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  • “Thanatos sighed and closed his eyes. He came here to have a particular conversation, it was up to him to bring it up. The question formed in his head and he took a breath and then-

    ‘Take care, Than.’ Zagreus said, moving toward the next skeleton ferry.

    Thanatos froze, not expecting Zagreus to continue on so quickly. His mind raced, his heart trembled, and his body stood still. He needed to say it, to bring it up. He wanted to know the answer and Zagreus wouldn’t be able to give him that if he didn’t speak up.

    He wanted to ask Zagreus a very important question, but he didn’t know how.”


    Thanatos is worried about what the constant escape attempts are doing to Zagreus, and their… relationship? He is not sure what to call it, yet. That was another question he had to ask Zagreus. So many questions, so little time to chat.


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  • “I love you too.”

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  • Hello! This is my very first Genshin fic, so please be nice to me!

    A Maid for a Day (Part 1)

    Lumine relaxed as she struck down the last Hilichurl of the camp. As it fell defeated it dropped a little bit of mora, but it was practically nothing. 

    “Darn it!” Paimon stomped her foot in the air. “Paimon’s getting tired of battling Hilichurls all day, and for barely any mora at that!”

    “Trust me Paimon, I am too.” Lumine dematerialized her sword and picked up the mora. “But fighting Hilichurls is our only means of making mora right now.” 

    Paimon huffed, but did not reply. The adventurer’s guild was currently out of commissions for the week, thus taking away their main means of making money. The commissions would return in a few days when the week was over, but for now the two girls had to make do. 

    “How much do we have?” Paimon asked as she watched Lumine count their mora. 

    “Just a little over 2,000 mora.” 

    “That little?” Paimon asked incredulously. “That barely covers what we eat for one day!” 

    “I could eat Paimon if anything.” Lumine said to herself. “But that’ll only cover me for a snack.” 

    “HEY!” Paimon yelled, but Lumine simply ignored her. 

    The fairy and the traveler then continued to walk around in search of more Hilichurls to fight, but as luck would have it there weren’t any around. 

    “Maybe we should go back to Mondstadt and see if any citizens need help there?” Paimon suggested after walking around for almost an hour. 

    Lumine sighed, but agreed. Even if there weren’t any commissions at the moment, maybe they would get lucky and find a townsperson in need. 


    They both arrived in the front gates on Mondstadt, heading straight for the town square. Lumine and Paimon tried asking every person they knew if they needed help with anything, but it was just like the commissions board of the adventurers guild. No assistance needed. 

    Lumine sighed and turned toward her companion. 

    “Oh well. Guess we’d better go and look for Hilichurl camps again.” 

    “Yeah, yeah.”

    The two began to make their way out of the city of freedom, but stopped at the sound of a wailing man. Looking at each other, they both walked toward the sound and saw it was coming from a man wearing Inazuma-styled clothing.

    “Oh, what is a poor chef to do?” The man said in between his wails.

    “Hello…” Lumine called out to him. 

    The man lifted his head up and Lumine was able to catch a better glimpse of him. He had dark brown, almost gray hair, and looked to be in his late 40s. 

    “Oh, I’m sorry. Am I bothering you?”

    “Not at all!” Paimon answered. “But are you okay? Paimon thought we heard you crying just now.” 

    “Oh, it’s nothing.” The man said, trying to regain his composure. “It’s just, well, I came to Mondstadt from Inazuma to try and expand my name as a chef, but so far no one has come to my traveling establishment!” 

    “Traveling establishment?” Lumine asked confused.

    “Yes, I had the brilliant idea to create a traveling cart restaurant, so I could travel all of Teyvat and make my name as one of the greatest chefs to ever grace this world!”

    Lumine looked behind the man and indeed saw a larger than normal cart with a cooking pot and a few tables surrounding it. 

    “However, no matter how much I try, no one wants to try my cuisine! I’m afraid if I don’t get any business soon I will have to abandon my dream forever!“ 

    “Awwwwww.” Paimon said sadly. Lumine too felt remorse for the man. 

