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  • Title: Switch

    WC: 900

    “Too much?” 
    — Richard Castle, Almost Famous (3 x 07)

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  • i found this tier list and naturally had to do it for myselfanyways im very picky when it comes to fanfiction.

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    PROMPT : okay but… actual thor tweeting this and the whole avengers tower and the PR Team goes CRAZY over the fact that tHOR ACTUALLY DID THIS and the phones keep ringing non stop when they’re all doing mundane things!! And idk maybe tony asks spiderman to start webbing the skylines with “Stop calling us” or smthin like tHAT hajsjajs IM JUST IMAGINING HOW HILARIOUS IT WOULD BE IF THIS HAPPENED IN THE TOWER

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  • You didn’t read that incorrectly! Chapter 22 is really TWO chapters because AO3 LITERALLY stopped me from posting it as one. 

    Thus, for sake of ease, I’m just going to post the link to chapter 22 since that’s where this starts. 


    I really hope you enjoy this. We’re at the cusp of the climax. Only one normal chapter and Rondo in Black remains before the final fight at Luna Nova/Castle Bathory!

    As always, be sure to share and comment if you have anything you’d like to suggest to me! All criticism is valued and welcome so long as it’s genuine! 

    Also! I won’t be working on chapter 24 (really 23 but yeah) after I finish a little drabble for rare ships week! Stay tuned for that!

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  • I wrote a chapter a n d a h a l f today

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  • Thank You Fanfic Writers,

    I want to take a moment to acknowledge the fic writers out there. Thank you. Thank you so much. Without fanfiction, I don’t even know if i’d be where I’m am today. In my super low times, fanfiction have brought me the serotonin and happiness I need to be okay again. During times of high anxiety and manic periods, fluff and hurt comfort fics have calmed me down and made me feel safe. After years of my love of reading being destroyed, due to my increasingly worsening dyslexia, who’ve restored that lost love and it’s improved the quality of my life so much. The inspiration you have all given me to start writing my own storys have helped my coping skills so much and I think it’s helped focus problems caused by my ADHD. So thank you so much.

       The creativity, love, and happiness you spread is honestly so important to fandom culture and people’s lives. And the stigma and unappriecation you guys recieved frustrates me so much because a lot of the times its a thankless job. Remember to comment, reach out, and tell your favorite fic writers just HOW MUCH their work and dedication means to you. You guys create safe spaces for people everyday and you might not even realize it. So i’m taking a moment to make sure you know. A few people I want to know how much they’ve helped me:






    and all the other fic writers out there you deserve every crumb of praise that you get. <33

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  • Pretty sure everyone is asleep but

    I’m awake and drunk and will answer any question.

    Ask meeee.

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  • things i apparently thought were totally normal when i was 13 and wrote roswell fanfic:

    - introducing your fiancé to your parents for the first time when the two of you arrive in your hometown for your wedding

    - inviting your ex-boyfriend’s twin sister (and your ex-boyfriend himself) to your wedding when you run into her in the ladies’ room at a restaurant

    - insisting to your twin brother that he has to attend the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, because it will make her happy! don’t you want her to be happy!?!?

    - just………..so many other things that are Not

    #i figured out how to open this old file of the first fanfic i ever wrote #i laughed out loud #several times #what a delight #seventh grade me was adorable #i didn't even like max/liz why did i write an entire fic about them??? #it's only like 5000 words but still #hilarious#fic
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    Jeon Jungkook x Reader

    ‒ venom. (m) jjk and myg x female reader ✎  [??? words]

    • genre: underground racer!au, enemies to lovers, grief, fuckboy!jk, fuckgirl!reader, love triangle with myg, college!au.
    • warnings: this story is not suitable for audiences under 18. angst, angst and more angst. smut, like perhaps the most i’ve ever written, dom/sub themes, gang violence, (jk is a little shit in this but so are you, so), alcohol abuse, drug use (mainly weed), toxic masculinity.


      It all came down to flashes… Flashes of your hand out the window when you were seven, your brother Jae, driving your father’s blue pickup truck as fast as he could and you just put your hand out, the wind not gentle at all hitting against your palm. You could remember the sheer excitement on his face, lips pulled back in a large open smile as the dust from the road made it impossible to see anything that was left behind. It all came down to flashes… And then…

    And then it was you and him.

    The night sky so clear, the moon was the only thing to illuminate the curvy road, you knew that road. Your heart beating in your chest so fast it almost matched the velocity you were in and you didn’t know if it was because of the adrenaline or because of the handsome man driving beside you. You glanced at him, hair wild while the familiar ungentle wind invaded the space through the open window. He was your redemption, you thought… But he was also your damnation.


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  • Hello to all of the amazing people who follow this blog.

    I just wanted to apologize for not finishing my stories as of 9/17/2020. I AM FINISHING THEM. I have Fall almost done, and I’m so excited to finish it, it’s just taking me sooooo long because of school and Life, am I right?? I’m over 150 pages for Fall, and I swear I’m almost done.

    I’m also working on Finn’s POV from Fall. Not sure why, but I was so interested in how it would be from his perspective. And TBH, I am SO HAPPY with this I’m already to 40 pages in Word for the story. I may do it as a chaptered fic, but it really gives me a Oneshot vibes. I will decide at the end of writing the story.

    I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS. I never made this blog for the the follow count, I just really wanted to share my writing with everyone. I hope anyone who is still following is doing okay during these trying times.



    REGISTER TO VOTE AND GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE. Your voice is important, and this is literally one of the most important elections of modern U.S. history.

    Be responsible and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. 

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  • Hi friends! I’m so sorry it’s taken so long! Chapter 15 of Consumed should be posted in the next few hours!

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