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    Self-Inflicted | Bucky Barnes x Reader

    Hi, friends! This one has some SH-ish content-it is not intentional-but if you are not cool with that, I totally get it. ❤️

    Send you comments, requests, and/or suggestions my way! 🥰

    Tag list: @beefybuckrrito @everything-burns-down @shadytalementality @rainbow-unicorn-pony @mandersshow @emetophilily @breakablebarnes 💘


    The shriek-like sound of metal scraping against metal woke you with a start, sending you into a state of groggy confusion. As you listened, you realized the strange, metallic sound was coming from the slumbering super solider next to you. With a quick motion, you flipped on your bedside lamp and turned back to Bucky, wondering what he was doing that could possibly be making that sound.

    A horrified gasp left your lips as your eyes adjusted to the light and gazed down upon the source of the sound. Unable to move, you watched as Bucky's hands-natural and vibranium- clawed at the skin where his metal arm had been attached. The nails of his right hand dug into the skin, ripping at the long-formed scar tissue and causing dark red blood to ooze from the deep scratches that reached almost all the way across his chest. His metallic left hand pulled at the attachment site with great force, already causing indigo bruises to bloom under the skin.

    The sight of Bucky's bloody hands, shoulder, and chest forced the air out of your lungs and caused a wave of dizziness to barrel through you, but his welfare trumped your physical condition. Snapping out of your shocked state, you made a grab at Bucky's hands to stop him from hurting himself any further.

    "Bucky, come on, babe. Wake up," you called, "I need you to wake up!" His eyes shot open and he stared up at you hovering over him, gripping both of his bloody hands in yours. "What are you-owwww, fuck", Bucky muttered as the pain he'd inflicted on himself sank in.

    He glanced down at the blood smeared across his chest and arm as he tried to put two and two together, but confusion still clouded his eyes. He opened his mouth to ask you what happened, but got distracted when his eyes trailed over the dark red stains that colored your sheets.

    "Wait, what did I-this is my blood, right?" he asked, praying to god he hadn't hurt you. You nodded and watched as he took a deep breath, relieved that he'd only hurt himself and not you. "I heard metal scraping-it woke me up- so I turned on the light and...um," you cleared your throat to try and keep your voice steady, reliving the horrifying image of Bucky literally trying to claw his arm off, "you were trying to get your-to pull your arm off."

    Bucky's head dropped down into his pillows as his eyes closed, and you heard him mutter a quiet "what the fuck?" under his breath. You placed a hand lightly against a spot on his chest that wasn't marred with fresh wounds and stroked his skin as he processed the situation. "I don't know what to say," he finally murmured after a few moments, "it's no secret that I don't love the arm...but I don't think I've ever tried to rip it off-at least, I don't remember ever trying to."

    You nodded again, completely unsure of how to fix the situation, while you stared down at his bloody, bruised body. "Wait, what was that?" you asked Bucky, realizing that he'd spoken while you were distracted.

    "I said, I'm sorry about the sheets-pretty sure they're ruined now..." he muttered. Your hand carefully moved upward, cupping his cheek, and he leaned into your soft touch. "Buck, I don't give a shit about the sheets," you murmured, "I'm worried about you...we should probably get you cleaned up. Okay?"

    He nodded and sat up slowly, watching as blood slowly escaped his wounds and began traveling downward. Quickly, he made his was into the bathroom and took a seat on the floor at your instruction while you grabbed a clean towel and soaked it with warm water.

    As gently as you could, you wiped the smeared blood from the skin of his chest and held the towel firm against the deep scratches that were still bleeding. With intense diligence, you used another cloth to rid the vibranium of his blood, cleaning out every small nook and cranny until it shone like usual.

    "Thank you," he said quietly, smiling sheepishly as you finished with his arm. Leaning forward, you placed a soft kiss to his lips before pressing your forehead to his, "any time, Buck". You removed the towel from his chest and saw that he'd finally stopped bleeding, eliciting a sigh of relief from your lips. Carefully, you placed bandages over his wounds, "I know you're gonna heal fast and can't get an infection, but I'd feel better if they were bandaged..." you said with a small smile, "makes me feel like you're taken care of".

    He brought his blood-free metal hand to your cheek, stroking your skin softly with his thumb. "You always take care of me, baby", he whispered. You nodded, and flashed him a quick smile before getting back to work on his injuries.

    "Hey, doll...you okay?" he asked, sensing that something was off. You kept your eyes on your task and your hands busy, throwing him a quick "mhmm" without looking at him. "Hey", he said, lightly taking your wrists in his hands to stop your work, "You can tell me if you're not".

    A small sigh left your lips and you let your head droop a bit before finally looking him in the eye. "I'm okay," you whispered, "that was just...it was scary- that's all". Bucky nodded, waves of guilt closing in all around him. "I know, I know it must've freaked you out. I'm sorry, baby-I would never hurt you though, I promise. I would never-"

    "That's not what scared me", you interjected with disbelief, "It was scary because I watched you try to destroy yourself- to rip yourself apart. I've seen you injured a hundred times before-and it's never easy-but watching you do it to yourself was...different."

    His hand stroked your hair gently, making the dread you felt in your chest dissipate just a little. He wasn't sure what to say, knowing that he couldn't completely guarantee it wouldn't happen again. "Do you, uh, wanna go back to bed?" he asked. You shrugged and shook your head a little, the idea of going back to sleep and leaving Bucky unsupervised not sounding at all appealing.

    "I'm gonna change the sheets..." you muttered, but as you tried to stand up, Bucky's hand caught yours, keeping you right where you were. "Fuck the sheets," he stated. "You're upset. What can I do?"

    "Buck, babe- you're sweet, but you can't do anything. You didn't do anything wrong, I just- I'm a little shaken up, that's all...I hate knowing that I can't fix everything for you. You know?"

    He nodded and reached his arms outward, inviting you in to his chest. He saw your reluctance at about leaning against his wounds, but beckoned you toward him anyway-insisting. Eventually, you gave in, letting Bucky wrap you in the safe cocoon of his arms. "Thank you for caring so deeply for me..." he whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, "you love me more than I ever thought I deserved".

    "I love you with everything I have, Buck. That's why I can't shake that image of you..." you said, "I'm not scared of you, I'm scared for you."

    "I know, sweets, I know. But hey, just think of how shitty I was doing when we met, I'd say I've vastly improved," he joked.

    You gave him a small laugh and relaxed a bit, settling into his body a little more. "You're right..." you conceded.

    "So if I only have one of these, um, episodes every now and then- I'd call that a win. This is the first time it’s happened in the ten months we’ve been together," he said confidently, "I promise, this never happens." After the two of you sat there wrapped up in each other a while longer, you worked together to strip the bed, throwing the bloody sheets in the washing machine and putting on a new set.

    Reluctantly, you climbed into bed with Bucky, still worried that he'd maul himself all over again once he fell asleep. He saw the trepidation in your eyes when he asked you to turn off the lamp, and whispered an "I promise" to reassure you that he'd be okay.

    At his words, you took a deep breath and turned off the lights. Immediately, he wrapped you in his arms and pulled you close to his wounded chest. Within moments, the two of you peacefully drifted off to sleep as Bucky’s sounds already began to heal.

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    Lie About Us (Part 9)

    Daniel Garcia x f/Reader

    Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.

    Warnings: Some swearing.

    Gifs & photos do not belong to me.

    Main Masterlist ♡ AEW Masterlist ♡ Lie About Us Masterlist ♡ Daniel Garcia Masterlist ♡ Jon Moxley Masterlist

    Summary: F/Reader is the daughter of Jon Moxley & starts to date Daniel Garcia. The only problem is, she hasn't told her father.

    Jon Moxley's POV:

    I spent the rest of the night catching up with my daughter. Daniel and I had a civil conversation but this is still hard for me.

    My mind was still trying to understand that I am going to be a Grandpa. Me, Jonathan Good a grandfather. People are going to think I am going soft.

    I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I pulled it out. I saw Renee's smiling face and I knew I was going to be in shit. I didn't call her and she is probably wondering why I am not at the show.

    "Hey baby,"

    "Don't you hey baby me! Where they hell are you? Why the hell am I not watching you kick some guys ass on our TV right now?"

    "I am with YN." Silence.

    "You better not be lying to me Jonathan. I am going to video call you." I groaned as she hung up the phone and called me again.

    "See I am not lying." I said as I turned my phone around to show her. I saw YN wave and a gasp coming from Renee.

    "Oh my God. I'm gonna be a grandmother. Jon give your phone to YN, we have plans we have to make." I handed my phone to my daughter and left the room.

    Daniel wasn't that far behind me and joined me to get some fresh air. It is cold but the hospital air is becoming too much for me.

    "Jon, I just want you to know that I love her more than anything." Daniel said. I guess now is the best time to talk.

    "I know I can see it in how you look at her."

    "I know we started off on the wrong foot but I really want you, Renee and Nora to be in our lives."

    "This is still taking me some time to come around. I mean my Daughter is pregnant."

    "It was a surprise to us as well but a happy surprise. You know how much I wanted to tell you but I promised YN I wouldn't because she wanted to tell you herself."

    "Her and I still have to work things out." I said honestly to him.

    "Then come to our place for Thanksgiving. A restaurant is doing catering for people. I will order it and we can all eat together."

    "Can we invite people?" Eddie was going to eat with us.

    "Just tell me how many people and it will all be good to go." I nodded my head and stuck out my hand for him to shake.

    Daniel took it and it still took almost all my will power not to crush his hand as I shook it.

    I mean, he did get my baby girl pregnant.

    Daniel Garcia's POV:

    Our conversation was not done by a long shot but it was something. I headed up to the hospital room first and opened the door.

    I had a smile on my face as I watched YN and Renee talk about our baby and the upcoming holidays.

    YN noticed me and smiled. "Oh is he here? Let me see him." YN waved me over and I sat down on the bed next to her. She scooted over so I could sit.

    "Daniel, YN was just telling me our plans for Thanksgiving. We will be there and I told her she is not allowed to cook.

    "No worries Renee, we will have it catered. I told her over and over again she isn't cooking but she is just so stubborn." I said in a teasing manner.

    "I am not!" I turned my head to face her and gave her a kiss.

    "She is just like her father. They are both stubborn. Now where is he?"

    "Left him outside. He needed some fresh air. He said he will be right up." I am hoping he won't run off again but the thought was in the back of my mind.

    But we didn't have to wait long for him to come back up and he wasn't alone.

    "Eddie." Said YN with a huge smile on her face.

    "Hey kid. How's it going?" He said as he hugged her. He shook my hand and asked me how I am doing.

    "Fine. Just glad to see her okay." He nodded his head in approval. Eddie said hello to Renee as well and she told him our Thanksgiving plans.

    "And we have plenty of space that we can all be together." YN said while rubbing her belly.

    This is what she has wanted. She has wanted her family around more than anything and right now I am just happy that this is happening.


    It is now the night before Thanksgiving and our home is packed with Renee, Jon, Nora and Eddie.

    Nora who is now sleeping in YN's arms squealed when she saw her big sister. YN cried as she go to hold her.

    Nora was sleeping in our nursery that I just finished before they showed up. I kept double checking to make sure the crib was secure.

    Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @lghockey @anaeve @crowleysqueenofhell @thenerdybaker523

    "Nice work on the room Daniel." Jon said to me as we showed them around the house.

    And that is where I found him as everyone else was in the livingroom, just standing in the middle of the room, holding a baby blanket.



    "What you got there?" I asked him as I walked into the room.

    "Just a blanket."

    "Can I see?" He hesitated but handed it to me. I can tell that it is old but still in good condition.

    "It was mine. I want my Grandson to have it." He told me as I handed it back to him.

    "Thank you. Just show this YN when you are ready. It will mean a lot to her." He nodded his head.

    I know this is still hard for him. I know her being in a car accident has him on edge. I heard him telling Eddie that he could of lost her with out ever talking to her again.

    And that is why he keeps putting off their conversation. YN and him still need to talk more but she will have to be the one to bring it up and I know she is waiting.

    She doesn't want to ruin the holidays as she says but I keep trying to tell her that them putting it off is just going to make it worse.

    We will just have to see how it goes I guess.

    Part 10 coming soon

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    𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐫 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑 : 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐛𝐢𝐭

    Summary: Spencer's first love, Eleanor Quinn, was the only person in the world who treated him as a human being. In the summer of 1994, she vanished into thin air, only to be found 20 years later.

    Pairing- Spencer Reid x Eleanor Quinn (OC)

    Chapter Warnings: kidnapping, drugging, dark themes, time jumps

    𝘗𝘭𝘴 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦,𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 (𝘪𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘦 𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘺)

    𝘋𝘰 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘤𝘰𝘱𝘺, 𝘳𝘦𝘸𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦, 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘰𝘳 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘮𝘺 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘬 𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦. 𝘕𝘰 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘤𝘰𝘱𝘺, 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦, 𝘳𝘦𝘸𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘰𝘳 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘢𝘯𝘺 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘮𝘺 𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴.


    Tuesday 11th may 1994

    I walked down the dimly lit stairwell. The wooden steps squeaked as I walked down them.

    I walked into the kitchen, my gaze drawn to the cat clock on the wall, its eyes and tail swinging side to side, the hands indicating quarter past seven.

    When I opened the pantry, the only things inside were a bag of brown rice, some mouldy bread, some crystallised honey and an onion.

    I sighed, looking at the dining table. The zip-lock bag of money for shopping was still on the table.

    How typical. Mum said I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the shopping and she would do it.

    I shut the pantry door and walked to the dining table, taking out a $5 bill, and went to the front door, grabbing my coat to cover up the fact that I was still in my pyjamas.

    I couldn't bear the idea of my parents going off their nut without any breakfast, so I'll just get supplies so I wouldn’t have to hear about it


    My mind was filled with the dilemma of what food I should get after school and what meals I could prepare for the week.

    Maybe some spaghetti? Or I could try my hand at the beef casserole recipe I saw in that lifestyle magazine at the store checkout last?

    I should definitely get the magazine this time when I go to the store, I thought to myself.

    I was only a few of minutes away from the nearest food store when I got distracted.


    The cat sounded distressed. I followed the sound down a side street to a cardboard box propped up against a lamp post.

    I took my time approaching the box. The noise was unbearable. How badly was this cat hurt?

    When I crouched down to the box, I opened it. There was no cat, but a cassette tape

    I picked up the tape , it was looping of a sound of cat, based on the extent of the meowing a very hurt one.

    "What the hell?" I muttered.

    The loud sound of tyres screeching made me jump.

    I felt them grasp me as I stood up. They wrapped a handkerchief across my mouth, which was slightly damp. My nose was overwhelmed with a sweet yet chemically scent.

    My eyelids began to droop, but the last thing I remember seeing was two men lifting up the cardboard box.

    When one of them stared at me, my heart stopped for a brief minute.

    He was wearing a rabbit mask. It wasn’t rubber, maybe wooden. It was hand painted.

    That rabbit was the last thing I saw before it went black.


    "I’m sorry, Spencer, I can’t" Eleanor whispered as

    I sat further up the bed, grabbing her hand and giving a reassuring squeeze.

    "It’s okay, we have all the time in the world, just rest," I whispered.

    "Don’t leave," she sobbed.

    "I’m not going anywhere." I smiled, my thumb grazing her hand.

    Eleanor snuggled her face into the pillow. After a couple minutes, she was out like a light but still gripping my hand so tight in case I would disappear.

    I watched her sleep. She looked beautiful and so innocent.

    I felt sick to my stomach when I heard how calculated and well-organized these kidnappers were.

    How long were they targeting Eleanor?


    Some Spencer loving friends <3

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    Eleanor taglist


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    Ishq ibadat ban hi gaya

    Bucky could stop adoring and falling in love all over again at the sight in front of him even though his favourite movie was playing on the television.

    But none of the dialogues reached his ears, not when you were twirling around with the tiny baby girl giggling in your arms as you sang a lovely lullaby that your ma used to sing to you.

    Bucky couldn't believe even know how he has ended up in literal heaven after everything he has done, he can't believe how he is capable of feeling so much. After all the torture and different ways his mind was pulled apart and numbed, not in a million years did he think he was capable of being human again.

    And then came you with your wide smiles and heart of gold that opened its gates just for him and let him saunter around in all the love you had for him. You made him Bucky again.

