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    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Olympus's Tasty Trio | Greek Goddess Girlfriends

    Aphrodite [Angelina Jolie] x Athena [Rachel Weisz] x Hera [Lena Headey]

    #crackship#angelina jolie#rachel weisz#lena headey#femslash#athena#aphrodite#hera #athena x aphrodite #aphrodite x athena #hera x athena #athena x hera #hera x aphrodite #aphrodite x hera #greek goddess girlfriends #ot3 femslash#lesbian lover#sapphic#wlw #women who love women
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  • maliciousarts
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    FEMSLASH FEBRUARY 2021 part 2

    (prompt list by warpinator)

    7. Chased (Popuko x Pipimi)

    8. Lonely (Bubbline)

    9. Royalty (Knas)

    10. Hands (Ineffable Wives)

    11. Long Distance (Blazamy)

    12. Hugs (Charlotte x Vendetta)

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  • maliciousarts
    21.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    FEMSLASH FEBRUARY 2021 part 1

    i didn't finish it lol, but here's some of the ones i did do

    (prompt list by warpinator)

    1. Sleeping (Chelldos)

    2. Rain (OC pairing)

    3. Blush (Agent 24)

    4. Stars (Rosemary)

    5. Cozy (Harlivy)

    6. Disguise (Callieroxy)

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  • karsu-sapphic
    21.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Okay, I ship Korra and Katara. Weird? Yeah, know but think this is very beautiful and underrated pairing. I have some fanarts with them. If you like this too I can posted this - just show some activity.

    This is rusreal!AU or something like.

    Hope you're enjoy it!

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  • mindmypensieve
    21.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    New vid. I know I haven't posted anything new in a while. I've been kinda busy with work recently, plus I've been in a bit of a creative slump. I really wanted to get this finished so here you go. Hopefully I can get back into a groove again and make more vids soon. Till then, enjoy the Mirandy angst.

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  • merryfortune
    21.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Vanilla Mysteries

    Written for 100ships on Dreamwidth

    Prompt - #28 Vanilla

    Ship: Maria/Sophia

    Fandom: My Next Life as a Villainess, All Routes Lead to Doom

    Word Count: 2,370

    Rating: T

    Warnings: No Warnings Apply

    Tags: Alternate Universe - Cakeverse, Dessert & Sweets, Non-Human Biology, Minor Injuries, Past/Referenced Bullying, Slight Angst, Hand Kisses

       Peculiarity was not for the common folk. Maria knew this lesson well, like a cane on the back of her hand. She and her family had been regarded as troublesome and as traitors ever since Maria’s propensity for Magic - for Light Magic, of all things - came to be known.

       Magic was the domain of nobles and royals. Not for little girls of the least blue blood possible. Same could and was said about Cakeness and as it would happen, yes, Maria was one of those as well.

       As there were no known Forks amongst the town, Maria and her parents elected to have her checked for being a Cake in a different manner. The suspicion they had, both unto Maria herself and from those around her was mostly unfounded. However, if one peculiarity could occur in the girl, then it was entirely possible there could be more so, as the saying went, it was better to be safe than sorry.

       There was a test of courage and cruelty that suspected Cakes could take and so, Maria dared. She had hoped that there was nothing more to her peculiarity than just her magic but when she let the town doctor attempt this test - taking a knife to her fingertip to see if the flesh underneath was not true meat but rather cake - she had been wrong. Her blood was the colour of strawberry jam and her flesh was not like what Maria had seen in the butcher’s shop. It was confirmed: she was a Cake and she was a user of Magic.

       Though Maria had her anxieties about being either of those things, by some miracle, she was declared eligible to enrol into the Magic Academy. Though, whether she was accepted was a different story. There was initial strife and discord: many nobles did not take kindly to a commoner in their midst but Maria persevered through the bullying.

       From accusations that her Magic was fake or a con to being physically roughed up, Maria had to endure a lot, inside and outside of the classrooms. Even some of the teachers sneered down their regal noses at her, not entirely convinced of Maria’s merit as a user of Magic and thereby dismissing any case of mistreatment the student body had unto her. However, the isolation was not totally unlike what she had experienced from her childhood, shunned by her own hometown for her peculiarities and so, Maria endeavoured to do her best regardless of who or what tried to drag her under into darkness.

