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    untitled, 2012 » 🔥🔑 triggers (contains bling, het!pairing) ~600

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    His face connected with the wall, probably loosening a few of his teeth thanks to the guard behind him. It honestly wasn’t his fault that his friend decided that he wanted to feel up the new guard, it wasn’t her fault for being particularly good looking and enticing him to join in on the fun – it was their choices that had put them in this situation.

    “Damn, Minjung, for being a newbie you really are ruthless,” the other guard said behind them.

    She turned, her grip loosening on his arms (occupational hazard) as she spoke to the other one, “Why be friendly with them when they’re pushing their luck?”

    “True,” the other officer called back, taking his partner away with him in handcuffs.

    He took this time where it was just them to turn and capture her wrists, pulling her to him, “So your name is Minjung, hmm? That’s a pretty name for a pretty face.” She struggled against his hold which made him all too happy and he could feel the need to push her against the wall and violate her pressing against the inside of his hideous orange jumper. After a while, he turned them to where her back was against the wall and pinned her arms over her head, “I think you’ll do just fine here, Minjung,” he commented, lightly running his tongue over her lips. When her eyes narrowed into a glare, he released her and walked away, laughing at how easy it was to make her blush – despite her attempts to not show any sign of weakness.

    She stayed against the wall until he left her vision and then hit herself in the head; she was supposed to take him in to have that incident added to his record. Well, shit.

    Jonghyun walked out of the office with a smile on his face as he noticed his friend a ways down the hallway, “What’s up, man? How come you got off with nothing?” He smirked and wrapped and arm around the shorter boy’s shoulders, “I think she might just have a crush on me, man.” This caused his friend to laugh as they made their way towards the mess hall, not to say they were allowed to roam freely, but it was time for dinner. Afterwards, he nodded towards his friend as he made his way down to his cell; noticing first how the new guard was standing with the door open, “Miss me already?”

    She scoffed at him, “I’m doing what I was told to do.”

    “Holding the door open for a convicted criminal, how noble of you.”

    He was passing through it when she swung the door and it hit him hard, causing him to hit the other side of the doorway, with a laugh he turned back to her, “What was that?”

    “My hand slipped,” she said nonchalantly.

    “I’m sure you could let you hand slip with a better cause than knocking someone out with a door.”

    She rolled her eyes and shoved him the rest of the way into his cell, “Keep to your cell, Kim, or I’ll have to be rough with you.”

    “Oh baby, is that an offer?”

    “You wish,” she deadpanned and slammed the door in his face.

    In the morning, he was amused to see her glaring at him from outside his cell, “Enjoying what you see?” he questioned, not bothering to hide his morning wood. She gave him that look; the one woman give you that make you either a) wonder if you’re adequate enough or b) want to punch her lights out for even suggesting you weren’t enough for her. He just shrugged it off; no one could even make him feel any less almighty than he already was. No one, especially some new bimbo with a gun and no boobs or ass to grab would make him think otherwise. He leaned over his sink and washed his face with the cold water before he pulled up his shirt while turning back towards her and smiled, watching how her eyes were glued to his stomach. So, she was all talk – he liked ‘em feisty anyways.

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    more than he bargained for » 🔥🔑 triggers (none) ~1k

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    It had been a while since they set up their little plan. Key would take Minho to the movies and Jonghyun would FaceTime with Key since he didn't have any money to spare recently - much to Key's unhappiness. This particular night, Minho had asked Taemin to come along so that he could help hold the iPad since it gets rather weighty when only one person holds it the whole time. They settled down in the back right hand corner, Taemin holding the iPad and waiting for Jonghyun (Key's not-so-private-affair) to call. Key was sitting against the wall with Minho between them, he huffed, "Minho, you know I like sitting on the end…" Minho leaned close to the shorter boy, his hand resting lightly on his leg while he whispered, "This movie is boring, believe me, you'll be thanking me for putting you in the corner later." Key crossed his arms over his chest, unmoved, "Then why did we come here?" "Just wait," he whispered back. Key pouted, resting his arms over his chest as he leaned back and craned his neck to see over the rail between him and about twenty feet of air. Taemin must have connected the call with Jonghyun since he was busily talking at the iPad; if there was a better way to describe it, he wasn't sure how. He just knew the lights were dimming and the iPad was resting against the young boy's chest as the previews played in front of them. Once he saw the beginning of the film go across the screen, he was indeed glad that Minho had situated him where he was; nothing in the world could make him like True Lies; some American spy movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger where his wife just happens to be a spy too. This had to have been a choice solely made by Jonghyun since he recently had been interested in such movies, especially 007. However, Key found them rather dull and unappealing. When it got to the part where Arnold was pretending to be someone else while his wife danced sexily in front of him, Minho lifted the arm rest between them and scooted closer to Key, “Yah, what are you doing?” The taller covered his mouth with a finger before capturing it in a kiss, shifting Key so that he could reach his pants easily before he popped the button on them – cursing the other for having this need to wear nothing but skinny jeans; as if they actually did anything for him, he never got a hard-on in front of their fans or in public places. Anyone could attest to that, but he hoped to change that soon enough. He slid his hand in the front of Key’s pants, keeping his lips firmly against his pink ones so as not to let him make a sound and give way to what they were doing.  “What’s wrong, umma?” he teased, palming the other boy’s cock. “What are you doing? We’re in a theater,” he whispered back. “I told you I would keep you entertained,” he said before kissing the other boy again, sliding his tongue into the umma’s open mouth since he was still trying to talk.  Taemin, on the other hand, was staring at the screen with wide eyes as Jamie was stripping out of her fitted black dress. He had become so engrossed in the film that he hadn’t realized the iPad had fallen forward until he heard Jonghyun’s prehistoric voice cutting through his mind; snapping him out of his trance when Arnold finally revealed it was him after he’d been kicked a few times by Jamie. He was about to motion his sorry to Jonghyun since he flipped the camera to the screen one, when he glanced to his side and noticed Key’s legs awkwardly placed around Minho; how the taller boy was practically laying on top of his Key-hyung. He blinked a few times then looked down at Jonghyun, placing a finger over his mouth so the boy would key quiet before pointing that finger to his side and turning the iPad to face the two boys next to him.  It was a little bit after he noticed their make-out session that he heard the faint moans of his hyung from beneath Minho. Taemin looked back down at the iPad and held his hand up, silently asking Jonghyun what he should do. The older boy motioned for him to get a better angle, which is obliged, not quite certain he didn’t like what he was seeing as well; he was sure that, that was not the reason behind Jonghyun’s suggestion, but he was all for it. He quietly slid from his seat next to Minho and down a row before conveniently placing him just in front of them. Slowly, he turned to face them, just edging the camera over the top of the chair he was sitting in as he watched. Key had his face turned away towards his chair while Minho’s was buried deep in Key’s neck; the taller’s hand moving in what seemed a pace that kept in time with Key’s hips – or maybe it was the other way around? He wasn’t sure.  Since his ear was so close to the iPad, he could hear his hyung doing something, there was soft scrapping noises and other things; but he decided he was better off just focusing on the show in front of him. How Key would tense and how Minho’s sweat would drip from his chin onto Key’s stomach; which is probably when he looked down and noticed what was really happening – if he hadn’t guessed already. Minho’s large basketball-desired size hand was around Key’s; he quickly covered his eyes as if he hadn’t already seen everything and it wouldn’t be permanently burned into his mind for the rest of the year. Shyly, he reached out his hand over the back of his chair and poked Minho’s arm. At first there was no response and there seemed to be some kind of problem with the pace Minho’s arm had been going at, but he poked him again. This time, Key was biting down on his free hand as he turned with wide eyes to see Taemin sitting in front of them – only by second glance did he notice the iPad propped up just enough for the camera to see them as well.  He said a few things his parents would not believe to come from his mouth as he leaned down, his hands deftly straightening up the front of Key’s pants as he spoke into his ear, “Don’t say anything loud, but Taemin and Jjong have been watching us this whole time.” Key turned his head to look in front of them and saw Taemin innocently waving at him, the iPad now clutched to his chest like a shield; he let himself fall back against the chair with his hand over his eyes. Minho was wiping his hand off with a napkin when he leaned back towards Key, “What’s wrong?” “That cinchy dinosaur got more than he bargained for. I want compensation.” Minho laughed as he patted Key’s thigh, “We’ll have to talk about that when we get home later, hmm?” “Obviously.”

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    i’ll love you 2x »  🔥🔑 triggers (none) ~500

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    Key was sprawled out on the three-seater couch in the living room, absently staring at the TV and some channel that was showing the spring collection for the year. Apparently baby blue, beads and silver was the hot tickets this spring. He scoffed, "You will never catch anything beaded touching this body," before he turned the channel to the news. Minho was walking towards him from Woo's door, "He's asleep, baby," the taller boy said before gently climbing on top of the smaller boy. Key squirmed under the taller boy's weight, but he gave up as Minho laid his head on his stomach and wrapped his hands behind his back. He laid one hand on Minho's back while the other ran through his hair, "You know how much I love you, right?" Minho nodded his head, letting it slide up and down on the other boy's stomach; causing his shirt to rise in the process.  Minho smiled at the skin and pushed up his shirt more till he was staring at the milky stomach of his boyfriend. He kissed him just above his navel then the middle of his chest. Key relaxed, enjoying the feel. It was something Minho had done many times when he was pregnant - just lay there and heap kisses on his skin. Slightly uneasy, being as Minho had done this before Key even knew he was pregnant, he stared down at his stomach. Nothing was in there, right? He was almost certain they had used protection every time since he got pregnant the first time. Minho rubbing his cheek against Key's stomach and smiling like a kitten with his favorite toy pulled him from those thoughts; the sight was adorable, but he knew better than to tell the younger boy that.  "I want a second one," Minho whispered into the milky skin. Key blinked, talk about reading someone's mind, "Another Woo, baby?"

    "Not exactly," he hummed, laying a soft kiss to the older boy's stomach, "I want a cute little girl this time." "One that will have me wrapped around her little finger." 

    Key smiled and rubbed the younger boy's face, "What if I get jealous of her?" "I won't let that happen, she would be my princess and you will always be my queen," he commented. He wasn't sure if he should be upset as a boy for being called a queen, but he liked the title, "Maybe if we're lucky, you might get you wish after our anniversary," Key whispered soft enough for only Minho to hear. The younger boy was smiling wider, his eyes closed as he listened to Key's heartbeat, "That would be the best present for our anniversary." The older boy was going to ask Minho if he wanted to go into their room so they could head to bed, but soft snores stopped him, his handsome boyfriend was already asleep. He grinned while pulling the throw off the back of the couch and laid it on top of them before he relaxed into the overstuffed couch and turned off the TV. He wouldn't mind a little girl running around the house either. 

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    i’ll love you 2x »  🔥🔑 triggers (male pregnancy) ~4k total

    main masterlist | ‘08-’12 masterlist #note -- all parts in one post, this is a short series.

    Part One

    Key's stomach growled loud, almost like a lion as he was driving YooGeun to school. He wasn't someone to eat in the morning so for the simple fact that he was so hungry was probably his tip-off that something wasn't right. His hand laid just on his stomach, trying to quiet the sound as he pulled into the parking lot of YooGeun's school; it just wouldn't quiet at all. Key climbed out and grabbed his son before running inside, it was snowing today since winter decided to hit late this year. Once inside, he set his son down and dusted himself off, he hated the cold. He knelt down in front of his son, "Yoogeunie, make sure to do as your teacher says, okay?" The boy made a face, obviously thinking he had heard this way to many times for his liking; a trait he had to have picked up from his father. It said Minho loud and clear. He sighed and kissed his son's cheek who wiped it away, "Umma, not at school, okay? The boys will laugh at me." 

    Key glanced up to see boy's standing just behind his son in the doorway to their classroom, he sighed, his son was growing up so fast. "Alright," Key said and stood, "Go on inside," he muttered. He waited, watching as his son practically tackled another boy before they all ran inside the room. Then the growling of his stomach resurfaced and he jetted out of the school. He drove out of the lot when the oddest craving hit him - chili cheese fries - something he hadn't even heard of since he moved back to Korea from the States. Did they even sell chili cheese fries in Korea? He looked at all the different fast food signs and none of them seemed to make him think 'Yeah, they have them there' so he sighed. Might as well make them himself. He pulled into the store to grab the few items he needed.  Almost an hour later, he was putting the finishing touches on his chili cheese fries. Minho's arms wrapped around his waist as his chin rested on Key's shoulder, "Chili cheese fries? I thought you didn't eat those because of all the calories..." Key kissed his husband's cheek, but when he looked down at his food it was as if a switch had been flipped. He felt nauseous at the sight of it all. He pushed the taller boy out of the way and ran towards the small bathroom under the stairs, kneeling in front of the toilet and heaving the little bit of whatever was in it. Minho's hand patted his back gingerly, "Baby, what's wrong? You didn't even eat them yet..." That phrase stuck in Key's head like hardening caramel, you didn't even eat them yet, why did that only lead him to on conclusion? Morning sickness. He couldn't be... not twice; it was scientifically impossible that he would get pregnant once, but twice? That had to be impossible, right? He stood and walked to the sink, a million different things running through his mind as he absently brushed his teeth. Minho wrapped his arms around Key again, he loved how the boy never nagged him anymore when he clung to him. It seemed all of his nagging had been left to their son. Key wiped his mouth and rubbed Minho's arms, "Welcome home, baby, I guess I'm not feeling too good today." Minho ran his hand over Key's stomach, easily calming it with just that motion and Key smiled, "Carry me?" he asked of the taller boy. The younger boy obliged, gently picking up the older and walking him to their room. Inside their room, he laid the smaller boy down on their bed, "Do you want me to pick our son up later? I can let you sleep..." Key patted the spot next to him, "Just lay with me," he smiled. Minho wasted no time, laying next to his husband (wife?) and automatically rubbing his hand over the other boy's stomach again. Key snuggled closer to him, pushing his face into Minho's neck. Why was his whole body relaxed now that Minho was touching him? Was that normal? He really didn't want to think about it as his eyes started to feel heavy. Minho placed a kiss to his forehead and he was gone. Minho pushed Key's bangs out of the way then laid a kiss on his nose before looking at the clock - if he wanted to pick their son up on time he would have to leave soon. He didn't want to, he wanted to stay by his partner's side and make sure all his needs were looked after, but he also knew he couldn't just leave YooGeun at school. He disentangled himself from the sleeping boy and left the house.  He turned in his sleep, placing him flat on his back, images kept popping forward in his mind while he slept. Pink colors, curly hair, ribbons and bows. With a smile on his face, subconsciously he made a note to visit his doctor tomorrow.

    Part Two

    Key hadn't told his hubby exactly why he had to take off work and join him for his doctor's appointment the next day, honestly he had considered not taking the taller boy since it was training season, but he didn't want to face the news alone; if there was any news. Key had his legs crossed while he sat next to Minho in the waiting room, the younger boy concerned, usually Key was against going to the doctor's unless he was really sick. He slid his hand over Key's small one and rubbed his thumb over his knuckles. He wanted to ask him if everything was alright, but if felt ridiculous to ask since they were at the hospital.  "Mr. Kim?" a nurse called. Key stood and held his hand up, "That's me," he smiled, pulling Minho up with him as he walked towards her. Don't get him wrong, he loved being married to the man next to him, but if anything, he was someone that liked things that flowed. Choi Kibum, it wasn't as pretty sounding as Kim Kibum. He had even asked Minho if it was a problem to keep his own name, but the other boy had brushed it off and said as long as he belong to him that last names didn't matter. Key saw it that way as well and he was completely devoted to his husband. He smiled and sat up on the little bed while the nurse went through the regular procedures: blood pressure, temperatures, medicine he was taking and knowing Key's self-assessment. Minho sat quietly in the corner through this portion. It wasn't until the nurse left that he decided to talk, "Baby, what happened?"  "It's nothing bad, I'm just making sure on something. It's not like I can do a self-test at home..."  "Self-test?"  Key bit his lip and turned away from his husband, he didn't want to say that he couldn't test for pregnancy at home - it should have been impossible to get pregnant as it was. Which meant it was even harder to know if you were, especially since his semen would create a false positive anyways. The doctor walked in, the same woman that had deliver YooGeun for him, "Hello Mrs. Ahn," he said with smiles. She smiled back then glanced down at his chart, "What brings you here today?" Key didn't want to say he wondered if he was pregnant and hoped she would get the point, "A body check," he sort of mumbled into his chest. She lifted his chin and did some of her own evaluations, laying her fingers on his neck just under his ears then she felt his stomach and stopped. Her hands felt a lump that shouldn't have been there, "Been busy?" she whispered so only Key could hear. He nodded slowly, "You could say that." She smiled, "No problem, I'll switch you to a room and we can look at the abnormality there." 

    "Abnormality?" Minho stared at Key's stomach then. "It's not serious, is it doctor?" 

    She patted Minho's shoulder, "That depends on how you look at it."  Moments later, Key was laying down in a semi-dark room, the doctor was spreading cold goo all over his stomach. He shivered involuntarily and Minho held his hand; more for him to have strength than to provide Key with strength. He still didn't know what was going on and his mind was jumping to the worst conclusions. The one that struck his hardest was a cancerous tumor. He would die if he lost Key like that. The doctor picked up the wand and smiled at the two, "Shall we?" Minho released a breath he didn't realize he had been holding and nodded quickly - he wanted to get the bad news out of the way. Moving on from there had to be the easiest point, right? She chuckled softly before laying the wand on the goo and moving it around some; her eyes glued to the screen, "Well, thisis unexpected." Key craned his neck to get a glimpse at the screen, but she smiled and turned it to him, "Looks like Minho-appa should get ready for another aegi."  Key felt the sweat covering his hand from the taller boy and watched as he swayed, "Baby, are you okay?" The doctor jumped up, "He's going into shock!" she screamed after opening the door. Her arms caught Minho before he fell backwards to the ground. A nurse rushed in with smelling salts, placing them under his nose, "Come on, son, it's not that shocking to be having another kid." Key chuckled, a nurse walking over to wipe the goo off his stomach. When Minho came to, he stood quickly and closed the distance between him and Key. The other boy in the process of lowering his shirt, "Baby, we're having another one?" Key smiled and patted his arm, "Are you upset about it? We can always-" "No, no, no. How could I be upset?" he pulled Key up princess-style and spun around the room; he was so overjoyed he could cry. In fact, he was, he set Key down when his eyes became too blurry to see and his head was so jumbled from spinning. Key held onto the bed, letting his equilibrium even out before the doctor walked over to him. You will have to follow me, I have to put you back on that specialized pre-natal plan I made for you four years ago." Key nodded and grabbed Minho's hand, "Come on, baby," he grinned and pulled him along behind the doctor. Inside the doctor's office, she sat behind her desk and began printing out the plans she had made those few years ago. Minho had pulled Key into his lap, refusing his husband (wife?) from sitting in his own chair. Key didn't mind the decision, even as Minho rested his head against his chest and the taller boy's hand went under his shirt to rub his stomach.  The doctor smiled at Key over her desk, "I'm sure you still remember them quite well, but I've printed them out for you again. Would you like me to go over them again?" Key shook his head no, "Then all you have to do is stop by the hospital pharmacy on your way out and you're all set. I'll see you next month!" Key stood and Minho stood behind him, his hands glued to the older's waist, "I guess I missed it, but you didn't tell me how far along I am..." Ah, she remembered now, "About that," she began while picking up a square piece of paper off her desk, "Let me talk to you about that alone." Minho didn't move an inch, "Why can I not stay?" "Please, child," she chided him, "It's not like I'm going to hurt your husband." Key smiled at him reassuringly, "It's okay, baby, we'll be right out." "Fine," he sighed and left the doctor's office.  She waited till she heard the click of the door before she began, "I wanted to tell you this in private since it's possible that - well, let me just show you." She turned the paper around and pointed out the baby sac to Key, "This is your egg and the two pea like shapes," she said while pointing to them, "Those are your kids." Key shook his head, "Wait, two?" She nodded her head, "It's possible that one of them might ingest the other and you will only have one baby."  "That's why you didn't want Minho in the room," he confirmed.

    She nodded, "Either way, you're still pregnant," she smiled looking at his stomach. "I just didn't want him to faint again if it ends up as you only having one aegi. We'll see more next month. That's why you're coming back so soon." 

    Key nodded, "I understand. Thanks, Mrs. Ahn."  She smiled and clasped her hands over her stomach, "It's my pleasure. I look forward to delivering this time as well." He hugged her gently before walking out the door to find his boyfriend a bit of a mess, "Something is wrong with it, isn't there? He's got a disease or something, doesn't he?" Key smiled and hugged his flustered husband, "Baby, nothing is wrong. The baby is just fine, Dr. Ahn just wanted to tell me she'll be taking extra special care of me this time. That's why my next appointment is so soon." He felt the hot breath against his neck and the muscles in his husband relax, "Alright," he whispered. Key kissed him while grabbing his hand, "Shall we go by the pharmacy now?"  "Of course." 

    At home, Minho refused to let Key do any of his normal things along with refusing to go back to work for the rest of the day. Key sighed, he liked being pampered, but the boy was doing more harm than good. Just making lunch he left a monster of a mess in the kitchen that Key knew he would have to clean up when he could sneak off the couch or it would urk him. He stood up off the couch and walked into the kitchen, his husband diligently cleaning his mess from earlier. He couldn't help but smile at the sight, "Want some help, baby?" The taller boy looked at him, "No, no just go lay back down. I've got this under control." Key shook his head and grabbed the sponge from the sink to sop up the spilled vanilla off the counter. Minho laughed to himself, he knew he wouldn't be able to keep his lover at bay for long. The boy had to be doing something all the time or he would get antsy; he knew this, but he still hoped he would be able to baby him some more.  When they finished, Key looked exhausted so he lead the other boy into their bedroom and laid him down before laying next to him, "See, you should have let me do it." Key lightly punched his stomach, "Yah, don't start nagging at me when I'm tired," he smiled and scooted closer to his husband. Minho wrapped his arms around the shorter boy as he enjoyed the warm breath on his neck, "You'll never admit I was right, will you?" Key poked him in the stomach this time, "Don't you know that the woman is always right?" Minho leaned back and ran his hand through Key's hair, "But, baby, we're both men."  "I'm the woman in this relationship, which means I'm always right." Minho laughed and returned to his original position, patting the back of Key's head, "Alright, baby, I'll remember the next time." Key kissed his neck, "You learn so quick," he whispered into his neck before laughing.  It settled down again and he was almost positive Key had fallen asleep, so he was closing his eyes to take a quick nap before picking up YooGeun when Key stirred next to him, "Fruit, I want fruit." He cracked open an eye to see his lover staring at him, so he hadn't just imagined it, he started to climb off the bed when Key's voice got to him again, "And some ddeokbokki," he added. Minho waved his hand over his head, "I got it!" He ran down the stairs and out the front door to his car, whatever his husband (wife?) wanted he would provide.

    Part Three

    Key was laying down in the same room he'd been in for months now, cold goo plaster across his belly while Minho held his hand and looked over the doctor's shoulder at the monitor. He was smiling so wide, it wasn't till the third month that Key finally told his husband they were having twins, that's the time the doctor was positive he would be able to carry both the babies without any mishaps. It so happened that in that month he had also learned that one of the babies was a girl, but another one kept their private covered so the doctor couldn't tell them it's gender. Ever since that appointment, Minho would stand behind the doctor and watch the monitor in hopes he would get to see the other babies gender, but so far that baby has been keeping it's gender to itself. 

    "Can you see the other baby's gender, Dr. Ahn?"  She stared at the screen, focusing hard as she moved the wand around on Key's stomach, "I'm not sure yet." Minho looked at his husband, "What do you think, baby? Two girls or a girl and boy?"  "Either one is fine by me." Minho smiled and nodded, "I think so too, but I'm so excited. I want to know!"  Key laughed and used his free hand to pat his husband's that was holding his other hand. Minho had been so full of energy since the visit in the third month, he was almost sure he would burnout one day and sleep for three days at a time. The doctor made a tch sound with her tongue and turned to Minho, "I think you're going to have to wait a bit longer, Mr. Choi. The baby has it's hands over their private area again." Minho frown and turned his head to his husband, his eyes focused on the stomach carrying his children, "Aegis, why are you enjoying teasing your appa so much?" The doctor stood and started wiping Key's stomach off, "There's still three more months, I'm sure they'll give in and show you eventually."  Minho nodded and helped his husband off the bed, "Thank you doctor, we'll see you next month!" She patted him on the back, "I'll see you then." He nodded and wrapped his arm around Key's back to support it, while his other hand lead him out of the room, "We should go pick up YooGeun now. He'll be so disappointed not to know if he's having two sisters or not." Key looked up to stare into his husband's eyes, "I think you're more disappointed. Just relax, baby. We can paint their room yellow or wait to paint it till they're born." Minho shook his head, "If we wait, we won't get to paint it till they're at least three. I really shouldn't paint it now anyways, the fumes could harm them." Key smiled as they approached their car in the parking lot, he turned to his husband and kissed him, "However you want to do it is fine," he smiled before climbing into his seat. When he was in, seat belted and the door was closed, Minho made his way to the driver's side and climbed in. They had to make it to YooGeun's school before he was let out; they were cutting it a bit slim today.

    When they both walked into YooGeun's classroom, their son started jumping up and down as he headed their way, "Did you find out? Did you find out?" Minho looked at his husband as if to say 'I told you so' before he leaned down and picked up his son, "Nope, it seems they want to keep it a surprise still, son," the taller boy said before hugging his son tightly. YooGeun frowned, "But I wanted to tell Ms. Jung if I was going to have two sisters~!" he pouted, his eyes looking towards his umma. Key frowned, his son knew how to make him feel bad even if he wasn't the one to blame, "I'm sorry, honey, should we go out for ice cream?" His son perked up, "Ice cream? You said it! You can't take it back." The pregnant boy laughed, "I won't, the babies want ice cream too." Minho touched his love's stomach, "My babies want ice cream?" 

    Key leaned forward and kissed him, "Yes sir," he smiled, wrapped his arm around the taller boy.  "Then ice cream is what we're going to get."  YooGeun made a face and slide down from his place in his appa's arms before grabbing his things and following his parents out to the car. Moments later, Key and YooGeun were sitting in a booth while Minho stood in front of the counter checking out the ice cream selections. The boy behind the counter was eying him, "What would you like sir?" He looked up from the buckets of ice cream on display, "Well, my boyfriend has a weird palate right now... So, maybe chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, mint, lime, vanilla, coffee?" He looked up when there was a pause between their exchange to see the boy wide eyed, "Is something wrong?" "You - he - uh, bowl or cone?" "Bowls for everything but the chocolate and lime."  "Yes, sir."  Minho straightened himself back up and smiled into his reflection on the glass; two babies and one of them was definitely a girl. He'd been dreaming of a girl since they had YooGeun, now his dream was coming true; it would be even more exciting if he knew what the other baby was, but he could wait. The boy behind the counter handed him a tray with the bowls and put two cones in his other hand, "Enjoy your ice cream, sir."  "Thanks."  He sat down next to Key, putting the tray down in front of him before handing Woo his lime ice cream. Key smiled happily at the choices, "Covering all your bases, baby?" Minho shrugged while taking a lick of his chocolate ice cream, "You never know. You could change your mind after finishing one of them." Key kissed him while he sucked on his ice cream some more, "Thank you, baby. We'll enjoy the ice cream."    Later that night, Minho and Key were laying in bed, Minho was almost asleep when he felt his husband tossing and turning next to him. He turned over and snuggled up next to Key's back, "Baby, what's wrong?" The boy let out a frustrated sigh, "The twins are awake, probably from the ice cream. It's hard to sleep when they're awake." The taller boy kissed his husband's neck while his hand rubbed coaxing circles onto his stomach, "I'm sorry baby. Next time I'll just get the three of you a cone." Key relaxed against him, enjoying the rubbing on his stomach, "I'm sorry I'm keeping you awake, baby. I know you have to work tomorrow." Minho pushed himself up on his elbow and leaned over his lover, "That's okay, baby," he whispered, kissing him while he continued to rub his belly. Key slide a hand up to rub the taller boy's side before it sneaked around and squeezed his butt. Minho smiled against the older boy's mouth, "Behave, I have to work tomorrow and I cannot exhaust you."  Key let out a disappointed sound, "Fine, I guess you're right." Minho kissed him one more time before laying back down on the bed, "I love you, baby." "Love you too."

    Part Four

    Along with the previous months, one of the babies had still claimed gender anonymity which had kept Key's husband on edge. Well, edge of his chair, even on the week he was due. He had taken up to lazing around on the couch and reading since his back had become a constant pain to him once the twins got bigger. Minho buzzed around him, fluffing pillows and doing the house chores. Poor man had taken off work until their children would be a month old. YooGeun was sitting next to his umma, doing his homework on the coffee table instead of up in his room, "Umma, when will they say hello?" Key adjusted his position and rubbed his side, "They won't be able to talk until they're about three, baby." 

    "No~" he turned and looked at his umma, "When will they come out?"  Key smiled and pulled his son onto the small amount of couch left and rubbed his son's head, "They'll come out when they're ready." "How will you know they're ready?" "They'll pop the plug in umma's bath tub..." "What?" "Umma will pee clear instead of yellow." "Oh," he mumbled, playing with his umma's hand. Key rubbed his son's head, then looked over at Minho who was sitting on the chair just next to the couch he was laying on; he looked stiff and tired. Worried for his husband, he grabbed his hand, "Baby, go get some sleep. You look exhausted." He squeezed the pregnant boy's hand and forced a smile, "But what if you need something?"  YooGeun jumped up and down next to his umma, "I'll help umma!"  Minho stood and held his son in place, for fear it might cause discomfort, "Is that okay, baby? He's a live wire." "I think it will be fine," Key said while rubbing his son's back before kissing Minho, "Go sleep." "Are you sure you're fine?" "I'm fine. No contractions or anything. Go sleep." "Okay," he relented, kissing Key again before he walked towards their bedroom. YooGeun turned to his umma and smiled, "Are you hungry? thirsty?" 

    "Nope," he smiled and relaxed back into his back pillow, "I'm fine for now."  "Just finish your homework and I'll make up sundaes." 


    Key nodded and returned his attention back to his book. His son returned to his homework, eyes glancing up at the muted cartoons on television every time he finished one thing and moved to another. When his umma stood on unstable feet, he stood and put his hands on the older man's back, "Umma what are you doing?" When the older was stable on his feet he walked towards the kitchen, "I have this craving..." he mumbled and started looking through the fridge. YooGeun frowned, "Umma, I promised appa I would get everything for you." Key smiled at his son and pulled a box of cookies out of the freezer then turned to his son and leaned against the counter, "It's okay, baby, what appa doesn't know won't hut him." "You're such a liar," a husky voice grew louder as it's owner grew closer. Key frowned, chewing on a cookie, "Baby, you only slept an hour."  Minho leaned against the entryway, "And you fibbed so you could eat those fattening cookies."  "He was doing his homework," the pregnant boy pouted, finishing off his second cookie. YooGeun retreated back to his homework as his appa approached his umma. Better to make himself scarce just in case. Minho closed the distance between him and his husband and lightly leaned against him, "Should I punish you?" Key smirked, pushing another cookie into his mouth, "You're going to punish me for eating something your babies wanted?"  "No, I'm going to punish you for lying."  Key pursed his lips, "Would you really hurt me, baby?"  Minho sighed, his husband knew exactly how he couldn't even lay a finger to cause him harm. Key laid kissed on his husband's lips and was about to make his way back towards the couch when a feeling similar to how he described a bathtub being unstopped rushed through his body before pains started pulsing. Key grabbed his husband's shoulder, "Baby, I think...*deep breath*...we should head to the hospital." Minho rested his hand on his husband's stomach, his gaze drifting down to what looked like the older boy had wet his pants. His water had broke, "Okay," he said calmly before turning and running to the living room and telling his son to get to their car outside and help his umma in. He grabbed a bag out of their bedroom then ran back to the car.  It hadn't taken long before Dr. Ahn put Key into a room to start his c-section. Minho was pacing just across the hall, his son being watched by a nurse in the children's area. He would sit down only to stand up a few minutes later when a thought would push to the front of his mind and he would become uneasy, biting his thumb while he stared at the door to the room that held his husband. Cries from the room broke his concentration, he stood against the door and listened intently, was that his daughter? Another cry joined in moments later and he was practically collapsing against the door, his babies cries sounded like the best thing he had ever heard. When the door opened and Dr. Ahn looked flustered to see him so close, he backed off. She smiled, "The mystery is over, Mr. Choi. Two beautiful baby girls."  "Can I see them?" "We're putting them in a blanket now and I'll bring them out to you in a few moments while we fix up your husband."  "Thank you," he smiled, his nerves finally disappearing, "Is Key okay?" "He curses like a sailor, but he's quite alright." "That's my baby," he grinned. She smiled disappearing for a few seconds to bring out one of his girl's wrapped in a blue towel, "Here's your oldest," she said, handing him the baby girl before returning to the room. He smiled down at the girl, using his finger to pull the blanket down just a bit to take in her lips; pouty and the perfect pink just like her umma's. Her eyes were his, but her chin was Key's. He kissed her forehead and she shifted in his arm, her eyes scanning his face that was just above her's. "Here's your youngest," Dr. Ahn announced, laying his other daughter into his free arm. He looked at his other daughter, her eyes like Key's and lips like Key's. He kissed her forehead too, gently rocking them while he shuffled around the hallway. "APPA~!" YooGeun screamed as he ran down the hallway, stopping just before he ran into the older male.  "Did they come yet?" Minho sat down on the bench and waited for his son to stand in front of him, "These are your baby sisters, YooGeunnie." The little boy smiled at them, "They're so pretty," he grinned. Minho smiled down at them, all his children, before he focused on YooGeun, "You know you're going to have to take care of them. You're their oppa." YooGeun nodded towards his appa, "I can do it!"  "That's my boy." 

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    the little things »  🔥🔑 triggers (contains bling, infidelity) ~16k total

    main masterlist | ‘08-’12 masterlist #note -- multiple parts per post (to cut down on posts for these old fics)

    Parts Thirteen and the Alternate Endings

    Part Thirteen

    Minho woke the next morning, the 14th, their anniversary to find his boyfriend's naked chest pressed against his own and the older's head buried deep into his neck. He smiled while lifting his hand and drumming his fingers down the smaller boy's ribs before sliding it around to travel down the small of his back and finally let his hand grab onto that juicy ass his boyfriend possessed. The younger boy beside him stirred, but he refused to release his grip and instead laid kisses on his neck, "Good morning beautiful, happy anniversary." Key groaned, his small hand patting the taller boy's waist, "It's too early for sex... why are you waking me so early?" Minho kissed the other boy, "It's never too early for sex."  Key stared into those big, brown eyes for a while before kissing the taller boy, "I need to go make breakfast for our son. Go wake him up and put him in the shower." A smirk passed over the taller boy's face before he returned the kiss and quickly made his way out of their room. The small framed boy laid there for a few minutes, still a bit astonished the younger boy could move so quickly in the morning; not to say he was lazy, but you wouldn't see him running this early. He sat up and stretched his arms above his head before standing and pulling on a shirt - it wasn't necessarily because he was cold or anything, but more because his son had never really seen him shirtless before. It might be weird, even if he is a guy. After that, he made his way down the stairs to the kitchen and looked inside their fridge. What exactly was he going to make his darling son for breakfast? Just faintly, he could hear a knock on the front door. He closed the fridge with a frown and walked towards their front door; who in their right mind would bother someone so early in the mor- Kim Jonghyun smiled at him through the peephole, his daughter holding a few things whereas his ex held a big stuffed animal.  He quickly walked back into the kitchen and busied himself with something in the fridge before calling over his shoulder, "MINHO~ SOMEONE IS AT THE DOOR! CAN YOU GET IT FOR ME?" He heard his boyfriend run down the stairs to the door and there was a pregnant pause, probably the taller boy thinking of things he might want to do to the boy standing outside on their front porch before he opened the door, "Why are you here?" It was asked in as polite a tone he knew his boyfriend could muster for the other boy, "JiHye wanted to take her Valentine to school. Where is the handsome devil?" Key leaned just barely out of the kitchen to see the front door still being blocked by Minho, the boy really was not happy he was there, "He's in the shower. Isn't it a bit early to pick him up for school?" If he knew anything about Jonghyun, he knew the boy was probably up on his tippy-toes trying to see around the empire building that was his boyfriend, "Well, we had to go out to buy some things, but we didn't realize no one would be at the grocery store so early in the morning."  "Why didn't you just go take her out to eat or something? You know, to kill time?" "Well, they way I re-" "Jonghyun, why are you here so early?" Key decided to interrupt since it angered Minho every time the other boy would mention their relationship, well, past relationship. The older boy visually relaxed and smiled at him, "Hey ba-Kibum, we came over to pick up your son... I guess we're a bit early...”  "You're too early. We haven't even had breakfast. Can you come back a bit later?" "But I-" "See you later then," Minho interjected, closing the door. JiHye's frown caught his eyes so he stopped and smiled at her, "Princess, would you like to eat breakfast with us?" She nodded, not bothering to look at her father as she took refuge in the house. Jonghyun called to his daughter, "JiHye, won't you be lonely without appa?" She stopped at the edge of the stairs and turned to the hopeless man still outside the house, "No, appa, there's Key-umma and Minho-ahjussi. I won't be lonely." He was absolutely at a loss for what was happening to him right then, with a smirk on the taller boy's face he was shut out of the house. Just like that his daughter had become a traitor. Key walked over to the girl by the stairs and smiled at her, holding his hand up for a high-five that she gave him, "Did you see his face, JiHye?" She nodded and copied her father's face causing the two to laugh. Minho stopped next to his boyfriend, "JiHye, sweetie, if you want you can go play in Woohyun's room until he's done with his shower and then we'll all eat breakfast, okay?" She nodded and made her way up the stairs.  "She must have gotten that trait from her mother," Key commented. "Which one?" "The save-yourself-while-bailing-from-a-sinking-ship trait."  "I'm starting to like Jonghyun's ex-wife more and more," he smiled as JiHye disappeared at the top of the stairs. Key smack his arm, "Even on our anniversary you're thinking about others?!" Minho wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, pulling them tightly together, "Baby, how could I want anyone else when all my prayers were answered when you became mine?" The shorter blushed and pushed at him, mumbling things before he finally leveled his voice, "Yah, I need to go make breakfast. You know, kids to feed." Minho didn't release the older boy, just stared into his eyes while smiling, he missed when they used to just stand there like that but it wasn't something they could do anymore. He stayed like that a few more minutes before kissing the nagging boy and releasing him, "Alright, baby, go cook breakfast."  Minho was on his way towards the kids' school so they could enjoy their Valentine's Day party at school when Key opened their front door and noticed it was Jonghyun again still holding that enormous pink bear from earlier, "What is it?" The shorter boy shuffled on his feet, gaze on Key's feet, "C-can I come in for a minute?" With a sigh, he moved out of the boy's way and let him walk into the house - he just looked so pitiful out there on the porch. He would feel bad if he shut the door twice on him in one day. When he closed the door and turned to put all his attention on the older boy, lips crushed against his and he pushed the older boy off, "What are you doing?!" Jonghyun smiled some, "Wishing you a Happy Valentine's, of course." Key counted backwards from ten as to not yell at the boy in front of him, "You know, I have a boyfriend and today is our anniversary. I cannot even believe you just did that. It's bad enough that he never gets mad at me but here you are throwing yourself at me and I-" Jonghyun pushed Key against the wall, not being able to control himself enough to listen to the other boy's nagging, his habit since they had dated was just to let the nagging go in one ear and out the other. Never to harp on something like that since Key always forgave him anyways. The other boy was pushing at his chest, but he was so deep into the kiss and the feel of the other boy in his arms that he ignored it; almost exactly like how he ignored the nagging. It wasn't until Key smacked him hard on his cheek that he pulled away, his eyes instantly turning to angry slits, "What was that for?" Key had his own eyes full of fire and anger directed at the shorter boy, "I TOLD YOU, I HAVE MINHO AND IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY. WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?" Minho stopped just outside the front door, his ears catching the end of what his boyfriend was yelling at someone. There was a sense of pride that his boyfriend was in there getting mad at someone because he was in a relationship. It was a foolish thing to be proud of, but his heart fluttered and a smile stretched across his face. This was definitely an amazing feeling to have enveloping your entire body. Jonghyun's voice broke through the door as well, "Why do you always fight the way you feel for me? I know you still love me more than you will ever love that tall alien." Key pushed Jonghyun; the want to cry because the other boy was right was making him even madder, "Just leave! Get out! The person I am loyal to and love without any doubt is my boyfriend. You're just my past. If you cannot handle that, then never come back." Jonghyun grabbed Key's arms, his eyes staring into the cat eyes, "You really want me to leave that badly?" The taller boy pushed him away again and stepped back from him, "I wish you had never run into me that day. Ever since then, I've been allowing for Minho to misunderstand me and I won't have it anymore. He deserves better than that and I want to give it to him because I love him." The "tall alien" smiled to himself, finally pushing his keys into the door and opening it, making those few steps to his boyfriend to choke him in a bear hug, "Baby, I'm so happy to hear you say that. It makes this next part so much more amazing."  Key was shocked, the boy he loved was getting down on one knee and grabbed his hand, "My beautiful, no, gorgeous boyfriend. Even if I'm not the most vocal about my discomforts, I know you understand me anyways. Ever since I met you a long time ago, I prayed one day I would get to ask you this..." he slipped his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small red velvet box and lifted it up so Key could see it clearly. He was so excited, he felt like he wouldn't be tired for days if his boyfriend answered the way he hoped he would, "Kim Kibum, would you be mine forever?" He opened the box to show two engagement rings to the taller boy. Exquisite white gold bands, one with a big princess cut diamond the other just a band, but both had the same inscription. Key continued to stare at the rings; his voice seemed to have run away from him in that moment, along with all the air in his body, why had he not expected this? Even after all the times he slipped up in the past months, the other boy was still willing to tie himself to Key for a long time?  There was a faint whimpering sound, but Key ignored it as he shook his head yes. Minho stood up, scooping the smaller boy up in his arms in the process before he kissed him, "Thank you, baby!! Thank you!! I love you so much!!" Key laughed, wrapping his arms around the taller boy's neck, his mind completely forgetting Jonghyun was still in their house. His eyes only saw Minho in that instant, but a thought popped into his head, "Well, damn, how do I top a proposal?" His fiancé stared at his, blinking several times, "What?" "Your Anniversary gift... mine isn't as good." "I'll love it no matter what it is." "Let me go get it," he said, squirming a bit so he would be set down. Minho let him go, smiling as he disappeared into the kitchen the turned to see the angry dinosaur and couldn't help but still smile. Key was officially his forever. Nothing could ruin this day for him. When the boy returned with a black leather box in his hands, he smiled, "What has my baby got me?" He blushed fiercely and continued to smile while he opened the box to show him the watch inside, "I thought this would look good on my baby," he whispered. The taller boy pulled him forward and kissed him, not missing the fact that their front door had been slammed shut and when he pulled away from Key the other boy was no longer in their house. He shrugged the whole thing from his mind and held out his wrist to Key, "Put it on me, baby?" Key nodded, quickly removing it from the box, his hands swiftly working to clasp the watch to his wrist. The silver contrasted nicely against his skin. He had made the right choice when he bought the silver one instead of the gold one, that he had.  Broken from a spell, Key finally noticed now that his ex was gone and his eyes landed on the big stuffed bear still sitting against the wall. Minho kissed his neck and he grinned, his mind forgetting about the lonesome bear and its owner as he wrapped his arms around Minho, "You should start the full treatment now." The taller boy nodded, grabbing the back of his fiancé’s thighs and lifting him into the arm before those legs wrapped around his waist and he made his way for the stairs. 

