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    My photo got deleted so here we are again 🙃

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    Synopsis: You are a shapeshifting mutant that has an alter-ego of a cat. Bucky is a quiet man. Cats like quiet places. Probably a good match.

    Themes: Fluff

    Pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

    A/N: This is just fluff, and Bucky trying to appear 'friendly' hehehe. Hope you enjoy this one and as always if you like it, please leave a like, an ask, or a reblog. TIA!!! ❤️

    • • • • •

    Part IV


    Bucky was supposed to be sparring with Sam. They had been partners in every mission lately, the need of training together was obviously increasing. Though Sam wasn't a real bad agent, flying through the air wasn't much of his thing. He even despised the winged robot.

    He became too spacey the moment you stepped in the room, your long hair tied up on the crown of your head and gathered to a long single plait. It swayed from side to side as you bounced on your feet, practicing yet another kick accompanied with knife throwing.

    Knife. He loved knives. Even more so now.

    “You're so creepy,” Natasha's voice came from beside him, only then he noticed her snapping her fingers infront of his face. “you can still look at her tomorrow, y'know? You don't have to stand there like an old creep with your mouth open.”

    He closed his mouth shut. He didn't even notice it was open. “Was I that obvious?”

    “Oh, dude,” Sam snorted, rubbing his palms together, “you were so obvious, even the space station can see it.”

    Natasha guffawed and clutched her stomach as she reached out to clap on Sam's back. Bucky eyed them both. They were teaming up against him. He immediately missed those times when he's wasting time inside his room. The peace and quiet was always better.

    Bucky made a face, mocking them as he shook his head. He sighed and grabbed the gloves to put it inside his hand. He needed to train. He needed something else to think about. He needed a distraction.

    There it is, he admitted it. He was distracted.

    “Wanda mentioned previously how...” Bucky cleared his throat, watching how Natasha's face became serious. “...when she's a cat, she's really a cat. Does she...would she...can she...”

    “Christ's sake, Barnes. Just spit it out.” Sam interjected.

    He sighed. “Does she remember everything when she's a cat?”

    “About that,” Nat started, “she doesn't. She doesn't remember anything at all. How d'you think this idiot right here,” she points at Sam, “gets so cocky and comfortable in throwing her up in the air and annoying her with that redwing robot? If she finds out about that in her human form, I'm positive she'll kill him.”

    She doesn't remember anything at all. But how could she have known about his name? He scoffed internally. Of course, she knows. Maybe they were all briefed by Nick Fury before he'd found his way into the compound. Maybe Fury had told them what he had done before, and she knows. But her cat form doesn't. Maybe that was why she almost ran away that morning. Maybe—

    “You're spacing out again,” Nat snapped her fingers infront of him for the second time, “You better learn how to stop staring at the distance. Else you'll only creep her out.”

    “I'm not creeping anyone out.” He huffed, securing the gloves. “I'm not even trying to get someone else's attention, either.”

    He grumbled as he walked out on both Sam and Nat. The pair only managed to look at each other and shrug, turning back to Bucky. They were met by his back as he started throwing punches on the punching bag.

    • • • • •

    They were all sent to the canteen after Friday announced through the speakers that Tony had ordered lunch. Bucky did his best to walk nearer with you but you didn't notice because you were too busy chatting with Wanda and Vision.

    Maybe it was better if he'd keep his distance. For now. Bucky felt as if Nat was right. He was being creepy with you. Or taking advantage over your cat form, knowing you were none the wiser.

    When they all arrived the canteen, he kept his eyes on you. You sat beside Wanda and as per always, Vision was beside her, on her left. Steve ushered Bucky to his right side, and he smiled at him, nodding. Steve's brows met as he watched Bucky move to sit on the empty spot on your right, clashing with Clint's shoulder as he did so.

    Clint looked at him, confused. Bucky looked right back at him, too. Everyone on the table and the other recruits who were settled across them all looked at the two men fighting over a narrow empty spot beside yours.

    Bucky cleared his throat and motioned to sit down, but so did Clint. Their shoulders hit each other's as they kept meeting halfway. Clint himself was utterly confused with how the metal armed super soldier was acting.

    “Dude,” Clint chuckled, “what—”

    Nat faked coughing and turned to Clint, her lips pursed into a tight smile. “Why don't you sit here instead?”

    The latter diverted his attention to Sam, who was sitting beside Nat to her right, the left side completely empty. Sam subtly hinted Bucky and you, and it was only then Clint understood.

    “Oh,” he shook his head and chuckled knowingly, “I see. It's all yours.”

    Bucky gave him a lopsided smile and draped his leg under the table. He felt Clint's hands massaging his shoulders as he sat down on his spot, smiling at the man over his shoulder.

    Clint rounded the table and sat on Nat's side, he was seated right across you. Both him and Nat shared conspirational looks, that knowing smirk back again on their faces. Bucky rolled his eyes at them, even at Sam. He turned to you briefly and found you already looking at him. He smiled. It was a little too wide for his liking.

    Steve was next to clear his throat, and then Tony. Despite Vision's placid visage, he shook his head, sparing a glance at each member of the team sitting on the table, “Everyone seems to have a cough lately.”

    You giggled to yourself, but that didn't escape Bucky's sensitive hearing, not to mention he was right beside you. He chanced a gander to your way, his heart swelling with warmth after finding out your eyes never left his. His smile got even wider as he saw that toothy grin on your lips.

    Right at that moment, sitting beside you felt as if it was the only right thing in this world.

