you met Bangchan because you helped him create artwork for his mixtape cover, and you were also the one who recommended him this apartment building.

    When he was sure that you and Bangchan were nothing more than good friends with a professional involvement with each other, he saw a sliver of hope for love. You are attractive, and at first, he was not sure what was in you that intrigued him, was it the way you talked about your favorite movies with such passion? Or the way your nails always tinted with different paint colors every time you met? Or the way you adorably asked for permission for almost everything.

    Like this one time, where the three of you were eating burgers, and you were wondering if you could have a bite of his burger, “Can I please have a bite of yours?” You asked, almost like a child that he couldn’t say no and handed it to you in an instant.

    The moment he knew that he didn’t mistake his feeling out of loneliness and that it was real, it was love, he began to long for someone to share everything with, someone he could seek comfort from, and someone he could call home.

    As you were sitting cross-legged on the carpeted floor furiously flipping the magazine to read the article of the group, he knew that he wanted to have you to be that someone.

    “Stop staring, or you would bore a hole on her head,” Bangchan sneered as he uncapped a carton of pineapple juice.

    Felix was caught red-handed, “I wasn’t-”

    “I’ve been watching and I know,” he poured his glass full with the pineapple juice, “but what frustrated me more, is that you haven’t started on a move yet,” Bangchan rested his hand on the table.

    “I don’t think she likes me,” Felix admitted, he sounded so small when he said it.

    Bangchan shook his head, “How do you know? Have you asked her about it?” he snapped, then turned to put the juice carton back in the fridge.

    The question hung in the air as Felix thought it over and over again until it finally sank in, “I like her,” he blurted out when Bangchan was standing next to him in the kitchen.

    “That’s obvious,” he said, taking a sip of the juice.

    “What do you think about her?” Felix asked, suddenly curious of what his best friend thought about his subject of affection but moreover, if he approved of you.

    “You two would make a great pair,” he answered in a heartbeat as if it was an obvious answer.

    Felix got a kick of confidence with Bangchan’s indirect approval; he felt the urge to utter his feelings right then and there.

    “You got to be kidding me!!!” You exclaimed from across the room.

    His head perked up at you, you showed him a picture of the group in the magazine, “You guys look amazing!” You yelled out, “I’m going to hang this on my bedroom wall!”

    Felix couldn’t help but smile ear to ear at your adorable remarks. Bangchan tapped him on the shoulder, “She’s a keeper,” he told him, then left.

    On a different night, the three of you were munching on cookies that Felix baked that day at Bangchan’s kitchen.

    “I think I’m in trouble!” You announced as you bite on another cookie.

    “Huh? Why?” Felix asked in pure confusion.

    You chewed on the cookie, “because I can’t stop eating your cookies,” you answered with a grin.

    He chuckled, he caught Bangchan witnessed the sweet exchange and raised an eyebrow at him.

    “We should eat this while watching this sci-fi movie I just watched, it will blow your mind,” you suggested as you took another cookie and broke it in half.

    “I’d love to,” Felix replied with such eagerness.

    Bangchan took a sip of his milk, “I can’t! I’m going to work out, then I have to work on something at the studio,” he explained.

    You glanced at Felix, but he just shrugged.

    “But you guys can stay, just make sure not to set my apartment on fire,” he joked, dumping the rest of the milk in the sink.

    He left to his bedroom to change his clothes.

    Felix nervously glanced at you, he knew Bangchan was trying to set him up with you, but he wasn’t sure how to get things going. He awkwardly lifted his mug of milk and took a sip.

    “Do you want to go down?” You asked him.

    Felix got startled that he almost choked on his milk, “sorry, what?” He asked, wiping the drops of milk dripping down his chin.

    You handed him tissues, “Do you want to go down my floor? To my place?” You tried again, helping him wipe the mess on the table.

    He quickly nodded, “Yes,”

    “Just a warning! My place is not messy, it’s just a little bit unorganized,” you told him.

    He smiled at your remark.

