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  • futuraelead
    31.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    “this isn’t exactly what I had in mind when you said ‘we’re going to do something fun’ ... “

    #valuehope #apologies this is so short i couldnt think of anything but i wanted to make your starter dfjg]hdj]fg #( threads )
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  • valmiller
    22.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Of all the unsavory things going on around her, Valerie settled on watching the strippers. Somehow it felt more sophisticated than gawking at the undead. She could look at the dancers and pretend it was 2002; that she was inside of a swanky club with well-paid and well-pampered dancers. Glamorous women living in a big world. Now her world was small, and she found herself returning to the nightmarish Den. It seemed that humanity evaded their safe zone. 

    She gazed at a pretty dancer on the makeshift stage. Her body twirled beneath dim yellow lights. Valerie wondered about the girl’s life before the outbreak. Which of her dreams died when the world fell apart? Did she expect to end up here, stripping to please the soulless audience staring at her? It wasn’t a sad thought to Val, but curious. She leaned over and spoke to the person beside her. 

    “Isn’t she gorgeous? It’s a shame we don’t have dollar bills. I’d love to throw some at her.”

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  • thescottrussell
    21.06.2021 - 3 monts ago


    Scott wasn’t too impressed with the current festivities, but stopping by and mixing with other people couldn’t be too bad, especially after a long day tinkering with cars. 

    Walking past the pit with the chained walkers, Scott quickly looked away. “Well,” he commented to the person nearest to him, “I’m certainly glad children aren’t around to see that.”

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  • m-atkinson
    20.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    status:  open

    location:  outside the front doors of the high rise

            “Don’t touch my stuff!” Mina even goes as far as to swat the poor lady’s hand away from her. She waves her hand towards the woman, signaling for her to leave  -  which she does shortly after. “Sorry about that,” Mina lets out a small groan, turning back towards the other. “Where were we?”

    #fg;starter #feel free to assume connections if we haven't plotted ♡
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  • bystandrs
    20.06.2021 - 3 monts ago
    location : the den / with : open / @fiddlersgreenstarters​

    Kat didn’t know what a festival was supposed to be like inside the Golden Triangle, but it sure didn’t look like what one did back in the days before the apocalypse. It was an odd experience, walking into this place called the Den and seeing everyone mingling together as if there wasn’t a large high rise looming over them, reminding them that they, the rest of the small bit of society left, were less than. Not that Kat really wanted to notice such things, he saw the squalor everyone lived in, especially since he was living in it himself, but he had to assume most of these people hadn’t been outside its walls in years. They may be living in squalor, but Katsunari preferred it over living in the wasteland out there (for now, at least). He could turn a blind eye to what was around him as long as he needed to. Besides, Kat had twelve different escape plans in mind at all times. The guards might not let him out, but he would find a way. He always did.

    There wasn’t any plan to leave now, and Kat couldn’t help feeling a bit curious about what the hell Fresh and Freaky was. He saw people drinking, laughing, talking. He was too young to drink (legally) when the end came, but he had to imagine that it was very similar to what a packed bar was like back in the day. Most of the commotion was around some sort of fenced-in area, and naturally he gravitated towards it. Pushing past others carelessly, he was... confused about what was going on inside the cage. Two walkers inside it, fighting each other for some helpless rodent. His brows creased. Taking a quick glance at the person beside him, he uncharacteristically spoke up, “Isn’t this a bit... unethical?” 

    #fg;starter #event › fresh and freaky festivities. #arc › threads. #um.. he's a newbie if it isn't obvious lmao #okay but now i gotta go bc i work tomorrow and holidays are the worst time to be a waitress lol pray 4 me
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  • lobitas
    20.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    it had been a long time since neve had really taken the opportunity for any sort of leisure. work at the eastern oregon outpost had become more arduous as their numbers dwindled--specifically for medical staff--and then she’d been on her own. after being inside the golden triangle for the last six months, she’d been eager to prove she was worth the invitation. the den’s offer of festivities seemed like as good an opportunity as any to finally let herself relax. 

    several drinks lit a gentle fire in her belly, relaxed in a way that felt so old and faraway from her day-to-day. robocop, with his inky black fur, hung close to her calf--largely unimpressed with the antics of their fellow survivors. he had once been more inclined to react to the living, but after such a long time on the road, he was largely unimpressed with people. 

    for the most part, so was neve.

