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  • theresthesnitch
    03.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Just finished this Wolfstar/Harry fic, and it's *so good.*

    TW: discussions of mental health and suicide (near attempt, sort of)

    Harry has defeated Voldemort and is living with Remus and Sirius. Everyone assumes he is fine until Remus finds him with a knife to his wrist. Then Sirius and Remus have to figure out how to help him.

    It's heartbreaking and beautiful, and worth a read.

    #wolfstar #wolfstar raising Harry #fic rec
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  • arassinstash
    03.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    We Don't Remember a Boat In a Bottle

    TW : child neglect

    "We Don't Remember a Boat in a Bottle" is a lovely BNHA fan fiction written by FanFiction_Artist_Prototype on Ao3.

    This one hit home with a wooden bat covered in nails. Never have I related to one character so much in a fan fiction like I did this one. Please don't read too far into that. Anyways, I cried, a lot. I always cry, but I'm an emotional bitch so that's basically a guarantee. Onto the explanation.

    Izuku was six years old when Tenko started showing up at his house. With his dad being the number one hero and his mother always being stressed out over being a hero's wife, Izuku didn't have much time to play with anyone really. Now that Tenko showed up, he finally has a friend, someone he can talk to about quirks who doesn't just push him aside with the excuse that since he's quirkless, he shouldn't be worrying about them. Really, he's grateful, but Tenko wasn't supposed to have his dad's quirk, that was supposed to be passed down to him. It didn't matter how much they lied to him, he knew his dad's quirk when he saw it. That was one of the first times the flowers in his heart began to shrivel up.

    It's safe to say that Tenko was taken in by All Might and Inko and was trained to be OFA's successor and boy did that make me fucking cry, especially since they began to completely ignore anything and everything to do with Izuku.

    #izuku midoriya#inko midoriya#tenko shigaraki#yagi toshinor#all might#afo#ofa #izuku fic recs #bnha #boco no hero academia #bnha fan fics #bnha fan fic rec #ara's recs
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  • koyue
    03.08.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Dear Misha Collins,

    Please share your fic recs


    The Destiel Fandom

    #misha collins#supernatural#destiel #spn just can't die can it? #seriously i need some fic recs #feel free to share some
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  • earlgreyinpajamas
    03.08.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    merthur fic recs: pining!arthur pt 3

    1. Sign Anything (A Retelling) by arthur_pendragon

    This is the story of a prince in love with his manservant, living out a fantastic thing people call HEA.

    However, since it is this particular prince in question, things are more complicated than they have to be.


    i adore the fairytale style this was written in and the banter between our two fools.

    2. That One First and maybe Last Time by ZairaA

    When Merlin gets drunk, Arthur gets more than he expected, namely his manservant's tongue shoved down his throat. Arthur knows he should resist, but he has always wanted to know how those enticing lips would taste...


    ugh the angst in this fic hits so hard (but this remix makes it all better). 

    3. Irresistible by ZairaA

    Arthur should have been suspicious when Merlin of all people suggested a hunting trip. Then Merlin falls into the stream and suddenly all Arthur's long stifled desires are right there in front of him, spread out for the taking.


    fhadkjhf scheming!merlin trying to get oblivious and pining!arthur to make a move is such a vibe

    #merthur#merthur fanfic #merthur fic rec #merthur fic recs #merthur feels#merthur angst #merlin x arthur #bbc merthur#bbc merlin#arthur pendragon#pining arthur #pining!arthur #pining arthur pendragon #fake/pretend relationship#scheming merlin #scheming!merlin
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  • zukoscalzones
    03.08.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    if ya'll like country boy jet and jetko and road trip aus: may I suggest the fic cancel your reservations / no more hesitations?? I just binged it in one sitting because. it was just excellent. 🥺

