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  • pegasus-anarchy
    21.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Chat Blanc but make it even more terrifying: a prompt.

    The incident that led to Chat Noir’s akumatization happened in more than one timeline; the circumstances and means varying a little. Bunnix would bring different Ladybugs, from several other timelines. as to not overwhelm them with the fact that no matter what they did to avoid it, it still happened. Because the core of the problem (Hawkmoth) was still there, stalking them.

    The problem with time and space travel is that you have to be very, very careful. Weird stuff happens.

    Like one Chat Blanc getting shared knowledge from his other timelines’ selves about Bunnix’s plan to delete him.

    This particular self gets ahold of how Bunnix proceeds to “fix” the problem, she won’t get Ladybug to stop his father from attacking him with trauma and slip his damned butterfly into his bell, no, she will bring her to fix him.

    So he thinks, and plots, and waits, for Bunnix to open her burrow. The moment she brings the bug, he attacks them both from above, knocking the bunny and using her power against her; trapping the dumbfounded Lady behind in his flooded reality, he travels in time to the actual root of the problem.

    Not the moment he found out Marinette was actually the girl he had loved for months to no end, not to the moment she took more than enough time to leave her present.

    No, he must go farther back.

    “I’ll fix this for real this time. And then no one will come between my Lady and me. I won’t get erased again.”

    When he opens the portal, he sees Marinette talking to him(self), it’s raining and it’s such a romantic picture it fills him with rage. He should be there, with her, not that useless other Adrien. Rage wins him over, and he throws the very unconscious Bunnix at their feet.

    Marinette shrieks in terror as the other Adrien shields her, chivalry never dies. Then, she sees him and she’s frozen in place.

    Oh, well, this one seems to know who he is. Lucky.

    “Hello again, my love.”

    @coccinelle-et-chaton 👁

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  • my-head-is-underwater
    21.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago


    #addendum to the last post is chara B literally has little to no canon characterization bc they're a background chara #who we only know as an angsty backstory for chara A. and that reader leaves comments insisting the author is 'mischaracterizing' chara B #like... what characterization is there to base him off of?? show me what in canon supports your idea that he would act like that #all of us are literally just running on headcanons and just bc the ones in the fic are different from yours it doesn't mean they're /wrong/ #like literally what are you even doing here ⁉️⁉️ #leave if u aren't having fun lmao #'oh but i like torturing myself this is like free angst for me' then stfu and suffer in silence all of us are having a party here #idjbdikdndkjdjjdj *where am i meant to put my weight guy voice* they've really fuckin' agitated me #they speak!
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  • batfamscreaming
    21.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    Neku is a really, really cool guy, Fret thinks. They get along great, which is sorta surprising, seeing as they're total opposites. Neku is chill, and mysterious, and badass, and down-to-earth, and Fret is... Fret. Sometimes he wonders if the real reason they hang out so much is simply because of proximity; after all, they do go to the same high school.
    But Fret's wrong. They share a lot more in common than that.

    I'm always a slut for characters figuring their shit out together in an organic way with outside perspective impressions thrown in

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  • krakoadeservedbetter
    21.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Satsugu Fic Rec!

    Suuuupperr fluffy. Set during highschool.

    #an actual fluff fic no angst in sight #handholding just go read it #its one of my new favorites #fic rec #jjk fic recs
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  • taroris
    21.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago
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  • aliceschuyler
    21.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I posted my *first Buddie fic y'all! It's a little bit of a crossover, it's based on the episode just aired (so spoilers) but I did it?

    Suit and Solace

    It all started with a suit, and took a debilitating turn that ended in solace with his best friend.

    @djdangerlove this one is for youuuuu

    Hope y'all like it!

    *Yes I had written one before but the flames were hot on that one, so it was taken down pretty quickly...

    #911fic#911lsfic#crossover#sorta #but not really #Judd and Eddie are friends #like besties#eventual buddie #just a lil fic I wrote #that's not that great #but I've gotta write some other characters eventually #until Lone Star returns
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  • commanderogerss
    21.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    The rhythm in your chest it makes me drown

    Fanfic for MERWeek.

              Day 2: long time no see. Describe or draw a reunion between two or more people. Had they anticipated the reunion in a positive or negative way? Had they thought about them often, or not at all? How much time has passed and are they happy to see each other?

    ship: None. word count: 929 summary: Post-ME3 destruction ending. The Normandy crew visits Shepard in the hospital for the first time since the destruction of the Citadel.

              It doesn’t take forever to get the repairs fixed, but after months and due to the help of the Prothean information and the Asari. But, eventually, the galaxy comes back together again. Eventually the Citadel can be built again, the planets that were destroyed can be built again. We can build again. It’s the people you can’t build again.