    Just when he thought you had filled up every corner and crevices of his heart you gifted him with a tiny angel who had your eyes and looked just like him. His heart happily made more space for the little angel to rule.

    With the domestic beauty radiating off of you as you twirled again in his baby food stained t-shirt and some of the remains on your face while your hair was in a low knot, you gently threw your angel into the air with a gasp to amuse her. And you know it did when she let out a fit of giggles as she landed back in your hand.

    Bucky couldn't help but let out his own laugh at his both his angels playing, that had you looking at him before sending a playful wink at which he blushed beet red. Nothing would ever compare to this bliss.

    Getting up from the couch he walks over to you, wrapping an arm from behind and resting his chin on your shoulder as the two of you watched your angel's face brighten up at the sight of her daddy.

    " She's so beautiful." You say absolutely awestruck, as you gently rub the side of your face to his.

    Pressing a kiss to your cheek, Bucky says, "It's the eyes you gave her." And he got exactly what he wanted, a hearty laugh from you and seeing you, your angel let out a ligh too not even knowing what wa going on.

    " So we're not going to talk about how she is a literal carbon copy of you?" Your question has him laughing as he lifts a nad to stroke your angel's chubby cheeks.

    Tilting his head, Bucky watches as you press your chin against your chest while looking down at a baby food stain. " Ugh this is going to be so hard to remove, and this was my favourite one too I don't......" Bucky didn't hear the rest, too focused on how you looked while rambling about different removers for different kinds of stains as if it was the most amusing thing ever with a grim so wide that it reached his ears.

    Bucky Barnes was happy. Bucky Barnes was in his own little heaven with his two angels.

    And it wasn't just love anymore.

    It was devotion.

    #bucky barnes #bucky x reader #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky x female reader #bucky fanfic#bucky imagine#bucky fluff #bucky x you #bucky x y/n #bucky barnes and reader #blurbs from c
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    #henry cavill #henry cavill x female reader #henry cavill smut #henry cavill drabble #college!henry cavill #the assignment
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    the moment i knew [natasha romanoff]

    natasha romanoff x fem!reader

    summary: when it comes to birthdays five of them stand out most in your head and it’s all thanks to natasha

    *not my gif*

    I - 10th Birthday 

    Ohio was quite a boring place to live. There was nothing to do especially at your age. You could only play in your backyard because your parents would not let you go anywhere else. 

    Well, the only place you were able to go was to your next door neighbor’s house: Alexei, Melina, Natasha, and Yelena. They were your parents’ best friends, well Alexei and Melina were. Your best friend was Yelena.

    Natasha was always around, but she never interacted with you. She kept her distance, yet you still thought of her as one of your best friends, but only because you didn’t have a lot.

    You pulled on your mother’s sleeve, looking at up with her with pleading eyes, “Mom! Can I go over to Yelena’s house? She said that her and Natasha have a birthday surprise for me!” 

    She let out a sigh as she was trying to cook dinner, “Okay, but only for a few minutes. Once Alexei and your father come home from work you need to come back home, okay?”

    “Yes! Thank you!” you gave her a hug before running next door. 

    You took off towards the kitchen where Yelena and Natasha were sitting at the kitchen table with a pie on the table. You gasped in surprise as you rushed over to your blonde best friend. 

    She wrapped her arms around you tightly as the two of you squealed. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the older sister plugging her ears and grimacing at the sound. 

    “I can’t believe you’re ten now! You’re almost as old as Nat and she’s old!” she exclaimed. 

    Nat rolled her eyes before waving at you, “Happy birthday Y/N,”

    “Thank you,” 

    The duo started singing “Happy Birthday” softly and before you could blow out the candles, Yelena rushed to the small radio on the counter and the familiar song started ringing in your ears. 

    You let out another high pitched scream, “This song again?” Nat complained, throwing her head back.

    “So bye bye Miss. American Pie drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry! And them good old boys were drinkin' whiskey and rye. Singin' "This'll be the day that I die. This'll be the day that I die!!" you and Yelena screamed those lyrics together as Nat let out a puff before walking out of the kitchen. 

    II - 13th Birthday

    The Red Room was not a fun place to be. The way your brain was wired, the way that you’d be shipped off to every corner of the world killing people. 

    It’s just what you had to do. 

    Yelena was separated from you a long time ago, back when Alexei, Melina, and your parents left you to this dreaded place. You hadn’t heard from her and honestly you weren’t even sure that she was actually alive anymore. 

    You could’ve turned into every other girl here. No remorse. No humanity. That’s how you were wired, that’s how everyone was taught, but after watching all those 80′s movies you’ve learned to be a good actor. 

    But that wasn’t all. You still had Nat even though Yelena was gone. Even with her being one of the best assassins and spies, she still taught you to have a heart.

    She opened up to you more now that you were finally aware of the Red Room. Nat kept her distance because she was scared she was going to put you in danger and if you mentioned it to anyone, she’d kill you, but she always had a soft spot for you. 

    You didn’t know what day it was. Or the year or even the month. All you knew was when duty called, it called. Luckily, you haven’t been on a mission in a little while, and neither has Nat. 

    “Dinner!” one of the Red Room guards slid your food trays under the door of you and Natasha’s shared room.

    You looked at the gross food that you’ve had countless times and started poking at it. God, did they not know how to cook anything else? 

    “Not hungry?” she spoke up.

    You shook your head and she was about to respond when the door to your cell started opening. You let out a sigh as you awaited a guard to come in and drag one of you out for a mission that you wanted nothing to do with.

    But when the door opened and quickly closed behind the figure, your mouth open in shock. Your blonde best friend was staring at you with a big smile on her face, “Miss me?” she whispered.

    You hopped off your uncomfortable bed and rushed into her arms, “I thought you were dead,” you whispered and she let out a shaky breath. 

    Emotions, that was another thing that you could never show to any of the guards, or any place that wasn’t your cold bed in the middle of the night. 

    “I thought the same thing, but I’m here and I’m not going to miss your birthday,” she said.

    “My birthday? How do you know? I’ve lost track of time since we got in here,” you confessed.

    She looked at Nat with a knowing look, “You didn’t tell her?” 

    “No, I thought it would be a better surprise if you came in here yourself,” Nat shrugged.

    “You did all of this?” you asked, letting out a soft smile.

    The red head moved her bed to reveal tally marks on them, “When they brought us back here it was the day after your tenth birthday, so I’ve been keeping tack of the days so I don’t crazy. I realized that it was your birthday coming up, every time I wanted to celebrate I was pulled on a mission and vice versa. I wanted to make your first teenage birthday special so I found a way to sneak Yelena in here for a few minutes,”

    You moved towards the assassin, pulling her into the biggest hug that she’s ever felt. Hesitantly, she wrapped your arms around you and squeezed you tightly. 

    “Thank you,” you whispered.

    “Of course,”

    You could feel your heart start to thump into your chest as the hug lasted longer than you expected. That was until Yelena cleared her throat causing a pink flush to fill your cheeks. You walked back over to Yelena to talk to her, but your eyes kept casting over to Nat’s green ones and every single time...she was already looking back at you. 

    III - 21st Birthday

    You don’t know how all of you escaped the grasps of The Red Room, but you did and now you were apart of a SHIELD team called The Avengers.

    When you were asked what you wanted to be when you were younger, an assassin working for a superhero team was not one of them, but who were you to complain?

    You’ve met some cool people and the food was definitely a lot better. 

    There you were on your twenty first birthday on an undercover mission with Nat and Steve. The three of you waited for the files to load onto the flash drive, constantly checking the security camera in the mall for any Hydra Agents.

    You didn’t mind working with the two of them, but there was a lot more sexual tension in the room than you liked. The lingering looks, Natasha’s smirk that she constantly gave him, the whispers, and the soft smiles.

    You couldn’t even do anything about. It’s not like you and Nat were dating, but you had a crush on this girl for the last eight years of your life. And to witness your crush flirting with a good looking ice man was a little upsetting. 

    But it was your fault, right? You’ve spent eight years of your life with the girl and never made a move. Sure, you were trapped in The Red Room and then immediately became an Avenger. So it’s not like you had time, but still. You should’ve made the move when you got the chance. 

    “Y/N, we gotta go!” you felt Nat’s hand on you and pulled you away.

    Oops, you were not paying attention to what the hell just happened. 

    You walked fast pace, side by side with the pair, “It’s a standard tag team, two behind, two across, two coming straight at us. If they make us, I’ll engage, the two of you hit the self escalator in the metro,” 

    “Shut up and put your arm around me, laughing at something I said,” Nat spoke up, “Y/N, just hide behind the two of us,”

    “What?” you and Steve whispered at the same time.

    “Do it,” she whisper-yelled and Steve wrapped his arm around the Black Widow and you stood behind them, clenching your jaw in the process.

    Thank God she couldn’t see you. 

    Finally, you were in the clear and trying to make your way out of the mall. You whistled to yourself softly as you stood behind Nat and Steve. 

    That was until she whispered two simple words to the Super Soldier, “Kiss me,” 

    Yet again, Steve and and you said in unison, “What?” Steve looked at you knowing all about your crush on the assassin. 

    “Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable,” 

    Before he could even respond, she grabbed the back of his neck, and pulled her into a lingering kiss. And she was right. It did make people uncomfortable, especially you. 

    Your eyebrows furrowed as you tore your sight away from the couple and onto the people walking below. You don’t know how long the kiss lasted and frankly, you didn’t want to know. 

    The car ride back to the Avengers Tower was quiet. You didn’t talk to either of them and you could feel your heart shatter when the red head teased Steve about kiss. When you went got back you still didn’t say a word even when Nat asked you a question, “So if someone were to get you a cupcake for your birthday tomorrow, what flavor would it be?”

    You didn’t answer her question though. You just walked straight to Yelena’s room and flopped onto her bed face first. 

    “Well, hello to you too,” the blonde commented from her desk, “What’s got your panties in a twist today?”

    You shrugged, “Nat kissed Steve today,” you mumbled.

    You tried hiding your feelings for your best friend’s older sister, but it was no use. She could tell how jealous you got when she flirted with someone else. Or how your eyes lit up at the sound of her voice walking through the door. 

    And when Yelena finally called you out on it and you questioned how she knew she simply said, “You’re nineteen years old and have rejected everyone who has ever made an advance towards you...I think that was a dead giveaway,”

    “What? Really?” Yelena asked and you just nodded, “Well there has to be a reasonable explanation for it. Nat always calls Steve grandpa and the thought of her kissing a grandpa is disgusting,”

    “I don’t know, our cover could’ve gotten blown so she did that, but I just- I don’t know I’m wondering why she didn’t ask me,” you confessed, cringing at how dumb you probably sounded right now.

    “I know that cringe, stop thinking you’re dumb. Your feelings are perfectly valid, at least that’s what the team therapist always tells me,” she said and you let out a soft laugh.

    “Maybe, but I think I lost my window. I had eight years to do it and she found someone else now and I should be happy for her,” you said, “But it still hurts,”

    “I know,” she squeezed your shoulder, reassuringly, “Tonight it’ll be just us for your birthday. We’ll hang out in my room, I’ll ask FRIDAY to not let anyone in and we’ll watch movies and eat junk food. Just like when we were little, deal?”

    You finally lifted your head from your bed and smiled at her softly, nodding. The rest of the day you avoided both Nat and Steve like they were the plague or Fury with paperwork. More the second one than the first one. 

    Later that night, you locked yourself in Yelena’s room watching old 80′s movies just like you did when you were younger. As much as she doesn’t like to admit it, your best friend can’t stay up late to save her life. She was out before the clock even hit midnight. 

    You let out a sigh, heading to the kitchen to grab water to tame the sugar that was flooded in your mouth. But just as you entered the kitchen, Nat was standing there, sipping on her own glass.

    Before you could slip away she already caught you standing at the entryway, “You’ve been avoiding me, why?”

    “Straight to the point, I see,” you mumbled, grabbing yourself a glass.

    “I just want to know what I did. We were fine before the mission,” she told you. 

    You rolled your eyes, feeling the jealousy fill your veins as the memories of Nat kissing Steve filled your head, “You’re smart Natasha, put two and two together,”

    The red head cringed at the sound of her full name coming out of your mouth. You only ever called her Nat, so hearing Natasha come from your mouth, she knew this was serious.

    “What did I do one the mission to make you upset?” she asked, her green eyes blaring into yours.

    You scoffed at her obliviousness, “For a spy, you’re really oblivious to things that are obvious. Everyone on the team seems to know, but you,”

    “Know what?”

    “The fact that I have been in love with you since I was thirteen years old! And seeing you kiss Steve today, hurt, bad. I’m not angry at you Nat, I’m angry at myself that I didn’t make a move sooner and now you’re here wanting to kiss Steve. Literally grandpa of all people! When you could’ve just asked me,” you confessed.

    Nat took a step towards you, “I didn’t ask you to kiss me Y/N because I didn’t want to be the first time I kissed the girl that I’ve been in love with since we were little girls on an undercover mission in front of strangers,” she whispered.

    You didn’t know your eyes could get that wide, but they did. She smiled at your shocked face, “What?”

    “I have been in love with you since we were little girls, it has always been you,” she told you, “So now that this is out and open in the air, may I please kiss you now?”

    You nodded softly as she raised her hand to cup your cheek ever so softly. The both of you began to lean in and finally sparks flew. 

    There were no words that could possibly express how you felt right now. It’s like when you try to take a picture of the moon and the stars in the middle of the night, but it just doesn’t turn out right because that moment wasn’t supposed to be shared.

    That’s how that felt kissing her. There were no words to express it because this wasn’t supposed to be shared. This was your special moment. 

    When Nat finally pulled away, her head turned to the side and noticed the time on the oven, “Happy birthday Y/N,” 

    IV - 22nd Birthday

    Your heavy eyes were starting to fail you as you waited for Nat to come home from the mission. She promised she’d be here for your birthday, but missions were unpredictable. 

    Yelena wasn’t here either, both of the girls who were always there on your birthday were on separate missions, and Yelena wasn’t even supposed to come back for another week. 

    You let out a soft sigh even on days where you were thrown in solitary confinement in The Red Room, nothing felt lonelier than not having the two people you cared about most in the world here. 

     The blanket covered your tired body as you were curled up into a ball on the corner of the couch. 13 Going on 30 playing on the unnecessarily big TV screen. 

    You tried to fight off your sleepiness, but it was no use. You had been helping train the new recruit Wanda and she was a lot more powerful than you that’s for sure. The time on your phone was blaring back at you: 11:00pm and that was the last thing you remembered before you fell asleep. 

    Unbeknownst to you, Nat came bursting through the elevator door with a wide smile on her face. She was worried there for a second, that she wasn’t going to be able to make it to wish you happy birthday, but she made it with six minutes. to spare. 

    She found you curled up in the exact same position you were in right before you fell asleep. Nat walked over to you and kneeled right in front of you, smiling at you fondly before playing with your hair.

    Your body started to become aware of the soothing feeling, “Nat?” you whispered. 

    “Hi detka, I’m right here,” she whispered to you, “Happy birthday,” 

    You smiled lazily, grabbing her hand that was rubbing soothing circles on your cheek and you kissed the pad of each of her fingers, “Thank you,” 

    “Let’s get you to bed now, okay?” she said and you nodded, your eyes falling back to close. 

    The assassin scooped you up in her arms as she carried you back to your shared room. She smiled to herself as you nuzzled your face into the crook of her neck before placing you softly down onto your side of the bed.

    Nat was about to let go of you, when you started whining extending your arms back out towards her, “No go, please,” you mumbled in your baby voice that was only reserved for her.

    She chuckled softly, kneeling down once more the press a kiss to your forehead, “I’ll be right back, I’m just going to take a quick shower, and I’ll be back before you know it,”

    You let out a sigh before nodding, a pout still resting on your lips, until she fixed it with one sweet kiss. This time you tried really hard to stay awake, you just wanted to feel her arms wrap around you before you fell asleep. 

    Finally, after a few minutes she came back out and slid into bed next to you. Her strong arms wrapping protectively around your waist as she pulled you deeper into her frame. 

    “How was the mission?” you whispered, playing with her fingers.

    She let out a sigh, “Same old, same old, I was more worried that I’d miss your birthday than anything else,”

    “I was worried about that too,” you confessed, “As selfish as it sounds, my birthday has always been a special day for us ever since we were younger,. 