    Woohyun and JiHye smiled, they had been talking about what had happened that morning when she arrived at his house. How she had ditched her dad so she could ride to school with him. Their teacher, Mr. Lee, sank down in front of them and rested his arms on their table, "What happened this morning?" JiHye giggled, she liked telling the story even if she was the traitor, "My appa and I went shopping this morning since I wanted to get Woo some candy and things... After that we went to Woo's house, my dad had a big bear for Key-umma because he still loves Key-umma, but Minho-ahjussi wouldn't let him inside. He let me inside and my appa tried to get me to help him inside, but I didn't help him," she giggled again, Woohyun fell from his chair holding his stomach while his face turned red from laughing.  Mr. Lee blinked, letting his eyes get big, "You turned against your appa for Woo's appa?"  She shook her head, "I helped Key-umma because I like Key-umma." "Oh~"  Woohyun climbed back into his chair, "My appa looked so proud of her too! He even let her eat candy for breakfast!" The teacher laughed and stood back up, so his best friend had a good anniversary after all. That was good. Woo blinked, "Ah," he exclaimed before turning and picking up his backpack off the ground and pulling out a small pink-paper wrapped gifted with the card he made attached to it, "I almost forgot to give this to you," he said with a little bit of tint in his cheeks. JiHye smiled down at the present in front of her, "Can I open it?"  "Please," he nodded. She removed the card before tearing the pink paper and stared at the white box. A side glance to her Valentine before she opened the box and noticed an interesting necklace inside. Woo smiled, feeling proud of his own handy work, "Umma taught me how to make the little cartoon paper beads, so I wanted to make you a necklace... do you like it?" She nodded, pulling the necklace over her head and smiling at him, "Thank you, Woo!" He blushed even deeper, picking up his glass and taking a sip of it. He liked his friend as more than a friend? No, not him.

    Key was so peaceful, his naked body laying on their bed. Minho had given him a massage followed up by sex which was amazing since he’d been wanting it since they agreed on alone time. Minho had his head on Key’s chest, his fingers walking up the boy’s stomach from his navel and the softened mark from where Woohyun had been brought into their world. He kissed the older boy’s stomach, his hand laying flat on his skin and running up his ribs as he shifted to put himself on top of the other boy. He wasn’t worried about the fact that he had to pick up Woohyun soon or the fact that their babysitter had cancelled on them at the last minute, as he laid there and stared into Key’s eyes, all he saw was the beautiful man below him. He leaned down and kissed the older boy, his hands tangling in his brown hair, “I love you, baby. Happy anniversary,” he grinned before kissing him again. Key returned the kiss and grabbed the older boy’s butt with his hands,  “Happy Anniversary,” he repeated back.  Minho had started to move to pull himself off the other boy when he was pulled back down, “You know you aren’t done yet, right?” He smirked and kissed his fiancé, “Just tell me what you want,” he added before kissing his love again, “I’m at your command today.” “Oh?” He nodded. “Then do me a favor,” he said, pushing himself further up on the pillows when the boy sat up, “I want you to keep trying until we have a girl.”  Minho raised a brow, “How did doing as you ask end up as you wanting to fulfill my wish?” “Maybe we’re just made for each other like that.” Minho laid back on top of the smaller boy and kissed his lips, “Or maybe I’m the luckiest man on the face of this planet,” he commented. “Or it could be that,” Key laughed, kissing the boy above him. “I love you,” Minho whispered as he laid kisses against the older boy’s milky neck. “I love you too.”

    Alternate Ending I

    Begins after Minho over hears Jonghyun and Key’s conversation

    He balled his hands into fists and locked his jaw, throwing open the front door to take in his boyfriend and the guy he despised with utter certainty, "I can't fuc- you've been cheating on me with him this whole time! Don't say you haven't because I know you have!”

    "Min-" "Don't fucking talk to me, the only reason you got by with so much is because I hated myself for what I said to you back when I found out you were pregnant with Woo; how I took advantage of you all those times when you were living a rough life. I can't take it anymore. You've made your choice, I see it now, just tell Woo I'll visit him because I cannot even stay in the same house with you. Keep this house, it's ruined now, bye," he said with a particular overexertion of anger as he slammed the door back into place. 

    Kibum sunk down to his knees and covered his face with his hands, just as he was trying to throw the other boy off of him he had been let go. A voice in the back of his head told him he probably deserved it much sooner than this, but his boyfri-no, ex-boyfriend was far too kind to him. Jonghyun knelt down next to him, not even hiding the smile on his face, a smugness that he had always hated in the older boy, "I'm sorry, baby."

    "The fuck Jonghyun! Don't look at me like that when my world is falling apart."

    The older boy wrapped an arm around him, "Let me put it back together for you."

    "No, fuck you, just get out of my house!" 

    "But, bab-"

    "Call me baby one more time and I'll shove your dick down your throat. We clear?"

    The older boy sighed and stood back up, grabbing the bear in the corner and nudging it towards his ex, "Happy Valentine's Day, Key," he murmured before walking out the door as the other boy had told him to do. After about an hour of crying and punching the bear Jonghyun had bought him, he drug it into the kitchen and grabbed a pair of beautifully sharp scissors and tore into that annoyingly cute fluffiness that pissed him off just from the sight of it; let alone that it was from Jonghyun. When he felt that the bear had been properly massacred, he threw the scissors into the sink - as if that would help him get away with murdering Mr. Bear, but he didn't care. If being thrown in jail for killing that bear was a worthy crime then so be it; he would even plead guilty!

    Minho pulled his car over on the side of the road, his heart telling him to go back - that he didn't mean that, that he had said it all in anger. Oh, fuck it, he felt good and he didn't care how much a an asshole that made him sound - even with his mother telling him everyday how you were supposed to respect those you love or whatever, he felt fan-fucking-tastic, okay? Not to say he was entirely happy about leaving his life and his son with Kibum, but he knew it would be hard to take care of his son when he was so busy. Then his high left him and he slumped in his car, "Was what I said too harsh? Is he still in the same place crying?" He looked down at his phone that was sitting in the cup holder and contemplated calling his ... ex. God it felt weird acknowledging that. 

    He sighed and pulled back into traffic, finally deciding against calling Kibum, "He's fine," he had said with absolute certainty, "Jonghyun's probably wooing him right now as we speak. Now that I'm out of the picture, there's not need for them to tip-toe around." He frowned, fuck his life, here he was being emo while his boyfriend was probably not even giving their break-up a second thought. Well, fuck him too, he wouldn't let that get the best of him. He stopped in front of his son's school, not even bothering to pull into a parking space as he ran inside to his son's classroom - ignoring the look Taemin was giving him as he sidled up to Woo, "Hey."

    "APPA!" the boy shouted in his ear before wrapping arms around his neck.

    He stood and supported the boy's weight with his arms, "Hey Woo, want to go hang out with appa?"

    The boy leaned back and looked at him, Key's facial features were astonishing in the small boy, "What about school?"

    That definitely wasn't something Key would ever say, "Let's ditch. Didn't you want to see that new movie with the rabbit?"

    "HOP, appa? We can go see HOP?"

    He smiled and hugged his son too him, "Of course," he looked at Taemin then, "I'm taking him home early."



    "He hasn't given out his Valentine card yet."

    Minho looked at his son, "Did you want to stay and give your card away or go with appa?"

    "With appa! With appa!"

    "That settles that," he grinned and picked up his son's backpack, "Tell Key I took him home early."

    Taemin was walking towards them, but Minho put his son down and chased after him and he had no way of leaving his classroom. Did Woohyun's umma not know about Minho taking their son out of class early? He wouldn't even be able to call him until lunch. Hopefully nothing bad would come of this.

    Key put himself into a ball on the couch in the living room, biting his lip harshly and probably drawing blood, "He hates me.. but I need him," he said with a certain desperate lithe to his voice, "I need him so much. More than I ever let him know... but he won't take me back, right?" He scratched his scalp as he rocked back and forth, "Maybe when he comes to see Woo? No, he probably won't talk to me for a while... He exploded worse than when I went out with Jonghyun that morning. He won't talk to me for at least two months..." Then the tears came again, "He won't even look at me, he won't let me wrap my arms around him, he won't let me kiss him..."

    Woohyun looked at his appa as they walked out of the theater, he wasn't Spiderman, but his gut was telling him something was up. His appa was supposed to be with his umma and they were probably supposed to be doing things he didn't want to know about. He grabbed the older man's hand, "Appa, you and umma fought again, didn't you?" There was a slight pause in Minho's strut, but he covered it just as quickly, "Do you want to go out to eat? I haven't taken you to that pizza place you love in a while."

    He tugged on his appa's hand, "What did you fight about?"

    The older sighed as he opened the door to his car and picked his son up, "You know Jonghyun-ahjussi, right?" He nodded as he was placed in his seat and buckled in, "Well, that ahjussi has been trying to steal your umma away since before you were born. He disappeared for a few years then showed up again and started to try and steal him again. He's won. He stole umma from appa."

    "But umma loves appa."

    "I thought so too," his appa said while closing the door and climbing into the driver's seat. 

    The ride was quiet and he was almost sure they both had forgotten each other were in the car, but he couldn't let his appa give up, "Appa, are you really leaving me and umma?" He heard a sigh followed by, "I don't know," before it went quiet again. He frowned and crossed his arms over his chest and looked out the window next to him; he didn't like this at all. 

    Weeks had passed by, yes weeks, and Key hadn't even noticed that his son hadn't been home in those weeks. Hadn't even tried to venture a thought that he even had a son - his whole mind was focused on Minho and, to his dismay, he couldn't conjure up the willpower to force his ex out of his head. Maybe that's why when he saw a disgruntled Minho like a mirage in front of him that he had a small trace of a smile on his face, "You-you're home." The taller boy had this disgusted look on his face, but he wasn't sure what the look was directed at, he was just focused on Minho who was walking towards him.

    "For fuck's sake, Kibum, have you bathed in the past few weeks?" 

    "You're home. Welcome back."

    "Yeah, yeah," he muttered, picking the rancid boy up off the couch and throwing him over his shoulder. He hated seeing his ex this way, he'd always known Kibum to be a clean guy and this was disgusting. He wanted to throw up just from the smell. He peeled off Kibum's clothes and shoved him in the shower then turned on the water, ignoring how the older boy clung to him when the ice water hit his bare skin. He wasn't heartless enough to keep the water on him as he felt the boy's body wrecked with shivers, "Key, have you eaten?"

    "I'm so glad yo-you're home."

    "STOP IT KIBUM! Snap out of it! Woohyun shouldn't see you like this!"



    He looked towards the door at the boy standing just inside and narrowed his eyes, trying to place him and then with a mental snap; everything came flooding back to him. He quickly shoved himself under the shower spray to avoid his son's eyes, "Woo, honey, why don't you go play in your room?" He heard his son run towards his room then he peeked out to see if Minho was still in the bathroom, "Ba-Minho, you kno-"

    "Let's talk about it after you shower."

    He nodded and closed the glass door to take his shower. However, when he stepped out and his ex wrapped a towel around his waist, he didn't let himself be distracted then, "You know I love you right?" The taller boy kept quiet as he gently patted him dry with a different towel, "I never wanted to let myself give in.. ok, that a lie... I tried... no, that's not true either..." 

    Minho used the same towel to reach up and dry his hair, "What exactly were we supposed to be talking about? your infidelity? Look, Kibum, I love you and I'm not sure that will ever change because it hasn't since the first day I met you back in high school, but I'm not happy with you right now. You took advantage of me, I know it and you know it, so you have to give me some space. You can do that, right?"

    As he asked that, Kibum had been slowly reaching out to wrap his arms around the taller boy's waist then dropped them and frowned, "Time... look what just a few weeks has done to me." 

    "I promise to stay in the house with you, but I won't share a bed with you or anything till I feel better towards you."

    "Bu-but," Minho put a finger to his lips, "Take it or leave it."

    “I'll take it.”

    Alternate Ending IIA

    A stands for angst. This continuation is the second part to Alternate Ending I.

    Kibum leaned against Minho, his sleeping face was always his favorite, "Minho, it's time to wake up..." The taller boy's eyes flew open and he was pushed off of him to the floor, "You don't have to wake me up every morning, Key, I have my phone's alarm set."  "But If I don't-" "I don't need you to wake me," he said with finality while sitting up to stretch out his back. "Oh, okay," Kibum said pitifully before retreating from the room. He turned to Woohyun and gently prodded his shoulder, "Woo, it's time to wake up." The boy turned and hit his hand away before turning to his other side and snuggling back down in his covers. He sighed and smiled, pulling the covers from his son's body, "I said wake up, Woohyun." The younger didn't budge and inch so he shook him furiously, this reminded him so much of someone it was sad, "Yah, Kim Woohyun, wake up or I'll get some ice water." The boy sat up quickly then, not bothering to hide the death glare he was giving him, "Appa, when are you going to forgive umma? I want my room back to myself." Minho laughed and ruffled the boy's hair, "Maybe when your umma proves he wants to be forgiven." There was a knock on the door and he looked to see Kibum standing just outside the door, "Woo, honey, I need to take you to school." "I haven't even eaten yet!" "I'm sorry," the cat-eyed boy said. The boy growled and rushed to get ready, sending his appa more daggers with his eyes as he pulled on his school jacket and walked past his umma and down the stairs. Kibum was staring at him expectantly, like he wanted some kind of acknowledgement, "What?"  "I-I'm leaving..." "Then go, he's late and you're worrying about a goodbye? What kind of umma are you?"

    The smaller boy frowned and nodded his head before turning and disappearing from his sight. He shrank forward in the bed, resting his forehead against the mattress, "I know I'm punishing him, but I feel like such a bastard because of it," he whispered into the sheets of his son's bed. 

    A little under and hour later, Kibum returned back home, his frown immediately forming as he looked up the stairs towards Woo's bedroom that his ex was occupying. Had he gone to work on time? He set his wallet down on the table next to the dish that held his keys and made his way up the stairs towards the bedroom, his mind telling him to just go and start his chores for the day, but he wanted to look - to make sure he had left at least. He peeked into the bedroom to find it a mess, his son and ex's clothes scattered all over the floor and when his eyes happened upon the bed, Minho was not there. He sighed and made his way into the room to retrieve the clothes, slowly picking them up, he had all day to do this - or at least until he had to pick up Woohyun from school. 

    Around noon, as he was making himself lunch, Minho walked in the door and walked right past him in the kitchen while he talked to someone on the phone. He smiled since the other boy was home for lunch, it was a surprise he hadn't been expecting, but there he was and he couldn't help the good feeling he got from him just being home. When Minho walked back and leaned against the entryway for the kitchen, he quickly turned back to what he was cooking, not wanting to show he had expected any less, but boy was his stomach flopping uncontrollably; he almost wanted to just give Minho the food he was cooking for himself and go lay down. 

    "This weekend? Yeah, I'm free."

    What? What was he doing this weekend?

    "No, anything you wear would be fine. You look pretty in everything."


    "I'll pick you up around noonish?"


    "See you then... mhm... bye."

    Kibum turned his face to look at Minho, trying so hard to control himself from being angry, not like he could really say anything because he had pretty much done the same thing about three months ago; but really, he hadn't flaunted it around. Oh, wait, that's because he was cheating behind Minho's back. All the wind left his sails and he slumped, turning back to the food he was making, "Going to have fun this weekend?" he asked weakly. 

    "I hope so."

    "What are you going to do?"

    "Taking a pretty girl out for the day."

    He pulled the dishes off the stove and calmly placed them down on the hot-pads on the island in the middle of the kitchen before motioning to them, "Go ahead and eat lunch, I'm... I'm gonna take a nap." 

    "Alright," he said with a smile.

    "I'll pick up Woo if you oversleep, okay?"

    He nodded, not sure what he really wanted to say anymore. It wasn't like Minho wasn't allowed to date someone else, they had broken up after all, but he didn't want Minho dating anyone else. He wanted that tall, athletic... muscular -oh so muscular, you wanted to lick them just from seeing them- arms,not to mention his abs... handsome... tan skinned... dreamy eyed, softy for himself. 

    That weekend, well, that Saturday Minho had left a little before noon and Kibum was sure he was going to meet that girl. He frowned while he looked to Woohyun who was watching TV on a pillow on the floor, he wasn't really dating anyone, right? Would he really go as far as to date someone? Minho said that he still loved him, but that didn't mean he was in love with him. He hated that thought, why was there such a distinction like that? He felt tears pooling in the bottom of his eyes, was Minho really dating some girl? Was she prettier than him? Did she kiss better than him? What attracted Minho to her? Was her personality better than his? He pulled his legs to his chest and let his head rest on his knees, I bet she has longer legs than me and big boobs he thought.

    "Umma? Are you crying?"

    "N-no, umma is j-just thinking-g.."

    "Umma, you're crying," the boy said softly, raising Kibum's head to look at his face. "Why are you crying, umma?"

    "I-I don't know..."

    "It's because of appa, right? You miss appa?" he asked, wiping the tears sliding down his umma's face.

    He nodded, giving up his act that was obviously not fooling his son, "I miss appa a lot."

    "You should tell him~"

    "Appa is still mad at umma."

    "You should still talk to him, he probably misses you too!"

    He rubbed his son's head and stood while wiping his eyes to free them from his tears then forced a smile, "I'll try," he said weakly and left the living room. How did you explain to your son that his appa was dating someone else? He wasn't sure and he didn't want to.

    He smiled across the table at his noona, someone that he hadn't seen in forever, "BoA noona, when did you come back into town? I thought you were staying in Japan for a while?" She smiled at him over the menu before returning his eyes to scan over the items on it, "I was, but since the flood, I've had to return here for a while. My apartment was flooded, so I'm waiting for it to be fixed up again." He nodded as the waitress made her way over to them before stopping and looking at them. He ordered for himself then looked at her, "Have you decided yet?" He saw her shake her head and smiled to the waitress before ordering her a steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. Something he knew she missed from when they used to eat together all the time. When the waitress walked away, she was staring at him with this curious look in her eyes, "Where's Kibum?"

    "At home..."

    "You fought, didn't you?"

    "H-how did you know?"

    "It was bound to happen eventually," she said with a smile, leaning back and crossing her legs. "I knew one day you would snap and have your first fight. Even back when you two had just met, I could tell then."

    He laughed and waved off the comment, "That was so long ago, how could you tell then?"

    She snapped and pointed at him, "You had this fragile air around him, like your body knew some how that Kibum could break you free."

    "You're so weird, noona."

    She frowned at the accusation, but ignored it as their food was laid in front of them. They were silent the rest of the meal, even as he dropped her back off at her hotel and waved goodbye. Not much else had seemed necessary after what she had said. Kibum had always been his everything, she knew that, but the fact that she knew Kibum was the key to him becoming more up front about his emotions; well, that was just something he didn't want to go into detail about. That's why their conversation had died so quickly. 

    Kibum greeted him on the stairs as he entered their house, he tried so hard to ignore him, to smile and pretend like he had just gone on the best date of his life like the shorter was probably thinking; but he saw the puffy red eyes on his ex and his resolve was slowly breaking down. As he walked up the stairs, he let his hand just barely brush his brown locks in passing before he focused on his goal: get to Woo's room before the other completely breaks him down. He couldn't be weak, the other boy had cheated and he was just giving him a taste of what he had felt; it was only reasonable, right? An eye for an eye? Well, in this case, a broken heart for a broken heart...

    "H-how did it go?" the boy behind him whispered at his back.

    He stopped and sighed softly, "She's amazing."

    "Do you like her t-that much?”

    "I think I just might," he fibbed, his hand on the rail tightening to where his knuckles were white.

    "Oh," the boy behind him said with a frown.

    "I hope you two will be happy then."

    That's it, Kibum seriously was pushing him so easily towards someone else? He turned over to look at the boy, ready to yell at him, but he couldn't. Since when had the other boy become so good at crying so quietly? He didn't want to know, he forced himself up the stairs, his own eyes were burning with the want to cry too; he hated being this mean, even if he was doing it for a reason, he hated it. When he was safely in his and Woo's room, he closed the door and sat on the bed, not realizing his son was in the bedroom too. Said boy walked up to him and hit him on the arm, "How dare you make umma cry, appa!" He was lost, his son hadn't seen the scene just now, right? How did he know Kibum was crying on the stairs? 

    "After you left this morning, all he could do was cry!"

    Oh. Kibum really had believed he was going on a date, maybe he was too good a lying.

    "He said he won't talk to you since you're mad at him! Are you mad at him, appa?"

    "I was... a little..."

    "And now?"

    He shook his head, "I'm not sure..."

    "Go say your sorry! Forgive umma!"

    He couldn't say he was sorry, Kibum should be the one saying that to him and he couldn't forgive the other either until he said sorry. He sighed and stood, forcing his emotions back as he left the room to find Kibum still crying on the stairs - god, he was such an asshole. Minho walked down the stairs and sat next to the crying boy, "Yah, Kim Kibum, stop crying. You're worrying your son."


    "I mean it, quit crying!"

    Kibum hiccupped and wiped at his eyes furiously, but didn't say anything.

    "Don't you have something to say to me?"

    Kibum actually looked at him then, his eyes still pushing out some tears, "S-say to you?"

    "Yes, anything."

    "I'm sorry, I forgot to make lunch... Woo hasn't eaten either..."

    "You didn't feed our son?"

    He shook his head and Minho tried not to lash out at his x-boyfriend, but failed in the end, "WHAT KIND OF UMMA DOESN'T FEED HIS SON?!" 

    "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" 

    He sighed and shrugged it off, that's not what he wanted to hear a sorry for, "What else?"

    "I'm sorry for everything that happened since Jonghyun came back. For making you insecure and letting myself fall under his advances... I wish I could rewind and redo the last few months, I really do. I wish none of it had ever happened so you would look at me like you used to and not be going out on dates with women I don't even want to know. I'm sorry for all of it! Please don't date other people... please..."

    He smiled, okay, so maybe he didn't want that long of an apology since the water works had started up on his ex again; but at least he knew that meant it was sincere. That's all he wanted as he pulled the crying boy to his chest, "Alright, I won't date other people." Kibum stiffened in his hold, "W-what exactly does that mean?" 

    "I won't date others... what else?"

    "What about us?"

    "Hmm..." he looked back at the top of the stairs to his son who had been eavesdropping the whole time, "Woo, go get that black box out of my high tops, alright?" The boy nodded and disappeared before he bounded down the stairs and sat in front of his umma and appa, holding the box out to his appa. Minho took the box and let go of Kibum so he could sit up, "I had planned to give these to you on our anniversary, but they seem kind of meaningless since that day," he mentioned as he opened the engagement ring box. Again, those tears fell from his ex's eyes, "Y-you were going to-?" 

    "Yeah, I was..."

    "To me?"

    "Who else?" he said, handing the box to Kibum, "I cannot think of anyone else I would rather marry."

    "Appa, you have to marry umma!"

    He narrowed his eyes on his son who squeaked and ran back up the stairs. He grinned and looked at Kibum, "If you think you're still worthy of it, I'll let you earn your way back to being mine forever..."

    "You would wait for me?"

    "I don't know.. are you going to take forever like you do when putting on make-up?"

    "No!" he said, hitting his chest.

    "Are you going to see anyone other than me and Woohyun anymore?"


    He took a ring from the box and grabbed Kibum's finger, "Then I'll let you wear it until you've proven yourself. Only then will I ask you to marry me, okay?"

    Kibum nodded furiously, "Okay."

    He kissed the shorter's cheek, "I love you."

    Alternate Ending IIB

    For legal reasons, here is a fluffy to the end continuation of Alternate Ending I.

    One of the hardest things, for Minho, was probably watching as Kibum struggled to control himself. He still felt jaded about how Kibum had so easily duped him into believing that he was the only person for him - honestly, he had actually considered a few things in the days he and Woo had been away from Kibum, but to give in after storming out of their house was too much; even for him. He sighed as he sat in a booth across from Kibum, finally remembering his promise to Woohyun to take him to Chuck-E-Cheese for letting him sleep with him all this time; his son was still bitter about have to share, but a few hours of playing would wipe that from his system. It was sad that he knew his son like that, but after spending the night with him for so long... it was kind of hard to miss - he was like Kibum in that sense. Always able to be bought over with one thing or another; sad, really.  "I-I'm sorry," he heard just barely. He stayed quiet, unsure that he was the one being spoken to until he looked up and saw Kibum's eyes dead set on him. "I should have said it sooner, I know. I just, I was so used to you accepting whatever I did and never saying anything to me - keeping your emotions so bottled up that I never knew you would get so mad at me. I know that's not an excuse and even if it was it is a really bad one, but I sorry for all those times I made you insecure and even let Jonghyun entice me. I shouldn't have let it happen." He blinked and decided this probably wasn't the place for Kibum to try and get redemption, but he couldn't be mad because this was the first time that the other had ever even tried to apologize - like he said - for anything.  Kibum's eyes were filling with tears, "I just hope you'll forgive me in time... I really need you and I realized that after you left."

    He knew what he wanted to say and he knew that it would make him sound like an asshole to the women eavesdropping in the tables around him, but he didn't want to get so in-depth into their relationship in Chuck-E-Cheese. He leaned forward and grabbed Kibum's hand, the first time he had touched him in almost three months, "Let's talk about this later. I don't want to talk about it now." His sentence was followed by disappointed hums and verbal comments around them and even Kibum seemed a little taken aback by what he said, so much so that he had pulled his hand away before grabbing his shoulder bag and standing, "Just forget it," his ex said to him before swiftly turning and making his way out of the pizza place. He scrubbed his hands over his face and ran after him, grabbing his shoulder just as he reached the second set of doors of the entrance and spun him around, "Key, don't take it like that."

    "Don't take that you don't want to talk about everything I just said badly?" He jerked his shoulder away from Minho's hand, "Just don't worry about it. I'm going home."

    "Are you going to be there when we come home?"

    Kibum paused just outside the door, his arm holding the door open and he glanced back over his shoulder before he walked away. Minho frowned, the way the other was acting was similar to the way he acted when they were in high school - always defiant and never trusting anyone. He didn't mean for Kibum to return to that and he was losing his resolve to punish him. With a sigh, he walked back in and noticed his son just next to the lady who stamped their arms; she was keeping him from running out of the building. He picked up his son and showed his arm to the lady, "He's my son," he mentioned and she checked Woo's arm before nodding and letting them walk out of the building. 

    It took him a little more than an hour to reach his home since he had left without any real way of getting home except for his own two feet. He was sore and still pissed as he entered the house and slammed the door closed. When he looked up, Minho was waiting at the bottom of the stairs his head against the rail and from the looks of it he had been sleeping until a few seconds ago. Kibum didn't say anything as he threw his keys into the dish and put his bag under the table holding the dish and walked further inside, "Is Woo asleep?" Minho nodded and stood as Kibum pushed past him and ascended the stairs, he followed behind the boy even to the door of what used to be their bedroom, "Are you still mad?"

    Kibum turned to Minho before he sat on the bed and started pulling off his shoes and socks, "Not as much as before," he mumbled. He saw the taller boy lean against his door frame and there was this smile curling on his lips, "What are you thinking about?" Minho crossed his arms as he looked at his ex, "Our third year in high school, that first night we pretended to be studying for a test and my mom walked in on us..." 

    "It was lucky you thought fast and rolled off of me... pretended we were asleep... I don't think she would have let me in again." 

    "Neither would my dad have," he laughed.

    "Why were you thinking about that?"

    He shrugged, "The way you acted today and seeing how you were just now... it was the same the first night you came over."

    "I miss those days," Kibum said as he stood and pulled off his shirt and undershirt in one go before throwing them in the hamper near the bathroom door. Minho seemed at complete ease even with his ex being partially naked in front of him, but then again, the taller boy was always better at controlling himself. He pulled at the button of his jeans then unzipped them, "Well, what were you going to say earlier?" The taller seemed like he wanted to shrug again, but he uncrossed his arms instead, "I'm actually still in shock that you apologized. I remember quite clearly that you told me you would never apologize for anything you ever do." 

    "I was a bit brash back then, huh?"

    "That's one way of describing you."

    "You know you loved it."

    "Still do."

    Kibum smiled at him as he stepped out of his skinny jeans then threw them into the hamper as well, "I guess I'll see you in the morning."

    "Would you mind?"

    "Hmm?" the shorter boy said, turning back to look at his ex.

    "Would you mind giving me a hug?" 

    Kibum looked at his ex's open arms and tried to restrain himself from running into those arms and wrapping his legs around his waist and letting himself do things he knew he wasn't allowed to do, luckily he walked forward calmly and wrapped his arms around the taller with a finesse he didn't know he could exhibit just then with his stomach was full to the brim with butterflies. He relaxed instantly at the feel of Minho's breath ruffling his hair, his big hands running up and down his back - it was something he missed with every cell in his body. Before he knew it, Minho's lips were pressed to the side of his head and pulling away, "Goodnight beautiful."

    He frowned, "Night."

    A few weeks had passed since that night and Minho had taken up to hugging Key every night before they parted ways and went to bed in their separate rooms. Even after that play day at Chuck-E-Cheese, Woohyun hadn't let him forget that he was going to be kicked out of his bedroom if he was in there at the end of the month. Must be another thing his son got from Kibum's side of the family. Let's just say he was between a rock and a nagging son, two things he wasn't sure he liked at all. When Kibum came back home, he seemed at a loss when he saw Minho sitting on the couch in the living room; he was supposed  to be at work. He smiled and beckoned the shorter boy over with a wave of his hand and the other came over like he was mesmerized for some reason, it was quite cute, really.  "You're home?" He shrugged and grabbed Kibum's hand, pulling him down into his lap before wrapping his arms around his torso, "We decided to skip practice today since it was supposed to rain." Kibum's chest hit his arms as he laughed, "But it's not even dark outside." He agreed, rubbing his cheek against the younger's back, "I know, but we had already cancelled and couldn't go back on it," he said before sitting back and pulling the boy with him to lay on his chest. Then his ex was like a dead weight on top of him, like he was a priest breaking his vows for the first time, he actually wanted to chuckle at the thought - Kibum was no where near priest-like and he actually doubted the boy was all that religious, but he didn't say anything as he continued to squeeze the small boy in his arms. 



    "Are you still mad at me?"

    Was he? He wasn't sure if it was because of his feelings or the impending doom his son was throwing at him, but he knew he missed holding Kibum like he was now and he would be stupid to say he hadn't been affected by seeing him practically naked last night. It had taken a lot of will power to resist that milky skin, it really had. With a smile he finally answered, "I don't think I am anymore..." 

    "Does that mean you'll come back to our bedroom?"

    "No, not yet."


    "I have my reasons," he grinned. "Are you free this weekend?"

    Kibum raised an eyebrow at him, "Why?"

    "Just answer the question..."

    "Aside from watching our son? I'm free."


    On Saturday morning, Minho woke Woohyun up to call JiHye and ask to spend the day with her. Around noon, he had returned home after dropping his son off and having a death glare match with Jonghyun, whom coincidentally ended up with a black eye. Hey, some people's hands just slip or maybe just their anger? Oh well, no one cares. When he walked in the house, he shut the door quietly and snuck up the stairs to Kibum's bedroom to poke his head inside. The skinny boy was still asleep with the covers kicked down to the end of the bed, how the boy was hot at this time in the year was interesting to say the least - the house felt like a freezer in his opinion. He walked closer to the bed with the intentions of relaying the blanket back on top of the sleeping boy, but in the end he climbed onto the bed with him and wrapped his limbs around him. Which, of course, jolted the other awake. 

    He turned over to face him, "M-minho?"

    "That's my name," he said with a hint of sarcasm.

    "You're up really early... is Woo up too?"

    "He went to a friend's house..."


    "Well, yeah," he grinned, "Why? Are you jealous? Should I take you over there as well?"

    Kibum snuggled into him, wrapping his arms around his waist, "I never said that, I was just curious to where he was."

    He could see the fraction his lips had turned down in a frown, not so big a difference to where if you didn't know him well enough you wouldn't notice, but he knew Kibum in and out and he did notice. He couldn't help but want to tease the cat-eyed boy more, he wanted to see how much more it would take for him to lash out and yell at him - for him to return to his usual self. That's what he wanted right now, more than this safe and alert Kibum who worried more about upsetting him than what he wore everyday; he wanted his Kibum back. 

    "Are you sure? I think you're wondering how your would-be step-daughter is... she is a cutie after all."

    Kibum's eyes narrowed a fraction, "No, really, it's nice just being close to you."

    "What about Jonghyun's lips? I'm sure you miss those."

    Kibum's lips were pursed now and his glare was deadly.

    "I mean, if I was brave enough to kiss him in my family's house then I would be brave enough to want his lips right now when my ex is right next to me."

    "Choi Minho-" he said between gritted teeth.

    "Heck, I might even be imagining him naked as we speak."


    He grinned, that was his Kibum, "What's wrong, beautiful? Am I hitting it on the nose?"

    "You better watch what you say or you won't only be hit on the nose!"

    Yup, this was his Kibum, he squeezed the boy to him, "Welcome back," he whispered before kissing the top of his brunette head, "I missed my fiesty Kibum." A hit landed on his chest that really shocked him, then more and he laughed, "Are you mad at me now?" 

    "That's right!" his ex said, sitting up on his legs as he continued to hit him on the chest. "I cannot believe you! After my sincere apology it was all for me to break out of that?!" 

    "I wouldn't want you any other way," he laughed and pulled the boy down for a real kiss. Pushing their lips together, moving them like they had never had a four month break between them and that they had never fought in the first place. When they parted for air, Kibum was flushed and smiling like a fool, "I really hate you," he said playfully. 

    "Oh? Should I leave then? I wouldn't want to bother you if you dislike me so much..."

    Kibum pressed another kiss to the taller boy's lips, "You're loving teasing me, aren't you?"

    "Only a lot."


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    main masterlist | ‘08-’12 masterlist #note -- multiple parts per post (to cut down on posts for these old fics)

    Parts Five through Eight

    Part Five

    Minho was sitting in a overstuffed chair that faced a long window that practically reached from the ceiling of their apartment to the floor, his feet settled on the ledge as he sipped his whiskey and stared out into the daylight. He pulled his free hand up from the chair of the arm and ran his fingers along his temples; he had assumed, however incorrect he was, that Key would return to him after a day or two still in a pissy mood like the last time. His boyfriend had managed to stay away for weeks now. He breathed heavily and sipped his whiskey again, tears having made what seemed as permanent rivers on his cheeks. Every morning was like this lately as he hoped Key would burst through the door with Woo and hit him on his chest a few times and tell him how stupid he was and how he'd never forgive him. He always did.  He didn't even hear the door open, hear the bags being set down behind him; it wasn't until Woohyun jumped on his lap and made him drop his glass in surprise that he smiled, wrapping his arms around his son. Woo squeezed his neck tightly, "Appa, I missed you so much!" He kissed his son's puffy cheeks then cat eyes clouded his vision as his lips had soft kisses laid to them. He returned the kiss and rubbed his boyfriend's back, "I'm sor-" His boyfriend pressed his thin finger to his mouth, "Don't be sorry, I believe you." Hearing those words, Minho felt like he was weightless, his boyfriend didn't even hold some kind of uncertainty in his eyes; no, all he could see was how much Key missed him. "Ah, my toys..." Woo mumbled as he hopped out of Minho's lap. Minho used that freedom to pull Key from the back of the chair into his lap, "I would never do that to you, especially not now that we have Woo. I couldn't do it..." His boyfriend just stared into his eyes, not speaking, just looking when a smile crept up his cheeks, "I missed you, baby."  It wasn't till later that night when Woo was already asleep and he laid his usual shirtless body next to Key's that he found the courage to ask the older boy where he had been. He turned his body and snuggled in closer to Key, "Baby," he started out slowly, not wanting to upset his boyfriend, "Where did you stay this whole time?" Key shifted nervously next to him, as if the question brought forward a memory or something he figured Minho wouldn't want to hear. It made him more curious. He place the back of his hand against Key's face and ran it gently over his high cheekbones before he let his fingers slide over his jaw line, "Hmm?" he questioned, using his fingers to lift Key's neck and lay kisses on his adam's apple. He felt his boyfriend swallow a few times before he straightened himself into a sitting position, his back to Minho, "I was... I stayed with Jonghyun," he whispered the last part.  "Who?!" yeah, he'd heard, but he refused to believe his ears, "You stayed at that guy who ditched you??"  "He's the only person I could think of when I was mad at you." Translated to, "He's the only one you could think of that you knew would get under my skin." Bitterly Key looked at his lap, "Yeah," he spat.  Minho grabbed Key's arms and pulled him down to lay him on his chest, his arms wrapping around the other boy, "How is he?" It unnerved him how his boyfriend was capable of staying perfectly still on top of him, but his voice was what upset him, "He's good. He has a daughter that is about Woo's age named JiHye. They go to the same school." There was a hint of awe and something else in Key's voice, Minho could feel his heart being torn to pieces. He let his arms fall from his circle over Key's chest then he softly pushed the boy off before climbing out of the bed. He could feel the other boy's eyes on him, but he didn't want to look at him, he pulled on a sweat jacket and zipped it before leaving the bedroom. There were times when he hated that his boyfriend was so honest with him. It was something he'd learned from Jonghyun.  He walked down the hall and slipped inside Woo's bedroom, kneeling down next to his bed and smiling at how the covers were bunched at the end of his bed. He grabbed the covers and pulled them back up and over his son's body, "Aish, this boy will catch a cold with the way he sleeps," he mumbled before leaning forward and laying a kiss against the cute boy's temple. He continued to stare down at his son as he stood, still happy his son was home, as he turned and took note of Key in the doorway, "Are you mad at me?" He wanted so bad to say yes, but he couldn't and shook his head, "You're here with me, I have no right to be."  "Are you coming back to bed?" "Give me a while. I haven't seen Woo in weeks." He looked sad as he stared into those brown doe eyes, but he didn't fight him, "Alright, I'm going to bed then."   When he realized his boyfriend had disappeared, he sat back down next to Woo's bed and put his head in his hands. He hated how much he had been crying lately, but he couldn't stop it. Tears stung his eyes before they began tracking down his cheeks. He clasped his hands and anchored them on his lips while he watched his son sleep; had something happened between Key and Jonghyun? No, right? He wouldn't have returned if Jonghyun had offered him shelter... He sighed and rubbed at one of his eyes, but it was to no avail, tears continued to pour down. He stood just enough to climb onto his son's bed and lay down next to him, picking up his small head to lay on his arm before laying his hand against the pillow, "Woo, you know appa loves you, right?" He continued crying as his eyes got heavy, it was just before he started to drift to sleep that a memory flashed into his mind. An awful memory he wished he had forgotten by now. Key stared at him unblinking, when Minho had heard the news he felt a huge wave of responsibility wash over him; it was something he wasn't ready for even if he loved Key. He wasn't ready to be a father, especially the father of a baby born by a man - the comments would be endless. "Tell me now, Minho. Do you even want a part in the baby's life? I'm perfectly fine raising him on my own since Jonghyun has disappeared." He wanted to say the boy wasn't talking truthfully, but he knew how Key was recently, thanks to Jonghyun, "How can I answer right now? I just found out the other day! You know, usually people are given a few days to think!" Key scoffed, rubbing his expanding stomach, "I take that as a no." There wasn't really a bump yet, but he knew if he put his hand to Key's stomach that there'd be a small hard mound. Later that night, albeit a night he'd drank himself into the ground was when he'd foolishly sent Key a message. "Abort it" he'd told the other boy to do. In his right mind he would have never suggested such a thing, but he was under so much pressure.  It was a moment he regretted most in his life and he hated that it still haunted him whenever Jonghyun's name was brought up. 

