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    Prompt 27: Benthos

    This was another dream, and he knew it. Eurynine is pressed against silt and sand by deep sea pressure, the scratch of shells and pricks of spiny feet passing over his skin. Far above, the silver of moonlight shines and ripples with the waves, interrupted by the occasional school of fish. Distantly, in a with an awareness that had nothing to do with sight, he is aware of stone ruins sunk into the deep. Nymeian, perhaps; another lost cause. His head rests on a lap of rough coral, and fronds caress his forehead and hair. He isn’t breathing here, and is at peace with that. 

    When he speaks, there are no bubbles to carry his words, but they sound clear enough all the same “When I first came to the surface, I mistook the moon for the sun. I had wandered the lightless tunnels for so long that it’s light burned my eyes. I fell to my knees and wept at the sight of it, at the vastness of sky. I felt like an insect in the palm of a giant’s hand, so exposed I was. So small and insignificant. I felt free.”

    “Yes,” Shrike says, fingers as cool as the sea “I remember you telling me that story.” 

    Eurynine’s eyes follow the lazy path of a jellyfish overhead, letting the abyssal silence press against them, feeling salt sinking into his pores. He was surprised that she had brought him here, to the crushing deeps she feared. “I apologize. I can think of no new stories to share.” In this dream, this gift of solace born of her love for him and her growing mastery of dreams and fae magic, he was as far away from his cell as he could be. Down at the bottom of the deep blue sea. “I did not tell you about Hybris, did I? I apologize, I should have. He was here in disguise, in this Twelve-damned facility. He saw me, and I heard him ask about taking me with him, but the chief of medical research would not let me go. He’s keeping me like a puzzle, like a rat in a cage, until he can unravel the mystery of my arms. Wouldn’t believe me when I told him I didn’t know the how’s or why’s.” The bitter edge in his voice gives away how that went. Shrike’s hand stops moving, soothingly cool against his brow. There is a flare of anger, felt around the periphery of his consciousness just as he felt the stone of the ruins, and it colours her voice when she replies. “Perhaps I could help persuade him.”

    The next day, when Eurynine stares impassively at the chief on the other side of the bars, he notes the Hyur has dark circles under his eyes. It wasn’t his work come to haunt him. No, Eurynine suspected that the Hyur had dreamed of the deep blue sea himself last night, but found it full of monsters instead of peace. Sharks, sea serpents, and gnashing fanged terror, he hopes. Darkly amused, the Duskwight smiles and hopes Hybris returns to try again soon. He might get a different answer after a few more nights full of the horrors Shrike’s creative mind could dream up.

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    #ff14#ff14ss#ff14 screenshot#ffxiv#screenshots #au ra raen #final fantasy 14
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    #FF14#ff14 screenshot#ff14ss#screenshots#ffxiv #au ra raen #final fantasy 14
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    *aggressively farms for Duskborne Aethersand while contracts go through OCR*

    #dt plays ffxiv #i want it noted for the record that as much as i loved the gathering changes they did #the affect on aethersand farming was AWFUL #fucking hell #i need three per for a single craft of goddamn superior deep-red enchanted ink ffs!
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    #FF14#FF14SS#ff14 screenshot#FFXIV#screenshots #au ra raen #final fantasy 14
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    Had to redeem myself on this one.

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    FFXIV Write 2021

    Prompt 27 Benthos

    the flora and fauna found on the bottom, or in the bottom sediments, of a sea, lake, or other body of water.

    Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would get the chance to see what lied beneath the depths of the Ruby Sea. What a wonderful sight it was!

    Schools of fishes swimming in abundance, colorful flora and fauna illuminated by the streaks of sunlight that broke through the surface, even entire cities surrounded by air as if they were above! He could scarcely believe he wasn’t dreaming.

    Kien kicks his legs out, creating enough momentum to propel himself into a backflip, the rush of adrenaline is immediate and he finds himself performing another one. Each inhale of water he takes passes through his lungs as easily as air and he can’t help but laugh, watching as little bubbles escape and drift to the surface. As he swims upright again he stretches a hand toward the surface of the water, feeling nothing but pure bliss in that moment.

    He spins around again, watching as the water moves around him in a dance and stops short to wave at Blaise as she swims toward him from Tamamizu. She beckons him to follow her back to the village and he does so with a little twinge of sadness. He wasn’t ready to return just yet but he knew he couldn’t stay out here all day.

