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  • jules-of-the-crown
    21.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Wings Behaving Badly (SamBucky fics)

    Some of my favorite (mostly E-rated) takes on wings (and a couple of my own) with Samtember Day 21 (wings) in mind....

    Sam with real wings:

    Blackbird Wings by @sassysnowperson | 4651w | rated E

    "God damn it," Sam swore heartily, trying to scratch between his shoulder blades. It itched. It itched like nothing had ever fucking itched before in his life. And that was counting the one summer day he and Sarah had played in the creek without putting on any mosquito repellent and Sam had gotten bit forty-four times.

    Keep Thee In All Thy Ways by @abarbaricyalp | 2532w | rated M

    Bucky was just about thrumming out of his skin. Not entirely figuratively. Sam, beside him, was much more composed. But there was a ready grin on his mouth that he usually kept a little more hidden. All the promises in that grin were not helping Bucky keep himself contained. They sought these events out like a challenge, chances to be their true selves without attracting too much attention. Or, at least, the bad kind of attention. Krampus celebrations and monster conventions and horror movie events all kept them sated throughout the year, but Halloween and haunted houses were easiest....

    Featherlight by @anactorya | 4131w | rated E

    After an accident in a creepy lab, Sam ends up with actual wings. Great big, white, feathery angel wings, which are way more of a pain in the ass than you'd think. Bucky offers him a helping hand.

    Sam's Captain America wings read his mind:

    Birds Flying High (you know how I feel) by @liminalmess | 2867w | rated E

    When Sam had asked Bucky if he wanted to tag along to his first time training Torres on using the Falcon wings, Bucky replied with a smirk and a “yeah, I’m not missing a chance to stare at you unbothered while you fly.” It drew a head shake and a grin Sam tried to hide by turning away to pack his bag. Bucky caught it anyway and laughed quietly.

    Electric Love by the_crown_jules | 1834w | rated T

    When Sam realizes that his wings low-key read his mind, he starts reflecting on things. If this had slipped by his attention for so long, what else had changed while Sam wasn’t looking? One of those changes might be how he looks at Bucky. Another might be how Bucky looks at him.

    Sam's Captain America wings are useful for concealing certain activities:

    Take Me Under Your Wings by @yavannie | 6224w | rated E

    Bucky smiles again, wolfish this time, and says: “You know, every time we end up under here, I think about all the things we could do without anyone knowing.”

    Practice Makes Perfect by the_crown_jules | 6666w | rated E

    Bucky’s embarrassing encounter with the side of a building means he’s stuck practicing aerial catches with Sam. How much time can Bucky spend wrapped around the man he’s in love with before he can’t hide his feelings….or other things? One way or another, he’s about to find out.
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  • emometalhead
    21.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #glad I seem like a reliable source for Vinikki fic recs #if anyone wants to link another fluff fic for anon feel free to! I just listed the first ones I remembered because I reread them a lot #asks#anon#vinikki
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  • bbtsficrecs
    21.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago


    Since Tumblr has decided to remove group chats (😭) I’ve made a discord group where the sole purpose is to share Jungkook fanfics.

    So if you like Jungkook and is a nice person, you’re more than welcome to join! All you have to do is click the link below and you’re added to the discord group!


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  • fizzychocolatemilk
    21.09.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Read “Another Reality.” by dekuluvr on AO3, and this was a really cool fic. Katsuki pisses someone off, but it takes a bad turn for him because it transports him to....plot twist....another reality. In this reality, he is quirkless and Izuku bullies him. Katsuki has to change the way he views people / thinks of others before he’s allowed to go back. And of course Izuku is going to be a major part of his journey.






    #fizzy's fic recs #bakudeku#bkdk#bakudeku fanfic#bkdk fic#quirk accident #quirkless bakugou katsuki #but that's temporary #midoriya izuku has the explosion quirk #also a temporary thing #tw: bullying #there's actually a pretty detailed description of bullying in this one (izuku bullying katsuki) #so if that's not your cup of tea then skip this one #alternate realtiy#narrative flip#feelings realization#love confession#getting together
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  • abovethesmokestacks
    21.09.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #fic rec #After The Bombs #Stucky #September 2021 recs
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  • glisteningpancakes
    21.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    My favourite Cherik fic ever is definitely Other Futures Than These by @midrashic

    In fact, it's one of my favourite fanfiction in general. It's so well written and almost had me in tears a few times. I'd definitely recommend it to any Cherik fan and fan of the X-Men movies in general.