    Part Six

    Minho crawled forward on the bed, over his boyfriends sleeping form. He stopped and laid kisses on his exposed shoulder, "Baby, it's time to wake up." Key didn't budge, so Minho nuzzled his face down into the crook of his neck, "Baby~" he whispered against his skin before kissing his neck. He felt, more than saw, his boyfriend stir. When he pulled back and saw the boy's eyes still closed, he flipped him onto his back and pressed his lips against the older boys, "Baby, I know you're awake. Stop playing possum." Key pouted before he opened his eyes and smiled at the boy above him, "You're no fun," he mentioned before pulling Minho down and kissing him, "Good morning, baby." Woohyun was peeking in from the doorway; he had woken up with his appa and was surprised that his umma still wasn't awake yet. So, him and appa made breakfast and appa was supposed to be waking umma up - which he did, but umma was slipping his hand below appa's pants... did appa itch somewhere?  Minho froze, grabbing Key's hand, "Baby, you can't." Key frowned, his eyes focused on his boyfriend's crotch, "What do you mean? It's not like we're in public..." The older boy let his finger run up the underside of Minho's member causing the boy above him to breath heavily, "Baby, stop... your-"  "Umma!!" Woo screamed happily, breaking the heated atmosphere. Key completely froze, quickly withdrawing his hand from Minho's pants, "You didn't tell me he was awake," he bit out at a whisper. Woohyun climbed up on the bed and hugged his umma around the neck, "Umma!! Morning~ we made breakfast!" Any normal mother would have been happy to hear such words, but Key narrowed his eyes on Minho who jumped and climbed off the bed quickly before disappearing down the hall. A laugh fell from Key's mouth as he smiled at his son, "Shall we go eat?" Woo nodded enthusiastically before they both climbed off the bed and walked to the kitchen.  Jonghyun was leaning against the wall, his foot kicking softly back and forth as he looked at the ground. Key walked out of the school, hoping the other boy would be gone by the time he came out, but he knew better. He really did, "Jonghyun, I have somewhere to be so please stop waiting around." He grabbed Key's hand before he could stomp away, "Baby, plea-" Key jerked his hand out of his hand so fast he didn't even notice the confused look on Key's face since he was still staring at his now empty hand. When he did look up, the other boy's face was a mask again, "Do. Not. Call. Me. That!" Jonghyun grabbed his wrist again, this time pulling the boy against him and wrapping his free arm around his thin waist, "Why do you always fight me? I can tell you miss me." Key pushed against the older boy, but he was still as strong as he was when he'd first met him.  Jonghyun looked straight into Key's eyes, "Kibum, please, I need you... you're the only one I can trust..." Key mentally cursed himself; the other boy knew exactly what to say for him to lower his defenses. Jonghyun ushered him towards his car and they drove off.  They were back at his house, Key's legs and arms crossed as he sat on the couch across from the older boy, "What do you want to talk about?" Jonghyun watch the other boy's defenses pop back up, but he knew how to get rid of them. Without answering Key's question, he stood and walked around the table between them before sitting next to him. He put his arm behind Key's shoulder and pulled the boy to fit against his body, "I really missed you... and I have something I should tell you." Key sat motionless at his side, like a statue as his shoulder dug into Jonghyun's rib cage. He absently ran his fingers through Kibum's hair as he thought about what he had to say. He never wanted them to end up where they were now, Kibum had always held his heart, but he needed to explain to him even if he was never forgiven.  Even with the silence from Key, he could tell the boy was getting frustrated with the silence. He breathed out then dove into his story, "That day I disappeared on you, it wasn't because I wasn't ready to raise our baby... My parents, they got relocated to Japan. I had no way of telling you since my phone had been left at the house. I didn't get it back for a month. By then, I had heard of you and Minho moving in together... I decided to let you keep the life you had already made for yourself." "Why do you always give up so easily?" Taken aback, he looked down into the other boy's feline eyes, "What?" "Ever since I met you, you always give up so easily. Who cares if I had moved in with Minho? It would have been nice for you to be there to raise Woohyun."  "I didn't finish my story, I'm sure you're curious about how I get JiHye, right?"  "I figured you had sex with a woman, that's usually how babies are born."  Jonghyun laughed, he missed this sarcastic side of Kibum that he hadn't seen much of since they dated back in high school. He hugged the boy closer, surprised how he relaxed and molded his body against him, "I really am sorry, Key. I would have never left you..." Key looked up at him then, smiling and he knew he was in trouble. Whenever the boy smiled the way he was, it was never a good sign; but he got interrupted by his cell phone going off. It was still the ringtone he used back when they were dating - this gave him some hope. After Key spoke into the phone for a little while, he closed it and looked at me, "I have to go. I told you there was something I needed to do," he muttered while standing and moving towards the front door.  Jonghyun grabbed his wrist, jerking him back to where his knee caught the couch in between Jonghyun's legs and he pulled the boy down before laying a kiss on his lips, "Call me later." Key returned his kiss and smiled, "And if I don't?" So he was back to playing his games, just like the old days too. He smirked at the younger boy, "I'm sure you know just what I'm capable of doing," he said, watching as the boy turned and sashayed away. When his front door closed behind Key, he smiled. He had finally told Key why he had disappeared so long ago. He felt like he was floating in the clouds, but he knew it would all come crashing down - it always did.

    Part Seven

    That night Key had excused himself from hopping in the bed with Minho by saying he wanted to read some. Minho had told him he could read in their room when he made his way towards the door, but he said he knew how the light would make it hard for Minho to sleep. In his stomach, he felt an awful gunk settle because he knew he was lying. Minho had never had problems reading when he used to read in the bedroom when he went back to get his diploma from high school. He never had any problem with anything Key did. Ignoring his own self-loathing, he dialed Jonghyun who answered on the second ring; as if he had been waiting for this call all day, "Hey baby~" he answered in a voice that made Key melt. He was so annoyed with how taken he was by that voice that he lashed out, "I've called, Night!" "WAIT, WAIT, WHAT?!" He smiled to himself, confused jjong was better than sexually tempting, "You said to call, you didn't say I had to hold a conversation." The line was silent for a while, then that confident voice was back, "You would regret it if you hung up on me now." Key cursed himself, why had he actually followed through and called this boy like he said he would? Because he never said anything he didn't mean, that's why. The worse part of this whole thing was that he was madder about Jonghyun being right that he was mad at himself for calling him. The other boy knew him way, way too well for his own liking. A soft chuckle refocused his attention, "I'll be there in a few," and the line went dead. The phone slipped from his hands, what exactly had just happened? He glanced around the silent living room, then down at his clothes - cotton pants, some American printed tee - he needed to change, but how would he change without waking up Minho? Was Minho even asleep? He stood, tip-toeing towards his bedroom door. He felt like a criminal for even needing to tip-toe around Minho, but he couldn't help it. He had the rush to go out with Jonghyun for whatever reason and he didn't want to fight it. He was dressed and grabbing his bag when he noticed Woohyun standing at the bottom of the stairs, "Umma, where are you going?" Key bit his lip, he never lied to his son but it wasn't like he could say he was going out with Jonghyun. If Minho asked him and - he breathed, "I have to go somewhere for a little while... When I get back I'll make breakfast for you and appa, okay?" Little Woo rubbed his tired eyes, not willing to move from his spot since something seemed different about his umma. He never left in the middle of the night. He walked forward and wrapped his arms around his umma's waist, "Umma, where are you going?" he repeated it because he didn't get a real answer the first time. Key sighed and knelt down, "I have to go meet a friend, okay? I'll be back in a while. Just go sleep with appa and I'll be back soon, hmm?" Woo nodded slowly, still confused, but he made his way back up the stairs and walked into his umma's room. 

    From: Jonghyun I'm here.

    He glanced back up the stairs then hitched his bag on his shoulder and walked out the door. Jonghyun's car was parked at the curb and he was leaning against the hood, his goofy smile in place. He approached the older boy, stopping just seconds in front of him and placing his hand on his hip, "I hope you have a good idea. No place is open this late." Jonghyun stood, placing his body against Key's, his minty breath covering the other boy's face, "I know a place." Key just stood there as the other boy walked around him and opened the passenger side door - what place was open at 3AM? Jonghyun grabbed Key's wrist and pulled him around the car door then helped him into the car, the boy seemed lost in thought and he hadn't even done anything yet.  Jonghyun closed the door then walked around the car to climb in behind the wheel, he glanced at Key and smiled, the night was going better than he had originally planned. Honestly, he had expected the other boy to tell him to go home when he saw him at the curb, but Key seemed at least interested in whatever he wanted to do. He seemed to be on cloud 9 continuously today. He pulled away from the curb and started down the road, turning on his radio and singing the songs that came on. Key was staring at him and he felt amazing. It was definitely like old times. It was when they were almost to their destination that Key perked up, glancing out the window, "I know where we're going," he said with a smile, the reflection of which Jonghyun just happened to see out of the corner of his eye. He smiled, "I'm glad you remember."  "Why wouldn't I?" Key asked, his attention focusing on Jonghyun again, "It was the first place you ever took me." "Some people like to forget their past." "I did forget my past. The bad parts, thanks to my memories with you."  Jonghyun was smiling as he pulled his car to the curb and climbed out, quickly rushing around the car to open the door for Key. The other boy smiled and got out, wrapping his arm around Jonghyun's as they walked back to the curb and he clicked a button to lock his car. They walked inside, fresh cooked food filling their noses as Jonghyun sat them down at a table in the front by the bay windows that looked out at the street. Key was happy when menus were handed to him and Jonghyun. He hadn't been here in so long, it felt like deja vu sitting here in their usual spot. Jonghyun ordered for both of them, everything like he used to. He would have been mad at the older boy, but it was exactly what he had wanted, so he just handed the menu back over.  Jonghyun leaned forward, "Remember when Mr. Onew got mad at us during the school festival?"  "You mean when we gave him the mix tape with moans?" Jonghyun laughed, "Yeah, remember his face?" Key made his impression of their teacher's face, causing the older boy to laugh harder.  "He always knew it was us too." "We were his only bad kids," Key laughed, absently running his hands over the table top. "I didn't think we were that bad." "You were the worst. I would have never done that on my own; you're a bad influence." "Psht," Jonghyun scoffed, "You were the one who picked out the tape." Key had picked up his silverware to throw at the other boy, but the waitress returned with their food and he decided it was better to put the utensils down before they were taken from him. It wouldn't be the first time they'd revoked his utensil privileges. He'd always been the one given weird stares when he had to eat his soup like he was from the medieval era. Jonghyun would always laugh at him, but oh how he always got even. The rest of their meal went on like that, Jonghyun bringing up good moments from their past and Key going along with it until he wanted to smack him around. He had missed the moments like this.  It wasn't until they were back in front of Key's house, with a bag full of food from the little cafe sitting on the roof of the car that Jonghyun had once again pulled Key flesh against himself. Key crossed his arms over his chest and laid his head against the older boy's shoulder, "Thank you for taking me there. I missed that place," missed our moments there. Jonghyun put his chin on top of Key's head, his left hand rest on the back of the boy's neck and rubbing the small hairs there, "Anytime. I enjoyed it too." With that said, Key pulled away and grabbed the food off the roof of the car, "Bye," he whispered and turned to make his way back to the house. Jonghyun pushed himself off the side of the car and grabbed Key's wrist, turning him then before he laid a kiss to the younger boy's lips, "Bye."  Key froze, in his turned position as Jonghyun hopped back in his car and drove away. He blinked and touched his lips before he turned back to the house and went inside. He walked into the kitchen to see Minho and Woo looking in the fridge for something to eat, he laughed, "I brought you food, didn't Woohyun tell you I would bring home food?" Minho smiled and closed the fridge, taking the bag of food and kissing Key's cheek, "Thanks baby, Woo seems to have forgotten that part." Key put his hand on his hip and looked down at his son, "Yah, Kim Woohyun, What exactly did I tell you before I left this morning?" The little boy closed the fridge quickly and ran past his umma to find his appa at the table, setting their food out. Key joined them, taking his place next to Minho with Woohyun across from him. The boy was avoiding eye contact as he chowed down on the food. Key smiled and scooted closer to Minho, resting his hand on the younger boy's thigh, "How is it, baby? Did I make a good choice?"  "It's not as good as your food, baby," he commented, kissing Key's cheek with his mouth full of food. "You're such a bad liar," Key laughed, wiping the mess off his face that had originally been on Minho's lips.  Minho smiled at his boyfriend, "I would never lie to you so close to our anniversary." Oh, that was right. It was almost their anniversary. Key picked up a tomato off of Minho's plate and put it in his mouth, "You're forgiven," he said before chewing on the tomato. Minho laughed and wrapped his arm around Key's shoulders. Woohyun stared at the two, "Umma, I have to pick a girl as a Valentine for school." Key blinked at his son's statement, it was so out of the blue that he stared at him until it clicked in his head what he had said. He crossed his legs under the table, "That sounds fun... who did you pick?" Woo shrugged his shoulders, girls weren't something boys were into at such an age. He looked at his parents and he felt forced that he had to pick a girl when his parents were both boys. Couldn't he pick a boy? His head slowly moved down until it stopped on top of the table.  "Woo, honey, what's wrong?"  "Why a girl? Can I not pick a boy?"  Minho and Key exchanged a glance, they knew this would come up eventually - they just didn't know it would be this early. Key smiled at his son anyways, "Choose which ever one you're more comfortable, honey." He didn't want to tell Woo he had to pick one or the other because he knew he was his son's example. It would be wrong to say he had to pick a girl when he was dating Minho; thinking about Jonghyun.  Woohyun smiled, "Can I pick Mr. Lee?"  "Your teacher?" "Yes!" Minho blinked, "Why would you pick Mr. Lee?"  "He's pretty," Woo responded innocently.  "He's a bit too old for you," Key tried to reason with his son. "So is Jonghyun-hyung!" Woo spat back at his umma. Key froze, Minho's arm dropping from his shoulders as he stared at his son. On the other hand, Key wanted to explain that Jonghyun was only a year older than him and it wasn't as bad as the difference between Woo and Mr. Lee, but he decided that wasn't the best way to go about the situation he was now in. Minho stopped eating, pushing the food away from him, "That's who you went out with this morning, isn't it?" Key put his head in his hands, this was not turning out to be a good day after all; even with his fun morning with Jonghyun. Minho stood, his thighs bumping hard against the table as he walked out of the eating area. A few seconds later, the front door slammed shut. Key breathed out heavily, he should have told himself no when Jonghyun told him he was outside. Should have never called the other boy when he said he would.  Woohyun went back to eating his food, he was worried about his appa and umma, but what could he do? He had to get ready for school soon and he was still hungry.

    Part Eight

    Woohyun was frowning as he entered his classroom and took his seat next to JiHye. He still didn't know who he wanted to pick for a Valentine and his appa hadn't come back home before he left for school; even his umma was worried. He could tell. He didn't even notice how JiHye had been staring at him the whole time as he sat there. How she was begging with her eyes for him to notice her, but he was too spaced out as he pulled out his work book and pencil. Mr. Lee smiled at all his students, when his eyes stopped on JiHye and Woohyun's table, he walked towards them. Kneeling down, he rested his arm on the corner of Woohyun's desk, "Woohyun, is something wrong?" Woo looked up, his mind going blank as he looked at his teacher, "Mr-mr. Lee," he stuttered; not used to how close the teacher was. The young teacher laughed and ruffled his hair, "Is everything okay, Woohyun?" Woo looked down at his workbook, his small hands resting on the bottom of it, "I'm not sure."  "What happened?" "I'm not sure I can say..." "Why not?" "I'm not sure..." "You know you can tell me if you want?" "I know," Woo said, grabbing his pencil off his desk and opening his workbook. JiHye finally got fed up with him not noticing her so she poke him, "Yah, Woohyun," she said in a whisper. He looked over at her, "What do you want?" "Did you pick a girl to be your Valentine yet?" He shook his head, "I don't know if I want to..." "Pick a Valentine or to choose a girl?" "I don't know."

    JiHye frowned; she had already turned down 5 boys in their class that wanted to be her Valentine. She had hoped that Woohyun would take a hint and ask her. They were friends after all! She was more comfortable around him too. She sighed, turning back to her workbook to find a heart shaped sticky note on her workbook. She frowned, picking it up and crumpling it in her hand before opening her book and looking at the idioms inside. 

    Minho hadn't even gone far, no matter how upset he was with the older boy, he could never bring himself to be gone from their home for long. He walked inside, closing the door behind him as he made his way up to their bedroom. Maybe he could rest and the thoughts in his head would sort out or at least he hoped they would. He was pulling back the covers when arms wrapped around his waist, absently he rubbed those arms, "Welcome home baby." Key rubbed his face against his boyfriend's back, just the feel of his arms around the other boy was enough for him to be happy. His heart felt like it had been torn apart when Minho had left him earlier since he had never once shown anger like he had that morning. Key knew it was his fault, "Baby, I'm really sorry. I promise nothing happened. We just went out to eat together." Minho nodded his head climbing into their bed, his boyfriend being pulled in with him. Minho turned and wrapped an arm around his boyfriend, his hand rubbing the older boy's back, "Don't worry about it. I'd rather talk about happy things." "Like what?" "Like what we are going to do for our anniversary." Key couldn't help but smile, his boyfriend still wanted to celebrate their anniversary even when he was probably the worst person someone could be paired with. Minho used his other arm and rubbed Key's cheek, "So, what do you say? Should we do something romantic and get a babysitter for Woohyun or should we have a family night?" Key pondered that, one night between him and Minho to do things they hadn't done since Woo was born or a night out with all of them. Of course, they both had their merits, but he was leaning towards some alone time with his boyfriend. He loved his son, sure who wouldn't, but alone time was so tempting and delicious he knew what he wanted. Key laid kisses along Minho's jawline, "I say we have some alone time. I'm sure we can find someone to watch Woo for just one night."  Minho smiled, enjoying the kisses as they moved down to his neck. He hated how weak he was, just these small intimate touches and his boyfriend was always forgiven for anything. He smiled when a thin hand traveled down his chest to his pants, the fingers running over his treasure line. It was when the fingers tried to slip under his pants that he stopped him, his boyfriend was forgiven but he still couldn't bring himself to do something like that so quickly. He heard his boyfriend huff, his face probably in a deep pout and he could just imagine it. Instead of looking to confirm, he pulled that sneaky hand up to his face and kissed the fingers, "You don't have to prove anything, baby. I believe you, besides there's always time for that on our anniversary."  Key nodded, snuggling closer to his boyfriend and wrapping his leg around Minho's, "That's fine, but I want the full treatment." Minho mused, just the thoughts were causing his body to perk up. He could do that, full treatment sounded like a plan to him, "Does that mean I don't have to take you out to dinner or buy you something expensive?" Key laughed, "Baby, you will not live past our anniversary if you don't buy me something, but I don't require dinner that night." Minho nodded, his chin disheveling his boyfriend's hair. It was fine, he had already bought the older boy something anyways. In fact, it was something he was sure would keep them together since the other boy had been hinting at it for a few months now. He looked down into those cat eyes then kissed him between them, "Did you want to go out for lunch? We can pick Woo up on the way home..."  Moments later, they were sitting across from each other in a cafe Minho had found on his way home from work one day. Originally he had planned to save it for their anniversary, but now seemed as good a time as ever. Only, his boyfriend seemed on edge now. He grabbed Key's hand and rubbed circles onto the top of it, "Baby, is something wrong?" Key forced a smile, his memories from earlier with Jonghyun popping forward. It felt wrong. Like Minho was trying to say he knew where he'd been earlier or something. He felt himself getting angry about it and he was sure he would lose himself to his anger soon. This was his and Jonghyun's spot. He shook his head, what was he thinking? He loved Minho, what was all this stuff about him and Jonghyun entering his mind? A certain spark of anger hit him and he shot up out of his chair, his boyfriend's eyes wide, "Baby, are you okay?" Key grabbed his bag and walked out of the cafe, it felt tainted now and he hated himself for thinking like that. 

    Minho rushed up behind him, wrapping his arms around the shorter boy, "Baby, stop, please!" Key pushed the younger boy's arms off of him as he continued down the street - why was he feeling like this? Minho stayed where he had been pushed away, not running after his boyfriend, "What just happened?"

    Key arrived at the school an hour early, almost happy he would be able to avoid Jonghyun, but he knew his life wouldn't be so easy. Woo's teacher pulled him aside, "Mr. Kim, something seems to be bothering your son..." He looked down at his hands, not sure what he wanted to say but decided on the truth, "His father and I had a argument this morning... That might be why..." The teacher looked at him like he was crazy but he didn't pay much attention to that and soon the look changed, "Well, it is hard on the kids when their parents fight. He's still really young, Mr. Kim. If things turn out badly, this could affect him for the rest of his life." Turn out badly? Like what? Key decided not to ask, "I understand. We usually never fight, that's probably why he's so upset." The teacher nodded, "There's also the thing about picking a Valentine. He doesn't seem to like the idea."  "There are a lot of reasons behind that." "Like what?" "Well, both of his parents are men... he doesn't know why he has to pick a girl."  "Ahh," Mr. Lee murmured. 

    "The only girl he ever talks about is JiHye, but they're friends..." Key sighed, "And besides, who forces little kids to pick a Valentine so early? They're just kids."

    Mr. Lee blinked, that was unexpected, most of the parents had liked the idea, "I'm sorry, Mr. Kim."  Key shrugged and leaned against the wall, it felt good to get some tension out of his shoulders. The teacher was smiling at him when he refocused, "I'm sorry, Mr. Lee, it just hasn't been a good day." Taemin leaned against the wall next to him, fiddling with the pull strings on his shirt, "I understand. I've had some tough days in the past too; back when I was trying to become a professional dancer." Key looked at the younger boy, his age finally becoming clear to him, "What happened?"

    The boy shrugged, "I messed up my knee really badly," he glanced around, the conversation making him uncomfortable, "The only other thing I liked was being around kids." 

    Key patted his shoulder and smiled, "At least you still do something you like," he offered, then walked around him towards the door to the classroom to look inside. He really wanted to go before Jonghyun got there. It was just too late. He was whistling as he walked down the hall, twirling his keys on his fingers. Key rested his head against the door, all hope was lost, but he decided to act like nothing was happening. He walked into the classroom and knelt down next to his son, "Woo, honey, are you ready to go?" Woohyun had already had his backpack on when his umma asked him this, but he nodded anyways and looked at the door to see Jonghyun. He looked at JiHye, "Jiji, your appa is here." She smiled and ran towards her dad who picked her up and held her above his head before putting her back down, "Get your things, beautiful." She nodded and ran back to her desk next to Woohyun, putting her things away quickly.  Key ignored the boy at the door, taking Woo's backpack from him and ushering him towards the very door the other was standing at. When they were next to each other, Jonghyun grabbed his arm and he felt his mental wall crumbling, just from that touch. Jonghyun laced his fingers in Key's and grabbed his daughter's hand then they all walked out of the building together. Woo following behind them, wondering what exactly was going on. His umma never held hands with anyone but his appa. Jonghyun didn't drop Key's hand, even as he opened the door for JiHye and Woohyun to climb into the back seat. He closed the door then turned to Key, his eyes staring into the feline-like eyes of the younger boy, "Ready to go, beautiful?"  "Where are we going?" "How about to the movies?"  "Okay," Key smiled, his lips being covered by the other boy's before he pulled away and walked towards his side of the car. Within moments they were gone. Minho arrived at the school later to find it pitch black and he sighed, “Maybe he’s already gone home.” 

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    main masterlist | ‘08-’12 masterlist #note -- multiple parts per post (to cut down on posts for these old fics)

    Parts One through Four

    Part One

    Key leaned back in his chair, rubbing the small volley-ball like mound that had bloomed from his stomach. It was late and he was supposed to be sleeping, but he couldn’t help but to sneak onto his cyworld and check out the messages people had left on his minihompy. He hadn’t been to school in weeks and gossip had already started to circulate around; thankfully, none of it was even close enough to the truth for him to worry. One comment, however, made him want to shut down his minihompy completely. It was from him, the one he was almost sure was the reason he was as big as a blimp right now. 

    We need to talk.

    That’s all the words the man left for him. We need to talk. Key’s mind raced, those words had never been good and always led to something painful. He sighed and picked up his cell phone that was lying just next to his laptop, opening the sms. 

    To: Min From: Key what did you want to talk about?

    He hoped with a fierce determination that the other would be asleep, but his fears were making him tense as the little contraption in his hand buzzed and beeped: one new sms. He breathed heavily then slowly pressed the button to open the message. His heart falling as he looked at the screen.

    To: Key From: Min Abort it.

    Two words. The most painful words he’d ever heard in his lifetime. 

    It had been a few years since those hurtful words had broken his heart into a million pieces; his baby was walking and talking now. The man who had hurt him was sitting next to him, arm around his waist as they watched their son WooHyun playing in the sandbox at the park. The taller man smiled at him, “It’s such a beautiful day today, baby. I feel bad that I have to head to work soon.” Key smiled at him and kissed his cheek, “Its fine, baby. We’re just going to play here till noon then head home. Don’t worry about us.” The taller one eyed him for what seemed like forever before he nodded and stood, straightening his jacket. Key stood up and dusted off the stray things that had attached to his coat from sitting on the bench before the other turned and kissed him, “I’ll see you later, beautiful.”  With that he left. Key smiled and waved him goodbye, his son coming up and wrapping an arm around his thin leg, “Umma, where is appa going?” Key smiled down at his son, unwrapping his little arm before he squatted down and ruffled his hair, “Appa has to work so our little Woohyun can go to school and have food to get bigger.” The boy scrunched up his face, “I don’t want to get bigger. I want to be umma’s little boy forever!” Key laughed and kissed his son’s nose, “Everyone grows up eventually, baby.”  “Key?” Said boy froze, his hands still resting on his son’s arms. The little boy bounced up and down, “That’s umma’s name! That’s umma’s name!” A little distracted by his son’s cuteness, he smiled allowing his tenseness to leave before he turned and stared at the only other man he had ever actually loved in his past. “Jonghyun,” he said a little breathless, taking in how the years they’d been apart had not made the other look any less handsome than when they were dating. The older boy shuffled on his feet, his hand automatically reaching up to rub the back of his neck, “Wow, you still look like Christmas.” Key flushed at the comment, it was something they had heard when Key had conveniently talked the other into watching American movies on Christmas with him. Pulling him from his thoughts, the red still bright on his cheeks, his son was persistently shaking his hand to get his attention, “Umma~ umma~ UMMA!!!”  He looked at his son, trying his best to smile, but failing, “What is it, baby?”  “Why did he say you look like Christmas? I don’t get it!”  Jonghyun walked forward, kneeling and taking the little boy’s hand, “Your umma, he’s always been a blessing to me. Someone I am always thankful to have in my life, even if I don’t get to see him for a while. Like a Christmas present I’ve been waiting for patiently to open all year.” The boy scrunched up his nose again at the long explanation; he’d never really liked when people were so detailed. He was still young and simplistic in his thought processes. Key knelt down on his son’s other side, “Umma is like a present for this hyung,” he clarified; his son stared between the two for a minute before nodding. It made more sense now. Jonghyun smiled, inspecting the young one closely, the shape of his eyes was like Key’s, the lips as well, but what he couldn’t place were the nose and jaw line. He swore they looked familiar, like he’d stared at them every day, but he couldn’t think of where he’d seen them.  Key blinked some then noticed a little girl just behind Jonghyun, “Uhm, hyung, who’s that? Another admirer?” The older looked over his shoulder and laughed, pushing the younger with his hand and smirking when he landed on his butt in those white skinny jeans, “I’m not a pedo.”  “Could’ve fooled me,” he whispered to himself as the little girl approached them. Jonghyun ignored him as he turned back to the little girl, “JiHye, baby, why are you out here in the cold? I thought you and mommy were going shopping for daddy for Christmas…” The little girl eyed Key seriously then the boy next to him before looking at her father, “Mommy wanted to know what color was your favorite? She didn’t know if your tastes have changed recently.” He smiled beautifully at her, “Honey, you don’t have to buy me anything like that. I’m fine with coffee or an album.”  “Like what?” she asked cutely, her chin buried deeply into her fluffy white fur collar of her pink jacket. Key spoke then, his memory was so amazing it scared him sometimes, “For coffee, he’s always liked stuff that is really strong with a hint of hazelnut and mocha. For music, he loves classical with beautiful pianos, acoustic guitars and then there was a time when he liked American rock music.” Three pairs of eyes stared at him, all of them stunned, the girl because her dad seemed to be. His son because his umma barely remembered his birthday and seemed to remember this man’s likes to the T.  “Wow,” Jonghyun managed, “It’s been what? 5 years? You remember everything like we just talked about it yesterday.” Key flushed again, grabbed his son under the arms before standing and sitting him on his hip, “I think I’ll be going now. I promised Woo some ice cream,” he rushed, his eyes looking off into the distance instead at the man whose brown eyes that he knew were staring at him and making his heart beat erratically. It was when they had turned to walk away that his son finally caught up to his umma’s babble, “Umma, you never let me have ice cream before I eat! Are you okay?” When his umma didn’t say anything, he looked behind them at the man whose frame was getting smaller and smaller as he was taken away towards the ice cream shoppe. There was definitely a big smile on the other man’s face, like he had just opened a present on Christmas day. He smiled at the man, picking his little hand up off his umma’s shoulder and waved, “Bye bye daddy~!” He said it without thinking, really, but something about the other man and the way his umma was acting made it seem right. Even when his umma faltered for a while before taking the last few steps and rushing into the shoppe.  He was set down on the booth, his umma’s face was red and he watched as he covered his cheeks, “Woo, baby, why did you say that? He’s not your appa. Your appa is Minho.” Woohyun pouted, he turned to look out the window to where they had just been, the other man was walking back towards the store across the street holding his daughter’s hand. How badly he wanted to be holding his other hand and walking to pick him out a Christmas present too. Those were the urges in his little mind, “I don’t know,” he settled on, relaxing when his umma nodded and went to get their ice cream.

    Part Two

    Woohyun jumped up and down excitedly on his parent’s bed, “WAKE UP~! WAKE UP~! I have to go to school!!” Minho turned and shook Key, “Baby, your son is talking to you.” With a frustrated sigh, Key sat up and looked at his son, “Woo, honey, it’s only 7a- 7AM?! OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? GO GET DRESSED!!” He sprung from his comfy bed and rushed into the bathroom, quickly applying his minimal eye liner and dabbing a little concealer under his eyes to hide his panda eyes before running out of the bathroom and entering his closet. Woohyun was standing by the front door, “UMMA IF YOU ARE NOT DOWN HERE IN 5 MINUTES, I’M LEAVING YOU!!” One last look in the mirror turned into Key analyzing his nose then he stared at his makeup because something about it was disturbing him. “5,” Woo counted off. “4” “3” “2” Key shook his head and ran down the stairs, grabbing his wallet by the end of the stairs and joining his son at the front door right as he said one, “Umma, we’re going there so I can get an education… not so the other parents can check you out,” the small boy sneered as his umma pushed him out the front door and locked it behind them. Minho rubbed his eyes, in his boyfriend’s rushing, he’d somehow managed to throw the curtains wide open and now their bedroom was flooded with daylight. He sighed, standing and scratching his unclothed stomach, “I swear, sometimes Woo is even bossier than his umma at times,” he commented with a small chuckle. How could anyone be more bossy than Key? It was a mystery to him as well.  When Key and Woohyun arrived at the school, both sweaty and out of breath, they continued to run down the hallways in the small children’s school until they fell; knocking over people in their wake. “Key?” The younger boy dared not look at the face of the person he had landed on top of, but it was very hard to ignore that voice, “Key, you’re son is going to school here as well?” Woohyun had stood and was pulling on the back of Key’s jacket, “Umma, umma, it’s the hyung from the other day!!” Inside, Key was cursing himself for his past and for still not being able to move away from the town he had met the boy under him in. How he still got excited when said boy called his name, like he was doing now.  “Key, we should get up so the kids are not late more than they are now.” “I know,” he finally spoke, standing quietly and not offering any help to Jonghyun. “Who’s class is Woo in?” “Mr. Lee.” “Really? So is JiHye!”  Key looked down at his son and smiled, fakely, but smiled nonetheless. He held his hand out to Woo, who looked at it then grabbed JiHye’s hand, “Let’s get to class before they do something embarrassing.” JiHye and him disappeared down the hall and entered a room right towards the end. Jonghyun laughed and looked at Key, “He is definitely your son. Can you imagine? So young and already so mature? Wow.” Key tried to ignore that statement, walking slowly towards the door down the hall, wanting to see how his son settled in the classroom. He stopped at the first window of the room and watched how his son and JiHye had sat next to each other and were watching the young teacher earnestly. With a smile, he turned to leave and ran into the older boy, falling back on his butt on the ground.  “Yah, stop sneaking up on me!”  Jonghyun quickly glanced into the window, confirming that no one had heard the other before offering his hand, “Yah, Bummie, don’t talk like that… we’re in a children’s school.” As if realizing his surroundings, he covered one side of his face with his hand before he gathered enough courage to stand up again. Jonghyun withdrew his hand since it had been awkwardly left out when Key turned away from him and stood up of his own accord. He walked forward and wrapped his arm around the younger’s waist, pulling him down the hall and out of the school before he could protest, “Let’s go get some breakfast, hmm?” Key nodded before he could think past the arm around his waist. It was how the other boy had originally won him over.  “Ey, Kibum, you wrote this wrong…” said a smiling angel of a teacher that had so graciously given him detention for never turning in his homework anymore. He sighed and looked down at the word, he blinked a few times feeling foolish; it was such an easy word but he had definitely spelt it wrong. He was erasing the word to rewrite it when the teacher sat on the corner of his desk, “Mr. Kim, what happened, hmm? You used to be a much better student that this… Wouldn’t your grandma-“ “She passed away,” the younger said, his head slowly moving down till his forehead rested on his desk. Little tears trickling out of his cat-eyes, “She passed away last summer and I’ve been fending for myself since no one wants me.” The teacher patted his head before standing and walking back towards his desk, “I’m sorry to hear that, but I don’t think she would like it if your grades got so bad you were kicked out of school.” He nodded, rubbing his head against his paper. He didn’t want to admit it, but his life was hell right now. He wanted so badly to explain what he meant by fending for himself, how every night he slept with a different man or boy from his school and how it was just barely enough for him to pay the rent of his apartment. How he hadn’t eaten in weeks if not a month because of his tight funds. A knock sounded on the door and the teacher walked to the door; Kibum returned to his homework, the reason he was here.  “Hello, Mr. Onew, is Kibum done yet? I’m supposed to walk home with him.”  “Oh? Is that so Jonghyun?” Key looked at the door then, he didn’t know anyone on such a level that he’d walk home with them. Who did this Jonghyun kid think he was?  “Yes sir.” “Come on in then.”  Kibum rushed then; there was no way he’d allow that dinosaur to walk home with him. He had places to go and that kid would hinder his business. He’d be kicked out of home… twik~ Key stared at the head of his pencil then the broken graphite that laid on his paper, “Shit.”  “What?” “…uh, my pencil broke,” he replied sheepishly before pulling out a sharpener. A few minutes later and he was pulling his jacket closed around him as he walked out of the school into the cold night’s air. “Ahh,” the boy behind him breathed out, “Such a beautiful night.” Ah, that reminded him. He whipped around and closed the distance between them, “Yah, who do you think you are? I don’t even know you!” The boy smiled at him with innocent puppy eyes, “Of course you do, I’m Jonghyun,” he announced before wrapping his arm around Key’s small waist, “Now, stop messing around and let’s go eat.” Maybe it was the promise of food or the warm feeling he got from that embrace, but he felt himself being genuinely happy this boy was by his side. Key looked up from his plate of pasta to stare at Jonghyun, he really hadn’t changed. He still sucked up noodles to where the marinara sauce got all over his face and he still smiled when he noticed Key watching him; not even caring about what a disaster zone his face was in that moment. He sighed and picked his napkin up, leaning forward and wiped the older boy’s mouth, “People will think you haven’t eaten in weeks,” he commented while returning to his original position. Jonghyun smiled to himself, using his fork to maneuver the meatballs on his plate, “Hey Key,” he said softly, hoping the other boy wouldn’t hear him; but as usual his hearing was astounding. “Hmm?” “I meant what I said the other day…” “About Christmas?” “Yes.” Key froze, his eyes staring at the man across from him. What should he say? “I still love you.”

    Part Three

    Minho wrapped his arms around Key's waist, leaving soft kissing on the back of the shorter boy's neck, "Baby, can we go on a date tonight?" Key set down the dish he was washing in the sink and sighed, "I don't think so. We don't even have a babysitter." Minho wouldn't give up now, he wanted some alone time, "Come on, baby, I'm sure we can get my parents to watch Woo..." Key sighed and turned around to face his boyfriend, "Why tonight? We usually wait a few days into the semester before we go out." Woo watched from just outside of the kitchen at how his umma refused to be swayed by his appa's request. It was so different from the way he just let that man from the other day walk him out of their school. His umma usually was the one in control; just like he was now.  "No and that's final, Choi," Key said before the other started trying to change his mind. Minho sighed; he hated the way he'd been treated the last few days. It started the day he took WooHyun to his first day of classes. He had let it pass that his boyfriend hadn't come home till noon, but he couldn't understand why the other was behaving this way. There was only one other time this happened and only one person could do it back then. He was leaning against the gym wall, he was on the backside of the gym since that's where they usually met and he was waiting. He always waited. Key would meet him there and they would walk to his home together. Somehow they had convinced his parents that Key had to have some where to stay on some nights - reality being that he'd come over so they could fuck. It had been years since it started, long before his grandmother had passed away. He wanted to say they had some kind of attachment or loyalty to each other, but he knew that he only continued to come around because Minho never slighted him on the money he asked for. Could there be an attachment if you paid for it every time?  "Choi, I can't come over today. I have to study with a student per Mr. Jinki's request. Sorry." Minho grabbed his arm, "You'll finish studying eventually, right? You could still come over later..." Key pushed his arm away, "I don't know when I'll finish. Besides, I don't think your parents are buying that lie we told them anymore. Bye." He turned to leave and arms wrapped around him, "Hyung, please, don't go." Key bit his lip, he didn't want to get rid of the only person he had some-kind of feelings for, but he couldn't pass up this opportunity with Jonghyun. The other boy was everything he wanted; everything about him pulled at Key and made him go to him. Minho, there was loyalty there, but he couldn't live on loyalty forever. Eventually Minho would stop wanting to pay him, right? Right. He jerked his body so much that Minho fell, "See you around Choi."  "Key?" Jonghyun called while peeking around the corner of the gym, "Ready to go?" "Of course," he said with a smile; his eyes glancing over his shoulder before him and Jonghyun walked away.  "Appa~" Woo called while pulling on Minho's shirt. He looked down at his beautiful son, "What is it, Woo?" He watched how his son's face went through a storyboard like expansion of emotions before he started talking again, "Did you and umma fight?" He knelt down and took Woo into his arms, caressing his hair with his hand, "No, we didn't fight. What makes you think that?"  "Umma is packing his things in your bedroom..." "He's what??"  "Packing," his son repeated before skipping away. Minho stood quickly and raced to his bedroom, true to his son's words, Key was in the middle of packing his suitcase full of clothes, "Baby, what are you doing?" Key didn't stop what he was doing, "I can't stay here anymore... I can't." Minho wrapped his arms around his boyfriend again, "Baby, don't get mad because I wanted to go on a date..."  "A DATE?! YOU THINK THAT'S WHY I'M MAD?" Key screamed while turning to face the taller one. "Then what is it?"  Key pointed to the suits spread out on the ground, lipstick smudges on the white shirt collars, "How do you explain that?" "Baby, you've known me forever. I'd never cheat on you." "Oh? Then what was that thing you had with Nicole, hmm?"  Minho sighed, covering his face with his hand. Key wasn't going to listen to him, even if he gave absolute proof he'd done nothing. Key grabbed his bag off the bed, but was caught with Minho's arms around his waist, "Please Key... don't go..." He jerked out of Minho's arms not even looking back this time while he grabbed Woohyun's hand, "Come on, honey, let's go to my friend's house." 

    Jonghyun smiled at his daughter, he had her sitting in the bathtub taking a bubble bath while he hung some of his wet jeans, "I'm sorry your father is in such a small place, JiHye." She played with a duck, pretending it was a car as she smushed her lips together while making sound effects with her mouth. Loud banging on his door startled him, but he looked to JiHye, "I'll be right back, baby." He wiped his hands on his pants as he walked towards the front door. Didn't this person know his neighbors would kill him? He looked into the peep hole and froze. The person banging on his door? Kim Kibum. He pulled himself together and unlocked the door. When he pulled it open the boy threw himself at him, "Jonghyun, he was cheating on me..."  He patted the boy's back while he smiled at Woohyun, "Hey there, come on in..." The boy didn't nod or show any signs of recognition, but he walked into the house and disappeared down the hall. Jonghyun closed the door and pushed Key just off of him, "Key, who was cheating on you?"  "Minho," that name rang a bell.  "Look, I don't know who you think you are, but Key is mine. Whatever you've done to him.. I don't care if you pay more or whatever... give him back."  "Just how stupid are you?" "What?" "I don't pay Key anything. I tutor him."  "But Key doesn't need a tutor. He's one of the smartest kids here."  "Uh huh. You really don't care for him do you? If you did, you would know that he's been failing all his classes since his grandmother passed away. I won't even begin to explain everything else he's been through becau - wait, what did you say your name was again?" "Choi Minho." That kid who had blamed him for stealing Key. He looked into Key's eyes then, the eyeliner defining his eyes and the tinge of pink eye shadow at the edges to match his outfit. How had he ever let this boy go? He put his hands on either side of Key's face and pulled him forward, laying his lips against the soft ones of the younger boy. Key pulled away first, but not until they were breathless. While they were catching their breath, they heard splashing in the bathtub. Key looked at him scarily then, "You didn't leave JiHye alone in the bathtub did you?" When he didn't respond, Key ran down the hall and he followed quickly after. They both were standing outside the bathroom and watching their kids. They were splashing each other. Key laughed at the two before picking up the towel just by the tub, "Come on, JiHye honey, your dad has let you prune enough. He's not thinking much I can see since your pretty hands are already like raisins."  "Hey!" The two kids laughed along with Key as he dried JiHye off quickly then wrapped the towel around her, "Have your dad get you dressed." Key looked at his son, "Yah, Kim WooHyun, just what do you think you're doing climbing in that bathtub with all your clothes on?" Woo looked down, just remembering his clothes then frowned, "Sorry, umma." After a while, Key laughed and grabbed another towel then undressed his son before placing the towel around him. He was carrying his son when the boy spoke, "Umma, how long are you going to stay mad at appa?" Key tried to smile down at his son, he's always taught the boy to speak what was on his mind, but he couldn't answer that question. When would he stop being upset with Minho? He wasn't sure, but it wasn't any time soon. 