    “I see. I am terribly sorry about that, is there any way we can help?” 

    “You’re too kind, my dear. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much you can-” The man stopped to take a good look at Lumine and paused what he was saying. “Wait a second, aren’t you the Honorary Knight of the Knights of Favonius!?”

    “She’s also the savior of Liyue, in case you’re wondering!”

    “Paimon!” Lumine scolded, a light blush in her cheeks.

    “You are, though.”

    “Oh my, this is perfect!” The man’s previous sorrow was all but discarded, a bright smile now accentuating his features. “Yes, yes there is something you can do! Please, will you work in my traveling restaurant!”

    “What!?” Lumine and Paimon practically yelled in shock.

    “Please, only for one day!” The man pleaded. “If people see the Honorary Knight of Mondstadt and the hero of Liyue endorsing my establishment, I will have lines going for miles to eat my cuisine.” 

    “Ummm…” Paimon looked to Lumine for help on what to say.

    “I-I’m flattered.” Lumine said shyly. “But, I really don’t know about this…”

    “Oh please miss.” The man practically begged. “I’ll pay you 15,000 mora and one of my dishes if you accept my offer.”

    “15,000 mora!?” Paimon exclaimed. 

    “What!?” Lumine almost stuttered out. “But, what if no one shows up?!”

    “I guarantee people will come, so long as you are here!”

    “What would you even have me do!?”

    “Oh, you will simply be serving dishes and bringing people to their tables. I will be the one cooking, and your little friend can clean up after the customers.”

    “Hey!” Paimon huffed with her arms crossed. “First Paimon’s an emergency food, and now Paimon’s a cleaner!?”

    “Still, I don’t know…”

    “Lumine!” Paimon whispered in the blonde’s ear. “Paimon’s not too happy about being a cleaner, but Paimon thinks we should do it! There’s 15,000 mora on the line!”

    Lumine looked between her flying companion and the man, before sighing and placing her hands on her hips. 

    “All right, fine. We’ll help you with your restaurant.” The man and Paimon lit up. “But remember, only for one day. And we get both the mora and a dish once we’re done!” 

    “Yes, yes. Thank you very much, my dear!” The man looked at his watch. “Hmm, yes… It’s fairly early in the morning, and I don’t usually open until another half hour. That’ll give the two of you just enough time to get dressed!”

    “Get dressed?” Both girls asked.

    “Why yes! I have a theme for my restaurant that I’m hoping makes it stand out!” 

    “Alright.” Paimon agreed. As the man happily went to gather the clothes, Lumine glared at the fairy. “Hey, no mean looks! It’s only an outfit, how bad could it be!?”


    Lumine looked in horror at the ‘uniform’ of the restaurant. The man had handed her, no joke, a maid outfit. Paimon was holding one as well in her size. 

    “Ummmm…” Lumine tried not to let the horror in her voice reveal itself. “I think there may be a mistake…”

    “No mistakes!” The man said, emerging in a butler outfit. “I had the genius idea of having the employees of my establishment dress as servants to endear the customers. I mean, who does not want to feel as if they are waited on by a plethora of attractive servants!” 

    Lumine felt her face getting hotter as she continued holding the maid outfit, the one she was expected to wear. 


    “15,000 mora Lumine!” Paimon said to remind Lumine what was at stake. “And a hot meal too!” 

    Lumine relented and put on the costume, the blush never leaving her face. Besides her Paimon had also put on her maid outfit, looking undeniably cute (especially when she was silent). 

    “Alright ladies, time for opening!” 

    Lumine simply stood outside in front of the tables as the man instructed her, waiting for customers before she could actually do her work. Despite what the traveler first thought, citizens of Mondstadt began to come to the restaurant when they saw the Honorary Knight of the Knights of Favonius acting as a waitress, and in a main outfit nonetheless. Pretty soon, by the first hour, three of the five tables the man had for his establishment were already filled. 

