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    #photography by Usvakorpi #nature#finland#forest floor#fern#spring
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    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ~ Texture ~

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    03.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So weird when I’m looking under fanfic tags and run into my own fics like look at me catering to the audience of me myself and I

    #fern rambles #I look up an unpopular tag. I filter it a bit. I scroll throw the 60 available titles. my story in only ten down from the most recent. #I really do write everything with myself in mind good for me good for me #wish I could have ten perfectly catered FICs pls #the worst part is it just reminds me of all the wips and ideas I mean to start then don’t like *points*’look what we can do now get on yea’
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    03.08.2021 - 6 hours ago
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    03.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I haven’t posted enough cringe during my time here so FUK IT. Egotale. An Undertale AU where the characters are replaced with my egos, Old and New

    Why? Because I said so and I think it would be cool

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    03.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    now more than ever we must band together to take twitter passwords away from actor men

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    03.08.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #I would love Cody to have a major role again 🥺 #Cody fern#ask#anon
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    03.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ♡ → 𝙸𝙽𝙲𝙾𝚁𝚁𝙴𝙲𝚃 𝚀𝚄𝙾𝚃𝙴𝚂 !            --------           ft.            @hetrembled 

    #FERN ALSO GETS ONE BC HE'S CUTE !!!! #mWAH #I don't have a tag for fern YET... brain juice empty #hetrembled
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    02.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Work in progress of Michael Langdon aka Cody Fern

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    02.08.2021 - 11 hours ago
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    02.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Smoochin in the garden

    Francis got a full-time job as a writer so he can support them both and save up for a bigger house! Something tells me they're gonna outgrow their tiny cottage real soon....
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  • thecuckdestroyer
    02.08.2021 - 13 hours ago

    This is Fern. He's a Viridescent which literally translates to green folk. No he is not an Orc don't be racist. The Viridescents are plant people that live in bushes and they're cool. Every part of Fern is green

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    02.08.2021 - 14 hours ago
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  • mossybank
    02.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Michael Langdon when his S/O is on their period

    Michael Langdon x GN!Reader
    Warnings: none I think? Lmk if I need to tag anything!
    A/N: this was a request for someone who was off anon but the ask got deleted and I can't remember their @ :( so I hope you still see this and enjoy it! Sorry it took so long <3 (and sorry it's short—)

    Michael definitely knows about periods and doesn't make any offensive sort of comments towards them like some guys (coughs at my Evans react post abt their s/os having periods) would, Ms Mead taught him to be respectful

    He isn't really much of an affectionate or huggy guy, but with enough convincing he'd cuddle you for comfort whilst you're on your period

    He'll be really dramatic about it— 'fine, it I must 🙄🙄'— as if he has something else to do but truthfully brining around the end times can wait for you <3

    When he hugs you like this, he's usually the big spoon (though like 70% of the time he's a little spoon, he just would admit it) and wraps his arms around you with his hands rested on your stomach, nose nuzzled into your hair inhaling your scent

    Probably tried some weird magic shit to try help you with cramps once

    He definitely glares at guys who make 'are you on your period' jokes towards people who are just being slightly emotional

    Will buy you sanitary products and look the cashier dead in the eye as he pays

    To be added to my taglist please fill out this form! To be removed please message me <3

    Tags — @amourtentiaa @kitwalker64 @kitwalker02 @sallyscigarettes @divineruler @tatestripedsweater @tatesimper @undeadcortez @evanmybeloved @billyhxrgrove @americxn @milly-louise @forevercountess @spidergirlmcu @mxlti-fand0m-imaginess @kaisclownmask @whiiiiplaaaaash @xmaximoffic @peterskindacool @divinerulerluvr @auricgold @copy-of-a-cheeto @lazyemokid @michaellangdonscockslut @skrsgrd-my-boi @nerdydoesstuff @crssjjh @im-verysad

    #queued #michael langdon x reader #cody fern x reader #ahs x reader #American horror story x reader #ahs 8#ahs apocalypse#Michael langdon#cody fern#murder house#coven#ahs fanfiction#ahs fandom#female reader #gender neutral reader #male reader#drable#imagine#one shot#headcanon
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  • dark-mei-rose
    02.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    audition (andy dolan x reader)

    warnings: smut, drug use, ANDY IS MEAN, wait no daddy kink i think if forgot and took it out lol, degradation kink, let’s pretend that you can do auditions over zoom or something cause i dunno. pandemic got me fucked up lmao. CHEESY AF LINES CAUSE I WAS LAZY.

    word count: 2,3 k (didn’t spellcheck)


    The relationship you had with Andy was odd. And yet you didn’t mind it for the time being. He took care of you and treated you fairly well. When both of you weren’t stoned out of your minds, he was pounding into you from behind; wherever and whenever he wanted you. And you never really did mind.

    The arrangement was never really clarified. He never brought any other girls over unless you asked him to. And you never really chased anyone else outside of his mansion. Not like you left it that much in the first place.