    “Can we please bring these cookies too?” You asked, with those wide and child-like eyes at him.

    “Sure!” he replied because Felix baked those cookies with you in mind.

    “Bye! Happy working out, I guess!” You told Bangchan as you got out of the elevator, and Felix followed you from behind.

    “Bye, Hyung!” He waved bye at Bangchan.

    Bangchan smiled, “have fun, you guys!” He said and faintly winked at Felix before the elevator slid shut.

    You entered the passcode to your place until it beeped open, “Welcome to my humble abode!” You held the door open for Felix and let him enter first, then shut the door behind you.

    You both slipped into slippers before going in further into your place.

    When you said your place is a bit unorganized, Felix thought you were telling the truth. It was indeed messy but not the grimy and dirty kind, there was a lot of pop colors here and there, a lot of drawings & paintings hung on the wall, and it took quite some time for his eyes to adjust to this chaos but one thing he knew for sure that your place describes you the best: beautiful, carefree and lively.

    “I’ll get us something to drink,” you told him, leaving him alone in the middle of the room.

    He turned into the next available room to his left and peeked inside, it must be the room where you painted. Even in the dark, he could see the blank canvases piled against one side of the wall, and drops of paint littered the floor.

    “I only have the canned orange juice,” you said as you walked to the living room, hugging two cans of drink and a bag of chips.

    Felix helped you set them down on the table then sat on the couch.

    And you sat next to him, you turned on the TV and started selecting a movie to play, “we can watch something else if you want,” you said to him.

    Felix was looking at the strand of hair that fell around your face, his hand itching to reach out and put it behind your ear, “no, let’s watch the movie you talked about,”

    You turned your head at him, “okay, good choice!”

    The movie started to play; you put your feet up on the couch with you.

    Felix was trying so hard to focus on the movie, but all he could think about was how your knee rested on his thigh and that he stole a few glances at you when you were watching with full concentration.

    “You don’t watch it, do you?” You suddenly asked him.

    Felix quickly looked away, looking straight ahead at the TV screen.

    You chuckled at how flustered he looked right now; you turned down the volume of the TV and looked at him.

    Felix slightly turned his head at you, “you caught me!” He shyly admitted, hands up in the air in defeat because there was no way he could avoid you.

    You chuckled, rested the side of your head on the headrest of the couch, your hand curiously reached for his face, “so gorgeous,” you muttered, your fingers trailing the freckles on his face, “like stars,” you said it so low, Felix thought you were just sighing when you said it.

    You scooted closer to him, leaning in to observe the freckles that dusted his both cheeks, “I could name the constellations of your freckles,” you came up with a spontaneous idea.

    Your fingers trailed and connected the invisible line between one freckle to another, “Cassiopeia,” you said, “she was punished to be among the stars because she believes that her daughter Andromeda is more beautiful than the sea nymphs,” you further explained.

    Felix wasn’t really listening to your words, it was like everything drowned out, and the fact that you were leaning in so close he could see that you have a faint mole under your right eye and that your eyes were a shade lighter than his brown eyes, so mesmerizing that its lure him to look deeply into your eyes.

    “I really like you,” he blurted out, and it surprised him as much as it did to you, it was like his mouth got ahead of his brain and vomited the words just like that.

    You softly smiled, “I like you too, Felix,” you said to him, your hand fell to his chest.

    He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he reminded himself that there was no harm in trying, “not that way, I like you as in I want to date you,” he tried his best to explain.

    You nodded, your fingers fiddled with the tie of his hooded sweater, “yes, I know,” you answered again.

    Felix was sure his heart skipped a beat at the revelation.

    “Chan talked about you a lot as if he were promoting you, and not going to lie, I’m interested,” you said to him, twirling your index finger with the tie.

    Felix swallowed, he was so taken aback he was unable to come up with something to say to you.

    “And yes, I like you too as in, I want to date you too,” you told him, bringing him close by pulling the ties of his hooded sweater.