              After the war, everyone came together to build again, Krogans back on Earth helped, along with the odd group of Asari and Salarians who were left behind. But it was mostly humans, and they knew that they were going to help the other races rebuild as well.           Shepard sat in the wheelchair she was given by The Royal London Hospital. Grunt comes and visits her from time to time. There are small memories that come in and out. Shepard remembers the Citadel and using an escape pod? Or maybe she was on Earth? A blue shield. There was a lot of destruction, a lot of debris. Shepard wasn’t too sure where she initially was.           However, even with all that, she was badly hurt. Broken bones, burns, internal bleeding. Some things could fix itself out with some medigel. But a lot of it, a lot of it couldn’t. Luckily, though, living in the future was pretty good for some things. Medicine and the advancement of the medical studies sure as hell was one of them.           Looking outside the window, Shepard can see blue skies. Of course, there was a lot of destruction outside, but Shepard didn’t see blue skies, for some time and it feels like she’s really opened her eyes wide enough that she can see what she truly won.           “Commander,” a voice calls out after a soft knock at her door. Turning around, Shepard sees one of the nurses that has been tending to her for some time now. Smaller than herself, brown long hair in a braid, wearing blue scrubs.           “Yeah?” she asks, coarsely too.           “You have visitors, they tell me they were your crew.”           It’s like someone had told her that her family were actually alive and didn’t die on Mindoir, or that the people she lost along the way survived somehow. Shepard’s breathing laboured as she began to cry.           “Do you need anything?” the nurse asks, coming to Shepard’s aid. Smiling and shaking her head, Shepard couldn’t help but cry, “no no, please send them up. It’s been too long.”           Shepard is out in the courtyard instead of her room, and sure it probably isn’t a good idea to be out here, but they got rid of a lot of rubble. Though now, everything feels like it’s in slow motion. The moment she saw everyone standing there. The tears kept blubbering out, she couldn’t control it and honestly, she knew better than to cry in front of everyone. But everyone else was in tears.         “I’m sorry,” Shepard says as Joker makes his way over to her with a hug. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” she keeps repeating herself through her tears as she holds onto Joker for dear life.           “For what?”           “EDI.”           “It’s okay, Shepard, she knew you had to do it.”           A deep sigh comes from the Commander, and while others might be fine with the explanation, Shepard wasn’t but knew that she had to sit with it. There was no going back. Everyone gave her hugs as much as they could. Even Javik. They had chairs available for the crew members of the Normandy.           “What happened after…” Cortez asks breaking the silence.           “Well,” Shepard began with a sigh. “Went into that big beam and it was like a teleportation because I was teleported to one of the sections of the Citadel and there were… all these… bodies.” Shepard pauses for a moment, wanting the thoughts to go away but knew they couldn’t. Liara grabs onto Shepard’s hand and holds onto it tightly.           “It’s okay,” she says.           Another big sigh comes from Sheppard as she shakes her head. “Anderson made it ahead, and we saw The Illusive Man who ended up shooting him.” Shepard’s hands shakily go to her eyes, blocking the tears that have already stained her flushed red cheeks. “And then I destroyed one of the side beams, and then woke up sparingly,” she finishes her story.           “Huh, guess that’s when the red light was coming,” James says with his shoulders shrugging.           “It was hard, but I’m glad you all made your way back to me,” Shepard says with a big smile. Everyone nodding their head.           Some, like Liara and Kaidan are finding tears piercing the ends of their eyes. Tali and Garrus are holding hands, and Traynor can’t help but smile slightly.           “What happened after I told Garrus and Tali to go into the ship?” Shepard finally asks.           “Shot of red light, Joker wanted to go back for you, but we knew if he did we’d be toast,” Kaidan admits with a sigh.           “Ended up on this forest planet, it didn’t take long for repairs to get done and got word from a few other ships about the situation, ma’am,” Traynor says with a smile.           “Had to wait to get back to you, even if you were dead,” Cortez adds.           “I feel bad, we should’ve stayed back for you,” Joker says as he rubs at the nape of his neck.           “Like Kaidan said, you’d be toast.” Shepard looks at everyone with a smile then to Joker. “Now we’re even,” Shepard says with a laugh.           Even in the darkest times, she was able to see some kind of light.

    #merweek2021#my merweek2021#mass effect #mass effect fanfiction #fanfiction#merweek #game: mass effect #*mine#*mine: fic#txt #i hope i haven't enroched on anyone's space #i've wanted to write a post-destroy fic for ages but could never come up with a storyline so this is the best i could do
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  • clonecest-bin-account
    21.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    300 followers bingo - Echo/Fives/Tup | Merfolk AU

    (In which Tup is courted)

    Tup doesn’t consider himself particularly self-conscious - a lie - but this doesn’t mean that what people say about his tentacles don’t affect him at all.