    it was a common thing among people in the medical field. especially in smaller communities like this. it wasn’t like portland, before the outbreak, where most of the people she saw were bland and forgettable--lost in the school of fish that commuted by the max or carpooled from bedroom communities. no, in the golden triangle, people usually knew if you were medical. and if folks recognized you, well, they were bound to treat you like you were always on the clock. and here comes one now, neve thought sharply, as dan johnson headed her way--no doubt hoping to ask her about some rash, minor scratch, or other asinine thing she was not in the mood to assess. turning to her neighbor at the bar, she brandished a hopeful smile, mind still humming from a few drinks. “if you can save me from having to look at dan’s mole, i'll get your next drink.” if they weren’t interested, well, dan was making good time on his beeline towards the both of them. they’d both be trapped in conversation.

    #this is long ! and rambling ! #but it's been a million years since i've written anything forgive me #fg;starters
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  • hostilemuppet
    04.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    i like how whenever theres a remotely nice build on the dream smp people are like “omg this could fit in hermitcraft!!” thats how little people expect of dsmp

    #text#dsmp#hc #other than fgs summer home #every build in dsmp is like #starter base in hc territory
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  • takakuyaku-archive
    16.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    [ plotting call..? pretty much to see who wants to plot out some threads or have some pre-established stuff with my muse. ]

    #[ an angel with wings ;; ooc ] #[ damn things busted ;; mobile ] #[ come one come all ;; starter call ] #[ ive been lowkey a lil scared to plot with takami because insecure noises— ] #[ insecure writer noises and that ppl prefer my fg and even then idk if ppl really do #like him much anymore..—]
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  • 1235832
    25.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    LiVeStReAm(#!) “Texas State VS Eastern Michigan” Live Streaming Free Reddit

    Texas State vs. Eastern Michigan (Football) · 0:38. Kyler Murray goes deep to Rondale Moore for 77-yard TD · 0:29. Vikings fall as Greg Joseph botches 37-yard FG ...



    On Saturday, the Eastern Michigan Eagles will host the Texas State Bobcats in a non-conference match-up. According to CBS Sports, the Eagles come into this game ranked No. 97 nationally and 2-1 record overall. Texas State is 1-2 and No. 118 in the CBS Sports.

    Texas State looking to get to.500Texas State is led by head coach Jake Spavital, who has a 6-21 record in his third season now with the Bobcats. The Texas State Bobcats played a full schedule last season, going 2-10 overall and 2-6 in the Sun Belt.

    This year, the Bobcats opened the season with a 29-20 loss as a 13.5-point home dog to Baylor. On September 11, Texas State won its only game 23-17 in overtime as a two-point dog to Florida International but had its most disappointing game of the season last Saturday, falling 42-34 at home as a 10.5-point favorite to Incarnate Word.

    Texas State averages 25.7 points per game this year and 343.7 yards of total offense. Sophomore quarterback Brady McBride leads the Texas State offense. He has been completed 56.3% of his passes for 599 yards with four touchdowns and three interceptions. The rushing attack averages 144 yards per game, led by Calvin Hill, who has 181 yards.

    The Bobcats returned seven of their top 10 tacklers from 2020 and five starting defensive backs from last season. This year, the team allows 29.3 points and 416 yards per game, 261 passing, and 155 rushing.

    Eastern Michigan was only predicted to finish fifth in the MAC West according to the 2021 Preseason Media Football Poll. Playing a six-game conference only schedule last season, the Eagles went 2-4. Eastern Michigan has nine offensive and seven defensive starters back this year.

    The Eagles beat St. Francis (PA) Red Flash 35-15 as a 34.5-point favorite in the season opener and followed that up with a 34-7 loss as a 26-point underdog at Wisconsin. Last week Eastern Michigan beat UMass 42-28 but failed to cover the spread for the third consecutive week as a 22-point favorite. The Eagles were outgained by the Minutemen 519 to 507 in total yardage in the win.

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  • carolburtet
    12.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Cascadian Dark Ale brew day

    I'm a few brews in on my BrewZilla, and it's awesome! The workflow is so easy, I'm complicated my normal process by making an all grain starter yesterday. The grist is a variation on a Schwarzbier I made last year, but with darker malts; I'm going with Sabro hops to go for a chocolatey, piña colada type beer, with a medium dry body and restrained bitterness.