    Lumine took the orders of the customers with the best smile she could muster, trying hard not to blush at their compliments and thank yous. Once the man had finished cooking their food she would serve them, Paimon cleaning up after them once they were done (thankfully, they never left too big of a mess).

    As much as Lumine hated to admit it, she began to enjoy herself. She smiled when she saw the man tear up at the sight of more customers in his establishment than he ever had, and found herself enjoying the attention a bit. Not to mention, she didn’t look half bad in the maid outfit. The man did tell her to address each customer as ‘master’, so that was a bit embarrassing, but overall it wasn’t too bad. 

    “Phew.” Lumine said, wiping her forehead as she placed another one of the dishes in the sink.

    “Tired?” Paimon asked, taking a small break as there were no tables to be cleaned at the moment. 

    “A little.” Lumine replied. “But I’m actually having more fun with this than I thought.” 

    “Yeah, Paimon is too surprisingly!” 

    “Guess we need to change your nickname from Emergency Food to Janitor, huh Paimon?”


    Lumine giggled then went to seat a family that had just arrived. She took their orders with a smile, having gotten used to the praise of being Mondstadt’s Honorary Knight. Once she had their orders she gave them to the man, who gave her one tables orders to serve. 

    ‘This is definitely better than I thought it would be.’ Lumine thought as she placed the plates in front of each customer. ‘Everyone here is super nice, and the reward is definitely a good sum. I don’t think anything can ruin this for me-’ 

    “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” 

    Lumine stopped in her tracks, looking at the new customers that just arrived. To her horror, standing right in front of her waiting to be seated, were Kaeya and Amber. 

    ‘You have got to be kidding me…’

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  • I’m writing a witcher fic. Shipping f/m OC/Letho

    Who would you prefer to follow?

    My female witcher from the school of the wolf who is almost as old as Vesemir. She’s an avid collector of treasure and artifacts. She’s set goals to display her findings to the public some day. She’s well off and is considering retiring. But she find herself at Kaer Morhen for the winter for the first time in a long time. She meets Letho and starts to wonder what it is she needs in a partner. She’s had her heart broken a long time ago and won’t let anyone that close again. Or will she?

    Letho is as you know him. This story follows Witcher 3 in which he stays at Kaer Morhen, but actually stays longer than expected. Still a wanted man, the keep is his sanctuary and can only leave to get essentials and the lucky contract for a monster. He’d started making Kaer Morhen his own and wants to make this place a home for other witchers too. Something to make up for his failings, but still a way to protect witchers even if he is the last of his school. He’s glad for the company and maybe a little smitten with the first female witcher he’d seen since his school days.

    #witcher#fic#my posts #asking the followers #i've been writing this for months #but i don't think anyone wants to read it #i dont even read ocs #especially not f/m #so i don't blame anyone #but also i am in love with letho #my boi letho #i need him to be loved ok!
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  • Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been dead for so long. I wanted to make this for a loong time but lost motivation multiple times and nearly lost the whole damn file.

    WARNING: Triggers for disablement, depression, talk of a suicide attempt, and panic attacks.

    He grumbled as he was pushed along the sidewalk. He had every reason to complain, every reason to be upset, especially when a jogger moved past them. He was always told to be thankful to still be alive with his strange condition. Well, at least he could move his head and face muscles.

              “C’mon man, you said a view of the lake would make you feel better!” Remy prodded his cheek. “Where’s that smile?”

              “Dead. Long dead. Like the rest of my soul.” Virgil growled.

              “Ugh. This job’s sooo boring!” The sunglass-wearing punk complained.

              “Then forfeit your salary so the rest of me can die in peace.”

              Virgil was paralyzed from the shoulders, down. He couldn’t feel his body and needed constant assistance from those willing to put up with his acidic, pessimist attitude to help him do… pretty much everything. He couldn’t even hold his goddamn diploma when he graduated high school. Remy had to hold it for him. He had to give the coffee lover credit where credit was due. He was the one who had lasted the longest as his caretaker. Taking him on “walks” as to not make him feel helplessly alone. Thankfully, his parents did everything else, like dress him and clean him and lay him down to sleep.

