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    23.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    So apparently we're looking at a summer premier date for season 4 of Roswell NM. Should I just quit the show now? 🙂🙂

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    23.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #dev answers#anon #dev recommends fic
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    23.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    *kicks feet* more tokyorev headcanons 😁

    #chatters; #will post something tomorrow ig #not writing fics is so fun and sexc #gonna try tho in a few days bc i have collab fics due and i’m struggling lolz
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    23.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #it's a lucien and papa archeron fic #that i also will never finish #lmao#ask#ask game#anon
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    23.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #OKAY BUT I LOVE THIS #you have the BEST ideas holy smokes i was so stuck on soup but i have an idea of how to make him fit now :DDD #going to do some serious overhauling and dedicate every chapter he's in to you i swear sdklfjdsklf #also pls if you ever write soup into a fic PLS let me know i want to read your version of him so very much :DDD #soup#soup clone#reference for #chaos diner au #ask #purgetroopercody tag <3 #hcs
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    23.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Chapter 63 (2581 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

    Chapters: 63/? Fandom: Thor (Movies) and Marvel Rating: Explicit Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Loki Characters: Darcy Lewis, Phil Coulson, Jasper Sitwell, Clint Barton, Loki (Marvel) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Post-Thor (2011), Unreliable Narrator, Kidnapping, Mindfuck, Stockholm Syndrome, Manipulation, Abuse, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Dark, Id Fic, Rape, Forced Pregnancy, Sexual Violence, Sexual Assault, Fugitives, Implied Vivisection, Villain Loki, Gaslighting


    After the fight on the Bifröst, Loki falls to the unluckiest town in New Mexico. Stranded without his magic and desperate to leave the realm, he takes the first human shield he finds and uses her to guide him halfway across the globe.

    Seriously. I'm begging you. Pay attention to the warnings.

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  • sugawara-sweetheart
    23.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    astray (m)

     ❥toji fushiguro x fem!reader // megumi x reader
    ❥summary: it’s a one time thing for you to get some relief- even if it was the worst thing you could do
    ❥warnings: cheating, sexual disappointment in the relationship, age gap, exhibitionism, heavy degradation, multiple orgasms, choking, spitting, masturbation, size kink, cum-eating 
    ❥word count: 3.6k 

    note: heavily inspired by a hentai i found, idk what it was called but it was hot <3 enjoy anyways this is my decadence fic (finally). thank you so much to everyone who joined <3

    there isn’t anything wrong with megumi. there never was. 

    from the moment you’d both met each other four years ago at such a young age of sixteen, you’d been enticed by him. it was hard not to. he’s pretty with his sculpted features and long lashes casting a shadow over his beautiful blue eyes and smart and there’s something so relaxing about his gentle tone that fills you with warmth. he held your heart and you held his, evident from how his lips would always twitch into a rare smile when he meets your eyes, how he’d look at you with such adoration like you’d hung the stars and the moon in the sky. 

    if you were to be asked whether megumi makes you happy, you’d affirm it immediately. a sweet, caring, smart boyfriend who respects you and adores you, who takes you out on lovely dates and has cherished for the past four years to the point where now he’s whole-heartedly in love with you, where he’s envisioning a committed future with you- there’s nothing to complain. 

    except just one thing. 

    you try to tell yourself it doesn’t matter, that it’s nothing a hand between your legs once he’s drifted off into slumber won’t fix. but that’s a lie to yourself, just like how you lie to megumi when you moan excessively loud and clench your walls around his twitching cock, throwing on a dazed smile and panting to him about how good he made you feel. because that’s a fucking lie- there’s nothing good to feel when he’s rutting into you, drooling over your tits and groping you so roughly it hurts. the lewd words that should sound like pure sin just makes you nauseous instead and you’re thankful for the moment his cum floods your cunt, hoping he’s too spent for another round. 

