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    • Gender & Pronouns: Female, she/her
    • Date of Birth: September 15, 1990 (29)
    • Place of Birth: Catalina Island, California
    • Neighborhood: Ventura
    • Length of Residency: Native - Returned 2 months ago
    • Occupation: Editor/Author
    • Face Claim: Summer Bishil


    How do you hold a grudge against a baby for being born late? Just ask the Baxter family. Maya Baxter was born 24 hours later than her scheduled date, a fact that she was never allowed to forget. The Baxter’s were perfect people, they sought out perfection and looked down on anyone that didn’t fit into their world. Being born late into a family that had a reputation for being extremely punctual, was seen as disappointing. Instead of welcoming their child with a warm smiles and warmer hearts, Maya grew up with looks of disdain and had the burden of being a stain of their perfect family placed upon her young shoulders.

    During her formative years, Maya fought tooth and nail to be back in their good books, she excelled every task put in front of her to such a high quality, her teachers believed her to be gifted. While she had a natural talent for things, it was hard work and pure determination that made her top every class. Her parents almost saw her then, maybe she could be forgiven they began to think but of course all her hard work unraveled when her parents were presented with her report card. The one B she had gotten in her sophomore year at high school, sent her right back to square one. The girl stopped trying then, it didn’t matter, she didn’t matter, that much was clear now.

    She could have reached the ridiculous expectations set by her parents, she had been doing for years after all, but it was easier to not. Her final years of high school were reserved for acting out. The soft-natured and studious girl with a lot to prove had a new set of goals, if her parents believed her to be a failure, who was she to deny them that? Staying out late, drinking and a string of boyfriends came with Maya’s new personality. Her grades dropped but in the process, her popularity rose. She let loose, having fun became her new priority, and in the process made the Baxter name be a part of the gossip mill. Her parents were outraged at her behaviour and focused their attention to letting her know just exactly how much of a disappointment she was, but those remarks weren’t new to her, she grew up listening to them. She grew cold and cocooned her heart from her parent’s harsh words, and the control they had over her was broken.  

    However, keeping up with this new personality soon became too much. She felt wanted but had to sacrifice her morals to fit in. She was tired of proving she was perfect and tired of proving she wasn’t. Making peace with herself proved difficult at first, but her stubbornness refused to let her waste her life away. There was more to life than seeking her parent’s love and approval, something which she knew would never come, and more to life than acting out for the sake of fitting in. Realising her errors, she pulled through and graduated high school with a decent GPA. Not the perfect 4.0 like her parents expected, but enough to earn her a place at NYU.

    College was her liberation. Without the weight of being perfect, Maya was left to explore the world how she saw fit. The distance also helped a great deal. Studying law was the dream, being a key member of her high school debate team, Maya quickly learned the art of arguing a point until victory. It was at this point, she decided she wanted to pursue a degree in Law. But of course, luck was not on her side, due to her reaching a breaking point and slipping up when it mattered the most, she did not get into Law School. It took a year to find her calling. Writing wasn’t something she wanted to pursue a career as a kid, it was just a hobby her parents didn’t approve of, but a hobby that Maya thoroughly enjoyed. Thinking up stories in faraway places was comforting. Joining the Creative Writing program, Maya created new goals for herself and away from her parents scrutinizing gaze, she thrived. Being the best wasn’t her goal and not being perfect didn’t plague her. She was simply her. Now Maya was in a faraway place of her own and was in control of her own destiny.

    She worked two jobs to support herself, both involved surrounding herself with books, something she loved. Books never judged, stories never had expectations other than the reader to enjoy and immerse themselves into its pages. Her job at the local bookstore and a local publishing company, while comforting, were also strategic moves to advance her career. Taking every opportunity to attend meet and greets of her favourite authors and learning the ropes of editing, Maya swiftly rose up the ranks in her company and was soon able to publish a novel of her own. While some of her short stories were published in a few collections before, it was nothing like a publishing a fully fledged novel. Though the book didn’t sky rocket her into fame, it did put her name out there as a young upcoming indie author, and that was enough. Finally, life was heading in a direction Maya liked. Before she finished her third year at college, she published her second novel, cementing her name as someone to watch out for.