       She had always considered herself a resilient and independent individual and the social lessons she was learning at the Magic Academy were certainly proving that. At least for a short while. Then a camaraderie of odd students became known to her and she was befriended by the eccentric Katarina Claes and her friends became their friends.

       After that, Maria didn’t have a care in the world. She could do her schoolwork in peace. There was never a nary thumbtack out of place, found in the bottom of her shoe or graffiti on her things after that. Katarina and her company were very, very kind, from the bottom of their hearts - and entertaining too, never a dull moment with any of them.

       But Maria did notice something odd.

       About Sophia Ascart, in particular.

       She was a very quiet girl that aspired to never stick out unless in private, in which case her more rambunctious streaks came out. Something about that duality of personality intrigued Maria, she thought it was the kind of dynamic that would respond well to her own character and she was right. She had a true and gorgeous friend in all of them but especially Sophia but after some time, Maria had some questions she found gauche to ask Sophia.

       Specifically about her condition, not as an Albino but as a, well, erm…

       That was the issue: Maria couldn’t deduce whether Sophia was normal, a Cake, or a Fork.

       In the likeliest scenario, Sophia was normal, a Plate, perhaps. She was someone who neither tasted of cake nor was she was someone who could only taste cake. Yes, she had a notorious sweet-tooth, like many that were around Maria and Katarina but it was an inconspicuous trait in the grand scheme of things. Plenty of people were sweet-tooths but there was just something off about how Sophia ate sweets.

       She ate with a gusto that seemed to imply that yes, sweet things were the only things she was capable of tasting at all. Hence making her a Fork but it only seemed like half the time that she would suppress a cringe or a wince around Maria when they were eating savoury foods like meat and salad sandwiches. So there was the possibility of Sophia being a Fork but Maria couldn’t be certain since only a fraction of the total population were either a Cake or Fork at all, though both were likelier amongst noble-blooded families.

       Yet, whilst Maria had tried to decide one way or another given Sophia’s demeanour around her, Maria had heard some gossip passed on to her about Sophia. Nothing malicious, of course, as this was friendly banter willingly passed on between friends but though it was just meant to be jest and amusement, it had made Maria’s eyes widen when she heard it.

       As to be expected with so many nobles in her social circle, there were confirmed Forks in their midst as well. One such Fork, which Maria could whole-heartedly confirm based on the observations that she had made about his eating habits on top of him outright mentioning it here and there, was Nicol Ascart.

       He had told Alan who had told Keith who had told Katarina who then, of course told Maria, that his younger sister was a Cake. He mentioned how he enjoyed kissing his younger sister good night for she always tasted of subtle vanilla which he appreciated as he was not one for bombastic flavours, in and outside of sweets. 

       Now, it was entirely possible - especially with Katarina in this linking of gossip - that the message had morphed and whatever it was that Nicol had told Alan was not at all what Keith told Katarina but Maria was willing to take it with a grain of salt. The possibility of Sophia being a Cake was something that Maria was not yet ready to discredit as being a Cake herself, she knew a couple things about the condition, how they were more prone to bruising than the average person. Though, Sophia’s being an Albino did complicate that further, not to mention her already rather clumsy disposition.

       It was really, truly none of Maria’s business and she knew that but every time she was around Sophia, their eyes lingered on one another. Like a game of cat and mouse. Sophia was undoubtedly keeping a secret and Maria valued honesty, even if this virtue was very much coming out of a place of vice as of right now.

       So, Maria gave up.

       She devised the polite thing to do and found a way to broach the topic with Sophia, in private, of course.

       Maria waited until late in the dormitories. It was rare but it did happen once a blue moon that everyone would disperse for one reason or another. For example, as this was exclusive to the ladies’ use, the boys were not permitted to enter meanwhile, Katarina had gotten detention today for sleeping during class so Mary had gone to escort her home. That just left Maria and Sophia in close proximity so, Maria used this rare opportunity to its fullest.

       As she and Sophia wandered the halls, idly, on their way to balcony for some moon bathing as Maria had duplicitously suggested, just as they arrived on the threshold, Maria turned her head and asked, “Sophia, might I ask you a personal question?”