    another night and you’re staring at the television screen, the film still playing but megumi’s fast asleep, his arm wrapped around your waist and face nuzzled into the crook of your head, leaving your arms trapped by your side with no access to your throbbing core. it’s torture, no matter how much you try and focus on the movie you’d ended up fucking throughout, you can’t stop thinking about how badly you need to get off, and not on your own fingers for once.  it’s not like you’d never tried with him- there’d been plenty of times you’ve insisted riding him or guided his hand between your legs, urging him to rub your clit or moaning lewdly ‘more- right there’ when his cock hits a sensitive spot deep inside you- but for some reason, it never works with megumi and you’re sad to admit he simply just can’t get you off. 

    you inhale as you gaze at your boyfriend, the light of the television illuminating his face. he really is wonderful, but this just isn’t enough. 

    the sound of the door creaking rips you of your thoughts and you sit up, sliding yourself out of megumi’s arms as his dad walks in. he pauses when your eyes lock, brows raising and you can’t help but swallow as you take him in. he’s tall- far taller than megumi- and so broad, you’d never met a man so muscular. and shirtless in just his sweatpants, there’s not much to hide; rippling abs, veiny arms with bulging muscles, the outline of his cock pressed against the fabric of his pants.

    “megumi knocked out?” he enquires, his eyes narrowing at his son sleeping soundly on the couch. “and left you awake alone?” you smile, a small chuckle releasing as you glance back at megumi, but there’s no ignoring the heavy disappointment that floods through your chest. 

    “he’s a bit of a lightweight.” 

    “or was he the only one who got tired out?” 

    you narrow your eyes at toji’s words, lips pursing as the corners of his lips curl with amusement. you’re thankful for the dark because your cheeks burn and you hope you don’t look as flustered as you feel, and it really doesn’t help with your thighs pressing together just at the mere sight of your boyfriend’s dad. 

    “i don’t know what you mean by that.” you sigh to which he shrugs, reaching for the jug of water and a glass on the coffee table. you watch him as he pours it, the green veins lacing along his big hands and long arms twitching. god, his fingers are so long. so thick, you could only imagine what they’d feel like stuffed in your-

    “you don’t have to be embarrassed. plenty of guys can’t make their girls cum. only a select few tend to be exceptional.” there’s a clear smirk etched on his face and your mouth drops open with sheer shock, cheeks burning as you stare at him. he chuckles to himself before he takes a drink of water, his adam’s apple bobbing in his throat, a few stray droplets trickling down his chin. 

    “what- why would you say that?” he pants as he puts the glass down, flicking his dark hair out of his eyes as he edges closer to you, making you swallow as you back against the back. he’s so much taller than you, so much bigger- a single hand would fit so well around your throat with ease and the force of his hips driving into yours would- 

    “come on, i hear it all the time.” he smiles. there’s a condescending air to him, one that makes your blood hot with rage and scorned for megumi, but your panties still feel so damp. “all your loud fake moans that make you sound like a cheap whore in some porno- who you fooling with that? but then afterwards, i can always hear it- those little whimpers and whines…” your cheeks are burning as you tear your eyes away from his, staring at megumi’s sleeping form that hasn’t stirred once, lost in deep sleep. “aren’t you tired yet?” you feel like toji’s eyes are piercing into you, like he can read every part of you that there’s really no point in lying. 

    “yes. i am tired. i’m fucking sick of it already but…” you can’t back a whimper as you press your legs together, cupping your throbbing pussy through your thin pyjama shorts. “i need to cum so bad.” 

    he inhales sharply as you slip a hand down the waistband of your shorts, your head falling back as you press your fingers to your swollen clit and swirl it slowly. the initial rush of warm pleasure feels so euphoric after craving it for so long and you’re so wet the sinful sounds of your slick squelching are loud and lewd under your breathy sigh as toji edges closer. 

    “so desperate,” there’s a mocking tone to his voice, lips curled into a smirk as he tugs your shorts and panties down, leaving you half-naked with your fingers between your legs, eyes fixed on you touching yourself. “you’re acting like a real whore, you know? touching yourself in front of your boyfriend’s dad, when your boyfriend’s right there.” the guilt shouldn’t make you moan but it does, your legs shaking as toji’s fingertips brush along your folds, slick dampening the coarse skin as you continue to rub your sensitive clit, reaching out to grip his arm. 

