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    Right, let's watch some Strictly finals! (Well, their opening numbers.)

    #rachel thinks about writing fic #i have a very specific idea on how to do the finale in osas which means watching the fuck out of old scd eps #sanctuary come dancing #angsting
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    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    WHOOO HOOOO also yes we are getting somewhere now dw everybody and i may update soon idk

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    28.07.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    finding out about exes week and seeing brian’s post about alex not being abusive at the same time was not a good combo because now my brain is concentrating wholeheartedly on a fic and now! is not! the time!

    #@ my brain focus on the fics you have to write first #shut up holly
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  • kingdom-trees-writes
    28.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Fluff Alphabet - Jack Manifold

    cc!Jack Manifold x Reader (Romantic)

    Reader Pronouns: None Mentioned (They/Them)

    Summary: Fluff Alphabet for Jack Manifold

    Word Count: 2.6k (2,679) words

    Main Masterlist

    Published: 28/07/2021

    A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show it?)

    The two of you know how evil the internet can be at times and therefore keep any physical affection (i.e., handholding, hugs, etc.) to a minimum whilst streaming. However, away from the camera, Jack loves to show his appreciation for you.
    This man loves to pull you into hugs. His hugs are so warm and comforting, and to be honest, you could fall asleep in his arms at any time of the day because this man radiates body heat.
    At the times either himself, Tubbo, or Tommy drag the two of you out to film a vlog, he doesn't hesitate to hold your hand in public. He always grips your hand tightly and interlaces your fingers with his, but if you have sweater paws, he always grabs your hand over it trying to let you know that he is still there. Yes, there is a chance that fans will come up to the two of you and ask for photos, but none of them are brave enough to say anything about the two of you in public.

    B = Before (What were they like before they asked you out?)

    Jack used to blush a lot around you (and he still does now but refuses to admit it) but in general, was trying to act confident when in reality he was screaming inside. He had told Wilbur about the feelings he had for you and the older male had tried his best to get Jack to ask you out before Tommy and Tubbo somehow ended up finding out and spilling the beans.
    Jack never got the chance to tell you, even though you had an inkling that he liked you. However, it was Wilbur who accidentally told you after you had spoken to the brunette boy late one night about your own feelings for Jack too which the sleep-deprived Will just groaned out that the two of you should just shut up and confess because he's tired of the two of you walking in circles.
    Tubbo then told the two of you to just confess because apparently it was that obvious that the two of you liked each other (You and Jack) and that led to an awkward, but needed, conversation between each other.

    C = Comfort (How would they help their partner when they feel down/have a panic attack? Etc.)

    Jack understands that not everyone feels okay all of the time and always tries to be there when you're not feeling good. He knows by now that his oversized hoodies that smell of him help to ground you, especially when the two of you have a cuddle session. He always lets you bury your head in his chest or the crook of his neck so you can either listen to his breathing or heartbeat.

    D = Dreams (Do they picture their future with you? If so, is there anything specific they want?)

    Jack views you in his future and hopes you do as well. He's not really put too much thought into it, as the two of you are both young still and are just starting your careers with streaming and YouTube and in all, just starting your adulthoods.
    He does know that he wants to live with you and the two of you have your own place, but beyond that, he doesn't really know. Maybe the two of you will get married, maybe not, but that's something to discuss later in life.

    E = Everything (You are my ___ e.g. my life, my world...?)

    To you, Jack is your hope. Your hope that life will be okay and get better. And to be honest? Jack Manifold makes your life better.
    To him, you are Jack's sun. Even if you don't realise it, to him, you brighten up his life and every room you walk into.

    F = Feelings (How did they know they were in love?)

    Jack didn't notice that he liked you or at least felt different about you too quickly. After many months of the two of you hanging out over calls, on streams, and in video recordings for both of your channels and whatnot, he had started to realise that he felt differently about you and that he was more excited whenever he got to spend time with you. Unfortunately, he put it down that he was happy that you were his best friend. It wasn't until the two of you met up for the first time, did he realise he potentially felt more for you.
    It was when he gave you a hug and just never wanted to leave your arms that he started questioning what he felt towards you. That and he started blushing which Wilbur, who was also there, made it worse for him.

    G = Gifts (How do they feel about gift giving? What are their habits when it comes to this?)

    Jack has learnt off by heart what your favourite snacks are and which ones you like better than others. Therefore, every time he gets to see you, he just casually hands you a bag full of your favourite foods and anything else he thinks you would like, especially squishmallows (which now have an entire bookshelf, that you can see in the back of your streams, dedicated to them.)

    H = Holding Hands (How do they like to hold hands? Is there any time they're against it?)

    Jack holds your hand in public because he doesn't give a shit about what others think about your relationship. As mentioned before, he likes to interlock your fingers with his and occasionally rub his thumb across the back of it unless you have sweater paws.
    The only time he doesn't really hold your hand is if he knows it'll be caught on camera, i.e., Tommy is filming a wide shot with you and Jack in the background or it's obvious that your hands are interlocked and you’re not just walking next to each other. However, over time he's becoming less against it because the two of you can't be expected to live in fear of what any stans would say about your relationship.

    I = Injury (How would they act if you got hurt?)

    If you were to get injured, there are one of two ways Jack reacts.
    If the injury isn't that serious or it's accidental, Jack usually responds with a sarcastic and playful, "Well, what d'you do that for?" and help you clean any physical wounds and provide you with anything you need (plasters, painkillers, etc.)
    However, if the injury is more severe or Jack is genuinely worried about you, he'll become a mother hen and start fussing over you until you manage to convince him that you are fine and to get him to stop worrying too much.

    J = Jealousy (Do they get jealous easily? How do they show it?)

    Jack doesn't get jealous when it's someone that's part of your friend group because one, part of your friend group is seventeen-year-olds, and two, your friends ship the two of you.
    If it's a stranger that comes up to you and starts flirting with you, Jack can get jealous especially if he's with you at the time and the person isn't getting the hint that you and Jack are together. Jack tries to subtly hint to the person if he can tell they're annoying you by not backing off.
    When speaking to the person, he tends to be quite bland and sharp with his responses but still tries to remain polite because he doesn't want to start any conflict.

    K = Kiss (Do they exchange kisses often? Where do they like to kiss?)

    Jack saves lip kisses for when the two of you are alone more or less because the two of you try to keep your relationship more private. This usually leads to many make-out/snogging sessions where long passionate kisses where the two of you try to convey your feelings are exchanged.
    He does like to kiss the back of your hand when the two of you are out or occasionally on stream to show that he does love you and that he is there for you.

    L = Love Confession (How would they confess their feelings?)

    After being forced into the awkward confession of feelings thanks to both Wilbur and Tubbo, Jack knew that he wanted to tell you that he loved you without anyone getting in the way.
    He had an entire plan where he was going to take you out on a date and then would confess later. However, you ended up falling ill with a stomach bug so instead, Jack came over and spent the day with you.
    Unfortunately, Jack hadn't learnt from his past mistakes and late that night when the two of you were cuddled up watching a movie, Tommy had decided to call him and loudly ask if Jack had told you that he loved you. Jack ended up abruptly ending the phone call, to which you just sleepily looked up at him and croaked out an "I love you too, Mani-wimp."

    M = Memory (What's their favourite memory together?)

