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  • hey so this is completely out of the blue, but i’ve been reading sanders sides magic aus bc yeah and i have two (2) recs for y’all very few fanders that follow me

    1. A Dragon’s Tale by Acantha_Echo on ao3 (sry idk if there’s a tumblr or not)

    essentially, its prinxiety and logicality, virgil’s a prince and gets captured by a dragon who’s actually one of the sides turned into a dragon, there’s an evil stepmother type character, and knight roman shows up to kill the dragon and they accidentally unravel a conspiracy :)

    2. Ceremony of Innocence by Acantha_Echo bc apparently they also wrote this?? dang dude you’re amazing

    roman’s a knight, he gets captured by the evil warlock, the other three sides are there and also captured under some very weird and magical circumstances, which you figure out and there’s also soulmates :D prinxiety and logicality again bc yeah

    #fic rec#fanfiction recommendation#sanders sides #idk what im doing #i just love magic aus ok #urban fantasy? yes #royalty au?? absolutely #ive been binging them for like a week
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  • image


    Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester

    [Tags: angst with a happy ending, memory loss, pre-season 10, canon divergent]

    Chapter Summary:

    Leaning over the counter, the bartender caught Dean’s eye. 

    “I probably shouldn’t be saying this since you’re ringing up quite the tab, but whatever you’re going through, you’re not gonna fill the hole with that shit.”

    Dean smiled wryly. “I can try.”

    Start from the beginning

    This AMAZING Graphic Made by the incredibly talented @bluefirecas and a HUGE thank you shout out to my godlike betas: @skydorkers @wanderingcas and @sinnabonka . I couldn’t do this without them

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  • OK, I don’t usually do fic recs but this is so good! Perfect explanation for the mess that was Spectre, best fix-it I ever read, and so, so funny!

    Dramatic Arts

    by scioscribe

    In which Spectre is actually Bond’s poorly written attempt at falsifying a mission report. Q wants a flight simulator, Eve wants more lines, and M wants a drink. Everybody’s a critic.

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  • #i hope this helps and gives you some fun reading you've not explored yet! #sorry it took me longer than expected to do it #it's the mom life during quarantine alright #i hate it but it is what it is #i can barely read these days #ANYWAY #these fics are AWESOME let's give them love #fic rec #my fic rec #tomlinshaw#Anonymous#asks#mine
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  • My favourite post finale fix it is also by cenotaphy, anamnesis.

    Chuck is depowered, Jack is the new god, and the world is free. Dean and Sam get into the Impala and chase down the miles on an endless highway, and their story is finally, finally their own to follow. At least, that’s what Dean tells himself. But the diners and motels and painted interstate lines are blurring together and the smallest details keep catching at his brain like tiny fishhooks and he can’t quite shake the feeling that not everything is exactly as it should be.

    Fix-it/alternate series finale. Canon-compliant through the end of 15.19.”

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  • From my own of my favourite authors, cenotaphy, there’s this oneshot I am obsessed with about Sam drinking angel blood in When The Levee Breaks.

    We know what happens when Sam drinks demon blood.

    ...but what happens when Sam drinks angel blood?”

    Set at the end of season 4, before Sam gets out of the panic room.“

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  • The Governess

    By Ysmirel


    ““What,” he finally asked, “is so funny?”

    Ibara bit her lower lip to keep the chuckles in, still smiling and making absolutely no effort to get more space between them, seemingly perfectly at ease within reach of a trained shinobi. Her self-control wasn’t all that good, as she ended up snorting and was overcame once again by another fit of laughter. “I just- It’s just-” She struggled to speak, trying to catch her breath and wiping away tears of mirth with the hand that wasn’t still holding onto his vest. Finally, she looked him in the eye and said, with a smile that was all teeth and without a hint of her previous drunken stupor, “and who’s going to believe you?”

    As he stood there, stunned by her words and change in demeanor, he realized with dawning horror that she was right.”

    In which Kakashi finds himself at the other end of the troll shtick, and he doesn’t appreciate it all that much.

    Fandom: Naruto | Chapters: 4/? | Words: 19,426 | Published: Jan 23, 2020 | Updated: Oct 10, 2020 | Status: Incomplete

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  • this is definitely not my best piece of writing lmao BUT! @lilwritingraven and i were talking about john/wes/audry and i literally could not resist so i wrote a Spicie little thing with them uwu <3 i hope u like!!