              Even though he didn’t feel as alone with Remy keeping up gossipy conversations, he did feel piercing envy for anyone he saw around him. Laughing with their friends, running, swimming, riding bicycles, dancing… Not to mention the people that made fun of him, and yet he was supposed to be more positive that he wasn’t dead? Death would merciful to someone in Virgil’s position. He couldn’t even kill himself. Not to say he didn’t try. The closest he had gotten was when he had annoyed someone enough to shove him into the lake, who was unaware of his condition, while Remy was in the bathroom. Little did he know that the sassy teen was a fast pisser and was able to rescue him.

    Why couldn’t he just be fucking normal? Even for a day?

    “Oh hey, that man child texted you again.” Remy’s naturally condescending voice interrupted his thoughts. But he couldn’t help but smile just a little. “Puppylover99? What did he say?”

    “Work is super fun today! Got to hug a lot of people! Every time I hugged someone, I thought of you, kiddo!” Remy put on a high-pitched feminine-like voice, which made Virgil laugh, no matter how much he hated it.

              “You ass!” He would’ve hit him playfully if he could.

              “Is that what you want me to say?” Remy gave a cocky smirk, opening up messages.

              “No no no!” He shook his head madly, making his caretaker laugh even harder than Virgil did.

              “So… what- oh! He sent another.” Virgil’s smile widened as a small blush made its way onto his face, even though he was trying his best to fight it. “Anyway, I was wondering when I’d be able to hug you in person! I know we both live in Purble County.”

              Virgil’s smile was gone instantly. He had never physically met with any of his online friends before… What would he think? That he… wouldn’t be able to hug him back? Tears filled his eyes, and he couldn’t even wipe them away.

              Remy quickly pulled onto an alleyway so no one would see him like this. The caretaker quickly wiped his face and massaged the base of his neck to calm him. “I’m sorry, I should’ve read it and warned you first.”

              “It’s fine, Remy…” He sniffled.

              He was just about calmed down when he saw two people cheering just outside the alley, diving into each other’s arms.

              “It’s you!”

              “I can’t believe I found you!”

              Soulmates were a natural part of life in this world. Usually in the form of blanked out tattoos on someone’s skin that gets filled in when they meet their soulmate. There are other soulmates whose signs are a bit different, however. There was a case ten years ago where two people, one blind in the right eye, and the other blind in the left that magically gained full sight upon meeting each other. They were pronounced soulmates and are still together to this day. There were other cases where individuals didn’t have tattoos or anything of the sort, and lived their whole life out without a lover, claiming it was meant to be that way. Others have multiple soulmates. The subject is so complex, Virgil had to take multiple classes on it in high school.

    Virgil had been told by scientists and priests alike that he most likely wouldn’t have a soulmate based on the religious belief that cripples couldn’t contribute enough to a relationship, (welcome to Virgil’s church-hell) and the scientific data doctors collected from him on a weekly basis. Most of the population that was physically disabled in a 2018 case study found that they never found soulmates. Since Virgil was such a rare case, the doctors demanded data be collected from him every week to see if they couldn’t figure out what had caused it and if a cure couldn’t be found. His parents greatly profited from this, and so did he to an extent, but it just made him feel like a specimen instead of a living person.

    And seeing two people unite in the soulmate tradition only made him break down more. It wasn’t fair… it wasn’t fair…

    Remy did his best trying to distract him and take his mind away from it, wiping his tears and hugging him around his neck, where he could feel the comfort of it. After the whole meltdown finally was over, Remy suggested going to a food attraction place for lunch, and Virgil reluctantly agreed, eyes bloodshot from all his crying.

    Afternoon Benedict was a place he had never gone before, but since Remy said he knew people who worked there, he didn’t feel as anxious going. Plus, some afternoon breakfast didn’t sound half bad.