    Being born with tentacles instead than with a tail is a rare event, but it isn’t cause for celebration, as they’re seen as a sign of bad luck. Tup has lost count of how many times he’s been subject to the hilarity of his peers because of this, or of how many times he’s been defined as undesirable because of this trait.

    It used to hurt, at first, but by now Tup’s gotten used to the rough treatment. It’s partially the reason why he prefers solitude, rather than bask in the company of other merfolks. What would even be the point of something like that? He’d just be ridiculed for nothing and he’s tired of having to defend himself from people’s ignorance.

    At this point, he’d rather stay alone.

     This is how Tup keeps living his life, and yet there’s something, or better someone, who’s trying to change that.

    It seems like the twins Echo and Fives are determined to put an end to this self-exile of sorts, and not only that, but they seem to be even more determined to court him, who frankly doesn’t need any of this, especially because he’s still not entirely convinced that this isn’t just a cruel prank. After all, what would they gain by courting him of all people?

    No, it must be a way to make him ever more miserable, to make him believe that someone out there would ever want him, only to crush his heart, and for what? Just a few laughs?

    Tup could do without all this.

      If he can say anything about the twins, it’s that they’re persistent. Nothing he says or does seems enough to make them rethink their choice.

    Can this really be only a prank? Or is there truly something more?

    Can they really be serious about it?

     They’re doing everything by norm, all the courting rituals. They bring him the most beautiful shells, something that even though Tup should throw away, he still keeps them like a treasure, something that he’s never received in all his life. He shouldn’t get attached to this, and yet he still does.

    What he loves most, however, is the way they dance around him as they swim, with intricate acrobatics that must’ve been practiced on their own. Did they really put this much effort into this?

    At first Tup wouldn’t let himself be touched, always pushing them out of the way when they’d get too close, but as time passes, and as Tup resolve diminishes - because at this point they must be serious about this - he lets himself be approached, he lets their tails brush against his tentacles… and maybe he reaches out for them too, not afraid of contact anymore.

     They dance and dance together, swirling around each other with levity.

    It feels… Tup doesn’t even know how to describe it. He’s spent the greatest part of his life thinking of himself as undesirable, and here comes Fives and Echo proving him wrong, showing him that, in truth, he’s someone who’s worth the effort.

    It feels great, almost unreal, but it is real, Tup’s sure of it now.

     He still finds himself doubting the twins’ intentions from time to time, but that comes more from a place of self-doubt - even though Tup will always deny that - rather than from their actions.

    Still, the future looks bright for him, and he can’t help but to smile at the thought that he went from being undesirable to having not just one, but two partners.

    Life certainly can be funny sometimes.

    #300 followers bingo #echo5tup#clonecest#cloneshipping #clone trooper tup #arc trooper fives #arc trooper echo #my fic
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  • bypine
    21.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Kassam is forced to go on Love Island as a Casa Amor boy and he doesn't like the idea of it at all—until he sees a familiar face who is part of the show.

    Read on AO3 here.

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  • sarcasticqueerblob
    21.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    This is so sweet, and cute, and so makes me feel single and lonely :,)

    But in al seriousness, this is a really cute oneshot that you should deffo read

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  • electric--blanket
    21.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    seeing people love my fanfic a lot and talking about it makes me want to—

    #i'mma get a little personal in tags here so nobody has to see it in my post but #basically outside of all this im a content writer #and i've also been compiling my poetry into a big ol anthology that i've trying to get published #i've had a few minor publications on my poetry but nobodys ever accepted my book so this past year has been really tough for me #and my confidence has taken a hit and it just makes me not want to write anymore #so i said fuck it and decided to return to my 15 year old self and write a stupid fanfic i came up with in the shower #and somehow people really like it and thats ??? amazing??? #the last fanfiction i wrote was a self-insert OC fic of batman when i was 14-15 and still figuring out my craft #spoiler alert: it was bad #anyway thank you to those who like my work and fucking drew ART of it??? #that is all. #text#personal
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  • dobrienwrites
    21.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #stiles stilinski #stiles stilinski x reader #stiles stilinski fic #stiles stilinski imagine #dylan o'brien #dylan o'brien fic #teen wolf#dylan#o'brien #dylan o'brien imagine #request
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  • my-head-is-underwater
    21.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago


    #ppl online are so wild im reading a fic w a poly ship and there's someone who ships chara A and chara B but hates chara A x chara C #and they just write comments essentially saying 'ugh i hate chara C why are they here they get in the way of chara A x chara B' #like stop reading or keep that shit to urself lmao truly no one taught u any etiquette #at least the author seems to be taking it in stride and joking abt it but like if it were me i would not be so nice <3 #they speak! #i love taking a break from being pissed abt politics and turning my tv off for the night and closing all the election news tabs on my phone #and opening tumblr and ao3 to get angry abt petty fandom drama instead <3 feels good feels refreshing
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  • terresdebrume
    21.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    A cover for the TMFU fic Make them stay, make them stone by bullroars at AO3, a story in which Napoleon has been cursed into immortality by som fairies a long time ago. (17, rated E)