    “He’s not used to sharing, is he?” Wes murmurs to Audry, soft, but still perfectly loud enough for John to hear from where he’s perched on his king-sized bed. Soft, expensive sheets fold under his fingers, his nails dig into the thread. Impatient as he is, though, he’s still sitting obediently, for the time being.

    Audry laughs and smooths her hands up Wes’s arms, from his elbows to his shoulders, and loops her hands behind his head. “No, he’s not,” she breathes, as she loops one of Wes’s curls around her forefinger. “Gets real possessive of me… don’t think that’s fair, especially when he was running around with you.”

    Wes smiles and nudges his nose in next to hers. “No,” he says. He kisses the corner of her mouth. “You deserve better.”

    John growls. Wes grins. Audry tugs Wes down and lurches up to her toes to kiss him.

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    #john is a lot top-ier than i usually write him here HGHEHGEHG but i've been fucking w sub wes recently #oc: wesley beltran #oc: audry rook #john seed#fic rec#fc5#john/wes #*throws this and runs* BYE #i rlly wanna work on some dep squad stuff or cult wes so like #pray for me #ANYWAYS I HOPE U LIKE ILY!!! #trinity talks!
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  • Hey! Here are my top five favorite drarry fics. These are in order, number one is best number five is less; note that no matter the number they are all amazing. Note that these are all on ao3. 

    1. Eternally Consistent 

    This fic is everything one looks for in a time travel fic; clever plot and handled perfectly, Draco is a genius and absolutely adorable. Amd curry! The curry is the best part. 

    2. Azoth

    Angst and world building and two complete idiots in love? Mon dieu, I think I’m in love. Even if it wasn’t for long, my heart hurt so bad. Harry is just…oh god, please, guys, just read this. You won’t regret it. 

    3. who we are in the shadows

    Oh my god! This fic is everything. It’s hot(which, being ace, I don’t care much for but fucking hell). It’s hilarious(’I like cock’). It’s angsty(I don’t have anything for this one, but there is totally angst). Did I mention hot? Just read it. 

    4. All Our Secrets Laid Bare

    Now this is angst. I don’t have enough words for this fic. 

    5. Temptation on the Warfront

    I almost didn’t include this, but it really is a great fic. My heart burned, my eyes cried, and my mouth yelled while reading this. The way that…just read it, okay? 

    Well, here you go! I’ll make another post for hottest, most angsty, etc. drarry! Have fun reading!

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  • #sasunaru#sns#naruto#fic rec #i hope you guys like these!! #Anonymous
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  • This is a WIP with only two chapters so far BUT I MUST REC IT IMMIDIATELY BECAUSE IT IS


    I don’t have words for how fantastic this fic is. How much I love the language of it. How amazed I am over the fact that sentences like these EXIST at all.

    I would copy and paste my favorite parts, but that would be 90% of the whole thing so

    Just do yourselves a favor and go give this fic a read. It’s a pice of art consisting of words. It’s … it’s goddamn fantastic,

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  • “A better effort returns a stronger masterpiece.”

    “Sometimes you only think it’s a masterpiece, but really it’s motel art.”

    “And sometimes we don’t appreciate a masterpiece until someone shows us how.”

    “And sometimes, a masterpiece is actually nothing but rubbish that people don’t realize is rubbish.”

    Nothing But You on My Mind, nonsensedarling

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  • Another cover… because inspiration… here you go @xtarmanderx

    The Ground Beneath My Feet

    Rating: Explicit - M/M - Josh Diaz/Brett Talbot - S4-6 Rewrite

    Summary:  Josh doesn’t expect his entire world to change when he goes to a lacrosse game. And it doesn’t. At least, not at first. Enter Brett Talbot, the one boy capable of changing everything.

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  • title: only guilty of loving you
    author: sweetrevenge / @cocoalou
    words: 22,110
    rating: mature

    After Harry gets set up with his co-worker’s alpha friend Louis, he’s expecting some pleasant conversation, free dinner, and maybe a new friend. What he doesn’t expect, however, is that Louis’ arrival in his life begins a life of crime Harry never knew he had in him.

    A You’ve Got Mail!AU with a twist.

    Written for the @omegaharryficfest and inspired by You’ve Got Mail bc I am a sucker for a cliché. 

    read on ao3 here

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