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  • Fairy Tales

    When I was younger,

    my storybooks would tell me things,

    moral whispers in the back of my head,

    that I couldn’t quite understand back then,

    When I got older,

    I learned to read between the lines,

    finding the letters that weren’t really there,

    but the stories still made no sense,

    Because sure,

    Little Red Riding Hood taught me never to trust a wolf,

    but she never taught me how to find one,

    a no one ever warned me that all wolves wear sheep’s’ clothing,

    a wooly white comfort around their painful center,

    concealing their fangs behind the herd,

    their hooves coming for your mouth before you can speak,

    And sure,

    Snow White taught me that true love always wins,

    but she never taught me that true love doesn’t come from a man,

    or from his wallet,

    and it took me my whole life to realize,

    that the Dwarves were far more loyal to her than Charming ever was,

    he saw a bride where they saw a teenager,

    one who fumbled into the woods to escape

    from the pain all around her,

    And sure,

    Cinderella taught me that a good heart will get you that happy ending,

    but she never taught me how to find a good heart,

    or what to do when mine is bleeding,

    clinging to a memory,

    like there’s a fingerprint between my ribs,

    from someone who doesn’t belong there,

    But Little Red Riding Hood saw danger in Granny’s house,

    she knew it because she asked one question too many,

    so I think of her,

    every time I ponder whether or not bullets will bounce off lockers,

    or which window is safe to jump from,

    And maybe,

    just maybe,

    Snow White didn’t see love but safety,

    because when she burrowed herself in the heart

    of a Prince,

    he would hold her close,

    not let her starve,


    just maybe,

    she didn’t love the Prince,

    but loved not feeling afraid

    And Cinderella knew better than to give the Prince her name,

    tactfully leaving her shoe behind,

    because her love was a twisted game of “Hide and Go Seek”,

    and it wasn’t her heart that won her that crown,

    it was her ability to keep him chasing after her,

    And I could relate to them,

    in the twisted way that all little girls

    relate to big girls,

    because learning how to play your cards,

    means winning in this game called “life",

    a victory in “Survival of the Prettiest”,

    to boys, these stories were off dainty women,

    of rosy lips and damsels in distress,

    but to us,

    they were just coded instruction manuals,

    on how red lipstick and calculated giggles will keep us safe,

    because in the end,

    these are the women who teach little girls to crush the man’s world,

    and convince them that the destruction is made of love

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  • - lana del rey icons

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  • Evan Rachel Wood

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    Molly Prewett  | Twenty-Three | Pureblood | Neutral

    Nickname: Moll, Mom, or M

    Birthday: October 30th

    Wand: 11 ½ inches slightly springy, unicorn hair core, hawthorn wood

    House: Gryffindor

    Patronus: Fox

    Boggart :The corpses of her family

    Pet: Grey cat named Ghost

    Job: Bartender at the Three Broomsticks

    FC: Rose Leslie


    From the way she looks out for others to the way she carries herself, Molly has always been the mom friend. A family running joke that she was always meant to be a mother as children flock to her. Growing up, Molly often took to tending to her twin brothers; Gideon and Fabian. Normally, anyone else would grow to resent their siblings for burdening their childhood with having to also be a parent. But not Molly. She loved taking care of others and making sure they were always well off. But more often then not she forgets to take care of herself as well. Molly has no idea what the concept of self care is and would much rather spend her time tending to everyone else. She’s always been a little more rough and tumble than delicate and dainty. Even though she stands at a good five foot even. Because of her size and caring nature she is often treated as a doormat and forgotten.

    Though as she grew older, Molly learned to stand up for herself as well as others. Being that she spent her childhood fighting with her brothers she learned to use that brutishness inside her to be a force to be reckoned with. Though at times she takes things too far and makes others who have wronged her feel twice as bad she was made to feel. It takes Gideon telling her to tone it down for her to calm her storm and often times she needs to take a minute to cool off. Her unruliness runs not only in the upkeep of her hair but in the way she handles most things in her life. In school, she was the top of her class and made Prefect in no time. She was a natural in most subjects and often didn’t need to study. Nor did she see the need in it. 