    Nat pecked the top of your head, “I know and that’s why I was worried, but I promise you I am never going to miss your birthday ever. I’ll always be here, I love you,” 

    “I love you more,” you whispered back as you could feel your eyes start growing heavy once more.

    “And I love you most,” 

    V - 28th Birthday

    Christmas lights glistened around the room as the holiday season started falling upon you and your newfound family. Your eyes kept drifting towards the door as you were waiting for her to come in, “How are you doing kid?” Clint asked, patting your back. 

    “She said she‘d be here,”  you muttered to him and his eyes softened.

    That’s when time seemed to stop. It’s like you were paralyzed by it because everything came crashing down on top of you. 

    You stood there in her hoodie and your jeans with the one person who was always there not by your side. Everyone around you was laughing and joking around as you started looking around the room. 

    And that was the moment you knew. 

    You didn’t want to be surrounded by everyone anymore. It was all starting to get a little too much. You started walking away from the party and to the bathroom.

    Wanda and Yelena looked at each other before quickly taking off after you. They found you sitting against the wall of the bathroom, tears streaming down your face, “She’s not coming back,” you whispered.

    Both Yelena and and Wanda let out a sigh. You could tell from the her eyes that started to shine that she was trying to stay strong for you. Wanda came to your side as you rested your head against her shoulder.

    “No love, she’s not,” Wanda whispered and Yelena slowly slipped out of the room to grab something for you without you noticing.

    “I should’ve been there. I should’ve been there instead of her with Clint on Vormir and I should be the one lying down on the cold ground. Not her, me, but no I was blipped with half of the universe and she wasn’t alive when I came back!” you exclaimed, Wanda pulled you into her arms, “She said she’d be here. She said she’d never miss a birthday and now she’s just gone,”

    Your best friend knocked on the door, grabbing your attention, “I was going to wait until later to give you this, but I think this a better time than ever,”

    She opened up her laptop and clicked a few buttons before handing it to you. It was a video of Nat and she looked so so beautiful. Her hair was a little different, her usual red locks was mixed with an ombre of blonde at the tips. 

    Her green eyes peered into yours as you finally hit play, “Hey Y/N,” her voice causing your heart to break even more.

    “It’s been five years without you and it’s been harder and harder each year, but I think we finally have found hope. This guy had found a way to time travel and if we could grab the stones before Thanos we could end this once and for all and I could finally have you back in my arms,” 

    She let out a sigh, “Now I don’t know what’s gonna happen when we do this. If this actually works and you’re listening to this, that means I’m not there with you right now and I’m sorry, but I need you to remember how much I love you. I love you so much more than you will ever wrap your head around,” 

    “And you have been the one thing that made me feel like there was actually good in me. After years of killing innocent people and feeling like an object someone could use, I would come home to you in our cell at The Red Room and I would feel like a person with a heart. And I knew I had a heart because my heart beat for you,” 

    You let out a cry at her words and you could see tears glisten in her bright green eyes, “I know I promised I would always be there and I’m sorry I couldn’t keep it, but just in case this goes south I need to say this which is ironic since it’s your birthday as I’m filming this,”

    She brought out a vanilla cupcake from behind the camera and lit the single candle that was in it, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday my Y/N, happy birthday to you,” 

    #natasha romanoff imagines #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff x female #natasha romanoff imagine
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    #ushijima wakatoshi x reader #ushijima wakatoshi x you #ushijima wakatoshi x female reader #ushijima wakatoshi x y/n #ushijima wakatoshi#hq ushijima#ushiwaka#schweiden adlers#adler ushijima#nicollas romero#fukuro hirugami #haikyuu!! #hq #haikyuu x female reader #haikyuu x reader #hq x you #haikyuu reader insert #haikyuu fanfiction#hq fic #hq one shot #ushijima smut#haikyuu smut#haikyuu fluff#haikyuu requests
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    ~ TFATWSATAP, 7 ~

    The Falcon, The Winter Soldier and The Asgardian Princess:

    Summery: after the event at the house, Bucky calls his wife, thinking Y/N and his son would be better off without him.

    Part 6 here:


    Paring: husband!dad!Bucky x Wife!Mum!Asgardian!F!Reader

    Characters: Y/N Barnes, Bucky Barnes, Loki Barnes (your son), Sarah Wilson, AJ Wilson & Cass Wilson. Wakanda and Sam Wilson are mentioned.

    Warnings: mentions of food, crying, mentions of divorce (not wanted by either Bucky nor reader), scared!Bucky, scared!reader, crying and angst.

    (gif not mine):

    That was the first evening, since Bucky had been called on the mission, where you felt safe. That evening, Loki was sat up in his chair at the kitchen, AJ and Cass entertaining him, while Sarah showed you how to make gumbo.

    “What type of foods does Bucky eat?” Sarah asked as you two chopped together.

    “He’ll pretty much eat anything. I don’t think he’s got a favourite dish,” you said softly, smiling at the first time Bucky and you made dinner in your apartment you had just brought.

    You didn’t have the right pots and pans so it was a bit of a disaster, but you both had endless fun and what was edible, tasted amazing.

    “Okay. Now, you wanna put that in there,” Sarah said gently, pointing at what you were chopping to the pan.

    After you cooked the gumbo, you, Sarah, AJ and Cass all sat down, with Loki at the table as well, you gently feeding some baby food to introduce it to his diet.

    “Are there any special Asgard meals you know of?” Cass asked after dinner.

    “Well,” you said, perching Loki on your knee, “yes. But whether there are the same ingredients here I’m not sure. I’ve never tried cooking Asgardian meals on Earth,” you added gently, Cass smiled.


    Loki was finally getting some shut eye, it must have been all the excitement. You were sat on the sofa, finally getting some time to yourself, reading a book you’d been meaning to read when you got a phone call, Bucky’s name popped up, you gently shut the book and answered it, keeping your voice low not to wake your baby.

    “Bucky? Are you okay?” You asked anxiously, peering into Loki’s cot, a little smile on his face made you smile too.

    Bucky didn’t say anything, this concerned you.

    “Baby? Talk to me,” you said tearfully, you knew something bad had happened.

    “…they don’t trust me,” Bucky said, his voice cracking, your heart broke.

    “Who Don’t?” You asked tearfully.

    “Wakanda. Sam probably doesn’t. The government. Everyone,” Bucky whimpered, something bad happened and you weren’t there to comfort him.

    “I trust you,” you said, forcing tears back.

    “If everybody else doesn’t, you shouldn’t either,” Bucky said, you could hear he was crying. Your heart shattered.

    “I don’t care what anybody else thinks. All I care about is you. I trust you. I love you. You are my safe haven. You are my best friend. You are my home. My world. You are the best father to our beautiful baby boy. I’d be lost without you,” you sobbed.

    “No, Y/N. You deserve more than me. More than I can ever give you. When this mission is done, I’m not coming back. I’m staying away from you and Loki forever. It’s the only way to keep you safe,” Bucky’s tone sounded panicked.

    “No! Bucky, whatever you’re thinking of doing - don’t!” You begged, standing up, tears pouring down your own face.

    “I’ll file for a divorce so you can find someone who won’t end up killing you and Loki,” Bucky sobbed, thinking what he was doing to keep his family safe was right.

    “Don’t You even think about it!” You pleaded.

    “I’m sorry, Y/N. I should never have asked you to marry me. You deserve so much more than I’ve given you,” Bucky sobbed.

    “James! James Buchanan Barnes, don’t you dare hang up this phone!! You’re not thinking straight! Whatever’s happened, we’ll sort it out together. Nobody will love me or Loki the same way you do or with the same amount!” You begged, panic riding through you.

    “I’m sorry, Y/N. Truly I am. Just promise me you’ll find someone or just live the rest of your life with Loki. Out of danger. I’ll carry on protecting you both with my life. You have my word. I’m sorry,” Bucky said, you heard tears in his voice.

    “James!!! JAMES DON’T HANG UP!” You screamed, waking Loki up by mistake.

    The line went dead. You stood there, and tried calling him back as Loki started crying. He didn’t answer. You threw your phone across the room, causing it to break. Sarah came running in.

    She found you almost go straight to your motherly duties, and gently lifting your wailing son in your arms to sooth him.

    “I’m sorry baby. Mama’s not cross with you,” you said tearfully, gently bouncing Loki up and down as he cried.

    Sarah stood in the doorway in shock.

    “What happened?” She asked fearfully as she slowly stood in.

    “….something bad has happened with Bucky and he’s not thinking straight. I need …I need to go back and find him,” you said tearfully as Loki began to calm down.

    Sarah nodded tearfully at your reaction.

    Once your baby boy was back asleep, you kissed him goodbye and told him you loved him then you thanked Sarah again and ran to the airport.

    Bucky wasn’t thinking straight. Keeping you and Loki away from him was the worst thing he could possibly do.

    #the falcon the winter soldier and the asgardian princess series #husband!dad!bucky x wife!mum!asgardian!reader #husband!bucky x wife!reader #bucky x f!reader #bucky x asgardian!reader #bucky x female reader #dad!bucky x mum!reader #bucky x reader angst #bucky x reader #dad!bucky #y/n of asgard #bucky barnes#sarah wilson#aj wilson#cass wilson#sebastian stan#mcu#marvel#avengers #the falcon and the winter soldier #i cried writing this
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    Yandere Murder House Masterlist

    Yandere Billie Dean Howard

    Yandere Moira O’Hara (Young / Old)

    Yandere Nora Montgomery

    #yandere female characters #yandere female characters x reader #yandere american horror story x reader #yandere american horror story #yandere american horror story murder house x reader #yandere american horror story murder house #yandere murder house x reader #yandere murder house
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    Before Us | one

    Titans! Garfield Logan x Female! Reader
    Requested by: N/A
    Proofread: Mod Kenma did lolol :p
    Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI6lkl8itgg
    Warnings: Foul Language, mentions of blood (It's in a fight scene lolol), mentions of being mugged (Is that even a warning?? Idk :,p)
    Summary: Y/N is struggling with two jobs trying to make ends meet. When she keeps running into trouble at the wrong times, a certain band of heroes begins to recognize that she's just a walking version of bad luck.
    Author's Note: This is literally an idea that I had earlier today in my creative writing class and I texted Mod Kenma to see if it was worth writing. If you guys like this, I will most definitely post more chapters and turn this into a really big series! Let me know what you guys think :)
    -Love, Mod Shoyo <3

    San Francisco. Home of the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown. San Francisco was the city with large, amazingly-built skyscrapers, cafes and coffee shops overrun with caffeine addicts. Y/N was common-folk among the main inhabitants of the city. The smell of coffee grounds was fresh in the air as she headed into the Rock the Casbah cafe. As soon as she walked into the building she tied her hair back to keep it out of her face, greeting her coworkers before going to clock in and put her apron on. The cafe was smack dab in the middle of what would be their Times Square, food vendors and small shops on carts surrounding the cafe. It’s early in the morning and the machines haven’t been touched at all this morning. It was only six thirty, the morning coffee buzz wouldn’t start for another thirty minutes.

    “Y/N! Would you mind cleaning the tables for me while I restock the syrups?” Matthew shouted from the pantry.

    “Sure thing!”

    Y/N was tired, drooping eyes as she grabbed the cleaning rag from behind the counter. The gray circular tables were covered in last night’s lemon scented cleaning liquid, she could still smell it. Her face appeared on the table, her distorted face forcing her to choke back a laugh. Her body moved all across the room, wiping down each table and the seats paired with it. As Y/N put the cleaning supplies away, she took her spot behind the counter and counted all of the money that was leftover from last night’s drag. The only people who stopped by the cafe were college students to write their papers for whatever major they had and they just so happened to be the crankiest whenever they were placing their orders. Y/N was thankful every day that she didn’t have the night shift simply because she knew that she’d snap on someone for answering so bluntly.

    “Dude, you look like shit,” Matthew chimed from behind her figure. She jumped slightly and gripped at her chest. “Are you hungover?”

    Y/N rolled her eyes and pushed Matthew’s shoulder aggressively. “Really? You think I’d drink until I got shitfaced on a Monday night and still come in to work the next day? You disappoint me Matt, you’re better than that.”

    The two friends chuckled at their playful banter, snapping into their customer service mode whenever they heard the bell above the entrance jingle. Y/N put on her best smile and greeted the customer at the register. After taking their order, she walked to the back counter and started to assemble the drink as if it were second nature. The woman at the counter seemed like she was in a rush. She was dressed in business casual attire and didn’t dare to look up from the small phone in her hands, her thumbs typing at god-like speeds. Y/N took that as a cue to hurry up and make sure everything was perfect before the lady had another reason to get grumpy and take it out on her.

    The same type of people were walking into the cafe for the first two hours of her shift. All men and women dressed to impress and lazily mumbling their order without even making eye contact with her. She learned after her first week working here that it wasn’t anything personal between them. Busy people lead busy lives and sometimes that means that they have no regard for anyone around them, especially when they’re on the clock.

    After two hours, the buzz finally started to pick up. The line wasn’t as long as it would’ve been since Matthew decided to man the second register and shorten it. Coffee was being handed out at lightning speed to each customer, quick little ‘Thank you, come again’s’ being vomited out just as fast as the coffee went out. Once the line was gone and the people in the cafe started to talk amongst themselves, Matthew went on break and made a coffee for himself and Y/N. She took the steaming cup in her hands and thanked him.

    “So, how’s the boutique going?” Matthew queried, bringing the lid of the cup up to his pursed lips. “I heard that some bigshot detective went in the other day.”

    “Yeah, apparently he transferred over here from Gotham City,” Y/N nodded. “Once he said where he was from it all made sense. With how shitty that town is I can understand why he was so monotone and depressed.”

    Y/N thought back to two days ago when the detective walked in. Although the boutique mainly sold clothes, if a hole in some clothes needed to be sewn or altered, they were able to do that as well. This detective came in and asked if Y/N could sew a large rip on one of the sleeves of his white button-ups. She didn’t think anything of it at first, but as she thought back to herself, she realized that it must have taken something pretty sharp to make the rip that large. It wasn’t your simple rip from getting caught on a door or kitchen table, this was a rip that someone made in a bad fight. However, it wasn’t her business to make small talk and ask him how the shirt was damaged, she felt like she’d only get lectured if she asked about anything. He did leave her a twenty dollar tip though, that’s probably the only reason she remembered the man.

    Once the clock struck two, Y/N removed her apron and let her hair down. As the next two employees walked in for their shift, she and Matthew rid themselves of their uniforms and wished them good luck with the lunch rush.

    “Do you have anywhere to be right now?” Matthew queried.

    Y/N shook her head. “Nope. You just can’t get enough of me can you?” She teased slightly, watching a smile spread across Matthew’s lips. He rolled his eyes playfully and started to walk the other direction as she giggled and grabbed his wrist.

    “I’m just kidding! Where do you wanna go?”

    Matthew looked down at her and pressed his lips together. “I mean I’m pretty hungry, wanna go and grab a bite to eat?”

    Y/N pondered the offer. She supposed she could grab something to eat before her shift at the boutique started. “Sure, why not! What are you thinking?”

    “Hm, you down for Chinese? Chinatown isn’t too far from here,”

    Y/N felt her mouth water at the thought of eating some dumplings and lo mein right now. She nodded and walked next to Matthew the entire way over to Chinatown. Their walk wasn’t silent, filled with obnoxious jokes and rants about the customers they served earlier that morning. Y/N roared with laughter at the impression of one of the business men he’d served that morning, laughing at his melancholic expression.

    “Bro, that guy just looked like he hated his life!” Matthew explained in between chuckles. Y/N’s stomach burned from how hard she was laughing, her breathing staggered and harsh as she tried to catch her breath.

    The marquee for Chef Hung’s towered over all of the smaller restaurants all down the block. A buddha sat in between the words Chef and Hung, smiling down at Y/N and Matthew as if to greet them on their way inside. The second that Matthew opened the door, the smell of sesame oil and soy sauce hung thick and heavy in the air. Y/N hummed deliciously and made her way to the register to order. While Matthew sat down at a booth next to the wall, Y/N finalized their order and thanked the woman behind the register before taking her seat across from her friend.

    “What time does your shift start today?”