    Jack has lots of favourite memories of the two of you but one of the most recent ones was when you joined him on the boat race with Wilbur, Tubbo, and Niki. You had gone on Will's and Tubbo's team and ended up winning. This led to all of you unanimously agreeing to throw Jack in the ocean.
    After you had all boarded back onto the boat Jack got ready to be thrown into the sea. You were planning on jumping in after him for content (and so that he wasn't the only one getting drenched) and stood in the background whist Tubbo filmed jack getting thrown in. You had jumped in after Jack to 'save him' after pushing Wilbur off the boat and the three of you spent the next few minutes laughing your heads off and freezing in the cold.

    N = Nicknames (What do they call their partner?)

    Jack tends to use a shortened version of your name or your twitch/internet name if possible. If not, he calls you 'Love'. He just prefers to use simple nicknames to refer to you or just call you by your name.

    O = Orange (What colour do they associate with you?)

    Jack associates the colour of seafoam and a green-blue ocean with you because to him you give off a calming and grounding aspect. Also, because you love to sit and watch the ocean and the waves as they crash against the shore.

    P = PDA (Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching?)

    Jack doesn't tend to show PDA in front of others unless its hand holding or hugs. Yes, he may kiss you occasionally in front of others, but he prefers to do that when you're alone so he can fully focus on you and not anything else around you.
    He is upfront about the fact he is in a relationship with you and isn't afraid to shoot anyone down if they are actually trying to get with him.
    He does talk about you to others, especially Niki, and to twitch chat although not too often because sometimes lots of hate gets thrown at you and him for being together.

    Q = (What is their favourite non-modern thing to do?)

    The two of you have started to occasionally write letters to each other, detailing stuff you've done without the other or simply telling the other how you feel.
    As you may know, sometimes it's hard to tell a person all of your feelings, so you and Jack like to write them down and share them in letter form rather than screw it up in a word vomit or forget to say something you want the other to know.

    R = Rainy Day (What do they like to do on a rainy day?)

    Jack is fond of sitting down and watching new tv shows and movies the two of you are yet to watch. You even binge old favourites and try to have a 'lazy day' if you don't have meetings or any recordings planned. To be honest, the two of you just continue with your daily lives on these days just without the going outside part.

    S = Smile (What makes them smile without fail?)

    Hearing your voice after having a long day. Getting to see you after spending time apart. Hugging you tightly and being able to hold you. Waking up and having you in his arms or next to you. Just basically being around you.
    This man is a simp.

    T = Talking (What do they like to talk about?)

    Jack rambles on about lots of different things on completely different subjects. You don't mind though because you do the exact same things.
    Sometimes, it's lengthy discussions about FNAF lore, other times it's about the ranking of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Occasionally these discussions will happen during just chatting streams, or even when the two of you are laying a game and decide to fill the silence with the discussion of a random topic.

    U = Understanding (How good do they know their partner? Are they empathetic?)

    Jack reckons he knows you quite well. He usually knows exactly when you need a hug or when you're feeling down. He knows off by heart your favourite foods and orders for different restaurants, and what your comfort foods are for when you're feeling down. He knows how to cheer you up and which hoodies of his you prefer to steal.
    So yeah. He probably knows you quite well.

    V = Vaquita (If they wanted a pet, what would they get?)

    Jack Manifold already has a dog but just imagine him with a cat or a ferret. A kitten just curled up in his hands, purring away. Or a ferret running wild around his feet and pouncing on him. During streams, he would just casually pick them up and show chat, who would be spamming about how cute they are.

    W = Wild Card (A random headcanon?)

    Whenever Jack misses you and you're busy so he can't speak to you, he watches your vlogs on your YouTube channel and any other vlogs you appeared in. He also watches recent twitch vods of yours or if you're live he always tries to make time to sit and watch your stream. However, he usually gets noticed in chat and they all start calling him a simp.

    X = eXtra Time (Do they ever wish they had more time to spend with you?)

    Jack does wish he had more time to spend with you and so do you. With both of you being twitch streamers and YouTubers, you both have busy schedules every week. And because you don't live together, you only get to see each other when the two of you have free time. This leads to the two of you wishing you had more time to spend with each other.

    Y = Yes (Do they ever think of getting married/proposing?)

    Jack hasn't really thought about whether or not he'll propose to you because the two of you are both young still. He's had the thought before but to be honest, he hasn't really put thought into it and even his parents aren't married. He can't picture his life without you though and maybe in the future one of you will pop the question.

    Z = ZZzzzz (How heavy of a sleeper are they? How do they sleep?)

    Jack isn't that heavy of a sleeper compared to you; however, he isn't that light of a sleeper that something can easily wake him, you know. He sleeps on his side when you're there because he likes to hold you in his arms. Whether you're facing him or not is up to you, but he just likes to hold you close.
    #jack manifold x reader #cc!jack manifold x reader #content creator: jack manifold #type: romantic#type: sfw#type: fluff#pronouns: n/a#pronouns: they/them#fic: alphabet#fic: headcanons#type: irl#mcyt fluff#mcyt imagine#mcyt fanfiction #mcyt x reader #jack manifold fanfic #jack manifold fanfiction #jack manifold imagine #Tree writes stuff
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    28.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    ♫ 𝐵𝑢𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑓𝑙𝑖𝑒𝑠 ♫ Y/N is an American music artist and Seokjin is going to write a song with her ♫ Part 3 ♫

    SFW // Interracial Relationship // Strangers to Lovers // Cursing // SOL // Part 2 // Part 4

    ᴾⁱᶜᵗᵘʳᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵍⁱᶠ ᶜʳᵉᵈⁱᵗ ᵍᵒ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᵒʷⁿᵉʳˢ

    Y/N sits across from Seokjin at a café somewhere hidden away from prying eyes. Together the two sit with their managers with contracts between them. Seokjin and Y/N have been going back and forth if they should collaborate on a song together and the two have finally decided to work together. Paperwork needs to be signed, disclosures need to be read and all the boring work that goes into working together needs to be taken care of. It was Seokjin’s idea to meet up at a café so their managers could see them in a more relaxed environment.

    “Do you understand everything Y/N?” Y/N’s manger questions as he looks over all the paperwork. Overall, everything is straight forward. The dos and don’ts of working together are clear, they won’t write or post anything that will damage Seokjin’s idol image, which Y/N already knows.

    “Yeah.” Y/N grabs her pen and signs her name next to the six little x’s and right after Seokjin does the same.

    “We look forward to working with you,” Seokjin’s manager bows and departs from the meeting with Y/N’s own manager following behind.

    Y/N smiles at Seokjin and he blushes, “Are you as excited as I am?” Y/N questions and Seokjin nods his head.

    “I think our song will be a big hit.”

    “You think?”

    “Come on,” Seokjin grins as he rests his chin in the palm of his hand. “You know it’s true.”

    Y/N giggles and takes a sip of her drink, “I don’t think anyone will be ready to hear you sing solo.”


    “Yah! Why is this so hard?” Seokjin groans and throws himself back against his chair. Y/N sent him the music to their song, and she asked for Seokjin to write his own lyrics. Y/N herself only had the pre chorus figured out and was struggling just as much as Seokjin.

    Hearing Seokjin’s shouts of frustration, Namjoon takes pity on the older man and decides to offer his help. Knocking on Seokjin’s door, Namjoon clears his throat and pushes the door open, “You okay in here, Hyung?”

    Seokjin glances over at Namjoon with a frown on his face as he rolls his eyes. Namjoon chuckles and takes a seat beside Seokjin. “You and Yoongi make this look so easy. I can’t think of a damn thing to write.”

    Namjoon looks over at the crossed-out lyrics in front of Seokjin and shakes his head. “Can I hear the music?” Seokjin sighs and starts the song over again from the beginning and Namjoon listens with his eyes closed. He smiles when he hears Y/N’s voice singing the pre chorus. “What was the first thing that came to mind when you hear the song?” Namjoon asks as he opens his eyes.

