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  • Aerith Gainsborough cross-stitch, now available on Etsy as a digital PDF pattern or as a kit!

    Wow I had so much fun making this pattern. It’s the biggest and most complicated one I’ve ever made, comprising 52 thread colours and a whole bunch of thread-mixing to get the blends. I’m super proud of her!

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  • image

    four of sixteen… look at that bitch cant smile for SHIT

    #vii.rtf #ffvii
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    im so close to being able to make those silly post edits…. i dont like how some of these are coming out but actually thats okay

    #vii.rtf #ffvii #i even put genesis in there despite my opinion of him #guess who didnt make the cut tho lmao
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  • Better not let the librarian catch you buddy ❤︎

    #genesis rhapsodos #in all reality he's flirted the poor librarian into a coma #and now he can just come and go as he pleases #like a naughty cat #library aesthetic #BOOKS!!! #I want to do more with this #but I'm happy with the sketchiness for now #ffvii#crisis core#ffvii fanart#my art
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  • “If I told you this was only gonna hurt”


    “If I warned you, that the fire’s gonna burn”


    “Would you walk in”


    “Would you let me do it first?”


    “Do it all in the name of love”


    “Would you let me lead you even if you’re blind”


    “In the darkness, in the middle of the night”


    “In the silence, when there’s no one by your side”


    “Would you call in the name of love?”


    “In the name of love, name of love” 


    “In the name of love, name of love”


    In The Name of Love - Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha

    #clack#zakkura #cloud x zack #zack x cloud #zack fair #ffvii crisis core #cloud strife#ff7 remake#ffvii #final fantasy vii
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  • My display case is finally completeeeee


    The Shinra shelf is my favourite!

    #ff7#ff7 merch#ffvii #i feel so fancy
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  • Pics from the Fridge 2 - You’re welcome art-world. 

    #Zack Fair#ARTIST #slaying it yet again #absolutely no one asked for this #genesis#angeal#sephiroth#cloud#crack post#shit post#ffvii#fanart#my art#zack's art #pics from the fridge
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  • Steps to Healing: A StrifeHart Story

    Cloud stared blankly out of the hospital window. People hurried down the sidewalks that lined the streets outside of San Francisco General Hospital. Far away, in the distance, Cloud could vaguely see the Bay Bridge. It was difficult due to the many buildings in the way but he’d recognize that structure anywhere. He leaned back in his bed, wincing at the pain in his back.

    “Fuck,” he hissed, laying his head against the pillow. The brand mark still hurt like a fucking bitch. Though, he shouldn’t really be surprised. After all, he only got that mark yesterday…

    “You shouldn’t be moving, Strife,” said a deep voice from the doorway. Cloud turned his towards the doorway and saw Squall Leonhart standing there with his usual scowl on his face. His dark brown hair was pulled out of his face and into a short ponytail. Ice blue eyes were narrowed at him but not in anger. More like…worry and concern. Cloud glanced at the gash on the bridge of his nose. That particular incident had happened two months ago, but it felt like it happened yesterday. It had healed up, for the most part, but it was definitely going to leave a serious scar. He was wearing his signature leather jacket with a faux fur collar, a plain white shirt, and tattered jeans. His hands were deep in his jean pockets.

    Cloud scoffed at him then gave a smirk. “Who died and made you my babysitter, Leonhart?” He asked. It wasn’t snappish as it usually was, but more like… teasing.

    Squall shook his head and walked over to his bedside. He sat down in the chair and gave him an amused look. “Someone needs to keep you from doing reckless shit,” he said, folding his arms across his chest.

    Cloud raised an eyebrow. “There’s a saying about glass houses and stones that would fit perfectly here,” he replied. “You do plenty of stupid shit.”

    Squall laughed, surprising Cloud. Usually, Squall’s scowl never left his face. A smile from him was a rare treat. Cloud had to admit; a smile made Squall look very handsome. A laugh… Squall’s laugh was something that he never thought he would hear. It was deep and genuine, the amusement in it very clear.

    “You got me there,” he said, a small grin on his face.

    Cloud smirked and sighed. He leaned back into his pillow and said, “I hate hospitals.”