       Sophia was spooked by the question and she gawked, holding onto her dress and stamping down her foot in surprise. The resounding click her high heels gave was particularly loud and Maria felt awful.

       “I apologise, I shouldn’t have sprung that on you without warning. No hard feelings if you don’t wish to answer.” Maria said as she opened the door to the balcony.

       “Well, in that case…” Sophia murmured and she looked breath taking in the moonlight, it made her paler than usual and yet her ruby red eyes seemed brighter. “I suppose there’s no harm in it so long as it stays with you - and even then, it might not be the worst I’m expecting.”

       “I should hope not but… I have a pet curiosity regarding you.” Maria admitted as she and Sophia stood on the balcony, hands on the railing and door closed behind them.

       It was surprisingly cosy up here despite the cool breeze. The stars in the night looked endless and the gardens below dewy and serene. Sophia marvelled at the view and Maria marvelled at Sophia.

       “Are you a Cake or a Fork, may I ask?” Maria inquired as courteously as she possibly could.

       Sophia fidgeted with her silvery-coloured hair and the ribbons too, “Ah,” she murmured, “that’s not quite a question I can give a straightforward answer to.”

       “How so?” Maria blinked.

       Sophia looked up at her and pleaded, “This must not leave us two, do you understand? You are a dear friend to me Maria and I trust you but this is not information I can pass on willy-nilly…”

       “Cross my heart and hope to die, I would never betray that trust, Sophia, I won’t ever tell another soul whatever it is you have to say.” Maria replied but her heart was pounding.

       “I’m both.” Sophia replied in a tiny voice.

       Maria blinked. She couldn’t believe Sophia’s confession. It was earnest and even ashamed, so Maria deemed it as nothing less than the holiest truth - not that she would ever think that Sophia would lie to her but scepticism was healthy.

       “I’ve never heard of such a thing.” Maria admitted.

       “Mm, it's very rare, even unprecedented and can only be another bad omen for me on top of my white hair and red eyes…” Sophia commiserated.

       Maria reached out to Sophia and patted her shoulder, “I digress, something so unusual and rare can only be good and treasured.”

       “Thank you, Maria.” Sophia smiled but there was a teardrop on her cheek. She placed her hand over Maria’s. She swallowed. “My brother tells me the same thing; his first words to me, holding me as a baby, was to ask why I smelt - and tasted - of Cake but as I grew older, my dietary became apparent. I’ll admit, it comes and goes, sometimes my Cakeness is stronger and other times, it is my Forkness.”

       “How peculiar…” Maria murmured, in awe and peculiarity. 

       “You're a Cake, too, aren’t you, Maria?” Sophia asked.

       “I am.” replied Maria, her back straight as she felt awkward, returning her hand, flexing them in front of herself in her own nervous fidget.

       “How did you discover that, might I know?” Sophia asked and then giggled impishly. “I told you about my condition, so I’m curious about yours now.”

       Maria had an inkling that she had been curious for a lot longer. The way they regarded each other, those holding gazes, they seemed rather intense: both in the moment and in hindsight.

       “When my Magic was discovered, the possibility of me being a Cake was discussed but as I was so young, my mother was worried that testing me could be traumatic so we waited until I was of age, on the cusp of entering the Academy. She would rather I know before I was tempted to experiment with Forks, possibly disgracing myself so she took me to the doctor.” Maria recalled.

       “That would be quite harrowing.” Sophia gasped.

       “I’m glad we waited but I must admit, I am curious. The test didn’t reveal what I taste like, just that I am a Cake.” Maria continued.

       “Now I’m intrigued…” Sophia murmured and she stole a cheeky glance at Maria. “Would you be interested-”

       “Not on the lips.” Maria instinctively replied before Sophia could even finish her sentence.

       “O-Of course, understandable.” Sophia exclaimed.

       Shyly, and blushing, Maria turned slightly and Sophia met her by turning the same. Maria offered her hand to Sophia. Sophia smiled demurely and accepted it. She brought Maria’s hand to her lips and kissed her knuckles gently. It was a grazing kiss but Sophia was still blessed with a taste of Maria.

       She smiled. Maria had such a homey and nostalgic taste, it made Sophia happier than she could have described. She was of gentle vanilla cake and sugary icing. Exactly like her baking.

