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  • monocryl
    23.06.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Headcanon time!

    Tetsuya didn’t immediately teach in kindergarten after graduation or after finishing his post-grad studies. Maybe… he first worked as a lecturer, instructor or maybe an assistant professor? Anyway, he liked it. Liked the challenge presented to him. But it was stressful sometimes, and he could rarely spend actual quality time with his significant other.

    There was a time when it had been so stressful and it really started showing on Tetsuya. Dark circles under his eyes, he looked a little more paler than before. A little bit more snappy. And oh hell, thats gray hair? And, that was the last straw. Of all things that could make Tetsuya see that he was not okay… it had been seeing gray hair on his bright blue crown.

    He and Taiga talk about it. And they both decided that first of all, maybe Tetsuya should at least try to take a break. And then maybe try to change job? He was hesitant at first. Because despite the stress, the pressure, he actually loved it. But… Taiga had a point. And he should also think about his mental health.

    So after trying a lot of things, he finally ended up as a kindergarten teacher. And oh wow, this was it. This was his calling. He loved the environment, he liked teaching the children. He liked seeing the kids go home to their families and being thanked by the parents for taking good care of their child.

    Taiga noticed the changes. His husband was definitely happier.

    And then later on, Tetsuya tried his hands on writing children’s story books as another hobby.

    #Kuroko no Basket #Kuroko Tetsuya#KagaKuro #I pair Kuroko with almost everyone that I #actually don't know who to place as a significant other here #but I figured KagaKuro will always be top one on my heart #so yeah #maybe I'll write a proper fic about this oneday #but for now #this is a WIP #Ideas#Headcanon
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  • orcelito
    23.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    I think my fav trope for specifically gay media is the idea of like. "How could loving someone like him be wrong?" Someone doubting what they've been taught regarding homophobia bc the love they hold for someone feels too Right to be wrong

    #speculation nation #and so i stuck that trope right into my fic #like it's just such a sweet idea. #they Must be wrong because how can loving him be a bad thing? #it gets me so 🥺
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  • cryquail
    23.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    ok long stupid vent post aside I think there should be more content for tohri and leone. they both deserve it. tohri content in general. tohri and shuu, tohri and leone, I literally don't care I just . want to give tohri a kiss.

    #hatoful boyfriend #I WROTE a character study about tohri yesterday #where they were nonbinary and used they/them pronouns #and it felt so natural that now i cant refer to them with ajythig else ajdhjsdj #i was talking to my partner about fic ideas for them and she was like WHO are you talking about #i forgot it wasnt like. canon #but it was fun to write the chatacter study!!! normally i write for characters that i relate to but #tohri is NOTHING like me #so it was fun to write for them :3 #talk tag
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  • merakiui
    23.06.2021 - 44 minutes ago
    #chit chat#yandere-romanticaa #and the fact that he lays out in the sun like a cute lizard 🥺 #AND HE LOVES POETRY OMG #AAAA I AM SIMPING #anyways scorpio gang rise up!! :D #might have to write another kazuha fic after all #he’s given me so many new ideas hehe
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  • emsemotional
    23.06.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    what should I write instead of paying attention in class today???

    I was messing around with a guys night baseball fic feat. drunk ian but I don’t know anything about baseball so that may be a no go hahaha

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  • bnhastanning
    23.06.2021 - 46 minutes ago
    #thanks for sharing with me #but yeah everyone is valid like go write that fic man #i just feel weird about seeing it EVERYWHERE #i have no idea why it keeps popping up through all my filters
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  • supremeuppityone
    23.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Our new a/c system is installed!!!! No more looking and smelling like extras on The Walking Dead!

    #woohoo!!!!!!! #air conditioning was out since Sunday #not a good look for us #shower upstairs and immediately need another shower once you get downstairs #nightmares dealing with the contractors #but got a new kc fic idea out of it #yay?
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  • queenofmoons
    23.06.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    The old spideychelle fic sitting in my drafts about MJ and Peter making a monthly bingo board of crimes that Peter will stop…. You will see the light one day I swear it

    #loser pays for a date at the end of the month and the winner picks the date <3 #MJ is VERY good at it #I avtually think I’ve mentioned this in passing in a few fics I just really love the idea #Ned gets in on it sometimes too #but he’s only won once bc he sets the bar too high he’s like ‘ART THEFT. SEWER SUPER VILLAIN. ALIEN HAIL’ #which are all very cool in theory and he DOES get sewer villain right. but it’s mostly like. #convenience store robberies
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  • adreamfromnevermore
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hi I’m bored anyone wanna send asks about any of the fics from this list or any other fic ideas I’ve posted? Having a bit of writer’s block and its always fun to scream vague ideas into the void 

