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  • liketheinferno2
    24.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Well I took some pics . clumsily. Nero's crotch situation looks like a strap on harness I'm laughing at it

    #intergrade spoilers #nero the sable #let him speak #I got almost wrecked trying to take photos of him for 30 minutes I think this is what it's like to be prompto #ff7r
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  • nibelreactor
    24.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • cloudywithachanceofstrife
    20.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Lil ☁️ watercolor practice

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  • onewinged-sephiroth
    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago


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  • priceofreedom
    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    okay but if we are gonna see more of Zack being alive I want him to meet up with Kunsel, Tseng and Sephiroth

    #i love his relationship with all three #especially kunsel ;w; poor guy couldn't believe he was dead and kept sending him mails.......... #intergrade spoilers#intermission spoilers#ff7r spoilers #also like i want to see Sephi react
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  • spectroscopes
    19.06.2021 - 5 days ago


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  • cloudxstrife
    19.06.2021 - 5 days ago
    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ♡♡♡ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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    18.06.2021 - 5 days ago


    #nero the sable #ff7r intergrade #ff7r intermission spoilers
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  • jadespacechan
    17.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    he tells her the whole story ...

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  • glamgoblin
    16.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    I want my ninja boyfriend back square

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  • sxlphie
    15.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    ff7r dlc post credits moodboard

    #ff7r intergrade spoilers #ff7r spoilers#intergrade spoilers #episode intermission spoilers #I'm going to be miserable if I spoil anyone I'm so sorry #i'm never going to be over this huh #I sobbed the second I saw his hair Icannot take i t #zack fair#ffvii
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  • halfwayriight
    14.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    You got this, Yuffie!

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  • iaintyourbro
    14.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Unknown Journey Continues

    Part 1

    I know it's been a while... but I've been going down a rabbit hole with @starlight-samurai regarding time loops, Jenova, Minerva, and more fun. So I figured I'd try to put it into one post to get the insanity out of my head. Everything in here is based on things we've found by either going through more obscure Ultimanias, learning more about Dirge of Cerberus and trying to decipher what the hell Jenova is by putting together various sources - including other Square Enix games - and how they handled freakishly similar scenarios.

    Did you know there is a companion mobile game for it that was out on the good old flip phones? Did you know there was an online mode in Dirge of Cerberus only available in Japan, but had story elements that were not in the main game?

    The sad part is, there's still so much to go through...

    (I've also had various discussions with @ourfinalheaven, Manu, who doesn't have Tumblr, so here is her Twitter. and Somebody's Nightmare (here is her Twitter). So I wanted to tag them here, as it's much more fun to discuss these ideas as a group, since it'll only help you build on and strengthen your own ideas.)

    Please be aware, there will be Spoilers for FFVII - Almost all Compilation titles, Xenogears, and NieR Automata throughout this.

    So let's go on a journey where we explore what actually already exists in the compilation - including the idea of the whispers and timeloops - how Minerva may play into everything, and what exactly Jenova is capable of doing.

    I asked Sesi if he'd ever played any of the NieR games, because he'd said something that made me wonder if they were going to take a similar approach. As a very, very quick high level summary: NieR Automata deals with a time loop type of idea. The androids will be rebooted and repeat the same things over and over again. This is broken when 2B is killed by A2 because she becomes infected with a virus. That being said, you have the option after Ending E to either erase all of your data and end the cycle OR you can try again. The Pods have a discussion, and one asks, "But won't they just do the same thing again?" and the other replies with "Maybe. But it could also be different this time."

    Here's Sesi's message back to me when I asked him about this (cleaned up a bit since we were having a casual conversation over Discord):

    Maybe I could just guess based comparatively on the Dirge storyline, because that was sort of SE's first flirtation with “robots and androids” since they’re all programmed and locked behind like task managers and shit that can shut them down. The story of the online mode for DoC that came out in Japan, we never got to see it, you’re basically an Android OC and you have to get to “the end of the level” and then essentially die, and a new one takes its place. This keeps happening until Weiss is essentially freed from being able to be task managed by the guys who are suppose to be able to control them and I know from tons of years with Square games that they’re verrrrry bad at differentiating their narratives they tend to just keep “ripping themselves off” so is it anything close to that?
    Cuz if so I think I kinda know what you’re saying and yeah, I agree, I think with CC bringing in its poetic symbolism and LOVELESS, and DoC bringing back the cyclic nature of the lore, whispers, premonitions and future visions, proto-Materia and the perversion of this next cycle since the planet can no longer cleanse and protect itself and its will is weakening lesser and lesser to the point where it’s fate is “in a true sense of jeopardy This time essentially it’s all tied in together and sort of played as though it's a fated track; a cycle of events and something has hitched it, thus the whispers manifesting and Sephiroth's higher implied control over his destiny. Of course, even all that is just their new red herring game, but it’s definitely a part of the lore they want to play with, in order to go back and reMAKE the OG with the comp inserted from inception. Also gut punch a lot.