    #jetko #moss gives fic recs #i was looking for jetko fics and i saw one where jet had a truck and NATURALLY i gravitated towards it #because jet just. he's a truck driver. #it feels very southern and road-tripy and although the furthest south ive lived is apparently not 'the south' #i still loved it. it was very good.
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  • foxsoulcourt
    03.08.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    #if you know who this author is on tumblr pls dm me #i want to gush to them directly #yes no knives & stones #andrew minyard #journey through a life to own his identity #a fantastic oc #omg so good #neil josten #ya he's in here too #but it's andrew's story #all for the game #aftg #foxsoulcourt aftg fic rec
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  • relaxxattack
    03.08.2021 - 50 minutes ago
    #in all seriousness if anyone writes a fic abt ran and jackie cuz of me that is going STRAIGHT in my bookmark recs #i would be sooooo flattered
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  • destieltaggedfic
    03.08.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Meta Fics - Part 2

    Given Misha’s tweet about the Ao3 Destiel tag, I thought meta fics were the way to go for today’s post.  So once again a bunch of fics dealing with fanfiction and French mistake style alternate universes.

    Revenge of the Subtext – MittenWraith   Ao3

    Set S10.  The MoC is gone and Cas is human again.  The three have gone to investigate a potential case when Dean and Cas end up in a French Mistake style universe, except instead of being on set, they are at a Supernatural convention.  Also, in this universe Jensen and Misha are married!  Jared quickly believes them and helps get them through the weekend. There’s also a sequel where Jensen and Misha are travelling with Sam.

    Word Count: 80k                              Graphic Sexual Acts

    Its fun to mess with Dean – GabrielLives   Ao3

    Nonspecific timeframe. Dean hates it, but Sam finds fan fiction about their lives funny, so he starts pranking Dean by sending him lines from Destiel fic and fan art randomly.  (If you are really anti sexy stuff I guess watch out as there are a couple of not graphic descriptions of the smutty fan art and Sam is texting slightly smutty lines)

    Word Count: 2k                                 No Sex

    We’re Just Better Together series - Writer_Geekgirl   Ao3

    Set S12 AU.  When Sam has a nightmare about Cas being stabbed in the back by Lucifer, he calls the angel to invite him on a hunt.  What they don’t expect is for Misha Collins to appear in the middle of it.  In Misha’s world they have finished filming S12 and he knows what is coming, can he change what is going to happen?

    Word Count: 71k                              No Sex  

    It's How You Use It – EmiliaOagi   Ao3

    Nonspecific timeframe. Cas has found Destiel fanfiction and Dean catches him reading it.  When they start bickering about how realistic the portrayals of their physical and sexual attributes are, there’s really only one way to settle the argument.

    Word Count: 3k                                 Graphic Sexual Acts

    The Jensen Mistake – fellshish   Ao3

    Set S15.  Jensen is beyond unhappy about the ending of the show when reading the script for the finale and decides he’s going to try using the spell from the French Mistake to send him to the Spn parallel world so he can fix the ending and maybe try and fix Destiel as well.

    Word Count: 5k                                 No Sex

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  • queenangst
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    gen bnha fic rec: fanfic writer appreciation week #1

    it’s fanfic writer appreciation week! so in celebration, here’s some gen, bnha fic recs for today’s prompt: gen.

    for more fic recs, check out my fic rec tag, my bnha fic rec tag, & my fic roundups tag.reblog and share this post; read the fics; leave kudos, bookmarks, and comments. if you enjoy these rec lists or the fics on them please let me know!

    Runoff by grapepop

    gen; 3.5k; chapters 1/1 complete; izuku & all might

    It’s in the way Midoriya carries himself, staggering with arms hanging heavy as if the only thing keeping him moving is the burden of his own body dragging him forward. Every step leaves bits of iron sole to splinter and break off onto the street below.
    His boy is falling apart right in front of him.
    Or: All the best family bonding happens in dingy old gas stations (anyone who disagrees has either never been a vigilante, or never gone on a road trip).