    Every story needs a hero and it was in her final year where she meet someone who looked at her like she was perfect. It didn’t take long for their friendship blossom into something more, they saw her for all she was and it felt real. She didn’t have to fake her personality anymore. Little did she know, their love had self-interest, and little did they know; Maya didn’t grow up with love at all. Her childhood held no warmth, all that she knew about love she read in books but soon figured out that love was a finicky thing, theory was vastly different to practice. Something always fell short with them, neither could provide the company nor the intimacy the other craved. It was stifling to know love was another expectation that was required from her. Eventually, they broke up and while Maya was upset the relationship ended, she was more upset at herself for pausing her life to feel wanted, again. Focusing back on her work and college, she graduated a strong woman and left the weak-willed girl behind. She was her own hero now.

    New York held her attention for a few more years before deciding to move away from the city seemed to be a better idea. Her job was providing her with new opportunities, but her mind wanted some peace and quiet. New York may be the city of dreams but it wasn’t her dream anymore. Taking up a job as an editor in Chicago, Maya set off into new horizons. Chicago, however, wasn’t all she thought it to be. Its bold architecture nor the clear waters of Lake Michigan were enough to get out of the rut she found herself in. She had planned to finish her third book, but she lasted six months in the city before deciding it was time to pack her bags again. She was missing home. Not the lavishly empty house she was brought up in, but the island paradise she grew to love. Stepping off the ferry and onto the sandy shores of Catalina Island, she instantly felt herself relax. Her parents had longed moved on to make waves in some other city, Maya hadn’t kept in contact to find out, nor did her family care enough to let their daughter know, she was simply told form another source that Catalina did not do it for them anymore, something which Maya was grateful for. She would not dare to return while they still resided here, it would not bode well for either party. Catalina was serene, its cool ocean breezes and chill island vibe were starkly different from the hustle and bustle of the New York routine and the restlessness she felt at Chicago, Maya settled into her new lifestyle with ease and hoped her positive outlook will be enough to help through her horrible writer’s block.


    • Positive: Witty | Creative | Self-assured
    • Negative: Sarcastic | Cautious | Stubborn

    Maya Baxter is portrayed by Pace

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  • Cowboy Pooj

    Western inspired piece for poojawa ~
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  • The Dark Forest is not a woods you’re not advised to go down to.
    There is no picnic, there are no teddy bears.

    characters © Mitchika

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    • Gender & Pronouns: Female, she/her
    • Date of Birth: July 24, 1997 (22) 
    • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
    • Neighborhood: Avalon
    • Length of Residency: One year
    • Occupation: Barista/Store clerk
    • Face Claim: Saoirse Ronan


    • TRIGGERS: Abandonment, Drug Use.

    Born in Los Angeles, California or was it Salem, Oregon? The adoption records can’t determine a place of birth, nor agree on a story on how she ended up in the foster system. The story tells that her biological mother died while giving birth, but another version indicates that she abandoned her newborn at the stairs of a church in the middle of the night. Whatever the truth is, the young child was left to fend for herself since she took her first breath. The Holidays wanted something or someone to take care of, but especially to remove the lingering feeling of guilt. Just the summer before Eden was born, the Holidays lost their only child in a tragic accident that could have been avoided if their systems hadn’t been so polluted with booze and drugs. Now, a year later and thanks to the power of money, their record was spotless and allowed them to adopt a baby. They named her Eden, a name taken out of a book called ‘1000 Bohemian Names for Your Baby", and promised to cherish her and be the responsible parents they always were supposed to be. Their little girl would have everything money could buy; they would fill her with sickeningly sweet love. It was the perfect plan.