    Y/N pulled out her phone and scrolled through the groupchat’s images to find the schedule for this week. “5:30 to close.” She pointed out on her screen.

    “Just be careful on your way home, the crime rate here has been jumping up and a lot more people are getting mugged now.” Matthew warned. “My friend Chris got mugged two nights ago and they roughed him up pretty bad, just keep an eye out.”

    Y/N smiled at his kind words and nodded. “Don’t worry, I’m a big girl. I’ll just get ‘em with my pepper spray. Hopefully that’ll work,”

    Matthew rolled his eyes. “Yes, because a guy with a gun is totally going to be scared of a short girl all alone holding pepper spray to his face,”

    The sarcasm just dripped off his tongue and Y/N pinched his forearm lightly. Before she could make a comment, the food was placed onto their table along with their drinks. Y/N immediately shut up and picked up her chopsticks. She shoved a dumpling into her mouth and groaned as soon as she took her first bite. There was something about Chef Hung and his dumplings. He pan fried them to get the bottoms crispy but steamed the top until the dough was translucent. She could see the ingredients stuffed inside the dumpling and the second her teeth ripped it open all of its contents spilled out onto her tongue. She closed her eyes and chewed slowly, savoring the flavor before swallowing and immediately shoving another in.

    After lunch was finished, Matthew and Y/N walked outside the restaurant to part ways. With a quick side hug from Matthew and a ‘See you tomorrow’, Y/N made her way towards her apartment to squeeze in a quick nap before her shift at the boutique. As she passed the cafe, she let her eyes settle on a couple of street performers with a loud crowd around them. It looked like two street dancers dancing along to Finesse by Bruno Mars. Y/N stopped for a second, watching in awe as they did flips and difficult moves so effortlessly. The hat in front of them was overflowing with cash. Must be nice, she wished she could do what they do and make that much money. Whatever amount was in that hat, was probably her salary for the cafe and the boutique combined. With that thought, she turned on her heel and started her journey to her apartment once more.

    She doubled back as soon as she made contact with someone’s chest. Apologies oozed out of her mouth as she looked up to be met with a man in black jeans and a dark blue t-shirt. It was the detective from the boutique. Her eyes widened and her apologies worsened, the words falling out of her mouth unintentionally.

    “Don’t worry about it, it was my fault.” The man spoke up kindly. “Hey, aren’t you the girl who fixed my shirt the other day?”

    Y/N let out a sigh of relief and dropped her shoulders. “Yes, I am. How’s the shirt holding up?”

    The man smiled. Y/N was taken aback at the sight of his expression, most of the people that came from Gotham weren’t typically the smiling type. However, she disregarded it considering that it was something pleasant to see and made her comfortable.

    “It’s great! I actually wanted to see if you had a business card or something so I can take it to you again if anything else happens to my clothes,”

    Her eyes widened with surprise and she stumbled with her words. The detective chuckled softly and watched her fumble in her purse for one of her cards. “I’d be glad to patch up anything else you might need! My number is on there as well as my business email in case you need to get in touch with me!”

    The man before her took the card gently and placed it in his wallet, thanking her for the information. “Thanks.”

    And just like that he was gone. Y/N stood in her spot for a couple of minutes, replaying the interaction over in her head before shaking the thought out of her mind and heading back to her apartment. Her building came into view and her body instinctively walked through the doors, greeting the clerk at the front desk on her way over to the elevator. The elevator ride was silent, only the soft music playing over the speaker and the sound of the ding each time she went up a floor. Finally, her front door was before her and she pushed it open, locking it behind her before throwing her things onto the floor carelessly. She made a beeline for her bedroom and made sure her alarm was set before flopping onto her bed and shutting her eyes.

    When her alarm went off two hours later, she could see that it was already starting to get darker outside. With daylight savings, San Fran started to get dark at around 4:30, then went completely black at about 6:30. She rubbed her eyes and yawned, walking into the bathroom to touch up her makeup and brush her teeth to get rid of the dumpling breath she had from earlier. She gazed at her reflection in the mirror and a look of disgust spread over her face. She turned and walked back into her bedroom, spraying some perfume and reapplying deodorant before heading out the door for the second and last time tonight. The boutique was actually fun to work at. In her opinion, she liked how quiet it was and although it wasn’t too busy most of the time, she was always glad to help out a customer with picking outfits for special occasions, helping a teenage girl find a style that she felt comfortable in, and even patching up shirts for grumpy detectives.

    The second Y/N walked into the boutique, her coworker Julia greeted her enthusiastically. Y/N smiled brightly and waved at her, walking behind the counter to give her a hug. “I already set up for the most part and picked up. We can just chill behind here until we get a customer,”

    Y/N nodded and set her stuff down, hoisting herself up onto the counter to rest her legs. “So, what’s up with that detective that walked in two nights ago? He was a cutie,” Julia nudged Y/N’s thigh with her elbow suggestively. Y/N rolled her eyes with a giggle and brushed off the comment.

    “Nothing, I actually ran into him earlier today and he asked for my business card, so I thought that was pretty cool!”

    Julia’s eyes widened and a soft gasp left her lips. “How the hell did you just run into him? Isn’t he supposed to be busy doing detective things? Like paperwork or something?”

    “I don’t know!” Y/N scoffed. “It’s none of my business anyway, he just asked for it so I gave it to him!”

    Julia squinted her eyes and joined Y/N on the counter. Their shoulders were pressed together and Julia’s hands gripped the end of the counter with a soft grip. “Oh come on, you cannot tell me that you don’t find him the slightest bit attractive,”

    A snort left Y/N’s lips at Julia’s comment and filled up the silence in the store. “I mean sure, he’s

    good looking, I don’t know what else you want from me Jules,”

    The two girls burst into a fit of giggles, continuing their gossip as their shift went on. Once it was closing time, a total of seven customers had given them business. That was actually pretty good for how slow the boutique normally was, but to most businesses it would’ve been a slow day for revenue. Julia and Y/N took inventory of the store and rearranged all of the racks, making sure that the clothes were placed into the right spot before walking out the entrance and locking up for the night.

    “Bye Y/N! Get home safely!”

    Y/N waved goodbye to Julia before walking in the opposite direction as her. Her legs were tired

    and her posture wasn’t the greatest. Exhaustion wasn’t even half of what she felt right now. She felt like she could fall asleep standing in the middle of the road right now. As the blanket of black covered the once blue sky, the streets were littered with twinkling lights and the street lamps were on. The light chatter of people standing outside of bars and restaurants littered the streets, along with the sounds of passing cars. As Y/N walked past the area where the street dancers were earlier today, a hand gripped onto her arm tightly and yanked her into a nearby alley. A harsh yelp fell from her lips as she was pushed against the brick wall behind her.

    “How much do you got,” The assailant’s gruff voice snarled.

    Y/N was speechless, shakily reaching into her purse for her pepper spray. The man in front of her gripped her arm tighter and made her wince in pain. She let out a choked gasp and flipped the small knob at the top of her pepper spray to open the nozzle. Her thumb rested on top of the pink bottle, waiting for the right moment to quickly whip it out and push.

    “Get the hell off of her,” A deep voice spoke out of the shadows.

    The man holding her turned at the sound of the voice, his head bobbing in all directions to find the source of the noise. His body pushed off of her as he pulled his pocket knife out of his pocket. “Who the hell said that,”

    Y/N looked up to see a man standing on top of one of the buildings next to the alley. She craned

    her neck to see him jump down and land on top of one of the closed dumpsters. Her breathing was heavy, she attempted to hold her breath but failed miserably. She squinted her eyes and noticed something gleaming on the man under the moonlight. It looked like something on his chest and something hanging from his belt were shining. Y/N was so confused but she didn’t dare make a run for it in fear for her life.

    “Ah, looks like little Robin travelled a long way to come save lives, don’t you think?” The thief chuckled. “Where’s your daddy Batman? Huh?”

    Robin? Like Batman and Robin? The Robin? Y/N couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The second her hero walked into the light, she was able to confirm that it was indeed Robin that had come to save her. In the blink of an eye, Robin threw a punch directly at the guy attempting to mug her. She stood with her back and palms against the wall, too astonished to move. The more she watched them fight, the more she felt bad for the guy who even dared to pick a fight with Robin. He was throwing punches so hard at him she wondered how the guy’s head didn’t fly off yet. The man swung blindly at Robin, swinging his knife from side to side in an attempt to lay a scratch on him.

    “A knife to a fist fight? Come on, you gotta fight fair,” Robin scoffed before laying another punch right onto the guy’s nose.

    Blood poured from his nostrils and dripped onto the floor. A loud groan fell from his lips as he clamped his hands over his nose. For sure he had broken it, there’s no way that amount of force didn’t break it. Y/N watched with wide eyes as the man fell to the floor and got kicked in the side to get subdued. Robin looked up at Y/N and walked towards her.

    “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He questioned, his eyes scanning her body for any wounds or signs of bruises.

    “N-no! I’m fine. Thank you so much,” Y/N stammered, closing her pepper spray and lifting her hand out of her purse.

    “If you want, you can go ahead and file a police report on this guy, either way i’m going to take him to the station. It’s up to you,”

    Y/N nodded and gulped back the lump in her throat. “Okay, I’ll do that. Thank you again, Robin.” The hero nodded and sent her on her way, turning back over to the guy and lifting him up onto his feet.

    The second Y/N turned the corner she started sprinting to her apartment, her breathing unstable as she let her still shaking legs carry her all the way to her building. Once she was in the comfort of her own home, she threw herself onto her couch and attempted to catch her breath. She really almost got mugged, and not only that, but Robin saved her.

    Back at the police station, Robin shoved the mugger through the door and let him fall flat on his face. The officers in the department looked up and immediately recognized the Boy Wonder, then shifted their gaze to the man on the floor.

    “He was in the alley on twelfth and tried to mug a girl. Do whatever with him.”

    As Dick walked out of the station, he found his way back into the shadows and managed to pull himself onto another rooftop. He let out a harsh sigh and looked down into the streets, watching the pedestrians walking by.

    “Fuck Batman.”

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  • the-lady-writes-what
    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    So sorry it took so long to get to this request, @sbree-killer. And, no, I haven’t actually watched Rio all the way through. I mostly know it through pop culture osmosis, but I know the plot for the most part. It’s a really cute idea for Hawks and I think it suits him perfectly. What a wonderful suggestion!

    Harpy! Hawks x Harpy! Female

    No content warnings! SFW

    “Keigo” was the name the humans affectionally called him. He crept out of the transportation vehicle to find himself in the lush green jungle, unpolluted by time and destruction. The humans’ vehicle left him to find his own way. Keigo stretched his wings for the first time and felt the wind on his unclipped wings. He soared to the highest branch and perched there to see all that his eyes could survey. All around him, jungle trees thrived in undisturbed serenity. The black smoke of construction, the noisome beat of machinery, and the too-bright skyscrapers were nowhere in sight. Keigo was free. Really, truly free. 

    Keigo observed his new home soaring over the treetops with his red wings basking in the warm sun. The air smelled the purest, so did the earth and the trees. It felt more like home every minute he could spread his wings and fly over the landscape. 

    Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted red wings not unlike his own. Keigo flew a little closer to get a better look. A creature just like him with red wings to carry them over the tree tops. She had talons like him on her hands and feet. She had the same markings on her face. Keigo’s heart skipped a beat. Was this what the humans called ‘love at first sight?’ The female glanced over her shoulder as she flew. Keigo was flying close behind and catching up. She sneered at him and dove underneath the canopy. 

    “Hey wait!” Keigo shouted. 

    Without thinking or hesitating, Keigo dove with her. The female tried to hide herself amongst the broad leaves of a tree, but her bright red wings stood out against the green and there was no leaf big enough to hide her from Keigo’s perceptive eyes. He perched himself on a branch below her. Keigo sat and simply stared. It’d been so long since he saw someone just like him. She was beautiful. Heat washed over him and Keigo’s face turned about as red as his wings. 

    Their first meeting was uneventful. There was more pinning and staring involved than conversations. The female seemed uninterested in Keigo much to his chagrin and that of the scientists secretly observing their interactions. Day by day, the female foraged for food with Keigo lurking nearby, only ever watching out for predators. Whether she didn’t know he was there or grew accustomed to his presence, she took no notice of him. After several days of dancing around, Keigo plucked a vibrant flower growing near a waterfall and flew off to search for her. 

    Keigo found her combing her hair with comb she fashioned out of a fish spine. She’d just finished bathing in a river when Keigo landed a few yards away. She jumped a little but didn’t immediately take off. Keigo approached slowly and carefully. He tucked his wings behind him to appear smaller. Keigo held out the pink and white lily to her. When the female didn’t immediately take it, Keigo’s shoulders slumped. He left it at her feet and flew off. 

    A few days later, he dried again. This time he brought a bowl of nuts and fruits he collected. Keigo left it outside of the hut she made of twigs and leaves bound with hemp. With her nowhere in sight, Keigo left his gift and returned to his own little hut. 

    Keigo, determined at one last chance, built a proper nest. He spent days gathering the best sticks and branches to form the nest near the canopy where the tree tops offered the freshest air and protection. He padded the sides with caked mud for security. The nest was stuffed with soft leaves and roots and draped in animal hides. When he looked over the work he’d done, Keigo smiled. He took off quick as lightning to find her. She perched on a rock, preening her wings. Keigo approached carefully and quietly. 

    “My name’s Keigo,” said he.

    For a moment, the female didn’t say a word. Keigo waited and waited. For a moment, he thought that she would never answer. His body shrank in on itself, the will to continue this courtship was sputtering out. All of his hard work meant nothing. But then, she looked up. 


    Keigo beamed. He raised his head and smiled. “Would you please come with me? I-I want to show you something.” 

    “Will I like it?” She asked. 

    “You won’t know until I show you!” Keigo answered excitedly. 

    Together, Keigo and Y/N flew over the treetops until they happened upon Keigo’s tree. He perched himself above the nest to let Y/N inspect his handiwork. She examined every aspect of the nest. When she saw what he’d been working on, a flutter entered her chest. The animals couldn't talk to her and Keigo was the only male of her species for miles around. She could, possibly, learn to love him. Looking up, Keigo’s  eyes were as bright as the sun. He was waiting for her answer with bated breath. 

    Y/N flew to his perch and settled next to him. With gentle teeth, she nibbled on his wings to preen them. 


    Y/N chuckled at Keigo’s bashfulness. “Shut up and let me fix your wings. You’re absolutely filthy.”

    I know it was short and sweet, but I hope you like it!

    #submission#requests #requests are open #my hero academia #mha fanfiction#mha smut#mha submissions #boku no hero academia #bnha#bnha fanfiction#bnha smut#bnha submissions#hawks#takami keigo #Keigo Takami x reader #hawks x reader #hawks x female reader #hawks x AFAB reader #keigo x reader #keigo x AFAB reader #keigo x female reader
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    01.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    One Night Stand… the Next Week (part 3) - Fem! x Bucky Barnes (SMUT)

    Warning: graphic sex, oral sex (male receiving), talk about sexual things, mentions of body dysmorphia, and cursing.

    Bucky was asleep by 9pm, and he was awakened by his phone chiming. He never figured out how to turn his phone on silent, but since he never got texts it never really went off, let alone in the middle of the night. Bucky reached over for his phone that sat on the floor next to where he slept. He opened his phone and saw a text from you.

    Wanna come over?

    Bucky sat there rubbing the heel of his hands against his eye sockets still awaking up. He texted back,


    You responded almost immediately.

    Yes 😉

    Bucky set his phone back on the floor and flopped back down, staring up at the ceiling, lost in his thoughts. He thought about when he called you two days after he had sex with you that one night.

    "Hello." You said into the phone after you answered Bucky's phone call

    "Hi, this is Bucky." He said who he was and slammed his hand against his face. He felt so stupid.

    "Hi Bucky!" You sounded all excited. "Took you long enough." You teased him.

    "Should I have called you sooner?" Bucky was too worried to call you right away like he wanted to. He didn't want to seem needy, and that's what Reddit told him to do when he tried to look it up.

    "I'm just glad you did eventually. You could have texted me though." You informed him.

    "I'm not much of a texter." Bucky told you as he rubbed the back of his hand against his neck, feeling so nervous that he felt feverish.

    "I've never heard anyone say texter before." You teased as you laughed at his made up word.