    Part Four

    Key sighed; his mind kept wandering to his boyfriend. Had Minho eaten? Did his clothes need to be washed? Muscular arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him tightly against a taut chest, "Key, baby, I know you have someone you're with now..." Key looked over his shoulder while dropping the sponge back into the sink, "What are you trying to say?" Jonghyun smiled and laid his lips against the taller boy's neck, "I missed you. Please just stay with me... don't go back to him." He laid his head to the side as those lips found his neck again, leaving wet kisses. He could feel himself sinking back into those arms, even if he knew he belonged to Minho, he couldn't keep himself from smiling as Jonghyun kissed his jaw line.  Jonghyun was in the middle of grinding his crotch against Key's ass when he heard footsteps enter the kitchen. He didn't want to look towards the entry way, maybe if they didn't acknowledge each other the kids would go away? That though was smashed as a slightly breathless Key moved out of his arms and approached his son, "Woo, did you just wake up?" He nodded his head, small curls flopping forward, "Do you want umma to make you something yummy?" Another nod was the response. Key was a little reassured since his son didn't say anything about what he had just witnessed, but little did the umma know was that as his son disappeared down the hall; he had stopped dead in his tracks and looked back. He might not be as smart as his umma, but something about what he'd just seen didn't add up. It was more than just a morning hug like his appa and umma shared. He blinked a few times, and then continued walking; if his umma wasn't complaining, then he didn't want to bring it up.  Key was splayed out on the grass, his milky skin glowing in the moonlight as Minho kissed his stomach. Somehow, he'd been convinced by the taller boy to have one last rendezvous before he gave up selling himself for good. If it hadn't been for Minho knowing exactly where to touch him, he probably could have avoided the position he was in now. The younger's lips were fiercely smashing against him, even those white teeth tugged at Key's pink lips. The other boy had never treated him so roughly in all the times they had been together. It was when those strong arms grabbed his hips and he felt Minho's member lining up with his hole that he fought. He hadn't been prepped and he'd be damn- "AHHHH~!" he screamed, his nails digging into the soccer lover's back. Without even pausing to apologize for the abrupt entry in some way, Minho started thrusting in and out of the older boy. He knew the boy was whimpering, crying and digging his nails so far into his skin that he would probably bleed; he just couldn't stop himself.  When Key limped up to his apartment, he found Jonghyun leaning against the wall next to his door. He wanted to smile, but he felt dirty. He'd let Minho soil him after he promised Jonghyun he'd stay truthful to him. That he'd give up that body selling stuff, even if he needed the money so bad and that was an easy way to solve his problem. When Jonghyun noticed the state of his boyfriend, how he walked with a limp and slowly as if it causes pain just to be standing - he wanted to scream. He walked forward and grabbed a wad of his jacket with his hand, "You did it again, didn't you? You went and sold your body to someone!" Key didn't want to look up and see the hurt in those eyes, so he just casually rubbed his bum, "No, I fell outside. I guess I didn't see that patch of ice on the sidewalk." Jonghyun let him go then, allowing him to walk around him. So Key did, trying his best not to walk like the slut with a sore hole that he was. He opened the door and walked inside, flipping on the lights when he remembers Jonghyun was with him; or he hoped was still with him. If he had been worried earlier if the other boy didn't believe him, those thoughts were pushed from his mind as Jonghyun walked in. He closed the door behind himself and threw Key up against a wall, connecting their lips as he pushed his legs between Key's thighs. Where he'd been roughhoused earlier, Jonghyun laid soft kisses on the taller boy's eyes before making his way down to his neck at a slow pace. He liked this pace so much better; it was a pace he'd become accustomed to after he entangled himself with the older boy.  Jonghyun smiled at the beautiful boy he had pinned by his hips against the wall, "You're so beautiful, Key," he said before kissing him again. Key flushed, more than anything - being told he was good in bed, that he was really flexible, that was worth their money - he loved being called beautiful. That's how his self-esteem had started to build up. He returned the older boy's kisses, his earlier pain seeming to disappear, "You sweet talker... and to think you always wonder why I never like fighting with you."  Jonghyun had moved them to Key's bed, their clothes scattered on the path there. He stared down at that milky skin, admiring it before he leaned down and let his hands caress him. Moving over his chest and thighs while his tongue licked lines around the younger boy's nipple. Key's breath hitched as he felt a cold line being licked down his stomach before his leg was lifted and kisses were laid on the back of his thigh. His free hand wandering to the boy's butt, lightly running his fingers over the hole. A soft moan left Key's mouth, "Don't prep me, just get in me," he breathed out while looking into those brown orbs between his legs. Feeling a little disappointed by the lack of foreplay, he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down enough that he could free his member. Jonghyun repositioned himself above Key, his member lined with the boy's hole. Key rolled his hips so that he wouldn't have to wait anymore for his boyfriend. He wanted him now and he didn't want to be teased anymore. Key shivered in the dark room. The day had seemingly passed by like usual, aside from the event that morning, but that dream about his past. He couldn't believe that day still haunted him. An arm tightened around his waist, forgetting himself for a moment, he turned over and nuzzled his face into the crook of the other boy's neck, "Baby, wake up... let's make love." The voice that greeted him wasn't the one he had wanted to hear, Jonghyun's voice cut through the night, "Mmm, I've been waiting to hear those words for a long time." Instead of admitting that he had forgot he was at Jonghyun's house and not at home next to his boyfriend, he pulled away from the other boy and slipped out from under the covers. The other boy didn't say anything as he disappeared inside the small bathroom and closed the door. He leaned against the wall before sliding into a sitting position on the cold linoleum. He pushed his head back against the wall, eyes closed; Minho was probably asleep at home. His shirtless torso just barely covered by the quilt and his right hand under his head.  He sighed and opened his eyes, what was he doing here? It was obvious he was no longer mad at his boyfriend and his heart had even started to believe what his boyfriend had said the day he left. He really felt foolish. He stood and looked at himself in the mirror before he opened the door and noticed Jonghyun had turned on the light and was staring at him from his place on the edge of the bed, "You're going back, aren't you?" Key wrapped his hand around the elbow of his left arm then cast his eyes down on the ground, "I really do love being here, Jonghyun, but I miss Minho. Even if I get mad at him for a little while, I still want to go back to him." Jonghyun put his head in his hands,  "He's probably not even Woo's father," he whispered, but Key heard him. Key always heard things he wanted to keep to himself.  "You going to try and claim Woo now? Where were you when Woo was born?"  He looked up at the boy he still loved; he wished he could explain how his parents had been moved to Japan for his dad's job. How they hadn't even bothered to tell him until they were rushing him out the front door the day they were leaving. He never even got to say goodbye since he hand phone had been left behind in the scramble. It still hurt him when he thought back on how Key must have felt back then, how he should have been there to take responsibility for the baby that he had a probability in bringing into the world. Not a day went by that he had wanted to fly back and stay close to Key, but he'd also been hit by another set of plans when they arrived in Japan. His father had been talked into arranging him to marry his boss' daughter. That's how he had ended up with JiHye, her mother had opened him up again when news of Key having the baby and moving in with Minho reached his ears. He sighed and shook his head, "I wish I could tell you what happened back then, but I'm too ashamed of myself."  "Even if Minho rejected the baby at first, after he held Woo in his hands he wouldn't let him go. E- What did you say?" Key was at a loss, he had thought the boy would fight against his words, but those hurt puppy eyes were looking at him and he felt bad then. It was true he blamed Jonghyun for a while that he had ended up with Minho, but that boy had taken responsibility for him and Woo. He had defied his parents so that he could live with Key and help raise Woohyun; even when his parents refused to acknowledge the boy as their grandson. Key rubbed his eyes then turned towards his suitcase, picking up clothes around it and stuffing them back into it, "I'm gonna go home after breakfast. I'm sure Woo misses his appa."

    Next: Parts Five through Eight

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    Futuristic four: Having normal conversation

    30 minutes later.

    Hiro is taking a normal photo, while in the background (totally accidentally) Violet is on the ground fighting with Wilbur cuz he said one stupid thing too many times.

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    “Crown My Heart” Chapter 31: A Lovely Night

    "Thank you again, Your Majesty, for your hospitality and for giving us a safe place to stay during the floods," a farmer said. "We appreciate it."

    "You're welcome," Regina replied. "I hope the floods didn't do too much damage to your fields."

    He smiled. "Thank you but the floods usually help the fields, just as long as it's not too much."

    "Well, then, I hope it flooded just enough," she told him, laughing along with the family before they moved on.

    She turned away, rubbing her neck as she closed her eyes. Her body felt weary and all she wanted to do was curl up in bed with Robin. Then she would sleep for several days until she felt refreshed.

    A familiar hand pressed against her back and she smelled her husband's woodsy scent as he drew closer to her. "Most of the villagers have left. We can take our leave if you want," he whispered.

    "That sounds good," she said. "What about the rest of your family? And Snow White?"

    "All of them have left already as well. We're the last," he assured her. She nodded and they waved to the remaining few villagers before leaving the hall themselves.

    Tink greeted them when they returned to their rooms. "Prince Henry is asleep for his afternoon nap. Is there anything you need?" she asked them.

    "A nap of our own," Regina said with a sigh. She then took Tink's hand. "Do you mind tending to Henry a bit longer?"

    "Of course not," Tink assured her. "You two go get some rest. You both deserve it."

    Regina thanked her as Robin wrapped his arm around her waist. He then asked Tink to make certain no one disturbed them except for a true emergency, which she promised she would do. She then turned back to the cradle while Robin guided Regina into their bedroom, closing the door behind them.

    He started to untie her laces. "Let's get you out of these tight clothes and into something more comfortable."

    "Are you trying to seduce me, my king?" she teased him, glancing over her shoulder at him.

    "Always, milady," he replied, winking at her. "But right now, I am more focused on your comfort than my desire."

    She leaned against him, feeling as if the bones in her body had gained a great amount of weight in a short time. He held her up, kissing the side of her head. "I do just want to sleep," she confessed.

    "And that's all we're going to do," he assured her, helping her out of her dress. She was then able to shed the undergarments easily enough as he took off his own clothes.

    Soon they were curled up together in bed, his arm wrapped around her as they snuggled together. "Sweet dreams, my love," he whispered.

    "You too," she whispered back, closing her eyes. She waited for sleep to claim her but despite how tired she was, it didn't. One thought kept circling around her head and she opened her eyes, wondering if talking about it might help. "Robin? Are you still awake?"

    He hummed in response, opening one eye as he frowned. "Regina? Is something wrong?"

    "Well, no, not really," she admitted. "It's just…When are we going to be intimate again? It's been a long time."

    "I know but your body needed time to heal and you needed to build up your strength. I was more focused on getting you back to health than anything else," he replied, both eyes now open.

    She knew he had a point. Having sex with him hadn't crossed her mind until now. But now it wouldn't leave it. "Well, I'm fine now."

    He smiled. "Yes, you are. Though I thought we agreed we were just going to rest for now."

    "We did and I still intend do that," she replied. "But I also want to know when we can be together again."

    "Whenever you want, sweetheart," he told her. "I will take my cue from you."

    She reached out and took his hand. "I'd like it to be sooner rather than later."

    He pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her. "Then I will plan a romantic evening for us."

    "You don't have to do something special," she replied, though she smiled as she rested against him. "I just want to have that connection with you again."

    "I know, but it's been far too long since it was just the two of us. I love Henry but I think we need some time to ourselves, don't you agree?" he asked.

    She bit her lip before nodding. "I do. And I guess it wouldn't hurt to be away from him for one night."

    "And it's not like he'd be terribly far. Probably would be with either your father or my mother," Robin pointed out.

    "Alright, you've convinced me," she replied, smiling. "A romantic night together it is then."

    He kissed her forehead again. "Good. I promise you it will be a night you will never forget."

    She cuddled closer to him, her eyes starting to close now that her mind was settled. "I haven't forgotten a single one of our nights together yet."

    "Neither have I," he replied, "so let's not ruin our streak."

    Regina laughed, feeling herself start to drift off. She and Robin held each other as sleep claimed them, bringing them much needed rest.

    Continue reading on FFN (non-smut); AO3 or Wattpad. 

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    #45 from this list for the kind anon. I did 38 and 40 already.

    38, 40 or 45 darklina for the prompts? Your writing is amazing, just chose whatever you feel like I’ll be happy

    “Don’t play me for a fool, I know exactly where you were.”


    Aleksander faces away from her toward the window, looking out over the lake.

    Alina shivers at the chilly anger emanating from him. “Do you want me to brief you on my meeting with Nikolai?”

    “Don’t play me for a fool, Alina. I know exactly where you were, and it wasn’t in a meeting. Not with Nikolai, at least.”

    She flushes, thinking of Mal’s face as he stared at her longingly through the bars of his cell. 

    “And how are you going to punish me for daring to seize the opportunity to see my oldest friend?”

    Aleksander turns, his eyes darkening.

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    Edge [pt. 2]

    Unlike the first part, this part is fluffier although there are brief mentions of smut

    Word count: 2k

    Genre : Fluff, Angst, Smut

    Warnings : tooth-rotting fluff, mentions of orgasms, mild smut.

    first part here! 18+

    You just laid back and openly sobbed and Hongjoong freaked out. You saw him instantly pop up from under the bed, nose and chin shining, covered in your juices. His face showed nothing but concern and worry. You hands flew to your face while you cried.

    "Babe what's wrong?"

    "I can't, I just" You stuttered unable to form words

    "Baby, breathe" He ushered you. At this point you had covered your face and had curled up into a ball, back against the head rest. He quickly grabbed a tissue from nearby wiping his member clean. He put on a pair of comfy sweatpants on the chair next to him and within a minute he was dressed and by your side. He held out a hand for you only willing to hold you if you were comfortable with him doing so.

    You had covered your face so you couldn't really see him. He gently grabbed your hands with his larger and warmer hands, pulling them aside. You let out silent whimpers and wouldn't stop crying. Hongjoong cupped your face in both of his hands, holding each cheek pulling your face up slowly. He was met by a pair of bloodshot, teary eyes, cheeks damp with tears and nose slightly red. The second he saw you, his heart broke. He didn't expect your first time with him to turn out like this and he felt terrible for making you cry.

    Did you not feel the same way about him? Did you secretly not want it? Did he force himself of you? The last question broke his heart. The last thing he would have wanted was to force you to do something you didn't want to. The pace of his heart picked up and he gulped dryly. A lump started forming in his throat and his eyes got glassy. He tried looking away as he knew looking into your eyes would cause him immense guilt, something he would never forgive himself for.

    You heaved and sobbed silently not letting out any sounds but leaning your head forward into his chest. He took this as an invitation to comfort you as he pulled your head closer to his chest, as he rested his head on top of yours. You buried your face into his bare chest taking in his natural woody scent. You slowly trailed your arms up wrapping both of your hands around his neck holding on. You collapsed into him and he embraced you in a warm hug. Despite still being naked, all inappropriate thoughts were long forgotten. You straddled his lap, leaning down to bury your face in the crook of his neck. His strong hands wrapped around your smaller figure and he traced small circles on your back.

    "baby, let it out, it's alright I'm here. I'm so sorry, I'm very sorry" He kept repeating apologies as he kissed your forehead and then the top of your head. You sniffled and cleared your throat embarrassed by suddenly breaking down in front of him.

    Hongjoong kept mumbling apologies into your head and his voice wavered and his body quivered.

    "Y/n I'm so sorry, I'm such a bad fucking person, I-, I forced myself on you and I-" He stopped himself as his voice shook. You immediately froze and looked back up at him. You could see that he was trying his absolute hardest to hold back his tears as he bit his lip, looked away from your eyes and his nose scrunched. You suddenly pecked his nose and he let out a sob.

    "Y/n, what the fuck is wrong with me, I fucking forced myself on you, I don't deserve you, fuck I don't deserve anyone" You shushed him, your voice quiet as he sobbed and broke down under you, his cries echoing in the room.

    "and what would make you think that?" You whispered softly looking back into his eyes with nothing but love. His eyes widened, still red and teary as he looked back at you. Your eyes were teary too but you had a loving smile on your face.

    "I don't- I don't understand what you're- what do you mean?" He asked stuttering.

    "Hongjoong, there was not once where I felt like you forced yourself onto me. You asked if I was okay along the way and we even established a safe word, I would have used it if I needed it wouldn't I?"

    He just shot back a confused look back at you, not understanding what you were implying urging you to continue before the guilt ate him up from the inside.

    "What I'm saying is, it's quite the opposite..." You paused taking a deep breath of air in, feeling the lump in your throat again. "I- I felt so loved and so taken care of, it- it made me emotional" You admitted a little embarrassed, voice wavering, tears returning to your eyes.

    "I've never felt like that before, the emotions I felt were feelings I never thought were possible for me to feel. My past relationships they- I never felt anything from them." You stated quite sincerely.

    "What do you mean?" he pried. He took both of your hands in his and brought your knuckles to his lips leaving small, gentle kisses across them.

    "Hongjoong, fuck. I've never orgasmed before... that was my first time and it was so overwhelming. My previous partners... they never really cared about my pleasure... It was usually just me giving blowjobs and then fucking until they finished... I never got to feel any pleasure- I've never really had anyone pay attention to my needs before"

    "You've never come?" He asked genuinely surprised.

    "I haven't. I have never in my past relationships and for some reason I can't get off myself... I thought I was physically incapable of coming until you pleasured all the right areas. Shit, all it took for me to come the first time was playing with my nipples, I've never had that done to me before"

    He was speechless for a second. He wiped his tears and took a deep breath in.

    "So you wanted this too right?" he finally asked and you chuckled.

    "Of course babe, and it was better than I could have ever hoped. I wouldn't change it for the world" You spoke into his chest. He just sighed loudly and squeezed you in a big tight hug.

    "Babeeee" He whined, his voice breaking in the middle. You cupped both of his cheeks and slowly tears started to spill out of his eyes.

    "Why are you cryingg? Why is my baby crying? I love you, you know that right?" You teased him trying to get his tears to stop but they never did.

    "I love you so much Y/n. I would never forgive myself if I hurt you." He said, his voice shaking.

    "You didn't, and I know you wouldn't. You would never purposely hurt me." You said trying to reassure him. He let out a shaky sigh and roughly wiped at his cheeks.

    "Aish, whats wrong with me, why am I crying" He laughed through his tears a little embarrassed

    "It's okay Joongie, even I cried" you admitted, remembering your breakdown from a couple of minutes ago. He nodded his head and wiped under his eyes, getting up from under you. You scooted to the side and let him get up. He simply left you and went to the bathroom.

    He disappeared into the bathroom and your sighed waiting for him. You had hoped that the night would end with the both of you cuddling but instead he left to go the the bathroom. You had put on your shirt and were going to get a pair on underwear. A few minutes later however, Hongjoong returned returned with a wet cloth in his hand. You were about to slip on your underwear and pants but he rushed to you, pushing you back onto the bed.

    "Baby, is it alright if I clean you up?" He asked smiling fondly at you. You smiled back and nodded taking your pants off, as they were still just hanging by your ankles. You sat expectantly on the bed while he made himself comfortable in the spot next to you. He held the wet cloth in one of his hands and lifted your shirt up. He pushed the wet cloth up until it made contact with your stomach. You shivered at the coldness and he rubbed the cloth back and forth. He pushed the cloth upwards to your chest and cupped one breast through the cloth. He wiped at it with the cloth and dragged the cloth along the entirety of your chest. He took it back out of your shirt and looked down at your lower stomach.

    You immediately blushed feeling small under his gaze. He simply chuckled and put the wet cloth aside.

    "Y/n, are you alright if I clean you up there?" He asked looking directly at your heat. You blushed a shade deeper and nodded. Despite the inappropriate activities that occurred just around 10 minutes ago, this seemed more intimate in a way. He gripped each of your thighs with one hand and pushed them apart. He spread your legs further, and sat grabbed the wet cloth. He gently pressed the cloth at your lower stomach wiping any wetness that had been left over there. He then moved down to your heat. He spread your folds with his fingers and wiped around your clit and at your entrance.

    You gasped from the coldness and the oversensitivity. He looked up, concerned but you just shook your hand.

    "Sorry, I'm just a little sensitive" You admitted and he nodded. He dragged the wet cloth up your folds one last time and put it aside. After that he kissed your lower stomach moving upwards. He kept peppering kissed moving upwards as he did so, kissing your clothed stomach and chest until making his way to your neck and jaw and finally the side of your lips. He pulled back and looked at you and then locked lips one last time before pulling away and helping you get dressed. You cuddled for the rest of the night and it was safe to say your first time with Hongjoong couldn't have possibly gone any better.

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    his warmth »  🔥🔑 triggers (none) ~500 total

    main masterlist | ‘08-’12 masterlist #note -- all parts in one post, this is a short series.

    His breath was warm against the back of my neck, his body creating welcomed warmth that I had never encountered since I became a star. Even though it was pitch black in the room thanks to the weather outside, I couldn’t help but want to know this man who had his hands around my waist. The pop of the generator and a wet kiss just behind my ear before that warmth disappeared was how the room full of Lockets returned to me. I was a little flustered, I admit, and I looked around to find the tall man that had been behind me. The only thing left was a piece of paper. 

    A room full to the brim with important people who smiled insincerely and tried to make small talk. He wanted none of it. His mind was still racing with the note the man had left behind. That’s when the lights dimmed in the room and he felt that warm embrace yet again, the man holding him tightly like he was afraid he would have to let go this time. He smiled and rubbed the man’s arms, leaning back onto his broad chest, “I’m glad you’re here,” he whispered, his head slightly to the side so the man would hear him. We stood like that in silence for those few moments before he kissed the top of my head and his warmth was gone yet again. 

    There was no chance that I would run into him again today. I am on the set for filming a TV Show and cutting the lights out would be impossible and even if they did dim, the world would still see him; maybe even try to pull him away from me. I sat in the chair provided to me enclosed by a bunch of other stars as we watched the MC talk the night’s show up to the camera. A finger was making small circles on my back, my heart jumping into my throat, was he really here? I turned to look, but that hand had left my back and no one was paying attention to me. Again the circles started a few moments later and I reached behind me to grab the hand, pulling it to wrap around me so I could at least acknowledge some part of him. He had a milky coffee colored skin with big hands and kept nails; I smiled and entwined my fingers with his, never paying attention to anything happening on the show before me. All that mattered was the warmth of him around me.

    It was another rainy day, but this one seemed filled with sunshine. His hands were on my back, holding out kiss firmly in place even as the lights overhead popped on and my Lockets made noises of disapproval. I blinked open my eyes to see his beautiful brown ones and smiled into our kiss, would it be corny to say he’s like I imagined him to be? My first love, that’s exactly who he looks like. He broke the kiss first, a hint of red flushing his cheeks as he pulled away, probably from having been caught at long last. I smiled and grabbed his hand, locking out fingers like before, “What’s your name?” He didn’t answer, but I continued to smile since he seemed shy, “Don’t worry, I can open anything.” 

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    wip wip wip I can't draw flowers for shit so here shiny Red Wine while I contemplate whether to colour him as a painting or as a sketch lol

    #ff red wine #art wip #wippity wippoty wip #not main tag because wip lol #should i even bother doing it painterly as they tend to have less notes than the doodles lmao #decisions decisions
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    the mistake of giving your friend head »  🔥🔑 triggers (contains bling, worst robbers in history) ~1k

    main masterlist | ‘08-’12 masterlist

    Jonghyun noticed it, he wasn’t so stupid not to see something that was happening right in front of him; he just wasn’t so sure as to why Kibum hadn’t seen it. It was after their bank job that he really started to notice something off about his trio of robbers. For the first time in history, Kibum didn’t seem to see something before the rest of them. The fox-eyed boy had been brought in for his fantastic sense of being able to spot cameras from just standing in the room, but this time, he didn’t point out any. Being robbers was just a side job for them, initially, but after that job at the bank they had to turn pro because of Kibum’s slip up. Whereas the third member, Minho, seemed to be performing better than his usual; like he was extremely focused on what he was doing. It was all too strange. He decided to start with Minho since at least that boy wouldn’t bite his head off, he hoped.  He moved into the living room where the boy was busily playing some racing game, he never paid much attention to it, “Hey, man, how’s it going?” he asked as he sat next to him on the couch. The other shrugged, but didn’t say anything so he tried again, “Do you know what’s up with Kibum? He’s been kind of down on his game recently…” “Maybe he needs to get laid.” “What?” “Hyung, quit distracting me…” He sighed and stood to make his way towards the kitchen, Kibum was known to cook when he was mad at himself; which he had been since the bank job, he never had such a mistake before. Jonghyun walked to the stove and smiled at his friend, “Hey,” he said, letting the other know he was there. Kibum just glanced at him before his full attention went back to the pasta in front of him.  “What’s up with you lately?” Again there was silence, another reason Kibum was with them, he was never one to give up his friends and not many people could break through his silent treatment. However, Jonghyun could. He leaned towards the boy ignoring him and licked the shell of his ear, the younger jumping away and wiping his ear with his hand, “Yah! I told you not to do that shit!” “Then answer the question,” he said, moving forward. “I don’t have to share everything with you, Jjong.” “You do when it’s messing up the team’s flow.” “Just tell that stupid frog to stay away from me and everything will be fine!” Frog? Minho. They had given each other nicknames when they were just starting out so that they would never say their real names out loud. He was dino, Minho was frog and Kibum was fox. He blinked as the information processed, “What did Minho do?” “Go ask him yourself! I don’t even want to talk about it.” He frowned, doing as Kibum said and walked back to the living room, “Minho, what’d you do?” This time, the taller boy actually paused his game and looked at him, “Gave him head.” Jonghyun froze, how exactly do you respond to something like that? He tried to calmly run his hand through his hair but it probably came off differently than that, “W-why did you give him head?” “He’s beautiful, I’m surprised you haven’t jumped him yet.” “I like girls!” Minho shrugged, “Kibum is feminine. Just look at him now, he’s cooking.” A spoon hit Minho in the face, not one of those metal ones you eat with, but the big ones that you use to stir soup and they both looked to see Kibum standing there angry. Well, shit, their team mojo was all shot to hell now. The rabbit was out of the bag and damn was that fucker hard to put back in. Minho stood and walked towards Kibum, “Why are you so mad about it? It’s not like I asked for anything in return…” The shorter glared up at him and he could probably kill with just that look alone, but thankfully he wasn’t super human, “Did you ever think to, I don’t know, maybe ASK before you decided to suck me off at the bank?!” “Wait, what bank?” Jonghyun piped up. Kibum was still glaring daggers at Minho, “That one right before we had to quit our jobs!” “It’s not like you would miss yours anyways, Kibum,” Minho retorted. “THAT bank? You gave him head at the bank that caught our faces on cam?!” Minho shrugged, “Why not?” “We could have still had a normal life if you hadn’t done that!” “So?” “I liked my job…” “Well, I didn’t like Kibum’s.” Jonghyun looked to Kibum then, “What was his?” Said boy looked down, he had never really been proud of his ‘normal’ job, but it paid him well and he got to maintain his rich lifestyle that he loved. Minho crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back against the frame of the Kitchen entryway, “Go ahead and ask him. I was pissed when I found out.” Jonghyun looked to his friend, “Key?” Nothing. “Keybummie?” Nada. “Yah, Kim Kibum, don’t make me lick your ear again.” Kibum sighed, “I was a prostitute.” “What?” “Guys paid to feel me up for an hour. Depending on how much they paid, I would even consider letting them get into my pants.” Jonghyun’s mouth fell open as his eyes looked up to meet Minho’s, but the tall boy wasn’t shocked, he was pissed and looked like he wanted to punch someone. Kibum had been the only one that never said anything about his job aside from him being an entertainer; they all knew Jonghyun worked in a small Agency that was up and coming with new artists and Minho had been a security guard for the local baseball team, so this was quite a shock for him. He had been friends with Kibum his whole life, aside from a few years they had lost contact in between, and he had never known anything about this. He did the only thing he could think of doing, he grabbed the two boys and led them towards the back of their apartment and shoved them into a lock-down room. One that could only be unlocked from the outside and shut the door in their faces, “I’ll let you two out when you make up, we won’t be able to continue working at this rate.”In his head he was screaming how stupid he was for more than one thing, but hey he was only human.  Kibum pushed himself up against the wall opposite the door and slid down into a sitting position, “Just stay on your side of the room and everything will be fine.”  “You know he’s not going to let us out until we talk about this…” “There’s nothing to talk about. You gave me head and I hate your guts.” “For fuck’s sake, Kibum. How are you going to get mad at me for doing something all those nameless men did to you? Is it because you know who I am? Or because you like me? Hmm?” “Who would like a frog?” “You.” “I hate frogs, they give you warts.” “I’m clean!” Kibum scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, “How can I trust you?” “I should be the one worried about getting a disease.” “Fuck off,” Kibum spat, he didn’t have anything. He made sure if things went that far that the men were tested. He wasn’t stupid and he sure as hell didn’t want to have anything lingering to remind him of his bad choices. Well, he did have that one tattoo, but he was drunk and there was no sex involved… he thinks. “I’d rather fuck you, thanks.” 

    #ff #if you don't know what i mean by bling then you're too new to the shinee fandom
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    endless moments »  🔥🔑 triggers (⚠️ incomplete, alcohol consumption, talks about losing virginity) ~9k total

    main masterlist | ‘08-’12 masterlist #note -- all parts in one post, this is a short series.

    Part One: Minho’s Slip of the Tongue

    We had all been friends for as long as I could remember. Long days sitting out in my backyard during elementary school while trying to figure out who had the best idea for the cloud floating overhead. Then in middle school there was the small competition to see who would be tallest or have more muscles and finally in high school they pulled away even further from me, or I should say that we sort of pulled away from each other. I became interested in sports, Taemin had fallen into the mosh pit of the dance squad and Key had somehow become immersed in cheerleading of all things. At graduation, our parents all sat in the same row and chit chatted about how they missed seeing so-and-so at their house since they practically used to live there. After the ceremony I approached my parents, standing at the same height (ok, maybe a little shorter) as my dad while I handed my mom my diploma. She smiled at me and jerked her head in the direction of the Kim’s with a smile, “Why don’t you ask him to take a picture with you?”

    My gaze catches Key’s eyes and he gives me this look, one I had learned while we grew up together that meant to stay away so I sighed and shook my head no, “I don’t think that would be a good idea, eomma.” 

    Still hopeful she pointed to the Lee’s, “What about Taemin?”

    I glanced in his direction and never had he ever given me anything but a smile, so I walked towards him and held out my hand and took his before bringing him to my chest for a hug, “Congratulations, man,” I say softly, “Mind taking a picture with me?” He nods and wraps his arm around my waist as we turn to my mom with her huge smile since she got at least the two of us together. When we pulled away he gave me a meaningful smile, “Hyung, what university did you decide on?” I stared at him for a while, taking in his smile and his innocent eyes. I had never planned on telling anyone where I was going to school – I was quite popular (not to toot my own horn) and I could just barely imagine the amount of transfers of the people who secretly stalk me and say they’re my friends to my university. Then again, I had heard quite a few things about Taemin as well; first being, he wasn’t as innocent as those eyes and sweet smile let on and secondly, there was a rumor going around that the younger boy hated me for one reason or another (but the reasons were never consistent). 

    Key’s mom sidled up to my mom with her smile she always wore, but for some reason it made her seem like she was snooty and if you didn’t know her you would think she was looking down on you, but Mrs. Kim was probably one of the nicest moms you would ever meet; well, second to my mom of course. She rested her hand on my mom’s arm, “Would you like to join us for lunch?” The question was directed at everyone, my family and Taemin’s but there was a problem within all of this, Key was not happy about his mother’s decision, that much could be seen as he practically ripped off his pearly blue gown. Underneath was his usual skinny jeans with a form-fitting shirt and crazy amounts of silly bands; something I had heard he was into recently. Everyone had known he had lost his v-card after the soccer game I played in towards the end of the year – I heard it happened near the locker rooms. Part of me had wondered if it was because I was in there since I usually stay later than the rest of the players, but I dispelled it because we hadn’t talked to each other since the beginning of high school. 

    Taemin and I exchanged a glance before my gaze went back to Key who had taken up to chatting on his phone, death glares shot our way every-so-often like he was talking about us and subconsciously needed to see us to explain things or maybe he felt guilty and wondered if we had picked up on it yet. I wasn’t sure. He had changed so much since middle school and neither him nor Taemin had gained any visual muscles like me, so I guess that meant I had won our little battle of the biceps. I knew I would anyways. Key had only taken up bicycling and Taemin was never really fatty to begin with since he’d always had a soft spot for dancing and swimming during the summer. I looked at Taemin and gave him a nervous smile, “Want to ride with us to the restraunt?” I had already given up on considering fighting against my mom a long time ago, she wanted to go – I could tell by her facial expression. 

    “Nah, I’ll ride with my parents.”

    His mom put her hand on his shoulder, “Taeminnie, why don’t you ride with Minho? You two probably have a lot to catch up on…”

    He looked at me and shook his head, “No, we can talk at the restraunt,” he said before walking away.  

    I smiled at Mrs. Lee, she had definitely tried, but he wasn’t going to just pick back up where we had left off almost five years ago. I knew that and so did she, but then again it wasn’t like I was openly willing for my two ex-best friends to just walk back into my life. They had abandoned me. I sighed, the sooner we got to the restraunt, the faster I would never have to see them ever again. When we got there, my mom had the bright idea of splitting our group up; one table for the parents and one table for us. Yeah, brilliant mom. Taemin and I are sitting on the same side; I am actually watching how fast Key can type on his blackberry while Taemin is engrossed with his own phone. As our drinks are set in front of us and a small appetizer, I’m happy to find Taemin has put his phone down and sad to know it wasn’t to acknowledge me. Apparently the chips and salsa is more interesting than I am. Big confidence booster right there. Next to me, Key’s mom leans over with a smile from their table, “Minho, where did you say you were going to university?”

    “I didn’t,” I respond calmly, still not wanting to reveal it. Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t picking up on that.

    “He’s going to SM University.”

    “Oh, Key too.”

    “Taemin too!”

    In that moment, Key’s phone actually dropped from his thin hands as he stares at me and Taemin with wide eyes. Taemin doesn’t seem as bothered by it, except when his eyes meet Key’s and I am fairly upset with this revelation. They planned it, I swear. Our parents were planning this since they saw us separate in our first year of high school – I wish they would just learn to stay out of our business. It took a few minutes, but Key finally picked his hot pink phone back up and sent one last text before he slipped it back into his enormous shoulder bag that is sitting in the chair next to him – maybe that was the reason Taemin actually sat next to me or he fears Key more than me. Either way, we now had Key’s undivided attention and I wasn’t sure just how much of a blessing or curse that was. 

    “So you’re going to be at SMU?”

    It was directed at me, but Taemin responded, “I thought you were looking into Julliard.”

    “I was told I had to get a job if I didn’t get a scholarship to there and SMU was something my parents were willing to pay for.”

    “Oh, I just applied to SMU since it was close to home,” Taemin commented.

    Then they both looked at me. Did I ever tell anyone how much I hate being the center of attention? Okay, that wasn’t necessarily true since I’m a soccer star, but right now I really hated being the center of their attention. I smile awkwardly at them, “I got a scholarship for soccer.” 

    Taemin nodded while Key scoffed and added, “It figures.”

    Like I could help being good at soccer! Oh, hell, why was I getting upset over this? I was happy the day I got that scholarship letter in the mail and I was not about to let them ruin it for me. I was not! Wait, how did Taemin know that Key was looking into Julliard? I looked between the two; neither of them were looking at each other, too busy drinking their drink or staring out the window next to our table. Was it just me or were they trying to hard at trying not to be obvious? Okay, so maybe I was the only one who had been left out of the loop since high school. Yeah, fuck my life. Key’s black lined eyes captured me in their sight as he leaned forward towards me, “So, Minho, have you found out who you will be rooming with yet at SMU?” Uhm, what? Did they ship out the dorm rooming assignments with our schedules? I shook my head no and Key smirked at me, this is probably why I had a slight dislike for the other boy; he enjoyed knowing something that other’s didn’t know. He relished it. “I know who my roommate is,” he said cockily.

    Taemin was still staring out the window, ignoring the events going down.

    I looked back to Key to find him back in his chair, “Who is it?”

    The other boy lifted his thin pointer finger and bit the tip, “Do you really want to know?”

    Honestly? No, “Sure.”

    That finger fell from his lips in my direction and I sputtered which earned a giggle fit from the ex-cheerleader. I blinked and looked at Taemin who had finally turned his attention to us, “He’s rooming with me, Minho,” he says, ruining Key’s mood. I smiled inwardly, that’s probably the best news I had heard all day, “How do we know who we room with?”

    Taemin shrugged, “Use your sn and password they sent you and your roommate assignment will be listed in a message in your school e-mail inbox.”

    Oh, that explained it. He hadn’t even looked at his school inbox yet, “I guess I’ll do that later.”

    Key was frowning when I faced him again, unlucky as I was to be sitting directly across from him, “I hear that the dorms there are three students to one dorm. Apparently all beds are in one room with a small living area and one bathroom,” he turned his head to Taemin, “I get dibs in the morning and get to take my shower first.”

    “Like hell you do! First come, first serve.”

    Taemin’s mom shot him a look and he apologized quickly before glaring at Key. The boy seemed to ignore him as he leaned back and took a sip of his tea, his eyes staring directly at my chest, but he looked spaced out like he was thinking – did he even think? I wasn’t sure. I sigh and sip my water, ecstatic when our food is placed down in front of us; Taemin with his kid meal, me with my chicken burger and fries and Key… with his garden salad with no dressing or anything else but lettuce for that matter. According to him, he was watching his “figure”. If that wasn’t the girliest shit I had ever heard. Didn’t he know he needed protein to lose weight? Those leafs weren’t going to get him anywhere nor would they fill him up. I sigh and hold my burger out to him, “Are you sure you don’t want some? You look fine the way you are.” Everyone seemed to stop like I had just admitted I build plutonium bombs in my garage or something; no one was even touching their food in our two part group. Key, however, pushed my burger away with a sneer, “You know nothing, do you? Have you seen my thighs? My ass? They’re huge.”

    I coughed into my hand and put my burger back on my plate, “Sorry, no. I don’t check out guys so I never noticed.”

    Taemin elbowed me, probably aiming for my ribs but got my arm instead, I still looked at him nonetheless. His eyes were pleading for me to do something of some sort, probably change the subject before Key had a total shit fest and ruined our outing, so I tried, but my mouth was not in sync with my mind at that moment, “So I hear you’re not a virgin anymore.”

    Taemin face planted hard enough for the plates to clatter on the table. So I wasn’t the best conversationalist out there, but it wasn’t my fault… they ignored me for almost five years! All my friends and I only ever talked about sports – I knew they would be bored if I brought that up, so I just said the first thing that popped into my head. Maybe next time I’ll wait until I’ve consulted my brain next time. Key was seriously trying to murder me with his eyes, I guess that meant his parents didn’t know; well, I couldn’t blame him. I wouldn’t have told my parents either. Not because they would be horribly against it and maybe disown me, but because they had this odd want for me to get some girl knocked up. I had never understood it, personally, but it was a dream of theirs. Just one I wouldn’t fulfill, no matter how hard they tried. Key stood and grabbed my arm, “Can I talk to you in private for a moment?”

    Fuck was I scared, “What’s wrong with staying right here?”

    His gaze sharpened on me, “Follow me,” he growled before walking towards the little sitting area the restraunt possessed for people waiting to get a seat. I looked to Taemin, but he quickly looked away, “Sorry, Minho, you’re on your own.” Fuck. My. Life.