    He was wheeled in and saw a very friendly person up front with a pink apron on, saying “free hugs!” on it. He greeted them warmly, bright blue eyes, blondish-brown hair, milky white baby skin, with so many freckles dancing across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, his face looked like a sprinkled birthday cake. Virgil had to resist the smile that was tugging at his lips.

    “Hi! Where would you like to be seated?” His voice was so sugary sweet, the emo could feel his teeth rotting.

    “Anyplace with chairs that pull out. He can’t leave this one.” Remy gestured to his friend.

    Internal sigh.

    “Okay! Coming right up!” He dashed away and got a nice table ready before beckoning them over.

    Virgil got wheeled over and situated. “Now, what can I get for you two?” His honey-dripped voice asked them.

    “I guess… some scrambled eggs with toast? And apple juice with a long straw if you can manage?” Virgil kept the quiver of anxiety out of his voice well enough.

    “I’ll have my usual, bud.” Remy winked at the friendly employee.

    “Okay! It’ll be out soon!” He danced away to Virgil’s humor.

    Now came the part he dreaded about eating out. Remy took a couple bites of his food when it arrived, then started feeding Virgil. The coffee lover had quickly learned not to tease Virgil about having to be fed like an infant, as he’d either get a bite on his finger, or he’d have to help him calm from another meltdown.

    Virgil was thankful that no odd glares had been sent his way yet. Maybe Remy had set this whole thing up so he didn’t have to worry about anybody judging. No matter how tough the sunglass-wearing nerd acted, Virgil knew he had a soft side. A love for kittens, an admiration for children pop star singers, a small addiction to baby sugar sticks… he knew it was there.

    As the cooks were preparing the meal, the cheerful waiter was told to take his last 10-minute break. He skipped to the back and checked his phone excitedly. He was a little saddened that MCR10150 hadn’t responded to him yet, but he kept his hopes high and ate a quick snack while listening to music.

    Even if he couldn’t taste anything, the happy music made the food go down better, like a spoon full of sugar.

    Virgil was just about full when the bubbly waiter came over again. “Are you two ready for the bill? Or would you like to see our dessert menu?” He looked over at Virgil, who was being fed another forkful of scrambled eggs.

    “Luckyyy!” He squealed.

    The emo nearly spit his food out at that, but managed to swallow it.

    “Excuse me?”

    “I’d kill to be in your seat! Being fed without a worry in the word! You must feel like royalty! Nonono-wait!” He suddenly bowed. “My highness.”

    Virgil couldn’t help it. He bursted out laughing. Just the sheer ridiculousness and confusion-not to mention the irony- of the whole situation made him utterly crack up.

    Remy sighed with relief. He knew Patton could be overbearing at times. Yesterday, when he had told the staff and usual visitors about Virgil and how to act around him when he brought him in, Patton wasn’t there, but he was glad Virgil wasn’t offended or distraught over his behavior. It was hard to predict that kid.

    “Well… he doesn’t have much of a choice.” He explained after Virgil started to calm from his laughter. “He can’t feel any of his body other than his head and neck.”

    “Oh! I’m so sorr-“

    “No! Please don’t pity me…” Virgil growled out, interrupting the poor employee.

    Patton gave a quiet whimper, his smile becoming forced. “S-so, will that be bill or dessert?”

    Virgil felt bad now. Even though he hardly knew this living cartoon, seeing his bright cute face darken with sadness made him feel even more dead inside.

    God dammit, he thought to himself.

    “Virgil? It’s up to you.” Remy murmured. He tried to give Virgil a choice whenever he had the chance. He was indifferent to having dessert or not, but he wanted Virgil to feel like he was in control, even if it was for little things.

    “What kind of dessert menu comes out of a breakfast place?”

    To be continued…

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    @poptartsaysurloved @leedrop-angel @lavenders-loveforthings @ I’m sorry I forgot everyone else. O.o

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  • on ao3 here.

    Summary: Dean makes it to Heaven. So does his brother, his parents, and a lot of other people that he’s considered friends and family over the years. However, one particular angel is conspicuously absent from the crowd. Dean sets out to find him.