    It's set during Days of Future Past where instead of Wolverine, Jean Grey gets sent back and Erik is the only one who can save the future.

    Amazing fic, 100/100. Absolutely amazing

    #charles xavier#erik lehnsherr#jean grey#professor x#magneto#xmen #xmen days of future past #xmen dofp#fanfic#fic rec#ughhh amazing #i love this fic #almost made me cry sometimes #erik lensherr x charles xavier #cherik #cherik fic rec #it's just the best thing #get ready to feel 😌
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  • namfinessed
    21.09.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    requests are open!


    if you have ideas of any kind at all, for all members, please send them to me in messages or asks.


    i do not write hardcore smut, only suggestive tones.

    i do not write about violence or topics that could be too triggering, i can write about sensitive topics with appropriate warnings.

    i do not support fetishization or infantilization.

    but other than this, i write just about anything with your own input and i will try my best to put what you want in the story.

    thank you so much in advance if you send in your ideas, i hope i can write it however you want <3

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  • mydarlingklaus
    21.09.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Hey guys I’m back!

    Chapter 30 of “Black Roses” is finally updated!!! Wow…can’t believe I’ve written 30 fuckin’ chapters of this story. I appreciated all the support thus far, even with my slow updates y’all are the best!

    Full link to the chapter can be found here. REVIEWS ARE APPRECIATED!!!

    Story Summary: Vampires, witches and werewolves are welcomed at the Whitmore Academy for the Supernaturally Gifted but that doesn't mean they all welcome each other. Ambitious student witch Caroline Forbes shares a mutual loathing with arrogant yet mysterious vampire Klaus Mikaelson. A spiral of events occur when their two dueling worlds collide and a life changing connection is formed.

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  • leeroysdancer
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #harry styles #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles imagine #harry styles masterlist #harry styles x reader #harry styles x y/n #harry styles fluff #harry styles fake ig #harry styles fake instagram #harry styles fake social media #harry styles blurb #harry styles fic rec #harry styles headers #harry styles one shot #harry styles smut #harry styles mafia #harry styles x you
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  • dnf-fic-recs
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    smut fics! please keep in mind i haven’t read these so i can’t give any honest opinions on them!

    find the answer or a good night by girlband

    It takes three weeks of living together for Dream to realise that George is really… relaxed about his sex life.

    about high time by gentlesun (drug use tw)

    “Dream’s having a party this weekend, and I need you to take me there and maybe chaperone a little.”

    George raises an eyebrow. “Chaperone? You’re joking.”

    “Not joking. It’s not going to be, like, an absolute rager or anything. Just us and a few of his other smoking buddies. Probably going to get crossfaded though, so I’m gonna need you to be there to drive me home from Dream’s house.”

    “Dream? What kind of a name is Dream, who does this guy think he is? You start selling drugs and now you’re suddenly El Chapo?”

    jaw. by saintaches

    Dream and George attend the same prestigious conservatoire, and they fucking hate each other.

    #dnf#dnf fic #dnf fic recs #dreamnotfound#dreamnotfound fic #dreamnotfound fic recs #queue#smut
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  • mego42
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    a birthday rec post!

    for @foxmagpie​’s birthday i’m celebrating her beautiful brain with five of my fav of her fics. If you haven’t checked them out i highkey recommend you fix your lives post-haste bc like my taste in people, my taste in fic is impeccable (though i am open to counterarguments if you guys have others you want to add on).

    Snapshots: Photobooth

    gOD this fic is so cUTE

    i say fic but it’s tech an anthology of delinquents future snippets and this is just one chapter and while i’m here i heartily rec all of it

    truly a galaxy brain concept on megan’s part, she’s tormenting us with a(n exquisite) slow burn in delinquents but also giving us the goods so we know what to look forward to

    i love having my cake and eating it too, is what i’m saying

    especially when the cake is as sweet and delightful as this one

    look it’s a really neat trick to be able to write rio as a giddy sap of a teenage!! person and still have it feel totally in line with his adult canon self somehow idk how she does it but i’m so glad she does


    i’m gonna start us off by promising you guys i think about this fic an extremely normal amount

    i also want to disclaim that i know beth gaming a douchebag named parker in a bar isn’t an homage to buffy bc megan’s refusal to watch is a source of endless torment BUT no one can stop me from taking it as one


    i think one of the things that gets me with this fic is how neatly and efficiently it weaves in beth and rio’s (brief) history with the exact right amount of pining that i’m fully on board and rooting for them to get together not just hook up but it doesn’t take away from the bouncy, light, fun feel of the fic

    plus oh my goD is it sexy

    now elizabeth

    who gave you the right????????????