    Part Two: Our Place

    Key sits us down on a couch just out of eyesight of our parents when he punches me in my chest, not hard but enough to get his point across, “What the fuck Minho!” I have the want to cover his mouth as my face turns red from the amount of eyes now staring at us, but know that if I do he will do something to my hand – bite it or lick it and neither seems like a good idea at this moment, so I settle for just staring at him like a crazy person. He had said it loud enough that our mere distance from the tables wouldn’t be enough for our parents not to hear, so much for isolation. I sigh, “Sorry, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” “What have I always told you?” he questions, punching my arm this time. “Think three times before you act.” “Exactly! Now how in the hell am I going to explain to my parents what you just said?” “Did I say I was sorry?” He rolled his eyes and faced away from me. I could hear him mumbling things under his breath and I’m pretty sure none of them were pleasantries directed towards me, so let’s just say Key can curse better than a sailor and call it a night. Then my curiosity sparked again, he’s my ex-best friend, right? He would trust me to keep a secret, right? No, probably not. Not with the way I just ended his happy life with his parents, but hey, I wanted to try, “So who was it?” I ask calmly to his backside, hoping he’ll realize I’m talking to him. He turns to me as he blinks his eyes and reaches up to fix his long bangs, “Who was what?” “Your deflowerer.” “Minho.” “Hmm?” “Did you think about what you just asked before asking it?” “Maybe once.” “I take that as a no.” “Well, I’m curious.” “Curiosity killed the cat.” “Meaning you?” “YES! I’m so dead because of you.” “Just tell me who it was.” “It’s none of your business.” “What’s her first name?” Taemin cleared his throat next to my ear and I jumped, not visibly but you know, “What is it?” He smiles that sweet smile that could bury you eight feet below the ground, “Our parents asked me to get you two back to the table. Your food is getting cold.” “Tell them we’re almost done,” I say. “We’re finished,” Key adds while standing and walking back across the restraunt. I look at Taemin with hopeful eyes, he has to know, “Who deflowered Key?” “What’s her name?” “I don’t think … I’m… I don’t know.” “Liar.” “Whatever,” he retorts and leaves me to return to the table as well. I frown, first I’m stuck hanging out with them and find out they’re going to the same college as me and now I know Taemin knows who deflowered Key but no one will fess up. This is so going to eat at me until I know who it is. Mark my words; I will bug the shit out of both of them until I know the truth or until Key kills me. When I return to the table, my food is gone and so is my drink – well, not just mine, but everyone’s. I look to my mom and she sighs, “You took too long. Mr. Lee has to take Taemin to their house and Key’s mom is taking him home before she takes up her shift at the hospital.” Okay, but why is my food gone? We don’t have anywhere to be. I look across from me to Key, he doesn’t even look up from the text message he’s writing, but I know he can tell I’m watching him – like my accidental slip of the tongue somehow made him hone in on me just in case I might blurt out other such things. Actually, that was probably the only juicy secret I knew about him, so he really had nothing to fear; but I think that he’s just on edge because of what he’ll have to face later. When I look to Taemin, he’s looking out the window again. What the hell does he expect to see out there? A squirrel doing the hula or something?  “Taemin,” I call softly and he turns to me, “You want to hang out at my house?” He looks at Key then back at me, “Sorry, man, I don’t have a death wish.” I glance at Key and he’s not even paying attention to us so I look at him again, “What do you mean?” “Just leave him alone,” Key says with his eyes still glued to his blackberry. I look to my mom, “Can we leave now?” “Say goodbye to your friends.” Friends? Didn’t I just get the cold shoulder from one and ditched by the other? And sitting in a restraunt together for almost three hours did not mean we were the best of friends again – in fact, I had probably just ruined any possibilities of us even trying to cross that bridge again because I opened my mouth. We all stand in unison, like there were some Jedi mind tricks being played or something and honestly it creeped me out, but I know I’m the only one because our parents are saying their farewells and we’re just staring at each other. Taemin did surprise me a lot when he held out his cell phone to me, I took it but wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to do. “Cell phone number.” Oh, right. I punch it in and save it before returning his phone.  He looks at me expectantly, “Want mine?” Dang, had that talk with Key really messed up my mind that bad? I pull my own blackberry with a blue case over it out of my pocket and handed it to him, “Sorry.” He shrugged it off and quickly typed in something before returning it to me. When I look to Key, he looks away and walks towards the door to leave, his parents making hums of disapproval at his back. I turn to Taemin and he smiles, genuinely for the first time since I had seen him today, “I’ll see you in a few minutes, hyung.” I practically fall back on my ass from the statement, was he really going to come over or was he just saying that to mess with my head? I want to ask him, but him and his parents walk out in suit behind the Kim’s so I’m left standing there dumbfounded. My mom squeezes my shoulder, “See, maybe he just didn’t know how to approach you after you got really into soccer.” I want to comment that he’s probably just saying that so his parents won’t get on his case, but deep down, I was kind of hoping he would stop by. Of the three of us, Taemin and I hung out the most because we had known each other longer. Key had moved from the States during elementary school and we were his first friends – how that had worked out was a mystery. He only knew a little Korean and our English was nonexistent. Maybe it was fate having a sense of humor. When I reach home, I unlock my blackberry and look for the contact marked Taemin, but there is none. There is, however, and new contact titled My L♡ve and I have to keep myself from gagging at the thought of it. Would I change it? No, I figure it would be a nice story to tell my friends... oh, wait, right I have no real friends. My phone vibrates in my hand and I see the little envelope that tells me I have a new message and next to it says from My L♡ve, so I open it wondering what is in the message.   

    Meet me at our spot, Minho.  

    Our spot, gosh it’s been forever since I’ve heard those words. I slide my phone into my back pocket and head out the door, ignoring the questions hurled at me by my parents and walked down the street towards the field that has never been used for anything ever since we were young. I reach it and walk towards the tree line probably about 10 to 20 yards back and walk through them; when I see a red string tied to a tree, I know I’m close. A few minutes later I emerge in front of a lake and see Taemin by the lake, his fingers moving around in the water. I smile and quietly walk up behind him, my arms out in front of me on either side of his shoulders, ready to scare him.   

    “Don’t even think about it, hyung.”  

    I frown and sit next to him, “How did you know I was here already?”  

    “The water reflects you. You’re no longer the short kid from elementary school, hyung.”  

    Yeah~ I should have known that. Oh, well. I lean towards him and bump his shoulder, “I’m sorry we didn’t talk much during high school.” It’s a lame apology, I know, It really could have been more heartfelt like I missed you or you’re my only true friend or the only person I trust, but I didn’t think again and I’m sure if he were Key he would have called me out on it; but he’s Taemin.   

    “It’s okay, hyung. I was pretty busy and so were you.”  

    “It doesn’t really excuse it.”  

    “I know, but it doesn’t make the atmosphere so awkward.”  

    I smile and ruffle his hair, “Same old Taemin.” He smacks my hand away and readjusts his hair, “You really have to stop doing that.” I let my hand fall back on the grass and lay back. When we used to come here, we had so many things to talk about even if we had already talked about them at school and now it just didn’t seem to carry on the same way. We were still awkward even after Taemin had tried to clear it up and I found myself looking up at the cloudless sky wishing we could play that childish game from when we were younger. He lies down beside me with his hands resting on his stomach, “I’m not a virgin either,” he admits openly before turning his head towards me, “And I’m gay.” Cool story bro. Wait, what?! He’s not a virgin, sure, but he’s gay? Okay, I have nothing against gay people since I’m kind of sitting on the fence since I’m still a virgin, but I had never expected him to be gay. When we were growing up, all he talked about was being a doctor and having his own house with a wife and an endless amount of kids. I breathe out and keep my eyes on the sky, “What happened to wanting millions of kids?”  

    “I don’t like kids now.”  


    That’s my intelligent response, oh. He smiles at me and I can see it from the corner of my eye, “What about you hyung? Any secrets to share?”  

    “I’m a virgin.”  

    He looked back towards the sky, but I didn’t miss how wide his eyes had gotten at my admission. He probably had expected me to tell him I was a lady’s man, that I slept with practically every girl who had thrown themselves at me and snubbed them the next day – that is, after all, what pretty much every jock does in movies. I grasp some grass with my fingers, “I still have that teddy bear you left at my house after my 8th birthday and we still keep our fridge stocked full of banana milk…”  

    He continues to smile, “You kept beary all these years?”  

    “Was I not supposed to?”  

    “What did your friends say when they spent the night?”  

    I sighed and put my arms under my neck, everyone always assumed I let people that called themselves my friend stay the night or even come inside my house. Never once since we separated in high school did I let someone come over – maybe I thought it was wrong since Taemin and Key were my real friends, but I would never admit that out loud. Since I didn’t respond he propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at my face, “Hyung.”  

    I smile some, “Nothing. No one has been to my house.”  

    I see the look he covers almost instantly; I see it before he can hide it away. Its happiness, happiness that he knows no one has been over because he knows me. Friends come over to my house whenever they please, but to not let any of my new friends over means they were nothing to me. I want to think it’s weird to see that little glimpse into his psyche, but I can’t. I can only smile up at him as he returns it and lays back down, because I love his smile (always have), “So,” I breathe out to test the waters and he looks at me, “Should we go to my house and I teach you how to lose in Auto Racing?”   

    “Last I remembered, I was better than you are Minho.”  

    “Oh?” I ask incredulously.  

    “Yeah, I held the high score for all those years.”  

    “I let you win.”  

    He grins and stands up quickly, “We’ll see about that!” I jump up as well, watching as he dashes through the trees, heading towards my house I assume. He always was a livewire. Full of energy and lacking restraint, maybe that’s why he had joined the dance team? I reach the outer edge of the trees and notice he’s no longer in my line of sight, like hell I’m going to let him beat me to my own house. I jump a little before I start running, catching up with him in no time and finally grabbing the handle of my door to see him almost crawling after the overexertion. I smile, “Welcome to your defeat.”  

    “Screw you,” he gasps as he walks inside.  

    I grin; I bet he wishes he could.

    Part Three: Population 1 Jock, 1 Diva, and 1 -uh- Taemin

    Taemin had actually turned out to be a pretty good loser, not once did he pout or complain that he had lost, it was like he knew. Which pissed me off; did he know because he went easy on me or did he know because he hasn’t played in forever? I didn’t bother asking because I was sure I would know the answer and there was no need to bring it up when I had already won. After that day, the few days till we had to move on campus and into our dorms were spent with me and him texting each other. The day of moving I was woken up by Taemin jumping on top of me while I was sleeping, not bothering to watch where his knee landed; he was so confused when I pushed him off my bed and held onto my jewels like they would disappear back into my body if I let them go. Then it must have hit him, what he had done, because he kept apologizing to me; even after I recovered enough to walk down the stairs and sit down at the table for breakfast. My mom eyed him, “What happened?” “I kneed Minho,” he answered earnestly. She blinked a few times; obviously unsure what to say before she disappeared back into the kitchen. We started eating the food she had laid out, quietly since I wasn’t sure what or how I would talk to him since I still wanted to cry that my boys were in pain. Didn’t he know that I needed that later on if I decided I wanted children? Okay, so I should go to hell for coyly trying to say that since he’s gay he doesn’t realize, but I never asked him which role he played. Top or bottom. That was a bit too intimate into his life for me right now and I wasn’t all too sure I wanted to even know; but it was something that crossed my mind. Like did he see me differently now? Was I attractive to him? Would he jump (not like earlier) me while I slept? Knowing he was gay gave me so many more questions about him than I wanted to know. Whereas Key had left everything to the imagination and I was starting to respect him for that. When we finished I walked back up the stairs to my room, him following behind me like a lost puppy – it’s how we always used to be, but I had to draw some lines now. Not because he was gay, but because we are grown … at least physically.  I held my hand out at him as I entered my room, “I’m gonna get dressed.” “So?” “I’d like some privacy.” He pouted, legit pouted and I wasn’t even sure how in the hell I was supposed to refuse him like that. He was… cute. He still had his baby face from when we were growing up and he definitely knew how to use that against people to get what he wanted. I was so close to folding when my dad’s voice called up the stairs, “Minho are you done yet? We need to get on the road!” “ALMOST!” I yelled back and shut the door in Taemin’s face. Success. On the way to SMU, I made sure to keep to myself by reading a book I just bought. Contrary to my sports background, I love to read. It calms me. Taemin, on the other hand, had earphones in his ears as he stared out the car’s window. Yeah, he was a guy of many different moods. When we arrived, Taemin was the first one out of the car, moving at miles a minute as he opened the back and our things started to slide out the back. I leaned against the things and stared at him in disbelief at how he was just standing there, “Aren’t you worried?” “About what?” “Stuff breaking?” “I’m only worried about one thing breaking and it’s not in any of my bags.” Mrs. Kim appeared next to Taemin with her unusual smile, “What’s going on here?” “Taemin opened the back and things are going to fall out.” “Oh!” she said, stepping forward as I turn and starts to help me grab things and put them on the spot next to Taemin who’s just standing there like nothing is happening. We have most of the bags out of the car by the time my parents come out of nowhere. I would ask where they went, but I didn’t really care to know, especially since I had an idea with Key standing by their side. Taemin gasped behind me before his voice cut through the noisy parking lot full of kids with their parents moving into the university, “Did you remember to check who you were rooming with?” I lean against the car, wanting to shout out words that my parents would probably disapprove of as I hear that question. Not once in those few days I had been packing and texting Taemin did I even think to log onto my school e-mail and try to find out who I was rooming with. I hear Key’s laugh and it’s like a personally built melody that seems girly just like his eating habits, but I decide not to say anything about that, “I forgot.” Mr. Kim stands behind his wife, “They have room assignment lists inside the dorm.” Oh, thank god.  Key was immediately in a bad mood, “Don’t bother, you’re rooming with us.” “Really?” My mom asked, it was her mock-shock voice and I grumbled. Figured. I look to Taemin who doesn’t look very amused by my mother either as we gather our bags and Mr. Kim and my father grab a few boxes before we turn to Key who leads the way to our dorm room. Our dorm building looks similar to those old motels that have two floors and on the second floor there’s a landing around the building that gives access to everyone’s dorm room. To say it wasn’t modern was a lie, everything seemed almost automated, the only exception being the stairs we had to climb to reach our room on the second floor. When I walked in the door, I dropped all my bags and blinked a few times, why was this my life? In the common room, there was this inescapable bright pink that burned my eyes and made me wish I was living off campus, “It looks like a pink unicorn or some shit threw up in here.” Key shot me a glare and I smiled innocently when he turned to Taemin, “Please take the middle bed so I’m not tempted to strangle him in the middle of the night.” Mrs. Kim smacked her son’s back and told him not to be so rude, but he still had this downturn to his lips as he grabbed Taemin’s bags from him and walked to what I assume was the bedroom.   

    I turn to his parents with a smile, no need to be mean, before I picked up my bags and joined the skinny boy in the room. Across the left hand side of the wall were three beds which made the room rather small looking. Key seemed unhappy that I was the one that followed him in the room, “The beds, well at least two of them, can be made into a bunk bed. That would give us some more space.” He said it more to himself, but he was clearly looking at my arms – I guess having a jock ex-best friend was becoming better than some meat head he didn’t know. I set my bags down by the right wall and looked at the beds, “Let me guess, you get the bed that sits by itself?”  

    “Actually, I was gonna suggest Taemin and I share.”  

    I turn to look at him, “Still mad about what I said?”  

    He doesn’t answer, but I hadn’t really been expecting one. He was still as childish as when we were little kids. Mr. Kim and my father bring in the boxes of Taemin and my things for our bed. When they retreated in the middle of a conversation, it surprised me to see Key unpacking a few things, but he stopped quickly and looked at me, “Are we going to make them into a bunk bed?”  


    “Let’s dress the top bed first,” he mumbled, turning to Taemin’s box and pulled out a yellow bed sheet. I guess just because he was okay with sharing a bunk bed didn’t mean he was okay with taking the top. He stopped and looked at me again, “Do you know if he still sleep walks?” My eyes widened as I looked at him, Key actually remembered something like that? I wish I could answer him, but I wasn’t so sure myself. I lean back towards the door to ask him to join us when Key stops me, “Nevermind, I’ll take the top bunk,” he finishes, standing and points to his already made pinkified bed. Taemin walked in then as if he could feel we were just talking about him, “What are you two doing?”  

    “The beds can be made into a bunk bed for more room,” I respond.  

    Key just nods his head as we try and lift his bed; my end a few feet off the ground while his is… not. I sigh and look to Taemin, “Help me?” The long haired boy nodded and walked towards Key’s side of the pink bed and looked to me. I lifted my end and he lifted his end, not as high as me, but it was a better bet than Key. We moved slowly towards the unmade bed in the middle before I heaved my end of the bed and placed it up on the posts of the middle bed. I lock my side into place then move to his side and help him lift it enough to place on the posts before locking it into place as well, “Thanks,” I say and pat his butt. I don’t miss how Key’s face darkens before he turns and digs in Taemin’s box again then pulls out the yellow sheets. I’m sure I missed something, but it wasn’t like either of them were fessing up to anything ground breaking. Was the look directed towards me or Taemin? Ugh. I reach into my own box that Key had opened earlier and pull out blue sheets before I walked to my lonely bed next to the windows on the far wall of our room as they push their bunk bed towards the wall near the door.   

    I dress my bed and sit on it, exhausted finally from lifting the bed practically by myself. The sight that greets me was one I wasn’t expecting. Taemin and Key are sitting on Taemin’s made bed, heads inclined towards each other as they talk in hushed tones. I ignore it and walk to my box, grabbing the edge and pulling it with me towards my bed as Mr. Kim and my dad return with four more boxes. My dad looks to me and smiles, “We’re gonna head out soon. Your flat screen is in the common room and the box with your shower things is in the bathroom… Is there anything else you need?” I shake my head no, I have everything I need; my stack of new books, my laptop with a wifi hotspot and money. Taemin looks at me while I am pulling out folded posters and pictures, but when I look to him he stands and walks out of the room so I look to Key who just lies back on his bed, facing the wall. Again, I’m pretty sure I missed something. I stand and follow Taemin into the living room, our parents already gone, “What’s up?”  

    Taemin ran a finger over the top of my flat screen that had been left sitting on the floor, his bottom lip pulled into his mouth like he was thinking, “Taemin?” He turned to me and smiled, but still didn’t talk.   

    “Taem,” Key called from our shared room, “want to go out?”  

    He blinked and looked at me, eyes almost begging me to say something, “Uh, Key,” I say, “Me and Taemin are going to head to the store for some things I forgot. Did you want to join us?”  

    Key stepped out of the bedroom and stared at Taemin, “Really?”  

    I smiled and nod towards the boy, even though I know that question wasn’t directed at me but I felt bad for Taemin – he usually just went along with what me or Key said because we were older than him by a few months. Key older than myself by at least a month, but I wasn’t one to bow down before him like he was some sort of god, but I’m sure he wanted me to. I just don’t plan to kiss ass, especially not his.

    Part Four: An Honest Little Game of Truth -or- Dare, Promise

    The rest of that week went pretty much as that first day. Key being moodier than a girl PMSing and Taemin trying to avoid choosing either of our sides as it turned out since we had gotten closer to our past friendship, but not entirely. So you can imagine my surprise when I came home on Saturday night from soccer practice – yes, we had started training already – to see the two boys sitting around our medium-sized oval table covered with pizza, chips, booze and other such party items and a banner taped above the kitchen area where the table sat to say ‘Welcome Home’ in big curly letters. I walked to our room and kicked my bag towards my bed before joining them near the table, “Okay, what gives?” I wasn’t the smartest out of the three of us, I was here on a sports scholarship after all, but I mean come on~ they were up to something. Key always looked like he wanted to claw my face off and Taemin was so clingy when Key wasn’t around that I was pretty sure of my earlier thoughts, but this surprise party? Okay, whatever. I could use a good amount of booze to last me over the weekend.  

    Taemin smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me down into the seat between him and Key, “Key said we should throw a small party since we’re all in college now.” Key’s jaw tightened at the words before he opened a pizza box and flung a cheesy pepperoni slice at Taemin’s face, hitting him square on the nose before it fell to the plate in front of him. I couldn’t help but smile since his face was covered in grease and cheese, he looked ridiculous, but I guess it couldn’t be helped. I looked to Key and held my plate to him and he neatly placed the pizza on my plate before taking out his own. Taemin shifted next to me and handed me a beer, which I took happily, and popped it open while sipping the top of it while looking over at Key who was giving Taemin the stink eye. Without thinking, I put my arm out towards Key – the one holding the beer – and smiled at him, “Take mine,” I said gently, pretty sure he’d turn his nose up at me; but he took it with a beautiful smile and sipped it earnestly. I raised a brow to Taemin who pouted and handed me another beer which I took and put in front of my plate.  

    While we ate, Key said we should play a game and it wasn’t like me to oppose so I agreed. Him and Taemin both had a wicked smile on their faces and I knew I was done for then. This game you ask? I wouldn’t have been so upset if it was strip poker or some other weird more adult-type game, but this one was still along those lines. They chose a modified version of truth or dare, strip truth or drunk dare. How do you play? Obviously someone dares you to do something or asks for a truth and if you lie during a truth you strip and if you don’t complete a dare, you drink. I would have been okay with the drinking since I was – okay, I wasn’t okay at holding anything stronger than a few beers – and stripping only bothered me a little considering Taemin’s viewpoint; it was really the way Key kept staring at me that bothered me. I was in danger.  

    Taemin patted my thigh discreetly under the table as Key leaned forward, “I’ll start off then,” he muses before returning to his originally position, “Minho, truth or dare?”  

    “Truth,” I say, not shortly afterwards Key’s eyes flick to Taemin who stiffens under it. shit, Shit, SHIT!  

    “Minho, are you really a virgin?”  

    I knew it; I fucking knew it, “Yes.”  

    Key laughed happily at that then motioned for me to go, so I look back at him, “Key, truth or dare?” “Dare.”  

    Either way, I would get this from my friend, “I dare you to reveal who popped your cherry.”  

    Key’s eyes didn’t move from mine, “Why do you care? It’s not like you like me…”  

    “Does that mean you’re gonna take a shot?” I ask, eagerly lifting the vodka bottle.  

    “No,” he says sternly, “Just wondering why you’re so obsessed with that.”  

    I shrug, “I’m a curious guy.”  

    “Curiosity kills the cat,” he mutters before crossing his arms over his chest, “You really want to know?”   

    Well, obviously. Is the sky blue?   

    He points to Taemin, “Ask that little minx who sticks to your side 24/7.”  

    I turn to my friend at my side, noticing how he is currently scooting away from me with a red face and I cannot believe it. It was him all along, him who popped Key’s cherry and him who openly admitted to being gay on the first day we had hung out again like old times. I want to frown because I was secretly hoping he had a thing for me with how much time we had been spending together and this was a low blow to my ego – Taemin really did just see me as a good friend. Just my luck. My smile falls and I straighten my back, its Key’s turn again and he shifts his gaze to Taemin who’s on the far end of the table, equally at distance from me and Key.   

    “Taeminnie,” he purrs wickedly, “Truth or dare?”  

    I look to him in time to see him jump and hear a squeak before he chooses dare.  

    “I dare you to kiss Minho on the lips.”  

    I narrow my eyes and look at the other boy, “Yah!”  

    “Shut up and keep out of this, Minho.”  

    “But I’m in it!”  

    Taemin’s small frame is shaking and I cannot tell if he’s laughing or crying from what he has to do, his face is red as well, but again I still can’t decide which way that leans him – crying or laughing. He stands slowly and walks back that distance he moved away from me and his lanky arms reach out to me, his fingers tangling in my curly hair as he pulls me up to meet his lips. His kiss is soft, not deep, which I’m thankful for. Key however seems upset as he puts his foot on the edge of the table, “Oh, come on~ I was hoping for something worth watching.” I lift my hand to flip Key off, but Taemin takes it into his mouth and sucks on my middle finger, making me blink and focus back on the younger boy’s lips; his eyes hidden behind his long hair. Key grins and bites his thumb nail while watching before he smiles, satisfied with the turn of events, while Taemin moves back to my lips and kisses them once more before returning to his seat. When he flips his hair out of his face, his eyes are on Key, “Hyung, truth or dare?”  

    “Dare, Taeminnie and make it good.”  

    The younger boy smirked and stood, quickly walking to Key’s side and leaning to his ear while whispering something. I never hear the bet, but Key nods his head in agreement and I want to sigh, just what had happened in front of me without me knowing again? Taemin returns to his seat and his eyes are resting on Taemin, “Taem, truth or dare?” Well, what the shit?! I was there too you know! I would be willing to do anything if they just included me!  

    “Dare, hyung.”  

    “Same as your’s, same rules.”  

    Well if that wasn’t bloody vague.  

    Taemin looks at me then Key and nods, “Okay, hyung.” Taemin turns to me in the next second and I’m so freaking happy I almost jump out of my chair, almost, “Hyung, truth or dare?”  

    I want to say truth since they’re conspiring something, but I don’t want to pussy out either, “Dare.”  

    “I dare you to lose your virginity.”  

    Uhhh, what?! How can you dare something like that? That’s not even a simple dare! It includes the probability that someone would be willing to do it with me and other such factors… how can I just nod and be all calm and simple about it? He smiles at me, that one that makes you cave into anything he wants, “Does that mean you’ll be taking a shot, hyung?” I honestly want to say yes, but I know I won’t last long if I’m given a shot – vodka was my weakness, like superman’s was kryptonite. I was doomed. I do the only thing I can do and nod in defeat, earning a grin from Key as well. I’m so screwed (no pun intended). I pretty much have to become the school’s slut in order to do this dare, right? Yay. I sigh and look to Key, really not into the game anymore, “Truth or dare?” “Dare, Minho.”  

    “I dare you to go to our neighbor and kiss the one whom opens the door.”  

    “Fine,” he says, standing and walking towards our door. I follow him and stand halfway out of our dorm, just enough to see the scene in front of me, as Key knocks on our neighbor’s dorm room door. He knocks curtly and within moments a drowsy head appears just outside the edge of the door he has blonde hair that is smushed on one side from sleep, I notice, as another boy a bit taller than the blonde steps forward and stares at Key; he has black hair that’s pulled back in a ponytail at the top. Key smiles at them innocently and holds out his hand confidently, “Sorry to wake you up so late,” he says in excuse, but the black haired boy waves his hand like they weren’t asleep while hitching his finger at the blonde, “Kevin just fell asleep after eating… he came from the States.” Oh, well there was Key’s new best friend, I laugh inwardly as I continue to watch them, “Oh,” his friend smiles, “I’m Kibum, but most people call me Key and I wanted to introduce myself.”  

    The taller black haired beauty takes Key’s hand, “Kiseop,” he gets out before Key is pulling the tall boy to him and crushing their lips together. The blonde seems shocked at their neighbor’s boldness. Key turns to the blonde next and kisses him as well, taking the shorter by surprise then pulls back and smiles, “Nice to meet you, Kevin,” he says with a grin before waving and walking back towards me. I’m stunned so much that I just stand there dumbly holding the door open, even when they look at me and I wave, I find it hard to remove myself from the door. They wave back and I finally get enough determination to move back into the dorm and lock the door. When I turn, Key is just behind me, “Minho, truth or dare?” Fuck my life. I thought the game would be awkward and come to an end after that.   


    Key smirked, “You liked watching me kiss Kevin and Kiseop, didn’t you?”  

    Well, it was particularly amusing, but to say I liked it would probably be taken a different way, so I shook my head no. Key leaned towards me, his breath still smelt of beer, “Liar,” he accused, tugging at my shirt. I gave in and let him pull it off of me before making my way back towards the table. Since I lied, Key got to have another swing at me on the truth meter.   

    “You find me attractive.”  

    No, no, no, no- yes? He was good looking, if I hadn’t known him since we were younger I probably would have lusted after him thinking he was a girl and come the night we decide to get physical I would find his friend. No! I screamed into my mind, when it started to undress the boy without much restraint. Was this how my first semester of college was going to go? Mentally undressing my roommates while lusting after them and whacking off while envisioning them riding me? NO! Maybe? God, I’m so dead.  


    “Liar,” Key grinned and pointed to my pants. I removed them quickly and waited for the next blow.

    “You imagined how it would have looked like when I told you Taemin popped my cherry.”

     “No!” that one he could answer honestly. He never thought about it.  

    Key frowned, knowing it was the truth, “Fine, your turn.”  

    “Taemin,” I say desperately, “Truth or dare?”  

    “Dare, hyung.”  

    “I dare you to hug your best friend.”  

    It was weak, I know, but I wanted to get away from the explicit questions we were asking. Taemin stood and walked towards Key and I, pulling us close together and wrapping his arms around the both of us. He couldn’t be serious! Him and Key fucked, that had to make them more than friends, right? They had crossed that friend boundary in high school. With that, Taemin stepped back and looked at me, “Hyung, Truth or dare?”  


    Taemin laughed at me, probably my nervousness, “I dare you to touch me.”  

    I raised my hand to his shoulder and let it stay there. The younger laughed and grabbed my hand, “No, hyung, I think you know what I meant,” he comments as he pulls my hand down south. What is with these two? No! I retract my hand from his grip and he smiles, “Go take a shot, hyung,” and that’s how my night ends, really. After that shot sets in, I’m incapable of keeping my vision clear or keeping my mouth shut. Key hugs me to his side as he leads me towards our bedroom, “He loves Mr. Beary soooooooo much,” I slur loudly, probably agitating our new neighbors to no end. The shorter boy sighs and patiently lays me on my bed on the far end of the room, his face kind of a blank stare from what I could make out of it, but then again I wasn’t all there. He looked over his shoulder before Taemin appeared in my sight and he was laughing like he used to when we would stay up late watching scary movies – so late that I would become incoherent, much like I am now; shifting topics at the blink of an eye when I’m done with them.   

    I blink a few times and then the blinking becomes more lax and finally my eyes refuse to open. I cannot really make out the whispers I hear and it leaves my mind just as it entered because I was out. In the morning, Taemin pokes my side until I swing and smack him in the jaw – well, it wasn’t really intentional, unless it was Key because then it would be. The boy is crazy, who wakes up at 6AM on a Saturday? Not me, especially not me when I’ve been drinking, so I feel bad towards Taemin and pull him into a hug, “I’m sorry, I thought you were …” “Go ahead, Minho, finish your sentence…” “...The pink bossy unicorn that’s standing in the doorway giving me an I-shall-kill-you look.”  Taemin laughs and pulls me up into a sitting position, “Come on, hyung, we’re going to the movies.” “Which movie?” “I don’t know, Key-hyung picked.” I look to the pink unicorn in the doorway with a frown, “Please tell me almighty one that you’ve not chosen a chick flick.”  

    The other boy smirks, “It’s a surprise.” I look at Taemin again and he holds up his hands innocently, “I really don’t know this time, hyung.” Well, this will either be the best weekend or the worst. With Key you can never tell. I sigh and climb out of bed and go to my dresser that me and Taemin sort of share since sharing is completely beneath Key, or I should say, none of Taemin’s things would have fit anyways. I curse under my breath as I take my clothes and go into the bathroom to change, there’s an uneasy feeling in my stomach and today of all days I choose to believe in it. If I don’t return to this apartment sane, Key will wake up with blue hair I promise to god!

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    He was out of her reach, she knew this, but it didn’t stop her from fantasizing. One day, one day she would be wrapped in his arms and his eyes would only see her. A childish fantasy most girls have, but she couldn’t help it, even as she watched him from afar at the club she was known to frequent. Somehow, maybe without much consideration on her part, she had just become drawn to this club that she had first seen him at. Times when she would feel lonely, she would get some kind of thrill out of knowing, just maybe, he would look down and see her dancing her heart out and maybe, just maybe, he would be moved by her passion in that moment. It was a surprise, on such a night, where she had been facing some hardships at work and went to that club to dance away her misery that she was called up to the VIP suite on the second floor. In her mind, it was probably some greasy older man looking for someone to occupy his time before he went home. Farthest from her mind was the worker stopping her in front of that same man she had been drawn to all this time; how exhausted she suddenly felt in front of him covered in sweat. Like all her previous nights were just rehearsals for this night. That’s the kind of feeling she had. He smiled at her and held out his hand, “I’m-“ “Mr. Choi, you’re quite famous you know,” she said, her smile instantly on her face which seemed to break the uneasy atmosphere he had started off with. His laugh echoed even in the lively club atmosphere, “I guess you’re right.” She stared at him, “What can I do for you?” So much, his mind whispered, “I guess it would be strange to say I’ve noticed your dancing since I first saw you here a few weeks ago. Maybe that’s why I kept returning?” “I’m honored,” she laughed, covering her mouth since she didn’t like the way she laughed, “I’m sorry you have to return to the same club every time just to see me dance, though.” “I don’t mind.” She smiled wider, if possible, before she relaxed in her chair. By now, it was hard for her not to notice the way his eyes looked over her – now that her heart was at ease – and she couldn’t help but feel beautiful with the way his eyes took her in. She knew her cheeks were a bright red and the way he smiled when his eyes reached her face again said he noticed too. Just great. Maybe, if god was kind, he would send her away then. Stop her foolish fantasies from ruling her life and bring her back down from the cloud which was where she was in that moment. He rubbed a hand over his face and smiled, “You wouldn’t mind taking a walk with me? It’s gotten kind of stuffy in here.” Couldn’t he have asked one of his many friends that surrounded him? Why her? She nodded anyways and stood with him, letting him lead her by a hand to the small of her back, out of the club. Outside he moved away, quickly pulling out a cigarette and anchoring it on his lips, “It’s a nervous habit,” he offered in excuse before lighting it and releasing the smoke into the air. They walked minutes from the club, her following him as he entered a small park of sorts before he finally stubbed out his cigarette on the ground. The quiet was nothing good for her nerves, “I heard you were married, congratulations.” “Seems everyone knows now,” he laughed and turned to her, “it makes this so much harder now.” “Hm?” “Earlier, I told you I frequent that club to watch you dance… I guess, in my way, it was a small confession. I wanted to make it clearer now, but I guess I’m just as sinful as the old men in that club.” “Sinful?” “I’m captivated by you,” he answered innocently, throwing himself down on a bench before grabbing her hand and pulling her into the space between his legs, “Am I really as bad as them?” He rested his head against her stomach, holding her firmly in place so she couldn’t move away. Part of her found him adorable and endearing and the other part was trying to wade through all of what had just happened. He was married, but captivated by her? He liked her? She stood frozen, like a statue, as he rubbed his cheek against her stomach, “It seems I’ve scared you.” She couldn’t deny that anymore than the feeling of joy in her heart – even though she dreamed about it – was this real? That moment hesitation was enough before she stepped back, fighting his strong arms, “You were just married, should you really be here doing this? Think of how it will make your new wife look… how it’ll make you look…” “I don’t care about any of that,” he responded quickly, gently pulling her back to him, “I just want to see you dancing happily in front of my eyes, to be able to touch you without feeling bad about it, to…” he stood and looked down at her, steadily keeping her form against his, “to kiss you whenever I want,” he whispered before capturing her mouth with his.

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    better than you »  🔥🔑 triggers (contains bling, alcohol consumption, broken heart, losing virginity) ~30k total

    main masterlist | ‘08-’12 masterlist #note -- all parts in one post, this is a short series.

    Part One

    Key blinked his eyes open, taking in the dorm room he had been in since the beginning of his college life. His head shifted to the left to look at his best friend’s empty bed, the boy never seemed to stay in the room with him anymore, “That bastard,” he mumbled before sitting up and rubbing his eyes. He sighed and stood then walked to his hole of a closet that was not even good enough to hold his pants to find that it was wide open and the whole thing was askew. He clenched his jaw and picked up some of his shirts, “Fucking bastard,” he growled when said boy walked into their room behind him. Key turned to take in his best friend wearing his gray shirt covered in silver lettering, “Yah, Kim Jonghyun, what the fuck!”

                                                    The older boy gave him a smile, he was in too good of a mood to let his kill-joy of a best friend get him down, “Aigoo, our Kibummie is so beautiful,” he laughed, squishing the taller boy’s cheeks while faking a cute tone since this usually appeased the other boy. Key slapped his friend hands away, “Jjong, how long have we lived together?”

    He sighed, his friend wasn’t going to just let it go this time, he lazily held up two fingers, “And how many times have I told you not to touch my stuff?”