    As they break through the surface of the air dome, Blaise tosses him a teasing grin. “I was told come find you since you were taking so long, were you planning to stay out in the sea all day?”

    Kien returns her smile with a lopsided grin of his own as all the words he couldn’t say while in the water tumble out of his mouth. “I just might! It’s amazing that all of this exists down below the sea! I never knew it could exist!”

    Blaise laughs at his awe. “Well lucky for you, we’ve still got a lot to do down here and if you prepare quickly enough, we can take a little detour to the sunken palace.”

    Kien’s eyes flash with excitement. “I’m ready as ever I’ll be, just say the word!”

    Blaise smiles at him and Kien eagerly takes off to rejoin the others, counting down the seconds to when he can return to the sea again.

    This was only the beginning of a whole new world to explore. Receiving the Kojin’s Blessing was something he would forever be grateful for.

    #ffxivwrite2021#ffxivwrite#ffxiv#nico writes#ffxiv fanfiction #keeper of the moon #kien eilath#miqo’te wol #a small little Drabble on how kien felt after getting the blessing :3 #short and sweet today <3 #am I using a ss from MiqoMarch? #yes #yes I am #because this prompt was perfect for it
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  • tale-wind
    28.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Chapter 27: Benthos

    "Eeeyaugh!" "What is it?!" Lyse called, running over to the side of the ship. When she reached Han'urel, she stifled a scream of her own.
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    FFXIV Write 2021 #27: Benthos

    (a/n: Set after 4.1, three different watery focused POV stories across the lands.

    Fhara deserves a vacation after all she’s done, although she would insist otherwise in favour of continuing to help; Alphinaud gets some swimming lessons; and Gostestu and Yotsuyu are crossing the Ruby Sea.

    Word count: 1154)

    She’d been shoved out the door of the Stones, half forced into a swimsuit at Tataru’s hand, and sent off to Costa del Sol. Fhara wanted to argue that she had no time for rest when everything was still so busy in the aftermath of all that had happened - Rhalgr’s Reach no doubt had materials in need of moving to the newly reclaimed city, not to mention the Saltery would need assistance in setting up, even with the East Aldenard Trading Company eager to help due to Lolorito’s odd kindness - but many of her fellow Scions insisted otherwise.

    “You have more than earned your rest with all you have helped achieve. Plus all the better to relax now and keep your strength up for whatever will come in the future. We also don’t need you suddenly collapsing on us trying to haul cargo from place to place because you would rather push yourself to your limit,” Y’shtola had insisted amidst Fhara’s own struggles against their lalafellin receptionist.

    “And there shall be no buts about it!” Tataru had asserted with a final shove of the warrior toward the door, “I have already called ahead to Costa, and Gegeruju is more than eager to welcome such an esteemed figure to partake of his beaches.”

    Fhara wanted to argue further...but upon setting her sights on the golden sands and blue oceans, and the pretty corals glowing beneath the surface, she finally caved. Just for a few short days, she could enjoy herself, right? After all, the worst had passed for Eorzea and the Empire hadn’t stirred yet after losing the crown prince. They had time to spare and recover.

    She took off down the decks and leapt into the water, hoping to take full advantage of her Kojin gifts to explore every nook and cranny of the seabed as the sun beat down on the little vacation spot.


    “Come on now, back in. You almost had it,” Arenvald said, Alphinaud collapsed at his feet on the shore of the loch, coughing and spluttering.

    “Twelve above, I regret this,” the younger lad gasped,the salt water stinging in his eyes and the back of his throat. Arenvald pulled him to his feet.

    “You can regret it all you want, but you asked for the help and I’m giving it now. And you ain’t gonna have anywhere better to practise than here. And I know you’re not the type to be giving up when you want to do something, so let’s go!” Despite Arencald’s encouragement, rather than race back to the water, Alphinaud sat down on the water lapped shore with a huff. Arenvald shrugged and joined him.

    “I know full well what I asked, but in this moment, I’m almost reconsidering. I’ve managed quite well without the skill for many years now, and I’m sure I can do without for a few more. Besides, Alisaie is quite happy being the preeminent swimmer in the family.” He chose not to mention that even with all her skill, she was now lucky enough to possess the Kojin’s water breathing skill, allowing her more capability under the waves, to his resentment.

    “This isn’t about making you the best, it's just about getting you good enough. And just ‘cause you’ve been alright till now doesn’t mean much. What about the future after all, anything could happen!” Arenvald stated, earning him a raised eyebrow in return.

