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  • blackswaneuroparedux
    21.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.

    - Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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  • deafinitelyhear
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I'm basically thrilled with these sassy anti-man animations that I made from scratch. Well, at least I wasn't on bumblr bitchin' about it.

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  • nicomrade
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    when i saw jigen cooking in that part 6 ep it made me so so happy ive always known hes a good cook i knew it i knew itttt ive been using that part 3 art to show people and go "i think jigen is a good cook :)" and then everyone jokes that he cant cook... WELL !!!! my vision!!! also fujiko not being a good cook thank u part 6 for dismantling #gender roles..

    #even when fujikos femme shes a loser femme shes femme in a loser way. i also like that part 2 episode where a rich lady makes fun of her #cause its like. YEAH fujikos grifting !! shes just larping as being high society she isnt really actually.. idk makes me happy #me when the funny anime confirms my dearest headcanons: omg they read my fanfiction........... #despanico
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  • sysig
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Fall away into Villainy with me

    #Doodles#Villainsona#Just Desserts #It's not vent if I don't say anything so shhhh #It's all bad feels in here nice #I ended up liking the way Kaiein hung around her shoulders so I implemented it into a modified wing design #Still working on the rest of the outfit tho #I had a design called Honey Molasses that I was soooo close to making the final outfit but I slowly grew out of love with it #But there are some aspects I still really like - especially the balanced asymmetry of her legs #Honey Molasses just had one golden accent on her left leg but I like it on both - she's always had a high shoe look #I think it's mostly her top that needs work now - I like the cropped look but it's comparatively kind of subtle #Need something just a little more striking #I did remember a piece of symbolism I haven't used in a while tho! That should hopefully make the final cut #I like the idea of her having her hair down for the True Villainy AU #Since she doesn't wear glasses she doesn't have to worry about them interacting - and it's not like she can see all that well either #So even if it gets in her eyes it's not that different lol #Plus she gets that fun femme fatale kind of look lol #Getting ever closer to a design I'm happy with #If only I could get it in one like her original design and her fusions haha
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  • lainra
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #ffxiv #final fantasy xiv #final fantasy online #this was supposed to be a noir poster #and very inspired by that one poster of the film laura #but it sorta came out a bit action movie like #but i def had a lot of fun making it #venat#emet-selch#hythlodaeus#my wol #at first i was gonna say fuck it and make emet-selch the femme fatale #but he looks nice in that shirt and my wol slaps in that dress
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  • velvetfem
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    from the femme mystique ed. lesléa newman

    #idk this was like fun LOL so i wanted to keep it somewhere this is a library book #deeply overdue . me when im a reader who reads #bad quality but i tried to make it readable #butch/femme
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  • butterflybi
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    grrrrrr have literally felt on the verge of tears all night for no reason :-(

    #dont rb #not rlly sure what’s up w that but it’s not fun! #femme thoughts
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  • ufolane
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    feeling very meow meow today

    #sona#catgirl#catboy#catperson#nya #this was very fun :3 helped me get inside with my femme side more #im usually very tentative to embody anything feminine bc i get misgendered as a girl so much #but this was very nice. i think i like pink more bc of this #same with hearts #also now i want heart-shaped perscription glasses... #drawing a catperson with an undercut was HARD bc most catpeople have #hair covering their entire head so u cant see where human ears would be and #where the cat ears meet the human scalp #crop circles #feels weird to post art that's not ut/dr... but i like how this looks #even if im a little embarrassed by it lol
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  • get-starfingered
    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Kak stans routinely bickering over fan depictions of the character, warring over which one is the One True Valid interpretation, and then there are fuckers like me who just don't give a shit.

    Gamer gremlin soft femme shy rude sarcastic trashman frog faced pretty boy tough prim milf-hunter lonely weirdo tentacle fetishist kind bully artist competent fighter absolutely useless fighter cringe cool guy all of the above none of the above Kak? Hell yeah, why not.

    #seriously the beef i've seen about how femme or not femme he should be or whether gamer/milf hunter kak is fun or not #like damn man. chill #probably helps that i'm not a kak stan in general so i'm not invested in how everyone handles the dude #but honestly he just cracks me up #fun fact: the first time i completed sdc i straight up forgot kak existed lmfaoooooo #dude just didn't make a strong impression on me yet here he is being the fan fave for not just part 3 but all of jjba absgwhbsjs #revisiting part 3 + fanart helped jog my memory #cool dude cool dude #stardust crusaders#jjba
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  • mask-knife
    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Deciding what Star Wars character I'd love to cosplay and playing around with makeup

    So with the help of photoshop I can get an idea of that something might look like

    Femme Sexy Darth Maul? Bow before her!!!

    Female Dathomirians don't have red skin and the same horns but who cares lol if I wanna be big tiddy Darth Maul then sure

    This might be a good one to do but even a simple test makeup with just eyeshadow and eyeliner took a seriously long time let alone with proper makeup, actual contacts and full body makeup so it shall go on the someday list

    #meg#cosplay#closet cosplay#darth maul#star wars#clone wars #god this would be so fun #femme maul could have so many possibilities #cos test
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  • beebabycastiel
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    tagged by @sickness-health-all-that-shit to make an aesthetic thing using pictures on my phone. Thank you so much!!! I feel so seen!!!