    The shorter boy looked at his hands and found he didn’t quite have enough fingers to account for the amount of times Kibum had yelled at him for touching his things. Everything the other boy owned was off-limits; it was really a one-way street since Jonghyun always allowed his best friend to use his things. This wasn’t quite fair. He pouted and grabbed Key’s hand, swaying cutely, “Kibummie~ don’t be mad, beautiful. I didn’t have anything good to wear to my date last night…” “So your best conclusion led to you stretching out my favorite shirt with your big body?!”  He frowned, “I’ll make it up to you.” “Damn right you will,” he spat at him, yanking his pink shirt out of his closet and grabbing his skinny jeans he had laid out the night before. Jonghyun grabbed his arm, “Before you take over the bathroom for a few hours, I wanted to give you some news that I heard from my date last night.” The taller boy gave him his full attention, it was rare sometimes, “Go on.” “I heard some news that you might not believe unless you see it yourself.” Key raised his brow; the other knew how he hated things like this. “Your arch nemesis,” Key cut him off, “Why do you always refer to Choi Minho like that?” Jonghyun shrugged and shoved his hands into his pants pockets, “It’s more fun than saying the guy you hate with a fierce and determined passion,” he commented, even air quoting the last part. His friend gave him a sharp glare before he continued on, “Like I was saying, your arch nemesis has a side to him no one has ever seen.” Key made a motion with his hand to tell the boy to hurry up and get to the point, “He raps and I also heard he wasn’t that bad a dancing as well…”  “You’re kidding. Mr. Sports-Addict is good at dancing? I highly doubt that.” “I knew you would say that,” Jonghyun smirked, angling himself towards the bathroom; slowly but surely. He was inside by the time Key got this fire in his eyes, but he didn’t seem worried about the bathroom anymore – he had secured his presence in the bathroom. Kibum undressed quickly, ignoring the cat calls his best friend gave him from the bathroom doorway and then shimmied into his skinny jeans. He pulled on his shirt next then was out their dorm’s door after a few minutes of laying his hair perfectly in front of the mirror on the closed bathroom door, heading across the campus towards the quad where all the people he hung with loitered. Taemin, his rather too-smart-too-good-looking friend that he still got weirded out by his age jogged up beside him as he stepped foot onto the quad, “Hey Bummie, you’re here early.”  “Where is he?” His friend gave him a knowing smile, “Just in front of you. The group of sluts that claim to be cheerleaders have been begging him to do something for them for the past 30 minutes.” Key squatted down and tucked the ends of his skinny jeans into his shoes before returning to his original stance, “Has he done anything out of the ordinary yet?” Taemin shrugged and rocked back and forth on his feet, “I just got here a few minutes ago myself. I heard the news from Onew; he was heading back from his 8AM class.” Key put on his fierce model-worthy glare with pursed lips as he walked forward, crossing his arms with Taemin flanked to his side. They walked a bit further until they were a yard away from the tall wavy-haired boy. Just as younger boy had said, there was an ocean of girls around him begging him to do something, but the sports-god kept refusing.  Minho was pushing a particular girl who always made him wonder if she was anorexic by her size away, when his eyes caught Kibum’s figure a few feet from him. He stood from his perch on the little brick fence to give the girl a final authoritative push away, “Stop asking. I don’t dance and I definitely don’t rap.” The girls frowned, but refused to leave his side. He mentally rolled his eyes, before looking over to his right to take notice of the basketball captain that had been at his side the whole time. His first thought was to talk to his hyung, but he could feel a burning sensation coming from the direction Kibum was in and it was starting to piss him off. That feminine boy was really good at pissing people off, not to mention that smart kid that hung out with him always gave him this look like he could see through him. He turned his focus on the other boys, running his tongue over his bottom teeth, “What do you want, Kim?” Kibum hated the way the taller boy addressed him, he had a first name after all, not to mention a nickname that he loved to death; but no, this Neanderthal referred to him by his last name. Awesome. He grinned, he was innocent so far after all, “I hear you can dance, princess.” Minho narrowed his eyes, only focusing on Key, “Is that the best you can do, Kim? I thought you were made of champion stuff to be able to hang around that slut boy you call your best friend.” That was it. No one and Key meant no one, made fun of his best friend and got away with it. He launched himself forward, tackling the tall boy to the grass after they tumbled over the little brick fence. The boy beneath him was breathing heavily, not because of Key’s weight – no, the boy practically was a twig – but because of how he hit the brick fence. The shorter boy was scratching at his face; what he really wanted to do involved a machete, a shovel and a few meters of earth. No, he wouldn’t kill him, but other things would die. Minho grabbed at the boy’s hands, his face probably covered in thousands of angry red lines and there was also the possibility the other boy had taken chunks out of his skin. His face felt like it was on fire. Taemin grabbed his friend and dragged him away from the taller boy, it was difficult since the boy was squirming and grabbing onto anything so he could go back to attacking Minho. A siren sounded next to them and the younger dropped his friend to cover his ears before turning to take in their counselor; the older gentlemen was sending a death glare towards Key before he actually took in the damage to Minho. Taemin could tell he was trying to figure out why college students were fighting like middle schoolers and why he was the one that just happened to find them first. He obviously hated his job. “Kibum, Minho, follow me.” Minho pushed himself up off the ground and did not like the looks people were giving him. Just how bad had Kibum ruined his face? He ignored the looks and focused on following behind the counselor, wanting so badly for this all to have been a dream. Kibum was sulking, sure he was the one who had attacked first, but he also knew he couldn’t afford to be kicked out of university. He couldn’t afford to lose his scholarship for his dancing degree. He breathed out heavily as he sat down in the nurse’s office, the woman there was looking at him – knowing good and well it was his work that had been unleashed on Minho’s face – but she said nothing to him.  Minho winced when she asked him to lie backwards on the little cot; she glanced at Key then had Minho sit back up, “Can I see your back?” The wavy haired boy nodded and started unbuttoning his white button-up shirt to reveal his undershirt. “Turn,” she instructed and he listened, the cool air of the office hitting his back as she pulled the shirt up some, “Seems Kibum has out-done himself this time,” she chided and put his shirt back down. Kibum had gotten a glimpse of the other boy’s back and seen the big bruise that was forming there; he really hadn’t meant to hurt him that bad. Then again, he couldn’t feel bad for the other boy’s face; he would protect Jonghyun until the ends of the Earth, because that’s how much he valued his friends.  The counselor sighed, “We all know who started this fight, as usual,” he looked at Kibum, “You realize that his parents could press charges, right?” The blonde haired boy looked down at his lap and nodded, if Minho’s parents were angry enough, they could do much more than press charges against him. They were those types of rich people; ruining someone’s life when it fit their prerogative. The older man rubbed his eyes and motioned for Key to just leave, he would know soon enough if anything bad would come his way. The whole school would know.  Jonghyun was sitting on his bed when Key returned to their room, flipping through a magazine with a smile on his face; that’s the boy he had just defended. The innocent Jjong whom wasn’t known for his endless streak of sleeping with a majority of the student body or how he was the worst student in school, because this guy in front of him was much more than that. It wasn’t shameless to indulge in what you really wanted; he just happened to be more visual and vocal about his needs than most of the conservative people. He heaved a sigh before throwing himself face-down on his bed. His best friend must have noticed something amiss because he put his magazine down and joined Key on his bed while patting his butt, “What happened this time? Someone wear clothes in colors that are out of season?” Usually this would make the younger boy laugh, but he just stared out the window behind the head of his bed.  How did you cheer up a dancer? By making him dance. Jonghyun pulled the other boy up and smiled at him, “Key, did you want to go out dancing with me and a friend later? They found this club just off campus that most kids don’t know about… What do you say? Want to give it a go?” The other boy pursed his lips in thought before he turned it to a pout directed towards his friend, “Can we bring the Lee brothers along? They don’t get off campus much.” The older boy patted Key’s thigh, “Onew is the one that told me about the club, apparently it’s a good place to relax and stuff. He said Taemin has been there once.” The other boy nudged him, “Which is more a reason to invite them.”  “Alright, alright. If it will get you out of your funk then they can come.”  Key sat up and scooted to the end of his bed before standing, “We can go now.” “I still have another class,” the shorter boy mentioned. “Oh.” “How bad of a day did you have? Should I skip class and we go do retail therapy?” “No,” Key forced a smile, “No, it’s okay. You’ve already missed too many classes.” Jonghyun stood and grabbed his backpack off the ground, pausing just in front of their door when he turned back to take in his best friend, “Are you sure? I don’t mind skipping.” The taller boy smiled a bit more genuinely, which must have said something to Jonghyun, because he didn’t question Key’s answer anymore. He just left. Key lay back on his bed and brought his hands up to his face, staring at his nails, some of which were still covered in blood. He sighed and dropped one hand over his eyes while his other fell back to his side, he knew better than to fight when he was on a scholarship. He knew better than to instigate a fight with a rich boy like Minho, but he couldn’t help himself when the other boy had talked about Jonghyun. He couldn’t allow something like that to just go without any kind of consideration.  Minho stared into his bedroom mirror; he was probably one of the only students whom had been awarded a single dorm room. It was a god-save as he stared into the lines on his face. He shouldn’t have said that about Jonghyun, the boy honestly wasn’t a bad person and he was brought up better than to be so disrespectful of anyone, but damn that Kibum who pushed his buttons without even trying. He grabbed a bag full of ice, one of those big freezer bags, and walked into his room. The kid whom always hung around Key had told him to lay with ice on his face for a while and the red marks would be gone by morning. You would think that he would be smarter than to trust anyone associated with that crazy boy, but he trusted Taemin because he is Onew’s brother.  He lies down on his bed and put the bag of ice on his face, the cold setting in instantly. His parents had just happened to call this morning before he went out for classes, luckily, he wouldn’t hear from them again for a month since they were travelling overseas. Meaning the whole ordeal with Kibum would not exist to them. Key opened his eyes again and it was pitch black in his room, the only light being from the bathroom that had been left open. He sat up and looked around, how long had he been asleep? In that moment, Jonghyun burst into their room and threw down his backpack, “You’re not ready yet? I thought you would use the time I was in class to get ready…” He watched his friend stand and walk over to his closet, hands gently pushing the shirts in his closet around, but he didn’t make a move to grab anything. In fact, he didn’t even seem interested in their little night out anymore. A knock sounded on their door and he pulled his eyes away from Kibum to answer it, just outside the door were Taemin and Onew, both in relaxed clothes. Thinking about it, he really had never seen them in anything but casual clothes, “Come on in. We’re just waiting on Kibum to get ready.”  Taemin’s gaze was locked on Jonghyun as he walked in, “Is he hogging the bathroom again?” He hit something and looked to find his friend motionless, “Key?” “He’s been like that since he came back this afternoon.” Onew clapped Kibum on the back, “I have something that will relieve that stress, Bummie,” the older boy said, his other hand digging into the bag hanging from his shoulder. Taem wanted to tell his older brother it probably wasn’t stress and that he shouldn’t be offering drugs to others, but looking at Kibum, he couldn’t decipher what he wanted to do anymore. The boy looked closed off. Jonghyun smiled, “Maybe we should try another day?” Kibum finally moved and grabbed a shirt, “No, let’s go!” They all stared at the boy who could have just been labeled comatose a few moments ago; it was that feeling like he had just grown a second head. Onew smiled anyways and sat down on Kibum’s bed, “We’ll wait for you to change.”  Kibum nodded and shut himself away inside the bathroom. Jonghyun looked at the other boys, “What happened this afternoon?” Taemin looked at Onew, a silent conversation going on between their eyes, but Key’s best friend wasn’t really known for his patience. He snapped his fingers at the two brothers, “I’m over here. Now divulge the goods or I will ruin one of your lives and you know I can.” Taemin looked at his brother again then sighed and fully faced the shorter boy, “He got in a fight with Minho.”  “So? He always fights with Minho.” “Well, this time was different.” “Yeah, I see that. How?” Taemin really didn’t feel he should be the one telling this to the older boy, he wasn’t as close to Kibum but he knew his mind well enough to know he would be in major trouble if he said anything. His friend was big on if he wanted someone to know something he would tell them himself. That’s why there was this sort of cat-got-his-tongue silence. He ran his top teeth over his bottom lip, thinking hard, his brother patted his butt to urge him on; silently promising to clear things up with Kibum if things went bad. He breathed out and nodded to himself before focusing on Jonghyun, “Minho… he talked bad about you.” Jonghyun blinked, “What did he say?” “He called you a slut.” Jonghyun clenched his jaw tightly, “Okay.” “Okay? Shouldn’t you be even madder than Kibum?” “Just drop it.” Taemin stepped forward and was going to ask him why, but Onew’s thin hand around his wrist pulled him into a silence. His brother shook his head at him and pulled him backwards to sit on the bed beside him. They had already damaged the mood enough, if they did much more, they wouldn’t be able to salvage the night with their trip to the club. Jonghyun was the easier of the two to pull out of the darkness, but Kibum would be the one they had to watch closely. Kibum emerged from the bathroom moments later, his mood visibly better thanks to his good fashion sense and the time he was able to play around with the make-up he had wanted to use. His eyes fell on Jonghyun and as if he was pulled by a string, his arms closed around the shorter boy and he patted his back, “The only opinion that matters is yours.” Onew stood and smiled at the pair, “Should we get going or are you two going to kiss?” Kibum smacked the older boy’s shoulder and smiled at him, maybe the one they had to watch wasn’t the younger of the two roommates after all. Key wrapped his arm around Jonghyun’s and pulled him towards the door; all four boys filing out of the room and heading across campus in the direction of the club.  Minho sat up; the bag full of water fell from his face. His face felt numb and still frozen, but the real thought that bothered him was whether or not his face still had red lines on it. He walked into the bathroom and stared into his mirror, taking in his face that was as close to normal as it could be. No red lines, just the barely visible parts where the other boy’s nails had taken some skin. He smiled and there was no trace of pain, so that smart little kid had told him the truth. He suddenly felt amazing, should he go out and party? It seemed like the best bet as long as he didn’t drink. He’d never been able to handle a lot of alcohol; he usually got tipsy after a beer or two.  He pulled his shirt off and undid his pants before pushing them down and just standing in front of his mirror in his boxers. He wasn’t a timid guy and he had loads of confidence in himself, but he never could understand why he never reciprocated any of the feelings of the girls who hung all over him. He was good looking and was good at many things, but none of the girls around him did anything for him. Not even the girl he had been pressured into a “blind-date” with, if you could call your frat friends tying you down to a bed while a girl pleasured herself with your body a date. He shivered just thinking about it, he had gone to have a million tests done after that night; just in case. He walked out into his room and grabbed a pair of jeans, his tighter fitting ones, and pulled them on. The girls had always complimented him in those jeans, who knew, maybe he would get lucky. Maybe he would find a girl that actually sped up his pulse. He grabbed a button-down pin-striped shirt and threw it over his shoulder then sprits himself with his cologne before leaving his dorm room. Jonghyun had stayed with them at their table for only two rounds of beers before he grabbed his third while smiling at a pretty blonde girl across the way from the table. With a smile, he had excused himself and walked over to her. Kibum huffed and sucked down his third beer, “I don’t even know why I worry about what people think of him sometimes. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all.” Taemin gave Onew a look, but the older just smiled – his pills were kicking in. When Taem looked back at Kibum, there were more than 6 empty beer bottles in front of him, “Uh, Key, how many beers have you had?” The older boy ignored his friend, standing and swaying as he pushed into the bodies on the dance floor. The beats pulsing against his skin, as he moved mindlessly to them, his eyes never focusing on any one person for too long. If they didn’t move just right in response to his moves, he got bored. Moved on. Taemin stood and moved into the crowd, pushing his body up against Key and rotating his hips in unison with the older boy. Key smiled back at him, wrapping one of his arms around the younger boy’s neck as they swayed to the music. It was a long few moments that Key stayed with him, grinding his butt against him until suddenly the boy was moving away from him. Taem looked up and watched as he made his way to the bar, men gently grabbing at his friend as he passed them, but Key just brushed them off.  Minho arrived in the club he had heard about from Onew a half hour later, his mood was so much better than it had been that afternoon. Usually he would wait until he had a few beers in him before he made his way onto the dance floor, but today it was the first place he made his way to. Slowly he shook his butt to the music, licking his lips as girls pressed against him, but a certain blonde caught his eyes as they made their way from the dance floor to the bar. Parched, he thought, I’m parched. Like magic, his mouth felt dry and unbearably sandy like the Sahara; lucky for him it wasn’t hot like the Sahara or he would be too embarrassed to approach that blonde. He smiled at the girls around him, a lazy smile, before he pushed past them; enjoying the disappointed sounds they made in his absence.  He usually would call over his shoulder that he would return to the dance floor after he had a beer, but his eyes were already locked on the wavy haired blonde who was pressing a beer to pouty pink lips. He sat a few stools down from the other and ordered a beer, the man behind the bar smiled at him knowing him well enough by now, “Hey Teukkie, been busy tonight?” The bartender shook his head as he popped the top of the beer and placed it in front of Minho, “Not really, seen some lookers though. If anyone has a chance, that person would be you.”  He laughed, “You think too highly of me.” “You mean no one strikes your fancy?” He glanced towards the blonde, “There’s one, but I’m going to take my time.” LeeTeuk followed his gaze and smiled, “Good luck, bro.” Minho nodded, picking up his beer and taking a gulp of it as he turned and looked out at the dance floor; it was nice to not have to pretend he was some perfect sports kid like he had to at school. It’s not that he wasn’t amazingly gifted sports-wise, but he didn’t like feeling superior to others. “Hey,” a sensually addicting voice called next to him. He glanced to see the blonde hair that had caught his eyes originally was closer than when he had sat at the bar. He smiled as he took another gulp of his beer before turning to face the other, “Hey.”  Key could barely make out the bartender across from him, let alone the boy he was talking to, when he had blurted out his greeting. His mind was so hazy, thanks to having drank close to 10 beers in a little less than an hour. He leaned against the taller boy and smiled, “You here alone?” It must have been the beer talking because he never came onto anyone in a club. He had learned this lesson more than once. Minho enjoyed the smell of strawberries wafting off the blonde; he felt a haze settling over his vision as he finished off his beer. So it only took one tonight. He must have been more stressed than he realized thanks to the events of the afternoon. Key sat up, straightening his back completely as he leaned towards the other boy to whisper in his ear, “Want to dance with me?” Minho nodded, placing his empty bottle behind him on the counter before he stood, his arm reached back to grab the other’s hand as he made his way to the dance floor. Was it just him or was this night turning out to be perfect? He swayed to the song, before he turned and pulled the blonde against him, the other placing his back against him and swaying against him.  Taem was enjoying his beer when he shot up in his chair, his eyes falling upon Key on the dance floor. He turned and smacked his brother on the arm, ignoring the grunts, “Onew, ONEW! Who is that with Key?” The older boy pushed himself up, even in his state he tried to make himself snappy, “What is-“ Taemin pointed, “Is that who I think it is?” Onew nodded, his eyes locked on the two on the dance floor. Jonghyun chose that moment to walk over, ignoring their attention to the dance floor; maybe they saw someone good looking. He waved his hand in front of Taemin’s eyes, “Tell Key I’m going to stay out tonight. I know he’s still worried about me, but I’m fine. I’m going to leave with that foreigner from earlier. Okay?” The younger boy looked at him and nodded, his eyes darting behind him as soon as he had given his answer. Now he was really curious, was there someone better looking than the blonde he had hooked up with? He turned and leaned against the table while crossing his arms, scanning the dance floor when he caught the blonde hair of his best friend. His mouth fell open. His Kibummie was dancing with his body pressed against Minho, he felt something close to anger, but much more deadly in theory fight its way into his system.  He ran through the bodies on the dance floor and pushed the tall boy off his friend. Key grabbed his arm, “Jjong! What are you doing?!” Jonghyun felt the veins popping out on his neck as he stared at his beautiful best friend, he must have been so gone on beer, “Do you not realize who he is? Take a look!” The younger boy breathed out then turned to take in the tall boy on the floor and his eyes instantly turned icy, he was sober enough now to realize why his friend was so upset with him. There on the floor was – as Jonghyun would say – his arch enemy. He had been enjoying his time until that realization hit him and suddenly he felt betrayed by his own body.  Jonghyun grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards their table, glaring at the Lee brothers, “I leave him for you two to watch and you let him fraternize with the enemy. What kind of friends are you?” Taemin blinked those big brown orbs at Jonghyun, “Does that mean you’re not hooking up with that blonde foreigner from earlier?” The older boy’s eye twitched, “Just forget it,” he growled, grabbing Key’s things and pulling him towards the exit of the club.  Minho finally stood, rubbing the back of his head, messing up his ponytail in the process. His eyes caught Onew sitting alone in the back of the club, sipping a beer and smiling at him; his free hand beckoning for him to join. He did, smiling as he sat across from the other boy, “I didn’t think I’d see you here, hyung.” The older boy shrugged and put the beer down on the table in front of him, “Just enjoying the interactions between people. It seemed you were enjoying yourself for a while.” Minho nodded, his mind automatically pulling forward the blonde from earlier with the pretty lips and lean body, “I guess I angered her friend.” Onew laughed before picking up his beer again and finishing it off, this would be entertaining, “Should we head back on campus?” he suggested while standing. Minho nodded, standing as well, following the older boy out of the club.

    Part Two

    Kibum heaved a sigh as he stretched his muscles to relax them after their dance practice, his mind kept remembering that night at the club. It was a week ago that it happened and it was driving him crazy. Taemin smiled up at him from his sitting position on the floor, “Hyung, did you want to come back and practice later tonight?” He shrugged and picked up his arm bag off the floor, he had wanted to go to the club tonight with Jonghyun, but practicing sounded much more promising. He held up a peace sign, “Maybe next time, Taem,” he muttered before turning and leaving with the rest of the class. The younger boy frowned, crossing his arms over his knees as he stared at the exit of the dance studio; so much for somehow showing the other boy his feelings. Key hadn’t bothered to change out of his tight fitting dance pants or his slightly oversized pink shirt that hung off one shoulder. It didn’t faze him when people would stare at him with this hunger in their eyes, in fact, it made him laugh inside. He knew he had a good body and the looks they were giving him meant it was better than he had thought it was; being a dancer had definitely paid off. Probably more than he wanted as someone’s voice called behind him, “Hey,” they said. He ignored them, obviously, he wasn’t in the mood to talk to someone when he was still very sweaty from dance practice, but this person wouldn’t give up. He turned when he was in front of the door to his dorm house and looked at the boy, his eyes widened along with the others. Choi Minho, his arch nemesis, was standing there looking somewhat upset over the turn of events.  “Oh it’s you,” he finally settled on while looking at Key. Key glared at him, “Who did you think it was?” “No-nothing,” the taller boy said before turning to leave.  “Might want to get those eyes checked out if you’re seeing things!” “Screw you,” he called back. “In your dreams,” Key retorted, before walking into the dorm and laughing. He was still laughing as he entered his and Jonghyun’s shared room to find it empty. He blinked and looked around the room before knocking on the bathroom door, “Jjong? You in there?” He waited a few minutes, his ear pressed to the door, when there was no answer he opened it; sure enough, the bathroom was empty. He blinked, pulling his phone out of his bag before speed dialing Jonghyun who answered quickly even for him.  “Yo!” “Jjong, where are you?” “Uh,” heavy breathing came through the phone, “I’ll be back in a little bit.” (“You’re leaving?” it was moaned out before Jonghyun’s voice followed, “Not just yet.”) Key felt disgusted, “Why did you even answer?” He hung up the phone so fast that he was sure that he cracked the touch screen before he threw his phone down on his bed, “Of all things he’s ever done! This has to be the worst. Does he not realize I don’t want to hear what he does in his private life?”  Taemin looked over his shoulder at Jonghyun, the older was slamming right against his prostate and he was enjoying the sensation. In Jonghyun’s head, he didn’t see Taemin when he started this little venture; his mind only saw Key. It was lucky for him that they had similar body builds. It was perfect until his best friend had called him and ruined the illusion, now he saw the long haired boy beneath him, but his pride wouldn’t let him abstain from finishing. The younger boy’s back arched against the elder’s hand that was sliding down it, “Jonghyun-hyung~” came his breathy moan. For a second, he checked around them, he had gone to pick up Key thinking the other boy would still be practicing but all he found was Taemin staring at the mirror. When the younger boy had stood and stretched, his shirt had rose and seeing those defined hip bones was all it took to pounce on him.  That’s how he ended up in this situation. Taemin’s muscles squeezed tightly around his member, when he let go just slightly the older released into the lanky boy on all fours; the other released onto the wood floor. They collapsed and he pulled out before rolling off the younger, “Sorry about that Taem,” he muttered, patting his back. Taemin felt stupid, when Jonghyun had pushed him down on the floor, he had allowed it. He had told himself to imagine it was Key pushing him down, that it was Key that had been pushing into him at just the right angle to reach his sweet spot while he lost his mind; he knew better, but he still wanted to believe it had been Key. They looked at each other then away, Jonghyun standing up and fixing himself up, “Don’t tell Jinki,” he added before leaving the dance studio.  He couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, even till the end; he was too young to even be thought of rationally. Jonghyun was more worried about his brother finding out what they had done and not his own feelings about what had just happened. He felt nauseous, quickly he stood and rushed into the locker room towards the showers before he doubled over and heaved onto the white tiles. He was so stupid some times. Key was sitting on his bed, arms and legs crossed while his foot swung around in the air impatiently. He was going to give that friend of his a piece of his mind. He was glaring at the door when the shorter boy shuffled in, his eyes intentionally not looking towards Key’s bed and it was making the taller boy mad beyond belief. He shot up from his position on his bed and pushed his friend back against the door he had just entered, “Yah, Kim Jonghyun, I don’t know how you see me; but hearing you working your magic on someone while I’m trying to talk to you is not something I want to hear!”  “You told me I always had to answer your calls.” “Not when you’re power-driving into someone!” He smirked, “You sound more like a jealous girlfriend, Key,” he mentioned while pushing himself off the wall and closing the distance between them. Kibum hadn’t moved back and he didn’t look flustered; all Jonghyun could see was how pissed he was. He shrunk back to his position against the door and Key turned and walked to his closet, “You owe me big time, mister. You get to buy all the drink rounds tonight and pay the fee to get into the club.”  “All of it?” Key looked over at the boy, his eye brow arched, “Unless you’d rather get back to that person I interrupted you with…” Jonghyun’s mind showed him Taemin’s face, it just had to be his face after what they done in the dance studio; he looked down and shook his head, “No. Alright, I’ll pay for everything.” The taller boy smirked and pulled out shorts and a black shirt similar to the pink one he was wearing. Jonghyun disappeared into the bathroom to clean himself up; there was this bitter feeling in his stomach, what if Jinki found out about what he did to Taemin? Would he do something to him? No, right?  Minho looked over at Jinki, he had been dragging the older boy to the club the whole week in hopes he would get a glance at that blonde from the other night. Jinki was busy smoking, smile stretched across his face, “Why are you such a party animal lately, Minho?” The taller boy leaned back against the booth cushion and put his arm over the top before his eyes turned to the older boy, “This place is really relaxing. You were right.” Jinki just watched him as he took another drag then looked out towards the dance floor. Minho stared at the dance floor too, but no blonde head could be seen and he was starting to believe he would never see that girl again.  Jonghyun was practically dragged to the club after he told the older boy he had invited Taemin along; ever since then things had been awkward. He had hold of the shorter boy by the front of his shirt while he and Taemin talked about their plans to practice late the next day. As soon as they walked in, Key dragged the lot of them to the dance floor. Taemin immediately placed himself at Key’s back while Jonghyun occupied his front. He just laughed at the two boys, his arms resting on Jonghyun’s arms, “I swear, you would think that you two liked me or something.” His best friend froze in front of him before laughing awkwardly and walking towards the bar, whereas Taemin continued what he was doing, slowly grinding his hips against Key to the beat of the song.  Key turned to the boy, pushing one of his legs in between Taemin’s thighs with smile while they danced. His mind was totally focused on just the two of them as they danced; he always seemed to do that when he danced. It was somewhat a blessing and a curse. If he was good, it didn’t matter but if someone was telling him how bad he was doing – well, he wouldn’t hear them. His eyes were half-lidded as he danced, he didn’t even notice the look Taemin was giving him. Didn’t even realize how dangerously close the younger boy was getting to him. None of it. His eye were almost painfully too wide as lips pressed against his, he just stared at those closed eyes in front of him that belonged to Taemin, what was going on today? First Jonghyun thinks he is jealous and now his friend is kissing him. He pushed the younger boy away and wiped his lips, Taemin was blinking in realization of what he had just done; only to realize it too late. His friend tried to grab his arm, “Key, please listen,” he pleaded, but he just removed his arm from the other boy and made his way towards the bar. Lucky to find that his best friend wasn’t there anymore. The bartender watched him with a smile as he sat down on a stool. He smiled back, “Beer please,” he muttered before laying his head down on the bar top.  “Any kind in particular?” “Not really, my friend is buying tonight.” “How about something a little bit stronger then?” “Anything that can make me forget what just happened would be nice.” “Coming up,” the bartender singsonged. He turned and looked back towards the dance floor, trying to spot out his younger friend, but he wasn’t there. He looked towards the booth they usually sat at and neither Taemin nor Jonghyun were there; only Jinki. Had his friend ditched him? The bartender returned as he faced the bar top again and placed this yellow punch type drink in front of him, there were raspberries floating at the top, “You must be the boy Jonghyun was talking about earlier,” the man behind the bar mentioned, “He said you should try this one since he left his card here.” Kibum nodded, so his friend had some sense.  He picked up the glass and placed it to his lips, the sweet concoction spilling over his taste buds. There was just barely a hint of alcohol, had Jonghyun been laughing at him? He downed the glass in one shot and the bartender eyed him from the far end of the bar where he was conversing with another man that had far too many beers in front of him, but didn’t say anything. Key held up his empty glass to him,  “Another one, please,” he smiled, feeling a little too happy after just that one glass.  Leeteuk looked at his regular, the rich boy he’d become close to, “Minho, how many beers have you had?” The boy smiled up at him and patted his cheek weakly, “Our Teukkie looks so handsome tonight.” The older boy rolled his eyes and gently pushed the hand away, “Minho, I think you should head back to your dorm.” The younger rubbed his eyes and nodded, “Sure thing, hyung,” he mumbled while standing and walking down the length of the bar. Blonde hair. He stopped, sobering some before he looked to his left and noticed the slender blonde slumped over the bar was the same one he’d run into last time. Leeteuk was just on the other side of the bar so he pointed at the blonde.  Leeteuk pointed to the glass, “Their friend ordered them the punch, and it’s a doozy.”  “W-where their friend?” Leeteuk looked around the bar and shrugged, “He must have left, I don’t see him.”  “I guess I’ll stay a little longer,” he smiled, sitting next to the blonde at the bar. The bartender shrugged, “Whatever, the bar is closed for the night anyways.” Minho looked down at the one next to him, gently pushing their curly hair out of the way as he grinned at those pink lips that had caught his attention that first night. They were so beautiful, even laying there with their lips pushed out while they slept. His heart raced. When the other stirred next to him, their eyes were cloudy and he couldn’t help but continue to smile at them, “Morning princess.”  A rich laugh left the other’s mouth and his heart sped up just that much more. The other straightened their shirt, even though it slid off one shoulder again, and stood to dust off the back of their designer shorts. His eyes narrowed down on those beautiful thighs, the last time everything had been covered so his eyes were feasting on the vision before them. She ignored him for the most part and grabbed her clutch-type bag before she waved to the bartender. Leeteuk handed her a card after ringing up her bill and waved bye to her.  Minho grabbed a peanut from a small dish next to him and threw it at the older boy, “Hyung!” He watched the older shrug and motion towards the girl’s retreating back, “Go~” Minho didn’t waste another second, no matter how much he wanted to yell at the older boy, he rushed out of the club and caught up with her; she was surprisingly fast for a girl with shorter legs than his own. Key sighed into the air, enjoying how a slight breeze crossed his body and cooled the sweat he’d gained from the packed club. “Ahh~” he smiled throwing his arms into the air and spinning around in the cooler air. He wasn’t really paying attention that the tall guy the bartender had been talking to in the club had followed him, that drink Jonghyun had ordered him had made him a bit too worse for wear than he thought his friend had been capable of. It wasn’t till he heard that familiar “Hey,” call from behind him that he turned. You think his mind would have been able to place the husky voice of the taller man, but for some reason that punch had accomplished short-circuiting those wires in his head.  “Let me walk you back to your dorm,” he offered. Key blinked and pursed his lips, “That’s okay, I can make it on my own.” “I’m quite strong,” he mentioned, patting his nonexistent arm muscles. “I can see that,” the taller boy snickered, “Then give me your number…” “W-why?” he asked while walking back towards the campus. “So I know you made it back all right.” “Fine~” he sighed, pulling out his phone from his shorts and holding it out behind him. Minho smiled, taking the phone and unlocking it to find a picture of –wait- was that Kim Jonghyun? He stared at the picture for a long time, wondering if his eyes were deceiving him. He shook himself, not so much mad at the guy in the picture, but wondering if maybe they were dating. Was it possible? Could Jonghyun actually have tied himself down to someone? Again, he shook himself. Quickly opening her contact list and adding his info as he heard foot tapping; assuming it was hers. He handed it back to her and she slide it back into her back short pocket then turned to leave. He put his hand close to his mouth, “Remember to message me once you get in!” then the thought hit him, he had never got her name, “Hey, what’s your name?”  She was too far away to hear by now he figured when she didn’t look his way so, he pouted and pulled out his own phone, she would message him, right? He sighed and shoved his phone back into his pocket before heading in the opposite direction towards his dorm. Key was practically crawling when he entered his and Jonghyun’s shared room, sitting on the floor to kick off his shoes then reached up to turn on the light. No roommate. Maybe it was a blessing since he was too out of it to even get mad at being ditched by the older boy at the club. He slid his butt over the wood floor until he was next to his bed; something was nagging at his mind. What was it? Remember to message me, the tall boy from the club had said. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and unlocked it or tried to, but alas, his touch screen phone was dead. Key looked around for his cord, where had he left it? He looked under his bed then threw a fit; he was too tired to be looking for his charger cord even if he did promise to message that guy.  He climbed into his pink sheets and scrunched them up until they made a pillow under his head. His mind drifted to the guy at the club, it was true had not danced with anyone tonight, but the guy he remembered was so familiar. His name was on the edge of his tongue, he licked his lips and like that it was as if the name had escaped him. He sighed and laid his head back on the blanket between his arms and closed his eyes, “I’ll just text him in the morning~” he sang into the room; not bothering to turn off the light. Jonghyun unwrapped his arms from around Taemin, the boy had been upset about something and he felt obliged to relieve some of that hurt since he had taken advantage of him earlier that day. As the hours passed by, he had become antsy, even now to the point where he kept staring at his watch; when was Jinki going to come back? He sighed and his breath seemed to tickle the other’s neck as he squirmed against him, he couldn’t help but smile, the young boy seemed like a lost dog just looking for affection – similar to how he always felt even if Key was the one he had wanted to be his owner, he knew his friend wouldn’t go for it. If what had happened earlier was any indication.  Taemin groaned next to him, stretching out against him then turning over until he was on top of Jonghyun. The older didn’t breathe; he could only stare at the boy above him. Should he push him off? Would he move if he asked him to? The lack of oxygen was making his head hurt so he took in a big gulp of air, his full chest allowing the younger to roll off to his other side closest to the wall. He sat up slowly, hoping the mattress wouldn’t move to much as he tried to get off. Taemin’s body became rigid next to him, “Jjong, you’re going back to your room, aren’t you?” He hadn’t even had time to stand, or even make a move to stand; instead he turned and looked at the younger boy, “I just wanted to see if Key got back safely…”  “About earlier,” he mentioned, pushing his hair back out of his face. Jonghyun tensed, he had hoped they wouldn’t talk about it at all, “I’m sorry, really, I am. Key would kill me if he found out.” Taemin looked over his shoulder at the older boy, “You want to make Key jealous?” He blinked, what was this boy thinking now? Taemin pushed himself up onto his elbows and looked over at Jonghyun, his hair just barely touching the pillow beneath his head, “We can pretend we’re dating and spend time together. You like Key and I like Key, odds are he is bound to choose one of us,” the younger said, no smile, but a serious face greeting the older. “What if he doesn’t?” “Then he probably would not have ever chosen either of us anyways.” “When do we start?” “Now.” Jonghyun laughed and laid down next to his ‘boyfriend’, it had a certain ring to it since he’d been a player since he got out of middle school. He laid an arm over the younger’s slender waist he had acquired from dancing, “Well, then, honey... when should we break the news to Key?” Taemin smiled, enjoying being held by someone, “As soon as you want, tomorrow morning if you want.” Jonghyun pulled Taemin closer to himself and lightly kissed his neck playfully, “I’m not a morning person, honey,” he teased. The younger rolled his eyes while he quickly put his hair up in a ponytail before relaxing into the elder’s arms him, “Just sleep. We’ll talk about it later.”  Minho was far past his cloudy haze from all the beer he had consumed and kept staring at his phone, the device plugged into his charger so it wouldn’t die, “Did she get kidnapped on the way to her dorm? Was she never intending to message me?” Again, he thanked the good Lord above that he had a single dorm since he could go crazy with worrying about someone girl he barely knew without having someone tell him he was sprung or throwing a pillow at him to go to sleep. Yes, he was lucky in that sense. His eyes were starting to burn with how intensely he stared at his phone without blinking, but not one message decided to make itself known.  He set his phone down and reclined back on his bed, he could at least be comfortable while he waited, right? He never found out because moments later he had passed out under heavy eye lids and the lights blaring in his room. The next morning when he woke up, it was to one of his frat friends banging on his door, “YAH, CHOI MINHO, Wake up you bastard!! We have to get to practice!” He stared up at the white ceiling, his hand reaching over for his phone and checked for a new message. There was none. Kibum jumped up in his bed before looking at his phone, what time was it? The sun was sifting through his curtain and from the intensity of the light, he was almost sure he’d missed his morning classes. He picked up the phone and tried turning it on, it only vibrated slightly in his hand before returning to its dead state. There was this similar nagging in the back of his mind that there was something he had to do, but he had promised his teacher he would arrive early for dance class, to his dismay, it didn’t look like he would be there early at all. He jumped up, shoving his phone charger into the device and grabbing his bag he used to carry his dance clothes.  He ran out the door, leaving his phone on the charger in the room.  Jonghyun walked in the room a little after 3PM and sat on his bed; somehow he had banged Taemin and started ‘dating’ him all in one night. He scratched his scalp furiously, Jinki would kill him if he found out, wouldn’t he? He rubbed his face then looked at Key’s bed; he would not notice anything different since he had forgotten to make his bed this morning. With a smile, he walked over and threw himself on the younger boy’s bed, relishing in the smell of his best friend. It was a mouth-watering mixture of vanilla and strawberries that reached his nose. A few hours had passed before he heard the door to the room close and he jerked himself up, his eyes meeting Key’s, “Oh, hey, you’re back roomie.”  “Why are you on my bed?” “I thought it was mine. It had been left unmade.” “Get off.” “What?” “GET. OFF.” He retreated back to his blue bed, “Why are you so mad?” “I just got yelled at by my dance professor for being late and I missed most of my morning classes. Do you really think I’m in the mood for your games right now?”  “Key~” The younger boy ignored him and pulled out a big text from his backpack that was laying against his bed. “The Performing Arts in History” boy~ was that a big name to swallow, not to mention it looked like it could break his best friend in half just from where it laid on his legs. A knock on the door caught his attention and he groaned, he had completely forgotten about his and Taemin’s little plan. He smiled, “I’ll get that,” but Key didn’t even look up from his book. He released a big breath and opened the door, letting the younger boy step inside.  They had a silent conversation there at the threshold before he wrapped his arms around Taemin and kissed him deeply; slipping his tongue into the younger’s mouth. He smiled as his boyfriend’s hands trailed up and down his arms and his plush lips moved greedily against his. If it weren’t for the fact that Key had finally taken notice of them, he would have thought Taemin was really interested in him or at least a bit more than dating his best friend.  Key looked annoyed, his hand flinging towards them, “What in the fuck are you doing to my friend, Jonghyun? He’s only eighteen.” Jonghyun smiled at Taemin, not breaking the eye contact as he pulled him in for a tight embrace, “He’s my boyfriend, we’re going out.” Key slapped the book closed and threw it at his best friend, “YAH KIM JONGHYUN, DO YOU WANT TO GO TO JAIL?! HE’S TOO YOUNG FOR YOU, DO YOU WANT TO DIE? I’LL KILL YOU WITH MY OWN HANDS! DROP MY PRECIOUS TAEM NOW!!” He moved out of the way of the book before exchanging a smirk with the youngest boy before said boy pushed himself out of Jonghyun’s arms to confront Key, “Hyung, it is okay… I asked him…” “It’s not okay! You’re too young!” “Too young for what? Sex? Do you really think Jonghyun would be my first?” Jonghyun and Key’s eyes both widened at the question. Jonghyun blinked, had he not been Taemin’s first? Key’s mouth dropped open, his Taemin wasn’t as pure and innocent as he seemed? The silence became heavy in the room and the youngest smiled, a soft laugh breaking through his lips, “Besides, there’s no reason to be upset. You know Jjong isn’t as bad as everyone says. You’ve been friends since forever.” Key nodded his head, not looking up as Jonghyun wrapped his arms shakily around the youngest boy’s waist.  Taemin used his body to push Jonghyun out of the room, smiling and kissing his jaw before he looked towards Key again, “Hyung, you don’t mind if I have Jonghyun stay with me again tonight, right?” Key just sat there, staring down at his crumpled pink sheets and not saying a word. His mind had been racing since Taemin had admitted he wasn’t innocent. Did Jinki know? He could have sworn the boy he had loved like a son was pure, but why was his stomach still churning like he wanted to throw up? The door closed and he finally looked up, did he just consent to their relationship? He wasn’t even sure. He grabbed his phone and turned it on, waiting impatiently for it to load. Finally when a message said Hello, Key! He opened his contacts, quickly searching for Taemin’s number, nay, Jinki’s number. He wasn’t jealous, he was worried, and he knew exactly what his best friend was capable of. He might be a hypocrite by doing this, but he didn’t want to see his friend ruined by Jonghyun. His eyes lingered on a foreign number before he quickly texted a message to Jinki, telling the older boy of what he had just heard from the two. When he was done, he went back to the mysterious number he had stumbled upon; all that marked it was the letter M.  He stared at the number for a long time, trying to place who it belonged to but no one’s face registered. He blinked, that nagging in the back of his head came back, “The guy from the club?” He opened the compose window and started writing out a message. He wasn’t sure how to sign the text so he just put a K at the end. It was simple enough. Minho was standing in front of his bed, ready to pull on his night shirt when his phone went off. Was it her? He opened the message quickly, ignoring how cool his skin felt while his eyes scanned over the text.

    To: M From: Unknown Number Hey, I think we met last night? You gave me your phone number to text you, but I had passed out when I reached my dorm. Uhm, sorry for the late message, I made it back okay. –K

    K? What was that short for? Without pausing he saved the number as K and wrote her back.

    To: K From: M Its okay, I was really worried though. I couldn’t even sleep. How was your day?

    Key grinned, his mind forgetting his best friend and Taemin already.

    To: M From: K It’s getting better now. Thanks, you’re like a white knight right now.

    Minho laughed at the message, so he was a white knight? He liked that idea.

    To: K From: M Well, I have to head to bed soon. My professor will rip me a new one if I don’t show up early tomorrow. Have a good night, K.
    To: M From: K Ahh, I have to sleep soon too. Sweet dreams, M.

    He smiled, pressing send and wiggled on his pink sheets, kicking his legs up and down, was he finally going to be able to find someone he liked? Boy, did he hope so.

    Part Three

    It had been a week since Jonghyun and Taemin had announced that they were going out, oddly enough, Jinki hadn’t said anything about Taemin’s relationship status or the fact that he was not a virgin. It irked Key to no end that he was the only one freaking out over the whole situation; was he the only one that didn’t see the possible train wreck that could happen between the two when Jonghyun got bored with Taemin? It was more than once that he had to cheer up his best friend’s exes after the older dated them, sometimes even gaining a good friend out of them, but what he worried about was Taemin, the boy was still young and he refused to think of him in his non-innocent state. R-E-F-U-S-E-D!

    He breathed a sigh of relief as he walked out of his History of Modern Dance class as his phone sounded a new message, munja wa shong! Munja wa shong! 

    To: K From: M Hey beautiful how did your morning classes go?
    To: M From: K They’re going pretty good. Are you heading towards the soccer field?
    To: K From: M Yeah, how did you know? Are you stalking me?
    To: M From: K You wish! I might watch you practice if I have time, though.

    Minho smiled to himself as he flipped his phone closed and pulled off his shirt, he was trying to get ready for practice, but his hyungs kept eyeing him weirdly. He tried to ignore them as he pulled on his uniform, it just wasn’t that easy, “Yo, Choi, who have you been talking to that you’re all smiles and happiness now?” He looked at Donghae, the one asking and grinned, “Does it really matter? Don’t get jealous because I have a girlfriend and you don’t.”

    “Oh~ you have a girlfriend, huh?”

    Minho nodded.

    “Then what’s her name?” He blinked; he really didn’t know her full name. They would probably be able to guess if he faked her name, right? They were like wolves and could sense when people were nervous. He straightened his back, “Her name is Kay.” 


    “Yeah, she’s foreign.” 

    Donghae eyed him for a while before shrugging and patting him on the back, “Well, I wish you good luck then, seems she’s pretty special.” All he could do was nod in response before pulling on his shorts, the older boys leaving for the field. He felt stupid having to lie to his hyungs, he would be laughed at later if they started dating and her name wasn’t Kay or even began with a K. She could have picked any letter that she liked, he sighed but smiled again, she said she might watch him practice. Maybe he’d see her again, with that happy thought; he wrapped a blue towel around his neck and slammed the door on his locker closed before running out to the field to join his teammates.

    Taemin’s phone was vibrating across his campus-issued wood desk. He sat up; expecting the disturbance to be his alarm for him to wake up and get ready, but it wasn’t so. On the screen, it read ‘Jonghyun-hyung’ and he quickly snatched up the phone and walked out of his dorm room so as not to disturb his brother. He closed the door behind him and answered the phone, “Hyung, is something wrong? Did Key disappear in the middle of the night or something?” Jonghyun’s voice sounded somewhat breathless, like he had been running, “I need you, Taem.”   

    There were a few changes between him and Jonghyun over the past couple of days that they had been marked an ‘item’. The first one being that they had these frequent sessions where he would be persuaded into sex. Second being that Jonghyun had given up sleeping around or at least he was quieter about it and lastly, his focus had somehow started to shift from Key to the man who made love to him every day; which was starting to piss him off, so he tried to ignore the warmth that spread through his body at that sentence combined with the older boy’s beautiful breathless voice, “Where are you? I’ll come to you.”  

    “H-her-re,” Jonghyun wheezed at the top of the stairs down the hall. Taemin quickly ran to him, patting his back while the older boy regained his normal breathing pattern, “I thought you liked working out, hyung.” The other smirked, a glaze settling over his eyes, “I do like working out, but something with less gym equipment and more sweaty bodies.” Red painted itself into Taemin’s cheeks as he listened to the way his hyung talked, if he didn’t know any better, he would think the other boy was not the same Kim Jonghyun who had won a few awards for songs he had composed. Yes, his hyung was amazingly gifted and he was his number one fan *ahem* as of recent. He was still lost in thought when the older boy grabbed his hand and led him down the hallway to an empty dorm room that was used for people to ‘peacefully’ solve their disagreements. In reality, it was the only room that had been soundproofed and been given a bolt for good measure; needless to say, it had become the room to shag in with others you didn’t want to be caught with by someone else.   

    Jonghyun pulled him into the room, not bothering to flip on the light, but still threw him against the wall near the door. It was almost routine how he allowed the older boy to use him like this, but it was better than the nothing he had with Kibum. Lips pressed to his while the older’s leg kicked the door closed before he flipped the bolt, then those hands were on his body, exploring him. You would think he would get tired of this happening, always the same like the other boy was perfecting his technique a certain way before he used it on someone else; but he didn’t. It was when the other boy’s lips travelled to his neck and their hips rocked together that something he could never forgive fell from the other boy’s lips, “Your body feels so soft, K… Taem,” he corrected himself quickly, but the younger had already heard his mistake. Taemin pushed his hyung away, “K, hyung? Key, right? Do I sound like Key to you? Do I even look like Key?”   