    Named ones are 

    look and see (the void between stars)

    Morning Tea and Shatterpoints

    Little Generals

    Gravity Wells

    Unnamed Ones

    The Guards fic idea

    The Speeder Pile Up Fixit

    Obligatory TPM TCW Time Travel AU

    #star wars #star wars the clone wars #star wars au #star wars prequels #obi wan kenobi #anakin skywalker#ahsoka tano#commander fox#commander cody#mace windu#sheev palpatine #star wars fic ideas #star wars fix it #eldritch jedi
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  • childeluv
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ik I should make an event but I cannot afford to have more requests than I already have now. I would literally die. That stress will and would murder me… so like uhm? I think I’ll publish one of these two fics.

    Because yeah 💀

    #I have this huge fic Idea so I wanna publish it by next week or something
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  • tryingmyves
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    would you read a villain!midnight fic inspired by this song? i want to judge interest before i start writing, but i have so many ideas for it

    #mha au idea #my hero academia midnight #my hero academia #bnha #boku no hero #mha #boku no hero academia #ves speaks #fan fic blog #fan fic writing #fanfic promt
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  • shotarology
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    should i write in wattpad too cause i lowkey want to try

    #i got a fic idea but idk if it's good #help <3 #shotarology.txts
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  • kirinpl
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Not me thinking about Alpha reader and clones being Omegas, who never met one and, after first shock, competing with each other for your attention.

    Yeah, taking care of bunch needy clones would be reaaal trouble.

    #clones #the bad batch #a/o dynamics #fic idea?? maybe #alpha reader always makes me go 🥴
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  • thatrandomsomnia
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Peter smiled.

    That's what he told him to do.

    After weeks of being kidnapped in his basement, getting punished for not being his "good girl".

    He told him is to smile for him.

    Let him dress him up like a doll. His doll.

    Let him play with his doll. Let him do as he pleases, and in return, he'd keep Peter alive and he'd get to take care of Peter.

    Told him to call him "Daddy".

    Peter hated it, but he played along.

    It's been months, and he has done what his Daddy wants him to do.

    He smiled, and hid his fear.

    Fear meant getting dragged back to the basement by Daddy so he could "fix" him back to the baby girl Daddy wanted him to be.

    Fear never did anything good for him.

    So he hid it, and just kept smiling.

    But he knows his situation. He's a smart boy, and he knows he has to get out of here. Peter already planned about this after the second week he was in the man's basement, after all.

    So when his Daddy went to bed that night, Peter took out Daddy's missing axe, the missing wirecutters, and his own missing clothes from under his bed's loose plank floors, and quietly went to the basement where he started to get the spare gasoline.

    Peter poured the gasoline in the basement, then to the whole house, before throwing all his items out the window – with a matchbox he's kept since the start of his planning – then getting himself out.

    He's had enough of this. He's done playing his games.

    He's Peter fucking Parker, and he's no one's doll.

    He's gonna light this fucking house down, with the fucking devil burning in it as well.

    And he has no fucking sympathy for Daddy- no- Tony Stark.

    Let the devil have a fucking taste of his own hell.

    #starker#ironspider #tony stark x peter parker #dark tony stark #dark!tony stark #tw: kidnapping #tw: kidnap mention #tw: forced feminization #tw: dark fic #unedited snippet (??) thought (??) #☁️ thoughts ☁️ #ahhh dont kill me 🙈💀 #i dont usually write dark stuff akhdmsj but 🙈🙈 skjdsm pinterest whyyy 💀💀 #this idea came up when I saw the photo 0-0 i swear
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  • coffeeorderwrites
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #klaine #and there's definitely a whole thing where the warblers joke about it constantly #and kurt is just like #well this is the weirdest hazing ive ever experienced but i WILL enjoy my 'romantic' stroll with Blaine thanks #and yes 'my man' does make sure to always give me the bigger half of the cookies we share hes just thoughtful like that #this is the sleep deprived ramblings of a crazy person #probably this will never get written but this is basically what my fic idea documents look like #youre welcome for this insight into my mind #also the lap stuff was unintentional because i wrote the draft ages ago #but clearly I have a type #also also i have another canon divergent ish idea #its probably more au #with 'bad boy' blaine #in quotes because blaine is a total sweetheart and i can't take him seriously as an actual bad boy so it's all front #and math tutor kurt #theres fake dating #anxiety #all that fun stuff #but thats only about half conceptualized at this point #sal answers stuff
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  • obnoxiouslykit
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    im just gonna start a fucking series of like lil maybe 500-1k word standalone scenes of shit people have said/done to me since ive been pregnant with various ships - both atla and bnha (also all characters in question who are pregnant are transmasc. because. i am transmasc. and uh yeah. projection.)