    “he doesn’t have to know- just once.” you’re almost begging, lust dripping off your depraved words as you grind your hips against his hand, wet folds gliding over his fingers. “please, i know you can make me cum. i need you.” 

    toji seems to like the desperation, the utter wanton need oozing from you as he smirks, head lowering for his lips to ghost your jaw, making you shiver. 

    “well, i guess as a parent i should clean up my son’s mess then, huh.” you’re thankful his other hand clamps over your mouth to muffle your moan as he plunges a finger into your wet cunt, your walls clinging to it as he pumps it faster. it feels so good- better than megumi’s, better than your own- as your head falls back, legs squirming. 

    “fuck, fuck-” your nails pierce crescents into his arm, rippling under your hold as he fingerfucks you, adding a second whilst you swirl your clit, blood pounding in your ears as dizzying pleasure rushes through you. just two fingers of his alone is enough to stretch out your tight cunt, the slight burn so pleasurable as his long fingers reach so deep, rubbing at your spongy walls. your slick squelches lewdly, your head tilting back to give toji more access as he presses open-mouthed kisses to the sensitive skin of your neck.

    “your little cunt is so tight,” he grunts, curling his fingers to make you whine, your teeth biting into your bottom lip so hard you’re sure it’ll draw blood. “does megumi even fuck you? no wonder you’re so desperate.” he’s mocking you, your chest twinging with guilt but shame but fuck, the pleasure alone feels so good, your cunt throbbing with wetness dripping down his hand, your fingers swirling your clit faster. already sensitive and needy from before, when megumi had fucked you on the couch but it just wasn’t enough, it doesn’t take long for the tight coil in your stomach to snap. 

    you whine as your walls convulse around his hand, toji’s fingers fucking you through your high as you continue to swirl your clit, eyes rolling to the back of your head. your back arches, chest pressing into his as your legs quiver from the sheer force of your orgasm, sweet euphoria rushing through you. your mind swirls, not even registering when he grips your jaw hard, fingers pressing into your cheeks roughly and his lips smash against yours, the kiss messy and wet with his tongue gliding against yours, swallowing your moans. his fingers don’t stop, not even when yours drops from your sensitive clit and it starts to sting, every brush of his fingers against your wet, gummy walls making you squirm and gasp till you grip his wrist and push it away. 

    “fuck- when was the last time you came?” toji mumbles, grinning with amusement as he brings his hand up. your release coats his fingers in a thick sheen, glistening in the light of the television and you swallow hard as you glance back at megumi. he’s still asleep, fast asleep, with a small smile on his lips. so unaware of the fact that his girlfriend just got fingerfucked by his dad right in front of him. 

    but your cunt still throbs and as your eyes fall to toji’s crotch you can clearly see the outline of his dick pressing against the fabric. fuck- he looks big- your walls clench as you can already imagine how well he’d fill up your cunt. 

    “please.” you murmur. your hand trembles as you press it to his bulge, a sharp inhale escaping him as you begin to palm his hardening erection. “just quickly- i know we shouldn’t be doing this but i need more- please give me more.” the guilt doesn’t even compare to the lust rushing through you as all you can think is how badly you need him to fuck you, whimpering as you press against him, your hand reaching for the hem of your tank top. toji watches as you lift it, your bare tits bouncing out and you pout as you toy with the pebbled nipples, groping and massaging your chest as he groans.

    “you’re an insatiable slut.” he snarls but relief floods through as he grabs your throat, his fingers drenched in your wetness prising your lips open and pressing down on your tongue. you moan at the taste of yourself, tongue salivating as you suck and lick his fingers clean, his eyes watching your lips wrap around his fingers before he pinches your tongue, drool spilling all over your chin. “you’re so messy,” he tuts. “drooling all over yourself, acting like a horny bitch in heat.” megumi would never speak to you like that. his words are always so sweet, so praising and gentle but the harsh snarls from toji shoots right to your core, wetness dampening your thighs as you press them together. “open up.” you do as he says, tongue hanging out and your eyes widened as he gathers spit in his mouth, letting it trickle over your tongue- cold and humiliating but it just makes you needier. you swallow it all, smiling when his hand tightens around your throat, the air stolen from your throat before he roughly pushes you around. 