    The Holidays turned their lives around. They left the vices and now they were the epitome of a healthy lifestyle. Eden grew up in a pretty modern farmhouse with spectacular rolling lawns and majestic trees in Malibu. While other kids drank their apple juice, she was already discovering the benefits of green juice. Whenever she came down with the flu they would take her to the best holistic ‘doctor’ in California and of course, she attended those schools that force you to take a class in the woods. It could have been worse, a lot worse but that didn’t make it good either. Eden didn’t want a normal life, but she also didn’t want this life. She wanted a bit of everything, she wanted to embrace and accept the good and bad thoughts, she wanted to be this perfect flower girl her adoptive parents craved for, and she also wanted to be out there drinking on the sidewalk or smoking with her friends. She wanted to experience as much as possible.

    How could she be all that when she found the world so terribly limiting?

    Freshly minted out of high school, Eden received a graduation present from her parents: an envelope. Inside, the information about her biological parents. After getting over the initial shock that her mother wasn’t dead like she had chosen to believe, she bought a plane ticket to Connecticut where she lived. The taxi ride to her home, made her realize that this wasn’t a woman that abandoned her child in hopes she would get a better life. The houses kept getting bigger and more lavish, a typical American suburban life. Then the car stopped and there it was: a classic brick and limestone manor. Sure, the Holidays were loaded too but this was a different kind of wealth.

    A knock on the door and the rest is a blur. Eden left Connecticut in shock, heartbroken and for the first time, those feelings of abandonment hit her hard. The bottom line? Her parents had been married at the time of her birth, they lived a fairly comfortable life and they were young. So, why did they give her up? Twins. The woman had given birth to twins but having two kids felt too overwhelming, so they made the ‘hard’ decision of keeping just one. The boy, of course. And so, they built the perfect family with a son that probably had a pretentious name such as Preston or Conrad and that most likely would be a lawyer graduated from Princeton.

    And so, Eden returned to California, enrolled in a liberal arts college and decided to put this episode behind. However, the scars the news left manifested in her reckless, uninhibited behavior. Eden started spiraling out of control. Failing classes, spending the whole night out drinking and partying, consuming substances that numbed the pain and sleeping around to forget. Any attempt from her parents to clamp down seemed only to instigate more harmful behavior. Then for a small moment, the stormed seemed to have past, her life was back to normal or so did everyone believed.

    Around that time, Eden started a relationship with a T.A. He was engaged at the time, and she knew it but she didn’t care. It was an affair, nothing more. But of course, she fell in love and she believed it was mutual. He told her he was going to break up with his girlfriend but instead, he got married and left her with a broken heart and with no one to pick up the pieces. Enraged and betrayed, Eden pursued the relationship and he caved in again, however, this time Eden made sure to have evidence showcasing their relationship. When she gathered it enough, she sent it to his wife. The divorce happened almost as fast as the wedding, but things didn’t turn out as she expected. He didn’t want to look at her, he told the whole story to the college dean and lost his job. Eden, on her end, was expelled. However, her parents made sure to sweep the scandal under the rug and donated a generous sum of money to keep her name clean.

    Humiliated and punished, Eden was sent by her parents to Catalina to take care of a store they had opened on the island. It’s been a year since the incident, and to her family, it seems like she’s coming back to her senses, or that’s what she wants them to believe.


    • Positive: Driven | Charming | Witty
    • Negative: Manipulative | Devious | Cynical

    Eden Holiday is portrayed by Ana. 

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  • Mardiana van der Wiel — Unknown age — Netherlands

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  • Annamarie Jagose

    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Queer
    • DOB: Born 1965
    • Ethnicity: White - New Zealander
    • Occupation: Professor, writer
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  • Overlay version of Female Skin N02

    -Skin for female sims and it comes 4 swatches and 2 different cleavage type for every swatches.
    -HQ mod compatible.
    -Skin detail category.
    -Anatomically correct. (Skin fits very well to EA’s anatomy.)
    -Works with all make-up, freckles, moles etc.
    -Have Fun!