    "Fuck, is that not a word?" Bucky asked you as he slapped his face over and over, hating himself right now.

    "It is now." You responded.

    "Well, I just wanted to say hi and give you my number since I only had yours." Bucky said really fast wanting to end this call already.

    "Thank you, now I can call you whenever." You said to Bucky.

    "You will?" Bucky asked surprised.

    "Yeah, I didn't just give you my number to never talk to you again." There was a pause that Bucky didn't know what to say to fill it with. "Okay," you were the one to break the silence. "I stepped away from work and took a break to answer this call. I can't be gone for too long or shit will hit the damn fan."

    "Oh, okay..." Bucky stammered out, sad to hear your voice go away.

    "I'll see you soon, Bucky." You said as you hung up the phone.

    That conversation was a week ago, and now you wanted to hang out? Bucky didn't know if the two of you were sex for when each other wanted it, or a friendship, it definitely didn't feel like dating, but maybe it was. Bucky just felt lost and confused, and this week was a rough one for him. He struggled with his mental health more this week then he had in a while. Bucky hated himself and couldn't look at himself in the mirror, all he saw was an ugly person. He had even helped an old woman a few days ago and she had called him an attractive kind man. But Bucky couldn't see it. He hated himself and all he saw was how ugly he was. Inside and out. His therapist said to not look in the mirror if possible, and if he did he couldn't walk away without finding one thing he loved about himself. So he just never used a mirror. But if he was going to see you he wanted to make sure he looked presentable.

    Bucky threw his blankets off and got up. He grabbed a pair of black jeans off the floor. He stared at his dresser forever deciding if he wore a baggy hoodie like he wanted to so he could hide his body, or a black tee shirt which fit him better. He wanted the hoodie, but was wondering what do you wear to something like this? Bucky got mad and put both on, the hoodie's fabric hiding his body from the world. Bucky slipped on some sneakers and threw a jacket on over the hoodie, since it was late at night in November, so it was fucking freezing outside.

    Bucky willed himself to go into the bathroom and finally look at himself after many days. He looked fine, his hair was messy so he ran his hands threw it, trying to make it more tamed. His scruff was evident now compared to his clean shaven face from when you last saw him. It would do.

    As Bucky walked away feeling horrible and insecure about himself, especially if he was to have sex with you he didn't want to be seen naked right now. He groaned knowing he should try to listen to his therapist. Bucky went back and faced the mirror, staring at himself in it, which just made his insecurities worse. But after many minutes he picked his eyes. He always got complemented on how beautiful his eyes were, and that was the one thing he agreed with. He always liked his eyes compared to the rest of him.

    Bucky grabbed his phone and keys and left the apartment he lived in. He lived south of Chinatown, while you lived north of it. So he could walk to your apart and be there in fifteen minutes. But he didn't tell you where he lived last time because he lived in a trashy apartment on the sketchy part of town, while you lived in the nicer part.

    Bucky tried to shove his insecurities away as he walked towards your apartment, forcing his thoughts to not ruin whatever this was that was happening tonight.

    When Bucky approached your apartment door and he lifted his hand up to knock, but he froze. He thought about turning around, running away, ignoring all your texts like he did to all of Sam's. It'd be easier. But without thinking he knocked on your door anyways.

    You opened it almost right away, smiling when you saw his face.

    "Bucky, hey! Come in, it's fucking freezing outside." You said all happy and chipper. Bucky gave you a small smile in return as he walked past you into your apartment. You smelled so amazing and it for some reason felt comforting to Bucky.

    "Take your coat off, get comfortable. Strip naked for all I care." You teased Bucky as you smiled up at him, gently smacking his metal arm as you walked past him. You were so confident and comfortable with yourself, and Bucky was slightly jealous at you for it. Bucky took his coat off and slipped his shoes off as he let his eyes wander your small apartment. It was small and full of things, but everything had a place. It felt lived in and welcoming, unlike Bucky's apartment.

    You were in the kitchen pouring drinks for the two of you while Bucky just stood there, staring at you as you hummed to yourself while pouring a decent amount of alcohol in each glass. You were dressed way more informal then last time Bucky had seen you. Your hair was slightly frizzy and had a natural wave to it, unlike before it was bone straight. You wore baggy black sweatpants and a grey tank top with no bra. Bucky could see your hard nipples threw the shirt.

    You cleared your throat as you handed Bucky his drink. He felt so flustered and nervous this time around.

    "Sorry." Bucky mumbled to you as he kept his gaze down at his drink, letting the liquid slosh around.

    "Don't be." You reassured him as you stood next to him and placed a hand on his upper arm, giving him a gentle squeeze. "You've already fucked me and seen me naked." You smiled up at Bucky as you stood on your tip toes, getting closer to his face as you said in a hushed tone, "And don't ever apologize for staring, baby."

    You walked into the living room and sat on the couch. When Bucky didn't right away follow you into the living room you lay the seat next to you and stared at him.

    "Come sit. You just gonna leave me all alone over here?" You teased as you took a sip from your drink.

    Bucky walked over to you and took a nice size gulp of his drink, the amber liquid burning down as he swallowed, but he knew it'd do nothing to him, just burn and warm his insides as a cruel reminder he would never relax or forget anything.

    He sat next to you, sitting on the other side of the couch, sitting stiff, his gaze down at his drink, completely zoned out as he wallowed in his inability to get drunk. You moved closer to him and you had brought the bottle of alcohol with you, and you filled Bucky now empty glass.

    "I can't get drunk." Bucky reminded you as he bored his angery gaze down at the cup.

    "I remember." You said.

    Bucky turned his head and meet your eyes. You were still the same person, but less intense and loud. You were still inappropriate and overly open, but you had this gentleness and quietness that wasn't there before.

    You reached out to caress Bucky's face, but he flinched away from your touch. You had a hurt look cross your face when he did that.

    "Bucky, what's the matter?" You asked him.

    "Why am I here? Just so you could fuck me? Or because you were lonely and wanted a drink buddy? What is any of this?" Bucky snapped at you. You didn't answer him right away, you just sat there silently, the tension filed the air, weighing everything down.

    "Is that what's really bothering you?" You asked Bucky. He licked his lips and broke eye contact with you. He felt bad now. He didn't mean what he said. He was just so miserable in his own skin he wanted everyone around him to feel the same.

    "No, it's not." Bucky admitted to you as he finished his second glass and poured himself a third. You were still on your first one; Bucky had been watching to see if you got yourself wasted again.

    "Then what is it really?" You asked.

    Bucky sighed and ran a hand threw his short hair, his leg bounced up and down as he felt his panic rise in his chest.

    "I've had a hard week." Bucky vaguely told you.

    "Do you want to talk about it?" You asked him as you covered your hand over his metal one. Bucky hated when you touched his metal arm, it reminded him of his past that he wanted to forget. He felt his anger boil inside of him, so he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, holding your hand with his as he tried to calm down. You patiently waited for him to answer your question.

    "I struggle mentally a lot. And this week was a bad week for me. So I'm just a miserable person right now." Bucky honestly explained to you. He glanced at you, your eyes watchful of him.

    "Baby, it's okay. You don't have to apologize. Mental health is serious." You reassured him as you reached for his neck, your thumb traced small circles against the skin there. Bucky took a deep breath and tried to relax at your touch. You leaned forward and gently pressed your lips against Bucky's. He relaxed under you, but kissed you back as he held you hips in his hands.

    As you continued to kiss Bucky you eventually slide your hands under all his layers and touched his stomach. Bucky flinched and broke the kiss, his hands shook against your waist, his anxiety was too much.

    "Hey, it's okay. What happened?" You asked, your voice filled with concern.

    "I hate myself. I hate my body. I can't do this." Bucky freaked out and tried to get away from you, but you held onto him.

    "Hey, hey, hey. Don't talk about yourself like that. You are the most kind and caring man I've ever meet. Plus, you literally look like a model and are way out of my league." You ran your hands threw Bucky's hair, trying to sooth him.

    "I shouldn't have gone over here like this. You don't deserve to see me like this." Bucky needed to get away, this was too much. He should have fucked you and walked out, never seeing you again. He hated people seeing how weak and broken he truly was.

    "Bucky, stay. Please. Hear me out, okay." You pleaded with him, trying to get him to stay. And he did, long enough to hear what you had to say. "Let me do something for you. I want to make you feel good. You can leave afterwards if you're just done. But let me make you feel good at least." You bartered with Bucky.

    "And how are you gonna do that?" He asked you.

    "Remember what I did last time to calm you down?" You asked as your eyes became dark with desire. Bucky nodded, remembering well of what you were talking about.

    "Let me do that again. You will be fully clothed, all you have to do is pull your pants down enough for me." You instructed him as you gently touched in between his legs, his dick was already hard just by the memory of last time. You smiled as you felt that he was hard.

    You got off the couch and knelt before Bucky. The way you looked up at him got his heart racing. You kept eye contact with him the entire time you unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, slowly pulling down his jeans and underwear. As his large cock was released you confidently touched his dick, stocking it slowly up and down, causing it to twitch a little in your hands. You smiled as you saw the reaction you got from Bucky almost immediately.

    Bucky had his head tipped back on the couch, his eyes closed, just feeling what was happening to his body, trying to not get overstimulated and stressed out. He felt heat and tingly sparks rise from his pelvis all threw out his body.

    When he was finally truly hard you licked the tip, and Bucky moaned, his legs tensing as you did that; his knees pressed firmly into your sides. You flicked his tip with your tongue again and Bucky gasped, his mind was a muddled mess. He had forgotten his pain and the memories that haunted him. He couldn't get drunk or high anymore, but this was a great close second.

    "Fuck." Bucky swore as he gripped the pillow by his side once you had his whole dick into your mouth and down your throat. He had no idea how you did it, but in that moment he didn't care. You picked up your pace, flicking your tongue here and there. Bucky moaned so loud he threw his body forward and grabbed onto your hair, burying his face in your hair as he climaxed, moaning loudly as he came everywhere, especially in your mouth.

    Bucky went limp against you as you cleaned him up, licking and swallowing what you could. Bucky didn't even think about what it was you were doing his head was spinning from his high. He had never cummed that fast before ever.

    When you had finished you gently pulled his underwear up and over his now limp dick, leaving his jeans half off. You lifted your head up and meet Bucky's eyes, smiling as you saw how fucked up he already looked.

    "Did you like that, baby?" You asked Bucky as you ran your hands up and down Bucky's thighs. He was unable to form words so he just nodded. You climbed up and sat on his lap, your legs straddled his lap as your ass pressed against Bucky's dick, which was already starting to get hard again. He subconsciously put his hands against your waist, holding you as he let his eyes trail over your body. You entangled your hands in the back of Bucky's hair, grasping at his short hair as you kissed his neck, sucking just hard enough not to leave a mark on his flawless skin. Bucky became undone once again as you kissed his neck, letting your hands play with his hair at the back of his neck as he got lost in you.

    Bucky pulled your hips flush against his own, pulling your lips into his, kissing you with tongue, more confidently then the last time he saw you.

    "Jesus, you're excited tonight." You teased Bucky as you rolled your hips against his. Bucky forced himself to focus on you threw his fucked up state he was already in just from the blow job. Bucky flipped you over so your back was pressed against the couch as he was on top of you, kissing down your body.

    Bucky wanted to go slow and touch you, savoring you this time around, fingered you then take you to the bedroom to have sex with you. But something had switched in Bucky's brain and he had to have you right here right now. Bucky pressed his face against your waist where he had lifted your shirt up so he could feel your soft skin against his lips.

    "What's wrong, baby?" You asked Bucky as you ran your hand threw his hair, trying to comfort him.

    "I want to go slow with you tonight. I wanna treat you like how you deserve." Bucky told you.

    "I feel like there is a but somewhere in there." You said.

    "I can't wait anymore." Bucky lifted his head and moved back on top of you, his eyes bored down into yours. You looked confused as you gently touched Bucky's face with your small hands.

    "And?" You asked, seeing the war in Bucky's eyes that he was having with himself.

    "I feel guilty for coming over here and being a horrible person just to come and have sex with you. I don't want to be like all the other guys." Bucky was being honest with you. You smiled and chuckled at his explanation.

    "Baby, you aren't like other guys. It's a natural feeling to want to get lost in another person. It's okay to do something for yourself once in awhile. And if that's fucking me right here on this couch, then so be it." You reassured Bucky as you grind your knee against Bucky's inner thigh.

    "I don't want to use you." Bucky said.

    "You won't be using me. Last time you did more for me then I did you. And I'm happy to return the favor tonight." You gave a kiss to Bucky's lips as you let your hand touch his upper shoulders, feeling his muscles even threw his layers of clothes.

    "Can I leave my clothes on?" Bucky asked you as you started to pull his underwear down for a second time tonight.

    "If you'd feel better that way. But here me out for a second. Do you think you'd feel better if I worshipped your body?" You asked Bucky. You laughed when you saw the confused and horrified look on his face. "It's just an idea. It's when I, in a way, worship you and your body. You don't have to, it's just an idea. We can always go slow and if it's too much we can stop." You offered to him. Bucky just wanted to take you right here right now. But the last thing you did to him did made him feel better.

    "I'll take my hoodie off and go from there." Bucky said to you. You nodded as Bucky grabbed the back of his hoodie, pulling it off in one swift motion, leaving him in his fitted black long sleeve tee.

    "Fuck, Bucky. How the hell are you so fucking smooth? Even sober I get lost in my hoodies." You joked with him to lighten his now darkened mood.

    You didn't kiss Bucky this time. You let your eyes wander Bucky's torso as you touched where your eyes were looking. Bucky slightly hated this till you kissed where Bucky's heart was.

    "You look like you were sculpted you're so handsome." You slide your hands under his shirt and touched his bare chest. Bucky closed his eyes, trying to not freak out.

    "I love your arms." You whispered as you stole a kiss from Bucky's lips, letting your tongue tease him as your let your nails drag down his arms.

    Bucky felt his anxiety coming back, so he quickly pulled your sweatpants off and he teased your pussy with his digits. You moaned and arched your back.

    "The way you touch me is nothing like I've ever felt. You feel so fucking good." You told Bucky as he touched you. He remained silent, but you saying positive things about him made him preform even better. His anxiety would lessen and he'd feel more confident.

    Bucky grabbed the hem of your tank top and pulled it off of you, leaving you bare chested so he could see your breasts. Bucky bent down and kissed your tittes, sucking on your nipples ass he caressed you there with his lips.

    "Keep talking. It does help." Bucky whispered against your chest as he dragged his tongue from the middle of your chest up to your chin. He always knew you truly liked something when your back arched.

    "You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen." You moaned out as Bucky thrusted his fingers inside of you, wanting to make sure you were ready for him to fuck you. You were more ready then he thought you were. You were already dripping wet against his fingers.

    Bucky stared into your eyes as he finally slid into you, watching you as you tensed under him from his dick stretched you out. Your eyes fluttered closed as he bottomed out inside of you, hitting you so deep inside.

    "Fuck Bucky." You moaned out as you buried your face into his neck, clutching onto him as he slowly thrusted in and out of you. Bucky held onto you, his flesh arm wrapped around your body to hold you against him as he picked up speed. For the first time in a long time he felt free of stress, of pain, and the anxiety of it all. He got lost in you, the euphoric feeling he got as he felt you tighten around him, your hips slammed against his as he thrusted deep into you, your moans and pants filled his ears.

    You dug your nails into his shoulder, your nails bit his skin as you moaned into his neck as you tightened around him so much he struggled to keep his quick pace up.

    "Fuck, you're so fucking tight." Bucky swore into your ear, almost as breathless as you were. He was a super Solider, he didn't know he could actually get winded like this.

    You finally came around Bucky, your cum dripped down onto Bucky as he slowed his pace, letting you ride your climax out as you convulsed and gasped breathlessly under Bucky.

    Bucky quickly followed suit and climaxed himself. He had lost himself so much he forgot to pull out before he came, getting some inside of you. He had never cummed inside someone before, and it actually felt good, intimate even.

    Once Bucky had climaxed and pulled out of you completely he flopped next to you on the couch. There wasn't room for two, so you laid more on top of Bucky then next to him. You grabbed Bucky's face and kissed him, letting your lips linger on his for a moment.