    • • • • •

    Bucky loved and hated evenings. Love, because it meant he got to be inside his room without so much as a worried look from Steve accompanied by another explanation as to why. He looked forward to the small reprieve it brought—alone, quiet, and he doesn't have to do of what was expected from him. He could be lonely and resentful and remorseful, and it was okay.

    He hated it, because it meant he had to go through the day and wait for the evening to do it all over again by the time the morning sun shines. He's tired.

    But looking at you as you sat on that same bench on the veranda where you used to bask in the sunlight as a cat, he felt antsy. He felt it all. He loved it, because you were there. He hated it, because he knew he had to be doing something stupid again just to be near you.

    Bucky closed his eyes for a moment and gathered his wits. Now that you were a human, everything was a gazillion times harder.

    He walked as if something was stuck up to his butt, his feet like sand. He swallowed his saliva and pushed his hand against the metal frame of the glass doorway. Don't be a creep. Don't be a creep.

    “Hey,” he called, bobbing his head at you.

    You looked up to see him standing on one leg, and a hand on his hips. He looked like he was in physical pain. You smiled nonetheless. “Hey...”

    “Um,” he started, “uh...” he opened his mouth only to close it again. He was in a state of panic. His mind totally blank. “How are...what are...are you...” He pushed his metal fingers to his lips, scrawling through his brain. “How was...how are you?”

    You pressed your lips together, setting the book down to your lap after marking it. You figured Bucky was nervous, everything about how his body ticked told you what was obvious.

    “I'm alright, thank you for asking,” you smiled. He sat himself down on the swing chair hammock a couple of meters away from you. You figured he was too far for a conversation, yet you let him be. You felt as putty as he was. “um...you?”

    He nodded, leaning forward and planting his elbows on his knees. “I'm well, good, alright. Thanks...for asking.”

    You made an approving sound and shied a glance at him. He was looking at you, too—so much so that he had you squirming.

    “How did your training go?” Bucky looked like he was gauging your reaction. He felt like he was gonna pass out yet at the same time he never felt more alive than he ever had his whole life. It was a weird feeling.

    “Fine,” you almost giggled, “yours?”

    “Fine,” he echoed, “except for the part where Sam apparently happened.”

    You couldn't help but laugh. “Sam can be a handful. But he's a good man. Funny, too.”

    “Oh please, humor me.” He exasperated before shaking his head, and he heard you laugh again. “But I agree his good.”

    You arched your brows, happy to prove your point. “See?”

    “Good at being stupid.” He gained the courage to look straight at you as he made you laugh for the third time in a row. “You didn't lemme finish right there.”

    “Your deprecating humor is funny.” you nodded, “and I concur. But he's a good dude.”

    “Yeah, he's a good dude.” He seconded. “And since you found my deprecating humor funny, I believe you might have an inclination to that as well.”

    You hummed. “Maybe.”

    “Fair enough.” He declared, humor dripping from his words. “Makes it a common ground.”

    “A common ground? Hah,” you twitched your lips and turned your head, “yeah. Fair enough.”

    You were actually confused why Bucky Barnes was talking to you all of a sudden. He was sure a fine man and the pictures didn't do him any justice. Yet looking back at him again, his kind blue eyes staring at you like he knows your soul, was both intimidating and a relief.

    “Fair enough.” It was amusing how he seemed to be parroting your every word. But Bucky relished in it. There was no longer that edgy disposition. He surely missed you being a cat, because you were a furball of energy and fire. And the human you was the complete opposite. You were serene, calm—you felt like Nirvana itself.

    Bucky was about to say something when your name sounded through the speakers of the common room. Friday called out for you, announcing Director Fury has been expecting you alone inside the briefing room.

    You turned to Bucky and gave him an apologetic smile. “I gotta go. It was nice talking to you.”

    He reciprocated and stood as you did. “Yeah. You better...head on. Fury doesn't really like being kept waiting.”


    He cleared his throat, flailing his hand around. “Yeah... ”

    You nodded, the awkward air back again. “Bye. See you around.”

    “Bye—” he shrugged, “good night. And yeah, see ya around.”

    You nodded and headed out of the space, leaving Bucky alone with his thoughts once again. He smiled. Until it stretch wider that it hurt his cheeks. It was crazy but it felt nice.

    And he had never felt like that. So much that he found himself addicted.



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    summary: nari wants to be a little lady and go to kindergarten, but little ladies miss their mama and dada too.

    based on the request: “For the Nari fic, one where it’s her first day of school (i bet she misses her mama and dada)”

    pairings: daughter!oc x fem!reader, daughter!oc x bucky barnes, bucky barnes x fem!reader

    warnings/tags: 3rd person's pov, FLUFF, crying, clingy!nari – lmk if i missed any!

    side note: nari is 5 here.

    word count: 599

    gif by @aquanyctoprincess

    “here we are! are you ready to learn today, miss nari?” (y/n) faced her daughter, who was sitting in the backseat, gripping her backpack's straps tightly.

    she looked nervous, opposite to what she looked when she went up to you and told you that she wanted to go to school. when you asked her what piqued her interest, she told you that she wanted to be a lady, but uncle tony told her that ladies go to school, so she wants to go to school.

    “uh-huh,” she nodded. “but if i miss you, can you come get me?”

    your eyes softened. “aww, baby, you have to wait until 3pm.” you looked at your watch. “it's 11am. that's only 4 hours away.”

    you and bucky watched as she pouted. “but what if my teacher is not nice and i miss you? can you come get me then?”