    “Such as?”

    “Well, who knows? What if you end up on the bad end of some watery creature set to drown you out, or somehow have to swim out of the deep oceans?”

    Alphinaud couldn’t help but shake his head at the suggestion. “No offense my friend, but that first idea sounds more like something you’d expect from a children’s story. A touch too fanciful I would say.”

    “Maybe, but you never know, there could be other things out there like that kelpie Fhara said she ran into down in Skalla’s ruins.” Rather than continue on about fae tales, Alphinaud looked to the sky, bemoaning that the sun was still high above them. There was still plenty of day left, and he had no other plans.

    “Thaliak, give me strength,” he muttered, using his friend’s shoulder to boost himself back to his feet. Arenvald bolted up after him, a keen glimmer in his eye.

    “Very well, let’s continue. Let’s at least end the day with some progress made,” Alphinaud said, trying to ignore the way his legs shook as he approached the water again. 

    Most of his lessons that day were spent spluttering and flailing through attempts to gain any traction in the water, as he turned his mind to wondering how much work would be needed to get the scent of salt out of his clothes after all of this was done.


    “And here we part sir, any further to Doma, you will have to make your own way,” the boat owner said, casting another wary glance at the oddly familiar woman accompanying the great roagadyn, as she nibbled away at a stick of dango. Gosetsu shielded his eyes as he watch the horizon, biting back the scowl at how far away Othard’s shores yet lay from their position. He managed to offer a friendly nod to their courier.

    “My thanks good sir, for bringing us all this way on what little coin we had,” he said, knowing most of it would no doubt not even go to the man’s own pocket, but more likely to pay the tithe should the Confederates find the sailor. Gosetsu could only hope the pirates would be more focused on the dinghy than themselves, allowing them a clear passage to Yanxia without any interruption.

    As though aware of the thoughts crossing the samurai’s mind, the sailor replied simply, “I did what I could. You are the Confederate’s worry now.” And with that, he pushed away from the pier with his oar, quickly paddling away and back toward Kugane.

    Gosetsu’s scowl came out in force at that, enough that Yotsuyu saw it when he turned to walk along the shore.

    “How are we going to get across now? I don’t know if I could swim,” she asked innocently.

    “Bah, we’ll think of something,” he assured her quickly, “Come, let us not dawdle lest we be caught by the fishes when night falls.” The woman gawped in surprise, rushing to catch up, although at his tired pace, she didn’t have much distance to cover. They would just have to walk as much as they could and then hope for a miracle when they eventually needed to cross water.

    Gosetsu had heard from the Scions of the Kojin blessing they’d received, allowing them to traverse the seas without need to break the surface for breath.  He could only hope that they could be so lucky during their travels to come across the skill for themselves. Twould make their work so much easier.

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    I’ve been re-decorating the FC house over the last few days after relocating it to Shirogane 🥰 and then just now, proceeded to buy Tobi a new shark plushie after doing custom deliveries. I thought it was going to be a smol plushie, but turns out it’s rather large lol 😅

    Whelp, it’s cute 😆

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    Prompt 27: The Third Charm

    Prompt 27: Benthos - FFXIV Write 2021 Character: Helios and some housecat he knows.

    The first portal brought him the light embodied in a creature pure and bright, golden and white.  The second portal brought him the dark of the abyssal depths in a bulbous creature of creeping space and slithering limbs, caustic and black.

    The third portal he came to open alone.  The Shroud and Mor Dhona he could easily ask the others to accompany, but this place of concrete and metal was different.  The buildings towered over him, windows alight in blue and yellow glows.  He strode by them.  Firelight sparked up the sky in the east, the rat-a-tat of gunfire echoed down the street.  How his kin thought this place was an advancement on the southern city-states or the eastern kingdoms, Helios didn’t know. 

    None were Amaurot.  None were home.  None ever would be.  Clinging to the past was only getting them so far.  He ached to evolve.

    Debris littered the plaza he finally stopped in.  Abandoned to the twinkling night, the inhabitants of the city had moved on.  War gripped every nation with a mortal heart when a vacuum of power was introduced and this ascian-contrived city was no different. He wasn’t here to lay a claim.  

