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  • bumblingbabooshka
    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Lieutenant Uhura’s Prince

    #idk why but I had the perception that uhura was more badass girlboss type of female character #but I watched a few eps of tos and I love how cute and dreamy she is!! #couldnt be bothered to draw this all out digitally #spock/uhura#spock/uhura art#spuhura#spuhura art#bee doodles #also if star trek doesnt let black women have curls ima lose it
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    18.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Wanna see something better? Click the link. ;)


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  • thesolotomyhan
    18.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #and yes i know writing gender neutral over a female reader for pacho is the same thing because hes strictly gay #this is kind of why i tend to not write on him so much because i never mean to ‘’disrespect’’ or bash on the lgbt+ community #i do keep in mind that hes gay when i write for him and it’s one of the main reasons why i hold off a lot of the requests i have for him #and dont post him as much as i do the rest- because it is damaging to him #but thank you for bringing this to my attention! :) #if my answer is not what you were expecting and you feel as though i may not be hearing you out #please with all do respect feel free to block me its going to be the best way to avoid your uncomfortableness #i never intended to hurt anyone with non-harmful fanfiction- #thats just fantasizing a short moment for my followers that enjoy his character
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  • thattumtho
    18.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    chubtober day 17 - mutual gaining

    #female weight gain #male weight gain #weight gain#wg #weight gain sequence #mutual gaining#chub kink#fat kink#chubtober
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  • contagiousgrace
    18.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Love that being a woman means googling bizarre things just to try to understand the mystery of my own body.

    #Just had a 'ohmy gosh is that lump' moment #And idk maybe it is but maybe it's a cyst or maybe it's just normal cycle inflammation #Or something else #Idk who knows! #Anyways it's prob fine and I'll check it again tomorrow and maybe get an appointment #But the internet was like ~shrug~ 'the female body is an enigma to all good luck with that's
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  • fallenisded
    18.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    A little something while you guys wait for the next chapter of The Unamed College Au <3

    Female Manager [Y/N] x Inarizaki Team…platonically…idk-

    The team making fun of Astumu’s way of stopping the band when he need to set <3 ————————————————————————————————————————

    “No no, he goes like this,” [Y/N] clears her throat and puts up her arm with a fist, facing slightly towards the ground with a serious face, volleyball in her other free hand.

    The Inarizaki volleyball captain chuckled slightly and looked away with his hand on his mouth, the brown haired middle blocker pretending to be a trumpet playing the school song along with the silver haired wing spiker.

    The teen aggressively puts down her hand, still having that making Rintarou and Osamu stop and stand still like a robot.

    Aran bursted out laughing making Shinsuke snort, the blonde setter groaned and started pouting at the scene of his friends making fun of him.

    “Why are you guys being so mean to me all the time??!”

    “N-no but Tsumu, you honestly look dumb as hell when you do that,”

    The group tried to stop laughing but failed miserably after hearing Atsumu’s yells towards the manager and started chasing her around the the gym.

    “L-like how in the world did you even come up with something like that t-to stop the band,” The other Miya said as he tried to stand up straight from the intense laugh, patting Ren’s back to soothe his coughs.

    “Shut the hell up Samu! The girls think it’s cool!”

    “WELL I’M A FEMALE TSUMU!! EVER THINK ABOUT HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOUR SHITTY ACT??” The manager yelled from the balcony in the gym, making weird faces at the setter, mocking him.


    #inarizaki x manager #haikyuu x female reader #suna x female reader #miya twins#haikyuu#miya osamu#inarizaki scenarios#suna fluff#inarizaki fluff #miya x reader #miya atsumu x female reader #kita x female reader #miya osamu x female reader
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  • sydscribs
    18.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch (endgame edition)

    Follow me on Instagram for more!

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  • crownjimin
    18.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★ 030 | day one

    coffee — the enemies to lovers social media au where min yoongi refuses to date a cheerleader, but yoon haryun might be able to change that.

    ( masterlist / prev / next )

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★

    Yoongi had the mindset of punctuality once he texted Haryun. The clock ticked around to a quarter till one when he decided to head over to Toasty Beans to meet Haryun.

    At the time that he was leaving the apartment, Namjoon was returning from his Philosophy class and gave Yoongi a surprised look when he noticed the older guy dressed in attire other than his pajamas, preparing to leave the apartment.

    “You going somewhere, hyung,” Namjoon asked as he toed off his shoes by the door.

    Everyone knew that unless Yoongi had a mandatory class or basketball practice he’d rather hole himself inside of his room to work on music, and since Namjoon knew Yoongi’s schedule by heart at that point, he was well aware that Yoongi didn’t have anywhere to be at one in the afternoon on a Thursday.

    Yoongi bent over to reach for his own shoes, purposely ignoring the way Namjoon tried to catch his gaze. “Just to get some coffee.”

    “At one in the afternoon?”

    Yoongi hummed as he tied up his black Vans.

    A silence echoed for a mere second before Yoongi could hear Namjoon smile and inhale a laugh,”This is for Haryun, isn’t it?”

    “None of your business,” Yoongi patted both of his sweatpant pockets to check for his phone and his wallet, which he had both. “I’ll be back soon.”