    I honstly didn't have a lot to do for this cover because the bacground photo fits the mysterious, softy creepy vibe of Napoleon's bacstory so well arleady

    #fic cover#tmfu#fic rec#ot3#Napoleon Solo#Gaby Teller#Illya Kuryakin #I honestly can't take too much credit for this one lads but I'm still happy how it came out
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  • gettiregretti
    21.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago


    The connection in this fic is so satisfying to sink into. Kallus and Zeb both self-sabotage but they understand each other, and why each one of them is doing it. It’s such an easy bond to see and so fluid to read. Author is not afraid to absolutely slam you with exactly what you do not want to happen, but it’s in the best interests of the fic for sure (and Zeb reeling from multiple blows is always a fun angst experience). Happy endings though, don’t worry.

    stillness of remembering


    Zeb was coping, and well at that. Which is why it physically pained him to see Agent Kallus apply the same strategy and fall apart at the seams when he thought nobody was looking.

    (Or in which Zeb figures things out and Kallus is not helping.)

    Rated: T

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  • pynkhues
    21.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #fic asks#writing advice #welcome to my ama
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  • potatoesandsunshine
    21.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    has there ever been a time so Bedtime...

    #haha no i didnt just spend two hours going through antique tatting patterns for fic purposes then also finish deltarune ch 2 #Why Would You Even Think That. #anyway time for sleep time for rest time for snoozing
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  • thatsamericano
    21.09.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Now I’m Sad

    Alfred and Arthur: [Having a touching father-son conversation about homemade holiday pocket squares a week and a half before Alfred runs out of the house because he feels like he doesn’t belong in his own family anymore]

    #thanksgiving is coming up so arthur asks him if he wants a thanksgiving or xmas pocket square #those are days alfred just chills at the house so he probably wouldn't wear a blazer #arthur is bummed b/c he was trying to do something nice for him #and then alfred tells him he'd wear those around the holiday so it's all good #and he does indicate that he'd wear a pocket square on a day he's not at home like on valentine's day if it falls on a weekday #and arthur doesn't have to limit himself to holiday themes either b/c alfred does have plenty of other interests besides holidays #hetalia #romerica stepbrothers au #hws america#hws england#aph america#aph england #it is sad tho b/c they're having this cute father son moment right before everything goes to shit btw them #fic spoilers#my writing#original post
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  • littlebookreader
    21.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    rota et charta

    This has two parts: Information and the fic itself. For slightly easier accessibility, I will put both in this post itself.

    Some information first:

    Summary: Clara is assigned a story. (For the Tuesday prompt ‘Favourite Main Character’ of the Victoriocity Appreciation Week 2021. Takes place a week after ‘SMS Brandenburg’. ) 

    (Note: This can be read as a standalone as well, but this does provide some context into Clara’s throw-away line about a wheel and a paper being friends, in  Ego ne hic quidem.)

    Fandoms: Victoriocity(Podcast)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Relationships: Gen

    Word count: 438 words

    Characters: Clara Entwhistle, Augusta Bell, Bodkin(mentioned), Lavender Boothroyd(mentioned), Lester Horrocks(mentioned)

    Additional Tags: News story, written for context, another main character cause I honestly cannot pick between Fleetwhistle, a wheel and a paper being friends is just so wholesome, haha, crack treated seriously as crack, can’t really think of much else, author regrets everything, no beta we advertise like Augusta, here you go

    @victoriocity-appreciation for the Favourite Main Character.

    Part 2.5(or 3) of Love, Actually.

    This was the information. For the rest of the fic, it’s all under the cut.


    The Morning Chronicler had begun to face an uptick recently with the national intrigue surrounding the matter of the Tower and internal spies, though most would admit that the newspaper, up till then had been incredibly droll.

    A few days after the dust had settled, Clara began to see why. Even Greater London was full of crime, on most occasions. Recently, however, things seemed a little….quiet. She stayed nights at the offices, while visiting the paper in the mornings. Even Lester, whom she’d realised had never really lost his touch, to begin with, seemed to have trouble sniffing out the next big story. She greeted Ms. Bodkin at the front desk, who still assumed she’d wanted to meet Dr. Bell, and headed inside, fully prepared for a day of quiet editing.

    When she reached her desk(a recent acquisition), she wasn’t quite so alarmed by Lester’s absence….or the fact that Augusta seemed to be a little too happy all of a sudden, when generally, most of her days consisted of her shouting at one of her many siblings or at Boothroyd.

    What did alarm her, however, was the wheel placed on her desk. It wasn’t as big in size as an actual object as it was in her mind, of course, but she was a writer, after all. She did tend to exaggerate occasionally.