    He stepped to the center of the plaza, a compass raised up level to his eyes.  Aether flowed in a figure eight in and around the compass, lighting the face of it and the swivel of the arms seeking direction. “Oh, come now, make up your mind.”  He taps the glass surface and sighs.  The arms spin, pause, swish and pause again.  “Ah, there.  Yes?”  The compass pulses with a golden hue as if in response. “Good.”

    The compass flew true when released from his hand, propelled forward with just enough force to shatter it on impact with the ground dead centre in the plaza.  Helios watched as the world bowed inward, the compass acting as the magnetic focus.  Colour skewed, images streaked and turned clockwise.  He lifted a hand to press his finger to his temple.  More than light pulled into the forming spiral, tension apparent enough it tugged at his own being.  

    And then it gave, like a twisted tension suddenly let go, the world unraveled in reverse.  The focal point caved in, opening a spiraling gateway in the middle of the plaza horizontal to the pavement, sparking silver and blue light.  Helios cast his hand out, aether leaping from his fingertips to delve into the gateway, a stream of golden light acting much like a fishing line.  

    A yelp cracks his lips open.  He stumbles a few paces toward the gateway, his hand frantically twisting around the rope formed of his aether.  His heels dig in, bracing himself before yanking back. “I’m in no mood to play games.”  He wraps the aether-rope around his arm, then turns to start doggedly walking to the outer edge of the plaza.  He grunts and yanks, curses and drags the entity out of the gateway.  “All the others leapt out merrily, but not you.”

    The tension in the rope abruptly vanishes.  Helios gasps, fest scurrying forward to keep them under him. Now was not the time to land face first on the cement.  He straightens up, hands smoothing down his long coat, brushing away dust and reinstating his dignity.  

    “Was that really necessary?”  His golden gaze rises just in time to watch the sleek form of a silver house cat leap over the gateway edge to the top of a chunk of cement.  

    Moonbright eyes blink at him, his golden aether glowing softly where the rope formed a collar around the creature’s throat.  The answering mew was soft and innocent.  Not that he bought the act.  He held his hand out, waiting as she leapt up onto his arm and pranced her way up to his shoulders.  She sprawled around the back of his neck, her nose nestling into his crimson and black hair, and the floof of her tail thumping contently against his chest.  

    Helios scritched against one of her ears.  The resulting rumbling purr made him smile.  “Mm, yes, I’ve missed you, too.  Let’s go home.”

    #ffxivwrite2021 #writers on tumblr #ffxiv writers#short story#vignette#Helios#ascian #what depths of what hell did he dig this infernal creature out of #house cat
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    when ur fellow WoL flirts back and you dont kno how to handle it

    (ft. @/heropaws’ saber)

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    Prompt 27: Benthos

    It had taken Sahxa months of working with a Gobbie Engineer. The device was big and bulky, very unwieldy. It made it very easy to descend to the depths though, all she had to do was hold on to the massive contraption. Now though, she was having second and third thoughts as she stood on the bottom, feet sunk deep into the sand, chest struggling to breath under the pressure. Now, she thought she had been a fool, and was seriously contemplating swearing off drink for the next few moons at least. This had been a drunken plan. A drunken tale told over a jug of rum. 

    Looking up, Saxha stared at the beautiful fan of cilia floating in the depths. The sealed lantern she had brought down was also attracting attention as small critters crawled up out of the benthic sands, out of the nearby corals, drawn by the light. This of course was also bringing more food to the giant fan above her. The stone tube the fan extended from looked bigger around than she had remembered, it also looked much more solid as well. With the heavy chisel in one hand, and a heavier mallet in the other, Sahxa began the long, very tiring task of breaking through the rock wall of the tube to get at the creature inside.

    Struggling through exhaustion, every breath harder to take then the last, and who knew how many bells had passed after she started. She’d had to replace three lightning crystals she knew in her little lantern. In the dark, so bloody damn deep under the sea. Sahxa tightened the last of the dogging bolts on the top of the container. Next she started working the hand pump until she couldn’t work it at all. Satisfied, she began turning the knobs on the round tanks at the compass points of the bigger round tank. The rubber coated canvas bladders started filling and expanding as the tanks let out the compressed gas they had contained. She had no idea how the tanks worked, just that the Gobbie Alchemist had told her not to breath the fumes, and no, he refused to give her the formula. Slowly, the massive pressure tank lifted from the bottom, and Sahxa started unclipping the sacrificial chunks of metal from her belt, letting her rise with it.