    Just as Yoongi stepped out into the hallway from their apartment, Namjoon shouted,”Please don’t return with any more hickeys on your face!”

    “Why don’t you just shut up,” Yoongi retorted with no real conviction in his voice as he reached the elevators and pressed the down button.

    The reminder of the large, purple bruise (notice the word bruise, not hickey) caused Yoongi to pull the hood of his sweatshirt over his head, being sure to tighten the strings around it to secure it in place and keep the bruise out of sight.

    Once the rumor account on Twitter had posted about the hickey-no, bruise-on his face, Yoongi’s phone had been flooded with direct messages and text messages from his friends and a few girls he had hooked up with in the past. His friends were either making crude jokes or congratulating him on donning a sort of trophy from his “wild night” with whoever gave him the hickey; while the girls from his past hookups ranted about how unfair it was that they hadn’t been able to leave any marks on him. Yoongi found those texts quite funny because he never explicitly told these people to not mark him up, but he never was one for hickeys and such after a one-night stand.

    Besides, this was not a hickey or a sign of a “wild night” with someone. Instead it was a bite mark from a wild Haryun, who for some reason didn’t know how to properly bite someone and instead would leave her victims with blooming red hickies in her wake.

    Now everyone on campus thinks Yoongi has some clingy mistress or whatever, while only himself, his friends, and Haryun knew the truth. And for some reason it made Yoongi feel mysterious.

    from: yoongi

    i’m omw to toasty beans

    from: the actual devil


    i’m getting ready now

    By the time Haryun had texted Yoongi back, he had already reached the coffee shop and perched himself on the barstool at the seating area by the window. From his spot, he would be able to see when Haryun approached the coffee shop, from whichever direction she would appear from.

    The time read three minutes past one, and immediately Yoongi knew Haryun was someone who was terrible with time. As he waited, Yoongi people watched--noticing one woman with a baby strapped to her chest as she strolled down the sidewalk. Another man was walking down the sidewalk with his dog on a leash in one hand and a bag of takeout in the other.

    Yoongi could go for a good takeout meal for dinner, maybe he should start thinking about what he had a taste for.

    But just as he unlocked his phone, it buzzed with another text message from Haryun.

    from: the literal devil

    [ 1:12 ] okay i just left my apartment

    [ 1:13 ] now im in the elevator

    [ 1:15 ] it was a long elevator ride but now im in the lobby

    [ 1:16 ] now im on the street walking

    [ 1:18 ] just passed the phone store, i think i should get another phone case

    [ 1:19 ] that really good hot dog place was giving out free samples, so i got one. none for you though :/

    [ 1:23 ] there was this man with a dog, i pet it a lot

    [ 1:23 ] maybe i should get a dog

    [ 1:24 ] oh my gosh there was a lady with a baby, the baby smiled at me so i had to wave and then the baby waved back. i’m going to go talk to the baby

    [ 1:26 ] the baby’s name is sohye

    [ 1:28 ] sohye just blew me a kiss

    [ 1:29 ] aw i love babies

    [ 1:31 ] okay i said bye to sohye

    [ 1:33 ] im outside the coffee shop

    [ 1:33 ] i see you

    Yoongi watched as the text messages came through to his phone, intrigued by how easily Haryun got distracted. He watched her excitedly walk into the coffee shop before she bounced over to Yoongi with a bright smile on her face.

    “Hey,” She quickly spoke, stopping herself in her tracks before she slammed into Yoongi’s side. “You look all depressed just gazing out the window with sorrow in your eyes.”

    “That,” Yoongi locked his phone and slid it into his sweatshirt pocket. “Is not what I was doing, at all.”

    Haryun let out a noise of disbelief.

    “Oh, by the way. You lose focus very often and ridiculously easy,” Yoongi stood from the stool and made his way over to the line, which was nonexistent when he first arrived at the coffee shop, but now, thirty minutes later, there were quite a few people waiting to have their orders taken.

    Haryun wordlessly followed behind him, allowing him to continue speaking. “And you were also thirty minutes late, Haryun-ah.”

    “My bad,” Haryun blushed with embarrassment. “Moonhee had me locked in a cuddle sesh.”

    “You texted me at two minutes past one saying you were getting ready.”

    They moved forward a step in line.

    “And that was true,” Haryun nodded.

    “It took you thirty minutes to get here.”

    “I had an eventful journey.”

    Yoongi hummed, unimpressed. “How so?”

    “Did you not read my texts?”

    “I did-”

    The two of them moved up another step, only three more customers between them and the barista taking orders behind the counter.

    “Do I have a budget today, Yoongi?” Haryun asked as her eyes scanned the menu.

    “A budget,” He repeated slowly as if to compute what exactly Haryun just asked him. “For coffee?”

    “Well, I’m not quite sure how your bank account is set up so I don’t want to order something too expensive.”

    Yoongi chuckled at how serious Haryun seemed when she spoke. “How broke do you think I am?”


    “The most expensive thing on the menu is 11,000 won.”