    Mash: 23L at 152F for 60 minutes with 3g CaCl2, 2g Epsom, 2g gypsum, and 3g vitamin C


    2.6kg Pilsner

    908g Golden Promise

    100g Special B

    100g acid malt

    236g midnight wheat at 10 minutes left to mash

    64g chocolate wheat at 10 minutes left to mash


    Pahto to 30 IBU at 45 minutes

    2oz Simcoe at 170F whirlpool

    1oz Medusa at 160F whirlpool

    2oz Sabro at 165F whirlpool

    1oz Medusa dry hop near FG

    1oz Sabro dry hop near FG

    0.5oz Cryo Pop dry hop near FG

    Boil: 45 minutes

    Irish moss at 10 minutes

    Yeast: 1L Vienna malt starter US-05

    submitted by /u/drd525 [link] [comments] from Homebrewing https://ift.tt/392q0oh

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  • carolburtet
    08.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    First time I've ever had my FG stick this high...


    Batch Size: 11.25 gal

    Boil Size: 13.00 gal

    Estimated OG: 1.051 SG

    Estimated Color: 12.7 SRM


    Estimated IBU: 20.0 IBU

    Brewhouse Efficiency: 67.0 %

    Boil Time: 90 Minutes



    8.50 lb Pilsner (2 Row) Ger (2.0 SRM

    5.00 lb Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM)

    4.00 lb Munich Malt - 20L (20.0 SRM)

    2.00 lb Aromatic Malt (26.0 SRM)

    2.00 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L (20.0 SRM)

    1.00 lb Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM)

    1.00 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM)

    2.00 oz Tettnang [3.20%] (60 min)

    1.00 oz Tettnang [3.20%] (45 min)

    1.00 oz Tettnang [3.20%] (30 min)

    I found a recipe online that had a lot of great reviews and I love an Oktoberfest, so I attempted my first batch of this recipe a few weeks ago. I think I might be stuck. Brew day seemed to go pretty well, hit my numbers nearly as expected (temp gauge error wound up mashing high, near 160) and wound up putting 5 gallons into the fermentor with a SG of 1.055. I pitched a rehydrated pack of W-34/70 at 60 degrees and the yeast seemed to go to town. I let it ride for close to a week, took a hydro sample and it was down to 1.030. I let the temp rise to 65 over the next week, but when I took another sample it was only down to 1.028. I had a hefe getting ready to go into the chamber, so I let the temp come up to 68 and roused the yeast a couple of times, but I'm still only down to 1.028. It'll be 3 weeks in primary this coming Saturday, and nearly 2 weeks without any drop in gravity.

    Should I add another pack of this yeast by making a mini-starter, or just live with the high FG and keg it now? The samples tasted great, as far as I'm concerned.

    submitted by /u/vwman18 [link] [comments] from Homebrewing https://ift.tt/3DY57sN

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  • wadwafesaf
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The Iron Islands shall be free again

    When she looked away in disgust, he flung the skewer at her. Everybody coming, we have one more man than they had to block. But now you’re not the same, and God does not vouchsafe you a quiet spirit. I'm training for a marathon and it gave me a mix of long runs, short, easy runs and training runs with fast intervals to work on speed. Only 16 of the stolen Rugers have been recovered since the 2015 break in, according to hundreds of recent court records reviewed by The Associated Press. Things were escalating to a point where Bill was starting to become someone he did not know. He sat beside us, utterly crushed, staring at the floor with adidas fg a look of suffering on his face and gave up attempting to answer. Can't believe that Raina is still in the playing eleven ! But that is the way it happens in India (read first para). "It's been a blessing for us to get away from the everyday nonsense that goes on in a place like this," she said. HIGH galeb spodnjice PRESSURE RIGHT ON TOP OF US. The holy grail of 60fps is only achievable via the Titan X. Focus on that person, your feelings for them and why you have chosen to include them in your image. The Volantene waved a hand. People were getting shoved onto tables retros kabátok and grabbing clothes from each other, Lee said, smiling down at her three shopping bags. There everything is familiar and the same as usual; there it’s all serious and exacting; there he finds jealousy and reproaches; there he finds tears. All proceeds go to the Boys Girls Club of Greater Salem. W. Her father, Roger Sasso, died in 2006.. The Iron Islands shall be free again, and the Old Way will nike black tn 001return. Some delicate and sensitive natures show a peculiar perversity, a sort of chaste dislike of expressing themselves, and expressing their tenderness even to the being dearest to them, not only before people but also in private — even more in private in fact; only at rare intervals their affection breaks out, and it breaks out more passionately and more impulsively