    “you know what? if you finished school today, we'll buy you a happy meal.” nari's eyes lit up at the mention of happy meal. nari loved mcdonald's and she loved happy meals the most.

    she nodded happily. “okay, dada.”

    the three of you got out of the car to drop nari off in front of her classroom.

    when you got there, there were other parents dropping their kids off, the others are looking through the window.

    “okay, nari. be good, alright? we'll pick you up later.” bucky told her, crouching down to her level, while you smiled at her.

    “yes, dada.” she waved at you. “bye-bye, mama! bye-bye, dada! see you later!”

    you were worried for nari, to say the least. you have never left her for more than three hours with people other than the team, but you knew that it was a good idea to send her to school. it would be an opportunity for her to meet friends outside her usual people inside the tower.

    it was 1pm and you just finished eating lunch when your phone rang. it was an unknown number, so you were hesitating if you were going to answer or not. you decided against the latter and pressed the phone to your ear. you were immediately met with the sound of someone crying.

    “is this miss (y/l/n)? nalani's mother?” the person, who you assumed to be nari's teacher, asked.

    “yes, (y/n) (y/l/n) speaking, is this nari's teacher?”

    “yes, ma'am.”

    “what happened? is she okay?”

    “she's okay, but . . .” she sighed. “she has been crying for . . . thirty minutes now. she's asking for you. she said she wants to go home, so i was hoping you could pick her up?”

    “yes, uhm, thank you! we're on our way.”

    when you arrived, you saw nari with her teacher by the entrance. her head was down, but you could see her fiddling with her fingers. when she heard the car, she immediately looked up. her eyes were red and puffy and she was still sniffling slightly.

    you and bucky got out of the car. while he went straight to nari's teacher, you immediately scooped nari in your arms. “baby, what happened? did you not like school?” you kissed her cheek.

    aaaaand there comes the waterworks. “i-i liked it, but-but i don't like it when-when . . . when you're not with me.” she leaned her head on your shoulder.

    your heart broke at her statement. you hugged her tighter. “i'm sorry, my love. would you still like to go tomorrow?”

    she nodded. “but can you stay until home time?”

    “sure, love. oh, look. dada's done! let's go get your happy meal now!”

    i didn't really like how this turned out either, might rewrite!

    again, tagging @khiaraaa-in-spacee and @darkestfireee. thought you might want to be tagged. (pls let me know if you don't want to be tagged!)

    likes and reblogs would be greatly appreciated!

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    𝙸𝚝𝚣𝚢 𝚜𝚒𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚎 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚙𝚜
    𝙻𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚘𝚛 𝚛𝚎𝚋𝚕𝚘𝚐:)
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    Pinterest monster challenge !

    Sooo I was scrolling through pinterest ! when I found an art challenge!

    Jessica is just a random name I gave her XD, she is my baby UwU


    It was really fun! and I hope you guys try it! Can't wait to see your monsters !

    more Seraphina x selever is coming so don't worry!

    Tag someone who might me interested :






    (sorry if I forgot any!!)


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    Love Eventually Wins (A.B) Part 2

    (Part 1)

    Andy Barber Fanfiction (Fanfiction Master List)

    Warnings: Angst but eventual fluff.

    Summary: dad! Andy Barber x female reader. You juggle in the hospital between your dad and your son. You haven't forgiven Andy for what he said to you but you guys talk it out in the end and it's all eventual fluff.


    “Dad, you are going to be fine. We are all going to wait for you after the surgery.” Gently kissing your father on your head, you held back your tears because you didn’t want him to back down from his decision. You just prayed to God that this operation would be successful because you had already lost your mother to a car accident when you were four, so it was just you, Julie and your dad. You could not afford to lose another family member and you wanted Gabriel to know his grandfather when he grows up.

    “Okay, sweetie. Will see you after.” He looked so pale and sickly just lying on that uncomfortable hospital bed. Silently kissing him on the forehead, the nurses took him away to the operation theatre.

    When you got out of the room, your little sister immediately took you in a bone crushing hug and started sobbing uncontrollably. “It’s all going to be okay, Julie.” You tried to console her but there wasn’t much you could say to convince her when you yourself were worried.

    After about half an hour, you finally got her to quiet down and then went to check up on your son in the pediatric ward. The receptionist pointed you towards a NICU ward that kept babies from the age of six months to two years and you didn’t know why he was admitted in to the hospital so you internally freaked out on the way there.

    “Hi. The doctor said that Gabriel had some kind of stomach infection so they will have him on IV drips and antibiotics for two days.” Andy explained it to you as soon as you entered the room and went to your son’s crib. He was in the crib in a small hospital gown and God, you hated this sight. Touching his forehead, you realised that his temperature was higher than when it was at home.

    “His fever is way too high right now.” Looking at your husband, you felt so helpless because your father and your son were sick and you didn’t know what to do.

    “The doc said that it will return back to normal in no time.” Andy was observing you from the moment you entered the hospital room. Puffy eyes, rosy cheeks and a tear stained face was a completely new look for you. He wanted to be there for you but he knew that you had still not forgiven him. It was not easy to forget the things that he said, even if he didn’t mean it.

    “Oh okay. I am just going to sit here with him.”

    “I will bring you some coffee because you haven’t eaten since morning.”


    “Non filtered, without sugar. I know.” He lightly kissed you on the forehead but was slightly hurt when you didn’t give him a smile like you always did. He could feel a wall separating the two of you and the only thing that he wants is to tear that wall down. Why could he not keep his mouth shut and let you talk? Everything would have been alright then.

