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    Don't talk to me until I've made pictures of my fucked up little man.

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    Is it the same photo? 😘

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    My girl Aerith ❤

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    #final fantasy 7 remake #ff7r#ffviir #final fantasy 7r #final fantasy viir #Material ulti plus
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    TOTP, Episode Aerith, Scenes 5-9

    Final Fantasy VII Remake: Traces of Two Pasts Episode 2: Aerith Scenes 5 - 9

    A Light Novel by Kazushige Nojima Translated by Stanley (@istanleyff7 on twitter)

    Scene 5

    "My mother immediately took out a syringe after sitting on the bench and injected herself. I was startled."

    "That must have been rough..."

    There was compassion in Tifa's eyes and voice.

    According to her definition of a mother, Ifalna would be a "really good-natured person". However, she was different back then.

    "Even though I knew she wasn't well, I only worried about myself."

    "You were a child..."

    "I know..."

    Aerith fell silent. It cannot be helped since she was just a child. Thus, there were a number of regrets that she did not want to simply put away.

    "Ah! My bad, my bad! Shall I continue?"

    "Sure. Please."

    "The medicine worked, and we walked on for hours in the Sector 4 Slums, taking a break at times. Then we saw an information board that said ‘Sector 5 Slums’."

    Scene 6

    "Mum, it says this is the Sector 5 slums. The house is in Sector 3, isn't it?"

    "Nope. This is fine."

    "But the new house is in Sector 3, right?" 

    "Aerith, let's hurry up a little. It's going to be nighttime."

    "Where are we going? Where are we hurrying to?"

    Without answering, Ifalna tightly grasped Aerith's hand and hastened her steps.

    Many questions surfaced. Eventually, Ifalna started speaking silently.

    "I've heard that there's a church in the Sector 5 Slums. In the past, people gathered here and prayed to God, but nobody comes here anymore. I've been thinking that we should hide here a little..."

    "I've heard about God! Does he really exist?" Aerith was surprised.

    "According to his believers, he does. I heard that when they pray, they get empowered."


    "It's something like us Cetra speaking to the planet, although I don’t really understand it. But, since no one is coming to the church anymore, there probably aren't any believers. It's too bad for God, but it seems like it's great for our situation."

    "We'll wait for Fuzz at the church?"

    Ifalna stayed quiet for a while, then shook her head.

    "We can't cause any more trouble than this."

    "What about the new home?"

    "We will not live there."

    "Fuzz would be disappointed, wouldn't he?

    "He probably will be."

    "Are you okay with it, Mama?"

    "As long as you're around, I'm okay."

    Aerith thought that those were surprisingly comforting words. But that didn't mean that she didn't feel bad for Fuzz, nor had she gotten over the guilt of betraying him. However, after the thought that she didn't have to live seeing injections, medicine and backhand kisses, she felt a sense of relief.

    "Let's go to the station first. I only know the way from there."

    "Should we ask someone?"

    "Nope. We don’t want anyone to know our whereabouts."


    There are times when there's not enough sunlight in the slums, as the plate was blocking them out. A giant lamp called the sun lamp makes up for that shortage. However, the light that was seen in the morning and afternoon was just like the actual sunlight. While she was amazed at her mother’s explanation, she also felt anxious. The evening was drawing near. She felt that something terrifying would happen if they didn't make it to church by sundown. A terrifying thing that she, too, couldn't imagine. 

    "Aerith, that looks like the station."

    Aerith looked over. A train was about to depart. Unlike the Sector 4 Slums Station, Sector 5's Slums Station seemed like a small station with only a platform. There were probably a few commuters departing from the trains, and there weren't many passers-by too. 

    "Alright then, which way should we..."

    Should we go? Those were the words she probably was going to say.

    Without finishing her sentence, Ifalna sluggishly collapsed to the ground.


    Aerith's voice gathered the looks of her surroundings. However, nobody moved over to help.

    Ifalna's breathing was heavy, and after touching her, Aerith realised she had a fever. A high fever.

    "Mum, where's your medicine?"

    "I've... used them all..."

    It was a desperate situation. What should Aerith do?

    “Are you alright? Mum?”