    Come time to leave Hogwarts, she found herself panicking. Not knowing what to do in life. Knowing that she longed for a family but knowing full well that she was nowhere near ready. She didn’t want to settle down so early and instead decided to pass the time in bartending. Using her skill she found in school to memorize things for work as far as ingredients and what ale is the best. She’s quick on her feet and is often the best at what she does, When the war was announced Molly was terrified. She didn’t understand how others could side with He Who Must Not Be Named. She thinks the war is necessary as long as others are siding with him and will fight until her last breath to right the wrongs created by this.

    ✔: Nurturing–>Maternal–>Sensitive

    ✖: Domineering–>Bossy–>Manipulative


    • Gideon and Fabian Prewett

    Her little brothers that send her to an early grave or turn her hair red hair grey if they had anything to do with it. She loves them to death and she would do anything for them. She is upset and worried that they join Dumbeldore’s little army, she knows they are being noble and fighting for the greater good, but she doesn’t want to lose them.

    • Arthur Weasley

    The most insufferable man she has met, but also the man she loved most in the world. They are soulmates, since she didn’t think was possible until he spilled puddling on her in first year, and she yelled at him and he just grinned at her with his goofy and she was hooked.

    • Bellatrix Black

    She was not fond of the oldest Black child. She was everything that Molly was not and a lunatic. She wasn’t the type of person to hate another one, but she was really close with Bellatrix. She thought she was the best thing in the world and that she was untouchable, but if she tried to harm someone she cared about she would learn the hard way not to cross Molly.

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    Two (2) fools, One (1) brain cell.

    #dnd #dungeons and dragons #kanji’s dumb art #tiefling#female#half elf#male#daffodil#zeke#ezekiel
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    Niveous Haze | Twenty-One | Half-blood | Order

    Nickname: Niv, freak, ghost girl, Professor

    Birthday: Unknown December 2nd

    Wand: Current- 12 2/3, socotra-dragon, acromantula fang, slightly yielding

    Patronus: Unknown Acromantula

    Boggart: Dementors

    Pet: Zouwu name Jetsam

    Job: Herbology Professor at Beauxbaton Academy of Magic

    FC: Dove Cameron


    A young fairy-tale tragedy.  Nobody knows the exact day she was born as her biological parents never left that information when they abandoned her in a dumpster in London on a harsh winters night.  Her rescuer a muggle English Professor took it upon himself to name her Niveous Haze.  She was then passed on && raised in a muggle-run corrupted London Orphanage.  In && out of adoption until she was five they claimed strange unsettling things happen around her.  Cordelia.  London.  Jen.  Marry-Lynette.  These were the trophy names of her adoptions that failed but the ghosts that raised her well had brought her back to her roots calling her Niveous.  

    For Niveous, her childhood was a blur of before && after, all she really remembers is the constant abuse from the Nuns && the children finding her peculiar.  This spirited child always had a way of stirring up trouble getting her punished by the Nuns sending her to spend hours in the closet alone.  But she was never truly alone.  Those hours shut in the closet were spent being educated && raised up by the ghosts to become a proper lady of society.  It wasn’t until she was 10 years old was Niveous really in danger.  When the ghosts figured out Niveous was going to become apart of an elaborate scheme known as the child migrants program.

    Lady Adela de Sallowe went to the Ministry of Magic && demanded to adopt a child.  It was unheard of the dead wishing to take care of the living.  Never had they ever had a case quite like this one.  Everything fell into chaos in the  Department for the Regulation && Control of Magical Creatures for there were no rules against it for why would a ghost want to adopt a child?  Upon further investigation, the Ministry adopted Niveous && made her perform several tests until they were sure she was a witch.  So they had a witch with unknown origins being desired to be adopted by a ghost.  They declined Lady Adela de Sallowe’s offer to adopt Niveous.

    With the case rapidly catching the public eye the Ministry gave this a happy ending.  They gave Lady Adela guardianship like a ‘godmother’ title over Niveous to do as she pleased && found Niveous a proper wizarding foster family known as the Grimeson’s willing to take her in && take care of her.  She was now the youngest of three && the only girl in the Grimeson’s care.  With a ghostly godmother && being raised by the Grimeson’s with their two sons was an orphan’s dream come true.  Grooming her to be the best there is && you believed them, for a long time, but she never forgot her trauma && pain.  Driven straight into the open arms of magic, straight into the lull of one more fairy-tale.