    Missed Call

    the way this fic stresses me out

    weird opening to a rec, i know but hear me out: the mounting tension is a perfectly paced build that sets up the culmination to hit like a hammer

    it’s also a really excellent study in how isolating fear and stress can be and how even the most well-intentioned comfort can be the least comforting thing in the world and idk maybe that’s a weird thing to rec about it too but i think that’s so real and messy and i love how the discordant note of it plays into the tension

    i know it’s not meant to be but it plays as an excellent counterpart to back to our cocoon which is only not on this list bc i made the stupid ass decision to stick to five but you should def consider that recced as well

    I Will Collect and Capture You

    look if you haven’t read this fic yet idk what to tell you

    i really wanted to stick with stuff i hadn’t recced a bunch before but i love this one too much to leave it off but since i’ve yelled about it a bunch already i’ll be brief

    while it is technically a wip, each chapter feels like a complete standalone arc so if you’ve been sitting on this one, stop making bad choices

    features peak brio mess and jealousy and a metric fuckton of angst, but also weaves in some tenderness and humor and a hefty amount of god tier smut

    truly this fic has it all



    look, i am not usually an OC person when it comes to fic, i’m here for what i’m here for, you know? but mar and elena are apparently the exception to that rule

    it’s also a testament to how rich and in-depth the delinquents verse is that it can support such a built out, fully realized side-quest style fic for two characters who, while fairly close to the central plot, aren’t remotely the focus of it

    also i know this fic is all about mar and elena getting together and do not get me wrong, they are the absolute cutest and everything about their story makes me scream, the part of this fic that really makes my heart go haywire is the mar and rio of it all

    idk precisely why but i am ridiculously invested in rio having bffs on ruby and annie’s level and gOD does the relationship with mar megan’s crafted deliver on that like whoa

    everything about their relationship from the literal reality of it to the way that rio’s an indelible part of mar’s mental landscape is pitch perfect and so, so precious to me


    ily babe, i hope you have an amazing day 💖

    #THE HAPPIEST!!!!!!! OF BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #you deserve all the best things in the world and i hope your year is full of them #brio fic#fic recs #nbc good girls #FOR THE RECORD i am still writing you a fic #it's just taking longer than i meant it too #idk it's going wonky on me and i can't tell if it's a balloon or reroute situation yet #BUT #there's gonna be FIVE pizzas and they're gonna be HUGE #idk why i said that no one's gonna get that reference and that's probs for the best
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  • dagonetsclippedthreads
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "I swear I didn't plan this. Roxy's just bein' a git."

    "And Roxy is Roxanne Morton?" Harry asked. His voice had a false levity Eggsy hadn't heard before. Eggsy nodded. "I know her parents, wonderful family."

    "Shame they adopted the antichrist."

    #kingsman fic rec #Hartwin#E-rating#3k
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  • dnf-and-karlnap-recs
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    DNF FIC RECS - Enemies to Lovers

    Till There’s Nothing Left to See by backtopluto | 10/10 Chapters | 60.3k Words | Not Rated

    George’s jaw stiffens, he knows what Dream means by it, and it’s more personal than merely attacking the King, a faceless man across the sea. In this town, anyone with a red coat has privileges the colonists couldn’t even dream of.

    A long, long moment passes. The darkness outside settles. Slowly George says, “You want me gone.”

    Chlorine Kissed by lilchip | 1/1 Chapters | 18.7k Words | Teen & Up Audiences

    Dream didn't really expect to make an enemy when he joined his school's swim team. He isn't sure what George's deal is, but he knows one thing: He won't fucking leave him alone.

    Setter, Hitter by starziee | 1/1 Chapters | 7.2k Words | Teen & Up Audiences

    Their coach brightens at that, giving Dream a firm shoulder grasp. George narrows his umber eyes. Usually, signs of affection from their coach are reserved for when the team makes exceptional plays. For when George makes exceptional plays. He feels something spark in him, putrid green coiling in his abdomen. The new player smiles, waving enthusiastically to his teammates. Sapnap has left George’s side to congratulate him on the recruitment.

    Dream might become a problem.