    Tagging @kimberlovesgallavich @mmmichyyy @catgrassplantdad @lethargicmick @tomorrowillmissyou and @teatimeallovertown

    #so here’s the thing #my aesthetic #is a mess #it’s like #high femme meme queen #who loves cats knives and punk music #basically my dad saw I was a girl and was like #gender is meaningless I will raise this child on Led Zeppelin and power tools #ANYWAY! #fun fact #that is mt cat who I am pointing my chefs knife at #he knocked over his water bowl TWICE #and I was threatening him #he was not harmed and he also did not listen #additional fun fact? #I fucking love the mountain goats and Pokémon #self#my face#selfie#brandi lore#answered asks #thank you so much for tagging me!!!!!! #I am yet again amazed that so many cool blogs follow my stupid ass!!! #tag games
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  • butterflybi
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    going 2 make some shitty music today

    #like why not who cares #it’s fun! i’m going to have a good time! #femme thoughts
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  • dearwormwood2015
    26.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    my guilty pleasure is picking fights with dps fans 

    #especially the cameron stans like GIRL u are not ok #also this is serious -> femme fans who say they want to marry neil or whatever?? like hes litrally gay coded thats the crux of it all #like did u even watch the movie??????? or where u too busy thirstig over rsl?? #special place in hell for str8 girls who want to get with neil or todd ❣ #its not that big a deal i know shutup im having fun <3
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  • aeide-thea
    23.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    i've only seen 3 eps of s2 so i'm just like. poking spoilery posts with a stick and then running away again but i gotta say, it's hilarious to me that there seems to be something of a consensus that everything sucks except for yennskier??

    like. they fucked up so badly people are shipping het.

    #to be clear it's not like i disagree #i'd have thought it would take a little longer for them to soften towards each other as much as they did just in ep 3 #like honestly the barbs are way too fangless for people who presumably last saw each other on that mountain #but the dynamic? feels good‚ feels organic #whereas like. bringing sex workers to kaer morhen: what. having them flee into the night and... somehow get down the killer??? what. #everything abt how ciri's been aged up and made up: what. triss as like. prissy seductress with a bad wig: what. #between her and francesca just the like. white-ification of WOC actresses this season in general. let them have natural hair!! #geralt suddenly being talky and like. parent-y except that hcavs can't actually portray genuine platonic tenderness: what. #like. on the one hand did you make an effort to connect his character with the one from last season at ALL. #on the other hand: the new talkiness doesn't actually translate into literally any emotionality. did he give a shit abt having 2 kill eskel. #speaking of eskel: literally everything about that storyline. not bc departure from fanon but bc departure from book canon #also like. why make all of them misogynist dicks #except i guess for geralt bc being a misogynist would require him to have actual feelings. #but like. between the way eskel is about the sex workers and about ciri‚ and then the way lambert is about ciri and about triss... #but THEN don't get me started on like. triss as defender of cis femme-ininity #like. let ciri be a fucking grubby gremlin tomboy. let her be like. 12 or whatever she's supposed to be in the books #god forbid the witchers make fun of getting dressed up for training in fancy clothes with a fancy hairclip #god forbid they feed her puberty blockers and prevent her from Blossoming Into Womanhood #like idk. if you're making a new show for the 21st century maybe you could take the terfery out in addition to dandelion's gross sexism #an. y. way. #as i said. have only seen 3 eps so far but there sure is a LOT to get mad about and yennskier IS the lone island of subtlety & chemistry #honorable mentions to cahir and tissaia #but like. the fact that fandom seems to be *recognizing* that? they must REALLY have fucked up the rest of the season lmao #twn critical #witcher s2 spoilers #tvblogging
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  • headwoundrecipient
    23.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    i think jeanne could serve cunt with a bob or twin french braids

    #want to do designs for her and bayo for fun... #trying to think of how to give bayo braids i like because she looks too cute to me #which like it's a fun design but doesn't feel her #i think if she had one loooong braid. that'd work. #or maybe im thinking a high shorter ponytail #this is all in my head much better visually #outfits are harder i kind of have one for jeanne i think #i have elements i know i want in bayo's #personal#text#💬 #i also think jeanne has a more... boyish? look? like definitely not masc or anything #but very suits no dresses not so sexy as she is sleek #also i think the weakest part of bayos design is always her gloves she needs some asymmetrical fingerless ones #or here this is how id sum up how i personally interpret their fashion: jeanne is very sleek and cool. boyish. dresses for herself. #bayo is very extravagant yet mature. very femme. i think she dresses for herself but also for the world to see.
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  • lipstickleatherdyke
    17.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i’m like the opposite of people who don’t really like labels. i love labels, i’m actually all of them at the same time in increasingly conflicting and problematic ways where they all kind of cancel each other out in the end

    #i’m not masc but i’m transmasc and i only like girls but i especially like when they aren’t girls #like okay. i’m sure the math on that balances out where i’m a lesbian #i’m a dyke who’s a straight man and i’m transmasctransfem but i’m cis and i’m a lesbian trans guy who’s also a drag queen #i’m high femme but i still wear a strap on. for fun and for gender #i’m a he/him but i’m a she/her when it’s silly to be. womanhood is like a party trick or a novelty to me #i’m not a man or a woman i’m a showpig #here’s what i do know. all of this information makes me very fun to sleep with #personal
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  • lexa-griffins
    15.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Can't watch SHIT without coming up with a clexa au

    #I just think that an assassin/femme Fatale Lexa would be fun... And hot #Especially if her target is Clarke #And Clarke just kinda refuses to be killed.... Not before a date #Lexa's outfit choice is just a tight black leather dress 😌 #Ignoreme.jpg
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