    the longer it has been restrained. Harewood Senior Center each day, and 120 students attend the Young Minds Day Care Center, according to management. “There are truths only a friend may tell you. And Azorka put his paws on the table and asked for some pie, too; I gave him some, and grandfather laughed. "but it's worth it to keep the club going. Tonight is the final opportunity for those on the bubble to influence the looming decisions. When the transmitter filaments were turned on for the first time, the fans for the visual transmitter tubes came up but the aural fans did not. Skinny as they were, her legs were strong and springy and growing longer every day. It is also a very different question, whether I shall voluntarily, or at the request of friends, yield up my

    diadora focicipő

    post; or whether I shall forsake it at the demand of a mob. At any rate no one would have taken him for the father of so grown-up a son.. My spouse and i continue to have 8mm home movies (at this point on Dvd movie) twin set cardigan outlet of the situation. “Was ever snow so black?” asked Lord Wyman. That's why we need to bring some business sense to Washington. I knew it would be so, yesterday, two months ago. For charcoal: Begin with lighting at least 6 cups of charcoal and burn the coal down until it reaches a temperature of 230 250 degrees. Compared to recent seasons, the Fighting Irish graduated relatively little volume wise (they didn't lose five starters like in 2013 when they graduated SSDMs David Miller and Steve Murphy, LSM Tyler Andersen, defenseman Matt Miller and goalie John Kemp). For more information call 301 699 2407.. But we’ll talk of the proprieties later; I’m wandering from the point, remind me later. I never said they were not subtle. But both veteran defenders, who have been with the Timbers since their inaugural MLS season, were healthy enough to be in the starting lineup Friday.. In a statement, chief executive Ken Hicks said: am pleased to report our seventh consecutive quarter of strong sales and profit growth. Consult Schedule 1;refer to Row 5, "Schedule VI";move across Row 5 to the column relating to your annual sales, million"; andfind that a retros kabátokfee of $125 is required for

    izraeli kézműves ékszerek

    the assessment.3.2 Subsequent FeesScenario: You are providing information for an assessment of a new chemical or polymer for which your company has previously submitted a notification under another schedule. The gods gave us long lives but not great numbers, lest we overrun the world as deer will overrun a wood where there are no wolves to hunt them. Elbert L. A month ago, before father came back, I got an immense letter from him, and I said nothing to either of you about it. That left only Trant, the feeble Boros Blount, and Qyburn’s mute monster Robert Strong to protect the young king and royal family.. She was no stranger to the waterfront. Would survive, hooking up with indie Ignition for 1998's very solid Volume 8: The Threat is Real. So may this, the prince thought. This year my piece is created with silk and almost 600 pieces of abalone.". Then both were gone and he was rising, melting, his spirit borne on some cold wind. Natasha says that’s ever so much better than living at other people’s expense, as we all do. The aircraft carrier smashed into it and it landed 200 feet under the water, but amazingly the pilot survived.. They want you, and I said, He said, you for sure you want to do it? And I said, I don know why I wouldn And then when I got off the phone with him, I actually had forgot all about being in Walmart, that I had stuff in there, I actually started my car and started to drive out of the parking lot and I thought, wait just a minute, you got stuff in Walmart and your money clip in her pocket. The Y became Community Connections in 2000. In practice I couldn get it to work. He licked his lips. When I reroofed, new vents were added. Shortly after, someone tried unsuccessfully to burn the building down, scorching a portion of siding below the manager's window. The house had been off the market for about a month and is now being relisted with Jordan Cohen of Re/Max Olson Associates.. As of now heavy rain remains in the Western plains as parts of Texas and surrounding states are dealing with significant flooding. Chamber is also grateful for the generous support it has received from local businesses, including the Comox Valley Record, whose donations of cash and gifts kind have made it possible to orchestrate the awards program.. I'll bet they put on a high energy live show.. “You think that! No, no, not at all! You’ve not guessed right. Orch OR was harshly criticized from its inception, as the brain was considered too "warm, wet, and noisy" for seemingly delicate quantum processes. Brady assured Wilson of "the undivided conscientious and patriotic support of the entire [film] industry in America.

    air jordan aj4

    5. Moqorro shouted something, and green flames leapt from the dragon’s maw atop his staff to vanish in the night.

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  • titanfan8
    24.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    From 1999 through their latest season in 2020 the Tennessee Titans have won 192 games overall including postseason.

