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    amanda is back at it again folks and with me remaking my blog ( again ? yeah i know LOL ) for my smol bean of a flower girl. i bring you an indie blog for a.eris g.ainsborough of square enix’s f.inal f.antasy vii. this blog is also dash only !! if you wish to interact with me, please give this post an ♥ or a  ↺ ( which i most prefer !! ). in case you do follow me, i suggest reading my rules which can be found in my description. if you click on the word ‘ bloom ‘ it’s there and will send you to my google doc’s. thank you for reading && have a fantastic day !!

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  • Derp

    I keep forgetting to draw Ocs for my FF7 account…but keep founding something else to draw. Ops!

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  • Continued

    Gray gave the Turk a tired smile but slowly nodded, “You can count on it, pal.” The faceless told Vanna before letting go of the hug. The anon then glanced around and made his leave, making the encounter with Vanna very brief.

    After a few a days of waiting, crossing out days on the calendar, the faceless made his way to the location given to him by his friend. How long had it been since he had last spoken to Vanna? Actually spoken to her? Boy, did the guilt eat the anon from the inside, he did a lousy job of keeping in touch with her.

    Right after the “Patricia incident”, the two didn’t seem to talk much. Although, it’s not like they spoke all that much to begin with. Well, at least that’s how Gray looked at it. When Gray approached the location he was supposed to meet up with Vanna, he proceeded to lean against a wall, waiting for the Turk to arrive.

    Since this was supposed to be somewhat of a secret meeting, Gray didn’t have his gold shades on today, he wore an aviator cap and what appeared to be swim goggles.


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  • “Greetings.” The canine said with a swift turn of his head, his mane shifting in the motion “This is Cosmo Canyon the land of my people that is a place of sacred healing and resting, I hope you enjoy your stay.” he said in a calm tone of voice “If you need anything come find me in the observatory.”  

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         Please slam that like or reblog ( to help boost me ) if you’re interested in roleplaying with Final Fantasy VII’s Rude of the Turks. Pinned by Saige, formally @ataciturn

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  • His bio is stilll under construction. I plan on adding verses for Crisis Core and post FF7 and while I’m working on that you can send in memes for him or like this post for him to come and pester your muses instead.

    For multimuses - let me know who you want the memes for or live with my choice :D

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  • Sephiroth leaned back in his chair with a sigh and decided that he has had enough paperwork for today. If anyone else came through that door with another file for him he might just be tempted to throw his empty coffee mug at them.

    It was ridiculous. The last time he checked he was part of SOLDIER not ‘SECRETARY’ and yet, his last field mission was weeks ago.

    He got up from his chair and walked over to the huge window on the side of his office. Outside the sun was already setting.

    Another day wasted in a dingy office.

    What a pity.


    Originally posted by archivesephhiroth

    His thoughts were interrupted when he heard faint footsteps from the hallway. He could tell they were headed towards his office. He adjusted his posture to be more upright, but didn’t turn around when the door to his office opened seconds later.

    “What is it now?” He asked, his tone implying that he was very busy and wouldn’t tolerate an extended interruption of his work. Perhaps they would just go away if he seemed intimidating enough. That usually worked on the 2nd and 3rd class SOLDIERs.

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  • Old muse, brand new blog!

    And I think I finally have all the basic essentials for getting started, so like or reblog this post if you’d like a sweet traumatised not-quite-ex-soldier thrown at you, and I’ll drop into your IM or inbox for plotting! (or drop directly into my IM, it’s open to everyone :D)

    #The puppet master is speaking #ff7 rp#ffvii rp #Cloud Strife rp #ooc #this is a permanent call
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  • Sephiroth - Meme Call

    Hit the heart for Sephiroth to check out your memes and leave one or two in your inbox!


    Originally posted by gacktova

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    hey y’all, don’t mind me–– just not gonna explain my many year hiatus, but i’ve been replaying ffvii in preparation for the remake and my aer muse is back and stronger than ever so like this post for a starter

    #TBT . #indie rp#ff7 rp #final fantasy rp #ffvii rp #aerith gainsborough rp #video game rp
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  •        𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐓?  𝐏𝐀𝐒 𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐎𝐑𝐄.  I RISE 𝙴𝙾𝚄𝚂.   /  SEPHIROTH penned by june.