    Ifalna said something from her painful breath. Aerith couldn’t hear it, so she brought her ears close to her lips. She only felt a hot sigh in her ears. What should she do? What should she do? Aerith's head became loaded with "What should I do". Her mother uttered something again, and Aerith heard that she's alright. But she was definitely not alright. However, what should she do? She wondered if anyone could help them, like how someone did at the Sector 4 Slums Station. Aerith lifted her head and looked for someone who seemed like they could help, but no one was paying attention to them. Would you please help us? Would you please look over here? These words come and go in Aerith's head. My mum is sick. She has a fever. Please help us. Please, help us, please! However, she couldn't speak out.

    "I'm sorry..." Ifalna muttered out. "We were... in the middle of an adventure..."

    Please do not say such words.


    Her emotions overflowed in her voice.

    “Are you sick?”

    Looking back, there stood a man in faded and dirty clothes.

    "Let's move her over there. She's blocking the way here."

    Without waiting for a reply, he sprang into action. 

    He inserted his hands under both sides of Ifalna, lying face up, and started to back away.

    Ifalna was being pulled along and had her shoe fall off her foot. Aerith picked the shoe up and gave them chase. 

    "Be more gentle!"

    The man didn't change his expression and continued to pull her along. He sat her leaning against the station platform.

    "Call a doctor."

    "Where can we find one?"

    "I don’t know, if it were me, I would shout out loud to find one."

    The man turned back, and he really shouted out.

    "Is there a doctor!"

    However, there was no response.

    "Well, all the best."

    And just like that, the man went off without looking back.

    "Oh, my goodness."

    A well-dressed man and woman came over and looked at Ifalna scrutinisingly. 

    "Are you doctors?"

    "No, we're not."

    "That person, is she your Mama?"

    "Shouldn't we quickly call out for a doctor?"

    "Don't you have any medicine?"

    While listening to both of them, her mother's words came to mind. The truly good people are those that act on it and give help. The people here weren’t them.

    "Mum, wait here. I'm calling a doctor over."

    Aerith ran while looking as though she was being crushed by anxiety.

    "Is there a doctor?"

    She exclaimed in the direction of a lot of people.

    "Is there a doctor?"

    Looking back, she was a long way away from the station. She then heard the voices of men and women. It was a cheerful-like group who walked over. She decided to ask them, and if that didn't work, she would head back to the station. Aerith ran.

    She was about to ask them was there a doctor. Then she saw a youth turning around and coming close to her.

    "Hey, I've told you so!" the man continued walking back towards her. "And yet..."

    Aerith hurriedly tried to avoid him but did not make it in time, the man's butt struck her face, and she fell over. The men and women gathered their gaze on Aerith.

    "Go home and sleep, kid!" exclaimed the man who bumped into Aerith, and his friends burst out laughing.

    She absentmindedly got up while hearing the laughter of the leaving group. She felt frustrated, sad, angry and miserable.

    "Are you alright?"

    Aerith looked back, and there was a woman who seemed to look over worriedly. The simple, tied up hair behind her head swayed. 

    "I'm okay. Do you know a doctor?"

    She noticed that she herself was crying and wiped away her own tears. 

    "I live in the outskirts, so I don't know any doctors around here."

    Aerith gave her thanks and started to walk away. Whenever she was asked whether she was alright, she only could reply that she was alright. She wondered how many times she asked her mother that.

    "Mum. I'm sorry..."

    Aerith ran towards the station.

    Upon returning, she saw that her mother's body was covered with a blanket. A "good person" must have appeared and covered her with it. However, seeing her mother's painful state, she felt as though her chest became crushed. Her fever was so hot, she couldn’t even keep touching her. 


    Even after she called out, Ifalna was still looking at the vast sky.

    "Aerith. Are you here?"

    "I'm here."

    Ifalna's eyes searched for Aerith, and she grabbed her.

    "This..." Ifalna pulled out a small pouch from her clothes and held it out.

    "I got this from my dad, who got it from his mum, who also got it from her mum. It's not good for anything at all, but it has always been around, connecting us Cetra."

    Aerith's chest became flaring hot.

    "No. I don't want it."

    If she takes it, it'll all be over. She had a strong hunch.

    "Well... My life is ending soon. I'm returning to the Planet."