    “I don’t blame you,” Squall said, leaning back in his seat. “It’s not doing anything that gets you.”

    “Right?” Cloud said with a laugh.

    The corner of Squall’s mouth twitched upwards. He really liked Cloud’s laugh. Cloud hardly laughed, so the sound was a rarity. And good things are better when they’re a rarity.

    Squall’s frown returned as he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “…You could have died, Cloud…” He said quietly, his eyes slipping shut.

    Cloud looked at him with a frown, his brows furrowed at Squall’s tone of voice. Why did he sound so… weary? So…afraid?

    “Well…” Cloud said, leaning back against the pillow carefully. “My family could have killed me a multitude of times. They aren’t exactly gentle with their punishments-”

    “That’s not my point,” Squall said sharply.

    Cloud narrowed his eyes at his tone of voice. “Then what is your point, Leonhart?”

    Squall was quiet for a moment before running a hand through his hair with a sigh. “…When we were on our way there…my Alpha was going nuts. Scratching and clawing at the inside of my mind. I didn’t know why…until we found you. The closer we got to you, the faster my heartbeat got. And when I saw you… bloodied and bruised… with that damn mark singed into your skin… I damn near lost my mind.”

    Squall sounded so…lost. Cloud’s brows furrowed in concern as he continued to listen.

    “I could have ripped them all apart,” Squall growled, his Alpha coming to the surface. Cloud’s Omega whined at it and he scowled. Why are his instincts acting up?

    “If Zack hadn’t brought you over to me when he did…I would have killed Sephiroth… without any regrets,” Squall said, calming himself with deep breaths. He then looked Cloud straight in the eyes. “You calmed me. I didn’t know how…but you did.”

    Cloud didn’t look away from Squall. He couldn’t. His instincts urged him to just listen. What was happening to him?

    Squall leaned closer to him, looking him dead in the eyes. “When I went home, I wanted to know what happened to me,” he continued. “I never lose control of my Alpha. So I asked my Dad. Wanna know what he told me?”

    Cloud nodded slowly, a little hesitant. His heart was starting to beat faster. But…it wasn’t unpleasant.

    Squall gave him a small smile as he got a little closer. “He said that usually…mates get that way,” he said. “But I told him that it wasn’t possible. We aren’t mated. He then told me ‘well son…you must be fated then’.”

    Cloud’s eyes grew wide. Fated mates were rare. They were often common in old families with the first born.

    And the Shadharts were an old family. A blush crossed his face as Squall got even closer.

    “I thought the same thing that you must be thinking,” he said. “That’s it’s impossible. But-” He got up to sit next to Cloud on the hospital bed. Reaching up, he brushed his platinum blonde bangs out of his eyes. “-I want to see if he’s right. What about you?”

    Cloud inwardly cursed his pale skin as his blush grew darker. Squall gently brushed his thumb against his cheek and Cloud sighed. Dammit…what was happening to him?

    “Fine…” Cloud said. “But if you’re wrong about this, I’m kicking your ass.”

    Squall gave him a small smirk and leaned in. “Whatever you say, Strife,” he whispered.

    With that, he kissed him.

    'HIM! IT’S HIM!’ Cloud’s Omega practically screamed as their lips met. 'HE’S OUR FATED ONE! OUR MATE!’

    Cloud’s heart began to beat erratically as his eyes closed. He felt Squall move closer as he kissed him firmly, one arm wrapping around Cloud’s back, his other hand gently cupping the back of his neck. Cloud responded by wrapping his arms around Squall’s neck and pulling himself closer. They would have continued on like that if they hadn’t been interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat loudly.

    Cloud broke the kiss and turned to see Tifa Lockhart standing in the doorway of his hospital room, her hands on her hips and a smug smile on her face. A blush crept onto Cloud’s face and he tried to push Squall away. Squall, however, narrowed his eyes at his sister and pulled Cloud closer. He rested his chin on Cloud’s shoulder as he pulled him against his chest and wrapped an arm around his middle.

    “What do you want, Tifa?” Squall asked. His breath tickled Cloud’s ear and he squirmed. He hated that feeling.