    During that span there are only 10 NFL teams who won more games they are....

    Patriots,Steelers,Colts,Packers,Ravens,Eagles,Saints,Seahawks,Broncos and the Chiefs.

    The Titans first ten years in the league from 1999 through 2008 they were top five in wins overall winning 96 games.

    Only the Patriots,Colts,Steelers,Eagles won more from ‘99-’08.

    Tennessee’s first five years in the NFL from 1999 through 2003 the Titans won more games than any team in the league.

    A big reason for that is GM Floyd Reese who built those early teams and deserves a lot of credit.

    Reese drafted Steve McNair,Eddie George,Derrick Mason,Samari Rolle,Jevon Kearse,Keith Bulluck,Albert Haynesworth,etc.

    The Titans aren’t mentioned much in the national sports media mainly because they are from a small market.

    Despite being from a small market the team has been mostly successful and their first 15 years from 1999 through 2013 they never had more than two losing seasons in a row.

    The only bad stretch was 2012 through 2015 those four seasons were tough but the team quickly got back to winning once they picked up GM Jon Robinson in 2016.

    Robinson has led the Titans to 5 straight winning seasons since ‘16

    The Titans have had 12 winning seasons,9 playoff berths,8 playoff wins,4 division titles,3x 13 win seasons,2x NFL’s best record,3x AFC title game appearances along with an AFC title and Super Bowl appearance.

    They have had their share of exciting players over the years they’ve had a Defensive Rookie of the Year (Kearse), Offensive Rookie of the Year (Young), An NFL MVP (McNair), Offensive Player of the Year twice (CJ/Henry), NFL Comeback Player of the Year (Tannehill) as well as the only team to have 2 seperate 2,000 yard rushers (CJ/Henry).

    Jevon Kearse still holds the NFL record for most sacks as a rookie.

    The Titans also had the first 100 million dollar defensive lineman in Albert Haynesworth who got a huge contract from Washington in 2009.

    The Titans also hold their share of records as Chris Johnson still holds the record for the most yardage ever gained from scrimmage in a season with 2,509 yards and is the only player ever to have 2,500 yards from scrimmage in a single season.

    At one point in time Titans WR Derrick Mason held the record for years for most all purpose yards (rushing, receiving, returning) in a season with 2,690 yards and he held it for a decade until Darren Sproles broke the record with 2,696 yards in 2011.

    Titans are the only NFL team to have 2 seperate 2,000 yard rushers (CJ/Henry) and also has the RB (Henry) with the longest run from scrimmage in NFL history 99 yards.

    The Titans also have the RB with the NFL most longest runs in a season (CJ) has 3 runs over 80 yards in a season not once but twice. He also has 6 runs over 80 yards which is a NFL record as well.

    Derrick Henry also has 5 games with 200 yards/2 TDs which is an NFL record.

    Henry already has 5 runs over 70 yards including 2 runs over 90 yards in his short career.

    In fact Henry has had a run of 70+ yards every season since 2017.

    Titans kicker Rob Bironas holds the record for the most FG ever in an NFL game with 8 and that eighth kick was also special because it was a game winning kick as the Titans beat Texans 36-35 in Houston in 2007.

    WR A.J. Brown also set some NFL records as a rookie. Brown is first rookie in the Super Bowl era to gain 1,000 yards and average 20 or more yards per reception.

    Things changed in a big way when the Titans traded for Ryan Tannehill in 2019.

    Tannehill was originally traded for to be a backup but when Marcus Mariota couldn’t get the offense going during the 2019 regular season the team switched to Tannehill and once he became starter he never looked back.

    Tannehill has set his share of NFL records as well as leading the Titans offense to one of the top in the league.

    On October 18,2020 against Houston the Titans became the first team in NFL history with a 350+ yard passer in Tannehill and 200+ yard rusher in Henry.

    In 2019 Tannehill joined Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (three games in 2011) as the only players to complete at least 75 percent of their passes with a passer rating of 130 or higher (minimum 10 attempts) in three consecutive games in a single season in NFL history.

    Tannehill also joined Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (five games in 2015) as the only players with four consecutive games with at least two passing touchdowns and a passer rating of 125 or higher in NFL history. 