    Haryun paused, scanning her eyes up and down Yoongi’s body with judgment in her eyes. “And do you have eleve-”

    “If you want me to buy you anything at all you won’t finish that question,” Yoongi deadpanned, staring at the menu quizzically as he attempted to figure out his own order. “Every time I speak to you my eye twitches in annoyance.”

    “Maybe you should see a doctor,” Haryun said. “That doesn’t sound healthy.”

    “Or maybe you just shouldn’t talk to me at all,” Yoongi retorted instantly, stepping up to the counter as the person in front of them completed their order.

    “Hi, my name is Gaeul, may I have a name for your order?” The barista behind the counter asked, her eyes glued to the register.


    Gaeul’s head snapped up at his name, Haryun giggling at how fast her head moved and the stars that erupted in the girl’s eyes.

    “Hi,” Gaeul muttered.

    Yoongi politely smiled. “Hi, Haryun what are you getting?”

    “Well,” A sigh left Haryun’s mouth that gave Yoongi the idea that she was about to make things difficult and he mentally prepared himself to apologize profusely to Gaeul for her actions. “What’s the most expensive thing on the menu, Gaeul-ssi?”

    “Uh,” Gaeul’s cheeks burned red. “It depends on what size drink you get and if you add things into the already prepared menu.”

    “So if I got a large caramel macchiato, iced with extra caramel pumps?”

    Gaeul paused to punch the order into the register. “Uhm, 9,500 won.”

    Haryun turned to face Yoongi, a look of shock and contemplation on her face which Yoongi returned with his own look of disdain and a whole lot of displeasure.

    “What do you think, Yoongi-ah?”

    Yoongi leveled Haryun with a heavy gaze, her taking it as a signal to hurry up and stop playing around.

    “That’s it for me, Gaeul-ssi,” Haryun turned to step over to the pick-up area, opting to make distance between herself and Yoongi before she pushed a little too far.

    Yoongi apologized to Gaeul before he told her his order, paid the amount due, and stepped off to the side to join Haryun.

    “You didn’t have to be so mean, Yoongi-ah,” Haryun began once she felt Yoongi step beside her. She was preoccupied with her phone, seemingly playing a game as she tapped the screen aggressively and sighed disappointedly. “It kind of hurt my feelings.”

    “How was I mean,” Yoongi stared at the side of Haryun’s face, taking note of the way her eyes squinted as she focused on her phone screen. “I didn't do anything wrong.”

    Haryun didn’t reply, too wrapped up in the game she was playing and Yoongi didn’t mind, he wasn’t in the proper mood to argue with Haryun and win, so if he could avoid an argument altogether then that was what he hoped for. But Haryun seemed like she wanted to continue the conversation as she locked her phone and looked up at Yoongi.

    “You gave me a mean look.”

    “What look?”

    “The one you’re giving me right now,” Haryun pointed her finger right in the middle of Yoongi’s face, gesturing to his expression. “And why is your hood on your head like that, you look dumb.”

    Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Geez, and you say I’m being mean.”

    The two of them stared at one another for a moment, Yoongi watching as Haryun fell into deep concentration and he knew exactly what she was thinking. As she raised her arms to grasp the strings to his hoodie, Yoongi grabbed her wrists and halted her movement.

    “Nuh uh,” He hummed. “Don’t.”

    “Why not,” she whined, stomping her right foot as she did so. “Are you cold or somethin’?”

    Haryun tried to grab his hoodie strings again and this time Yoongi yanked her arms down to her sides. “Haryun-ah, stop it.”

    “Y’know, I never said you could call me Haryun-ah,” She teased. “What if I’m your noona?”

    “You aren’t.”

    “What year are you?”


    “Shit,” Haryun cursed. “I’m ‘94. You’re old, Yoongi-yah.”

    That statement made Yoongi chuckle, genuinely. “Shut up.”

    “Medium Iced Americano for Ji Hajoon!”

    Haryun twisted her wrists to get Yoongi to release his grip on her and stood still for a moment. Yoongi kept himself guarded in case she attempted to remove his hood again, but after a few minutes he relaxed, noticing that Haryun turned her attention elsewhere for the moment.

    But just as Yoongi reached into his pocket to occupy himself with his phone until their order was called, Haryun snuck her hand up to the back of his head, grabbed the fabric of his hood and yanked. It left his neck at an awkward angle, but Yoongi was more pissed about Haryun not listening to him than anything else.

    “Oh my gosh, Yoon-“ Haryun gasped as she caught sight of what the hood was actually hiding.

    “What did I tell you?” Yoongi muttered, not finding the energy in himself to yell at Haryun about her yanking off his hood.

    Her eyes remained wide and they glistened with concern as she eyed the bruise on his left cheek, dark and purple like it had been for the last two days.

    “Oh, Yoongi-yah, I’m so sorry,” There was an air of sincerity in her voice as she stepped closer and examined the aftermath of her assault closely. She cupped his right cheek softly with her hand, using the leverage to tilt his face in a new angle to examine everything closer. “You should put ice on it.”

    “It’s fine.” Yoongi muttered. “Your hands are cold.”

    “Sorry,” She dropped her hand quickly, but her eyes never left the bruise. “It doesn’t even look like a hickey.”

    Yoongi stayed silent.