    “Y/N…honestly she’s the only thing I can think about.”

    Namjoon laughs as he grabs the laptop and pulls it in front of himself, “You can’t build a bond like this overnight…” Namjoon reads over the lyrics that Y/N sent along with the music. “How did the two of you become friends after you contacted her?”

    “Wha?” Seokjin shrugs his shoulders.  “We just sent each other photos and memes to make each other smile and laugh.”

    “Did you show us every photo?” Seokjin’s cheeks heat up as they turn pink and Namjoon laughs, “You don’t have to, but that says a lot, Hyung.”

    “They were just for my eyes!” Seokjin defends and Namjoon smiles as he starts typing on the laptop. Namjoon pushes the laptop back in front of Seokjin and he reads over Namjoon’s lyrics. “You taking them selfies and you look so fine. You don’t even post ‘em, they just for my eyes.” Seokjin’s eyes widen, and his fingers start to type on the keyboard.

    Satisfied, Namjoon pats Seokjin on his shoulder and leaves the room making sure to shut the door quietly behind himself.


    Sitting in front of the sound board, Y/N smiles at Seokjin beside her. Seokjin points to the screen in front of them, “I think we should change the lyrics here. It doesn’t sound right.”

    Y/N squints at the lyrics and nods her head, “What do you think it should be?”

    Seokjin goes back and forth with Y/N as the two of them work on perfecting their song together. Namjoon and Yoongi are sitting on the couches in the back watching the two as they work together with smiles on their faces. The four of them together polish the song titled Butterflies; Y/N is excited to share it with the world. Y/N was surprised when Seokjin sent her his part of the lyrics and the chorus came easily after that.

    “Gah! I need a nap!” Y/N whines as she plops down in the seat beside Seokjin. Seokjin slumps down in the seat and Y/N rests her head on his shoulder. “Thank you.” Seokjin hums in response and let his eyes slip shut as he drifts off to sleep. He is tired, they have been in the studio since six o’clock this morning and it’s going on two thirty.

    Yoongi left a little while ago to grab lunch for everyone, Namjoon is sitting in front of the computer listening to the almost completed song. Turning around in his seat, Namjoon closes his mouth and smiles when he sees Seokjin and Y/N sound asleep. Pulling his phone from his pocket, Namjoon snaps a photo of the two and sends it to everyone in the group chat with the heart eyes emoji. When Yoongi walks in with the food, he wakes the two of them up and they all eat together before Seokjin heads into the recording booth for what he hopes in the last time.

    “Can you play it back?” Seokjin holds his headphone close to his ears as he focuses on the sound of his voice. “I like it…”

    “I think that’s the one!” Y/N beams giving Seokjin a thumbs up and the others agree. “My turn…” Y/N pouts and switches places with Seokjin. Placing the headphones over her ears, Y/N nods her head and Namjoon clears his throat before he presses the black button in front of him to speak.

    “Verse two. Just take it easy. Feel the beat and get lost in it.”

    “Got it.”

    “Relax and have fun,” Yoongi tosses in his two cent and Y/N nods her head.

    The music fills the headphones and Y/N starts to dance to the beat.


    The idea for the music video was simple. Jin and Y/N both wanted the song lyrics to speak for themselves rather than tell a full blow story. The building that Y/N found to filming in turned out to be a wedding venue and with the help of Seokjin they were able to rent it out to film the video. Seokjin was worried about filming, but he was also excited. How much fun would it be to dance around with Summer Gravity? Sadly, Jin wasn’t able to get his wish granted. Jin knew that Army was a little on the crazy side, so he knew better than to actually touch Y/N on camera, so he chose to film his part of the song alone when he really wanted to be dancing with Y/N and her crew.

    Jin sits off in the grass and watches as Y/N mouth along to Butterflies as it plays. She is wearing white two-piece skirt set that has a butterfly pattern on it and has her hair down with small amounts gold jewelry covering her body. She is beautiful and Jin can’t take his eyes off her. A hand waves around in front of his face and Jin snaps his head to the right to see Jimin smiling down at him.

    “You’re staring hard, Hyung.” Jimin giggles with a knowing smirk on his lips.

    “Shut up,” Jin warns as he turns his attention back to Y/N.

    “I’m happy for you Hyung. Y/N and you deserve this, the both of you worked so hard for this moment.”

    Jin nods his head at Jimin’s words, “I hope Y/N gets an award for her album or even this song. She deserves it.”

    Jimin sits beside Jin and they watch Y/N move around outside. Jin’s eyes widen when Y/N swings her hips and drops low.

    “Wha!!” Jin and Jimin both cover each other’s eyes and the staff around them laughs.

    Jin’s turn to film comes and he lets the makeup team touch him up before he winks at Y/N and gets on set. Jin leans against the white wall behind him and clears his throat as the music starts up. The door in front of him opens and he starts to mouth along to the song as he moves around. His part is simple, he just has to stand around and be mister worldwide handsome. His blond hair stood out against his skin and the pink short sleeved shirt blew in the light breeze. All in all, Jin knew he looked good.

    “You got this Seokjin!” Y/N yelled, and Jin almost missed his lyrics as he held back a laugh.

    Jin enjoyed himself as he stared into the camera and bit his bottom lip, wiping his thumb across his lower lip with a wink. Army was going to lose their mind when they saw this video and Jin knew it, he chose violence, and he didn’t even care.

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    A Vampire!Madeleine fanfiction

    10k words, rated T

    Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence (specifics in author's note)

    Summary: Madeleine had 'died' in Florence's arms fifteen years ago. Now, she returns to the scene of the crime, hoping that the other woman will accept her back into her life - and also that they are all going to survive the night.

    ~ Reblog fic links to support your writers! ~

    For @marzipanilla, for kickstarting my vampire obsession in this fandom! ♡

    My Gunpowder Milkshake tag-list (lmk if you want on/off it): @verbumproxen @lonely-night @my-gaydar-is-on-point @cleocatart @geek-goth-gay @girlgoneangsty @forestcircle @scissoringsappho @nomi--sunrider @badwolfkaily @queencalanthes @nightwhite13 @sapphic-stress @change-the-rules @sarah-fiers @songbookff @ableaklovelyodetopain @my-gaydar-is-on-point @phoenixhalliwell @noelevangilinecarson

    Header image links in a reblog, check the notes!

    My GM fics are on ao3 here

    #gunpowder milkshake #my florence x madeleine #florence x madeleine fanfiction #florence x madeleine #my gunpowder milkshake #carla gugino#michelle yeoh#vampires#my vampires#lilo writes #lilo writes fanfic #lilo creates#crime librarians#marzipanilla#lilolilyrae #gunpowder milkshake fanfiction #vampire fic#gm fic#gm madeleine#gm florence
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    i went on we heart it to search for one pic and came back with five new ideas ... lmao someone take my phone away before i end up with 100 ideas

    #me has ideas #but never posts any of the fics i write #the problem here is will lia ever post these ideas she talks about so often #maybe not #lia likes to talk
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    i forgot to promo that i updated my hangman birthday week fic yesterday except i just added days five, seven, and ten bc i wanted to post what i had finished at the time for the cowboy birthdate

    #I MEANT TO MAKE APOST YESTERDAY AND IT TOTALLY GOT AWAY FROM ME......... FUCK #anyway yea i know some of yall actually like to read my stuff so! i did a thing! #some of its older work bc its been sitting since last year and some of its new bc ive been slipping into my cowboy fanfic pants again #it is what is it ya know #maybe i should start a writing graveyard archive on ao3 with all the cowboy snippets ill never use in fics. hmmmmm #ryan speaks#not wrestling#ryan writes
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    list of characters i'm gonna write for even though the majority of my followers wouldn't read about them (unless i've got some sleeper agents lmao)


    eret son of eret

    greg wittle (except that one follower. you know who you are. we're in this together.)

    donna beneviento

    john walker (lmao where are my john stans at. do you still follow me. hi please know i haven't forgotten about him or you.)