    “Hey, baby. I need you to be fine really fast, okay. Mommy needs you to get through all of this and I love you so much.” Gripping on to his little hand, you gently rest your head against the crib. The nurse came after sometime and you asked her is she could stay with Gabriel for sometime. Everything was too much for you and you just needed to vent it all out in private.

    “Hi. Where is my wife?”

    “She said she needed some fresh air.”

    “Okay, I am just leaving the coffee here. You are going to stay with him, right?”

    You were just looking at the stars and remembering the time when you spent countless college nights with Andy on the rooftop, just staring at the stars. It quickly became your thing and now you were sitting here all alone. A few tears escaped you when you remembered all the things that your husband said. It was still too much to comprehend.

    “Please, don’t cry. I am truly sorry for all the things that I said.” Sitting next to you on the bench, he didn’t have the power to look you in the eyes. He was too embarrassed. It was his job to let no harm come to you but now he was the one who is causing the harm. He just wanted someone to beat the crap out of him and punish him for making you feel unworthy.

    “I know you said that you didn’t mean a word of it but I know that’s not true. I know you better than you know yourself.” You looked at him from under your eyelashes and saw a look of realisation cross his face. Andy thought that he could just hide it from you because of all the things that you have been going through. He sometimes did forget that if he could easily read you then you could do the same.

    “So the district attorney has been telling me that I am not doing my job properly because I am a family man now. I am too distracted on my job and the last case, the witness didn’t show up and Jacqueline just laid it out on me. She even gave my next big case to Carter and I just lost it on you. I am so sorry.”

    Tears welled up in his eyes when he realised how innocent you were in this whole situation and he had no right to make you feel so bad about yourself. He didn’t dare move his face away from the stars and you knew the guilt was eating him up inside.

    “Hey, look at me.” Gently placing your hands on his bearded face, you made him look at you. “I was being genuine when I said that you can take a break from us. I won’t mind.”

    “No, I don’t. It was all said out in anger and you don’t know how sorry I am. Please don’t think like that because you are my whole world.” His heart was tearing up in pieces and you were the only one who could fix it.

    “Okay but what about Jacqueline then?”

    “I will take care of her. She can not just assume that I would be the same Andy after having my own family to look out for. You don’t worry about anything.”

    “Okay.” Kissing him under the stars was your favorite pass time and you wouldn’t change it for the world. “Let’s go check up on our baby right now.”

    “No, you go to your sister because your dad is going to be out of surgery in sometime and you should be with her. I will check on Gabriel and then come to you.”

    “Let’s check on Gabe together because I won’t stop worrying until then. God, I just want this day to end already.” Hand in hand, you got up from the bench and went to meet your son.

    Gabriel was slightly waking up by the time you entered his room and you immediately went to pick him up. Keeping in mind to not touch his iv drip, you cradled him to your chest. Your heart ached for your baby boy because he was always the one to cause trouble and never sit still in one place. “Mommy, hurts.” A whimper escaped him and he clutched on to your shirt with his tiny fists.

    “It’s going to be okay.” He looked so small in your arms and you were barely holding yourself together because you didn’t want your son to cry after seeing you.

    “Give him to me.” Andy carefully took him from you and tried rocking him back to sleep. By now, he was full on crying and trying to take his bandage off. Your husband took Gabriel’s hand in his hold but the kid did not quiet down for one second. You tried to give him his lion pacifier and he just turned his head the other way round. The doctor came in when he heard the commotion and quickly inserted some sedatives in to his IV drips.

    He told you both that Gabriel would be alright in a few days and he will stay with him so that you both can go check up on your father. Gabriel was going to sleep for some hours so it was okay for you guys to stay with your dad until then.

    “The doctor said that the surgery went well and we can see him after they transfer him to ICU.” Your sister filled you in as soon as she saw you both walking down the corridor. Ecstatic, you hugged Andy tightly and believed for the first time in all night that everything is going to be okay.

    “I love you.” You whispered affectionately in to his ears.

    “I love you too.” Kissing you softly, he tried to express his love with his actions.

    Hope you guys enjoyed it!!


    A/N: Here's part 2. I loved watching Defending Jacob so I came up with this plot. Andy Barber has my whole heart and I hope you guys liked it. Tell me what you think and message me if you want to be added to the tag list.

    Like, comment and reblog.

    Tag list: @kalopsia-flaneur @fantasywriter104


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    Prime Time - Part 34

    “’Cause baby it’s a prime time for our love, Ain’t nobody peekin’ but the stars above, It’s a prime time for our love, And heaven is betting on us”

    A/N: Sorry I was gone. 

    Previous Part - Prime Time Masterlist - Chris Evans Masterlist

    Warnings:  None, no thoughts only cute

    Pairing: Chris Evans x reader, Chris Evans x pregnant reader, Chris Evans x female reader

    When Chris had told Lisa she was expecting another granddaughter she had cried, which had made Chris cry, not that that was a difficult thing to do. What was more difficult for Chris was keeping the news from his siblings but you had both agreed to not tell them just yet.

    It was Friday morning and you and Chris were awake just as the sun was coming up and filling the room with bright, warm light. Chris was curled around you, your back pressed to his chest and his warm hand resting on your belly. You now had an unmistakable bump and a very active baby that kept you up all hours of the night and day by doing what felt like gymnastics. 

    “Mornin’ baby,” Chris said sleepily, his lips just a whisper away from your ear lobe, his breath warm on your skin. 

    “Hey,” you croaked, your voice husky still from sleeping.

    “I dreamed about her last night,” Chris said softly, moving his hand up and down the swell of your stomach, “she was so perfect,”. 

    You smiled, your own sleep had been dreamless and fairly peaceful. 