    “Okay, well maybe it does a little bit,” As Haryun spoke, Yoongi noticed a few people peeking over at him and the side of his face.

    That didn’t surprise him seeing as most of the campus followed the SNU Updates account and no doubt they saw the post about the hickey on his face. But that was different than having people actually stare at him and it, and Haryun was practically trying to medicate him in public like she wasn’t the one who did it.

    But no one needed to know that.

    “Stop looking at it,” Yoongi hissed at Haryun, grabbing her shoulders to turn her away from him. “You’re drawing attention.”

    “Well, it’s kind of hard to miss,” She said with her back facing him. “It’s so big and purple. You should name it.”

    Yoongi scrunched up his face, his nose curling cutely. “What? No. You name it since you did this to me.”

    “Aw really,” Haryun’s voice raised a bit, genuine excitement in her voice. “I think I like the name Farrah.”


    “Well, why not?”

    “It’s ugly.”

    Haryun gasped dramatically, her hand flying up to her chest to emphasize the amount of hurt she sarcastically felt. “Take that back!”

    “Uh, no.”

    “Yoongi,” She spoke, quite loudly, as she whipped around to face him again. “I was going to name my first child Farrah.”

    “I thought you were supposed to name your child something that won’t get them bullied?”

    “Oh, I’m going to cast-“

    “Large Iced Caramel Macchiato with two Caramel Pumps and a Chai Tea for Yoongi!”

    Yoongi walked up to the counter before Haryun could dish out her threat, the young barista handing Yoongi his drinks. Haryun quickly followed behind him, snatching her drink from his hand as she said, “I birthed that hickey on your face so I’m naming it!”

    “You birthed nothing, Yun-ah, let’s go.”

    “Yoongi, that hickey is named Farrah.”

    “It has no name, you poor child, now let’s go.”

    Yoongi made his way towards the door, watching as Haryun said something to the barista before she followed him out the door and onto the sidewalk.

    “Bada agreed with me that Farrah was a cute name,” Haryun said smugly as she stuck her tongue out.

    “Who’s Bada?”

    “The barista.”

    In an attempt to end the conversation there, Yoongi hummed like he finally agreed, but he couldn’t care less about the name for the unwanted bruise on his face. Haryun could think she named it Farrah but it would truly have no name.

    “Well,” Yoongi took a sip of his tea. “That concludes day one I guess.”

    “What are we about to do now?”

    “We,” Yoongi gestured to himself then Haryun. “Aren’t about to do anything. I’m going back to my apartment and I can care less about what you do.”

    Haryun pouted at that. “But Yoongi, we’re supposed to bond so I can forgive you.”

    “We never agreed on that.”

    “It was in the fine print.”

    “There is no fine print in text messages,” Yoongi retorted. “I wanna go back to my apartment.”

    “Then take me with you,” Haryun smiled, and Yoongi almost considered it, almost.

    “No, thank you.”

    “How about we just go to the pond over in the courtyard, sit and chat for a bit,” Haryun offered. “You can even read me the rough draft of your apology. Like a peer review before your final grade.”

    “I’m getting graded on my apology,” Yoongi asked with a slight chuckle.

    “Hell yeah, baby,” Haryun said as she finished taking a sip of her coffee. “Oh, shit, this is good. C’mon, it’ll be fun!”

    Yoongi paused for a second, watching Haryun bounce excitedly on her feet as she waited for his answer. He could either go lock himself in his room to attempt to finish a beat he started two weeks ago or he could sit at a pond with Haryun and possibly be annoyed for the next thirty minutes.

    While normally, his answer would clearly be music, hanging out with Haryun seemed promising. And for some reason he couldn’t say no to those big brown eyes that were pleading for him to agree.

    “Fine,” He let out a big sigh and Haryun squealed. “I guess we can go sit around a mass of water for no reason at all for a while.”

    “Not for no reason,” Haryun all but shouted as she excitedly grabbed his hand and pulled him in the direction of the campus courtyard. “It’s to revise your apology, Gi-Gi Bear!”

    “Oh, no, that is not going to be a thing.”

    “I think it’s cute,” Haryun mischievously giggled. “Gi-Gi Bear.”

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★

    ( masterlist / prev / next )

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★

    note: lmao, it’s literally 11:45 right now so it’s kind of not even sunday anymore but whatever. sorry, i had a test and a project to do after i got home from work so, anyway. enjoy!

    #jung hoseok#kim namjoon#kim seokjin#kim taehyung#park jimin#jeon jungkook#min yoongi #bts social media au #min yoongi x female oc #coffee social media au #enemies to lovers #min yoongi social media au
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  • the-queen-of-hell-666
    18.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Loving On You

    Kinktober 2021 - Day 16 

    Pairing: WinterWidow x Fem!Reader

    Kink: Double Penetration - 1. For girl whose pussy and ass get fucked separately, or only pussy get fucked, or only ass get fucked by 2 cocks/dildos at the same time. 2. For guy whose ass get fuck by 2 cocks/dildos at the same time.

    Words: 500+

    Summary: Bucky and Natasha show both of your holes some love. 