    #archer speaks. #john walker my beloved <3 #also if you're reading these tags. thoughts on a chon wang fic #yes or no #ok that is all have a nice day #archer talks writing.
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    28.07.2021 - 13 minutes ago


    Summary: Danny finally learned how to teleport, but where is the 'off' switch? Pairings: Hints of Sam crushing on Danny Warnings: Danny accidentally teleports into the girl’s locker room, but only for a few seconds; he’s as startled as they are. Danny and Tucker have a no-homo thing going on, they should probably just hug it out already.


    "Hey! Sam! Sam, wait up!"

    Sam glanced over her shoulder. When she saw Tucker chasing after her with an anxious look on his face, she stopped walking down the sidewalk. Tucker was able to reach her in no time, but he had to bend over and gulp in large breaths afterward.

    "Something wrong, Tucker?" she asked after giving him a few seconds to catch his breath. "I thought I was meeting you and Danny at school today?"

    "Well, yeah," Tucker panted, "that was the plan, but…Have you seen Danny?"

    She raised an eyebrow. "No. Why? Did something happen? Is he in trouble?"

    Tucker waved his hand, chuckling between gasps. "No…well, yes…well, kind of…"


    "No, he isn't in any real danger. Yes, his secret may be in jeopardy."

    Sam widened her eyes. "His secret might be in what? What happened exactly?"

    Tucker stood up straight, using his beret to wipe his sweaty forehead. "Well, this morning, while Danny and I were walking to school, he had a breakthrough on teleporting. He practiced it a couple times by teleporting up and down the sidewalk when no one was around, getting farther and farther away. He was getting really good at it!"

    "O-kay," Sam said slowly, "so somebody saw him doing this?"

    "Um. No."

    "What went wrong then?"

    "Well, we were almost to school, so he changed back to Fenton. But a few seconds after he did, he disappeared and—"


    "Tucker!" Danny jumped on Tucker. His best friend screamed and would have shot three feet in the air if Danny's Hug of Death was any less secure. "Finally! I've been trying to get back to you for who knows how long now! Oh, hey, Sam! Wait, where'd you come from?" He loosened his hold on the trembling Tucker and looked around. "This isn't where I left you, Tuck…"

    "He came to find me after you apparently disappeared," Sam explained for their shell-shocked friend. "Danny, what's going on? Are—"

    "I can't stop teleporting, Sam!" Danny all but shouted, unwrapping one arm from around Tucker so he could wave it around for emphasis. "One minute I'm walking peacefully down the sidewalk, the next I'm in my room! So far I've teleported to school three times, to the Ghost Zone twice, my room five times, yours once, Tucker's three, Vlad's house one time too many, and once I somehow ended up, like, fifty feet in the air! I can't control it!" He released Tucker, and latched onto Sam's shoulders, earning a surprised gasp from the Goth. "Make it stop, Sam! I can't take it anymore!"

    "Danny, calm down!" She brushed Danny's hands off her shoulders, but he quickly grabbed her wrists. She scowled. "Danny, let go of me before I show a very incriminating photo of you and Tucker to Jazz."

    Danny's hands flew away from Sam like she was an evil ghost in disguise. "I thought you burned that!" He hesitated before giving Tucker a one-armed hug again.

    Sam smirked. "Why would I get rid of perfectly good blackmail material? Is there a reason you keep grabbing onto us, Danny?"

    "Yeah, dude," Tucker said, finally regaining his wits enough to eye his strange friend. "It's getting awkward."

    "I am being teleported all over the place without my consent," Danny reminded them, "can't I get a little sympathy from you guys?" They gave him bland, completely unsympathetic looks. "Alright, fine. By holding onto you stationary people, I'm hoping you will anchor me and stop me from teleporting."

    "Wouldn't we just teleport with you though?" Sam asked.

    Tucker's eyes grew large and he struggled against Danny's hold, but even in human form Danny was stronger than him.

    "No," Danny grunted, "because it takes a lot of control to be able to teleport more than one person, and clearly I don't posses any control over this, whatsoever."

    Tucker relaxed but his nose wrinkled. "It still feels awkward, Danny. Go hug, Sam."

    "I'm not hugging you," Danny protested. "This is a manly arm grip!"

    "It doesn't feel very manly."

    "Doesn't look like it either," Sam said, smirking.

    Danny huffed. "Fine." He dragged Tucker closer to Sam and then threw his other arm around her neck before she could protest. Sam gasped and struggled, upset—if her red face was anything to go by—but Danny started walking, and his friends were forced to follow. "Alright! Now this is teamwork!"

    "More like kidnapping!" Sam shouted.

    Tucker teased, "You know you like it, Sam."

    "Oh, yeah, I just love to be held against my will."

    "It's only until this stops," Danny tried to reason.

    "Oh? And when will that be?"

    "Uh…I don't know…"

    She sighed, resigned. "This all started after you changed back into Danny Fenton, right?"


    "Well, maybe you'll have more control of it if you're in your ghost form. Seems to me your ghost half would have more control over your powers than your human half would."

    Danny hung his head, wishing he could face-palm without losing his anchors. "I should have thought of that…"

    "That's what I'm here for. Now hurry up and change while the streets are empty."

    Danny nodded, and in a flash of light, he became Amity Park's number one ghostly hero.

    After a few seconds, Sam cleared her throat. "You'll have to let go of us to test this, Danny…"

    Danny flinched. "B-but what if it doesn't work and I start teleporting like crazy again?"

    "Then we'll just have to think of something else!" Sam hissed, "Now let go of us before somebody sees Danny Phantom hanging out with Danny Fenton's friends!"

    Danny grimaced. He slowly, very slowly, released his best friends. They walked a few steps farther ahead before stopping and facing Danny again. He had his eyes pinched shut and his hands fisted at his sides.

    "Did I teleport?" he asked, keeping his eyes sealed.

    "No." Tucker chuckled. "But you look constipated. Loosen up, dude."

    Danny cracked an eye open, but upon seeing the same setting as before, he grinned, and jumped in place. "Alright! Way to go, Sam!" He went to high five her, but seconds away from making contact, Danny became consumed by green mist. The mist disappeared along with Danny, followed by a popping sound.

    Sam lowered her hand slowly, and exchanged glances with Tucker. "Uh, I guess it didn't work…"

    Tucker sighed. "We might as well get to school, Sam. He's not going to show up here any time soon…"



    "Paradise Lost!"

    Danny's momentum carried him through the motion of the high-five, but because Sam's hand wasn't there to meet his, his swat carried into a somersault in midair. "Whoa!" He righted himself and jerked his head from side to side. The faces staring up at him were familiar, but the location wasn't since only teachers and their favorites were allowed inside the teacher's lounge.

    Danny laughed nervously. "Um, uh, whoops?"

    Mr. Lancer was the first to regain his composure. He stood up and fixed his tie in a nervous habit. "Mr. …Phantom, what is the meaning of this?" Sweat noticeably broke out over his forehead.