    “Did she tell you her name?” you asked, resting your hand over his. 

    “Nah, we just played ball in the yard, Dodger was there too,” Chris explained as the details of the dream started to be lost as his mind fully woke up. 

    “Was I there?” you asked. 

    “I don’t think so,” Chris replied before kissing the soft spot behind your ear, “but you are my dream right now,” he added, his hand moving lower on your stomach, his finger dipping into the waistband of the underwear you were wearing. 

    You took a deep, slow and contented breath, ready to let him adore you before you got your day started. 

    You took a shower while Chris made a late breakfast for the two of you. After your shower you agonised over what to wear that day, certain items of your wardrobe weren't wearable now you had a lovely round bump and with the warmer weather you were finding it harder and harder to pick something to wear each day. You knew Chris would be happy enough for you to spend every day in little more than your underwear but that wasn't entirely practical. 

    You joined him in the kitchen as he plated up the food, you noticed your own plate was piled high with all the best and tastiest bits. 

    "Chris, you know that "eating for two" isn't real right?" you asked as you sat and lifted your fork. 

    He shrugged as he tucked into his own food, Dodger sneaking into the room, his nose twitching excitedly. 

    "I can't help that I like seeing you enjoy your food," he replied and you smiled, feeling the baby wriggling about as you started to eat. 

    "And you need to be full of energy for today," he added with a smile. 

    Although you had all the furniture ready for your baby, you had put off repainting and decorating and you had decided that this weekend would be the one where you finally got everything in place. 

    "We're only buying paint," you replied with a roll of your eyes. 

    "Maybe," Chris replied with a mischievous look on his face. 

    "What have you got planned, Evans?" you demanded, giving him a soft kick under the table. 

    "Nothing you won't enjoy, I promise," he replied, catching your foot between his two calves and holding it still. 

    You narrowed your eyes at him, not entirely trusting the roguish look on his face. 

    "You trust me don't you?" he asked, making sure he was looking as innocent as it was possible for him to look. 

    "Of course I trust you," you replied, rubbing your foot that wasn't captured between his legs against his calf. 

    "Good, because you know I'd never do anything to hurt you," he said softly. 

    "I know,". 

    "Good girl," he replied before taking another mouthful of food, "now eat your breakfast please,".

    Chris took Dodger for a quick walk around the block while you washed the breakfast dishes and loaded up the dishwasher, all the while feeling the baby moving, first pressing outward, making a tiny bulge and then pressing downward, making you rush toward the bathroom as the baby used your bladder as a pillow. 

    When Chris was home he quickly changed and put Dodger into the kitchen for safety while the two of you went out, he looked sad to be being left behind so you slipped him a few extra treats as you backed out of the room. 

    “You spoil him, you know?” Chris commented as the two of you climbed into his car. 

    “And you don’t?” you vollied back with a grin. 

    “Yeah okay,” he admitted, “but we need to try not to spoil our kid too much,” he added, starting the engine with one hand and placing the other over your belly. 

    “Yeah I’ll believe you not spoiling her when I see it,” you replied, resting your hand over his for a second before he slipped his hand out from under yours and switched on the stereo, linking up his phone and pressing play on his playlist. 

    He took a different route into town than you had expected and you became even more confused when he didn't take the turning that would have brought you into the downtown area, your brows furrowed and you glanced over your shoulder, watching the turning rapidly disappear behind you. 

    "Uh, you missed the turn," you said as you watched his face break into a playful smile. 

    "Did I?" he replied, glancing at you and winking. 

    "If we're going to town yes, but now I'm thinking you've been playing me for a fool and you've got something else planned for today,". 

    "I hope she gets your brains," he teased. 

    You rolled your eyes at him and giggled quietly. 

    "So where are we going?" you asked, the corners of your lips still turned upward in a small smile. 

    "How does a spa day sound?" Chris asked, glancing away from the road again to look at you. 

    "Oh Chris," you breathed, "are you serious?". 

    "Absolutely, Shan told me about it, she said they offer this whole range of pregnancy treatments and so I rented the whole place for us for the afternoon," Chris explained. 

    "The whole place? Just me and you?". 

    "You got it baby," he said with a grin. 

    "But I didn't bring anything, no swimwear or towels!". 

    "Don't fret sweetheart," he said, still grinning, obviously chuffed with himself, "I packed you a bag while you were showering, I even brought you a selection of swimwear so you can choose what your comfortable in," 

    You felt your stomach and heart squeeze, a feeling of total and utter love spreading out along your arms and down your legs. 

    "Oh Chris, this is amazing," you said, feeling tears start to burn in your eyes. 

    "Anything for my girls,". 

    The spa was part of a large and luxurious country house hotel, nestled in acres of woodland and formal gardens and you couldn't help but think this would be a beautiful place to get married, if Chris ever asked you. 

    From the reception you and Chris were shown toward the back of the hotel and through a set of doors to the spa. There was a pool with a hot tub, a sauna, steam room and ice shower that you suspected Chris would make plenty of use of as well as heated loungers, a floatation tank and a relaxation room which was a warm dark room with multiple soft loungers and pillows. 

    One wall of the main room was just huge windows looking out over the ground of the house, a wide sloping lawn disappearing into deep green woodlands, there was a private dining terrace set with one small, round table just for the two of you. 

    "You've been booked in for our full Mamma To Be package," the young woman who was showing you around explained, "and daddy's booked himself a few treats as well," she added with an indulgent smile. 

    "Where possible you'll have your treatments in the same room at the same time," she continued as she showed the two of you toward the changing rooms, "and other than the treatment times you've got the place to yourselves so make yourself comfortable and let us know when you'd like to eat, there are menus available from reception,". 