    Warnings: explicit sexual content (unprotected anal sex, anal sex, anal fingering, brief oral sex (f! receiving), slight rough sex, overstimulation), a bit of fluff, cuddling

    a/n: Sorry this was late! I’ve been hella busy!! This is day 16 of Kinktober!!! I hope you like this fic!!!

    You smiled as Natasha climbed onto the bed and you pulled her close to your chest. You kissed her lips passionately and she wrapped her arms around your neck. You gripped her ass softly as she kissed you deeper.

    She pulled away when Bucky crawled up behind her. He kissed her neck softly and you smirked at him. You ran your fingers through his hair and tugged softly. He groaned against Natasha’s soft skin and you pulled him up to kiss him passionately.

    He smirked against your lips before he laid you down. Natasha pulled away to grab her strap from the wall, as Bucky kissed down your body. He kissed your folds and moved down to lick into your hole as he tossed your legs over his shoulders.

    You moaned and moved to grab the sheets tight as his hot tongue explored your cunt. Natasha came over to you and kissed your lips passionately. She swallowed your moans with a smirk. 

    Bucky moved down to start licking into your tight little hole as he rubbed your clit with his thumb. You moaned as his tongue prodded your hole, and he slid the muscle in groaning at how your ass clenched around him. Natasha handed him a bottle of lube as she thrusted her dildo into your mouth. You gagged around her cock as she started pounding into your throat. 

    You whimpered as Bucky pushed a finger into your tight hole. He smirked as he felt your walls flutter around his finger. You moaned around the dildo as he started moving his finger slowly in and out of you. He moved up to suck on your clit and you keened around Natasha’s cock. 

    Bucky lubed up a second finger and pushed it into you and you pulled off Natasha’s cock to moan loudly. He moved his fingers slowly as he started scissoring you open for his cock. Natasha moved to lay under you and she slid the dildo into your cunt slowly. You moaned loudly as she thrusted into you and you threw your head back on her chest.

    Bucky pulled his fingers out of you as he lubed up his cock before he thrusted into your ass. Your jaw dropped as your eyes rolled back in your head feeling so full of your two loves. It was like heaven on earth as they started thrusting in and out of you fast. You moaned and whined loudly and they mixed with Bucky’s grunts as he felt your ass squeeze him.

    They pulled orgasm after orgasm out of your cunt and your thighs shook hard as they continued to thrust into you. You were whining and sobbing with tears of pleasure as Bucky thrusted deep into you and came deep into your ass with a loud groan. 

    Bucky gently pulled out of you and Natasha did the same and laid you down. Natasha cuddled you to her chest and you kissed her chest softly. Bucky came back with a wet cloth and cleaned up your cunt and ass before he laid down with you two. You were happy to be so loved.



    @honeyel @greeneyedblondie44 @its-just-may @leyannrae​ @pandaxnienke​

    #natasha x reader #natasha romanov #bucky x natasha #Bucky Barnes#bucky fanfic #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes x y/n #Bucky Barnes x female reader #natasha x y/n #natasha poly #natasha romanov x reader #natasha romanov x you #marvel#marvel fic#MARVEL FANDOM#marvel smut#marvel fanfiction#fanfiction#fandom#fanfic
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  • various-girl-xreaders
    18.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Anne Hathaway pt. 2


    Pairing: Anne x female!reader

    Requested: No

    Warnings: No


    Ever since you pulled that prank on Anne, she’s been coming up with all sorts of ideas to get you back until she finally decided on one.

    At this point in your relationship, you’ve become a YouTuber and you spend most nights editing your videos with a cup of coffee by your side. Only this time, you were so busy with your line of work that you had completely forgotten to make yourself a fresh pot of coffee. Just as you were in the middle of editing, tiredness suddenly hit you and your eyes were growing heavy.

    Anne? Yes, she’s noticed from a short distance of the missing ingredient and scampered off into the kitchen to make you fresh coffee. Well, her style of coffee anyway. Halloween was comping up and she thought there was no better time than now to pull her own prank on you. Earlier that day, she went to the local drug store and bought a small package of fake spider rings. She pulled them out as quietly as she could along with a mug while clipping off the bands underneath and set one in the bottom of the empty mug. By the time it was set and done, she had poured the coffee in, than brought it over to you, setting it down besides you as you were typing away.

    “Thanks, babe.”

    “No problem. Anything else I can get you?”

    “A kiss?”

    Anne than leans down to your level and presses her soft lips against yours before pulling away and getting back to work. As Anne pulled away, she made her way to the couch and started watching reruns of Criminal Minds. Anne may not seem the patient type, but that was all in the public’s eye as you would really have to get know her to understand that she wasn’t anything like that. Anne was being poorly misjudged as she was one of the most patient person you have ever come to know. When you picked up your mug, you took a swig of it and you did so until you were about halfway through: you failed to notice at how quickly Anne turned towards your direction from the tv. But was disappointed when you set it back down and continued your work.

    This time, Anne was so much focused onto her show that she didn’t notice you had picked up your mug once again and finished the rest. Anne had slightly jumped at the sound of your shrieking before realizing you’ve made your way to the fake spider. The mug slipped from your hand and shattered on the kitchen floor and that was when you noticed it was only fake.