    “Good Lord, what is this?”

    “It’s a wheel, Ms. Entwhistle, I thought that should be obvious.”

    Clara shook her head. “I understand that, no, I mean, why is it on my desk?”

    “Oh! The wheel production mill has decided to put up an advertisement in the paper, something that tells a story, and you are the person for the job.”

    “I am the person…..to chart up an advertisement for a wheel?”

    “Yes, you could say that the wheel and the paper were best friends.” The wheel and the paper were best friends? What?

    Clara blinked. “I…shall certainly try.”

    “Right, you might want to get to it, then. We have a deadline tomorrow, spit spot.”

    With that, Augusta whirled on her heel and walked out, leaving Clara all alone to lift the wheel off her desk and write the advertisement in peace. She had said that she wanted a piece after all, hadn’t she?

    She huffed and puffed slightly, somewhat managing to push the wheel off her desk. The thing turned out to be surprisingly heavy for something of its size. She sighed, shook off the strangeness of this entire situation, and got to work. The wheel and the paper were best friends?

    Maybe there was something to work with here, after all.

    #victoriocity #Victoriocity appreciation week 2021 #clara entwhistle#augusta bell#lester horrocks#bodkin#lavender boothroyd#prompt answer #written for context #super #yikes for a fic #but #boundless positivity i suppose #anyway #here you go
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  • misvet
    21.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Chaos & Control (Part 3)

    The team try to mend broken things.
    **SPOILER WARNING: S1E7 (Battle Scars)**
    Part 1 & Part 2

    Hunter could see everything, every scuff mark that blemished the floor; he could tell which ones were old, left behind by the standard-issue boots of troopers long gone, and which ones were newer, etched into the durasteel by scurrying claws. He could hear everything. Every metallic ache and moan of the cruiser as it continued to settle, forlornly, into its permanent, planetary grave. He could smell everything. The overwhelming tang of rust that grew like mould on the skeletons of starships, and then underneath that, the much more subtle organic rot of those that used to inhabit them.

    Nothing could escape Hunter's scrutiny. For him, the world and all its features were compressed, flattened and stretched tight, like the skin of a drum, and laid bare before him to read as easily as a map.

    And yet, as he roamed that med bay, he had never before felt so utterly lost. Like he couldn't find a way out of that room. Like he couldn't discern up from down.

    His head pounded with the sensory overload. Ever-present, unrelenting. But all of it, useless and irrelevant. The only feeling that mattered right now was the tempo of Omega's heart, palpable on his sternum as he held her against his unarmoured torso. The strong, sturdy beat of his own pulse nearly overpowered it, but it was definitely there. A warm fluttering, almost as if her ribs were caging a small bird.

    Hunter moved about the space, following some invisible, repetitive path. But he was treading with the trepidation of someone trying to carry a candle against the wind; a task that presented such a fine line between protection and suffocation.

    The pacing had been Echo's suggestion, apparently, it was supposed to be calming. And Tech had flat out refused to hand her over until Hunter had agreed to remove his chest plate first. But any misgivings he had initially harboured were quickly assuaged as the techniques demonstrated their merit. Omega had barely stirred once.

    Getting Wrecker back to the med bay and onto the gurney had taken Rex and Hunter nearly half an hour. That boy weighed an absolute solid fucking tonne. Laying there on his back, his stillness was… unnerving. Eyes closed, face slack. Wrecker was never this still. The blue glow of the surgical chamber ahead made his skin look pale...

    Hunter decided to turn away.

    "I believe the pod has been appropriately calibrated," Tech announced, straightening from behind the console and adjusting his goggles. "We can initiate the procedure."

    "Do it." Hunter gave the command immediately, still facing away. Tech keyed in the start sequence. The tray squeaked on rusty wheels as it was drawn into the mouth of the pod, carrying Wrecker along with it.

    Scattered throughout the room, the Batch stood in stiff silence. Hunter in the corner with Omega, Tech by the control panel, Echo beside the machine, and Rex near the doorway. Even standing apart, their thoughts were gathering in the same place. They could be about to lose their brother. And if this didn't work, then they could even be on the precipice of losing themselves, and each other.

    If that happened, Omega would be left here, with no one.

    Hunter groaned inwardly at the retrospection. She had literally said that to him. And he, ever the fool, had been so quick to offer her assurances. Promises that - now - he didn't know if he could keep. If they couldn't get the chips out, or if the procedure killed them in the process, then, either way, he would break them. And Omega would be alone, or…worse.

    Hunter felt sick.

    "Hunter?" As though his suffering had summoned her, there was a tiny voice against his collarbone.