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  •                                                          Taciturn

                                                          Independent / Private / Selective
                                                                       Hired by Julian

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  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍

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    Looks like I’m on my bullshit again– but I really missed RPing on tumblr again. So, if you don’t mind giving this a reblog! I’d like to try and get back into it!

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  • (( I miss writing and RP like you don’t even know, and while I’m juggling two video games I’ve also gone back to working one job and I’m done studying since I successfully passed a certification exam, so that frees up some time. Let me know if you’d like to RP with Balto, I’m sure I can think something up! ))

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  • A flash of green, too bright. The snap of a leather coat, caught on the wind. A glint of metal, silver hanging in the air, carried behind him. The scent of gunpowder.

    His gunblade is still smoking when he stops, a few feet away. He’s always been quick on the draw, even if always has only been a few weeks for him. His eyes gleam, pupils narrow to slits, not unlike something big and hungry.

    And he is hungry.

    The small creature twitches and goes still–a survival instinct, or a death rattle, he won’t know until he gets closer. It won’t be a good meal, but it will feed him and his brothers, and that’s all that he needs from the thing lying in the road. 

    The creature twitches and leaps up, speeding off away from him, and Yazoo shoots again, a fatal shot that takes the beast limp to the ground in an instant. The meat is sure to taste awful. Sour, ruined, nasty. The others are going to complain about the flavor. It’s as foreseeable as Loz crying over a mild scolding, or Kadaj snapping at either of them.

    Regardless, it’s been days without eating, and he wants to now. Nevermind how bad the taste is. They’ve all eaten worse, since they came into this world. 

    Justification, excuses for bringing back bad meat to Kadaj? Yes. It is neither the first, nor the last time he’ll have disappointed his brother. He’s learned already to live with that, in a way that Loz apparently has not.

    Neither of them are nearby, nor are they calling for him, but he can feel, like a pressure on the back of his skull, their impatience. He collects the corpse of the beast and disposes of the inedibles efficiently. He turns to head back towards camp. There is a truck coming down the road, billowing dust behind it, and he has a mind to shoot the driver for sport.  Will they slow down, at the sight of a traveler on the side of the road, or speed past when they realize what he is?

    His grip on his gunblade tightens and relaxes again, and he turns focus back towards returning to their camp, watching the truck pass him out of the corner of his eye.

    They speed up.

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  • He’s going to get in trouble if he keeps this up.

    But there are things to learn, in causing pain. There are lessons to be bestowed upon him. And as long as he is hurting something else, he cannot be hurt.

    These are the indisputable truths.

    He shouldn’t be out in the open like this either, but there’s no one around, really. Midgar is so empty, all burnt up buildings and crushed things. No one is there to see him messing with the insects.

    And he’s not really hurting them, he justifies it. Just playing with them. Just confusing them. Just sending them home different. It is often hard to tell what is right and what is wrong, and he’s not usually good at it. But this time he knows. This time he knows it is bad, and that excuses should be made.

    The insect wriggles in midair, struggling to find its way back to the ground. Cuda tilts his head and it spins, rotating like the world in space, and he is the lifestream around it. He is the life-giving power–

    A noise, behind him. The sharp sounds of metal and rubble, and then footsteps. Cuda drops the bug at once, scooting behind a pillar and peeking out at the interloper. No one he recognizes–but that doesn’t mean much, when you only know three people.

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  • Looking for partners to rp with …

    Sabrina from Chilling Adventures

    Claire from Resident Evil

    Cassandra from Z Nation

    Aerith from FF7

    Blink from Gifted

    #resident evil 2 rp #ff7 rp #z nation rp #zombie rp#caos rp#Marvel Rp
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  • are there any active ffvii discord servers? i want to interact more before the remake comes out

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    ~ Chocobo Dungeon ~

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