    Danny flushed. "Um, I'm having a few technical issues with my powers…" He cleared his throat and floated with his back straight, adopting his 'hero' voice. "Sorry for the inconvenience, citizens. I'll just be going…"

    But after a few seconds, Danny still floated in place above their table, staring fixedly into space. The teachers looked at each other in confusion. The Art teacher pulled out a sketch pad and started sketching the focused Ghost Boy in profile.

    "…Any second now…"

    If they had crickets in the staff lounge, they'd be chirping.

    "…Any second…"

    Mr. Felucca stepped forward, his index finger poised in question. "What power are you having difficulties with, Mr. Ghost Boy? As a scientist, perhaps I can be of assistance."

    Danny grimaced. "Uh, actually—"

    Ms. Tetslaff slammed a fist on the table, and the sudden violence made Danny start in surprise. "If it's power he's having trouble with, it's me he should be coming to for help! I'll whip him into shape!"

    He winced, and drifted away from her. "Uh, it's not really a physical power—"

    "I have studied many classical stories that teach great, historical lessons," Mr. Lancer said. "Perhaps one of those will be of some use to you, Mr. Phantom?"

    "Thanks, but I don't—"

    The Mythology teacher scoffed. "Your literature is of no use to a being of exponential power. My myths have way more value to him than your 'fiction'."

    "I don't need—"

    The Psychology teacher snapped her fingers. "It may be psychological! Please feel free to tell me all about your problems. I'm here to help!"

    "I don't have a psychological issue! Why does everyone always think that?"

    Ms. Loretta gazed at Danny's skinny body with a critical eye. "Perhaps it has something to do with malnourishment. Do ghosts have to eat? I can make you something, boy."


    The Government teacher trembled in his seat, staring up at Danny in fear. "W-we should call somebody about this! Call the Fentons! Call the Guys in White! They'll know what to do!"

    The Art teacher reached out and pinched a fold of Danny's jumpsuit. "Is this latex?"

    "Hey!" Danny knocked his hand away and floated a few paces away from him. "No touching!"

    "We should give him a physical!"

    "He needs to learn a moral lesson!"

    "What he needs is more meat on his bones!"

    "Oh, how am I going to capture that glow…"

    "Something must be wrong with the inner workings of his mind!"

    "The FENTONS!"

    "Perhaps it is his molecular structure that is causing the problem!"

    "QUIET!" Danny shouted. The teachers instantly quieted. "There is nothing wrong with my body, my mind, or my morals, alright? I just developed a new power and I'm having some difficulty controlling it. That's all!"

    The teachers backed away from the panting ghost boy.

    Mr. Felucca was the first to gather his courage. He asked, "What kind of power?"

    Danny relaxed. "Teleport—"


    The teachers gasped, and stared at the spot where the Ghost Boy had once been.

    "NOOO!" the Art teacher cried, and threw down his half-complete sketch. "I was so close!"




    "Breach in Sector 8! We have a breach in Sector 8!"

    Before Danny had a chance to gather his bearings, several ghost nets crashed into him and bound him to the floor. Where the net touched him, little bolts of electricity shot into his system like static jumping to a doorknob. Danny growled and struggled against the painful bindings, but the whirring of a ghost gun made him freeze. He looked up into the tinted sunglasses of a GiW operative.

    "D-Don't move, Phantom!"

    Danny's eyes half-lidded in boredom. "Oh great. The Mr. Clean Groupies…"

    "Quiet, ghost," another agent ordered. "We have you surrounded."

    Danny looked past the two standing over him. "Let me guess, the reinforcements are invisible?"

    Danny wasn't able to see his eyes, but the second agent's brows furrowed, and his mouth turned down.. "I don't like your tone, boy."

    Danny used his infamous cocky smirk. "Like I care? With only two agents, why should I worry? I could take you guys out easy."

    The first agent, the one who had stuttered, gulped. Without warning, he shot at Danny.

    Danny gasped, and dove to the side. He needn't have bothered, though. The shot was way off target. It crashed into the wall five feet behind Danny.

    "Agent N!"

    Danny eyed the scared agent warily. Like cornered wolves, frightened hunters packing heat were dangerous. "New agent?" he asked the other guy.

    He grunted. "As green as they come. Listen, kid," he faced Agent N, "there is a rhythm to these things. We exchange witty banter, and then we start shootin' them."

    Agent N nodded his head rapidly. "Y-yes, sir. Understood, sir! Should I tranquilize him, sir?"

    "Wow, he is green."

    The senior agent scowled. "Tranquilizers don't work on ghosts, recruit. Get your facts straight!"

    Agent N stuttered apologies. Danny rolled his eyes and wished he would teleport out of there already.

    "W-what do we do then, s-sir?"

    The other agent grinned sadistically. "We shock him until he loses consciousness."

    Danny flinched, but tried to hide it. "Gee, so humane. You must be very proud of your species."

    "I am." The senior agent pulled a button switch out of his pocket, and poised his thumb above the large red button. Danny breathed in a deep breath, readying a Ghostly Wail. Passing out and transforming in front of them wasn't an option. "Or, I don't care about yours. Prepare yourself, ghost scum."




    The first thing Danny noticed was the absence of annoying static shocks. The second thing he noticed was the absence of everything else. Including air. He was really glad he took a deep breath before, though the breath was almost stolen from him when he looked down at the Earth. Like, the Earth, the blue planet Earth.

    I'm in space! he thought, grinning goofily. He gazed around himself in wonder. He had been to space before, but he'd been too busy fighting to really admire the scenery.

    Stars in every direction, as far as the eye could see, he was on the sunny side of the Earth, but he could see the moon poking out from behind the rocky planet. A comet was off in the distance, its ice and dust particles trailing behind it as the solar wind tore at the ice rock. He closed his eyes, and lights danced behind his eyelids as the solar wind hit him.

    Danny sagged, and his expression became dreamy. It's so beautiful…this just makes me want to be an astronaut even more! I wish I could stay—Air! He gripped his throat. Air! I need air!




    "Chronicles of Narnia!"

    Danny gasped in air, like he'd never tasted anything so sweet. Space was awesome, but it'd be a lot better with oxygen.

    "Danny Phantom!"

    Danny spun around, and found his first period class staring up at him the same way he had stared at Outer Space. A nervous smile worked its way onto his lips. "I'm just dropping by. I'll be gone in a second, so please, don't let me interrupt."

    The class started whispering to each other in excitement, looking like they were seconds away from mobbing him. In the back row, he saw Sam scowl. She hated his 'hero' voice. Tucker waved discreetly to him, and Danny subtly nodded back. He was glad Valerie didn't have his first hour…

    "Mr. Phantom!"

    Danny looked over his shoulder at Mr. Lancer. "Uh, hello again…"

    Lancer frowned. "I take it you haven't fixed your 'problem'?"


    "Then perhaps you would like to sit in for my lesson," he said, smirking like he had just won a contest. "Perhaps you will learn something."

    The students screamed. No longer able to contain themselves, they jumped out of their seats and rushed for Danny. He floated out of their reach, feeling nervous and slightly nauseous. Tucker and Sam joined them in order to keep up appearances, and Danny was annoyed to see Tucker filming it all on his PDA. His classmates gathered below him, shouting for autographs.

    Danny backed away, breathing fast. "Uh, I don't know if that's such a good idea! Besides, I probably won't be here for much longer, or at least I really hope not, so I—"




    "…and that is why, I believe we can use the town's little ghost problem to our…" Vlad trailed off when it became apparent he didn't have his audience's full attention. "…advantage…"

    Despite the meeting being comprised of mostly professional reporters and self-important civilians, they were whispering rudely amongst each other, laughing and pointing at something behind Vlad. He looked behind him, but all he saw was the red curtain. His eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

    "…As I was saying," Vlad said, turning back to the microphone on the podium, "with an interest in ghosts growing worldwide, more and more people will be traveling to Amity Park in search of the fabled beings—one in particular, I might add. I say we encourage this by building tourist attractions that will bring in large crowds of people."