    Impatient Argumentation by OBLVN | 1/1 Chapters | 5.0k Words | Explicit

    In college, everything seemed better than before. Dream had found his place among his peers, and felt at home in the debate team, where he could truly use his talents best. His finally peaceful world is utterly ruined when George, the biggest humanly possible pain in the ass, joins the team through their mutual friend Sapnap. But, after days, weeks even, of incidents, George suddenly shows up to his dorm room to discuss some things with him. In bed.

    television static by effervescentlies | 1/1 Chapters | 6.0k Words | Teen & Up Audiences

    Dream bites his bottom lip and casts his gaze towards the floor. “It’s like you said. We do it all for the show, right?”

    “Yeah,” George whispers. “It’s acting.”

    Or: Dream hates George and George hates Dream. At least until they're casted as lovers on a television show, and the lines between acting and real life start to blur.

    #dnf fic rec #dnf fic #dnf fic recs #dnf fanart#dnf#dreamnotfound #dreamnotfound fic rec #dreamnotfound fanfic#dnf fanfic#ao3#irl shipping #enemies to lovers
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  • blouisparadise
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #lost and found #asks#fic recs
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  • somethingveryodd
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #I DID A THING AGAIN #drarry#draco/harry fanfiction#drarry recs #drarry fic rec #draco/harry fic #harry potter fanfiction
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  • delicatetrashstranger
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yo, if you're into hot (in all ways), bittersweet, tender and raw post-canon Cardassia-ever-after, and you're not reading this series... you're missing out.

    #garashir fic rec
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  • btschooseafic
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    bts - omegaverse on ao3

    specifically I raided the alpha/beta/omega dynamics tag for stuff less smut centric, fics might have sex, but not as the main focus

    all fics on this list are completed. all fics are m x m

    (I’ll add to this post if/when I find anything else.)


    Smell the Roses by bananamilks

    Human! taehyung x werewolf! jungkook, werewolves au, namjoon x jin and hoseok x yoongi x jimin side pairings

    taehyung has a real, alice stumbling into wonderland vibe in this. the pack is super cute. 

    <3 A Whiskey Called You by Sereko

    ot7 x ot7 (with a bit of a jungkook x hoseok focus), idolverse, hoseok is a beta and has feelings about that.

    if you’ve ever felt like the odd one out, or unwanted, I think this would be a good story to read.

    Collision by bri607

    werewolves, jungkook x yoongi main pairing, jin x namjoon and taehyung x jimin as side pairings. aroace!hobi who gave me heart eyes.

    I have conflicted feelings about how yoongi’s disability was handled. like there were things I really liked about it, and things I didn’t like so much about it. overall the plot is excellent and satisfying. the world building is super interesting.

    Growing Pains by glitterandgilt

    ot7 (could be read as pre-relationship or platonic), idolverse, nice non-sexual intimacy

    short fic with omega jin taking care of presenting omega jungkook.

    Good Hands by glitterandgilt

    ot7, jungkook centric

    I love fics that play with the idea of what a ‘typical’ omega is. The focus on hands to express Jungkook’s identity struggles make this fic kind of poetic and pretty :) (and there’s a nice sequel fic as well that shows recovery is hard work but maybe still worth it)

    <3 Defective by veausy

    taehyung x jungkook main pair, a/b/o dynamics, werewolves

    this really tugged on my heartstrings. lots of identity exploring and dealing with being ‘different.’

    the ‘head alpha’ omega by cherryblossombomb

    ot7, idolverse

    a somewhat (sad) realistic approach about how gross some people would probably be if omegas were a thing. namjoon is badass. I still want to wrap him in blankets.

    Sometimes it’s Not Fine by tajn

    ot7 x ot7, everyone except jimin is a werewolf

    jimin is just trying his best. he deserves all the love

    <3 Hey Kids, it’s Gonna be Alright by visbaeallday

    taehyung x yoongi, high school au

    another fic with the idea of being a ‘defective’ person in an omega verse . I love underdog bts looking out for each other

    here comes the sun by namusmoon (Room_of_Angel)

    omega!jungkook x omega!jimin, werewolves

    jimin is stolen away on the night he’s supposed to be mated. Sort of old-timey with some interesting world building. I love jimin’s character journey in this!

    Space of Mine by bessie

    jimin x taehyung x jungkook, sort of old time-y, arranged marriage au, secret lovers, polyam

    this was really sweet! jimin and taehyung’s childhood romance was really cute and poignant and the way jungkook was folded into their relationship was lovely. the side relationships are nice as well, and it looks like this fic might be part of a series, so I’m hopeful we might get more stories about them as well

    <3 natural by VeryGhost

    alpha!werewolf!jungkook x  witch! jimin

    not very heavily omegaverse, although jimin does call jungkook ‘alpha’ a lot (teasingly). anyway, the world building and magic systems are great, the descriptions are immersive, and the plot is satisfying.