    Sometimes You Just Need A Hug (Especially When Friends Are Hurt) by ShyWhovian 

    gen; 2.2k; chapters 1/1 complete

    After the training camp, Uraraka doesn't know what to do with herself, the waiting especially is the worst. Time seems to drag on and on as she sits at her best friend's bedside waiting for him to wake up again. Luckily she can always count on the rest of Class 1-A to be there to make everything just a little more bearable.

    incredible things by iguessyouregonnamissthepantyraid

    gen; 8.5k; chapters 1/1 complete; eri & aizawa

    “We’re hoping we can teach you better control eventually, but in the meantime…” He curls his own fingers around her hand—he could probably fully engulf both her hands in one of his, they’re so small—and gives her a little reassuring squeeze. “In the meantime, any time you start to feel afraid, any time you think you’re going to accidentally hurt someone, just look around. And if you see me there, you’ll know it’s safe. Sound good?”
    (Or: Five times Aizawa holds Eri’s hand, and one time she returns the favor.)

    swaying to my own sound by canlah

    gen; 1.3k; chapters 1/1 complete; jirou & present mic

    Despite her love of music, Jirou isn’t initially all that impressed with Present Mic when she meets him.
    #bnha #bnha fic rec #fic rec#bnha fanfic #i tried to pick a variety! #sorry if some of these are re-recs i rec a LOT of fics and i also havent read anything recently..... lol #fanfic writer appreciation week
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  • rayshippouuchiha
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • harrystylesficreccomendations
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    hi guys! i’m still here just my new job is SWALLOWING ME WHOLE!!!!!

    anyways, i have tomorrow off so i’ll be active then!

    take care <3

    #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles fic rec #harry styles #harry styles blurb #harry styles fic #harry styles writing #harry styles one shot
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  • livebloggingmydescentintomadness
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #destiel fic rec #destiel#spn#anonymous#ask#suicide tw #put in the wrong link to the fic at first my bad it's fixed now
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  • zannolin
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • twopoppies
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #anon fic rec
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  • thegaysofgenosha
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Apples and Ink by MonstrousRegiment, Pangea

    Rating : Explicit

    Word count : 6,133

    AU : Post First Class

    Summary : It’s not a snap, or the abrupt give of a dam, wearied with time by pressure. It’s a soft smooth thing, a descent into acceptance, a revelation, gliding and gentle and sweet, into something that’s been there all along. He’s said the words before, but—the feeling, itself. It’s much more intense, once he allows himself to contemplate it openly. Like looking at the sun without shades. He’d do anything to avenge his mother, but he’d do even more to keep Charles, and oh. That’s the right way, isn’t it.

    Warnings : None

    #cherik fic rec #ao3#rated e #1k to 10k #fc fix it #angst with a happy ending #charles xavier#erik lehnsherr
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  • farm-witches-fic-recs
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #ask a farm witch #schitt's creek fic #schitt's creek fanfic #sc fanfic #sc fic rec
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  • my-coming-of-age-novel
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Wolfstar Fic Masterlist

    (Fics Listed from Newest to Oldest)

    Fearless Liabilities (T, In-Progress, ~93k words)

    “Summer camp. Six weeks of planning activities, leading campers, and getting up to no good. It’s no different than the last decade that Remus and his friends have spent in rural Wisconsin.
    Except Remus’ heart keeps trying to tell him that he’s in love with his best friend, Sirius can’t believe he’s fallen for the one person who he knows is unequivocally straight, James is starting to lose faith that Lily will ever actually consider going on a date with him, and Peter?
    Peter’s just trying to keep his friends from getting in over their heads.”

    Notable/categorical tags: Longfic, Modern AU, Muggle AU, Summer Camp AU, slowburn, Summer Fic, Coming Out

    Fine Motor Skills (T—6,049 words)

    "Sirius Black’s car needs work—again. Meanwhile, Remus Lupin is amused to see his favorite customer back at his mechanic’s shop.
    An ode to classic “tattoo artist meets florist” fics, this “mechanic meets bookstore owner” one subverts the trope so the exact opposite marauder that you would expect to own each shop does."

    Notable/categorical tags: One-shot, meet-ugly, Muggle AU, falling in love at a [mechanic] shop, Bookstore Owner Sirius Black, Mechanic Remus Lupin

    khrōma (T—14k words)

    "Remus Lupin has never seen colors the way others have, but he just assumed that was part of being a prepubescent werewolf. When they began trickling in during his Hogwarts years, he was shocked and amazed to discover how captivating they were. Looking back on his youth, Remus reminisces on how each color filtered into his life as he fights to protect a new generation of children poised for war.”