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  • /blackrangerposea

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    • Gender & Pronouns: Female, she/her
    • Date of Birth: June 12th, 1987 (32)
    • Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
    • Neighborhood: Avalon
    • Length of Residency: Three Months
    • Occupation: Freelance Photographer
    • Face Claim: Camilla Luddington


    • TRIGGERS: Overdose, Parental Death, Alzheimer, Parent Illness. 

    In spite of the silver spoon in her newborn mouth, Carly Weiss hasn’t always had it easy.  Her parents divorced when she was young and her mother uprooted her from the only place she’d ever known to return back to the family domain on the other side of the country.  She spent a lot of summers and school breaks hanging out with a rock band when her father was on tour, rather than doing the traditional things kids back home were doing.  Her father died of a drug overdose when she was sixteen and she was thrown into a world she’d never truly experienced, tied down at a time in her life when she was struggling to figure out who she was and where she fit anyway.  To make matters worse, Carly was the one to find him.  

    All of it could’ve been a reason for her to act out—she could’ve done drugs, slept around, and generally caused trouble.  God knows enough of her classmates did similar things in times of tragedy.  Instead, thanks to her mother’s background in psychology and her own sense of self, Carly carried on.  She finished school, went to college, and made something of herself. No, it isn’t a high-profile career like so many of the people she spent too long secretly comparing herself to – but she’s happy.  She likes to laugh and appreciate life and have fun in whatever way she sees fit, leading to a bit of an impulsive streak that her mother used to say made her appear slightly unstable. She may have some regrets, but she loves her life and most of the time, she wouldn’t change a thing.  

    The medically-based education of her mother never really suited Carly, in spite of her keen understanding of people and her desire to relate to them.  It took her some time to settle on a more artistic way to do that.  Her first great love was music, and the foundation of that education was provided by her father, but she never really had the thirst for a stage or fame like he did.  She had a brief love affair with poetry, and one with painting, too, but neither settled in as a career.  

    Instead, she found something very soothing and real about photography. As a freelance photographer, she’s had the ability to take sidejobs and submit her work wherever she goes, so she can satisfy her wanderlust and her humanitarian desires at the same time. There have been several occasions with photoshoots for musicians, usually from some haphazard connection from her father or his former bandmates.  They stayed in touch and have always been a rowdy band of traveling uncles, in a way, and have never hesitated to visit or throw work her way.  In spite of their best efforts, she’s never lived like she’s wealthy, though there is old money from her mother’s family and a vast younger fortune from her father that has been well-invested.  She doesn’t say much about her financial situation, because she’s the only child her father claimed, but there have to be others.  As much as she adored him, and knows he adored her, he was no saint.  

    Secretly, though, what the fractured lifestyle has meant is she isn’t terribly trusting.  She doesn’t trust good things to last, she doesn’t trust people to stick around, and she finds commitment a difficult concept.  She’s never built a solid foundation, because the most consistent time in her life was so brief.  She loves fiercely and beyond her control, though, so she gets attached to things emotionally and then struggles when they change.  

    Watching her mother, one of her favorite people in the world, deal with an illness she will never overcome has been extremely difficult for Carly.  She returned home from teaching English as a second language in Thailand to care for her three years ago once Stella was incapable of living on her own, and eventually, they moved to the West Coast because Carly found a pleasant compromise between island life on Catalina for her, and quality memory care home for her mother in Artesia, CA (about twenty minutes outside of Long Beach.)  Though it’s a small place, Carly is hoping she can finally put down some roots.


    • Positive: Resilient | Patient | Independent
    • Negative: Stubborn | Isolated | Impulsive

    Carolina Weiss is portrayed by M.

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  • the female body 😍😍😍

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