    Chapter 2 of 3 is up.  Everything is written, but I feel like something is off with the last chapter so it might a few days in coming…lol.

    TIA if you read it!

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  • Coffee and Tea (T.H.) - 15

    Word Count: 3,715

    “You’re sure you want to come with me?” I asked, for probably the hundredth time. But considering we made it to Heathrow and were going to board the flight to Atlanta, Georgia, which then we’ll board our last flight to Iowa, I knew what his answer was. I just find it crazy he would want to travel to the Midwest and see where I grew up.

    “I’m going to pretend you didn’t ask that time,” Tom replied, gave me a peck on the cheek before he went ahead to get through the security scan. We set our carry-on bags in our bins on the conveyer belt.

    I watched him as he went so easily, smiling at everyone, and even shook hands as he said, “Thank you! Have a great day.”

    “Hey, it’s your turn to go love.”

    I turned around at the abrupt voice and was met with some pretty blue eyes. She didn’t have a look of annoyance, yet I found myself saying, “Sorry.”

    I waited for my queue to get into the scanner. I raised my arms out like an airplane and watched the green light flash back and forth.

    “You’re good, miss.” The security guard signaled for me to leave.

    I nodded. “Thank you.” I slipped into my black, leather, slip-on sneakers and rested one strap of my backpack on my shoulder with my winter coat in my other hand. We were going back during Janurary, which was very much still winter time, but there’s the chance of warmer days in the 30s with the sun out. It could never be fully predicted.

    Tom waited for me to reach the other side; not that I was far behind. I poked his chest lightly. “You’re so annoyingly delightful sometimes.”

    He made a pretend offended face. “Oi! That’s not fair to say.”

    “No.” I shook my head. “It’s pretty accurate.”

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  • hurt!Din Djarin. Gen, teen+, no content warnings.

    Links to parts 1-6 on Tumblr. Read on Ao3.

    Mando whump tags list:
    @thatsgonnaleaveamark, @whumpylurker, @flyingwolf29, @mickeymckeown, @thewerebunny @whumpappreciation

    The Ugnaught’s critical mistake was pushing that blaster nozzle under the Mandalorian’s helmet. At the back of the neck, in the soft, unprotected territory by his kidneys – the thief might have ended Din’s career right there. But a blaster kissing his chin was a threat not only to his life but to The Way, putting him just a casual movement away from an unmasking.

    He faced threats to his life every day. He had bested every single one of them, most of them without breaking stride. He was numb to them. Threats to The Way? Those struck a nerve, a nerve that turned Din from a dangerous man into a desperate one.

    If he died, he died helmet on. He died Mandalorian.

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    #thorn in the side #whump#din djarin#the mandalorian#fic#mine#my wiritng #*panting* guys! I'm almost done! then the man gets to see his baby and I get to MOVE ON
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  • Has anyone done a Dani x Jamie ghost tours AU? Because that would be absolutely hilarious. I’m thinking, like, Dani’s a tour guide who knows wayyy too much about ghosts (spoiler: it’s Viola’s fault) and Jamie is just very confused. 

    “Little known fact! Ghosts actually prefer the temperature between eighteen and twenty-two degrees Celsius, and they’re surprisingly clean.”

    “That can’t possibly be a fact-”

    “They also cannot stand the smell of rose petals anymore-”

    “That seems oddly specific…”

    “-and you’d better not touch their old 1600s dresses, or they’ll be really upset.”

    “And how do you know all of this?”

    “…don’t worry about it.”