    It took eight Roegadyn, and a gantry crane to lift the container into the massive tank of the Ul’Dahn merchant. His Goblin engineer bounced back and forth with heavy clomps of his boots as Sahxa climbed in through the airlock. The pressure the creature had managed to produce in the massive tank was as heavy and oppressive as she recalled from the bottom of the sea. At least this time she didn’t need the extra weights, but could swim around the inside of the tank to the container. It had taken two bells for the special machine the Gobbie had made to bring the water pressure inside the tank to the same as what the worm was used to living in. She used the wrench to start undoing the dogs holding the hatch of the container closed. As soon as it started loosening, the creature inside started pushing harder and harder, it’s flexible body trying to squish out the gap. Before the last of the dogs was undone, the lid popped away and the giant fan worm stretched and spread out. The food rich water churned as the massive fan waved around, taking in the nutrients Sahxa had over saturated the water with. 

    She lay on the floor staring up at the beautiful marvel. Her and the Goblin Engineer passed a bottle of rum back and forth between them. The bugger had been right, she had to admit. She hurt, and was going to hurt for days, especially her chest from trying to breath under so much pressure, but damned if she wasn’t impressed at having taken a creature from the very darkest depths of the Ruby Sea and gotten it into a tank in Ul’Dah without it exploding. All she had needed was the Gobbie’s pressure vessel, and the chemical air tanks to bring it back to the surface. Okay, so the whiff of the fumes had knocked her and half the crew out when one of the air bladders exploded after they got to the surface, but, they still did it...

    #FFXIV Write 2021 #Prompt 27 Benthos #Sahxa Relanah#Fishercatte
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    i was gonna have amh’a recognise what the necklace about thancred’s neck means but then he wrote himself recongising something and feeling a familiar presence but not being able to place it and eventually pushing it aside because, suurely, he must of imagined it and-

    he hasn’t

    he hasn’t and his friends are going to die and if the damned company of heroes hadn’t had him darting halfway across the continent for their bloody banquet then maybe-

    they were still warm

    (and then, weeks later, they find a familiar face behind a mask and amh’a-

    he realises what exactly it was he’d recognised all that time ago and he blames himself because if he had just mentioned--)

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    Okay, so I was absolutely over-geared and over-level for the Leviathan fight a few weeks ago, but...does that take place BEFORE the Scions moved or AFTER? I am trying to figure out where this thing I am wriring takes place, and I figured using that fight was as good a time marker as any.

    Still powering through Heavensward MSQ. And this can sum up a chunk of my experience so far:

    Estinien: *opens mouth*

    Akagi: *Gibbs-slaps Estinien*

    I am aware he gets better, but good LORD he is very one-track minded and kind of tactless right now. LOL >.<

    Also, I have decided (before finishing ARR, actually) that Akagi is going to rock the Ribbon headband forever. XD

    #ffxiv #okami plays ffxiv #okami's adventures in heavensward #estinien mentioned #he is a butt right now #but he'll get better they tell me #also elf-pope is a liar and a cheat and I wish to introduce him to the edge of my shield #Shield Punch was Xano's favorite move #but I think he'd be proud if Akagi aped it for a bit #okami rambles
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    28.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago
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    i havent had a ton of energy lately but here are some misc headshots and busts i’ve done in the past weeks

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    ― a wolf in sheeps clothing .
    #Final Fantasy XIV #ffxiv#ff14#elezen#gposers #i missed my cute ishgardian cleric a lot #i really should pick her back up again #i have no use of these gifs so here is a smoll set to remind me how much i love her #i also could not settle on a ship so lmao #you get horrible inconsistent love square with the ishgard boys #i hope she is of interest to some ;v;/
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  • beiplaysffxiv
    28.09.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    I dunno why I am writing this, honestly. Probably because the wisdom tooth eruption has been ruining my week and I am just fucking annoyed at the discourse. I don't really have a following here yet, so I essentially risk nothing.


    There's an on-going discourse on Twitter dot com, about whether or not Lalafell are kids and should they be allowed into NSFW content. This came up after Lalafell players started speaking up about the unnecessary hate and harassment they receive from others, simply for choosing to play the potato-shaped gnome race.

    Lalafell are NOT children. They are NOT child-coded and regardless of what some of you think, they were NOT based on human toddlers. I don't know how many times it has to be said at this point. Pretty much all of the Lalafell we meet in game (including our WoL) are adults. The only exceptions are maybe 1-2 vague NPCs, that appear in a seasonal quest of some sort and only exist, because the Devs don't bother making child models for every existing in-game race.