    Anne laughed when you gave her a dirty look before realizing why she had done this to you. You were still in a state of fright, with your hand over your heart, breathing heavily speaking up.

    “I guess I deserved that.” You finally managed to say.

    Anne nods her head with a slight giggle before responding.

    “Damn right, you did.”

    With that, she walked back over to you, wrapping her arms around you; pulling you into her embrace while planting a soft kiss on your forehead.

    “I love you, Y/n.”

    “I love you more, Anne.”



    #anne hathaway imagines #anne hathaway imagine #anne hathaway x female!reader #anne hathaway#gxg #female x readers #female x female #send in requests #taking requests #open for requests #make a request #ask me stuff #request#requests#requested
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  • bariatriccarebymaria
    18.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    When I was at the gym earlier I saw a young girl in her twenties on the treadmill. I couldn’t resist putting the phone down next to my treadmill and recording her. Wish I could be feeding her some burgers.

    She was panting so hard and on the slowest run setting I’m 47 and I can run in the fast settings with no issue!

    She looked so sloppy, I bet she used to be thin.

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  • beewithknee
    18.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    here he lies

    major david angst.

    massive t.w - death, depression, angst, angst & more angst

    Your lungs burnt. Your heart strained. Your throat screamed. Your limbs froze. Nothing was working as it should. Your entire system had shut down and there you were, in the back of your mind, just watching. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't get your body to cooperate with you. Had it been hours? Maybe even a day at that point. Just sitting. Your lover had to come at some point.


    Life was just several shades of grey when he was gone. You simply sat next to the cold stone, tears burning your cheeks in the crisp afternoon. Flowers and life bloomed around you. It made you furious. How dare they continue living when the only thing you cared about was dead? How dare they be happy and healthy when the best person to ever live was gone?

    It wasn’t fair.

    That's all you kept repeating. It wasn't fair. It wasn't right… You wanted him back. Your head pounded from the silent sobs that were ripped from your chest. If only you had been faster. If only you had been stronger. If only you had told someone. If only….

    It was your fault, you knew it. You knew that he would ruffle your hair and tell you that it wasn’t, but deep down you knew. It had to be. It just was. The emotional and mental hurt was so agonising that it had started to show itself physically. Your chest ached everyday, your hair was slowly thinning, the bags under your eyes could rival even the deepest shade of purple, nosebleeds and headaches had become a constant. You didn't know how to survive it. How could you ever live without him by your side? Why couldn’t he have just left? Why did you ever have to get stuck with him? You took a deep breath before speaking. “Fuck you death. Are you listening? Watching? I hope you are because I say this with the most mount of offense and honestly possible for a weak little human like me; FUCK YOU!” You screamed, laughing slightly hysterically. You clutched at your chest, the pain was unbearable. “FUCK YOU! You took away the only person I loved and cared about. The only one to ever care about me. You took him and left me. It should’ve been me. Why wasn’t it me…. It should've been me.” The tears took your breath away, leaving you heaving. You felt sick, nothing you did could stop the pain. You longed to be back in your apartment, curled in bed, sharing sleepy kisses and quiet words. But you could never have that. Not again, not even for another second. You were delirious. Exhausted from the lack of sleep and crying. It just hurt with no end in sight. You slowly stood, legs shaking and mind blank. You couldn't feel the tears or the cold. Just the pain. You walked away silently. You’d come back tomorrow anyway. You got ready, ready to face the torture awaiting you at home, no. Not a home anymore. It was nothing but a silent apartment occupied by a hollow, lonely person. As you walked, specks of snow started to fall. You looked back one last time at the headstone.

    ‘Here lies David Shaw. A good man, a great leader, a wonderful friend and an incredible husband. May he run free with his family. Forever missed.’

    #redactedasmr#redacted asmr#redacted davey #david x angel #tw.death #male reader#female reader #gender neutral reader #angst#no fluff #no happy ending #I made myself sob like a baby writing this #literally bawling#cry cry
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    🔪 Wild lil bitch 🔪


    You can't escape my love Kakucho♡♡♡

    Kakucho x yandere reader

    Female reader

    Warnings;Stalking,metion of blood,mention of character death,yandere behavior,reader caught a body,

    Manga spoilers of Tenjiku arc

    Would prefer you to read in Goth Rave colors. It helps settle the mood for the story....trust me.

    [G/n]=girls name


    I'm not sure when it started....But I'm pretty sure it was after his death.She needed comfort when he died and for some reason she trund to me. I didnt mind at first, but a lot has changed from her seeking comfort to her following me around,To constantly wondering were I am,To showing up at my house/location out of nowhere,To randomly clinging to me. Many times I would try to get distance form her but she didn't get the point.

    Even if I directly tell her to leave me alone,She'll end up just stalking me till I call her out. Saying that she misses me and she likes being close. Which usually ends with her arms linked in mine and whinging about how I shouldn't leave and she'll never leave me.

    Things over time got wores,Turns out she has feelings for me. They started to develop after Izana death. I was warned about [y/n],How whenever she falls in love she goes of the charts. But I never thought she'll get over Izana,she was head over heels for him.

    Finally she confessed to me, I remember when she ask me,it wasn't like a normal confession that you would see on movies,No,no this was fuck up.