    "What?" a familiar voice exclaimed. Vlad smirked, his suspicion confirmed. Danny Phantom flew in front of him, his arms thrown out. "You can't bring more people here! I knew you were a fruitloop, Vlad, but this is going a bit far!"

    "Ah," Vlad said suavely, "Amity Park's famous Ghost Boy. So nice of you to join us."

    "Cut the crap, Vlad…er, Mr. Mayor…" Danny blushed and glanced over his shoulder at the flashing cameras and excited audience.

    Vlad chuckled. "If it puts you more at ease, you're welcome to use my first name. It's the least I can do for our star attraction."

    Danny refocused his righteous gaze on Vlad, but he floated to the side of him so his back was no longer to the cameras. "You can't bring tourists here, Masters."

    "Oh? And why not? It'd be very profitable for this town."

    "You mean it'd be very profitable for you," Danny corrected. "And you can't bring them here because, in case you haven't noticed, this town isn't very safe. The people living here know to run when a ghost attacks, but tourists will get closer because that's what they came to see. People could get seriously hurt…"

    "Do you doubt your ability to protect them, little hero?" Vlad questioned, smirking mockingly. "We can use the funds the tourists bring in to hire more competent ghost hunters, so I assure you there is no need for such fear."

    Danny scowled at the 'competent' part. "You're making a mistake, Masters. You can hire a hundred ghost hunters, but they won't be enough to—"


    Vlad raised an eyebrow. Interesting… He hadn't expected the boy to develop his teleportation powers so soon, but his apparent lack of control more than made up for his accelerated growth. He'd make the boy suffer a while longer before he approached him.

    He turned back to his murmuring audience. "Any questions?"

    The crowd shot to their feet.


    Ms. Tetslaff blew her whistle. Her students looked at her with hope in their eyes and sweat covering every inch of their exhausted bodies. "That's enough for today," she said. "Shower up, you lazy maggots!" The students silently cheered and limped toward the locker rooms.

    Tucker almost fell over in relief. He'd take helping Danny fight ghosts over gym any day. He was tempted to curl into a ball and fake dehydration, just so he could sit and relax for a few seconds. Sadly, it was not to be. Sam bounced to his side, and Tucker for the second time that day cursed the girl's athleticism.

    She grabbed his arm, and forced him to stumble toward the locker rooms. He muttered complaints, but being the good friend she was, she ignored them.

    "Any sign of Danny since this morning?" she asked him quietly.

    "Once," Tucker replied. Even his voice sounded tired. "He made a brief appearance in third period chemistry class, and I mean brief. He was there for all but five seconds, but it was still enough to disrupt the whole class and get us out of homework." He grinned. "It was awesome! What about you?"

    Sam shrugged. "He popped into second period Art Class. Everybody started sketching him, including Mr. Coal." She smirked. "Danny looked so embarrassed."

    Tucker chuckled. "I bet. How long did he stay?"

    "Five or ten minutes. There were a lot of disappointed groans after he disappeared, but Mr. Coal managed to finish. It looks really cool too…I also heard he made an appearance for History Class, and Government." She rolled her eyes. "The Government teacher tried to call the Guys in White, but he got taken captive by his class."

    Tucker laughed. "Oh man! I wish I had seen that!"

    "We can ask Danny all about it once we see him again," Sam pointed out. "If he stays long enough…"

    Tucker chuckled.

    They split into their gender specific locker rooms, waving goodbye. Still chuckling, Tucker grabbed his shower supplies and strolled into the shower area. Because of a recent ghost attack, tarps littered the area, for once creating some much needed privacy. Too bad Danny was missing it. Mr. Modesty would most definitely appreciate the seclusion.

    Tucker stripped down, and was just about to turn on the water when…



    Tucker jumped.

    Danny nearly hugged him like he had that morning, but he stopped at the last second. He pulled slowly away, making a face. "Uh, you're my best friend and everything, Tuck," he said, "and I love you like a brother, but I am so not touching you when you're naked…"

    Tucker hurriedly wrapped his lower half in his towel. "Well no asked you to!" He looked at his best friend, noticing the tousled white hair, the tear in his jumpsuit, and the way his eyes twitched and darted around the room. "Having a rough day, Danny?"

    "Like you wouldn't believe!" Danny pulled on his own hair—explaining why it was so messy—and stared at Tucker with unnaturally large eyes. "I never know where I'm going, or when I'm going there! It's all completely random! And I've seen things, Tuck! I've seen things…"

    Tucker held his fists against his naked chest, mocking a scared expression. "Were they dead people?" he whispered.

    Danny blinked, scowled, and crossed his hands over his chest, sulking. "Oh yeah, ha ha. Laugh at the poor kid who just saw Ember and Skulker making out."

    Tucker's jaw dropped and his face turned slightly green.

    Danny smirked. "Yeah! Not so funny now, is it!"


    Tucker stared at the empty space before him for a moment, wondering where his traveling friend would end up next.



    It happened very fast.

    Danny saw what every straight guy dreams about, committed it unintentionally to memory, and was then deafened by shrieks. He screamed too and quickly covered his eyes with his hands. He turned around and tried to fly out of the Girl's Locker Room, but he forgot to go intangible, and he crashed into the lockers. The girls started throwing towels, hairbrushes, and other items at him.

    "Sorry! I'm sorry!" he shouted over their screams, cowering in a corner. "I have no control over where I'm going!"




    Danny was never so glad to hear that sound. Still, he stayed in a fetal position, too afraid to see where he had teleported to. Maybe if I stay still, he thought desperately, I won't teleport!

    "It's alright, Danny," a kind and familiar voice said. "You're safe here."

    Danny opened his eyes slowly, and stared up at Clockwork. The Time Ghost in, the form of an old man, smiled kindly back down at him.

    Danny grinned and jumped to his feet. "Clockwork! Man, am I glad to see you! Listen, you have to help me! I can't stop teleporting everywhere, and I'm seeing things I really don't want to be seeing, going places I shouldn't be going, and you probably already know about all of this, because you're the Master of Time and everything, but I have to tell you because—"

    "Danny, you have something on—"

    "—I'm freaking out here, because I can't stop teleporting—"

    "Danny, your head—"

    "—and I'm seeing things I should not be not be seeing, and it won't stop, Clockwork, make it stop!" Danny leaned his head against his Guardian/mentor's chest, whimpering pathetically. "Make it stop…"

    Clockwork hesitated, unsure. He reached up a hand, and patted Danny awkwardly on the shoulder. "I…I'm sorry, Danny," he said, sounding sincerely apologetic. "It's not my place to help you."

    Danny's shoulders slumped in defeat. He drew away from the timeless ghost and shook the hand off his shoulder. "Yeah…I should have figured that…Sorry for putting you on the spot, Clockwork."

    Clockwork changed into a toddler. He sighed, and shook his head. "There is nothing to apologize for, Danny. You ask far less of me than most ghosts. However," his tone made Danny glance despondently up at him, "I can tell you it will end soon."

    Danny straightened, and his eyes brightened with hope. "Really?"

    The Time Master nodded sagely. "Indeed." He smirked, and it was very odd to see such a sarcastic look on a kid's face. "By the way, Danny. You have something on your head."