    All of the Lalafell/Dwarves we meet in sidequests and MSQ are adults. Some of them are middle-aged. There are in-game mentions of them being in romantic/sexual relationships - interracial as well. There are married Lalafell. There's a pregnant Dwarf in the Nier questline as well. Hell, everyone's "favourite" Lalafell villains in pre-Heavensward story are adult men.


    The general argument against Lalafell being adults are their "child-like movements and high-pitch voice" along with some piece of Lalafell description, mentioning how "difficult it is to tell their age". I'm going to go into realism right now, but do you know who else fits under this description? People with Achondroplasia.

    They exist. Due to their bone development their movement is obviously different from your regular person, which is sometimes compared to how a child moves. They often have a high-pitched voice as well and in many cases it is difficult to tell their exact age until they grow much older (look up Quaden Bayles and the whole drama surrounding his age). These people are the actual closest irl example of what Lalafell would be. Not literal fucking children.


    Does that make Lalafell fitting for NSFW content? I'd say that depends on your approach. Canonically Lalafell do have sex and nothing you do or say is going to change that. I sincerely do not see any issue with people who portray their very obviously adult Lalafell in mature situations (sex, drinking, smoking etc.). They do not hurt anyone by doing so and they make it clear they do not infantilize their characters. Hell, I see a lot of people wishing they could at least modify their Lalafell to have more mature features. Which is somehow ALSO frowned upon?? and pretty much all Lalafell modders have been shunned by the community at this point.

    That being said, people who sexualize Lalafell while also purposefully infantilizing them are still creeps. They do not represent the Lalafell community. Just like people modding their catgirls to wear diapers do not represent Miqo'te players.


    tl;dr - My stance on Lalafell is that they are absolutely NOT children and shouldn't be seen as such, unless the player very clearly and specifically makes it clear their character is underage. Lalafell should also be allowed in NSFW content without being ostracised as long as they're not purposefully infantilized.

    #excuse any typos for im constantly on painkillers for the last few days and i've been feeling pretty fucking high at times #but yeah dont be a fucking idiot and stop harassing people who very clearly treat their lalas as adults #there's also this whole fucking thing of lala players facing hate for even picking that race which is just #mega yikes #if a fantasy race of potato shaped gnomes makes you so fucking angry you need to probably go out and touch some grass #lalafell rant#ffxiv#beikon's banter#lalafell
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    Post Combat

    The 'woods' of La Noscea have nothing on the woods he grew up in. The treens are thinner and sparse, offering faint protection from the sun's harsh rays. Cu'a finds he can forgive the thinness and the dodos in exchange for the way the moon graces the fields and the stars fill the horizon, dipping into the sea.

    It's well past midnight but the energy from the day has not left his anxious body. His hands still shake. The fur of his tail, creeping up his spine won't settle. There's nothing to do but let Asta, white of feather and protective as hell, meander through the woods until they find the coastline.

    He'd almost been shot today; multiple times in fact, but he found that wasn't what filled him with nervous energy. He'd come to La Noscea to lie low and stumbling into a crew of...well...not pirates, except they certainly reminded him of pirates--the Limsa kind, a little silly, a little friendly and just as prone to violence as laughter.

    He hated playing bard for them. They had been as likely to steal his hand me down harp as pay for his services. A falling star streaks across the sky. This wasn't laying low. Even with the ongoing chaos in the Empire, it's people took problems exceedingly personally and he...worried. He frets. La Noscea was nothing like his home and perhaps then, he'd be fine he for a time.

    --but not if he kept up with a crew that straight up killed their rivals!

    Cu'a tugs his hood up and over his slender ears and gazes out.

    Before too long the darkness over the seas starts to fade to lavender as night give way to the gentle light of dawn. Has he really been sitting out here all night, lost to thought? The chocobo curled up at his back would certainly lead him to believe so.

    "Sorry Asta," he murmurs and runs his calloused fingers through her silken head feathers. "Bet your stable would be a much nicer place to sleep hmm?" She opens one eye to look at him and lets out a curious little sound. "Yeah, I think it's time to head back."

    The dread still fills his chest, tight and familiar, but at least the energy has drained enough that he might sleep...and if not...well..

    ...he can detour through the nearby lavender fields and borrow some blossoms.

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