    Andy had been trying to audition for a few roles that his agent had kept sending over. He was nearly always stuck in his office. His eyes stuck on the screens of either the one against the wall of the living room, in front of his laptop, or on his tablet. Ordinarily he’d take breaks and tend to your needs. But he’d been slacking the past while. You were getting sick of it.

    You were lazily laying on the couch, the large tv screen on some random show. Andy was still on some video call his his agent in the other room. You were still a bit out of it, and Andy had already come over to do a line with you before he ran off again. Your eyes lowered to look at the small bits of white powder still against the glass table.

    Licking your lips you reached over, your fingers brushing against the white dust and gathering it against the pads of your fingertips and brushed them against your tongue and teeth. Smacking your lips as you laid back against the couch and tried to focus on something else.

    But the hunger that was there inside was growing stronger by the second. And you were sure the drugs weren’t helping it. Andy’s voice was only growing louder by the second. Obviously he was annoyed with his agent for the time being.

    You slowly pressed yourself up from the couch and trudged over to his office door and whipped it open. He quickly placed his hand up, his fingers splayed out like a stop sign as he ignored your presence and merely told you to go away with a single gesture.

    A rude gesture.

    Narrowing your eyes before rolling them far against the back of your head you slammed the door as loudly as you could before heading back to the kitchen to grab something to eat. At least maybe cramming something down your throat would get rid of that feeling…

    And sure enough, after emptying the few snacks you found the most desirable and the most easy to eat. You found yourself laying against the couch again. Only this time Andy seemed a lot calmer, his voice more timid and shy even.

    Curiously, you stumbled off the couch, as gracefully as you could as you nearly flopped onto the ground and walked with your hands and feet before standing back up and making a quick dash back to Andy’s office. Pressing your ear up against the thick wood of the door, he seemed like he was reciting poetry. Something different sounding than what he would usually read.

    Instead of whipping the door open again you slowly turned the handle, holding it as still as you could to prevent the click from snapping as the door opened fully. Letting it swing just open enough so you could slip in, you peered over towards his desk again. Finding Andy sat behind the computer again. He was fully invested in something, and still hadn’t noticed you at the door.

    Slowly and as quietly as you could, you stepped towards him, lowering yourself and crouching down towards the wood flooring before you reached the large rug that laid underneath his computer desk.

    Sure enough, Andy still hadn’t noticed you as he continued reciting lines.

    Your hands gently ghosted along the wool fibres of the rug, your knees pressing against it each time you crawled closer to his desk until you reached the underside of it and placed yourself as closely as you could to his legs.

    He still seemed unaware of you, and a part of you wanted to see if you could scare him in the middle of his video call.

    Except it was clear that he was simply ignoring you. As you trailed your fingers slowly from his foot and ankle up towards his thigh...

    Yup, he was still just ignoring you.

    Huffing out loud, you edged yourself closer to his legs, placing yourself in between his thighs, and taking little time to give him warning as you palmed him through his loosely fitted trousers. His voice finally stuttered as he felt you rubbing at his cock, palming him and feeling him throb against your hand as you devilishly smirked.

    Andy’s hand shot out underneath the table once to try and stop you, his hand tight on your wrist. But he quickly raised it again, continuing on with another one of his lines, “but I was never to go there, not after that day,” he spoke with a small whimper.

    Your fingers slowly took their time to play with the hem of his bottoms, tugging and pulling on the tops to expose his skin. Your other hand still lazily running back and forth against his length. Andy finally huffed and gave out an exasperated sigh as he positioned himself, sitting up only for a moment. Giving you ample time to tug the rest of his bottoms down, his cock springing up as he sat back down. Pushing himself as far in towards his desk as he could.

    You licked your lips, too entranced by his throbbing cock in your face to do anything other than to surge forward and tongue along the shaft. Taking your time to take long licks ups and down as your hands held his cock at the base, keeping him steady and from throbbing and twitching.

    Andy’s breath quickened, his voice growing more pitchy with his words before he finally stopped his lines. Another voice came from the computer screen, another person finally responding to him when what’s happening finally clicks in your head.

    He’s in the middle of a fucking audition.

    Your tongue almost pauses mid lick, as the realization kicks in, but you’re already in too far to stop. Andy still hadn’t stopped you despite the amount of time the other person has been speaking for. Pausing for a moment you peer up from underneath the desk, finding Andy still in character, staring off at the screen as the other person spoke.

    Looking back down, with his hard cock still in your hands, you slowly pumped him. Watching as the head leaked with his precum before you slowly inched in closer to envelope the head with your lips. Smiling against his cock as you heard him swallow again. The shortest of breaths slipping from his lips as he remained as stoic as he could.

    Your tongue swirled around the tip, as quietly as you could as your hand slowly pumped the rest of his shaft, smoothing down the rest of his slick down with your palm before you closed your lips around the head again. Without Andy’s hand always threaded through your hair, guiding you against his cock, you had control over everything.

    Choosing to go slow and tempting as his thighs shook, patiently taking your time as paused for his lines. And as fast as you wanted each time he spoke. Teasing him with small licks as you pumped the shaft. And deepthroating him, pressing him as far down as you could whenever he needed to focus on his line.