    "Kaku-kun be mine please Kaku-kun if you say no I'll ask you again and again so just say yes now Kaku-kun do listen to what anyone says I'll do anything for you Kaku-kun we don't have to worry about what others think I'll just kill them so it could be just me and you Kaku-kun!."

    I wanted to say no but apart of me had feelings for her. So I decided to say yes,But I wasnt prepared for all the consequences that came with it.

    Being in a relationship with her was complicated. She's constantly has her hands all over me. I can't go a day without her hands finding my way around my torso. Whats worse is she hates it when I speak to other girls. I'm not allowed to even breath next to one without [y/n]threatening to kill her.

    Even though all that,She does have a soft,normal teenage girl side. She'll get shy if I say something or do something flirty,she'll enjoy watching romance movies together to,not to metion she's really good with studying and maintaining her grades.

    "You should buy this it looks cute on you"

    "Kaku d-dont say things like that in public,its embarrassing".

    She would claim as she hides her red face behind her hands.

    "Why can't we watch this action movie instead?".

    "What no!....I really wanna watch this romantic film with you Kaku-kun plzzz".

    "Your not coming [y/n]?"

    "Kaku-kun I wish I could go with you but I have to study....but you know the rules~"

    Thats the side of [y/n] I love,I wish she could be more like that more often.She would eventually start acting normal when she released im not a fan of her yandere side.She'll try her hardest not to react and it'll work to,She was staring to change.

    But it all went down hill over a stupid project,I was partner with a girl in class and [y/n]was not found of the idea. She kept pestering me to ditch the girl and make her my partner,I told her no. I mean I needed a break from her,she was insufficient and toxic, obsessed and desperate.

    "What part of no dont you understand [y/n]!?."

    " Why are you being so mean to me Kaku-kun,I wanna be your partner!".

    "No [g/n] is already my partner and I see you everyday,your so intoxicated and clingy,I can't stand you sometimes."

    "H-how could y-you say that Kaku *sniff* I love you so much but you seem *sniff* like you hate me".

    Tears began to fall down her face as she tries to whip them away with her sleeves. Seeing her cry made the male's heart strings tug,He felt bad so he wrapped his arms around her small frame and pulled her close.He could hear her muffled whines,sniffs n whimpers as she let out her emotions.

    "[Y/n] listen......I-i think we should probably take a break....for now......I still love you but I ment what I said about you before,I wasnt kidding I just need a break from you for a while".

    The girl was silent at first but she said something,After a while but it was muffled .


    She pushed away from him and look down at her feet,a dark shade covering her eyes.

    "Its all her fault.....She did this to you Kaku,my kaku would never say anything like that....he'll never hurt my feelings like that.... she manipulated you into saying that,She wants to take you away from me,She wants you all to her self why can't you see that Kaku-kun!''.

    "Stop comparing [G/n] to yourself,she isn't like you".

    "How dare you....you dare you defend that tramp who's only using you against your own girlfriend!''.

    "Cause her screws aren't loose,she dosent......"

    "Kakucho-kun....you should leave now.......you hurted me......but your actions......will suffer heavy consequences" .

    He wasn't gonna lie,Her words caused him a break a sweat. As he mumbles a goodbye before leaving.

    'Heavy consequences!? what does she mean by that?!'.

    A few days past and [y/n] seem to be fine,She would avoid Kaku she wouldn't even talk to him. But this is what he wanted right? For her to leave him alone right?.But had to be sure,y the hell is she being all nice to [g/n]?

    instead of hanging out with him all day,she began to hang with [g/n]. Kakucho starts to get uneasy feeling about the friendship. Just a few days ago [y/n] was say that [g/n]was only using him and calling her harsh names.But now their all buddy buddy with each other.

    "[Y/n] can you stop for a minute".

    But she doesn't she ignores him and proceed to walk. But this pissed him off,he need answers and answers he'll get.

    "Damnmit [y/n] don't ignore me!".

    He yelled as he grabbed shoulder and pushed her up against the nearest wall. He dosent care if he's being rough,[y/n]isn't some fragile girl that can't take care of herself,Thats what she want you to think to get fooled by her fake smiles and laughs but he knows when she's faking it he knows that this innocent school girl act is all a damn lie. How could he not he witness it first hand.

    "What the hell do you want with [g/n]?". He tighten his grip on her shoulder. He was serious about the situation. But she doesn't respond only looking at the ground.

    "Answer me!".

    "Your hurting me Kakcho please let go!".

    She yelled loud enough for kids down the stairs can hear. A few seconds later there was grip on Kakcho shoulder. He look over to see a male student who about the same height as him.

    'Probably one of [y/n] fanboys'.

    Kakucho knew what she did,She trying to make him look like a bad guy infront of all their fellow classmates and it was working. All that heard her "cry" rushed over to see the commotion.

    "Let go of her asshole". The male said as he tighten the grip on Kaku shoulder.

    Kakucho looks around see all eyes on him held disgust ,fear n anger as they whispers to each other. They all fell into her trap,her wed of lies.And he's right in the middle of it.