    Jonghyun grabbed him and threw him back against the wall before he could reach for the door, lips covering his again while a hand grabbed his ass. He still squirmed against the other boy, if he didn’t then he would seem easy, but he had already forgotten the boy’s offense after their lips connected again. He was that cheap it was almost sad. Jonghyun bit Taem’s bottom lip, pulling it back with his teeth, “I’m sorry,” he said in that husky voice which silenced Taemin completely, “Let me make it up to you…” 

    Key put his hand on the straps of his shoulder bag while he chewed on his lip, he couldn’t go watch the soccer players in the state he was in but not going would be admitting that he didn’t look his absolute best every day at any time. He sighed and flexed his fingers that rested on the strap before making a beeline for the soccer field; this uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, what if he didn’t recognize the boy? He had been hammered that night. A meaty hand landed on his shoulder and he jumped, a girly scream escaping his lips before he turned around and connected his open hand with Jinki’s chest, “Yah! Don’t do that!” The older boy smiled at him, his eyes red-rimmed, a tale-tell sign that he had just come from getting his buzz for the afternoon, “What’s got you so jumpy? It’s not like I jumped you or anything.” Key pulled his shoulder from the other boy’s hand and turned fully to the him, “Sorry, I was just thinking about something I have to do… later.” 

    “Oh, why are you at the field though?”

    He shrugged, pushing his hands into his back pockets, “Why are you here?” 

    The older nodded his head towards the field, “I always watch the soccer practices after I’ve smoked, everything seems 3D.” Key squeezed his eyes closed, he knew the older boy wasn’t his smartest when he was high, but this was a whole new low for him. He was biting his lip to hold back from saying that they lived in a 3D world, well 4D if you counted the sensations you received. He looked towards the field, “I guess I’ll go now,” it was said a little sadly; he was really looking forward to seeing the other boy, if he recognized him. 

    “You’re not going to stay?”

    He shook his head, “No, I have a long list of things to do; maybe next time.”

    “Oh, alright. Bye.”

    Key nodded and turned around to walk back towards his dorm, why had he just chickened out because of Onew? It’s not like the older boy knew why he was there. 

    Taemin braced himself against the back of the couch, his legs shaking from the force of the older boy’s thrusts; it hurt. He winced when the older boy’s fingers dug into his hips and reached behind him to grab one of the wrists, “Hyung, please, you’re hurting me.” A gush of air ran up his backside before the older boy slowed his thrusts and adjusted his hips, moving at a snail’s pace over his bundle of nerves. He gritted his teeth, the pace was going to drive him crazy before the pain he had been in ever would have. Jonghyun kissed his back, “I’m sorry for hurting you, Taem,” he murmured and picked up the pace a bit like nothing had just changed, but this time the older boy was trying to make him come. Like now he had decided he didn’t want him anymore, that’s something he had also noticed about the other in the past week. He felt numb as Jonghyun released into him, but once he realized what was happening, his body had cooled off a lot, he was no longer hot and sweaty, but clammy. 

    Jonghyun pulled out of the younger boy and sighed, he would be a fool not to realize the younger hadn’t come yet, “Did I say something wrong?” Taemin shook his head and moved around the older boy to put on his clothes, he wasn’t sure why knowing the boy wanted to leave him quicker made him sad, but he was starting to wish he had never offered that dating deal between them. If he hadn’t, he would still be blindly chasing around Key and hoping he would get lucky one day; now he was here. 

    “Taem, talk to me, I can’t do anything unless you talk to me.”

    He pulled on his boxers then bent over and grabbed his track pants, when arms wrapped around his waist, “Taem, talk… please…” He continued on, pulling on his pants then pulled them up before he grabbed for his white wife beater and tried to pull it apart to slip over his head. It was yanked from his hands. He turned and glared at the older boy, “Give me back my shirt!” 

    “Not before you talk to me.”

    “There’s nothing to talk about. This isn’t a real relationship; we’re not together because we care about each other, so just drop it.” 

    Jonghyun had reached out to grab the younger boy after he had pulled on his shirt, but let his hand drop in the end. He knew their relationship was nothing, that they were both aiming to make his best friend jealous, but it didn’t mean he was heartless contrary to his exes’ belief. Something was worrying the younger boy and he could feel it, he just wasn’t entirely sure about how he should approach that. He didn’t get much time to ponder it because the door to the room slammed open and the other boy was gone. He sighed and leaned back against the couch, not caring that he was still butt naked in the room and that people were walking past. He kept going over the conversation that had just happened and tried to figure out where it had gone wrong, but he couldn’t think of anything. 

     Key stood outside his apartment looking almost like a stray cat as he looked around absently while making sounds deep in his throat. If he had a tail, it probably would have been flicking around in annoyance. How had he let himself be so easily controlled by his pride? It wasn’t the fact that he liked guys; his friends knew since middle school that he swung that way, but it was like, if he let people look down on him because of that he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. He hadn’t known Jinki or Taemin that long and even with Taemin dating Jonghyun (which he still was against, by the way) he still had problems with how they viewed him. He put his hands on his waist, “Fuck it,” he practically growled before making his way back towards the soccer field. 

    It was turning dark when he got to the field and he knew practice was over, but he still made his way to the stands and climbed up them until he found a seat on the cold metal that he liked. Key looked up at the darkening sky and smiled at the stars he could barely see through the stadium lights, but just seeing a few was better than none at all.

     Minho had changed back into his jeans and white v-neck shirt before he pulled out his phone from his locker, he was wondering if she had left him a message since he hadn’t seen any blondes watching them while they practiced. He was opening his phone when Donghae and Eunhyuk grabbed him and started pulling him towards the shower area. He fought against them, “Hyungs, what are you doing?” They let him go once they reached the showers, “It’s just a small party, Minho-yah, and after all we should celebrate our dongseng getting a girlfriend.” That’s when he noticed someone not part of his soccer hyungs make his way forward with a couple packs of beer, “Teukkie, you’re here too?” 

    “The boys called me with the good news.”

    D – “He even brought the beer himself! He must have seen her.”


    Minho shook his head at the older boy because he didn’t want the other to say anything about her. Leeteuk straightened himself and started handing out beer, one per person and they all smiled upon receiving the gift; beer was prohibited inside school property, except for dorm areas. They were pretty much breaking the rules right now and it was the cherry on top of the celebration cake. Minho’s mind ventured back to wherever his phone had landed back by the lockers, having lost it in their want to get him over to the showers, had she wrote him? He sighed and easily played along with the party atmosphere, drinking the beer he had been handed and ignoring the looks that Leeteuk kept shooting him the whole time. 

    It was dark by the time they all piled out of the locker room, the older boys clinging to each other as they walked down the street while singing some pop song. One of them had offered to walk with him back to his dorm, but he brushed them off and made his way back towards the field. He needed to sober up so he had figured he could jog a few laps around the field. After his first lap, he was sure he had seen someone in the stands, their body barely visible since they were lying in the area people usually placed their feet. It was strange. He made his second lap and he could have sworn he saw blond hair. As he came back from his third lap, his buzz having held strong no matter what, he moved towards the stands. Curiosity biting at him thinking maybe it was her. 

    He bounded up the stairs until his eyes saw the petite body lying there, one leg bent at the knee while an arm laid over her face, he was sure it was her. The lips and high cheekbones were something he couldn’t forget even if he had wanted to. He walked down the aisle before the one she was laying on and sat on the bench, a smiling creeping up on his face, “I always find her while she’s sleeping.” 

    Key could swear he heard someone talking just next to him, it was weird how you could be alone somewhere and hear things that usually weren’t there; but this wasn’t one of those times. He opened his eyes to see his least favorite person staring down at him like he was his favorite dessert or something. He sat up quickly and scooted away, “Yah, why are you next to me?”

    “Am I not allowed to be next to you?”

    He huffed, “No.”

    “Aw, come on, it’s not like I’m going to do anything.”

    “Is that supposed to make me feel better?”  He stood and pulled down his shirt, “Go bother someone else.”

    “Wait,” he pleaded while standing and walking after the other.

    Key stopped and crossed his arms before turning back towards the tall boy, his temper flaring as he got closer. When Minho stood in front of him, he had to look up to meet his eyes, but nothing in them hinted that he understood the mood Key was in. In fact, the only thing he saw was that same look in his eyes when he first saw him and it was beginning to creep him out. What did this guy see that he didn’t? Minho leaned towards him and he leaned back, “What are you doing?”

    Hands were at his back, pulling him forward, “Come on, it’s not like I’m going to eat you.” Key raised a brow and tried to lean away more, but those hands were attached to strong arms and it was really useless. Lips found his in a lazy kiss that was warm and as much as he was sure he would deny it later, he actually was enjoying it. Something about those lips against his seemed to be just what he wanted. His hands found his way up to the taller boy’s neck and he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue over Minho’s bottom lip before pushing it into the parted lips. It was then that he tasted the alcohol in his mouth, so he pulled away. That small acknowledgement reminded him who was in front of him and he stepped around him, avoiding taking the stairs and just used the benches as stairs before he reached the bottom and made his way out of the field. His mind was racing, why had he just done that?

    Taemin was sitting on his bed, his legs covered by his blanket while his thumb ran over his lip as he thought. Today had been the first time in the past week that he hadn’t come after Jonghyun worked his body over, what did that mean? He remembered being disappointed when the other boy had changed positions and … he sighed, his life was just getting too complicated for someone with his brain power. The door opened so he looked up to see his brother walking in, “Oh, you’re back.” Jinki sat on Taemin’s bed, so he scooted over to give his brother room, “Did you have fun watching the soccer practice?”

    “I think Key likes someone on the soccer team.”

    He jumped up on his knees and looked at the older, “What? What makes you think that?!”

    “He was at the soccer field when I got there.”

    “Did he stay and watch them practice?”

    Jinki shook his head, “No, he said he had something to do…” 

    “Oh, he did?” Taemin sat back on his legs and sucked on his lip, Key never made plans at night in case he wanted to go to the club or practice for their critique that was coming up. How could he be busy? Jinki crossed his legs and smiled, “I also heard that Minho has a girlfriend named Kay.” He blinked, Kay? What kind of name was that? He thought it over and it hit him, “Kay as in K as in Key!!” The older nodded and clasped his hands in his lap, “I forgot to tell you, that night that Key and Minho were dancing at the club, Minho must have been thrashed because he thought Key was a girl and Jonghyun was her boyfriend or something.” 

    Taemin fell over onto his side laughing, “So he thinks Key is a girl?” 

    “Can you blame him? Key doesn’t look like someone who holds a male’s body part.” He thought about that for a while and found himself agreeing, Key didn’t look like a boy when he walked out of his room in the morning. It was when he stayed in his room that you saw the masculine side of him, the rugged side that focused more on his homework than what he wore or looked like. He sighed and pushed himself against the wall, “That means Key won’t pick me or Jonghyun,” he pouted and kicked his feet against the cover until it fell off his bed. The older patted his shoulder, “From what I’ve seen in the past week, you’re not all that upset about it.” Taemin shrugged in acknowledgement, the boy he had been after for such a long time definitely looked like a girl; amazing how that had been overlooked by him for so long. He stubbornly avoided the way his brother pointed out he no longer had feelings for Key; he didn’t want to admit it yet.

    After Taemin had left him, Jonghyun found himself being pushed down onto the couch cushions and hands roaming over his naked body. Usually, he wouldn’t mind this since he was used to this kind of treatment from people he barely knew; but they always seemed to know him so well. Only he wasn’t enjoying it like he usually did, so he pushed the other person off to find it was Kikwang, one of the boys that had befriended Key after he broke up with them. A bitter feeling crept into his stomach, “What do you want? I know you know better than to come near me after I’m finished with you.” 

    “You looked like you could use a pick-me-up.”

    “Not from you.”

    He shrugged and crossed his arms, “Whatever.”

    “Why are you still here? Just leave, I need to think.”

    “Last time I checked, your best thinking came when someone gave you head.”

    He blinked, why would someone even remember that? He stood and grabbed his boxers off the floor, trying to ignore the overly eager look in the other boy’s eyes, well, not just his eyes but in his whole stance; it was like he was screaming to prove himself again. He shuddered at the thought and pulled on his jeans quickly before snatching up his shirt and leaving the room, he needed to talk to Taemin. He still couldn’t understand why the other had reacted the way he did and it was disrupting his usual daily flow. 

    He took a deep breath when he stood outside the Lee brother’s door while pulling his shirt over his head, shaking himself like he was about to go in fighting or something, but he really just needed to relax. He took another breath before he knocked on the door, “Hey, Taem, can I talk to you for a minute?” He heard a bed squeak on the other side of the door then a loud thud before whomever it was scurried to the door. A smiling Jinki greeted him, “Hey Jjong, he’s not here right now.” The younger looked at him incredulously, “Then where is he?”

    “Didn’t you just see him? He went to meet Key…”

    “I haven’t been at my room all day…” He had mumbled the first before coughing, “Uh, no.”

    “Oh, maybe you two just missed each other. He likes to walk the long route.” 

    “You let him walk the long route?”


    “At night?”

    Another nod.


    “Look, jjong, he’s a big kid. He can fend for himself.”


    None of this was fazing Jinki, “Then why don’t you try to catch up with him? He only left a few minutes ago…”  

    Jonghyun turned on his heels and ran towards the stairs he had fought to climb up earlier and sprinted down them. Why would Jinki not be worried about his brother? Didn’t he know that Taemin was feminine like Key? That if he, for some reason, decided to cross dress as a girl that more than half of the boys in the school would be asking him for his number? That pushed him forward at a faster pace, there was no way he would let anyone harm his – wait, his? He stopped completely and looked at the ground, since when was Taemin his? They had only been using each other to get Key, right? Then how did he come to the conclusion that Taemin was his? He shook himself and started running again, his body already protesting at the exertion, he really should start going to the gym more often.

    To: K From: M What happened earlier? You didn’t have to run away like that…
    To: K From: M Are you okay? Please answer… you’re worrying me…
    To: K From: M Just answer once, I promise not to text again if you answer
    To: K From: M If you don’t answer this text I’m going to call you…

    Key’s phone rang a few minutes later, so he turned it over and pulled the battery out of the back before letting it fall between his legs onto the bed. He pushed his fingers into his curly blonde locks and covered his ears with the palms of his hands, “What did I just do? M is Minho? I should have known that… I’m so stupid!” He put his thumb to his mouth a few minutes later and chewed on it, not really registering the action at all, while he waited for Taemin to arrive. Someone had to pull him out of this, to save him, he couldn’t let the other boy find out he was K. He sighed, he wasn’t even sure he wanted Taemin to know, but he had to vent to someone and he couldn’t do it with Jonghyun; he still hadn’t forgiven him for dating his friend. 

    He pulled his finger from his mouth and threw his head back against the wall, “What am I going to do?”

    Minho was pacing in his room, his mind crazy, had she gotten hurt? Did someone kidnap her? He sat down and jumped back up, his nerves on end and he couldn’t bring himself to relax; there was this déjà vu feeling in the back of his mind too. He shook himself, “I can’t just sit here,” he muttered and shoved his phone into his pocket before exiting his dorm room. Being confined was not helping him at all. Maybe he should go back to the track and run those laps like he had planned to do before he saw her. Yeah, that’s what he would do.

    Taemin was walking down a back-alley, one no one walked down for one reason or another, but he liked the secludedness it offered to its travelers. He could do anything he wanted back there and no one would see him, but he just trudged on, passing by one dorm’s backside then another. He released a breath and looked up at the sky, you could see all the stars on the backside of the dorms since there was barely any lights; which was probably one of the reasons people avoided this walkway. All he cared was that it calmed him, the soft breeze and rolling of leaves, the crunch of leaves behind h-him… He froze; no one was supposed to be behind him and with the way the leaves were crunching, it sounded like they were running. He looked back and forth then noticed a small opening between two dorms and started running. He jetted between the two buildings and ran down the street towards the student commons building; even knowing no one would be there to save him at this time of night.

    A strong arm circled his waist and he screamed for a few seconds before a hand was slapped over his mouth, “Taemin,” the person behind him breathed shakily into his ear, “Don’t scream, it’s just me.” The younger turned his head to take in the breathless playboy behind him and he relaxed before pushing the other off of him, “Why did you sneak up on me?” Jonghyun shrugged his shoulders while he bent over and put his hands on his knees, gulping down the air like he hadn’t been able to breathe for a long time. It made him laugh watching the older boy do that, he really needed to work out and learn how to control his breathing when he ran, but he would tease him later about it. When the older seemed good enough to talk, he stood straight and grabbed Taemin’s hand, “You shouldn’t walk outside alone this late…” 

    “I’ve done it since I started coming here, hyung.”

    “Not anymore,” Jonghyun deadpanned while walking them towards his dorm building. “If you need to go somewhere this late at night again, call me.”

    “Oh, cause you’re so fit that you can defend me?”

    He looked at the other out of the corner of his eye, “Yah, I’m still older than you. Don’t sass me.”

    Taemin chuckled and squeezed his hand, “I’m sorry, hyung, you’re just so easy to tease. Besides, you really wouldn’t be able to protect me; I would end up protecting you.”

    “Yah, Lee Taemin, don’t make me demand payment for your rudeness because it’s going to happen if you keep going on like that.”

    The younger smirked, stopping them near a dorm building and pushing him up against it, “And what kind of payment would that be, Jjong?” When the older didn’t answer him he laughed and pulled him off the wall, “Don’t worry, hyung, I won’t do anything to you.” The older shook his head, “You know what you did earlier bothered me a lot, right? I kept thinking about everything that had gone on between us and couldn’t figure out why you had left.”

    “It’s nothing.”

    “It has to be something so tell me.”

    Taemin stopped them and turned to the older boy, despite being younger he was taller and he couldn’t help but smile at that, “I’ll just say it then,” he looked into the elder’s eyes, “I like you, hyung. Probably more than I liked Key-hyung and I only just noticed it after we started having sex regularly and it hurt when I remembered you didn’t see me. That’s why I was mad earlier; I wanted to be seen as me, Taemin, not Key-hyung.” Jonghyun pulled his hand from his and stepped away, “But you were the one that said we should fake-date to make Key jealous! How could you go and fall for me?!”

    “Hyung, please don’t get mad!”

    “Get mad? I’m not mad! I’m confused as to why I was so easily duped by you.”

    “I didn’t mean to fool you; I said I just found out recently myself.”


    Taemin looked around and tried to cover the other’s mouth, “Hyung, people are sleeping… don’t-“

    “I don’t care! Explain why you didn’t tell me sooner!”  

    He looked down and frowned, “I’m sorry this is so terrible for you! God forbid the person you’re with all the time actually likes you. Is this how you would act when Key actually liked you, hyung? Would you? Yeah, poor miserable Jonghyun has someone who likes him for more than his body, must be terrible,” his voice cracked at the last part, “You’re so mean, hyung,” he screamed before running towards the dorm that held Key. He slammed the door to the dorm behind himself and slid down while against it, tears pouring from his eyes, “He’s so stupid and mean, why do I even like him? Of all people in this college I end up liking him! I must be as stupid as him then.”

    Part Four

    He sighed, his thumb swiping over the front of his phone’s screen as he looked up from his spot in the quad. He had sent her probably around a hundred texts and none of them had been answered along with his twenty phone calls. Had he done something? He heard someone clearing their throat in front of him and he looked up, his brown orbs locking with the dancer boy who hung around Key a lot, “Yes?” The boy smiled down at him then motioned with his hand towards the phone in his hand, “What has you so antsy? Someone dying?”  “My heart,” he responded coldly, standing to switch the roles, “What do you want?” The younger shrugged and buried his hands into his pockets, “Maybe I wanted to know if you had guessed who your mystery girl was… I know her name isn’t Kay.” “You know her name?” “Sure, I’ve known her for a while –“ “Taemin,” a sharp voice cut through their conversation.  The younger turned away from him and he looked up to see Key, the boy was giving him this crazy glare and he knew his flesh was melting. It was a stare that could almost rival his burning one he turned on people who tried to hurt people he cared for. It was impressive in that sense, but not when it was directed at him, “Kim,” he said in acknowledgement. “It’s Kibum, airhead.” “I’m not-“ “Oh, please, Jonghyun is smarter than you and that’s saying something.” “HEY!” said boy yelled from behind Kibum before standing next to him while he wrapped an arm around the younger boy’s waist. Minho nodded towards the older of the two, “What’s up Jjong?” He saw the older boy’s eyes shift to Taemin who was standing like a statue and keeping his eyes everywhere but towards the older boy, now this was interesting, but he didn’t have long to think on it.  “Oh, you know the usual. In between lovers right now…” “There’s actually an in between period?” The older laughed and smiled brightly, “You’re right. It’s a rare occasion, maybe we should celebrate?” “Nah, I’m good man. Maybe you should take Taemin and celebrate with Kibum.” There was this futile attempt to glance at the younger boy without him noticing, but Taemin glanced at him at the same time and it was – for lack of a better word – precious. The moment didn’t last long before Taemin had grabbed hold on Kibum’s arm and started pulling him from the area, “Come on, hyung, lets go work on our dance. We have critique at the end of the week.”  “Taemin,” Jonghyun called after him which caused the boy being pulled by said boy to turn and look back at his best friend; a look that said he was clearly lost. Minho sighed and slipped his phone into the back pocket of his jeans before patting Jonghyun on the shoulder, “See you around, man,” he muttered before stepping closer and closing their distance to where he was right next to the other boy’s ear, “My thought? Go after him now. He seems mad about something and you should clear it up before he misunderstands you anymore.”  Jonghyun swatted him away and ran after the two boys, while Minho sighed, some relationship counselor he was. He couldn’t even get his own relationship to start smoothly, if what he had with that girl from the club could even constitute as a relationship. 

    Kibum pulled Taemin to the side as soon as they entered the dance studio, happy Jonghyun hadn’t reached them before they entered and the professor gave him the stink eye. He smiled at his friend, “Did something happen between you and Jjong?” At first Taemin just ignored him, busily pulling on his dance clothes while he threw his other clothes into his locker and kept his gaze from looking at his hyung. Was it selfish to not want to share his first crush outside of his feelings for Kibum? Then again, he never really shared his feelings with anyone; his brother just knew. His hyung shook his shoulder and was saying something, but he didn’t want to listen, “Enough, hyung. We’re here to dance, just leave me alone,” he shouted before leaving the locker room and walking out into the dance studio.  He frowned and followed the younger boy out, “Tae~ talk to me!”  “Leave me alone!” “We’re friends… we share our problems…” The younger turned a glare on him, “We share our problems, hyung? Since when have you ever shared anything with me?” “I-I was going to last night…” Taemin rolled his eyes and turned back to the mirror to begin his stretching. “Taemin,” the teacher said as she walked in, “go get rid of your boyfriend or I’ll kick you out of my class.” Kibum watched his friend frown, “He’s not my boyfriend,” he saw the younger mumble before disappearing out of the door. They weren’t dating? But wasn’t it that they had just started – wait, did they already break up and he hadn’t realized it since he’d been so swept up with his texting to that guy from the bar? Some friend he was.

    Jonghyun was leaning against the wall by the entrance to the building, his eyes on the tiles in front of his feet; they were the only ones that happened to be green out of all the blue tiles. He found it strange. They disappeared when Taemin stepped on top of them and crossed his arms over his chest, “What do you want?” They younger looked annoyed at him, he really couldn’t blame him, “We need to talk about what happened.”  “If that’s why you’re here, just leave,” he growled, turning to walk back to class. “Taem, we cannot avoid this…” The younger stopped and turned his upper body to look at the older boy, “Who was avoiding it? I clearly remember you being an asshole like always and breaking my heart. I don’t think there’s another side to what happened, I remember it clearly.”  “Well, you just threw it all on my shoulders! How was I supposed to react… you didn’t even baby-step me into it!” “You asked me what was wrong! Excuse me if telling you the truth wasn’t what you meant!” “Ahem,” the teacher hummed down the hall at the entrance of the dance studio, Kibum peeking his head out behind her, “Please take your conversation somewhere else… you’re distracting my class.”  “Yes, Mrs. Jung,” Taemin sighed and walked out of the doors, not even bothering to wait for Jonghyun to follow – he knew the older boy would. He turned once they were outside and looked at the other, “Just leave me alone, hyung, I need to practice for the critique and now everyone knows we’re fighting… I’ll never hear the end of it from Key-hyung.”  “But Taem-“ “Just go, call me later if you want to talk.” “A-alright,” he relented, watching the younger walk back into the building. He didn’t have much of a choice anyways, did he? Minho was in his room, he was supposed to be at the soccer field getting ready to start practice but his heart wasn’t in it. In his 20 years, he had never been so turned off by something for someone or lack of someone as the case was. He had his phone propped up on a book on his desk while he started at the screen, with papers scattered over his desk, words he had written standing out in a deep blue while others were in red. He just couldn’t focus enough to remember what they said. All she had to do was reply to his texts, just give him some kind of sign that she wasn’t mad and that she was okay. That’s all he really wanted, but it seemed to be hopeless as he wasted his day in his room. 

    Key walked back into his dorm that night, his best friend had left the studio with Taemin, probably had waited there the whole time until they were finished. He slammed the door to his room behind him and laid his bag down on the floor before walking over to the table next to his bed and pulling open the drawer to look down at his phone, a sort of longing to text M was driving him mad. He had gotten so used to the little conversations they would have throughout the day and now that he knew and had gotten over who M was; well, he wanted to continue talking to him like nothing went wrong, but he also wanted the other boy to know who he is. He sighed and stood, shaking his arms some before he turned his phone on and started to make his way out of his dorm. He wasn’t sure where he wanted to go, but he knew what he wanted to do. He pulled open the compose window and started typing out a message; part of him praying Minho would be asleep and wouldn’t read it.

    To: Minho From: K Hey, sorry I haven’t talked to you. I’ve just been busy… How are you doing?

    Minho jumped when his phone went off, falling from his chair to the floor on his butt, he hadn’t been expecting anything to come through – he was already starting to give up. He reached for his phone, knocking over his pencil cup and a few things before he grabbed it and pulled it to him; unlocking it as fast as he could to open the message. It was her! It was K! He breathed deeply for a few heartbeats then ‘calmly’ started his reply.

    To: K From: Minho Hey! It’s fine, been kind of busy myself. What are you up to?
    To: Minho From: K Walking. I didn’t want to just sit in my room.
    To: K From: Minho Where are you? You shouldn’t be by yourself this late! I’ll join you.
    To: Minho From: K I’ll be near the soccer field soon if you want to join me.

    He grinned, shoving his phone in the back pocket of his jeans before he glanced at himself in the mirror before he ran out of his dorm and out of the building. He was smiling like someone who had just won the lottery as he stepped onto the soccer field, the only light coming from the security lamps as he made his way to the stands; the last place he had seen her. He sighed as he walked up the bleachers; just barely making out that someone was sitting on the top row. He bounded up the steps until he reached the row and walked towards the person, “Hey,” he grinned and sat next to the person.  “Hey,” a deeper voice than he had been expecting responded. He scooted away then, “K?” The person next to him nodded and he sighed in relief, “Sorry, I must be losing my mind, I guess it’s been so long since we last talked that I don’t remember your voice clearly. “ “You really do talk a lot.” He blinked then tried to focus on the person’s face, the voice was becoming annoyingly familiar. Not to say he had a problem with that person, but they didn’t necessarily like him for some reason. The person unlocked their phone that was resting in their lap and he was right, it was him, “Why did you say you were K?” “My name starts with a K, does it not?” “But you’re not her…” “Well, you’re not exactly the man of my dreams either, hot shot.” If he wasn’t mistaken, he could just barely see the hint of a smile as the boy turned his face away but it was gone when his face turn back to him. Had he missed something?

    Key couldn’t help that smirk he did when he knew something someone else didn’t, like the fact he was K and he knew for a fact that M was Minho. The other boy just looked so lost in his own element since he had been expecting a skirt – well, he could wear a skirt, but that would just be weird. He fiddled with his phone, pulling open a compose window while the star athlete looked on the field.

    To: Minho From: K Sorry, my roommate picked me up on the way to the soccer field. Can we meet next time?

    He set his phone back in his lap and looked up at the stars while he leaned back against the fence on the back of the bleachers. It was nice when the lights weren’t on, you could see so much more stars. He heard a beep next to him and smiled again as the other boy quickly pulled out his phone and his smile fell right off his face; which only made Key happier. Well, until Minho stood and shoved his phone into his pants, then he sat up and grabbed his hand. Minho stared down at him and he let his hand drop and looked away, “Sorry, habit,” he said in excused and stood as well; praying the other wouldn’t text him back until he had left.  “You know, I don’t really hate you, right?” Minho stared down at him, speechless. He was at a loss after that too, he never imagined he would say that out loud. Key rubbed his hands on his thighs and laughed to break the awkward feeling between them, “Anyways, have a good night.” He stepped down on the next benched and walked around the taller boy towards the stairs before he descended, still praying the other wouldn’t text him and blow his cover. He was right at the exit of the soccer field when his phone went off. He sighed, thankful there was a bunch of distance between them before he unlocked his phone.

    To: K From: Minho That’s okay. There’s always next time ☺

    Jonghyun tightened his hold around Taemin’s waist, the boy had long since fallen asleep after they argued and he had refused to leave him alone. For one, he knew he was the asshole that had caused this whole thing and he didn’t want to lose another friend – well, he couldn’t say friend, Taemin seemed like more than that. He scooted closer to the younger boy, ignoring the fact that Onew was just a few feet away and nuzzled his face into the younger boy’s neck, smiling foolishly when he caught a whiff of his shampoo; some fruity smell.  “Hyung, go to sleep.” He smiled, the boy was too light of a sleeper, “Sorry,” he mumbled. Taemin looked over his shoulder at him, “Besides, you’re not forgiven.” “Oh? What can I do to earn forgiveness?” He heard a yawn before Taemin resettled on his pillows and went quiet, not saying a word. Well, he didn’t like that answer one bit, he let his hand slide down the boy’s side then started tickling him. Enjoying how he squirmed while he tried to keep himself from laughing. In the commotion of it all, Taemin somehow ended up on top of him, the younger’s back to his chest and he wrapped his arms back around the other and tried to keep from tickling him again, but it was oh so tempting. He slipped his hand under the younger’s shirt and let his fingers run over his stomach and that’s when a particularly loud snore scared him so much that he removed his hand and pushed the boy back onto his side of the small bed.  “You’re scared of Jinki?” “N-yeah. I’ve never seen him mad and I’m thinking I never want to.” Taemin laughed and snuggled up to the older boy, “You’re right, you never want to see that.” Well, har har, Jonghyun thought as he wrapped his arms around the small frame and closed his eyes.

    Munja wa shong~ Munja wa shong~! Key whimpered and slapped his hand at the phone on the table next to his bed. It was way too early for someone to be texting him; it wasn’t even noon yet! He frowned when the phone sounded again and sat up in his bed, hating how it took more determination than he wanted to muster to do such a task and glared at his phone before taking it from the table.

    To: K From: Minho Hey beautiful ☺ Good morning!
    To: K From: Minho The weirdest thing happened last night… you awake?

    Key sighed, figures it would be Minho.

    To: Minho From: K What happened?
    To: K From: Minho Sorry, did I wake you? I just, I had to tell someone and I thought of you first.
    To: Minho From: K It’s okay, what happened?
    To: K From: Minho This guy, I usually fight with him… He was really nice last night when I ran into him…
    To: Minho From: K Maybe he’s not as bad as you thought?

    Okay, so maybe being woken up at the crack of dawn wasn’t as bad as he thought. 

    To: K From: Minho Did you sleep alright? I mean, aside from me waking you up?
    To: Minho From: K Yeah, I’ll just have to start my day earlier than I’m used to. Maybe even eat breakfast.
    To: K From: Minho How about I take you out for breakfast? I owe you.

    Key stared at the screen for a while; did he really want another ‘chance’ encounter with Minho without being the person he thought he was supposed to be meeting? Okay, real question, did he really want to see if Minho looked gorgeous this morning like he did last night? That answer was obviously yes.

    To: Minho From: K Where should I meet you?
    To: K From: Minho Diner near the bar we met at?
    To: Minho From: K See you there ☺

    Minho jumped up and down on his bed, good day – today was a good fucking day. Okay, if she didn’t stiff him like she did last night it would be the best day he had encountered this month. He quickly showered, only slowing to look himself over in the mirror and then he was out the door and heading towards the diner he had said to meet at. It took him a few minutes, but he couldn’t hide his smile as he walked into the diner and looked around, wondering if she was there yet. No, not her, but Kibum was there. Near the back in a corner booth with a book in front of him and his chin resting on his hand while his eyes looked down at it through novelty black glasses. He walked over to the boy, not really sure why and sat down on the other side of the booth, “Hey.” The other boy’s fingers dropped the page he was just about to turn and looked up, his wavy blonde hair was covering his eyes some, “Hey, what brings you here?”  “I’m meeting someone.” “Me too.” “Oh, should we wait together?” “That’s fine by me.” A waitress walked by and put two menus on the table, “What can I get you to drink?” Minho looked over at Kibum then at the menu, he wouldn’t be weird if he drank soda this early in the morning, right? “Chai Tea,” the boy across from him said with a smile then looked to him, “You want a cola, right?” He blinked, nodding absently as the other repeated it to the waitress and she walked away. How did he know? He shook the thought and opened the menu to take in the items listed, meat, he was definitely craving meat. There was a soft sound and Kibum just barely skimmed his leg as he crossed them, “You seem like a big-meal-for-breakfast kind of guy,” the other said, probably wanting to make conversation. He pulled the menu toward him and let it slide down off the table and into his lap, it was a fairly tall menu, “Yeah, I was just thinking I wanted some meat.”  “Hmm,” the other said, analyzing his menu, “I would go with their American breakfast platter then.” “It’s got eggs, sausage, ham…” He just stared, the boy was still listing things that had a good amount of meat but he was so focused on the other and how he looked. It was… different. There was this relaxed and laid-back air to him and it was strange to see Kibum like that. Even the way he was speaking was more relaxed… had he just caught him on a day he wasn’t PMSing or was this the real Kibum?  “Minho?” Oh, right he was saying things, “Sorry, what did you say?” “Out of all the dishes, the American one looks to be the best choice.” He glanced down at his menu and ran over the different meat-filled entrées quickly before he nodded in agreement, “Maybe I’ll get that… what are you going to get?” The other boy shrugged and pursed his lips as he flipped the page and looked at the items on that page, “Something light. I’m not a morning person usually.”  “Oh? You seem like a morning person though.”  A laughed filled the air, beautiful and sincere, “I must be good at fooling people then.” “I rarely get out of bed early. I hate it, actually.”  He nodded as he closed his menu and set it back up on the table, “So~ what are you reading?” “Nothing, really, a book Jonghyun lent me a long time ago. I just thought it would be interesting to read finally…” Minho looked down at the cover and coughed, it was a boy’s love novel – not graphic, but actual chaptered novel. He looked around the diner and thanked the heavens when the waitress showed back up, “What will you have?” “American platter,” he said weakly. She turned to Kibum, “For you?” “Just a rolled egg,” he said while picking up the menus and handing them to her. She nodded and walked away just as fast as she had come.  “Jonghyun-ah~” “Jonghyunnie~” “YAH, KIM JONGHYUN!” He blinked and looked at the boy above him; successfully accomplishing turning him on first thing in the morning was his boyfriend. The younger boy was in nothing but his boxers, straddling his waist as he stared down at him, “W-what?” he squeaked out. Taemin smiled and closed the distance between them, “Wake up; you have class soon, don’t you?” “What time is it?” “Almost 3ish.” “Fuck!” He pushed Taemin off and looked around for his shoes, but he couldn’t find them. They weren’t where he had left them and they weren’t on the boys’ shoe rack. He scratched his head and looked back at the boy on the bed, “Taemin, where’s my shoes?” His boyfriend looked around then shrugged, “I don’t see them either, hyung.” “Where could they be?” “Maybe Ji-“ “Maybe Jinki, what?” “Nothing.” He didn’t like the sound of that, what had Jinki done with his shoes? Had he woke up and saw them or something? Was he awake last night when they played around? Taemin said he wouldn’t like to see his brother mad… was his brother mad… at him? WHERE WERE HIS SHOES??

    Key was munching on his egg while he watched Minho stuff his face, the boy acted like he hadn’t eaten in decades or something. Did all athletes eat like that in the morning? Maybe it was just Minho. He kind of reminded him of Jinki on nights they would go out to eat chicken and the other boy would be covered head to toe with chicken grease. He sighed and grabbed his napkin, leaning across the table while the taller boy was cutting to wipe his mouth off, “How old are you again?” Minho looked up just as he glanced at his eyes and he swallowed, those eyes were too intense, he sat back in his seat quickly and shoved the last bite of egg into his mouth and looked around the diner. He would so cry if he had flushed just from that small thing. Minho stood and ruffled his hair, “It looks like my friend isn’t coming. I’ll see you later,” he said before walking towards the counter. Kibum frowned and watched the boy leave. He stood and grabbed his book, walking towards the counter while pulling out his wallet and smiling at their waitress, “How much do I owe you?”  “Nothing,” she said, amused, “Your friend paid the bill.” “W-what?” She nodded and showed him the receipt. Kibum looked towards the door then ran out of the diner to look for the tall boy, but he didn’t see him. “Minho!” he yelled and ran back towards the campus, nearly getting hit by a car since he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. It was then that someone grabbed him hard, a face so close to his and yelling at him for being stupid that he came down from the clouds. It was Jonghyun.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF?” “N-no, let go! I have to find him!” “Who? Is he worth you getting run over by a car?” he shook Kibum, “Is he?” He frowned and pushed his friend off of him, “Just leave me alone, Jjong…” His friend looked at him, jaw clenched, “I’m sorry, but where’s your head? You didn’t even look…” he wrapped his arms around Kibum, “I just… You’re my best friend… probably the only one – well, one of the only ones that knows me completely. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you.” Kibum nodded, his head finally settling and his thoughts becoming less urgent to find Minho, “I-I know. I’m sorry Jonghyun… Did you see him?” “See who?” “Minho.” The older tilted his head, “Since when do you care where he is?” “I dunno,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. Jonghyun pointed at him, “I knew it.” “Knew what?” “You like his style, for an athlete he’s pretty well dressed.” Munja wa shong! Munja wa shong~! Praise the lord for text messaging, which was the only thing keeping him from trying to figure out why he was friends with Jonghyun for so long. 

    To: K From: Minho I guess something came up again, huh? Hope everything is okay.

    He felt like crying, was Minho really going to get so upset over some girl he didn’t even know existed? Then he looked at Jonghyun, something seemed weird, “Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” A string of curse words met his ear as the boy rushed off towards a building a few meters next to him. His good day deflated, he sulked back to his dorm not even bothered by the fact that he was missing class or that he was probably going to fail his History of Modern Dance class since his term paper was due today and he hadn’t even finished it. He kept thinking about the text he had gotten, he needed to tell Minho who he was… he just wasn’t sure how to do that without hurting him at the same time. 

    Minho sighed, he had put himself at the far back of the lecture hall he was in, and today his coach had opted for them to watch former soccer games of theirs to remember good plays. It’s not that they needed reminding, it was that the coach hated being out in the heat all the time. Every time he tried to remember what K looked like, the smile Key had given him in the diner kept springing forward and made him lose his focus. That smile was so startling compared to his usual pursed lips that he was fascinated by it, maybe even infatuated by it. He sighed, this wouldn’t do, if he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about Kibum then he would be in so much trouble if he did actually meet K again.  He frowned and grabbed his things, he couldn’t stand it anymore, the dark and his mind was not a good mix in this instant and he wanted to forget about the boy at the diner who had become less of a bitch and more of a decent person. He wanted to forget how the boy’s blonde hair seemed to match his milky skin and give his eyes this more defined look thanks to the contrast it provided. He wanted to forget that laugh that was haunting him even as he ran out of the diner and how he stupidly paid for both their meals; even if the other hadn’t really gotten anything to begin with. He wanted to forget it all. Laps, laps would clear his head. They always did. He walked into the locker room and quickly pulled on his shorts and tied his shirt around his head like a bandana to keep his sweat out of his face before he went out to the track and began his laps. It was around his eighth lap that he noticed Kibum just outside the fence for the track, the way he was smiling just from watching him run around. He stopped on the farthest end from Kibum and looked over at him before he called it quits and walked into the locker room again. He pulled the shirt off of his head and threw it into his locker; it figured that just as he had cleared his mind that Kibum would show up and ruin his sanity yet again. Minho yanked his towel and shower necessities before he walked towards the showers and turned them on.

    Kibum sighed, what more did he expect? His best friend – no, let’s not compare Minho to Jonghyun; it’s too cruel to Minho. He turned and threw himself back against the fence, pulling a pair of shades from his shoulder bag and pushing them on, “You have to tell him,” he muttered to himself, “You have to or he won’t know and you’ll completely break his heart Kim Kibum.” Sure, it sounded all lovely and logical when you were thinking about it, but when it got down to it, he knew he would choke. Part of him didn’t really want Minho to know he was K – there was that constant annoying voice in the back of his head that kept telling him that Minho didn’t have to like him back; that he didn’t even have to acknowledge him. Fuck it.

    To: Minho From: K I can’t take it anymore. You should know who I am… I need to tell you that much before you ignore me completely.
    To: K From: Minho Hold up, I just got out of the shower.

    Kibum forced himself not to imagine the taller boy walking around with just a towel around his waist, though the earlier visual had left none of that to the imagination. 