    you cling to the back of the couch, your eyes falling on megumi when your heart sinks, pounding with shame and guilt. he’s such a good boyfriend to you, everything he does is to make you happy. and all the secrets he’d told you, the tears and smiles and laughter and soft words he’d shared with you, all the hurt and trauma, the premises he’d made to you- you feel like you’re crushing it all, like you’re stabbing him through the chest and watching him bleed out. 

    but the thoughts are stolen from you the moment toji’s hand threads through your hair, gripping it tight as he pushes your head down towards the couch, arching your back. you feel so exposed bent over with your pussy clenching, tits hanging out and you gasp as he roughly gropes your ass, squeezing hard. 

    “you’re so fucking wet.” he grunts, his voice low and breath hot as you feel his face lower towards your cunt. “dirty cheating slut.” a squeal falls from your lips when he spits onto your folds, his wet saliva mixing with your slick before you feel his cock sliding along, cockhead edging your entrance. “be quiet,” he warns. “or else instead of fucking this sloppy whore cunt i’ll use your mouth instead, understand?” you nod, your fingers piercing into the fabric of the couch and inhaling sharply when he slides his cock into you. 

    it’s only the first few inches and it already burns, even with your slippery wetness squelching lewdly you’re gasping as he stretches out your tight walls. they squeeze around him, your legs quivering as he groans, his head resting against your shoulder as he grasps your hips with a bruising grip, skin damp against yours. 

    “fuck- why are you still so tight? hasn’t anyone fucked this cunt good yet?” he groans. you can just about moan in response, your head lowering to arch your back even further as he slides in more of his thick cock. the veins and ridges of his skin brush against your sensitive walls, filling you up entirely that you can’t help the warmth rushing into you, your body shaking as you try to muffle your little cries, tears brimming in your eyes as you feel the wetness seep out of your twitching walls.

    “you’re cumming already? god- you’re so pathetic.” toji sneers but his mocking just seems to make you clench tighter around him, your head spinning as your mouth falls open, drool spilling over your chin. 

    “you’re so big- so big- need you to fill me up. please fuck me-” you don’t realise your babbles are getting louder, voice thick with tears as you try to press your ass against toji till he hisses, one hand grabbing your tits whilst the other clamps down on your mouth, his cock pressing deeper into you. 

    “shut up.” he grunts, pulling you flush against his chest. “or do you want megumi to wake and see you drooling all over my cock like a dumb little whore?” your moan leaks into his fingers as he finally bottoms out into you, cockhead nudging against your cervix. fuck. you’re so full, wetness dribbling down your legs and your entire cunt stuffed with his thick, throbbing dick. “you’d like that, right? you want him to see what a stupid, cockhungry slut you are?” 

    the tears stream down your cheeks faster but you can’t even think of anything else as he pulls out, wetness drenching his cock and leaving your fluttering walls feeling so empty before he slams his length back into you. you moan loud, body shaking as he pounds into you, fast and hard, leaving you dizzy and drooling. he fucks you well- every thrust has his cock pressing against your spongy walls, hot tingling pleasure surging through you. you’d never been fucked like this before and it was addictive, your head falling falling back onto his shoulder, body feeling weak as you let him bury his groans into your shoulder, teeth scraping against your skin. the air feels hot and heavy and you can’t even think of megumi as all you can focus on is toji’s cock fucking your twitching pussy, pushing you closer to the edge. 

    “t-toji- gonna...gonna-” he lifts his head from your shoulder, eyes darkened with lust as he nods. 