    KiriBaku go out somewhere and someone decides to touch Katsuki's stomach

    because I am not the type for confrontation to go off on someone for that and neither is Avery; well, they will, politely and to protect me, but still.

    however, Katsuki???? he'd fuckin' tear them apart and i think that could be very cathartic to write lmao.

    OR, some invasive, nosy stranger trying to continuously ask Zuko more and more personal questions about his pregnancy while he's just trying to buy some fucking bread and milk and Zuko just eventually being like please go the fuck away.

    oh and all the unsolicited advice, too.

    'Oh, you're okay to have one glass of wine, c'mon!'

    Shouto, slightly irritated; 'perhaps, but i think the health and safety of my child is worth much more than one glass of the mediocre wine you're offering.'

    'what are you doing drinking coffee? too much caffeine will hurt your baby.'

    Zuko, glaring and holding his coffee cup with both hands protectively; 'and if I don't get enough caffeine, I will hurt you. Also, one cup is fine according to my midwife and, full offense but I think she might know more about what's safe during pregnancy than you do.'

    'a home birth is dangerous and irresponsible. what if complications happen?!'

    Izuku, using this as an opportunity to infodump everything he's learned over the past couple of months about home birth vs. hospital birth, complications, safety, regulations, and their detailed plan-of-action for if anything goes wrong, while sprinkling in some passive-aggressive remarks about the other person being 'uneducated' on the subject and how he'd never do anything to put his child in danger and it would be ridiculous and hurtful to assume he would.

    'You're only five months along?! Wow, are you sure you're not having twins?'

    Tomura, who has heard this about ten-million times by now, slowly removing one of his gloves...

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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Free to be You and Me

    The quiet of the morning is always Aaron’s favorite time of the day. He gets to revel in Robert’s arms twisted around his belly. The birds would be singing, and he’d hear his three year old pitter patter towards their bedroom. 

    They’d sometimes leave the door open, and Seb’s too. In case he got nightmares. 

    It all started after Rebecca and Ross’s accident. Only just got him to start sleeping in his own bed. Aaron could hardly blame the kid, he’s had a roller coaster few weeks, and Seb’s been handling it better than he ever could. 

    He supposes that’s all Robert. That pick yourself up and dust yourself off kind of attitude Aaron sometimes wished he’d had. 

    These past few months have been hard on him as well if he’s honest. What with Paul, Vinny and Liv, Robert’s case and the courts giving them the runaround on if he’s guilty or if the real culprit is Luke. Which it was. Is. Luckily they had Ethan, Aaron owes him about a lifetimes worth of free beer. 

    Through all of this though, Robert’s been fantastic. Patient, calm, level headed. 

    After Liv’s run in with Vinny. Well more of a, “Oh I accidentally punched my ex boyfriend in a drunken state”, which, in Robert’s words, how does someone accidentally punch someone else? Drunk or not. 

    It was a battle and a half but they managed to get a hold of Sandra’s sister in Dublin, get her some proper help, rehab and that. Wasn’t easy, her lashing out at everyone, and what with Seb already being through so much, he wasn’t safe around her. 

    So Dublin it was. 

    He lays here now, feeling as though he can finally breathe after so long. Robert’s eyes flutter, the sun kissing his bare skin, Aaron’s insides flutter because they’ve been through so much this year. They’ve been holding their breaths, and now they’re here. Entangled in each other smiling lazily as their three year old patters to their room. 

    “Da...” He rubs his eye, holding onto his little giraffe to his chest for dear life. 

    Aaron stirs, and his heart grows about ten sizes at the sight of his little boy. In his red and blue pajamas, with yellow cars patterning around the fabric. He is every bit Robert. 

    Robert kisses Aaron’s shoulder, digging his face into the younger mans shoulder again. “Come here buddy, did you sleep well? Hmm.” Seb nods as Aaron puts him on his stomach. 

    It’s almost half past nine, and both Robert and Seb’s stomach’s sound like a tractor rumbling in the haziness of the room. “What do you say we go and make some pancakes eh? For all of us, and let daddy get his beauty sleep.” Aaron laughs as he dodges Robert’s swinging, idle hand. 

    - - - 

    Robert and Seb are scarfing down their breakfast like a pair of swords men that are about to go to war. He languorously stabs his chocolate chip pancake, “So we’re meeting Vic in the pub at around twelve right?” 

    It was an idea they have been talking about since they learned that the village was holding a pride parade, what with everything that’s went on. It made sense, and besides, it would be their first ever pride with Seb. 