    To: K From: Minho Okay, what’s up?
    To: Minho From: K I know you won’t believe me, but I’m going to tell you the truth, okay?
    To: K From: Minho Okay, I believe you.
    To: Minho From: K Aish~ You don’t even know what I’m going to say.
    To: K From: Minho Then just say it

    Key puffed out his cheeks, fine~

    To: Minho From: K This is Kibum.

    Part Five

    Minho just stared at the text message as he sat there on the bench in the locker room. It had been Kibum the whole time? That night they danced in the club? That night that he kissed K on the stands? It was all Kibum? Even if he wanted to fight that notion, he’d known for a fact that none of the dancer’s friends knew his number except maybe Jinki, but he knew the older boy wouldn’t give his number away to just anyone. So, this is what Kibum’s friend meant when he said her name wasn’t Kay, but he had been so close – only off by one letter. Which explained why Kibum stopped his friend from saying anything else the other day; it all just fit too well that he wondered why he never saw it before. 

    To: Minho From: K Look, I’m sorry to tell you over the phone, but I didn’t want to bust into the locker room either and you seemed to be avoiding me.

    Of course he had. If he hadn’t smiled like that in the restraunt or started acting all nice he would easily be able to tell him now that he didn’t want to hear from him again, but what he saw in the restraunt made him want to see him more. To see that gentle side of him that he had never seen before. He sighed and went to his contacts, changing K’s contact name to Key before he stood and shoved his phone into his pants pocket then slammed his locker door closed. 

    Kibum chewed on his lip, he would answer right? He would at least say he didn’t want to speak to him anymore, right? He breathed out, he couldn’t just sit in his room all day, he had class soon and he was frustrated knowing that meant he wouldn’t be able to use his phone… at least, without getting caught. He frowned and shoved his phone into his shoulder bag and left his dorm room, already used to Jonghyun not being there to say bye to in the morning. He was content on keeping his eyes on his high-tops when he heard his voice and that was all it took for him to look up and in the next minute he was punched in the jaw and falling backwards to the ground, his hand holding his face while he looked up again. Minho was staring down at him and it hurt to see that look of complete hate in his eyes, “Thought you were funny didn’t you?!” 

    Kibum shook his head, “N-“

    “Save it. Just don’t ever talk, look or think of me ever again.”


    “You’re talking.”


    “What did I say?” he screamed at him, arm in the air as if he would strike again. 

    He nodded slowly, his eyes returning to the ground, he knew this was a possibility but why did it have to hurt so much? Wasn’t it not long ago that they were happily eating together in the diner? Hadn’t they been getting along? He stood, even with Minho still in front of him and walked around him, ignoring the way Taemin would pull at his hand. How that boy always came out of nowhere, he wasn’t sure, but he pushed him away in the end and headed straight for class. No longer did he want people to see him, he finally in all his years as Kim Kibum, wanted to vanish into thin air or maybe six feet under. He had never had such a wish, but today was one of those days.

    Minho shook his hand out at his side as Taemin approached him, flaming red hair to match his fiery attitude he guessed, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, MAN?” the shorter boy questioned him, pushing him enough for him to stumble back. The taller boy shrugged it off and went to step around Key’s little imp when he was pushed again, this time being successfully put onto the ground, “He told you the truth. Something he feared doing with every cell of his body, but he knew you were a good guy. WHERE DID THAT GOOD GUY GO? HUH?” Minho stood and towered over the red head, their anger right at the peak and Taemin was close to going in for another punch when Jonghyun grabbed his arms from behind and smiled up at Minho, “Sorry, man, he’s a little emotional sometimes.”

    “Like hell I am! That bast-“

    “Taemin, you’re not helping Key right now.”

    The younger let out of huff directed at Minho before Jonghyun released him, “Fucking disappointing,” the youngest mumbled before walking away. Jonghyun looked up at him then, “You know, you gave me advice once and I kind of hope you’d listen to mine.” Minho didn’t say a word and just stood there, not sure what he wanted to do – that little shit of a red head needed to be put in his place.

    “Key may seem hard on the outside, but he’s wound up worse than a female inside. He constantly needs approval and for him to even admit he was that person you liked took a lot of guts on his part…”

    Minho rolled his eyes.

    “I’m not saying you should forgive him, but don’t be so harsh towards him in the future. If there was anyone I am worried about going into deep depression, that person is Kibum,” with that, Jonghyun left him and ran after the red head. Sure, he heard everything that he had to say and thinking it over was doing nothing for him – he was so PO’d that all he could remember was all the times he had been misled. Maybe if he had come clean sooner he wouldn’t have been so mad, but fuck, it was almost summer and he decides now that he wants to tell him the truth? Does he think love is some kind of game? He sighed and ran his hand down the front of his face, pushing Eunhyuk away harshly as he made his way back to his dorm, there was no way he could practice in this mood. He would be ruthless and no one would be able to put up with him; in the end, he would be sent away so it was easier just to stay in his dorm and simmer. 

    Key ran back to his dorm room, well, he hoped it was his dorm room as he threw open the door then closed it just as quickly behind him. “Stupid,” he told himself as he made his way to his bed, “I was so stupid…” He leaned back on his headboard while biting at the nail of his thumb, his mind running over everything that had happened in the last half of their semester. When he went to bars and got stupid-drunk with Jonghyun to take him and how he unconsciously gave his number to Minho without even realizing it. How that had become the best part of his day, texting the mindless oaf things that happened during his day and being excited when a text came in from him. Then there was the time when he found out who M was and how he felt stupid before he accepted it, but he was greedy and wanted Minho to know who he was too after they spent that afternoon at the diner across from the campus. Where he’d almost gotten run over trying to follow Minho and smiling at the text from him the next morning; how did it all end up here? Him with his swelling face and tear stained eyes. Sure, he could have said something sooner, when he first realized M was Minho – it’s just, he was scared and it was sort of a game at first.

    He looked to his window to find it dark and sighed when a knock came to his door, “Go away Taemin.”


    “Just leave me alone for a while…”

    “But our critique is tomorrow.”

    “I’ll be there.”

    “Oh… okay, hyung.”

    When Key heard him leave, he sighed, he didn’t want to sit in his room. Jonghyun would come bursting in next and he couldn’t tell him he wasn’t allowed in – it was his room too after all. With an unpleasant grunt he got up off his bed, shoved his cell into his pants and left his dorm yet again. Out under the black sky and barely visible stars, he relaxed and breathed deeply, letting himself relax as he hooked his thumbs in the front of his jeans. He should have stopped, maybe even headed in a different direction when he noticed the taller boy ahead of him. Only one person could fit that height and he was hoping like hell the other boy wouldn’t notice him, wouldn’t even look at him or acknowledge his presence in any way as he got closer to him. Prayers were not answered a lot lately. 

    The taller boy looked at him, stopped and stared, “Key?”

    His eyes got wide as he subconsciously fought to cover up the cheek facing Minho – the one he had hit earlier that day, but it was to no avail as the other grabbed his wrist to stop him from doing so. 

    “Fuck, I’m sorry Key… I was just…” he mumbled, “I needed to cool my head… and then you were there in front of me… I couldn’t stop myself… I’m sorry.”

    Key looked down, twisting his wrist in Minho’s big hand until he released it then started walking again, he remembered quit clear what the taller boy had told him – no looking, talking or thinking about him, but he figured he couldn’t get caught for thinking about him… unless he could read minds, which he highly doubted. He stumbled a while later and cursed as he realized where he was, cold metal stands digging into his jean-clad knee, why was he at the same stands he first lied to Minho in? Behind him, those same big hands grabbed his waist to help him into a standing position and he pushed him away. Wasn’t he the one who said to stay away? Key was trying so hard to do what he asked… he wasn’t making this easy. 

    “Key, talk to me… please.”

    He shook his head no.

    “I didn’t mean what I said earlier. I just felt used…”

    That stopped him and made him whip around to face the taller boy to find them at the same height thanks to the stairs, “You felt used and it gave you the right to punch me in front of everyone? Really? That’s your excuse?”

    “I said… I said sorry.”

    “Maybe I don’t want your sympathy… you jocks are all the same.”

    He reached out to take Key’s hand, “You don’t mean that…”

    Shit, why did he have to look at him like that? How could two eyes hold such strong distaste one minute and such worry the next? He hated those eyes, those chocolate brown eyes that seemed to say more than he ever expected to hear from anything, “Oh, so you can burst out in anger and I can’t? Fucking double standards,” he muttered as he turned and tripped before making his way up to the middle of the stands to find a seat. He felt drunk and he’d been sober since he found out who M was, so this was new to him. Minho followed him just like he hadn’t wanted him to and even went as far as to sit down next to him, pulling at his jeans to look at his knee that had hit the steps earlier. 

    He looked at the cat-eyed dance major, “Key, what will it take?” “What?”

    “What will it take for you to treat me like you did at the restauraunt again?”

    “I’m not sure we can be like that again… ever.”

    He sighed and twisted to where he was facing the soccer field in front of the stands, he had regretted what he had said to Key and done to him after he’d done it. He wasn’t even mad at Taemin when the boy hit him, really, he was mad that Key hadn’t hit him back for being such a jerk. He didn’t want their texts to each other to end, he liked hearing about what happened with Key everyday and he liked sharing what happened during his day with Key. Well, sure, there was the fact that he was a guy but did that really matter? He liked him and Key used to like him – that should be all that mattered, right?

    He frowned and looked at the older boy, “I’m really sorry, Kibum.”

    Key looked at him, he hoped to say that maybe he needed some time or whatever to think about it but it never got to that because the older boy stood and walked towards the steps, “Bye.”

    Bye? That’s it? Minho stood and followed the other boy, “Key,” he called making the other stop just in front of him, “Don’t just leave…” If he was hoping for some kind of response, he never got it because Key continued down the stairs and across the soccer field, only pausing at the gate to look back at him before he disappeared into the shadows. What happened to the Key he couldn’t get to shut up when they faced each other? This Key wouldn’t even talk to him, sure it was his fault and he wasn’t going to say it wasn’t… but you would think he would say more. He had hoped he would say more.

    Jonghyun returned to the Lee Brother’s dorm empty handed since Key hadn’t been in there when he went to grab a change of clothes for tomorrow. He sighed and sat on Taemin’s bed, looking at him while he read through a book that was in his lap, “Hey, baby,” he tried softly since Onew was in the shower. When the younger looked at him he rubbed his thumb into his thigh just under his shorts, “How mad would you be if I said I cheated on you with someone?”

    The red head’s features darkened, “Who’s the bitch? I want her name. I’ll cut her boobs off!”

    He laughed and kissed his boyfriend’s forehead, “Just making sure.”

    Taemin eyed him, not letting it go, “Tell me.”

    “Lee Taemin, my one and only main squeeze.”

    “Better be,” the younger said still annoyed as he returned to his book, but Jonghyun wanted attention and he knew how to get it. He leaned towards his boyfriend and teased the skin just behind his ear, “Baby~” Taemin pushed him away, “My brother is in the bathroom, hyung.”

    “That didn’t stop us when he was asleep in his bed…”

    “He’s a heavy sleeper,” the younger retorted, moving away from Jonghyun’s advances.

    He pulled the red head to him, annoyed with his actions and captured his lips, “Don’t act like you don’t want to…” Taemin whined, but clearly it was because he had other things to do, “Hyung, I have homework… go play with yourself…”

    “But I want you.”

    “Well, I’m busy.”

    “I can change your mind,” he grinned, letting his hands run up Taemin’s thighs as he moved closer to him, never letting his eyes leave the brown ones in front of him. He squeezed his upper thighs before letting the tips of his fingers slid into the stretch waistband of his shorts, to stop when the loud thud from the bathroom door being thrown open made him pull away completely – his boyfriend completely focused on his textbook in front of him. Jonghyun looked up to Onew with a smile, “Hey hyung, I heard you got some good stuff this time…” 

    Onew shrugged, his eyes never leaving Jonghyun as he pulled his shirt on, “I guess you could say that.”

    “Willing to share?”

    “I dunno, I’m not sure you’re worth it.”

    “Hyung!” Taemin yelled, gaining his brother’s attention. Jonghyun was just speechless.

    “Why do you have to say it like that? He hasn’t done anything wrong!”

    “Yet,” Onew cut in, “And I’m not sure how long this fidelity streak will last.”

    Taemin huffed and slammed his book shut while standing, “Just leave him alone! I can take care of myself.” Jonghyun was hanging partway off the bed to grab Taemin’s shirt and pull him away from Onew, it wasn’t that he planned to cheat on Taemin, but if you judged by his past then he knew where the older boy was coming from and he couldn’t blame him from being cautious. He wasn’t even upset about it. Feeling like he should step in between the two brothers, he placed an arm around Onew’s shoulders, “Hyung, I know my promise doesn’t mean much, but I give you permission to do whatever you want to me if I ever fail to stay loyal to Taemin,” he stepped back and held out his hand, “Deal?”

    Onew grinned, his usually goofy one as he took Jonghyun’s hand, “Deal.”

    “Oh,” Onew said while releasing his hand, “I sold your shoes for weed. Problem?”

    Jonghyun gritted his teeth, looking at his boyfriend then at his boyfriend’s brother. No, why would selling his favorite shoes that he had just bought before this last month be a problem? Taemin pulled him by his waist and hugged him, but his eyes continued to stare at Onew; oh, the battle was on. He could pretend in front of Taemin all he wanted, but Jonghyun was not about to lose all his favorite things to Onew. What happened to him being the nice guy? Well, maybe the fact that he was a helpless slut and was dating Taemin was a factor, but come on!

    Key stared at his window next to Jonghyun’s bed with dry eyes that were red and puffy; he didn’t get an ounce of sleep because all he could think about was Minho’s eyes when they had finally talked. Before he left him, they seemed genuinely concerned, but he just wouldn’t let himself give in so easily; he’d been punched in the jaw of all things. Maybe he shouldn’t take it to heart, but he happened to like his face a lot and having a huge bruise on it was the last thing he had wanted from liking that tall alien. 

    Munja wa shong~! Munja wa shong~!

    To: Key From: Minho Key, talk to me. I miss your texts when you wake up and I want to see that smile from the diner. I’m sorry for punching you…
    To: Key From: Minho Meet me at the diner across from school? I’ll buy you lunch
    To: Key From: Minho Wait, Don’t you have class right now? Shit.
    To: Key From: Minho Write me when you’re out of class.

    Key looked at his clock; he was supposed to be doing his critique right now. With a sigh, he pushed himself off his bed and changed into his dance pants with a shirt before making his way out of his room and towards the dance studio. He would probably be in trouble with his professor when he got there, yay.

    Minho stared at his phone, knowing he wouldn’t get a reply, but there was always that hope. It was only natural to assume someone would respond after you sent them a text message, right? He yawned and frowned when his stomach growled. He hadn’t been joking about taking Key out to eat, he was hungry too, but he had completely forgotten about his dance class. He stood off his bed and walked to his closet, he should at least get ready if Key for some reason decided that he wanted to go; even if it was a long shot. By the time he finished getting ready; he looked at his phone and froze ‘You have 1 new message’. 

    To: Minho From: Key See you there.

    Really? Minho grabbed his wallet and shoved it along with his phone in one of his pants pockets before running out of his dorm room; heading towards the diner. He was close to being out of breath when he pulled open the diner door and saw his blonde head at the table they had sat at before. He breathed a few times to calm himself before he walked towards him, not being able to help the smile that surfaced as he sat across from him, “Hey Kibum.” Maybe the other was lost in thought because he didn’t seem to notice him at all, “Kibum?”

    When he looked up, he had tears on his face, “What happened?”

    “I fell in the middle of my dance for our critique.” “Are you okay?”

    He shook his head no, “I couldn’t even gather the courage to stand back up. I just stayed there.”

    He stood then walked to Key’s bench and sat on the edge of it and pulled him into a hug, letting his hands rub soothing circles into his back, “Does your professor let you make it up?”


    “How many have you failed?”

    “This would be the first…”

    He laughed, he wished he could say that much. The most he kept on his mind was sports and, recently, Kibum. Everything else was somewhat useless to him in the end. He blinked when food was set down in front of them, the American platter from the other day and this time Key had gotten himself something heavier than his rolled egg; a breakfast sandwich of some sort. He put the sandwich in front of Key and squeezed his shoulder, “Eat something. You’ll feel better after you eat.” All he did was nod and pick up his sandwich to nibble on. Minho didn’t even know what came over him, but he was more concerned with the other boy eating than his own growling stomach. He waited until half of the sandwich was in the other boy before he even picked up a piece of bacon from his plate and chewed on it, his eyes glancing to the other still. When he finished Minho smiled at him, “Better?”

    He nodded a yes and leaned against the taller’s shoulder. 

    Jonghyun blinked open his eyes, shortly allowing a frown to cover his face as he realized his boyfriend was not in the dorm room with him; but secretly happy that Onew wasn’t either. He pulled out his phone and dialed the younger boy.


    “Baby, where are you?”

    “I was gonna grab some food for us, but…”

    “What happened?”

    “I see Key-hyung with Minho…”


    “At the diner I was going to get our food from…”

    He sighed and changed ears while he sat up on the bed, “Just get some fast food. Don’t disturb them…”

    “Alright, baby. What did you want?”


    “Alright! See you soon~” “Love you, baby,” he said in closing before ending the call. So Key was with Minho at the diner, there was some hope that his best friend would be able to be happy. Then his eyes wandered to Onew’s bed, just sticking out from under the older boy’s bed he could see the back of a familiar looking shoe. He stood and walked towards the bed, pulling the shoe out and smiled like a fool – it was his shoe! The one that Onew said he had sold. He laughed and kneeled down to pull the other shoe out from under his bed, he had just been joking around?! He hugged the shoes to his chest then froze when a voice called from behind him, “Should I give you two some space?” His head whipped around to see his boyfriend trying hard not to laugh at him, “Heh, sorry baby.” Taemin shrugged and held up the bag of fast food before closing the dorm door behind him then made his way towards his bed. Jonghyun put the shoes back under Onew bed and joined his boyfriend, “How did Key look when you saw him?”  “Honestly? He looked drained…” Taemin commented while pulling out their food and setting it between them, “He failed his critique.” “What?” “Yeah, I was surprised too.”

    Part Six (final)

    He looked down at the little silver wrapped box in his hands, he had a plan, he really did. Today, today was this first 100 day anniversary of being together and he wasn’t going to let it just pass; he had decided that when he realized it was coming up, he went as far as to make a reservation at a 5-star restaurant.

    Key and Taemin looked at each other, somehow he had accomplished earning a second chance at his critique and unknowingly Taemin had been conned into it as well. Unfortunately, that’s where his luck ended; if their performance was revolting, she would give both of them an F. Taemin who had worked so hard for his low A was risking his good grade to help him out and he felt like the world was closing in on him. He didn’t want him to take an F, but he stood there by his side and there was not even a shadow of a doubt about what he was doing on his face. Sometimes he wondered if he was really the hyung in their relationship.

    The music queued, sliding over his skin as he waited for the downbeat of the song that their dance started on. In a matter of only a few hours, they had slapped this duet of a dance together and surprisingly Taemin had retained it. He breathed out and his mind cleared, then he moved to his spot and looked across the floor to Taemin who was standing like a mirror on the other side. He nodded to him as their part came up then they were moving. He swung his arm towards the younger boy’s smiling face, for him to lean back before it connected. Taemin asking him to bring it with his gestures before they continued on; glaring at each other every so often, they were to a point where the dance wasn’t all they thought about. It was more like a flow of what they were thinking if two people could think the same thought for as long as 3 minutes.

    When it ended, they both quickly moved to the center of the floor, eyes on Mrs. Jung who was probably the most unreadable she had been all semester. She stood and her stance didn’t look good.

    “Kibum, what were you thinking? You know Taemin’s grade is at stake.”

    “I know,” he commented sadly, his head lowering, “I thought it was good…”

    He looked to Taemin who looked back, even if they had thrown it together, it hadn’t been without much thought. Usually they did dances that were safe. Ones they knew would get them a high B or low A, which is probably where Taemin’s original grade had come from and now he had ruined that. They were both going to fail because of him and he wasn’t even-

    “So did I,” she said in her normal voice.

    He looked up, wide eyed, “W-what?”

    “Your dance was both passionate and matched the song nicely. Even if you didn’t have much time to prepare, I can see you both will do the best you can in rushed situations.”

    He released a breath and grabbed Taemin’s hand.

    “You both get A’s.”

    Key jumped to Taemin and wrapped his arms around him, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he repeated as he jumped happily. He released him and they grabbed their things, thanking the professor as they left. He wrapped his arm around Taemin’s, “So what are you doing for summer break?” Taemin shrugged, hitching his bag back up on his shoulder, “I had wanted to do something with Jonghyun but,” he shrugged. That’s all Key needed to know, his best friend was always like that, never making plans. He shook his head and tightened his arm around the younger boys, “Come on, let’s go get a reward!”

    Jonghyun held his weight against the door, locking it with a shaking hand as Jinki pounded on the other side of the door, “Hyung! It’s not like that! Please listen to me!” The poor door squeaked against the damage being done to the other side and he wasn’t sure how to calm the other boy. He pulled his cell from his pocket, speed dialing Taemin and praying to God that he would answer. Luck was on his side, apparently.

    “Hey babe.”

    “T-taemin, please come save me! Your hyung has lost his mind!”

    “Where are you?”

    “Key and I’s dorm room.”

    “What did you do?”

    “Baby~” he whimpered as a body slammed against the door, “Save me.”

    The called ended and he pulled his cell from his ear, staring at the blank screen. His boyfriend really hung up on him! Sure, this predicament was probably caused by him, but didn’t he care for him at all? After about fifteen more minutes, he really had decided to give up, “Okay, okay hyung, I’m opening the door.” How the other boy had kept up beating his door for so long he wanted to know, but decided it was better left for a different time. He unlocked the door and came face-to-face with the angry Jinki that Taemin had told him he never wanted to be in the way of.

    “What were you thinking, hmm?” the older questioned.

    “I’d like not to die.”

    “Not just now, Jjong, what were you thinking when you left him waiting all alone at the restaurant, hmm? I thought when you asked me those questions about him that you would at least have the decency to stay there through your date.”

    “Hyung, I-“

    “You’re dead.”

    He braced himself, it wouldn’t be the first time he had been on the receiving end of someone’s anger and this time he couldn’t feel he was taking the wrap for something he didn’t do. This was his fault.

    Key smiled across the table at Taemin as he ate his strawberry ice cream, it was nice to be able to relax. He wasn’t failing and neither was Taemin. Life was great. Then he noticed Jonghyun walking into the ice cream shop, heading their way, and somehow the day seemed to lose its luster when he sat down next to his friend. Jonghyun shot him a huge grin before kissing Taemin’s lips and taking some of his vanilla ice cream with him when he pulled away. Even if he had gotten used to them dating, because that was originally his problem, now it was making sure he didn’t do anything stupid. Though, with all his worries, Taemin seemed to take everything as it came to him; even when Jonghyun brought a cute chocolate-colored poodle type dog into their dorm room; claiming it was a gift for Taemin since the younger boy liked dogs. Tell that to the RA who made them pay to keep the dog in their room – not that it was allowed, but the RA promised to not tell the school as long as they cleaned up after it.

    Taemin smiled at the older boy, “Guess what.”


    “Key passed his retake for our critique.”

    “Oh?” the older boy hummed while turning to him.

    “Yeah,” he said, not quite as happy as the other two. He practically choked on his strawberry ice cream with his friend’s next question.

    “Bummie, did you finally get Minho naked?”

    Taemin elbowed him.

    “What? It’s just an innocent question.”

    “Nothing is innocent coming from Kim Jonghyun,” a deep voice called from just a few feet from them. Minho stepped towards them after he was handed his rocky road cone, “Or at least, in my experience, nothing that comes from that mouth is.” Key smiled, sliding over in his side of the booth to give Minho a seat before he looked back at his best friend, “I think we can all agree on that.”

    Taemin coincidentally started eating his ice cream like he was burning up and wouldn’t meet his boyfriend’s eyes. Of course, Key didn’t imagine it to be any different, Taemin had always been honest and he figured that’s what really drew Jonghyun to him. Hell, it’s how he had become friends with that shorty; it was a blessing at times and a curse at others. Anyone who was his friend knew this, so he didn’t blame the younger for chowing down on his ice cream instead of answering to the question in Jonghyun’s eyes. When the silence continued, Jonghyun slammed his hand down on the table and stood in sequence, “Man, forget you. I can understand Key taking Minho’s side,” he turned to Taemin, “But my own boyfriend not taking my side? Really?” They just looked at each other before the older left the little shoppe.

    “He’s so dramatic sometimes,” Taemin laughed as he crumpled up his napkin that had been holding his cone, “See you,” he added when he stood and chased after Jjong. Minho and him both looked out the window, watching as Taemin hopped on Jonghyun’s back and moments afterward his friend had smiled. He grinned and turned back to Minho, finishing off his ice cream too, “I thought you would be at practice…”

    “There’s benefits to being the captain next semester.”

    “OMG! They actually named you soccer captain?”

    He nodded, “I’ll be number 23 from now on.”

    Jonghyun rubbed his hands against his jeans, he hadn’t really been alone with Jinki since he asked Taemin out – well, since they sort of got conned by fate into becoming boyfriend and boyfriend. He smiled awkwardly as he bowed in greeting to Jinki, “Hey hyung… are you busy right now?” The older looked at himself, all he was doing was sitting at his desk with thoughts that he needed to buy some more weed. How did that make him busy? He pushed it from his mind, an unintentional annoyed voice coming out, “What do you want?”

    “I had some questions about Taemin… nothing serious, but I didn’t want to ask him or it would ruin the surprise.”

    “What surprise?”

    “Our anniversary is coming up.”

    “Anniversary? I thought you didn’t like planning things…”

    “I don’t.”

    “Then,” the older started but let it die. If he didn’t realize it, then it was maybe for the better, “What did you want to know?”

    “Does Taemin have a favorite restaurant?”

    “Not that I know of. I mean, there was this one chicken restaurant that our dad used to take us to every weekend before he passed away, but I heard it closed down.”

    “What was it called?”

    “Beer Oak. It was in the area by N Seoul Tower, kind of… It was really popular too, but the owner passed away and didn’t have anyone to leave it to.”

    “Thanks,” he said, his mind moving fast. There were so many things to do. And-

    “Jjong, it’s closed.”

    “Thanks,” he repeated and left the room.

    “He’s has to be up to something,” with a shrug he dismissed it, “Oh well, time to go get the goods.”

    He held the side of his face, even as Taemin dropped down on his knees next to him after scolding his brother thoroughly. There was really no fight left in him, he had surrendered as soon as he opened the door and felt bad when his boyfriend still stood up for him even with what he had done on their anniversary. He was truly the worst. Taemin pulled him up and moved his hand, taking a sharp breath as he saw what was under his hand which made him turn and curse out Jinki some more. Jonghyun grabbed the fiery boy and pulled him into a hug, “It’s okay, baby, I deserved it.”

    Taemin grasped his face with both hands, careful to avoid his bruised cheek, “You didn’t deserve it. I know what I signed up for when I told you my feelings, Jonghyun and I knew that there was a possibility that I wouldn’t be happy every day of our relationship but I accepted it. To me, everything we have together is more than enough.”

    “You deserve better.”

    Minho was stringing him along, pulling him into endless amounts of stores as he looked for something. Mostly he didn’t mind because he got little gifts out of it, but come on, Minho was worse than him when he went shopping. Next, it seemed, was an accessories store. Minho pulled him directly up to the counter with him, where in the past stores he let him wander around, “Hey, you called me about my order.” The girl behind the counter nodded then walked out from behind the counter, in this time Minho turned to him, “Sorry to be dragging you around with me,” he said in weak apology. The girl returned and he turned back around, barely, he got glimpses over Minho’s shoulder but it wasn’t much. All he could make out was his hands before whatever the taller boy had ordered was returned to the small box it came out of and slipped inside the front pocket of Minho’s jeans.

    Key wasn’t one to like not knowing what was going on. Most times, he was on top of things and could guess – and you would think it was possible since it was happening right in front of him, but no, he was clueless. “He’ll be by later with the last payment,” Minho commented before pulling him out of the store. Not even waiting for the girl to nod or respond in the least.

    Jonghyun’s breath caught in his throat, across from him, Taemin was wearing a low-cut v-neck and his red hair had been given an airy whimsical style; it seems the boy had even gone to the extent of wearing his blue contacts to give himself a foreign feel. He really didn’t know where to start. His plans had all been in order and he knew what he had to do until he looked at his boyfriend. To cover his awkwardness, he messed with his brown fringe, hoping he wouldn’t be found out but he knew better.

    “Did I not dress good enough?”

    Jonghyun looked around the restaurant; he had definitely put it to shame. He returned his attention to the younger boy and shook his head, “You look perfect no matter what you wear.” Against his leg, he could feel his phone vibrate and the only person he could think it would be was Minho. They had made an arrangement. Somehow the taller boy had become somewhat of a relationship counselor for him and he didn’t even realize it until recently. He slid his hand into his pants then looked up at Taemin, “Would you be upset if I took this phone call?” The younger shook his head, sipping his water as their appetizer was set down on the table. He grinned, “Thanks baby,” he commented before standing and moving a little away from the table before answering his phone.

    Key frowned when Minho dropped him off at his dorm, even if it was selfish, he had hoped whatever they had picked up would be for him. With a pout, he made his way inside and up to his room, astonished to find Jjong busily working on something at his desk. This would definitely be a first in the whole time he has known the older boy. Never had he ever sweated anything. Exams were always like the rest of his grades and girls would wait until he got there, so this was a new side.


    The boy turned to him, a smile instantly on his face, “Hey Bummie.”

    “What’cha working on?” he asked, leaning over his shoulder for the boy to stand and block his view; gathering the papers and stuffing them into a folder before he placed them in the top drawer of his desk and locked it. Key frowned, what the heck! Why was everyone treating him like that today? Jonghyun looked at the watch on his wrist, “Damn, is it really that late?” He pushed him out of the way and made his way for the door, “I have to go, I’ll be sleeping at the Lee’s room… don’t wait up.”

    The door shut and he scoffed, since when had he ever waited for Jonghyun to come home? He knew better and as much as he wanted to not think about this big secret everyone had, his eyes went to the drawer that Jonghyun had locked before he left. What was he trying to hide? This was the first time he hadn’t told him anything. He pouted as he threw himself down on his bed. So what if he looked like a spoiled kid, he had never been left out of loop like this before.

    He had searched high and low; even if his boyfriend didn’t say anything he knew he was a classy bitch. That he loved shiny things and name brand clothes if his Dolce & Gabbana briefs attested to anything. Back when he decided he would celebrate their anniversary, his first ever, he knew he would save up to get Taemin something that he would use forever and with that knowledge, it would have to be well made or easily fixed. That’s when he approached Minho, telling him he knew what he wanted to get his boyfriend, but wasn’t sure where to get it from. He had the restaurant reservations already and had set aside about 300,000won for their expenses so he knew what he had to spend.

    Minho told him about this little shop that he had come across along a shopping strip a little way from the school. They specialized in what he wanted to get for Taemin. They had made a deal, Minho would bring him the little booklet to look through and he would decide on which one he wanted. Minho would handle the interface with the people there and he would just be the ‘payment’ guy. This elaborate and highly time consuming task was to keep Taemin and Key in the dark. If one found out, the other would probably know in less than a few seconds. Happily, it seemed to work out.

    He managed to sneak outside while talking to Minho over the phone, sad that he had to leave Taemin for a second when he looked so gorgeous. They stood outside for a moment, the taller pulling a little silver wrapped box out of his pocket and putting it in his hands, “It’s not the best wrapping paper, I know, but Key wouldn’t leave my side at the first store.”

    “It’s fine. It looks good.”

    “When are you going to tell him?”

    “I’m not sure.”

    “You can’t forget, Jjong. He might forgive you all the time, but I’m not so sure about this time.”

    “I know.”

    Minho huffed and smiled when the smell of food wafted towards them, “Well, I have to go. Key said he was going to make some food for us tonight, but I think he’s really digging for information.”

    Jonghyun laughed, “Good luck, man. He’s tricky.”

    “Like an addiction.”

    When Minho walked away, he looked down at the silver box in his hand; he would tell him but not tonight. Tonight was special; maybe after a few days, yeah, definitely after a few days.

    Minho had been doomed since the instant he walked into the little kitchenette in Key’s dorm. Not only had the other boy wore the tight fitting jeans that Key knew he loved but his hair had also been ironed flat to hang over his eyes. Whatever his boyfriend was getting at – yes, boyfriend – he would probably succeed tonight. As soon as he was full with his good cooking and staring across the table; that’s when Key would start whatever plan he had in motion. He knew this.

    It really came as no surprise when Key leaned across the table over their empty plates, placing his lips just enough away to tempt him, “I hear you are keeping secrets from me…”

    He looked around, down, up, anywhere so he wouldn’t look into his boyfriend’s eyes. Key smirked and moved closer, cutting the outside world off to where he could only see his face, “I take that as a yes.”

    “I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Oh? And if I, I don’t know, said that I would never kiss you again. It wouldn’t change your decision in the least?”

    “You’re evil.”

    Again, that smirk surfaced, “I don’t know what you mean.”

    When Key leaned forward again, their lips brushing against each other, he caved. He kissed his boyfriend, focused on that task when the boy pulled away, “What are you hiding?” He tried to kiss him again and he leaned back. Not good.

    “If you want to continue you’ll answer,” Key announced.


    “I’m waiting.”

    God he was impatient, “Jonghyun-secretly-planned-his-and-Taemin’s-100-day-anniversary-at-least-a-few-weeks-in-advance-and-I-helped-him-get-the-present-for-Taemin. He-also-got-notice-from-the-school-that-he’s-not-allowed-to-return-next-semester-so-his-parents-are-sending-him-to-a-college-in-the-States.”

    Key blinked. He blinked. This continued for what seemed an hour.

    “Jonghyun what?!”

    Damn, he was so dead.

    Bzzt~! Bzzt~! Jonghyun forced a smile, he was so close to presenting Taemin with the gift he had bought him, but the incessant vibration on his leg was going to drive him mad. He tried to be nice, but knew he was failing, “Can you excuse me for a second, baby?” Taemin was chewing a piece of the steak he ordered, only able to nod his consent before he was moving away from the table and pulled out his phone. Kim Kibum, it read. Damn, Minho must have squealed. He decided to step all the way out of the restaurant before he answered.


    Yup, that was Key for you, “I’m on a date with Taemin. It’s our 100-day anniversary.”

    “Fine, I’ll murder you after today. You better sleep with one eye open!”

    The call ended with a threatening click and he sighed, if his best friend was acting like that, then how would Taemin act? He looked back towards the doors to the restaurant, he couldn’t just leave… right? He walked back inside and up to the man at the little podium, “I have to leave a little early, how much do I owe you?”


    He pulled out the right amount, even adding on a tip, “Can you wait about 10-15 minutes and tell my date I left?”

    “Yes sir.”


    Key was furious, even to the point he kept tapping his foot as they stood outside his dorm. Minho frowned and put his hands on the shorter boy’s shoulders, “Baby, they probably won’t be home for a while. Why don’t we go-“

    “Don’t think I’ve forgiven you for hiding it from me.”

    He wanted to say the reason why they had made this arrangement, but he had told Key a million times since he hung up the phone with Jonghyun. None of those times he had listened and he was pretty sure he wouldn’t listen if he told him now. How keeping a surprise a secret turned into a World War III death match, well, it was really his fault. He gave in too easily. Around 25 minutes of standing there and a miserable looking form could be seen walking towards them. When it walked under the security lights of the dorm and red hair was seen, Key immediately rushed to him. Minho jogged after his boyfriend, not really for support, but weren’t Taemin and Jonghyun supposed to return together? Isn’t that what you did when you were dating?

    “…he left me there.”

    That was what he heard when he reached their side.


    Minho covered Key’s mouth; he didn’t want to hear him screaming anymore, “Taemin, did he say anything to you before he left?”

    “No,” the boy said sadly, “The man told me he paid for everything and left.”

    “Maybe something came up?”

    “Maybe,” the younger boy whispered as he moped, continuing his stride to the dorm. By that time, Key had bit his hand and he had let it fall knowing he was in for an ear full for cutting him off earlier.

    “CHOI MINHO,” here it goes, Minho told himself, “YOU COVER MY MOUTH EVER AGAIN AND I’LL CHOP OFF YOUR FRIEND BETWEEN YOUR LEGS, WE CLEAR?” He nodded while turning and walking back to the dorm room, his mind trying to think where in all the plans Jonghyun had told him that running away from this perfect date fit in. Aside from that, he had completely forgotten to give him the present that he went there to deliver. What had happened?

    It was a few days after Jinki had considered knocking his head off his shoulders that he decided to confront Taemin. He still hadn’t told him and from the boy’s general good nature towards him, Key must have not told him either. He stood outside the brothers’ door and felt his face heating up as he raised his hand and knocked on the door. Jinki answered the door.

    “What do you want?”

    “Taemin is in, right?”

    “Yeah, and?”

    “I’d like to speak to him.”

    “I don-“

    Taemin pushed his brother out of the way and smiled at him, “Hey babe, what did you want to talk about?” Jonghyun grabbed the younger boy’s hand and pulled him out of the room, “Let’s take a walk and I’ll tell you.” He knew his boyfriend didn’t think anything about it; he had already forgiven him for leaving him at the restaurant. They walked out of the dorm building and he turned to his boyfriend, pushing his shades over his eyes before he pulled him to the walkway behind the dorm and continued on. When his boyfriend squeezed his hand, he knew he had put it off long enough, but he didn’t want to tell him. If he reacted the way Key did… What would he do?

    “I have something to tell you,” he whispered as he stopped, Taemin walking around to stand in front of him.

    “What is it?”

    “I’m being kicked out of this college,” he spoke lowly and looked at the ground, but Taemin lifted his head back up. He looked into the younger boy’s eyes and felt like crying, he looked so confused, “My parents are sending me to a college in the States. I won’t be here next semester.”

    “W-what about summer?”

    “I’ll be moving my things there.”

    “What about Kibum?”

    “He’s got Minho.”

    “…W-what about me?”

    Minho stared at Kibum, his eyes always staring on something outside the window no matter where they were. Maybe it was a kind of sadness, Jonghyun and he had been connected at the hip for so long that he felt a loss with his absence? Jinki broke up the quietness, telling a corny joke as he placed their food on the table. He mustered a laugh while his boyfriend continued to stare, sometimes scaring the people on the other side of the window. He looked to Jinki who shrugged, he had even given up his high life since their group had broken apart; it didn’t distract from his unusual charm though. It might have actually magnified.

    “We have to do something, hyung.”

    Jinki eyed Key and nodded, “I think I have an idea.”

    Taemin stared out the window of his room; much like Key always did lately. His loneliness hadn’t affected his grades or dancing; when he was around people and could distract his mind, everything was fine, but when he was alone was when it hit him really hard. He picked up his phone and stared at the little sky blue strap that was attached to it along with a silver dangle charm that had a picture of him and Jonghyun etched into the surface. It was the present he gave him on their 100-day anniversary; not to mention the new phone. He had given him a new phone that was only for calling him overseas; a phone his boyfriend paid the bill. The only one he kept with him lately.

    It had become his main phone in the end and Jonghyun hadn’t said anything. A knock on the bedroom door pulled him from his gazing out the window, a smile forming on his lips as he turned.

    To: Key From: Tae-tae Hey, are you okay? Jinki says you’ve been acting weird.
    To: Tae-tae From: Key It’s just weird. I’m used to his arrogant face and cheesy smiles.
    To: Key From: Tae-Tae I know. Don’t be so sad, you’re worrying Minho and Jinki. Okay, hyung?

    Jonghyun was sprawled out over Taemin’s bed, the younger boy snug against his body and he was stroking his hair since they had stayed quiet for the last thirty minutes. Jinki had even left and thanks to the fact that exams were over, he knew Taemin wouldn’t leave his side. Truthfully, it was his last night before he moved to the States. His dorm room had already been cleaned out and he really had no other need to be at the school aside from the boy in his arms. Taemin sat up and looked down at him, “Don’t go.”

    “I’ve already registered for classes, they do summer courses there.”

    “They do them here too! You could have just picked a different college, why go to the States? Are you… are you tired of me?”

    “Why would you think that?”

    “I was the last to know, was I not?”

    “Please don’t, Taemin. I don’t want to fight with you today.”

    The younger boy shot his boyfriend a glare before settling on top of his waist, clenching his unbuttoned shirt in his hands, “Can we.. Don’t leave me without giving me a piece of you.” The older pulled at his leg until he moved it enough to slip his hand into his pant pocket and pull out a little silver wrapped box; handing it to him with an awkward smile. He blinked, but opened the present anyways.

    “It was supposed to be your anniversary present.”

    In the box laid a pretty blue and silver phone charm.

    “It’s not much, I’m sorry.”

    “It’s beautiful,” Taemin countered and leaned over Jonghyun to grab his phone. What irked him was when his boyfriend grabbed his phone from him, “Not this one,” he muttered between them. He blinked at the older boy, “I only have one phone, baby.” The other boy’s hand made its way back into his pant pocket and pulled a phone from it before tapping it to Taemin’s forehead, “This one is for calling me overseas. I don’t want you to run up a phone bill for your parents.”

    Minho smiled warmly to Kibum as he took the spot next to him on the bench in the quad. Him and Jinki had pulled together enough money for a surprise to cheer up the melancholy dance major. The only thing left was to bring Kibum in on the surprise.

    “Hey, Minho, did-“

    “Not. Yet.” He said through gritted teeth.

    “Did he what?” Kibum asked curiously.

    Figures Jinki would somehow mess this up. Oh well, might as well get this over with. He pulled out a long envelope from his bag and handed it to Key, “Hyung and I pulled together our money to take a group trip.”

    “It’s might not be where you’re hoping, but we thought it would still be fun.”

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