    Danny frowned. He brought his hand to his head and pressed down, immediately feeling something lacy. He grabbed it and brought it down to eye level. It was a white bra. Danny let out a half-yelp and quickly tossed it away from him. He wiped his hand against his pants, making a face.

    Clockwork chuckled, now a middle-aged man. "I thought you were over the 'cootie' stage by now, Danny."

    Danny grimaced. "I'm fourteen, and I have an older sister. You do the math."

    Clockwork nodded. "Fair enough. You have ten seconds before you teleport again."

    Danny looked dismayed. "So soon? Can you tell me where I'm going?"

    "Home, Danny. To Fenton Works." Danny smiled in relief. "But you won't get a warm welcome."

    He frowned. "What do you mean by that?"




    "I can't believe you're counting down!"


    "Whoever heard of Master of all Time counting down the time?"


    "'Hey, I'm Clockwork! I'm counting down because I'm awesome like that—'"







    "Warning! Warning! Ecto-entity in the lab."

    Danny blinked. "Wow. What a welcome home…"

    His mom grabbed an ecto gun off one of the lab tables and shot at Danny. He gasped and quickly dove beneath it, escaping the shot by a hair. Jack shot a net at Danny, but it missed him completely. Still in a ball, it ricocheted off the wall and expanded over Maddie, knocking her to the ground and sending her gun flying. Danny clamped his hands over his mouth, trying to smother his giggles.

    "Jack!" Maddie shouted angrily, struggling inside the net.

    "Sorry, sweet cheeks!" Jack dropped the net launcher and grabbed the weapon they'd been working on before Danny arrived. "I'll get you out of there as soon as I capture this ghost!"

    "Jack! We haven't fixed the—"

    "BONSAI!" Jack pulled the trigger. Ectoplasmic goop shot into his face.


    Danny wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed by his father (again), or be grateful he messed up an attack (again). He just chuckled weakly, and rubbed the back of his neck.




    As soon as the green mist cleared, Danny looked around his new surroundings. What he saw made him grimace, and not just because the green and gold color scheme was an eyesore.

    "Ah, Daniel. I was wondering when you'd 'pop' in."

    Vlad stepped out of a darkened hallway, haunting smirk in place. Danny spun around and crossed his arms over his chest, lifting an eyebrow. "Do you always have to make a creepy entrance, or is this another fruitloop thing?"

    Vlad huffed, looking offended. "It's dramatic, Daniel, not creepy."

    "Where'd you learn it from, Villainy for Dummies? Seems like overcompensation if you ask me."

    Vlad's eyes flashed red, before he schooled his expression into one of mocking regret. "I was going to offer you my expertise on teleporting, but if you're going to be immature, I have more important things to do." He turned around, walking back into the dark hallway.

    Danny gasped, and quickly flew in front of the man. "Whoa, hold on!" He held up his hands in front of Vlad, forcing him to stop. "You can stop this? You can make me stop teleporting?" Vlad nodded, and Danny smiled happily. "Great! I—Wait." The smile fell from his face, and he eyed the man suspiciously. "What's in it for you?"

    Vlad's lips twisted into a smirk. "No longer naïve enough to expect anything for free. I'm proud of you, little badger. My price is the usual."

    "Renounce my dad and become your evil apprentice?" Danny crossed his arms again. "Forget it, Vlad."

    Vlad shrugged his shoulders. "Then enjoy the rest of your life filled with uncertainty." He walked around Danny, raising a hand in farewell. "Ta."

    Danny winced. He chewed on his bottom lip, thinking. He hated teleporting. If he ever got out of the rut he had fallen into, he swore the power would definitely be crossed off his list…He groaned, and flew after Vlad. "Vlad wait!"

    Vlad halted, his expression triumphant. "Yes?"

    Danny refused to meet his eyes. "I…The reward isn't worth the price, Vlad, but…will you teach me to control this power for…Mom's cell number?"

    Vlad's eyes sparkled in interest. "You'll give me her phone number?"

    It was difficult, but Danny managed to keep from grinning triumphantly. "She'll probably never forgive me, but yes. I mean, it's not like you'll get anywhere with it…"

    Vlad smiled cockily. "I assure you, Daniel, I can be quite charming. I'll be your legal father in no time." Danny gagged, and Vlad rolled his eyes. "I suppose we have a deal?" Vlad held out his hand.

    Danny stared at it, making a show of hesitating. "Alright…" He reached out and grabbed the other hybrids hand. "Deal."




    Danny blinked, and when his eyes opened, it wasn't Vlad's ugly décor that greeted his sight, but Amity's newspaper office. People occupied cubicles, writing down stories on computers and scribbling notes in their notebooks, but no sign of Vlad.

    "No!" Danny screamed, frantically searching the office for his savior. He could have followed him in ghost form, right? The sound of typing and pencils scribbling on paper instantly ceased, but Danny didn't notice. "I was so close to ending this!" He ran a hand through his hair, pacing back and forth on the open air. "I finally outsmarted the creep, and I get whooshed off before I can even celebrate! Where's justice in that? Is this some great cosmic joke? Just—"





    "Jack! Get this net off me!"

    "—how many people are laughing at me? The Observants—"




    "Danny Phantom!"

    "—are probably having a grand ol' time laughing at me, the jerks. No doubt Vlad finds this whole thing amusing—"




    "Breach in Sector 11! Again!"

    "—because he's a total bastard like that. Clockwork, Master of all Annoyingness, acted—"





    "—all sincere, but I bet he's laughing on the inside!"




    "Mr. Phantom! A few questions—"

    "And don't even get me started on my friends—"




    "—probably laughing about it at this very moment! Some friends!"


    Danny spun around. His friends stared up at him, along with the whole Casper High cafeteria. He was floating over the lunch line, and even the lunch ladies were gaping openly at him. Slop slipped off one of their spoons.

    Danny laughed. "Great. Just great. Of course I'd wind up here, again."

    "Danny," Sam hissed, "go invisible!"

    Considering the students were starting to rush in his direction, that was sound advice. Danny turned invisible. His fans slowed, groaning in disappointment, but Danny felt no sympathy. He placed a hand on Sam's shoulder, and whispered, "I'll meet you guys at our table." She nodded and whispered the message to Tucker.

    Danny sat in his designated seat and placed his head in his hands, just taking time to relax and not think about anything. A few minutes later, Tucker and Sam sat at the table on either side of him.

    "Danny?" Sam asked quietly. "Are you still here?"

    Danny nodded his head, but realized they couldn't see it. He sighed. "Yes."

    Tucker stuffed some mystery meat into his mouth. "So how's your day been?" he asked cheerfully.

    Danny groaned.

    "Aw, it can't be that bad." He grinned, and nudged what he hopped was Danny's shoulder and not his head. "Sam says you teleported into the girl's locker room while they were changing…"

    Sam stabbed her salad, growling low in her throat. She muttered what Danny assumed were threats against mankind.

    "They nearly killed me, Tuck."

    "Yeah, but you would have died a happy man!"

    Danny's lips twitched. "True…"

    Sam slammed her spork down, her face flaming. "We are never speaking of it again, and you—" she pointed a threatening finger at Danny's seat "—are going to forget what you saw. Got it?"

    "…I don't think I can, Sam…"

    Sam growled, and Tucker laughed. Danny smiled, though they couldn't see it, and snuck a fry from Tucker's tray. Being invisible had its perks.

    "The school is in an uproar, Danny," Sam said after a minute of silence. "…More than usual. Valerie is going crazy trying to find you, Paulina constantly fixes her makeup, and the teachers seem to be competing against each other…"

    Tucker nodded. "There's even a bet going around about where you'll pop in next!"