    Something about it got Felix got worked up out of the blue, that he braved himself to reach for your face and cupped the side of your face. He swiped his thumb over your lips, whimpered at how soft it felt he wondered what it would feel like to kiss you.

    You watched as his eyes fixated on your lips.

    “I want to kiss you,” he softly whispered, as if it hurts to admit it. He pulled his thumb down your lips, dragging your lower lip down that insisted you open your mouth.

    “Then go for it,” you dared him.

    And with your words of permission, Felix leaned in close to you, pressing his lips on yours, and did nothing else, but feel the warmth and softness of your lips against him.

    It took him a moment to finally relish the moment; he brushed his lips over and over again on yours, and eventually, his tongue pried your mouth open, allowing him more access to your mouth to savor you.

    Your hands and his were tangled on each other, yours were on his neck and chest while he was steadily holding your chin, and the other squeezing your knee on his lap.

    You slowly pulled away from his kiss to catch a breath, “Felix,” you called him,


    “I know it’s going to come as a shock to you, but now that we know we like each other, I’m thinking we should,” you hesitated for a moment before finishing up your sentence, “you know taking a few steps further,”

    Felix got so perplexed he wasn’t sure he understood what you meant.

    “I wonder if we’re compatible with each other,” you tried to explain, but it came out wrong, “what I mean is, I really like you, and I want to do it with you right now, but it’s okay if you decide on taking things slow, I’m not against that either,” you tried again, you just letting every word crossed your mind out of your mouth.

    Felix is completely, irrevocably in love with you, and he thinks he knew why he did, it was because he found you endlessly fascinating and the fact that you didn’t shy away to ask for what you want, he finds that extremely sexy.

    “Let’s do it,” he said to you, threading his fingers on your thigh.

    You smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. You got up from the couch and held out your hand at him, and he took it without a word. You put his hand around your waist as you guide him to your bedroom.

    “I’m confident because my room is the cleanest and less chaotic part of the house,” you humbly bragged at him, then swung the door open to your bedroom.

    It was contrary to the other part of the house, everything is white and with minimum furniture, there are stacks of books on one corner of the room and paintings on the wall, but it offers nothing but comfort and ease.

    You walked over to the vanity and lit the scented candle with a matchstick, a moment later, your room filled with a sweet, floral scent.

    You sat on the bed, “come here, baby,” you held your hands out at him.

    Felix felt giddy at the pet name you just called him with, he eagerly took your hands in his then you pulled him along with you on the bed.

    He kissed you rather passionately, curious to as why the more he kissed you, the more he couldn’t let go of the kiss, and as the moment heated by the second, the article of clothing went flying off one by one until you were both naked on the bed.

    “You got a condom?” He asked you, and it seemed to snap you out of the daze.

    “Yes, in the drawer,” you replied.

    Felix pulled the drawer open and found an unopened box of condoms; he didn’t know how to react to that.

    “I haven’t done this in a long time,” you confessed, “In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had sex,” you blushed, feeling so embarrassed by your admission.

    “To be honest, I haven’t done this in a while too,” he said to you, caressing your cheek with the back of his hand in an affectionate way. Apart from the casual hook-ups he had over the years, Felix would not call himself someone who knows his way around women, but he knows enough to please one.

    He tore the foil packet and excused himself to put the condom on, rolled it down his length, then crawled on the bed next to you.

    He lowered himself on you, kissing you down your jaws and neck as his hand fingering you as a way to stretch you out before his cock took over.

    You rested your hand against the flat of his chest and felt his heart beating so fast, “are you nervous or excited?” You asked him, looking up at him through your lashes.

    “Both,” he answered without a beat.

    You smiled at him and he kissed you while you were smiling as if it would capture the warm feeling it brought on him with his kiss.

    Felix couldn’t contain himself anymore, he withdrew his fingers out of you, and brought them close to his mouth, you caught him by his wrist.

    You opened your mouth and slightly stuck out your tongue and put his fingers in your mouth, licking your own arousal clean off of his fingers.