       Sophia lifted her head slightly and smiled a warm smile, “You taste wonderful, Maria, exactly perfect for a young lady like you.” she murmured lovingly with an undercurrent of hunger as Forks were prone to do. “Buttery, vanilla cake and biscuits too. Simply scrumptious.”

       Maria giggled politely and Sophia let her hand go. She still smiled.

       “Thank you, Maria, for indulging me,” Sophia said, “and thank you in advance for protecting my secret.”

       “You can have the utmost confidence in me, I can assure you.” Maria told her.

       “Let’s go back inside, I'm beginning to get goosebumps.” Sophia suggested.

       “Sounds good.” Maria agreed and this time, Sophia led the charge, opening the doors and marching through.

       Maria watched Sophia carefully as they returned themselves to their rooms, she followed on just behind her and Sophia all but had a skip in her step. Maria’s expression was neutral but she harboured dark thoughts. Suspicions. She was still wary of this oddity that she saw in Sophia; beyond her albinism and apparently, beyond her dualism as a Cake and Fork. 

       For some reason, and Maria felt horrible for wanting to accuse her dear friend of this, she still thought that Sophia was hiding something. Despite the revelation of the latter, Maria was unsatisfied with the ending to her vanilla mysteries. Though, ultimately, she supposed it was entirely possible there was more than one impossible peculiarity at this Magic Academy aside from her, the Wielder of Light.

    AN: putting this here as to not spoil the fic (?) but my authorial intent is that Sophia (and probably by extension, Katarina, too) is both a Cake and a Fork due to having two souls/being reincarnated.
    #100ships challenge#femslash#hamefura #my next life as a villianess all routes lead to doom #my next life as a villainess #sophia ascart#maria campbell #sophia x maria #maria x sophia #marisophia#sophimaria#writing tag#cakeverse
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  • riversofmars
    21.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    For Day 21, the continuation of Day 12. :)

    Prompt: Blood-matted hair | pressure

    Fandom: Doctor Who

    Characters: Liv Chenka/Helen Sinclair

    Rating: T

    Summary: Helen takes care of Liv after the Eleven attacked her. While she looks after her injuries, they have a chance to talk.


    “Ouch!“ Liv grimaced in pain and Helen realised how tightly she was holding her.

    “Oh God, I’m so sorry…“ Quickly she let go of her.

    “I think I may have sprained my ribs…“ The med-tech explained softly, as she didn’t want Helen to think that she had hurt her. In fact, she already missed being in her arms.

    “Let’s get you cleaned up,“ Helen suggested softly as she reached out and tried to wipe away the blood that remained on Liv’s lips.

    “Yeah, okay…“ Liv whispered, entranced by her soft touch. How she wished they were her lips, not her finger tips. She didn’t have time to consider the prospect any longer - or in fact take her chances and lean forward and kiss her herself - Helen got to her feet and helped her up. She wrapped her arm around Liv’s back and supported her as they headed for the door. Liv didn’t need her help walking, her legs were perfectly fine, but she was hardly going to protest. They paid no attention to what the Doctor was doing with the Eleven, Liv didn’t take in what was going on around her. For a moment, her world consisted entirely of Helen’s embrace.

    “Here we go…“ Helen pushed open the door to Liv’s bedroom which thankfully wasn’t very far away.

    “I need a shower…“ Liv mumbled, as she ran her hand through her hair that was matted with blood where the Eleven had bludgeoned her.

    “You need to rest,“ Helen insisted and walked her over to the bed. Liv’s room was a functional space. It wasn’t exactly homey in the way Helen’s room was. The linguist had decorated hers with warm colours, curtains, rugs and blankets while housing stacks and stacks of books. In contrast,there was an understated simplicity to Liv’s space that highlighted the few personal touches. There was a shelf filled to the brim with medical textbooks on all sorts of species. Since venturing out into the universe with the Doctor, Liv had insisted on learning about other species so she could help whoever they encountered on their travels. There was a picture of Liv’s family on her bedside table, a prized possession that she had carried with her through Dalek occupation and to the end of the universe before finding a new home in the TARDIS for it. And then, next to the picture, a souvenir from their adventure in Salzburg: It was a little jewelled tree, made of brass wire that formed the stem and branches with little gems in lieu of leaves at the ends. It seemed to resemble the frozen beauty of winter which Liv struggled to imagine having grown up on a desert world. It only increased her fascination with it. It also happened to be a present from Helen who had insisted on getting her something at the Christmas market, laughing at how little understanding the med-tech had of Christmas and it’s traditions.