    “you’re gonna cum again?  you want to cream all over my cock like a dirty whore?” his words sound distant in your empty head but you can just about nod, whining when your fingers reach for your swollen clit as he pinches your nipples. “go on, cum then. i don’t fucking care.” you whine as you cum, his lips pressing to yours and swallowing all the little cries that escape you as he continues to drive his cock into your convulsing pussy, the lewd sounds of wetness squelching and his balls slapping against your ass filling the room. 

    it stings as he continues to fuck you, the overstimulation making you tremble as tears spill from your heavy eyes but toji doesn’t stop. he fucks you like he’s feral, growling and biting into your shoulder as his hips slam into your ass, cock buried deep into your tight cunt till the pain dissipates and pleasure floods through you once more, one hand roughly gripping your tit, the other resting around your throat, keeping your back pinned to his chest as he uses you for his own pleasure. 

    “oh god-” you can barely even moan, your head resting on his shoulder as he fucks you and you gasp when you feel his fingers tighten on the sides of your throat. 

    “hm, i’m the one fucking you dumb right now- but it’s okay, you can call me god when i’m ruining this tight, little cunt of yours.” your walls squeeze around him tighter as his cockhead brushes against a sensitive spot that makes you squeal, your hands clinging to his  arms. 

    “there- there- please, please, i need to cum again! please-” his hips stutter, grinding into you as his cock rubs against that sweet spot, pure blissful euphoria running through you as your sinful moans are buried in your own clammy hand, the pressure building in the pit of your stomach. 

    “cum them. cum now or else i’m going to use this pussy to make myself cum and leave you all wet and needy like a dumb bitch in heat.” you don’t need telling twice- your body feels light as you’re seeing white, your orgasm heavy as it rushes through you with your ears ringing and wetness gushing from your sore, abused cunt. toji fucks you through your climax, hips driving into your cunt as you pant and whine, pressing your ass against him for more until it’s too much. 

    your body falls limp but he’s rough as he grips you by the hair, pulling you off his dick and shoving you to your knees in front of him. your mouth falls open instinctually, eyes heavy-lidded and you’re panting as your eyes fall on his cock. long, thick and veiny, the bulbous head flushed red and coated in your release which he uses as lube as he pumps his cock, fast with swipes at the sensitive head. 

    “that’s it, open up your slutty mouth, tongue out like a messy pup. let me ruin you.” he growls as your tongue darts out, salivating with drool spilling over your chin. he slaps the leaking cockhead against your tongue messily, the bitter taste of your own release meeting your tongue before he cums with a low groan. thick ropes of cum splatter over your tongue, filling up your mouth in spurts one after the one as he continues to pump his cock, head falling back with his eyes rolling to the back of his head. you wait until he’s finished, stepping back to admire the creamy mess of cum filling your mouth before you swallow it all, almost choking as tears sting your eyes. 

    “is that good enough for you then?” toji demands, slipping his softening cock back into his sweatpants as he glances at megumi. he’s still fast asleep, not having stirred once. he always has been such a deep sleeper.

    “thank you.”  you mumble but it feels stupid to thank him as his hard eyes pierce into you, a little crease between his brows. he doesn’t say anything as you stand up, your legs shaking as you pull up your shorts before edging towards the couch. it feels strange to slot your body beside megumi’s, to wrap an arm around him as his body shifts, pressing into your warmth under toji’s eyes. you inhale sharply as you meet them, a heavy weight lying in your chest. your body feels dirty under megumi’s pure touch. “toji, this won’t happen again.” you whisper. 

    toji stops at the door, glancing back and you swallow at the smirk pulling at his lips. 

    “yes it will.” 

    #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen imagines #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jujutsu kaisen fic #toji #toji x reader #toji imagines#toji fic #toji x y/n #toji fushiguro imagines #toji fushiguro x reader #toji fushiguro fic
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    #aggressivelyarospecweek#bette kane#koriand'r#alloaro#grayromantic#aromantic#lesbian#trans#my posts#my writing #i rlly don't like the first third of this fic but i did my absolute best and i want validation
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    23.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    anyone wanna beta my severitus fics 🥺🥺🥺

    #severitus#severus snape#hp fanfic#pro snape#child fic #theyre mostly kid fics #or like first year fics #well one of the ones im working on rn is 5th year but #i have like way too many fics im working on all at once #and instead of writing any of them I'm just like not writing anything lmao #but im having a shit day so I'm gonna vent in the form of depressing and dark writing
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  • jouska-the-deer
    23.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I may not have drawn or written anything to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary, but just know that even while I’m stumbling through life constantly forgetting what time it is and I was supposed to be doing, my love for Sonic the Hedgehog is something that will always be with me.