    They called her the spirited child, for she questioned everything && was curious about this new world.  She’d experiment with her magic despite the Grimeson’s heavy objection when she was caught.  When she turned 11 an acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft && Wizardry arrived.  The sorting hat seemed to hover over her head for quite some time torn between the house of Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw until she was finally sorted into Ravenclaw.  No one ever could say they ever liked Niveous.  Everyone knew her as the ghost girl of Hogwarts. Her dorm mates came to despise her the second week of school.  

    With her ghost pet Jetsam running amok with its ectoplasm all over their stuff. Some didn’t know how to approach in fear of her being muggle-born.  The rest just thought she was just non-compos mentis.  Never did it ever truly bother Niveous that she was disliked && easily the target of other’s jokes or pranks.  She’s incredibly clever && even though she won’t fight back, she’ll get back at them in a sneaky, off-handed way when there alone that leaves them blinking in confusion.  The walls have eyes && ears && they told Niveous whatever she desired to know so no one was truly safe from her.  It was much worse by her third year when she somehow won over Peeves.

    She was magically talented && brilliant in most of her classes. Niveous briefly worked as an Auror, immediately following her graduating Hogwarts upon her foster parent’s request.  Then she began to train under a magizoologists whose wife happened to be a herbologist. Sometime afterwards, she sent an application the Care of Magical Creatures teaching position at Hogwarts that needed to be direly filled but Dumbledore himself denied her application && everyone knows it.  Putting that mark that she can’t be trusted.  But he was the one who secretly got her the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic Herbology position.

     Niveous, in the end, is ever so loyal to Minerva McGonagall && Albus Dumbledore despite the Grimeson’s loyalty to Voldemort && the Deatheaters.  Unrevealed to the other members of the secret organisation, the Order of the Phoenix that she’s also apart of it.  Unliked.  She’s very ghostly.  Instantly those that went to school with her to those that didn’t — only take one look at her && automatically assume she’s in league with the death eaters && gets mostly stayed away from. Muddling her stance on what side she’s truly on as rumours && lies about her have been spread like wildfire.  But it’s only a matter of time before the rumours come to an end && the truth is revealed.

    ✔: Free-less–>Clever–>Ghostly

    ✖: Curious–>Self-destructive–>Tactless


    • The Grimeson Family

    A pureblood family that took her in with no real good intentions.  The youngest in the Grimeson’s household.  This was a Wizarding family that had been on the brink of bankruptcy until the Ministry came knocking on their door with a deal to solve all their money problems.

    • Rubeus Hagrid

    Soft by nature, kind to her when she needed it.  Nothing was fake with Hagrid.  Which makes him her best friend.  Though she’s stopped writing letters completely for fear she’d get him targeted.

    • Peeves

    They’re each other’s ride-or-die trouble twosome.  Minus the romance.  But some might disagree since he was her date to Prof. Slughorns Slug Club Dinner Party he made unforgettable ( which Professor Slughorn had to make some adjustments for Niveous resulting in a no ghost no poltergeist partners ). The two hit it off after a pretty rocky start.

    • Gabriel Parker

    At first glance, many would deem Gabriel && Niveous an unlikely pair, but after he lost his voice.  It seems this Ravenclaw supported this voiceless Gryffindor through a hard time in his life.  Finding ways to bond && remained friends despite their differences.  But lately with the progression with how everything turning out like Hagrid so he won’t become a target if things turn out horribly wrong.

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  • Women

    We women are either crazy or utterly fearless. We grow up being told the most horrific stories of pregnancy, from the debilitating morning sickness all the way to the vaginal-tearing agony that is childbirth, just so we can then care for a completely dependant little person who screams and cries and creates mess and havoc in their wake and we still say “you know, I want me some of that”

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  • Prompt: A recently transformed hyena woman discovers the issues of finding fitting underwear for her female-penis while in a changing room.