    “I need to see how bad these injuries are…“ Liv carried on, wincing as she sat down on the bed. She tried to bend down to take off her shoes but she couldn’t move her upper body without stabbing pain. That was definitely a broken rib, she realised.

    “Here, let me…“ Helen was quick to offer and knelt down to pull Liv’s boots off.

    “Thanks…“ Liv mumbled, embarrassed for needing help but also utterly taken aback by how keen Helen was to look after her. It made Liv’s heart beat a little faster. Particularly when she looked up at her and reached out.

    “Oh God, Liv…“ Helen traced her fingers along the base of her neck where her skin was beginning to show bruises, the shape of the Eleven’s hands prominent around her throat.

    “It’s okay…“ Liv averted her eyes, as she couldn’t handle the pain and worry in Helen’s eyes.

    “It’s not!“ The language scholar interrupted sharply.

    “It will be,“ Liv retorted softly but she couldn’t carry on, her mind blanked when Helen leaned up and placed soft, warm kisses on her bruises. “Helen…“ It took a moment for Liv to find her voice and when she did, it was breathless. She struggled for coherent thought when Helen pulled back and looked at her questioningly.

    “What?“ She asked softly, her brow knitting into a frown of concern.

    “You can’t just… kiss a girl’s neck without buying her dinner first…“ Liv tried to joke but the pink on her cheeks betrayed her.

    “Oh I…“ Helen blushed as well but didn’t move from the space between her knees, she just broke eye contact and focused on examining her bruises with her fingertips instead.

    “It’s fine…“ Liv reached out and brushed a strand of Helen’s blonde hair back behind her ear.

    “Liv… When the Eleven… when he said that…“ Helen mumbled without meeting her eyes and Liv’s heartbeat quickened. She’d wondered when she would bring it up. The moment of truth was fast approaching and suddenly, Liv’s chest tightened with anxiety. What if this ruined everything? What if Helen didn’t share her feelings? What if, in the end, the Eleven had caused more damage with his snide remarks than he had physically done to her?

    “What do you mean?“ Liv asked timidly as she wasn’t sure how to approach the situation.

    “That you… uh… that you have a soft spot for…“ Helen appeared just as insecure as Liv felt.

    “We don’t have to talk about it. It’s okay. We’re okay, you and me, nothing has changed,“ Liv decided it was best to play it safe, to reassure Helen that she had no expectations of her, that things would be just fine. Maybe then she stood a chance of keeping what they had.

    “Is that what you want? Do you not want things to… change…?“ Helen asked softly, looking up to her. She reached out and placed her hand on the base of her neck. She wrapped her other arm around her slender waist and Liv’s breath hitched.

    “Helen, what do you…“ The med-tech started to protest but she fell silent when Helen pressed her lips to hers in a soft kiss. Liv didn’t trust her senses, she didn’t trust how, suddenly, it felt like time was slowing down again, how her bruised lips tingled with warmth, how safe she felt with Helen’s arm wrapped around her. Helen’s proximity seemed to radiate through her, elevating the pain of her injuries. Doubts, fear, anxiety, were washed away until all Liv could think about was how wonderful it felt to be kissed by Helen Sinclair. “Oh…“ She breathed when Helen pulled back.

    “You nearly died…“ the language scholar whispered, running her fingers through her soft hair.

    “Not gonna get rid of me that easily,“ Liv answered sheepishly, daring to feel hopeful. She raised her hand and covered Helen’s with hers.

    “So what the Eleven said…“ Helen carried on softly and Liv sighed.

    “I don’t have a soft spot for you, Helen…“ She shook her head and Helen pulled back, shocked and panicked for a moment but Liv wouldn’t let her go far. She reached out and took her face in her hands. She had to make sure she heard her and understood how serious she was. She gave a soft reassuring smile as she took a deep breath and carried on: “I’m in love with you, Helen. It’s more than a soft spot.“

    “You are?“ Helen’s voice was shaky, her eyes wide with surprise and Liv chucked.