    #Sonic the Hedgehog #And yes I do in fact (platonically) love Sonic. Just... ignore the ludicrous amounts of torture he goes through in my fics...
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    23.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    100 Days of Writing: Day 23

    Hosted by @the-wip-project

    Have you ever read a thing in a book or seen in a show/movie where you thought: "Oh, this is bad, I can do this so much better!" What was it?

    Lol! Oh this prompt is so perfect. I'm pretty sure there is one very specific episode when everyone in the Bethyl fandom thought that exactly. While it was one of the dumbest moves by the writers on the show, it has brought about so many amazing fics where people have proven we could do just that. We made it better! Thanks @the-wip-project for this prompt it hit just right today!

    Gracie is my first MC fix it fic that I've posted, but I do have another one in the works called The Forgotten. So I thought I'd share a little snippet of a conversation between Beth and Negan. This takes place roughly the same time that season 10C happened

    “Ya know I’ve got a little experience with this kind of stuff. After everything went ta hell I administered my wife’s chemotherapy. If ya need some help around here. Shit if you can learn all this I don’t see why I couldn’t. What are ya barely 18? I mean ya are kind of a badass and I dig that, but seems like ya could use some help around here and I would be happy to be that help.” He gave her a smile that made her skin crawl and she regretted not stabbing him when she had the chance. 
    “Ya know, ya came in here expectin’ me ta take care of ya and ya didn’t even ask my name. Before I tell ya, I’m gonna tell ya a little about me. I learned a lot from my Daddy, he was a veterinarian and when the world changed he started ta take care of people instead of animals. The one person he took care of that changed all of our lives was a kid named Carl Grimes.” Beth paused and waited for that name to sink in and it had the effect she was hoping for. She thought he’d paled when she was stitching his hand, but now all of the blood had drained from his face. 
    “I also learned from a man named Dr. Edwards. After someone that thought they could take advantage of this world and use people shot me in the head. He saved my life and then he made sure that he imparted all of the medical knowledge he had to me. I learned to be a badass from my family, you might know some of them - Rick Grimes, Michonne, Daryl Dixon, and most of all my sister… Maggie.” He had the good sense to look uncomfortable and his eyes went everywhere, but hers.
    “My name’s Beth Greene, and your Negan. Now if there is nothing else I can do for you I need to get back to what I was doing. Make sure ya keep that clean.” 
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    #malzoya#malarklina#malarkling #also like half of these are mistagged #but anyways #i cherish these fics #popular ships will never get the excitement when someone writes something for your rarepair
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  • marvelswh0re
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    It's decided, I'm going to write a Marvel Street Racer fic

    #marvel#mcu#bucky barnes#marvel shifting #bucky barnes x reader #james buchanan barnes #scenario #bucky barnes fluff #james bucky barnes #street racer bucky #street racing#fic recs#fic writing
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    23.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I was writing about Hakoda and Ozai but my subconscious must have been trying to tell me something because instead of typing 'Ozai' I typed 'Zhao'...So now I am thinking about Hakoda & Zhao

    Hakoda/Zhao ideas my brain instantly provided:

    Prisoner Hakoda: Zhao for some reason decided not to kill Hakoda on sight, but hasn't told him why, Hakoda's not sure he wants to find out

    Prisoner Zhao: Despite his obsession with the water tribes, Zhao hasn't actually interacted with anyone from either tribe and experiences culture shock on Hakoda's ship

    Zhao leaves Hakoda's fleet alone because he has bigger Avatar-related problems but Hakoda definitely still knows who Zhao is when Zuko mentions him. And he speaks about him with a lot more investment than someone who supposedly "hates" Zhao should