    You thanked her for showing you around just before you and Chris headed into the changing rooms. When you opened the sports bag Chris had packed you saw a selection of your swimwear to choose from, as well as the book you were currently reading and your tablet, you smiled to yourself, knowing he'd thought of everything. 

    "Any requests for swimwear?" you asked as you looked through the options.

    "Whatever your most comfortable in sweetheart," he replied as he took a quick shower to refresh before changing. 

    Your baby had woken up since arriving and was wriggling around while you changed. You rubbed your stomach gently as you smiled to yourself. 

    "Isn't daddy the best?" you said softly, making sure Chris didn't hear, you didn't want to inflate his ego too much, as if to agree the baby kicked hard, making you gasp. 

    "Are you okay?" Chris asked from the shower stall, shutting off the water. 

    "Yeah just a kick," you replied, taking your book from the bag, "I'm gonna go and get a spot by the pool, join me when you're ready,". 

    "Make sure you save me a spot," Chris joked, as you headed back toward the pool, selecting a lounger that was bathed in bright sunlight and spreading a soft towel over it. 

    You sat and stretched out, the air was warm but a fresh breeze blew through one of the open patio doors. You opened your book and picked up where you'd left off the night before. 

    "You're an absolute vision, you know that?" Chris said as he walked toward you, a towel slung over his shoulder and a love drunk grin on his face. 

    His swimming trunks were dark blue and sat just at his hips, the rest of him was bare, freckled and lightly tanned, you felt your mouth flood with saliva at the sight of him. 

    "Not looking so bad yourself," you replied as he sat down beside you. 

    Chris chuckled and patted his lower stomach, he'd not been training so much lately and a healthy layer of fat had covered the muscle underneath. 

    "Been working on my dad bod," he said as he turned his head toward you. 

    "I think it's hot," you commented, having always prefered him when he was between roles and looking distinctly less superhero. 

    The two of you read for a while, Chris often interrupting your reading to read you a bit of his book that he thought was particularly interesting, once you'd realised you weren’t going to get your book read you suggested a dip in the pool. 

    The water was a little cooler than the air and it made your skin prickle as the two of you swam lazily up and down, the water giving you a little relief from the weight of your growing belly. 

    You rested your back against the wall of the pool and kicked your legs out in front of you as Chris swam more lengths, his body moving easily through the water. He stopped, shaking the water out of his hair and running his hand over his face. 

    "Are you gonna teach her how to swim?" you asked, your hand traveling to your belly. 

    "If she wants to learn I will," he replied. 

    "What about riding a bike?". 

    He smiled and shrugged, "sure, if she wants too,". 

    "And pranks?". 

    He dropped lower into the water and swam over to you. 

    "That's the first thing she's learning," he said as he drew up in front of you, catching your legs in his hands and stilling them before drawing them apart, allowing him to move toward you. Instinctively you wrapped your legs around his waist as he leaned in for a kiss. 

    "First treatments in about 15 minutes, we should probably dry off a bit,". 

    "What is the first treatment?" you asked, reaching up and brushing your fingers through his wet hair. 

    "Pedicures," he said with a broad smile, "because soon you won't be able to see your toes, let alone paint them," he added playfully. 

    He made a move away from you but you locked your ankles behind his back, holding him in place, his hands caressing your thighs gently under the water. 

    "Are you still going to love me when I can't see my toes?" you asked, keeping your voice playful but the insecurity feeling very real. 

    "Even more than I do now," he replied. 

    "What about when I can't pick anything up off the floor?". 

    "I'm going to be following behind you picking up anything you can't because I love you so much," Chris said softly, kissing the tip of your nose. 

    You opened your mouth to ask him another "will you still love me" question but he spoke first. 

    "Out of the pool first, and then I'll reassure you that nothings going to stop me loving you okay?" he said firmly but still smiling. 

    You nodded, slipping your legs from around his waist and following him to the steps and out of the pool. The two of you towelled off, you took particular pleasure in rubbing the towel over Chris' wet hair and seeing a shiver travel down his spine as you rubbed the tips of your fingers hard against his scalp. 

    You wrapped a large, fluffy robe around yourself when a young woman opened a door off to your left. She stepped into the pool area and smiled warmly. 

    "Are you ready for your pedicures?" she asked. 

    "Sure are!" Chris replied, slipping his arm around your shoulders and leading you toward the treatment rooms. 

    Watching Chris get a pedicure made you laugh so hard your belly ached, you'd never seen a person cringe or fight so hard against having his feet touched and you made a mental note to tell Scott about it, knowing he'd be able to utilise the information into a prank somehow. 

    After your pedicure Chris ordered the two of you a light lunch that was served out on the patio overlooking the lawns and woods. There were a few hotel guests walking their dogs in the grounds and your thoughts turned to Dodger. 

    "Nice to see their dog friendly," you commented as you picked at your sandwich, feeling full of savory food. 

    "Yeah," Chris replied absentmindedly as he ate, "that's good to know,". 

    You stayed out on the patio while Chris returned inside, moving between the steam room and the ice shower to cleanse his body. 

    You came back inside out of the sun just as he was stepping under the ice shower, his skin was glistening with sweat and blushed bright red from the steam as he stepped under the jet of ice cold water. 

    You felt your whole body shiver with delight as you watched the water cascade over his form, his muscles bunching and relaxing at the extreme change of temperature. He caught your eye and grinned as he rubbed his hands over his body, making your heart race ever faster. 