    Quickly, he settled on a crate and rested her in his lap. Omega sat upright, still clinging to his blacks with one hand, and rubbing her eyes with the other. Stars, they looked so red, and sore. When she finally lifted her face to him, an incorporeal vibroknife lanced through his gut.


    She looked...hollow. As though she had just returned from the edge of some dark, nameless place. A place that had threatened to claim everything, and nearly succeeded. A place that all of them knew.

    "Hey, kiddo." He brushed the hair from her face. "How're you feeling?"

    There was a long pause as she looked towards the medical pod. Only Wrecker's boots were visible. Within her line of sight, Tech and Echo busied themselves, watching her only from the corners of their eyes. The last thing they wanted was to overwhelm her.

    "Is Wrecker okay?". Her voice was raw, like she had swallowed a ream of sandpaper, and yet, the question was untarnished. After everything that had happened, after Wrecker had nearly killed her. Hunter marvelled at it. It was pure, unabashed forgiveness.

    "He's going to be fine, Omega, I promise". Kriffing hell, he just couldn't help himself, could he?

    She looked back at him, and Hunter barely managed to disguise his wince as her small hand touched the side of his neck, shadowing where Wrecker's rather massive hand had been, far too recently. Had she noticed the bruising?

    "What about you?" she asked, voice flecked with worry. "Doesn't this hurt?" He allowed himself a dry chuckle, taking her little hand in his.

    "I'll be fine too," he assured, "I've survived much worse".

    "We should put some Bacta on it," she mumbled. But before she could slip out of his grasp, Tech was there, kneeling beside them both with a medkit. Omega looked pleased with the convenience, right up until she realised that he was probably not there for Hunter.

    "Miss Omega". Tech rested a gloved hand on her arm and tilted his head at her. "Might I suggest that before you start looking after us, we take a moment to look after you? Now that you are awake, I would like to quickly check you over, to ascertain that you have not been injured".

    She blinked at him. As soon as he said it, she suddenly became aware of the shards of pain that were worming their way into the foreground of her sensorium. She bobbed her head in acquiescence, though it seemed a little reluctant. Tech risked a brief, surreptitious glance over her head at Hunter, who returned the look knowingly. They were both acutely aware of the blood staining the back of her clothes.

    Across the room, Echo leaned against the wall, arms folded, standing sentinel from a distance. Tech opened up the medkit and began organising its contents, keeping his tone casual. "Tell me, are you experiencing pain anywhere?"

    "My knees," she answered, settling her eyes on some spot on the floor, "a-and my back. I think I scraped against something when I… w-when he…" she trailed off, unable to finish. A ripple of panic disrupted Tech's I-have-everything-under-control expression. He did not have this under control.

    Gratefully, Hunter swooped in. "It's okay, kid," he whispered immediately, giving her hand a little squeeze. She released a trembling breath.

    Tech computed the data in nanoseconds and frowned deeply beneath the burden of comprehension. It was one of them that had done this to her... Holding her might be okay, but this was different. It was likely going to be uncomfortable. She had to know she was safe, or he could risk being more harm than help.

    "Omega," Tech exhaled, turning to offer her his full attention. "We are here for you. No one is going to hurt you anymore". He stated it like a fact, though it did not escape his internal logic that, technically, none of them had been successfully de-chipped, yet.

    Omega swallowed thickly and directed a few meek nods towards her own feet, as though trying to convince herself. "I-I know," she managed. Then, when Tech didn't move, she lifted her eyes to meet his. Her gaze was open and unfaltering. "I trust you".

    The serious lines of Tech's face softened, giving way to the subtlest of smiles. The sensation that bloomed in his chest at her words was as lovely as it was short-lived. Like some beautiful, rare flower, blossoming in the immediate path of a raging wildfire. Before he could savour its sweetness, the dual implication of her statement hit him like an earthquake aftershock. And it shook him to his core.

    He had asked for it - for her trust - like he might have asked her to pass him a tool he needed while working. But, deep down, he had done so in the vague hope that she was just going to point, and laugh, and show him that he was already holding what he needed. But no. He had asked, and she had left to go someplace. When she returned, clutching that precious thing, she had placed it in his hands without hesitation. Looking down upon it in his grasp, he could see that it was whole, but only because...she had stuck it back together with tape and glue.

    They had broken it. And yet, she had still offered it to him, so freely, and for some reason, that hurt even worse.

    With great force of will, Tech compartmentalised his anguish. He put it in a box, with a date and a label, and stashed it away. There would be time to deconstruct it later. Right now, he needed to focus. He realised Omega was looking at him like she had wounded him, so he tweaked his lips into a reassuring smile, though it was only skin deep.

    "Let's start by examining your knees," he suggested gently. "May I roll up your trousers?"