    Zhao and Hakoda meet at a neutral port perhaps one night stand

    Zhao gets thrown overboard and Hakoda finds him

    Post-war they bond over general being at sea things

    Hakoda being an utter menace to Zhao's ships with his inventions. They aren't even harmful to the ship, they just annoy and inconvenience Zhao to no end. Zhao hates that he finds Hakoda's cocky expression when his inventions work attractive

    Zhao lives through the siege but Ozai throws his ass in jail bc he disgraced the fire nation by failing in his mission. Zhao does not have a good time in prison and is surprised when Hakoda, like the noble stand-up guy he is, stands up for him when he's about to be attacked. They become prison buddies <3. Imagine the gaang's surprise when they go to rescue Hakoda and Hakoda's like "can we bring my friend Zhao?"

    For some reason, Zhao joins team avatar, and the gaang notice the two men gravitate towards each other but don't really say anything because they actually balance each other out well. Hakoda calms down Zhao's impulsiveness, and Zhao helps alter Hakoda's plans to best fight the fire nation (also Zhao is willing to run headfirst into battle under Hakoda's orders, #Hakoda'sPersonalFirebender)

    What would the ship name be Zhaoda? Hakoa?

    @zhaozaipalooza any thoughts?

    #i have found yet another ship #zhao#hakoda #haji's fic ideas #zhao/hakoda #zhaozai palooza 2021
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    23.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #i will now need to write a pub fic #i would like to sing drinking songs w him #him getting tipsy and getting hot over the footie ... flushed n angry n stuff #AH AH AH AH AH #alcohol tw#moonshineholland
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  • vexedtonightmares
    23.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    hello !! it’s been far too long but chapter 3 of my pynch new girl au is live on ao3 <33

    read it here ✨ 

    #the raven cycle #pynch#pynch fic#trc
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  • shelby-love
    23.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago



    Requested: yes [x]

    Prompt(s): fluff #22 from my prompt list

    Warnings: none

    Word count: around 600

    Author’s note: This prompt seems to be a favorite from what I’ve seen. Not that I mind. I quite enjoy the trope.


    You stretched your back tiredly, feeling it crack as you leaned in toward your left side. Padding across the apartment bare foot at 2 in the morning, you held up a binder toward your face, analyzing. Flower arrangements looked eerily different under the moonlight, you realized, as you leaned against the ceiling high window.

    The door to your office was wide open, curtains billowing inside them because you left the windows open. On the other end of the apartment, the soft snores of your boyfriend could be heard through the open door.

    Both doors were begging you to enter the room and close them. One held responsibilities, the other held the pleasure of a good night sleep.

    You glanced at the page in the binder, where roses and tulips winked at you provocatively.

    You shook your head. There definitely weren't any flowers winking.

    Groaning, you threw the binder onto the dining table and disappeared inside into the bedroom.

    The inbuilt fireplace inside the modern room was twinkling, fire ablaze and warming up the entire room. Diego lied shirtless on the bed, sprawled out sleepily. You took off your clothes as quietly as possible, changing into your PJs before slipping into the softness of the bed beside him.

    His arm went around you instinctively, and you fell asleep immediately, so tired you forgot all about the deadline that was up tomorrow at 9 in the morning.


    The sound of your phone blaring into the room woke you up with a startle. With one eye open, you calmed yourself when you felt an arm draped around you move slightly. Diego's breathing tickled the back of your neck, and with your heart in your mouth, you soundlessly tried to untangle yourself. The tune kept booming, and you winced.  

    Why would someone in calling you at…10 in the morning?


    It took seconds to have you out of the bed, sheet on the floor and Diego cold.

    He visibly shuddered at the sudden cold air on his body and raised his head sleepily. Hair was sticking in every direction. "What are you doing? Come back to bed?"

    "Shut up!" You yelled desperately, ran a hand through your hair and picked up the phone. A screeching scream, one similar to a car's shrieking sound of tires. The bride was crying, you could tell, and you sat down on the bed in amazement. The bed dipped even more and soon Diego's ear was next to yours, listening to the intensity of the voice.

    He whistled quietly, eyes wide with pity. Just as the woman's sobs got louder did he wince and climb away. Diego planted himself onto your soft pillow, playing with a piece of your silky pajamas absentmindedly.