    Ifalna's hand that was holding out the bag was trembling, and then it finally fell.

    "Don't be sad. Even from here on out, I'll be by your side"


    "Are you alright?"

    The voice came from above. She looked up towards the voice, and it was a woman, the same woman who called out to Aerith when she fell.

    All of a sudden, Ifalna moved. She raised her upper body and grabbed the woman's arm.

    "Take... Aerith... somewhere safe."

    She said it with such a powerful voice that made Aerith wonder where she left that strength.

    However, in the next moment, Ifalna's body became empty. Her spirit left her body, leaving her flesh and bones without its' host.

    "Ah..." Aerith muttered without thinking.

    Aerith repeated her mother's words in her head. Don't be sad. I'm returning to the Planet. I'll be by your side. Connecting us. She knew. Even though she knew, her chest still stung. Her tears were flowing down, and she let out her cry. Her body hurt and was also trembling. Someone was stroking her back.

    Suddenly, the surroundings became busy. Aerith lifted her head and saw a train slipping into the platform with a roaring sound. 

    "Let's leave here."

    The woman said as she firmly pulled Aerith's hand, forcing her up her feet. Aerith quickly picked up the pouch.

    "I have a bad feeling about this."

    The woman pulled Aerith's arm as she hurriedly tried to leave the station. She remembered being pulled by Ifalna and crossing the railway tracks. She wondered where this hand would take her. 

    Mum, goodbye. 

    From here on out, they'll probably still be together. That was probably right. However, Aerith would not be able to feel that body anymore. She was not allowed to feel that body anymore because the form of her mother's life was different. 


    She turned back and yelled out to her mother, but the pull of her hand became stronger. She saw that the train stopped. When the door opened, Shinra troopers and men in white coats vigorously alighted. 

    "Let's run."

    When the woman saw that Aerith wasn't moving, she picked her up roughly and started running.


    When they eventually approached the centre of the slums, the woman finally lowered Aerith. 

    "Are you able to walk?"

    Aerith nodded in agreement.

    "I'm sorry I couldn't properly let you say goodbye."

     Aerith shook her head. 

    "I'm truly sorry that I had to leave your mother there and head off."

    The woman had a sincerely apologetic look on her face. Aerith nodded again.

    "You poor thing."

    "My mother only just returned to the Planet, so I'm not sad."

    "Ahh... It seems that there are people who do think of it that way. Even so, it's sad to be separated, isn't it?"

    "Nope. It is because I can still meet her."

    "I see. Well then, firstly, let's go to my house, shall we? When you're there, you can cry all you want."

    Scene 7

    "But I didn't cry at all."

    After Aerith said that, Tifa gave her a dubious-like look.

    "My house, you've been there before, right? The one in the Sector 5 Slums."

    "Yup. I've been there."

    "There were lots of flowers, weren't there?"


    "When I went there for the first time, I was also welcomed by the flowers. Really, I felt that. I felt the Planet, and I felt my mother. That's why I didn’t have to cry. What I left behind wasn't my mother. My mother was here."

    Tifa tilted her neck and was puzzled.

    "I've been saying weird things, haven't I?"

    Aerith laughed.

    "I think it's strange, but it isn't weird."

    "Thank you. I thought that you'd say that. That's why I'm able to talk."

    Tifa felt something at the back of her nose.

    "Hey! Hey!" Aerith wanted to change the mood. "My house was huge, wasn't it? For a house in the slums."

    "Yeah! More than just being splendid, I thought that it was a proper house. It doesn't look like a house in the Slums nor a house in Midgar."

    "That's right. The house belonged to Elmyra's father-in-law. People said that her father-in-law was an influential man. How do I describe him... A Corneo who isn’t bad.”

    "A Corneo who isn’t bad?" Tifa repeated herself.

    "Ahhh, it's impossible. The impression is too bad."

    "Yeah. Only Corneo's face comes to mind."

    "I've failed. Think of a more gentlemanly face. Anyone besides Corneo would be fine."

    "I'll try."

    It seemed that Tifa was really trying. However, she slipped out a laugh.


    "I don't know many guys who are gentlemanly."