    Danny raised an unseen eyebrow. "Do I want to know who started the bet, Tuck…?"

    Tucker coughed into his fist. "Depends on what you plan to do to him—or her! For all we know, the evil, clever, and no doubt charming mastermind might have been a girl."

    Danny rolled his eyes, and stole another fry from the 'clever mastermind'. "Uh-huh."

    "Have you learned any control yet?" Sam asked.

    Danny grumbled. "No. I convinced Vlad to help me, though."

    "How'd you manage that?" Sam asked.

    He smirked slyly. "By offering my mom's cell phone number."

    Tucker frowned. "But your mom doesn't—" His eyes cleared in understanding. He smiled at Danny. "Niiice, dude."

    "So, you know how to stop now?" Sam asked.

    Danny sighed. "No. Before he had a chance to tell me, I teleported away."

    "Well," Tucker said, "that explains the rant. That must have been really frustrating."

    "I wasn't ranting!" Danny protested. "I was…expressing my anger to the universe."

    "In other words, ranting," Sam concluded.

    "…Alright fine, I ranted."

    "Maybe there's a pattern to it," Sam suggested. "You've been here for a while. What are you doing differently now?"

    Danny shrugged. "Talking to you guys, focusing on not teleporting so I have a chance to relax."

    "Maybe that's the answer then. You just have to concentrate on your surroundings and on staying in one place."

    He grimaced. "I don't know, Sam. What about when I—"


    Sam groaned, and leaned back in her chair. "Great. Here we go again."

    Tucker chuckled. "Look on the bright side, Sam. At least the bet—that I had no part in making—is still on. I'm going to be rich!" He went to grab a fry, but the bucket was empty. He frowned down at his tray. "Where'd my fries go?"

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  • bluejayblueskies
    28.07.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    i technically missed it by a week, but--it's been one year since i published my first tma fic! in honor of the anniversary, i've put together a little update about my writing so far and where it's going in the future 💕

    so far

    - total words written: 391,534

    - total fics written: 66

    - first fic: Press "A" To Punch

    - most recent fic: the before, the after, the in-between

    - most popular fic (by kudos): it will be this, always

    - fic i'm most proud of: can i be gentle?

    - favorite fic: that which glitters divinely gold

    - current wips: it will be this, always | Seen, Unseen, Unsung (on indefinite hiatus)

    in the future

    - rusty quill big bang (coming late august/early september!)

    - a third and final fic for archival pride, featuring demiromantic jon

    - a new multi-chapter wip once iwbta is finished, likely either a hell's kitchen au or an ella enchanted au

    - event weeks and prompt memes, as they occur

    - a few oneshots i've been wanting to write for a while, including a martin character study, a harp player jon au, and a silly beholding!jon-focused fic where he and the s1 team do trivia night

    - expansions on current oneshots, including more in the blackwood blends au and in the 'jon and martin are married and own a cat' au

    #personal#my writing #i've included my bb fic in my totals bc it'll be published soon! exciting! #i don't want to guarantee future stuff but. it's all things i'm thinking about and hoping to do! #basically even though the podcast has been done for a while i still plan on being active in fandom and putting out content
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  • intheticklecloset
    28.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Today is a struggle! I have so much writing energy and way too much to do with it. Look at this:

    Today I plan to fill either an MHA or HQ fic request

    But I also desperately want to write for Big Windup because frick if I don't love Abe and Mihashi

    But I ALSO want to write for SenGen (I wonder whose fault THAT is)

    And I ALSO ALSO want to write for World Trigger (ALSO a certain someone's fault)

    What the heck am I supposed to do with all of this??

    I might go a little crazy later tonight. Brace yourselves. XD

    #fanfiction#tickle fics#fluff drabbles#writing #too much energy #so little time #i blame skribblz for half of these problems #but also thank her #this is a lot to want to do in one day #prepare yourselves#lol
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  • hysenie
    28.07.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #that fic got so many notes 😭😭😭 #im so glad ppl liked it cuz it was so fun to write #THANK YOUUU<333
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  • alrendriablaze
    28.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    I'm currently floored looking at my AO3 works.

    I'm in awe that The Mischief Makers has 100 Hits and 4 Kudos in 1.5 weeks of me posting chapter 1. 🥺 I know it might not seem like that much to some, but to me it is a lot.

    I'm also happy that Little Mockingbird is getting some views and likes too. 🥺

    I'm currently working on a oneshot of President Loki x Panda (OC)

    I've decided that I will be putting all my works on AO3 exclusively because of the possible changes with Tumblr. I will post on Tumblr when I add any story to my AO3. They will always be open to anyone being able to view. All my old works on Tumblr will be eventually moved to AO3 too.

    If you read my older works, please excuse the writing style. Over a year of constantly writing about every day my writing style has changed and I prefer how I write currently.

    After I finish the oneshot I'm currently working on, I will finish chapter 2 of Little Mockingbird. I'm about halfway through chapter 2.

    I'm happy that you all enjoy reading my works and I'm enjoying writing/sharing these stories with you all. Thank you for reading! 💜💚🖤

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  • arejour
    28.07.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Venom!Sokka Chpt 3, Final Chpt

    let the record show I saw this through.


    a brief intro and reminder: Sokka agrees to host Venom in exchange for Zuko's life. Now he's not sure if he still gets to keep Zuko.

    this is also the chapter where Zuko and Jet really shine as two entities sharing one single brain cell. enablers, the both of them.

    #mine #the last time you leave #atla#atla fic#zukka fic #venom!Sokka #my writing
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  • themoththing
    28.07.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    i dont know how to start writing this fic idea i have buuuut

    what i DO know

    is how to NOT start

    which i will be doing

    right now

    #i am procrastinating #again #i have an idea #for a fic #but i just #word no come to brain #writing#shitpost
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  • kylorensx
    28.07.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    we can make it through this night (if we connect), epilogue

    “See?” Kaydel says, after a beat. She turns into the others’ direction with a delighted expression and points at him. “I told you he had a crush on Rey. You owe me 20 dollars.”
    It’s his turn to blink at them, his lips parted in surprise, but before he has a chance to say anything–
    “Wait–” He can hear the frown in Rey’s voice. She inhales sharply, and her tone turns indignant, when she adds, “You bet on this? On my life?”
    “If it makes you feel better, I bet on you two.” Her gaze turns on him, and a faint smirk plays on her lips when she meets his eyes. There’s a glint, there, that would make him run away in fear, if Rey weren’t keeping him anchored to this chair. “What can I say? I’m a romantic at heart. I love seeing two people from opposite sides find their way towards each other and end up together.”

    (read it on ao3) (ko-fi if you want)

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  • potentialyeti
    28.07.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    what's the weirdest comment yall have ever gotten on a piece of your own fic?

    #wondering bc im starting to get some odd ones #not bad really just strange #someone thanked me in all caps and exclamation points for managing to write without a sex scene unlike all these other nasty fucks #im paraphrasing #and im like... #okay well don't read like anything else ive ever written #and what are you doing this deep in the slash tags anyway #you lost? #bc this is where the sex scenes go #also not to mention that i happen to read and enjoy a lot of those sex scenes you came into my comments to neg? #baffling#anyway #tell me your weirdest #fic#ao3#fanfic#fan fiction#fic comments
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  • benevolentbridgetroll
    28.07.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    sweet mother i cannot weave, slender aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a polycule of milves

    #this is about angela bassett dual wielding hammers in gunpowder milkshake #catch me writing fic about michelle yeoh and carla gugino's characters passionate love affair of 30 years
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