    "You're so beautiful." Bucky whispered against your lips. Bucky kept his forehead against yours, holding you against him. "Thank you." He whispered almost inaudibly to you. "For everything."

    You just smiled at him, remaining quiet, not wanting to ruin the tender moment the two of you were currently sharing together. Bucky didn't trust very easy, and tonight he had completely lost himself, trusting you in every way possible. He didn't honestly think he'd ever trust again after what happened with Steve. But it seemed like you've proved him wrong.


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    Ace of Cups

    Chapter Eight

    Trigger warning: threesome. Piv. Anal. Oral (m&f receiving) handjob, choking, fluff.

    You return home to Bucky.

    You find another use for your rings.

    Passion overtakes all three of you.

    You look at the bandage on your arm. You swore if Christine took another vial of blood you’d be completely drained. She told you it would take a few days until the results were in, you'd find out if there was any long-term damage done to your child. Your hand grips Sam's as he drives you back to Stephen's sanctum, you feel at home with him. For you, home will never be a place. It will always be people. Sam Wilson was the first true home you'd known, then Bucky had to come into your life and turn your simple cottage home into a mansion of love. And baby made four.

    Sam pulled up to the brownstone, he stopped you from getting out of the car. “Wait. There's something very important we need to do before we go in.” he says.

    “What's that Chief?”

    He pulls you into a lingering kiss. Fire courses through your body. His lips warming you to your core. You badly needed him, needed all of him. You needed to reconnect to the man you loved. He pulls away, a look in his eyes familiar and mischievous. You know what he wants, but won't give you. You smile and kiss his cheek. “You know, we could go home right now. No travel time needed.” You tell him.

    “How?” he asks. You smirk and get out of the car. You pull out the gift Stephen had given you.

    “Let me show you “ you say as he curiously joins you. You take a deep breath. You focus on your kitchen at home. You see the dated yet charming wallpaper in your mind. You can smell the constant aroma of coffee. A portal opens up. Sam's eyes widen, he looks like a child on Christmas morning. You pull him into a passionate kiss as the portal consumes you both. Your eyes close, feeling the passion of the kiss, and the magic in your blood. When you open your eyes you're thrilled that you're home.

    Bucky paced the living room as he talked to Natasha on the phone.

    “I feel powerless to help them Nat. I can’t focus on anything. Sam's scared, and Doc well this is all my fault.”

    “Bucky. For the last time believe it'll be okay. You've suffered enough. I believe you've earned the happiness coming your way. Just please be kind to yourself.”

    Bucky's ears pick up a faint crackling sound in the kitchen. “Nat, I'll have to call you back. Be safe out there.” He said hanging up the phone. He pulls his knife from it's holster and creeps towards the kitchen. His jaw goes slack and he drops the knife seeing you and Sam.

    “Doc?” he asks, disbelieving what he's seeing. Your smile and Sam’s pure look of wonder tell him what he's seeing is real.

    “James. We’re home.” You tell him. You look into his eyes and wonder if they’d always been that blue. You look over at Sam, almost asking permission, he nods. You run into Bucky's arms. You pull him into a much needed kiss. He deepens the kiss. You feel his joy wash over you. You were now in your mansion. You pull away from the kiss, taking Sam's hand and Bucky’s hand you lead them to the living room. You sit between them. Excitement rising inside your being. “I'm pregnant.” You tell Bucky. All at once you felt like you were blissfully drowning in his joy. His dwarfed yours. “And there's not a single doubt in my mind you'll both be incredible fathers.” Your voice so overwhelmingly joyful you wonder if anyone should feel this happy ever.

    Your mind races. The future now certain. You have love. You have family. You have everything you've ever wanted. Your stomach turns unpleasantly. You know what's going to happen. You rush out of their sight, not wanting them to see what's coming. You run out the front door, they give chase. If they spoke you didn't register it. You had to get out of there, as soon as you reached fresh air, you vomited over the side of your porch. You felt as if you'd been doing so for an hour. Sam held your hair back, while Bucky rubbed your back softly. You finally come up for air, you grab the breath strips out of your pocket and place three of them on your tongue. You groan. “That's going to get annoying.” You say.

    “Just a sign that you truly are carrying it I child.” Sam says looking over at Bucky. To your great shock, and even greater delight he pulls Bucky into a kiss. The atmosphere is made of only love and trust and hope. You shed happy tears watching them kiss. Your men break their kids and pull you into an embrace. “No more running. You understand. No matter how bad it gets. It's the four of us against the world.” He says with authority.

    Before heading inside you go to the mailbox and retrieve your rings, you feel worthy of them again. You bring your men back into the house, into the living room. You hand the heirloom ring to Sam, and the platinum ring to Bucky. “If you'll have me, and I know it's not legal, I’d like to be your wife, both of you. I’d like for both of you to be my husbands. Our child will be born into a happy marriage.” You say looking over your handsome men.

    Sam kisses you with full love, and places the ring back onto your finger. “With this ring we thee wed.” he starts.

    “Through good times and bad, we will love one another.” Bucky finishes before kissing you. Though you'd used the breath strips you feel in need of a deeper clean.

    You place a hand on each of their cheeks. “Be right back my loves.” You say as you head to the bedroom. You grab your comfiest of clothes and take a quick shower. You brush your teeth while in there. You begin thinking of names for your child. However you stop, knowing that it's fathers need to be part of the discussion. You dress yourself and head to the living room and resume sitting between the men. They both place a hand on your abdomen. First Sam pulls you into a fiery kiss. The passion behind it engulfing your whole body. Bucky shifts your hair over your shoulder and places small kisses on your neck. You sigh with contentment. Each man is filling you with an incredible need. Your core drenched in your own desire. As if they could smell it, they work to remove your clothing.

    You rise from the couch and push each man to kiss the other. Thankfully they made your job easier by only wearing shorts. You remove the offending fabric. Needing to have all three of you bare to the world. Watching as they give into passions that have been brewing causing your juices to begin to leak down your thigh. You get to your knees and take Bucky into your mouth. Your hand working on Sam's sizeable cock. You bob your head in time with your strokes. Giving each man equal pleasure. You moan feeling Bucky's emotions, your arousal heightened by your hormones. You need them to take you apart.

    As if Bucky read your thoughts instead of your emotions he pulls you to your feet. You look into his dark blue eyes, then into Sam’s nearly black eyes. Both filled with the same need as you are. Bucky throws you over his shoulder. You laugh as you put up a mock fight. They both practically run towards the bedroom. Bucky throws you onto the soft bed. You look at your husbands, never feeling so safe and loved in your whole life. Sam sits beside you and pulls your lips to his. His tongue massaging yours. Fire fills your lungs, warming and dangerous at the same time. You reluctantly pull away from the kiss. “Before we do this, do either of you want to back out. No judgement if you do. I don't want just consent here, but pure participation.”

    “Not for all the money in the world doll.”

    “Not even if Earth was under attack sweetness.”

    Hearing them ignites your full passion. You aren't even able to act before Bucky pushes you to the mattress, his hand holding your hands above your head. The blue getting so deep it might as well as be indigo. Sam pulls your legs around his shoulders. His mouth finding your dripping center. “Before either of us you will come. You'll be lost to your lust.” Bucky growls. Sam expertly works your cunt, his mouth sucking your clit, driving you crazy. Your legs tighten around his head. He moans into you, the vibration bringing you to your height. You let out a primal scream, which is silenced by Bucky's mouth crashing onto yours. He pushes his tongue into your mouth, you suck on it. He holds your wrists with his Wakandan arm. His other hand wraps around your throat. The mix of sensation making you explode, for the first time you are so torn apart that you squirt. Sam drinks it lustfully. You are made dizzy from the purity of the pleasure inflicted on your body.

    As you finally come back to yourself Sam has placed you on top of him. He enters you with such vigor that you cry out. He thrusts slowly inside of you, getting you acclimated to his girth. You look over at Bucky as he strokes his cock as he watches Sam fuck you.

    “Lube. Top drawer.” You pant out. Sam hitting your g-spot with every thrust. Bucky understands your meaning. As does Sam. While Bucky prepares you, Sam rubs your clit in fast circles, never slowing his thrusts. You fall into Sam's chest as you ride out another powerful climax. As you come back to earth Bucky enters you. The sensations overwhelm you as both men fuck into you. You can feel Bucky's emotions, amplifying your own. You swear you can feel Sam as he gets close to his own release. The physical is muted by the emotions all three of you feel. You feel as if all three of you have become one body. Your heart. Sam's heart. Bucky's heart. All beat in time with one another. You've lost track of how many orgasms have ripped through your body.

    Both men bite into your neck as they come inside of you. All three of you a jumble of limbs.

    “I love you both so much.” You say exhaustion beginning to set in. As they pull out of you, you lay on the bed, blissfully spent. Bucky rises and goes to the bathroom, he returns with a warm washcloth. Sam kisses you sweetly as Bucky cleans you off. “Just so we're clear. We’re all married. You’re not just married to me.”

    “I'm aware my sweet.” Sam says. He pulls you onto his chest, while Bucky spoons with you.

    “Get some rest doll. Our little girl needs you well rested “

    “Our SON.” Sam corrects as you roll your eyes.

    “Goodnight you two.” You say closing your eyes and drifting off into peaceful sleep.

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  • yelenaslyubov
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    Afternoon Tea Time

    pairing: amy march x fem!reader
    warnings: smut, possible homophobia (comes with the time period), mentions of masturbation, fingering
    description: you invite amy over to your house for tea while your mother is away, but things take an interesting turn
    word count: 4.5k

    The spring air lingering about was like a friend of days past. It was cold, yet held a warm feeling within that kissed your skin as you wandered outside. The garden was ever flourishing with new buds of all colors that turned the green into a rainbow of life. It not only looked divine but smelled heavenly as well with its floral sweet scent.

    The walk from your home to the March’s wasn’t long, and even if it was, it was completely worth it for the company. All the views on your way there never failed to amazing you with its beauty. The lakes were gleaming, the grass was rustling with the wind, and the birds chirped a joyful late season song that was music to your ears.

    Amy was coming over today, but she knew that you liked to walk with her there so she didn’t walk alone. She always insisted otherwise, saying that she could walk herself, but you just wanted an excuse to be around her more than you already were. Little did you know, Amy felt the very same.

    Before you made your presence known, you looked down at the maroon dress you were wearing and flattened it down with your hands, trying to make yourself as presentable as you could. No matter how many times you were around Amy, you still got the familiar feeling and actions of making yourself look nice for her. Constantly checking your dress for wrinkles, looking in the mirror to observe your appearance, and trying to force the butterflies swarming in your stomach to subside. The blonde beauty made your blood pressure rise in the best way possible.

    You made it to the family’s front door with a happy huff and knocked on the door. You heard the muffled commotion of sound which was normal noise always found at the March’s. The smile on your face only brightened greatly when one of the lovely sisters answered the door.

    “Hello! Amy will be down in just a minute,” Meg spoke to you with her signature soft smile.

    “That’s just fine,” you said, returning her smile.

    “How have you been? Marmee told us all of your new job. It sounds so wonderful!”

    “Oh it is! It’s just excellent. I never thought that anyone would be willing to see my work, let alone use it in a real play. It all seems like a dream. Also, tell Jo that I would love to see her work again some time. I thoroughly enjoyed it the last time and I’m sure I would love it just as well again.”

    “She would be just overjoyed at that, I know it. I’m so happy for you. I’m glad to see you happy like this, y/n. Ever since your…” Meg trailed off at the last of her words. You brushed her off to continue so she wouldn’t dwell on the subject any longer. It was noticeable when someone would mention your fathers passing that the air became thinner, and faces became melancholy. “But I believe your job is not the only thing making your spirits lift.”

    Her smirk held the answer that she was hinting at. Your face slightly reddened at her insinuation. But she was right, Amy was part of the reason you felt happier these days.

    “It’s not just you that’s been affected either,” Meg grinned, her words becoming quieter with the fear that Amy might hear. “The past few weeks she hasn’t been able to stop talking of you to us knowing she was going to see you this day. She’s been helping more in the kitchen with Marmee and she’s about to drive us all mad with her incessant humming.”

    You giggled picturing Amy humming joyfully around the house. It seemed that she was in the same state as you were. The two of you couldn’t get enough of each other. The sneaking around did become tiresome after a while since only the March sisters knew of you and Amy’s affair. You didn’t dare tell another soul in fear of what might happen. That’s why you kept your meetings one on one only at the others houses. Plus, you both liked it better that way.

    Soon enough you heard Amy’s fast but gentle footsteps rushing down the stairs. Her face was flushed with a nervous smile but the same as always, elegant and regal. Always your Amy. You could tell she was wearing a new dress too that brought out her chartreuse eyes. The material was a green plaid pattern and she had a light white sweater draped over her shoulders. There was still a bite in the air when the wind swept your skin just right, so the little warmth it gave her was just enough. And as usual, her hair was wrapped in a delicate updo. No matter how hard you tried to get her to take it down she refused, saying that it wasn’t proper to have her hair tussling about like a child. She would take it back immediately once realizing the state of your hair that was down, curled around your shoulders.

    Meg moved away from the door to let Amy pass, and the rest of them left the room to give you both space even though you were leaving. Amy was quick to shut the door behind her, the rest of the sisters trying to contain their laughter as best they could, hoping you couldn’t hear them. They failed miserably.

    “Well Miss March,” you started, holding your elbow out so she could link her arm in yours. “Are you ready to have that quality time we hear so much about?”

    You and Amy didn’t get to have much alone time together because of your situation. She was busy with her art and teaching lessons, and you with your writing and traveling to and from the city. You both were grown women now, not little girls. This felt like the first deep breath you had taken in some time.

    “I very much am. And may I say you look absolutely radiant today.”

    You both were walking now and you looked down at her with your cheeks tinted. You leaned into her and placed a kiss in her hair. “Thank you, my love. And you look as stunning as ever. That green brings out your beautiful eyes.”

    Her head leaned against your shoulder as a thank you while you continued to walk. It seemed that you were appreciating the sights around you even more now that Amy was by your side. She made everything better and brighter by just being there.

    The flowers seemed to open up and show their vivid colors towards the shining sun with proud glory. The rivers rushed faster, the fish swimming in the crystal waters with all the excitement of a hot summers day. Even the small critters pranced around the woods with a pep in their step.

    You approached the front door of your house and popped the key into the lock from out of your pocket until the door opened with a creak.

    “My lady,” you ushered her inside and she smiled.

    She observed the house like it was her first time inside, looking along the paint details on the walls and the framed portraits too. That was one thing you adored about Amy, any room she entered she could spot the art work within and study it with grace. Her fingertips brushed gently on the flowers drawn on, feeling the dip in the paint and the smoothness of the oil.

    When she turned around there was an adoring smile on your face. “What is it?” she asked you with a little chuckle.

    “Just you,” you said, stepping a little closer. “I really did miss you, Amy.”

    Her hands found your face and she rubbed her thumb along your cheekbone. “I missed you dearly too. That was too long to be without one another.”

    “I agree. Shall we go upstairs? I can make us some tea first?”

    “Is your mother not home?” she asked you curiously.

    “No, she’s away in the city and won’t be back for a few more days. It’s just been me here for the past couple weeks.”

    “Well why didn’t you tell me? I could have come over and kept you company. It isn’t good shutting yourself up in a house this big alone.”

    You laughed. “Such a womanly thing to say, Amy. But I was just fine, I promise. Besides, I enjoy the quiet. It helps me think and write.”

    This time she stepped closer to you, only about a foot away. She took a small piece of hair that was laying against your shoulder and twirled it between her fingers. “What were you thinking about?”

    You tilted your head at her innocent smirk planted on her face. “You’re too vain, Amy. Do you assume it was all about yourself?”

    Her face turned red and she looked down. “No, I didn’t think that. I was just meaning-”

    “Amy,” you stopped her and lifted her chin with your finger. “No matter where or when, I am always thinking of you.”

    She leaned up hesitantly and quickly pecked your lips. “And I of you.”

    You smiled. “So how about that tea? I’ll meet you upstairs?”

    “It sounds perfect.”

    You watched her part of the way as she walked up the carved wooden staircase. It almost looked as if she belonged there, like this home was just as much of hers as it was yours. You wanted her like this. You wanted this for you both and you would fight to have it.