    You wished you could drag him somewhere private and have your way with him and watching as Chris toweled himself didn't help, you were seconds away from saying something when someone arrived to take you for your massages, and you were almost glad for the distraction.

    After the massages the two of you spent some time in the relaxation room, cuddled up together on one of the loungers, Chris' arm wrapped tightly around you, his cheek pressed to your forehead. 

    "This has been such a beautiful day," you said softly, slipping your hand inside his fluffy robe and resting your hand on his bare chest. 

    "It really has," he agreed, kissing your forehead. 

    "Thank you so much for this," you said, feeling drowsy, safe and comfortable in Chris' embrace. 

    "Anything for my girls,".

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    sweet as a milkshake | ben miller

    summary ⇢ “I thought you were supposed to be tough,” Benny teases. A small smirk on his lips that still hurt from the last punch from his opponent. You still work in silence, too focused on getting him back together. “But you’re sweet as a strawberry milkshake.” He closes his blue eyes as you bandage his knuckles.

    warning ⇢ f!reader, mentions of fighting, bruising, blood, mentions of smut (but it's only in a teasing manner), kissing, probably some typos

    word count ⇢ 1098

    a/n ⇢ this just poped in my head and i had to write something about it :), any feedback is greatly appreciated!! also we need more benny gifs :(

    Benny is not used to sweet touches. He’s used to harsh shoves and knuckles in his jaw. He’s used to the uncomfortable throb in his cheek after a fight. So your gentle touch on the forming bruises shocks him every time.

    You, the sweetest human in the whole building. The nurse who’s supposed to be used to patching up roughed up guys. Who’s not supposed to flinch every time her patient winces or grunts out of lesser pain than in the cage.

    Yet here you are. Your eyes squeezing at the sound that leaves Benny’s mouth when you press the ice pack on the side of his face that’s starting to swell with all shades of yellow. In all honesty, it could have been worse. It could've been like the first time you got him into your care, he lost that fight then and had much worse colours on his face. But you still wince, any amount of pain he endures, it's almost like you do too.

    “I thought you were supposed to be tough,” Benny teases. A small smirk on his lips that still hurt from the last punch from his opponent. You still work in silence, too focused on getting him back together. “But you’re sweet as a strawberry milkshake.” He closes his blue eyes as you bandage his knuckles.

    “Don’t you sleep on me, Ben. And I don’t like strawberry milkshake,” you tease right back with a curl of your own lips. “I’m more of a chocolate milkshake gal.” As you say that, the boxer opens his eyes, the smirk on his pink lips widening.

    “What about I take you out, winner's treat.”

    “Shut up, Benny.” You can’t help but chuckle. Quickly, you turn around so he won’t see his charm has worked. But just as almost every fight night, he notices right away. His now cared for hands snake around you waist, making you turn around so he can see the affect he has on you.

    “You know I never do, sweet girl.”

    You hum and take him into your arms, his own now completely enveloping you in the gentlest of hugs he can muster in himself.

    "Can we get the milkshake on the go?"

    “Ooh,” he hollers, “Is the hot nurse trying to get me into her bed?” he jokes, tickling your sides and making you laugh along with him, succeeding to lift your spirit even more.

    "That hot nurse isn't going anywhere with you before we celebrate," a familiar voice sounds through the room, making you look behind.

    "Pope!" You make a quick move to get out of your boyfriend's hold and run the few steps into Santiago's. "You made it! Did you see him fight? Is everyone else coming?"

    "Alright, alright, sweet thing. One thing at a time." Pope laughs. But before he can answer your questions, you're out of his hands too.

    "Will, Fish!" Both men chuckle at Pope's dissapointed face and Benny's little pout.

    "Got a bit of time for another hug?" Will leans down slightly to wrap you into his arms, looking from your shoulder at his still puppy-eyed brother. "I hope he's been good when we weren't here."

    "The goodest, a bit out of it but everything's fine," you reply as you go to hug the last of your friends.

    "You think he's fine to grab a beer and chips?" Frankie asks and looks at Ben in question. "Or are you desperate to get the hot nurse into your bed as you said?"

    Benny comes closer to hug his best friend, Fish whispering a quick congratulations and Ben nods in thanks. "Not a beer today, pal."

    "You can join us for milkshakes, though," you offer, seeing the little fall of the men's eyes. They all light up at the sweet offering, except Benny.

    "I thought we were getting them on the go?"

    "Don't be greedy, man," Pope says and wraps his hand around your waist, getting you closer to kiss your cheek, teasing his friend.

    A small "alright," leaves Benny's mouth and before you know it you're sitting next to him in Will's truck, on the way to the nearest diner. His head is on your shoulder in the backseat and you notice how his eyes keep closing, each time for a little longer. Softly, you move your fingers through his dirty blond strands. A deep, almost like a purr sound leaves his throat.

    Benny is finally at peace. He can't feel the pain, the throb or the bruises. All he feels is your sweet touch on them, dulling the stings, making it all alright. "Thank you," he says when Will pulls up in the diner's neon light parking lot. Somehow, his brother knows these words aren't for him, even though they're loud enough for him to hear.

    "For what?" you say when Will closes the door of his own truck, leaving you alone for a bit of peace.

    "For showing me a life without the blood, for giving me love instead," he looks at you from the space between your chest and neck, where he's nested into you. "I love you."

    "I love you too, Benny," you smile widely at the handsome man you call your lover.

    "No, sweet girl," Benny squeezes your hand in his, looking even deeper into your eyes, as if searching for your soul, "I love you."