    “Hopelessly and madly, yes,“ the med-tech admitted, as there was no point in pretending otherwise.

    “Why did you never say anything?“ Helen asked in a small voice and Liv felt guilty. She clearly should have said something much sooner, she was beginning to realise she could have saved both of them a lot of heartache.

    “I didn’t want to pressure you, I didn’t want to risk our friendship. Better to have you close as a friend than chance it all and risk losing you,“ she answered, hoping she would understand.

    “You wouldn’t have lost me.“ Helen chuckled and wrapped both arms around her. She rested her head against Liv’s chest and smiled. “You really are quite wonderful, Liv.“

    “I am?“ Liv grinned, wondering whether she could feel her heart beating a little faster.

    “I couldn’t lose you….“ Helen whispered.

    “Likewise…“ Liv replied with a soft smile, running her fingers through her hair.

    “I admire you so much… you don’t break, not under any pressure.“ Helen held her tightly.

    “Except you are my breaking point…“ Liv pressed a kiss to the top of her head.  “Got to hand it to him, he knew what he was doing, sick bastard, he knew how I felt about you…“ She gave a bitter laugh as she contemplated the irony of the whole thing. “I would do anything to protect you. I would have died happily knowing you’re safe.“

    “Don’t say that, you know I wouldn’t thank you for it…“ Helen pulled back and scowled at her.

    “I know but… I need you to know and understand that,“ Liv replied with a little shrug. She just wanted to be honest. She wanted Helen to understand just how much she meant to her. After all this time of swallowing down her feelings, she didn’t want to hold anything back. She wanted to tell her everything she hadn’t been able to until now.

    “Liv…“ Helen sighed, shaking her head to herself as one might do when talking to a child that was acting silly. “You’ve spent so much of your life putting yourself on the line for others, putting other people before yourself… and that’s admirable. You’ve helped so many and so much… but don’t you think, every now and then, you deserve to be a little bit selfish too?“ She asked, looking up at her, her expression serious. “Your life is no less valuable than that of others, in fact, I would argue to some people, you are the most important person in the universe so, please, don’t risk your life lightly.“

    “To some people?“ Liv echoed. She averted her eyes self-consciously, blushing.

    “To me,“ Helen stated quite plainly. She waited for a reaction but didn’t get one as Liv was stunned, contemplating her words. So Helen carried on: “In Salzburg… All those years I spent working out how to fly the TARDIS, to try and find a way to put things right… The thought of you kept me going. I had to find a way to save you. I had to find a way to get you back. I couldn’t lose you…“

    “And I had no choice but to use my one wish to save you,“ Liv took a deep breath, struggling not to let her emotions overwhelm her. She chuckled and cleared her throat. “We have been rather blind, haven’t we…“

    “The Eleven knew…“ Helen huffed and Liv grimaced.

    “Fuck him…“ Liv winced. The wave of adrenaline and endorphins was slowly wearing off and she started noticing her injuries again.

    “We need to get you cleaned up and look at those injuries,“ Helen said and clambered to her feet, much to Liv’s disappointment.

    “You’re just trying to get me to take my shirt off…“ the med-tech hummed flirtily and Helen blushed.

    “Liv!“ She exclaimed, scandalised.

    “Yeah, you’re right… I’d rather not be battered and bruised when I take my clothes off for you,“ Liv carried on with a smirk, realising how much she would be enjoying teasing her like this.

    “Stop it!“ Helen gave her a stern warning.

    “I’m only teasing you… And I will be fine, honestly, nothing life threatening, trust me, I’m a med-tech,“ Liv smiled. “But there is one thing I do need…“ She added after brief contemplation.

    “What’s that?“ Helen asked.

    “Another kiss,“ Liv grinned and Helen laughed.

    “Well, Dr. Chenka, if that’s your medical opinion.“

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    21.10.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #pippa cox#kat tamin #kat tamin x pippa cox #kippa#kippa fluff #law and order svu #svu #law and order special victims unit #law and order svu fanfics #law and order: svu #jamie gray hyder #jessica phillips#wlw#femslash#lesbian#wlw ship
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