       Hearing the telltale huffs and hums of a customer struggling with an outfit, Tamara knocked on the changing room door. “Is everything alright in there miss?”

       “Just…having a little trouble.”

       “Most people do after they get a gene splice. It’s just something to expect.”

       “Yeah, well I didn’t have much of a choice,” the customer replied. “The hyena DNA I was given did save me, don’t get me wrong. But…I didn’t expect the other…side effects.”

       “Tell me, what brought you here today?”

      “My boyfriend invited me to dinner tomorrow night. It’s the first date since my transformation. I…think I know what he wants to do, so I want to pick out a decent set of lingerie for the event. Just…nothing seems to look right.”

       “Come on out and let me see.”

       “I don’t know…”

       “It’s fine miss, it’s my job to help you.”


      The door to the changing room slowly opened. Out stepped the customer, her body covered in yellow fur with brown spots and a mane of black hair going from the top of her head and down her spine. Aside from the muzzle and paws for her hands and feet, her shapely hips and bosom clad in a set of lacey, pink underwear wouldn’t look out of place on a normal woman. However, the thing that had the customer itching to get back behind cover was the bulge in her panties. Trying to adjust herself, accidentally let her penis-like clitoris slip out of her underwear.

       “No, this isn’t going to work at all,” Tamara said, shaking her head much to the hyena woman’s dismay. “I know what we have to do.” Running off, she returned shortly with a number of different set of panties and bras in her arms. “Pink really doesn’t accentuate your body well. I’ve got nothing else to do, so let’s get to work.”

       The hyena woman showed off a small smile. Taking the first set of lingerie, she stepped back into the changing room to try them on.

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  • Pen Pal Wanted

    Hello! I’m 22, female, from the USA. I’m in search of a pen pal in any country, 18+, any gender. I’m looking to send and receive fun crafty letters and trinkets.

    Likes: cats, memes, Star Wars, Marvel, art, DIY, crafts, sewing, rain, coffee, Netflix, music, naps, spooky things

    Dislikes: raw tomato

    If anything here interests you or you also have a strong hatred of raw tomatoes- send me a message!

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    Andromeda Black  | Twenty-one | Pureblood | Neutral

    Nickname: Andy

    Birthday: December 6th

    Wand: Ebony wood, Dragon Heartstring 12in. Slightly springy

    House: Slytherin

    Patronus: Snow Leopard

    Boggart: Being killed by her sisters

    Pet: A cat named Ellie

    Job: Unemployed

    FC: Adelaide Kane


    Andromeda was a darling of her parents and sisters she was the middle child but never felt like one. She adored her siblings and often the three would play games like chess or outside in the backyard. Getting her letter was one of the happiest moments even more when her sisters got theirs as well. She was especially nervous though she wasn’t quick to show it often she’d play with her hands in front of her when she was scared or her hair especially in her least confident classes. What if she was put in another house?? What if she didn’t get to see her siblings? Delighted she got Slytherin she excelled fast in school especially charms. Charms had to be her favorite. She always helped out at home with her mother which explained her knack for it, though defense against the dark arts had to be her second favorite she doesn’t often duel with anyone certainly not part of the dueling club but it did make her proud to be good at it. Throughout school Andromeda kept most her close relationships in tact it was a true balancing act with Narcissa and Bellatrix, whenever Bellatrix got to intense at times she had Sirius, but even Sirius she didn’t speak about Ted with. Ted was a surprise and the best thing to happen to her but Merlin was it scary hearing others in Slytherin house bash others like Ted what if something were to happen to him? What if it was from Rabastan.. Merlin she recoiled thinking of spending the rest of her life with him. He was vile she would surly suffocate before their wedding. She couldn’t think of it. She couldn’t stop her hands from trembling and would often go for a walk with her shoulders and head held high. Even in their secret meetings she would shake against Ted when their future was discussed but with each stroke he made brushing her hair she felt her heart quicken and face heat up. Their future. It was all she wanted.

    Towards the end of school she kept her focus on her studies. If she kept her focus on that she could do what she always wanted. Her stomach felt sick with acid whenever she looked at the rest of her family or that crest their persecuting of others was getting more extreme she felt they were beginning to steal her breath.