    Hygge by BBQkitten

    ot7, hoseok x omega! pack! everyone else, college au, dorm mates au?

    hoseok feels insecure about the way he nests because of how people have reacted to it in the past.

    After Every Winter Comes Spring by SeoulTW

    yoongi x namjoon, best friends to lovers, ‘secret’ admirer, courting, roommates au

    cute! jimin gives solid advice! hobi is a good friend! has sequels!

    like a hike after the rain by onlypreciousloves

    hoseok x jin, college au, roommates au

    cute. soft

    where things grow, there is hope by rayfelle

    jimin x jungkook

    jimin and jungkook meet at a support group for alphas who don’t fit the sexual norm. I love stories about people supporting each other in recovery! I think this is a pretty good representation of how both individual and group therapy can be, like, not too gritty and sensationalized, and not romanticized or sanitized either. yoongi and jin as supportive side characters are super sweet and good.

    Spicy Neighbor by joondimples

    jimin x taehyung, single parent au, neighbors au

    jimin has a rare curry scent. taehyung’s son loves curry. very cute and domestic!

    Pitter-Patter by bwijinkuu

    taehyung x jin

    sad oneshot about taehyung and jin getting discriminated against for being an alpha x alpha couple, and not being able to have kids

    sweeter than sweet by fdngfst

    aro!jimin x ace!jungkook

    i love love love the communication in this fic. like the respect and empathy these two have for each other is so great. the scent descriptions are nice too!

    better between us by fdngfst

    ace! omega! jungkook x ace! alpha! taehyung x alpha!yoongi, polyam

    taehyung, who always thought he was a beta, is startled when he goes through his first rut. taehyung’s internal conflict was really interesting! the relationship between the three of them was super cute!

    #bts#bts fanfiction#ao3 #archive of our own #a b o dynamics #omegaverse#fanfiction #bts fanfic recs #bts fic recs
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  • dadstiel
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    like you’re loving me tonight 😭😭😭

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  • wonderwondered
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Talia Al Ghul fic recs

    Because Talia is my beloved and amazing and deserves a lot better!

    Before a Fall by BiteMeTechie (The_Injustice_Trinity) - Ra’s and Talia relationship. Fluff. Young Talia making her father proud.

    Let the Night be Dark for All of Me by GavotteAndGigue - Talia having journey with Jason. Interesting use of Egyptian mythology. Some good Talia + Damian scenes. Talia’s ruthless and focused but definietely not heartless.

    B E L O V E D by Queen_of_Sparkles - tw torture! A lot of hurt. Addreses Talia being killed/resurrected by her sister multiple times. A bit BruTalia. A pure heartbreak to read.

    reflections on shattered mirrors. by spacewars - Talia’s perspective of Deaf!Jason is Lady Shiva’s son au but honestly feels a lot more Talia-centric than Jason-centric. Touches her issues and has nice details about her name. Talia is complex and conflicted character, mother and assassin. She is not exactly the loving maternal figure Jason craved but she is there and tries to help in the way she knows.

    never a secret by Kneeshee - Talia/Hal, minor JayKyle. Ship itself is kind of weird but fic is really light-hearted and cute. Talia is appreciated and worshipped like she deserves to.

    Somehow I'm the Mother of the Year by codefiant - Talia ran off to be with Bruce for good. Cool ninja mom!Talia and lots of cuteness. She is so exasperated  but loving. Also 'Wayne Home For Troubled Youth and Kittens'. 

    Satisfaction Brings Her Back by MelodramaticMrTails - Talia/Selina. tw explict sex. One night stand. Minor Bruce/Clarck. Nice subtle characterization of these ladies.

    A Slow and Steady Dance by audreycritter - Talia/Jimmy Olsen. Rare pair, strange as hell at first but somehow author manages to pull it off. Amazing Talia characterization. She isn’t innocent,  but she was trapped in a survival situation of trying to play by impossible rules. Jimmy is kind of Roger Rabbit to Talia’s Jessica.

    Innocence Lost by lily8007 - Talia’s first kill. Ra’s and Talia’s relationships. A rather tense read. Young Talia shares some common traits with Damian and it’s interesting to see.

    why do you keep leaving? by elowen_p -  Talia/Selina. Them being Dami’s moms. Very sweet and fluffy. Ra’s is murdered like he should be. Talia is able to give Selina love and support without making her feel pressured, and Selina is able to remind Talia that she is wanted and worthy of being loved.

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