    Robert nods, “Oh and we have to get the cake, it’s right in Hotten.” Aaron gives him a look like Robert’s gone absolutely mad. “Um... isn’t Vic makin the cake?” 

    Robert slowly puts his fork down, “After everything with Luke, I dunno. She hasn’t been much up to cookin’ or anythin’, and what with Harry being colicky, her minds just been everywhere at once. So I’ve told her not to worry about anythin’, I mean that is alright?” 

    Aaron manically bobs his head, “No of course, I just. I tried to talk to her but, you know how she is. True Sugden style, she always says she’s fine.” Robert blushes slightly but god if that doesn’t worry him. He knows how much Vic has been through, and he feels as though he’s not even been there for her properly. Not like a big brother is meant to.

    Aaron see’s that worry in his eyes, and gently places his hand over Robert’s. “Oi, you’ve been there. You always are.” 

    Robert blinks at the sincerity in Aaron’s voice and feels it wash over him. 

    Seb snaps them out of their trance, “Daddy... can I bring Mr. Giraffe wiff me to pide?” 

    They both chuckle, “Pride bud, and of course you can, I’m sure he’d have so much fun.” Aaron lets out, which gets a giant whole world sized smile on the kid’s face. Seb jumps off his chair and dashes up the deathly staircase, “Careful sweetheart”, Robert stresses smiling back at Aaron. “You really think she’ll be okay?”

    “Hey, she’s got us, and Diane. Yeah?” 

    “Yeah. Yeah you’re right.” 

    They make their way to their room and get ready for the day. 

    - - -

    The entire village is embellished in colors, and pink and white striped flags, shirts, and people from the other villages already shown up in masses when they come back from Hotten. With the white iced cake with rainbow sprinkles Vic had ordered from the bakery. They head straight to the pub, and see Vic with Harry on her hip. Aaron sometimes can’t believe that the Vic he grew up with is a proper mother now. It makes him sort of dizzy, they’re all so grown up now. 

    Vic smiles, tired, “Hi, you guys find the bakery okay?” 

    Robert takes Harry out of her hands, “Yeah, the woman was proper chipper. She said she’d not had proper customers in months because of Covid, so this was a pleasant surprise.” He says as he adjusts Harry’s little yellow jumpsuit. 

    Vic pauses, “What’s up?” Aaron’s voice is laced in concern. 

    She places the cake on the counter, and sits down. Kissing Seb on the forehead, as Aaron tries to wrangle him to stand still. 

    “I... I dunno, after everythin. I don’t think I’m up for goin into the village. It’s just all too much, and Harry’s still so small.” There’s that regret in her voice again that stings at Aaron’s neck like a bad rash. He could kill the Posners for everything they’ve done to her.

    Only Robert always has to be the voice of reason doesn’t he?

    “Hey, look. Then you don’t have to, but... maybe you can just I dunno. Stand outside, trust me when I say you’ll feel better. Way better than if you shut yourself off from everythin. Especially today.” 

    She smiles and they hug and it’s all sappy and they all feel like little kids in adult bodies, but it’s fine because they’ve got each other. 

    “Bye Aunty Viccy!” Seb gives her a Seb sized squeeze and they head out. 


    Aaron’s never been to a proper pride event. Yeah he’s been to gay bars, he’s seen the pub garnished in pride colors, but not something as huge as this. Not with Robert. 

    It’s quite overwhelming if he’s being honest, but with Seb sandwiched between them, enamored in the festivity of it all, wide eyed and curious, it brings him back to earth a little. 

    They spot Moira and Cain with Isaac and Kyle, Matty close behind them. 


    Isaac immediately grabs Seb by the hand and starts moving his mouth about a mile a minute. Aaron swears the kid’s vocal cords are going to shut down very soon if he’s not careful. 

    Moira smiles, eyes tired, though she seems calmer. “So the two of yous are gettin on?” 

    Obviously news travels fast around here, so everyone who knows everyone knows everyone’s business. It’s hard not to in such a tiny village. Aaron’s never liked that, but Moira’s practically family, so he doesn’t fault her. Not after what she’s been through.

    Robert shakes his head, “Yeah.. we’ve been. It’s been alright. I mean you know after everythin’.” 

    Cain sighs, “How’s that goin then? I know that Luke’s been charged but, it’s all done, yeah?” 

    Only Aaron wishes he could tell Cain everything. Except he’s doing this thing where he is trying to solve things on his own without any help from his family. That’s why when his mum found out that Liv’s been sent to Dublin to stay with her aunt, she blew up a storm and a half accusing him of, not coming to her first. As if he’s not an adult that isn’t allowed to make his own decisions of how to get his sister proper help. 