    Tifa grinned and said, “Ha! I totally called it! Man, Zack owes me fifty bucks!”

    Cloud’s eyes narrowed and flashed dangerously. “You guys had a betting pool on this?”

    “Oh, cool it, Cloud,” Tifa said with a roll of her eyes. “To everyone else, it was painfully obvious that you two were going to get together.”

    Squall chuckled, much to Cloud’s annoyance. “Well, it was bound to happen,” he said nonchalantly. “Seeing that we’re fated mates and all.”

    Tifa’s eyes widened. “For real?” She asked and when Squall nodded simply and Cloud gave her an embarrassed look, she groaned. “Aw man, now I owe Aerith sixty bucks!”

    Cloud groaned as Squall laughed. “Story of my life…”

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  • Im drinking and mighr regret this- send me asks about the Turks and I will answer you.

    #samurai writes#ffvii #tseng of the turks #tseng#ffviir#tseng ffvii#ffvii remake #tseng x rufus #ff7 rufus#ffvii rufus#rufus shinra#ff7 elena #elena of the turks #reno ffvii#reno #reno of the turks #reno sinclair#rudeffvii #rude of the turks
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  • My Life With the Turks, Pt. 11

    (Aka my real life convos that are so cannon it hurts)


    *Tseng and Rufus, out shopping in Midgar one day*

    Rufus: OH. Tseng I LOVE this antique bathtub. It’s so beautiful and stylish- think of all its potential back at the apartment!

    Tseng: Alright sir, let’s go find the clerk to make your purchase.

    Rufus: Welllll.. maybe not today. I should think on it a while. We know where to come back later.

    Tseng: Yes sir, that’s a sound decision.

    *One week later, Tseng and Rufus lying in bed, it is 11:42pm*

    Rufus: Tseng. I really want that bathtub. It’s perfect. I can’t stop thinking about it.

    Tseng: Well tomorrow we can hire a car and go pick it up, it shouldn’t be a problem at all-

    Rufus: No, no, I’d better not. We wouldn’t be able to use it right away.. Probably should just wait to pick it up when I have the space 100% ready.

    Tseng, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance: Whatever you think, sir.

    *Two weeks after that, via text message*

    Rufus: You know Tseng, I really want that bathtub we saw at the Midgar Mall, remember?

    Tseng: YES. I KNOW. You have wanted that bathtub since the moment you saw it and I’ve been trying to insist you go get it. We could go back this weekend and finally get it for you.

    Rufus: I’m not sure-


    Y’all this bathtub has been a topic of conversation between me and @davejolina SINCE MAY. Fun fact: we still have not purchased said tub.

    #JUST. BUY. THE. BATHTUB. #why are you like this #yes we talk about bathtubs #sexy right? #ffvii#ff7 #final fantasy 7 #ff7remake#rufus#rufus shinra#turks#the turks#tseng #tseng of the turks #ff7 tseng#ff7 rufus#ashjolina#send help#incorrect quotes #incorrect shinra quotes #shinra#shinra inc #shinra electric blues #incorrect ffvii
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  • #shinra electric blues #zack fair#cloud strife#zakkura#clack #cloud x zack #ff7#ffvii#crisis core #crisis core: final fantasy vii #final fantasy 7 #final fantasy vii #crisis core headcanons #ffviicc #protective zack fair #occasionallyyandere!zack fair
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  • Concept: Angeal knows how to play piano

    #genesis absolutely lounges on them #truly a dynamic duo #final fantasy 7 #final fantasy vii #final fantasy#ff7#ffvii#angeal hewley#tuna talks
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  • Let the battles begin!

    #ff7#ff7r #final fantasy vii remake #final fantasy 7 #ffvii#fanart#digital
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  • Oof.

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  • i wrestled for a while as i tried to decide whether or not a name selection screen is a text box. in the end, i decided that it’s not. the materia tutorial will be, though! so that’s… fun!

    listen to and support Black voices

    #final fantasy vii #ff7#ffvii #final fantasy 7 #playthrough15 #every text box #Cloud
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