    Omega nodded, then leaned sideways to rest bodily against Hunter, who curled his arm around her. Absentmindedly, her fingers fiddled with the sleeve of his blacks while Tech eased off her boots and began rolling up her pants. He paused every now and again, assessing her face for any change of expression, concerned for her comfort. But, besides looking a little dazed and bewildered, she didn't react. Having exposed her knees, he hummed to himself thoughtfully - they were red, cut and grazed. After a brief examination, he was satisfied that the damage was superficial.

    "Some mild abrasions and contusions," he reported. "I am going to apply some Bacta, is that alright, Omega?"

    Another nod. She tugged at a stray thread. Tech prepared two Bacta patches and applied them with trained accuracy. Omega flinched with the initial contact, but as the cold gel soaked into her skin, the discomfort buzzed away and was replaced by a pleasant tingling.

    "Good job, kid," Hunter praised warmly, kneading her upper arm with his hand while Tech fixed her trousers.

    "Now, then, how about this sore on your back?" Tech inquired. "Where does it hurt?"

    "It's sort of in the middle, right he--AH!" she had twisted her arm around to gesture but doing so had pulled something taut. It felt like barbed wire woven under her ribs. Now she was frozen in place, too afraid to move, her face creased with the pain.

    Tech reached up to adjust her posture, delicately moving her arm back to a resting position. She whimpered as her upper body straightened. "Can I have a look?" he asked softly. She nodded vigorously this time, her nose still crinkled, eyes screwed tight, wordlessly begging him to make the pain stop. "Hunter," Tech murmured in a lowered tone, "lean her forward for me, please".

    Hunter brought his arm up in front of her and Omega gingerly folded herself over it, pressing her face into his unarmoured bicep. His other hand stayed rested over her shoulders. Slowly, Hunter rocked her forward until she was nearly bent double. With the greatest care, Tech started to peel up the hem of her tunic. Her fingernails plunged into Hunter's arm and she hissed through her teeth as dried blood - adherent to the fabric - separated painfully from her skin. Tech paused his progression.

    "You're doing great," Hunter soothed, rubbing a small line in between her shoulder blades with his thumb, hoping it might distract her.

    "Mmhmm," was all she managed in reply, the tense sound muffled by his arm.

    Once her posture had eased a little, Tech proceeded cautiously, folding the garment up until he had fully revealed the jagged, bloody gash that ran parallel to her spine, from the bottom of her ribs down to the waistband of her leggings.

    "Oh, dear, ad'ika," Tech sighed. Omega nuzzled even more firmly into Hunter's embrace and stifled a sob. "Hold this for me," he instructed, rolling up the excess material so that Hunter could pin it out of the way with the hand at her shoulder. As Tech turned to the medkit, Hunter craned his neck to see, and bristled. It was a woeful sight. She was painted red.

    "Miss Omega, I am going to have to clean and dress this," Tech told her apologetically, shuffling medical implements around. "It may hurt a little, but try to sit still. I promise it will feel much better afterwards."

    Omega inhaled deeply as if steeling herself. "Okay," she whispered. It was laced with fear but delivered with courage. Hunter leaned in a little closer and pressed his lips to the back of her head.

    With the calculated movements of a surgeon, Tech used gauze soaked with mild antiseptic soap to clean away the blood and better reveal the extent of the laceration. Omega squirmed a little, withdrawing ever so slightly from his touch.

    "I am sorry, ad'ika," Tech breathed morosely.

    "Hang in there, kid," Hunter murmured into her hair, "we're nearly done". She made a little sound, and stiffened with determination, holding perfectly still against Tech's ministrations. Even so, Hunter could hear her grinding her teeth. Whether it hurt or was just scary, he couldn't tell.

    Now that he could assess it properly, Tech was content that the scratch was not deep and did not require stitches. He took the tube of Bacta from the medkit and dispensed a precise volume onto his thumb. Steadying his hand on her, and using as little pressure as possible, he smoothed the gel up the length of the cut in one quick motion. The immediate, intense sting made Omega arch her back and cry out. But Hunter was there, squeezing her a little closer as she groaned against the sharp pain.

    A few moments passed, and…finally, relief.

    The cold burn subsided into a deep heat that seeped into her muscles, dulling the ache, and washing over her body like a wave of warmed honey. Hunter exhaled quietly as he felt her practically melt in his arms.

    "Does that feel better?" Tech asked.

    "Mmhmm," she sighed, blissfully this time.

    She sat more comfortably for the remainder of Tech's treatment, and Hunter could feel some semblance of strength returning to her limbs. Once Tech had applied a sticky bandage over the Bacta, he rolled her tunic back down, nodding with satisfaction as she sat up and tested her new range of motion.

    "All finished. That was very well done, Omega".

    She timidly looked between the two of them. "So, is it…my turn now?". There was quiet hopefulness in her tone.

    Tech tilted his head at her. "Your turn to what?"