    Tannehill also averaged 9 yards per attempt while completing 70 percent of their passes only the third QB in NFL history to do so besides Sammy Baugh in 1945 and Joe Montana in 1989.

    Tannehill became the third quarterback since 1991 to finish the regular season with an overall and red zone completion percentage of over 70%. (The others were New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees with 74.4% in 2018 and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young with 70.3% in 1994.) 

    Tannehill led the league and set franchise-records with a 117.5 quarterback rating and 9.6 yards per attempt in 2019. Was third in completion percentage 70.3% 

    In 2019 Tannehill led Titans to playoff victories over the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens getting to AFC Championship. Voted to Pro Bowl and was NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

    Tannehill led NFL in 2020 with 6 game winning drives and 5 fourth quarter comebacks.

    Led Titans offense to most points in a season in Titans history (491),most yards in a season in Titans history (6,343),most TD passes in a season in Titans history (33).

    Led Titans to two out of the three best single season red zone TD rates in the NFL since 2004: 2019 Titans 77.36% and 2020 Titans 74.24% 

    Titans first team in NFL history with 2,000 yard rusher & 3,500-yard passer same season

    Titans first team in NFL history with a QB with 40+ Touchdowns, a receiver with 1,000+ yards and a rusher with 2000+ yards.

    Tannehill became just the fourth QB in NFL history to produce consecutive seasons with a passer rating of 106.0 or greater. The others are Drew Brees (2018–2020), Russell Wilson (2018–2019) and Aaron Rodgers (2011–2012) 

    This season Ryan Tannehill could become the first QB in NFL history to have a passer rating of 106.5 or higher in three straight seasons

    The Titans are going for their sixth straight winning season in 2021.

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  • nbajerseydatabase
    23.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    2014 NBA All-Star Game

    Smoothie King Center East 163 - West 155

    EAST STARTERS Kyrie Irving - MVP - 31 PTS, 14 AST, 82% FG Carmelo Anthony LeBron James Paul George Dwyane Wade WEST STARTERS Kevin Durant Blake Griffin Kevin Love Stephen Curry James Harden

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  • lonely-silence
    23.08.2021 - 1 mont ago


    (TW - This OC's backstory and thus this blog includes/will include: Abxse, mxrder, dxmestic vixlxnce, anxiety, and minor body horror. Please block this blog and it's tags if you want or need to)


    The small boy looked at the camera, brow creasing in confusion and eyes widening in fear.

    He brought up his hands and began to sign, even as he shrunk away in hesitation. 'H-hello?' His fingers trembled slightly. 'I- are you those weird people Green told me about? The grey ones, w-with all the questions?' He came closer, eyes sparkling with curiosity.

    'C-can I ask some questions too? Oh! I'm N-i-c-h-o-l-a-s,' He fingerspelled his name, 'But you can call me N-i-c, or Silver!' His face grew a small yet bright and painfully hopeful grin.

    Muse Info

    Name: Nicholas Coley Nickname(s): Nic, Silver Age: 9 Height: 4'1 (Please make small comments, they confuse him greatly) Pronouns: He/Him Orientation: (He's 9, jesus christ, no) Appearance: PFP, has slightly animalistic-shaped legs. The roughly 50/50 split of dark and light goes across his entire body, leaving him with two legs. Clawed right left hand, scales go across most of his left side. Covered in scars of varying sizes and types, with some fresh bruises. Right side is perfectly smooth with very few features, does not have an eye but there is a slight bump where should be one. Has two thin, long, lion-like tails. One is black with a very dark purple tuft at the end and the other is white with a pale, ice-blue tuft at the end.

    Mun Info

    Name: Silver, FG Age: Minor Pronouns: She/her


    1. No NSFW at all, no suggestive themes in general towards Nic or any other minors that may show up. 2. Respect the Mod and my decisions. 3. DNI if you're here to spread hate about or hurt to real people, it isn't cool. 4. Please don't permakill Nic here. If I send a starter to you? Have at him! But I kinda need this version.