    After clattering around the kitchen for a bit to get the tea ready for the both of you, you began to take the tray upstairs. You first went into the study room to see if she was there with the paintings, but the tall room was empty. You then checked your own room and found her laying on her side, her sweater now discarded, on top of the bed reading some of your work you had on your side table.

    “There you are. I was beginning to think you got lost,” you said while closing the door behind you with your heel.

    “Only lost in your writing,” she smiled up at you, still skimming through the pages. “These pieces really are amazing. What’s this one about?”

    You set the tea tray down on a table by the fireplace and stared at her knowingly. She was testing you because she knew that the writing was evidently about her.

    “Oh, it’s about this wonderful woman, you wouldn’t know her.” You chuckled a little as did she as you brought her teacup to her and handed it gently into her hands.

    “Thank you,” she muttered, taking a small sip of it and moaning a little at the taste. You turned away quickly to acquire your own cup and to also hide the faint blush on your cheeks. You shouldn’t have such thoughts about Amy, you had too much respect for her, but in times like these you couldn’t help the risqué images from clouding your head.

    You sat down in a large and comfy chair next to the fire, trying to warm up a bit from being outside. You stared into the blazing heat, thinking a million things at once, all about the same person. Even as you were turned away from Amy, it was like daggers staring into the side of your head with her green eyes cutting the tension in the room.

    “What are you thinking about?” Amy asked, putting your papers to the side.

    You sipped some tea again. “I shouldn’t say. If I speak them into existence they may come true.” You turned to face her and gave her a weak smile.

    She got up off the bed and you turned your attention back to the fire until you felt and saw her hands placed on either side of you, resting on the sides of the chair. You took another nervous drink of tea, but she took it from your hands and set it back down on the tray.

    “Look at me please,” she said seriously.

    You did as she wished and your y/e/c met her green. Her stare was so intense you felt as if you should look away at any moment, but there was no way you could. Not now.

    “Tell me what you were thinking.” The tone of her voice is what startled you the most. She wasn’t this deliberate with you which made you realize she wanted a legit answer.

    “Amy, we shouldn’t,” you answered honestly, staring at her lips, even though you didn’t want to mean it. Your words were whispered, the air from your lungs brushing her lips inches away.

    “But you want to?” she tilted her head and you nodded.

    Her rough kiss sobered you up in seconds and you kissed her back with all you had. You put everything you were afraid to say out loud into that kiss, hoping that the action would speak for itself. She basked in all your glory and all that you had to offer, which you were willing to give her. Your hands pulled her closer if that was even possible, her soft skin setting off that spark inside you that you so longed for.

    Eventually one of Amy’s hands snaked around your waist to pull you up out of the chair. You carefully rose up and stood with her by the fire burning, your bodies still flush against the others. She pulled away and stared up into your eyes with a new look you had never seen her wearing before. Her pupils were dilated and filled with desire.

    “Is this what you want?” she asked you, placing her hands firmly on your cheeks and you immediately nodded. “Because you can say no and I will walk away without another word, speaking of this to no one. Or I can stay and we can both face the consequences of what might happen after. Are you willing to do that all for me?”

    You studied her serious demeanor and sternly nodded. “I want you, Amy. I don’t care what happens. You are worth everything in my eyes.”

    She smiled with the slight quiver of her bottom lip. “You have no idea how much I want you too, darling.” Her lips kissed your cheek delicately, almost as if she was afraid you would break into a billion little pieces.

    You inhaled greatly and stepped away from her a little to unbutton the bodice of your dress. Amy’s eyes were locked on your hands working at your top in anticipation. You slipped the long sleeves off easily and placed the clothes on the arm of the chair. You were now only wearing your corset tight around your ribs, your maroon shirt, and thin underdress. Amy was still fully clothed in her pretty green dress, but you would soon change that.

    You walked behind her and leaned in close. “May I?” you questioned with your fingers on the top button of her dress, and she breathed out a yes.

    Like a beautiful puzzle, you carefully unbuttoned every single one down her spine. You pushed the top off of her down her arms until it slid all the way off and onto the floor. Her shoulders and arms were exposed for you, taking advantage of this and pressing small kisses to the skin there. She hummed at the feeling of your lips on her. The only time you saw her showing this much skin was during the late hours of the night occasionally, but otherwise she was completely covered to your dismay.

    You continued working her clothes off, now focusing on the corset that was squeezing her middle. You started to untie and unlace the strings that were intricately weaved back and forth down her back. You saw her sigh of relief when she felt like she could breath again once it was loosened enough. It was loose now to the point she could pull it off too and set it aside while you unhooked her hoop and skirt. She shimmied it off as well, only in her underdress that if you looked hard enough revealed everything you had been internally begging for.

    She was turned around to face you now and smiled. “Let me help you now.”

    You nodded in response, allowing her to take her time with stripping everything off. You wanted her to savor every item and feeling just the same as you did. She did exactly that. You could feel the shakiness of her breath hitting your skin with each piece of clothing that was being removed and you could practically sense how nervous she was.

    Once she had spent her time on you, you faced the blonde and stared down at her hair. “May I do the honors of taking down those gorgeous locks of yours I don’t see very often?”

    “Of course,” she chuckled.

    You reached behind her head and found the pins holding it up and twisted with your fingers. Each pin was gently removed, more hair falling down each time until it was eventually all free of its hold. Her hair was tussled and almost looked messy but it made you smile even more in this state.

    You moved some of the hair away from her face to see her more. “My beautiful, beautiful Amy.”

    She leaned into your touch while you pressed a loving kiss to her forehead. You could feel the ruffled nature in both of you, so you felt the need to draw out your events as long as possible. You wanted to make her feel comfortable while being around you, also being that vulnerable in front of you. You wanted to see her in this way and be able to love her in more ways than one.

    Your lips met again in the now darkening room with the spring storm clouds moving over the sun. The curtains were drawn shut and the fire was still radiating heat that made your skin feel like it was on fire more than it already was. The kiss was deeper and had more meaning behind it with more clothes shed.

    The blind journey to the bed was frantic and needy. Amy collapsed onto her back softly, landing in the middle of the bed with you hovering over her. She whined louder than you thought against your lips when she felt your hand travel up her leg and land on her inner thigh, your thumb tracing the soft skin there. You never thought you would hear such sweet sounds that made you putty in her hands. 

    Your hands traveled farther up until the material of her gown was bunched up on your arm. “Would it be alright if I took this off?”

    “Only if I can rid you of yours as well,” she smirked and you chuckled back at her, placing a long kiss upon her lips before pulling her gown up. She raised off the bed and let you take the rest of the dress completely off her body. Yours was next and she was quick to lose it right after hers was removed. You were both left in absolutely nothing and it was even better than you had pictured it to be.

    You looked down at the lustrous lady under your body and observed her state. Flawless couldn’t even begin to describe what you were seeing. “I’ve never seen someone as beautiful as you, Amy. You’re infinitely ravishing and I adore no one but you.”

    She touched your face and stared right into your eyes. “There are no words to describe what I feel for you. You don’t have a clue.”

    With that she brought you closer by her hand, right where you both left off. Her lips were everything that you ever needed and you appreciated every movement they made against yours. They were so soft and gentle. She did everything with purpose and this was no different.

    Your hand was back down on her bare leg again, making her hips jut upwards. There was a new feeling inside the pit of your stomach that blossomed when you saw her moving so desperately just at your simple touch. You loved how much she reacted to you.

    “Amy,” you said, getting her attention while you stopped your movements. “Have you ever…done anything at all?”

    “No,” she spoke which came out as more of a breath.

    “Have you ever touched yourself?” She shook her head slightly no as her face warmed and she looked down in defeat. You tilted her face back to look at yours with your finger. “My love, it’s okay. I’ll be here through it all beside you. I’ll make sure you feel so safe, I promise.”

    “I trust you,” she said which made your heart melt.

    “I am glad of that,” you smiled. “Just give yourself to me, Amy, and I assure you I will make you feel so good.”

    She whimpered at the sentiment and the fact your fingers were traveling up, closer and closer to where she wanted you. When your fingertips brushed in between her folds, feeling her unfamiliar wet desire, her moans fanned your shoulder. They only heightened when you lightly grazed over her clit, sending her mind spiraling. You knew you could make her feel good, but this was only the beginning, lucky for her.

    You went slow since you knew it was a new feeling for her and you wanted her to get used to it. The slow pace was agonizing, but every pleasure filled stroke on her clit brought her closer to the edge she craved. Her hand grabbed onto your waist violently when you gently glided a finger inside her core. You didn’t move it fast, but instead you barely moved it so she could adjust accordingly.

    “Does this feel okay for you? I don’t want to hurt you,” you told her in a concerned tone.

    “No, no it doesn’t hurt. Just keep going, please,” she begged as those green eyes stared into yours, pleading for anything you could give her in this moment.

    You obeyed her wishes and started pumping your finger inside her now, then faster just following. Both her legs absentmindedly opened wider when you continued, giving you more space to work with. Her sounds never stopped, being vocal without the care anyone would hear her. When you felt like she had relaxed enough and had gotten used to the feeling of one of your fingers fucking her, you added another and began to curl them slightly, hitting the wall inside her making her beg for more. Her hips were moving indefinitely now with the movement of your fingers, syncing the rhythm together as to build up her high.

    You took the time while she was in this state to observe everything about her that you may never see again in this way. You swore you had never seen her look more beautiful than she did right now with your fingers relentlessly fucking her senseless. Her hair was spread all around the bed in a blonde mess that added to the hotness in the room. Her eyebrows were knitted together in a perfect pattern as her eyes switched from staring into yours and then fluttering closed when the pleasure was too much. Her cheeks were flushed with a rosy red color, the color you now identified as your favorite just because of this moment. Her collarbones that were placed so gently upon her structure as if it were her own personal crown was protruding from her skin making it oh so difficult to not kiss every square inch. You traced the curvature of her breasts with your other fingers, imprinting the image in your mind so you would forever remember it. Her stomach moved wildly as the pleasure overtook her in which you held her hips slightly down to stop her movement a bit.

    “Keep going,” she moaned through her pure bliss. “Faster.”

    “Whatever you would like, my lady.” She tried to laugh through your actions but the laughter only turned into a whimper as you fucked her faster. You always knew the right pet names to call her to get her all worked up.

    She was even closer now and you could tell. You may have never done such a thing with Amy before, but for it being your first time, you sure knew how her body reacted to you and the signs it showed. Her walls started to tighten around your fingers which indicated her reasonable closeness.

    “Let go, Amy. I know you want to,” you encouraged her, still keeping your pace fast to hopefully bring her over the edge.

    It happened soon enough when she came around your fingers, moaning your name like a prayer. It was a sound you simply would never get tired of, constantly replaying it in your brain to try and chase the feeling of how it sounded the first time coming from her mouth. Through her high, you kept your fingers barely pumping inside her and you kissed her body all over, mumbling all her beauties across her skin to remind her of everything you cared about her.

    When her noise subsided, you pulled your fingers out, leaving her core cold. Her breathing was heavy as you noticed her chest fiercely moving up and down because of events now past. You crawled up over her to see her more clearly and study her appearance this way. The small strands of hair that were intertwined across her face were pushed back with your fingers, finally getting that clear view of her blushed cheeks. You couldn’t believe you had just shared a moment so special with someone who meant so much to you. You only hoped you would have more times like these before you both were found out for good.

    “Are you okay?” you asked her quietly.

    “I am more than okay. That was amazing. You were amazing.” She leaned forward and pecked your lips a few more times, feeling the both of you smile on the others lips.

    You slowly lowered yourself down until you were half laying on her. You pressed slow and meaningful kisses on her neck and below her ear. She giggled at the feeling and folded her shoulder to her ear as it tickled a bit. You laughed at her and adored everything about her. You wanted to stay this way forever and never face the outside world. You raised your quilt over both of you so you had the option to stay weaved together for as long as you pleased.

    If you had a choice, you would cradle Amy in your arms for eternity, whispering everything you wanted her to hear. She deserved to be appreciated for the strong beauty she was and you wanted to be the one to do that for the rest of your lives, if time and society would allow it.

    Her skin against yours was all you needed to switch back to reality and realize that all you wanted was right here in front of you.

    #amy march x reader #amy march #amy march x fem!reader #little women#florence pugh #amy march smut #amy march fluff #amy march x female reader #jo march#meg march#beth march #little women 2019 #timothee chamalet#yelenaslyubov#yelena belova #yelena x reader #yelena x y/n #little woman x reader
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    01.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Forget the Game - Neighbor!Chris

    MAIN MASTERLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT (fingering, edging, f orgasm 2x, m orgasm, thigh riding, nipple play, d in v, unprotected sex, ass slapping, car sex) language.


    ALL mistakes are my own.

    Do NOT copy, repost, translate or rewrite my fics!!.


    I admire every single comment, reblog, follow, and like to a great extent :).


    (gif not mines)

    You wake up to the sound of banging at your door and wrap your blanket around yourself. Annoyed grunts leave your mouth as you drag your feet to your front door. As soon as you open it, you see Chris standing in front of you in his boxers.

    "Chris?" you mumble, rubbing your eyes.

    He shoves his way inside your apartment and shuts the door behind you. "Shhh! Shhh!" he whispers with a finger to his lips. "You're being too loud".

    "Oh, so the banging was... quiet"?

    Chris plops himself on your sofa and turns the tv on. You move your body in front of him and throw your arms in the air, confused.

    "I like your blanket".

    "What are you doing here, Chris, and why are you in your boxers"?

    He stands up, walks towards you, and grabs the blanket from around your body. "I'm camping out here".

    "Why"? you speak, yanking it back.

    He looks down to his crotch and then back up to you. It takes you a second to figure out what he's saying but then it clicks.

    "Ugh gross"! you shriek.

    "What you've never had a one-night stand"?

    "No, no I hav- Ok maybe once or twice but I have never run into my neighbor's apartment the next morning wearing nothing but my underwear" you speak through your teeth with your finger in his face, trying to keep your voice down.

    Chris uses his finger to move yours out of his face and his concentration shifts to the tv. "Hey, you wanna go to a football game with me?" he asks, spinning you to face the tv with his hands on your waist.


    You fix your shirt and knock a tune on Chris' door. "Chris!" you yell after about a minute of waiting, "Chris open the damn-" the doorknob twisting interrupts your yelling session.

    "Hey!" Chris smirks down at you with only his head peeking out the door.

    You push the door further open and quickly understand why he didn't completely open it. Chris pads over to his bedroom and your eyes can't seem to lose contact with the white towel hanging low at his waist. His body glistens with water and his brown locks curl at the ends due to the moisture and man, does he look hot.

    He reaches his closet and you run your eyes over his perfect body. You shouldn't feel this way about him, he's your neighbor but how could anyone not.

    "Y/F/N, helloooo?" he waves his hands in front of your face and you snap back to reality.


    "I asked if that was what you were going to wear" he chuckles grabbing a hanger out of the closet. You tug at the hem of your shirt and clear your throat. "Yeah, um is there something wrong with it"?

    "Is there something wrong with- yes there's something wrong with it!" he laughs, taking a jersey off of the hanger. "We're going to a football game and you've not dressed the part".

    Chris hands you the navy blue top and leaves the room with a pair of black pants, a blue t-shirt, and a red hoodie. "I was going to wear that for good luck but you're kind of in desperate need of some sportswear so you can wear it today" he smiles at you before closing the door.


    You walk into Chris' living room and see him leaning on the wall. "Is this better?" you speak sarcastically. He stares at you for a second and at that moment you feel something for him. Something so raw. Something so- "Yeah, much better" he smirks as he hooks his arm into mines and guides me out the door.


    The sound of fans cheering inside of the stadium is deafening but it's not enough to stop the sound of Chris' laughs from reaching your ears. His biceps flex as he curls his arms every time the Patriots score and he smirks every time he hears the fans of the opposing team booing.

    You knew nothing about football except the fact that if a player wearing blue runs to the end of the field, football in hand, and the fans on your side yell in excitement, the point number went up on your side of the scoreboard.

    "That's a score. That's a score right?!" you yell as you turn to face Chris.

    He wraps his arms around your body and hoists you off of the ground, the cool air causing your skin to goosebump where your jersey had been lifted. "Yes!! Yes, it's a score!!" he shouts as he puts you back down. The happiness on his face was indescribable. The way his beard moved with every laugh on his face. The way his eyes glimmered every time he caught a glimpse of you staring. It was all indescribable.