    #Im terrible with AUs but someone please make this if it hasn't been done #I keep laughing #what if they were like #rival tour guides or something #viola commentary would be hilarious #damie fanfic#damie #dani x jamie #jamie x dani #dani clayton#jamie #the haunting of bly manor #fic#fanfic #the haunting of bly manor fanfic #viola lloyd
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  • the taste the sun again series by sun_incarnate

    summer all year round (Kim Sunwoo/Moon Hyungseo | Kevin | T | 4,4K | Modern Au)

    “hyung, say, would you go to the pools with me?”

    another summer something (Kim Sunwoo/Moon Hyungseo | Kevin | NR | 4,1k | Modern au)

    “but kevin,” again. the bouquet looks even bigger now when it’s handed back to him. “you’re not the only one capable of change.”

    Thoughts: Blessie’s writing can’t be described as anything but artistic. She’s incredible at painting the perfect picture with her pacing, he world building, her characters and her stories; so is no surprise this series is the the epiphany of summer stories, making you feel like a teenager again, enjoying the more breathable summer nights. 

    One of my all time favourites and one I totally think you should read.

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  • #julie and the phantoms #jatp#jatp fic #julie and the phantoms fic #julie molina#alex jatp#willie jatp #alex x willie #willex#fic#my fic#my writing
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  • So something I never mentioned (but something a couple of people picked up on) is that Spectre’s quirk makes her very, very cold after a while. :)

    so here’s something kinda soft :)

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  • The Night We Met

    The wind whistled through the trees like a heartbroken sigh. It cried out across the distance as though it could pierce through ones heart. Perhaps it could, if the heart it tried to pierce was not made of stone, that of a Witcher. Still, the sound reminded Geralt too much of the wails of monsters before dying. A swan song, of sorts; that of a creature mortally wounded.

    It was wrong to have hurt him so on the mountain, wrong but necessary in the long run. It would do no good to have the bard follow him. Still, as much as he tried to forget, Geralt couldnt shake the memories and the feelings that Jaskier had drudged up. He had been his companion after all, one that Geralt had rather unfortunately cared for. But now, at what may be the end of all things, Geralt was alone, just as he was meant to be. No Mage or Bard to keep him company, Geralt took to The Path just as he always had.

    There were flickers of him everywhere. The wind through the trees sounded like him; mournful. Every snapped twig drew Geralt’s attention. Worst yet, every town with a bard strumming in the ale house seemed to sing the same songs.

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  • Coffee and Tea (T.H.) - 14

    A/N: There is baby smut in this. That is all. Continue on. 

    Word Count: 2,553

    “Whoa!” Christopher yelled as Harry whipped past him.

    I followed close behind, but stopped at Christopher’s tone.

    He shot me a look. “What is going on? Do I really need to say no running on set? I do not always like being the father figure.”

    I blushed out of embarrassment. “Sorry, Chris. I swear no more.”

    Harry circled around one of the trailers and came back to us. “Are you done being mad? It was a joke.”

    “I was never that mad.” I smirked. “I just like to know you’re scared of me.”

    Christopher looked between us and opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it and shook his head. “Harry, get to costume and then the green screens. We’re filming the last of the final fight scene.”

    “Yes, sir.” Harry nodded and skipped off after sticking his tongue out at me.

    I rolled my eyes and joined Christopher to the green screens. I watched carefully as they began the first take of bringing Evie out of the cabin and onto the chaotic field. It was actually so chaotic I felt the anxiety tight in my chest.

    My eyes moved to Tom as he threw back two of the stuntmen “with rocks” and went on to the next, in which he was thrown back and Stella throws “a shield” between him and the icy attack coming his way. We’ve already filmed this part a couple times to put the actors and actresses in harnesses to emulate the throwbacks.

    I know it’s choreographed, but I still wanted to do something to help Tom out. They all made it look so realistic. I followed Jennifer now, counting her steps as she took down her stunts; God, she looked like a badass.

    Now, a yell of “Evie!” sounded, which startled me out my internal thoughts, and I switched my attention to the drama rather than the fighting. Layla latched onto me now, squeezing tighter than I was expecting. I didn’t mind though. The scene continued until Stella screamed out as she caused an “explosion” and all the stuntmen fell in different ways, then it was dead silent. The boys were supposed to come in with some lines. It was like they were so stunned, they forgot what they were supposed to say.

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