    #Cozy Darkness | Nic #Out of the Shadows | OOC #Shining a Light | Lore
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  • a-rob-fpv-tumb1-r
    23.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Heart starters 📈 #subaru #subaruwrx #subarunation #subarulove #subaruva #wrxsubaru #subaruimpreza #fordfalcon #subarulife #ford #fordfpvgt #vawrx #subarulovers #fordfg #subaru21 #subaruaustralia #fordperformance #wrxdaily #subscribetomyyoutubechannel #subaruaddict #subarufamily #subaruimprezawrx #wrxlimited #subarucrosstrek #subarudaily #subarucvt #fg #subaru#cvt #followforfollowback (at Gold Coast, Queensland) https://www.instagram.com/p/CS5vH4onl0Z/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • carolburtet
    16.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Brett... Leave in brew bucket or transfer to secondary?

    Thanks in advance. I've made a saison and used french saison yeast, brett and soured with sourdough starter. All seems good but the traditional yeast seems to be slowing so it's the Brett that will be coming into play to slowly eat the rest of the sugar.

    It's currently in a sealed brew bucket. Should I leave there for a few months maybe 2 or 3 or transfer to glass and leave under an airlock?

    Style: Saison Batch size: 22.0 l Boil volume: 28.0 l OG: 1.076 FG: TBA Bitterness (IBU): 6.1 Color (SRM): 4.6 ABV: 7.5%

    4.00 kg Pilsener (German), 66.7% 1.00 kg Flaked Wheat, 16.7% 0.50 kg Munich (German), 8.3% 0.32 kg Wheat Malt, 5.3% 0.18 kg Rye Malt, 3.0%

    21.00 g Tettnang (AA 3.0%, Pellet) 60 min, 6.1 IBU

    submitted by /u/gogoluke [link] [comments] from Homebrewing https://ift.tt/3snOEZE

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  • carolburtet
    12.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Segregating Equipment That Touched POF+ Yeast (Bonus Recipe)

    I just kegged up my Belgian trippel that I brewed for my wedding. I used Westmalle's strain and was curious about what precautions others take with brewing equipment that touches a POF+ strain like that?

    I know this is probably a straightforward yes. But, I just wanted to check that I am not going overkill by labeling a "+" on my fermenter, hoses, and transfer siphon.

    A little precaution never hurt, I guess, for the next lager or IPA!


    Recipe bonus if anyone is curious:

    5gall batch; OG 1.077/FG 1.004/IBU 28/SRM6.5

    (Went a little over on my OG/FG)

    11# Belgian Pils

    3# Munich 5L

    2# Candi Syrup 5L

    8oz Local honey

    1# Rice hulls

    Mash @ 122F 15m -> 148F 75m -> 168F 10m

    Big yeast starter, Belgian Tripel water profile per Brewerfather

    .5o Hallertau Magnum @ 90m

    .5o Saaz @ 20m

    1o Hallertauer Mittlefrueh @ 5m

    .5o Hallertauer Magnum @ 10m HS @ 170F

    .5o Hallertauer Mittlefrueh @ 10m HS @ 170F

    .5 Saaz @ 10m HS @ 170F

    FermK @ 5m mark

    .25o Chamomile @ Flameout for 5m steep

    .25o Coriander @ Flameout for 5m steep

    submitted by /u/yeungkylito [link] [comments] from Homebrewing https://ift.tt/2Xmwlsf

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  • carolburtet
    23.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Diacetyl from infection?

    I had an IPA brewed with US05 come out terribly, it has diacetyl, a sweet oxidised flavour and is brown turbid. The fermentation was typical for what I usually do with usual ale temps for 4 or 5 days and a few days post active ferment at 22C to clean up yeast byproducts, it had a single quick cold dry hop and then closed transfer to a co2 flushed keg. Some pro brewer friends quickly identified the diacetyl in the beer but weren't sure how explain the colour and oxidised flavour given the low O2 exposure.

    The batch immediately previous had a diacetyl issue too, this was a Czech pils fermented under pressure. I ran out of time to do a starter and threw two pure pitch packets straight in - I figured the issue was from a stressed fermentation as it took over 3 days to get going.

    Prior to this I have never had a diacetyl issue with any of my brews, and to my knowledge never had an infection. So apart from obvious sour/vinegar taste I'm not sure what to look for in terms of picking up an infection. Is there anything I can look for in these beers to identify if an infection is to blame?

    Maybe take the kegs out of the fridge to sit warm for a few days and retest the FG?

    Thanks very much

    submitted by /u/heycyril [link] [comments] from Homebrewing https://ift.tt/2UIzBwW

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  • calciomercurialsuperfly
    23.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

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