    Letting him get as close as he could to orgasm before you’d stop and edge him. Letting his legs nearly vibrate as his climax was halted. The smallest amount of aggression would leave him in the sign of a short exhale. Your lips slowly popped off of him, your hand still lazily making passes along his long cock as you slowly peered back up to find him staring directly at you.

    Instead of reacting much else, he simply returned to the screen, droning on again with his lines.

    In the time you spent underneath his desk, you finally shifted your posture. Your legs spreading slightly to reveal the sticky mess between your inner thighs. With a small smirk, you minded your head as you laid back down against the rug. Spreading your legs until they were on either side of Andy’s legs.

    Your hand immediately dove down underneath your panties, your fingers dipping into your slick and pressing two of them inside. Your other hand tightly grabbing at your breasts through your thin top.

    Andy’s lines resumed again, “you promised me so much more than that,” he spoke with passion and pain. He could tell you had stopped, that much was obvious as his cock remained hard and throbbing against his inner thigh. His curiosity got the better of him as he noticed your feet on either side of him. The soft sounds of wetness and your quiet short breaths hadn’t gone unnoticed, and yet he couldn’t contain himself.

    He coughed and inched his chair further back from the desk again. Taking the briefest glance down until he saw you underneath his desk. Legs spread wide open with your hand buried between your legs. Your other hand kneading at your breasts as you mewled quietly to yourself.

    Trying to stay in character, he coughed again before speaking, “I never meant to hurt you, you know that!” He cried out, his brows tightly knitted together as he shook his head with his words.

    “Alright! Well, Mr. Dolan, let’s just take a small break and go over some notes?”

    Instead of responding, Andy simply seemed to have clicked on something and muted himself before his chair violently pushed back and away from the desk. His knees pressed down onto the rug, the chair falling behind him as he dragged you by your legs and pulled you away from underneath the desk.

    “Why are you so fucking desperate for my cock huh?” He angrily grunted at you, his voice raspy as throaty. His hands were quick, ripping your panties off, the other pumping at his cock. As soon as the fabric tore away from your body, he gave you merely a second before he drove his thick cock inside of you. Giving you no time to adjust to his length before he began taking deep fast thrusts.

    The moans that slipped from your throat were loud and embarrassing. Whiny and airy and in tandem to his rough pace.

    “You had to interrupt me?! In the middle of my FUCKING audition?! JUST FOR THIS?!” He nearly screamed at you as he slammed into you. His hands grabbed at your breasts, pinching at your nipples until a sharp cry left your lips.

    “What do you have to say for yourself?” He leaned in close, his lips pressing against your cheek as he held you against the ground.

    “I-I wanted- I ” You whimpered out, still panting and whining with each of his thrusts.

    “You’re just a slut for my cock, aren’t you? Say it,” he grunted against your cheek, leaving a wet kiss there as his hips snapped upward into you.

    “You can’t even say any words, your only thoughts are of getting your cunt pounded by my cock, isn’t it?” He grunted with each of his deep strokes.

    You whined loudly, your voice a sweet saccharine tone as you tried to grab onto Andy, signalling to him of your close climax. His rough and quick pace only bringing you closer and closer.

    Your lips fell open, a silent cry slipping out as your body contorted and twisted against his, new slick coating his cock as you came around him. Your walls twitching violently around him as your thighs shook.

    “Did you come already?” He groaned as he grabbed at your thighs, bringing you so close, you could feel him in the depths of your pussy. A shriek escaped your lips as more groans began to fill the room, his thrusts almost painful now, forcing you to states of overstimulation as you tried to focus on something else as your eyes fluttered closed.

    “Look at me, you wanted this didn’t you?” Andy nearly grabbed at your head, his fingers roughly through your hair as he pressed you roughly into the floor.

    “Y-yes,” you managed to get out in a soft airy breath.

    Andy’s head threw back, his brown curls shaking and falling against his forehead as he pumped his cock at the base, his length throbbing in his palm as he took long strokes up and down his shaft. Spurts of his hot cum painting across your thighs and pussy before he shot more down your chest and breasts, making sure he thoroughly coated you with his cum.

    Your body still twitched, involuntary movements with each little sharp breath that left your lungs. Your breasts still heaving as his seed slid down your skin.

    Andy’s hand finally stilled against his cock, his voice shaky as he hung his head to catch his breath. He finally tapped at your pussy again with the head of his cock. Watching it as he coated the tip with his creamy seed before pushing more back inside of you.

    “Feel better?” He asked as he finally met your eyes.

    “Yes…” you responded softly, finally satisfied for the time being as you laid underneath his desk. Covered in his cum as you slowly came down from your high.

    “Good,” Andy hummed with a smirk as he got up and sat back in his chair.

    “Clean yourself up and get the fuck out of my office.”




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    Oh my goodness 🥺 I think Fern might be my cutest ever toddler!

    I wish River and Houston could have more babies!!

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    Interactions am i right? Ahahha

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