    When half time was called you rested back in your seat and brought your phone out of your pocket. You opened the camera app and brought the phone closer to Chris' face. "Smile for the gram," you said as you were about to press the 'capture' button but Chris resting his hand on your thigh stops you in your tracks.

    You feel your core heat up and moisture between your legs. "Come'n Y/F/N! My cheeks are starting to hurt!" Chris chuckles, but you're not able to process his joke due to the effect his hand alone has on you. The feeling of his warm palm on your bare skin and his fingertips pressed on the inside of your thighs have you unable to tap your finger onto the device.

    Chris turns to face you and gives you a slight shake of the head. "Alright, big smile now" he speaks as he grabs the phone out of your hand and snaps the picture. "No wait!!" you yell trying to take the phone back from him but he won't hand it over until he's seen the picture.

    "I look good in this. You on the other hand..." he scrunches his face together in an attempt to figure out why you were looking down at your shorts in the photo. "I'm not really sure what you're doing".

    "Chris! Hand it back" you say while reaching out to your phone. Chris brings it into the air and away from you. "Uh, uh" he moves his index finger side to side. "Use your pretty words darling".

    Darling. That name has your mind spiraling. You press your thighs together and look down to your lap, a wet stain patch right in between your legs. "Wait a minute..." Chris mumbles as he notices it. He zooms into your shorts on the picture and widens his eyes as he sees the white cloth having a blotch causing your red panties to show through a bit.

    "Chris I can explain-" you start but Chris doesn't want to hear any of it. He grabs a hold of your wrist and drags you past the crowd of people and into the parking lot. When you reach his car he opens your door and pushes you into the passenger seat. Chris then moves to the driver's side and slams the door when he gets in. "Chris, the game..." you whisper in an attempt to cool down the situation.

    Chris looks over at you but his eyes portray something other than worry for the game. They're hungry. Ready to devour. "Forget the game. Take them off. Now" he demands. Without another word being needed to be said, your hands drop down to your waist and you pull your shorts off of your legs. You start to slip your panties off too, but Chris grabs your hand making your body jerk to face him.

    "Did I tell you to take them off?" he questions.

    You slightly shake my head and look up at him through your lashes. "Use your voice. Did I tell you to take them off?" he asks again, his voice now more stern than before.

    "No" you pout your lips.

    He hoists you up from your seat and places you onto his thigh. You look him in the eyes and wait for instructions on how to proceed.

    "What're you waiting for? Go on. Make yourself feel good" he chuckles, paying no attention to you whatsoever.

    With that, you start rolling your hips. The contact of your clit to his jeans makes you moan in pleasure. "Fuck" you whimper as the coil in your stomach tightens but not even that tempts Chris. All he does is flip his baseball cap around, lean back in his seat, and bring his hands to the back of his head making sure to keep his eyes locked with yours.

    "Shit Chris" you moan, placing your hands on his shoulders for some balance.

    You keep grinding down on him and you reach down to move your panties to the side to allow more association with the fabric on his legs but he grabs your wrist and brings it back to his shoulder with a 'tsk'.

    As you get closer and closer to the edge, your movements get sloppier and sloppier. You rest your forehead in the center of his chest and pray for your release to come quick and just when you're there, about to fall off the edge, you feel his huge hands grip your waist and stop you in your tracks.

    "Chris!" you shriek, looking up to face him. "What the hell? I was so close"!

    He moves his right hand to your face and moves a sweaty lock of hair behind your ear. "Oh, you didn't think I was going to make it that easy were you?" he chuckles in my face before guiding me to the backseat. Chris stays seated in the driver's seat until he pulls his pants down. He then takes his hoodie oof hauls his shirt off of his torso in one quick move.

    Chris moves to where you am in the backseat and pushes you to lay down with your back flat against the seats. He hovers over your body and presses his lips onto yours. "Chris" you moan into his mouth. He swirls his tongue in your mouth and bites your bottom lip.

    You hiss at the pain but it feels so good. So good that it feels more like pleasure. "My fault" Chris smirks, as he sucks your bottom lip, relieving some of the pain.

    Chris teases you by pulling the waistband of your lace panties and letting them go, leaving a burning sensation on your hips. "Chris. Needa' feel you inside me" I mutter as he moves his kisses to your neck. Chris sucks on your sweet spot and you slightly arch your back.

    You buck your hips to meet Chris' and grind slowly, feeling his cock pressed against your cunt. "Patience darling" he groans into your ear and he pulls your panties off of your legs.

    Chris brings his middle and ring finger to your pussy and moves your folds open all while spreading the mixture up and down your slick. You moan as he dips his warm fingers into your cunt and part your lips as he starts to pump in and out of you.

    "So pretty" Chris states as he takes a look at your cunt, it now glimmering under the ray of sunlight.

    You can feel the sound of the fans inside of the stadium in your chest and you move your left hand to bring Chris' face down to yours. He places gentle kisses along your jawline and you feel yourself coming close to your release.

    "Chris, feels so good" you moan, arching your back.

    "I know. I know it does sweetheart." he smiles as he starts to pump faster than before.

    Your hair sticks to your sweat-covered forehead but you can't be bothered to move it. Not when your this close.

    "Shit- I'm close Chris. I'm so fucking close" You exclaim, grabbing the back of his neck for some connection to reality.

    "Be a good girl and cum for me then yeah"?

    Another curl of Chris' fingers is all it takes for you to release. Chris keeps his fingers inside of you for a moment, giving you time to roll your hips and ride out your high.

    Once you catch your breath, Chris removes his boxers and moves under you. He props your body over his and grabs his already hard cock in his hand. He gives it a few pumps, making sure that his precum coats his cock completely.

    You take your arms and cross them over to the opposite side of your waist but just as you're about to remove Chris' jersey from your body he stops you. "No, keep it on. Wanna see you wearing my clothes while you come undone baby".

    He looks up at you and smiles. "You ready?" he asks, getting a nod from you in return. You grip his thick cock around your fingers and move him inside of yourself.

    Chris gives you a few seconds to adjust before placing his hands onto your hips and working them back and forth. His groans are music to his ears as your moans are to his.

    "Fuck darling. Y'make me feel soo good you know that"?

    All I can manage to do is a nod in response as my head falls back and my hands travel up his sweaty abs. They finally rest at his pecks and you whimper as his cock twitches inside of you.

    "Chris fuck" you scream his name like prayer as his grip tightens around you.

    Chris' hands travel under your top and he massages your boobs with his tender hands. You arch your back and start to move faster as he squeezes your nipple.

    "Shit Y/F/N" he growls under his breath. "So needy for me huh"?

    You clench down on him earning a slap on my ass and you know that you're both so close.

    "Chris don't stop. Please don't stop" you yell as he massages the red spot on your ass. "I'm so fuck close".

    "Cum with me darling. Let's do this together, alright?" he speaks, his baby blue eyes piercing through your Y/E/C ones.

    You nod my head and you both release simultaneously, you screaming his name and him moaning out the deepest groan you've ever heard.

    His warm cum filling you up mixed with your juices feels heavenly and you both know that this isn't the last time you were going to go to a football game.


    #chris evans drabble #cevans#chris evans #chris evans / yn #chris evans smut #chris evans fluff #chris evans imagine #chris evans x reader #chris evans one shot #chris evans x y/n #ari levinson x female reader #ari levinson #ari levinson smut #ari levinson fanfiction #ari levinson x you #ari levinson x reader #andy barber #andy barber smut #andy barber fanfiction #andy barber x female reader #andy barber x you #andy barber imagine #steve rodgers imagine #steve rodgers x reader #steve rodgers x bucky barnes #steve rodgers smut #steve rodgers x y/n #steve rodgers fluff #frank adler x reader #frank adler
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    Applesauce Pouch

    cc!Quackity x fem reader (sfw age regression)

    Requested by: Anon

    Proofread: No

    Music: [Underswap Remix] SharaX - Lethalovania (Meglovania but Beats 2 and 4 are Swapped) By SharaX Official

    Warnings: the feelings of loneliness and being unsafe, being sad, panic attack, use of Quackity's real name, dissociation

    Summary: Stress has been eating you alive and you regress, feeling too small and fuzzy to keep up the facade. Surprisingly, your boyfriend Quackity takes it in stride and helps you relax.

    Author's note: The anon that sent me this was so sweet. I love this idea and I'm so glad that my Karlnapity agere fic was comforting to you. If you ever want to request anything agere, don't be afraid to come back. You can even be a named anon and added to my anon list <3

    -Mod Kenma

    The suffocating feeling of stress was overwhelming. The room felt too small yet too large. You felt too small to be in your body. Everything was beyond painful and you were too small to deal with it. Just a little thing, you were in a very confusing place.

    Alex, on the other hand, just finished a rather long stream. He was excited to see you and spend time with you. He felt bad, being too busy to pay attention to you. He slipped into comfortable clothes and took off his beanie. He waltzed to the kitchen to grab you two a drink and saw you in the living room, dissociating.

    He immediately noticed your discomfort and rushed to your side. "Baby are you okay?" He asked, pushing your hair out of your face. When you looked at him, Alex knew something was off. You had a specific look in your eye that he had rarely seen but quickly got used to. "What happened, sweetheart?"

    In a quiet voice, you told him how scared you were and didn't feel good. He nodded and pet your head, letting you get it all out. You leaned into him, enjoying the comfort. "Can I have snacks?" You asked softly, not bothering to hide how small you were. He nodded and smiled gently. "Of course kiddo. I think the fridge has just the thing to make you feel better."

    Alex walked to the fridge and pulled out the small stash of apple sauce pouches hidden in the back of the fridge. He pulled out one and closed the fridge. Next, he went to the cupboard and grabbed your favorite little cup. He filled it up with water and walked over to you. You were playing with the hem of your shirt, waiting patiently. "Here you go. A snack and some water. Let's change into something comfy, yeah?"

    You changed into your favorite outfit to wear when small and instantly felt better. You sat down on the couch and grabbed your apple sauce pouch. Alex sat next to you and smiled, glad you were feeling better. He put on some cartoons and pulled you onto his lap, making sure you didn't inhale your snack. You finished it rather quickly, now playing with the now empty packet.

    After eating, you began to yawn. You leaned onto Alex's chest, listening to his heartbeat. The strong feelings you felt were beginning to tire you. The only thing keeping you awake was the toons. After your third yawn, Alex laid down on his back with you on his chest. He played with your hair, whispering things about the show you two were watching. Your replies began to halt, becoming less and less coherent. "Sleepy?" Alex asked, looking down at you. "Yeah.." You whispered, rubbing one of your eyes. "Take a nap, kiddo. I'll be here in the morning."

    When you woke up, you felt confused and dazed. You didn't really remember falling asleep, everything that happened after you regressed was a bit of a blur. You sat up and stretched. You looked around and panicked. Your small cup was on the table and you were in your favorite outfit when regressed. You quickly stood up and jumped at the sound of Alex's voice. "You're awake! How'd you sleep?" You turned to face him, embarrassment written all over your face. You never had explained to Alex officially that you were an age regressor. "I-I uh-I slept well. Listen I'm sorry about earlier I just-" He cut you off by walking over to you, giving you a hug.

    "I didn't mind taking care of you if that's what you wanted to apologize for. I love you a lot. Yeah, I was a little confused but it was a learning experience." Alex cupped your cheek, rubbing it gently. "I'm glad you can be that vulnerable with me." He gently pressed a kiss on your forehead. You sat him down and explained age regression to him and your personal experience with it. He nodded and held your hand the entire time, letting you take breaks whenever you got overwhelmed.

    "Thank you for being honest with me," Alex said, pulling you into a hug. "I'm going to be here for you no matter what."

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    #dabi x reader #dabi x y/n #dabi x female reader #dabi x f! reader #dabi #dabi x you #mha#bnha #my hero academia #ask#DD answers#toya todoroki
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    sugar sweet

    Pairing: Steve Rogers x female!reader

    Summary: Steve joins in on your annual Christmas baking.

    Warnings: pet names (sweetheart), tooth rotting fluff - Steve is so head over heels it’s sickening, allusion to smut. This blog is 18+ only

    Author's note: I'm super excited about this little series and I hope you enjoy! This is so self indulgent but I don’t even care. Soft golden boy Steve will forever be my weakness and I am treating him this Christmas! (word count: 846)

    'tis the season masterlist

    The first thing that Steve notices when he walks into your apartment is the smell of freshly baked gingerbread. The second thing he notices is your soft voice coming from the kitchen, singing along to the radio, which brings a smile to his face.

    Kicking off his shoes he makes his way to the kitchen, stopping in the doorway when he sees you. Leaning against the door frame Steve takes a moment to admire you.

    He always loves seeing you like this - so joyful and carefree. He watches as you rub your hands on your little red, white and blue apron - the one you bought because it reminded you of him - your hips swaying as you head over to the oven to pull out the latest batch.

    “Shit, ouch!” you grunt, dropping the tray on the side and running to the sink to run your finger under the cold water. “Fuck, Steve!” you yelp when his hand settles on your waist, you hadn’t heard him come in.

    “Sweetheart, are you okay?” Steve rushes, worry lacing his words.

    You almost laugh at how comical his panicked actions are, but the concerned furrow in his brow has a soft smile tilting your lips.

    “Stevie, baby, calm down,” you smile encouragingly when his eyes meet yours, “I just caught my finger on the baking tray, I’m fine.”

    To prove it you turn the tap off and bring your finger up between you both, bending and wiggling it in front of him.

    He grabs your wrist gently, bringing your hand up to his lips so he can place gentle kisses on the tip of your finger, “are you sure?”

    You can’t help but shiver slightly at the press of his lips against your skin, “actually, I think I might have burnt my lips as well,” you tease.

    Steve chuckles at your cheeky grin before leaning down and capturing your lips in a soft kiss, your hands resting against his chest as his hands frame your face.

    “Better?” he asks after he’s left you breathless.

    “Much better,” you hum, standing on your tiptoes to give him a quick peck before turning your attention back to your baking, “want to help me decorate the gingerbread house?”

    The next few hours are spent full of laughter as you and Steve decorate the gingerbread house and surrounding biscuits. You tell him all about how you used to do this every year with your grandmother and that it was one of your favourite things about Christmas.

    Steve almost laughs when he realises he’s not decorated a thing for the past fifteen minutes - he was too busy listening to you and watching the way your eyes shone as you spoke. The soft smile painted on your face as you recall stories from your past.

    The warmth in Steve’s chest grows as he imagines the traditions you can have together.

    Maybe this will happen every year. Maybe next year you’ll both be sitting in your shared home. Maybe the year after that you’ll have a little boy or girl running around with icing on their face.

    Steve had long given up on the thought of having a semblance of a normal life. He had been naive to think that, even after the serum, once the war was over he'd have the life he'd always dreamed of.

    And then he woke up, in a new time, with new people and a new way of life, and he was convinced that he was destined to live out his days as Captain America, not Steve Rogers.

    But then you came along and it's like the sun shone on his future once again. A future, that even after only four months, he could picture with only you.

    “What are you smiling at?” you grin, breaking Steve out of his reverie.

    Steve feels the blush creep onto his cheeks as he shakes his head, “nothing, just thinking about how happy I am with you.”

    Now it was your turn to get shy, your head ducking with a small smile as you turned your attention back to the final piece of decoration.

    “Well, it’s all done!” you beam, “we make a good team.”

    “You're right about that, sweetheart, but I don’t think I can take much credit for this,” Steve chuckles, gesturing to his bare gingerbread man.

    "You could have at least drawn him some pants, Steve," you mutter.

    He chuckles, standing up to begin clearing the table, “what do you do with the leftover icing?” he asks, holding the bowl in front of him.

    “Hmm,” you hum, getting up to stand in front of him, slowly dipping your finger into the mixture. You watch as Steve’s eyes darken as you bring your finger towards your lips before quickly smearing it across his cheek.

    Steve’s momentary surprise gives you a chance to bolt from the kitchen, a delightful squeal leaving your lips as Steve catches you in the hallway and throws you over his shoulder.

    “You’re gonna regret that sweetheart,” he teases, swatting your ass lightly as he carries you to your bedroom.

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