    Scene 8

    Aerith, who knows little about the landscape of the slums, also quickly realised that it was a unique and special place unlike any other. It was a land with lots of nature. Plants grew on the levelled three-dimensional terrain, and even flowers were blooming. It was a stunning scenery for Aerith, who only knew flowers in vases or potted plants.

    They travelled through the garden and started walking down the wooden plank, which was laid out to make a path. Aerith then felt someone stroking her hands and legs. She didn’t feel uneasy and fearful. There was a gentle and calm feeling on her heart, or perhaps her head.

    "Who are you?"

    The wind was blowing and brushed Aerith's cheek. Her heart was filled with joy.

    "Did you say something?" Elmyra Gainsborough, who had already introduced herself on the road, turned her head around.


    "I see..." Elmyra started walking again.

    "There’s lots of grass, aren't there? It's an old plot of land, and it was left like that. There are lots of flowers blooming too. It's still blooming now, but these kinds are just beginning to bloom."

    Aerith thought of a garden with lots of flowers and was delighted. 

    "I've been cutting and pulling them, but they are stubborn. It's hard because insects come too."

    "I think it's good as it is."

    "Well, but I'm giving up."

    Elmyra's house was an old solid wooden building. They entered by opening an elaborately constructed double door with glass mounted on its' upper half.

    Her day was filled with first time experiences since she left the Shinra Building. Above all, this experience of entering another person's house for the first time was like a lump of "first time"s striking down on her. The interior had an appearance in which plenty of natural wood was used. There were tables and chairs in the centre of the room. Unlike the rooms in the Shinra Building, the walls here had many windows. Furniture, tableware, pots, food, cleaning tools— it was like she could hear the breathing of the people living here. Aerith was distressed from the information overload and took a deep breath through her mouth.

    "You're a strange child, aren't you?" 

    Elmyra laughed. 

    "I know it's sudden, but I thought about it along the way. I know I could bring you here, but what am I supposed to do after that? There was an orphanage on the way here, wasn't there? A lot of kids without parents live there. I thought about bringing you there, but there's a rumour that it's under the influence of Shinra Company. I thought about it after seeing what happened at the station. You probably hate the Shinra, don't you?"

    Aerith nodded strongly many times.

    "Well, we have to carefully think about what's going to happen from here on out," Elmyra let out a huge sigh. "But I'm not at a space to think about such complex matters now. Are you alright to go about this later and stay here for a while?"

    Aerith nodded again and again.

    "Well then, shall we go to the second floor?"

    Elmyra, who seemed to be an impatient person, promptly climbed up the stairs to the second floor. Aerith hurriedly kept up and saw Elmyra waiting for her along the second-floor corridor. 

    "In the meanwhile, I'll let you stay upstairs."


    "This is a house with a fair number of guests. If there suddenly were a child, they would find it suspicious, wouldn't they? More than anything, I can't guarantee that they wouldn't tell Shinra about you. For the time being, except when I say it's okay, I'll have you stay upstairs."

    "For the time being... How long will that be?"

    Elmyra frowned and folded her arms. The smile disappeared from her eyes.

    "Honestly, tell me. Is Shinra chasing your mother? Or are they chasing you too?"

    She knew the meaning of her question. However, how should she reply? She was also probably being chased too. She was undoubtedly being chased because she is a descendant of the Cetra. 

    "Ummm. Yes."

    "It's alright if you say yes. However, if it comes to that, you'll be staying on the second floor until Shinra gives up finding you, okay?"

    Aerith knew that Shinra would probably never give up searching for her. She'll probably live on the second floor her whole life.

    "Don't look like that... It's human nature. You won't be here for an eternity."

    "Um. Okay."

    The doorbell rang downstairs. Elmyra frowned. Aerith felt nervous that it might be someone pursuing from Shinra.

    "Wait here for a moment, quietly."

    After quickly fixing up her hair and clothes, Elmyra went downstairs.

    Aerith crouched down and hid her breath at that spot. After she thought she heard a sign of the door opening...

    "Where did you go!"

    The voice of a furious man burst through. Aerith lost her balance and quickly placed down her hand for support.

    "That's none of your business!"

    "You were the one who told me to come over in the evening, weren’t you? Oh? Do you treat people like this all the time?" 