    Was all he said as he yanked his shoulder away from the other male and made his way past the crowd,All eyes still on him, He looks over shoulder to see [y/n] giving him a wink. He could read her like an open book,He already knows what she saying in her head;"Haha Kaku-kun this is your punishment". Something along thoes lines.

    The rest of the day was wores,He kept on getting looks from his classmates.He could care less about that.One of the people who didn't look him down was [g/n]. She takes her seat next to him with her usual smile.

    "Good morning Ka-"

    "You should be careful around [y/n]''.

    It was short but its held a lot of meaning to it.

    "What do you mean?".

    "Just be careful around her....she's problematic and manipulative".

    "Thats funny....she said the exact same about you".

    'That bitch!!!'

    He exclaimed to himself

    'Damn what is she trying to pull!?'

    "You could believe whoever you want but I'm warning you...that girl is bad news''.

    He leaves the girl thinking on her seat. Her n [y/n] are gonna hang out today after school,She'll ask her then.

    Kakucho sigh to himself as he walks through the empty halls. Thinking about what the hell he got himself into.


    A voice came from behind before small arms sneak thier way around his waist.

    "Im sorry about earlier....I really am...but you had to learn your lesson somehow".

    "Get the hell off me!''

    He said as he pulled her arms from their grasp.

    He truns to face her,and takes a few steps back.

    "[Y/n] you need help stay from me and [g/n]".

    "Things will only get wores from here on out,Just come back with me Kaku-kun!''

    "Hell no!''

    "F-fine then".

    The schoo day was coming to an end. The dirty looks died down a bit. But the constant vibrate of Kaku's phone was driving him nuts. He pulls out his phone to see:40 unread messages from; [y/n/n]. His eye twitched as he began to read over them.

    Kaku plz respond

    Don't ignore me

    I'm really sorry

    I need you

    I want you to be mine

    She only using u

    I'm the only one who can make u happy

    Don't u not love me anymore

    What did I do wrong

    Please tell me

    I wanna be with you


    The more he reads the more freaked out he gets. But the last few made him go on edge.

    Fine then Kaku

    Don't blame me if something bad happens

    I warned you my love

    Don't blame me if someone ends up getting hurt

    The bloods on your hands my love

    But remember I love you♡♡♡♡


    They leave him thinking about what she send,All while his classmates leave to head home.

    "[G/n]! Let's head to the mall".

    "Sure [y/n] just let me grabbed my shoes from my locker".

    Kakucho looks out the window as all the school kids walk out the gate chit-chating with their friends. He's looking for a certain pair. Finally the two girls walk out the school. Chatting it up with each other. He begins to sweat a bit as he finally realized something.

    The [h/c] girl feels a set of eyes on her,but already knew where they were coming from. She truns around but looks up to were the male stood. They make eye contact,and she smirks giving him a little wave,before truning back to her friend.

    "[Y/n]....you would never hurt me will you?"

    "No of course not,why do you ask?"

    "Uh kakucho told me something....but don't worry about it I didn't believe him anyway".

    "Really that good but don't get fooled by him,But [g/n] let's take this alleyway its a short cut to the mall."

    "Really i always that this was a dead end".

    She wonders as she blindly follows the girl into the alley.

    Till they reach the end,leading them to a wall.

    "Uh [y/n] this is a dead-end". She said as she truns around. Only to see the [e/c] girl glaring at her with large knife at hand.

    "You should have listened to Kaku-kun~♡".

    Kakucho on the other hand was already to late to the scene. Huffing and puffing while he trying to catch his breath.

    There she stood over the body of the girl she just murdered. His eyes grew wide and mouth slightly ajar.

    "Kaku....don't look so shock....I warned you there would be consequences for your actions others warned you to,but you just didn't listen".

    She say this so calmly as her eyes remained emotionless as she stood over the body of the now dead girl,bloody knife in hand .

    ''But its fine now Kaku-kun~~~♡". She said as her wide,sadistic smile appears on her face."The problem is gone the bitch is dead". She steps over the body and over to her lover as she raps her arms around him.

    He dosent move,he allows her to press her blood staind clothes against his body.

    "Now there's nothing that can stand in the way of our love Kaku-kun~~~♡, I hope you understand now when I say I'll do anything for you Kaku-kun,And you understand that you'll never escape my love,Falling in love with me is like signing a contract your stuck with it until you die theres no truning back Kaku-kun".

    She explained as she grabbed his hand and began to pull him away from the alley. She has the biggest smile on her face as she skips along the sidewalk hand still linked with his as she swings them back n forth and as she hears the sound of screaming and shouting behind them.

    But it did bother her one bit,She eliminated the problem and she still has her Kaku-kun♡.

    "When we get home lets cuddle kay Kaku-kun~~♡♡♡?".

    Annnnnnd down finally. That took me 6 hours to write but anyways comments are appreciated


    And if you wanna read my most recent work:

    #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers mikey x reader #tokyo revengers hakkai x reader #tokyo revengers chifuyu x reader #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers mitsuya x reader #tokyo revengers baji x reader #tokyo revengers draken x reader #tokyo revengers kakucho x reader #yandere #tokyo revengers x yandere reader #tokyo revengers kakucho x fem reader #tokyo revengers x female reader
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