    After graduation Andromeda grabbed teds hand and raced to get get away just as she expected though she was happy to be free in a way and with Ted it ached her heart that she was disowned. Her own parents.. her sisters. Her world. She didn’t hold their gaze very long whenever they were in public Andromeda wasn’t sure what she would even say if they had approached her. They got a little place it was overwhelming like her old home and just big enough for maybe someday a child.

    ✔: Kind–>Intuitive–>Organized

    ✖: Undeceive–>Stubborn–>Short-Tempered


    • Edward Tonks

    She ran away from home to be with him, she turned her back on everything for him, and she can’t help but think she is more invested in him than he is in her. And that thought alone makes her miserable. They live together and yet she never felt farther away from a person.

    • Emmeline Vance

     A good friend of hers, someone that understands what she is going through and the struggle of being away from her family. They spend hours talking together in her flat, and she is grateful for her friendship, besides her sisters she never had any close friends.

    • Bellatrix & Narcissa Black

    Her sisters that she hasn’t seen in months, she loves them truly but she couldn’t do their lifestyles anymore, she isn’t like them, she doesn’t like seeing people hurt and she didn’t hate people because of their blood statues. She has been avoiding them ever since she decided to leave.

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    Alice Noel | Twenty-Two | Pureblood | Order

    Nickname: Lice

    Birthday: June 1st

    Wand: Ivy,10 and ¼ inches, Unicorn tail Hair, flexible

    House: Gryffindor

    Patronus: Otter

    Boggart: Clown

    Pet: A black cat named Bubble

    Job: Auror

    FC: Shailene Woodley


    Ah! How Alice loved to live outdoors as a child! Her parents loved to stroll along unfamiliar trails, to teach every little detail that the magical world could offer to a little girl who seemed to have a limitless imagination. To her parents’ despair, however, all of the girl’s dreams were enveloped in aurors. Her intrinsic desire to be at the forefront of Ministry protection made her parents shiver, trying hard to get Alice to find other focuses in life. However, they didn’t have any success.

    She was very good at different areas of life, but nothing seemed to shine more eyes than the world of the Aurors, or her best friends, and Frank. So even when she hadn’t been called Gryffindor’s Prefect, she wasn’t so upset. Especially, how would she be upset if Lilly was the monitor? Alice had more time to hone her dueling skills, detect dark arts, and even engage in some dangerous activities that teachers left for students to train.

    From third through seventh grade, she played quidditch for Gryffindor’s team as Beater. Alice proved to everyone that regardless of her being delicate and cute, she could also be a combat machine. She had even realized that she liked to compete, but really loved to sit with friends and have fun even trying to break up fights they got into. Among all those was a crush she couldn’t get over, also though she dated other guys who looked a lot like Longbottom. Maybe it was time to assert that romance. No?

    She worked hard to become an auror, trying her best to get the best grades, acquire new skills, and even being treated as equals by co-workers. During this period, she chose to enter the Order. No one had to influence her, especially when she saw how much of the attacks had risen simply by the pleasure of instilling fear among people, and this she could not tolerate. She had even put some of them inside Azkaban! This decision to not accept those actions put her as a potential target for the Death Eaters. But Alice didn’t care. It would end that war disgrace by doing everything it could to win the good.

    ✔: Generous–>Determined–>Adventurous

    ✖: Careless–>Rebellious–>Bossy


    • Lily Evans, Mary McDonald, Marlene McKinnon and Dorcas Meadowes

    Her best friends in the world. She would do anything for those four women. She never thought she would have had such amazing friends. They are her favorite people and she knows they feel the same about her.

    • Frank Longbottom

    She has a huge crush on, and has since their first year. He was adorable and so clumsy but she couldn’t help but adore that about him. His smile made her happy and his laugh seen a swarm of butterflies to her stomach. She knows that he is a good friend, but she wants him to be more.

    • Lucinda Talkalot

    She doesn’t know why Lucinda doesn’t like her, she knows not everybody has to like you, but at least she would like to know why she doesn’t like her. She has never done anything to her before, she has always been nice to her, and yet Lucinda sends her nasty glares and spreads rumors about her.

    Status: TAKEN

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