    It's like the roof of the truck fell down on you. It hit the deepest part of you and made you helpless to move. "Benny." You squeeze his fingers in return. You understand, you always understand him. No matter how messed up his head gets and he can't find his words. Or when he gets so excited and starts to babble nonsense. Just like that, you understand that he's showing you the most vulnerable part of himself right now. The fragile boy that lies beneath the tough ex-soldier.

    You cup his cheek. He doesn't flinch from the bruise, he only feels the pads of your fingers grazing the skin of his face. "I love you." You smile into the kiss he gives you right after your words. He tries to be gentle and sweet as you are, but he always ends up wanting more. A desperate moan escapes him when you don't allow him to lick into your mouth and are the first one to pull away. "Not now, baby. The guys are waiting for us."

    He breathes out, disappointed. But it only lasts a second. "But you'll patch me up after, right?" He's back to his goofy persona, teasing left to right.

    "We'll see."

    #ben miller x reader #ben miller x you #ben miller fanfiction #benny miller x female reader #benny miller x reader #benny miller x you #benny miller imagine #benny miller fic #benny miller fanfiction #benny miller fluff #triple frontier fanfiction #triple frontier fic #triple frontier x reader
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    As some of you may know, I participate in a military history book club with some other volunteers at my museum. It's a lot of fun for me because it forces me to read about a wide variety of conflicts and perspectives and discuss them with a group of pretty smart people.

    At least once a year we try to read a book that's been adapted into a movie. So far we've done The Great Escape, which was pretty accurate to the book, and Monuments Men, which wasn't. This month our selection was Enemy at the Gates, by William Craig, and the 2001 movie of the same name.

    I wasn't expecting anything amazing from the movie version of Enemy at the Gates - Hollywood has a specific set of goals for storytelling and historians have another, and it's just the way of the world that they don't often meet in the middle.

    I feel like I should start by saying that I didn't like William Craig's book. Written in the 1970s, the big draw factor for Craig was that he was interviewing and quoting men and women who were actually at the battle, much in the same way Lyn Macdonald chronicled the First World War. While this gave a lot of insight about the lived experience of the battle, I didn't feel like I understood the context of Stalingrad and how the armies actually moved and fought. The other thing I didn't like about the book was the way it ended - Craig used many, many more German interviews than he did Russian towards the end of the book, and as it wrapped up I found myself feeling sorry for the Germans, which isn't necessarily the way one wants to end a book about a battle the Russians won.

    Which brings me back to the movie. This was my second time seeing Enemy at the Gates - I watched it a long time ago when I didn't know much about World War Two in general, and the one thing I remembered about it was the love story, which, obviously, doesn't really show up in the book.

    But the one thing I *did* notice this time around was the way Rachel Weisz's character Tania is written, and I feel like she can offer us a lot of food for thought on the way we write OFCs, because Tania - and I hate to say this - is a bit of a Mary Sue.

    The character is based, loosely, on Tania Chernova, a young medical student who fought as a partisan and trained as a sniper under Zaitsev, later becoming his lover. According to Craig, she "embarked on a relentless war against the enemy, whom she always referred to as 'sticks' that one broke because she refused to think of them as human beings." She seems like she was a pretty tough lady. (There are other historians who think Craig may have made her story up, so we should probably take this with a grain of salt.)

    The movie's Tania, however, is first presented as a pretty face on a train car as Zaitsev and his fellow soldiers are carted off to the city. Later they meet again in an underground apartment. She's a student of German literature - a language skill that the political officer Danilov can use. Her role in the story, immediately, is to cause friction between Danilov and Zaitsev. Later in the movie she reveals she knows how to fire a rifle because her family are Jews who would need to defend themselves, and they were planning to emigrate to Palestine. The backstory sounds like we're checking a box, like we can't have a World War Two movie if we don't have a Holocaust narrative in there somewhere. Don't get me wrong - stories like the Bielski partisans and the Ritchie boys are important and should be told, but the inclusion of this detail doesn't serve this story at all except to garner pity from the audience - which can be accomplished in so many other ways.

    There's just too much about Tania that's convenient - that she already knows how to use a rifle, that she speaks German but her political bona fides are never questioned, that she's a Jew who watched her family die, that she's pretty and remains pretty for the rest of the movie. These things come up exactly when it serves the story - not before. We need a compelling emotional moment and Danilov magically figures out Tania's a Jew, at which point she shares the story about watching her family get shot. It's a little too neat. And there's nothing in the movie to reflect some of the things that made the historical Tania interesting and compelling - the line about sticks, her grit and courage, her unwillingness to show mercy to the men occupying her city and her country.

    And, of course, she dies beautifully and tragically to inspire Zaitsev and Danilov to help win the battle. None of the action she takes in the story is for her goals or dreams - it's always for the two leads.

    So, where does this leave us with OFCs?

    Good characters need motivation - they have reasons for being where they are and doing what they do. Sharing that with your audience helps us understand them, take their side.

    On a related note, characters need backstories. They don't need to be groundbreaking or filled with trauma, but they do need to be consistent, and they need to be brought up from time to time. These folks started somewhere before the story began, and they'll need to end somewhere when the story stops. Write nobodies. Write medical students who have to learn to be snipers. Write characters with skills they will never have to use.

    And, lastly, Let people get messy - with their emotions, with their uniforms, with their lives. The movie makes a real hash of this love triangle, but real Chernova apparently crawled through a sewer and bluffed her way out of a German field kitchen. No artful Hollywood dirt smudges here.

    #enemy at the gates #original female characters #writing#writing advice#writing stuff
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    Charli D’amelio

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