    Omega gawped for a second, as if astounded he needed to ask. "To look after you! All of you got hurt! I want to help…"

    Tech allowed himself a wry chuckle. None of them had been seriously injured in the skirmish, and he was about to tell her as much, but the words died in his throat. There was this look on her face, this glint in her eye. The Batch was everything to her. Her whole world; and it was hurting. But she was prepared to fix it, the only way she knew how. With tape, and with glue.

    "Very well," he conceded. And with that, her eyes lit up. The contrast was striking…how dull had they been this whole time? These were the eyes Tech remembered. Amber-brown, like his own, but wide, bright, and star-filled. It reminded him of when she had seen Hyperspace for the first time. Watching every button he pressed, every lever he pulled. And, finally, that pure, unadulterated wonderment as the planets and celestial objects stretched into infinity, silver threads bending effortlessly around them. A whole galaxy of worlds, pressed close but not touching.

    Tech felt something ease inside him. It was surprising - he had been utterly oblivious to the strain of his apprehension, unaware of how heavily that box of anguish had truly weighed. But now it felt lighter, and with a soundless sigh of relief, he lent Omega a hand and helped her hop off Hunter's lap.

    Omega gestured to the ground in front of her. "Okay, sit here," she directed. Tech obeyed, shifting off his knee and into a cross-legged position. She stood in front of him and placed her hands on either side of his face, tilting it this way and that as she examined him for cuts or bruises. "Tell me, are you experiencing pain anywhere?" she asked seriously. Tech laughed again under his breath at her mimicry.

    "I shall admit to a slight headache," he told her truthfully.

    She stepped back to consider him, scrunching up her face the way she did when she was thinking, and holding a curled finger to pursed lips the way that Tech did when he was thinking. "Hm, we should check for a concussion." She held out a finger at arm's length in front of Tech. "Follow me with your eyes, but don't move your head!" She began to slowly drag her arm, up and down, side to side. Tech easily tracked her movements, smothering his smile.

    "Good! Now I'm going to ask you some questions to check for memory loss." She jabbed a thumb unceremoniously towards Hunter, "What's his name?"

    "That's…Hunter," he answered with patient amusement.

    "And what's my name?"


    "Do you remember where we are?"

    "We are on a Venator-class star cruiser, on the north-eastern continent of Bracca."

    "And how did we get here?"

    "I flew us here, on the Havoc Marauder, which is parked approximately 8.27 klicks directly south-south-west of our current position."

    She nodded several times. "I don't think you're concussed, Tech, but probably we should still wake you up every few hours on your next sleep cycle, just to be safe."

    "A very astute suggestion," Tech said sitting back, genuinely impressed. "You appear to be quite the proficient medic."

    Omega's eyes lit up again at the praise.

    "Looks like you have some competition on your hands, Tech," Echo teased from across the room. "If Omega keeps this up, you could be out of a job".

    Tech leaned past Omega to fix Echo with a glare. "Well, I suppose it is a good thing, then, that I perform a number of useful functions," he retorted back. Echo and Rex laughed, and it was a pleasant sound. It bounced around room, as if the walls themselves were joining in.

    "Oh, no, don't worry, Tech!" Omega exclaimed with dismay, "I promise not to take your job".

    Hunter craned forward to cup her shoulder. "None of us are replaceable, kid. We may be a squad, and we all play our parts, but we're also family". He paused, before smiling at her. He didn't say it, but it was there. Unspoken words that hovered in the space between them.

    And that goes for you, too.

    He knew she had heard them, in her own special way, because she utterly beamed, and it was utterly glorious. As if a light had turned on in the room. All of the shadows that pressed against the corners of their minds became a little softer, a little thinner, and a lot easier to bear. Hunter and Tech both grinned openly. Even Echo, from his distance, felt warmer.


    Wrecker was out of the tube for a total of five minutes before she fell asleep on him. Half upright in the chair, head and arms slumped over his enormous vambrace. It didn't look particularly comfortable, but none of them had any intention of moving her.

    Unfortunately for them, the procedure had only reached its conclusion after she had very dutifully covered every scratch and welt she could lay hands on with Bacta and a bandage. The four of them were reminiscent of walking sticker books by the time she was through with them. Was it a terrible waste of precious Bacta? Probably. Did the Batch care? Not in the slightest.

    They were proud as hell of their kid.

    Tech and Hunter had nearly dozed off themselves by the time Wrecker's hand began to lift from its place on the table. The arm that carried it was strong, thick with muscles like iron-wrought cables. But its owner knew its strength. Its power. And when he reached to stroke Omega's hair, the touch was tamed, tempered; raw destructive capability reduced to the gentlest of gestures.

    He had never intended for it to be otherwise.

    "Hey, kid, why the long face?"


    And that's the end of The Space in Between: Chaos & Control arc.  #SmashTheLove #GimmeYourThoughts&Feels


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