    Notable/categorical tags: Multi-chapter (11) fic, Marauders Era, gradual acquisition of colors over time, association of colors with emotions and feelings, sort of a soulmate AU

    Arsenic and Old Lace (T—4,243 words)

    “Remus is dreadfully late to his meeting with his ex when he realizes he’s forgotten his coffee at home. Sirius is only too happy to put his barista skills to use and make some coffee for the cute sweater-clad customer.
    The problem is, Remus is only 30% sure that the cute coffee shop shop owner doesn’t have an ulterior motive of murdering him.”

    Notable/categorical tags: One-shot, meet-ugly, Muggle AU, the coffeeshop fic of my dreams, 90% sure that Dame Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher inspired this fic

    I Still See Your Face (T—8,799 words)

    "Mass Murderer Sirius Black Escaped from Azkaban,” the headlines had said. Merlin, Remus wanted a drink.
    Hope was a dangerous thing for a man who’d lost nearly everything, he realized as he approached the door slowly. Feeling an odd sense of dejà vu as decade-old memories washed over him, Sirius knocked carefully."

    Notable/categorical tags: Two-shot, songfic of sorts, July 1993, the 24-48 hours following Sirius’ escape from Azkaban

    Love Potion No. 9(T—21k words)

    "When Sirius spikes Remus’ evening tea with the Marauder’s recently perfected, ‘new and improved’ version of amortentia, he gets stuck on babysitter duty all week. When Remus unknowingly drinks his spiked tea, he gets stuck with a babysitter all week.
    But why isn’t Remus behaving abnormally? And why does Sirius keep coming up with excuses to hold Remus’ hand?”

    Notable/categorical tags: Multi-Chapter (7) fic, Marauders Era, Love Potion, Comedy of Errors, Sirius overcompensates for how much he thinks Remus will react to a love potion

    Suite Nothings: Wolfstar Edition (T—61k words)

    “When Remus Lupin was placed into a suite with James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black for his first year away at college, he didn’t have very high expectations. When Sirius Black was placed into a suite with James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, and Remus Lupin for his first year at college, his expectations couldn’t have been higher.
    As the year goes on, Sirius and Remus each discover that sharing a room with the other might be the best thing that could’ve happened to them. But will either boy have the nerve to make a move?”

    Notable/categorical tags: Longfic, Modern AU, University AU, slowburn, and they were ROOMMATES,roommates to lovers

    It’s Called ‘Grimmauld Place’ For A Reason, Y'Know (T—4,284 words)

    “For all the things that Remus expected as he was falling asleep, a shivering Sirius Black standing outside his window wasn’t one of them.”

    Notable/categorical tags: One-shot, Marauders Era, Mentions of Injury, Sirius is not well, I won’t say the boys are soul-bonded…, but they’re definitely soul-bonded

    Bilingual (T—3,319 words)

    “Sirius Black is NOT having a good day. Neither is Remus Lupin, for that matter.

    Tempers flare the night before the full moon, and the boys each learn a little bit more about the other that they didn’t know before.”

    Notable/categorical tags: One-shot, Marauders Era, French!Sirius, Welsh!Remus

    Trying (T—2,929 words)

    “Remus Lupin would very much like to kiss his boyfriend, thank you very much.”

    Notable/categorical tags: One-shot, Marauders Era, Touch-Averse Sirius Black, Protective Remus Lupin, First Kiss

    August, 1979 (T—4,306 words)

    “August has always been a magically imbued month. The last vestiges of summer slip away into fall, the transition mesmerizing muggles, witches, and wizards alike. But for werewolves, August is a different ordeal. Sirius Black knew this, but he thought this one might be different-maybe it would pass without incident. He was wrong.”

    Notable/categorical tags: One-shot, Marauders Era, Werewolf Transformations, Remus has a time of the month

    #wolfstar#wolfstar fanfiction#wolfstar fics#sirius black#remus lupin #sirius x remus #sirius black x remus lupin #marauders fanfiction #marauders era fanfiction #marauders fic #harry potter fanfiction #fic masterlist #remus x sirius #fic recs #wolfstar fic recs
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