    "I'll get it done, Brittany," you mumbled into the phone. She sneezed into the tissue she had with her, going on about how the venue needed to be chosen today!

    "Please fix this Y/N! I'm getting married in a month!"

    And then she hung up.

    Feeling blood boil in your veins, you looked straight ahead, fists clenched. "You okay, babe?"

    Then you threw your phone.

    The gadget flew across the room with speed, going straight for the window. It stopped midair, though, and looking at Diego's alarm had you knowing it was him who stopped it. He looked at you innocently, "If that thing flies out the window, you are as good as a dead woman."

    His face was serious, not a trace of amusement in it. "I don't want a dead girlfriend."

    Then you groaned, loudly, and threw yourself back on the bed, face down and onto the pillow next to him. "She's insufferable!"

    Your cries were muffled by the pillow. Diego perched on his elbow, free hand rubbing your hair and back softly. "Wanna go back to sleep?"

    "Set the alarm."


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    Meet Cresh Squad of the 117th Battalion

    Clone troopers Rift, Hacksaw, Aran, Puck, and ???

    The Frontline Withers
    In the final days of the Clone Wars, the Republic suffers a unexpected blow. The Siege of Kre'shak Major is a failure, and the 117th Battalion is stranded on the planet's surface, awaiting a rescue they aren't certain will arrive. With supplies dwindling and their Jedi general missing in action, many clones begin to question what exactly they are surviving for. And if the Republic is truly where their future lies.

    More details under the cut, please check them out! :)

    posted with the encouragement of @purgetroopercody, @fake-fullbuster and a very late night chat with @parkotedarasuum :')

    In order of appearance (and without their weird backgrounds):


    Sergeant of Cresh Squad

    Would do nearly anything for his squad

    Distrustful of Jedi because of... past experiences

    Raw strength isn't his strong suit, but he's a quick thinker and tactically minded

    Chronic self-reliance


    Sole survivor of his previous squad

    Newly assigned to Cresh

    No one wants to ask him how he got his name

    Jaded and unaffected by most things, put fiercely protective of those he is assigned to

    Probably too protective


    Oldest member of the squad. Tells dad jokes but could also break your back

    Says all these things like "vod" and "ori'buyce, kih'kovid" that no one understands

    Has gray hairs and, if asked, will tell you its from dealing with these "reckless later batches"

    Would still lay down his life for any of his brothers, no questions asked

    Wants to travel the galaxy when he retires, in search of a Mandalorian covert that will have him


    Resident sniper

    Rift's batchmate and the only one who calls him by his name instead of "sarge"

    A perfectionist with a self-destructive streak

    Prides himself on being dependable and reliable to a fault

    Still harbors some unresolved resentment towards Rift for being promoted over him, but will always be there to back him up in a fight


    Who is he?

    Found waist deep in the carnivorous swamps of Kre'shak Major by Puck and Rift

    Isn't talking to anyone and flinches away from any touch or noise

    Was found clutching a pauldron identical to his own, but printed with a "2"

    Hacksaw suspects he witnessed something terrible... but what?

    So yeah, hopefully I get this fic out... sometime? I'm really liking how it's going so far and can't wait to share it :)

    Art tag: @xviii-themoon dm me if you'd like to be added

    #yes rift calls aran a boomer. yes he chokes him out for it #i truly set out to make some guys and then give them problems. and boy did i #im not uhhh super happy? with how the backgrounds came out? especially the swampy ones. but i wanted to get the imagine in my head down #this fic is basically me saying 'ok but what if umbara but more?' #i want that defiance. i want that camaraderie. i want that self-actualisation #i honestly have far far too many thoughts about them. this post was me holding back... and its So Long #ill probably come back and add their faces later... maybe this weekend #literally just *vibrates* please talk to me about them sdfjnsdfsd #thank you to everyone who encouraged me to do this. it means the world #oh boy tags tags tags #star wars oc #clone wars oc #clone trooper oc #star wars#tcw #the clone wars #the frontline withers #mandodrawing #100% certain their designs and/or names will change
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