    Time Loops

    I was somewhat surprised to find out that this concept is NOT new to FFVII's universe. It's discussed in Dirge of Cerberus... probably one of the least played and least understood of the compilation. (Trying to sell a third person shooter with terrible controls to a market of mostly people used to turn-based combat wasn't going to go well.)

    On top of it, we didn't even get all of it, since online mode was never released outside of Japan, and the Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode was on Amp'd Mobile and Verizon flip phones back in 2006. Were you around for the cell phones in 2006? I had the ones on the list, and how somebody could play a game on those blows my mind.

    Square has a tendency to reuse themes from their other titles. Probably one of the most blatant is the similarities between Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII. They were both being developed at the same time and a lot of ideas that didn't make it into FFVII ended up in Xenogears.


    So how does this work? In NieR (both Replicant and Automata), you play the same path multiple times. Each time, it's slightly different depending on what side quests you did your first and second playthrough, but there's also other subtle differences throughout the story. In Automata, you get to play as 2B your first playthrough and 9S for your second. They follow the same path, but you get it from his perspective the second time and it reveals a bit more of what is going on. However, even with some slight differences, the main plot points stay the same and the ending result it also the same.

    Then on your third playthrough, you wake up in the Bunker, and you're getting ready to go on a new mission. This time, though, 2B is killed and shit hits the fan. Things get crazy, you play as a new character: A2. In the end, pretty much everyone "dies", but you can choose to "reboot" and try again. You also can say you are done and let them all rest and delete your save data (the game gives you the option for both Automata and Replicant, and with Replicant, it actually leads to a new ending).

    The striking thing for me is... There are certain events that will always happen, no matter what.

    Fixed Points in Time

    It's been years since I've watched Doctor Who, but there was something that stuck with me, and that was the fixed points in time. You can read about all of them here, but here's the basics:

    Now, of course Doctor Who goes into this with much more detail and it's a recurring theme. However, as you read through that page, you'll probably find many aspects that have been used in various JRPGs that you've played. And Doctor Who most likely pulled some of the idea from classic Science Fiction novels. Each story puts its own spin on it.

    How does this relate to FFVII Remake? Well, when they say that the major plot points will stay the same, it reminds me of this. No matter what, Cloud must fall into the Sector 5 Church, the Sector 7 Plate must be dropped, Aerith and Zack both must die, and Meteor has to be summoned, to name a few. So, with a time loop, those things would still have to take place in order to prevent a complete collapse of reality (at least in how Doctor Who uses it).

    Therefore, the Whispers are ensuring that the Will of the Planet is followed.

    One of the major themes in FFVII is that of loss. People die and they do not come back. Yes, other FF games do allow this to happen (FFX, FFXIII, FFXV), but VII is not those games. It was written with that idea in mind, that once a person dies, they, just like in real life, are dead and cannot be brought back.

    I've previously written that I think they'll make us believe we are able to change fate, but we will eventually be slammed with the reality that we can't. That is because the planet has determined that certain events are fixed points.


    Xenogears takes a bit of a different approach to the loop idea. Instead of repeating the same time period over and over, it has the characters reincarnated, and the same outcome happens each time: Elly dies. However, each time it's different. After all, they're in various time periods, in some cases thousands of years apart.

    In all of the lives of Fei (who will have a different name in each time period) and Elly (who is always Elly/Elhaym), Elly will end up dying trying to protect Fei and the others. In one life, she is a religious figure at a totally not Catholic church, in another she's the wife of a scientist who was working to create children from nanomachines due to mass infertility issues. But she is ALWAYS with Fei, even if his name changes.

    In her Mother Elhaym time, this is when Lacan (Fei) finally snaps. Though he's not fully aware of his past lives, he becomes aware, the anger consumes him, and he becomes Grahf. Fei is then reborn into the time period you play the game in.

    There's a lot to unpack with this, so I won't go into it. Grahf wants to destroy God (Deus) because he thinks if he does, then it'll stop the suffering (his suffering).

    If you do want to read more about Grahf, you can do so here, but it probably won't make much sense unless you've played Xenogears up to that point... Since it's much later in the game that this is all explained.

    Lacan's desire was to stop the cycle of Elly always sacrificing herself for his sake. Though Grahf is not a perfect existence - he's not fully "The Contact", he sacrifices himself in order to let Fei move forward, and hopefully stop the cycle, by destroying the Deus system. (Elly also tries to sacrifice herself here, but Fei goes after her and stops her.)

    Now, some people may think I'm saying that Cloud or somebody is going to do this in order to save Aerith or Zack (or his village or mom), but in FFVII if they do the loop method, I don't think Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and the others are aware of it. Most likely, it's only 'Sephiroth' and Aerith who are aware of it.