    Felix lowly groaned as he watched your tongue swirling around his little fingers, he rushed a kiss on your mouth.

    You spread your legs wider without him telling you too, and helped him position his cock at your entrance without looking down and with your mouths still connected.

    He pushed in his length in slowly, low hisses escaped through his gritted teeth as he tried not to lose it right there and then at how good you felt around him.

    He let out a loud growl once he fully bottomed out inside you, he repeatedly sighing, completely overwhelmed by the inexplicable euphoria that he got to finally do it with you, a girl of his dream.

    “Felix?” You called out, “Do you mind if I’m on top?” You asked him.

    There you go again, asking him permission with those wide and child-like eyes at him.

    He sighed and smiled, “Anything you want,” he replied, holding you by the back of your head and waist and turned over on the bed.

    You kissed him before sitting up and straddling him, looking down on him with your hands resting on his chest.

    You rolled your hips and felt his whole length inside you, Felix watched as your jaws slacked open then followed by low moans.

    You started grinding on him, setting a slow pace with your eyes fixated at his before bobbing yourself up and down, trying to find what pleased you the most.

    You retracted your hands from his chest and began touching yourself, running your hands around your neck and fondling your breasts.

    Felix couldn’t wrap his head around what his eyes were seeing and how good it felt as you fucking him at the same time. You never looked so alluring, touching yourself and the noises you made to keep the motions of your hips going.

    He wanted to tell you how good you looked right now, but his mouth got so dry from constantly groaning from the immense pleasures you caused on him.

    You slowed down your pace, you ground him harder, and deeper, Felix couldn’t help but growl with that deep voice of his.

    A thin layer of sweat formed on your body yet, you kept on going, you wanted to please him.

    Felix clawed each side of your thighs, he could tell you started to get tired, and you might topple to the side.

    “Let me finish it for you,” Felix offered, holding each side of your waist to steady you.

    You nodded, “okay,”

    Felix pulled you down and flipped your over so now you were back under him, “you did so good,” he praised with a kiss on the mouth and began to move.

    He wanted to start slow, but he already got so worked up from seeing you riding him, his thrusts were hard and intense.

    You cried out the moment he began pounding into you, “so good, Felix,” you said between your moans.

    And that only motivated him more to endlessly fucking you the best he could, he growled and cursed under his breath, eyes glanced down at how his cock in and out of your cunt at a quick pace.

    Your nails digging into the flesh of his arms, “Felix,” you helplessly called out to him, unable to finish your sentence because the pleasure was so unbearable.

    He knew you were closing in, and he was too, he pressed his hands on each side of your head to gain some support as he mercilessly pound into you.

    You cried out a few times, you didn’t know whether it was due to pain or pleasure, but either way, what bliss!

    Felix let out a long growl as he used all the remaining strength to sloppily thrust into you, sending you to your sweet release.

    You shut your eyes so tight that tears roll down from the corner of your eyes.

    “Felix, oh,” you exclaimed, your hand aimlessly reaching for his head, “that was so good,” you uttered and brought his mouth close to kiss him on the mouth.

    Felix smiled against your lips, feeling proud of himself that he wasn’t aware he had cum as well, he sighed with his teeth grazing your lower lip, “I think I’m in trouble,” he said to you.

    You jerked your head back, “why?” You asked him.

    He sighed, and his warm breath blew on your face, “I fall in love with you more than before,” he shyly admitted.

    You giggled, your chest shaking under him, “then you’re in big trouble!” You jokingly said.

    “Huh?” He looked at you perplexed.

    “Because I’m going to make you fall in love with me more and more every day, and we’re not near a day yet,” you explained with a pout.

    Felix felt so content and that everything he wished for came true in a span of a few hours, “then I can’t wait to make more troubles with you,” he replied, holding you with such loving like he had pictured in his mind, but it felt so much better because he knows that it was real.

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    When the Mate Bond Fails - A yandere!Felix x vampire!fem!reader x yandere!Demetri Imaginefelix

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