    "I said I'll probably be here in the evening. I didn't make any promises. You can't come here every day at any time for no reason."

    'It will end after a signature and a blood seal. How many times must I say it?"

    "It will be the same no matter how many times you say it. Understand? This is about the way society works, and the rules. Without Meguro's consent, I also won’t do anything. And even with my blood seal, he would think that I gave in to a threat. If you want to keep your job forever, you have to stay true to your own words, okay?"


    "Your teeth will fall off from such foul words. Well then, go home!"

    "Shit! Shit!"

    "If you want to stand on top of others, you'll repent for it. Well, back off!"

    It was the sound of the door slammed shut. The man was mumbling in an angry voice. However, she did not understand its content.

    Elmyra returned to the second floor and seemed exhausted.

    "Ahhhhh..." She let out a deep sigh.

    "That was Carlo Kinky. That man, he's a special one. Other guests are normally just decent and quiet."


    Aerith was assigned to the room of Gabriel Gainsborough, who built the house, and that was his room where he had recuperative medical treatment until two months prior. It was tidied up and smelled clean. She didn't feel any hints of death.

    "I don't really think it has a good atmosphere, but I don't have any other rooms. Nope, I have one, but I'll have to clean it up."

    Elmyra felt apologetic. However, Aerith didn't care about it. In fact, she even felt a welcoming-like feeling from the room.

    That night, Ifalna appeared by her bedside.

    "I'll be supporting Elmyra being fond of you, okay?"

    Ifalna laughed, but that smile had some kind of tiredness in it. It was the same smile as when she was walking in the slums.

    "How did you come here?"

    "It’s not that I came here, but we're always together because we are connected."

    Aerith felt her mother's hand on her forehead. And before long, she slept with peace in her mind.

    Ifalna appeared the next night too.

    "How was today? I wonder if you got along with Elmyra."

    "Hmmm... I don't know. Elmyra made breakfast, brought it to me, and we ate together. At that time, she made bread for me for lunch. She went out after that and then came back around dinner time. But, she seemed tired. That's why we didn't talk much. I can't get along with her. What should I do?"

    "It's alright. Elmyra is having it rough now. But, I think you can help her. "

    "What should I do?"

    "When she wants to cry, stay with her and cuddle close together. It's the same as when I was here."

    "... Mom, was there a time when you wanted to cry?"

    "I probably did a few times..."

    Scene 9

    "I'll explain this," Aerith changed her tone to an excuse-like manner.

    Tifa seemed to be in an absorbed-like state.

    "When I was a kid, I thought that it was a dream, and I thought I was just talking in a dream, but that's not it."

    "Um.... What do you mean by that?"

    "It's one of the powers of the Cetra. We can be one with the floating life of the Planet. Through this life, and though it seems there are various conditions, we're able to communicate with people whom we're separated from."

    "That's amazing, isn't it?"

    “Right? It gets more different than you think. But I can't do it anymore. I can feel something when I go to a deep place, but usually not at all."

    "I see."

    "Like happiness and sadness. But, I have been through a lot due to this power when I was a kid. Well, I must be a strange kid, aren’t I?"


    You’re on page 44/141 of Aerith’s segment of the Light Novel. to be continued Previous Scenes: Scenes 1-4 Back to Content Page (click/tap here)

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    Got my books, and I'm adding stuff I think people will like or includes pretty characters or interesting facts. It's a wip so check back for updates. Currently up to section 2: image art.

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    Appreciate Sonon's beauty ❤️😘❤️😘❤️

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    Cloud twirling Aerith at sunset on the beach. A young, happy couple so in love. ❤️🥰❤️

    More art experimenting today with my ipad! I really love how this turned out! It’s so colorful! 💛🌺💙

    (My husband randomly twirls me like this sometimes and that’s how I got inspired to draw this! 💕)

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    I made Hagrideiggar for all of your Hagrideiggar needs

    #ff7#ff7r#hagrid#heidegger#final fantasy#ffvii#shit post #wow I can’t believe this is going to be my first post since returning to tumblr.com
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    CLOUD  クラウド   1 / ∞
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    Bonus Stamp story that comes with the material ulti plus and trace of two pasts. Yuffie can sit and listen to it in s7 with the other kids lol

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