    How this Could Be used for Final Fantasy VII

    I'm stressing could because there's so many different possibilities on how they use this (if they are using this), so please, don't take this as fact. This is based on speculation based on what we know.

    A time loop is a great way to explain away the differences in the story that we've seen: Biggs being alive, Wedge living for longer than he should have, etc. Since these are not major plot changes, they can simply say that this time it'll be slightly different... but your fixed points (major plot points) will remain the same.

    It's a way to pull in some of the more obscure themes from Dirge of Cerberus and also play with the LOVELESS lore.

    It could all simply be a big red herring and it's really just a remake of OG, but with the compilation tied together nicely... since it works much better when it's combined and not in 50 different games, books, movies, etc.

    I don't think it's a "sequel" per say, not in the way I generally perceive a sequel. It's more of a loop of the same thing. The question is, when is the loop started and what will cause it to end? When will the planet (if it even is the planet) determine that it's good enough to begin moving forward?

    JENOVA, Sephiroth, Genesis, and Minerva - Oh My!

    Let's be real... Genesis isn't exactly the most popular character in the FFVII Compilation... but what if they make him one of the most important to the story? //Ducks as various fruits and vegetable are thrown in my direction//

    I think what Genesis is probably most known for is his love of LOVELESS. He has the entire thing memorized and randomly says lines from it throughout Crisis Core. LOVELESS lore is still something I'm trying to grasp, so I am not going to comment much on it. Once I understand it more, I'll update this.

    ...And then this happens. The secret ending for Dirge of Cerberus, where Genesis picks up Weiss. Weiss, who has now been introduced along with Nero in FFVII INTERmission and is an optional ridiculously hard boss in the Shinra battle simulator in chapter 17 of the main story. There is some lore associated with the battle sim - so if you don't plan on beating it or you just can't, you can look up the pre-battle and post-battle cut scenes on YouTube. They're very short, but interesting. (I beat this asshole last night - it's a hell of a fight.)

    ....To Be Continued because apparently Tumblr won't allow more than 10 images per post now.... Next will be more on JENOVA and Sephiroth along with Minerva.

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  • debonaireshepherd
    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Star-crossed ninjas or just a misguided crush?

    RIP Sonon, and the Soffie ship.

    Intermission did a good job of SUBTLY showing that not only did Yuffie want to be seen as a grown woman, but that she also had a crush on Sonon.

    The writers managed to do this in a way most people glossed over or ignored. The point in which it became obvious was during the train scene, which focused on Sonon’s backstory involving his sister, and subtly implied that Sonon viewed Yuffie as a surrogate for his sister. However, Yuffie(while making doe-eyes at Sonon while he towered over her) corrects him by informing him that she’s not his sister, and she doesn’t want to be seen as such. I think Yuffie saw their future Happy Turtle date as romantic in nature.

    Lastly, Yuffie ran out of the Shinra building yelling about how she isn’t Sonon’s sister. At first this sounds like a nonsensical thing to say, but when you understand how Yuffie viewed Sonon, it makes more sense. I think this is her way of saying that she wished he didn’t view her as such, because in her mind he wouldn’t have sacrificed himself if he didn’t confuse her with his sister.

    So, what are the chances we see Sonon again in the future? What are the chances it involves Vincent and Nero?

    For the record, I don’t ship them together. I’m simply making an observation.

    #Final fantasy 7 remake Intergrade spoilers #final fantasy 7 remake intermission spoilers #yuffie kisaragi#sonon kusakabe#soffie#ff7r #final fantasy 7 remake #yuffie#sonon
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    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago


    #〆‒ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏꜰ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ〢 ⌜your friendly neighbourhood cloud strife stan⌟ #yuffie is adorable #her character feels so much more fleshed out #already #tori is watching me play and we're thriving rn #so catch me here #ONCE IT'S DONE #ff7r spoilers#intergrate spoilers
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    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Are folks still hell-bent on believing this to be just insignificant rubble in Yuffie's eye...? Really?

    I've said it once and I'm saying it again-- (until I'm proven wrong) that is 100% Vincent's (symbolic) figure in her eye and it isn't a reflection. Her nightmares have begun.

    Vincent's theme song is 'The Nightmare's Beginning' and Yuffie is beholding the beginning of her worst nightmares after Sonon's death. Take into account she also fought Nero who not only is the keeper of corrupt lifestream but also pain and darkness embodied. SE is notorious for throwing in details and symbolisms at us so this isn't out of of the question. As a matter of fact, it just makes sense.

    #yuffie dlc #ffvii remake spoilers #ffvii intergrade#ff7r intergrade#vincent valentine#yuffie kisaragi #final fantasy 7 intermission #final fantasy 7 remake #ff7r
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