    So he just smiles tightly, “Yeah, everythin’s sound Cain. I promise!” 

    Soon the levee begins with amplified pop music, confetti, people dressed in every single color and then some. 

     The float starts to make it’s way down the village, with drag queens, dancers, and people in the front with, “Gay and Proud” and “Trans and Proud” signs making their way down the street. 

    He catches a glimpse of two teenage girls holding each other, foreheads pressed together, what seems like the rest of the world is dead, and it’s just them. 

    There are people from all walks of life, in this little village that is his home. A home that he is proud of. That he can be proud of. In spite of everything, he’s allowed to do that. 

    “Oi! Look, they’re doin some paint face.” Robert shouts under the blaring music. 

    Aaron gestures his head, “Yeah, I think Seb would be well up for it, what you think Seb, you wanna?” 

    Seb’’s exuberant smile that could light up the entire world really, “Only if Isaac goes too.” 

    They make their way through the crowd and finally get a hold of Moira, “His royal highness wanted a paint face, he said he’d only do it if Isaac did one too.”

    Seb cheekily grins, and Isaac willingly goes with Aaron and Robert right behind the pair of little monsters. 


    There are different booths, with t-shirts being sold, with pamphlets, and little pins as well. 

    As his son sits on the chair, Aaron’s hand intertwined in Robert’s. He gets a peek of his husband. 

    Robert is completely and fully submerged in the ebullience around him, Robert’s been through hell and back these last few months, and somehow has been able to come out so strong. It almost makes Aaron want to wrap him up and hide him from the world. 

    He was so close to losing him, so close. Yet somehow, somehow he was standing there. Real. Beside him. 

    One of the drag queens has put on this fashion show on the float somehow and Robert’s laughing. He is laughing and happy and smiling and it’s blinding Aaron swoops up and crashes his lips onto Robert’s.

    Stunned, Robert hesitates then digs his fingers into Aaron’s waist and lets the younger man bite at his lips, a moan escaping both their mouths. It’s so intoxicating, Aaron’s knees almost give out. 

    They’re interrupted when Seb is yelling he wants to see the people on the float too, so Robert hoists him on his shoulders, and they make their way to the sidewalk, Aaron’s hand in Robert’s the entire time. 

    Aaron’s chest bursts with all this love, seeing his loved ones around him, his son on his husband’s shoulders, pointing at the colors and the people surrounding him. He see’s Vic with Harry at keepers waving at them. 

    He sometimes wishes circumstances were different, he wishes that there wasn’t this pang in his chest hoping he could just easily fix everything. 

    Except here and now, with his husband, with his son. He’s more than lucky, and he’s more than happy. 

    He’s free. They’re free. 

    #robron#robron fic#robert sugden#aaron dingle #my robron fic #seb white #so we are about to see the pride ep #and i thought what could be better than ignoring canon Aaron and writing robron taking their three year old to pride #also just be warned i wrote this in like less than 10 minutes #so it's anything BUT a masterpiece fic #but i really really wanted to write SOMETHING #(oh also i've never been to pride so i have no idea what happens this is all from what i've seen on tv <3)
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  • mintedpotters
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hi yes someone told me recently about stackson and now I can't stop reading fics for them and I think they've just become my new favourite rarepair so like... thanks but also goddamnit now I have to write about them

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  • yamchaas
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Trying to figure out how we can get specifically 22nd bastard tien energy outside of the tournament and like 🤔

    #okay so in the series as we know it once we are past the 22nd I still firmly believe he can be a bastard #and so can yam- duality of man and all that #but it'd never be to quite the same level right #cuz like after the 22nd they truly care about each other #The only idea i could think is AU #like i've seen people say bandit yam and bastard tien #and like i would like to write a funny/maybe sweet fic where they idk brawl but end up havin to work together and then they form a legit #fondness etc. but it'd have to be a few chapters prob and thats not on the agenda rn #it'd be more a tien relizes the crane school trast him bad- yams realizes he doesnt have to be a lone wolf (bar puar) #yadda ydda #like a friendship thing but then theres atiny hint of them going 🤔 #but thats not what im talkin bout rn i got sidetracked #Bastard Tien of the 22nd variety #The only way for him to have that energy for longer I think is to make yam and him meet not at the tournament #like even this is a full au where for whatever reason tien doesnt attend the tourny and him and yam come across each other while yams is #out training #or something else ..... #i just had a better idea- #still au but like #hmmmm#idk 😫
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  • jaeminpeachy
    23.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #anonie#anon asks #is this for a fic idea or-
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